Trial Talk-Yak Away


This is where you can chat while the trial is in progress. Do your best to refrain from profanity and no name calling of the players in this case…”bitch” etc are fine….just don’t go to extremes…

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  1. Newbie says:

    lol…..that’s funny. You know that is about the way I looked today while watching the trial ! It’s always “huh, did she really say that.”

  2. Redrelaxed says:

    Hi Newbie!

    I’ve been having trouble posting, been like a fish out of water throughout this trial.

    This is a test to see if I can post.

    Welcome! You made it!~~SS

  3. Redrelaxed says:

    Praise the new Pope!!! It worked.

  4. Vicky says:

    I actually felt my blood pressure elevate when I heard Jodi imply that it was possible that Travis had the knife first. I think she really screwed herself with that one and then added insult to injury be claiming she saw Travis load the gun in December.
    I wonder if a friend or family member is coaching her during visits and/or phone calls. They take notes, watch TV, cruise the Internet, and then tell her what she needs to explain further. I know her attorneys would never advise her to make clarifications that they don’t ask her to make. And it seems that some of her minor detail additions are based upon what is being said in response to her testimony. Jodi doesn’t seem to understand that for someone who is known to lie, the devil is literally in the details.
    Her affect is so far off. Instead of spending so much time memorizing and running her lines, she should have practiced turning on the tears when a true victim would, adding a “quiver” to her voice, and shaking like a Chiwawa. Seriously, how many people can relay an event that was so traumatic that it resulted in the death of a person they claim to have loved, a “fog” surrounding the event, looking out at both their family members and the family of the victim, facing a jury who will determine their future, and not completely fall apart?
    It’s surreal – Yes, I shot, stabbed and sliced the throat of the man I wanted to spend my life with. Could I get a drink of water, please?

    Due to the great content of this comment, I transferred it to my weekly post.~~SS

  5. Karen C. says:

    Oh, Snoopy, you HAVE been busy! Go ahead and move that last comment over here, you’re too fast for me!

  6. Karen C~~I like the ‘meaty’ comments to go on my weekly post… this thread is for the mostly one-liners while the trial is going on... When readers come in here looking for info on the case, I don’t want them to have to scroll thru hundreds of ad libs… therefore, I am leaving your great comment where you put it…

  7. Red~~your second comment should not have ended up in moderation. Once I approve the first one, the rest should go thru automatically.

  8. Newbie says:

    Does that mean Red is just half way in??? lol


    You have a way of raising eyebrows…now behave yourself.~~SS

  9. sarah0234 says:

    C’mon already! These people have had all freakin’ morning to be ready on time……

  10. sarah0234 says:

    Just as I posted that the judge took the bench……….

    JM is doing a good job orating his objections to “new” slides the defense wants to use

  11. margaret says:

    Recess before it began ! Defense trying to pull fast one……

  12. gramared says:

    P T S D in Jodi’s case really means …. Pulling….The ……Scam…..Defense

    I’m sure you folks can come up with something better, but it’s the best I could do on short notice! Would love to hear other suggestions since we’re going to have to listen to the defense go on and on about it.

  13. gramared says:

    Margaret…You got that right, but JM is too sharp for them. Hope he can keep the “junk” out and that the judge makes a good decision.

  14. Marilyn N says:

    Guess if they allow Time magazine articles, they might as well site National Enquirer as well!!

  15. sarah0234 says:

    gramared: I don’t think your PTSD description can be beat. Sounds right to me.

    Marilyn: I know; right? What the hay? Naturally I agree with JM. The defense always has to make their rebuttals “personal” and take shots at JM. Can’t they be more professional like JM and cite rules and just simply state why it should be allowed without the snarky remarks? I don’t think the theory should be allowed even if the defense doesn’t ask the Dr. for a conclusion . As JM stated; this is slime through the back door. Oh, just the way Arias likes it.

  16. Marilyn N says:

    I wonder if the new owner of Travis’s house has stepped on the closet shelf to test it?
    (Although we all know the closet incident didn’t really occur.)

  17. Marilyn N says:

    I see Jodi has her nose waaaay up in the air again, as she importantly works on her notes and paperwork!

  18. Marilyn N says:

    OMG It is so obvious Jodi has this article down pat in her evil mind, which she has based her
    testimony on.

  19. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn: She’s acting excited, IMO. She must think that this is going to save her because she did so well on the stand “acting” out her memory issues, problems and fogginess. Don’t let us forget that JM gets to cross and also bring in his own experts if needed or wants.

  20. sarah0234 says:

    I don’t know why; but I think this jury just might be smarter than the Pinhead 12. I’m basing that on some of the questions they have asked thus far. I think they will see through this for what it is; a scam, sham or flam. Pick one.

  21. sarah0234 says:

    It would be a Christmas feeling day if JM exposed this man as pedophile or having a criminal background of some sort.

    Jodi is looking on with such hope.

  22. Marilyn N says:

    We can only hope!!!

  23. sarah0234 says:

    What is it about this Dr. Samuels that reminds me of Searcy?

  24. Marilyn N says:

    Does your stream keep stopping?

  25. sarah0234 says:

    No. I’m watching through AZCentral

  26. sarah0234 says:

    I have two windows up……of course…you probably do to.

  27. sarah0234 says:

    Forthcoming? Down right lying.

  28. Marilyn N says:

    Yes I have two, but for some reason I can’t get AZCentral to work today!!

  29. sarah0234 says:

    what browser are you using?

  30. Marilyn N says:


  31. sarah0234 says:

    Do you have FireFox available

  32. sarah0234 says:

    I’m using Safari too, but when I have trouble with it I use Firefox with no problems.

  33. Marilyn N says:

    Have to ask my husband!

    My stream is going OK now – stops every now and then. Won’t be critical to miss a bit of this guy
    here and there!!

  34. sarah0234 says:

    The fog! It’s back.

  35. sarah0234 says:

    She’s trying to look so docile. It just turns my stomach.

    Can they lower her chair some more please. Good grief….her bottom must be sitting on the floor.

  36. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn: IT just happened to me. And I can’t get back on. You jinxed it.

