Jodi Arias-Selective Memory Loss-The Fog



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  1. Vicky says:

    The death of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias on the witness stand is an opportunity for viewers to experience a worst case scenario of untreated mental illness. So many missed opportunities that might have prevented this tragedy.

    IMO, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that Jodi has major issues. Her self reporting on the witness stand indicates a conduct disorder when she was a teenager. Rather than parent an emotionally disturbed child, her parents allowed her to quit school and move out at 17. I would love to know at what age Jodi began to exhibit symptoms of serious emotional disturbance.
    If the story about the baseball bat is true, that was the age at which ongoing treatment should have been sought. Her families negligence allowed a conduct disorder to develop into a full blown narcissistic psychopathic personality. Apparently her parents thought they could beat the bad out of her. Too bad they didn’t mix their corporal punishment with psychotherapy.

    Although the victim is never to be blamed, had Travis only filed a report when his tires were slashed, had he cut off all communication with Jodi when they broke up in 2007, and obtained a restraining order if necessary. Travis should have reclaimed his virginity, locked his doors, changed his phone number, and if necessary he should have called the police each and every time she made contact with him. He should have resisted the withdrawal from lust symptoms. And, yes, the first few years of sexual attraction is driven by physiology (oxytocin). For whatever reason the “sexual chemistry” between Jodi and Travis was extraordinary. Both Travis and Jodi were hooked. Travis so much that he couldn’t turn her away. Jodi so much so that she murdered Travis and the headed north to bump and grind with Ryan to get her fix and was preparing to head out on a camping trip with several men before she was arrested.

    Any friends Jodi had, should have encouraged her to seek counseling for her obsession with Travis and if necessary, should have accompanied her to the nearest mental health clinic. With all that was going on in that warped brain of hers, she was a walking time bomb. It is sad that no one in her life cared enough to intervene. It really does appear that Jodi had extremely poor social skills and apparently no close friends beyond the men she lived with. She had no one close enough to her to notice that she was in serious emotional trouble. Travis knew she was unstable, but he was not driven by concern for her brain.

    Her behavior on the witness stand reflects a person who incapable of remorse and fully appreciating the wrongness of what she has done. She is still blaming the man she murdered for the situation she has found herself in. Had he only died according to her plan, she would have found herself a husband by now. I honestly don’t think she believes she will be acquitted. Her plan at this point is to have one last chance to demonstrate her hatred for a man who she believes deserved to die. She is amusing herself and could care less if she is believed, as long as she gets to play her role as victim, and as long as she gets to take a few more stabs at Travis.

    I hope the jury will understand that Jodi is beyond repair and should never again be let loose on society.

  2. Vicky says:

    As for Jodi’s proclaimed fog. I call bull chit. She should have stuck with the I wasn’t there story if she wanted to claim amnesia. Problem is she is such a piss poor planner and liar, the rest of the world can see through her fog. Her ninja story makes it perfectly clear that she remembers both stabbing and shooting Travis, and that he begged for his life.

  3. Vicky says:

    One more thing. Given her inconsistencies on the witness stand, I am assuming the fog has returned. Perhaps Nurmi should prompt Jody to advise the jury that she is once again in a fog and that is why they can’t see her shaking. 🙂

  4. Dang, Vicky, you wrote one great post!! Thank you, thank you.

    Do you notice how Jodi’s mother sits stone faced in the gallery with the exception of turning to her twin sister to say something that seems to amuse them? If some of the jurors see Jodi as you do, her life will be spared.

    I do not believe all the stories that Jodi spun about the sexual escapades that went on between her and Travis. Jodi did a great job in taking the lead in that sex tape we heard. I will wager that Travis did not give his permission for that to be recorded. We just get to listen to Jodi’s side of things….sad..

  5. Vicky~~when Jodi picked up sheets of paper while on the witness stand, her hands were as steady as a rock.

  6. Karen C. says:

    What’s really strange is, she thinks if she tells us all something, we’ll believe it. Like, shaking like a chihuahua, like Oh, I’m ambi-dextrous actually, like, I handed Travis a pamphlet for his “problem”.

    Any idea who the wild Leopard Print woman was in the 2nd row, Arias side- looked a bit like a cross-dresser but was likely a grandma?

  7. cecelia says:

    her parents didn’t “allow” her to move out, she was uncontrollable (according to her mother) so she was sent to live with GP (cause it’s always better to shove the problem at someone else rather than deal with it) IMO grody-jodi wasn’t going to be controlled by her parents, grandparents, teachers LE, what makes anyone think any man was going to?
    always someone else”s fault she does/acts as she has.
    imho TA wasn’t even aware of her “unplanned” trip to Mesa. i’ll always be convinced she went with intent and mayhem she did cause.

  8. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I am not a proponent of the death penalty, but I would assume that aside from those who have been wrongfully convicted, there is not a single person on death row who does not have some form of mental disorder, the majority of whom fully comprehended the potential consequences for their actions when they chose to kill. I could never be DP qualified as a juror, but for those who view the DP as an appropriate form of punishment, Jodi Arias should not be given a pass. She clearly planned to kill Travis if things didn’t go as she had hoped. Travis was “on trial” the moment Jodi entered his house. She made a determination to impose the death penalty when he didn’t meet her criteria for sparing his life. We will never know exactly what tipped the scale, but I have a few ideas about that. She then proceeded to cover her tracks, and once confronted with her crime, made a conscious decision to use any means necessary to save her own life. I do not feel sorry for Jodi. As I have said many times, mental illness (psychosis aside) can explain behavior, but it does not excuse it.

    As for Jodi’s mother. I don’t know what to think about her. Like Jodi, her affect at times is completely inappropriate given the circumstances. I wonder if she is aware of the role parental inaction in adequately and appropriately dealing with Jodi’s behaviors as a child has played in this tragedy. I am not blaming Jodi’s parents. Clearly they had no idea that Jodi’s life might come to this. However, had they maintained a positive relationship with their child, perhaps Jodi would have turned to them when she began to lose control as an adult. IDK. I hate the whole blame the mother mentality, but there are times when that is the most important relationship in a person’s life. Bottom line, Jodi is accountable for her actions, not her parents, and most certainly not Travis Alexander. During the month she spent compemplating this crime, she should have factored in the potential consequences if she was caught. If the satisfaction of taking Travis’ life was not worth giving up her own, she should have stayed in Yreka.
    One thing I do wonder. Had Jodi not been arrested, would she have killed again? The purchase of that 9mm really makes me wonder what was rattling around in that twisted mind of hers.

  9. Marilyn N says:

    cecelia: Wasn’t Jodi’s first move out of the house with Bobby?Possibly his grandparent’s house that she described as dirty and unkept, not the “pristine” conditions she was use to.

  10. shyloh says:

    One thing I thought was amazing, when Jodi said it was embarrassing to take
    pics of the Spiderman underwear, why wasn’t she embarrassed to take
    all the nude photos. And to top it off I believe Jodi lost track of the camera
    and accidentally tossed it in the washer (THERE IS A GOD!!!) while attempting
    to clean everything up. Or was it dragging poor Travis back in the shower and she just got all (excited) distracted and panicked while tossing things in the washer?
    What was that evil woman thinking? Maybe we don’t want to understand
    this type of horrific murder. I don’t want to know that kind of thinking myself. I believe after all the love making and photo sessions she asked Travis again about the Cancun trip and he stuck to his guns and told her he was still taking the other girl. She freaked out and did the dirty deed!!! She wasn’t going to share him with anyone. Now, I would truly love to know the last conversation they ever had before the stabbing. I believe the stabbing came before the shoot to the face. Because the casing was laying in a pool of blood.

  11. Tomm'sMom says:

    Okay I’m going to just jump in here. Vicky do you believe she was an abused child? I don’t. I was an abused child, mentally and physically,my mother beat me. My mother taught me “my face I don’t mind it,because I am behind it, it’s the people out front that I scar” I wa called a trollop,long before I knew what the word meant,I was still a child. My father didn’t know about it until she used a knife on my left wrist . Then he warned her about ever doing something like that again. Sometime later she told me there is a treatment called sandpaper surgery that would make the scare disappear,I told her I wanted to keep them,to remember. I’ll carry the scars to my grave. I too left home at seventeen and made many poor choices in partners. I have not attacked or killed anyone. I turned 75 on 2/25/13 and I’m a student of the Book(Bible),not a Bible thumped a child of the Most High God.
    If abuse with no treatment is an excuse I should havve been a serial killer.
    I believe Jodie made a choice to have Travis no matter what. I don’t believe he made contact with her after they split the first time,he took advantage of what she offered for a time but when he saw she was becoming controlling he wanted out. I don’t think he would have gone to LE because he didn’t want to expose himself as a willing partner,it might have hurt him in the church and his job. I don’t think anyone recognized how dangerous she was. I don’t believe anyone could have helped Jodie,she would never admit she has a problem anymore than KC,Scott Peterson,OJ,or any other self-centered person who feels all things should be as they want them to be.

  12. Marilyn N says:

    Have you all seen this?

  13. margaret says:

    Marilyn, great video, but I don’t believe she was ever body slammed.. I think that if it had happened over the dropping of the camera, Travis first instinct would have been to check out the camera. There is a look in his eyes that prove he realized what was about to happen. jodi probably dropped the camera to get his attention on the camera while she stabbed him in chest. Travis was in total disbelief or he would not have stopped in front of mirror to look. She was constantly stabbing him in back and thats when he tried to fight her off but he was too weak to get away. I agree with the person who made up the video, I have watched that man, he looks so nervous and when he leaves courtroom he looks back and forth several times, and then he scoots out of there like someone is after him..

  14. margaret says:

    Great article Vicky ! I agree with you that Travis should have taken some preventive steps, knowing that she had all his codes and passwords. Some of his friends told Dr. Drew that she would come in and hide in his closet..Travis must have been a very trusting man. I wonder if Travis really knew she was coming..The man she borrowed money from for tripsaid that she told him that she had heard Travis was seeing other women and she HAD to go to see him..I have wondered if she , thinking she was getting away with that murder, bought the gun and was going back to harm Mimi Hall.. She blamed Mimi for breaking Travis and her up.. I have also wondered if .upon leaving Ryans , if she filled the gas cans with plans to go back to Travis and burn the place…

    I love reading your posts, you put things in very clear perspective.. I feel for her parents ,having to deal with her Dads illness, and her trial..

  15. Marilyn N says:

    Oh Margaret, I don’t believe in any way, her version of the story – body slam, etc.
    I thought this video was good in showing how NOT possible her story is, and how
    it really happened.

  16. cali patti says:

    When a person is accustomed to being body slammed, wrestles, etc., they can jump up and move/run. However after being body slammed for most of us it would take a full minute or longer just to get our breath back and our wits about us. A body slam momentarily stuns you allowing the opponent time to jump on top of you. That is the reason body slams are often used.
    Why didn’t Travis jump on top of Jodi after the body slam? A common wrestling move. A shoulder pain would be the least of our aches. I don’t believe any body slam ever happened.

    I have similar vision to Jodi’s and yes I can drive also similar to what Jodi said. I have had this vision since I was in my early teens. Jodi had to know she needed glasses for years before what she said especially since the women in her family wear glasses. I’m GUESSING Jodi’s vision was tested while she was still in school. Guessing again here, but her memory “fog” excuse could come from her eyesight fog explanation.. Transfer one fog “story” to another, changing it from eyesight fog to brain fog.
    IS NOT related and I don’t believe she has forgotten even one stab wound.

  17. Vicky says:

    Tom’s mom, bless you for having survived such a traumatic childhood. You are correct, most children of abuse do not grow up to become abusers and/or murderers. However, that type of history is more often than not found in people who commit violent crime. Inherent personality traits can play a role in how one handles childhood trauma. Some people are by nature more resilient than others. It is also a tribute to you, that you were able to break the cycle of violence visited upon you by your mother. I do not view prior abuse or mental illness as an excuse for killing or harming others. But, IMO, if we don’t look for ways to explain how someone becomes capable of killing or harming others, we do society a disservice.

    Do I think Jodi was abused as a child? No more than the average person whose parents use corporal punishment. But, i dont know that for a fact. Do I believe that her conduct disorder caused her to process discipline in a different manner than most? Yes I do. Do I believe she has poorly developed coping skills? Yes. Do I believe early intervention and treatment would have helped Jodi and averted a tragedy such as this? I can’t say for certain, but I believe it would have.

    The difference between you and most other members of society, is that you probably weren’t born with a genetic predisposition to develop a personality disorder. And if so, the good Lord blessed you with a wonderful trait commonly referred to as resiliency. Fortunately, I am by nature extremely resilient as well. Most people who have potentially negative personality traits are able to use those traits in a socially acceptable manner. However, others are not. Hopefully, as researchers learn more and more about the brain and how it works, fewer and fewer people will become the Jodi Arias’s of the world. Unfortunately, there are those who will be a menace to society no matter what type of upbringing or treatment they have.

    There is so much we do not know about Jodi Arias, but based upon the few things we know as fact, she is not “normal”. Her thought processes are not “normal”. Her affect is not “normal”. The manner in which she responds to rejection is not “normal”. Her willingness to lie in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is not “normal”… That did not begin with the murder of Travis Alexander. Since I live in a family with a long history of Severe and Persistant Mental Illness and spend the majority of my time advocating for mental heath, I often find myself looking for clues that might explain how genetic predisposition is triggered and how someone can develop into a person capable of murder. I don’t look for excuses, I look for answers.

  18. Marilyn N says:

    Vicky: Also, why would someone who is obviously smart, drop out of high school (both Jodi and
    Casey A)? What does that say about them?

  19. Marilyn N says:

    I was just wondering what would make someone (Kirk Nurmi) choose to
    go into the legal field defending sex criminals?

