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I am not going to write a post. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Carry on, your opinions and input are very welcomed. Thank you so much for your past participation and to all the readers who stop by. Mainstreamfair aka Snoopy

Trial resumes Monday, February 11th and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

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  1. Cali Patti says:

    Nice new post Snoopy. Photo’s don’t lie!
    Jodi has become or always was a psychopath. She’s completely void of what makes us human. She’s an empty shell that has learned to “act” human. I don’t know if Jodi is aware of what she lacks but she knows something is off with herself.
    I’m assuming all of this and it’s my opinion only. I do think we are watching a truly empty woman.

    Vicky, Dr. Drew had a Dr. on and he explained that the knife used on Travis had to be very sharp, thin to go between the ribs to sever the heart artery. I have a few nice Japenese knives and not one of them compare to a fish fillet knife. That is the only knife that scares me.

  2. Travis Victor Alexander (born July 28, 1977), known to his friends as “T-Dogg”, was born in Riverside, California, United States. Alexander had three brothers and four sisters. His parents, Gary David Alexander (1948–1997), and Gary’s third wife, the former Pamela Elizabeth Morgan (1953–2005), were drug addicts. Gary Alexander died on July 28, 1997, his son Travis’ 20th birthday. Alexander and his siblings were taken in as children by their paternal grandmother, Norma Jean Preston Alexander Sarvey (1932–2012), who eventually introduced them to Mormonism. She did not live to see the trial open. Following his high school graduation, Alexander served a successful LDS mission in Denver, Colorado from the summer of 1996 to September 1998. In 2004, he purchased the home in which he would be murdered at 11428 Queensborough Avenue in Mesa, Arizona. He reportedly moved to Mesa due to a strong Mormon community.

    At the time of his death, Alexander was 30 years old. He was a salesman for the network marketing company Pre-Paid Legal Services; he also worked as a motivational speaker. Alexander was described as caring, intelligent, charismatic, and having a good sense of humor. His funeral was held on June 21, 2008, in Riverside, California.

    Jodi Ann Arias was born on July 9, 1980, in Salinas, California, to William Angelo and Sandy D. (née Allen) Arias. She is of Mexican descent from her father and German and English from her mother. Arias has an older half-sister (from her father’s first marriage), two younger brothers, and a younger sister. She has testified that both of her parents began physically abusing her after the age of 7 with a wooden spoon and belt as a form of punishment. Although she attended Yreka Union High School, she did not graduate; she later received her GED in jail while awaiting trial. Arias and Alexander met in September 2006 at a Pre-Paid Legal Services conference, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. On November 26, 2006, Arias was baptized into the Mormon faith by Alexander. As of February 2, 2007, Alexander and Arias were a couple. She then relocated to Mesa, Arizona. Arias alleges that the two broke up on June 29, 2007 due to trust issues but that they continued to maintain a physical relationship after she moved back to Yreka, California in April 2008. She returned to California after her then roommate in Mesa, Arizona married. The roommate did not feel it appropriate that Arias live in her marital home and Arias was unsuccessful in finding new housing arrangements. Arias was indicted on a first degree murder charge on July 9, 2008 (also her 28th birthday) by a grand jury. On July 15, 2008, Arias was arrested at her grandparents’ home in Yreka, California. She was extradited to Arizona on September 5, 2008, where she entered a not guilty plea on September 11, 2008.

    Read more at ….


  3. Cali~~they have taken more than ten years off Jodi’s age and have her dressed like a teenager. The eyeglasses are to try and cover up the evil stare she displays. You mentioned how she says a lot of “uhms” when she goes to testify and now I am picking up on them. What a great little actress she is. She doesn’t miss a beat and what we should expect from a professional pathological liar.

    I don’t know why some of the news outlets are repeating what Jodi is saying on the stand as if it were the truth.

  4. Cali Patti says:

    Yes, in speech classes you are taught to say uhm, aloud or silently to give yourself a moment to organize your words prior to speaking.

  5. Cali Patti says:

    … I’m with you about the programs, all of them repeating what Jodi says as truth. They dissect and analyze her testimony as if it is the truth. I change the channel when they start with that. For intelligent people they sound desperate to just talk.

  6. Vicky says:

    Just wanted to wish any of you in the winter storm path well. Keep warm and stay safe.

