Jaded and Jealous, Jodi Arias

This video needs to be brought into evidence by Martinez!!

Jodi talked about Travis in the present tense. She was obsessed with Travis even after his death. How dare she say, ‘his passing?” Jodi’s childhood was almost ideal!! “We found an outlet on occasion.” Jodi wanted the world to know she and Travis had sex. If Jodi truly loved Travis, she would have let the secret of their love life die with him.

When asked if she felt used, she said, “maybe I was using him just as much.” Jodi said they made videos of her and Travis having sex on more than one occasion. She sounded very pleased about it too.

Now and then you may hear some sharp static noises on the video. This is on the audio and has nothing to do with your computer.

I welcome all comments!!

Trial resumes Tuesday, February 19th and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

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  1. Esther says:

    OH MY GOSH !!! What a liar and actress ..I truly hope this comes out in court !!!

  2. margaret says:

    I am sure Martinez knows every word she has said and he will make her eat everyone. But can we e-mail it to him? He is going to tie her in knots. I wonder how long it took her to remember that she had an abusive childhood. Not what she said at beginning of tape. How does anyone lie that way?

  3. Margaret ~~I want the jurors to see the real Jodi Arias in the video instead of the fake bitch on the witness stand. I want them to see her dark evil eyes and listen to her praise Travis to the high heavens. She relished doing 48 hours so she could flaunt her relationship with Travis and prove to all Travis’ ex girlfriends that she was the chosen one. In the video she couldn’t wait to bring up the times she and Travis had sex. She said she cried but that is a damn lie. She had no remorse, just satisfaction that no other woman would ever get her possession. Jodi said two or three times in the video, “I could never say no to Travis’, indicating that he was begging for her body. I want to see Jodi lose it when Martinez takes over so they will have to use the stun gun on her. If Nurmi interferes, zap him too.

    When that Video was made, Jodi was going with the Ninja story. As far as Jodi saying in court that she was going to commit suicide in reference to “no jury will ever convict me’…why in hell didn’t she? I would have loaded the gun for her.

  4. Vicky says:

    My daughter emailed this to me. Take a look at the Facebook page linked below.
    Not far down the page is is the email Jodi sent to Travis asking him to credit her for typing/editing his book..it is in three parts.

  5. Vicky, thanks. I didn’t think anyone gave credit to their editors as Jodi expected. If credit should be given, I know of a blogger who owes me big time. lol

    I copied the following while checking out your link…a busy place on FB…

    The voice mail Arias left Travis hours after she killed him:

    “Hey! What’s going on? It’s almost midnight — uh, anyway it’s about the time you’re starting to gear up. . . I know Leslie called you. So, I already talked to her so, uh — you can call her back if you want but it’s not necessary. Um . . . My phone died so I wasn’t getting back to anybody. What else, um . . . I drove one hundred miles in the wrong direction — over a hundred miles, thank you very much! So yeah. Remember New Mexico? It was a lot like that, only you weren’t here to prevent me from going into the three digits, so — fun, fun! I’ll tell you all about that later. Um. Also –we were talking about — um, when we were talking about your upcoming travels my way I was looking at the May calendar. Duh. So I’m a little confused. Um — But Heather and I are going to see Othello on July first and we would love for you to come — to accompany us. Um, I don’t know when the Crater Lake event is though, but it’s on the way, so we could do Shakespeare, Crater Lake and the coast. So . . . If you can make it. If not, we’ll just do the coast and uh Crater Lake. But um, let me know — and I will talk to you soon! Bye!”

  6. colin black says:

    When does court resume ?
    If the Judge is feeling recovered is it today tomorrow or ?
    T Y I A for an answer…………

  7. Trial resumes Tuesday, February 19th and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

    Holiday in the US today, President’s Day… let’s hope Judge Stevens is all better.

  8. colin black says:

    Thanks Snoops tomorrow then it kicks of again.
    Im sure the iLLNESS of the Judge threw a spanner in Nurmis plans to cross exam untill the jurours broke for a few days.

    Now his cross exam will end surely giveing Martinez an instant chance to cross exam her imeadiatly.

    Or will the oaf try an drag her testomany out for even more days.
    Perhaps fit in a few remanisises of her visit to get her hair an nails done.
    With exquisate detail to stretch out her time on the stand to coinside with the long weekend break.

    This tavtic will actualy benifit the prosecuter giveing him days to reveiw her testomany.
    And find incobsistances an blatant false hoods /
    Before he proseeds to rip her a new one an make her a 4 hole wonder,
    That light at the end of the tunnel jodi.
    Is the Martinez express comeing to flatten you steam roll over you
    Sqaush you like the deviant misscreant you are,

    Colin, don’t be surprised to see Jodi still being questioned by Nurmi on Thursday.~~SS

  9. margaret says:


    A very good tribute to Travis from a friend. He was nothing like jodi paints him .Sweet

    What a beautiful tribute. So that is the Katie who was helping Travis with his book. Travis gave her credit and Jodi was jealous he didn’t mention that she did some typing etc. I expect Jodi read that tribute and she must have turned shades of green. Thanks so much for posting it for us.~~SS

  10. debl115 says:

    Interesting article on how Jodi’s parents/siblings should react in court. Pretty much reminds me of Cindy and George; “Her parents are most likely ashamed of her actions and the shameful experiences Jodi (Casey) shared about abuse that she says happened at the hands of her parents.” (except that, IMO, Casey was never abused in any sense of the word, she just chose to blame George, to save her sorry ass).

    Personally, I do not believe Jodi was physically abused as a child/preteen. Was she trying to kill her young brother or the family dog when she got the belt or the wooden spoon? She told us about the beatings but only once told us the reason why she got smacked. The one time was when she sneaked out with some friends and her father supposedly slapped her across the face. Thanks for the link.~~SS

  11. debl115 says:

    My favorite 5 comments of Jodi’s strange statements:

    “I’m kind of like a one-guy-at-a-time kind of person … I didn’t want to have anything overlapping,” Arias testified about her relationship with Alexander.

    “I think there was a naive belief that I could pretend [Alexander’s murder] didn’t really happen,” Arias said in a 2009 interview with “48 Hours.

    “I had issues with Travis [but] I had worse issues with other people and they’re all still alive,” Arias told police.

    “If I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty,” Arias commented to a police detective in July 2008.

    “No jury is going to convict me… you can mark my words on that one — no jury will convict me,” Arias told the TV show “Inside Edition” in 2008, after she was indicted for murdering Alexander.

    Start begging for the death sentence Jodi, because you are about to be convicted and it will be well deserved, don’t you think?

    **Credit to a comment on the article about “how Jodi’s parents/siblings should react”. Just hope that the jury can recognize it.

    I posted the total list below without realizing until after you posted some of the same. lol~~SS

  12. debl115 says:

    A list of things that Jodi can buy at the prison. I’m a bit shocked that any kind of tobacco is available!

  13. Sarah says:

    debl115: right now jodi’s not in state prison; is she? I thought she was in the county jail until her trial is over and then would be sent to a state prison? If she makes it to state prison I guess she’ll be classified as a level 5?

    You are correct!~~SS

  14. Sarah says:

    I just have to share with you guys. I actually said the “F’ bomb to my mother; by accident on purpose 🙂 She is getting her info in bits and pieces about this case. She said that Travis was a real jerk if he really treated Jodi the way she says he did. I lost it; momentarily. I had to remind my mother that Jodi is a compulsive, manipulative, murdering liar. I told her I didn’t think that Travis was pure as the undriven snow; but he did not deserve to die just because he wanted to play the field. (Yes, I apologized for dropping the “F’ bomb.)

    I hope none of the jurors feel the same way your mother does. That is scarey. I drop the F bomb occasionally in the real, I just hate to see it written out in my blog. It is just my own personal preference. No wonder you dropped the bomb on your mom. lol~~SS

  15. debl115 says:

    Sorry, Sarah, I posted the link about the state prison from another website, but didn’t really check it out first. I think it was more about what she had to look forward to, once she IS convicted.. Hell, I visit so many Jodi websites every day, I can’t remember from one to the other. and Snoopy, I agree, i don’t believe that Jodi was ever abused as a child/pre-teen. And if she was, I’m certain that it was well deserved.

  16. Marilyn says:

    let’s hope(even tho,it’s not being very nice)that by the judge being ill,it REALLY threw Nurmi game off!I I really should have said “SCAM”! Which we know it is!

    Now Nurmi will keep Jodi on the stand until Thursday nite…please God, no no no. ~~SS

  17. Jodi Arias’ most bizarre statements: (Readers are warned that some of the content is graphic)

    “Let’s try to astral project and we can find each other while we are sleeping,” Arias told Alexander in a 2008 recorded phone conversation played in court.
    “I was really naive and I kind of believed him,” Arias testified, referring to an ex-boyfriend who “entertained the belief in vampires” and wanted to move to San Francisco to look for vampires.
    “He refused to kiss me because he said it was gross … maybe because I had been performing oral sex, but he kissed me on the cheek and then left,” Arias said in court about a September 2006 sexual liaison with Alexander.
    “I’m kind of like a one-guy-at-a-time kind of person … I didn’t want to have anything overlapping,” Arias testified about her relationship with Alexander.
    “To me sex is sex, they are just different ways to have sex. And it seemed like Travis was, kind of — I don’t know how to put it, but it seemed like he had the Bill Clinton version, whereas over here it seemed like oral and anal were also sex to me. But not for him,” Arias testified during her third day on the stand.
    “I probably would have let him continue, but it was too painful,” Arias testified in reference to having anal sex with Alexander on Nov. 26, 2008 — the day he baptized Arias into the Mormon faith. She added, “[I felt like] a piece of toilet paper.”
    “Oh my God that is so debasing, but I like it,” Arias said in a 2008 recorded conversation with Alexander when he said he wanted to tie her to a tree and have anal sex with her.
    “I think there was a naive belief that I could pretend [Alexander’s murder] didn’t really happen,” Arias said in a 2009 interview with “48 Hours.”
    “That is one of the things I am scared of — guns and] public speaking. That was one of the things [Travis Alexander] was trying to get me to do — get out of my comfort zone,” Arias told a Mesa, Ariz., police detective in June 2008.
    “No jury is going to convict me … you can mark my words on that one — no jury will convict me,” Arias told the TV show “Inside Edition” in 2008, after she was indicted for murdering Alexander.
    “If I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty,” Arias commented to a police detective in July 2008.
    “There’s a morbid curiosity … I mean I am curious” Arias told police when asked if she wanted to view the crime scene photos.
    “If I was going to ever try to kill somebody, I would use gloves. I have plenty of them,” Arias told a police detective in July 2008.
    “I’m all for the Ten Commandments — thou shall not kill,” Arias told police.
    “I had issues with Travis [but] I had worse issues with other people and they’re all still alive,” Arias told police.


  18. I wish this man would just shut up and crawl back under his rock… video here..

    Gus Searcy: Here’s what I couldn’t say on the stand

  19. debl115 says:

    Well, we can all agree that Jodi is nothing but a f**** liar. Can’t believe a word that she says, hence the interrogation tapes. But the bigger picture is, what will the jury believe. It’s now up to Juan to paint the bigger picture, and call BS on her lies. I can’t wait until the cross, I just hope that he can restrain himself and not scare her until she start “shaking like a chihuahua”. I can just see it now. On his first question, she will cower in her seat and start crying. She set that up perfectly. Bitch.

  20. Sarah says:

    I have a stupid question. Can Jodi sit there and plead the 5th when Martinez asks her questions?