    I’m back on AZ central now……….it has to be a problem at their end….. it’s probably their server being taxed.

  37. Marilyn N says:

    Oh Boy – that’s where she got the shaking!!

  38. sarah0234 says:

    Suzanna Hi! I know right? I’m glad you see it too.

    I also have HLN on just in case I get pulled away………I don’t like it because of all the commercials and they are way behind; but they are a useful necessary evil….wink

  39. sarah0234 says:

    Can he come up with a diagnosis of sociopath or psychopath?

  40. Marilyn N says:

    And we don’t have to go into full fledge panic as I always (usually) watch again on
    the youtube videos. Maybe not this guy, though!! We’ll see what JM has up his sleeve with him.

  41. gramared says:

    Yikes, he does look like Searcy. It’s in his eyes. Try to visualize some hair atop his bald little head, and the resemblance is even stronger, including how he speaks. Searcy and the doc both attempt to convince those listening of their extreme intelligence. Yawn……

  42. Newbie says:

    I had to leave prior to them resuming Court. I’ve watched Dr. Samual or whatever his name is and just after a few minutes I’m back to HUH? If I were on that jury I would be asleep by now.
    It is really quite simple to me…..she’s a liar who brutally killed another human being. I really don’t give a chit about her brain or memory. Anyone who kills has a brain problem. I don’t care why she can’t recall stabbing him and sliting his throat and dragging him down the hall and washing him off in the shower and etc etc. She planned this kill which is supported in evidence…..period.

    See Snoopy, I behaved myself most of the day (only because I had some other things going….lol).

  43. gramared says:

    Did Jodi strike anyone as having PTSD when she was on Inside Edition, 48 Hours, smooching it up with the fellow in Utah (can’t recall his name), pitching the weapons, bloody clothes, and on and on. Yup, totally in a fog.

  44. weezie says:

    Sooooo can Juan get up and ask him questions about Travis’s state of mind? Geez, I think the door is open for that. That would wake up the jury!!! What does this have to do with a planned murder anyway. I thought the Defence would have found someone who had treated before her massacre. This is totally a waste of time, in my O

  45. Marilyn N says:

    There’s the “Gaps” – The huge gaps!

  46. weezie says:

    sarah0234 Like the bad witch from OZ. i’m melting, oh i’m melting.

  47. weezie says:

    They are making the victim out to be the aggressor and the one that caused the bloody scene and that poor joki Jodi was defending herself, fight, forget then flight AND she didn’t have a damn scratch on her.

    I seem to remember hearing that most juries dismiss this type of expert testimony. What’s it worth, he wasn’t there and he’s PAID by the Defence to expound a theory that will benefit Jodi. duh

  48. gramared says:

    Doc Samuels tested JA for PTSD and determined she suffers from it – yup, Psychotic Tawdry Sexual Deviant

  49. Newbie says:

    Talking about WHAT COULD happen. Hypacampus? I’m sure I have it,

  50. I have never met a psychologist who did not need to see a psychiatrist.

    I hope everyone’s neuro transmitters are working at full capacity.

    I swear Dr Samuels is Gus Searcy’s brother.

  51. I would have PTSD too, if I were facing the lethal injection. Dr Samuels should have diagnosed Jodi prior to the murder so he is going by what he read in her journals after the fact.

    I hope Juan asks Samuels about selective memory loss and how many stalker/psychopaths he has ever diagnosed.

  52. sarah0234 says:

    Weezie: I wish JM would accidentally trip and pour water on her.

    Here’s the problem I have with Searcy’s brothers “test results”. Arias got on the stand and used all of the symptom(s) terminology during her testimony: thus rendering it false IMO. I hope the jury sees this too.

    She has had FIVE years to bone up (sorry; couldn’t resist) on all this bull-do. She broke out with her blister due to stress not only because she was having to keep up with all the lies but also she had to project these symptoms throughout her testimony.

    Now I’m glad that one juror asked the question, to paraphrase: iif she had been shaking while being questioned by JM. I didn’t see a Chihuahua on the stand. I saw a pit bull.

  53. sarah0234 says:

    I like the fact that Samuels keeps making Freudian slips.

  54. margaret says:

    Sarah0234, I thought the same about searcy.

  55. Marilyn N says:

    Exactly, Sarah!!!
    All the same terms he is using came out of Jodi’s mouth.

  56. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared: You topped yourself! I love it.

    gramared says:
    March 14, 2013 at 6:54 pm
    Doc Samuels tested JA for PTSD and determined she suffers from it – yup, Psychotic Tawdry Sexual Deviant

  57. Marilyn N says:

    Miss Willmott seems bored – – – –

  58. sarah0234 says:

    I’m so bored I could chew off my toe nails…….ewwwwwwww

  59. sarah0234 says:

    The killer looks bored too

  60. sarah0234 says:

    I can’t wait to see if he uses the term “scrambled” brain

  61. sarah0234 says:

    What? Doesn’t JM get a chance to cross?

  62. Marilyn N says:

    Back to the jailhouse to tell her mates how wonderful her day went!!

  63. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn: You are aware she has a fan club in the jail…….?

  64. margaret says:

    I couldn’t tell anyone either, duh, she thought she was getting away with everthing. This guy is nutty. Wow look at Nurmi and jodie having a big smile fest.. Can’t wait for Martinez to wipee it off their lying faces . Wow now miss dermitt is in on the laugh fest and waving bye bye to jodi..Unbelievable!!!!!

  65. sarah0234 says:

    margaret: It’s ok. Magic Juan (and Travis) will have his (their) day. Let’em laugh, let’em laugh.

  66. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, Sarah, I hear she’s quite popular!
    Don’t think that will be the case in the big house!!

  67. weezie says:

    Here we go again….. Jodi making notes and staring down the jury. She’s a little busy beaver, just like Casey. I bet she is doodling and not making notes. I hope the jurors get her body behaviour today. She looks so confident now that she is in safety harbour. I don’t think she will be prepared for the verdict. She thinks she is getting off.

  68. weezie says:

    SHIT! He just said perpetrators of violent crimes suffer from PTSD after committing a violent crime. THERE IT IS.

