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  1. margaret says:

    Oh ! How lovely you are Snoops. I am so proud to be one of your Yackers. Reminds me of the old song ” yackety yak, don’t talk back “. Love it.

    I am gorgeous eh? And that wasn’t my good side.~~SS

  2. Newbie says:

    lol…..I think you’re the feisty one. It stems from you watching JM most of the day !!!!!!!

    I was called back to the real world after my first comment. I still am unsure of what happened today except from the few comments I got to read. From the comments I still am assuming Samuels was mutilated by JM. Gotta go look at the clips of todays trial.

    And speaking of the fiestiest of the yak fest, how’s it going Newb? JM does make my hemoglobin circulate better among the plasma and all those corpuscles.~~SS

  3. gramared says:

    Great card, Snoopy! You’re always keeping us entertained.

    I’m not sure if this segment of Dr. Drew will work, but they’re discussing the notebook disappearing act.


    Thanks, gramared! Jodi is keeping us entertained. I think the leather on the seat of her chair heated up her butt so she slid the pamphlet under her tush to cool it down.~~SS

  4. Do any of you watch ‘After Dark’, the new show put on by HLN? They have a mock jury and they deliberate and bring back a guilty or not guilty on certain aspects of the case. They have a mock defense and prosecution presenting the case eg: Is Martinez too aggressive? That was one they voted on. Two nights in a row, they have had a hung jury of 10 -2 for guilty on two different questions.. I guess we cannot let our guard down!!

  5. gramared says:

    Maybe Jodi just needed a new tablet, and she knew that once she sat on it, no one else would want it!

  6. Redrelaxed says:

    That’s a very sweet tribute to all us yakkers Snoop! Really enjoying all the comments and support shown on your blog. Good stuff.

    Gramared, watched that segment on Dr. Drew that you kindly posted and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation for her bizzare behaviour. Just like everything else about JA.

    As for today…
    I’m disappointed in Richard Samuels and his so called professional evaluation. The test he administered is based on lies and sheds absoulutely no clues as to what really makes this chick tick. Juan Maritnez is masterful at exposing the fraud that is unfolding in this trial.

    This whole defense is an orchestrated scheme that has been scripted to a tee. Only poor RS can’t keep up. He’s having trouble recalling which lies they all rehearsed. At times today he accidentially contradicted Jodi’s gospel, and on several occasions Willmott had to literally walk him down the yellow brick road.

    Additionally, I think Dick has a little crush on Miss Arias.

  7. Tommy'sMom says:

    Well I guess I don’t count here,’cause I mostly just lurk. Oh well my cat still likes me,sometimes. I’m watching most of the trial and I may be getting burned out,but I’m really tired of the defense team. First is the big guy and his so sloooooooooooooow questions,then this gal with her baby voice. I mean no offense but this expert @$250.00 per hour isn’t worth the powder it would take to blow him across the street. He doesn’t seem very well prepared except in his ability to accept JA’s lies as truth and his “crush” on her,especially when talking about sex is,is very apparent. He is a disgrace to all LE and and our troops who actually suffer from PTSD,and JA is a disgrace to all abused women and children everywhere. JMHO of course.
    I’m going back under my rock now.

    Ahhh, you have the makings of a good yakker but you gotta stay out from under that rock. I agree with Nurmi working in slow motion and Willmott is definitely not qualified to handle a case of this caliber. All this psycho babble is way over her head and it shows. Hang with us Tommy’s Mom…Watching Martinez perform makes it all worthwhile.~~SS

  8. Marilyn N says:

    Well said, Tommy’s Mom!!
    Let’s hope they can manage to get
    finished with that shyster today!

  9. Tommy'sMom says:

    I sure hope so Marilyn ’cause I’m sick unto death of him.

  10. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Yakkers,

    Found a great article written by professionals on Dr. Samuels evaluation. Taking the liberty of sharing this while we all wait for the trial to get underway.


    Red, excellent article…well written and covered all bases…thank you so very much. I hope the others take the time to read it in depth even tho it is lengthy.~ ~SS

  11. Karen C. says:

    Hey, Folks- that’s a corker of an article Redrelaxed posted above- hitting a number of important points. Catch this, at the end:
    “Dr. Samuels diagnosed Jodi Arias as having dissociative amnesia because of the stress that made the hippocampus unable to encode memory. He also clearly stated over and over again that you cannot remember what has not been encoded. “You can’t remember what’s not there.”

    While once again the big problem here is that people with dissociative amnesia often do regain their memories. Logically speaking this must prove that memories had indeed been encoded by the hippocampus and encoded during a time of stress.”

    That’s right- and I know that for a fact- the brain records EVERYTHING if we are conscious at the time; it may not be able to bring it back up, but it’s all in that hard drive of ours somewhere, waiting for retrieval. That’s why hypnosis works in many cases involving trauma. When he made those statements I was really floored.

  12. Redrelaxed says:

    And further down in the link posted, this…

    “Psychopaths and Crime-Related Amnesia

    Claims of amnesia among defendants can be sincere but psychopaths are a different story. Psychopaths are characteristically egocentric, manipulative, callous, not remorseful or empathic. Please remember that many professionals have offered opinions that Jodi Arias is a psychopath. Keep in mind that many professionals use the terms psychopath, sociopaths, and antisocial personality disorder, interchangeably.

    Stephen Porter and colleagues (2001) noted that psychopathic offenders, because of their ability to be manipulative, deceive and lie, are likely prone to false claims of amnesia when they perceive it as benefiting their personal situation. Research has also shown that psychopaths may in fact have superior memories of traumatic events, when compared to non-psychopaths. They often have vivid memories of their violent acts, especially in cases of premeditation. Psychopaths also have profound emotional deficits which can make them immune to anxiety, depression and trauma. Porter et al., (2001) assert that claims of dissociative amnesia, among psychopathic offenders, are “very likely to be fabricated.”

  13. This is just my own opinion… In order to deliberately fabricate an event, one must know(remember) what actually happened. Jodi had to remember everything that occurred on June 4th to tell the Ninja story. In fact she incorporated bits of the Ninja story of what really took place that day. For instance, I think the gun did jam and Jodi immediately used the knife. Travis was screaming and begging for help/mercy for her to stop. He also could not feel his legs as he was getting closer to death from the loss of blood. Once Jodi slit Travis’ throat and cut off his wind pipe (trachea) death would have been instant. Jodi then fired the gun and put a shot in his head.

    Dr Samuels may pass himself off as an expert. My only qualifications is logic coming from an old woman.

  14. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: She also had to make some the forensics match up to her story; that’s why she did the lunging linebacker stance with her head down and tilted looking to her left. What she didn’t think about was the residue that should have been left IF he was that close when she shot him. And the nerve of her to say that she didn’t mean for the gun to go off. Right.

    One part of her story that doesn’t make sense is the part that she says she’s body slammed (wind “kind of” knocked out her, but not badly. Have any of you ever had the wind knocked out of you? There is no in between. It caused me to have a panicked feeling and it takes quite sometime to recover). She then rolls to her left and manages to get up and run for it. Instead of running into the closet entrance right off the bathroom she runs all the way down the hallway and then takes a right into the closet which would lead her back to the bathroom? Not to mention the evil man might still be in the bathroom.

    Details are Arias’ undoing.

    This case has so many inconsistencies that I can’t keep up with them all.

    I think Samuels needs to get off the stand, like yesterday. After listening to Dr. Drew’s jurors last night, the jury has had it. I’m sure they perk up when Martinez is asking the questions; I do.

    Here’s to hoping todays trial is productive and that Martinez has floor.

    Snoops: The card is special with you in the center. Too funny. Thank you so much for allowing us to “yak” it up during the trial. I love hearing what everyone is thinking when they’re hearing this bull do for the first time. I sit here with my jaw dropped half the time. I have to wear traction at night to put it back into place.

  15. Redrelaxed says:

    Sarah0234…great analogy on having the wind knocked out of you. This part of JA’s testimony has my jaw dropping too. Didn’t happen.