  20. Vicky says:

    Marilyn, Along with having parents who had given up on parenting, it says that both probably had fairly significant conduct disorders. I say conduct disorder, because a diagnosis of psychopath or narcissist can not be made until adulthood. One criteria that must be met for that type of adult diagnosis, is the diagnosis of or symptoms of a conduct disorder during childhood and/or adolescence. 🙂
    However, not all intelligent people who quit school are mentally ill, and not all kids with mental illness drop out of school or grow up to be psychopaths. 🙂

  21. Vicky says:

    Marilyn, I have a number of friends who are defense attorneys who have defended sex offenders. They do so because they believe in the Constitution. However, not all defense attorneys will put forth a defense that brings further harm to the victim. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but I have spent nearly a year researching sex offenders and offenses. Although people who abuse others sexually are despicable, the level of threat they pose to society should be assessed prior to adjudication.

    Keep in mind, not all sex offenders are pedophiles. That is just what immediately comes to mind when one hears that term. For example, Sexting by minors is a sex offense. Sex between a seventeen year old and a fifteen year old is in many states a sex offense. Also, there are people in the world, like Jodi Arias, who make false claims of rape and molestation.

  22. Vicky says:

    Margaret, thank you for sharing that. I am still grinning. I suppose given Jodi’s dabbling in the “dark arts” might make the doll a perceived threat to her well-being, someone looking out for her took swift action. Next thing we know, Jodi will claim Ms. Scanlon must have been stabbing the doll in its head which resulted in her loss of memory while on the witness stand.
    In the meantime, Ms. Scanlon should relist the voodoo doll under a different name. Like: Jodi Fog a lot, Pop Rock Jodi, Brazilian Jodi, or Jodi Stabs a Lot. 🙂

  23. Great comments in here today! Thank you to all for your contributions…

    Marilyn N, that is a great video you linked to. David Michael did a wonderful job of putting it together. I think his reenactment is right on the money. It certainly disproves what Jodi would like us to believe.
    Bryan Carr should be taken off the streets and someone step him and see he gets mental treatment. He is one confused hyper individual who reminds me of an accident waiting to happen. He believes Jodi`s Ninja story and has an unhealthy fixation with her. I think he could be a danger to, not only himself but to some unsuspecting person. I hope that news outlets and blogs stop giving him exposure but instead steer him in the direction of the nearest mental institution.

    Welcome, Tomm’s Mom!! We both had birthdays in Feb and you have one year up on me. I think some of us can look back at our childhoods and remember both physical and/or mental abuse. I do not believe this is a prediction we will end up as serial killers. Sometimes it makes us stronger and enables us to make decisions so we will not end up being the same kind of parent who exposed us to uncalled for abuse.

    I believe the first five years are crucial in a child’s life. They can be compared to the hard drive of a computer downloading all the information garnered from the ones closest to them, mainly their mothers, then fathers, if they are lucky enough to have one, and on to their other siblings and extended family. This is their foundation but as they mature and the hormones and peer pressure comes into play changes occur.

    I also believe a person is predestined to become how ‘ they end up’ at the time of conception!! It is in their genes. This is why four or five children exposed to the same parents do not all end up the same way. Four can turn out to be mentally stable productive citizens while one or even two of them will be ax murderers.

    Certainly, in some cases the parents can be at fault but I think these cases are isolated. Blaming parents for every person who had ended up bad is a cop out.

  24. Anyone who makes voodoo dolls etc to market on eBay is as sick as Jodi Arias. They are out to make money on the dead victim. This is disrespectful. If Jodi is convicted, a lot of her art work will be removed from eBay. It’s high time that some people woke up!!

  25. margaret says:

    Well, I didn’t think it was possible to find another site, but I somehow stumbled on this one

  26. How do we know for sure that Sandy Arias constantly beat Jodi with a wooden spoon? How do we know her father slapped her face and pushed her up against a door or whatever? Do you think her parents will take the stand and say this is not true especially with a death penalty on the table? Jodi told us the reason (or made it up) why her father slapped her and that was because she sneaked out of the house and they found out. Why did Sandy have to resort to using the wooden spoon, once again, if true? Was Jodi hitting her brother with a baseball bat or trying to pull the whiskers out of the family cat?

    What is it that Sandy whispers in her twin sister’s ear that is so amusing…how about ” Oh, isn’t she just the cutest little liar?” Tee hee hee

  27. Vicky says:

    Aw Snoops, I know it’s a bit over the top, but substituting a doll for the object of one’s aggression isn’t necessarily all bad. I agree, making money off Travis is wrong, but I don’t think $$$ was this woman’s motivation. I could be wrong. I do find it rather ironic that Jodi’s family is able to benefit from her new found notoriety, but someone offering up a Jodi voodoo doll is censured. I didn’t consider the financial gain aspect of the offering when I commented earlier.
    I guess I have a warped sense of humor. I might not find the idea amusing if I believed in voodoo, but I am a non believer. I actually have a voodoo doll in my doll collection. It was made by a Haitian voodoo practitioner. She even gave me a tutorial on the history of voodoo. I would never entertain attempting to use it for anything other than conversation. 🙂

  28. margaret says:

    Another perfect header for this page ,Snoopy..Have you ever had so many pages on one subject before? Thank you again, makes me want to learn graphics..

    In the link above there are some good legal commentaries about this case and others. Have a great weekend friend.

    Thanks, Margaret! I have lost count of the pages, probably getting close to ten. ~~SS

  29. Vicky~~ what would motivate someone to spend a couple of days sewing a voodoo doll and putting it on eBay? Why do people put things on eBay if not to make money from the people foolish enough to buy them? What a great way to remember Travis. The doll is in a white baptismal gown and we all recall what Jodi said took place after she was baptized by Travis. I don’t think any voodoo doll will predict one’s fate. I will take my chances on God doing that for me. This is strictly my opinion and you can tell I feel very strongly about some of the garbage allowed on eBay. Here’s some cheese. Oh don’t take that piece , it has the Blessed Virgin Mary in it… I plan on selling it on eBay…

  30. Marilyn N says:

    SS: Oh yes, those sisters should be so proud of their smart-ass little Jodi! “smack smack their heads together!!!”

  31. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I think anyone who would spend two days making a Jodi voodoo doll is a bit touched. Definately not something I would do. And I would never pending money on something like that, and question the mental health of people who do.
    It could be argued that watching the televised trial is putting money into the pockets of large corporations as well. Did you see how many commercials there were on HLNbduring the day, over the past month? I watched HLN today just to see if the number of commercials was the same. Not even close! CNN/HLN is making a killing off of televising this trial. They are making a huge profit off of this trial and Travis’ death. I understand the right of the media to report and for trials to be open to the public. But, should the 1st Ammendment be used as a vehicle for increasing sales and revenue? I can buy into the need for sponsors to pay the bills, but I can’t buy that it somehow costs more money to televise a trial than other daily news.

  32. Patti says:

    As I flipped channels, People’s Court was on and a familiar voice is there. Gus Searcy is being sued by his 17 yr. old daughter, Hilary for furniture. A much younger Gus. Apparently Gus has four children by his ex wife and they were in the middle of a divorce.
    Wow, Gus is something else! He lost his case.

    Searcy is an egotistical nut! What did you mean by a much younger Gus? Did this happen recently or is it old news? ~~SS

  33. Vick~~when did you take up the art of counting commercials? That’s the time that I hightail it to the bathroom to have a pee or the the frig to get some cranberry juice. You must have a good rentention capacity.

    Those tv stations would not be making money without people like us watching. News outlets create jobs and those commercials pay salaries for the work overload when a high profile case is aired. When the news outlets make big profits, a lot of that money goes to Uncle Sam who in turn lets Obama issue it out to where he thinks it is needed.

    All those news trucks camped outside the courthouse in Mesa cost money when you tally it all up. I wonder how much Beth Karas, Jean C and Nancy rake in as salary and living expenses. Let’s not forget the camera crews etc etc etc.

    As long as HLN do not start making voodoo dolls in the likeness of Jane and Nancy and try to sell them on eBay, I have no complaints.

  34. Patti says:

    Snoopy, his hair was darker, he just looked maybe 5 years younger. I don’t know if it is a repeat but it’s on CBS, the show is still on.
    I’m not familiar with Sunday television so I did not know Judge Judy was on this time of day.
    His family, ex wife and daughter appeared classy. Well spoken and well dressed.

  35. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, if you pee as often as HLN aired commercials last week, you either need to seek medical attention or cut back on your tea consumption 🙂
    I know media outlets have to pay the bills. I just wish they’d show fewer commercials when I happen to be tuned in LOL

    I wonder what Beth and Jean will do now that In Session is gone. I like both of them and hope someone else will pick them up as commentators.

  36. Newbie says:

    In Session is gone?????

  37. Amber from Maryland says:

    Why did In Session go away? I couldn’t find In Session on TruTV last week when I wanted to watch the Jodi Arias trial. I am glad in a way that the trial will be off until Wednesday. It will give me a chance to get something done around the house. I get bored when Mr. Nurmi is questioning Jodi but find it more interesting with the prosecutor’s or jury’s questions.

    I will never accept child abuse as an excuse for killing Travis. Fifty or sixty years ago most families believed in and practiced corporal punishment and we did not have a bigger percentage of brutal murderers from that age group and before. A lot of people were raised on the theory, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

    Well said, Amber. Parents are afraid to punish their children. Now the kids go to court and divorce their parents. Look where it has got us? Caseys and Jodis and the like. When Nurmi was questioning Jodi, I just left the audio on and skipped over to Slingo and played games. I was able to mentally tune out his slow drawl. I notice my stats go up when Martinez takes the podium.~~SS

  38. Vicky says:

    Newbie, Yep, both Beth and Jean got their pink slips. I think there is still an “in Session” show, but it will only be an hour long. Don’t know what it will look like, but no full trial coverage.

  39. People Are Not Happy That ‘In Session’ Has Been Cut During Jodi Arias trial
    By Alex Weprin on March 4, 2013 4:54 PM

  40. Jodi said Travis gave her the passwords to his MySpace, Facebook and e-mail accts. This is BS.

    If you were to come into my house and sat down at my computer…you could access both my e-mail accts as well as gain access to my blog and Facebook. If when I clear my cache, I do not delete cookies and other site and plug-in data plus delete the pw’s, you can access my accts.

    Most people set their pw’s to be remembered on their puters etc. Sometimes if they have several pw’s, they keep a list of them written down in a notepad. Jodi went to clean Travis’ house and could readily find these. I do not believe Travis would lock his desk. Travis told his friends Jodi broke into his Facebook acct.

  41. Be sure and empty your bladder before you watch this….

  42. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I was so thrilled when JM caught Jodi in an outright lie regarding the gas cans within minutes of Nurmi having her tell the jury she would not lie to them. I guarantee that was the turning point for any juror on that case believing anything Jodi says that can’t be backed up with evidence. So basically, the only thing they know for a fact on the day of the murder is that they took naked photos of each other, that she photographed Travis in the shower, that inadvertent photos were taken, that she killed Travis, that she removed or destroyed or attempted to destroy key evidence, that she did not call 911, and that she was so traumatized by his death that she drove all the way to Utah to find comfort in the arms of another man. From where I sit, Jodi has screwd herself without the benefit of intercourse.

  43. Vicky~~Nurmi is going to come back and say that Jodi brought $19’s worth of tootsie pops and it was not gas.

  44. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, that video is priceless. I watched it twice for the giggles. 🙂

    As for Nurmi: It will definitely be tootsie pops, since a Travis liked them more than pop rocks. And we all know Jodi doesn’t want to “diedify” Travis. I really loved it when Beth called her out on that. She has misused so many terms over the last few weeks. I was wondering if I was the only one making fun of her. I about fell out when she referred to their sexual escapades as curriculum the other day.

  45. This video is new to me… 42.46 minutes in length

    Along Came Jodi ~ Dateline Special Presentation

  46. Newbie says:

    Oh Lord, don’t even say that Snoopy. Jodi will have to tell the colors she bought and why she bought five of those and only three of those.. Worse, she could explain how to lick them and how they should change the wrapper and….and….and…why she needed them. It will take at least an afternoon between she and Nurmi !

  47. Vicky says:

    Newbie, I wanted one of the jurors to ask her how many licks it took to get to the chocolate center of a tootsie pop. I was really disappointed when it was never brought up.
    Since Jody was still in a fog at the time she purchased gas, I don’t think it would be in her best interest for the fog to momentarily lift while she was in Salt Lake City.
    I still can’t figure out why she needed to fill the gas cans. I also wonder if the gas cans were found at her grandparents house, since she never returned them to Derryl. Dollar to donuts, she burned evidence some place in the salt flats. Why else would she need extra gas?

  48. Newbie says:

    On a serious note, I wonder if Martinez will exhibit the stabbing motion in his summation. If he does I would think 28 stabs might overwhelm the jury. Then again, 28 stabs with the last motion of slitting a throat would really bring the brutality by Jodi up front.

  49. Newbie says:

    Don’t give up Vicky. Aren’t there more jury questions ! You suppose she cooked a few hot dogs over that fire or did a dance around the fire.

  50. Vicky says:

    I don’t think Nurmi will get a do over regarding the questions the jury has already asked. He will only get to seek clarification for their new questions. So if the gas cans don’t come up in the new juror questions, he is out of luck. I personally think it would be best if he had no further questions for his client. Every time she opens her mouth, regardless of who asks the questions, she provides more ammunition for the prosecution. he needs to get her off that witness stand. If she hasn’t won at least one juror over by now, it ain’t gonna happen.

  51. Vicky says:

    You know Newbie, I was thinking about that. Not if she grilled hotdogs, but when she ate. I was also thinking about how little sleep she got between June 2 & 5. Which led me to wonder if she was under the influence of some type of amphetamine or ephedrine.

  52. Newbie says:

    I hadn’t even thought of that. Amphetamines and such could push or cause the rage???

  53. Newbie says:

    Maybe not actually cause the rage but bring it to the forefront.