  7. Snow hasn’t started here yet but we are in for a biggie. My Chicago kid is stranded in Toronto… she had to go there on business. Thank goodness she is holed up at a good friend’s, her former neighbor.

  8. Sue says:

    Trying to catch up on the trial now. The few times I’ve had a chance to watch, I had to turn it off because I couldn’t stand listening to her lies and made-up stories as she was testifying. No one has that good a memory of the details she is describing. (Except a handful of people who have the ability to remember every detail of every day of their lives – ex. Mary Lou Henner from the show Taxi). Her atty is asking her to conjure up a lot of details – of which I don’t believe she is capable of doing. She is using a positive slant in her answers to pull the wool over the jurors eyes and there is no way to refute these details until cross. Please don’t drop the ball on this Martinez!

    You are doing a great job of keeping us all informed Snoopy, and I agree with so many of your comments and the comments from other posters. It is always a sham when the victim is not there to testify and defend himself/herself. I do believe it is a great move on the prosecution’s part to have the investigator sitting there – as if he is representing Travis. (As one poster commented.) I hope that’s how the jury sees it too.

    I’m not sure if this has been covered, but I have to ask again if it was. Does the jury get to consider a Murder 2 offense if they all can’t agree on Murder 1? I am praying that the prosecution hasn’t placed themselves in a box of Murder 1 or nothing. I know the prosecution turned down a plea arrangement earlier on of Murder 2 before the trial. Do we know what the jury will be instructed on when both sides wrap up?

    Sue, Welcome to this blog and thank you! I am putting all my faith in Juan Martinez. I am not sure if the jurors will be allowed to vote on Murder 2 but to be on the safe side, I hope they have that option. This is a death penalty qualified jury but there may be one or two who will not vote for Murder One as they don’t want to take the chance of Jodi being put to death. The penalty phase is separate from the guilt phase in a trial so I hope they are aware of that. I certainly do not want to be see a hung jury.~~SS

  9. Esther says:

    There are going to be some interesting witness on Monday that tell of Jodi stalking Travis and slashing his tires etc… she must think everyone is crazy wanting us to believe her, what a joke !!

    Esther~~I took the liberty of removing your last name. This blog is very public so just wanted to insure you have some privacy here. It is not like facebook where you can control who has access. Good to see you sil! I think Jodi will be on the stand for a few more days at the pace her lawyer is asking the questions~~SS

  10. debl115 says:

    Jodi has had almost 5 years to come up with her abuse story. She probably has a 100,000 page novel written by now. Just the fact that she answers every question asked by Nurmi, with absolutely NO hesitation (except for constant “ummm’s”) , shows that she has gone through this over and over with him. They probably spend hours at night, going over the questions that he will ask the next day. She is obviously well-coached. Can’t wait to see what happens when she has to answer Juan’s questions. I hope he doesn’t go too hard on her in the beginning, that could really turn off the jury, whom might at this point, be showing a bit of sympathy for Jodi, the “victim”. When this trial started, it was estimated to last until April. As slow and mundane as the Nurmi/Jodi portion has been, I can see it lasting until Christmas.

    deb~~please dodn’t even hint that Jodi may sing some Christmas carols to the jury. Maybe Nurmi will harmonize with her.. I am feeling

  11. debl115 says:

    Snoopy, stay bundled up, sounds like this storm is going to be a dangerous one.

    Thanks, deb, I will sure try. I just hope we do not lose our power.~~

  12. Help needed! Does anyone know if a Mormon would be qualified to sit on a death penalty jury??
    In other words, do they believe in the death penalty? TIA

  13. Margaret first brought to my attention ,Bryan Carr, who seems to be making the rounds on the news outlets. Before I even knew that he, supposedly, is Jodi’s new boyfriend, I observed him in the courtroom. He was sitting behind Sandy Arias and her twin sister. Since the camera pans a lot on Sandy Arias, this Bryan was in plain view. I felt there seemed something odd about him. I thought at first that he may be a bodyguard the way he kept looking around continuously, side to side and seemed very restless and fidgety. Now it seems to be making sense. I think this warped individual has the hots for Jodi. Remember the nut case that hung around the court yard holding the billboard that read something to the effect Casey was innocent along with a proposal of marriage.