    I had the wind knocked out of me when I was 10. A MUCH heavier kid fell on top of me when I skated up behind him and we both fell on the ice. It took a lot longer than 62 seconds to recover. I thought I was dying. You’re correct, there is no in between.

  16. Karen C. says:

    It’s happened to me a few times- broke my arm sailing over the fence in the backyard trying to be a big kid and land on my feet from the swingset- right over the fence- WUMP! I couldn’t move at first- I was 4! A nightmare toddler. Came off the back of a horse (English saddle) after a lovely jump- I put my arms up for the fun of it- WUMP! Then, out of a big maple tree- WUMP! I’m lucky to be alive. No, you CANNOT MOVE for some time. Any juror who has experienced it will be able to argue this point in the room.

  17. Vinnie just put a clip up of Jodi putting something in her mouth and then taking a drink of water. Medication?? This was from yesterday…

  18. Marilyn N says:

    Take your anti-nausea meds, everyone!

  19. sarah0234 says:

    Red: Wow; that must have been a huge kid. Glad you’re ok.

    And Karen C…..sorry you took so many hits……..but I couldn’t help but burst out loud laughing. Man, you’re like a weeble wobble. “Webbles wobble but they don’t fall down”….Or you’re like a Timex watch…….”takes a licken’ but keeps on ticken”……glad you’re ok too.

    See, you guys just proved my point. There’s no way Arias had the “breath” knocked out her and was able to get up.

    Is it me or didn’t we have the same testimony yesterday from Samuels? The defense and Samuels must really be shook up after Martinez “scrambled” his brain. Get off already! Let’s get to the jury questions.

  20. sarah0234 says:

    Why isn’t Martinez yelling objection; asked and answered???? The defense asked the same questions yesterday!

  21. gramared says:

    I’ve never been able to figure out how someone could be body slammed by a person considerably larger than the “slammee” and not be held down by the one doing the body slamming. Instead, this slammee aka/slimey is able to immediately get up and run off. HIGHLY UNLIKELY if not COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.
    As most of you have mentioned, nothing she says makes any sense in the light of day.
    I agree – get this bozo off the stand and get to the jury’s questions – can hardly wait to hear.

  22. sarah0234 says:

    I use to want to smack Arias for smirking. Now I want to smack her for just sitting there like she’s a pitiful abused victim. Where’s the valium?

    OK……I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Get this doctor off the stand NOW.

  23. Marilyn N says:

    I really cannot take any more of this Hipocantus information!

  24. Redrelaxed says:

    These two look like characters from Gillian’s Island…Mary Ann and the Capt.

  25. Marilyn N says:

    It appears that Jodi is not taking massive notes today.
    Maybe her finger hurts!

  26. Vicky says:

    I have been thinking about the Dr. Samuel’s testimony as it relates to the defense in general. Nurmi made contact with him to evaluate Jodi. My assumption would be that Nurmi was somehow familiar with him through his new practice to begin with. Nurmi was planning to specialize in defending sex offenders and Samuel’s practice is focused on treating inmates.
    That being said, I am wondering specifically, what types of offenders Daniels is used to treating besides those who are depressed or suicidal. We know for a fact, that his expertise is not in PTSD. I say this for several reasons. The majority of PhD’s who specialize in PTSD are either relatively young (it is a fairly new diagnosis comparatively speaking) are retired military, work for the VA system or in a community near a military installation or VA hospital. I am also going to assume that his practice consists of inmates who have either requested mental health services, or are required to complete a treatment program prior to release (sex offenders for example).
    I would be willing to bet that Samuels has never evaluated an individual claiming self defense in a 1st degree murder charge. IMO, He is in way over his head with this particular case. When it comes to testifying in court. Psychologists normally specialize in specific areas, even though they are capable of treating various mental illnesses. They are perfectly capable of completing a psychological evaluation as long as they are not involved with the client on a personal level. Most psychologists would not take on a case like this if they didn’t have a tremendous amount of experience in a specific area, like PTSD. I’m not sure why Samuels felt he was up to the challenge. His process for completing the evaluation seems a bit disjointed to me. I have never seen one of our psychologists take two years to complete an evaluation. I also haven’t heard that he gave her a specific test for malingering. Especially given the fact that he knew she lied.
    I believe that he has gone too far to make her diagnosis fit the defense agenda. There is no way he should assert Jodi’s “PTSD” was the result of the event that occurred on June 4th. too much time elapsed and too many other stressful events occurred between the crime and her arrest. As for her memory issues, his support of that notion are pure speculation. He claims to be a forensic psychologist. Therefore, he should no better to go so far as to assert Jod’s claims are based in fact given the fact that her loss of memory is incomplete, and that statistically speaking, he can’t say with any degree of certainty, that her memory has not returned.
    Somehow, whether he wants to admit it or not, he became emotionally involved with Jodi and should have stepped away from the case. If he sincerely believed Jodi was suicidal when he met with her the first time, then he should have reported it to the medical staff at the jail. If he was called in to do a risk assessment, he must not have believed that Jodi was in immediate danger. If he did not report it, then before he left, he and Jodi had worked out a prevention plan for her. He should have followed through with her or had someone else do so. I think he did provide crisis therapy when called in for the suicide threats. So, it made it improper for him to conduct the complete evaluation. I also think he should have asked a colleague to review his finding prior to submitting them. Peer consultations are not unusual in complicated cases.
    One more thing, and then I will end this way too long opinion. I did an extensive check of psych journals, and could not find a single one Samuels has published in. Most psychologists that have the nerve to subject themselves to a rigorous cross examination at least have bragging rights for publication in a peer reviewed journal in the area in which they claim expertise.

  27. Redrelaxed says:

    Here’s a segment of video showing the pill popping yesterday.

  28. sarah0234 says:

    Ok, this is the first time I’m hearing about Arias being sexually assaulted when she was thirteen. Per her brother? Didn’t happen.

    When did Samuels talk to her brother? According to him, he didn’t interview anyone but Arias. What’s the deal?

  29. gramared says:

    Marilyn N….She’s not writing because it’s hard to write when the tablet is stuck to your butt!

  30. gramared says:

    Did anyone notice that when Jodi popped the pill that she waited until neither one of her attorneys witnessed it. Nurmi and Willmott had their backs to her. It was obviously a small pill as well. Where would she get something?????

  31. Jodi is not allowed to ingest anything other than the bag lunch prepared for her by the jail plus she can have water. The infirmary at the jail has to authorize any medications…even advil….which would have to be administered by jail staff…they watch you take the meds and make sure you don’t hold the pill under your tongue..

  32. sarah0234 says:

    Has Samuels convinced any of you this afternoon that Arias is a victim and has severe memory loss due to slaughtering Mr. Alexander and being chased by him? Are you convinced that Arias was raped by Travis?

  33. Marilyn N says:

    I can’t take much more of this!!!
    It appears JM feels the same way!!!

  34. Marilyn N says:

    Sarah – I doubt if anybody is listening at this point!!!

  35. Marilyn N says:

    Just shove her behind the bars and lock them up!!

  36. Oh man, Willmott has got to wrap this up pronto….

  37. gramared says:

    Sarah0234…Let’s just hope the jury feels the same way you (and the rest of us yakkers) do. We’ll all perk up when the jury asks questions.

  38. Vicky says:

    Nothing he has said has convinced me that Jodi Arias murdered Travis in self defense. All I hear from him is his assessment of her reaction to having murdered Travis Alexander. I am completely sickened by the way her evaluation is being used in this manner.

  39. sarah0234 says:

    I’m so bored I’m critiquing Wilmott’s suit. How the colors of Nurmi’s suit compliment hers. How Arias and Samuels are both wearing black. How nice Martinez looks. How I like hearing his voice when he objects.

    OMG…..ARE WE REALLY GOING OVER EVERY FREAKIN QUESTION???? Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. Seriously, I might have to make myself a white russian to calm down. Or maybe a highball…bourbon…….pina colada…….wine…..beer………

  40. Marilyn N says:

    Oh geeeeeeeeze! Wouldn’t anyone have a hard time sleeping at the jail?