  54. margaret says:

    Thanks for the laugh Snoops. I too watched it twice. the knife made me jump it came into picture so fast.. On that laugh, I am going to bed. Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams…

  55. Vicky says:

    Exactly. Especially when combined with sleep deprivation.
    People have been known to commit extreme acts of violence when under the influence of those types of drugs.

  56. Newbie says:

    Night margaretl Sleep well.

  57. Newbie says:

    So, she actually planned on killing Travis but did not plan the “overkill”. I can’t understand how she could stand all the blood and dragging a dead man. The drug(s) would help manage thru that I would suppose. Wow.

  58. Newbie says:

    It’s been interesting ladies. I’m following margaret’s lead and calling it an evening. Take care.

  59. Jodi meant for Travis to suffer!! This murder was premeditated and had nothing to do with taking drugs to stay awake. The only thing that could have prevented the murder is Travis saying, “pack your bags, Jodi, I will take you to Mexico.”

  60. Vicky says:

    Me too. Good night all

  61. Vicky says:

    Oh,believe me Snoopy, I think his murder was premeditated, I just wonder if her lack of sleep and possible stimulant use contributed to a level of extreme violence even she had not anticipated. When I look at those nude photos of Jodi, she looks like she is on something. Just threw the idea out there for discussion sake.

    Now I’m really out of here and off to bed. 🙂

    When a psycho is in a rage, they have ten times or more their body strength just from the adrenaline rush. Jodi’s body would produce an enhancing drug (Epinephrine) naturally.~~SS

  62. Bonsoir mes amies ou goodnight friends or Aloha! Be sure and set your clocks ahead one hour!!

  63. Marilyn N says:

    I cannot find the current blog.
    All confused. Help!!

  64. Marilyn~~this is the current post. I only have one blog. All the previous posts are listed on the sidebar to the right of this page. All you have to do is click on them.

    Recent Posts
    Jodi Arias-Selective Memory Loss-The Fog
    ~Jodi’s Friendly Giant~
    “The MAGIC Juan”-Jodi Arias Trial
    Jaded and Jealous, Jodi Arias
    Jodi Arias Trial-Deception
    Jodi Arias Trial-Page Four
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    Jodi Arias Trial-Page Two
    ~~FINALLY~Arias Trial~Jan 2nd, 2013~
    2012 in review

  65. Newbie says:

    Afternoon all. Looks rather quiet in here…lol. I am taking a break from “real life” due to having a Jodi fog. Question: Isn’t it the prosecutions theory that that damn finger was cut during the time Jodi was stabbing Travis? I’m thinking Ryan testified she had that finger bandaged. The jury didn’t ask any questions about that finger unless I missed it. Fog you know.

  66. Newbie~~I think the jury asked if Jodi took any pictures of her injuries. That may have opened the door to the finger injury. and why Martinez questioned her about it. Nurmi objects every time Juan opens his mouth.

  67. Here is Beth Kara’s InSession page on Facebook…

  68. Newbie says:

    Thank you. I remember Martinez questioning her now. Lord, I do have trouble with my memory at times.

  69. margaret says:

    Vicky even though I went to bed early last night, I could not sleep.. I thought about DP and I have decided that jodi should receive it. She did not just murder Travis she butchered him. Can you imagine the fear and pain he suffered when he finally realized he could not get away from her. He was probably aware when she pulled his head back and cut his throat. Even though he was dead she drug his lifeless body back to the bathroom and gave him one final blow, the gunshot to the head.. I don’t know how his family can bear to think about it..

    Unless she is sentenced to her ” natural ” life without parole, the way I understand it, she can go free after 25 years +6 if it is heinous and cruel..She can earn 1day for every 6 days with first degree. Second degree is only 15 years with same benefits. This is my opinion only , but I don’t think she deserves any of the perks that she could receive in general population.. She needs to join the other 3 women on death row. in isolation. I can see her becoming the social butterfly ,doing her singing, drawings, school, and all the other perks..

    I am not a mean person, but IMO she only cared about Travis as her way into what she thinks of as the good life Through Travis she got to go to fancy parties, hob nob with the important people,and obviously Travis had a good income and nice house and jodi wanted all of that..Travis was her stool pigeon. Ryan would have been her next stepping stone if she had not gotten caught..I usually reserve my DP thoughts for sex perverts that harm little children, but I think jodi fits into their class..Anyway that is my rant for the day and I pray we do not have another CA jury.

  70. margaret says:

    One last thing . I hope she doesn’t have any male guards to suck into her web..I feel really mean where she is concerned.

  71. Newbie says:

    I’m with you margaret. I started with wishing her into a rough prison population where many are wise to the cons and lies. I thought she would pull her chit on them and she would pay. Then someone commented about her sitting on death row with no “audience”.and that sounded even better. Now, I just want her in prison permanently, forever, to where she can’t hurt or kill another unsuspecting soul. I would like to see her life without her tongue and possibly loss of hands and arms up to the elbow. She should not be able to speak, use sign language, type, brush her hair, put on make up etc etc etc. hmmmm…..maybe she could also go blind and have acne sooo bad that her face is severely pitted and scarred. Acid thrown on her face maybe?
    I guess you can tell I am past sadness, frustration and being reasonable. I think the last straw is Jodi saying she wanted to protect Travis reputation and of course not have to reveal her involvement as she is ashamed. She absolutely trashed him and continues to do so. It’s not been enough that she savagely murdered him. What a piece of work that skank is.

    I think I needed to vent. I really don’t like my ugly feelings toward another human being yet I do have them.

  72. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: The “Never before seen testimony” video was a good one. I LOVE the ending. It’s so Jodi.

  73. sarah0234 says:

    Why am I in moderation?

    I have no idea. Must have been a glitch.~~SS

  74. I hope Martinez can put on some rebuttal witnesses to tie up some of the loose ends he leaves dangling. If he does not do this, he will have created reasonable doubt.

    He needs to put someone on from Walmart to show that gas can was not returned. The jurors are not just going to take his word for it. He also took the third transaction at the gas station in Salt Lake City and divided it by the price per gallon of gas…he needs more than that. Jodi can say she purchased God knows what for that amount. Even her bent ring finger has not been proven that she cut it on June 4th.

    Ryan Burns said he met Jodi at a convention in April and Jodi had blond hair. Jodi said the conventions were always in March. Does this show Burns does get his facts wrong? Ryan said Jodi had cuts on her fingers. The significance of the finger is to disprove Travis did not physically assault Jodi and she made it all up along with the pedophilia story.

    There is actually no proof that Jodi used her g/father’s gun. Martinez has to put Travis’ friend on to swear Travis did not own a gun and even then who will the jurors believe?

    One thing that I have noticed, Martinez delights in cornering Jodi in her lies. I feel there is a shocker coming and it will involve Matt McCartney.

    The defense will be putting on an expert to try and show the gun shot came first. In order to claim self-defense, the gunshot must come first. I was watching a clip at Greta’s and Kenny Baden says the shot came first. Mark Fuhrman of OJ has his nose buried deep in this case and he agrees with Baden.

    This case is not a slam dunk by any means…..

  75. Marilyn N says:

    Guess what? I just heard that Janine Driver (body language)
    will be attending court this coming week to observe the jury!!

  76. Karen C. says:

    Kenny-Baden is an ultra-Contrarian by nature, can’t even help herself- Casey was innocent, OJ was innocent, she’s always pro whatever the Defense argument might be. I’m just glad that she wasn’t doing her thing back during Bundy’s reign of terror.

    I meant Linda’s husband. Sorry I can’t remember his name..??Baden~~SS

  77. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and TruTV is the biggest bunch of idiots, on the face of it. However, I think the ratings for this thing have been so sky-high that Bigfoot Cousin HLN decided it was going to hog it all and got what they wanted- that this is horse-trading by the suits and it all has to do with which outlet can bring in the maximum by way of ad revenue, and that would be HLN in comparison. My take is that they can do whatever they like to bring me this dang trial- they make big money now, we can get better programming later, and they can nurse other outlets along under their corporate umbrella who may also have value but not as many eyeballs.

  78. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, it seems obvious to me that at least some of the jurors are very much aware that Jody has credibility issues. In so many words, they have told her as much. JM has planted the seeds, and I dont think it will take a whole lot for them to take root. I am willing to lay odds that an investigator has already paid a visit to Walmart and is prepared to testify as to his/her findings, with a walmart rep lined up to testify.They asked Jody to give her a reason to believe her now. She did not deliver. Instead, she gave them permission not to.

    I don’t get the impression that they are buying into the gun in the closet story. One can only buy into so many coincidences before the rational mind takes over. As in – she just happened to drop the camera while they were reviewing photos, the knife just happened to be close by, the gun just happened to be in the closet, her phone just happened to have a dead battery while in Arizona, she just happened to have misplaced the phone charger, she just happened to have failed to keep receipt of purchases made in Arizona,

    Based upon the questions asked so far (I wish I had all of them written down so I could ID specifics) my impression is that the majority of those who asked questions are male. Given the makeup of the jury, we know that there will be men on the final jury. They will not be as emotional in their deliberations, and they don’t seem to be leaning toward reasonable doubt. They are picking up on the inconsistencies in her testimony. I believe a female juror is either a LDS or knows a lot about the religion and asked the question about the Law of Chastity vs Law of Attraction. IMO, the question was posed in such a way that she (I believe this is a she) is not buying into the abuse issue. Even the jurors who may not have asked questions were exposed in advance of deliberations with an impression that at least some of their fellow jurors are not impressed with Jodi’s defense thus far. If there were jurors friendly to Jodi’s defense, i think they would have dropped some questions in that basket that balanced some of the prosecution friendly questions. I hope that makes sense.

    People questioned why JM did not request a recross of Jody. I think it would have been granted had he pressed the issue, given the fact that new indo was introduced during redirect. I think it was a strategic move. He allowed the jury to do it for him. I think the rebuttal case put on by JM is going to be a masterpiece that ties up all of the loose ends. I think he is too smart and experienced to ask questions he does not know the answers to.

    I am not worried about the outcome of this case. I do not believe this jury will believe that Jodi deserves to leave prison, unless it is in a pine box (either by old age or the DP). Her unwillingness to provide the information necessary to prove she killed Tarvis in defense of her own life is going to seal her fate. Yes, the defense witnesses will try to bolster her battered woman claim and her traumatic memory loss claim, but given the fact That so far there is not proof other that one phone sex tape and a few texts, all of which took place over an 18 month period, all JM has to do is ask them if their expert opinion regarding Jody is based upon the premise that she told them the truth. Need I say more?

  79. Jurors show disbelief of Jodi Arias’ numerous stories, question memory, failure to help victim

    Read more:

  80. Karen C. says:

    That would be Dr. Michael Baden. So, what does he make of the absence of hemorrhaging at the head wound?

  81. Karen C. says:

    BTW- that one video up there ’bout made me fall right over. I’m showing it to Hubby later- he could use a good laugh on a Monday.

    I normally do not put crazy videos in here but that one was hilarious.~~SS

  82. Karen~~I did not listen to Dr Baden so do not know how he explained the lack of blood. I believe it was Fuhrman who said the bullet came first and Baden agreed with him. It was a short clip on Greta’s site. It kinda ticked me off because I cannot stand Fuhrman who claims to be an expert on everything now so I didn’t watch the whole clip.

  83. Karen C. says:

    Well, he wrote a whole book why JFK assassination was just another garden-variety gun murder, so…. Whatever side of that particular fence one falls on, I think we can all agree that there was nothing typical about what had happened. So far as I’m concerned, Baden = Spitzer, credibility-wise. I’ll wait for Cyril Wecht to weigh in.

  84. Karen~~here is the clip with Greta and Fuhrman He didn’t even acknowledge the bullet casing landed on top of a gob of blood.

  85. elmosmommy says:

    Hi. I finally made it back here , I got sick and wasnt able to keep up at all but am back now and caught up. I think the gas cans is a major help for the prosecution and loved it on thursday when it came up. And now there is info out there that this gas station only sells gas by credit card from the hours of 1am-6 am and she was there around 4 am. Does anyone remember if it was a LEFT hand palm print ? I think it was but hate going back to find things. I know it was a mixture of Travis`s blood and Jodi`s blood. I guess a right hand injury could transfer blood to the left hand but I think Martinez is gonna be able to nail her on this injury. I am pretty darn sure that I also remember hair dye being on one of the purchases she made, does anyone else know ? I totally believe from jury questions that she doesnt have many jurors if any on her side at all and I think Martinez still has some loose ends to tie up and that he is gonna deliver. No way is she gonna get 2nd degree, and I cant imagine she will ever see the outside of a jail again. If Martinez can nail her down tight that she is still lying to the jurors to save her butt, she just might get her death wish. Not that I believe all this garbage about her being so suicidal but the most she ever did was knick herself with a razor. I couldnt believe when she said how much that hurt when you compare what she did to travis. I cant wait for wednesday !

  86. elmosmommy says:

    Vicky was asking about a list of the juror questions. I have them but it is a long list so before I post them : Snoopy is it ok ?

    No problem, that would be great, thanks.~~SS

  87. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Elmosmommy! I believe that hair dye was on the one receipt (so many of them- like a blizzard), and Yes, the print had both bloods (so, there’s your finger injury)- he has a lot to work with yet, there are so many different things he can use for a big High Note at the end. I agree the questions clearly indicate the jurors are not on her side but they’re trying to show they remain officially open-minded. Nothing for her to take any comfort from.

    Snoopy- I watched that clip with Fuhrman. Seems to be all pretty informal, and his opinion based less on any forensics than on the scenario itself- smaller female, larger male struggling for his life. I think he just wants to say something. The important part is his statement that this was a “rage killing” (and he emphasized that). We may all be making too much of the order of wounds- there are too many dang wounds for this ever to have been self-defense (and this is the way the jury’s going too). They may have done better to argue temporary psychosis, forget any self-defense. Self-defense hinges completely on this notion that Travis was so enraged by the supposed dropping of the camera that he intended to kill her- so all this other BS has to go in to explain that (pedophilia, Spiderman, broken finger, and blah and blah).

