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I listened to Dr Samuels today and one thing is very clear, Jodi tailored her testimony around Samuels’ assessment. Cunning and manipulative, she deserves a medal for being able to connect the dots and having them intertwine with Dr Samuels’ conclusion.

Samuels met with Jodi on approximately a dozen occasions. He read at least 1500 pages of her diaries/ journals dating back to when she was a teenager in school. He read police reports, viewed crime scene photos, watched 48 hours, read text messages, talked to Jodi and then conducted two tests on her. Samuels poured over his many tomes, journals and hey, even Time Magazine. Well, he had to check all his sources to come up with diagnosis of some sort. He is after all a ‘paid’ expert and needed to chalk up some hours to show on his report. (strange he did not mention meeting with Jodi’s parents, teachers, boyfriends, jail staff, Detective Flores, etc and interviewing them to get a better idea of Jodi’s demeanor from different perspectives)

Jodi told Samuels the Ninja story. Strange eh? Jodi was arrested for the murder of Travis Alexander on July 15th, 2008. So what was the date Dr Samuels came on the scene? Dr Richard Samuels stated today that he first met Jodi in 2009. He found Jodi had low self-esteem and judging by her diaries, he found her to be a pacifist. She was depressed and talked about suicide a lot. (just like she did in her testimony)

Samuels said that new material emerged and he had to reassess Arias. He also stated that when Jodi was sticking to her story about the Ninjas….he and Kirk Nurmi got together with Jodi and so….. here comes the threesome who would put together a good self-defense story.

Dr Samuel found that in 2012, Jodi was more self-confident and appeared to have a more positive outlook on life. ( I would guess so since the good doc was helping Jodi create a defense so she could beat a murder rap) Nurmi could not get released from this case so he set out to win it. It would certainly help his reputation since he started up his own private practice. So Arias and Samuel had Nurmi’s blessings on the script they were preparing. He would put in his ‘legal’ two cents when called upon.

I do not put very much faith in $$$$defense experts.$$$$ As a layperson, I have diagnosed Jodi as ‘guilty’ beyond a reasonable doubt and I am sticking to my guns and those aren’t the kind used to shoot a dead man whose throat was just slit.

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  1. shyloh says:

    I think this so called shrink is so going to get chewed up and spit put by the state.

    I am with you on this, shyloh!~~SS

  2. lala1966 says:

    well it says in his advertisement that he promises a testimony that will make the defendant look more favorable. I don’t personally know how those kind of people sleep at night. I agree about Jodi tailoring her testimony to coincide with the experts. I saw this throughout the pattern of her testimony that she was trying to say statements that were directly related to what the jury would hear from the defense experts. I can not wait for cross examination!

    Welcome, lala!! You can really see this was team work among Jodi, Nurmi and Dr Samuels to con cock a self-defense story. God be with Martinez! ~~SS

  3. Newbie says:

    Love your title on this one ! You know there has been such a tee-da-teet between Jodi and JM concerning her memory, I keep chuckling over Jodi having to sit thru Samuels junk which is basically she has a bad memory because of bla bla bla. It is time for JM to ask again “Which one is it?”

    Thanks, Newbie. Jodi appeared to look very cocky while Samuels was on the stand. Her chin was tilted up and the self-confidence shone thru. Martinez knows how to take the smug look off her face and we will see that during his rebuttal.~~SS

  4. debl115 says:

    Crap, the special session has been postponed until Monday; appears that one of the attorneys had a death in the family.

  5. NancyB says:

    Professional complaint against Richard Samuels – entering into relationship with client beyond scope of professional conduct – conflict of interest, crossed boundaries:

    Yesterday when Juan Martinez was arguing against the Time Magazine article about the brain because the defense expert is a psychologist not a psychiatrist or medical doctor, Whilmott stated that psychology is the study of the brain. That is not entirely true it is actually the study of human behavior. I do agree that the function of the brain is studied but usually in specialized fields such as, neuropsychology or developmental psychology. A forensic psychologist deals mostly with the behavioral aspect NOT the brain!!!! He cannot possibly discuss the many intricate parts of the brain if he mostly specializes in the forensic part of psychology!!! He is a joke! He gives all psychologists a bad name by testifying beyond his expertise.

