~Jodi’s Friendly Giant~

When we tell the truth, we ‘convey’ it. When we want to fabricate we must try and ‘convince’ the other party we are telling the truth. The truth is easy to remember so when we are being truthful our answers flow easily off the tip of our tongue. When we lie and try to make our lies convincing, we will ramble on and embellish adding way more minute detail than what is necessary than if we were being honest.

For nine days we watched and listened to Kirk Nurmi question Jodi Arias. Jodi described in minute detail each of her answers to the point of ad nauseam. She came across as an expert witness as she turned to the right and spoke directly to the jurors. Jodi appeared to have a photographic (no pun intended) memory. It was absolutely astounding until….

Along came Juan Martinez….

Juan did not permit Jodi to ramble on and try to sidetrack the questions being posed. She was not being allowed to camouflage what Martinez was after. All he wanted was a truthful, “yes” or “no”. This frustrated Jodi to no end and she became belligerent even taunting Juan and judging by her smirks was enjoying every minute of it. Martinez held his ground and regardless of what the ‘defense’ legal pundits fault him for, I think he was amazing.

If you have been watching the trial closely, and by your great comments, I see that most of you are, I am not going into great detail of Martinez’ cross. I did rewatch Part 3 of the trial on Thursday on two more occasions. It is certainly well worth it.

Jodi Arias Trial – Day 25 – Part 3

“Well, it’s your fog isn’t it?”

“Do you agree that you did something wrong in regard to Mr Alexander?”


“He proved pre-meditation. He asked the hard questions the jury would want to ask, the questions the family would want to ask. This was the week, the week that damned her, and maybe put her on death row,” said Hogan, who sat through much of the testimony in court.

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  1. (the following is the last part of my post which is not showing up…it shows fine in administration so maybe WordPress is limiting our posts now)

    Experts: Jodi Arias trial takes ‘pivotal’ turn

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  2. colin black says:

    Snoops the Girl that went to Travis
    I think she had been unable to contact re the trip to Mexico.
    We no Jodi had her number as she mentions to
    Dead Travis that Im leaveing the voice message so an so told me she couldnt reach you either.
    So It may have been her number but I think it may also have been the roomate or hosemate of Travis who gave the phone to Detective Florez.

    She was defo chatting to him at the scene via one of the others cell phone.
    An jodi gave Florez her number but Im sure he wouldve saved it anyways.

    Call Me
    An he is thinking yes thats something im definately going to do more than call you.
    She was putting herself front an centre right from the gettgo.

    After all it was her production.
    She just doesnt get how guilty her behaviour was
    Even the emails txxts an voicemails scream scripted to prove im no wheree near dureing time period of murder.?
    Only someone aware that he had been murdered would leave such obvious alibi messages
    Hey look Im not there Im here there an every where but never in Travis noway nohoh.
    Even without them photos wich were a gift from God .
    She still would have been arrested for this crime.

  3. Colin~~Mimi Hall was going to Mexico with Travis. Jodi said she was prompted to call Travis from the desert because some other woman left a msg on Travis’ voice mail that she couldn’t find Jodi. Martinez mentions her name in the last part of Thursday’s trial. I am guessing Jodi listened to his voice msges.if that woman actually called Travis. Jodi tried to call Matt McCartney and Darryl Brewer from the Desert….”red flags”….

    Mimi Hall was the one who couldn’t reach Travis about the trip to Mexico and was with the other friends when Travis body was found.

    911 call

  4. Sarah~~With all due respect, I took a peek at the youtube video and am afraid if I leave it in here, the conversation will turn to vampires and not focus on the case. Nurmi will be trying to do damage control on Monday. I am not sure how long it will take him to put Jodi back in the fog. I try to get a new post up for Mondays and ran into a lot of WordPress problems tonight. I do not want to upgrade to Pro which they are advertising and cost $99… so have to put up with all the little inconveniences. I would rather not make any investments as I may not follow any more cases after this one. I will pass the ‘headaches’ on to someone else. lol

  5. Snoop…incredible coverage on this case… and of course it is understandable that this might be your last one = for awhile, at least. These kind of intensive events both wear one out as well as leave an indelible imprint and possible yearning to do another one another time. Big thanks from someone who doesn’t have TV access and time to allocate to the TV schedule.

    Sandy, you are very welcome. I had no idea what I would be exposed to when I took on this case. We knew Casey Anthony jumped from bed to bed and George had a fling with River Cruz but at least we were spared the explicit details. What bothers me most is that Jodi is flaunting her sexapades for the benefit of Travis’ ex girlfriends and family and enjoying every minute of it. Sickening!~ ~SS

  6. The video about how he died fits with portions of her story about how he “attacked her,” which is so typical of murderers who really do want to tell their story, but have to cover up some of the facts in self-preservation. I am willing to bet he did indeed lunge at her, staggering from the knife wounds she inflicted, and she didn’t see the blood because she was in such a rage and fury that she did indeed ‘blank out’… Juan did a masterful job of telling Travis’ story.

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    Scroll up to the very top of this page. It is listed right under my header banner.
    Jonathon’s Coffee Café. There are others ones there too. In case you get lost.~~SS


  8. Marilyn N says:

    I have been reviewing the trial YouTube tapes from day one, finding lots of
    little important things I missed on first go around. The importance of the hair
    color and rental car became clear on the day 7 tape with Det.Flores. He told her
    the neighbors saw her there and she was shocked because she said they only
    knew her with platinum blonde hair. She had to have colored her hair between
    California and the killing date. I wonder if Juan’s money was figuring that.
    Maybe she did her hair and not her nails at that time??

  9. Marilyn N says:

    Question: Does anyone know how old Matt McCartney is?
    On Veromi people search it says 65!
    I wonder if this is accurate??

    Matt is around the same age as Jodi or a couple years older.~~SS

  10. Sarah says:

    Marilyn: I had the same thought about the hair. I think that’s why Juan made such a point about saying that the salon she stopped at to have her nails done also does hair.

    Hey Snoops: No problem. That’s why I said to delete it. I just thought it was a good title of a band or song that fits this monster to a tee: Fog of Filth. This is the filthiest trial I have ever witnessed. It makes me more angry at this monster that she would defile Travis in this way just to save HER worthless life. It’s all about her and I’ve had it. I hope the jury feels the same way.

  11. margaret says:

    Once again you have chosen the perfect header, I love it and so appropriate .. I looked at the link about the pivotal turn. I also read the comments and if they are an example of the Az. jury, there is no way she is getting out of this. One commentor says jodis tears are real and that she prays with jodi every day, the kicker about her is , she called Travis , ” Jason “. .. Shows how much she knows about the case..

    Thank you again Dear Lady for all your hard work and letting us reap the benefits.. I am sorry you have to deal with the trolls. Enjoy your day .Thank you again.

  12. Marilyn N says:

    Ah hah! In day 8, in her interrogation with Flores, he is telling her that he knows the gun
    shot was first. So that is why she developed her story of shooting him first, going right along
    with making up her stories to fit the situation.

    Right on! She also developed a lot of her other stories around text msges. The bullet casing landed on top of blood. Had it been kicked there, there would have been blood smeared on the casing. The gun shot was not first so there goes the self-defense. ~~SS

  13. colin black says:

    Snoops an everyone whom likes Movies tv or sports forgett about netflix an the like,
    This site lets you watch up to date movies for free.
    No porn either


    Thanks, Colin. Please use the Coffee Café for Off Topic..you can find it here..SS


  14. (This is a great article….)

    Arias Prosecutor Scrutinized for Intense Approach

    Known as a bulldog with a pedal-to-the-metal approach to prosecuting cases, Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez no doubt stumped Jodi Arias repeatedly throughout his intense cross-examination in her murder trial.

    He raised his voice and acted out scenarios in dramatic fashion. He snapped as she dodged questions, cutting her off mid-sentence. Arias held her own periodically, appearing to smugly toy with Martinez as she smirked and repeatedly answered yes or no questions with “sure” and “I guess.”

    The exchanges rattled the seasoned prosecutor as the case at times devolved into a showdown of wit and will. The judge had to admonish both to stop speaking over each other.

    “I think I’m more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger so it’s hard to process the questions,” Arias told Martinez.”

    Read more here….


  15. Newbie says:

    Great article you provided. Well worth reading, especially second page starting with second paragraph !!!
    You know Jodi had asked law enforcement (Flores I believe) about a check she had written to Travis for payment on the car. She wanted to know if it would be processed. I don’t believe this has any great importance or JM would have used it but I do wonder if Jodi ended up with that money.
    I wonder if she still thinks she can out-smart JM…..lol !!!

  16. Newbie, whoever was the trustee for Travis’ estate had a right to cash that check. It was owing before his death. Any balance Jodi owed on the car would be due to his estate if he had drawn up some contract for the sale of his car to Jodi. I doubt, where Travis owned assets, he would have died intestate.

  17. The way I see it anyway!!

    Jodi did not love Travis. She was not sexually attracted to him. Travis was to be Jodi’s trophy soon after she laid eyes on him. Her weapon of choice back then was her body and she had enough experience in that department having gone from one relationship to another with no holds barred when it came to sex.
    Her last 4 year fling was with a man, Darryl Brewer, twenty years older but at the time Darryl held a top position in a food chain company. For four years she had sex with Darryl but she did not love him. She walked away from Darryl without batting an eyelash.

    Narcissists are incapable of love for any one, just themselves. Nothing is ever their fault. They can reverse a situation and put the onus on another while all the time, they are the guilty party. We listened to her over and over during her questioning by Kirk Nurmi.

    “It made me uncomfortable but I did not want to say no to him because I did not want to hurt his ego” Really, who’s ego?

    “I couldn’t say no to Travis when he laid guilt trips on me.” Yes, Jodi, how many did you lay on him?

    “He was jealous of my boyfriends even after we broke up.” Jodi, it was your jealousy that led to you murdering him.

    As Juan Martinez so aptly pointed out, Jodi requested the facials, oral and anal sex. Travis did not even know what KY jelly was. He had seldom, if ever, masturbated until he met Jodi. Jodi made that sex tape purposely and recorded it without Travis’ permission. This enabled her to come up with the lie about Travis masturbating to little boy’s pictures spread out on his bed. She also accused Travis of getting turned on by 12 year old girls in pigtails. Jodi knew that one day the tape may be brought into evidence. It was like she was buying insurance in the event she was ever caught. How do we know that all those detailed sex encounters ever occurred? If you listen to the sex tape, Jodi was the one asking the leading questions to Travis. In the heat of the moment she knew he would agree with anything and besides he was half asleep.

    There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Travis’ murder was premeditated. Jodi started planning towards the end of May ’08.

  18. Newbie says:

    Thanks Snoopy. Tomorrow should be interesting !

    Ty, sweetie. I am being a chit lips today…more coming..SS

  19. Can you begin to imagine what Jodi was hissing at Travis while she was stabbing him? This was no ‘soft’ kill. Jodi intended for Travis to suffer and judging by the crime scenes, she got her wish. Had Jodi just wanted Travis dead, she could have shot him while he was sleeping. In her sick psychotic mind, she wanted to build him up so he would be in an euphoric mood when she took him down. Eg…the sex, the shower pics. No doubt she was telling him how wonder he made her feel and how handsome he was during the photo shoot.

    There are bits and pieces of Jodi’s Ninja story that hint at the truth. “Travis was down on his knees screaming for help. He couldn’t feel his legs.” I think the gun jammed when she tried to put the second bullet in him after she slit his throat.