    Well high profile cases bring out nutjobs. I wonder what Nancy Grace thinks now… this may conflict with her ‘breaking news’ that Jodi has a lesbian lover in the jail…hmmm

    In case you missed it, here is a clip of boy wonderful… Is he in this for the limelight or lust?..I will let you be the judge.

  14. Vicky says:

    Yes, a Mormon would be allowed to sit on a DP jury. It is not against church doctrine.

  15. Vicky says:

    Here is a link regarding the RLDS stance on the DP.

    Thanks, Vicky. I am not familiar with that religion but I am sure learning.~~SS

  16. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- Mormons have no problem with the death penalty, to them just the State exacting justice which they would see as quite separate from any notion of Christian forgiveness. Different from, say, Catholic official All-Life-is-Sacred teaching (although some Catholics make personal exception for DP). Mormon history is replete with examples of violent episodes of moral judgement and vengeance being extracted, some not so long ago, and the Mormon Fundamentalists (Warren Jeffs, et al) are a whole ‘nother type of monster- our Taliban. Good read on the subject- “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer. Wow.

  17. Vicky says:

    Jody dated a member of the LDS church most of her senior in high school. A very nice young man. I learned a lot about the church during that time. I was in full support of the chastity requirement. LOL She soon discovered that his idea of marriage and family was a bit much for her to handle (as in he thought they should marry as soon as they graduated) so she decided they were better suited as friends. they remain friends to this day.

  18. Karen C. says:

    Vicky- My first “serious” beau was semi-ex-Mormon, kept to some of the tenets and teachings, not so much others. He went around telling everyone we were engaged (he was getting on at 28!), which rather spooked me. He had done his missionary work, of course, but had become somewhat more worldly while in Boston, doing his residency. I learned enough about LDS faith from him to know it wasn’t for me, at all, at all. I still can’t make out how the Psycho Stalker was allowed to just waltz off with a Book of Mormon and get baptized right away- wasn’t there someone further along in the local hierarchy questioning her new-found enthusiasm?

  19. Cali Patti says:

    I mentioned way back about having Morman neighbors and what great people they are. I love my coffee so I could not join but they have many tenants(?) I admire. Honestly some of the best family’s and individual people I’ve met.

  20. Amber from Maryland says:

    I agree with you that Mormons are usually exceptionally nice and good people. I do not believe that the things that Jodi is saying about Travis are true. I think he did have a strong moral compass and would not have so strongly violated his church’s tenets.

  21. Cali Patti says:

    Tenets — thank you. Yes, I often asked for suggestions about a problem I had with a son and they were always willing to listen. They also lived by example. I do see Travis not going so far from his beliefs.

  22. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I think Martinez will attempt to mirror the technique used by Flores when he questioned Jodi, doing his best to remain calm while questioning her about her past sexual encounters. I don’t see him taking a long walk down memory lane with Jodi, rather focusing on the months leading up to and following the murder. If he acts like Jodi’s week long rehashing of her sexual encounters with Travis are worth revisiting in detail, it will allow the jurors to continue focusing on poor Miss Battered Booty as opposed to the true victim in this crime -Travis Alexander.

    I think he will use her own kind words about Travis against her and will hone in on her stalking behavior. As he questions her, he will subltly paint her as a sex addicted stalker, who was willing to drive a thousand miles to achieve sexual gratification with the object of her sexual fantacies. His questions of Jodi will remind the jury that this case is not about the LDS church and its cannons. It is not about the kinky sex acts committed by two consenting adults, one of whom went out of her way on numerous occasions for her own booty call. I think he will also remind the Jurors that Jodi changed her religious affiliations based upon her latest male infatuation. I believe each time Jodi attempts to imply that Travis was abusive toward her, he will use the opportunity to show her a photo of Travis’ decomposing body and inquire about the final few minutes of Travis’ life.

    I don’t think he will attempt to counter each of Jodi’s claims while questioning her. I think he will focus on specific statements she has made and counter them with evidence that she is a pathological liar and will remind the jury that her word means nothing and that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain by conjuring up her final version of her relationship with Travis. I think he might take her statements about feeling like used toilet paper, a prostituate, etc., and turn them against her by implying that her rage was building inside as each of her attempts to secure a commitment from Travis failed.