    This disorder is the result of what SHE DID, and does not preclude the fact that she stole the gun, filled up 3 cans of gas, tried to hide her licence plate, etc etc etc

    All he’s doing is giving her an excuse for forgetting what she did.
    NOTHING MORE nothing less

  69. Vicky says:

    That psychologist is full of crap. First of all, if I am not mistaken, he made some lame ass statement that implied that if a person plans to kill, he or she would not develop PTSD. Not true. The agency I work for has a contract with the Dept. Of Veteran Affairs to provide the psychological screenings for PTSD. For one thing, it is insulting for him to compare Jody to our soldiers. But I digress.
    Second, legitimate psychologists will not make a definitive diagnosis of PTSD for a criminal defendant based solely upon self reporting. There is almost always a neurological work up included in a diagnosis an prior to a psych screening. Was that done? She has been incarcerated forever fournyears, did he interview any of the jail employees? I would go on, but right now, I’m completely disgusted.

    Poor Jody is suffering from Post Traumatic Sex Disorder.

    Here is a link for PTSD

  70. Vicky~~I listened intently to Dr Samuels and he is full of chit. He did not mention talking to Jodi’s family, friends, co-workers, Jail staff….zilch He said at one point today that if people are killed, they have no memory,…how about that?

  71. Vicky says:

    The point I meant to make about soldiers, is that they go into battle knowing they might very well kill someone. They are trained to do so. That does not prevent them from developing PTSD.

  72. Vicky says:

    I just heard on Dr. drew that Samuels used an abbreviated assessment tool on Jodi. There is no way he could have diagnosed Jodi with that limited information. I wasn’t home to hear his testimony, so I need to do so before I say much more.

  73. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, it is fine to make an effort to teach people about various mental disorders, but if it is done in a manner that might mislead this jury into thinking Jody has a proper diagnosis of any disorder based upon her limited evaluation is disgraceful. his job is to be impartial.

  74. Newbie says:

    I’m repeating myself BUT I don’t give a chit what disorder she cares to hide behind. She planned a murder, she brutally killed her victim and tried to make sure she left no tracks….I don’t need to believe she can’t remember the details of the knife. The evidence speaks for Travis. Also, Jodi has shown herself as combative when things aren’t going her way. She’s displayed her strong stances taking on JM. What is there to decide at this point except the death penalty.

  75. Samuels was fined $2500… be sure and read the legal doc….

    Click to access 20000313_35SI00106000.pdf

  76. Vicky says:

    Newbie, I agree completely with you. I don’t care what disorder Jodi may or may not have. She knew exactly whatnshe was doing and she knew what the potential consequences were if she was caught. It’s too late for second thoughts or regret. She had a 1,000 miles to change her mind. She had the opportunity to drive away in her car instead of heading up to the shower. The only voice telling Jody what to do was Jodi’s. I personally hope she experiences flashbacks of Travis’ dying and dead body every day of her life, but I don’t believe she does.

  77. Newbie says:

    Possibly she will look back one day and think how stupid she was. I know I didn’t do anything bad and I look back and wonder “what was I thinking.” If she doesn’t get at least life without parole I will forever believe our society has lost its mind…..well, I kind of think that now….lol.

  78. Vicky says:

    The question tonight on After Dark, “Is Martinez too aggressive?”
    At first I thought he was, but if the jury is anything like me, it didn’t take long to realize that treating her like some fragile tea cup would allow her to manipulate this jury. IMO, his approach has been masterful. If I was the person questioning her, I’m not sure I could control my temper to the exitent he has.

  79. Newbie says:

    I do hope JM puts up one of her “sex kitten” pictures and by its side puts up one of her pics from the time in Court. Her change in appearance is enough for me to vote guilty….lol.

    Nite all.

  80. Marilyn N says:

    Last nite on Showbiz Tonite, Dog (the bounty hunter) said what I have always come to believe
    during this trial, that Jodi WOULD kill again.

  81. Marilyn N says:

    I wonder why they didn’t show this entire clip in court:


  82. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks for the video link guys. That’s so Arias. I had to watch it twice.

    Marilyn: My guess is that the defense fought to keep it out because it would be too prejudicial? Remember, the accused has more rights than the victim.

  83. sarah0234 says:

    That laugh she does in the video is pure evil.

  84. Marilyn N says:

    Hi Sarah! Maybe JM is saving that part for his closing.
    Reminds me of a Betty Davis scary evil script!

  85. Marilyn N says:

    Oh they just said (on HLN) too prejudicial, but they don’t always know everything!😊

  86. sarah0234 says:

    One more thing about the video- Going through the trash can? The way she did it I couldn’t help but think that she has pilfered through peoples things before and happily took whatever she wanted. I get the feeling she has stolen before. (Besides the gun).

  87. sarah0234 says:

    Hi Marilyn N! HLN is talking about it today? I haven’t watched. Just turned it on; they’re going to talk about Arias’ ex-boyfriend next.

  88. sarah0234 says:

    Once again, I’m probably in the minority on this; but I think HLN has gone over the top with this case. It borders on the ridiculous. IMO, HLN has a circus atmosphere about it. The only show I can tolerate is Dr. Drew. JVM, NG and the new show After Dark (whatever the name is) has become a three ring circus. Won’t watch anymore.

    And now the new show is going to have Baez? Definitely won’t watch!

    I fear sometimes that Arias will get a lesser punishment because of these clowns. This case is not about ratings. It’s about a gentle soul that was slaughtered.

  89. Marilyn N says:

    I agree, Sarah, and do you notice that a lot of the stuff that comes out of their mouths
    isn’t the way it was originally said. Dr. Drew is good but so often he talks over his
    guests. Very irritating!

  90. Apparently there are those who are tuned in. I enjoy listening to the legal pundits even when I disagree with them. It is better than have a ‘blackout’ due to a gag order!