    How Nurmi can neutralize Martinez work is beyond me. It appears we have to suffer thru the testimony of La Violette who believes Snow White was a battered woman and thinks God may have been feminine. One of Jodi’s former cell mates is due to testify along with an expert to disprove, Hall, the state’s medical examiner. I believe there is another expert to testify on battered women.

    This case, will no doubt go into April. In my opinion, the verdict should be guilty but we all know there is no such thing as a slam dunk. I actually noticed a contributor in here that seemed to sway towards Jodi. We do not know what some of those jurors have experienced in their own personal lives.

    This murder went down just like a satanic ritual even to washing the blood off of Travis and leaving the glass on top of his body.

    If the verdict is guilty, there are enough aggravating circumstances to warrant the death penalty!!

  20. colin black says:

    Please tell me we wont see another apearance of peer reveiwed by amazon silly drunk sally the gref lady from xxxxxxxx farcical trial an verdict.

    It’s not the same one.~ ~ SS

  21. colin black says:

    Seriously I dont think I could cope with her again.

  22. Colin~~I know you are probably already snoozing in the U K but you can take a peek at this tomorrow and judge for yourself…

    Alyce La Violette

  23. Also on the defense witness lists.. not saying they will be called…

    Matt McCartney, a former boyfriend who lives in California.
    Two friends and two former girlfriends of Travis Alexander. The defense claims Alexander was seeing those girlfriends at the same time he was dating Arias.
    Richard Samuels, a valley psychologist and expert on sexual violence cases.
    Kimberly Ross, Arias’ former cell mate. Nancy Grace tweeted that Ross has a long rap sheet.

  24. Trial resumes Monday, March 4th at 10:15am MST- and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

  25. The man on your TV: Meet the Arias court reporter

    He’s in almost every shot of the Jodi Arias murder trial. He’s on a first-name basis with prosecutor Juan Martinez. And he arguably has the best seat in the courtroom. But you probably haven’t paid much attention to him.

    He’s Mike Babicky, the court reporter, and he says he has reached typing speeds of up to 300 words a minute during the cross-examination of Arias.

    Babicky has been a court reporter for 32 years, and for 25 of those years, he has worked for the Maricopa County, Arizona, Superior Court. He has been assigned to Judge Sherry Stephen’s courtroom since 2009


  26. margaret says:

    Resident Lawyer Time,,,LOL.. Snoops , a few days ago I heard Beth K. and Vinnie P. talking on HLN about jodi taking rope and gun, they said she could also be charged with that. Compromising crime scene I think, so if she should get a lighter sentence , can Martinez go back and charge her with that.?? .

    Has anyone read on State vs jodi arias that she stabbed him first in chest while he was sitting and she never dropped camera. I can just imagine her saying, “are you taking me or Mimi to Cancun? ” Travis said Mimi and she went crazy..

    Everyone have a great day.. Stay calm..

  27. margaret says:

    On the Kpho site I watch a commenter first said all lawyers were in courtroom and just now posted ” lawyers just left courtroom ” and asked “whats going on.” Maybe something is up..

  28. colin black says:

    This person on the stand xxxxx is so smug.
    She is the type of person whom thinks her shit doesnt stink.

    She wrote that Travis your beutifull on the iside.
    As a sly refrence to the fact she had seen his innards intestines his blood all over the bathroom.
    Hr own little secret joke .
    As Snoops said the only person she loves is herself.
    I hope Martinez flings that in her or the jurys faces.
    That she had seen his interal organs/inside.
    An she thought her butchering skills were beutifull.

  29. colin black says:

    Sovering States.

    Her idea of the state of the union .
    Cut all ties with a premtive strike an tottaly desimate your oponennt.
    The jury cant fail to see what we are right?
    This thing on the stand is so vile an self serveing
    Fear an loathing is all one can conjure for her.
    I m o………..

  30. Karen C~~I transferred your comment to Coffee Café

  31. Karen C. says:

    Jodi: I WUV him! I DO!

  32. Jodi has a bruise of some sort on her left lower lip…

  33. Sarah says:

    Looks like a herpes sore to me.

  34. Sarah says:

    I’ve only seen a little of todays “lie” sessions……….but so far I am noting that Mr. Arias sure does have a better memory today.

  35. Sarah says:

    OMG! She’s such a liar. I do not believe that Travis knew anything about anal intercourse until he met this slut. (And who gives a darn if it was painful or not for her. Or if she enjoyed it? She was an adult who could say NO.) Who do we know had the experience in that department? Arias. She also probably encouraged him to “fantasize”.

    Ok…..I’m leaving now to go do something else. I can’t take this. It’s all about Arias. Puke.

  36. Sarah says:

    (5:01 post……I meant Ms. Arias…..really I meant slut)

  37. Karen C. says:

    Sarah- Yup, just what I thought! Wonder if it’s as visible to the Jury, given the context of the “testimony” today, as it is to us!

  38. This is absolutely ridiculous ….I hope the jurors feel like we do… she will be on the stand another 9 days..

  39. Good I hope it was her new girlfriend giving her an indication of whats to come! lol. Next time we see Jodi after the trial it will be “Women Behind Bars and their Catfights”

    Snoopy your “how I see it” is 1000% on the money. Jodi is incapable of loving anyone. She sees men (and women too) as tools to provide her things that she wants. Money, cars, a place to live, dining out, taking out, buy, buy, buy me is what she’s all about. I don’t mean she’s a gold digger my goodness none of her boy toys have been rich. I just think she’s so lost on what to do about her life she just thinks everyone else should provide for her.

    As far as Jodi’s childhood goes I think it was fine. No one has a perfect childhood but she certainly did not have to live through anything horrible. This notion of abuse in her history I think is greatly over-exaggerated.

    I can’t but think about what Travis’s last few minutes were like. He must’ve been so shocked that she would do this to him. He may have even remembered what one of his friends said to him less than a month before his death. The woman who was intuitive – can’t remember her name but she told Travis to be careful…. she had gotten a feeling that something bad could happen to him. At the time she was having dinner with him and Jodi and she knew Jodi was going back to California and she was very happy about it. She sad Jodi commented on dying her hair the same color as this woman’s.
    Anyway, its just so dam sad to think of what he went thru those last few minutes……

    I heard this morning that there will be NO MORE CROSS from Martinez? I sure as hell hope they call Matt. JM has already laid the foundation for his testimony and I’m hoping that the only reason they haven’t put him on their list is because he’s already on the defenses. They can always call him in the last minute right? We’ll see

  40. btw my post above was in response to your comment about Jodi’s lip having a bruise.

  41. I wish an apparition of Travis would appear before Jodi in that witness box…

  42. I hope the jurors are open minded enough to see that the portions of that sex tape was all ‘fantasy’ and meant to arouse during the phone sex…Nurmi is reminding me of a sexual deviant himself… There is not one iota of proof that Travis was aware he was being recorded..what a farce all staged by Jodi..

  43. Sarah says:

    Ok. I’m back. Just caught Arias stating that TA wanted a threesome with some other woman. For you legal eagles: How can she state this as fact when there is no proof or in other words, corroboration to back up what she’s saying? She’s making this up as she going along.

  44. gramared says:

    Is anyone watching the live feed on AZ Central?
    One of the commenters, Michael Kiefer, is coming down on JM and saying he’s highjacking Nurmi’s redirect. Glad he’s not on the jury because his comments sound like he’s buying Jodi’s and Nurmi’s garbage.

  45. Jodi wrote in her journal that she felt like committing suicide and then what did she do? She left her journal on the coffee table so Travis could read it. This is another reason she only wrote positive things about Travis. This gal was using any and everything to snag Travis but nothing seemed to work.

  46. annie says:

    hello to all its amazing that today china doll jodi remembers everything again how is that?only when she was on cross did she forget where she was how does this happen?l hope the jury can see through all her lies because thats all she has is lies and more lies.yes mainstremer jodi has herpes today not a bruise her giirlfriend lover kissed her too hard and thats what she got.she just makes me sick.she needs to burn in hell.her attorney kirki should loose some weight before he has a heart attack he is so big.look at his suit jacket short and big plus a hump back how gross.he sure is no healthy person.l hope he falls off his chair.if anyone can notice her dam hands her finger is straight not bent.all the time she talks with her hands you can see her finger is straight not bent the way she is claiming all this fog she is in and when she talks to her defense she does not have memory problems how come?if this case goes like casey anthony l swear l wont watch no more coverage of no ones trial period.

  47. colin black says:

    I just cant bear to hear her speak her tone neuaces .
    When she gets the chance to rample on point per her anNurmis logic.

    F F S Why make such a big deal over this alleged crooked finger.
    An why so adamant that on the day she plunged a knife 28 times into a defensless flailing Travis.
    She cut it it in the pantry picking up broken glass.
    Case she fealess like that.

    She can admitt the injury occoured whils she stabbed Travis because it sestoys her shot first version.
    Because if she shot Travis in the head an mesilessly ended his life in a humane fashion.

    Travis wouldnt be squirming twisting grabbing an sheilding him self from the knife as the forensics clearly prove.

    In jodis version she shoots the linebacker somehow kills him an then a FOG DESENDS

    Where she stabs his motionless body an slit/try to decapitate his head.
    An even although she was in a fog she definetly did not slip an cut herself whilst stabbing a moitionless Travis.
    An if her story makes sence to even one jurour .
    Then I give up on the integence of any so called average American jury members..

  48. margaret says:

    Thank you Sarah for videos. My grandson came home this morning and I didn’t get to watch today..

  49. Thank you, Sarah. I sure appreciate your help!

  50. Sarah says:

    Hey Snoops: I know you’re like the rest of us………you have a life. I realize after a certain amount of time that if you haven’t posted the days replay of events or your opinion that “real life” is getting your attention; which is much admired 🙂 …………then I post the videos. I just wish I knew how to condense them the way you do. Sorry about that.

    About your 7:40pm post: Was that part of todays testimony? That sounds like something the she-devil would do.

    I didn’t get to watch all of todays lies. I was out and about and then what I did see made me ill. I had to turn it off. Then I peaked back in and ran back out. Whew.

    IMO, I think the defense has made a huge mistake by droning on and on about the sex, etc. I think the jury is getting angry, annoyed or even getting the “hang-em high” attitude. (I’m only basing that statement on what I have read here, read at AZ Central and watched on the talk shows tonight. So, I reserve the right to change my mind after I watch the vid’s I posted….LOL.)

  51. Sarah~ ~I had to take a break after watching the trial. I am so sick and tired of listening to Jodi telling about her sex life in great detail and then Nurmi asking, “did you like it?” Then Nurmi asked, “did he use lubricant?” Jodi, “no he spit on his hand.” I was actually gagging. I do not care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors, I just don’t want to have to listen to it day in and day out. Nurmi is putting the focus on sex in order to take it away from the heinous murder. I get so mad because Jodi is enjoying every minute of it. I’ll bet we will have more of the same for the rest of the week.

    I am also shocked that the judge allowed the defense to edit the sex tape and only play Travis’ voice. It is deceiving.

  52. Karen C. says:

    Whatever happened with the threesome stuff? I seemed to have missed it?