    When asked why he no longer has a private practice since relocating to AZ he smiles and explains that the reimbursement rates are much lower in AZ so he limits his practice to just forensic cases. What a phoney. Sickened me when he was asking the jury and us to imagine how horrible it was for Arias that she had no one to go talk to after she butchered Travis.

    Nancy B~~excellent comments..bravo!~ ~SS

  6. NancyB says:

    I am furious that this sleazy defense team and their sleazy “experts” are attempting to admit new testimony through the backdoor that would then make the judge put a 2nd degree charge in front of this jury. Talk about ambush. I just pray that Judge Stephens denies this totally phoney testimony at the evidentiary hearing on Monday. The 2nd degree charge is the one that Arias campaigned for when she presented her demand to the prosecution in 10/2010 for a plea deal with 2nd degree, which Juan Martinez did not even respond to. She resubmitted her demands for this in July of 2011 at a hearing where Martinez formally denied her demands. She is unbelievable. First of all plea offerings come from the prosecutor to the defendant NOT from the criminal demanding the specific terms of a deal.

  7. NancyB says:

    Agree in total with all of the above comments! That video is very interesting. I hope Juan can introduce in his rebuttal.

  8. Vicky~~a question for you. If I were suffering from PTSD, would this not be caused by remembering/reliving the traumatic events? If my memory shut down and I could not remember, wouldn’t this be my body’s way of protecting me from PTSD? TIA

  9. The crest shows but then the camera starts rolling again at 36:04/37:51..Jodi and Nurmi look as pleased as punch… all smiles…

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 31 – Part 4

  10. margaret says:

    I have to say it again, Snoops you have come up with the perfect title Thank you. You know , If I were a betting person, I would bet that jodi had those books and had Samuels help in coming up with her stories. They both used a few phrases alike , fog,was one they used often. I read an article on Callsforjustice last night and they are saying that the post in Time was written by a correspondant.They also agreed that Samuels looked like Searcy..

    Margaret, those titles just pop into this old noggin and then I try to put a short post together. I enjoy commenting more than writing the posts. I found Jennifer Willmott falter quite a bit while questioning Samuels. They traded a few chuckles, very unprofessional since this trial is about a young man in the prime of his life who was slaughtered by a psycho maniac. ~~SS

  11. Dr Sameuls said he not only talked to Jodi and performed certain tests on her, he went to other sources. Those other sources were generally books. He referred to case studies of inmates who ended up with PTSD. He only had a handful of them in his data bank and did not stress how long of a period of time these indivuduals were studied. If someone was incarcerated for committing a crime, just being caught would cause the stress post the event. I am surprised he did not tell us how many criminals ended up being Bible thumpers. Carla Faye Tucker was a good example of this but it did not save her from the death penalty.

    While Jodi was testifying, she tried to come across as ‘miss goody two shoes’. She did everything for Travis. She did not want to hurt his feelings and put up with discomfort during their sexual encounters just to please him. She even bought groceries for her ex Bobby and left them on his doorstep…the things she knew he liked to eat. This was after she broke up with him. Jodi should have been nominated for sainthood. What a benevolent and caring creature. She got baptized in the Mormon church for Travis.

    Does Jodi still practice the Mormon religion? When asked by Martinez, “you do practice the Mormon religion, don’t you?” Jodi replied, “somewhat.” Jodi is nothing but a hypocrit.

    How do we know ‘for sure’ that Travis ever had anal intercourse with Jodi? Is it because she made sure to mention the KY jelly in the ‘staged’ phone sex tape of May/08 or because she made sure the KY was in plain view in the photos taken on June 4th? Should we take her word word for it? Oh right, Travis is also a pedophile but sweet little Jodi overlooked that until she decided to trash him to save her own rotten hide. No no, he liked Little Red Riding Hood better…uh uh…he wanted a threesome…guess that wouldn’t do since he wanted to have sex on the engine bonnet of a car off some busy freeway. So how do we really know that Travis ever engaged in any other sexual activities other than masturbation or Jodi performing oral sex on him. That phone sex tape was pure fantasy on Travis’ part and nothing he would ever carry out in the real.

    I am praying the judge will not allow Samuels to introduce evidence so Jodi ends up with 2nd degree murder instead of the lethal injection which she so richly deserves.