  41. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, Sarah, everyone looks very Easter like.

  42. sarah0234 says:

    Vicky: I haven’t read all of your post yet……I’m more than half way through. So far, excellent. I agree. I love the way you explain things for us “lay” people. (Shhhhhh….don’t say that in front of you know who. She’ll think somebody wants sex.)

  43. This is all superfluous fluff…

  44. Vicky~ ~ I will respond to you later this evening…thanks so much, hon!!

  45. sarah0234 says:

    ROUND OF APPLAUSE…..wilmotts done!!!!

  46. Jodi was held at knife point at age 13… now this is new so they can make that first test coincide with that event instead of the Ninjas… we have a bunch of con artists…Samuels, Willmott and Nurmi… no wonder defense lawyers get a bad name…

  47. sarah0234 says:

    Vicky: Loved your post. Thank you so much. I didn’t know that Samuels was called in because she was making suicidal threats. Thanks for the info. He comes off as unprofessional; so I’m not too worried about his testimony. I think Martinez did a good job of exposing him.

  48. Vicky says:

    I think they have reached the point in this testimony where they are insulting the intelligence of the jury. Let the jury ask their questions and move on to the next witness. Can there come a point in a trial where abuse of the jury comes onto play? I mean really, those of us who are not on the jury or involved in the trial itself, can get up and walk away whenever we want. Those poor jurors are stuck there. We can call out bull. We can express our frustration to others. They can’t until they deliberate. And all the darn sidebars.

  49. Re the clip of the pill popping… Nurmi passes by Jodi just prior to her popping the pill… and he may have passed her a pill… He is not even allowed to give her a smartie…

  50. Karen C. says:

    A hostage negotiation team will be needed come the next witness- someone has to save those jurors!

  51. Vicky says:

    Testifying that all of Jodi’s lies while answering the PDS apply to her latest story is beyond a bunch of crap. Well certainly she might have suffered PTSD had she killed Travis in self defense. However, based upon her alleged lack of memory surrounding the event, she should not remember the answers to several of those questions as they apply to her newest story since the fog rolled in half way through the event. And if she can answer these questions, then apparently there was no fog. And I still want to say who cares whether or not she experienced PTSD post murder. I personally hope she did. One thing we do know, she was pretty much asymptomatic until she was arrested. IMO, this defense should only matter if she was in the middle of a PTSD episode at the time of the murder, and they are not claiming that.

  52. Vicky says:

    I would love for JM to ask Samuels if all of her “symptoms” could be the result of a trauma related to being arrested and charged with murder and living in a jail.

  53. I agree Vicky….Jodi’s PTSD occurred when her well thought out premeditated murder of Travis was not fool proof. She was caught red handed…bloody palm print that is…all her photography of June 4th paid off too.. She dropped the camera alright…and it happened to snap a pic of Travis when he was totally incapacitated…

  54. Melanie Davis says:

    Wow! I feel so honored to be included in this fine group! Thank you, Snoops!
    And Vicky – you could never write a “too long post”! Like many a good book, I am sad to reach the end of any of your posts here. I do not have your expertise, but my ‘gut’ tells me that everything you say is right on the money.
    Lots of distractions for me today, but what I caught was largely boring – I feel for the jury.

  55. gramared says:

    Martinez just needs to play the clip of Jodi powdering her smug, smiling face before the Inside Edition interview. Boy, she looks like one stressed, suffering from PTSD cookie..NOT. We’re all going to need therapy after this trial!!!!

  56. Melanie~~you didn’t miss much and spared yourself a lot of frustration. Long winded Willmott was regurgitating what we already heard.. She was trying to do damage control and leading the witness, Dr Samuels. It was a disaster… Now we will get an idea of how the jurors feel about this so-called expert when the trial resumes shortly…the judge will be asking Samuels the juror’s questions..

  57. Court is cancelled for the day…. a court watcher just threw up in the aisle …

  58. Another new video has surfaced…

  59. Vicky says:

    I feel the need to emphasize that any time a QMHP is called upon to evaluate the risk level for suicide (and Samuels did state be believed Jody to be suicidal), part of the protocol is that the individual is to be placed under observation, even if they go home and it is done by family members until the crisis has passed, and they are provided with a written document in which they have agreed to alert someone should they feel compelled to act upon their ideation. He would also have provided a counseling session and kept written documentation of his session/assessment as well. The fact that he apparently failed to do any of the above, I can only assume thay Jodi denied suicidal thoughts or Samuels broke with standard protocol. IMO, if she was in fact suicidal, Samuels should be disciplined by the state board.

  60. Marilyn N says:

    Did ya all year court is finished for the day?!!!

  61. gramared says:

    This is the latest from AZCentral regarding the trial…

    4:01 PM
    Chris Williams @chriswnews
    #JodiArias trial to resume tomorrow at 10:30am local. Questions delayed after spectator got sick in the gallery. Now court recessed ’til Thu
    4:00 PM
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    The bailiff just said that the Arias trial is in recess until tomorrow morning. Looks like there will be trial Thursday after all.

  62. gramared says:

    Listening to Samuels is enough to make anyone barf!

  63. Vicky~~to my knowledge, Samuels was asked to visit Jodi because she was depressed. During that encounter, he found out she was suicidal. He should have alerted the jail staff so Jodi could be placed on suicide watch. Samuels was not allowed to treat Jodi and also evaluate her. He could only do one or the other as it presents a conflict. Samuels had no right to give Jodi that book.

  64. Vicky~~if you get the chance to watch Martinez’ cross of Samuels, it will show you all R.S’ faux pas… and there were many… He based his conclusion of PTSD on her Ninja story.. When Jodi related her third story of the self-defense, Samuels did not make her take the tests over and reevaluate her. He admitted to Martinez that he should have.

  65. Melanie Davis says:

    I was wondering what happened! They kept showing the judge, then going back to the seal, then I got that awful “off-air” noise….aaarrrgggghhhh!

    So Snoop – you mentioned upthread that a new video has been released? Do tell…….

    I understand “mandated reporters” as it applies to physical and/or sexual abuse and can only assume there must be a similar mandate for suicidal or homocidal threats in the psych field. Would something like this apply to Samuels, and if so, how does one file a complaint? Another clear ethics violation, shady testing procedures, failure to report, gross incompetence, etc. If he is not brought up on charges very soon as a result of this, I will file the complaint myself!

    I’d love to see the jury launch into him JM-style, but praying it will be mercifully quick! I think many of us are ready to vomit at the sight and sound of this quack!

  66. Marilyn says:

    Yes,I agree with the above posters,I had the wind knocked out of me in my youth also,and I clearly remember it taking a good five minutes to get my breath back.It seemed that long,as lay there.there’s no way that happened!I know this jurors have to be over this defense.Not only the side bars,but so repetitive by the defense.I understand they want to save her life,but they have really gone overboard,by going on and on,trying to clean up Dr Samuels.One delay after another.I have personally watched 5 murder trials in the county seat where I am from,and never,ever seen this kind of nonsense and one of them was a DP.Yes,he’s still alive since 1986.This seems like the defense is coming to an end except for the domestic fairy tail,but we shall see.I have already seen that this jury has more common sense that Skank 1’s jury,so that gives me hope!I guess the frequent posters you remember,so I didn’t see my name,but I’m sure you just forgot one more Marilyn.

    I didn’t know I had two Marilyns. My yakker family has gotten too big and I need a shepherd to herd you all up. Some of the same people alter their name by adding an initial…. Pretend there is no ‘N’ in the other Marilyn’s name. Gramared dyed her hair auburn and Suzanna decided she like Suzanne better…I should have known better than to put the names up there. One gal even crawled out from under a rock after weeks of not commenting just to tell me her cat loves her more than I do. lol~~SS
    . .