    HLN’s Jodi Arias Coverage Helps Bolster Ratings

  91. Geez that video of Jodi singing about changing her memory and “jodi you should’ve put on your make-up” is very chilling. I’m telling you this woman is unbelievable. I also think her mother is very odd. She smiles alot in the courtroom which I think is very innapropriate. I can’t help but wonder what the sister is like. Did she turn out the same? Is she pathological too? Goodness Jodi can’t hold a candle to her looks either. The sister is very pretty. I’ve always thought Jodi looked wierd. especially with the blonde hair. Her skin is very oily and she has pimples everywhere. I bet thats why she always wore such heavy make up.

  92. I see the defense got a jump up on Martinez by getting Samuels to tell about the complaint filed against him re the bartering in the custody battle.

  93. Karen C. says:

    That was smart, to get that out of the way (they hope). I hope JM concentrates on Samuels’ notions about how she’s a “victim” of “low self-esteem” (that just cracks me up), “Fight or Flight”, while holding up pics of Travis’ mutilated back, and such. This is not some shrinking violet here! Psychopaths often “pass” psychological testing. I’d like to see an admission of that….

  94. shyloh says:

    I so wish they could get her to tell the truth about what went down that night (besides Travis) That story
    just doesn’t fly with me. And I feel memory loss in her case is bull. She admitted to killing him. But how does she know it was in self defense……… Just saying!!! She remembers doing a lot in that house that night, but not on the stand!!! I pray the Jury doesn’t believe all this crap flying. (where are those swiffer’s when you need them?)

  95. sarah0234 says:

    I’m with you shyloh; let us pray that the jury is not buying this. Arias seems to be beaming on the inside. She thinks everyone has bought it.
    I thought JM was going to be able to cross today. IMO, this is junk science. And I’m getting miffed at the judge because almost every objection she says “over ruled”.

  96. Things are becoming tense in that courtroom. I notice Samuel doing a great job of sugar coating Jodi’s bad behavior and evasiveness in answering questions on the stand plus her skirting around issues. Samuels is a puppet who is making excuses for every move Jodi made. I hope and pray the jurors can see thru that fraud.

  97. sarah0234 says:

    I had to step away. On AZCentral there is not a live video going on…….just the seal is being shown. The tweeters are saying that the jurors are excused while the attorneys argue in front of the judge? States that Martinez wants to see if Arias was seen by doctor as therapy and not as an assessment. He says dr is biased. Also added was, the objection is sustained. Martinez is conflating Arias feeling depressed with a diagnosis for which he provided therapy.
    Just tweeted: Objection is sustained. Dr says he did not give her therapy. (I’m confused.)
    Here’s the link just in case you guys want to check it out for yourselves.

  98. I am also wondering if Judge Stephens is scared of her own shadow. If someone is found guilty of murder in the first degree, there is an automatic appeal which can be made in the first 60 days after the verdict is passed down. I am shocked to see Stephens allowing Samuel to discuss the crime scene. I can certainly understand Martinez’ frustration.

  99. sarah0234 says:

    ok; i’m seeing cross on hln. thanks anyway

  100. Sarah~~I listened to the arguments…Samuels was called in because Jodi went into deep depression when Nurmi was going to leave her case. Samuels was called in to see her and assess her condition and NOT to evaluate her that first time. I hope Samuels gets charged with perjury…as it seems he did treat Jodi…in the beginning…

  101. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks snoops……..I’m seeing live feed on AZ Central as well.
    Dang…….I’m getting pulled away AGAIN.
    Guys……keep me up to date/ pweese.

  102. Newbie says:

    This is the witness, Samuels, whom JM got to talk to what…45 minutes….prior to Samuels testifying? This witness was not even deposed by JM prior to trial was he?

  103. Oh wooooooooooow I am so in love with Juan!!!

  104. Newbie, Juan deposed him but not on new issues…so he had to depose him again

  105. sarah0234 says:

    I’m back and I’m seeing it live. I love JM! Go go go. Suicidal my behind. Bull do

  106. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops, I didn’t see your post about being in love with Juan.

    IMO, he says what needs to be said and says it in a tone that wakes the jury up and shakes the witness……….brilliant.

  107. Marilyn N says:

    ooooooooo Jodi looks pissed now!

  108. Newbie says:

    Thank you Snoopy. I was confusing myself !
    Oooo, the dear, sweet Dr. Samuels is showing himself…lol. That-a-boy Martinez.

    Ladies, we all are loving JM yet I keep thinking about him in regular life. Can you imagine working for him with him being so precise…lol.

  109. gramared says:

    It would appear that Juan is getting ready for a slam dunk – on top of Samuel’s head. Willmott looks a bit worried. The entire test seems pretty FISHY!

  110. gramared says:

    Snoopy, I goofed on my name when I had to reenter. It should be Gramared from previous posts.Thanks for changing it from auburngranny.

  111. sarah0234 says:

    gramared…….where have you been? Hope you’ve been watching this genius in action 🙂

  112. gramared says:

    Hi Sarah0234…I’ve been busy, busy but keep up with all your good comments. I think Juan is burning Doc Samuel’s toastamony to a crisp!

  113. Redrelaxed says:

    Richard Samuels is way out of his league. I’m embarrassed for him. Obivious that he isn’t qualified in any way. The DT isn’t smiling and smirking now…

  114. gramared says:

    Doesn’t look like Nurmi and Jodi will be doing the happy dance after this session! Does Samuel’s (is it Samuel or Samuels??) head look shinier after each answer??

  115. sarah0234 says:

    I agree. No happy dancing this afternoon.

    I don’t think lowering her chair at this stage of the trial is going to help her. The jury has even seen her stand up and act like a lunging line backer.

  116. sarah0234 says:


  117. gramared says:

    Stephens looks weary. Can’t wait to hear what she will say at sentencing, sometime in 2015, at the rate we’re going.

  118. Martinez crucified Samuels today. I don’t think Jennifer Willmott can repair the damage.

  119. sarah0234 says:

    Oh gramared: chin up. we’re getting closer. At least we’re not having to listen to the sexual minutia by a known liar again.

    Speaking of which; don’t know if you have seen it yet; but JM shows Samuels a nude photo of Arias. I’m sure it made his fantasies come true. Priceless.

