“The MAGIC Juan”-Jodi Arias Trial


Anyone trying to get the truth past the lips of a pathological liar needs a few tricks in their hat. We are finally getting a glimpse of a man who can do just that as he is well equipped with lots of ammo in his fedora or make that sombrero. He is the exact opposite of L.Kirk Nurmi who has frazzled our nerves for eight days in succession. Nurmi seemed to work in slow motion, make that beyond slow. What a breath of fresh air to have a prosecutor, small in stature, agile, and very professional in all aspects. Defense lawyers despise Martinez and we are about to get to see why.

When the trial began on Thursday, Jodi appeared to be snoozing or meditating as she sat in the witness box, her eyes closed and there was no escape. Once the jurors were summoned and seated, along came…

The Magic Juan!


The fireworks began…”look at the picture of your dumb sister”…”my sister is not dumb”…”remember the sextape you recorded of you and Mr Alexander?” …”I said she was dumb and stupid”…”did I ask you if she was stupid?”…

In rapid succession, Martinez fired the questions at Jodi as he did his ‘courting’ dance in front of her. Immediately, Jodi went into a ‘cocky’ defensive mode, Jennifer Willmott stared at Jodi, mouth agape, Nurmi, glared and appeared to be very agitated as he watched his meticulous house of cards being slowly dismantled. Even Judge Stevens cast a concerned glance towards the defendant.

What did my heart good was watching as Travis’ younger sister was sneaking ‘sheepish grins’ in Jodi’s direction. Yes, it was now time to turn the tables.

Here are a few pics. I will let them speak for themselves.




I welcome all comments and a big THANK YOU to all those who participate or just read here!

Trial resumes Monday, February 25th and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

(Videos for Feb 25th)
Jodi Arias Trial – Day 22 – Part 1

Jodi Arias Trial – Day 22 – Part 2

Jodi Arias Trial – Day 22 – Part 3

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304 Responses to “The MAGIC Juan”-Jodi Arias Trial

  1. margaret says:

    You amaze me Snoopy !! Perfect heading and article for the new thread..Thank You for allowing us to be a part of it…

    People like you make this blog successful and give me the incentive to forge on. Hugs and thank-you, dear friend.~ ~SS

  2. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy
    I do agree with you that Juan has done quite well so far. Of course, I also thought that Jeff and Linda were going to prevail in the Casey Anthony case. I really don’t expect justice to prevail in any court case though we could be surprised.

    It is possible that Jodi wasn’t quite as brutal as we think she was, but I don’t see how given the evidence. A few people think that Nurmi’s strategy of boring everyone to death was a pretty good legal manuever. If people are too bored to be shocked by the horror of what Jodi probably actually did, they will go easier on her. Nurmi did a pretty good job with slow tedium. Next Juan will probably make sure that every one is wide awake and horrified by the horrifying aspects of the crime.

    If Juan is going to develope further his point from last Thursday of her solicitating perjured testimony to back up her excuses for killing someone she accused of a criminal offense against children, then she is going to end up with no excuse and should look even worse to the jury for making up something so vile and slandering the dead victim. Some people, I for one, might think it was worse to unfairly slander and kill his good name after he was dead than to kill him in the first place. In this case it was a close call since she killed him in such a brutal manner but in other cases it would be worse to endure such slander than to die a quick death. Jodi probably is lying about everything and hopefully Juan can prove it and restore Travis Alexander’s good name. Travis deserves that much at least.

    I do not believe in the death penalty, but if I did, this would be one case in which I would apply it. The crime was exceptionally brutal, but more importantly her posthumous unjustified and exceptionally vile attack on the victim’s character in front of his family, friends, and the entire TV viewing public was completely beyond the pale.

    The ‘defense’ legal pundits thought Nurmi was brilliant when he let Jodi become brain dead right after the gun allegedly went off by accident. In this way, if Martinez questions her about the killing, she can respond by, “I can’t remember.” By the time Juan gets there, he will have convinced the jurors that Jodi has selective memory loss and her claim of amnesia is going to backfire big time.~~SS

  3. [transferred from last post]

    margaret says:
    February 23, 2013 at 6:55 pm (Edit)
    I have a question ,If the jury doesn’t bring back a death verdict , Can the judge over rule that and still give her death.??………Isn’t there some way they can make her answer questions in a proper way ? The defense let her give a rambling story after each question and she still wants to do that.. ,If she remembers.That judge is watching her very closely..I want her to get death penalty, she will have at least 25 years of only having 3 other women to associate with.. Won’t that be fun for her , no one to impress and they won’t give a hoot about her looks…In general population she will have them all bamboozled..I want her to be bored out of her skull and realize that she will never have contact with another man.I hope this Matt is called as a witness… The man that she lived with for four years knew a lot more but he was too wimpy to talk..;;IMO

    During the guilt phase, the jurors have to be unanimous in their decision, 12 out of 12 for or against guilt. [edit-correction-I understand in the penalty phase, the decision in Arizona has to be unnamimous as well] If Jodi does not answer the questions appropriately, Martinez will ask the judge to instruct Jodi to do so. The judge rules that courtroom, not Jodi Arias (although she is trying to) If Jodi doesn’t obey the judge, she will be held in contempt. One other thing, Jodi is in a jail now. Wait until she is housed in a Women’s Prison!!~~SS

  4. [transferred from last post]

    Vicky says:
    February 23, 2013 at 7:17 pm (Edit)
    Margaret, if the jury decides against the death penalty, then it can’t be imposed – period. If they vote for it, I think the judge can spare her life.
    If they find her guilty of 1st degree murder, I wish they would offer her LWOP, if she would suddeny regain her memory and tell the truth about what happened. I know that will never happen. She is far too self absorbed.

    Vicky, there is little for Jodi to tell to get the charges reduced. She confessed to the killing. The only thing she could change is say I ‘murdered’ Travis. I think we can all guess the gory details by the crime scene photos.~~SS

  5. gramared says:

    Is there any way Martinez can prove, with the evidence available, that Jodi stabbed Travis before shooting him? If so, that would blow her memory loss to smithers.

    The medical examiner said the shot came after Travis’ throat was slit. He said the heart would have stopped beating and pumping blood when the bullet penetrated the skull and lodged in the cheek as there was no hemorrhaging present. Therefore, Travis was already dead when Jodi shot him.~~SS

  6. gramared says:

    Thanks, Snoopy. Well, Martinez will have a field day with that bit of evidence. I’ve only listened to some of the trial so don’t always have all the pieces to this insane puzzle. The more I watch her, however, the more evil she appears.

  7. gramared says:

    Snoopy…Not sure if you’ve seen this comment by Lillian Glass, body language expert, but her assessment is interesting. There is another comment about Jodi if you scroll past a few other entries. There are some good pix included.
    I’m new at this, so you probably need to put in the link if you feel it’s worthwhile.

    The link is fine and works in here. I only change the ones for videos, especially youtube, that slow down the page while loading. Thanks for the link!~~SS

  8. Sarah says:

    gramared: Thanks for the link to Dr. Lillian Glass. I have a hard time with her posts because she doesn’t know how to spell or edit. Thus, making it hard to read sometimes. She really doesn’t say anything that hasn’t been brought up on mainstreamfair. The bloggers here totally rock. (OK….what decade is that from?)

    I hope you do get to watch the rest of this trial. Ms. Arias’ true colors are being shown.

    I’m at a loss. I’ve never yearned for Monday before.

  9. gramared~~I popped over to Lillian Glass’ blog and read. I see she hasn’t changed any. I think she gave herself the title of Doctor. Lillian has taken on the persona of Nancy Grace. She is so busy discussing the evidence and predicting the outcome of the case she writes about, she forgets to study the body language.

    During the Anthony case, I went to Lillian’s blog and left comments for her to correct names of certain players in the case that she had wrong. I told her not to let me out of moderation so the others couldn’t see I was correcting her. She would correct the mistakes but I never ever got as much as a thank you. I have never commented on her blog but have known others who disagreed with her and got zapped with her stun gun.

    Lillian never proof reads or edits and her grammar is almost as bad as mine.

  10. [normally I do not post anything from ‘gather’ but this came in my mail alerts and looks factual]

    Two pieces of little known about evidence surfaced on Thursday during the Jodi Arias trial. After being arrested for brutally murdering her lover, Travis Alexander, she made an attempt at witness tampering by trying to send secret messages to a friend via penciled in comments in the margins of two magazines. When the messages are pieced together, using her not-so-sophisticated code, it says “You f’d up. What you told my attorney next day directly contradicts what I’ve been saying for over a year. Get down here ASAP and see me before you talk to them again and before you testify so we can fix this. Interview was excellent. Must talk ASAP.

    As Shanna Hogan, who is an expert on all things about this trial, confirmed to Jane Velez-Mitchell via a phone interview, Jodi Arias’ ex boyfriend, Matt McCartney, was “involved in creating” the letters alleging that Travis Alexander was a pedophile. Meaning he forged them. Hogan said, “Yes, that was one of the most shocking moments in court. We’ve known about this for a while. She communicated with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew McCartney, through jail, and he was involved in creating these letters that were later proven to be forgeries. And that was the only substantial evidence that was given to… back up her statement.”

    More here….


  11. gramared says:

    Snoopy, I agree with you about Lillian Glass. She rarely, if ever, corrects grammar, punctuation, or typos. She just spouts. In the past, when reading her assessments, I’ve felt she can be unusually harsh, and it comes off as unprofessional. However, I always like it when someone recognizes Jodi’s game for what it is and that she isn’t fooling anyone, especially on this blog!

    It makes you wonder why folks like Nancy Grace and Glass feel they need to put folks down or rant and rave about their opinions when acting professonally and calmly would serve their purpose much better. Oh well, takes all kinds.

    Glass is way too opinionated and full of herself while Nancy is just plain ignorant. Now that is just my opinionated opinion. lol~~SS

  12. gramared says:

    Sarah…doesn’t it make you wonder why Lillian Glass, who claims to be an expert in her field, seems to care little about the quality of her writing? It doesn’t help her credibility.

    I will be going through withdrawals on Monday and Tuesday because I have commitments and appointments that will keep me from watching the trial live. Thankfully, Snoopy always posts the sessions ASAP, so I’ll catch up in the evening. Plus, reading the blog gives me an overview.

  13. Yes, I will post the videos as soon as they appear on youtube… many times I watch them again in the evening to see if I missed anything due to daytime interruptions in the real world…

  14. Body language experts calls Arias ‘defiant,’ ‘impolite’

    When Arias first took the stand, one thing Mousseux noticed was how often she touched her neck.
    “Neck touching is when you are in a very uncomfortable situation, when you don’t want to be there, when you’re stressed out,” Mousseux explained. “You have a lot of nerves in your neck, so when you touch it, you kind of relieve your blood pressure. You feel calmer.”
    Arias had also been constantly touching her hair during her time on the witness stand
    “It’s a nervous movement,” Mousseux said. “She is very uncomfortable, yet her face looks very calm and cold, no expression in her eyes. So these are the other signs where we really can tell how she feels

    More here and video….


    Here’s another video with the same lady..she is great…


  15. Karen C. says:

    Anyone else catch what Jean Caserez (?) said the other day on NG regarding the AZ instructions to the Jury? Which greatly explains the “memory loss” between supposed first strike (in Jodi’s lying version, the gunshot) and all the stabbings, etc. after- the Jury will be told that Self-Defense is only allowable if the perp has a REASONABLE fear of his/her life, AND that no more force can be exerted than is necessary to save one’s life. We’ll let that one sink in while we contemplate those pesky 9 wounds to his back, shall we? Again, why in blazes has this monstrosity made it into Court to begin with?! That second clause is a hopelessly high bar for her and Nurmi to leap over….

    This is one reason they are frantically trying to get the DP off the table. The defense does not have a prayer in hell with the exception of one woman juror who appears to be sympathizing with Jodi..let’s hope she remains an alternate and not picked to deliberate.~~SS

  16. gramared says:

    Snoopy, I watched Renate Mousseux, the body language expert, and she presents her information in a way that you can listen and appreciate her knowledge. She is such a calm woman, very respectful. One quality that NG and LG lack is humility!!

  17. weezie10 says:

    I think the judge should have given a warning to Jodi, when she smirked and mocked Juan. Why should she be held to a lower standard than the rest of the courtroom? She was out of line, no excuses should be made because she is on trial for her own life, allowing her to ahemmmm Defend herself at the expense of others. This little wanabe was spanked as a child because she was an unruly demonic, who laughed at the punisher and got away with murder, so to speak. I also believe that her testimony of Travis should not be allowed to be debated by the jurors. There isn’t a scintilla of proof that he was a molester or physical abuser. This trial is a mockery to Justice, allowing the victim’s honour to be slandered without cause. JMO

  18. katfish says:

    Karen C said, “- the Jury will be told that Self-Defense is only allowable if the perp has a REASONABLE fear of his/her life, AND that no more force can be exerted than is necessary to save one’s life. We’ll let that one sink in while we contemplate those pesky 9 wounds to his back, shall we?”
    I really think this whole sham of a self-defense claim has been doomed from the start….and that element of the statute is what doomed her. Of course the experts will try to explain away the cruelty of her slaughter of Travis…PTSD and all, don’t you know? Too bad for them she has conciousness of guilt written all over her script.. Her testimony is ALL about saving her life. IMO

    Jodi had the choice (if her allegations of T lunging at her were true) to escape down the stairs and out the door. Travis was naked, Jodi was clothed. Jodi said she ran in the closet and retrieved a gun that Travis did not even have as he did not own one. The stab wound to the chest near his heart came before 26 more stab wounds, throat slitting killed him, and then the gun shot was after his heart had stopped and he was dead. No doubt the gun came from her purse. Let her explain that away. The defense needs the gun shot to be first to try and claim self defense and her memory loss…phooey~~SS

  19. mystical pippin says:

    OMG you guys I just read Lillians blog its not only extremely ugly, stark and the pictures are a joke what with all the distortion – it looks like a 6 year old wrote it and put it together. I can’t believe this woman calls herself a professional. She may be right in some of her conclusions but the way she gets there is ridiculous. She writes like a 6 yr old. Did you see where she talks about how Jodi killed Travis? And I read further down she made one post about Adam Lanza’s mother. She claims she was a survivalist and believed the world was going to end and thats why she had an arsenal of guns. She also said that the mother was a recluse. None of that is true. She was a target practise enthusiast thats why she had guns. I have never seen anything about the woman being a survivalist let alone that she thought the world was going to end. What a kook that Lillian is…..

    Lillian Glass is laughable! ~~SS

  20. mystical pippin says:

    Snoopy what about these letters that Jodi’s ex boyfriend wrote? What did they say? How would letters prove pedophilia in Travis? Yesterday I was looking at some videos on YouTube and I just heard this for the time. That Jodi was planning on running before she was arrested. Apparantly her grandparents house was under surveilance and she had packed up some clothes, also her mother came to the house I think it was the night before and Jodi and her sat in the mom’s car and talked for a long time. Nothing unusual about that except I think the report said Jodi had some cash. After they arrested her they searched both parents/grandparents homes and found proof of a 25 caliber gun purchase by Jodi. They found ammunition in some boxes in her car and they also found ammunition in parents home. So her parents probably bought the ammo for her. Nice…

    They eventually found the gun – well the car rental company found it in the car she rented. but confuses me because I thought she returned the car a few days after killing Travis. so when did she buy the gun? before she took the trip? or did she keep the car longer and bought it after she came home? Either way, I think she bought it as a red herring. I bet she thought when they found it they would find out through forensic testing that it was NOT the gun that killed Travis…. she also told police she bought it to protect herself…..