    Psychosis wouldn’t have been easy to prove either, but there’s more to work with there, I think- especially if her parents were cooperative; self-defense requires the utter destruction of the victim- not good.

  88. Marilyn N says:

    This is a 48 Hours episode in which Juan Martinez got a conviction for a murder with
    no body, blood, etc. The murderer is Bryan Stewart aka Rick Valentini.

  89. Beth Karas just said during the ‘penalty’ phase in Arizona, the decision for life or death has to be unanimous. It is just the majority in Florida.

  90. elmosmommy says:

    Okay thanks snoopy , here is the list

    1. Did TA pay for a majority of your trips?
    2. If he did pay, was that a factor in you questioning his choices, ie sleeping arrangements?
    3. Was it his money, his choices?
    4. Why did you put the camera in the washer?
    5. Did you ever take pics of yourself after he hit you?
    6. Why did you call cops on ex who shook you but not on Travis?
    7. Why would you continue to sleep w/TA after you learned of his child porn issues?
    8. Why didn’t you just change your gmail password so TA couldn’t get into it anymore?
    9. Did TA’s closet doors have locks on them?
    10. If no, how did you have time to get the gun down if he was right behind you?
    11. Did you record other phone sex convos?
    12. Bryan Burns testified that he met you at a PPL event in April 08 and you had blonde hair. How is that possible if you dyed your hair in March 08?
    13. Why did you feel so uncomfortable about anal w/TA if you’d previously tried it?
    14. You took pics of shirt/shorts. Did you take pics of spideys? If no, why not?
    15. You told Daryl you wanted to abstain from sex til marriage. Why’d you have sex w/TA?
    16. TA said on the phone that he didn’t like spiderman. Why did he buy you underwear with spiderman if he didn’t like that character?
    17. Why would you tell Leslie you wanted TA’s kids to play w/yours if you knew he was into young children?
    18. If you had bruises prior to Jan 28 incident (?), why didn’t anyone ask you about them?
    19. If you were so near sighted, how were you able to drive?
    20. In TA’s text to Jodi, ex.444, he talks about mysterious man. Who’s this man and why’s he bringing it up?
    21. Did TA think it was someone you lied about?
    22. You took pic of tshirt/shorts and not boys underwear. Why did you take them so much later (in July)?
    23. You testified TA gave you book of Mormon @ Starbucks. Did you read it, if so, when?
    24. Does the book of Mormon go into detail regarding the law of chastity?
    25. Who initiated contact after various break ups? Start w/Bobby.
    26. How far is Crater Lake from Ashland?
    27. How far is Medford from Crater Lake?
    28. How far is Medford from Ashland?
    29. How did you know Victor’s family?
    30. Please explain the events again that led up to your dad slapping you earlier.
    31. What is your relationship with your mother like today?
    32. What is your relationship with your father like today?
    33. Would it be possible to have Jodi run through the attack on 6/4/08 using the floorplan in exhibit #–?
    34. Regarding the 9MM gun in 7/08, you mentioned the purpose having to do w/a camping trip. Who was going to be going on the camping trip?
    35. Why were you planning on going if you were scared?
    36. Were you paid for the interview w/48 hours?
    37. Were you paid for the interview w/Inside Edition?
    38. Inter an interview w/Flores, you talk to him about taking pics of TA while shaving. You said he must’ve liked it because he used it on his MySpace page. Can you explain what he used?
    39. You stated that you tried to call Matt and Daryl about your change in plans about going to Mesa but said they didn’t answer. Why didn’t you leave a VM or text them?
    40. You testified that you reported your cell phone lost in May 08. When and where was it found?
    41. Have you taken long trips by yourself like the one 6/08 in the past?
    42. How often did you take such trips?
    43. During those trips, did you take extra gas cans with you?
    44. If you took gas cans with you, where did you get them?
    45. During your testimony, you mentioned (sorry, my internet refreshed! Missed this one. Think it had to do with heavy traffic and Travis’ frustration w/it)
    46. Why did you confront Travis after seeing him w/another woman through his back window if was not due to jealousy?
    47. If you simply wanted to know where you stood because you thought he was still courting you, why were you so upset that you needed to call your father the next day?
    48. You mentioned an earlier failed attempt at using rope during sexual encounter. Can you tell us what happened that day it occurred and how TA handled that failure?
    49. Did Travis’ dog usually bark when someone came into the house?
    50. Did the dog usually bark with loud unexplained noises?
    51. Why would you continue to stay w/someone who had sex w/you while you were sleeping?
    52. When did you find out that TA had a gun?
    53. To your knowledge, did the police ever find your grandfather’s gun that was stolen?
    54. Why did you place TA’s body back in the shower?
    55. Do you know what time you left TA’s house on 6/4/08?
    56. What happened to the clothes you were wearing 6/4/08?
    57. You say TA had attacked you before 6/4/08 but would apologize, so why was 6/4/08 so different?
    58. You & TA continued to talk on the phone after you moved. Would it be fair to say you were upset hewas taking another woman to Cancun?
    59. Why did you send his grandmother flowers?
    60. Why did you take the rope and gun w/you?
    61. Did you lock TA’s bedroom door when you left on 6/4/08?
    62. Did you try to clean up the scene when you left on 6/4/08?
    63. If you climbed on the shelf in a hurry in the closet, how is it nothing is disturbed?
    64. If you shot TA first, how did the casing land on blood?
    65. After you shot him, how come you didn’t run out of the house to get away?
    66. Why didn’t you call 911?
    67. If TA attacked you on 6/4/08, why not just tell the police from the start?
    68. Were you kneeling when you dropped the camera?
    69. When TA got out of the shower to attack you, was he wet? If so, did he slip on the tile?
    70. When entering the closet, why didn’t you go through the door closest to you?
    71. Do you know how tall the ceiling in TA’s closet was?
    72. Was the gun in a case or was it just lying on the shelf?
    73. Why is it that you have no memory of stabbing Travis?
    74. Whether you had plans to commit suicide or not, why even say no jury would convict you because you’re innocent?
    75. In your interviews you gave on TV, were you forced to answer all the questions they presented to you?
    76. You have pictures of your other finger injuries with time stamps? Do you have other pics of your other finger injury?
    77. Do you have any pics of your wearing a finger splint?
    78. Did anyone see you wearing a finger splint?
    79. When did you realize you had memory loss? The approximate date.
    80. Did you have an attorney prior to the interview w/CBS?
    81. You said you got the 2 gas cans so you could fill up where it was cheaper in NV or UT. Why did you get it in Pasadena?
    82. In all the 3 hour church events, you were never told that other forms of sexual intercourse – oral/anal – were forbidden?
    83. Did you know that TA did not like John Dixon prior to your date w/John Dixon?
    84. Why were you willing to get involved with 2 men at the same time?
    85. When you were asked about the video you made w/TA on 6/4/08 you said you used your camera. Then you said it was in your car and didn’t use it that day. Which is it?
    86. When you realized you didn’t connect like you’d expected, why did you continue to speak to Travis?
    87. What is your understanding of the word skank?
    88. Why did you share housing w/Matt at the time you were in a relationship w/TA?
    89. Were there any girls working w/you that you could share a room with?
    90. How can you be a sister to Matt, someone you had sex w/in the past?
    91. Why didn’t you read the book of Mormon to see what you were and weren’t allowed to do?
    92. Why did you ask TA about everything you did?
    93. Why did you start a relationship w/Ryan Burns when you said earlier you didn’t see other guys when you were with one guy?
    94. Why is it that you cannot remember when TA lent you money, but you remember the exact amount you lent him all three times?
    95. Why did you think that the incident that happened on 6/4/08 was any different from anything that happened before so that you thought you had to kill him?
    96. You mentioned injuries that would not have been seen by others that wouldn’t have been seen byothers when you went to Utah in 6/4/08. Can you explain them?
    97. When you injured yourself at Casa Romas on the glass, did your manager have you fill out a form for medical purposes?
    98. Who was the main factor in your decision to move from Palm Desert to Mesa? Travis or Rachael?
    99. You testified that you thought you heard his footsteps. If you weren’t sure, why didn’t you run down the stairs and out the front door?
    100.Why would you take the time to delete the pics off the camera after you killed TA?
    101.You stated you remembered dropping the knife and hearing it hit the tile. What did you do w/it after that?
    102.If your phone had died while at TA’s, why not use a wall charger so it would be charged before you hit the road?
    103.In your email to TA after 6/4/08 you stated you’d sleep in his bed while he was in Cancun. Did you sleep in his house when he wasn’t there?
    104.How is it you were so calm in your interview w/CBS?
    105.You stated in 48 hrs interview that TA’s family deserved to know the truth. If that was true, why didn’t you confess then?
    106.If TA wanted the sex convo recorded why didn’t he record it?
    107.If you didn’t want to be tied to a tree, why did you go and look for a place where he could do that?
    108.If you dropped the camera on the bathmat, how is it that it rolled all the way to the bath tub?
    109.On the phone sex tape, when TA was talking about photos/taking vids, was that all part of his fantasy?
    110.Did you ever voice anything to TA about being uncomfortable with his fantasies?
    111.Why didn’t you call Ryan and tell him you were going to AZ when you decided you were going to AZ?
    112.You have testified to many occasions where you performed sexual favors for TA to keep him happy. Are you saying you never got any pleasure out of it?
    113.Why would you continue to carry journals around w/you if it was possible that others including TA might read them?
    114.Why were the laws of attraction so important to follow but the law of chastity was not?
    115.Do the laws of attraction also apply to recording phone sex conversations?
    116.You stated there were times TA made you tear out pages w/negative things you said about him. Right before that you said you didn’t write anything bad about TA. Which is it?
    117.Were you mad at TA while you were stabbing him?
    118.How is it that you remember so many sexual encounters, including ex-boyfriends, but you don’t remember stabbing TA or dragging his body?
    119.During cross, you were asked if you were crying when you were stabbing Travis and you said no. How do you know that if you don’t remember?
    120.You stated you bought a gun to commit suicide but never ended up doing it. What stopped you from doing it?
    121.You stated you would not want kids w/TA because you would be worried about them. If that’s the case, why’d you tell Leslie you couldn’t wait for your kids to play together at future PPL events?
    122.A lot of your answers to the questions you were asked made it seem like you put TA’s needs and priorities before your own. If that’s the case, why didn’t you call for help after you shot him?
    123.Why did you decide to tell the truth 2 years after the killing?
    124.What made you change your mind and tell everyone about Travis’ secret about the child’s picture?
    125.You said you were sick to your stomach when you saw TA with child pics. Why did you sleep w/him again?
    126.Would you classify your relationship w/TA as a love/hate relationship?
    127.On 6/4/08 after you got up and ran towards the closet, is it possible TA picked up the camera from the bathroom floor and moved it?
    128.Could that also explain the delay in his arrival and his anger in the door threshold?
    129.Given that there are guiding principles such as the law of attraction and passing down journals to future generations, do you feel the Mormon church (sorry, missed it, one of my kids asked me something!)…
    130.Can you give a few examples of what might be considered negative other than what you’ve already discussed (in regards to journals)?
    131.How do you determine when you will tell the truth and when you won’t? What are the determining factors?
    132.When did you find Travis’ gun?
    133.Was it kept loaded in the closet?
    134.Today, 3/5/13, you stated before lunch that you think you filled the car up first as we saw in several hypothetical situations after lunch, do you think it’s possible to put 8 plus gallons in the car and then 9 plus gallons and then 2 plus for a total of 12 in the remaining gas cans?
    135. You initially testified that sex was a way to relieve stress, then said it was a way to relieve anger. Which is it?
    136.How do you know that?
    137.Would a screwdriver be required to take off the license plates?
    138.Did you find it strange that only your license plate was messed with in that parking lot?
    139.If you were driving to a place you’d never been before (Utah), why wouldn’t you map out different towns that had rest stops and gas stations?
    140.Did you ever see a doctor for your memory issues?
    141.If you were scared of TA’s anger and violence, why would you go upstairs when he was banging his head and already mad?
    142.Did TA ever tell you he kept his gun loaded?
    143.If you didn’t think it was loaded, why grab a gun that may not be loaded instead of going outside?
    144.You stated you didn’t know anything was wrong w/the back of car when you came out of Starbucks, so how did it get turned upside down?
    145.Why did you plan on seeing John Dixon when you were on your way to see Ryan in Utah?
    146.How many men were you willing to be involved w/at the same time?
    147.Did you ever seek mental help for your mental condition?
    148.Have you ever taken medication for your memory issues?
    149.Did you ever tell anyone about your condition prior to the killing?
    150.You said you didn’t get glasses til 2010. What’s your prescription?
    151.Is there anyone who saw you shaking during a fight w/Travis?
    152.Do any of your journal entries or any other items discuss you blacking out or getting scrambled?
    153.You claim to have memory gaps when you’re being yelled at or stressed? If this is the case, how do you have such vivid memories of TA’s violent episodes during which he’s yelling?
    154. Did you call any men you did not have a romantic interest in, “hottie biscotti”, in text messages, emails or instant messages?
    155. If you were not going to marry TA because of the January 21 & Jan 22 events, why stay with him at all?
    156. Do you feel the guys in your life cheated on you because you were controlling?

    Thursday questions **************
    1a.Several times while testifying about the abuse by TA, you’ve made comments like “as I understand it now” and “I’ve come to realize”. How has this realization come about?
    1b. Were individuals involved in helping you come to these realization?
    1c.Tell us who they are and what their professions may be.
    1d. You were recalling times of memory loss with TA. How is it possible you remember such details from those days if you had a foggy memory?