    (the above is based on testimony at trial along with my own opinions)

  12. The video of Jodi in the interrogation room…. she was auditioning as an acrobatic singer. Realistically, she knew dang well she was on video and this was more of her manipulation. How could a murderer be so carefree by singing and doing a head stand…hell, she was hungry and looking thru the trash can for something to eat? Maybe a gun? No doubt an insanity plea was crossing her mind as she performed.

  13. NancyB says:

    mainstreamfair says:
    March 15, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Vicky~~a question for you. If I were suffering from PTSD, would this not be caused by remembering/reliving the traumatic events? If my memory shut down and I could not remember, wouldn’t this be my body’s way of protecting me from PTSD?

    YES!!! Exactly. Many people who truly suffer and struggle with this disease (veterans) are very insulted with her defense expert using this to fool the jury. Each one of them has made the very same point that you were asking of Vicky.

    Thank you, Nancy B. Just as a layperson with no credentials re studies of the mind , this Dr Samuels makes no sense to me. He looks at his report and then reads all the criteria out of a book. Shouldn’t he be able to recite the facts from memory. He even started making notes in his report while on the stand. He certainly needs to evaluate his own memory.~~SS

  14. margaret says:

    Hi all, Remember Ryan saying tht he had seen jodi at the convention in April 2008, and her hair was blond. Jodi said he lied because convention was in March . Well I searched and searched and finally found it. The convention was in Oklahoma , April 11 thru 13. She did not change her haircolor when she said..

  15. Karen C. says:

    I think the headstand vid can come in because of her claim to have hurt her shoulder- “never been the same since”…

    BTW, there’s a possibility that those penis pics Travis supposedly sent her (that were recovered from the broken hard drive from her grandparent’s house)- is not Travis at all. I doubt he would send her pics of some other guy’s stuff.

  16. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, my understanding of PTSD as explained to me by the psychologists at work is that, like many other illnesses, there is varying degrees of severity and numerous types of events can be responsible for its onset. Yes, a person can have memory loss following a traumatic experience. However, PTSD is caused by the recall of those events in some fashion. Trauma induced memory loss is rarely permanent in individuals over the age of four, unless there is a neurological disorder. So, the glodal amnesia that has been offered as a possible issue with Jodi is bull, unless her brain has been scanned and a neurologist has been involved in the diagnosis.
    As for Jodi, who cares what triggered her “fog”? The fact remains that it wasn’t present during her trip to Mesa, it wasn’t present during the commission of the murder, it wasn’t present while she made an attempt to remove all indications she was present that day. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter how her psyche has allegidly reacted to carrying out a brutal murder. According to my coworker, based upon research and his experience in working with people suffering from PTSD, even if Jodi experienced a memory loss immediately following the crime, the likelihood that Jodi does not have total recall at this point is as the likely that her ninja story was true.

  17. margaret says:

    Vicky I love your analogies of PTSD. If jodi truly had PTSD, would that make a personality change? I hava a problem believing how she answers Nurmi’s questions, because she knows he isn’t going to ask the hard questions, therefore she is this meek poor little me just trying to protect Travis reputation.. When Martinez is doing the questioning you can see her whole being change, as Nancy Grace puts it . the devil is dancing,… If she truly had PTSD can she switch personalities that fast.. I believe she knows every little thing that happened..When I watch the video of her performance at the jail going through the trash , that is how she went through Travis life.. None of the other boyfriends had anything of value, but Travis did and she meant to have it..

  18. NancyB says:

    Margaret – that’s huge!! Excellent research on your part. If you have a link that proves that please post this on HLN blog so one of them will pick it up and give it coverage. Or email Travis’ sister, Samantha Alexander, the police officer that lives in Carlsbad, which is a suburb of San Diego. She is in court everyday with one of her brothers and her sister Tanisha, whose husband is often with her and seems very loving. [content edited out]

    Please do not put email addresses or solicitations for donations on this blog without the authorization of administration. The convention was held in Oklahoma in March 2008. See my comments below.~~SS

  19. NancyB says:

    Hi Vicky! Your info on PTSD and global amnesia are very factual. Global amnesia is NEVER just psychological. Never. In Samuels testimony when he was reading from the text he made mention of this fact but then later in his testiphony diverged and said the complete opposite. He said in Jodi’s case this global amnesia is totally a psychological phenomenon. That statement that he was diagnosing her with was not based in fact and there is absolutely no peer reviewed research to support it.