    Pippin, Jodi purchased a 9mm gun that was found in the rental car she was using to escape. The other rental car she used for the trip to Mesa was returned. LE found 25 caliber ammo in her room at parents when they had the search warrant. A 25 caliber was used on Travis and it is believed that it was the same gun stolen during the staged robbery about a month before Jodi killed Travis. . The 9mm was purchased after Travis was dead. The letters Matt McCartney wrote to Jodi as tho they were from Travis (admitting he got off on little boys) were proven to be forgeries and inadmissible into evidence. I understand Jodi can get on the stand and lie just about anything and her word is considered evidence. Martinez has to disprove what she says. I know this is confusing to both you and me. ~~SS

  21. Y’all notice Martinez’ strategy? He put the pic of Jodi and Angela up on the monitor. Notice how he will leave it there while he goes on to ask other questions? He wants the jurors to get a good look at the Jodi in the pic and compare her with the ‘much younger demure’ one in the witness box. He will do the same with the crime scenes of Travis. He left the pic of Jodi’s left hand up for extra time too.

  22. Sarah says:

    SS: Yes I noticed that too. I also thought it was brilliant how he pointed out that she has double standards i.e., ok for her to be with Ryan, (which she had to explain if she thought Travis was dead or not) but she made Travis explain why he was with another woman. I loved it when Martinez said, “what right do you have……..” It’s ok for her to call her relatives names but gets all bent out of shape if Travis does.

    I hope her defense counsel lectured her this weekend about her smirky smirk.

    I thought it was also smart of Martinez to show that Jodi is not a wilting violet. She does stand up for herself. She appeared pretty strong to me. Why wouldn’t she stand up to Travis if he verbally or physically abused her? I don’t think Travis ever laid a finger on her that she didn’t invite.

  23. katfish says:

    SS I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about the weapons and the order of execution…..phooey, phooey, Jodi’s hooey! It’s possible she may have controlled Travis’ movements in the bathroom with the gun before stabbing him. The gun would seem to be last resort weapon to use though because of the noise. If she could kill him with the knife….but it didn’t work out the way she planned. The look in Travis’ eyes in those last pictures of him was one of despair, just extreme sadness. IMO.
    As KC pointed out, if the jury follows the law as written in the self-defense statute she should be convicted….just to what degree? The defensive wounds on Travis’ hands say it all as to who was the aggressor.in this fight….he was fighting for his life and suffered a cruel death regardless the order of his injuries… I’m ready to see the state wave their “Magic Juan” tomorrow.!

  24. Newbie says:

    I’m wanting Juan to move the wand over himself first ! He’s good, to say the least, but imo has to make sure he does not allow her to get under his skin even for a moment. He has to do quite a balancing act in not going too far in areas and not going far enough in others. While I tell myself he has had plenty of experience and is quite good, the CA case comes to mind. Ashton turned the jury off, the information/evidence was too much for them to “get it” and they just wanted out, and the defense muddled thru with information not supported by evidence. I’m not trying to take Juan’s magic wand away, I’m jujst wanting him to have two magic wands !!!
    I’m saying prayers for Mr. Martinez tonight.

    I am wondering if Juan is throwing quite a few things towards home plate and then will drive them all home in his closing statement. For instance, the injured ring finger, witness tampering, stalking Travis’ home by peeking in the glass of his sliding door, making out with Ryan, double standards, the pedophilia …and so on.. A big thing will be that the gun shot was not first. I expect the defense to bring in their own medical examiner to dispute it.~~SS

  25. margaret says:

    Snoops there is a Great picure of Juan On the State vs jodi arias in photos. section.. It has a little note to Travis across it.I haven’t done pictures yet..It is amazing in some comments on different sites , how many times casey a. and the pinellas 12 come up.I wish that thing would tell truth , because I can’t get that picture of him looking at camera out of my mind. She must have just overwhelmed him before he could grasp what she was doing. Am I dreaming or didn’t jodi try to get Martinez to give her a plea deal , but he said he would not even discuss a plea with her..Since the duct tape has never been mentioned maybe she used that to secure knife in her clothes..My prayers are for Martinez tonight. I thought that defense and prosecution had to share information ,but the defense looked totally surprised about magazines…

    Yes, Martinez turned down the plea deal. This is definitely a death penalty case. The jurors must see that Travis was the victim who was slaughtered by Jodi in a premeditated jealous rage. The crime scene showed this was a hate murder and not self-defense.~~SS

  26. margaret says:

    Click to access Plea-Bargain-document-2011-Jodi-Arias-Is-Innocent-com.pdf

    You can find the plea she wanted here.. Travis is tagged ,not a choir boy but a playboy.. She thinks that the state cannot prove … Sounds like she wants them to believe she is doing State a favor..

    Jodi wanted to plea for manslaughter. She would not entertain a plea for life even though the death penalty is on the table. She feels that she will never be sentenced to death by a jury. Thanks for posting that info!~~SS

  27. annie says:

    hello everyone yes l cant wait til monday morning when the bitch is up on the stand again..she cant fight juan because he is a fighter and he will go at it .the bitch wants to smile she can but the jury is watching her too and they will see the rel cobra in her.this case is different than casey anthony because she knows she killed travis and she is guilty.l hope the jury sees right through her and giver her the dealth penalty because she deserves it.its not jodiisinnocent here she thinks she can talk the way she is with juan wait until exposes all she has done reguardless of her answers to him juan will tie it all up at the end when he is finished with her.his closing arguement will be fascinating it has to be.why is court only 3 days a week does anyone know?the way its going it will take forever especially when the pervert of nurmi is asking questions my god l wan falling aslleep in my chair but cant wait til tomorrow.maybe juan has something that will shock us all never know.l dont think the jury is buying this self defense as so far nothing to prove that.l hope the bitch fries period.yes pray for juan thats for sure. good night all.

    Welcome, Annie!~~SS

  28. Newbie says:

    There’s a lot in the plea agreement document that makes me shake my head but the last paragraph on page six takes the cake. Sheesh !
    I am so ready for Jodi to be destroyed. Do hope she has to eat her own words tomorrow.

    It looks like Jodi may have drafted that plea agreement herself. It seems to be written in layman’s terms.~~SS

  29. Since Jodi Arias fits the profile of an obsessed typical stalker. Here is an article you may like to read while you wait for the trial to start. There are no lengths a stalker will not go to in order to possess a victim or make their life a living hell.

    The man who was the target of Britain’s worst stalker

    She had stolen a used condom from a bin outside his then-girlfriend Bethan Ancell’s flat and smeared his semen over a pair of her knickers. Ultimately, it was this fiendishly damning DNA evidence that proved Marchese’s undoing, after tests also threw up the DNA of Ms Ancell. He hadn’t met Ms Ancell at the time of the alleged rape, and he was duly acquitted.

    Read the entire story here…


  30. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Thanks for the pointer. Marchese was certainly awful, but Jodi Arias has managed to make everyone else look comparatively good. At least Marchese didn’t slit anyone’s throat.

  31. Jodi Arias seeks death penalty stay, but Arizona Supreme Court rejects

    PHOENIX – Jodi Arias’ effort to get the death penalty option in her murder case temporarily set aside was met Friday with a swift rejection from the Arizona Supreme Court in a one-sentence response denying the motion filed just hours earlier.

    Arias is charged in the June 2008 stabbing and shooting death of her lover in his suburban Phoenix home. She claims self-defense, while authorities say she planned the attack in a jealous rage. Testimony has been ongoing since early January.

    After failing to win a mistrial or stay of the death penalty option in the lower court earlier this year, her defense attorneys sought relief Friday from the state’s highest court, which quickly rejected it. Her trial is set to continue Monday with the death penalty still on the table if prosecutors can secure a first-degree murder conviction.

    Read more here…


  32. Jodi Arias Sent Coded Message to a Potential Witness, Prosecutor Claims

    Video and Article here…


  33. Trial resumes Monday, February 25th and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

  34. margaret says:

    Maybe this is the week Martinez brings out the real jodi..He has 4 days and she will get tired and cranky, no weekend off to prepare.. My money is on Martinez .. Everyone have great day ..

  35. Sarah says:

    colin: I’m using AZCentral.com don’t know if that’s what SS has posted…..but it’s working fine.

    I also like using AZCentral because there is live tweets from reporters.

    Example: Lissette Martinez tweeted: Martinez cross exam has jury gripped.

  36. Sarah says:


  37. Newbie says:

    I just yelled out loud “He went there !”. Nailed it on how much she hurt Travis.

    Oh why was I concerned…lol. Snoopy you have to be clapping, yelling, singing….standing on your head maybe.

  38. Sarah says:

    It stung when she “nicked” herself while she was trying to kill herself and Martinez comes back with…….”imagine how it hurt Mr. Alexander when you stuck that knife into his chest

  39. Newbie says:

    Oh, she’s going to be the wounded bird and cry.

  40. Newbie says:

    Whoops, no tears….anybody watching Numri ?

  41. Sarah says:

    Martinez is not giving Arias any wiggle room. He keeps stopping her if she starts to wonder off with one of her unresponsive answers.

  42. Sarah says:

    Somebody give Arias a dictionary.

    (She keeps asking Martinez to “define” words- good grief. This will take a long time.)

  43. Sarah says:

    I love the idea of Det Flores being at the table. Like I said before; in a way he represents Travis Alexander. Then, behind him is Travis’ family.

    A tweeter over at AZCentral (Lissette Martinez) Arias looks emotionally exhausted as she rushes out of courtroom with a cup of water.


  44. mystical pippin says:

    Morning All,
    Sarah – Your comment about mondays – pretty funny
    Newbie – You know what got me p.o. were the incendiary parts where it basically threatened that if the truth came out about Travis it would (paraphrasing) paint a tawdry picture not of a choir boy steadfastedly practising his faith but of a playboy expert manipulater and sexual deviant.
    hmph….pffft!! This is exactly what the handful of sheep out there who believe Jodi are saying. They have no idea they’re being manipulated by Jodi and her attorney. There are NO choir boys in the Mormon faith either……It goes on to say that there will be collateral damage to many lives once this gets out to the religious community, it will effect marriages, personal friendships & the cherished memories of Mr. Alexander will be forever tarnished. Really? thats absurd its not going to effect anyone’s marriage or friendships. It will however damage Travis’s reputation which right here tells us that is their sole purpose in this defense. To trash the victim because he cannot defend himself.

    In the proposed resolution it says that Ms. Arias is of the understanding that TA’s family is not concerned with the fact that TA’s relationship with JA and/or other parties will be made public. I’d like to know how in the hell she would be under that impression since she’s in jail – I’m guessing its being fed to her by several sources her lawyers being the main one. But then on the very next page it says: (paraphrasing) Ms Arias is well aware of the pain this trial would cause his family and friends so she’s willing to resolve it by agreeing to a lesser charge because she regrets lying to the media which she knows caused more pain to his family huh? yeah right. another example of how Jodi can’t get her story straight.

    Snoops – I think you nailed it Jodi definitely drafted this herself. Her attorneys added in the legal jargon and they also made a lot of gramatical errors – no one proofed this for that. It was proofed for misspells but not grammar. look at this sentence which is representative of some of the grammar: “trial may only create only more pain”

    Who’s paying for her attorney? the state or her parents. Either way they could’ve picked a more intelligent one – after all she’s on trial for her life….. and Nurmi is the best they could come up with??

  45. mystical pippin says:

    I forgot to point out the bold text for the and/or other parties. This is their way of insinuating that TA had sex with other women/boys – more BS

  46. margaret says:

    Sarah ,yes yes and yes to your handclapping..I had a thought this morning that made me smile. Here we all are , living here and yonder apart, but we are all joined in our thoughts about this trial. Makes me have this vision of all of us gathered in Snoopy’s living room clapping and woo-hooing. Martinez is doing a fantastic job and he’s not being too loud about it and she is trying her best to walk around his questions but he’s not letting her,..

  47. Newbie says:

    I’m so enjoying “Magic Juan” nail that tart. And Jodi, if I wasn’t so old I’d click my heels in glee. I’m also keeping an eye on Numri. He’s not liking any of this….lol.
    mysticalpippin, yep, my thoughts were the same…..that proposal was a joke !! margaret, what a warm thought of us gathered at Snoopys. Probably a good thing she lives kind of out of the way….lol.

  48. Sarah says:

    Margaret: If we were all @ snoopys we wouldn’t be able to hear the TV….lol. So, I guess it’s a good thing that we’re in her cyber living room. I like knowing that everyone else’s jaws are dropping at the same time as mine. (As well as rolling your eyes)

  49. Sarah says:

    Oh Snoopy; before I forget. Brilliant title for this article…….”The Magic Juan”.

    The cameras are showing Arias’ mother. Which reminded me. I wonder what Travis meant (if he said it) by saying that Arias was becoming just like her mother. Anyone know?

  50. colin black says:

    Jodi finaly got a man to go down on one knee to her to propose.
    Nurmi just kneeled an told her here is where your chickens come home to roosy
    I propose you go insane on stand

  51. colin black says:

    Jodi is all over the place .
    Did Travis Grandmom die from grief.
    Is that why he said you killed her or your her killer?

  52. Sarah says:

    I am so ready to smack her!

  53. Sarah says:

    I think Nurmi told her to soften her voice this afternoon.

  54. Sarah says:

    I hope she doesn’t sleep tonight.

  55. Newbie says:

    I think Jodi was going for “docile” today but just didn’t make it. Her nit picking on words and dodging the question is about to drive me to drink. Martinez is doing good yet I wonder if he is going home with a headache.

  56. Vicky says:

    I just got home from work and began watching. So Jody claims Travis proposed to her at some point? I have to admit, if I were on that jury I’d be thinking, if Travis did in fact choke her (which I would not buy at this point) I wouldn’t hold it against him. She could drive a saint over the edge.

  57. weezie says:

    Newbie; Just making a batch of Manhattans. Looks like she is going back to yesterday’s defiance. The little girl lost is starting to chow down on Juan again!!! Her Defence attorney looks like he wants to have a nap. He keeps moving his head back and then forwards, and his body language is pretty sloppy as he wheels that chair back and forth. If there wasn’t a desk behind him he could tip right over, that would be laughable. Sarah, his jacket is too small for that pot of his.

  58. Sarah says:

    Bust a gut. Nurmi caught sleepin’ on the job……lol

  59. Matt McCartney is going to play a significant role for the prosecution. Martinez is slowly leading up to it, in fact he is taunting Jodi as slowly gets there. I think Matt turned states evidence to save his own skin from being charged with forgery and being part and parcel of witness tampering. JMO

  60. Just heard on NG…. Det Flores asked Jodi if he (Travis) had a gun. Jodi said, “not to my knowledge.” NG played that portion of the interrogation. But then again,. Jodi admitted to lying to Flores about everything.

  61. colin black says:

    Oh I know Matt has thrown her under the bus an its slowly beging to dawn on her
    I excpect him as one of the States rubuttal wittnesses.

    If he had betrayed her dureing a depo Jodi would be aware of it.

    I cant beleive how wrong I got Juan Martinez.
    He was just being so understated the first few days.
    I can see he plans his stragtegy with meticulis presion an attention to detail..
    Iv watched a lot of prosecution attorney an he is one of the best Ive seen.