    Martinez needs to do his best to remind this jury that the days of men being the primary aggressor in sexual encounters are long gone, that oral and anal sex are not considered as taboo as it was with earlier generations, and that sexting, cyber sex, and phone sex has increased significantly over the past decade. Hopefully, one of his rebuttal expert witnesses will present testimony to that effect.

    I have read rumors that one of her past love interests (does she really know what love is?) claims that he saw bruises on Jodi’s neck and she had a broken finger she claimed were caused by Travis. Is this person on the witness list? Does anyone know when this reportedly occurred? If true, I am guessing Jodi will by describing this incident sometime next week. I am guessing this is the reason she mentioned the chokehold with the other beau, and not dumping him, in order to lend credence to this part of her narrative.
    If this comes up, I hope Martinez can prove they were not in physical proximity when the alleged physical altercation occurred. That or I hope he is the same past BF who wrote on FB that he would lie for her.

  23. Karen C. says:

    Both “tenets” and “tenants” have the same Latin root- and I have known academics to misuse “tenant” when they mean “tenet” (belief), probably most people do!

    My feelings about Mormonism are complicated- I seriously looked into it when I was with the guy I mentioned before and he didn’t believe half of it himself. Nice, wholesome, productive people- some positive and common sense-based doctrine- absolutely wacky theology and rather horrifying history that they naturally try to cast in a more positive light. But def. square peg in round hole time, a lot of it. What it has evolved into, modern-day LDS, is nothing at all like the early Mormonism. They have had to disavow huge chunks of that.

    I think it helps to keep in mind that many 19th century religious sects and cults (not just Mormons) derived from extremely paranoid and often truly persecuted small bands of “true believers” led by charismatic and often mentally unbalanced leaders. Of course, persecution fantasies often became self-fulfilling fact as they asserted no allegiance or obedience to any legal authority and would get into armed confrontation with those authorities.

  24. Esther says:

    Did anyone ask Jodi why Travis wanted to keep his relationship with her a secret ??? Could it be that she was a prostiute and he was embarrassed for hanging out with her in public ??? Did she want it to be more of a permananent relationship , and when he didn’t , she couldn’t stand rejection after all the sexual favors she had done for him ? If she could leave one abusive relationship with all the threats of killing her and her family, she took the chance and left.. Why not leave this one ?

    Sex outside of marriage in the Mormon religion is taboo so Travis kept it secret. No, Jodi was not a prostitute. She was a psycho stalker who used her body to win over Travis. She didn’t succeed so she murdered him.~~SS

  25. Vicky says:

    Ok. Now I am absolutely furious!!!!

    How can this be allowed? Jody will now testify that she walked in on Travis masturbating to photos of young boys. And the judge is going to allow this to take place. I am having CA flashbacks. I’ve changed my mind. I hope Martinez goes after Jodi like an attack dog once he’s allowed his go at her. She deserves to have an opportunity to experience exactly what emotional abuse feels like (not that being cross examined is emotional abuse). I hope he leaves her wishing she had offer herself.

    This may backfire on Jodi big time. Travis did not come across as a pedofile but I can see where Nurmi is going with this, the oral and anal on Jodi (supposedly) and wanting her to wear male undergarments. I am surprised Jodi doesn’t accuse Travis of having sex with Napoleon his dog. Disgusting!~~SS

  26. cali patti says:

    Karen, thank you for explaining tenet and tenant, I really do appreciate it. I do not write (or think) much any more and I do question many of the words I use. I’m sure I’ve had snoopy cringing at my sentence structure also.
    It was more than coffee that kept me from embracing the Mormon religion, there are some very basic principles that I completely disagreed with.

  27. Vicky says:

    For the first time in my life, I am hoping a jury imposed the DP and that the State of Arizona carries out the sentence ASAP. What despicable lengths this bitch is going to to hoping to be released back into society to claim another victim.
    She is playing on every single reactive emotion of jurors and the general public in order to get away with murder. And her defense attorneys are walking her through the process. Now I know why Nurmi is a member of the team. He is an expert in this type of testimony. This is unbelievable.