  67. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Whether he went there to talk to her about depression or suicide, he was originally sent there as a therapist not to conduct a psychological evaluation. I actually thought Nurmi felt she was suicidal because he was planning to resign as her counsel. Regardless, when (as he claims) he made the determination that she was suicidal, his response, according to his testimony, was not in line with standards of care. Then when contracted to conduct the evaluation, he submits a report based upon incomplete/false information. How he can arrive at some of the conclusions he has testified to in court, is beyond me. How could he view those videos of her and rhe crime scene and determine that she is a victim of anything without considering independent information gathered about Travis. All of his conclusions are predicated on the assumption that Jodi is telling the truth. The psychologist’s I know, would never go down that road, since she has no documented proof of abuse. I find it interesting that he has not indicated that Jody has any other diagnosis beyond depression and anxiety, and oh yes, PTSD. Yet, he indicates she has PTSD, which I am fairly certain can be identified through the MCMI. I believe it also tests for anxiety and depression. All of which he claims Jodi was suffering from based upon his evaluation. Maybe I misunderstood and he didn’t say there were not results from the MCMI that pointed to psycho pathology. Also, that particular test is conducted on people under psychiatric care. So if he wasn’t actually treating her, technically that was not the appropriate test to administer.

  68. Vicky says:

    Correction, is she was not receiving psychological counseling, he should have used a different testing tool. Since of course he was not treating her. Yeah, right

  69. Vicky says:

    Score, the psychologist on Dr. drew just explained much better that I did, what I was trying to say about the MCMI! Wrong test!!! His evaluation is a bunch of hoopla and not based upon sound practice.

  70. Vicky~~Snoopy, Whether he went there to talk to her about depression or suicide, he was originally sent there as a therapist not to conduct a psychological evaluation.

    If Samuels was originally sent to see Jodi as a therapist, he should not have ended up being hired on as an expert to evaluate her. Wasn’t Samuels supposed to be impartial?

  71. Vicky says:

    Exactly Snoopy! The treatment provider is not the person who conducts an evaluation. The usual process is that if a psychologist or master level social worker determines that a complete psychological evaluation is necessary, a referral is made to another practitioner.
    When a psychological evaluation is requested or ordered in a court proceeding, an independent psychologist conducts the evaluation. The MCMI, if used, is administered to someone presently in treatment, where a therapist has determined that a personality disorder exists, but is attempting to identify the disorder(s). That instrument was not appropriate to use in this case as Dr. Samuels was based upon his testimony, in no position to suspect a personality disorder. I hope this makes sense. I was going on memory from listening in on didactic trainings when I made my original comment, but the psychologist on Dr. Drew made the exact same observation, only she said it much better.

  72. I am still searching for the new video that Jane Velez Mitchell showed of Jodi in the interrogation room…It also shows Jodi in cuffs…any help will be appreciated…TIA

  73. Please do not post funny videos here…. I haven’t got the time to put the codes in so they will not slow down the page…

  74. Here is a portion of the new video….


    On the uncut video she admits being jealous of Travis and wants to clean up before her mug shot is taken and she is booked.

  75. Redrelaxed says:

    Okay Yakkers, more funny business going on in the courtroom. Have a look at the sneaky mitigator in red slip a paper to Jodi’s mother. WTH is going on in this courtroom?

    Jodi’s mother picks out her clothes so I think passing the note was okay .~~SS

    Sneaky Mitigator Video

  76. (For those who think Jodi’s family are paying for her defense…uh uh…read this)

    The Maricopa County Office of Management & Budget confirmed to HLN Wednesday taxpayers have paid exactly $838,358.24 for defense costs in the Jodi Arias case.

    The staggering figure only pertains to attorney fees, experts and travel expenses. It does not include jail or court costs.

    By the time Jodi Arias’ trial is over, taxpayers could end up spending more than $1 million for her defense


  77. Newbie says:

    Okay, what happens when it is found the defendants main witness (Samuels) is totally incompetent. Does it give any reason for a new trial or give weight in an Appeal?

    Newb, if Judge Stephens was wearing a rhinestone in her navel under that robe, it would be cause for an appeal in your great country. The defense could say the sitting judge was stoned.~~SS

  78. Vicky says:

    Snoops, I finally had time to listen to all of the video of Samuel’s testimony. Martinez is the bomb and did an excellent job of exposing the flaws in his testimony/evaluation. He is one passionate prosecutor. And darn smart to boot. I loved it when Martinez informed Samuels that he had done his own homework regarding his evaluation and Jodi’s psychological state (paraphrased).. A few observations, I think the state expert witness is going to expand upon the misuse of his diagnostic tool. Hopefully, she was able to conduct an appropriate/complete evaluation. But, even if she didn’t gain access to Jodi, she will be able to use the results of Samuels testing against Jodi. I found it amusing that Samuels implied that sharing the raw data with the defense team might be a HIPPA violation. So, does that mean Jodi did not sign a release of information, or that it was limited? I am wondering where they were going with the fact that the state’s expert witness turned the raw data over to the state. There is no violation there. If the state was granted an order to evaluate Jodi, they also have the right to review all documents pertaining to the evaluation, raw data included. They just can’t interpret the raw data, unless of course Martinez happens to be a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist. 🙂
    I also think today’s testimony was a complete waste of time, most certainly going over each statement on the PDS inventory. They should have let the jury ask their questions. All they accomplished was letting them know Martinez had exposed major weaknesses in Samuels’ testimony. I also noted that his testimony did nothing to dispel the charges against Jodi Arias. He didn’t say anything to leave the jurors with the impression that Jodi would be incapable of forming intent. His testimony focused on the aftermath. And as I said before, he did not include any outside information about Travis to support his belief that Jodi was physically or emotionally abused. It’s like it never once occurred to him that his client (she was not his patient), might have been the abuser in the relationship. From what I saw, he formed his hypothesis in advance, and set about proving it. That is not the way a the type of evaluation he was conducting is supposed to be done.

  79. Vicky says:

    Newbie, the state’s expert witness should provide unbiased testimony regarding Jodi’s psychopathology. I don’t believe finding an expert witness that proves to be an idiot is grounds for appeal. She knew what he would be testifying to and she knew she lied to him. That he did not use the test of choice, would not have changed his testimony. The problem would arise if the prosecutor’s expert was shown to be a quack. Also, the jury is supposed to be focusing on premeditation. JM says the premeditation began weeks before the murder. Samuel’s testimony didn’t even touch that subject.
    Jodi is putting on a self defense case, and testified on her own behalf. Her testimony is as important as any of the other expert witnesses. Once she chose to take the stand, this case turned into a matter of whether the jurors believe her. At this point, the defense witnesses are only there to tell the jury that what she says might be true based upon what she told them. If her attorneys advised her that she did not have to testify, and/or advised her that in doing so she was opening herself up to all kinds of impeachment, then they did their job. She will certainly add ineffectiveness of counsel to her appeal, but I can guarantee won’t win on that. And we all know Judge Stevens has been more than generous in allowing her this defense.

  80. Vicky~~did you know that the state’s expert psychologist had a break in at her home and her laptop was stolen. The laptop had a lot of info on it….of course, she had hard copy and backup files.

    Wasn’t my Juan awesome? He is just like a sponge when it comes to absorbing knowledge. Not to worry, you could tell he got together with his expert and they did homework together. If Travis is looking down, he is smiling on Martinez.

  81. Vicky~~did you notice Dr Samuels did not want to touch on the pedophilia whatsoever?? I guess that will be left for Alyce LaViolette.

  82. The quality of this video is not as good as croakerqueen’s. Ms Willmott is so dang boring, I recommend not wasting your time by watching her drivel as she tries to do damage control.

    Jodi Arias Trial : Day 34 : Shrink Redirect : Complete Hearing (No Sidebars)

  83. I cannot locate the video that JVM played on her show this evening. Now I am wondering if it was taken off tv and will be brought into evidence on rebuttal. The video seems to have disappeared into thin air.

  84. Marilyn N says:

    SS: Sorry about sending the joke. I did send it in code form but it arrived like you saw it.
    Also didn’t realize it slowed things down.