  62. colin black says:

    mainstreamfair says:

    February 25, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    Just heard on NG…. Det Flores asked Jodi if he (Travis) had a gun. Jodi said, “not to my knowledge.” NG played that portion of the interrogation. But then again,. Jodi admitted to lying to Flores about everything.

    Snoops havent you learned jodies litteryy thinking yet?

    Translation …Does Travis have a gun?

    Jodii not to my knowlage as the gun he had I took from his top shelf in the walthrough wardrobe/
    An I disspossed of that gun somewhere in the desert.
    An Travis being crossedover would have no need for guns in Gods domain
    Is what I meant
    But obviously Im never going to say that.

    J Martinez but you just did say that.

    Jodi ….Say what?

  63. Colin~~Matt McCartney has not been in the courtroom so he may very well be on the witness list. If the defense puts him on, Martinez will turn him into a state’s witness like he did Darryl Brewer and the gas can plus anal sex.

  64. colin black says:

    Did you so mini oh fluck it micro manerisim jodi made.
    When she couldnt stop herself correcting Martinez re how many days she was on the stan.
    On dirct by Numbnuts Nurmi.
    He sai eight on purpose I think realiseing she would have to put him down.
    Nine actually think it was nine.

    An Martinez suckered her righ into the trap.
    Oh nine he says you have a great memory.

    An thats when she vrealised she had been had.
    An had to attempt damage control.
    Oh I didnt remember that someone pointed it out to me that it was nine days.

    Notice she gets caught doing something in the past.
    That could be perseived as narsassitic or me me me ish .
    Like the media interveiws an other strange thing like write to Travis Family from prison.
    Nothing is her fault.
    Its alwas oh I was encouraged by someone to do this or that.

    She is so far out of her leages Jules Verne could write a novell on how fast she is sinking.
    Martinez is just warming up an has alreadt tottaly disctredited all of her old an older an most recent lies.

  65. colin black says:

    Oh Snoops I just got a creepy feeling reading your post.

    This trial must be the ultimate aphrodisic for old George Anthony.
    All this kinky sex talk an gas cans to boot.
    Bet cindy cant get a cigarte paper between him an the pc.

  66. Jodi remembered putting the rope in a dumpster. Do they have dumpsters in the desert? She couldn’t remember anything after the gun went off accidentally. How could she remember that she killed Travis in self-defense with more force than was necessary, I may add?

  67. margaret says:

    God Bless Martinez, it took a lot of patience to deal with her today.He was on his toes every minute though. Jodi tried to throw him off but he was always ready for her. I wonder what Ryan is thinking tonight..He seemed reluctant to discuss her on the stand,, today she did not have anything good to say about him..I hope Snoops is right and Matt is called as a witness..The guy that loaned Travis his gun for practice seemed pleased that he is going to be a witness..That woman is beyond crazy ,She is Pure Evil and if she were to go free, it would not surprise me if she stalked or harmed some of the people who have spoken against her.

    If you can find out if Matt is on the witness list, post it here, hon. ~~SS

  68. Highlight of today at 13:05 of Part 1 of trial…

    Martinez-“Other than you , who would be concerned about your statement?”
    Martinez-“Well God’s not here, we can’t subpoena Him right?”
    Jodi-“I don’t think so.” * with a slight smirk
    Martinez-“You don’t think so, so are you sure that we can’t ’cause it seems like you are leaving the door open for that.”

    Jodi sent Travis’ g/mother 20 irises on July 13th. She sent the family a letter on July 28th, Travis’ birthday. I guess she just loved rubbing it in.

  69. mystical pippin says:


    Hey Snoopy – I too heard something about Matt now is possibly going to testify for the state! wouldn’t that just be manna from heaven! I sure hope so.

    JM hammering away today about her lying. Lots of pundits saying (even the ones who say he’s getting the job done) he’s not focusing or he’s all over the place, he has no notes, he may be too hard on her, etc… but I think he will connect the dots and when he does all this “unfocused” questioning will make sense. Today I pretended to be an as of yet undecided juror. I tried to think that way as the questions were posed to Jodi (ok not the whole time but ya’ll know what I mean) And what I got from the inferences JM made about the lying was that Jodi even lied in her Journal. There’s nothing in there at any place or time that Travis abused her, he hit her, etc. Its all love and roses especially on the dates that she claimed either something violent happened between her and Travis or some traumatic event like her walking in on him masterbating to little boy pictures. So I think JM proves with all of these hammerings over/over about her lying and memory problems are simply that she lied then and she’s lying NOW. And her so called memory problems are very convenient. Guests on Dr. Drew said pretty much the same thing.

    During the sidebar after JM asked Jodi about her so called attempt at suicide and yelled at her about how if that little nick (her words) hurt so badly that she changed her mind then did it occur to her how much it hurt Travis when she stabbed him in the chest? btw did you see his face when he said that? I absolutely think he did the right thing there. he showed her and the jury what an ugly thing she is, just by making that awful face to her while saying those words showed the jury how heartless and evil she is and also how completely self-absorbed she is.

    Anyway, during the sidebar the camera went to Jodie and it looked as if she knew what JM had just accomplished, it looked like as it was dawning on her that she also figured the whole world was seeing this too – and THAT’S the only thing my friends, that matters to Jodi. It upset her to the point where she really cried this time. Her face was contorted, her nose got real read and the tears streamed. Remember when she put make up on and smiled for her mugshot? she testified that she knew that Travis was watching from above and he was probably laughing about the ridiculousness of people blaming her for his death. I don’t know what the hell that has to do with her wanting to put make up on and smile for the mugshot but I do know that what she said next was the real reason. She said she knew it would be all over the internet and Jodi would rather die a thousand times than be seen without her public “face” on. Can you spell N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T?

    IMCPO I think Juan Martinez is completely focused – his style is different from many prosecutors so its lost on most of the people watching this. It doesn’t seem that he needs any notes. (although I think he does have notes he just doesn’t look at them as much as others do) For example when Jodi once again corrected JM on how many days she’s been testifying, he came right back at her with the ok so you remember minute details don’t you? She said she didn’t remember she had been on the witness stand 9 days but somebody had informed her that she had. Then he immediately went into the fact that she’s being coached as to what to say. Everybody knows this but I think it does help that he reminds the jury. Everytime she attempts to sidestep a question, everytime she corrects JM, everytime she attempts to control the questioning, Martinez is on her like white on rice. And when he does get her to answer the original question he immediately moves on to the next. He’s very focused and very methodical. I think I’m in love…..lol

    Pippin, you only think you are in love. I am in love so keep your mitts off my man!! I love watching him. He has notes and he goes and reads a couple of lines just to prompt his next question. He seems all over the place but that is his strategy. I had to turn Jane Velez off tonight, way too much screaming and talking over each other.~ ~SS

  70. mystical pippin says:

    ha ha ha ok….ok Jodi…oops I mean Snoopy! 🙂

    ya know the truth is I’m STILL in love with Jeff Ashton. but….sigh…. he is a happily married man and deservedly so. Doesn’t keep me from fantasizing though….lol.
    Snoops what is the deal with women like us who are attracted to really intelligent men? Is there a name for it? like….High IQ Pheromonitis? ha ha Maybe we should ask Vicky?

    Oh and they also MUST be funny. Back in the day I had the biggest crush on Steve Martin (still love the guy) cause he’s so smart. Seriously he is. He came up with a formula like no other comedian when he was a rising star. He combined physical comedy (which I am not a fan of) with emotion and music. And the guy can play just about any instrument. The piano, banjo, violin, harp – these are not easy to master. He’s an incredible writer. I’ve read a couple of his books. and NOBODY can make balloon animals like he can! lol….. It was the mid 70’s just a few months before SNL began its first season with the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, Martin was doing his one man show in a small lounge at Harrah’s Casino in Tahoe. I must’ve gone to see him at least 10 times before he left. He was there for about a month I think. Back then when they had those types of shows it was cheap. Just a 2 drink minimum to watch. I also saw David Letterman perform there too before he had his own show. (have always loved him too) ok sorry for digressing….

    Do you think Jodi is finally starting to realize she’s not that good of a liar? I do. I can’t help but hear that old Carpenters song playing in my head… “We’ve Only Just Begun”. Maybe its playing in Juan Martinez’s head too and thats what he’s dancing to while he crosses. And here’s a bit of interesting or rather ironic trivia. Those magazines that Jodi made her “coded” notes to Matt in – one of them was the Star or Globe and the Cover Story was all about Casey Anthony and her lies!

  71. mystical pippin says:

    If you can find out if Matt is on the witness list, post it here, hon. ~~SS
    As of tonight he isn’t. Maybe they’re in the process of putting him on there cause I seriously doubt the defense will call him if he turned states evidence. And this begs the question. If the state subpena’s him to testify can it be about the forged letter? Because it hasn’t been mentioned in front of the jury has it? If so doesn’t that mean they have to get it introduced first?

  72. colin black says:

    Erm Ive got a replay of yestyerdays trial?

  73. colin black says:

    Anyone else court seal now?

  74. colin black says:

    If Matt switches an decides to testift agin jodi either through cross if defence dare to put him on stand.

    Or if they dont Martinez has more than set the scene/circumstances to use him as a rebuttal wittnes for the State.

    But wouldnt this be considered ambush wittness if the Defence has no idea what he will say ?

  75. mystical pippin says:

    I don’t see the defense calling Matt to testify Collin if he’s turned states evidence the defense would know about it and it would be pure suicide for them. As of yesterday Matt was not on either side’s witness list.

  76. margaret says:

    OMG, it has only begun for today andd I already am itching to knock her head off and slap Nurmi. Lord give Martinez strength..She thinks she is really smart.UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHH.

  77. colin black says:

    She scare the beejeezus out of me.
    I never thought Id encounter a less souless person than Ted Bundy.

    She is the one with her hyper litterlal attatude that talks not in circles

    Q You showed him the note?

    A No I handed it to him folded.

    Q You showed him it then?

    A He reveiwed it.

    She lalks in scribbles like a toddler trying to scribble a drawing of the moon

  78. Sarah says:

    Margaret: Where are the drinks? I get first slap at her. No, I want to wear some brass knuckles!

  79. Sarah says:

    Colin: You hit the nail on the head. No, tack. What does hit mean?

    She drives me insane.

  80. colin black says:

    Cant see Travis Oldest Sister
    Younger one looks like she has twin.?
    Be weird if so jodis moms a twin
    She wouldve seen it as a sign they get married an have twins
    She is scarey
    How an experianced people person like Travis never saw the danger shows what a chamealion she must be.

  81. colin black says:

    Here Comes the IM NUTTS CHARADE….

  82. Sarah says:

    Surely the jury can see what a STRONG person she is and at no time would be “controlled” by Travis.

  83. colin black says:

    Your being mean an nasty an not falling for by lies an BS
    Your proveing what a liar I am on tv

  84. margaret says:

    I’m thinkink this judge needs to have a talk with her.. This is ridiculous..Any juror with an IQ of 20 ought to see she is guilty as h***l.

  85. gramared says:

    SS…do you think the judge is allowing the questioning to go on and on and on because it shows how CONTROLLING Jodi can be and the pleasure she takes in what she’s doing. She is one frightening individual. Let’s pray the jury is seeing it for what it is and not focusing on Martinez’ frustration is questioning her.

  86. gramared says:

    Why doesn’t Martinez ask the judge to instruct Jodi to answer ONLY the question being asked and not add anything else, and if it’s a yes or no answer, only answer yes or no.

  87. margaret says:

    I wish this Bishop she knows would show up in court one day in support of Travis family. I wonder how she would answer questions.

  88. colin black says:

    She has alread admittted on Direct to Nurmi she knew sexuall intercourse between Mormons was not allowed.
    She talked about grinding fully clothed
    An made allusions to Dry hummping being rife amongs Mormons as vaginal sex was not allowed.
    She evens said Travis told her anal didnt count?

  89. Martinez is feeding her the rope and the judge is allowing him to do it…. Jodi is gradually hanging herself.. Juan knows what he is doing. Jodi is one who would never allow a man to abuse her. She is coming across as the dominant one.. surely the jurors will realize this…Juan is portraying Jodi as a stalker with all her sneaking around looking at her boyfriends emails, texts etc.

  90. When Jodi is backed into a corner, she puts the onus on someone else… Travis told me to do such and such, someone influenced her. Her mother was good enough to fly to Mesa to help Jodi and that wasn’t good enough as they had a conflict…

  91. Marilyn N says:

    Any Mormon’s on this blog?
    I find it hard to believe they would babtize her without
    having knowledge of their beliefs thru classes, etc.
    Please clarify if you know.

  92. Sarah says:

    Are some of these pundits out of touch or on something? I thought Martinez did an awesome job. IMO, he is showing just how assertive she is.

    (I like the way Beth Karas with HLN/In Session reports.)

    In Session was just talking about how Arias seems to always find men who cheat on her and that could be construed as a self esteem problem. I would venture to say that if the truth be told that Arias is the reason for the break ups.

    I don’t understand how she can change from day to day. Yesterday afternoon she had the pitiful, low, soft voice and then today she is back to the way she was on the first day when being questioned by the prosecution. Can’t wait to see which mask she’ll be wearing after lunch.

  93. colin black says:

    I know Snoops its always
    I was encouraged.
    External factors beyond her Ken
    An she is simply along for the ride
    Bounceing pillar to post as the forces move her
    A Puppet

    Does she have a cheerleading sqaud in her brain .
    Every time she goes phyco stalker mode.

    Shouting give us A J give us an O give us a D give us an I
    Go jodi Go jodi formed in a Triangle with top girl doing a backwards somersault.

    Id love it if Martinez says to her .
    Im hyper litterlal myself something we share.

    When I ask a simple question yes or no.
    I exspect an simple answer?
    Hoist her with her own petard or leotard since she loves yoga.
    Or is Yoda.

    Thats it she should go yoda on Marinez.

    Ask not the qestion you ask me to answer.
    But answer me the question you seek to know.

  94. I had a good laugh when Martinez went to the podium and leaned over it imitating Nurmi when he questioned Jodi… Nurmi was wild…lolol

  95. nymima says:

    She’s showing that she’s a control freak and wants to control the JM too. I see that when she doesn’t get her way, she can’t handle it and she fights for the control. She won’t give in. You can see the craziness in her eyes when she wants to take back control from JM. She couldn’t get her way with Travis that day, and she couldn’t control him and her rage exploded all over the place.

    I am waiting for Jodi to throw her water jug at Martinez. I noticed the pulse in her neck beating rapidly and was very noticeable yesterday when rage started to build up inside her. She may come across as being meek on the outside but I am waiting for an explosion. ~~SS

  96. gramared says:

    Mormons, supposedly, also follow the Bible. It is quite clear from the Scriptures that sexual immorality of any kind outside of marriage is forbidden. Jodi is playing DUMB. It was hard to believe that she was baptized so quickly after meeting Travis and that she hadn’t been instructed in the teachings of the Mormon religion. Jodi does what Jodi wants to do, period. I love the way Martinez is showing how hypocritical she is. He’s spinning the web, and Jodi is too distracted with putting one over on JM to notice…the danger of being a psychopath…oblivous to what a fool she is.

  97. Martinez two key words to use now to rattle Jodi are “jealousy” and the name “Matt McCartney”….

    So this is the woman Travis had to deal with….If Travis had been violent, she would have been dead long before he was slaughtered… Surely the jurors are seeing the REAL Jodi/Psycho/Stalker/Narcissist/Murderess/Bitch

  98. Marilyn N says:

    You know what? I think she doesn’t care what happens?