    2. Is there anyone else who knows about your memory issues?
    3. Did Travis’ roommates ever hear these altercations to your knowledge? To your knowledge, did anyone else hear your altercations?
    4. You have testified about several incidents where TA was physical to you. Were you ever physical to TA besides when you killed him?
    5. Would you consider the event when Travis choked you a stressful event? If yes, why do you recall the event so clearly?
    6. In the moments of stress or fog, how do you recall what happens in those moments if it effects your memory?
    7. Why were you afraid of the consequences if you killed Travis in self-defense?
    8. What happened to the gas cans after the road trip in June of 2008?
    9. Regarding shaking, memory, foggy reaction: Do you always have a reaction as you described when someone corrects or challenges you? Is this the same reaction you have when someone yells or raises
    10. You mentioned the pain of sex is one of the reasons you brought KY into the relationship. What are the other reasons?
    11. During these altercations, why didn’t you just scream in hopes that someone would hear you and come help you?
    12. What was the date and time stamped on Ex164?
    13. If you were scared of what TA was capable of doing, why would you ever allow him to tie you up?
    14. Was Travis tied up at any point 6/4/08?
    15. Do you recall any of the injuries on TA w/out look at photos?
    16. You said the reason you didn’t write negative things in your journal because you thought Travis would read it. Is that correct? If that is the case, why were you okay with leaving an entry in your journal that said TA would be angry at you for going to Rachel’s house? Why was it okay to write about TA making you sad/happy or miserable?
    17. After you snatched the gun off the shelf, did you do anything to the gun such as cock it, manipulate t he slide, etc prior to it going off? Had you ever had any firearms training, or fire a 25 caliber pistol prior to this event?
    18. How far away from you was Travis when the gun went off? Not when he lunged, but when the gun went off?
    19. You stated you remember throwing the gun into the desert, but do you remember what happened to the box? What about the holster? Did he keep ammo?
    20. If TA lunged at you, why didn’t you just move to the side out of his way?
    21. You remember dropping the knife and screaming but don’t remember taking the gun or rope with you. Is that correct?
    22. You are stating you believe you stabbed TA based on logic. How do you explain the bloody hands and clothing, and the palm print on the wall?
    23. If you were kneeling when you dropped the camera, how did it roll as far as it did?
    24. Was TA sitting down when you dropped the camera?
    25. How did his anger escalate after you shot him?
    26. Was he chasing you after you shot him in the head?
    27. When you purchased gas at Arco in Pasadena, why didn’t you fill everything at the pump? Why three separate transactions?
    28. During testimony about the abuse by TA, you made comments like as I see it now, etc. Have you utilized professional help?
    29. Did you enjoy having sex w/Travis? Did he force you to do things you didn’t want to do?
    30. Why did you take so long to tell the truth?
    31. How many times did you try to kill yourself?
    32. Would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested?
    33. You said one of your worst fears was for everyone to find out what was going on in your relationship. Then why would you talk to 48 hours or other news shows?
    34. You stated in the interview w/Flores that TA liked to shave the old fashioned way. This would indicate a straight razor. Did TA have or use one?
    35. In testimony on 3/5/13, you mentioned filling a 3rd gas can. When and where did you get this can?
    36. Why didn’t you just run out instead of grabbing the gun in the closet?
    37. You said when the gun went off you weren’t sure you shot Travis, so when you came out of the fog in Utah, why didn’t you call 911 to get him help?
    38. Why would you hypothesize about a third gas can?
    39. You stated you didn’t get professional help when dealing with your issues, yet yesterday you mentioned you talked to a psychiatrist about the issues with Travis.
    40. You say you waited two years to tell the truth because you were ashamed. Does that mean you are no longer ashamed?
    41. In the story of a man and woman attacking Travis you mentioned talking to him. You also mentioned Travis being on all fours. Do you recall any of those things?
    42. You claimed that everything happened so fast you didn’t have time to think, so how did you think to grab the gun?
    43. How can you say you don’t have memory issues if you can’t remember stabbing him so many times and slashing his throat?
    44. Did Mr. Martinez make you shake during your testimony? If so please estimate a number of times this happened during this trial.
    45. After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?
    46. What happened to the suicide letters you wrote to your grandmother?
    47. she called me and this site bad names i deleted it, duh… TA lovers are so evil.
    48. How could you kiss another man when you knew what you just did to Travis?
    49. Were you in the fog when you were kissing Ryan?
    50. Would you agree that you came away from the 6/4/08 incident relatively unscathed, while Travis had multiple stab wounds and a gun shot?

  91. elmosmommy says:

    Wow, I didnt know it had to be unanimous for the death penalty, I think that changes my mind that she could get that altho Martinez did get a death penalty conviction on another woman that he prosecuted. I guess it is gonna depend on what other things he has in store for us to learn about

    Thanks, elmosmommy! It’s great to see all the questions in one spot. They give us an idea of how the jurors are processing the evidence. I really appreciate your input!! ~~SS

  92. Vicky says:

    I got to thinking about Jodi’s dropping the camera story, soI conducted an experiment dropping three different cameras similar in size to the one Travis owned, on four different types of bath mats, from several different crouching positions. I even “juggled” them in an attempt to recreate Jodi’s claim. I repeated the process numerous times, allowing the cameras to make contact with the mats from various angles. Guess what? Not a single one bounced off the mat and rolled or slid across the floor. Even when I dropped one right on the edge of the bath mat, that came to rest on a tile floor. It only moved a couple of inches. A combination of the shape of the lens, weight of the cameras, the flat surfaces of the cameras, and the mat absorbing the “shock” of the impact resulted in the cameras moving only inches from where they landed, before coming to a rest. I’m glad Jody didn’t claim she was standing at the time, as I would have not risked dropping a camera from that distance. I wish they had asked Jodi recreate the camera drop, because if she was facing the shower, the camera would have landed between her and the shower.
    Yah, I know, I need to find better things to do with my time, but since it was such a simple experiment, I had to give it a try.
    Along with the camera story, I have been thinking about Jodi’s claim that when she dropped the camera, Travis yelled at her that a five year old could take better photos as he was exiting the shower. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to have said a five year old could do a better job of holding on to a camera? Or, a five year old is less clumbsy than you. Or, you better hope you didn’t break my new camera you dumb biatch. What would the quality of photos have to do with anger over dropping a camera? For me, this is another part of her story that does not ring true.

    Travis supposedly said, “a five year old can hold a camera better than you.” Just heard that on Nancy in a recap.~ ~SS

  93. Vicky says:

    One more thing, based upon Jodi’s bobble the camera claim, and her assertion that she was positioned in a manner that allowed Travis to preview the photos, there is a wall between the shower and tub that extends oboutbout 8″ to 10″. So, if she dropped the camera from the crouching position she claims, the camera would most likely have been stopped by the wall at the edge of the mat if she fumbled the camera to her right.

  94. sarah0234 says:

    If you watch this clip of Martinez cross examing Stewart; I think you’ll see the similarities.

    Extra: Bryan Stewart cross-examined

  95. margaret says:

    This may be interesting for those who can’t watch during day. Supposed to have fake jury , giving verdict each night..Is everyone watching Jane, somebody is trying to play dirty..

    Dang, we don’t get TruTV here. I did hear about a Travis Alexander and the misdemeanor. Travis told people someone stole his identity??~~SS

  96. Vicky says:

    Marilyn, they were all functional, but outdated pixel wise. So, I don’t use them anymore. I tried different cameras to see if there would be differences in their “bounce factor”.

    I am watching Dr. Drew, and am so sick and tired of people smearing Travis’ name.

    I was thinking about what happened that night. I know she went there with plans to kill him if she didn’t get something she wanted. She could not have afforded the trip. She had to borrow money to even make it to Mesa. I would love to know how much clothing she packed. Could it be that after the romp in the hay, she begged Trais to let her move back in with him? I can’t imagine she was thrilled with living back at the grandparent’s house, in her cramped little room. Perhaps she told him they could be rookies with benefits. She could house sit while he was in Mexico, and other trips and would keep his house clean in exchange for a bed to sleep in, but he turned her down cold.

  97. Jonathon put on a fresh pot of coffee for Off-Topic chat HERE

  98. Vicky says:

    Ok ladies, I hate to sound like a dirty old lady, but Travis’ ex roommate Dustin is one good looking young man. Interesting that he lived in the house while Jodi was dating Travis and never heard any fighting. He also stated Travis was amazingly calm after Jodi ruined the BMW. Also, based upon what he said, Travis gave Jodi that car to drive. Didn’t sound to me like she was paying for the car.

    Vicky, we just have Jodi’s word that she was paying Travis $100 per month for the car. That check in the crime scene photos may have been for money he loaned her.~~ SS

  99. >> Well, this criminal case report from riverside superior court in southern california, which is where travis victor alexander, the man jodi arias killed is from and used to live, this person identified as travis alexander was arrested on march 7th, 2002, FOR A SHOPLIFTING AT A supermarket called stater brothers and he must have gotten into a little shoving match with a man named fred lopez.
    00:04:38 He was arrested.
    00:04:39 This person identified as travis victor alexander, arrested, went to jail, pled guilty to shoplifting and battery.
    00:04:46 FOUR DAYS LATER ON MARCH 11th, 2002, Got an additional five days in jail.
    00:04:52 So about nine days in jail, a fine, and restitution totally $515 and three years probation EXPIRING ON MARCH 11th, 2005.
    00:05:05 That’s what we know about this.
    00:05:07 He was ordered to stay away from stater brothers and fred lopez, the person he got in a shoving match with.
    00:05:13 The records say it is travis victor alexander.
    00:05:17 That’s what we know.

    Read more here….

  100. • Failure to conform to societal norms: Jodi has no respect for the law or the rules of society. She not only viciously killed another person, she openly and unabashedly sneers at the prosecuting attorney and the courtroom proceedings.
    • Pathological lying: Ms. Arias has no problem lying. We’ve all seen it and know she’s good at it. Sociopaths lie easily and keep their cool because a lie is not considered wrong or immoral. It’s merely a way to get what they want.
    • Manipulation, deception, and cunning: Arias hacked into Alexander’s email and Facebook accounts. He found her hiding in his closet when he returned home from a date. She introduced him to sex, playing the submissive partner though she was actually dominant in order to control him. It is the prosecution’s speculation Arias eventually filmed and recorded Alexander in compromising situations to blackmail him if he tried to leave her.

    Read more here.

    Jodi Arias — victim or sociopath?

  101. margaret says:

    Snoops , I understood that the 3 hr. show was to be on HLN each night of trial..I have to go back and read it again.. They must be thinking of joining the three shows and having Vinnie,Ryan and their jury. You can get HLN ?

    I get HLN..they took away our Court TV here in Canada. Court TV is what you folks call Tru TV. It is the same. They replaced our Court TV with Investigative Discovery. I keep HLN on all the time.~~SS

  102. Vicky says:

    I just finished a conversation with a coworker, who is also a clinical psychologist. I was watching Dr. Drew when he arrived to pick up his child whom my niece was babysitting. He has not followed the case closely, but stated that given the manner in which she is claiming memory loss, he would probably suspect malingering and would conduct a battery of tests to assist with making that determination.
    First of all, a very large majority of people who experience memory loss of a crime they have committed are under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.
    The person normally does not suddenly find themselves miles away, realize they have done something “really bad” and begin the process of a cover up. As a matter of fact, most in their confusion will contact Law Enforcement.
    If the memory begins to return, it is not selective, and would not miraculously only include the very beginning of the crime. As a matter of fact, most people who experience memory loss of committing a crime have the most difficulty remembering the event that immediately precipitated the crime and events immediately following.
    Adults who experience this type of memory loss following a traumatic event, usually recover the memory or have triggers that illicit “flashbacks”, emotion outbursts, nightmares, etc.
    Additionally, the majority of people who experience traumatic memory loss, have a history of memory loss, and often have family members who have experienced memory loss following stressful or traumatic events. He says if Jodi was predisposed to memory loss following stress or trauma, she would not likely recall all of her childhood beatings and or details of Travis’ alleged abuse. They would most likely be “foggy” as well.
    If a diagnosis of anti social personality disorder is made, the likelihood of malingering increases significantly.
    If her memory loss is real, her affect would not be flat or inappropriate when discussing the event. Since she isnan adult, the memory is not gone. It is stored in the brain. Talking about her “limited” recall would likely elicit an extreme emotional response throughout her testimony. Similar to the one JM got when he showed her the photo of Travis in the shower.
    He also chuckled and stated he feels sorry for the psychologist who will be testifying on Jodi’s behalf, since the state will call their own expert, and that their is more research that contradicts Jodi’s claim of long-term memory loss than supports it. Especially if she her diagnosis falls in the Axis ll of diagnostic criteria (if there is a diagnosis).

  103. Vicky~~Jodi had no other choice but to claim memory loss in order to say she killed Travis in self-defense. I doubt if Jodi would have taken any drugs or drank on June 4th. She wanted to be very cognizant of what she was doing and relish every second. Jodi has selective memory loss… I would love to inject her with Sodium Pentathol to refresh her memory.

  104. Karen C. says:

    That Shana (?) Hogan (?) woman, well, the one who’s writing the book on this case anyway- says she looked into the arrest, etc. from 2002. It seems a male relative of Travis’ stole his ID and did this stuff, submitting the ID (I’m going to take a wild guess here that he was either underage and scared, or he knew that once a prior record caught up with him he was going in for longer)- and allowed LE to think he was Travis while in the clink. Travis is said to have used this ID theft story in his motivational speeches- how it can happen to you, and so on. We’ll likely know more tomorrow, but this sure reeks of the same mind that tried to weasel in those forged letters…

    This ‘imposter’s’ fingerprints would be on record at the time he was booked in the jail. Wouldn’t they run the fingerprints thru their system?~ ~SS

  105. Vicky says:

    That was an interesting article you posted. However, i don’t agree that Jody had no behavioral issues as a juvenile. It is pretty anti social to drop out of school, leave home to move in with a boy friend at 17 and practice Wicca as a teen. Those are the things we know about. Some might also include sexual promiscuity, skipping school and sneaking out of the house as symptoms of some form of conduct disorder. At this point, it would be difficult to get her family to admit she was a problem child, so unless she self reported, Anti Social personality would be a difficult diagnosis to make, but narcissism is certainly in the realm of possibility.