    Did you look on youtube for the video you are looking for?
    I typed in the youtube search: “Jodi Arias in handcuffs” and there is one on there if that’s what you’re hunting for.

    Have a good night!

  85. There is another video of Jodi in the interrogation room saying she was jealous of Travis’ girlfriends etc and she asked to get cleaned up before she is booked.

  86. Marilyn N says:

    ss: search youtube: jodi arias can I get cleaned up before i am booked

    That one??

  87. gramared says:

    I took your suggestion, Marilyn N, and here it is….totally weird.

    Jodi’s Bizarre Behavior

  88. Patty says:

    Anyone notice JA asked Dt Flores to see the crime sceen photos in the interagation tape? She claimed “morbid curiosity”. She needed to get her story straight.

  89. shyloh says:

    Oh my sweet Snoopy, you’s knows I loves you dearly. Thanks for the AWESOME YAK mention. But I would want a name change from black to GREEN ……………. Ok that was for envy. YOU’S soooo special.

    Those darn Defense attorney’s are so dang boring, they just keep repeating the same questions over and over but in a different way. I just can’t watch them any more. UGH!!!

    Your name is in dark green!~~SS

  90. shyloh says:

    OK off topic. Snoopy you have to get a Twitter account!!!! No Really you do! But if you have one, where the hell is it???

    I do not have a Twitter…I do not care for it and don’t have time to keep up with that too..~ ~SS

  91. Vicky says:

    Good morning Ladies. Any “speculations” about what the jurors will ask Dr. Samuels?
    I hope one of them asks him how a person recovers from depression, severe anxiety, lack of assertiveness, PTSD, etc. Without any counseling, if he verified any of Jodi’s stories, why he failed to make certain the jail monitored a “suicidal” Jodi Arias, if he didn’t know who to notify, why didn’t he ask the guard who checked him in to speak with one of the mental health team members, if it would have been malpractice if Jodi had completed suicide following his visit, if a self help book is an adequate substitution for treatment, if being arrested for murder and jailed could cause PTSD, if PTSD goes away w/out treatment, how someone with complete memory loss of killing someone could be aware enough to know they had done something really bad, how could he know with certainty that Jodi was not lying now, how he could form a hypothesis in advance of his evaluation, why it took two years to complete her evaluation, why he didn’t recommend that her attorneys purchase her a self help book rather than pushing the line of ethical boundaries, if it is ethical to allow a suicidal person to go without counseling, if Jodi had shared with him her plan for carrying out her suicide and if so, what the plan was, if Jodi had lied to him about her sexual history prior to Travis, how he could be certain she was not lying to him about her experiences with Travis, why her ninja story would include Travis begging for help, and crawling on his hands and knees if she could not remember what happened?

  92. gramared says:

    Vicky…too bad you: (a) aren’t on the jury, (b) don’t have Martinez direct phone # or email, or (c) couldn’t second chair!! Great questions! All your comments shed so much light on this case, and your input is much appreciated.

    Let’s hope they get right to the jury’s questions. Can’t wait to see Samuels squirmmmmmmm!

  93. Tommy'sMom says:

    This is really a terrific blog and I’m going to try to stay out in the open more.
    I guess Samuels can prove all of his education but his time on the stand makes me think perphaps he’s found a “fog” of his own. He has shown he’s unprepared,does a lousy job of taking notes,overlooked the boundaries of professionalism by give Jodie a gift,and gives his own oppinion of her “condition”.

    I will love you as much as your cat too…lol ~ ~SS

  94. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- Tommysmom has to be up there too- she ain’t chopped liver, ya know. Samuels is!

    Tommy’s Mom is now Newbie’s personal Yak…now stop working me to death.. ~~SS

  95. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Yakksters, hope you all enjoyed a good sleep!
    Snoop, this may have already been posted here, if so, please feel free to delete it back to cyberland. I hadn’t seen a hard copy of the original Incident/Investigation Supplemental Report. It’s another long read, but full of interesting tid bits.
    (It was originally borrowed from the Jodi is Inno…site but that’s not where I found it. Can’t go there}

    Click to access Flores-Investigation-Report-8-27-2008-Jodi-Arias-Is-Innocent-com.pdf

    Hi Tommy’s Mom! See you got hooked too!

    Red~~I cannot figure out why some of your comments end up in moderation..SS

  96. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Vicky,

    Great posts from you, all of them BTW… always find your comments riveting and helpful.

    Questions I’d the jury to ask RS…
    “Why did you continue to visit Miss Arias long after you had completed your evalution?”
    “How long did it take you to prepare for your testimony on this case?”
    “Do you work with Kirk Nurmi on other cases that involve sex offenders?” (I know this can’t be asked but I’d sure like to know how often Nurmi and Samuels get together for a scotch on the rocks)
    “How many defendents have you evaluated for court purposes since living in Arizona?”
    “Do you think a defendent who lies or cheats on a test would make the test invalid?”
    “Why were you smiling and nodding at Miss Arias during the proceedings?”
    “Why didn’t you interview Miss Arias’s parents?”
    “Do you have problems with your memory?”

  97. Redrelaxed says:

    I’m sure it’s just a little clitch with the server…no worries Snoopy, you’re on top of it! Thank you!

  98. gramared says:

    Isn’t it nice to know that the judicial process moves at about the same pace as Nurmi speaks!

  99. Maybe Samuels should have interviewed Jodi’s baby sitter who said Jodi beat her little brother’s head in with a baseball bat…a co-worker of Jodi’s who watched Jodi punch a hole in the bathroom wall at her work when another girl would not take over her shift. It seems Jodi wanted to go and be with Travis…

    Defense attorneys are in chambers right now…

  100. Redrelaxed says:

    Snoop, I think Dr. Samuels had $$$ signs in his horizon when he was asked to take on this high profile case. I’d like to know how he obtained the information from the brother that Jodi was held at knife point when she was 13 if he didn’t interview family members. Seems this DT scurries back to the drawing board to stuff chewing gum in the gushing dam post JM. Could be that Jodi is making up more lies while she writes frantically during the cross.

    Watched a beautiful tribute video of Travis this morning that his family posted on Youtube. Travis is the victim in this case. Jodi has lied to paint him as anything but a saint, but since when do you require sainthood in order to obtain justice?


  101. margaret says:

    OMG ! He is beyond lying according to the article [ posted above] ,creating his answers to fit her. Why is he allowed to run on and on and on?/

  102. Redrelaxed says:

    Was this sloppy evaluation in your professional asumption simply to validate JA’s convenient memory loss/fog after she premeditated this henious murder?

  103. gramared says:

    If Jodi could “demonstrate” her shaking to Samuels, she could also “fake” her shaking in the same manner – duh!
    His rambling is driving me NUTZ!

  104. Cali Patti says:

    Snoopy, Dear Lady, Thank you for the inclusion.
    I have been disturbed by the continual lying. There are attys that are feeding the lies. Now there is a so called expert that I feel, believe is also lying. I think Dr. Samuels is in this for personal reasons. For me this has turned into a trash trial.
    The Arizona trial court system is ridiculous. The attys have prepared for years. The judge has all day Friday for other court business, so why doesn’t court begin at 9:30? If I subtract lunch, this group is in court 5 1/2 hours 4 days a week. I just don’t understand why they are so slow.
    PTST, which I do not believe Jodi suffers from, at all, has nothing to do with why Jodi killed Travis.
    J. Martinez is trying but there is very little good lawyering we are seeing. Not his fault. For me it’s like watching one man trying to dig through a trash dump.
    I guess I just vented.

  105. Redrelaxed says:

    THIS…”flat affect” question…she was flat IMO throughout her current testimony, so I think the good Dr. just put another nail in her coffin. I believe this expert is fieldiing some excellent jury questions. Goes to show that the jury is intelligent and paying attention ALL the time. Hats off to this group of individuals who are taking their job seriously unlike some juries we’ve seen. Also I think one of more of those jurors are vets and not impressed with the doctors comparisons to serving your country as opposed to pre-meditated murder.