  99. Marilyn~~one’s religion is a private issue and should remain such on a public blog. To generalize, fornication and adultery are considered sins in most if not all religions unless one is an atheist or belong to some cult. We are discussing some aspects of the Mormon religion as it pertains to this case. I frown on discussing, religion, politics and one’s race on this blog as they can be too controversial.

  100. colin black says:

    Thinks she so cute.
    He wrote beutifull on the inside.
    As she had slaughtered him an seen his insides an entrails over the bathroom
    An she was pleased wityh her handy work .
    So she is boldly wri8tting her guilt on a memorium at his memorial servise
    Thats sick.

  101. colin black says:

    Oh She care a whole lot Marlyn.
    She is desprste to carryi on breathing eating an fornicating at all costs.

    Life is sweet for jodi shes either jail bi
    Or genrally swings both ways.
    If she gets a death sentance she goes into solitary .
    Untill she is executed an that could be 15 to twenty years.
    An then her final prick will end her worthless life.

    Im 100 percent agin the death penalty unless the person is an uncareing monster.
    This peice of work ticks all the boxes.
    In push the button myself to end her life/

  102. Marilyn N says:

    Mainstreamfair – Oh certainly! I should have worded it differently.

  103. colin black says:

    You are as beutifull on the inside as you are on the out side.
    You realy are hyper litterall.

  104. Newbie says:

    Martinez is more settled this afternoon. I must admit I am yearning for Martinez to have another moment/opportunity to nail her as he did yesterday about the pain to her when attempting suicide compared to how Travis must have felt when she stuck him with the knife (not verbatim).

  105. colin black says:

    Stand back in amazement josi has FAKE Boobs.
    Yhoda thunl it?

  106. colin black says:

    I want beforre an after pics if jodi arrest head tilted an a big grin.
    I want to see her mugshot post conviction.

  107. colin black says:

    Is this a short twenty minute break?

  108. Karen C. says:

    Yup, on break. I’ve noticed that she’s putting her hands up to her neck a WHOLE LOT MORE these last few days-worth, you notice it more when you speed up on recording.

  109. gramared says:

    Does anyone think her attorneys have told her to cool the attitude with Martinez? They have to know it’s not helping her. If they did give her direction, who knows if she would listen or if she cares. Her priority is to control the situation and show how clever she is.

  110. Karen C. says:

    You know, if we hate her this much imagine the jury. We can record this stuff and go get a sandwich, take care of work or laundry, call our significant others during her literally mindless verbal shenanigans- they are trapped! And that’s about what it must feel like, too. Colin, I couldn’t believe when she disagreed with JM’s use of the word “shown” regarding the letters and the prior hookup dude… I bet he’s got some interesting opinions on this wench.

  111. Jodi is about to fake illness….

  112. Sarah says:

    HELP! I just missed what happened after the break. Please tell

  113. Karen C. says:

    Well, now there’s another break.

  114. Sarah says:

    OK…..sorry. I just heard on HLN that it’s just another break.

  115. Karen C. says:

    I’m thinking you may well be right, Snoops.

  116. Sarah, still waiting to find out…it is about time for Jodi to get sick to throw Martinez off his course…

  117. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, she may be needing to emphasize her wounded, kicked puppy persona again, as JM’s pretty much knocked that one out of play….

  118. gramared says:

    Wouldn’t she have to show she’s sick – fever, rash, ugly???

  119. Doctor on call is taking Jodi’s temperate using a rectal thermometer… They do it that way on chihuahuas.

  120. Sarah says:

    SS: LOL. With KY

  121. Karen C. says:

    It’s hitting home, it’s all hitting home…
    I’d be sick, too, thinking about it all.

  122. colin black says:

    oH Poor we soul.
    She is talking bullshit.
    All prisoners in Ariona State custody.
    Be they on a work detail.
    Or behind there doors or going to dail court dates.

    Pick up a pack lunch sandwiches an fruit an a drink.
    Its against the law to not provide sustanance to a prisoner.

    Jodi is obviously refuseing to take her packed lunch to court.

    They get hot meal breakfast lunch is packed
    Hot meal at evening last meal

    Its univesely the same in every country within western world.

    I will tell you exactly where this bitches head is at.

    Everyday at lunch her attorneys confab fof five mins.
    An she is shoved in cell.
    She knows there going for coffes lattie things she will never ever taste again

    Lat Meal exception.
    Even a burgerking an fries an big shake would tasre like manna to her right about now.
    She prob ably thought if she refused to bring her pack lunch.
    One of her runners/attorneys could go get carry out for her.

    This will be her qwibble I need a hot meal.
    Great buy some o those things student love noodles in a pot.
    They sell them in jails commisnary.shop/
    An micro wave some noodles an dehydrated guk
    For her lunch.

  123. Marilyn N says:

    Shorter hours?? Oh brother! This court holds the shortest hours
    of any trial I’ve ever watched!!!

  124. Be prepared! Jodi has taken control of the courtroom and prosecutor. Jury was asked to be in the jury room 15 minutes earlier…court will end their day 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time..

  125. nymima says:

    The inmates are not allowed outside food. Someone could disguise a weapon or a hand cuff key etc. in the food. I would love to hear the facility’s take on this. Is she expecting a special meal now? She’s so special isn’t she? Knowing her and her vengeful ways, she’s trying to shove an officer under that big ol’ bus of hers and say that they overlooked her this morning on her way to court. Usually the transporting officers have enough bag lunches per inmate depending how many inmates they’re transporting. She has a migraine because she’s being exposed.

  126. If Jodi didn’t have any lunch, why couldn’t Willmott or Nurmi pick her up a sandwich. They DO have an hour and a half recess for lunch. This is just a ploy by Jodi and the defense to solicit sympathy and show the court that they are in control.

    Jodi is ending up to be the victim in this case instead of Travis. Martinez must start driving this home to the jurors by bringing in the crime scene photos at every opportunity. Martinez has established that Jodi is a liar. Jodi is manipulating Juan and throwing him off course. She is trying to portray Martinez as another bully so she ends up with a migraine and sick.

  127. Jane Velez Mitchell is having the married woman on tonight…the one Travis was supposedly texting about having wet dreams about her…

  128. Dr Drew is having a great show on tonight too… a couple of people who knew Jodi just prior to the murder.

  129. Cali patti says:

    In Arizona it’s a class 2 felony to give any food to an inmate in Jodi’s situation. Anything!
    Inmates going to trial are up between 3 – 4 am, eat between 5 – 6 am, leave for courthouse about 7 am. Yes, there are bagged lunches for each prisoner. Dinner is served when they return.

  130. colin black says:

    Im so glad she commited this crime in Arizona an Sherif Joe is responsable for this wenchs welfare.
    Perhaps she should sing oh holly night for a slap up meal kike one time at Christmas.

    Anyway this Sherrif Joes policy towards inmates attending trial/

    An I doubt many trials are as long as this ones proveing to be.
    I hate the bitch but she must have something toi eat over lunch.
    Or she could feint


  131. colin black says:

    ps Im not happy she murdered Travis.
    Only that it occoured in a death State with perhaps the harshest prison regime in the country.

    Then again little mis airyass never evisiged getting caught for her evil acts.

  132. Vicky says:

    My main observations for today – Jody Arias had anal sex with every guy she ever dated for any length of time. she made it a habit to “check up” on every guy. She broke up and then went back with each guy until she found a replacement penis willing to fill her three holes.she has no respect for boundaries. She can’t respond to simple questions if she hasn’t been coached in advance about what to say. She doesn’t know when to shut up. She is disrespectful. She is a bitch. She is afraid to talk about the real Travis Alexander.
    Martinez is setting a trap for Jody, and she is too self absorbed to see it coming. I believe there is a method behind his madness. He is baiting her big time. I can’t wait until he actually quits toying with her and springs his trap.

    I hope and pray that every juror thinks exactly the same way you do. I am also waiting for that last ‘twirl’ of the Magic Juan. ~~SS

  133. Vicky says:

    Colin, I’m no Jody fan, but inmates should be provided/offered three meals a day. Period.
    Even though we realize Jody is guilty, the law says such is not the case until a jury agrees. Preparing a sack lunch w/ p&j would not be that big a deal.

  134. colin black says:

    Stunning development jodi is lieing under oath.
    An she swore on the bible an everything .


    Thanks, Colin. It didn’t take ROL very long to get in touch with Shannon.~~SS

  135. gramared says:

    Vicky…I’m no fan of Jodi either, but I agree about being given three meals/day. I know how I would feel if I had to go that many hours w/o food, probably faint! I doubt that Nurmi is skipping lunch.

  136. Vicky says:

    “Stunning” development… Jody lying under oath! That is too funny. I am beginning to think that she is by far the most prolific liar I have ever listened to.
    She is so evil! It radiates from her. I don’t say that because I believe she murdered Travis. There is just something about her, and without ever having met the woman, I can understand what Travis’ friends mean when they say she gave them the creeps.

  137. Sarah says:

    Colin: I agree she should receive her meals. However…………..

    I find it amusing that she has NOT complained until after this article was written. (Who brought it to her attention?)

    Oh, geez. Now when JM asks if she has a memory problem she’ll have an answer. Sigh.

    His retort can be that she did just fine during direct without lunch. Just another distraction.

  138. Sarah says:

    Jodi Arias Trial-Day 23—Part 2

    Thanks, Sarah, much appreciated.~ ~SS

  139. I was of the understanding that the jail prepared a bag lunch for any inmate that was going to be absent from the jail during the meal hour. The inmate is required to pick the bag lunch up when they leave the jail. If Jodi left the jail without her lunch, that was her fault.

  140. Sarah says:

    SS: I know you’re joking with the statement that Jodi is at fault for not having her lunch? Jodi? Responsible? For shame.

    How come Jodi waited until today to complain about not having lunch? What in hell does she have attorneys for? Jodi was being backed into a corner so she got a migraine because she had a vision Martinez was looking at little boy’s pictures and masturbating. ~~SS

  141. Sarah says:

    Nurmi gets on my last gross nerve. Did you notice during the last sidebar of the day that he was fiddling with his pants; front and back? I thought he was wiping his rear when he was going around the backside. Ewwwwwww.

    This entire “starvation migraine headache” is a stunt to allow Arias to compose and study. Nothing more; nothing less. JM will handle it.

    SS: You were dead on when you called the delay due to “illness” before we knew what was going on. I bought the book; so don’t tell me the ending. Grin.

  142. Karen C. says:

    My Hubby watched JVM recording with me tonight- he noticed Nurmi’s signalling Jodi with his finger strokes to beard, nose, etc. It’s pretty obvious if my rather oblivious Hubby can see it- I’m betting the Jury sees that too.

    It is very obvious. At one point today Nurmi was chuckling when Jodi was saucy with Martinez.~~SS

  143. colin black says:

    Nurmis clients are rapeists child molesters sex crimes in genral are his bread aan butter.
    So he is very comfortable in the company of scumm.

    I feel sorry for the Judge haveing to deal with an hear about this tramps sexuall pecadillos.
    Im sure she isnt a prude an as a Attorney an Judge heard it all before.

    But she has such a ladylike demeanour an sometimes she gives jodi galances of mixed dissbeleif an sadness.

  144. Trial should start earlier today!! Fifteen minutes earlier!!

  145. colin black says:

    jodi does insurance scam to get brand new phone.
    What an upstanding gall.

  146. colin black says:

    newsflash jodi the bloom is of the rose

  147. colin black says:

    She just sad YES when Martine asked her if she wanted to hear the tape again.?
    Even Martinez nixxed it pretended not to hear.
    Any normal person would be cringeing hearing themsefs be graphic like that.
    She is revelling in it.
    She nutz

  148. colin black says:

    Do you think he is heading for his finale for tomorow start of the long weekend break?

  149. margaret says:

    Jodi is just a nasty nasty lying woman and she is smiling like she just won an oscar..Unbelievable. I try to put myself in her mothers shoes and I honestly don’t believe I could sit there and listen to her. I love Martinez he is getting down to her language. She is one dangerous woman.

  150. Sarah says:

    She definitely missed her calling: Porn star. What would her name be?

  151. Sarah says:

    Colin: Maybe you hinted at her porn name: The Blossom

  152. colin black says:

    Judge just said to the two lead attorneys I want to see you in my room or chamber I think.

  153. colin black says:

    She was born with a porn star name Airyass mind you would have to specialise in Brazillian phart porn with a name like that.

  154. colin black says:

    Will court resume in about 45 to 50 mins.

  155. Sarah says:

    Colin: Too funny and true. (Her porn name)

    I thought court would be resuming at 3:25 (my time) AZ time 1:25.

    No, I didn’t hear the judge call the attorneys. Wonder what that’s about.

  156. colin black says:

    No I didnt hear sound was cut I read her lips.
    Looks like she leaned over an said.

    I want to see you in my room.
    An they both sorrta nodded

  157. colin black says:

    I hope jodis culinary dietery requirements are being met.

  158. Sarah says:

    Where’s the razors! She is a piece of work. Snoops; you are right. It’s about control with this thing.

  159. colin black says:

    Gascans in beside luggage fumes ect dont thinks so.
    Gas cans in trunk with murder kit.
    Luggage on back seat i m o.

  160. Sarah says:

    I’m never buying gas cans. They seem to cause trouble.

  161. Sarah says:

    I agree Colin.

    I didn’t know about a third gas can.

  162. colin black says:

    Shes a permament space cadet.

  163. Sarah says:

    OMG. She’s on trial for her life and she just stated that sometimes she has been spacing out when other people have been testifying? Are you kidding me? Wasn’t she the one taking notes everyday?

  164. colin black says:

    Looks like not only has trunkmom lost her mantle as most hated an biggest liar.
    She has even stripped ole gascan george anthony of his gascan title.
    Mind you she didnt cherish them like george.
    Just used an abused them as
    She does with everone in her life.

  165. colin black says:

    She is pleading incompatent in stages
    Trying to prove she lives in La La land.
    An should not be put to death.

    But needs treatment as shes incompatent to realise whats happening around her.

    However for someone trying for incompatencee
    She is able to argue black is white an vice a versa
    Tying up one simple questin for ten mins with semantics.
    An claiming to hear question not asked.
    An when does deem to answer a question adds inall sorts of trivial irelevant details.

    Martine has the patience of a Saint to put up with her hyperbole.

  166. Marilyn N says:

    Ah hah! There never was a rope to require a knife close by!!

  167. I haven’t been able to watch anything today cause I’m working….but the few comments I’ve read so far – looks like my prediction came true. I knew it… I said it several days ago on Jaded and Jealous that Jodi would fake an illness to get a day off to compose herself. (either that or she’d lose it and lunge at JM!) I was a little more dramatic then just a headache though. I thought she would pretend to faint or something and have to be rushed to the ER…. lol

    I’m taking a break cause its time for Dr Drew! 🙂

  168. It is very obvious. At one point today Nurmi was chuckling when Jodi was saucy with Martinez.~~SS
    He’s been doing that since the beginning of her cross. A few days ago he was smirking & whispering to his partner when Jodi was giving JM a snide remark. He’s got the same clueless mentality that Jodi has. In fact I bet he encourages her to do it. What a BUFFOON. You NEVER smile or smirk when you’re on trial for your life. Thats got to be the dumbest thing she’s done to date.
    So I’ve asked before but no one answered, where did this Nurmi guy come from anyway? is he a PD or did her parents hire him? Cause if they did I think its pathetic this was the best they could come up with.