    I’m listening to my recorded Nancy, and I see that Pyscho’s supporter, Bryan Carr, has not only drunk the ninja kool-aid (Mormon blood atonement, and her family IS in danger! Those naughty Mormons- I guess she’s left the church then, huh? Man, the stuff she dreams up for her willing audience in jail almost beats the cr@p she vomits up on the stand!), but he’s going to be feasting on crow, too- Nurmi and Jodi have managed in their mutual conniving-together to open a gazillion “doors” for JM to rush unimpeded through. I mean, just the finger-injury stuff- with her, it’s “But Wait! There’s More!” JM can now add tons more rebuttal stuff, and he should. He’ll be able to remind the jury at Closing that HIS Direct was short and not-sweet- it’s not his or the case’s “fault” that there is so much to contradict- that is all on her and Nurmi bringing this audio tape in, which has hurt more than helped her case.

    Willmot did score some palpable “hits” with her cosying up to the viper (show-n-tell with the hand business)- pity that another several hours of Nurmi erased any good impressions from that….

  53. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- have no fear- for every whack at the pinata Nurmi gets, evidence-wise, Martinez will also get a whack at HIS pinata, and his is bigger….

  54. Karen C~~it seems the judge did not allow the threesome. That is a first, she allowed everything else.

  55. Someone has to get Bryan Carr off the streets. I listened to him tonight. He hyperventilates when he talks. I wish the news outlets would not put him on. Someone should introduce him to Joy as in Wray.

  56. Hasn’t anyone told Nurmi that his head is too shiny? I mean SERIOUSLY? Everytime he put a picture on the machine he bowed his down and I got blinded by the shiny light!

    Not only that, I think he sits down to pee unless he has long arms. lol~~SS

  57. Karen C. says:

    Yuh, this was a very delusional man tonight. We are listening to his rapid disintegration, he is no longer able to be subjective at any level and this is too public for it not to affect his life adversely. Good Lawd, this girl is some serious poison, like Typhoid Mary….

  58. Karen C. says:

    You know who I’ve really come to enjoy is Vinnie Politan’s running commentary, I’ll overlook his hair, he’s a blast!

  59. Karen C. says:

    Who would send a pic to your friends of your wee cut (with its big bandage). I almost want to start a fund for a full brigade of FBI forensics folks to fine-tooth-comb the entire evidence trove here, for the poor state of AZ, I bet a bunch of Defense drama-rama can be tossed with a full review of this bat guano “journal”, etc., etc. They can test the ink for a general time period, for one, and know of what recent vintage it may really be from.

    I still can’t get over how she went from a leftie to ambidextrous as soon as it was necessary to ‘xplain her neat handwriting in her original journal….

  60. Yeah about that. Can JM ask for her to give examples of writing with BOTH hands?

  61. Vicky says:

    Let evening, I viewed the photo collage played at Travis’ memorial service. I can’t link it from my iPad, but I found it very telling that not a single photo showed Jodi Arias as being part of his life (I guess that is why she felt to create her own). Many of the photos depicted Travis with his female friens and romantic interests, but no Jodi. Can you imagine how infuriated she was? Not to mention her realization at that moment that all of his friends and family knew she killed him. At that point, Mi Mi had already pointed a finger at her during the 911 call as well. I hope JM will remind the jury that because of Jodi’s behavior toward Travis during the months leading up to his murder, she was the only person who any of his friends felt posed a threat to him and that they felt so certain she was involved, that they refused to memorialize that part of his life. Not only that, but Travis hinted in his blog that he might have spent romantic time with someone capable of murder and had told friends he believed she might be a threat to him. How can she claim self defense when so many knew she killed him upon learning of his death.

  62. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, that Bryan Carr sounds like a real smart guy – hahahahaha!
    I believe he thinks he is in for some hot you know what when
    Jodi gets out of prison – haha!
    SHe is playing with him.

  63. margaret says:

    f anyone has trouble falling asleep, just play the videos from Mondays trial, guaranteed to put you to sleep..I missed the whole day , so was going to watch last night..I got so bored with Nurmi’s slow motion questioning and jodi’s long winded answers..I do believe that Nurmi counts 1..2..3………….10 before each question. Boring. I was asleep in no time.

    Fox news is saying the trial should wrap this week and closing arguments will begin. I don’t think Nurmi will be finished. God bless this jury, they have to be so tired of her..

  64. Marilyn N says:

    Glad I was too busy to watch live trial yesterday.
    Can’t stomach any more of Nurmi and Jodi.
    I’m sure that is how the jury feels as well,
    and they are captive!!

  65. gramared says:

    Does anyone know – is Arias setting some kind of record for a defenant testifying??? The longer she rambles on and on and on, the more ticked I would become if I were a juror. It’s bad enough putting one’s life on hold to be a juror in a high-profile case, but this is RIDICULOUS! you would think that Nurmi would be smart enough to realize what he’s doing to BORE the jurors silly!

  66. Does anyone know why the jury was sent out and I see the crest up again? I got interrupted with a phone call and missed it. TIA

  67. Sarah says:

    SS: I’m not watching but according to AZcentral.com tweets…..

    Michael Kiefer……
    Out goes the jury. Judge Stephens says, “Kirk, may I have a word with you?” She calls a recess.

  68. Sarah says:

    He goes on to tweet…….
    Judge appears to have spoken to Arias’ other attorney, Jennifer Willmott, instead. Now the jury is back and Arias is on the stand.

  69. Sarah says:

    That blister looks like it’s getting bigger…………..(no, not Nurmi.)

  70. Sarah says:

    Gramered: I see it the same way you do. I would be angry if I were one of the jurors. This sounds so regurgitated. Pepto Bismal will not do the trick. Nurmi needs to get her off the stand, now!

  71. Marilyn N says:

    Sheeeesh! Who just goes around borrowing cars from everyone?

  72. Marilyn N says:

    O man – could Nurmi talk any S L O W E R !

  73. Sarah says:

    Marilyn: Answer to car question: Casey Anthony

  74. Marilyn N says:

    Sarah: Yes but most people aren’t eager to be loaning out their
    car, especially for thousands of miles. (in my opinion)

  75. gramared says:

    Sarah…Do you think Nurmi speaks that slooooowly in real life?? If he thinks he’s making his point by doing so, he is SADLY mistaken. I’m getting tempted to nap between sentences!

    What did you think about Jodi having so much gun info?? Sounds like a bit too much research on her part, which probably gave her the idea for the burglary. Had she borrowed someone’s gun, they would have expected it to be returned, not pitched into the deser (requiring more explanation on her part). Planning a murder is no easy task.

    If Jodi wanted to keep the negative out of her diary, why the comment about committing suicide? That seems pretty negative to me.

  76. Nurmi did a very poor job with doing damage control about the gun and the gas cans. Jodi purchased a gas can at Walmart and when she got out in the parking lot and noticed it was red…”ohhhhh, this just wont do, it wont match the white car…” boo hoo hoo so she high tails it back into Walmart and returns it but of course she does not have a receipt for the return… Did the state check the purchase of the can to see if was paid by cash or debit card? If debit card, Walmart would just have credited her card and it would be on record.

  77. I am anxiously awaiting the juror’s questions. This should give us an idea of how they are processing Jodi’s testimony. I just wish they were privy to all the info we have been exposed to.

  78. debl115 says:

    She certainly takes every opportunity to slam Matt, doesn’t she? Did you catch the comments about him owning unregistered guns, which she says is “a real no-no in California”. I sure hope that he is called to testify, I’m sure there are quite a few things that he can, and hopefully will, dispute. Can’t wait to hear about the secret messages hidden in the magazines!

  79. Marilyn N says:

    I am trying to find the recordings of the receipts. I am positive the gas can purchase
    at Walmart was on credit card. They should be able to have her credit card statement to see if
    it was returned.
    Also, I remember him showing a receipt from McDonalds for a large french fries, and a bottle of water.
    But she stated that driving thru the desert she got a bottle of water out of her trunk when she was sooooo thirsty,
    from a case of water purchased at Costco. So why did she need to buy a bottle of water at
    McDonalds (especially counting her pennies as she was). When did she go to Costco?
    This gal needs to be impeached. She also said she would “never” lie under oath!

  80. Marilyn N says:

    Just found the Walmart gas can receipt and it was paid for in cash……..
    But there is no way she didn’t get a receipt.

  81. Newbie says:

    I am a “quitter”. Couldn’t stand to watch the smut yesterday and bailed on watching the trial today. I don’t even know about jurors’ questions….I’m curious as to what they ask yet don’t even want to listen to Jodi’s answers. Really wondering how the jury must feel !!!!!! Brings to mind what Judge Strickland said about CA “If her lips are moving she’s telling a lie” , something like that anyway.

  82. Sarah says:

    Gramared: I did a test. At the beginning of Nurmi’s sentence I, made the bed, folded laundry, started a new load, fed the dogs, unloaded the dishwasher, vac’d/mopped, took a shower and blow dried my hair, came back and he still wasn’t through with his sentence!

    The jury must be just as annoyed. The judge too.

    I can’t wait to hear the jurors questions. I guess that’ll be next week at this rate?

  83. Sarah says:

    Newbie: You’re not alone. I haven’t seen yesterdays. I tried. I couldn’t do it.

    Today, I’ve been in and out. The subjected hasn’t changed in two hours!

  84. gramared says:

    Sarah…That was toooo funny. If I were a juror, I’d ask “Can Nurmi be arrested for talking SOOOO SLOWLY????

  85. Marilyn N says:

    stress and memory loss condition!

  86. Marilyn N says:

    The jury must be thinking – “WTF”!!!!
    Re: Her condition!!

  87. Vicky says:

    I heard that a reporter tweeted that Judge Stevens will allow Martinez to recross.

  88. gramared says:

    Yikes, now she has a CONDITION! Can’t you just see Nurmi and Arias going over this line of questioning over the weekend. Whatever is necessary, she lies and adds more details and lies again. Hopefully, the jury isn’t so brain dead at this point that they will ignore this insanity.

    Oh, maybe they’re working up to the insanity defense!

  89. Marilyn N says:

    SUPER irritated at how Nurmi says “okaaay” after every statement from Jodi……….

  90. Vicky says:

    If I were a juror, I would ask Jodi if she has had any further recall of the murder since she began her testimony. I would also ask her if she knows why, if he knew she was traveling alone to see him, Travis didn’t attempt to text or phone her during the middle of the night just to check up on her. I would ask her why she didn’t attempt to locate her charger once she arrived at Travis’ house, like when she loaded her car, rather than continue traveling w/o a charged phone.
    I would ask her why she was more worried about Travis than the children of his friends. I would ask her about the Mormon missionaries who visited with her on numerous occasions while she was living with Darryl. I would ask when those visits occurred. I would ask her why she would believe an ex-girlfriend would be expected to travel 1,000 miles to attend Travis’ funeral.

  91. Sarah says:

    Vicky: Great questions.

  92. Vicky says:

    You know, at this point, if I were on this jury, I would be so bored with the rehash and mundane tenor of this testimony, my mind would be focused on what I would be having for dinner, if I had any calls or emails to return, if my dog was up to date on her shots, how many days till Thursday, what would be for lunch tomorrow, if Judge Stevens was a snappy dresser, and how many licks it takes to get to the chocolate center of a tootsie pop. I would also be focused on that herpes on her lip and the pimple on the right side of her nose. Then I would be counting how hany times Nurmi touches his nose and shakes his wrist watch.

  93. Vicky says:

    Marilyn, I would also count how many times Nurmi says, okay. LOL

  94. colin black says:

    Vicky says:

    March 5, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    I heard that a reporter tweeted that Judge Stevens will allow Martinez to recross

    Id stand up an say….