  106. Redrelaxed says:

    Loved loved loved “the bad haircut question”! Surprised that one got through, but it put a smile on some team Travis faces. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppping with sarcasm.

  107. Melanie says:

    Loved his accidental self-incrimination when he said that with 20-30 “evaluation” visits, there’s a danger of appearing as a friend and also the temptation to render advice. Yep, there sure is! And as a ‘laywoman’, I’m well aware that it is not for the professional to determine whether they are crossing boundaries – the standard is “would a reasonable person feel there is an ‘appearance’ of a potential conflict of interest?”. I’m considered a reasonable person and I smell a rat!

  108. Redrelaxed says:

    Apologize for being an overcommenter, however did y’all notice how Dr. Samuels blushed a little when asked if it’s normal to be “fond” of the evaluee?

  109. Redrelaxed says:

    G’day Suzanne, some of us have been commenting on Snoop’s blog for several years now…we’ve gone through the wringer and agonized through many trials and trubulaitons. What I appreciate about this inner sanctum is that Snoop doesn’t allow name calling or making fun of anyone. She runs a tight ship. I enjoy your comments, as well as all the other’s posted here.

    …Back to the jury questions…

    I wonder if Dr. Samuels is enjoying his five minutes of fame?

  110. Karen C. says:

    Actually- I feel that today he’s doing a good job explaining himself, if not herself, if that makes sense. He’s candid (“not a Get-Out-of-Jail card”), has admitted that the “science” he’s been using is hardly fallible, etc. They may like him better at the end of this day and chalk up the experience as his being just another of her male fools- human, not evil human. That would be her.

  111. gramared says:

    This is torture! I’m so bored that I keep looking at those puffs of hair at the back of Samuels head. He must think they’re spiffy – yuk. Please….let Willmott FINISH so that Martinez can pounce.

  112. gramared says:

    Suzanne…I agree that Willmott’s questioning of Spinnin’ Samuels is tediuous. He loves to hear himself spout, but a few minutes of Martinez will quickly remove his spin. We need JM’s rebuttal and closing to bring us all back to life!

    Do you suppose Jodi would like to run her fingers through Samuels hair puffs??? Maybe she did already, and that’s why he’s so enamored with her!

  113. Redrelaxed says:

    Yeah, have to agree, the expert ought to have hit the barbershop to trim up that mess in the back. He’s sportin’ a semi-senior-mullet…it looks scruffy for his debut.

    I’ve been house cleaning on the commercials as I purposely chose to watch HLN today to get caught up around here.

  114. Willmott is going to try and drag this out for another hour….then they break until Monday …Jury fatigue!!

  115. Thank God for side bars… a break from that whiny voice…

  116. Jennifer is even boring Kirk…

  117. Did y’all know that Samuels has been assessing people for 35 years? How many times have we heard that?

    I wish I drank booze… I am getting slap happy… yup…Jenny is going to yak on until 4:30pm MST

  118. What a sin, Martinez is almost falling asleep….

  119. Jenny, Travis was trying to get rid of an obsessed stalker… Jenny, if you don’t win this case, Jodi will get Bryan Carr to slash your tires….

    Jodi is a goddess…

  120. Did I scare everyone away?

  121. Marilyn N says:

    ss: do you have the email address to send donations thru paypal for the Alexander family?

    Nope, I do not get involved with donation solicitations…SS

  122. Jennifer’s eyes are dialated ….she is some hyper…runs up to the judge to whine…

  123. Redrelaxed says:


    Waiting for Juan Martinez to red bull me!

  124. Marilyn N says:

    SS: OK thanks!

  125. Nurmi’s pants almost fell down…at the side bar…

  126. Melanie says:

    Just as a disclaimer: I have a brother who used to practice law and lives near Phoenix. He has quite a bit of LE contact and I had hoped to gather some inside gossip, but alas, the response I received led me to believe he is on the JodiTrain. And give or take a few pounds and years, he resembles Nurmi far too much for my comfort. So if I get a bit brutal on the poor guy, I’m kinda just venting on my idiot brother, who deserves it for once again thinking with the wrong head.
    I would make a sexist remark here about men, but I remember too well how much fan mail Scott Peterson and Richard Ramirez receive…ugh!
    Kirk and Jennifer make quite the pair – as my mother would say, “Mutt and Jeff”!

  127. Redrelaxed says:

    Getting a real kick out of Jennifer Willmott’s expressions…boy she doesn’t play poker. One minute she’s almost laughing, smirking, looking like the cat that ate the canary…but now (I’m watching HLN so I’m behind folks) she’s looking as though she has a small doggie turd under her nose.

  128. Cali Patti says:

    Bombshell … NG’s handcuff necklace is missing!! Anderson Cooper has announced, OMG. A reward has been offered. Oh jeeze, I really wrote this.
    This might belong in the cafe’.

  129. Vicky~~ Samuels was asked, “Is there a diagnosis for selective amnesia?” Quite quickly he responded, “no, there is not.”

    What is your opinion on this?? TIA

  130. Samuels best go into early retirement. He is nothing but a fraud out to make money helping defendants.

    Samuels does not think compassion and sympathy are the same thing. Samuels first met with Jodi on 12/16/09 and the meeting lasted for 3 to 4 hours.

    Part 3…at 46:00 He says his first meeting was 12/16/10…. a couple minutes earlier, he said it was 12/16/09??? Martinez did not pick up on that error.

    Samuels told Martinez that he should have administered a second test when Jodi finally admitted she killed Travis. He just answered a juror’s question regarding why he did not and he said it wasn’t necessary.

    Samuels also changed the numbers on test results and did not inform anyone. He did this when preparing to come to court.

  131. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- The changing of answers is extremely problematical for him. He can/will argue he transposed incorrectly before, and was fixing it, but at this point he has very little credibility left, objectively speaking. He can have problems later for that with the Board in AZ I’d think- I bet many psychologists are watching this to see how one of their own fares in a difficult (Bad Facts) and sensational case with so much media attention, and they must be squirming worse than Nurmi.

  132. Willmott drove me up the wall today. She’s so daft! I don’t understand why they keep up this ridiculous charade. Its already been PROVEN that the good doctor based his diagnosis on a fairy tale so what does Wilmott think she’s doing by clarifying his credentials?? Its means NOTHING when you get it wrong, do sloppy work – didn’t bother to follow up with more tests so he could re-diagnose her. Who do they think they are fooling? Honestly, I really think they need to stop right now and change course. They are pissing this jury off more and more each day.

    By not acknowledging the elephant in the room they only make themselves look worse. So I guess you all heard about the woman who was kicked out of the courtroom today? Geez yesterday it was barfing today it was insulting the defendent while sitting behind her mother. Which she didn’t even hear it – the advocate did though and she stopped the trial by getting up and telling a guard. Its getting very intense folks……

  133. And another thing….Willmott can’t seem to remember the answers she gets from her witnesses. She keeps asking the same questions over/over/over and she keeps asking leading questions. Why not just ask direct questions? both attorney’s are Buffoons if you ask me.

  134. Karen C. says:

    I think she’s just trying to salvage what she can out of this guy, picking through the debris for something, anything, that will work for Psycho Killer.

  135. shyloh says:

    Did any of you catch the part where Florez told Jodi her parents weren’t surprised she was involved in this? Jodi was shocked to hear that. It was in one of the “NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEOS”

    I would love to get a link to that particular video. *wink~~SS

  136. Vicky says:

    Good morning! Last night on after dark, a woman asked a question I had just asked my hubby, so I hope JM picks up on it as well. If Travis cut the rope (IMO, no rope), why didn’t he use the utility scissors in the butcher block? I believe Jody had both the knife and gun in her back pack when she arrived and when she left. I also believe that when she left, she was as clean as she was when she arrived. There is no way she left that house covered in blood. She was not parked in his driveway, and most likely not even in front of his house. His roommate would have remembered if a car was parked there. So, big surprise, Jodi even lied about washing up when her fog lifted.