  120. I put two links up to today’s trial…waiting for the third to be put on youtube… Here ya go…

  121. I am taking a break… will be back in a couple hours… thanks for all your participation here…

  122. sarah0234 says:

    Susanne: “De-edifying”……..good one!

  123. sarah0234 says:

    Sorry: Meant: Suzanne

  124. sarah0234 says:

    One more thing (I too will stop so I don’t bog down the site with my thoughts); did anyone else notice when Samuels was getting cornered he would look over at the defense table? I couldn’t tell if he was looking at Nurmi or Wilmott (spelling?).

    Like gramared said; he’s toast. he’s done. stick a fork in it.

    Now we understand why AZ defense attorneys don’t care for JM. Martinez actually does his homework.

  125. Well I’m watching HLN but I think mine comes on later than those of you on the east coast. Samuels doesn’t look as sloppy as he did last week but wait until cross. I’ve looked a few comments here but not many. I noticed Jodi almost fell asleep at one point early on. Even SHE’S getting bored with herself….ha ha ha – heading over to other thread since this is the live thread.

  126. One more thing I’m watching right now. JM is on cross for about 6-7 minutes and it goes to commercial. They’re back now with 2 new females I’ve never seen before and didn’t catch names. Both are pissing me off. Its the Wah wah wah whining again about JM’s style. HE JUST STARTED and one was saying he needs to focus in on this and then get off. HUH? give me break. How can they start in so early on him? Its ridiculous. You know what it is? They are so far beneath him in intelligence they don’t get it.

    Pippin, it is the ‘defense’ legal pundits who bad mouth Martinez. I wouldn’t want to be a defense lawyer going up against Juan in a case. Notice ex prosecutor, Nancy Grace defends Marrinez.~~SS

  127. Pippin~~I posted 3 parts of today’s trial here…

    I didn’t want to post the links in here as they get lost in the Yak yaks,…lol

  128. I don’t know Snoopy. I always scroll down the page and look at the blue posts. I think people will find them – well hope they do anyway. gotta question. can you email me any pics of JM? I’m having a hard time finding any good ones. (for our little project) I’ve got most of what I need but still searching for good pics of him. I’d like to get some of his profile if you have any.

    Pippin, check out this link…SS…0.0…1ac.1.6.img.LeTTBpN0ack

  129. gramared says:

    Sarah0234…I’ve watched most of Martinez’ cross. He’s like a laser because he knows exactly where he’s going with his questioning. I thoroughly enjoy watching Samuels squirm. His work is sloppy and self-serving, and Martinez has exposed him big time. Martinez completely holds my interest, but the Defense bores me silliy. Willmott has a voice that lacks authority IMO. Martinez gets a bit carried away and, at times, I wish he would stay a bit calmer. However, he has a purpose and, eventually, it shines through. He knows this case like the back of his hand (or should I say like Jodi’s bloody palm print!).

    Suzanne…I’m not impressed with Stephens at all. She seems weak and absolutely not inclined to take control of the courtroom. She could have limited much of the repetitious questioning as well as made sure a yes or no answer was given when that was what the attorney asked. Jodi was constantly allowed to ramble on with no instruction from the judge. Stephens simply had to tell Jodi to limit her respone to the question asked. I’m sure Stephens is concerned with the appeal process, but 18 days on the stand….give folks a break.

    Jodi looks bored today because the focus has shifted away from her. The best sentence for Jodi would be a life of isolation, no contact with anyone. She would drive herself crazy (crazier??).

  130. debl115 says:

    gramared, I feel the same way about Judge Stephens. But, she is the Judge in a death penalty case, and really has to watch her steps, so as not to add to an appeals case (which there will be anyway, if she is found guilty). I wish that Judge Belvin Perry was on this case, he wouldn’t let all of this chit happen.

  131. gramared says:

    debl115…I agree that she has to be concerned with appellate issues, but you have to ask the question…”What would Judge Judy do???” Sorry, it’s late, and I’ve been putting in entirely too much time on this trial!

  132. Newbie~~you said and I quote you..Ladies, we all are loving JM yet I keep thinking about him in regular life. Can you imagine working for him with him being so precise…lol.

    That is exactly why I love that man!! I find instead of just chatting with people now, I start cross examining them. lol

  133. This is what Jodi Arias will look like when Martinez puts on his rebuttal witnesses…nitey nite…SS

  134. Got them thanks Snoopy

  135. Vicky says:

    I haven’t had the chance to watch yesterday’s video. Family issues. Sounds like JM put the hurt on the defense’s psych witness. Can’t say I’m surprised in the least. Hopefully, I’ll have time to catch up this afternoon.

  136. Karen C. says:

    And, now it’s rope around her ankles too, per “Doc”. JM hasn’t finished with the rope yet, I bet.

  137. sarah0234 says:

    Any body home?

  138. sarah0234 says:

    I thought they were suppose to start on the hour…… I thought I would be safe tuning in at 15 after. Guess I was wrong.

  139. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops shaking Jodi Arias is the best.

    I hope that’s what she’ll be doing when the needle starts to go in.

  140. sarah0234 says:

    I’m curious as to what’s going on in the court room because usually on AZCentral the tweeters take their seats and start describing what’s going on before the session starts. Today. Silence.

  141. Maybe the defense will not put Samuels back on the stand and they are rehashing it….

  142. sarah0234 says:

    (I’m reposting this because I want you all to enjoy the video)

    Snoops you mentioned that you think that Willmott is wet behind the ears. It does seem that way, yet she’s a death penalty qualified attorney.

    IMO, the difference between JM and Willmott is that JM is so prepared for the answer(s). If he’s looking for a “yes” and the witness says “no”, I’ve noticed him saying, “ok, let’s go with that”…..and then he spins it to blow up in their face and then proceeds to make the point he would have if the witness had answered the “yes”.

    Willmott seems to be caught off guard if the answer is not what she is looking for. She’s thrown for a loop for a few seconds until she can find the next cue on her script. Thus, she comes across as ill-prepared.