  28. Amber from Maryland says:

    “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, sayeth the Lord.” To the best of our knowledge, Jodi Arias has committed a heinous crime. All of the reliable evidence seems to be against her. However, death is final. If by some miracle, some fact unknown to us now comes out later to change the verdict, we cannot retract the death penalty. It is unlikely to happen in Jodi’s situation but in rare cases information does come out later. Life in prison without parole is not final. It will prevent Jodi from murdering anyone else as brutally as we think she did Travis. If more facts come out later to prove someone other than Jodi killed Travis, she could be released from prison. If nothing changes, life in prison is not pleasant and a guilty conscience is a poor companion. Psycopaths may not have a conscience but prison is still unpleasant and it limits opportunities for future crimes in this life. After that, Jodi may have a rude awakening in the next life.

    I think that what Jodi has done is deplorable. She also may be almost as big a liar as Casey Anthony. However, I can never accept the death penalty for anyone. Our justice system is not reliable enough.

    I think life in prison with no chance of parole would be worse than the death penalty. I am against the DP but would make an exception in this case. It was definitely premeditated and carried out in such a heinous way. I did not want Casey to get the DP. I do respect your opinions and it is great seeing you, Amber.~~SS

  29. cali patti says:

    Amber, that this not a death penalty type blog or site. Many of commentators in here have often written their opposition to the DP. Most have made the exception with Jodi admitting to killing Travis.
    It appears that she plotted and planned Travis’s murder weeks prior to committing the act. Jodi also carried both weapons into the house and left the house with the weapons. Jodi plotted her “escape” route by not using gas stations (took filled gas cans) and turning off her phone.
    Jodi also tried to place the blame on Travis’s roommate then to unknown Ninja’s, finally admitting she killed Travis 2 years after her arrest.
    I usually am not in favor of the DP but in this case I am. There is no doubt Jodi killed Travis, Jodi has trashed a good man and will continue the trashing of Travis next week.
    I understand your hesitation with so many cases being tossed out due to bad evidence.
    Travis Alexander’s murder facts are solid.

    Four distinct events with this case changed my opinion of the DP for Jodi are, First, the horrible over killing of Travis, Jodi stabbed Travis repeatedly plus shot him in the head. Travis had to be begging her to stop. Jodi said she did this!
    Second, Jodi planned and plotted Travis’s murder. Travis did not get mad at a camera being
    dropped. Travis did not get mad over 2 sets of tires being slashed.
    Third, Jodi tried to put the blame on his roommate by naming him. That for me is horrible.
    Fourth, Trashing of Travis/beliefs and the lengths Jodi is going to. . Absolutely disgusting.
    That is why Travis’s planned murder that Jodi has admitted to doing is DP worthy for me.

    I admire you standing by your convictions for no DP, I wanted to share with you why I have made the exception in Travis’s murder

  30. elmosmommy says:

    I see a lot of posters asking if something more along the lines of second degree murder will be offered to jurors. I came across an answer to this on the lawyers thread at WS

    Originally Posted by BritsKate
    I got my legal decoder ring out of a Cracker Jack box so take this for what its worth. It would seem according to jury instructions published by the Arizona bar that lesser offenses are included with a first degree murder charge (except felony). I’m including the link so one of our esteemed attorneys can take a peek when they have time.

    Click to access 20…supplement.pdf

    Relevant portion of instructions begins at pp. 112 with felony and premeditated definitions just above.

    I carried this over from one of the other discussion threads.

    So here’s my take on whether Jodi can have the jury receive instructions on lesser included offenses, such as 2d degree murder.

    Lesser-included offenses are not automatically given to the jury in their instructions. In Arizona, upon the request of the prosecution or defense, the judge must give instructions on all “necessarily” included offenses if there was trial evidence that could support a conviction on the lesser included offense.

    The charge in this case is First Degree Murder, and that requires a premeditated, knowing or intentional killing of another person, without legal justification.

    Second degree murder is a lesser included offense of First Degree Murder. Second degree murder is an knowing or intentional homicide without premeditation — homicide committed in the heat of passion or in immediate response to some emotional provocation, without thinking about it.

    In this case, the prosecution’s evidence supports only a First Degree Murder charge, and there was no evidence in the State’s case that would support a Second Degree Murder charge.

    It’s possible that the defense could produce some evidence that Jodi killed Travis in the heat of passion — for instance, they could try to produce evidence that Jodi did not go there intending to kill Travis and had not considered it in advance, but while Travis was taking a shower he yelled out, “I hate your guts, and I was always just using you; I’m going to make sure you get excommunicated from the Church and everyone will know what a whore you are” or whatever might be considered provocative enough to elicit a very intense emotional reaction. And they could present testimony from Jodi that the weapons just happened to be nearby and without thinking about it she instinctively reached for the gun and shot him and stabbed him a bunch of times out of her immediate anger in response to his provocation.