    I was thinking about JM hammering Dr. Samuels about his documentation. Given the fact that if in a high profile case like this, he has admitted to losing/misplacing documentation, I wonder if the State of Arizona/California and/or insurance companies will come in and audit his documentation. If all of his paperwork is as slipshod as it is in this case, he could very well find himself facing issues regarding reimbursement received for services, along with the revocation of his license to practice.

    I have no idea if his diagnosis of PTSD applies to Jodi. That would depend entirely on whether or not she is in fact a sociopath. However, when one receives any form of 3rd party reimbursement, the documentation of those services had better be accurate and readily available. if I were Dr. Samuel’s, I would spend the next few weeks organizing my “desk drawer” and file cabinets, just in case, beginning with any client where federal funds (direct or indirect) were used to pay me. if federal funds are involved, if one claim is found where the practitioner is required to return $$ due to improper documentation, they can go back and audit all claims for the past 7 years. I don’t think Dr. Samuels would fair very well under that level of scrutiny, but I could be wrong.

    Knowing Jodi as we do now, she never left Travis’ on June 4th without her makeup on and her nose all powder puffed. There was no rope. Jodi needed the rope story to place Travis’ knife in the bathroom or bedroom. ~~SS

  137. Rheanna says:

    I just wanted to say hello…. Mystical Pippin brought me here from youtube lol! I am dying to discuss some jodi!! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I am at work now so unfortunately this will be short and sweet. 😀

    Welcome!! Make yourself right at home.~~SS

  138. gramared says:

    Wouldn’t Samuels’ sloppiness and disorganization at trial be grounds for an appeal since he was supposedly pivotal to the case? He’s coming across as a pompous fraud, and Martinez is exposing his tactics with every question he asks. When the judge recessed until Monday, Samuels probably felt he was saved by the bell!

    An expert witness would not cause grounds for an appeal unless it could be proven that Jodi’s attorneys helped Samuel alter his records fraudulently to coincide with Jodi’s testimony of lies and then you can get an appeal for improper counsel. ~ ~ SS

  139. It is impossible for Jodi to have PTSD because she has no conscience… she hasn’t had nightmares or relived the ‘trauma’ of the murder because it wasn’t a trauma to her. It was some wierd kind of sexual rage coupled with her other sexual acts with TA and she has to work really hard to NOT remember it and talk about it… did anyone see how she was flushed when the pictures were shown? She looks away because she doesn’t want to reveal her sadistic delight in what she did. I am not fooled by this evil character.

    Narcissists do not have a conscience and I put Jodi in that category so no, she would not be capable of experiencing PTSD. Jodi accomplished what she set out to do and still thinks she will get away with it. If the death penalty is imposed, they will have to put her in restraints because she will have failed. She will go beserk.~~SS

  140. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Everyone,

    This sums up my thoughts on yesterday…

    “The PDS test was unreliable because it wasn’t administered again after he learned that she was lying, a fact duly noted by the jury. It’s also unreliable because he couldn’t keep his notes straight about the test, he filled out the scoring sheets when Jodi should have filled them out, he had different scores for the same test, none of which is indicative of a believable or reliable diagnosis.”


    It was clear yesterday that the jury doesn’t trust Dr. Samuels, and they believe that Jodi Arias is continuing to lie with her new and improved fabrication. The above article linked has all the jurors questions lumped with Dr. Samuels answers which show the way this jury is leaning.

    Vicky, I think you make a wise observation when you suggest Dr. Samuels get busy organizing his office files. “as he could very well find himself facing issues regarding reimbursement received for services, along with the revocation of his license to practice.” I was shocked at how nonchalant and sometimes downright indignen when he was called out by Martinez on that so called evaluation and all the errors. He hurt her defense because he contradicted Jodi’s story in many instances. Couldn’t remember which lies they had rehearsed, and he appears unethical.

    I believe Jodi Arias is every bit as evil as Ted Bundy, and nearly as smart. Another thing she did that totally freaks me out is WHY she bought a hand gun after killing Travis. She said she was going on a camping trip with guys she didn’t know and wanted the gun for protection. Wouldn’t a normal person simply decide NOT to go, rather than risk having to shoot someone just for a little fun? I beginning to think this girl had the potential to be a serial killer.

    Lol…I honestly thought Cali Patti was pulling our leg about the Nancy Grace bombshell with the missing necklace. Apparently not!

    Have a great day everyone!
    All IMO

    Excellent, Red!! Thank you so much! ~~SS

  141. For all you animal lovers….Travis’ dog, Napoleon who is now deaf and blind is being taken care of by Diana Reid, (sp) Travis’ best friend. The dog has a loving home.

  142. The song that Jodi was singing in the interrogation room re Memories…”Here With Me” is considered to be a stalkers Anthem.

  143. Cali Patti says:

    Does anyone recall at the start of this trial one requirement for premeditated murder could be blaming someone else?
    Didn’t Jodi do that to Travis’s roomate in one of her interviews or phone calls?
    If so, has J. Martinez mentioned this?

  144. Cali~~I cannot understand why trying to blame someone else would be one requirement for premeditated murder. That has nothing to do with premeditation. A person would have to try and put the blame on someone before the murder was committed. It makes little sense… we are talking about PRE…what takes place prior to the actual murder. Premeditation can occur in the matter of minutes… retrieving a gun from a gun rack can be premeditation.

    I recall Jodi mentioning to Det Flores about the roommate but that was moot re premeditation.

  145. cali patti says:

    Ok, You are correct and I have remembered wrong. It was for the Death Penalty, one of the criteria that can be used. Yes that was it, I think. With the all talk about premeditation I simply did not think it out correctly before I wrote that.

  146. Cali~ ~ trying to blame someone else would not be an aggravating circumstance that would be one of the criteria to warrant a death penalty. If you read this somewhere, please point me in that direction. I am always willing to learn new things. TIA

  147. cali patti says:

    Ok, I will attempt to find it however I don’t think read this. Way back at the this trial began, there were discussions, somewhere, on what made this murder death penalty qualified. Besides premeditation there were other qualifiers. I thought, but was unsure, that one of the qualifiers in Arizona was trying to put a murder on to someone else when YOU are the one that committed the murder.
    I was asking if anyone remembered this. If they did remember this being true, has J. Martinez been able to mention it? Jodi trying to shift the blame might be in one of those calls that has not been omitted. I am guessing I was wrong. I am sorry.

  148. Newbie says:

    Afternoon all. You know, if the jury feels even close to the way I do, Jodi’s goose is cooked. I don’t care if she had/has PTSD, pms, or amnesia. My book, so what if she did/does. She is a brutal killer and cannot be allowed back into society. I would venture to say she will even kill a cell mate or inmate. And Samuels deserves to lose his license and I do hope they audit him. As far as the two defense attorneys, we know Numri did not want to be on this case and Lord know we wish he wasn’t. I am just so ready for deliberations and a verdict. The only reason I am watching come Tuesday is to watch Martinez. What a skillful prosecutor !!!!!!!!

    There. whew, I feel better.

  149. gramared says:

    Hi Newbie… Don’t want you to miss anything this coming Monday because court will be in session beginning at 10 a.m. (at least that’s what they said). It’s the following Monday they will be closed. This is from AZ Central where I always watch. Next Thursday, Court will begin at 9:30 and end at 12:30 and they won’t reconviene until Tuesday, April 2nd.
    4:36 PM yesterday
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    The judge is dismissing the jury for the weekend. She says that court ends 12:30 next Thursday, then will be off until Tues after Easter.

  150. Newbie says:

    Gramared, thank you thank you ! I sure would have tuned in Tuesday and then tried to figure out what happened….lol. I seem to be very good at that.

  151. gramared says:

    Newbie, I’m with you…if the jury has half a brain, Jodi’s goose was cooked when Martinez started showing the interrogation videos. Samuels is a ditz and, as an “expert,” he’s even ditzier, no help to her at all, did more to damage the case. He should lose his license. Wouldn’t you just love to hear the conversations that go on between Nurmi and Willmott when no one else is around. They know she’s a dangerous murderer, but it’s their job. As horrible as it is, it pays the bills. Actually, the taxpayers in AZ are paying the bills (I may move!).