    Which style would resonate with you If you were on the jury? JM of course, because you have a well developed hippocampus. (I was dying to use that word in a sentence……keep in mind that the HC is not used just for memory but also for spatial navigation. To navigate between focusable elements…….)

    Yep, those smiles from Thursday were obliterated by the Magic Juan.

    Listen to this song (if it’s ok with Snoops) and get your Magic on This will get your day started. Anyone else remember this song?

    For the Magic Juan

  143. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: If they’re smart; they won’t.

  144. Melanie Davis says:

    What a clown this guy is! Completely unprepared – doesn’t have the most important notes for his case, thinks he’s the star of some lecture but is speaking on subjects he is unqualified to speak on, comes off like the incompetent hired gun that he is. Looks like he took a few testifying lessons from Jodi – evasive, rambling and incapable of answering a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’! And do I detect a little Jodi crush coloring his ‘professionalism’? Sending “cheer up” cards and self-help books? After getting in trouble in NJ for blurring the lines, here he is using a Magic Eraser to remove them completely!
    OMG! It’s ON!!!! See y’all in a bit! Get ‘im, Juan!!!!!

  145. Marilyn N says:

    Jodi and Miss Wilmott taking mass quantities of notes……….

  146. sarah0234 says:

    Ahhhhh……just got a glimpse of Travis’ family. Bet their happy Martinez is the prosecutor.

    Even though her professional witness is getting beat up, Arias has a smirk on her face.

  147. sarah0234 says:

    Little close there with her secret telling isn’t she? Licked her lips like she was going to kiss the girl. Dang. Where are the guards?

  148. Marilyn N says:

    Don’t cha just want to slap that smirk right off, Sarah?!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrggggggggg!!!!!
    OMG, Jodi is so very busy with her paperwork!!

  149. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn N: re: the note taking. Jodi can’t be called back to the stand can she? I mean, they wouldn’t call her back to clear up when her first BJ was and with who would they?

    Willmott and Arias both wearing black suits. Wonder if Willmott calls Arias her mini me.

  150. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn N: Funny you said that. I was on the phone with my daughter and told her that Arias had a smirk on her face today and I was ready to slap it right off. She has zero, zilch, nada remorse for what she has done to Travis and his faimly. It’s all about her.

  151. sarah0234 says:

    Are you guys watching live or on HLN?

  152. Marilyn N says:

    I am watching live – have tv on mute.

    Wonder if JOdi has another version of her story brewing up in her evil little mind??

  153. Marilyn N says:

    What’s going on?

  154. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn N: same here (about watching)

    What audio is Martinez trying to play?

    Willmott is ruffling the jury, IMO. What the heck is she looking for? The truth? If Arias had anything to with it, it won’t be there.

  155. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn: As far as I can tell, JM wants to play an audio of something and I think that it’s been transcribed and Willmott is looking over it……for what I don’t know……but she’s doing her job. However, like I said before……..I don’t think it sets well with the jurors. She’s making it seem suspicious.

  156. sarah0234 says:

    Wow. Bottom line. Don’t do a half a$$ job and try and pass it off as “professional”.

    My question is; why doesn’t this guy tape his sessions vs trying to write fast and remember everything? Just seems shady to me.

  157. Marilyn N says:

    Well the jury is awake now!

  158. Redrelaxed says:

    This display of a color coordinated DT is somewhat puzzling. I’ll have to investigate the postive aspects intended with this subliminal theory associated with a trial of this magnitude.

    Ricard Samuels is being blantantly exposed as unqualified and unprofessional as the star evaluation expert. He is so disorganized and unprepared. I wonder if the DT is going to ask for a refund?

    His conclusions are founded on lies and inconsistencies AND he didn’t think it was relevant? Yikes…this is alarming.

    If RS had delusions of flogging his shingle in the limelight of this high profile trial…need I say more?

  159. sarah0234 says:

    Red: Well said.
    Wouldn’t it make sense for Samuels to have tabs on everything for easy access??? I mean to be paid and be so unprepared blows my mind.

  160. Marilyn N says:

    Somewhere in my drawer?
    THis guy is a hot mess!!

  161. Redrelaxed says:

    He is so over his head here. The man isn’t even treading water…glub, glub…g l u b
    JM is showing this jury (without a reasonable doubt) that this “evaluation” is null and void.
    Poor Richard needs a morning break badly and likely a high blood pressure pill!

  162. gramared says:

    Samuels sounds like he’s a “bubble off plumb” as they used to say in my day. How can someone who does this for a living be so imcompetent and continue to be hired!! Can’t imagine he left anything in his drawer because he brings everything to court in his huge suitcase on wheels (makes him look very important – NOT).

  163. sarah0234 says:

    69! Arias’ favorite number!

  164. Marilyn N says:

    Poor Miss Wilmott it chewing her lip off!!

  165. sarah0234 says:

    Willmotts’ been busy; between jumping up and down with objections she’s having to babysit Arias and Nurmi. She even shoved Nurmi once to get him to do the objecting.

    The sister with the dark hair that wears it to the side a lot; she looks like Travis. Hope the jury can see that.

    Go back to NJ Samuels.

  166. margaret says:

    he good doctor is getting angry.. Beginning to sweat, hope he took his blood pressure meds., because his face is so flushed, it is rising.

    ” I ask the questions Do you under stand that sir ” Gotta love Juan..

  167. Redrelaxed says:

    Are we getting the message? A test is only as good as the person taking it and the person grading it. Epic fail.Thank you very much!

    I wonder if RS has an understanding of the number “69”? JM apparently is misinterpreting, but RS can’t explain. I think JM has made it abundantly clear that this expert is sadly lacking and is easily flustered. Not the calibre required for JA with the death penalty hanging over her head. Hope this isn’t an appelate issue down the road.

    Wilmott is busy working on her redirect.

  168. Melanie Davis says:

    Did you see Nurmi “elbow-check” JM at sidebar? Juan had to skirt around that Jabba the Hut frame and I clearly saw JtH do that sneaky nudge bullies are so fond of!
    And just who is that rag-tag band sitting behind the Mom twins? I swear, the defense side of the audience gets scarier and scarier all the time…
    LOOOVE the coordinated suits on Thing One and Thing Two – I think “Flight Attendant Barbie” has one like that, too!
    Man, I am in a snarky mood today! JA brings out the worst in me.