  21. Karen C. says:

    Call me crazy, but I caught up on much of the trial stuff over the long weekend and I have a new notion about that phone sex tape. Mind you I listened to the “tree” portion many, oh so many, too many times, and it seems to me that he was fishing around a little to see just how freaky this girl would get, over the phone- he had just said something about that they had gotten too serious way too fast, and I don’t doubt the veracity of that statement.

    On her end of things, she is indeed trying to setup the future circumstances for murder- turning him on so much over the phone he’ll not turn her away later.

  22. Karen C. says:

    No- this is an affirmative defense (I DID it, but here’s WHY), so she can’t plead the fifth. And, besides, she has to trash him some more, using that day’s experiences.

  23. Karen C. says:

    BTW, she says in Court that they had made but the one sex video (day of death), but she makes it sound like more than that in that interview above….

    Yet another major discrepency on her part.

  24. Karen C~~the defense already mentioned Det Flores being on 48 hours…would that have opened the door to bring in some clips from that video??

  25. I was just chatting with our friend Katfish on FB… I thought my response to her was so brilliant…lol…I will paste it here…

    When it comes time, Jodi will only remember Travis lunging for her. She will pass out and when she comes to, Travis will be dead and she wont remember how she killed him. She will look down and see blood on her hands and realize she was the one who did it.

  26. Karen C. says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes! That is the ONLY way she can handle this thing and still look like little passive victim- Fugue State nonsense. Everything is pointing towards that, especially her behavior already today (“shaking again!”). She temporarily hallucinated ninjas. Or something. OK, so how does she handle the on-line tributes to him afterwards?

  27. colin black says:

    NOW we are at 6th or 7 th April per whatever time one or reality zone.
    Two months till slaughter ocours .

    How long can Numbnutts Nurmi drag two months out for ??
    My geusetimate 3 months

  28. colin black says:

    This phyco bitch hacked his pc an phone had all hiss passwords ect.
    We know this was a planned event thease electronic convos txts ect must mean ZILCH
    She could have picked up Travis phone an sent those txts to herself .
    Deleted them imeaditly from Travis phone an he would never know.
    Likewise instant messages an e mails.
    nO PROOF THAT tTravis sent those txts except for verifiable times when they were physically seperated .
    An by that I mean different States ect.

  29. colin black says:

    An even then with his pc hacked an facebook ect .
    She could send messeges from differnt States by remote emails ect could have been sent by her from anywhere.

  30. Karen C. says:

    That’s right, Colin, but I expect if she’s allowed to natter away and Nurmi continues droning on, Martinez can fully expect to be allowed a lot too. For one thing, much of this speaks directly to MOTIVE best I can see- and I can imagine that Nurmi’s likely to paint himself into a corner or two bringing this stuff up….

    Martinez’ objections are falling on deaf ears…hmmm From what I hear the jurors are very restless today. More repetitive superfluous fluff..~~SS

  31. colin black says:

    The really sad sad thing about all of this.
    Despite the rather boring an tiresome sex talk i m o.
    There level of commitment an feelings for each other .Are reminisant of high school students ,
    As oppose a real an significant relationship between two copatative people.

    There was no depth no love no genuine conection on a level of friendship then beyond friendship an then genuine love .
    The type of deep deep love whereupon the other person becomes part of you body an soul.
    And that persons wellbeing an happiness is more important to you than your own.
    Because making them happy fulfills you.

    Besides sex there was nothing nada betweeen them.
    Thats why this entire friends with benifits culture ends in tragedys like this.
    Friendship with benefits should be the true love I describe .
    When you meet someone of the opposite sex an have the luck not only to meet this person.
    But have those feelings reciprocated with interest.
    That is true Freindship with benifits and the benefit is love commitment an knowing your not alone.

    Ahhh, Matey!! Your spouse is one lucky woman and no wonder all the ladies in here love you as a great friend. When the love of your life is also your best friend, you have it made. As for Jodi and Travis, there was no true love. I see Jodi wanting to own Travis and he was reaping the benefits of her body, the weapon she used to hang onto him until it wasn’t working and she resorted to lethal weapons.~~SS

  32. colin black says:

    Accidently on purpose send Travis a text meant for another guy.
    Because he is dateing Mi Mi?
    As opposed to dateing jodi A K A Me Me.
    So sends txt accidently on purpose oops.
    T make Travis Jelous.
    What is she emotionaly like 12?
    Maybe thats what Travis meant on the saucy sext she recorded without his knowlage.

    I can imagine asking jodi lots of times re her actions an responses if I knew her.
    What are you 12?

  33. Newbie says:

    Colin, re your 2:36 p.m.comment, well said !!!!
    I came in late during Jodi’s testimony and already have a headache. I notice she is doing the “hand on face” a lot more today. Is that to remind the jury of her damaged finger? Something else that bothers me is that every blouse she has worn appears to be altered to accent her boobs and figure. So vain this gal is on top of being such a good liar and “game” player. She set those texts and emails all in her plan to set up this murder. Bitch.
    I sure hope Martinez can undo all this shit.

    I see Nurmi has a short fuse when Martinez objects…the sparks are flying between them. When Martinez finally gets his turn…Nurmi will keep screaming, “he is badgering the witness.~~SS

  34. colin black says:

    Bring on the cross exam.
    The longer they keep Martinez waiting.
    The crosser he will become.

  35. Jodi is breathing very heavily…

  36. colin black says:

    You have scammed me is refrence to finance.
    She ripped him for money right an left.
    An probably nae definetley never paid for the B M W after she blew it up an wrecked the gearbox.

    Thats about money she has stole .
    Not photo o wee boys or rapeing 12 yr old aholes.

    If it had been there secret he wouldve used the word betrayed my trust .
    Not you SCAMMED me.

    Why is she allowed to allude to wat Travis meant.
    What is she a mind reader.

    Has Nurmi got phycic mixed up with phyco.


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  37. colin black says:

    What did poor Napolian do for five days.
    Mustve been raumatised .
    That bitch must have put him somw where so he couldnt witness it labs are passive,
    But would die for there masters
    5 days didnt he bark howl whimper.
    Must have beeen hell 5 days is like a month to a dog

  38. colin black says:


    Exactly the way I feel. We are left dangling again…oh the drama!!..~~SS

  39. Bombshell coming…. Travis grabbed a gun from ??? and aimed it at Jodi… she wrestled him and the gun went off hitting him in the face… Jodi knew then she had to finish him off….

  40. Newbie says:

    I do hope the majority of the jurists are fed up with “her pitiful self”. Snoopy, I hope she does put that gun with Travis. Sometimes you just go one step too far and with her grandfathers gun being stolen, that is going to be a hard pill to swallow.

  41. colin black says:

    Well tomorrow finaly even numbnuts Nurmi caan delay it any longer.
    we will hear her version of events .
    Q..How does Travis go from alive in shower standing looking at Jodi.
    How can a butt naked man armed with at most a bar of soap.Sudenly pose such a clear an deadly force.
    That can only be resolved with twenty seven stab woulnds shot to the head from an as yet inexplicable 25 pistol.An throat slit almost deep enough to decapitate him.
    Where in the whole wide worls caused within 60 seconds a gun materilise a knife an a easonable explination for jodi to have used them.
    To slaughter a person she claims to have loved.

    I cant wait to hear her answer.

    The Baez defence .
    Mr Travis was never murdered.
    It was an accident he tripped in the shower beause he was dunk.
    My client was just entering the shower to take a few photos
    Travis trpped banged his head knocked my client over.
    She struck her head on the toilet an pased out.
    When she come round Travis had slumped back in the shower anhis mouth was gushing with water.
    He had knocked himself out an drowned.

    My client knew how much his faith meant to him an how his Religion forbade drinking.
    To spare his Family the shame an ensure Travis good name within the Mormon comunity.
    She desided to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Travis was dead an was beyond suffering in this world but he must have a Mormon burial.
    She knew Travis kept a secret gun an also retreived a sharp knife from the kitchen.
    She decided to make an alchohol induced accident look like a brutal murder.
    Members of there Jury there was no murder just a tragic drowning.

    Personaly I cant see even the chewbacca defence getting her out of this.

  42. [transferred from previous post]

    mystical pippin says:
    February 19, 2013 at 8:47 pm (Edit)
    Snoopy I think she made up 90% of this stuff too. She makes me sick when I see how much she’s enjoying exposing herself to the public with all those pictures of her naked body – spread eagle or on all fours – ugh what a skank she is. She probably knows after she’s convicted she’ll never be able to have sex like this again (she won’t be able to video or audio tape it to show to the world) She’s such a bad actress. She’s also a hell of a lot LESS intelligent than she thinks she is. I mean how ridiculously stupid is it to half-ass attempt clean up – but leave finger prints, palm prints, hair, dna and throw the camera in the wash.

    I’m wondering now, if she WANTED to get caught because I find it so hard to believe that she didn’t know about DNA and fingerprints. I find it especially hard to believe that her being a photographer and all that she didn’t know erasing pictures on a digital camera doesn’t mean they are erased!

    In this day and age there’s no excuse for people not to know (because its always been this way but it wasn’t really talked about that much – geeks knew it, law organizations knew it, but now everybody knows it) that every digital gadget – even computers does not actually erase what you erase!! (throw it in the trash) All it does is cover it up with blank space so you can re-use it. And unless you use an application like shredder that completely destroys the material then its retrieveable. Windows now comes with an app that wipes all the data except the OS if you decide to resell it. I forget what its called but its relative easy to find in your system by using the help menu. It just seems impossible that she didn’t know that. Especially throwing the camera in the washing machine. Why didn’t she just take out the memory card and toss it on the highway somewhere? How could she not know that about camera’s???

  43. No one has posted the videos of today’s trial at youtube yet… I will check from time to time and post them here when they become available..

  44. FYI~~ I transferred some comments to Jonathon’s Coffee Café. Please do your best to stay on topic of each post and take advantage of the other threads that I have set up. A link to the Coffee Café is right under the header at the top of this page. Thanks in advance for your cooperation…Snoop

  45. margaret says:

    I kept wondering today if jodi came in at the doggie door that night..Travis and Napoleon did not know she was in house, according to jodi..If someone opens my back door, my little dog will let you know.That was creepy to me ,thinking about her standing behind him with a gun and knife. There was a couple of times today,I could have sworn Martinez was smiling at her, like he was saying I can’t wait…At one time Travis younger sister was almost laughing at jodi..Does anyone know what Travis e-mail meant when he told her she was just like her mother??