  106. Karen C. says:

    More concerning though, and germane to this case, is the story the babysitter talks about- that Psycho hit her younger brother on the head with a baseball bat when they were kids. Karla Homolka (The Ken & Barbie killers) is said to have thrown a pet hamster out of a window onto a sidewalk when she was a mere schoolgirl, and it didn’t die immediately- she watched it squirm from the window. This was def. a rage killing (I’ll agree with Fuhrman on that one!)- how much pleasure did she derive out of it I wonder, as opposed to satisfaction. Two different things.

    Being a psycho, she probably derived both. No one can make me believe Jodi loved Travis. Narcissists are incapable of loving anyone except that person in the mirror who looks back at them.~~SS

  107. Karen C. says:

    On the fingerprints question- people get lazy, if ID theft thing is the case, then maybe if he looked a lot like Travis on the pic they just went with it. Stupid, lazy, or incompetent- Oh! May it never be! I know someone who was booked in County for a month, very common name, was given another guy’s Haldol- who had the same dang name! The fact the Haldol dude was black and other dude was white somehow went right over the guard’s little heads. Dude given the Haldol thought he was ice-fishing in Alaska, and there were walruses all around….

  108. Karen C. says:

    BTW- Big shout-out to Elmosmommy- man, just typing all that was an act of courage! And, how could you keep from giggling, some of those questions are just so sarcastic- the judge really played it straight, rattling all that off.

  109. elmosmommy says:

    On Showbiz Tonight they just showed a little blurb from a lawyer by the name of Koblinksky ( i hope I got the name right ) but he just said that all women on death row in Arizona are caucausian women.

  110. elmosmommy says:

    That whole situation over Travis having a criminal record was started just in the last 2 days over at the jodi is innocent site. And they have gone absolutely nutso thinking they have this great info that is gonna save Jodi and they wanted to get it on Youtube and get the word out as fast as they could that Travis had a criminal record and of course they arent buying it that they are wrong. But apparently Shanna Hogan already had a chapter on this in her book. I believe they are trying to get someone to go get the record and mugshot from the courts in Riverside, California where the crime happened. I will let everyone here know if they come up with anything further.

    Btw, the thanks go to a poster on that site for typing out the questions. I never meant to take credit for it in the least, I just never thought to include the name but all I did was copy and pasted it from there.

  111. Karen C. says:

    Well, thanks for bringing it in, and kudos to whomever did it!

  112. Karen C. says:

    Well, here we go, from the very useful HuffPo:
    Seems his younger brother would have served harder time (parole violation), and he has come forward. Other brother confirms.

  113. Karen C. says:

    Please amend- no other brother yet, just him so far- Dennis Gregory Alexander. Let’s see who does confirm…

  114. Karen C. says:

    So, poking around I found this:
    The post mentions the other siblings but NOT this Dennis Gregory Alexander- black sheep perhaps?

  115. Karen C. says:

    Dennis Gregory Alexander now goes by Greg Alexander, per Travis’ obit.

  116. Marilyn N says:

    24 hours to go……..

  117. gramared says:

    I don’t know if Martinez is allowed to show any video in his closing, but if he replayed Jodi’s interviews with Dt. Flores, they are sooooo convincing as to her ability to lie over and over and over again, in the face of overwhelming, visible evidence. She doesn’t just lie, she tells ELABORATE LIES and thinks she should be believed.

    In his closing, JM should just go over each and every time (well, that would take months) Jodi has lied during this case and end his closing with something like…

    “Now, Ms. Arias is expecting this jury, the jury she said would never convict her, to believe that she is FINALLY telling the truth. Please, tell HER the TRUTH. Tell her that you DO NOT, for one second, believe ANY of the lies she told this court, including those she told in an attempt to tarnish and destroy Travis Alexander’s reputation in order to save her own life. Tell her what you DO BELIEVE is that SHE is GUILTY, beyond a reasonable doubt, of the BRUTAL, HEINOUS, PREMEDITATED MURDER of Travis Alexander.”

    Just my opinion.

  118. margaret says:

    HLN AFTER DARK,, starting Wednesday, for as long as trial lasts..Live audience will act as jury. It starts at 10:00 pm eastern time. Vinnie,Jane, Nancy, Dr. Drew, Beth and Jean , all will be on the show. It will be interesting to see how the audience will vote..

  119. Karen C. says:

    Latest from HuffPo on this alleged arrest:
    Shows the booking pic- def. not Travis- he had real caterpillar eyebrows. Sure could be a relative though….

  120. Karen C. says:

    And to add to the confusion, the LE officer who’s spokesperson for Riverside (which is checking into all this for Mesa) has the last name Martinez.

  121. Karen C. says:

    Went over to that wacky Jodi-Is-Innocent Site to see if they have picked up on the latest HuffPo- nope, still happily high-fiving each other. Yuh, well, it’s not Travis.

  122. (From Huff Post)

    Dennis Alexander said he was attempting to leave the store when he was approached by a security guard. “They tackled me and beat me up pretty good,” he said. “I was already on parole and would have went to prison, so I used Travis’ name and information. When they arrested me, they fingerprinted me and put it in the computer and found out who I was. They sent me to prison for a parole violation.”

  123. Thanks, Karen C…I didn’t notice your comments before I posted mine… I am so glad this is finally cleared up re Travis.

  124. In an interview with CBS 5, Baez was asked to identify what he believes to be the most damning evidence against Arias. Baez said the worst evidence he’s seen is a magazine found in her cell with a code that “could be interpreted as” trying to change a witness’ testimony.

    “Jurors don’t want to feel like someone is trying to pull one over on them,” he said. “What little open-mindedness they may have had might have been destroyed by that magazine.”

    Read more:

  125. Newbie says:

    Tomorrow, Court starts at ten fifteen mountain time ?

  126. Vicky says:

    Here is a link that provides both the juror questions and Jodi’s answers. I printed the document and a group of us looked over it during lunch today. Several of us are following this case. The consensus was that Jodi is malingering and that her tale of abuse is practiced and taken from material she has been provided regarding traumatic memory loss, victims of domestic violence and profiles of batterers. We all agreed that it would be great if it was possible to determine what materials and books she has read during her incarceration. The therapists at the table said her responses were far too practiced and not consistent with what they would expect to hear from a victim/patient. Instead she sounds more like a report or an article written about trauma and memory loss. She is cherry picking history and symptoms for both herself and Travis, based upon known literature, and misapplying it.
    Several also stated that based upon several questions, they believe there is at least one juror who is familiar with domestic violence and sexual abuse. And based upon her answered to those issue related questions, Jodi is in big trouble.

    Tomorrow, we are going to discuss Travis and Jodi’s relationship whom they believe was a victim of Jodi long before she killed him. I am looking forward to that discussion since one of the therapists is a forensic psychologist that completes psych evils for criminal defendants and worked with inmates prior to coming to work for us. He has been my partner in crime working on developing our sex offender/prevention program.

    Click to access Jury-Questions-Jodi-Arias-Trial.pdf

  127. Vicky~~exactly! Not only did Jodi premeditate Travis’ murder, all her testimony and answers to the jurors questions are premeditated and well rehearsed. She is paving the way for the two experts who will discuss Jodi’s memory loss and why she lost it on June 4th…

  128. margaret says:

    Vicky, may I ask you a question.. I try to be understanding and believe in giving second chances on some things, but with people like jodi and casey a. I can’t muster up any good feelings for either of them. I love your posts and you have a good understanding of mental illness.. My question is,, is there ever a diagnosis of just pure evil and not a mental disease? Thank you..

    Margaret, if I may jump in here, I believe Jodi was predestined to be what we see today, a sociopath, narcissist, stalker, psycho and pure evil , at the time of conception. ~~SS

  129. Vicky says:

    Margaret, yes, there are people who are “pure evil”, and no amount of therapy, treatment or rehabilitation can cure them. There are the predators in our society and the only way to guarantee society is safe from them is to lock them away. Even people in the field of psychology recognize this. There are objective and subjective tests that can with reasonable certainty identify the level of threat disordered individuals pose to society. Early identification and treatment of children with serious emotional disturbances can prevent the majority from progressing into more serious disorders, but just like any other organ, some diseases of the brain can’t be cured.

  130. Vicky says:

    I asked my forensic psychologist friend about what kind of expert witness would testify for Jodi Aries. He laughed and said one that no longer provides treatment, but makes a living off of expert testimony and walking an ethical tightrope. He was kidding. He doesn’t think Samuels will jeopardize his reputation or standing with his colleagues by tailoring his testimony for Jodi. He said that given the nature of this defense, his testimony will be limited in scope unless he has completed a full evaluation, has reviewed the police interview and TV tapes and forensic evidence as compared to what she told him, and has talked to as many people as possible who had known Jodi, both friends and family throughout her life. And took all of those things into consideration prior to submitting his report to the defense team. He said we should first listen to his testimony, both direct and cross prior to judging him. We still don’t know why they have called him. He says it is possible that the defense will ask him general questions about abuse, trauma, etc. If Jodi has given permission for him to reveal any diagnosis he has made, he will provide that testimony along with the info/testing he used to make his diagnosis as well.
    He thinks the domestic violence witness is going to be far more friendly to Jodi’s cause during her testimony. Especially if she has convinced herself Jodi was a victim.

  131. Vicky~~I hope Martinez will be allowed to ask La Violette when she first discovered Snow White was a battered woman and that God was feminine. lol If anyone will put the jurors to sleep it will be her. In the first 5 minutes of this video Alyce talks about God being feminine.

    “Gender Fairytales and Domestic Violence” – Alyce LaViolette – 10/16/08

  132. margaret says:

    Thank you kind ladies. I have learned so much from you two..I guess I know what we will all be doing tomorrow..Had my own nightmare today. My Granddaughters school bus was side swiped by a semi on their way home. No one hurt but it was a harrowing time until I could get to her..God was taking care of them. I am wiped out from that and am going to bed. Good Night everyone..

    Margaret, thank God no children got hurt. Big hugs and nitey nite.~ ~ SS

  133. FYI ~~

    I suggest you view the following clip. Did you know that when you visit the jodi is innocent site, the one who runs that site has your IP number even if you do not leave a comment?

    Who really runs the site

  134. Karen C. says:

    Well, Drat! I ALMOST left a fairly innocuous comment there, MOR totally, but decided wisely against it. The more of those threads I followed down, the crazier they were getting. And it really is the same handful of peeps, over and over, pretty much. Anyone who presented a “let’s keep an open mind now” position was burned.

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with a feminine God concept- spirit anyway- kind of affirming to have a positive image instead of all this male, male, male stuff- and the first deity humans made images of and prayed to was female (childbirth being a really big miraculous event). Frankly, I’m already so tired of hearing about the (male) college of cardinals, the (male) bishops, etc.- yeah, I can def. see the attraction of a supportive, understanding Earth Mother Goddess! Now, the Snow White was abused spouse thing…

  135. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- as for evil, I’m sure you recall the “Runaway Devil” Richardson family murders from Medicine Hat. 12 years old- and she’d never been abused, molested, etc., except by her pathetic boyfriend. That is born, inbred EVIL.

  136. Karen C. says:

    Fingerprints clear Travis!
    I am SO tempted to go “over there” to see if they recant, but- Nah, they’ll just chalk it up to an LE conspiracy of some sort….

    Karen C, I think we should bold it eh?~~SS

    Fingerprints clear Travis!

  137. elmosmommy says:

    I had a strange thought tonight so I am gonna run it by the posters here and see if others think this is odd. Jodi said in testimony that she got to Travis`s at 3-4am. Travis was still up and they watched some youtube videos, they are obviously both night owls which some dont understand but since I am I definitely know that some people are always up late. However my question comes in that she said they were both tired and went to sleep with no sex. It did take place in the morning tho, I think we have to agree on that. But this highly charged sexual couple who hadnt seen each other for close to 2 months and neither had another sexual partner that we know of and yet they watched videos and went to bed and went to sleep. Some of Jodi`s stories are that oral sex took place in the first few mins on the second time they saw each other. and the baptism into Mormon faith and they had sex in the first 5 mins of getting home from it. Was he super pissed when she showed up ? I think the phone records did prove she had talked to Travis by phone ( prior to her buying her gas in California, her first time filling the car and gas cans, which throws off her testimony that she bought gas only after Travis asked her to come to his place ) altho I think I also read that Travis`s roomate said Jodi arrived outside his house and Travis was not expecting her. I cant figure out why she would lie about not having sex but this just kinda hit me as odd tonight, unless they had a big argument about her being there but he let her stay the night. Darn I dont wanna be thinking more about Jodi`s sex life than I do my own !! LOL

  138. elmosmommy~~Jodi and Travis not having sex struck me as odd too since Travis was supposed to be a sex animal. How do we know for sure that Travis and Jodi did have sex that day? The video that was supposedly made was not recoverable.

    I heard the following too… I think I also read that Travis`s roomate said Jodi arrived outside his house and Travis was not expecting her.

    That must have just been a rumor or was meant for some other time. It is my understanding that Travis’ roommates thought he was in Mexico on June 4th. No one came forward to say Jodi was at Travis on that date. Without the bloody palm print and the pics on the camera, Jodi may still be free.

  139. ***********************************************************************
    Trial resumes Weds, March 13th-10:15am MST- and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

  140. Marilyn N says:

    SS: We know you mean Wednesday, and we’ll all be here!!
    Thank you!

    I did a C&P and just changed the date…shame on me~~SS

  141. It looks like Arizona does not go to daylight savings time… Sooo we get it an hour later..

  142. Marilyn N says:

    So much for starting half an hour early!!

  143. sarah0234 says:

    We waited five days; what’s another two hours? Excruciating!

  144. sarah0234 says:

    JM is so cute when the judge tells them to approach.

  145. Marilyn N says:

    Oooooohh – she’s feisty today!!

  146. Marilyn N says:

    She’s got the “I rolled” story down pat!!!