  169. colin black says:

    MYSTICALPIPPIN Ive answered that question re Nurmis background.
    Even today in a post whilst waiting for court to kick of to kick of.

    Nurmi is not a P D .
    He is a private defence attorney.

    Specialiseing in defending sexuall crimes.
    Rape Peadaphillia you get the gist the caseses no one would choose to defend.
    But like I say he is at ease in the pressance of monsters.

    Dont no how or why he ended up on this case.
    An I dont care because he is red rotten.
    Wouldnt hire hime to defend a trafic ticket.

  170. colin black says:

    Will we see the conclusion of the prosecutions cross off jodi tomorrow?
    I think we shall.

  171. Mystical~~L.Kirk Nurmi has his own practice. If you google him you can read about the cases he specializes in. I know that Jodi was assigned a public defender when she wanted to represent herself and did not know how to file a motion. Some attorneys allot time to act as public defenders. I am unsure if he was assigned to Jodi or her parents hired him. I heard a ‘rumor’ that Nurmi wanted off the case and the judge would not release him. Jodi had another attorney who quit. There were many things occurring before I started following this case.

  172. Here is Part 1 of today’s trial…. I will replace it with croakerqueen’s as soon as it is up on youtube…

    Here is Part 1 of today’s trial

  173. Marilyn N says:

    W O W ! My heart is still beating fast!!!

  174. Drat! Dr. Drew not on for another 1/2 hour. My memory is all screwed up cause I’m working so much this week. OMG I can’t believe I just said that. I can see it now….the next time I’m on trial.
    “Do you have problems with your memory Pippin”?
    “I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem its more like an issue”
    “So you admit it then?”
    “Admit what”?
    “That you have memory issues”
    “Define issues”
    “You just said you have problems remembering”
    “Remembering what”?
    “Thats very convenient Ms. Pippin”
    “Define convenient”
    “You can’t remember when you’re put on the spot or when it helps you to not take responsibility”
    “responsibility for what”
    “for your own actions thats what”
    “Not when you’re standing right here scrambling my brain. Come over here and do me you hot little man. I’ll make you forget everyone but me”

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You nut!! lololol ~ ~SS

  175. weezie says:

    Serious sound bites today. I do have a problem with the long winded ramblings on both Jodi and Juan’s part. It’s pretty obvious they trying to win and nit pick at every turn. It’s boring and irritating. I just hope the jury gets the real major points down and agree that Jodi is not only a constant liar, but she planned her revenge. As long as there is a unanimous guilty verdict, I would be happy with LIFE, as I don’t believe in the DP. Second Degree would be cheating justice.

  176. Juan Martinez is doing a magnificent job and is not missing a beat.

    Martinez-“Did you take a shower in the same one you put Travis’ body in?”

    Well, I thought Jodi could not remember anything after the gun accidentily went off!!

  177. The longest running soft porn installment show… sigh. I am really tired of getting a sex education course from a pathological liar.

    Sandy, I have to take my spectacles off, unplug my hearing aid and disconnect my pacemaker( so it wont short circuit) and I just sit before my monitor and watch their body language. j/k..Hang in there for the verdict. Psst, I don’t think Jodi can teach us a thing. The FBI will be banging on my door soon charging me with running a porn blog.~~SS

  178. weezie says:

    Yes Snoopy; That very statement was made by a caller to Jane Valez Mitchel’s show. All the Lawyers on her show thought it was a monumental moment. I;m sure, if Juan’s team watches these shows and picks up on that, he will surely revisit it tomorrow or on Closing Argument. Sorry about my last post, when I said Jose, that was a total slip back, so to speak, I meant Juan.

    Martinez already knows he scored that point and does not need to check JVM. I picked up on that today and so did the lady who called in to Jane and probably many others who were watching this trial closely. Juan also scored with the, 3rd gas can, rope, gun, and that Jodi initiated most of the supposedly perverted sex acts.~~SS

  179. Newbie says:

    Is it just me or is there really no real passion in all this phone sex and texts? hmmm….maybe that’s just the way it is in that activity….

    JM is a saint in my opinion. He hasn’t choked her out ! He’s really done well on bringing things out and knowing when to move on. What a prosecutor !!!!!!!!

    On the sex tape, I think Jodi was boring Travis to death with all her chatter hinting around for a marriage proposal. I think Travis faked his ??? not Jodi hers.~ ~ SS

  180. margaret says:

    I think Martinez has done such a remarkable job today.. He got her to fess up to several things today. Wonder what she had for lunch today. Sheriff Joe says if you don’t like the food in jail ,don’t come there. Sheriff Joe is almost as good as Martinez.. lol

    Martinez did make a lot of headway today that points directly at premeditation.~~SS

  181. Karen C. says:

    Psycho is going to get hung with her own imaginary rope!

  182. Vicky says:

    I didn’t have time to watch the reruns today. That will have to wait until tomorrow. I watched some recap on HLN, I have one question that I have not seen mentioned on TV. what was said about the rope?

  183. Karen C. says:

    Vicky- last I knew before I had to get to work was Martinez established that: a) there was a 20 ft rope, b) Travis cut the rope in half (oddly, in the bathroom) in order to tie her up with for sex to his bed, 3) thus bringing the knife into the equation, 4) but the bed was a typical headboard/footboard combo, not a brass bed, or tester bed, or 4-poster bed, making the whole notion of tying her up for sex on that particular bed rather silly, frankly- and FINALLY- 5) when she slipped out of the one portion of the rope supposedly tying up her wrists, it would have naturally fallen to the floor BEHIND THE HEADBOARD.

    Now, she told us, kinda, what she did with the one end of rope (dumpster “somewheres”), but how about that 2nd part of rope? She hadn’t mentioned that being retrieved by her at any time. Basically, the point was made that she pulled this imaginary rope right out of her well-worn ass so’s to have an explanation for the presence of the knife, and it all could NOT be more obvious.

    And soon, I expect, she will not only be hung with this imaginary rope but she’s going to shot by the imaginary gun, too. You know, the one in the closet!

    Martinez is about ready to just toss out “Oh, whatever!” to the next thing she says….

    Karen, I am glad you explained that instead of me…lololol “oh, whatever!” lolol I sure needed a good laugh.~~SS

  184. Martinez asked Jodi where the ammo was for the gun and Jodi said, “in it.” No other ammo was found at Travis’. Jodi tried to tell a story about finding Travis’ gun back in Nov ’07 but Juan would not let her finish her ‘on the spot’ lie.

  185. Thanks Colin I saw it just now. I have’t been here today except for 5 minutes. earlier didn’t have time to read all the posts then.

  186. Karen, I am glad you explained that instead of me…lololol “oh, whatever!” lolol sure needed a good laugh.~~SS

    Oh but how quickly SOME of us forget how OTHER people made us laugh today too….

    Ahhhh Pippin, I be sorry. xoxo~~SS

  187. Karen C. says:

    I love how he’s been methodically proving her to be lying to the JURY- they just may resent that even if they accept someone might lie to a detective when not under oath.

    I just realized she told essentially two different and very confusing versions of the “ninja” tale to “48 Hours”, in the same interview.

    OMG, I hate this woman.

  188. Trial begins 15 minutes earlier now…

  189. Marilyn N says:

    Maybe I’m slow, but could someone please explain to me the point of all the messing around
    with the license plate?

  190. Marilyn~~Jodi removed the front license plate and turned the back license plate upside down just before she entered the state of Utah after stopping off in Mesa, AZ and murdering Travis. She did it deliberately so the cops would haul her over in that state. She wanted to prove that she was in Utah instead of Arizona. The cops did haul her over and the officer took the stand for the state. It was all an alibi planned in advance in case she was investigated. Her plans did not work too well. This all points to premeditation. Martinez should get to the murder before they recess for the weekend. I expect he will sum things up pretty nicely and then end his cross for now. Nurmi will then take over on Monday to try and do damage control and Martinez can do a recross if necessary.

  191. Marilyn N says:

    OH Thank you. I just couldn’t figure out why she would want to be pulled over. Duh!!!

  192. Karen C. says:

    Have no doubts, there will be a recross!

  193. Karen C. says:

    He also had to prove once again how absurd her story was about that- the car was in the space in such a way that it would have been impossible for anyone to have tampered with the plate when she said it occurred. Not even the imaginary skateboarders could have done it, if they were made of playdoh. Her nose is going to be all the way out to Hawaii at this rate…

  194. Yes but Karen there’s going to be a redirect in between them as well….ugh thats the one I’m dreading. It will be soooooo slow compared to the magical Juan’s

  195. Ahhhh Pippin, I be sorry. xoxo~~SS
    ok I feel better now….. 🙂

  196. margaret says:

    Juan’s got her going already..LOL Her eyes are shooting daggers at Juan..He is the perfect person to question her and it is killing her that she can’t manipulate him..Don’t you know that jury is sick of her smirky, lying smiles.. GO JUAN!!!!!!

  197. I’m about to post a semi-long one for you Snoops. something you said got me thinking about and the little bit I saw of yesterdays cross.

    I’m still behind cause I wasted 2 hours last night going to 3 stores looking for a belt for my vacuum cleaner, came home empty handed. Geez if I had known I wouldn’t find one I could’ve used that waste of time in front of my tv!! lol I’ve got babysitting job this afternoon so I’m probably not going to catch up til this weekend. Yesterday was the most exciting day so far. I can’t believe this…..this pitiful excuse of a human being has me so captivated, she’s like a never ending horror story.

    I’m sooo dreading that redirect next week. Without the drawl Nurmi talks slower than Judge Perry did on his worst day!

    I think we should get a pool going for all the changes in demeanor we’ll see in the Narcissist too! There’s money to be made there….. HOWEVER… BE PREPARED FOR LOTS OF NAUSEA Folks

  198. colin black says:

    Slipped up again jodi

    Wanted the photo the way his body was CUT.

    She meant well cut.
    sorry but she cant stop her actions bleeding into her languge .
    pun intended

    Lets hear that again the way his body was cut in those photos


  199. Marilyn N says:

    Here we go……..!

  200. I’m a day behind, but I think she is beginning to grasp how unlikely it is that she will get off (pardon the pun) with killing in self-defense… every now and then she gets this look as she is looking down, waiting for a sidebar, that tells me she is gradually realizing she is not going to beat the Magic Juan… in any respects.

  201. Surely the jurors can see the eagerness with which she looks at, hears, or reviews documents about the sexual activities between the two of them… can’t they? Please tell me the answer is “yes,” not “I don’t recall, I don’t think I said that, I guess so, I wouldn’t say it that way…”

  202. gramared says:

    I’ve been watching AZ Central, and one of the guys who comments, Micheal Kiefer, actually seems sympathethic towards Jodi – yikes!! It is soooo obvious she does not want to answer JM’s questions because she knows her answers will bury her, but she persists with her games. How in the world could anyone who is sitting, which Travis was, with Jodi standing, body slam someone. She keeps changing his position to match her story. Plus, if he’s in the shower, slippery wet, how does he reach over and body slam her. Then she amazingly gets up and runs away, after her horrific injury, and Travis is just standing there????? Her story is breaking down the closer we get to the murder.

    I was way behind on the Prosecution’s case and have been watching the videos. When JM starts to show the crime scene photos, Jodi is hanging her head with her hair blocking a view of her face. However, is you watch her carefully, every time he shows a new photo of Travis, she peaks at it then quickly hides behind her hair. She is one sneaky psycho. Did anyone else notice that?

  203. margaret says:

    Did everyone see Nurmi run to help her off stand.. Sick !!! She is probably getting another migraine about now..Nurmi treated her like a china doll so she could spin her lies.. Our Juan is tearing through her stories like a bull in that china shop and she can’t take it. She remembers everything she did but she thinks she can fool that jury. Some commentors on KPOE is saying her mother is not taking notes today and that the jury is watching jodi very intensely.. Great job Juan !!!!

  204. Martinez did make a lot of headway today that points directly at premeditation.~~SS

    And you know what else he did which I think is just as important? He showed the jury that Jodie was the sexual deviant and not Travis. He showed them that Jodi was the one who initiated the sex, she enjoyed it, encouraged it and was not “forced” into anything as she claimed the week before. He got her to admit that it was her idea about the 12 yr old girl thing (something I’ve thought from the first time I heard it because it just sounded like her style) Another interesting thing was he (JM) snuck in the fact that Travis was a Virgin when he met Jodi. Now, I may be wrong about this because I have missed a lot of testimony but I haven’t heard anyone say that on the witness stand and lawyers can’t just introduce information like that unless they lay foundation first right? but it went right over Nurmi’s head anyway….. and Jodi flat out caved right away and said yes when JM asked wasn’t it true that Travis was a virgin when they met?

    Speaking of Nurmi, I’m even more perplexed about him now since you told me all that stuff. I knew Jodi wanted to defend herself and I know they assigned her one. but I didn’t know one was fired before Nurmi came along. And yeah I know that attorneys have to volunteer just like private practice doctors have to work at least one day a week in hospitals to keep their privileges.

    So if Nurmi wasn’t appointed after the last one was fired then either the parents picked him out or perhaps Jodi herself did it through them. I’m just blown away what a crummy lawyer he is. He’ has to know that her entire demeanor since the beginning of cross isn’t playing well to the jury. Especially when she plays the semantics game (like the one I made specially for you Snoop) I mean come the hell on….. why is he letting her put that noose around her own neck like that?

    Many people have called in to Dr. Drew and NG’s show pointing out that Nurmi is laughing and snickering during some of Jodi’s most antaganistic arguments with JM, as if he believes she’s scoring points for the team. On top of allowing her to go on and on ad nasuseum about herself and the sex. Is it possible he’s that clueless? I just can’t help but think he isn’t. So even though he wanted out – and couldn’t he STILL has to defend her to the best of his abilities but it just doesn’t seem like he is.

    And why on earth is letting her do that constant turning back/forth to the jury? Its so wooden and contrived. I know its good for a defendent to make eye contact but she’s way overdoing it. One of Dr Drew’s – well he calls her his in own in courtroom juror because she reports to him everyday plus he ask other daily spectators to sit with her and questions them both about the people in the courtroom. Anyway, they’re all telling him it comes across very awkward to everyone. They think the jurors are really tired of the Jodi show.

    The more I see her screwing this up for herself the more she convinces me how completely stupid she is. And we ALL know how much she’s convinced herself that she’s incredibly smart. But she isn’t. not even close. She’s articulate, She’s sly and she comes across very calm and at peace with herself but all of those things do NOT equal intelligence. They only work on naive people. I am positive that given different circumstances like if any of us here had met Jodi before she killed Travis we would know within 20 minutes there was something wrong with her.
    Like so many of Travis’s friends did and his sisters even saw it immediately – I’ve heard them all echo the same thing “there was something off about her” or they said “there was this vacant look in her eyes”

    Sadly for Travis, he fell in the naive category. That has to be why he didn’t see what his friends and family saw right away. And it turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

  205. colin black says:

    Whats her excuse going to be for photographing his dead cut body.

  206. gramared says:

    Saved by the lunch bell!! It will give her time to figure out why she took those pix of Travis’ dead body. Oh, I forgot, she’s a photographer!!

  207. colin black says:

    Nurmi nevr wanted out or of the case.
    What happened was a trial date was set well quite a few had been set an posponed .
    Due to jodis delaying tactics.

    But at one point after sacking her public defendes to cause yet another delay.
    She was hooked up with Nurmi an this Lady whom is second chair.
    How it happehed I dont know he is not a public defender .
    But a private defence attorney specialiseing in sex offences.