    Since Jodi probably composed most of those e-mails herself, maybe we should ask her what she meant about her mother. So the knife that Travis cut the cord with came from Travis’ knife block in the kitchen. Since no knives were missing, Jodi washed it and put it back?? I can’t wait for Travis to have had a gun in the shower with him. What a rotten liar that stalking psycho is.~~SS

  46. There are still no videos of today’s trial uploaded at youtube… In the meantime…

    Jodi Arias recalls night of the killing

  47. margaret says:

    Did ya’ll just feel so bad today when that lying, murdering ,ho told Nurmi that she didn’t get any sleep last night.. Guess she is setting up her ” I don’t remember ” excuse because she knows that Martinez bus is coming soon now.. Ha HA

    Jodi was looking for sympathy. She will go brain dead and cry a lot when Martinez takes over.~~SS

  48. Vicky says:

    I didn’t watch the trial today and won’t have time for the rest of the week. This thread is a great place to catch up. Thanks All. As I was reading comments, I took note of something written by Mystical Pippin regarding Jodi’s attempt to clean up. While reading I recalled a photograph I saw of the crime scene plus a notation made by Flores in his report. The photo was of a water stained ream of copy paper and the comment made by Flores was about water marks in a lower cabinet (a photo also taken) and the diluted appearance of some of the blood on the floor. I had an Ah-ha moment. I had originally thought Jody used bedding to move T.A.’s body. I now believe she poured copious amounts of water on the tile floor and slid his body back to the shower. If any of you have ever walked barefoot on wet tile, it is extremely slippery. I have to wear shoes when I mop our bathroom floor to keep from falling on my behind.
    I realize this comment has nothing to do with today’s testimony, but many people have questioned how little Jodi could move a big man like Travis. I now believe this is how Jodi did it. Now, If I can just convince hubby (about the same size as Travis’) to get naked and let me pull him across our bathroom floor when I finish mopping it, I’ll let you know how easy it is. Teehee 🙂

  49. Vicky says:

    Also, I don’t think she made any real attempt to clean the kill scene. Just Travis’s body, for whatever reason. Not enough time.

    Vicky, your comment about the water on the tile floor makes good sense and that is how the blood got washed off Travis’ body. Now how can we get that info to Martinez because I know some jurors thought someone else besides Jodi was there..Wow great comment!~ ~ SS

  50. colin black says:

    Hello hello todays the day………..

  51. Karen C. says:

    That crime scene was pretty impossible to clean up- all she could really do was get him into the shower to eradicate her own DNA. It would take a minimum of 7 coats of interior paint to cover all the blood on the walls (as we learned in the Zahra Baker case), and the carpet- forget about it. Blood will out.

  52. colin black says:

    This was her master plan.
    Sneak to Travis home rental car no one knows.
    She is on road trip alibi.
    Has stolen 25 with her.
    Get her prey relaxed an has fun toying with him.
    She said on the stand the otherday in order to move on as she is one gal one man type of gall.
    Monogomous .
    Her verbage was ver batim I need to CUT the other person out of my life.

    Also the same day talking about some prior relationship she refered to again verbatim.
    They were my Freind SLASH Boyfreind.
    She cant help herself an excuse the pun but her actions an mindset bleeds into her language often.

    Anyway i m o once Travis was naked an defenceless in the shower she planned to empty the chamber of the 25 into him.
    Head shots werever bang bang bang.
    A humane kill an more important a clean kill.
    She had the run of the place.
    Once Travis dead in the shower water streaming down.
    She strips an slits his throat with sharp knifes allows blood to drain down shower drain.

    She would then proceed to dismember an bag his body .
    Head arms torso legs all neatly packaged an wrapped an all blood strips of skin musle body fuids down the shower.

    Carefully transports Travis remains into the boot/trunk of hire car.
    Back into the apartment for a final cleanup.
    Shouldnt be that hard as most contained in the shower.

    Then Travis an gas cans in trunk she drives for ever an ever into the middle of the night.
    Middle of the dessert.
    Probably some place on there list
    An burns up the remains of Travis an dumps the knifes gun ect.

    Then carrys on with her road trip
    However after the first shot jammed or perhaps Travis realised lunged an she went into a stab frenzy.
    Travis stunned at first staggers over to the sink an she continues stabing perhaps gets the gun to un jam.
    Or she probably left safety on.
    But her plans of a clean kill an the reality of the task overwhelmed her so after a half assed clean up she bailed.

  53. Sarah says:

    IMO, all Martinez has to do is play back the police interrogation tapes. She even states that Travis never hurt her or raped her in the interview. She is a piece of work. It’s scary to think that there are more Jodi and Casey’s out there. Master manipulating psychos or sociopaths.

  54. Sarah says:

    I was pretty upset with Nancy Grace last night. She kept saying that there was nothing wrong with Jodi’s finger. I disagree. I think she cut the ring finger deeply with the knife. Maybe even nicked a tendon and she didn’t seek medical attention for it. It might have healed incorrectly or whatever, but she probably can’t straighten it out all the way because of it. I don’t believe Travis broke it; I think it was cut during the murder.

  55. colin black says:

    Whats the next thing you remember after dropping the knife jodi.

    The next thing that I remembered?
    No tell us the next thing someone else remembered.

  56. Sarah says:

    Amazing; can’t remember the stabbing but remembers that she’s thirsty and gets water, that she bought from Costco and shoes cuz they were for the pre-paid legal thing….blah blah blah. What a sham.

  57. Sarah says:

    Please note: she’s wearing her “little girl” hairdo today.

  58. colin black says:

    She just made admission of guilt on stand.
    I cuddled kissed so I wouldnt apear to have did what I just did.


    Not that I had just been through a terrible ordeal
    Or been forced to defend herself.

    Thats an admission of consious of guilt after commiting murder.

  59. colin black says:

    Shes acting dumb why you cuddle an go to sleep.

    Why did I go to sleep?


    ps Just plead guilty if your so anxious to die.
    The State will accomadate your desire.

  60. Sarah says:

    The OJ defense: I cut my finger(s) when I broke a glass.

  61. Sarah says:

    Can Nurmi go a little slower?

  62. debl115 says:

    I think she messed up big time when she said that she shot Travis first, since the bullet casing was found ON TOP of a puddle of blood. That blood had to have been on the floor first. Can’t wait to hear what’s next, and really, really can’t wait for Juan to get ahold of her.

  63. Karen C. says:

    I am elated to see she has several more silver strands in her hair today- yesterday I only saw 2…

  64. Sarah says:

    Ditto Debl115. She has really gotten herself into a tight corner.

    I didn’t know there was rope involved. Maybe that’s what she used to get Travis back to the shower? And, is that what caused the marks around Travis’ ankles?

  65. Nurmi will drag this out for the rest of the day. As I predicted, Jodi had selective memory and amnesia kicked in right on cue. Why would Travis keep a gun for protection and hide it high up on a shelf in his closet where it would not be readily accessible in the event an intruder broke into his house?

    Jodi remembers putting the knife in the dishwasher but later she doesn’t recall doing that. She remembers getting a bottle of water that she had purchased at Cosco to wash the blood off her hands.

    All her stories were to negate the murder was premeditated. She destroyed the Starwars little boys shorts…huh? They never existed in the first place.

    I hope the jurors will not be swayed by Jodi’s pathetic lies. We probably wont see Martinez until tomorrow and I expect Jodi will become violently sick and the trial will be cancelled.

  66. Karen C. says:

    She has messed up huge, and all dang day, too- the first problem being that she hasn’t boo-hooed nearly enough- why isn’t this bizarre chia pet of a human being just out-and-out sobbing recalling the “terror” that she felt? I’ve watched maybe 5 tears total roll down her increasingly gaunt cheeks today- she should be a total basket case up there if ANY of this was true to her experience. I’d be inconsolable- oh, but then I’m not a psychopath!

  67. Karen C. says:

    No, on the supposed gun. His one friend made very clear on one of the shows last night I think, that Travis and he periodically went to a range to blast away at targets but that Travis ALWAYS had to borrow one of his pistols as he DIDN’T have one of his own!

    That guy is on HLN right now again. ~ SS

  68. Karen C. says:

    And another thing- my son can bend his ring and index fingers exactly the way she does, no injuries at all- he’s somewhat double-jointed like I am in the digits department. I can do most peculiar things with my thumbs. I do think it pretty much a certainty that she sliced that one though during the killing itself, but I don’t doubt she greatly exaggerates the whole motion.

  69. colin black says:

    Bought a gun for suicide or to prevent gang rape whilst panning for gold??

    Jeez Louise is this real?
    Or are we being punked?

  70. Karen C. says:

    At some point the jury will be seriously resenting the insults (plural!!!) to their collective intelligence.

  71. Newbie says:

    Jodi has done her worst job of acting today !! Her cover up story, excuses and explanations are ridiculous. I just can’t see jury members accepting her testimony after today. If they do, they must be from Florida.

  72. colin black says:

    Stung like a papercut so I couldnt bear the pain an go through with it.
    How you think Travis felt pain wise as you stabbed shot an slit his throat.

  73. Karen C. says:

    Seriously?!? She’s “explained” her demonic demeanor at the funeral???? I am now talking back to the TV screen! “WHAT? Say, WHAT???”!

  74. Karen C. says:

    This is all about self-improvement then, right….

  75. Sarah says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the jury is going to feel cheated. Meaning that have listen to the most mundane minutia of her life, just waiting for her tell the truth of the killing and she falls flat. Will the jury feel angry towards Jodi? I would just for the mere fact the “gun” information is an obvious lie. Of course she stole her grandparents gun, plotted and carried out Travis execution.

    I can’t believe Nurmi went a long with this.

  76. Nurmi is covering every little detail that he knows Maritnez will question her about.

    I swore at my monitor so often today, I need to wash my mouth out with soap. This is beyond frustrating!!

  77. colin black says:

    Thank fluch for that.

  78. I am confused. Did the defense finish their questioning of Jodi??

  79. Sarah says:

    Just heard on HLN that the judge has called it a day? Not just a recess?

  80. Today, being my birthday, I had to suffer through another day of Jodi. I am about to indulge in a birthday feast shortly. We need a laugh. Normally I do not post these things…

  81. Sarah says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNOOPS! And many more………….Enjoy.

    Thank you, Sarah! ~~SS

  82. weezie10 says:

    Did someone call??? lol. Geez Louise responding to Colin Black. How could she not know she shot him, when it was to his face!!!! This “I don’t remember” is worse than anything Cindy lied about on the stand regarding her daughter. It’s so insulting. How can these talking heads go on about Jodi being a sex addict, good grief, she’s a murderer, doesn’t anyone want to accept that?

  83. weezie10 says:

    Yes, tomorrow the Prosecution starts their attack.

  84. Newbie says:

    I do hope everyone is well enough to be in Court tomorrow. If the Numuri turns up sick tomorrow enabling the cross to have to start Monday……grrrrr……or if Jodi becomes too emotional early on and wants to resume Monday……..

  85. debl115 says:

    Happy birthday, Snoopy!! 🙂

    Thanks, deb115.~~SS

  86. Sarah says:

    Me too Newbie………..I can’t help but wonder if Jodi is actually enjoying being the center of attention. Listen to the police interview tape(s), especially the second one where she puts on the act to the detective about the Ninjas. She and Casey missed their calling. Actresses. And the Oscar goes to…………? Who do you think is the best actress?

  87. Marilyn says:

    Happy Birthday!I gotta tell you your little video was a LOL,and that was exactly what was needed!All we can hope for is for Juan Martinez to do the BEST job as a prosecutor as we’ve even seen in action.I think he will! Hope your feast is wonderful!

    Thanks, Marilyn.~~SS

  88. colin black says:

    Nurmi finaly said no futher questions wrapped up with
    Do you still love him ect.

    Thats why I said thank FLU CH

  89. Newbie says:

    I can’t remember when she called Ryan to let him know she was running late or that she was on her way (with lies as to why she was late). Anybody ???

  90. Newbie~~didn’t she say she took the wrong turnoff and got lost? I could be wrong as I could not keep up with her lies.

  91. weezie10 says:

    I was wondering why noone found Travis for 5 days? Where were all the friends who used to stay at his house. When Jodi was seeing Travis there were people staying with him, who were they and why didn’t anyone find it odd that he was not reachable. Something is missing here in my opinion.

  92. Weezie~~they thought Travis had left on his trip to Mexico.

  93. mystical pippin says:

    Vicky – your comment about using your husband to mop the floor has me in stitches. I had to take a break from reading the comments so I could post this…..I’m still laughing – too funny. But it does beg the question do you want him for polishing or just excess water? lol……don’t answer this I already can’t get that picture out of my mind!