  147. sarah0234 says:

    It’s bad that she had five days to rest. It’ll take him all day to get her to submit to just yes and no answers.

  148. Marilyn N says:

    Jodi forgot to wear her green to match her defense.

  149. gramared says:

    Do any of you think Jodi’s snippy, know-it-all attitude will play with the jury? She thinks she’s soooo smart, but this does not sound like a person who is the least bit remorseful

    Nurmi is not being terribly successful with his objections.

  150. Marilyn N says:

    I like it when she is snippy. Don’t think it is favorable to her.

  151. sarah0234 says:

    I wish she would say, “contemporaneous” one more time.

  152. sarah0234 says:

    Hi gramared: IMO, it shows she’s a very strong willed person who wouldn’t ever cow down to any demands made by Travis or any other person that she did not want to adhere to. It shows that not only was she a willing a participant but that she LOVED to be in control.

  153. Karen C. says:

    Ooooh- the fog just rolled in!
    I am delighted! Let’s see if he can get her to use the phrase- “the fog rolled in”…

  154. sarah0234 says:

    Ok…….help. 1:15 AZ time means what on the east coast. I’m totally confused because of this DST. (I don’t care for DST…….I know, I’m a minority.)

    4:15pm your time~~SS

  155. sarah0234 says:

    Karen C……… I want to hear “freeze” “frozen” as in computer. Let’s not forget “f’ing kill you b$tch”……..she’s so picky about getting every minute detail correct. And when she’s penned she always says……”I don’t know how to answer that”.. or “I don’t know how to answer that”….. Count how many times she licks her lips while JM is questioning her. (I think it’s a sub-conscience way of sticking her tongue out at him).

  156. sarah0234 says:

    So, Snoops…….they’re taking the lunch break already?

  157. Does anyone else think it is possible that Travis was a ‘sacrifice’ based on JA’s previous Wicca activities? All those stab wounds and then an almost ritualistic cutting of the throat when he probably was at death’s door…makes me wonder.

  158. (the following came in via email)

    G’morning xxxxx, Can’t seem to post on your blog these days. So I’ll share some observations this morning via email with you. Have you noted the way Jodi’s eyes are so shrouded this morning? She looks more guarded than usual and is playing the game of splitting hairs with JM with her vocabulary. Don’t think will bode well with the jury at this juncture being day 18. I feel they are getting fed up and today is going to be a big turning point with regard to exposing all the lies, and determining pre-meditation. Surely the jury notes how she is convinced that she’s smarter than everyone else in that courtroom. “No jury will ever convict me” She truly believes that. My heart goes out to Travis’s family having to listen to this every day…no way this was self defense. My God, when you examine the crime scene, photo’s and listen to Kevin Horn’s testimony, this was a rage killing. Praying that this jury has something between their ears, unlike the Pinella’s 12! Thank you, you’re doing a great job covering this trial and I’ve been following all the comments from your readers. Regards,xxxx: Redrelaxed

    Red, I cannot understand why you can’t comment…it could be your browser…Chrome is a great browser and is very compatible with this blog. It doesn’t take long to download. One other gal had a problem commenting and is now using Chrome with no problems.~~SS

    You can download Chrome here…

  159. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn: I agree. HLN takes WAY too many commercial breaks by using the hideous “pause” system. I liked to take that “pause” button and smash it on the sidewalk.

    I’ll try and find out where to complain. It is very annoying.

    Those advertisements pay the bills. It wont do any good to complain.~~SS

  160. gramared says:

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall in chambers! This just gives JA more time to come up with what “she thinks” are amazing answers.

    Sarah0234…You’re right about JA always wanting to be the one in control. I figure that JM just peppers her with these questions because he knows she’ll show her true self, a controlling, manipulative, psycho who thinks she has pulled the wool over the eyes or the jury. The facts are so against her.

    Suzanna…That’s a good way to describe her attitude – in love with herself!

    Has the jury asked any additional questions or did it just begin with JM? I didn’t see the beginning of today’s session. If not, do you think they will have the opportunity to ask more today?

    Good time to run errands…

  161. Marilyn N says:

    I’d be willing to bet that Jodi’s mother is working on a book with all her note taking.

  162. sarah0234 says:

    Already a sidebar. For those reading and not watching…….Arias is wearing her little girl pastel baby blue shirt that is snug across her generous bosom. She’s trying her best to keep a low soft voice (as usual) without wearing a smirk.

  163. gramared says:

    Does anyone else notice how NERVOUS ole Jodi looks right about now. JM is coming at her so fast and furious that her head is probably spinning, and she is slipping up on many things she has already told the court.

  164. gramared says:

    Sarah0234…Can you imagine getting that snarky with an attorney if you were on the stand? I’d probably be a puddle of nerves, especially after a zillion days on the stand. Not Jodi, she is more than enjoying her 15 minutes….and playing her games.

  165. sarah0234 says:

    I was pulled away for awhile. Did I miss anything?
    Gramared: No I could not imagine being so disrespectful to an attorney. She probably treated her parents with the same disdain. You’re right. She’s loving every second of this. She’s thinking; All this attention just for me? It’s because you slaughtered a good man you bimbo.

    I’ve never witnessed an ice cold murdering b$tch before.

  166. sarah0234 says:

    Does she think that by adding small minutia that JM’s attention will be taken away from the original question? I don’t understand why she answers the questions the way she does. Is that part of being a sociopath?

    IMO, what she’s trying to do with the gun is to make it sound like Travis used it on the range with the guys with four wheelers; or make it fit into the video that one man has of Travis shooting that man’s guns. (Sorry, don’t remember the guys name) but, the guy said that Travis did NOT own any guns.

  167. Karen C. says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I ALMOST feel sorry for Nurmi. This disaster is not his fault.

    And he fought some hard to be released from the case. He looks like he is on the verge of a migraine.~~SS

  168. Newbie says:

    Seems to me Jodi is trying to portray the mis-treated defendant at this time. I can’t see her being shook today as she would like us to believe. It is just another ploy. Big bad prosecutor after the poor little thing ! hmph

  169. Newbie says:

    Testing……my rose showed up in “recent comments yet no comment showing.

    I see your comments and rose~ ~SS

  170. For Tomorrow’s trial, I am going to start a thread for comments while the trial is on….in that way the ad libs will not overload the weekly main post page…

  171. gramared says:

    Sarah0234 – Maybe the hours are just to give the jury a break. If I were on the jury, however, I’d want to put in as many hours a day as possible and finish as quickly as possible. Hope some jury members will be willing to talk after trial/sentencing. Bet they’ll have some noteworthy comments.

  172. Jodi Arias: Outside the courtroom

    Nice pic of Travis’ family outside the courthouse here too..

    New on HLN: When court is done for the day, the conversation is only just beginning. Watch “HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial” nightly at 10 p.m. on HLN.

  173. Do any of you notice the lack of emotional support that Willmott and/or Nurmi gives Jodi? Quite a change from the CA case. At times, Jennifer looks at whatever Jodi writes or draws and remains very business like in her reactions. I wonder how Willmott ended up on this case. Nurmi was appointed by the judge as he was a public defender at the time.

    Jodi’s eyes were like two black beads today when Martinez was asking her questions. I thought at one time that she was about to snap.

  174. Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez showed Arias two photographs that were taken inside Alexander’s home on June 4, 2008. According to Martinez, the first photo was of a live Alexander in his shower. The second photo, taken 62 seconds later, was of Alexander’s bloodied body sprawled out on the floor, with Arias’s foot next to his head.

    Read more here…

    Jodi Arias Trial: Prosecutor Calls Defense Slaying Scenario ‘Impossible’

  175. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- That above is a very good idea (re: thread).

    So far he’s impeached her on 2 points pretty thoroughly, and also a third point possibly (for some reason the Judge sustained for Nurmi).

    First- those pesky gas cans. Wal-mart has two parts involving documentation for a return- Item gets returned, etc., etc. AND item gets added back in the system if still sell-able. They need to know what they have, and why stuff gets returned (Color? Buttons fall off easy?), and if there’s theft involved. (I heard on NPR a piece on exactly this point- they can figure out if you’re pregnant by if you purchase folic acid supplements and cocoa butter skin cream using credit- you might get a special coupon for a Diaper Genie, say, a few months later!) I expect we’ll see this issue again, with the cans, if the State can arrange a manager to come over.

    Second- the timing is impossible the way she says! Remember, she’s been body-slammed, something Travis-The-Ripper did quite frequently according to her, so that has got to eat up a few precious seconds right there. This may not be as solid an impeachment as the “returned gas can” (and who does that anyway??!!) but none-the-less.

    Third- and I think this will be HUGE with the jurors- she could not have stood on that dang shelf! Or any of them! Or any combination of them! The jurors will make a bee-line for that pic in the room, and anyone can see it didn’t happen.

    If she can be successfully impeached everything out of her lying little mouth can be disregarded by the jury- everything. And since self-defense here means believing her, since there is a complete absence of any collaboration, this is what just may happen. And there’s more to come.
    It seems there may be contradictions between what she’s said here and what she said to La Viollette, possibly big contradictions too.

    I haven’t even mentioned that magical knife of hers (or did he have it? Now, THAT was a mind-blower!), or that the imaginary gun had been “used” by Travis… and I’m betting we see that video of Travis with the assault weapon- they have to get some kind of a gun in his hands somehow.

    She looked just like a field mouse today, trying to anticipate the cat’s next move.

  176. [transferred from Trial Talk]

    Vicky says:
    March 14, 2013 at 12:44 am (Edit)
    I actually felt my blood pressure elevate when I heard Jodi imply that it was possible that Travis had the knife first. I think she really screwed herself with that one and then added insult to injury be claiming she saw Travis load the gun in December.
    I wonder if a friend or family member is coaching her during visits and/or phone calls. They take notes, watch TV, cruise the Internet, and then tell her what she needs to explain further. I know her attorneys would never advise her to make clarifications that they don’t ask her to make. And it seems that some of her minor detail additions are based upon what is being said in response to her testimony. Jodi doesn’t seem to understand that for someone who is known to lie, the devil is literally in the details.
    Her affect is so far off. Instead of spending so much time memorizing and running her lines, she should have practiced turning on the tears when a true victim would, adding a “quiver” to her voice, and shaking like a Chiwawa. Seriously, how many people can relay an event that was so traumatic that it resulted in the death of a person they claim to have loved, a “fog” surrounding the event, looking out at both their family members and the family of the victim, facing a jury who will determine their future, and not completely fall apart?
    It’s surreal – Yes, I shot, stabbed and sliced the throat of the man I wanted to spend my life with. Could I get a drink of water, please?

    To answer your question, who else but a manipulating psychopathic stalker, narcissist sociopath?~~SS

  177. Redrelaxed says:

    Hi Snoopy!

    Thank you for posting the links for the trial. I had to miss part 2 & 3 today.

    You mentioned up-thread about the DT is rather chilly toward Jodi. I’ve noticed that St. Jodi of Arias is every bit as detached from them. No love lost here. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to defend someone who has murdered another person so brutally and shows no remorse whatsoever. She’s a scary menace to society.

    I believe JA is a difficult person to get close to and she’s a tough nut to crack. (there’s an understatement) Most of TA’s friends said that she was aloof and distant, quite the opposite of Travis. She was the first person they all suspected when Travis’s body was discovered. CA was a social butterfly within her sphere of influence. CA seemed to naturally engender emotional support from her DT. Her friends were supportive and said she was a loving doting mother.

    Okay, time to get caught up, and watch Dr. Drew who thinks she was panicking today. I’m hearing words from the TH’s like smugness, arrogance… sociopaths don’t feel fear or emotion…

    I will say though, that Jodi shows remarkable stamina, to sit in the hot seat for 18 days. Amazing.

    PS~ Good to be back.

  178. Please use the following thread when commenting about the trial as it is taking place. SS

    Trial Talk-Yak Away

  179. Newbie says:

    Something that bothers me although at this point is not that important. The gun…..I wish she had been asked whether she grabbed it by the barrel or the “handle” or was she able to grab it more by its middle. She was in a hurry and if it all were true, there would be a little panic I would think if you grabbed the gun by the barrel and had to switch it around. I also wonder if she held it in one hand as she allegedly pointed it at Travis or was she using both hands. Then there’s the matter of that gun having a safety on it. Whether it did or didn’t I would have liked to hear her tell about that point plus the others.
    Snoop, if this is on the wrong page feel free to move it….lol…..boss.

  180. Newbie says:

    Foo…I didn’t proof read, sorry.”I would think if you grabbed the gun by the barrel and had to switch it around that would take more than a second or two, especially if you knew nothing about guns.

  181. Karen C. says:

    Yuh, I’m surprised the safety wasn’t addressed by State yet, but it could be he doesn’t want the jurors to think that there’s any credence to any of this “Travis’ gun” nonsense anyway. They’ve already been made to visualize a gun in a holster- talk about it long enough, often enough….

    At some point the shoe print has to be addressed, by somebody, or it may be an appellate issue later. I’m reminded of that just reviewing parts of yesterday’s “testimony”. So, what happened to the shoes? Surely we’re not expected to believe she showed up in Utah in bare feet, and surely she was wearing more than socks. Notice how Nurmi has characterized her feet in the unplanned sweatpant-with-zipper pic as wearing socks- not shoes. This has happened twice (at least) and not been challenged. Now, Bryan Carr, poor fellow, wants to believe that the ninjas exist but they’re Mormon ninjas and Travis had to be killed as a blood atonement, so he brings up the shoe print. It could be a print from one of the roommates or friends during discovery of the body (hopefully not by LE!). I think we will be hearing more about this and soon.

  182. Well we know it was g/pas gun that she used. I thought LE found 25 cal ammunition in her room at g/mother’s when they got a search warrant. . Maybe that was a rumor or maybe it was 9mm ammo.

    Hopefully Martinez will put Travis’ friend on as a rebuttal witness so he can put this dang gun to rest. Jodi needs that gun for her self-defense to fly. No holster, gun box or ammo found at Travis’.