  20. Vicky says:

    Margaret and Nancy, There are advantages to working at a mental health center. It’s fun to pick their brains from time to time. I have come to know many mental health professionals over the past twenty years, and with the exception of very few, none would tailor their professional opinion to meet the needs of a prosecutor or a defense attorney. There are those who do not believe prison is an option for people with mental illness, and they might lose their objectivity when it comes to testifying in court. But, they are the exception.

    Since several have become interested in this case, we have had a lot of interesting conversations in the break room. I would also point out that not a single one of them, based upon observation alone, believes Jodi was a victim of domestic violence. They are divided on whether or not she experienced PTSD following the murder, but all agree that if she did, it was not to the extreme that the defense would have us believe, and was most likely the result of being immediately under suspicion, arrested and finally charged with murder. She spent over a month going over the details of the murder in her mind, knowing Travis’ family and friends suspected her, trying to come up with a story, not knowing what the police knew and wondering if/when she would be arrested. None of them believe she has any form of memory loss and arrived at that conclusion based upon the details she shared during her ninja story.

  21. Newbie says:

    margaret, you are a bull dog on Ryan’s statement vs Jodi’s lie. You go girl !!!!

  22. Amber from Maryland says:


    Was the Chris Hughes who was shown on the myspace video, the first pointer you gave us with respect to the Prepaid Legal Convention in April 2008, our Chris Hughes, Travis Alexander’s friend? He was one of the earlier people walking across the stage in the line of those who made more than $8,000 a month working for Prepaid Legal and he said he was a waiter by background.

  23. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Margaret and all

    If this is Chris Hughes
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfRd8orqk00 at about 19:10 in the Evidentiary Hearing with Gus Searcy and Juan Martinez, he looks to me a lot like the man called Chris Hughes in Margaret’s Myspace video about 02:16. Would Jodi and the crew of associates be attending the same Prepaid Legal Convention at the same time or could Jodi amd Ryan be attending some other convention a month earlier?

    That is Chris Hughes, Travis’ friend in the video Margaret posted re best month Prepaid Legal. I watched the entire video and it did not show Travis as one who made over $8 G in a month.~~SS

  24. I watched Ryan Burns on the stand once again to refresh my memory. He was having a problem with his memory on several occasions when Martinez questioned him. He didn’t even remember fixing the licence plate on Jodi’s rental car. He thinks he may have. He seemed evasive and was no doubt embarrassed he had to testify about personal things.

  25. (Ryan said he met Jodi in Oklahoma City at a convention in April 2008. I am afraid he was mistaken.)

    Oklahoma City Convention 2008 March 18, 2008

    Filed under: events,Pre-Paid Legal,Sarah,travel — Sarah @ 4:08 am
    Tags: dave savula, identity theft, identity theft shield, michael mccoy, oklahoma city, oklahoma city convention 2008, Pre-Paid Legal, robert kiyosaki, travel, what you need to know about id theft
    Tuesday, some friends and I hit the road and drove from Park City across Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas to Oklahoma for the annual Pre-Paid Legal Oklahoma City Convention 2008. What a weekend! We were mentored by an Attorney General, State Senator, Insurance Commissioner, the Governor of Oklahoma, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and countless millionaires. How was your weekend?


  26. The conventions are held quarterly…

    The following is a transcript of a conference call….in April/2008

    Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Q1 2008 Earnings Call Transcript-

  27. Margaret~~ Bless your heart for doing some great sleuthing. The way things are written on web sites can be confusing. After checking and double checking, it seems the Conference was held in March 2008 and not April.

  28. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- well, it’s hard to say (har)- the bit of scrotum one can see appears nekkid, but who is noticing that, given the rest of the package. Tumescent, but hanging down, with two fingers shown, presumably for size comparison (no comparison). No pubic area clearly visible, above the base, cropped or framed. His penis was, post-sex, rather salmon-colored (yup, those are out there too- her’s very gynecological), this one appears baby-pink. The pics purporting to be him, (from damaged hard drive at Grandparent’s house) look like gay male mag stuff to me (I used to have roommates in Boston), but some sleuths are c&p-ing pics of Darryl’s hands and fingers and comparing. We’ll see.