  94. mystical pippin says:

    Well I’ve watched most of todays highlights. so here’s my initial reaction….
    Oh Jodie….bad acting today. very bad acting.
    Sorry hon but no Oscar for you and thats too bad this being your final photo shoot and all.
    But hey, the good news is you’re up for a record breaking 9 Razzies!! Thats one for each day you’ve been on the witness stand! And even more good news – there are 3 more up for grabs.
    So keep up the bad work Jodi. We’re all waiting with baited breath to see which of those 3 worst acting jobs of 2013 you will claim.
    Will it be day one of cross examination when you try so hard to play the woe is me victim against Mr Big Bad Evil Prosecutor Man? Or will it be day 2 when you realize thats not working so you feign physical sickness, go into convulsions and need to be rushed to the ER?
    Frankly, I’m hoping its the day you become so enraged with the evil prosecutor man for revealing your lies, your despicable character and your penchant for exposing yourself to anyone who’s willing to look that angrily lunge at Martinez and prove to the jury what we already know about you. Then they take you away weeping uncontrollably in a white jacket and no one hears from the BAD ACTRESS JODI ever again.

    AU REVOIR and

  95. mystical pippin says:


    I’ll bet last year at this time you didn’t think you would be spending your next birthday this way. Your sacrfice though is greatly appreciated and we will always be indebted to you. Here’s hoping your next birthday finds you lying on a sunny beach with an umbrella drink in your hands! 🙂

  96. Sarah says:

    I was watching the video SS has posted under this article. Right off the bat Jodi lies when she states that she’s use to being behind the camera and not in front of it. Bull-doo! There are so many pictures that she has taken of herself. During her sex-fake-apade phone call she even tells Travis she selects her pictures carefully;; that being the reason pictures of her look “good”.

    Also in the video she states she has cried “deeply” and “thousands” of tears since his “passing”. Anybody believe that? Then she goes on to describe Travis’ looks and she speaks about him in the present tense. Odd.

    IMO, Jodi messed up yesterday when she did not admit to taking the grandparents gun and using it instead of this far fetched idea of a gun being on top of a shelf at Travis’ not to mention the knife being there from cutting sex rope. After that everything seemed to be a lie that came out of her pie hole.

    I wish by some miracle that somebody would find the gun and knife that she used. That would be a huge sign from Travis and nail her coffin.

    Gotta run. Lots to get done before the Martinez Hour. Yep; she’s going to be Martinized. One last thing; I think the state could stand up and say, “state rests” and she would be found guilty and get the death penalty. I think she angered the jury yesterday.

  97. Karen C. says:

    Another discrepancy- she said that she and Travis were looking at the “shower” pics (as he’s still taking the shower???), and deleting SOME of them (that’s how it sure sounded to me) but we know that she deleted them all, presumably post-murder; she deleted his life and then she deleted him literally AND symbolically by deleting all the pics that day (so she thought).

    I know Nurmi was working hard to bring in another ludicrous tall-tale abuse incident, but anyone else think it was a dumb-ass move on his part to get her off of her main narrative- it kind of took her’s and everyone else’s attention off of the Big Drama….

  98. Vicky says:

    Day off, snow storm. I’m watching In Session. Two Questions I want to hear Martinez ask Jodi.
    #1: You testified that you used a chair to reach the gun while cleaning, how were you able to quickly reach the gun without a chair that day? #2: What happened to the gun immediately after you shot Travis?
    I mean seriously, that was the most lethal weapon immediatelybavailable during Jodi’s latest version. Why didn’t she shoot him again when Travis “threatened” to kill her? Better yet, if she didn’t have the gun right after shooting him, why didn’t Travis pick it up and shoot her? She is such a liar and I can’t wait for the cross to begin. I hope Martinez begins with the murder testimony and moves back through time. That will leave her with less time to invent stories for her inconsistencies and will make the jury focus on the true reason they are there.

  99. Great Comments in here!! Jodi better wear a hard hat and a suit of armor today!!

  100. Marilyn says:

    I’m thinkin’ Skank2 will carry on like Martinez is the Big Bad Wolf,but I’m so hoping he will go after her in just a very stern manner,so the jury will get it right from the beginning about her lies and the RAGE killing she perpetrated .She is absolutely a psychopath who doesn’t need to be on this Earth,to enjoy the air she would breath .Hoping and Praying for justice for Travis!!!

  101. margaret says:

    Happy Happy Birthday ,my friend, I hope you have a very blessed, happy, full of rainbows for another year. Thank you for all you do. You are a Super Lady.. …Now buckle up I think today will be something!!…..I missed yesterday ..

  102. colin black says:

    She just refered to the deceased the love of her lif as ALEXANDER.

    I cant freakin beleive this bitch .
    Not Mr Alexander Not Travis but coldly rudely as.

    It was alright for her no kiss an make out after the murder because she was single.

  103. colin black says:

    Worst thing to happen to her left ring finger.
    Is lack of ring placed ther by that Alexander dude.
    Did she just say she has two right fingers?

  104. colin black says:

    She is attempting to be adversearial passive though
    Through being pedantic an useing semantics also
    Anytime she asked a yes or no question has so far point blank refused to say
    yes or no.

  105. Sarah says:

    Is it me or does she have a little smirk on her face?

  106. colin black says:

    She is all over the place scatty an contradictory an seems to think she has it covered?

    Are they going for a backward insanity
    Show how incomitant she is on the stand
    Aninhabitant of LA lA land.
    To avoid death penalty.

  107. colin black says:

    Nah Sahra its not you.
    She thinks she is to cool for schoool an is coasting.

  108. weezie10 says:

    Sarah; For you to ponder

    ‘Duper’s delight’ is the delight that people feel when they deceive others.
    The delight of deception
    Duping is another word for deception, for tricking people into some kind of action or misunderstanding.
    The delight of power and control
    People who deceive often find a secret pleasure in their success. It is similar to the pleasure that people get when they exercise power. It is as if the brain rewards us for achieving control over other people.
    The delight of secrecy
    Related to power is having something that others do not have. We thus tend to take pleasure in the secret nature of deception, of not only knowing that we have gained something, but also that the other person does not know this.
    Spotting the giveaways
    People who deceive others, and hence feel duper’s delight, often cannot hide their feelings. If you can spot the signals by which they give themselves away, you can avoid being deceived.
    Body language
    There is common a transient pleasure in deception that appears, typically as pleasure-signaling body language, such as:
    • Upturn of corners of the mouth
    • Creased eyes
    • Throwing the head back
    Transient signals
    The body language may also be combined with attempts, conscious or otherwise, to conceal this, which will lead to the signals appearing very briefly before they are quashed and suppressed. For example a liar may flash smile very briefly before returning to the mask of emotions they are wearing.
    So what?
    So watch other people for the signs of delight when they might be trying to persuade you of something or otherwise deceive you. When you know this, then you will have reversed the
    situation: you have the power of knowledge that they do not have — so beware of sending them back another ‘duper’s delight’ signal!

  109. Sarah says:

    Thanks weezie: Duper’s delight take flight. She’s almost looking down her nose at Martinez.

  110. colin black says:

    Well I geuse instincts set in when your faced with reality.
    An the autroucites you commited.

    Jodi has gone back to what she does best
    She has donned the waitress uniform an is serveing up a portion of B.S.
    To the World.

  111. Sarah says:

    colin she does look like she has on a waitress outfit.

    I think the jury understands that Jodi has lied from the beginning. This is good evidence that Travis never hurt her.

    Why is she sniffling?

  112. Sarah says:

    I’ll shut up. I’m just so excited.

  113. Newbie says:

    I think in the first five minutes of the cross Martinez had already really pissed Jodi off and she was about to show her anger. She realized she needed to stay in control and switched gears. I’ll be looking at the tape showing the first fifteen minutes to see if I actually saw what I just said or if it was just my wishful thinking. I sure would like to see her explode.
    Right now I think Martinez and Jodi are what I call learning the dance both battling to lead

  114. Karen C. says:

    Ah- so everyone can see there’s nothing particularly wrong with her dang finger- paging through journal…

  115. colin black says:

    How long they out for?

  116. On again 8:30pm your time, Colin.

  117. Great move on Martinez’ part to go for the finger straight away. It showed Jodi lied about Travis hurting her finger so she no doubt lied about all the physical altercations. I thought Travis made a little splint for her finger with popsicle sticks??

  118. Judging by Jodi’s eyes and demeanor this early in the cross, she is going to lose it. We already know she has a violent temper.

  119. Marilyn N says:

    In my opinion she is coming across as a smart alec know it all.

  120. margaret says:

    I love Martinez…He is not giving jodi time to think up a good answer to his questions..He wants short and quick answers and jodi is getting lost and frustrated.. I love seeing her squirm..

  121. mystical pippin says:

    Snoopy – That’s exactly what I meant in my previous post about her lunging at Martinez when she realizes she’s completely blown her entire testimony. I see her becoming enraged and going after him – of course she’ll fail but I wouldn’t put it past her to try. I also think she will attempt to feign some kind of physical sickness in order to get out of the courtroom. She will wait until she can’t come up with an answer and then pretend to either pass out or go into convulsions or something – just so she can get rushed to the ER and have an afternoon off to collect herself…. I really expect she will pull something like this.

  122. colin black says:

    Nurmi looks punch drunk already .
    An Martine has barely begun.

    How can Nurmi object to the jury hearing a tape he entered into evidence?

  123. Sarah says:

    I’m ready to slap her!

  124. mystical pippin says:

    Sarah – Oh yeah thats DEFINITELY a smirk on her face.

  125. Sarah says:

    She thinks she’s getting something over on Martinez by “squeezing” every freakin word. I wonder how she’s rubbing the jury. (No pun intended)

  126. Sarah says:

    I’m hyper-literal??????????

  127. mystical pippin says:

    Jodi is playing semantics with Martinez. She thinks she knows what she is doing but once again she fails. This is just going to alienate her more from the jury. She’s deliberately trying to piss Juan off.

  128. Sarah says:

    Juan may not be pissed off but I AM! I pray the jury is feeling the same way.

    She thinks she’s being freakin cute and sly. I hope he nails her!

  129. colin black says:

    Brilliant she didnt see the car comeing
    Martinez threw her off scent with wee boy porn photos an phone calls.
    She doesnt even know he was lureing her into a trap about the b m w.

    Going to catch her in a blatant lie re weeboyporngate day.
    Thus proveing the entire version from her that day is bogus.

  130. Sarah says:

    I don’t like it when they give the killer too much time to think

  131. gramared says:

    Hi Snoopy…
    I’ve been reading for a long time but never commented. Today is getting the better of me.
    Karen…I did notice her finger when she was reading the journal/transcript, and it looked just fine. I think she got distracted and forgot to “crink” it!
    Also, Jodi has completely lost the demure, innocent facade she was projecting on Direct, and her real personality is emerging – evil! She thinks she is smarter than Martinez and her snippy, “ah, I’m getting you” answers are going to backfire. Hopefully, this jury is smarter than Casey Anthony’s. It’s hard to imagine that they aren’t fed up with her attitude. She is making a huge mistake playing the game with Martinez.