    Did anyone get a chance to watch After Dark on HLN last night? .. The 12 mock jurors all found Jodi guilty re the gun evidence.

    Today we will have to suffer thru Alyce La Violette…or the other expert on battered and abused women..How about someone on to speak on battered and sliced up men?

    Martinez had Jodi rattled a bit yesterday… the legal pundits said it was Martinez’ best day thus far.

    Jodi said she put socks and shoes on out in the desert… if we can believe anything she says…

    Someone has to get Bryan Carr off the streets…he is a kook.

  183. Redrelaxed says:

    Here is the link to Dr. Richard Samuel’s website; the expert witness who will testify this morning.

  184. Marilyn N says:

    Regarding Jodi’s gun purchase: If she was normal and had just killed a person,
    I would think she would never, ever want to touch another gun again.
    She needs to be off the streets forever.

  185. sarah0234 says:

    Marilyn N: Excellant point about the gun!

    I don’t think the prosecution needs to bring it up anymore, until closing of course. I think the jury has put the puzzle together that she took the gun from her grandfather. Premeditation period.

  186. Vicky

    I definitely believe someone has been givng her all the info thats coming frm HLN particularly the Dr Drew, Nancy Grace and Jane Mitchell’s shows. In fact I’ve thought that from the first time – shoot I can’t think of his name but its the guy who befriended Jodi in the last year or so. The one who has a sister that suffered from domestic violence – ever since the 1st time he was on NG he kept saying over/over that as he visits Jodi almost every day they NEVER discuss the trial or how its going which HOGWASH! This is one reason why she keeps adding things to her story. I also wouldn’t put it past Nurmi to be leaving her hints or bits of information in a slimy roundabout way that some lawyers will do when they communicate with their clients. Could even be a family member when they visit. Whoever or however she is getting the info she is definitely getting it fed to her on a pretty fairly regular basis – because she kept addressing things that were not necessarily asked of her but would come up on the different shows and then lo and behold 2 days later she would initiate the explanation for them by stuffing them into the answers of OTHER questions. Plus her demeanor has changed over time. Its clear she tried hard to control her smugness and although she was not successful with it completely she did tone it down.

  187. I saw it Snoopy. very interesting. Tonight they’re doing a mock verdict on JM – and I KNOW you will be watching that one! 🙂

    Jodi’s secret admirer is Bryan Carr. It will be interesting to see how the mock jurors rate Martinez. I listen to Juan’s every word and really admire his approach and no nonsense attitude.~~SS

  188. Yep me too. And I have a feeling that the jury will agree with us. I’m starting to think like NG – that Juan could’ve come down even harder then he actually did.

  189. Evidentiary hearing (outside the jury) tomorrow, March 15th will be televised. Jane Velez just announced it…

  190. btw – Is Bryan Carr the guy I was talking about? if it is I totally agree with you. He will defend her until his dying day – I think he would justify her crime even if she told him she planned it all. He’s completely smitten with her and has been since the day he met her. Can you imagine a normal woman agreeing to see this man – a complete stranger that came to the jail just to meet her?

    Yes, Bryan Carr is the one.~~SS

  191. Dr Samuels has a shady past….more to come… As Nancy would say…

    Breaking News… Read this…

    Click to access 20000313_35SI00106000.pdf

    I am hoping Martinez is aware of this and will bring it up in his cross of the good doctor Samuels.

  192. Yep I heard he solicits attorneys and on his website he actually claims he can win any case! He didn’t impress me at all. I thought he looked sloppy, sweaty and reminded me of a brown-noser. And he certainly didn’t convince me that he knew what he was talking about – typical brown noser. One of Dr Drew’s inside the courtroom spectators – Katey he calls his jury said she saw the doctor go over to the defense table during a break and shook Nurmi’s hand, winked and smiled at Jodi and she smiled back. or maybe it was Jodi’s hand he shook – I’m not sure. Katey the juror said she thought the experts are supposed to be UNbiased and of course she’s right. He’s another slimy ambulance chaser….

  193. margaret says:

    Snoops and everyone did you look at the end of you-tube video #4. Almost at the end , the judge tells court that that is all for today,the shield for court comes up and then opens again. Nurmi jodi and willmott beaming and smiling as if they won the lottery..Waiting for juan

    Yes, I sure did see that!~~SS

  194. OMG Snoops that’s creepy. I wonder how he was paid for this little stint. Seriously who do they think they’re kidding this so called doctor? This whole defense team is a joke just like the defense itself. They are all over the place and none of it is believable. From now on I’m calling it:
    (Snoop I struggled with moving this portion but it was a flash inspiration that came from my above post which has to do with your post about the doctors record…… so I decided to let you decide…..if you do can you put a link to it?)

    Recipe for
    THE SPAGHETTI DEFENSE (or How to Cook Your Own Goose!)
    1 Big Black Cauldron
    6 cups of Self Defense
    2 cups of Imitation Parental Abuse
    3 cups of Imitation Boyfriend Abuse
    1 cup of Phony Pedophilia
    3 cups of Forced Anal Sex
    7,655 Lies
    Copious amounts of Kinky Sex (which will be offset by many of the lies)
    1 Pity Party cut in half (the other 1/2 will be served during the penalty phase)
    100 pages of sexting
    2 (yes two) Missing guns
    1 Found gun (never used)
    1 Taped phone sex call
    1 – Bullshit Diary (or a diary full of crap)
    2 – Big knives
    2 – Slimy attorneys
    3 to 4 Slimy expert witnesses
    1 – Crazy Self Centered lying bitch who has consciously made bad choices her entire life, refuses to accept responsibility for any of them yet still thinks she’s entitled to get away with murder. This may take time so you have up to 5 years. (it helps to look for certain traits in a female like: loves the sound of her own voice, cannot resist taking photos of herself daily, consistantly displays a desperate need for attention, cannot take even the most obvious hint that you don’t like her, displays a grandiose mentality, when you first meet you feel the hairs on your neck stick out, gives you a list of books she’s read that you know she never understood)

    Mix all the ingredients except for the knives, pages of sexting, the diary and the people (thrown in for effect). Once the consistency becomes sticky and elastic, roll it out flat then take the knives – one in each hand and cut it into long strips. (you may chant during this time if you wish) take the pages of sexting and cut in half long ways. Take the pages from the diary, separate and cut in half long ways. Place a half page on top of 1 strip of the flattened mixture and cover it with another one. Press together then roll long ways. Do the same with the pages of the diary.

    Get the Cauldron, fill it with water, light a fire under it and let it burn while the water boils over. Take the rolled strips and place them one by one into the boiling water. Cook 12 minutes. Then pull one strip out let it cool for 2 minutes, roll it up into a ball then throw it against the wall. If it doesn’t stick (and it wont) do the same with another strip and another until all of them have been thrown. When all are spent and you have nothing left but the cauldron full of boiling water – well at this point – its time for you to realize that you might as well jump in because YOUR GOOSE IS COOKED!

  195. Newbie says:

    MysticalPippin, certainly enjoyed the recipe ! The ingredients alone clearly show the ridiculous defense that has so far been presented !!!

  196. The crest shows but then the camera starts rolling again at 36:04/37:51..Jodi and Nurmi look as pleased as punch… all smiles…

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 31 – Part 4

  197. PHOENIX – Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods said the Jodi Arias case is “over” after watching her testimony on Thursday, as prosecutors poked holes in her story.
    “Before, she said she doesn’t remember the stabbing,” said Woods. “Today, she admitted that, obviously, she’s the one who did it.”
    Woods said when the trial started he thought it was “questionable” if the jury would recommend a death sentence for Arias. Now, after hearing the suspected murderer on the stand, he’s changed his mind.
    “I think she may have succeeded in talking herself into the death penalty,” he said. “Her story makes no sense. It doesn’t match forensics. It doesn’t match common sense. It’s a preposterous story.”

    Read more:

  198. Mark Eiglarsch (pronounced eye-glarsh) a defense attorney who’s been commenting regularly on Dr. Drew, is a rare breed of integrity in his profession – he has been consistantly on the side of the state. The only times I’ve disagreed with him is when he says Juan’s style of cross wasn’t focused enough and showed too much angry postering. But the zingers he’s come up wlth are unforgettable. The night before Jodi’s last day on the stand he was saying how ridiculous her defense was. “it’s a joke, she’s a joke”. Dr Drew asked why does he say that? He said something like this: “look she’s used every excuse, she blames it on being a child of abuse, she’s blames it on Travis, etc… The only thing she hasn’t done… and maybe we’ll see her do it tomorrow….. is blame it on George Anthony”!

    Last week he said in a Johnny Cochran fashion: “If you bring in the KY….. then you Must Die”!

  199. Melanie Davis says:

    What a refreshing website I have stumbled onto! Nothing but intelligent and insightful posts, and not one drooling, rabid fool among them (except when quoting a drooling, rabid fool)!
    Pretty sure you’re right about spies informing Jodi and team what is being said on the net – I posted in 3 places that Jodi claimed to use only one hand and one foot to climb those shelves, which is impossible, and damned if she hasn’t now changed it to say that she used the other hand to steady herself! Of course, that one was a no-brainer, but I’m surprised defense allowed her to say it in the first place. You’d think with 5 years to plan, they could have come up with something that was actually feasible, rather than throwing whatever untested scenario she comes up with on the fly out there for scrutiny. (Note to criminals: it might be a good idea to act out your story for feasibility before presenting it to a jury)
    Now, since she has no further chance to backtrack on her testimony, here are the latest slip-ups that I caught:

    When responding to jury’s question about the knife, Jodi launches into her “I may have mixed it up with another time I did dishes” and then slips up and says “I may have put it back in the dishwasher”. I was actually dozing off and this statement brought me wide awake. Had to research a bit, but it appears her original testimony is that Travis took the knife from the knifeblock. So how can you put it BACK in the dishwasher? The pundits continue to show that clip but cut it off before she says “BACK in the dishwasher” and no one but me seems to have noticed this very telling slip! It doesn’t take an English major (guilty) to know that there is only one interpretation for “putting something BACK” as opposed to putting something “away” or “in” – she got the knife from the dishwasher in the first place! Or am I crazy?

    Then, the jury asked her how many times she had seen Travis’ gun, and she relates 3 occasions: when she discovered it, again while cleaning and on June 4th. I guess she forgot that she had just finished (not 2 minutes earlier) telling the jury that Travis had loaded the gun and took it out to use in December. Wouldn’t that make FOUR times, ma’am?

    Some comments way up there about changing views on DP in this situation – I had to check the name to make sure I didn’t write that myself! Regardless of anything I may have said in the past about the death penalty, I could push that plunger myself and sleep like a baby knowing that the world is a safer and better place!

    Looking forward to watching JM chew up this clown and spit him out – might even send him a bottle of A-1 to choke it down. But I think the best is yet to come, and I may need a diaper when I hear him say “The state calls Matthew McCartney to the stand”. From what I am hearing, between the forged letters from “Pedo Travis” and the coded magazines, someone may be looking at Accessory to Murder One unless he sings, and sings loud and clear. Juan has been hinting at some tasty surprises in store….

    Thanks again for this wonderful site. It will be nice to have a place of sanity and comfort when my head begins spinning from the idiot opinions out there!


    Welcome, Melanie!! Great detective work on your part. I agree about Matt McCartney. It will be interesting to see how loyal he is to Jodi.~~SS

  200. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Melanie! Yuh, we’re a fairly reasonable bunch here. As for Nurmi, I can’t work myself up into a lather over him anymore- he has an impossible task, with particularly BAD Bad Facts, with the worst, least-compliant client imaginable, a task he tried valiantly to avoid. Like so many others, I’m generally anti-DP, but not in this case. Nurmi will have won a great victory if he finds her a way to LWOP. At this point I mainly want to see Travis’ reputation restored, and her character thoroughly impugned- she’s done a great job on the latter all on her lonesome! We’re all just glad Napoleon hasn’t been dragged into this cesspool….

  201. Karen – you mean least-Competent don’t ya? lol…. For all of Jodi’s endeavor to appear intelligent she fails miserably IMO. She’s sly and calculating but that doesn’t mean she’s smart. I will give her an A for her dedication to rehearsing all these years though because most criminals have a tendancy to think they’ve rehearsed enough or they don’t need to rehearse as much but its clear she spent every day at it because anybody else would’ve cracked much quicker than her under the glaring light that JM shines on his cross examinations. Another thing is no one has loved getting this kind of bad attention as much as Jodi has. She feeds off of it like its a drug to her. But in her small mind she doesn’t see that it makes her look like the despicable low-life loser she is. One thing I will never forget about her is the way she smiled at the jury during her detailed explanations of her imagniary sexcapades with Travis. Nor the smug look on her face everytime she battled with JM.

    Hi Melanie and welcome! yes we are a rare breed of reasonable minds here at mainstreamfair – wait until you meet Snoopy the owner – she’s phenominal, and we’ve even got our own resident criminal expert here too so pat yourself on the back for finding us on your own!

    And don’t worry about missing the actual trial – I don’t even watch it all because it gets so boring at times….. and you’re getting the best moments on the HLN shows with Dr Drew, NG and Jane Velez-Mitchell. They are the warriors of justice for Travis so they deliver pretty thoroughly informative shows. I love that we get to see people who knew Travis and Jodi who are NOT testifying because they were not needed as far as the case goes. Dr Drew is my favorite because he has so many strong intelligent women on the show. Take Janine “the human lie detector” as Drew calls her. This body language expert who’s been in law enforcement for 20 years recently opened up about her own experience with domestic violence. She was dating a man who was a very prominent attorney and he beat the crap out of her – she described how all she could think was to get away – to go outside where people would see her. The thought of getting a weapon to defend with never occured to her. As she told the story she began to get upset and tears welled up in her eyes. She said she felt so angry about Jodi’s lies of domestic abuse. It happened to her 20 years ago and she still gets upset. Jodi shows no emotion at all.

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