  29. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and you should see the priceless expression on Mike-the-Court-Reporter’s face, when the witness waved those 2 pics around…

    I have to teach an Adult RE class tomorrow AM, swear-to-God. I’ll have to expunge these noxious images from my mental hard drive here and get some sleep!

    My opinion- there are dudes out there who can really produce a surprise under the right circumstances, but I don’t think that’s Travis’ stuff in those 2 pics. And I don’t think Jodi’s grandparents are pulling that stuff off the web, either….

  30. NancyB says:

    Andrea – This message is just for you and then if you will edit/delete. You definitely are snoopy slueth! Thanks for the clarification of the dates of the conference. My apologies for posting the info on donating to Travis’ family to assist them in being able to afford being in court daily. I received a personal email from Samantha thanking me. Webslueths has members who are in court daily/weekly and have formed relationships with the family who have verified the site. After I found the info on the facebook acct for donating I then checked Webslueths and found info from the members who attend court, who also verified it. However, I certainly understand your valid concerns and will not do such a thing again.

    Nancy B~~I am not sure who Andrea is. I would like to leave your message here. I don’t mind you providing a link to the source where info is displayed re donations etc. Eg…Facebook/Websleuth.. Due to past experiences, I tend to exercise caution. I am not familiar with a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I just run a very humble blog and certainly can’t hold a candle to Websleuth’s or Blinks. lol Thanks for your response!~ ~SS

  31. NancyB says:

    SS – Thanks and I certainly understand your legitimate caution. I was looking on line to see if there was any place already set up to assist Travis’ family and I found the following information on the Facebook page of The State vs Jodi Arias -The Travis Alexander Murder Trial.

    [content edited out]

  32. NancyB says:

    I think that this is a great article that clearly reveals Dr Fog’s ineptitude and goals as a paid Expert Fog Dr for the defense.

  33. Once again, PLEASE do not publish any addresses on this site to solicit donations. I thought I made myself clear when I put this in my response to you above..(I don’t mind you providing a link to the source where info is displayed re donations etc. Eg…Facebook/Websleuth..)

    Thank you for the article you posted re Dr Samuels…Some time ago, I asked my contributors to use the proper names of the players in this case. Thanks!

  34. Thanks, Margaret! Gus Searcy loves to be before the cameras. I think Travis may have been stealing some of Gus’ limelight. He reminds me of Leonard Padilla…always sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong and then hinting about conspiracies. So Gus knows about many Mormon women who will not come forward and say that Travis was abusive because they will end up being hounded by the media. Has he ever heard tell of ‘witness protection’? Gus is a creep! He invited Jodi to spend some time with him in his motor home. I wonder if she did a little bumping and grinding on him for that Helio phone he delivered to her in person. It was the same phone she used to record the phone sex between her and Travis, without Travis’ permission I may add.

  35. margaret says:

    the love fest between jodi and attorneys Thursday

    This is the rest of the love fest between jodi and attorneys Thursday. Can’t wait for Martinez to claer those faces.

  36. margaret says:

    Gee Snoopy,I thought I was leaving a link. How did I do this??LOL

    Hon, you are a magician. I will leave it up…ha ha ha ha ~~SS

  37. Newbie says:

    Lord, I just turned on the tv, station Oxygen, Snapped, “Jennifer Nibbe”. The August 2010 shooting death of a husband. Jennifer’s defense sounds a lot like Jodis. Memory loss regarding the crime, PTS and unproven abuse !

    We will always have copycat defense strategy. If a defense works for one, it just may work for another but the jurors will decide that. This memory loss is not going to work for Jodi or at least I hope the jurors are smart enough to see thru that manipulator.~~SS

  38. Doctor Daniela hit the nail on the head with this one. It goes to show why Jodi was so satisfied after she silenced Travis so his story was all hers…she was in command.