    Not likely they will present any such evidence because it flies in the face of the self defense justification. They are trying to present evidence that Travis actually attacked her and that she reasonably believed she had to kill him to save her own life. They really cannot present alternate theories of verbal provocation. But we’ll see.

  31. elmosmommy says:

    I am so disgusted with this new allegation that Travis masterbated to pics of naked boys. I dont for the life of me understand why this is being admitted without some serious proof. Geez it seems like this girl can say anything and I mean anything she wants to against someone who cant speak for himself to deny this crap. The computer expert never said any naked boy pics were found on Travis`s computer. I sure hope Martinez is bringing in his own computer expert to make it perfectly clear there is zero sign of this on the computer. I am not totally against the death penalty in some cases where the person is a serial killer but I have never thought there was any chance that Jodi would get a death sentence. But with another woman that Martinez prosecuted, I cant remember the name but will find it again if I need to. In that trial , the woman had no background of any charges in her past and Martinez was successful in getting the death penalty. One reason why I dont really care if they give that to Jodi is it takes years and years and years before it is ever carried out so I dont worry so much that an innocent person is being given death and possibly new info could clear the person because they probably still have 15 years before any chance of it being carried out. Now dont take this wrong that I think Jodi, if convicted and given a death sentence , could find evidence to say she isnt guilty. I dont think that at all. Today, with this new news, I think I could administer the needle myself, she is the lowest of low in my books right now. It feels like the casey anthony case all over again where Biaz could tell such a huge lie in his opening statement and then never had to prove it was true at all for casey to walk. I sure hope jurors are a lot smarter and actually hoping that one of them followed caseys case and was as disgusted by her walking as I was. And I am so glad these jurors are not sequestered.

  32. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy, Calli Patti, Elmosmommy

    I agree with you that if I would ever make an exception to my belief that the death penalty should not be given to anyone, this would be an exception that I would strongly consider especially since she is trashing the victim so badly. I hope that the jury does not believe her any more than you all and I do. Personally if I were convicted of a serious crime and were given the choice of the death penalty or life without parole. I might prefer the death penalty.

    I continue to pray that Morgan and Morgan will get the justice for Caylee that the state of Florida could not get and I pray that Martinez will get justice for Travis. WFTV had an article that Casey has reunited with George and he is paying for her apartment so Jodi’s mother may stay on good terms with Jodi after she was trashed for her child rearing methods. I did not see any reason why disciplining Jodi with a wooden spoon would cause her to turn into a murderess, but what do we know about child rearing?

  33. Vicky says:

    I was seeing red this morning when I vented aboit this latest turn of events. I hope it backfires, but I am stll opposed to the death penalty. The Good Book also says an eye for an eye and that man is to obey the civil laws of man. My opposition to the death penalty does not lie in my religious convictions per say. I believe that civilized people should not react to an act of premeditated murder in the same fashion. I have no idea how God deals with those who kill without justification. I am of the mind that it depends on the “heart” of the person at the time of their death.
    If I was in a position to judge Jodi, I would definitely ask myself if I would feel safe with her dating my son or anyone else I cared about. If the answer was a resounding NO, I would do everything in my power to make certain she is never released from prison.
    Although I dread her testimony over the next week, I can’t wait to see Jaun Martinez dismantle her entire defense. I am confident that he will do just that and that the jury will bring back a just verdict when all is said and done. In the meantime, my heart breaks for Travis’ family. They should not have to go through the “attempted murder” of their brother’s memory.

  34. elmosmommy~~Thanks for the great info. Jodi went out of her way to hide the fact that she was going to visit Travis on June 4th. This reeks of premediation and not a crime of passion. Does one plan a crime of passion at least a month in advance? Jodi went there armed with her g/father’s gun and a knife. Now she can say she took a gun to protect herself on the highway and don’t worry, she will say that.

    Why did Jodi not want to leave a paper trail by borrowing gas cans to hide those extra miles to Mesa? Why did Jodi rent a vehicle 90 miles from Yreka? Surely they have car rental places in Yreka. Yes they do…
    Hertz Rent a Carmore info‎
    1409 South Main Street
    Yreka, CA 96097, United States

    The car rental guy said she rented the car as a brunette and returned as a blond… then she messed with the license plates on the rental vehicle so she would be hauled over by the PD in Utah..