  152. Newbie says:

    My biggest problem with all of this is how someone can get shot, stabbed 27-29 times and have their throat slit and the killer claim self-defense. All I see is the killer enjoying the attention of the trial and enjoying trashing the victim thru lies. She is in her glory and it hisses me off !

    I think the jury has her number down pat by the tone of their questions. I dream of them taking two hours to reach their decision with the decision being guilty of first degree murder. Then I enjoy the thought of her waiting to find out whether she gets life or the death penalty !

  153. Newbie says:

    I keep saying I’m not going to follow another trial. My first was the Anthony case and that is exactly what I said after that verdit. I get too over-involved emotionally !

    Oh Newbie, fess up and tell the truth. You would miss the Snoop if you stopped following these cases…shhhhhsh..~~SS

  154. gramared says:

    Newbie…I’ve said this before, but I think the worst penalty for Jodi would be Life w/o Parole and IN ISOLATION. That would drive her “round the bend” and “over the edge” where she belongs. As you say, she relishes an audience. Take that away, and she would have to live with her own miserable, demented thoughts. Looking back at how she amused herself when Det. Flores left the interrogation room, she could stand on her head til she dies of natural causes!

  155. Jodi needs to sit on death row and think about the lethal injection and meeting her Maker. She already has a fan club of female inmates in the jail and she will do the same in a women’s prison. I believe with LWOP she will be in general population along with other lifers. . Jodi will get herself a lesbian lover and run the place.

  156. Newbie says:

    Yes, Snoops, I would miss you and the rest of the ladies (whoa, I indicated you were a lady). But, I must learn how to mind myself better as far as involvement. If Jodi is found guilty, 2nd degree it will throw me into a tantrum which I am too old for…..my heart !
    By the by, we don’t talk about it much but Det. Flores did quite a nice job !!!

    Det Flores deserves a lot of credit. I think Martinez depends on Flores and they make quite a team.~~SS

  157. Re JVM show… Jodi’s name was on the original ticket who was supposed to go to Cancun with Travis. Travis took her name off and changed it to Mimi Hall…

  158. Newbie says:

    lol….hasn’t Jodi talked about not expecting to go to Cancun from the beginning? Poor Travis, dead because of a change made for his trip to Cancun….well, not that simple really but….I can hear my momma saying “He would have been fine if he had not crossed his own morals”, ugh.

  159. Redrelaxed says:

    Ah…Snoop, I see you’ve heard the news. There was some talk about how Jodi had helped Travis qualify for that PPL Cancun trip. Hmmm… and she testified she wasn’t upset that Travis was going to take Mimi Hall had he lived. I call bull chit. I’ll bet she was savage when Travis swapped her out for Miss Hall. Martinez must be aware of this…wonder if this is just one of the ace’s he’s got up his sleeve for rebuttal?

  160. Gramared – In isolation is exactly what she gets with a DP sentence but I don’t think so with Life WOP, maybe one of you can tell us? Whatever she gets it will be a hard adjustment for her but personally I want the hardest one she can get. Its makes me sick thinking about how awful those last minutes must have been for Travis and how heartless Jodi is – so much so that it wasnt good enough for her to kill him – she had to trash his name, sulley his reputation (there are some fools out there that think there is some truth to her description of Travis) Plus on top of that now she’s getting the attention she so desperately wanted from everyone that has always alluded her in the past. So yeah I want DP for Arias because she’s a self-centered biach who will always be the person that thinks enough is never enough.

    Besides they are not going to kill her anyway…..The last female killed in Az. was in 1930. I don’t know how long the 3-4 women who are there now have been there but I’m guessing at least one has been there for a very long time.

    “Newbie, I’m with you…if the jury has half a brain, Jodi’s goose was cooked when Martinez started showing the interrogation videos. “

    Did you see my recipe for “The Spaghetti Defense” on another thread? Newbie liked it so thats saying something..lol.

    Welcome Rheanna glad you made it over here. On the right hand side of screen are prior threads with lots of links in them.

  161. Marilyn N says:

    Suzanne: Yes, JM looks fine today. Especially next to those dressed in white!!!

  162. ledheadmelli says:

    Ah, the little white sweater with the bitty bow in front! Isn’t she just precious? Bless her heart! (I’m not Southern, but I meant it the same way).
    Is this a courtroom or Mother-Daughter Day at Kindergarten? Sheesh – I stopped doing that to my daughters when they were 5 and 7!

  163. Suzanne~~Jodi has threatened suicide in order to get her own way from the time she was a teenager. She used the same thing with Travis and now is using it to gain sympathy from the jurors.

  164. ledheadmelli says:

    Oh Suzanne…..so sorry…no appropriate words can be found. The elements in this trial are bringing up all sorts of painful memories for so many people, me and mine included. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    The only way I would agree with the “low self-esteem” issue is if it were explained further as the hidden type you might find in a “Mean Girl”. We all know Mean Girls – beauty, popularity, and still they attempt to prove to themselves and others that they’re superior by putting down everyone else. So I suppose you could say that they have low self-esteem, but try to hide it with the outward appearance of confidence. Jodi does seem to have exactly that type of “low self-esteem”, if it could be called that.

  165. Willmott wants to hold the trial at the sidebar. I noticed a lot of laughter and smiles at the defense table… I hope the jurors are keeping a close eye on them.

    Jodi was avoiding the ‘trauma’ of being arrested by covering her tracks. Samuels turned this into disassociated amnesia and PTSD.

  166. Yes Juan looks great today – did ya’ll notice his green suit last week. Very niiice!

  167. La Violette said she worked with a stalker or maybe it was a stalking case??? She has been on a case or two with Martinez for the state.

  168. ledheadmelli ~~Forgive me for not saying, “Welcome to my blog,” sooner.

    [edit]You are also Melanie Davis and then changed to just Melanie…it would make my life easier if you pick one and stick to it..

  169. One more thing. I have to disagree with you on Jodi being a good actress. I think she sucks at it. I know she’s poured her heart and soul into it for the past 4 years but it’s not enough and it never will be. IMO Jodi should get a Razzie award for worst actress in the history of the world. She’s so bad at it that I almost feel sorry for her…..the operative word here is ALMOST. lol

    I’ve met people like Jodi in my youth and I don’t know if they went on to become murderers like her but I saw within 5 minutes after meeting them the kind of person they really were and my friends would never believe me or heed my warnings until something happened to them. It usually was something stolen or some drama caused by the manipulations of the person came to light. I was always right and I was always the one who figured it out first. OMG I could write a book as they say…..lol

  170. ledheadmelli says:

    Snoops – So sorry for the confusion! I wasn’t paying attention to my first post I guess, and never was comfy with my full name. But I didn’t switch it to ledhead, not that I know of. I’m having a few blonde moments today, so who knows how it sneaked in.
    Oh well, let’s just go with “Melanie” and we can always discuss the lovely Robert Plant at another time.

    Pippen – I have that same type of sense, but I call it my “Weasel Medicine” based on some Native American beliefs. I can sense people’s true motivations, regardless of what they are claiming them to be. And no matter how my friends and family pooh-pooh my conclusions, they have turned out to be correct every time we have been able to verify them. When I hear ‘alarm bells’, I listen!

  171. ledheadmelli says:

    WordPress has decided that they want me to be “ledheadmelli”. I have no clue how to correct that, but that works for me too.

    Of course, I’m sure you’re thinking of changing it to “DitzQueen”…and that works, too!

  172. Re the name changing>>>>

    When you change your name, your status will be the same as a first time commenter… You will go into moderation and will stay there until I approve your comment and let you out. Depending on how busy I am, you may end up there for hours. I try to Welcome all first timers so it gets confusing when that same person is a regular.

    Due to spammers, I keep my moderation on at all times…

  173. New thread up for tomorrow’s yakking….

    Yakkers-Day 37

  174. This Thread is Closed!

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