    Welcome to my blog. Hope you were not in mod very long. I was so engrossed in watching my new love, Martinez, in action. Jodi looks much older and hard looking today.~ ~ SS

  132. mystical pippin says:

    Oh yeah, I’m positive she’s upsetting the jury Sarah. Mainly because yesterday she couldn’t remember a thing but today she’s deliberately causing Juan to break down each and every word of his questions when he complies and she STILL can’t answer he immediately goes to the next question and she starts the dance all over again. However, yesterday it was all tears and trauma about not remembering exact things. Today its smirking and muffled laughing while looking down in her seat. She’s not fooling this jury for one minute. They waited almost 2 weeks for her to get to the day of the killing all the while listening to this boring excrutiatingly detailed account of every single aspect of her relationship with Travis. they had to have been thinking that when she got to THAT day there would be an equal amount of details but they got NOTHING. Except she does suddenly remember everything again only a few hours AFTER. (remember the costco water and the 4 egg omelet?) They’re probably p.o. with her about that. they’re probably thinking they waited all this time for NOTHING. I’m sure they were already agitated this morning when they walked in. Now she’s playing memory games AGAIN except this time its hostile. I’m positive they don’t believe her here.

  133. colin black says:

    Martinez as a lifelong L D S born an bread knows exactlly when family home evening commences.
    Just told a devout church member ,
    That she was a sortoff practiceing Mormon.
    Doesnt realise it but has just said the most insulting thing possable ti him or any Mormon.

  134. mystical pippin says:

    you’re 100% right Colin she has no idea he’s in charge. She thinks she is – this is good stuff. Drat – I have to go to work now so I’m off the streaming until I get there and set up – at least an hour it will probably be over by then cause they are an hour ahead.

  135. colin black says:

    L O L
    A car is not a pedestrian issue.
    Hyper literal right there..

  136. colin black says:

    Hyper Criticl is more apt.

    Upset her do anything she can construe as demeaning to her inflated ego/image of herself.
    An she goes radio rental stabs hacks slashes attempts to decapitate an shoot a person you profese to love.
    In your schoolgirls 12 yr olds mentalty diary/journal.
    Tottaly immature.

    I Love Travis Alexander blah yuck more than life itself blah blah
    An this is whilst there not even officialy dateing.
    Yup she definately hyper literal an hyper critical .an has a hyper inflated sence of her own inteligence.

    The love of her life she redered to as Alexander on the stand.
    What a gall.

  137. colin black says:

    Not only is she trying to rewrite history .
    About the murder
    She is attempting to rewrite documented court records .
    Recorded word for word.
    What is it about individuals whom think they can redefine past events to suit there agenda
    An have the gall to expect to be beleived?

  138. Karen C. says:

    Hi, gramared! Yo, All- I actually dosed off while listening to this on my headphones with the kittens both on me (I’m gratefully off work tonight)- before I have to rewind everything (and who knows what precious footage was lost to dumb commercial breaks?!)- what is this about the pics of little boys, etc.? I can’t believe I got through so many days worth of Nurmi droning on and on and I missed what is apparently prized stuff from Martinez! Forgive me, Lady Justice!

    When anyone can….

  139. mystical pippin says:

    Woo Hoo I’m back up and running at work! Did of you watch Dr. Drew last night? he’s had some amazing psychologists on discussing Jodi’s sick mind and how she only thought of Travis as a possesion. One said when she lost him she knew she was going to kill him long before she did it.

  140. mystical pippin says:

    it looks like there could be another hour of testimony

  141. colin black says:

    Cant you watch on line no advert breaks.

    Martinez led her one way
    Concentrateing her mind of the day of wee boy wanking pics jodi allegedlly wittnessed

    But had txts from that day proveing jodi was useing Travis car.
    He caught her in a lie /trap she didnt see comeing.
    While she was telling her story of catching him wanking
    Re the texts was actuall her returning his b m w wich she was supposed to return hours earlier.
    But claims she fell asleep.

    So her storyy about catching him wanking at wee boys.
    Driveing off in shock never happened copuldnt have happened .
    As if she is driveing of in a car she was supposdley returning.

    To late she realised her boo boo
    An all of a sudden her memory went an wasnt sure whos car she was driveing.
    Even although at time she had no car.

  142. mystical pippin says:

    Yeah and he was brilliant when he caught her on the “he borrowed money from me” b.s. too. Travis was the one loaning her money. I’m really glad that Martinez is jumping around with dates and timelines and because this is confusing her and she will be rattled.

  143. What a joy watching the love of my life dance around that courtroom!! How I wish he was the prosecutor in Orange County, Florida back in 2011.

  144. I am waiting to post the links to today’s trial as soon as they are uploaded at youtube…

    Just for your info… my stats (hits) on this blog are soaring … many are coming here to click on the live stream links and /or read all your comments. I think many were disappointed Jodi went brain dead about the murder…Martinez seems to be drawing the hits…

  145. #JodiArias Laughs Out Loud at Prosecutor

    (whoever taped this must have been on a bathroom break)

  146. Sarah says:

    mystical: you caught the money situation too? When that came out of her mouth the other day that SHE was loaning HIM money I hit my desk. ( I don’t know about you guys, but I seem to hit my desk and yell often at the t.v. and computer.)

    Surely her attorneys will advise her over the weekend to drop the smirk and just answer yes and no? How do you fix crazy? I don’t know if they can do anything with her.

    How refreshing to watch and listen to Martinez than Nurmi.

    Catch ya’ll Monday. This can only get better.

    Hey, how ’bout the magazines with codes? She’s so clever. NOT.

  147. colin black says:

    Boom the ton of reality is comeing down on jodi.
    She has the cheek to refer to her sister as stupid.

  148. colin black says:

    Yesterday when she was lieing about some offficer haveing to convince her to do an interveiw.
    With some main stram media show.
    I was presented with two shirts an told some alphabet tv company wanted to interveiw me.

    I knew nothing about it an declined an had to be persuauded.
    Yeah that sounds like something that would realy happen
    Can you imagine how thrilled she was to apear in the limelight
    Gnawing at the bars to get in front of lights camras action

    Yeah you declined had to be persuded.
    Cant remember wich officer it was.
    The staff must hate this coniveing ecil lieing bitch.
    She will get no favours from prison authourites or staff.

    Even the inmayes will hate her
    Sure they might such up for ther momment because she is high profile.
    An probably has some money to throw about for bribes /treats.protection.

    But wait till she is convicted an the perks stop.
    Even in death row she wont be safe.
    She is high profile will redevie lots of mail ect from the useall suspects
    Other inmates will be jealous of smuggg little miss arias.
    An to hurt injure or kill her would catapult them to high profile staaatus,

    Get them some tv shows an fans an fanmail with twenty dollars here ten there.
    Means a lot if your down an out an no one in prison.

  149. mystical pippin says:

    You guys are all getting it but I’m wondering if the Jury is. Sometimes I they are because common sense tells me they should but listening to other defense attorney’s break this down today scare’s me.

    Do any of you know WHO she is talking to in those Magazine Codes? I think its brilliant that Martinez brought that up. Gotta run – off work now.

    She gave that magazine to her ex attorney to give or mail to her ex boyfriend, Matt. The jail guards noticed the writing on the pages when they inspected it so it was intercepted by them and ended up in the prosecution’s hands. ~~SS

    [edit-I heard on Dr Drew, she gave the magazine to an ex attorney, now I am reading elsewhere it was a friend. I will try and find out what is real so in the meantime, don’t take what I wrote as gospel..sry..ss

    The following is from Huff Post…

    A final highlight of Thursday’s cross-examination was display of magazines that Martinez said Arias tried to smuggle to a friend visiting her behind bars in August 2011. Secret messages were written on the magazine pages, the prosecutor said.

    The messages, when combined, read in part: “You f–ked up. What you told my attorney next day directly contradicts what I’ve been saying for over a year. Get down here ASAP and see me before you talk to them again and before you testify so we can fix this.”

  150. weezie10 says:

    This is a new day! We finally have someone who can give this girl a perspective of what is really going on here in court. Jodi decided to be combative because she thought it would work, ahhh I don’t personally think so. It backfired in my opinion. Why is it she will take any measure to actually tell off the Prosecutor?
    Because she thinks it’s appropriate and it will show the jury that she knows better. Isn’t that the biggest laugh yet? Her AUDACITY is just like in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. It’s unmeasurable.

  151. I just posted a question to Nancy Grace. I hope she reads it. I will let you know if she mentions it in a later program.

  152. I am totally astonished at the demeanor of this young woman… she seems to be relishing her time on the stand, enjoying the nit-picking of the word ‘enjoy’ and challenging every question put to her. As the 13th juror, I am disgusted, annoyed, irritated and knowing that she has admitted to killing a young man (whether or not he was honoring his religious laws or not) all I want to do is have this travesty, this daily ritual of soft porn over with!

  153. Karen C. says:

    I “watched” most of this on my iphone, so my hubby could work on the ‘puter. I fell right out with the kittens all warm and purry. I can’t believe what I missed- but I’m catching my recorded stuff now- doing JVM now- it will be so cool if Snoopy’s question makes it on NG.

    It seems this was all a wretched day for this little wench… GOOD.

  154. Karen C~~the question I posed to Nancy was about the ‘blackmail’…I cannot seem to shake it from my mind. I think Travis gave in to all of Jodi’s wishes, sex, giving her money, trips etc. He couldn’t take any more and called it quits. Jodi did what blackmailers do…her demands were not being met so she killed him. Now, after his death, she is trashing him to save her own skin. I think she had amassed a lot of fake evidence since Travis broke off with her. I also do not believe that Travis ever carried out a fraction of the sex acts, other than masturbation, that Jodi said he did.

    My question to Nancy was very brief and did not go into any detail like I am explaining here.

  155. Anyone else notice this??

    Take a close look at defense attorney Nurmi while Martinez is asking questions. He appears to be feeding the answers to Jodi! Certain yes or no q’s, you can see him nod or shake his head and Jodi parrots these movements.

  156. Vicky says:

    I am so excited to have had a day off. Even if we are dealing with a foot of snow. I finally got to watch this trial real time and the bonus was it happens to be the day JM began his cross. He is one fisty individual. We are getting a rare glimpse, on the witness stand, of a true sociopath/psychopath, narcissistic, borderline personality testifying on her own behalf. There is no way anyone is going to get the full truth out of Jodi. The only way to dismantle her story and credibility is to find the forensic and circumstantial evidence that is in direct contradiction to her versions of events, and be prepared for defiance and additional lies. Martinez was on target when he said you will only hear from her that which benefits her.
    I’m sure JM was/is chomping at the bit to go after her, but he needs to be careful not to get sucked into her psychopathology. Yes, he is a seasoned prosecutor, but even seasoned mental health professionals experience frustration when treating psychopaths. I spoke with of our most experienced psychologists, who is familiar with this case, and he said combined borderline psychopaths are incredibly frustrating and difficult, if not impossible to treat, and the goal is actually nothing more than to teach them how to live as productively in society as possible without bringing some type of harm emotional or physical to people around them. In other word, attempt to teach them how to behave in a manner in direct contradiction to who they are. He also said that if one is not well versed in dealing with a person with extreme personality disorders they can make you believe you are the one with a problem. “there is nothing wrong with them, it is society that is wrong in it’s expectations”. I hope Martinez is being coached by a QMHP in dealing with and questioning Jodi. I have learned over time that LE and mental health often have conflicting approaches in questioning criminals. It is fairly recent that they have actually formed a bond in managing offenders.
    One thing Martinez did that made me chuckle, he kept referring to her as ma’am, which psychologically ages her in the minds of the jurors. Nurmi spent days painting a picture of Jodi as a timid, frightened child. Martinez is reminding them she is a grown woman, perfectly capable of handling a “grilling”.