    Miss Arias Im not going to take up much of your time I promise.Im going to ask you a few simple questions that require only a yes or a no answer.

    Not I geusse or anything else no eleberation .
    Either yes or no.
    Do you understand .

    Did you drive thousands k to visit Travis Alexander


    When you left haveing inflicted multiple deadly assaults upon his naked body.
    Was he still alive.


    No further questions.

  95. gramared says:

    I would ask Jodi why, post execution, did it even cross her FOGGY mind to look for the rope (both pieces). In spite of the fact that she was in a fog, she seemed to be CLEARLY aware that she needed to eliminate certain items from the murder scene (knife, gun, rope). There was an obvious consciousness of guilt swirling around in her so-called fog.

  96. gramared says:

    Does anyone believe there ever was a rope????

    There was never a rope. Jodi needed the ‘rope lie’ to put Travis’ knife in the bedroom or bathroom instead of the one she had in her purse.~~SS

  97. Vicky says:

    Colin, that would be awesome for a recross.

    One question that burns in my mind. What happened to the gun immediately following the shooting, and why didn’t Jodi empty the gun on a man who was attempting to kill her.

  98. gramared says:

    Thanks SS. I thought that was the reason for the rope. It’s another one of those “she said” with no corroboration.

  99. Vicky says:

    Suddenly, sex with Travis was not so enjoyable. Nurmi must have chewed her ass out over her giddy testimony when talking about sex last week. No near giggles from Jodi today. I would definitely take note of that if I were a juror.

  100. Jodi did not drop the camera when that ceiling shot was taken. The camera was at least 3 to 4 feet off the floor by the angle the pic was taken. Jodi moved the camera when she stabbed Travis in the chest. The camera would have fallen on the floor when Travis lunged forward trying to get the knife from Jodi.

  101. No mention of a gun holster until today???

  102. No gun holster or ammunition for a 25 caliber were found at Travis’ post his murder.

  103. gramared says:

    If the gun were in a holster, that would have taken more time to get the gun out of the holster in order to use it. Where was Travis all this time? She would NOT have had that much time to do what she did. Plus, recall the picture of the closet – not a thing disturbed.

  104. Sarah says:

    How in the sam hell has travis’s family been able to sit through this?????? They must be saints.

  105. gramared says:

    Has anyone noticed all the laughing going on with Jodi’s family/friends. What could possibly be funny about any of this!

  106. Marilyn N says:

    Sarah: Meanwhile, Jodi’s team is sitting there laughing!

    Maybe there is narcissism in all their genes. They are so thrilled with Jodi’s performance.~~SS

  107. Marilyn N says:

    They have over 100 juror questions.

  108. gramared says:

    Can hardly wait to hear what they are. Are these all questions that will be directly asked of Arias?

    Yes, all the questions allowed in will be directed to Jodi. The judge will ask Jodi the questions.~~SS

  109. Marilyn N says:

    SS: Why does Jodi get to preview the questions with her attorneys?

    Jodi has to give her consent to very move her attorneys make.~~SS

  110. Newbie says:

    Okay, the gun was holstered? I’d like to know if there was a strap across the gun in the holster and what about a safety and how did she know there were bullets in the gun. Did he stop screaming when she pointed the gun at him?
    One hundred questions from the jury !!!!

    Good questions!~~SS

  111. Newbie says:

    The questions from the jurors are previewed with her attorneys?? If so, does JM see the questions ahead of time also?

    Did you mean JA? If so, Jodi will be present when her attorneys review the questions so I would assume that she will know what they are before she is questioned. Let’s hope they don’t have a long recess. Martinez gets to examine the questions and then both sides will argue about which ones should be let in.~~SS

  112. weezie says:

    Vicky; I love that comment you made on Mar.5, that is just perfect, if Jodi would follow the instructions, but yes you should be the master in that courtroom. Yea for Vicky. By the way, Gramared, I was always puzzled about the rope. She has lied so much that it’s impossible to do anything but throw it all out. The jurors should eliminate everything that came from her mouth and just deliberate on the crime scene, the missing objects from that scene, and the timeline. LIES LIES LIES, to benefit Jodi (those are the words coming from the Defence right now!!!) I’m beyond words.

  113. gramared says:

    SS…I understand that the judge needs to make sure the questions are reasonable, but do you know the criteria used to determine if a question is allowed. If I were a juror, I think I’d be really irritated if my question was ignored.

    I don’t think they will allow questions way outside the scope. They would have to be about evidence introduced including what Jodi has said on the stand. Jodi’s testimony is considered evidence. ~~SS

  114. Vicky says:

    The jurors can’t ask any questions that fall out of the scope of testimony and evidence presented during direct and cross examination. So, it would seem there would be very little they couldn’t ask. They can’t ask any hearsay questions of her. I don’t think they can ask her if any of Travis’ other girl friends ever warned her that Travis was abusive and apparently they can’t ask her if she and Travis ever considered a threesome. I am really looking forward to the jurors questions. Since Jodi doesn’t do well with lying on the fly with much credibility, I bet she is shitting kittens tonight. Without Nurmi telling her the answer he is looking for, through leading questions he knows will be objected to, I can’t imagine how he can possibly prepare her for all those questions in one hour. I’m betting the defense will request additional time tomorrow claiming they were unable to review all the questions. iPhone photo time of the questions they approve of and a long night of attorney client prep. I’m sure he will insist that she stick with yes and no answers whenever possible, which will be almost impossible for Jodi to adhere to. If she gets more than one day to contrive her answers, she will do better on subsequent days and the jury will get to observe the contrast.

  115. weezie says:

    I hope everyone is catching Dr. Drew tonight.

  116. I am Weezie!!

    [edit] Oh my God!! I wish Martinez had that video. It speaks volumes.

  117. Sarah says:

    I was just getting ready to post the same thing about Dr. Drew……..OMG! This vile person has never had any shame. I love the fact that Skye Hughs told Arias what she thought…………but creepy Arias hung around for an additional 10 to 15 minutes? Arias is one sick ticket.

    And that video that was provided tonight. How eerie is that? Travis talking about a gun to his head????

    I appreciate the fact that Mark brought the subject back to the family. I’m ready to punch Arias in face and I’m not related to Travis.

  118. Vicky says:

    Me too Weezie. That video is something else. So much for Jodi’s claim that Travis refused to allow publicbdisplay of affection. Also, who in rhe heck (besides a small child) lays their head on someone’s lap during a group get together. Talk about attention seeking behavior.
    And that story he is telling is chilling. As he tells it Jodi acts completely bored and as though she could care less.

  119. margaret says:

    I am .Mark Eiglarsh said it the way it is .That video and Marks words have brought on the tears for Travis. Lord I pray the jury understands about rope and that the camera did not fall.. God bless his family.

  120. Sarah says:

    Arrrrgggggg! I disagree with the pundits about Martinez. I think he’s done a fabulous job. He’s talking to her the same way I would if I were standing in front of her.

  121. Sarah says:

    I didn’t watch all of yesterdays or todays lie-a-tomy by Arias.

    My question to you guys is: Nancy Grace just showed Arias reading from her supposed journal(s).

    No. 1: the date is not in the same place that she usually placed it.

    No. 2: the writing looks off. It doesn’t look like her handwriting.

    Where did these excerpts come from?

  122. Vicky says:

    I agree that Martinez did a great job with Jodi. It was incumbent upon him to show the jury that Jodi is not and never has been a shrinking violet, or as she claims a shaking Chiwawa. He had to allow her to believe she was in control from time to time in order to remove any misguided notion the jury might have of Jodi following her direct examination. He needed to show them that Jodi is much more like the typical shaking Chiwawa that will bite you on the hand if you attempt to take its bone (I have a Chiwawa, so I should know). LOL

  123. Vicky says:

    FYI – I believe both the defense and prosecution get to ask follow up questions of Jodi once she answers the juror’s questions. So, JM will get one more wack at Her.

  124. Vicky~~Martinez gets to do a rebuttal but I do not believe he can recross Jodi.

  125. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, he doesn’t get to recross her. Both he and Nurmi will be allowed to ask follow up questions to Jodi’s answers to the juror’s questions. I think he could have requested a recross since Nurmi introduced new stuff, but opted not to. Why act as though Nurmi’s redirect was damaging to his case. I’m sure as we did, the jury saw right through that ploy. If in fact they were even paying much attention. I think JM realized they had had enough.

    Yes, I had to refresh my oversexed memory and you are right about the follow up questions. This may be a lonnnnng trial. Thanks for clarifying that re the follow ups.~~SS

  126. Karen C. says:

    So now we have an imaginary holster for the imaginary gun-in-closet, to go with some imaginary rope that she pulled out of her keester (which we know actually exists).

    I want a forensics team to go over those hot-of-the-press “journal entries”. If they can do it for medical malpractice cases, say, (and they can and do- that medical records stuff is sacrosanct and not allowed to be manipulated in any way after the fact), then why can’t we see what is what with those things?

    BTW, she and Nurmi did a splendid job together undoing a ton of their little Jenga-like tiles…

  127. A day in the life of Jodi Arias. What Jodi is wearing in Court and where it…Video

    [Oops..Margaret already posted this upthread but I will leave this up too.]

  128. Karen C. says:

    Oh, yeah, and Travis proposed. Up Next, they were actually secretly married! And there’s a secret Travis Jr., being raised by LDS Sisters in the Sacred Grove- oh, wait, he was going to be named Hinckley wasn’t he!

    BTW, the Hinckley name is not a reference of any kind to John Hinckley who tried to assassinate Reagan. That would be Hinckley, as in one of the leading foundational Mormon families, many of whom have become LDS Presidents. Last president named Hinckley died a few years ago, in his 90s I believe, and he had been President for a very long time.

  129. Marilyn says:

    Mainstreamerfair,I really do enjoy your blog so much! It’s good to see all the comments,and most especially,the funny things you say and!Computer Art?was so funny,loved it. I didn’t get to watch much today,and I hate it but my satellite was going in and out on Dr.Drew!The wind here in Ga.(north) is something else this evening.Blowing real scary winds!! I do go on FB to see State v.Arias comments,which just about everyone there says what we say on this one,that Juan Martinez is doing great,Nurmi is so monotonous with his questioning of Skank 2,of course he leads her soooo much,he should. Be on the stand instead.Not happy with this judge at all! I heard it was up to the judge that Juan Martinez would get to re-cross,but I guess that’s not happening.Someone on there said”Judge Perry would have been a better Judge!Don’t think so,as much as he let Bozo and freaking Mason run that mess way too much!!I watched a little of Skank 1’s bankruptcy video where she was going in with her head buried in Mason’s armpit,and the reporter from channel 9(my mind can’t think of her name right now(tip of tongue),anyhow she yelled out to her”Did you get off after you killed your daughter?”and Mason screamed at her “shut up,bitch”He’s another Big A!I know,I’m. off subject,so I’ll stop for now.
    .Kathy Belich!

    I think I am more snarky than humorous but thank you anyway. Sarah posted the Audio and the Video of the bankruptcy at my Coffee Café, here..~~SS


  130. While y’all are waiting for the trial to begin tomorrow..take a peek at this video. It was when Lisa was on the stand. Go to 38:00 minutes and watch Jodi try to cast an evil spell on Lisa by staring daggers at her.. It was during a sidebar..