    So another Date was set for trial .
    At a pretrial motion 40 days or so before trial jodis swore in court that no one was qualified to defend her except herself.
    So she fired her attorneys the ones she has at present.
    Haveing gotten the responce she wanted yet another delay.
    She backtracked at her next hearing .
    Saying Im in this way above my head..I dont even know how to file or draft a motion.
    So Nurmi an co were back in.
    But the only time Nurmi was off the case was when jodi sacked him.
    An he was an eager beaver just like his client.
    An jumped back in.

  208. colin black says:

    She probably spout some C S I Crap about documenting evidence.
    She hadnt decided what to do or say at that point.
    An realised that photographic evidence is important.
    So she documented the scence.

    An then deceided a fhluck it not my job so I just bunddled everything up an shoved it in the washers with half a gallon of bleach.
    An Booked into the desert.
    I had just deserted the love of my life so I thought the desert was an ideal location.

  209. Academy award for Best Actress goes to Jodi Arias…. better tearful display than CA…

  210. debl115 says:

    At first I thought that the photo of Travis’ body in the shower was taken by Jodi, but when I saw the replay, it shows the police evidence markers on the floor.

  211. Big question…will Jodi make it back on the stand after the noon break??? Nurmi will try and get the judge to recess for the weekend.

  212. Colin….Nurmi has his own practice but many who have their own law firms spend a certain amount of time as public defenders. One of Jodi’s previous lawyers quit and the new lawyer had to ask for 10 months to try and catch up with the case.

  213. Vicky says:

    Colin, that was a crime scene photo. Jodi didn’t take that one..however, I am so glad JM is walking her step by step through the murder.. She needs to get on her big girls. She claims she was forced to buster Travis. She doesn’t deserve a break at this point.
    I can’t believe for one minute she hasn’t seen these photosntime and time again. She wasn’t shocked,mshe is cornered and she knows it. It is finally dawning on her that her alleged sequence of events don’t work. She is screwed and it is dawningnon her that she can’t talk her way out of this.

  214. Nurmi had to be a ‘death-qualified’ attorney in order to represent her… If an attorney has never defended someone for a death penalty or been part of a team for that, they are not eligible to be a public defender in that realm. I am not sure if Nurmi is a public defender or if the family is paying for his services… At any rate, I don’t think he’s been terrible except that letting her get on the stand is a HUGE mistake. I think if the jury had not seen her smirks, giggles, flush of excitement and “I’m better than you” attitude, they might have cut her some slack for a manslaughter charge… too late now.

  215. Vicky says:

    If she returns today, Nurmi will have her all pumped up and we will experience a few minutes of the belligerent and defiant Jodi.. Martinez needs to continue showing her crime scene photos mixed with questions about the good times she shared with Travis, mixed with a few Travis didn’t want you questions.

  216. Vicky says:

    Plus, “grilling” her for details about the murder sequence.

  217. margaret says:

    She is making me sick , again.. Turned toward jury with her poor little picked on jodi.. I’ll bet she wasn’t using that tone of voice when she was butchering Travis..Juan is leading her down her path, but he is ready to say liar..

  218. colin black says:

    dropped hersef right in there.
    Did you see the look she threw Martinez when he said go ahead show how he was

  219. colin black says:

    Oh jodi your one momment to show your phycical acting skills is blacked out.
    She was furious an mortified when Martinez said go ahead show us.
    Id love to see this

  220. colin black says:

    Nurmi is death qualified
    His clients have included rapespree killler.
    An lots of sex crimes end with murder.
    In fact in Arizona an Texas you can get death sentence for sex crimes an not even have to commit murder.
    Oh to be a fly on the wall.

  221. colin black says:

    Methinks this may turn into longest 5 mins ever.

  222. Just Nurmi stalling for time to mess up Martinez’ strategy…on how to end before court recesses for the weekend.

  223. colin black says:

    Oh an the realy brilliant thing is she doesnt realise is.
    If Travis charged head down or dove head first to her mid riff
    Theres no way she could have shot him in the side cheek area.
    She hasnt figured it out

  224. Colin~~I thought the bullet went in thru the skull traveled downward and lodged in his cheek. We all know it was not first…it was after his throat was slit

  225. Why didn’t Martinez get the court reporter to read back the question he asked about Jodi’s left ring finger because she did answer yes?

  226. colin black says:

    used the rope to drag him around cunning bitch.
    wouldve been soaked in blood

  227. colin black says:

    Not sure Snoops But Nurmi gave her a litterall heads up.
    When she done the re enactment she lifled her tilted to the left side where the injury was.
    If it was a top skull shot bullet was probaby to weak to puncture skull so traversed it an lodged in his left cheek.

  228. colin black says:

    Oh yeh Lesslie encourged her to do it.

  229. colin black says:

    My God those txts emals voicemails so over the top.
    If Iwas a cop even without THE photos ect
    She would be my number one suspect.

  230. colin black says:

    geez louisie dint see him wrapping like that?
    Theres so much more he can nail her with.
    Re tormenting Travis Grann ect I know he has touched on it.
    But I expected a more dynamite finale

  231. colin black says:

    There not talking about yesterday are they when I thought I lip read the Judge.
    Ask them to come to her room?
    Is that the transcripts there after?

  232. Sarah says:

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 25 – Part 3

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 25 – Hearing to Unseal Documents

    Sarah, I really appreciate your help. I was busy chasing a troll. lol~~SS

  233. Sarah says:

    During part 3 of todays trial; Martinez starts asking her about the “check point” and what she did prior to arriving there. What and where is a check point that she would have to go through.? Sorry; I’ve lived in the east all my life. Not familiar with this term or place.

  234. colin black says:

    I think there may be check points near an around the Hooverdam.
    Think theres a big ole road over it an would be an ideal target for terrorists to capture or try an destroy.
    There goes Arizona an Las Vagas ect back to desert an no water to pipe in.

  235. Sarah says:

    Thanks Colin.

  236. Marilyn N says:

    OK – I am confused again! Was there or was there not really a rope. The talking heads are talking
    like there really was a rope that she took with her and threw away. I came to believe Jodi made up the use of the rope story in order for there to have been a knife close by and handy for stabbing.


  237. Vicky says:

    As I was listening to Jodi’s adventure in the walk-in closet, something occurred to me. Granted, her agility in removing the alleged gun from the top shelf without disturbing a single item on the shelves was inspirational, but she hadn’t been to Tracis’s house in months and her last sighting of the alleged gun was in 2007. How in the name of all that is good and right did she know that gun would still be there?
    I wonder how Nurmi will attempt to rehabilitate his malingering client.
    Also, I yelled at my TV when Judge Stevens called the noon recess just when Jodi lost it.

  238. Vicky says:

    Marylin, Even if there was a rope and Travis used a knife to cut it, why would she bother to take the rope with her? If there was no knife to be found, how would the rope be of any significance? The fact remains she had the presence of mind to take it with her. But why? Leaving the alleged rope would have lended credibility to her Travis brought the knife into the room story. Maybe she used that rope to pull Travis over the threshold of the shower and there was blood on it. That is assuming there was a rope.

    DNA, Vicky. Jodi was watching CSI. lol~~SS

  239. Marilyn N says:

    SO I am thinking there was never a rope for her to take and It was in her imaginary story.
    We know there was obviously a knife.

  240. Vicky says:

    I see you Colin.

    Karen C – I forgot to mention before, thanks for the update.

  241. Colin~~this is why you ended up in moderation… I will be deleting all these off topic comments later on tonight..

    colin black says:
    February 28, 2013 at 9:39 pm (Edit)
    JanCorey Martinez is so far from stupid its insulting to even use that word about him.
    The defendant is the Stupid one.
    Case isnt finished yet
    Just the cross of jodi.
    Deefence mat or may not have anymore wittness.
    If they rest then Martinez gets to rebutt there defence evidence/wittness?wittnresses?
    Rebutt= Equals removeing there arse an serveing it to them on a silver platter.
    He is on his own an done an outstanding job of putting this wench wgere she belongs.

  242. colin black says:

    Nah not you Snoops last two days I try to post at Leathermans my post either go into moderation an never get printed.
    Or ones that do get printed ger removed along with the moderated ones.
    I let it go for a couple of days you kknow being anniversery of Trayvons death.
    But read a Peice he wrote tonight.
    An commented on it.
    Honest nothing vulgar or remotely iaprop.
    No9 bother at first they were going through got a couple positive feddbacks.
    Then wham back in to mod.
    Every post only about 4 into moderation.
    I write an ask why an straight into mod.
    I know there is only two people with power to moderate that site.
    An I also know whatever imagined greif this person has with me.
    Its not the male half of the team.
    I finaly wrote a lettere wishing all the Trayvon Suporters the best an well.
    But Ive never ever over stayed my welcome.
    An straight into mod an probably delete necver to be read.
    Im begining to think certain people or person I considered quacker for cu coo may be write over the pourposes of that site.

  243. Vicky says:

    BTW, I thought JM’s cross was masterful. He kept Jodi from sticking to her well practiced script. Jumping back and forth between subjects “scrambled her brains” and caused her to make contradictory statements and from time to time, accidentally tell the truth. Like in, she cut her left finger. She had a third gas can, etc.

    Vick, after watching Juan, I don’t think I will ever want to watch a trial unless he is the prosecutor. He is so good!! ~ ~SS

  244. Colin~~I would never put you in mod because I love zapping you with my stun gun when you are naughty. lol

  245. Marilyn N says:

    I am amazed at the miles and miles and miles Jodi drove on her “rode trip” to carry out her mission. It seems she never visited any parks or places for her to take her nature photo shots
    for her business.

  246. I heard the following on HLN tonight…

    How could Jodi lie about what happened on June 4th, unless she remembered (knew) the truth of what took place??

    A body language expert showed a clip where Jodi was laughing today when we all thought she was crying. Her hair slipped sideways and exposed it.

  247. Vicky says:

    Oh, and one more thing. I think Jodi’s account of Travis’s initial attack was very telling and here is what I think happened. She got Travis to sit for the “Calvin Kline” (poor CK) shot. Once he was seated she flashed the knife and took a few stabs at him. He blocked several with his hands. He got to his feet and came toward her, one foot in and one foot out of the shower, she dropped the camera and stabbed him in the chest at that moment. She was still holding the camera because she had planned to take a few snuff photos. His forward momentum knocked her to the floor. He stumbled to the sink, she rolled over got to her feet and began stabbing him in the back. He tried to escape and she continued after him. At some point, the knife slipped and she cut her finger and dropped the knife. She picked it up the knife and continued after him. By then he had made it to the carped area nearing the bedroom door. Not knowing she had already fatally wounded him, she slit his throat to prevent him from getting away. Now she has a complete mess, which she had intended to avoid. She is officially blaming Travis now. Had he only stayed in the shower and hadn’t lunged at her, she wouldn’t be in this mess. Now it’s time to stage the scene. She goes to her purse, retrieves the gun sow it appears there were two intruders. IMO She had planned to shoot him post stabbing all along, but was going to make him suffer via the stabbing.
    What she didn’t plan for was all his friends pointing a finger at her the moment his body was found, being as she was living 1000 miles away and Travis had a new lady friend.

  248. colin black says:

    Snoops I know what you would love more.
    A finger on a button that could activate that restraint belt she wears .
    An zapp her with enough volts to have her dance the funky chicken invoulantry.

  249. colin black says:

    I think I will scour the net for scare storys about thease imlants jodi had.
    I mean there enchancements an Sherif Joe doesnt allow anything but standard issue.
    Coulld fake a news story where female inmates escaped by useing sylica implant to create a outline mould.
    To cast copy keys.
    Once you get the molds you can melt wax to fill them.
    When dried you now have wax imprints of keys.
    Send them out an cimrades get them turned into the real Mc Coy.
    This actually happened in an escape but it wasnt silcone breast gell used as mold it was soap.
    An it wasnt Russia it was from a prison on the Isle of Whyte about five miles of the coast where Im liveing
    An the guy Keith Rose was an ex celll mate of mine.
    Not when he escaped though pre conviction.

    Anyway drop a few fear storys Sherif Joes way imagine if he told jodi a surgeon would be brought in to remove her implants after her conviction an move to death row.
    Would be worth it even just to joke with her to see her face.

    If she is convicted I think she will become the third inmate female on Arizonas dath wing.
    One of her neighbours is a person whom told her seven year old that her his uncle/her live in boy freind / an his frein a mental retard not her sons freind.
    Her sqeezes freind.
    Were takeing him to the mall to see Santa.
    Insytead she instructed them to take him out into the desert an put a bullet in the back of his heaD.
    An make it look like a pervert had there way with him.
    Thet then drove to the mall.
    CCTV an all an got out the car.
    No child went straight to security an reported him missing.
    Saying they had been franticly searchin since he went missing in the toilet.
    First thing they did was reveiw the cctv but as this was nearly twenty odd years ago.
    Suppose they were just dumb as dumb can be.
    The both got natural life
    The egg doner got death sentance.
    Bit of luck it s her turn to die soon into jodis arrival.
    I know she has no apeals left.

  250. Vicky says:

    I believe Nurmi will make yet another attempt at jury nullification by focusing his redirect on Travis’s deviant proclivities toward children and the pretense that he was willing to kill Jodi to keep from being exposed. Jodi kept trying to bring that topic up throughout her cross, like constantly mentioning the brochures. And his breaking her finger in January over her discovery and acting like a little girl to please Travis. They are hoping at least one juror will believe she did society a favor and that even if he wasn’t necessarily a danger to Jodi at that moment, he was a danger to society. I can almost guarantee Nurmi will not let that topic go. Think about it, there are a lot of people out there who think pedophiles deserve the DP. Martinez has managed to take that subject off the burner, and Nurmi will reignite it. It is his only hope. Nurmi will leave her memory loss to their experts, not Jodi.
    He will also do his best to debunk the premeditation aspect. Although I don’t see how since her actions following the murder showed consciousness of guilt. I saw him taking lots of notes during those parts of cross.

  251. Vicky says:

    BTW, I do not believe for one moment Travis was a pedophile. I think JM did a fine job of exposing that lie. I just don’t believe Nurmi will let the accusation fall off the radar. I hope JM has an expert lined up to discuss the profile of a pedophile. I also hope Matt is called as a witness.

  252. Newbie says:

    When this rip starts crying it is the last straw for me. I’ve changed my mind on her getting the death penalty. I want this little witch in general population where she can be sliced and diced the rest of her life. Let her pull her little lies and games with the big girls !!!

  253. Newbie says:

    And, Martinez is brilliant. I think when it’s time for him to question Jodi later, it will make him seem to have been a pussy cat during this cross.

  254. Cali Patti says:

    In 2003 I went to the Hoover Sanand the road over the top was open with no security ck points. I could walk over the dam but all internal tours were gone. I saw observation decks but there was no longer access. There were security cameras however I didn’t see any officers.
    Jodi was doomed before she began her road trip to kill Travis. She had one of the worst plans I’ve read about. Jodi thought she was smarter than what she really is. A premeditated murder when you already have a well known problem with the victim was a huge obstacle to overcome.

  255. Sarah says:

    I find it ironic that it was Jodi’s love of photography that did her in.

    I think Jodi should get death. (I reserve death for very few.) We have a confession and forensics with pictures that verifies her statement to be true. She has already shown how she would thrive in prison. If anyone saw the 48 Hour story where it shows most of her cell-mates think she is wonderful and believes Jodi was justified in killing Travis. She even participates in contests and wins. She would make herself a great life in prison. Oh, and did anyone else hear the little dig about the size of her darn cell?!? Does anyone care? I think it should be smaller.