    You are absolutely correct in that JM will not break Jodi. He needs tangible evidence to nail her. ~~SS

  157. Sarah says:

    OMG SS: I noticed it too;;;;; but notice how Nurmi touches certain parts of his suit and tie…..for yes or no or to mean to give the prosecutor a hard time or when to can it???? Almost like baseball players.

    Matters not. I still want to slap that smirk off Jodi’s f’ing face (sorry for the f-bomb….:) Travis is dead at her hands…..whether she remembers the details or not………there is absolutely nothing humorous about this trial.

    As a side note: Nurmi looks like he has gained a few lbs. during this trial. I guess I would be stress eating too.

  158. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Wouldn’t it be a hoot is Martinez were to position himself in a manner that obstructs Jodi’s view of Nurmi? Perhaps someone in contact with him noted the same coaching as you, and he will give Martinez a heads up. I can hear Nurmi now, “Sidebar your honor, Mr. Martinez is deliberately blocking my view of Ms. Arias. I can’t possibly coach her if she can’t see me. 🙂


  159. Snoopy and Sarah I too noticed the nodding of the his head yes and no – Sarah I saw him playing with his tie but I didn’t put it together with the nodding which I definitely thought was him giving her the okay. to answer the questions…..but it seems too obvious so I thought maybe they are playing some kind of head game on Martinez.

  160. I didn’t notice Nurmi doing that until I read a comment at NG’s and when I checked, sure enough, you could see Nurmi prompting Jodi…

  161. Here is something else I noticed with both Casey and Jodi. Casey always appeared to try and rub something off her hands (sticky duct tape)….Jodi keeps feeling around her neck, one side and then the other..I believe this is their subconscious …in Jodi’s case slitting Travis’ throat.

  162. Sarah says:

    If anyone else is watching the “pundits” on some of these shows putting Martinez down for being too aggressive; I would like you to watch the cross exam and judge for yourself.

    Martinez is asking questions just like I would if I were the one asking the questions. IMO, it is showing Jodi’s true personality.

    I thought it was genius of Martinez to get her going on one topic and then all of sudden shift gears, i.e., another topic. Her demeanor changes until she finally catches up and puts that smirk back on her face. Martinez is exposing the lying, manipulating, narcissistic, obsessive, murdering b.itch that she is. I think Arias will be the next “most hated woman in America”. Casey will be sooooooo jealous. Casey will do something to get her name back in the headlines (or her attorneys/parents) in the next six months.

    I think Martinez is brilliant. Win or lose.

    Exactly! Martinez is messing with Jodi’s train of thought. I noticed rage in Jodi’s eyes today and also bewilderment. I do not put much stock in the legal pundits on TV. You folks make more sense on this blog than they do.~~SS

  163. Sarah says:

    SS: Good observation. Very true. Casey did seem to always rub her hands. And yes. I have noticed Jodi rubbing or touching around her neck.

  164. Another tidbit… When Nurmi was questioning Jodi, did you notice that when she cried, no tears came from her eyes…(reason for glasses) When Jodi wanted to cry, she took a short sip of water and held it in her mouth and then released it so you would see little watery tears run down both sides of her mouth and drip off her chin. She would pretend to blow her nose and then wipe those little tears with her hand. When a person really cries, their nose runs and their eyes get red.

  165. Sarah says:

    Maybe I’m a body language interpreter after all…………LOL

  166. Hi Vicky
    Its been on my mind since Jodi took the stand I was worried about how he would approach her especially because as her testimony went on and on…and on… the more she trashed Travis. Its gotta be angering him as it is all of us. Since she began testifying THIS is the day I’ve been waiting for – not her testimony on the day of killing him because I knew she was going to pretend to forget it. Its the cross that I’m on pins and needles about. and now its here and I was so happy to watch him methodically go over her testimony and when she immediately began to play semantics with along with that smirk on her face I felt really glad that he stuck to the questioning. Every time she’d say something like “it depends” or define this – define that – Martinez was right there with her and he didn’t miss a beat. When he was asking her if there was a decimal of loudness that makes her forget for example – when he finally does nail her down to an answer he immediately goes back to the original question so I thought that he was great.

    But then I watched one of those news magazine shows after it was over and everybody is saying Martinez was shouting and had a very hostile nature towards her and that the jury will feel sorry for Jodi….. and defense attorneys are saying that he’s blowing it. I’m very worried now….

    Pippin, notice you said ‘defense’ attorneys. They are paid to be on the side of the defense.~~SS

  167. I didn’t think he was shouting at her at all. He may have been loud at times but he was yelling and there was no anger in his phone. Jeff Ashton had the same complaint about “hostility” when all it was – was him being extremely sarcastic and dry witted. a few months later, after listening/watching jury interviews I could tell some of them were really turned off by Jeff. I believe this may been the main reason they refused to believe the evidence he presented.

  168. OOPS I meant “he was NOT yelling and there was no anger in his voice” not the phone…..
    I just read my post above and I gotta apologize because I am actually falling asleep while typing I was up til early this morning going to various sites and watching videos on this case. I had an argument with this guy on Huff Post that insisted Travis was a “player” and “a user”. I only slept a few hours and I had to work this afternoon plus the computer hypnotizes me anyway so forgive my wierdness that is weirdness……lol

  169. Sarah says:

    I still think it is smart to keep the detective (Flores) at the table with Martinez. IMO, Flores represents Travis. The jury heard this representation during Jodi’s 1st police interview.

    SS: croakerqueen123 has all videos uploaded for todays trial.

    My fav: so far: part 2…….@ the 041:11 mark. I refer to it as: “The Trap Maam: Hoping”

    Day 21-Part 2

    I cannot find Part 1~~SS

  170. Vicky says:

    Hi MP, the one thing Jodi did not do in response to Martinez, was shake like a Chiwawa, she needs to work on that to maintain credibility. LOL

    I hope he will try to stick with yes no questions for a few days while providing jurors with documents that expose her lies, like the magazines, the journal, phone records, texts and emails. Let Jodi read those without allowing her commentary beyond yes or no. That will frustrate her far more than verbal dueling. She can’t feel in control with only yes or no. If she refuses a yes or no, the jury will realize she is being evasive. Once her frustration level is elevated, give her a few “bones” by letting her explain an answer or two that can only discredit her in the minds of the jury once she is presented with contrary evidence. Then return to yes or no. Let his evidence speak for itself and Travis. He does need to keep her off balance, but not to the extent that powerful moments are lost on the jury.

    Side note: Some of the questions our therapists ask people who lie pathologically are “Why do you lie?” “How does it make you feel when you lie to someone?” “Do you feel bad when you lie?” “How do you think others feel when you lie to them?” “What benefit do you receive when you lie?”, etc. For whatever reason, those questions seem to perplex them and it is obvious to the casual observer that they are perplexed.

    How can a therapist get a truthful answer from a pathological liar???~~SS

  171. Sarah says:

    Vicky: I’m laughing so hard at your first sentence that I can’t see through my laughing tears to read the rest of your post.

    I think that pretty much sums up JA’s entire defense; shaky.

    She’ll never admit she cannot spell the name of that little doggie..lol~~SS

  172. “Pippin, notice you said ‘defense’ attorneys. They are paid to be on the side of the defense.~~SS”

    I know Snoops but it still has me worried. I’m hoping this Jury is very conscious of the mistakes that “other” jury made and at the very least goes over the evidence. Because I think part of their (Casey’s jury) problem was they were offended by Jeff. I’ve seen it happen throughout my life Snoopy.

    People who are what I call “low information” people in other words under – educated or really ignorant (like those jurors on the CA case) are almost always offended by people who are extremely intelligent and dry witted. They come off as condescending to the under educated and when they really ARE condescending they intimidate and frighten the under educated. And Jeff admitted after the trial that he may have been a little condescending and sarcastic at times during the trial. (Personally I love sarcasm and he did make me burst out loud laughing quite a few times during the Anthony trial maybe thats why I have such a crush on him!) 🙂

    Except for the intelligence, I thought you may be describing me. lol I know I turn some people off when I get snarky. lol I did not like Jeff Ashton’s grins and smirks. Yes, jurors are made up of plain folk or professors and I know exactly what you mean.~~SS

  173. Here is a pic of Ann Campbell, the one Jodi gave the magazine to so she would give or send it to Matt. We learned it did not get thru security…

  174. Vicky – Dr Drew has had all these different professional psychologists in different fields on the show and they’re all saying pretty much what you said about Jodi being a “true sociopath/psychopath, narcissistic, borderline personality testifying on her own behalf.” Dr. Drew says she’s all of those and more.

    Snoopy – just from listening to what these doctors are saying got me thinking (uh-oh) the other night that Jodi planned this from at least a month if not longer before killing Travis. That means the audio tape of their conversation, the photos, the texts during that time she saved on purpose – she may not have known exactly what she was going to do with them but it was all done while she planned his murder…..she really truly thinks she’s intelligent but what she did today that haughty attitude with Martinez…….. in my mind I thought it was really stupid.

    I am hoping Martinez will start ‘manipulating’ so the jurors will see the real Jodi. In other words, use some of her own tactics against her. Did you know she wanted to represent herself in court? When it came time to file a motion she didn’t know how so the judge appointed a public defender to defend her. This was back when I was not familiar with the case.

    I just read some of the text msges that I posted the link to..I can see where Jodi could take a few text msges and spin a story…eg..her headache and catching Travis viewing the pics of little boys. ~~SS

  175. gramared says:

    The one thing that stood out today when Jodi began her “I can handle you, Martinez, attitude” is that any sign of remorse vanished, and you could see her true personality emerge. No longer the quiet, soft-spoken, “gosh, I’m so sorry I murdered Travis” routine.

    I agree with many of the posts that Jodi is being very stupid giving Martinez those non-answers just to be difficult, thinking she’s throwing him off his game. He knows exactly what he’s doing (even if we don’t always), and he’s giving her plenty of rope (perhaps the one she had the presence of mind to remove from the bedroom and dispose of (along with the gun) that she claims Travis used to tie her to the bed).

    We can only hope that this jury is wise to her psychopathic personality and not offended by Martinez doing his job. The evidence to convict is overwhelming without Jodi ever opening her mouth and removing all doubt!

    If you play the videos of the trial with the sound turned off, you can get a glimpse of the real Jodi. Jodi wanted to take ownership of Travis, she did not love him or even enjoy their sexcapdes. She is a fake thru and thru.~~SS

  176. Sarah says:

    Whoa gramared! Ditto! Exactly!

    Let’s just hope that she keeps opening that “three whole wonder” and sinks herself.

    Yreka will be infamous. Just imagine: Jodi slept here…..Jodi slept here…….Jodi slept here…….and the original……….NO no…..Jodi First slept here. Yreka is gonna be boomin’.

    Boom, shack a la, boom shack la, boom, boom.

  177. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, They don’t necessaritly expect an honest answer from an individual, but observing the manner in which the individual answers questions like that can assist a therapist in assessing the level of pathology.

  178. Newbie says:

    To me Martinez is fully wiping out the poor,abused, used, hurt, defenseless little Chiwawa. Those on the jury who are/have been sympathetic are certainly picking up her avoidance of answers and that some things don’t match up. Even those jurors who were leaning her way have to be getting more than frustrated with her dancing around the question. Hopefully when they are deliberating they will be more open to listening to the other jurors opinions.
    She’s good at her game. I am glad Martinez is remembering what he asked her…lol. I wonder what would happen if she again pulls that explain “recent” Martinez would quickly say “please give your view of recent.” Just kindly throw that chit back on her…..hmmmm.
    Also, I wonder what would happen if Martinez had the big paper tablet and red marker when questioning her and in big red letters write his question along with yes or no boxes. That way he could avoid her perception of his yelling etc. and that would help her memory. He could flip the pages as needed to move away from her seeing previous answers…..lol.