    Day 2 of trial

  131. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, I noticed her daggers while viewing this. Jodi is very jealous that Travis was interested
    in marriage to Lisa.

  132. Karen C. says:

    Wow, truly creepy and bizarre behavior. She doesn’t move for over 3, almost 4 minutes. Barely blinks, doesn’t even appear to breathe. Finally licks her lips (!) as sidebar breaks. She’s leaning forward and totally tensed, focused on what is clearly the putting-on of some powerful hex; she’s willing the witness to look back at her, but, No, Lisa is no more visibly aware of her than she is of that carafe on the desk. I’ve watched my cat do the same thing, when a bird stupidly lands on the grass 6 feet away….

    Jodi was frozen in time staring at Lisa. Can you imagine what was going through her mind. “I made sure you would never get MY Travis, Lisa you &^%$ so and so.~~SS

  133. Karen C. says:

    You know, all we really need to consider about little Miss Arias is that truly astonishing mug shot of hers. Every thing we need to know is right there.

    Yeah, I’m guessing that Flores et al didn’t find a holster anywheres. It’s getting hard to keep it all straight… but what in heaven’s name possessed her to invent that detail, at this late date? Actually, it’s obvious- she thinks detail lends credibility to all this implausible cr@p- she’ll be describing the contrast stitching on it next.

    Nurmi asked Jodi if the gun was in a box so he led her into mentioning the holster. I guess he figured that a gun being up there gathering dust may not be believable.~~SS

  134. Vicky says:

    I think she placed the gun in a holster because the gun at her grandpa’s house was not in a holster. Therefore, her imaginary gun on the shelf couldn’t possibly be the same gun stolen from grandpa. She has spent untold hours coming up with excuses and explanations for every piece of evidence in this case. Since JM would not concede that the gun scenario was plausible, she had to somehow make the closet shelf gun different from the grandpa’s house gun. I’m rather disappointed that her closet shelf gun wasn’t diamond encrusted and engraved with Travis’ initials. LOL
    Now Nurmi is supposed to find a way to make the jury aware that the gun stolen from grandpa did not have a holster.

  135. Karen C. says:

    Seriously, I doubt very much that Nurmi thought she’d throw a holster in the mix. Maybe he thought she’d come up with- Yes, Travis wanted a gun readily available and loaded (else, explain her loading a gun!) for self-protection (semi-plausible). Well, it backfired. In fact, he’s been surprised by a few titbits she’s produced, and not on Cross. That’s why I mentioned above somewheres that all his going over of stuff was hurting her. He wanted very badly for her to end up crying again and extremely emotional for the Jury at the end of the day, and she just couldn’t do it, no matter how many times he brought up how painful sex was with Travis, or how she wished she was the one in the grave, with all of those dreadful “secrets”.

  136. margaret says:

    I need some reassurance here,,I am afraid that too much questioning about how Travis died , according to jodi, will confuse jury.. I am worried that not enough emphasis has been put on the stabbing and then the shooting..Am I wrong? On a lighter note, I do believe her nose is growing.. It is getting flatter and wider on the top..I am ready for jury questions.. Nurmi is too hung up on sex and KY..

  137. Karen C. says:

    Here’s a good for instance- the jailhouse magazines. Big surprise there for Nurmi and Willmott, they ’bout had their jaws agape. All they could do was ignore them- there’s been no explanation yet forthcoming from them, but we’re going to hear plenty more later. What a nightmare of a client she must be, and they must dread what each new revelation could portend, and how/what they’ll have to adjust to “fit” it, Bad-Facts-wise. She’s lied her head off to them, too- and to the Expert Witness as well. At least everyone will come out of their stupors when she takes the stand.

  138. gramared says:

    Does anyone know when they will begin streaming the trial today?? I know the attorneys are reviewing the jury’s questions until 11 a.m. (AZ time) and that the jury isn’t to report until 1 p.m. However, do we get to see the attorneys discuss anything prior to that?

  139. Marilyn N says:

    Margaret: I agree. Hoping JM will focus on the aspect of gun/knife
    sequence in his rebuttal and closing.
    Yes – and along with her growing nose, Jodi’s lips are b a d. Most people these days want the
    big lips but there’s something nasty unappealing about her lips.
    Will be quite interesting to see how this girl
    ages in prison (provided she doesn’t kill herself first!)

  140. Marilyn N says:

    Gramared: I think the judge told the jury to be back at 1:00 today, but I wouldn’t be surprised at
    all if it takes longer if not the entire day. Hope I am wrong.

  141. gramared says:

    Thanks, Marilyn. I know the jury is due back at 1 p.m., but I was wondering if we would see any discussion between the attorneys in open court after they review the questions. The AZ Central website it up and ready to go if anything transpires that we can watch. I hope, as you, that it won’t take the entire day. If anything, the defense will want to hash over the questions so they can coach Jodi on how to answer.

  142. Courts in session with the judge and attorneys

  143. The defense is objecting to a lot of questions… the state only objected to about three… this looks good for the state…Jodi looks pretty haggard?? The judge is overruling many of Nurmi’s objections to questions

  144. Newbie says:

    Time is going soooo slow. Let’s get this ball rolling !!!!
    Will the defense and prosecutor ask their questions after all juror questions have been addressed by Jodi or does Jodi answer one question from the jury and then the attorneys do their follow-up to that one question?
    Lord, if I didn’t have false teeth I think I would be biting my fingernails during this waiting time…lol.

  145. NancyB says:

    I finally found your wonderful blog again! I literally could not stand listening to the crapola from this diabolical monster for another moment yesterday. My heart was breaking for Travis’ family. I do believe in the death penalty in cases like this one BUT today I’ve been thinking that maybe it would have been better for the family if she had gotten life without parole with the stipulation that the complete trashing of Travis in court would NOT be tolerated for even a moment unless there was substantial corroborating evidence independent of this pathological liar’s testimony.

    Then she would have to be placed in the general population and hopefully some of the lifer’s would beat the crap out of her during her initiation period. I have never been a violent person but I am so disgusted with this entire sideshow. I am dreading the Battered Woman Syndrome psychologist and the PTSD expert. I find it reprehensible and repugnant that these experts testimony is for sale regardless of whether there is any validity to their clinical evaluations, which there isn’t in this case. It is a complete insult to all the people that have truly suffered from those diagnosis’.

    When Jodi was arrested, she had just finished packing to go on another road trip. Police found two knives and a 9mm gun in the rental car. She admitted buying them which proves that she does travel with a gun and knives.

    Why is this information not in front of the jury? Why, was it considered too prejudicial? Was it because of the death penalty? Where in the hell is the search for the truth? Citizens have the right to expect that what is true will be discoverable at trial, and that obvious guilt can surely withstand the test of reasonable doubt.

    Legal decisions should make sense not simply to lawyers and judges; they should also appeal to the rightness and righteousness of ordinary people. What is a verdict if it doesn’t verify the truth — not some legalistic stand-in called legal facts, but the actual truth?

    It bears noting that travesties of justice happen less frequently in other western nations. Instead of having both sides fight a zero sum game, the winner-take-all, scorch the earth contests that make American trials similar to its sporting spectacles, other countries place a higher value on having both the prosecution and the defense work to uncover the truth. After all, everyone in society benefits when the truth is known and injustice is not allowed to prevail — in this case protecting the memory of Travis Alexander especially.

    Welcome, Nancy B.!!You have provided some great comments.~~SS

  146. Newbie~~the judge gets to ask all the questions and then Nurmi and Matrinez get to ask follow up questions. I believe that is the way it works.

  147. HLN have the tape that was on Dr Drew of Jodi hanging all over Travis. Dr Drew will have it on his site too. Drew is playing more of it on his show tonight.

  148. Marilyn N says:

    Popcorn popped and ready for the show!

  149. Newbie says:

    Marilyn, had to laugh when seeing your popcorn post !! I thought about it but wondered if I would choke on a piece while Jodi is answering a question…lol.

  150. Newbie says:

    Snoopy, that video really did well for Travis. I wish it was in evidence.

  151. Marilyn N says:

    Urggggggggg! Jodi is sickening in that tape, pretending to be asleep and wiping her face off
    disgustingly as Travis shoves her up!!!

  152. Marilyn N says:

    I sure hope Jodi took her sack lunch today so she can hold up!!!

  153. Jodi just put a hex on the microphones to bide more time…

  154. Sarah says:

    I knew that’s why she was asking the jury to go back out. I was yelling at the TV: the killers not on the stand!

  155. Sarah says:

    Did anyone notice the killer added a black shirt under the cream/white shirt? Wonder why?

  156. Sarah says:

    Forget the popcorn bag. Where’s the barf bag?

  157. Marilyn N says:

    “bedroom curriculum”! …………

  158. Sarah says:

    I know Marilyn. I’m gonna make one for me and my hubby.

  159. Marilyn N says:

    Wow good questions!

    But, as usual, she streams out her fake answers without hesitation!

  160. Marilyn N says:

    more hexing going on…….

  161. Sarah says:

    I see a slight smirk on her puss like she thinks the jury is buying her BS.

  162. gramared says:

    She is one slick chick with her answers. They just roooollllllll off her forked tongue! Have you ever known anyone who has an answer for everything like Jodi. Spare us. I wonder how the jury likes it when she says, to the important questions, that she can’t remember. You can tell by her body language today that she is quite pleased with herself, probably thinks she has the “jury that won’t convict her” eating right out of her hand.

  163. Marilyn N says:

    Bryan Carr is thinking, “Oh boy, we’ll be together soon!!”

  164. Sarah says:

    Gramared: Yes I have seen someone like Jodi. Casey Anthony. Who’s faster and more believable?

  165. Newbie says:

    Please let the problem with audio be resolved and let’s get thru these questions !!!!!

  166. gramared says:

    We didn’t get to hear from Casey like we are hearing, ad nauseum, from Jodi. Thankfully. The CA trial might have taken a different turn had CA testified. As rotten as CA is, I do think JA has her beat. It’s difficult to judge levels of evil, however, when dealing with psychos!

  167. One of the jurors has problems with their headphones..

  168. Was Jodi allowed to step down?

  169. gramared says:

    I just read this comment from AZ Central:

    2:21 PM
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    Court staff says the Arias trial may move to another courtroom because of technical difficulties. That may affect the live feed.

  170. Issue has been solved re audio…

  171. nymima says:

    I think Travis is putting a hex on the equipment because he’s tired of all her lies!

    She’s so near-sighted that she can’t read the signs on the freeway until she gets close, but she can see the pic of the ‘little boy’ on the computer that Travis was viewing, when she came back in the house? She wasn’t viewing it up close – like hovering over Travis’s shoulder, so how could she tell what it was from where she was standing?

  172. gramared says:

    One commentator from AZ Central said it was a juror who needed the headset. The other commentator said it was a reporter. Who knows.

  173. Marilyn N says:

    Yep – her nose has definitely grown, and her cold sore is sorer……

  174. Karen C. says:

    nymima- but wait, wasn’t that the pics that were on paper, yet, that he had on the bed, one of which floated up like a fall leaf when she came in? And floated right to her feet? And he was busy picking them all up? Not on the computer, in other words? (Because where are they on his hard-drive? NOT!)

    I can’t believe her la-de-da demeanor today- like she’s reciting off the daily specials at some diner she’s worked at…

  175. Marilyn N says:

    If she were my daughter I’d probably slap her around too!!

  176. Marilyn N says:

    SHe recalls every bounce of the camera falling!