  169. Marilyn N says:

    Melanie, I don’t think everyone sitting on that side is necessarily pro-defense. Those two
    girls that come on Dr.Drew’s show are always sitting on that side and they are definately
    not pro defense. It would be interesting to sit behind the sisters to hear what they could
    possibly be laughing about!! Maybe people sit wherever there is space?
    And, I did see that elbow or bump or whatever it was – haha!!
    PS: We’re all snarky when it comes to JS!!

  170. Marilyn N says:

    I meant JA (not JS)………..

  171. sarah0234 says:

    Ooooooooo………Arias rolling her eyes! Why? Her “pro” is being taken down.

  172. sarah0234 says:

    Suzanne: I know, right? That song fits Magic Juan doesn’t it. Plus, it’s good to listen to before the proceedings begin. It’s also posted above.

  173. gramared says:

    Ole doc samuels seems a bit discomBOOOBulated. Does he know where any of his notes are located? Martinez is making him look the fool.

  174. gramared says:

    Nurmi looks like he’s starting to develop dissociative amnesia, and Willmott looks like she’s about to have a stroke!

  175. Marilyn N says:

    And Jodi looks like she’s writing a book!

  176. gramared says:

    Marilyn…Maybe she’s writing her appeal!

  177. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, or another version of events!!

  178. Marilyn N says:

    Oh now the jury might need some caffeine……..

  179. Marilyn N says:

    Hope this doesn’t take all day – can’t wait to get into that box of jury questions!!

  180. sarah0234 says:

    Too late Wilmott. But, nice try.

    The Magic Juan

  181. gramared says:

    You can bet Jodi is having a sense of a foreshortened future!
    How can an expert witness change his report at trial!! This guy is beyond belief.

  182. sarah0234 says:


  183. Marilyn N says:

    meanwhile, Jodi is still feverishly writing away!!!!

  184. gramared says:

    Martinez to Samuels…”Do you think Jodi was acting assertively when she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat from ear to ear, and shot him in the head?”

  185. sarah0234 says:

    Give her (Wilmott) he11 Juan………Wilmott kept interrupting him.

  186. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared……….did Martinez say that? Again,……..I get pulled away and miss things. Drat.

  187. gramared says:

    Sarah0234….No, it was just wishful thinking on my part in response to all the talk about Jodi not being assertive.

  188. sarah0234 says:

    Darn. That would have been a great question.

  189. Melanie Davis says:

    Another point re: validity of this test – each criteria he reads verbatim from his book plainly ends with words to the effect of “where this behavior is NOT present before the trauma”, yet he ignored reports from many of Travis’ friends that Jodi fit these patterns way back in ’07 when she met them. It seems to me, even coming to the game as late as I have, that there has been plenty of evidence that supports her displaying odd, anti-social behavior long before 6/4/08. Would that not render the criteria used here a moot point, seeing as the behaviors already existed and were not caused by this new trauma?

  190. Redrelaxed says:

    Melanie…to expand on your analogy… Undertaker Barbies…Grim Reaper Barbies…Elvira Barbies
    Is this Dr. for real? $250. an hour…hmmm…so they probably spent $10,000. plus expenses for this expert and his non biased evaluation.
    Let’s see if Miss Wilmott can rehabilitate this train wreck. I can’t look away.

  191. Dr Samuels could not find any notes pert to the pedophilia before late in 2012… so apparently this story originated from Jodi late in the game. I hope this raised a red flag with the jurors since the pedophilia incident allegedly occurred a long time prior to that. Martinez negated the diagnosis of PTSD!!

  192. gramared says:

    Melanie…Good point. Makes you wonder all the more why Samuels, in his infinite wisdom???, failed to talk with any of Jodi’s or Travis’ friends/family. Relying solely on Jodi for information, with her history of lying, shows how completely incompetent he is.

    Do you think the DT can get a refund?

  193. Redrelaxed says:

    Good catch Snoop. I hope they caught that too, as this disgusting allegation shows her not only as the cold blooded murderer she is, but how callous and cruel she can be to achieve a means to an end. She kills him over and over. The jury questions for so called expert ought to be insightful.

  194. Dang you guys get to watch this before I do…..I’ve got it on but I have no idea what happened today. I saw the last 10 minustes of JM’s cross, I came in on the part where he was pointing out that Samuels only listed to 2 tests or evaluations? not sure – anyway he listed 2 and there’s supposed to be 3. He claims its a typo……man I honestly don’t believe these 2 lawyers did NOT pick up on this guys incompetence PRIOR to the trial. What shoddy representation. They should’ve been able to see what a whack job Jodi is too and either prevented her from testifying or figured out a way to control her mouth. And I will never believe that in 4 years time they were not able to see that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut AND that she’s incapable of telling the truth.

    Do you think Jodi will be able to appeal her case due to the clueless and inneffective representation? I mean if I was her family I’d be screaming at this legal defense team. And I’m wondering who is paying for these attorney’s ? In the beginning Nurmi was assigned by the state but he left the PD office so who’s paying him now? Is the state obligated because he was a PD in the beginning? What about Willmont who hired her? does anybody know?

    The state is paying for Nurmi and Samuels. Jodi was assigned a public defender, Nurmi in this case, so she would have been classed as indigent at the time she was charged. I believe the same applies to Willmott. They would not release Nurmi from this case even when he went in to his own private practice.~~SS

  195. Marilyn N says:

    THis is quite hard to stomach!!

  196. Melanie Davis says:

    Is JtH using hand signals or waging an epic battle aginst picking his nose on national TV? Anyone?

  197. Suzanne says:

    Marilyn: I agree! It IS hard to stomach.
    Melanie~ So sorry to be dense, but I’m a bit confused. Who are you referring to when you say JtH? Thanks in advance.
    I am enjoying everyone’s great comments! You all make this a blast, when it would otherwise be tedious (when Defense is questioning). I think Jennifer Willmott means well, but is just not very impressive IMHO. I was very surprised to hear that she is DP qualified. Then again, not much to work with in this case. And at least she speaks much more quickly than Nurmi. It was much worse when he was doing the questioning, I think.