    **Off subject….Vicky, wonderful snow, huh.!!!!!

    Martinez is not giving Jodi a chance to look at the jurors and tell her little asides. He even said to the judge, “she is not answering my questions.~~SS

  179. margaret says:

    HLN has just announced that defense attorneys have filed to have death penalty dropped again. Must be getting worried…

    Jodi deserves the death penalty. She sentenced Travis to death when she premeditated his murder. A lethal injection is more humane than what Travis went thru. I hope the DP is not dropped.~~SS

  180. margaret says:

    Supreme court refused to stop trial .Please God keep the jurors on the path of Truth and Justice.

    Dropping the death penalty would not stop the trial. It would reduce the charge to second-degree murder. Maybe the defense filed another motion for a mistrial?~~SS

  181. This trial is like having one’s fingernails pulled out gradually every couple of days…. groan. I so want to get to the end of it all. And clearly she is impressed with herself, with her appearance, with how she appears to be paying such close attention to the details of the exhibits… as if she was a forensic examiner. Lordy. But The Prosecutor is doing a good job of giving her the stage every now and then…I think he’s got her personality nailed.

  182. margaret says:

    I find it really difficult sometimes to use an insanity defense. I just can’t muster any kind of sympathy for jodi. At least casey anthony had sense enough to keep her mouth shut in court. I had a little sympathy for jodi mother, but that is gone. Did all of you see her and her sister almost laughing while whispering back and forth after one of the questions from Martinez because he couldn’t get a decent answer out of jodi. You would think they were proud of her. Another Cindy. I sure hope this jury is getting real picture of whats going on. Jodi is so disrespecting the court and I can’t wait for the look on that smart-aazzzzzz face when the verdict is read.. My prayers this weekend is for Martinez and the judge, I think she is waiting for attorneys to explode.

    Jodi is not insane. She knew and planned everything right down to minute details except for the pics left on the memory card in the camera and her blood (palm print) smeared on the wall. BTW, I also noticed Nurmi nudge Willmott and look towards Jodi and start laughing. I hope the judge sees that.~ ~SS

  183. Sandy Banks, I am re watching yesterday’s trial as we tend to pick up certain things the second time around. I wonder how the jurors viewed Jodi when she laughed after they discussed the decibels. She is so self-centered and smug. I think the jurors will get to see what Travis had to put up with. It is very obvious she is deliberately taunting Martinez. He has his work cut out for him. I hope he uses the ‘jealous’ word as often as he can. I noticed it made Jodi’s eyes take on a look of sheer evil as if she would like to kill the prosecutor.

  184. margaret says:

    Click to access Stay.pdf

    You may have this already..

    That is new to me, thanks, sweetie!~~SS

  185. Sarah says:

    SS: I’m watching again too. I’m to the part about the bent vs crooked finger.

    I’m so glad that she will have to look and deal with that finger until the day she dies.

    She will never get a wedding band on that finger. A noose around her neck is more suitable.~~SS

  186. Sue says:

    Snoopy – I have thought of blackmail too and then I wondered how they could ever prove it. It’s never come up in any conversations with her and investigators. I can see her holding those photos over his head. She had nothing to lose and could have made his life miserable and enjoyed every minute of it. I’m sure he wanted her out of his life, and the surprise confrontation that fateful day was not pretty, but he never expected her to ambush him. She is a very dangerous individual. Oh yeah – she knew she had to come prepared to defend herself because she was all about extorting him for sure. It just makes more sense than any other information we have been given about her motive for killing him. Then take all the limelight off her and talk about how abusive and bad he was.

    That was a good call and I hope NG televises your question.

    I doubt if they could ever prove blackmail unless Martinez has something up his sleeve we don’t know about. Det Flores seems to be working right along side Juan. ~~SS

  187. Newbie says:

    Snoopy, I agree Martinez has done pretty good with her “little asides” but my concern is trying to let her stray a little bit instead of giving the direct yes or no answer. As you know, a defendant can really hang themselves with their slip ups. She’s just really good about going around the bush until he pins her. To me it draws attention away from the point he is making. He also has to do a good balancing act in knowing when to let her go on a bit and when to call her out for not answering the question. I do hope he doesn’t get super frustrated.

    I think the jurors have heard Jodi go on and on ad nauseum for 8 days. Also, Martinez snapping off the questions is like a breath of fresh air compared to the BiG OAF..but that is JMO. lol~~SS

  188. margaret says:

    I too have just finished watching it againand that woman needs to be locked in a cage until time to use the needle.She’s probably thinking about what size knife she needs for Martinez She has no shame..Remember the text message that Travis had written to her where he said her account was over limit and she had not paid him for the car. He may have been threatening her about mony to try to get rid of her.I don’t believe for a minute that he owed her money as she has said.I hope Martinez has something up his sleeve about her hacking into Travis bank account…..What is wrong with her eyes ,they were only half open all day.? maybe somebody broke her eyelids Ya think..Got to go to bed and forget jodi until Monday. Good Nite Snoops and everyone, hope tomorrow is a great day for all..

  189. Newbie says:

    Snoopy after reading your comment at the end of my comment (lol) I read my comment again. I am failing in transferring the thoughts in my head to the paper….lol. So for tonight I’ll just say Martinez has his hands full. I am confident he will continue doing a great job.

    Don’t let my comments discourage you. I understood you perfectly. I just feel Martinez is not going to allow Jodi to spin her lies and getting the truth from her is like finding hen’s teeth. I am sure he is well aware that he is dealing with a pathological liar. She has certainly proven that. Your input is valuable!!~~SS

  190. mystical pippin says:

    Sleep well Margaret – don’t have nightmares over that biach!
    Newbie – I think Martinez is very focused because that was my concern yesterday too. But every single time he pinned her down he went right back to the original point. Or if it was time for a new question he did just that.
    Sue & Snoopy – what would Jodi be blackmailing him about? And btw Snoop I think Martinez can and should keep trying to piss her off so she’ll lose her temper. But I think she will fake sickness to get out there for a day or so. Enough to collect her thoughts and composure. It would be nice to see her lose thoughl.

    I’m so glad that everyone else is seeing what I’m seeing with Jodi’s cocky attitude. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t be a juror or be in that courtroom because you know you’re not supposed to show any faces or react and I’ve actually dropped my jaw several times when Jodi was be snarky to Martinez. Like when she said “I’ve already answered your question” or “I said no” I could tell she was seething so he’s gotten her on the verge a few times.

    You know what surprised me too? Was that story about her looking in the window and seeing him kissing a girl and her clothes or bra at least was starting to come off. I’m not sure if I believe that because it just doesn’t seem like Travis would be at that stage already with a new girl. I see him as dating other girls but necessarily having sex with them so quickly….IDK maybe he was seeing a girl longer than I thought. I didn’t realize they had broken up so early in 2007 I thought it was more towards the end of the year.

    Also blown away when Jodi said that Travis was “courting” her back. Thats a crock and Martinez was right to say “what right do you have going over there and confronting Travis about seeing someone else”? I love it when he shows his incredulity at her behavior. I think the jury had to agree with him on that. Who in the hell does she think she is? Oh forgot to mention this.
    Two of Jodi’s ex’s were on Dr Drew or one of those shows following this and they said Jodi used them both like they were her possessions!! She’s incapable of being in love because she doesn’t know how it is supposed to feel. She’s got an extremely jealous nature and she had it long before Travis.

    At the beginning of this trial I was hoping that Jodi would get life because I think its almost a better punishment to live until you’re old and grey locked up. But because she has trashed Travis so much AND because she WANTS to live I hope they give her the DP.

    I heard this just the other day. Did you all know that in Arizona even if its self-defense the law says you cannot use “excessive force” thats beyond what is necessary? IOW you cannot OVERKILL. Oh well another big fail for Jodi……ha ha ha. I think its great that even if she could prove self-defense she still would be in a bad place because if that isn’t over kill then nothing is……

    One last thing….every now and then the horror of this crime gets to me. It makes so sad when I think about how far Travis had come in his life. How much inspiration he had given to others, how bright his future looked, how much his sisters and brother loved him. His friends loved him and he had many….. for them to know how brutal his death was…..I mean I’m sure they can’t help but think about what he went through those last few minutes and now to have to live it all over again while watching that piece of sh_t revel in her 15 minutes while she lies about his character. It makes me sick. Its incomprehensible what they are going through. I know this isn’t nice but I sure as hell hope that after Jodi is convicted and at the sentencing trial after they hand her the death penalty…..that EVERY PERSON IN THAT COURTROOM STANDS UP AND CHEERS! that would be so lovely and it would send a message to Jodi that no one ever believed her, no one cares about her and we will be happy when her life is snuffed out the way she snuffed Travis’s.

  191. Sue says:

    mystical pippin – I believe that she was threatening to post the more ‘steamy’ photos of their sex life, or send select photos to his present and future girlfriends. She hacked into his computer and had all their info. She also recorded their phone conversations to use against him – expose their sexual exploits to all the people who held him in high esteem – especially his church friends. She is so diabolical – she had a plan for everything and she set him up royally. He was catching on and wanted to be rid of this sick stalker. She had no real way of making a living for herself. She was a user and I would not put it past her to have threatened him with everything she saved for future victimization of him if he didn’t comply to her evil demands. She came prepared for a show-down that day for a reason. She knew how he would react to her sick, demented blackmail demands. She knew it would be him or her that day and she came prepared to win – either way. He reacted to finding her there and realized what she was up to and a confrontation ensued. She had the weapons. She had the upper hand, and even in his death, she is letting the world know his dirty little secrets. She’s a psychopath of the most evil kind.

    Sue, you explained things for Pippin very well. I think the blackmail began with warnings, especially the slashing of Travis’ and Lisa’s tires. We only got to view a few text msges of the 8000 or so out there..notice how many were Incoming from Jodi. She had to know his every movement, just like a typical stalker. She also used every excuse to have a reason to contact him. Most of the time she offered up her body for Travis’ pleasure and I truly believe that SHE initiated the variety of sex acts to keep him interested. Half of the ones she described to us, I don’t believe ever happened. Jodi introduced Travis to the KY jelly, this speaks volumes! ~~SS

  192. Sarah says:

    Don’t know if you guys have seen this segment of Dr. Drew (I was trying to find the one mentioned by pippin)………but, this is what was being said back in Dec. (I think)

    Criminal Profiler Discusses Jodi Arias-Video

  193. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy & All-
    Two quick things: IMO, Martinez did GREAT. Truly we all needed a strong corrective to all that twee, poor, pitiful BS that she and Nurmi were spoon-feeding the jurors, and Juan provided that with his sharp rebuke of a grilling, right off the bat. Who’s the damned defendant here, anyway- it’s not Travis!
    Secondly, that body language expert (I forget her name) that Dr. Drew’s had on lately- she’s amazing; unlike other ones where I really feel various facial elements are oft times s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to make some point, I see clearly what she’s focusing on and discussing- it’s like “Oh, WOW! She’s RIGHT!” pretty much all the time.