    I may need that barf bag!

  177. NancyB says:

    Arias’ emotions are completely absent. When people experience trauma, their memory and emotions become deeply intertwined, and when they recount their story, their emotions always come flooding back. Yet Arias is an exception here. She recounted *her* version of the attack which truly was her vicious attack and murder of Travis. ZERO emotion.

  178. Marilyn N says:

    PLEASE, dear God, make this jury smart!!

  179. Sarah says:

    It’s……….. The Jodi Arias Show……….

    She is in her element. My gawd……..she has no shame, no soul, no sense.

  180. Marilyn N says:

    now she has to remember when she didn’t remember…..

  181. Karen C. says:

    OK, did she not have Travis saying, “I’m going to effin’ kill you, bitch”, or whatever she says he says, when she just did her replay of the murder scene using the diagram of the bed/bath area? She did remember to have him say “A fifth-grader could work a camera better” or whatever it was supposed to be…

  182. Karen C. says:

    How could she forget that one- ‘cuz that’s the whole threat-to-life right there, and she doesn’t bring it up this time? Did I miss sumpin’?

  183. gramared says:

    SS…Have you counted the number of questions she’s answered so far? At the rate she going, she could finish today. Has she had time to go over these since yesterday? She seems “overly” prepared.

  184. gramared says:

    Sarah…I totally agree with you. She is in her element…..look at me…..believe everything I say because I’m so intelligent. I do, however, like the questions the jury is asking.

  185. Marilyn N says:

    Who remembers the number for prescription in their glasses???????
    Well not me, anyway!

  186. Marilyn N says:

    Just noticed Travis’s sister had less makeup on today and looks so much better!

  187. The jurors asked a lot of questions that we wanted answered. Do you think they have been peeking in here? My stat counter shows many visitors from Arizona. lol

  188. Newbie says:

    This girl has an answer for everything….grrrrr. I can’t believe she can sit thru the questions regarding shooting him and stabbing him with no emotion !!!

    Not to worry, the jury will notice what you did.~~SS

  189. Without the prompts by Nurmi, the little lady was slipping up…”no gun holster”…she threw up a “few” times after seeing Trav and the boy’s pics…

  190. weezie says:

    You gals are killing me. I am laughing, as usual whenever Karen makes her great zingers, like,
    “So now we have an imaginary holster for the imaginary gun-in-closet, to go with some imaginary rope that she pulled out of her keester (which we know actually exists)”. omg, Karen I can’t contain myself. I’m coughing up fur balls, so it’s got to have some moisture like a glass of wine or something. Now I know how much I miss those evenings of jabs. Has anyone noticed that a lot of the questions have been posed over at JVM,NG,Dr.D. …. et al? I’m pretty sure a few jurors have taken a peek or two at the after trial shows. It’s just too coincidental to me. “And now….. a few words from our sponsors, but don’t go anywhere folks, we have every moment captured for you viewers out there, because we have all of the trial on PAUSE. Are you kidding me HLN, Lets just PAUSE all the questions to date and have a FREEZE on Travis’s SLIT THROAT. geeez

  191. margaret says:

    I love the question ” when do you tell the truth and when do you lie.”

  192. annie says:


  193. The jurors were submitting more questions today…

    My favorite today…”Did you ever get help for your mental condition?”

  194. Sarah says:

    Are ya’ll watching Dr. Drew? They’re continuing with the video of Travis telling his near death story with Arias laying (lying?) in his lap. I teared up. It is truly sad that he is no longer here and she is.

  195. margaret says:

    Someone must have taught her a new word, because she used it over and over and over again today. The word Edify and De-edify has been forever banned from my vocabulary That woman thinks she is wrapping them around her little finger with her performance. My opinion , her dad should have slapped her a little harder way back when. It is sickening to see her turn and smile at jurors and spin her lies.

  196. Sarah says:

    I’m re-watching The Jodi Show: Part 3 from today @ about 27:50…..the question was, “Why did you plan on going to see John Dixon when you were on your way to Utah to see Ryan?”

    You must listen to her inane excuse……..to summarize……Dixon had a friend who either had a gallery or ran a gallery (pick which lie you want)……..but had “hung” famous painters such Monet and Van Gogh …………and JUST HEARING THAT SHE PAINTED HE/THEY/HIM WAS WILLING TO HANG HER WORKS BESIDE THE GREATS. Say what? This hit me the first time I heard/watched it;;;;;but I had to hear it again to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

    Has anyone else noticed the coughs in the crowd? Who dat? Me thinks family or close friends of Travis….I pray.

    Where has COLIN been????? Sorely missed.

  197. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- There were a few questions on that same theme, wording it different ways- mental condition, selective memory loss, and such. It shouldn’t be a surprise that there should be such a number of questions though; they are as frustrated with her as we are. She may actually have left there thinking she had had a good day. She is that delusional. Again, her ability to delude herself (but not 99% of the folks out there) is fatal for her.

    Ah, Weezie, you’re just being sweet. I just really acutely feel that we have watched about the most Kafkqa-esque thing imaginable, a writer could not make this babe up, and the way I deal with the ABSURD FACT that we are letting this unsettling little psychopath have a trial at all is to laugh (bitterly) at it. When I first heard about this, way back when she was arrested, and the salient facts involved (27 stab wounds, slit throat, gunshot to head- kind of like “And a Partridge in a Pear Tree”-) and that she was going to run with self-defense (!!!!!!)- I’m sorry, but there is no need to go further, it ends with the pic of him stuffed in the shower, and 9 wounds in his back in a cluster yet! Self-defense would be slashings, every which way. That is just common sense, and she should have just done what any sane person with anything like the refined moral sensibilities she claims for herself would do- admit you did it already, I was crazy-jealous and he enraged me, and take a life-without-parole-anything-less-than-death-please and spare everyone this character assassination. She will really go down in True Crime history as one of the most elaborate liars ever to take the stand.

    Anyone else notice the psycho managed to refer to that non-existent threesome, again? B$tch is just determined to get it in there somehow.

    Favorite question so far: How do you define Skank?

  198. Marilyn N says:

    Definition of Skank = Jodi Arias

  199. Newbie says:

    Does tomorrow start off with the Judge, Jodi, and attorneys reviewing the new questions? I thought the Judge said they’ll start at 10:15 and then I think it was on HLN it said one o’clock. Questions at 10:15 and then the trial goes back to starting at one?

  200. Karen C. says:

    Sarah- Yes, I couldn’t believe my ears (at the time I was getting some groceries for my Folks, so I had my Iphone and earplugs on- I’m new to all this, but sometimes it’s the only way to go if you don’t want to waste 1/3 of TV time on “breaks”)- I am somewhat educated about important art and the museums that have collections including Monet and Van Gogh (lived in Boston for 12 years- they have a whole room of Monets)- and I almost dropped the phone when I heard it. This one, I could not believe she would come out with. NO ONE is hanging Jodi’s precious, twee little drawings (which are not that good actually- she can manage hands OK) by any new major artist, let alone the Masters. It’s like saying- Hey, I went to the dealership today and took a test drive- think I can apply to NASA? ACK!

    DELUSIONAL. But, here’s the thing, we are talking about someone deeply invested in Magical Thinking on many levels.

  201. Newbie says:

    Good one Marilyn…lol.

  202. Karen C. says:

    Heard on my recordings, from Beth Karas I believe, that it is actually 150+ questions- whoa. There being a substantive difference between the judge’s assessment of 100 or so originally, and now half again as many, maybe they’ve added more? This would be the most fun they’ve had in a while- they are exerting real power, real brain-work, all those notes they’ve taken, and sly oblique opinions are being expressed, ever so subtly. Well, “Skank” question wasn’t very subtle! Oh, I hope the judge indulges them on this point- Jodi messed up all over the place today- and look what the defense has been allowed to get away with in their Direct!

    I felt like, wow, someone has turned on a big light down the dark tunnel of her strange mind. Maybe we’ll get somewhere after all…

  203. Newbie says:

    It’s my understanding the jury has added questions based on her “new” testimony. This could go on forever !

  204. Newbie says:

    I liked the way she got in the trouble with her mind when she was 15 and 19 because of alcohol. Huh? Evidently she couldn’t remember things then…..dluuhhhh…..big difference in being drunk and not recalling and stabbing someone 29 times.

  205. Karen C. says:

    Ha, maybe she’ll start “recovering” memories, on top of the bat guano we’re familiar with. But you know, she did come up with a bunch of new “material” today- a regular Scheherazade- another day on the stand is one less day in jail in Maricopa County.

    Snoopy, you have a way to contact Colin? Maybe Jodi caused him to implode? I know I’ve come close….

  206. Karen C. says:

    Ah, yes, the blackouts! Full of surprises, that one.

  207. It seems Colin may be upset that I deleted one of his comment which I found disgusting.

  208. (I did not plan on saying who this referred to)


    Recently I have had to edit some comments due to their offensive content. I also deleted a few comments. Since I started covering this Arias case, I have been more than liberal in going outside of my rules for the use of profanity, the use of improper names etc. For instance, during the Anthony case, if anyone called Baez, “Bozo”, they ended up in spam.

    This case is not only graphic but very explicit and since it is being discussed in a court of law, it is also evidence and it is impossible to comment without including what has been said.

    I have given a bit of leeway as to muddying the waters a little but I will not tolerate them being contaminated.

    A couple of days ago, a comment was made in here that was highly uncalled for. It described anal intercourse and the lubricant used, diarrhea. I think it was meant to be funny. I did not see the humor in it and found it was disrespectful to this blog owner. That person was not banned!! I did delete the comment immediately but I am sure some of you and the readers who come here saw it.

  209. Karen C. says:

    Ah, this my eyes did not see (am eternally grateful). But Colin, come back! We love you, in a non-Jodi-type-way, but, yeah, Snoops is right on this one. Heck, this trial’s testimony has been quite disgusting enough… and the funny part is, it’s mostly fictional!

    I would LOVE to see his take on these questions….

  210. Newbie says:

    Personally, I really appreciate your efforts to keep things “under control.” Thank you.

  211. Thanks, Newbie! When you manage a blog, some will love you as much as others hate you. I’ve never considered myself as being in a position of authority as a blog owner. Actually, I have always enjoyed commenting more. That is why I spent so much time at that other blog. Once this case is over, I will be making a decision.

    Hugs…my friend…

  212. NancyB says:


    I wish I could tell the prosecutor to review this pic carefully- its one of the ones she “deleted” and they found the camera in the washer- in the very bottom right corner, a .25 caliber gun barrel is visable-JA may have had Travis at gunpoint- she snapped this photo and cropped out his facial expression- I think this is when he lunged and tried to disarm her and she stabbed him in the chest while doing so- which would explain the neatness of the closet- i think he got up and was at the sink spitting out blood cause she had nicked the lung with the stab to the heart and she began her brutal stabbing assault to his head and back. That’s a gun, isn’t it?

  213. Karen C. says:

    Nancy B-
    What number (in their slideshow) was that one? I can’t identify it- so she must have cropped, and THEN deleted- why go to the bother of cropping if she assumed the wash cycle with bleach would destroy everything…hmmm…

    Snoopy- I feel guilty “commenting” here so much, and I know I’m missing out a great deal on Dave’s (which is still the one that feels like “home”- no offense!- I’m just taking an extended vacation here!); I’m just so gripped by this one. I realize that it’s not only the narrative involved, vs the Truth, the sordid details, the question of human behaviors (when “normal” people end up doing “abnormal” things- what defines normal, etc.), and all the rest of it- this is fabulous and dramatic stuff. Trayvon Martin case is actually the more “important” case, legally-speaking, and by far. But until that comes to trial I have to set it aside for a while- that one gets me angry on a different level.