    Jodi turns off her cell phone and removes the batteries.

    Jodi thought she had planned and committed the perfect crime …but that dang camera caught her bloody red handed.

    Motive~Insane jealousy.

    Premeditation is an aggravating factor and deserves the death penalty in the sentencing phase.


  35. Cali Patti says:

    On a bit lighter side, dumb actually, I am offended Jodi tried to blame the roommate. After all Jodi did that one thing ticks me off.

    News last night was all over the stolen laptop mentioned in here earlier. They went on about the laptop info being leaked to a possible mistrial due to stolen laptop.

    It would have to be the defense filing a motion for a mistrial. The laptop belonged to a prosecution witness. I heard what you did, Cali, and it baffled me. The state certainly is not going for a mistrial. This may have been a random burglary and laptops are hot items.~~SS

  36. Jodi is going for self-defense. The state has to prove it was murder in the first degree. The defense does not have to prove anything except to cast a reasonable doubt that Jodi did not murder Travis on purpose…ie…Travis lunging at her equals reasonable doubt. Travis was naked and Jodi had an opportunity to run away and out of that house so I cannot see self-defense working. Actually if Travis lunged at Jodi, it was to try and disarm her. I also think the gunshot was first and the second time she went to shoot the gun jammed…then it was the knife to the heart somewhere between all the stab wounds..

  37. Vicky says:

    I most certainly hope the laptop was password protected. If stolen by a random thief, it will be dumped. If stolen by someone looking to make a profit off the info or to post on the Internet, which I doubt, the Feds will track down the source and there will be hell to pay.
    It’s not like the prosecution does not already know everything in her report, and my guess is she has a backup of her files. I back up all my importand documents on an external drive just in case. I would assume the psychologist does the same.

  38. Sarah says:

    Somethings been on my mind. The bloody tassels. Were there tassels on the comforter or duvet cover; whatever it was? I was thinking that maybe Jodi used the comforter to put TA’s body on top of to drag him back to the bathroom. That’s when she left the palm print? And that’s why there were tassels found? (You know, she would be pulling on the cover and pulled one of the tassels in error?)

    I’m hoping that Martinez answers these questions and more during his cross or closing.

    It is very logical that she drug Travis’ body along on the duvet cover. It was one of the item in the washing machine.~~SS

  39. Cali Patti says:

    I know 22 calibers were used by professionals to commit murder. A person had to fire within a foot or so of the skull. A normal pistol 22 caliber ( different for rifle) could enter the skull but did not have the power to exit. The bullet would rattle around in the skull but not exit. A clean scene. I’ve no knowledge of a 25 caliber so I’m assuming it is similar. Jodi did shoot at an angle, which wouldn’t work with a 22. Plus I don’t know the distance from the pistol to Travis. Hope this isn’t to much info.

  40. Vicky says:

    Cali, the ME said she was no closer than one foot from Travis when she shot him.

  41. margaret says:

    Love all the posts !! Did I hear them say last night that the doctor , who had the laptop stolen was to be a witness about Travis , to counter attack the doctors that jodi has. I have heard no one else say jodi was his Travis ” dirty little secret ‘ . I think Travis tried to get rid of her , and I don’t believe he kept calling her back just for sex…I wonder if she is getting ” the warm fuzzies ” for the newest Idiot. lol I would love to sit down and have a talk about jodi with her mother in jodis

    growing up years..The woman needs to be home with her ill husband instead jodi has put her in this position….

  42. Cali Patti says:

    Vicky, I was told that a 22 pistol had to be fired straight to enter a skull. Guessing the same for a 25 caliber. Seems Jodi was slightly behind or to the right of Travis and above. Didn’t the bullet enter at an angle and continue slightly downward to the other side of the face/skull? I don’t know what bones are there that could deflect, if any, besides the skull or if the bullet entered a sinus cavity and followed that. I think the 25 caliber pistol could have killed Travis if used properly.
    My boys use my Dads old bullets with no problems. Firing an old uncared for pistol is scary to me.