    Travis was slaughtered. (I was unaware of the cuts to his head and feet). Not just murdered. Martinez has made me think about how each stab must of “stung” or hurt. Then she raked him over the coals at trial. She has shown Travis no mercy. In turn, the jury should not have any for her.

    Her claim to be telling the truth on the stand has failed. By her not admitting to taking her grandparents gun and how her finger was truly injured makes her a bonafide liar under oath. Therefore; her claims of Travis being a mean sexual deviant falls on deaf ears.

    I loved how Martinez has shown that Arias makes excuses that other people are to blame for her actions. Yesterday, near the end of the day, she even attempts to say it was Leslie’s phone call that influenced her to call Travis and leave a voice mail. She began back peddling on that one after Martinez was standing there with his arms crossed and basically saying, “really”? You’re going to blame Leslie?

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice how Martinez was saying the word “right” real slow and with a touch of sarcasm as Jodi was giving some of her long winded explanations? He knew no matter what she said he was getting ready to nail her. I think this why he wanted her to stand up ( as she desired) and demonstrate the “line backer” stance.

    I could go on and on about what a good prosecutor I think Martinez is. I just hope it’s not another Pinellas Twelve jury. (Jennifer Ford ring a bell for anyone? What an idiot.)

    I feel so bad for Travis’ family. Just think…..if he had never met Arias he would still be a live and maybe married with children by now. Not to mention he might have been a positive influence and helping others as he had done in the past. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  256. Karen C. says:

    Cali Patti- you are exactly right on her “plans”, and THAT is the likely reason for the “breakdown” on the stand- she knows now how flawed it all was but only after the fact. The Jodi who killed Travis is the self-involved bippy we all saw on the jail interview, powdering her cute little nose. The one in the most-astonishing mug shot, which will be widely published in future compendiums on America’s Most “Interesting” Killers. That girl was purely delusional.

    I think we are witnessing the death of those delusions, right in front of us. Could anything be more surreal than the image of her reading that email she sent to the then-dead Travis- “We’ll see the sights”- ? She really could not read it aloud anymore- that particular sorrow (albeit for herself!) was completely genuine; she may have ended up swallowing her tongue if she had tried to continue.

    Yesterday she was quite monotone after lunch break, following JM’s questioning, since she was clearly reciting the “script” that she and Nurmi have worked so hard on- if I had heard “linebacker” one more time….! Her voice high and soft- not an act at all, she is now tentative in most every instance, she can’t even sell it to her own self. And she was sensing this herself, while in the very midst of it, and was telegraphing her own doubts as to her own chances.

    This is a sea-change here, Folks. What was interesting to me is that at the end, Martinez seemed to be offering her a last life-line- “You are STILL saying….”, “Even NOW…”, etc., giving her a semi-chance to erase the crap she and her “team” have concocted about the supposed pedophilia incident, the supposed “anal-sex-after-baptism” incident, the supposed “abuse” incidents. “Even NOW…” he said, and she could have taken the opportunity then to boo hoo and withdraw some of it, but, NOPE, she stupidly maintained all of it. Maybe worry over the weekend will work wonders (wow), and she starts conceding a few points, which I think she needs to start doing to save her skin.

    If she maintains an untenable position I think she’s cooked. Martinez will surely remind the jury that there would be no question at all what the outcome would be if the victim was a woman and the perp a man. And he still has lots of pics and footage to work with, not to mention a possible small army of rebuttal witnesses, and she’s not going to get stronger on the stand.

    As for La Violette- Martinez will be able to lead her into an area of contrasts- how Jodi was/is compared to the other, legitimate abuse victims she’s worked with. There is no medical history, no police reports to the house, no neighbors who heard yelling and blows, no pics anywhere of bruises or black eyes- there IS none because there WAS none, and neither she nor Nurmi will be able to manufacture anything at this late date.

    Sry you ended up in moderation. I was having problems with a troll last night and it caused a few comments to end in mod..all should be good now.~~SS

  257. colin black says:

    Newbie she has been in genral population for 5 years.
    An is Queen of the cell block
    Most inmates are afraid of her remember she lies as second nature.
    She had one girl seeking attention after traumatiseing her with a version of her crime,
    Saying she had tran sported Travis body cut up into peices into the desert an danced naked around a pre pared dug barbicue pit / Travis incineration

    She claims she was just jokeing an messing with the girls head when confronted .
    Remamber Arizonas prison systen state level is run by the Sherrif.
    Its the one that has the flashing vacancy sign on 23 / 7
    Compared to mens the womans part is tiny
    An most live in ex millitary tents.in yards.
    She is in the even smaller inside wing an shares cell space with girls onchain gang duty.

    Women come an go every few months jodis bben permament fixture for 5 years.
    If anything she is a threat to other inmates not visa verca.
    She can snap an strike like a rattle snake.
    If I was a female an told I was entering her cell.

    My answer would be hell to the NO.
    Id go into secluxion down the block before haveing to breathe the same air as that monster.
    An Id possably end up on a murder chardge myself .

    Thats whats she dreads is seclusion on death row with no one to fear her
    Or be in awe of her.
    She wins if she stays in gen pop .
    She gets sex wich is very important to her an lots of attention.
    Although who ever is stupid enough to get hooked up with this jelous murderous bint
    Prison is full of none to bright individualls.

    Bury her alive in death row for a couple decades an then put in the needle an bury her for real.
    Just a pity they cant recreate the pain Travis felt as she sliced diced an shot him.
    She will know the fear though as despite her many claims of suiside she loves life.
    At least hers other peoples not so much.

    In fact she will have more fear than Travis as he had faith to comfort his final seconds.
    She has no faith in God not one iota.
    She dreads the void of nothingness she perseves death to be.

    She is a gifted artist an flogs her wares via her mom over ebay.
    Money for her commisarry an to buy goods via catalouge the prisons allow.
    Trainers ect.
    Now if she had been knocking out the great art she produces an donateing the money to childrens chatitys.
    And other good causes then maybe she would have earned some goodwill.
    But her brain isnt wired like that..

    If something some action is alltruistic an not going to benifit her in anyway.
    Does not compute.

  258. colin black says:

    Karen C
    I concur with everything you say Martinez first sparred with jodi for first few days.
    Then tamed her an finaly towards the end of his redirect broke her.
    Very tactical an makes sensce.
    No point in breaking her right away.

    He needed her flowing an gushing so the jury could hear the bs flow.
    Yesterday the breaking part began with the linebacker phrase.

    When Martinez was sick of her silly description of Travis crouched attack called her on it.
    She said I say linebacker because rather than stand up in court an show how his stance was.
    And thats something I DONT WANT TO DO……

    Martinez took his oppertuity to begin the breaking an showing her whom the boss was.
    Well stand up an show us .
    She was stunned the look on her face an butt stuck firmm to the chair she was in diss beleif.

    Didnt he hear me say I didnt want to do it?an the realisation that he was toying with her an was the one whom held the reins of destiny.
    Just like she toyed with Travis the day an night she slaughtered him.
    Reality smacked her right in the chops.

    An by the time he hadher read the fax emails to a deadman she was broken .
    Yet still clung to her wanking weeboy pics as its her only imaginary security blanket she has left

    Shes not going for hitting the streets just hopes to avoid death.
    An in prison as the murderer of a peodphile she will cast herself the wronged heroine

  259. Colin~~Jodi needed to say the Travis lunged at her crouched down and come at her in a linebackers position so when the gun went off it penetrated his skull. This little lady has concocted her story to try and match that gun shot being first. Remember she said she didn’t see any blood. Th medical examiner said Travis had to be dead when she shot him in the head because the heart was not pumping blood so therefore no bleeding in the path of the bullet.

    To support self-defense, the gun shot must be first. The medical examiner said it did not. .. The defense will bring in their own expert to try and disprove this.

    I believe Vicky is right on in her comments…Nurmi is going to go all out with the pedophilia.

  260. Karen C. says:

    Colin- Well, Bingo! You are so right- she couldn’t believe that he had told her that, “Well, stand up and show us”, and she had the worst time even following that much- wait till he gets a shot at having her “stabbing” a dummy or such; I’m pretty sure he’s going to work that in somehow.

    Did you notice how, after the jury was out, and she had sat down next to Willmot again, and she was so distraught, Willmot was leaning forward, her arms folded over her chest and completely stone-faced, giving Jodi no concern at all. She glanced her way exactly once, was much more concerned about whatever Nurmi was talking about with the judge. I think Willmot has a fairly well-developed instinct for career survival and has nothing left to give Jodi, on any level. Both of them know a Loser when they see it- they’ll do their “best”, and anything better than DP would be their best indeed. Wretched, wretched girl….

  261. Cali Patti says:

    I wrote this at the wrong post and with this phone, it spells words I’ve never read before, I apologize for not proof reading. Colin mentioned the Hoover dam and he seems to have knowledge of many places here so I just wanted him to know what the dam looks like today after 9/11.

    Karen C., my interest in this case is how did Jodi mentally came to do what she did. I will probably never know but I find her thinking so flawed and a little interesting. IMO only, I don’t find her to be a thinker. I read, depending on the book or if I need to slow down and reread, 2 + books a month. A few years ago I was reading twice that.
    Fiction or non-fiction characters that commit a premeditated murder had a plan that could have been viable if not for 1 or 2 flaws. Jodi’s plan was flawed from before she left Yreka. Nothing she planned was thought out. I find that interesting and am fascinated by how she truly believed she would not be arrested. I’m guessing … Jodi still has a belief she will walk from the 1st degree murder charge.

  262. Karen C. says:

    Cali Patti- Oh, she’s interesting all right. Many if not most of us females have likely fantasized taking down an ex-boyfriend, with a verbal confrontation in a public place, say, at the very least. Coercive sex, well, those fantasies might involve a straight-razor! But that’s the difference- we imagine these (what seems at the time) morally-defensible reactions to the caddish-ness and we feel relieved and as though we’ve worked something out, in a harmless fashion that does not lead to life-in-prison scenarios; we feel much better and we can move on from there. We don’t act on them!

    Somehow this girl did not get that message, and here she is now, having indulged her revenge fantasies to the max. A victim of her own pathologies- a victim of herself, not Travis, but for her that’s not how it feels, which compels her to remain committed to her own nonsense- she literally cannot think clearly and act in her own best interests- this is FATAL to her. I think she DID have a belief that she would get off if she and her “team” destroyed Travis, but Martinez has PROVED that she will lie easily and often, even to the jury, and if there is nothing else to support her little tales of this, that and the other but her WORD, well, Bye, Bye, Baby.

    I think she ended the day knowing that she will not be waltzing off to spend time with any new obsessions. For one thing, Martinez has a lot left to show the jury in terms of evidence- there’s a surprising amount not even entered yet, stuff we don’t know about. He presented a pic yesterday I have never seen before, a shot of Travis being hauled off down the hallway. He has framed this, the Defense case, mind you, in a manner in a way that reminds me of a winning baseball coach deciding on his batting line-up in the 8th. The jury has been told one story by Nurmi, BUT…oh, look at this, and this, and this…. yesterday was just stunning, as so many balls, so to speak, got hit out of the park by JM. And the reason is that there is no foundation for her story- none. There is nothing they can do about that.

    One last thing- remember that tiny detail that emerged a couple days ago now- it seems she had told La Violette that she had caught Travis with the little boy non-existent pics on his COMPUTER, in his OFFICE- not sheets of paper floating to her feet from the bed! If the computer/office tall-tale is the one she went with back when, and is in La Violette’s report, well…… Perhaps Martinez will be able to flip her too, like he successfully flipped pretty much all the other “Defense” witnesses.

  263. Vicky says:

    Cali, I think the saying about the best laid plans applies to Jody. She went there knowing that she might kill Travis. The only thing that would prevent that from happening, was for him to take her back. When that did not happen, she moved forward with her plan. What she did not plan for, was Travis getting out of the shower alive. I do believe they had discussed the shower shots in advance of that day. Prior to that, Travis had declined. I think she”guilted” him to do that one last thing for her and he agreed. Her plan was to make it appear that there was more than one intruder. That is why she had two weapons with her. She did not anticipate Travis surviving her initial attack in the shower. I don’t think it ever occurred to her how much Travis’ friends disliked her and how many people Travis had made aware of her “stalking” behavior. She did not consider that in her plan and was not prepared for being a suspect from day one. Jodi’s greatest flaw was an inability to believe that the rest of the world wasn’t as impressed with her as she was. She thought she removed any trace of being in that house, so when they found her DNA and palm print, she had to update her intruder plan to include her presence during the murder. She would have been better off to let that sleeping dog lie.

  264. katfish says:

    Hi everyone! Yesterday had to be the single best day I have ever seen in a courtroom after years of watching trials! ala Perry Mason! She may have totally cracked if the judge didn’t break for lunch early….unfortunate, but I think the judge did the right thing. I’ll be back to read all the awesome comments…on my way out the door now (haha or I should be)

  265. cali patti says:

    For me only, this has been the Prosecution’s case to lose. The evidence is over-whelming. I understand why Mr. Martinez brings up and points out all the lies. I’m not certain but doesn’t Mr. Martinez need to bring out information now, in order to be able to question future professional witness’s of Nurmi’s? If he doesn’t bring out certain facts/story’s now … later, Nurmi can pop up and say ” no bases for question” or “not in evidence.” I THINK I read that. Hope I wrote that correctly.

    The statement Jodi made about Travis banging his head against the upstairs linen cabinet doors I found hilarious. I’m guessing every man she has been with did that or felt like doing that. I don’t believe her story but I found myself wanting to do the same after listening to Jodi testify.

  266. katfish says:

    I think Jodi needs to have the gunshot first for her self defense claim but also to try and dilute the element of cruelty….he didn’t suffer as much when she stabbed him 29 times and slit his throat. Didn’t the defense argue this to the Supremes after Judge Stevens upheld the prior judges finding of cruelty?
    I noticed it didn’t take her long to compose herself after the jury left the courtroom. I’d love to read those notes she was writing so intently. 🙂

  267. katfish says:

    Haha cali patti ! Sounds like it’s a good thing there is only 4.5 hours of trial a day, four days a week….we could suffer serious concussions if it were more 🙂 personally, I’ll be glad when she is off the stand….I’m obsessed
    I think the state will be able to questions those experts on anything they used to make their conclusions. I wonder if he got her to talk about something that she didn’t tell the experts so that he can ask if they would have reached the same conclusion with that knowledge? Could be. ????

  268. Jodi is an example of a ‘wild child’, one that needed psychological help a long, long time ago. I think that Nurmi is going to bring in this aspect of her upbringing to show that she is NOT RESPONSIBLE for how she acted, but I suspect the jurors have heard enough to draw their own conclusions about who she really is… all that smirking and flushed excitement talking about the sex says much more than her alligator tears yesterday.

    I think she headed off to Mesa to kill him, “If I can’t have him, no one will…” scenario and she never intended for him to get out of there alive. Black pants and socks, extra gas to burn the clothes in the desert and cover her tracks by not having to fill up there, stolen gun, (are any of the knives missing from the g’parent’s kitchen?) and then she began to wonder – after it was all over – ‘Did I leave something there? Did I forget something?” so she calls the detective to try and find out what they have…

    Her possessive nature, her inability to ‘delay’ action/gratification goes a long way back. I saw in her face yesterday the realization that she is beginning to see what her future holds now.