    However, an acquittal here would mean the Apocalypse has arrived…

    Karen, I love reading ‘all’ your comments. Sometimes they make me chuckle. lol~~SS

  214. Karen C. says:

    Anyone notice the older woman sitting on Pro side, behind his brother and sister, reacting to Jodi’s nonsense about Travis liking to dress up as Spider Man- yada yada? She very clearly shook her head for some length of time…

    What an answer from Jodi, huh- to a juror question specifically stating that the juror understands that Travis did not like Spider Man, Nurmi must have just squirmed.

  215. Karen C. says:

    Nancy B- OK, that is the one you directly link to, #19. Saw it but had thought that didn’t look right for a gun, more like a bathroom stainless something-or-other,: I briefly wondered what the heck it could be. Anybody here know enough about guns to speculate? Surely whoever in LE was tasked to examine these pics would have noticed it, I’d think….

    If a gun barrel, it’s in her right hand, so camera in left… very awkward position for him to be in voluntarily UNLESS she’s coerced him into it with a gun….

  216. Nancy, are you talking about this one where I put the red arrows pointing?

  217. Karen C. says:

    OK, most .25 handguns have a short, blunt little barrel, but Smith & Wesson seems to have manufactured some models with a long barrel, some which look like maybe #19 slide above….
    Wonder if the police report on the stolen gun from her grandparents is on-line anywhere- I couldn’t locate it quickly. Flores says in interview a .25 automatic, not make or model.

    When it comes to handguns, I wouldn’t know real one from a water pistol. We can conclude Jodi used her g/father’s 25 caliber.~~SS

  218. gramared says:

    In all the crime scene photos, did anyone notice the stark contrast between the home where Jodi lived with her grandparents, very modestly, and the home where Travis lived?? His was very nice, three-car garage, expensive furniture, not messy or cluttered, in spite of the fact that “guys” were living there. Jodi’s bedroom was cramped and a cluttered mess. She was probably seeing $$$$ signs big time if she were able to latch on to Travis, another reason she wasn’t willing to give him up to anyone else.

    Yes, the g/parents had a humble little bungalow. Jodi set her sights pretty high and Travis had what she planned to take possession of and it turned into an obsession.~~SS

  219. Newbie says:

    Karen, I love reading your comments and seeing your thinking !
    Can’t tell if that is a gun barrel for sure but if memory serves me right, the size would be about that. Surely the detective would have seen that !!!

  220. NancyB says:

    Yes – Where you put the red arrows. Do you think that it looks like a gun or am I wrong???

  221. NancyB says:

    Karen C – It is picture # 19

  222. NancyB says:

    I know absolutely ZIP about guns. I mean nada

  223. Marilyn N says:

    Well we all know the closet saga is totally fabricated – re: neatness of the closet.
    When she is asked about the bullet casing location she has no answer except for, “it didn’t land
    in the blood”.
    Anybody know was that casing/blood on the bathroom floor or where?
    I don’t recall that being addressed??

  224. Jodi shot Travis after she slit his throat. Mike Brooks said the bullet casing would have been ejected to the right after she fired. The casing landed on a gob of blood. Jodi’s lies are not not going to hold up.

  225. Marilyn N says:

    SS: But was the casing on blood gob on the bathroom floor?

    I am not sure judging by the pics as it was a close up.~~SS

  226. Sarah says:

    The Big Blister just took the stand

  227. Marilyn N says:

    Stress and memory.
    Stressfull blister, too.
    I think the jury is making fun of her by these questions about her memory,
    what she can and cannot recall.

  228. Sarah says:

    If the judge is going to allow her to go on and on with her answers, we will be here for weeks.

  229. Karen C. says:

    Yes, on bathroom tiles, where she shot him after stabbing him. Oh, of course the gun used was the one she stole, no question, but did she accidentally take a picture of that gun being used to force him into that vulnerable position- I mean, that would make for one chilling pic! Not to mention likely proof that one theory as to sequence of events is correct- he is obviously not bleeding yet anywhere, as it would be seen going down the drain, No? So she had him forced into a crouching position at the bottom of the shower- Don’t You DARE Move!- and, maybe- Close Your Damn Eyes! THIS is what a broken heart feels like! (out comes the knife, as she abandons camera) – stab in chest- he roars out of there to sink area as she steps back- stab, stab, stab (+ 6) – in full flight mode he charges down hallway, pumping out blood- etc., etc.

    In other words she had gotten gun while he was still in shower, not while being chased by him from shower, and she accidentally took a picture of this fact as proof- IF that’s a gun in lower R of slide #19.

  230. Sarah says:

    I agree Marilyn. I think the jury is pointing out that she doesn’t fog up and shake when JM was asking her tough questions.

  231. Sarah says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about suicide notes/letters to grandma?

  232. Karen C. says:

    She’s invented plenty during this juror questioning already….

    What has she got to lose, I suppose…

  233. gramared says:

    This jury is on a rolllllll! They are writing more questions as the judge/attorneys are reviewing the next batch. Jodi better keep her “excellent” memory ready to roll as well. Who needs attorneys asking questions when you have a jury that is paying attention to all her lies.

  234. Sarah says:

    Karen C. I’m wondering about the zippers on the back of her sweat pants. How big were the pockets? Could she have hidden the gun/knife in them? Or did she pre-plant them under the sink? Matters not. I wish the jury would ask her if she has attempted to retrieve the items.

  235. gramared says:

    It boggles the mind to think that someone who has brutally murdered another can so calmly and succinctly and swiftly answer a barage of questions without exhibiting a bit of emotion, except perhaps some slightly suppressed glee that she is so delighted with her performance

  236. Sarah says:

    Seeing her sister and mother sitting there reminded of a thought. Arias had the nerve to throw her parents under the bus; I think a juror asked her about her relationship with them today and her response was something that her mother and her rub each other the wrong way? What an ungrateful bitty. I mean really. Couldn’t she at least have lied and said, I have come to appreciate my mother and I love her dearly. My gawd, her mother has sat through these lies since day one and that’s how she’s shows her gratitude. I’m convinced it has always been the situation that her family was living in Jodi’s world.

    I love it; she’s wearing blood red with a blister. The gods couldn’t be kinder.

  237. margaret says:

    Uh oh Nurmi is not pleased with new questions, got to refresh jodi on lies..

  238. Sarah says:

    Margaret: I don’t think it’s the questions he’s not pleased with; it’s the answers.

  239. Marilyn N says:

    Yep, stop with the questions, they are on to her, says Nurmi!

  240. Sarah says:

    Whoa; Snoops; did you see Arias’s daggers when JM asked her about the Bic? I don’t think she likes him very much.

  241. Marilyn N says:

    Oh here we are back to no recollection of anything!

  242. Sarah says:

    June 4 stabbing: …..”was in a class of it’s own”……..killing class, slaughter class, eraser class? Pick one Arias.

  243. Marilyn N says:

    O M G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  244. Sarah says:

    Where’s my valium! Nurmi’s up!

  245. Sarah says:

    I think the defense has definitely lost the battle of proving Travis was controlling. Does anyone, anyone, believe Arias can be controlled?

  246. gramared says:

    Sarah…..Not for a nanosecond!

  247. Marilyn N says:

    All this teenage stuff, boyfriends, etc, is ridiculous!
    She needs to clear her head at age 15?

  248. Vicky says:

    Something I found interesting. The juror asked, “After all of the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?”
    She did not answer the question. She explained why she lied before, but did not say what I would expect…like, “because I am telling you the truth (emphasize you)”. She did not tell them she is telling them the truth.

  249. Marilyn N says:

    Vicky: In earlier testimony I recall her saying she is “under oath” so nothing but the truth now.

  250. Sarah says:

    Gotta run folks. …………..be back later. Keep the blog up to date.

    Marilyn: Jodi thinks she is the smartest one in the room. (world)

    The little details she throws in just amazes me. They are not necessary, yet she does it every time she opens her mouth.

  251. Vicky says:

    Better yet, “I can’t think of a good reason you should believe me now, I just hope you will. I lied before, but I am telling you the truth.”

  252. Marilyn N says:

    This is making me so stressed, I going out for a run during this break!!!

  253. I wonder if the judge admonished Nurmi and told him to speed things up. Nurmi will extend his questioning up until they recess for the weekend.

  254. margaret says:

    Will Martinez get to ask her some questions now?

  255. Vicky says:

    Jodi changed her part today. I am waiting for JM to go after her about the little boy Jodi mentioned and the alleged threesome contemplation. I can’t get past the fact that she has provided all this testimony with such a lack of appropriate affect. She is smiling at the jury while talking about the murder and while telling them they should believe her. Grrr

  256. Vicky says:

    Margaret, Yes, Martinez will get to question her next.

  257. margaret says:

    Beth K. just answered my question on HLN . Martinez will get chance to question jodi , probably won’t happen today , she says. How many thinks Nurmi will have jodi writing those fake suicide letter this weekend..

  258. Vicky says:

    I found the question about her shaking was rather interesting. I really never noticed her shaking during her testimony. I even mentioned to hubby that if I were in her position, on that witness stand, I would be sharing like a Chiwawa. A few instances when she was crying her body shook, but all people have physical movement when they cry. I hope the question was asked to see if she would lie aboit that very simple question. I never once saw her share. Her hands were as steady as a surgeon when mine would have been shaking like crazy.

  259. Marilyn N says:

    Feel better now. I was so stressed I was nearly shaking like the Chiwawa!!😎

  260. Marilyn N says:

    Is she crying?

  261. gramared says:

    I can remember back in my youth, not quite the Dark Ages, you were required to go before a judge to explain why you wanted a divorce. I was required to take the witness stand for the first time in my life and answer some relatively simple questions. No, I hadn’t even thought about killing my husband. I was shaking so badly that my knees were knocking, and I couldn’t control it. I’d never experienced anything like it before in my life.

    To hear Jodi tell about her shaking is a joke. If she were, as she describes, it would be evident for all to see. There are certainly enough folks viewing this trial that someone would have noticed!!

  262. Newbie says:

    I had to be gone today and got home about ten, fifteen minutes ago. When I turned on the t v they were evidently replaying some of Jodi answering jury questions. She said she was still in the fog when being romantic with Ryan and something about her feeling safe because she knew he wouldn’t slap or smack her if she displeased him??????? Did I hear this right? Maybe my mind is operating like Jodi’s??

  263. Marilyn N says:

    Sooooooo, she now has high self esteem?

  264. Marilyn N says:

    Gramared: Everything about her is a joke!! Not just the shaking…..

  265. margaret says:

    Oops I was wrong, she must have been up late last night writing..

  266. Marilyn N says:

    If she wants to die, why is she fighting the death penalty?

  267. Karen C. says:

    Marilyn N.- NAH, she is a perfect narcissist and has ginormously high self-esteem naturally. All part of the delusion she swims in….

  268. Sarah says:

    Is she going over every answer she gave to the jury questions????? Martinez won’t have his chance today.

  269. Sarah says:

    This is ridiculous. Nurmi is going so slow on purpose just so Martinez won’t get a chance today. Why is this necessary? It’s not clearing up anything.