  39. margaret says:

    Thanks Snoopy for correcting my blooper. I still am worried about the lineup of Travis injuries. jodi is still saying that she shot him first and the fog put a knife in her hand and the fog helped her stab him 29 times. I guess I want someone to tell her no you stabbed him first. I hope the jury is not believing that the shot was first. How do you think the jury is going to get it right. I kept hoping Martinez was going to ask jodi while she was on stand and make her admit it. OK, my resident lawyer and blooper fixer ,what do you think.. Thanks Friend

  40. Margaret~~It is impossible for Jodi to have shot Travis first. The time stamps on the photos show that she would have had to get body slammed, get up and run to the closet, climb the shelf, get the gun, run out the door into the bathroom and turn around and point the gun at Travis, shoot him, get up off the floor again, and get the knife, stab him 29 different times and then slit his throat in 62 seconds…IMPOSSIBLE. Besides that the ejected bullet casing landed on Travis’ already spilled blood. Travis was shot after his throat was slit just as the medical examiner testified to.

    Juan Martinez will connect all the dots in his rebuttal and closing arguments to the jury. He will explain how this was a premeditated murder and Travis was stabbed first.

  41. debl115 says:

    And how many times did she say that she disagrees with the “sequence of events” and that the bullet casing did not land on the blood pool after the shooting?? I was surprised that Juan didn’t come back to that. I’m thinking that she will say that when she “dropped the knife” (since she brought that up so many times), that it somehow hit the bullet casing, and that caused it to “land” on the puddle of blood, Assuming it will be addressed in the closing arguments.

    The bloody knife would had to have hit the bullet casing causing it to fly up in the air and land right on top of a big gob of blood leaving no blood smears on that casing? Uh uh~~SS

  42. Vicky says:

    Somewhat off topic, but I have a question. When the police searched Jodi’s parent’s house, they found a box of 25 caliber bullets. Did her parents own any such gun? I think this is yet another coincidence that needs to be pointed out to the jury. 25 caliber stolen from grandparents and same caliber bullets found at parent’s home. Hmm

    I understood the 25 cal ammo was found in Jodi’s room at her g/parents home. I do not recall any search warrant for the parents home. I always stand to be corrected.~~SS

  43. Vicky says:

    I am fairly certain that I recall reading her parents house was searched as well, and that is where the 25 cal. bullets were found. I’ll see if I can find the documentation.

  44. Vicky says:

    Found one reference to box of bullets found in her parent’s home

  45. debl115 says:

    “The bloody knife would had to have hit the bullet casing causing it to fly up in the air and land right on top of a big gob of blood leaving no blood smears on that casing? Uh uh~~SS”
    Exactly, Snoopy. She kept bringing that up over and over again. Somehow, it will play into the defense’s closing arguments.

  46. Vicky~~I found the following too…

    CASAREZ: Yes, they did, a woman they believed was her mother. Another thing from these police incident reports, they later executed a search warrant on her mother`s home, her parents` home. They found a box of .25- millimeter bullets in that home.

    GRACE: Man, was that brought into the jury in the state`s case in chief?

    CASAREZ: Not that I know of, no.

    GRACE: I`m just very surprised and concerned all of this has not gone in front of the jury. But again, maybe the state`s holding it back for rebuttal.

    Here`s another twist on that, Jean Casarez. Can the mother be called to testify as to what her daughter told her in that car? Would she tell the truth, or would she lie to save her daughter`s skin, Jean Casarez?


    Thanks, Vick…that is why I always stand to be corrected. So, it seems Sandy Arias is helping her daughter cover up?? If the parents did not own a 25 cal gun, maybe they have some explaining to do. Jodi probably hid the ammo at the parents home??

  47. Karen C. says:

    One thing, about the knife wounds to the head specifically- for those who haven’t seen the autopsy pics of these- these are very egregious wounds. They are very wide and very deep-looking, although it’s hard to tell reading the autopsy report how much actual brain damage they did (ME concentrated more on the gunshot wound in the front)- perhaps they were more glancing wounds- the knife sliding off the round surface of the skull while he was running away from her. They may appear worse now due to the skin pulling away, but they must have caused tremendous pain and fear.