  198. Redrelaxed says:

    TH’s saying this expert and his testimony is critical to their case. Bawhahaha…

  199. Nurmi is the lead counsel and has to be death penalty qualified. This does not mean that Willmott has to be DP qualified too since she is the second chair.

  200. Willmott is just regurgitating ….

  201. Marilyn N says:

    Miss Wilmott’s voice is really grinding on my nerves – is the jury sleeping?

  202. Marilyn N says:

    So I guess this guy has raked in about $1,500 today?

  203. Redrelaxed says:

    Regurgitating…is that kind of like old hot dog water? Boy this is leaving a nasty taste, no? I’m having trouble staying focused. Zzzzzzz…

  204. The rope is imaginary …Jodi needed the rope story to place the knife in the bathroom or bedroom…. LIE!!

  205. Jodi is very attentive when Willmott questions Samuels….narcissists love to listen to things about themselves…

  206. Marilyn N says:

    Oh help me Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Now Jodi remembers pulling the trigger as per Samuels…but but but…the gun supposedly went off by accident…

  208. Willmott is leading the witness…

  209. gramared says:

    Willmott is not only leading the witness, she’s giving him the answers and is directing him where to find things in HIS notes.

    Samuels is completely drunk on! Jodi’s Kool-Aid

  210. sarah0234 says:

    I have just one word for Samuels entire testimony. Malarky!

  211. Marilyn N says:

    This is utterly insane since none of this ever happened!!!!!!!!
    What is the jury thinking???

  212. Redrelaxed says:

    Suzanne, for the Insanity Defense, all they would have had to do was show that video of Jodi in the interrogation room doing a bare foot yoga head stand, rooting through the garbage (what was she looking for??!!), singing softly, checking out the faxes. All this at the time she was being arrested for 1st degree murder. Perhaps at that time, she knew full well she was on candid camera and acted that way on purpose. This girl is a master manipulater who by all appearances, gets what she wants and thinks she’s always a step ahead of everyone else. Until Juan Martinez.
    St. Jodi of Arias does look rather concerned a little bit today.

    The judge is being very cautious in avoiding appellate issues, but I am very concerned about this expert for a variety of reasons. Good to know I’m not alone. Prepare for the worst, expect the best.

  213. Melanie Davis says:

    Suzanne – I was referring to an earlier post I made when I compared Nermi to Jabba the Hut, and have not been able to get the reference off my mind since. His constant fiddling around his nose and mouth drives me nuts!
    I may be PMSing in a way today, as I have such an overwhelming desire to injure him even though he has hardly opened his mouth all day….that’s my story, at least!

  214. Judge Belvin Perry was the one who went to Clearwater in Pinellas County and ‘ in a rush’ picked a jury. He allowed an African American woman to sit on a DEATH PENALTY jury when that woman said she could not sit in judgement of another person. Perry catered to Baez and did not follow up on the contempt charges to be laid against Baez when the trial was over. The only thing I give Judge Perry for is that he was always on time.

  215. Jodi Arias is far from being insane. An insane person is not responsible for their actions.

  216. Redrelaxed says:

    Snoopy, do you think there could be a potential appellate issue because the jury isn’t sequestered in this high profile case?

    Sequestering juries is becoming passé. The judge relies on the jurors being honest about refraining from watching any news about the case.~~SS

  217. Melanie Davis says:

    I agree with Red that Jodi was acting for the camera or two-way mirror that we all know is present in an interrogation room. Attempting to set up a possible insanity defense, a la Norman Bates. Whatever lawyer she has consulted prior to this failed to tell her an insanity defense will not work when the perp shows awareness of wrong-doing by attempting to cover their tracks and establish an alibi. “Insanity” was possibly Story #1.5, until it went down in flames the same as yesterday’s “Transient Global Amnesia”.

    It takes some form of insanity to do to a fellow human what Jodi Arias did, but not one that fits the legal defense. And as far as self-defense, a well-placed kick to throat, solar plexus, groin or knees (she told cops she had some SD training in past) would not only have enhanced her chance for escape, but was also a legally acceptable response to his ‘body slam’. Stabbing him 29 times and cutting his throat go way beyond ‘equal measure’. She really has no valid defense whatsoever, but I guess they had to try something.

  218. Newbie says:

    I had to be gone today and missed most of what happened. I take it JM continued to destroy Samuels. Is Samuels still on the stand tomorrow? If so, I think I’ll make a point of being gone !!!!


  219. margaret says:

    Can anyone see what jodi has been writing iin all day with her itty bitty pencil.. It looked to me like it had a hard cover. Is she doing a diary of her trial? This trial is never going to end, jury told to be there at one o’clock tommorrow..I am just so tired of Samuels..

  220. sarah0234 says:

    Is anyone watching Dr. Drew? He is showing a clip where Arias (today) slides her notebook off the table. It looks like she’s putting it under her bottom; but you really can’t tell; she may have put it in her left hand. What say you? This chick is slick. (Or so she thinks). I would love to find that video.

  221. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Bravo on the Judge Perry post. I think this judge is doing a better job; so far. I’m giving her lots of leeway because death IS different. I don’t care if the trial lasts six months. Arias will have received a fair trial. On the other hand; I become weary because the longer this goes the more chance for error.

  222. sarah0234 says:

    Suzanne: How’d you find that so fast? You’re awesome. Thanks.

    Was during the first half or second or after the break?

  223. Redrelaxed says:

    Good work Suzanne! Yep definitely something rotten in Arizona there. I’d be banned for saying where I think she MAY have been able to cleverly conceal that notebook…however on a serious note, the guards would surely be o alert for smuggling anything out of the courtroom.

    Just saw a video on Dr. Drew that showed such a fun side of Travis. Sadness turns to anger when I think of this precious life that was taken in such a henious manner.

  224. shyloh says:

    What the heck was Jodi trying to hide when she took that folder? She sure is a brave soul. I guess she figured no one whould catch her bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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