    OMG…….now she’s trying to bring in dead relatives of Travis’.

  270. Marilyn N says:

    How can Nurmi sleep at night?

  271. Sarah says:

    Nurmi must sleep on his side. I don’t think he’s a stomach sleeper.

    BTW: I saw on HLN that the other unethical lawyer (Baez) will be on tomorrow. I would like to request that NO ONE watch. Make the ratings drop whenever he is on. (Snoops delete if that type of request is not allowed.)

    She is begging for her life right now. (If you’re watching live)

  272. Karen C. says:

    Oh, so now we hear that the gun was supposed to be kept secret. Well, now, that just clears it all up, don’t it?

  273. Marilyn N says:

    Sarah: haha haha! Side or back for sure!

  274. Sarah says:

    This is the most exercise Nurmi has gotten. He’s alerting the jury that she did lie or something went on, by him jumping up and down and objecting.

  275. Karen C. says:

    No, was catching on HLN, so way behind. I’ll go to live now- thanks!

    Drat, must’ve missed that- BUT JM is on, talking about shrinks?

  276. Sarah says:

    I hope Martinez exposes yet another lie. I love his style. Did you notice how everyone has perked up since he started asking his questions?

  277. Marilyn N says:

    Worried about gas flammability!

  278. Sarah says:

    I don’t like the sidebar because now it gives her time to think about another inane lie. Let’s take bets: She’ll say Ryan can’t count

  279. Marilyn N says:

    AM I the only one who gets all tensed up watching this?

  280. Sarah says:

    It’s getting close to 4:30 their time; which they have agreed to stop on the dot. This will be continued next week????

  281. Sarah says:

    No Marilyn: I’m in knots and want to hit Nurmi and Arias so badly.

  282. Marilyn N says:

    I believe no court on Monday and Tuesday next week! Withdrawal coming!
    Hope maybe I’m wrong.

  283. gramared says:

    Marilyn…At this point, the jury is probably spring-loaded!! In fact, giving them six days off may tempt one or two to take off for parts unknown!!!

  284. gramared says:

    Jodi may get saved by the bell. It’s 4:30 p.m. in AZ!

  285. margaret says:

    Our Juan is knocking the wind out of her now and Nurmi is going crazy. Gotcha jodi.

  286. Sarah says:

    What!?!?!?! Well, at least the jury is leaving with a bad taste of Arias in their mouths.

  287. Marilyn N says:

    Her customers were sloshing down a bazillion margaritas!

  288. Sarah says:

    Whew! Everybody else worn out?

  289. gramared says:

    I seriously doubt that Mimi’s has “thousands” of locations, if one were to check.

  290. Sarah says:

    Marilyn: Chris Williams @ AZCentral tweeted:

    After that #JodiArias exchange i can’t wait until my stories @ 5&6 on @12news… now feel like i need “A bazillian margaritas”ReplyRetweetFavorite

  291. gramared says:

    I don’t even drink, but a bazillion margaritas sounds good after listening to her for daze!!!

  292. Marilyn N says:

    I sooooooo wonder what the judge thinks!?

  293. OMG, I love that little man… I may fly down to Arizona to shake his hand…

  294. This is now an Open Thread…off topic allowed. CHEERS everyone! You all deserve it. SS

  295. Sarah says:

    Thanks Snoops for this wonderful place for all of us to share our thoughts. I enjoy all of you; you’re funny and very insightful. Catch up with ya’ later. Off to have a margarita….seriously.

  296. Marilyn N says:

    Here’s a couple good sites: the lip.tv and eyesforlies.com

  297. Jodi is supposed to be so smart but she did not realize that Walmart and all stores keep a running inventory of every sale and return whether it is cash or charge card.

  298. FYI~~the jurors were writing down more questions today!! I wonder if anyone asked about the message Jodi tried to sneak out of the jail in the magazine. Nurmi would definitely fight tooth and nail to keep that one out.

  299. margaret says:

    Snoops your stats on this subject is terriffic.. Have you had another one that compares?// I am so glad you enforce the rulles and content, Thank you so much. Congratulations friend!!!!

    You will like this Snoops, my husband cannot believe I am so hooked on this trial, today he looked at tv for minute and said “she gets uglier every time I look at her.”” LOL It was said on NG tonight that they think that Matt,the one who won’t betray her, will be called by prosecution.. Can Martinez call him since the state has rested??

  300. Martinez gets to call rebuttal witnesses. I think that Matt is on the defense witness list.

  301. Newbie says:

    I was trying to watch the tapes of the trial today. Jodi certainly made sure she used every opportunity to slam Travis and re-enforce her lies. I’m still so miffed at her slicking in feeling safe with Ryan because if she said something he didn’t like, she wouldn’t be hit or slapped (something like that). How I do wish she would just commit suicide before next week. Oh, JM did plant a good seed on Matt McCartney when asking her if she knew what he said in January. Woot woot!!!! Now, think about that one skank.

  302. Newbie says:

    “haul off and smack me if I said something wrong”, ……Nancy Grace just had it on her program.

    I cannot find anything in your comment that is smackable. Dang, I am in a smacking mood. When Nurmi was questioning Jodi again, I went to Slingo and played a poker game. LOL~~SS

  303. Marilyn N says:

    NEwbie: Suicide would be too good for her. She needs to rot in prison for awhile with the hard core.

  304. Marilyn N says:


    doesn’t look like such a small business to me.

  305. colin black says:

    NancyB says:

    March 6, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    I finally found your wonderful blog again! I literally could not stand listening to the crapola from this diabolical monster for another moment yesterday. My heart was breaking for Travis’ family. I do believe in the death penalty in cases like this one BUT today I’ve been thinking that maybe it would have been better for the family if she had gotten life without parole with the stipulation that the complete trashing of Travis in court would NOT be tolerated for even a moment unless there was substantial corroborating evidence independent of this pathological liar’s testimony.

    Then she would have to be placed in the general population and hopefully some of the lifer’s would beat the crap out of her during her initiation period. I have never been a violent person but I am so disgusted with this entire sideshow. I am dreading the Battered Woman Syndrome psychologist and the PTSD expert. I find it reprehensible and repugnant that these experts testimony is for sale regardless of whether there is any validity to their clinical evaluations, which there isn’t in this case. It is a complete insult to all the people that have truly suffered from those diagnosis’.

    When Jodi was arrested, she had just finished packing to go on another road trip. Police found two knives and a 9mm gun in the rental car. She admitted buying them which proves that she does travel with a gun and knives.

    Why is this information not in front of the jury? Why, was it considered too prejudicial? Was it because of the death penalty? Where in the hell is the search for the truth? Citizens have the right to expect that what is true will be discoverable at trial, and that obvious guilt can surely withstand the test of reasonable doubt.

    Legal decisions should make sense not simply to lawyers and judges; they should also appeal to the rightness and righteousness of ordinary people. What is a verdict if it doesn’t verify the truth — not some legalistic stand-in called legal facts, but the actual truth?

    It bears noting that travesties of justice happen less frequently in other western nations. Instead of having both sides fight a zero sum game, the winner-take-all, scorch the earth contests that make American trials similar to its sporting spectacles, other countries place a higher value on having both the prosecution and the defense work to uncover the truth. After all, everyone in society benefits when the truth is known and injustice is not allowed to prevail — in this case protecting the memory of Travis Alexander especially.


    This information has been placed in front of the Jury.

    Her Explenation for the gun 9mill an /knifes..
    Where first off the old going to commit suicide routine.And or was also planning a road trip /camping trip /gold panning trip.
    And as she was going to be the ownly defwencless girl out there camping with all them rough tough men .
    She brought along the gun an knifes to go Manson on them.

    No only jokeing she didnt realy say that she said she brought them along for protection.

  306. Newbie says:

    Colin, how many girls/ladies go with a group of men/guys who they don’t know too well? Hell, I wouldn’t have gone to dinner alone with them just because……I’m from the older generation and that’s something you just don’t do.

    Snoops, anytime JM is not in action, I bet you go to Slingo…lol.
    Marilyn, I actually can’t think of any punishment suitable for this wench. She wants to talk about being innocent in front of God, she just needs to face him with her lies….lol. See if she kind talk herself out of that one !.

  307. colin black says:

    Where has COLIN been????? Sorely missed

    Both me an wife are pretty ill bad chest infection doing the rounds in this part of UK.
    An I think one of them brought it in.
    Tempertute an np apptite an jus missarble……………..One Day nose like Nigra Falls.
    Next Day need a pick axe to remove the crud.
    Useally Im the man standding but we re both m i a…
    Just caught up on utube an reading comment now
    though may not post tmuch till yjid bug goes,
    Thanks fi=or the queery though just queezy

  308. Vicky says:

    At this point, anything Nurmi says or does to make Jodi look good, is like putting lipstick on a pig. Her last ditch efforts to malign Travis are a true indication of her vindictiveness and have given JM even more rope to hang her with during his rebuttal case. That dumbass actually believes the jury will take her word over what was a computer transaction at Walmart. She is so frigging narcissistic!
    I loved it today when it was pointed out Jodi’s using the word “diedify” as opposed to the proper word disedify. Seriously, who uses that term to begin with? Apparently, Jodi has access to a thesaurus in jail. Too bad she memorized the antonym incorrectly. Anyway, I have heard a lot of terms used to describe Travis, but have yet to hear a single friend of Travis refer to him as a pious person. So, her attempt at edifying Travis, is completely misplaced. She acts as though the fact that he baptized her somehow elevated him in the Mormon church. That is not the case. Additionally, I know for a fact that she was not baptized until a Bishop had made certain she understood exactly what her baptism meant, and that would include one on one instruction about leaving past sins behind. She was a grown woman at the time she met Travis. Good lord, what woman doesn’t know that regardless of what form it takes, contact between two individuals that involves “private parts” regardless where those private parts are placed constitutes sex. Big clue… Anal sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, kinky sex, “sex” being the operative word. When we were dating, had hubby tried to convince me that I should engage in alternate forms of penetration in order to adhere to church doctrine, I would have laughed him out of the back seat of the car! LOL

    I’ve got news for Jodi, her “fog” is a permanent state of being if she seriously believes her lies will set her free.

    I am wondering where JM is going with the second round of filling the gas cans. Besides the obvious fact that she has lied to the jury about the extra can. Why did she need to fill them once she reached Utah?

  309. Marilyn N says:

    Oh how funny. Just now on Kathy (Griffin) show, she asked her mom
    what was her definition of “Skank”! Her mom said Jodi.

  310. Newbie says:

    Colin, hope your recovery is soon !!!! Sounds terrible.

    rofl Vicky….laughed him out of the back seat…..damn, wish you could get on HLN with that one !

  311. Marilyn N says:

    Vicki – I just reviewed the last part of the trial today, and adding up the numbers
    shows she had to have a third gas can, which says she is lying (no, really?).
    I was wondering why she even needed to fill them up as she would be on her way
    home to CA. ??? So not sure what JM is showing us other than her lies.

  312. Marilyn N says:

    Anyway, Jodi spent more $$$’s on gas running all over the place fetching gas cans! (and supposedly returning one – not!)

  313. Tommy'sMom says:

    Hi and GA all
    I just started to watch the tape of that talk show and I’m thrilled,finally someone noticed JA is not as start as she thinks she is or people say she is. She most certainly does use words incorrectly she thinks big words will help her but you really need to know how to use them,she doesn’t. Example:edify to instruct, used in scripture many times.

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