    I don’t think she ever intended to just merely kill him- she really wanted to torture and terrorize him, knowing she had the gun for back up if the knife proved insufficient. Maybe she never intended to shoot him at all (too impersonal, and ballistics evidence is generally a lot more specific and damning than knife wound evidence)- just stab him to death viciously and slit his throat, and had to resort to a gunshot after she injured her own hands flailing away at him… she got that sheet from the bed and dragged him back into the shower to get her blood and DNA off him as much as possible (the final pic of the ones she took that day). Maybe it’s a coup-de-grace- “Take THAT, you dead dog”. Maybe in running things through her foggy lil’ ole mind she realized she might need to have a couple of armed ninjas to blame later, just in case- one being armed with a .25 automatic. But maybe she just wanted to see what a bullet could do to a head.

  48. Karen C. says:

    Now, that was impressive- JM knows you have to go through c, d & e before reeling him in at j or k. This was masterful. Willmott, what a priceless face- struggling to keep neutral but her expressive eyes and set jaw really give her away. Am I mistaken, or did JM catch Samuels in admitting he changed an answer? That’s what I thought I heard on my smart phone, and then it sure looked like that when that answer sheet was up on the screen on recording. I knew that whole “low self-esteem” was hazardous for them- that is not this girlie’s problem!- and continuously asserting it just kept that door open for JM to waltz right through- he has scored a lot of points on silly assertions from them/her.

    This was Whack-A-Mole time…

  49. Karen C~~Juan chewed Samuels up and spit him out. He is awesome! Samuels based his PTSD on the Ninja story for goodness sake. On the sheet, it looked like a 6 was changed to a 4. Samuels was so disorganized and confused. He needs to hire a shrink. I figured you would like Martinez performance today. I can’t wait for Vicky to watch it. I think Willmott appears to be very wet behind the ears.

  50. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops you mentioned that you think that Willmott is wet behind the ears. It does seem that way, yet she’s a death penalty qualified attorney.

    IMO, the difference between JM and Willmott is that JM is so prepared for the answer(s). If he’s looking for a “yes” and the witness says “no”, I’ve noticed him saying, “ok, let’s go with that”…..and then he spins it to blow up in their face and then proceeds to make the point he would have if the witness had answered the “yes”.

    Willmott seems to be caught off guard if the answer is not what she is looking for. She’s thrown for a loop for a few seconds until she can find the next cue on her script. Thus, she comes across as ill-prepared.

    Which style would resonate with you If you were on the jury? JM of course, because you have a well developed hippocampus. (I was dying to use that word in a sentence……keep in mind that the HC is not used just for memory but also for spatial navigation. To navigate between focusable elements…….)

    Yep, those smiles from Thursday were obliterated by the Magic Juan.

  51. Melanie says:

    I have to keep explaining to my husband why Jodi HAS to say the gunshot was first, regardless of the forensic evidence. For starters, this is what she was led to believe the police thought and her story needed to match. But most importantly, the knife-first scenario is impossible to call self-defense. A jury might let you slide for firing at someone who is charging you, and perhaps understand you going into a frenzy afterward if that failed to stop him. But the frontal blows he received were enough to render him incapable of anything offensive and the other 20+ were obviously his attempt to escape her attack. The way she appeared genuinely shocked during her ninja story that Travis just wouldn’t die makes me think the gun was to still any last-moment gasps or twitches.
    So why bring a noisy, impersonal gun when you really want to get up close and personal with a knife so the victim can taste the rage they created in you? My theory is the gun was for compliance if needed. I’m not going to say she had a gun on him the whole time – he would have overpowered her at some point in the 4 hours we know he was aware of her presence. I think the sex was to keep him relaxed, with a false sense of security until the perfect moment. Considering that some truth may be mixed into her lies, maybe she surprised him with the gun in the shower. The look on his face in that last shot is enigmatic, to say the least. He might have charged her then, knocking the gun and camera out of her ambidextrous little hands, unaware that the real intended weapon was also very close at hand. No way was Jodi going to not finish what she came to do – and we know the rest. But in my heart of hearts, I feel like Jodi REALLY wanted to use that knife and not necessarily the gun. Although it might have been helpful in persuading him to assume a more vulnerable position….ugh! enough!
    Jane Velez Mitchell went to a range and shot a 25mm gun. The casing flew off to her right each time. The position Jodi claims to have been in when the shot was fired had a pristine bullet in a puddle of blood to her LEFT, which the HLN guys correctly pointed out.

    SS – I switched to just my first name as I’m an informal type of gal. Hope that’s OK.

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