    OK, third- One of Travis’ friends opined that he thought Jodi was holding the gun on him in at least some of the shower pics, so he was under duress during that “portrait”- and then she stabbed him when she had him perhaps close his eyes, putting down the camera then to pick up the knife. I think a few of us have considered this as a real possibility (I have- but hard to know….) Technically, that and the pic of his vulnerable back with it’s sprinkling of light freckles, are really the only “good” ones of the bunch. She was not an interesting or technically proficient photographer, at all- again, IMO. Which fact makes the “portrait” all the more remarkable. I think it would be really neat if Martinez was somehow able to get one of these “experts” to analyze it- what facial “body language” things are happening there?

    And, finally- don’t know where to put this, Snoops, but- turns out they found Zahra Baker’s skull, way back in Spring 2012! First I’ve heard of it; this was in The Caylee Daily:


    Why didn’t they tell us about this before?

    I am also pleased with Martinez’ performance. I did not follow the Zahra Baker case. I was so wrapped up in a half of a dozen others and working two blogs. As I recall, some of my ones are still unsolved..Kyron Horman, Baby Lisa, Baby Kate, etc. Thank God, the two here in Canada, Amber Kirwan and Laura Jessome were solved but have yet to go to trial. Thanks, Karen C.~ ~ SS

  194. Karen C. says:

    So, North Carolina can’t ID a skull of it’s own, where they have tons of DNA available to them- they have to send to Virginia and wait about a year? I mean, Dang… but then you think about the 30 thousand rape kits sitting in an ancient warehouse in Detroit for DECADES (with murders being committed by the perps involved years after collection!), and I guess it could’ve been worse…

  195. debl115 says:

    This was on the Stave vs Jodi Arias Facebook page. I knew that Juan was leading up to something when he was showing her the magazines that she was trying to get to her friend, then all of a sudden, started talking about Matt McCartney. No clue if it is actually “Confirmed”, but I thought it was pretty interesting:

    CONFIRMED : Matt McCartney was involved in the forged pedophile letters.

    SHANNA HOGAN, author of Picture Perfect [via phone with Jane Velez-Mitchell]: Yes. That was one of the most shocking moments in court. We’ve known about this for a while. She communicated with her ex boyfriend, Matthew McCartney, through jail and he was involved in creating these letters that were later proven to be forgeries. And that was the only substantial evidence that was given to produce her — to back up her statement.

    So when he gave his first interview to the attorneys, he gave a very different story. And Jodi needed him back into the jail to talk about her version of events so he could come back and support her claim. So it was – – it was basically her soliciting false testimony from behind bars.

    Thanks, deb115! So that is the story behind getting those magazines out with her message. I wish I had been following the case in more depth at that time. There is still so much I have not learned yet. ~ ~SS

  196. Jodi alleged that Travis had a 25 caliber gun hidden on a top shelf of his walk-in closet. Who keeps a loaded gun high up and out of reach if they are confronted by intruders? WHY was there no ammunition for that gun found in Travis’ Home??

  197. debl115 says:

    You’re very welcome, Snoop! I’m wondering though, if Matt has already testified in this trial (I can’t remember, but I’m thinking that he has?), will Juan be able to call him back? Or was he told that he wouldn’t be needed again, and was free to watch coverage of the trial?

    Matt has not testified in this trial unless I missed it. Apparently, from what I am trying to gather, Matt was due and I assume testified at a HEARING, back a couple years ago. This hearing was re the allegations Travis was a pedophile to see if there was enough evidence to allow it into trial. All potential witnesses are deposed, under oath, by the state and defense prior to trial. Martinez can put on rebuttal witnesses after the defense rests their case. I hope this is not confusing as I am baffling myself. I am more familiar with the laws in Florida and not Arizona. ~~SS

  198. weezie10 says:

    I was wondering if I could get some clarification on 1) Where were Travis’s two roommates for 5 days? He always had people in and out of his home at any given time of day or night. Why was he not missed by someone for that length of time? 2) I thought he had a house not a condo? Did he move? How could she peer in if he was in a condo? Unless condo can mean a first floor townhouse… I just can’t understand those 5 missing days?

    Weezie, I thought I answered part of your question a couple of days ago. Travis’ friends thought he had left on his trip to Mexico. Travis had a 5 bedroom, self contained house. Travis’ bedroom door was locked at the time they found his body in the shower. Jodi could easily peer thru sliding glass doors into his living room or wherever he was snuggling with a girl.~ ~SS

  199. gramared says:

    Do any of you recall when Jodi was being interviewed, I think by Inside Edition, that she would prefer the death penalty rather than spending her life in jail? Let’s hope they give her life w/o parole so that she will have plenty of time to think about where her “superior intelligence” landed her. The DP is the easy way out for someone like Jodi.

    This may have been mentioned, but when Travis had his back to the camera in the shower, I’ll bet Jodi had told him to pose that way so she could get a picture of the water rolling off his back for “effect.” That gave her the perfect opportunity to stab him in the back nine times. These wounds would have been enough to startle him and perhaps even disable him. He could have spun around, and she immediately went at him with the knife again, stabbing him repeatedly. That’s why he has defensive wounds on his hands. She then had time to slit his throat as he lay on the floor of the shower. Shooting him was probably her final move, and you can almost visualize her doing it with satisfaction as if to say, “and this is what you get for rejecting me”. The spent cartridge on top of coagulated blood on the bathroom floor is strong evidence that the gun shot was not the first injury to Travis. With his back to Jodi, he was totally vulnerable. She had probably been behaving like her “old self” earlier, so he was caught totally off guard, and she had the perfect opportunity to murder him.

    Did the police find the knife in the dishwasher? Has Jodi been questioned about what happened to the rope Travis cut to tie her to the bed (so there was an excuse to have a knife in the bedroom)? Do you think Martinez will question her about what happened to the rope?

    Jodi said she took the rope and gun with her and disposed of them. (frankly, I do not believe there was ever a rope). She thinks she remembers putting the knife in the dishwasher. No knives appeared to be missing from Travis’..his butcher knives were stored in a knife block on his counter. I did not hear of any knife being found in the dishwasher. I think Jodi kept a spare sharp knife in her car that she used to slash tires.~~SS

  200. debl115 says:

    Gramared, she testified this week that she took the rope with her, and disposed of it in a garbage receptacle behind a gas station. And I don’t believe that the rope existed in the first place. I agree with you on the sequence of events in the shower, and especially about the spent cartridge landing on top of the pool of blood; that has been my theory (and very compelling evidence), all along. I do think, however, that she sliced his throat in the hallway, because of the massive amount of blood on the carpet there..

  201. margaret says:

    I have a question ,If the jury doesn’t bring back a death verdict , Can the judge over rule that and still give her death.??………Isn’t there some waythey can make her answer questions in a proper way ? The defense let her give a rambling story after each question and she still wants to do that.. ,If she remembers.That judge is watching her very closely..I want her to get death penalty, she will have at least 25 years of only having 3 other women to associate with.. Won’t that be fun for her , no one to impress and they won’t give a hoot about her looks…In general population she will have them all bamboozled..I want her to be bored out of her skull and realize that she will never have contact with another man.I hope this Matt is called as a witness… The man that she lived with for four years knew a lot more but he was too wimpy to talk..;;IMO

  202. Vicky says:

    Margaret, if the jury decides against the death penalty, then it can’t be imposed – period. If they vote for it, I think the judge can spare her life.
    If they find her guilty of 1st degree murder, I wish they would offer her LWOP, if she would suddeny regain her memory and tell the truth about what happened. I know that will never happen. She is far too self absorbed.

  203. gramared says:

    debl115…I also believe the rope never existed, but you have to give Jodi credit (gag) for coming up with a good tale. If she wasn’t trying to cover her tracks from the very beginning, then why would she take the gun, knife and rope with her into the desert? Does she realize how wacky her explanations come across to sane folks (well, moderately)?

  204. Karen C. says:

    I wonder just when the lying really began. I don’t think it’s something that developed as a result of covering up this one crime. We know she had done some running away when young, so she likely was lying since at least then. When you bounce around from guy to guy, from waitressing job to waitressing job, from apartment to apartment, it is easy to develop a habit of lies to “explain” things you don’t want to deal with introspectively, and later to get things you want (usually under the guise of “need”) out of people- free place to stay, “help” with bills, “free” internet and utilities, “fee” meals with guys- with the only payment required would be attention and sex. Look what she got out of Travis!

  205. weezie10 says:

    Snoopy. I am not getting any posts in my inbox. What do I need to do? After posing a question I click “The Notify Me” box but nothing. Do I need to go somewhere to make this happen. It’s not in my junk box either? No way to participate with your blog without some kind of feedback. I’ve had this problem at Marinade’s too. Strange. My question about Travis’s friends. I thought he had two roommates? Where were they for 5 days?

    This is listed in the side bar to the right of this page…if you click on it, you should receive any new posts that I put up.

    (((Email Subscription)))

    You should receive ‘comments’ if you click on the box where you make your comment. This is a WordPress option and I have no control over it.

    As to the roommates… one was going about his own business and thought Travis was in Mexico…the other one..I have no idea. ~~SS

  206. weezie10 says:

    Snoopy. I had to come back here to see your response. I will try to connect with someone at Word Press.

    I thought that everyone comes back here to read my responses as I make an edit and put them inside the comment in bold. In that way they are getting my personal attention. In this way, they can also read my responses to others. This seems to work very well and I haven’t had any complaints with the exception of one gal who wanted the comments sent to her via email and she wasn’t getting them after she clicked the comment box.~~SS

  207. Karen C. says:

    I’m pretty sure one was over at his girlfriend’s place most of the time, the other must’ve been a somnambulist of sorts, or on the phone all the time. Travis’ car was in the garage with the door down. No one used the laundry for five days!

  208. mystical pippin says:

    Whoa Karen – using them $1.75 words. lol….I had to look up somnambulist! I know one roomate was home and his girlfriend was with him but apparantly they didn’t hear anything and they both thought Travis was in Mexico. It must be a big house. Imagine if one of the roomies had used the washing machine? They woud’ve found the camera too. weird….

  209. Karen C. says:

    What can I say, I’m an English Major! It was a spacious 2 story house, with a lot of smaller rooms, doors everywhere and little connecting corridors. Travis had a large suite accessed through a longish hallway with doors at both ends, a walk-in closet to die for with its own two doors (almost the size of my bedroom!), and a luxury hotel-type bathroom. Carpeting was everywhere but the bath area and the storage closet floor, including out into the common area, the landing area, and down the stairs. This would’ve been pretty soundproof with all that carpeting, I’d think. Jodi says that the walls were thin, but her opinion on this point would be highly suspect, no?

  210. Karen C. says:

    BTW, anyone else catch that the Psycho app.told La Violette that she had caught Travis looking at kiddie porn ON A COMPUTER in his office. NOT pics on his bed! Oooops…

    Great news that his buddy with the guns is now going to be a rebuttal witness! This trial could last a long, long time then- there being so many other possible rebuttal witnesses.

  211. Please comment on New Post… your comments will get missed by others here !

  212. Cali Patti says:

    Colin, you seem to have knowledge of places here that’s why I wrote about the Hoover dam. I thought you might have written ur comment in jest but I wasn’t sure. So I wanted to tell you what it looks like after 9/11.
    I also have iPhone spell ck and I forget to reread. This phone spells words I’ve never read before.
    I’m fascinated by how Jodi thought her plan would work. It’s as of she came up with an idea, stuck to that plan w/o thinking it thru.
    I’m not certain, seems Jodi lives in the moment w/o the mental ability to look into the future. Her thought process’s seem very narrow.

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