  269. colin black says:

    I just took it for granted that after 9 11
    An even before atomic power stations an such are priorty targets.
    Be nigh on impossable to destroy the physcicall dam .
    However you could certainly put the dynamos an other vital machinery
    Out of commision if you had a will an accsess.
    An when I heard checkpoints mentioned an the fact she drove over the damm.
    I just assumed they would have checkpoints near by.
    Only ever been to the States once an that was three weeks in Orlando in the 80s

    Td also think there may be checkpoints isnt it possable to turn down a left or right an head for Mexico if you driveing in that part of Arizona?
    Ive seen movies where certain states had checkpoints but that couldve been artistic licance.
    I shure hope you Guys have someone looking after your stuff.

  270. Cali Patti: “Jodi still has a belief she will walk from the 1st degree murder charge.”

    You can bet your bottom dollar she does Cali. There’s a story in I think its the The Star that Jodi has a lesbian lover now. She’s 40 yrs old and very nice looking. has been in/out of jail multiple times and is set to be released once again in a few months. Supposedly she and Jodi are planning to live together when Jodi gets out. (laughed so hard I fell off my chair) And Jodi wants a baby (lmao) Some male friend of hers is going to donate the sperm. A guy she’s known for several years and was quoted in a newspaper saying: “Jodi is one of the nicest girl you will ever meet”. (until she kills you that is….)
    I SERIOUSLY believe this story. Its sooo Jodi.
    She plans on having the baby in jail (still delusional) and then the girlfriend will take care of it until Jodi’s release. 🙂

    Colin: Thats whats she dreads is seclusion on death row with no one to fear her
    Or be in awe of her.

    A thousand % right Colin. I would say its the latter rather than the former because she is such a social butterfly and she’s dreamed of being popular her whole life! But the most important thing to Jodi is sex and having lots of it. Did you notice that she smiled her biggest smiles during cross when talking about sexs She’s not a sex addict though – I think she loves it so much because in her mind its the ULTIMATE form of attention. Several of her ex-boyfriends say she is really into the kinky stuff and had sex with them on the first date. This was also evidenced by her extreme need to make sure each of Travis’s friends, family and acquaintences knew they were in a sexual relationship.

  271. cali patti says:

    Hi everyone, Yes Katfish I did see my forehead hitting my wall after listening to Jodi. I did not do it but I just might, for relief. That jury might convict her as revenge to being forced to listen to her. Horrible!
    Vicky, I have given way to much thought as to how Jodi could have killed Travis and gotten away with it. Time was Jodi’s enemy in this murder. It was TOO soon after leaving Mesa. I agree with you about Travis’s friends naming Jodi was a huge problem. I took this thought step-by-step from Yreka and how Travis’s friends felt about Jodi was a problem. Travis’s friends named Jodi before the camera and DNA evidence .
    I’m not certain but w/o the DNA and the photo history, I believe Jodi would still have been charged with murder. Jodi created the prosecutions case. A rental car has written history. Her credit card usage, it goes on and on.

  272. colin black says:

    When Travis gave her that S T T

    Severe talking to the one he recounted to a freind forget who at the mo.
    When he critiqed her an called out all her flaws an problems an that he had had it with all her BS
    He had tolerated so much because of sack action but basicly she wasnt worth the hassle an stress.

    I dont know what he said but his freind seemed shocked at the severty off his words.
    Thats when she decided he had to go.
    As she herself said Im mogonomous type of gall
    An before I start anything sexual with someone new.
    I have to CUT the other guy out.
    Those were the words she chose
    Similar to when she described one of Travis other female intrests the words she chose speak of her intent.

    She refered to her as a freind slash girlfriend.

  273. colin black says:

    As Travis freinds were nameing her as a suspect to Detective Florez.
    At one point one of them were able to hand there phone to him an say.
    Jodi wants to speak to you.

    Who was that one?~~SS

  274. cali patti says:

    mysticalpippen, Thank you for sharing The Star jail story, interesting. Yes, it sounds like la la land Jodi. It was years ago but does anyone recall the story about the inmate that sneaked his semen out of a prison in a small catsup/mustard condiment to impregnate his wife? So maybe Jodi will get pregnant! I’m teasing.
    Collin, I did catch that phrase, “i have to cut the other guy out.” When I heard her say cut I recall I stared at her and thought, NOW that is the truth. I had hoped Mr. Martinez would have used that statement back at Jodi. Have a good afternoon folks,

  275. colin black says:

    So court start earlier than useall this Monday.?

  276. margaret says:

    OK, my lovely resident lawyer , a question. If Nurmi gets to re-direct, then why can’t Juan? Beth Karas said that Juan would not get the opportunty to cross. Thats not fair. I have to go back and look at last part of trial from yesterday because I had to leave. Did Martinez ever make her admit that the gunshot was last and not first? Thank You in advance for answering my dumb questions.

    Margaret, I think Juan really doesn’t need to do a recross. He summed things up nicely. Martinez gets to put on rebuttal witnesses and have the last say. No, Jodi did not admit to Juan that the gunshot came last. Your questions are never dumb. Hugs,~~SS

  277. Vicky says:

    Margaret, I’m not an attorney, but unless the rules are different for defendants who chose to testify are different from other witnesses, then Beth got that one wrong. However, the recross or redirect can only address issues that were brought up in direct or cross.
    And, no Jodi never did admit she fired the gun last. She continued to stick to her entire story of self defense.

    Vick, I thought Juan could do a recross. Didn’t we see that in the Anthony case? Maybe Arizona is different. I heard on HLN that there is a basket full of questions for Jodi from the jurors. The attorneys have to go over them to see which ones are allowed to be asked. They should be interesting.~~SS

  278. Vicky~~this was back in 2011 re Matt McCartney… what do you make of it? There is only the one page..

    Click to access m4737447.pdf

  279. The following info is from FEB 2011..

    Victoria Washington must have been the defense attorney who removed herself from the case…
    Furthermore, pending before this Court is the State’s Motion to Preclude Letters
    Purportedly Written by Travis Alexander to Defendant.
    LET THE RECORD REFLECT the State’s is waiting for a report on the inspection of the letters and hands analysis.

    LET THE RECORD REFLECT the Court spoke with the expert on the phone and the report shall be completed by 03/18/2011.

    LET THE RECORD REFLECT that Mr. Nurmi announced that he is leaving the Public Defender’s Office. The Court questioned Mr. Nurmi about whether his departure from the office relieves him of his obligation to continue to serve as first chair in this case

    Click to access m4614209.pdf

  280. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Actually, the last document you posted was generated on February 25th. the order set forth dates for various hearings and deadlines, etc. Martinez was having the letters authenticated and the results were due in March. It seems apparent that between February and May, the results of the analysis came back indicating the documents were forged. Obviously, Martinez questioned Matt about the documents and discovered whatever role he played in their generation and/or decimination. Obviously, Ms. jodi wanted to know what he told them about the letters. I would assume that this also coincided with the magazine message. I am guessing that shortly thereafter, Victoria Washington interviewed Matt as well, and discovered that her client was planning with assistance from Matt to both commit and suborn perjury. Since she therefore asked to be released as counsel for the defendant. The judge ultimately ruled that the letters could no be used as evidence, so Nurmi’s hands are clean in claiming Travisnis a pedophile so long as Jody never mentioned the letters.

  281. Vicky says:

    Sorry for the typos. My iPad has a mind of its own. 🙂

  282. Thanks, Vicky. I was snooping around trying to find info about this case before I started to follow it. Don’t worry about typos.

  283. Karen C. says:

    You can bet that JM will be listening for any opening on that point, too- he would love to bring in those “letters”! Very perceptive comments above BTW- she wanted to be the popular girl at school, so to speak, so she put out big-time. Problem was, “school” here was an LDS ward! I bet she was hoping to get every last one of those nice young Mormon male virgins (and the better-looking married ones too) to give it to her up the wazoo, thus corrupting every one of them- I think she seriously got off on the notion of being everybody’s personal muse and Domestic Goddess, to show she was “better” than all the other girls.

    Karen, Jodi used her ‘ass’ets to further her career. Everything Jodi accused Travis of, all we need to reverse it and the real truth is, Jodi was the one guilty of it.~~SS

  284. Great write up on Martinez…..

    Jodi Arias Case: Prosecutor Juan Martinez’s Aggressive Tactics Praised and Panned

    “He was so brash, so aggressive, he was like a German Shepherd attack dog all the time,” said Macdonald, who represented Grant during the trial.

    Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2013/03/01/jodi-arias-case-prosecutor-juan-martinez-aggressive-tactics-praised-and-panned/#ixzz2MMG9RaX0

  285. margaret says:

    I get so angry listening to lawyers on tv saying Martinez was too argumentive and going on so long..In my opinion he had to with her, to get anything out of her. She fought him all the way , not answering his questions and wanting to spin his questions to spill more lies in her favor. I admire his patience and his ability to keep her from her ramblings and yet he was able to keep the pressure on her without missing a beat..He’s the one man she couldn’t control and it took her four days to realize she was no match for him..He gets an A plus from me. My complaints come in for Nurmi for letting her control his questioning…………………….I watched her this week and I wonder if at any time in her quiet time if she ever thinks ,that if she had been a nice , for real, caring person how different her life could have been..Instead she has hurt so many people for the rest of their lives. Now all of her talents that God gave her ,are no good anymore, because she will have no life. Such a sad senseless act. Her Dad will probably die from his cancer while he has to live knowing she is behind bars. I wonder if she even cares..Sad sad sad..

    Juan Martinez has my vote too, in fact I fell head over heels for him. He was/is amazing! ~~SS

  286. *Colin…take note

    I said previously that I had heard Nurmi wanted off the case and it looks like I was right. He was a Public Defender at the time the judge assigned him to the Arias case. Read on…

    Click to access m4631558.pdf


    Click to access m4649289.pdf

  287. Karen C. says:

    I think Beth Karas (or maybe Jean C.?) alluded to Nurmi wanting off, way when, in a general discussion of all the delays racked up in this case. For both he and Willmot this is like taking out the garbage.

  288. Karen C~ ~judging by those docs, Jodi fought tooth and nail to keep Nurmi on her case. In fact she insisted he not be released. At one time, she had 4 attorneys.

  289. Juan Martinez has my vote too, in fact I fell head over heels for him. He was/is amazing! ~~SS
    I’m telling you its that HighIQ Pheremonitis!! ha ha 🙂

    You’re probably gonna choke when you hear this Snoopy Nancy Grace has been his biggest advocate on HLN! She has nothing but praise for him. She says “he’s brilliant” all the time. She has the obligatory 2-3 defense lawyers on each show and they’re all saying pretty much the same thing… Martinez was not focused, he took everything personal, they hated his dance, he was too angry with Jodi, he was too hard on her alienating the jury, he took too long, wasted time by getting into the sexual minutia with Jodi, allowed her to control the questioning, blah blah blah – and now they’re saying her sexcapades have nothing to do with this case.

    Technically they’re right but Jodi is the one who made it part of her defense. She dragged this trial kicking and screaming into it and thus it is there now and nothing anyone can do except point out all of her lies and prove that she is the one who is the sexual deviant.

    NG pointed out that the sex does tie in because Jodi made it tie in, she used it as a part of her battered girlfriend claim and its exactly what she told her psychologists. She said also because Nurmi claimed in opening statement that Travis was a sexual deviant and since JM represents the victim it strong>is personal, and he had every right to go after everthing Jodi opened the door to, in fact she wishes he would’ve come down harder on her!! She argues with the defense lawyers, she says he will tie it all together in his closing argument and they just don’t get it.
    I know you don’t like her and I’m not crazy about her delivery sometimes but I can’t help it I like her.

    You know she does all that histrionic stuff for entertainment purposes. And she does this one thing that is really funny. When the defense attorneys are yelling at her all at once and she’s yelling back – she suddenly cuts off their mikes so you can’t hear them. And then she lets them have it. lol. hey…..its HER show. I did hate the “tot mom” nickname for CA though it sounded dumb to me.

    I read all the links you posted about Nurmi…. interesting. I wonder if he wanted to leave because of what Jodi tried to do? And how come she wasn’t charged with anything regarding that forgery nonsense?

    Defense attorneys despise Martinez so I expect them to fault his every move. I am getting a bit more used to Nancy. I know her antics are just a big show. Nancy used to be a prosecutor. Just wait until my Juan sums all this up in his closing!! Woot woot..SS

  290. Geragos: Jodi Arias is a ‘diabolical nut’
    Mark Geragos and Dr. Drew Pinsky discuss psychology’s crucial role in how the jurors decide the fate of Jodi Arias.

    Video with Anderson Cooper


  291. Sarah says:

    SS: I watched the video above. I hope that a female juror does not have sympathy for her.

    One of my favorite JM moments was on the Day 22 part 1 video where Arias has mentioned “suicide” for fourth or fifth time and JM puts a stop to it with his, “can you imagine how Travis felt when you stabbed in the chest”…….or something like that. Have you noticed? She has not mentioned suicide since. Also, I hope he points out to her that her cell is not smaller than Travis’ coffin. I’m tired of Jodi’s pity party.

    Please tell me this jury is smart and sees this slaughter as a slaughter and that Jodi is a cold, calculating skank of a murderess.

    I get tired of the double standard when a woman commits a crime like this and people want to know what “happened” to her to “make” her do this. If a man does it, it’s like there’s no questions and hang him by the nearest tree attitude. What gives?

    Yes, I’m looking forward to Martinez’s brilliant closing. (In the mean time we will be subjected to the warped views of the “professional” opinions. I dread those. Not to mention Sluggo sluggish Nurmi will be asking pity pot questions on Monday. I’ll need to take a valium so I can slow down for him.)

    Have a great weekend.

  292. Karen C. says:

    Sluggo- I love it! I was wondering who the heck Nurmi reminded me of…

  293. margaret says:

    Let me see if I have this straight, unless Nurmi brings up something in cross that hasn’t been discussed already, then Juan doesn’t get to re-cross jodi..
    I think it is so funny that Geragos is now calling Martinez brilliant, when a day or so ago he was putting him down big time.
    I sure hope Nurmi doesn’t start from day 1 again, but I know he will take his dear sweet time again and run it on and on..I want to say agood word for the Judge too. Nurmi kept hollering objections on Thursday and she kept saying ” over ruled “. Poor thing probably went to sleep with that rolling in her head..
    May I say that I am in the company of some terriffic, and very intelligent people on this #1 blog.. I wish that Snoops and Vicky could give the jury a round-up of each days testimonyIf anyone was confused about something ,they explain so nicely.. I love reading all the posts, now I’m going to leave jodi land until Monday. Nurmi will probably have us all angry again with his slow motion. I am wishing all of you a healthy, happy and restful week-end.. See you Monday

    Ahhh thank you, Margaret. You are very easy to please. I am sure Vicky will ditto what I just said. She is well versed in this legal mumbo jumbo more so than me. I am doing my best to get a new post up. You have a great weekend too. hugs~~SS

  294. Marilyn N says:

    The slower Nurmi goes, the more easy money he makes!

  295. I forgot to tell you I saw the body language expert too and after she showed us that clip of Jodi I paid special attention to her evertime I saw her doing that and I kid you not there was another time where she had her fingers spread a little bit and she was sobbing heavily and looking down. then all of a sudden I could see her beady eyes staring straight out in between her fingers – as if she was checking to see who was watching her – goosebumps attacked my body!! I swear to god it was so creepy.

    She reminds me of a devil worshipper!~~SS

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