  43. Vicky says:

    Cali, I think Travis was dead when she shot him.or at the very least incapacitated. She took careful aim at his head and fired. Based upon the trajectory, she had to be standing above him, no matter when the shot occurred. He also had to be very close to the ground for that one foot distance to apply.

  44. Vicky says:

    In case anyone needs a refresher, Here is a link from another wordpress blog for the supplement report by Flores. It has probably already been posted, but it doesn’t hurt to review. It makes mention of the autopsy and the distance from which the gun was fired.

    Click to access floresinvestigationreport.pdf

  45. Vicky says:

    Hey Snoops, how’s the weather?

  46. Vicky says:

    Cali, I just reread rhe report. It states the distance was two or three feet away from his head.
    He definitely had to be on the ground and not moving at the time the shot was fired.
    I was also around guns growing up. I participated on both competitive rifle and pistol teams. Not to brag, but I was a darn good shot. I find it fascinating that a woman who claims to have never handled a firearm could keep her hand steady enough to take aim and fire a single shot into a “moving target” who was lunging at her. No darn way!

  47. Margaret~~yes, the laptop belonged to the doc who did an evaluation of Jodi’s mental state. A lot of that info would be on the laptop. I am sure she has already turned her report over to the state. The info on the laptop would not be good in the hands of the wrong people.

  48. Vicky~~still windy and snowing here and is continuing in until tomorrow.

  49. Cali Patti says:

    WTG… Vicky. I’m envious of your skill. Then you know had Jodi held that pistol properly and aimed straight on, not angled that shot should have entered Travis’s skull.

    Anyone hear from Snoopy? Hope she’s ok in the storm.

  50. We must keep in mind that Jodi is the one who said Travis lunged at her so we can assume it is a lie.

    The bullet lodged in Travis’ cheek and the shot went into his skull at an angle thru the top. Travis would had to have been in a sitting position with Jodi standing over him when she fired. A ballistics expert would be the best one to determine the distance from the gun and the entrance wound. Travis was so decomposed, it may have been hard for an expert to judge the distance as they work with gun powder residue on the skin. Jodi washed the blood off Travis so goodbye gun powder too.

  51. I believe, if I heard correctly, there is a hearing re the prosecution misconduct on Weds, Dec 13th and there is never any trial on Fridays. I don’t know how many hours they allowed for the hearing. At the pace Nurmi goes, it will be an all day event.

  52. It seems people who are lonely will do anything, even controversial, to get attention so they start blogs…

    The blog has even popped up, run by the same person who started

    more here…

  53. I wish Martinez would play this to Jodi while she is on the stand…

    Jodi Arias Documentary

  54. Cali Patti says:

    Snoopy, good to hear your ok with your storm.
    I can’t copy/paste from phone . I went to ehow then asked, How to recognize a sociopath. Informative, sort of fits Jodi, mostly the lack of empathy.

    Jodi fits the bill of a psycho stalker, sociopath, narcissist and a nympomanic. May as well add a pathological liar and manipulator. That’s my assessment.~~SS

  55. debl115 says:

    My name is Jodi Arias, and this is my story. WTF ever, Jodi. I have it recorded but haven’t watched it yet. I’m just so tired of listening to her annoying voice going on and on and on.

    My name is Snoopy and I hate to inform you that we will probably have to put up with Jodi on the stand for the next 3 days, if not a week. Jodi combined with Nurmi is pure torture. ~~SS

  56. Karen C. says:

    It occurs to me that one thing this desperation move (Stalker’s say-so on “boy” pics, etc.) likely signals is obvious: The phone-sex audiotape has been inflated and over-promoted, like every other thing from the Defense side, and will turn out to be much ado over nuthin’.

    Snoopy, glad to hear you’re OK up there in the Frozen North- so grateful my Folks are now down here instead of facing possible death in the Buffalo area, Dad’s on O2 at night and I don’t think would’ve made it if power out more than 3 days.

    Travis’ was breaking all records for his sexual appetite being the most versatile of any man on the planet. Little boys, 12 yr old girls..anal, oral, Starwars underwear, pigtails.. and the three hole wonder…wow…just wow. I doubt if the jurors will buy all Jodi’s crappy toilet paper.~~SS

  57. shyloh says:

    I am following you here. Thank you for keeping up with this case. It sure makes CA look like a saint huh? Personally with Jodi telling her LIFE STORY on the stand I believe the Pros. wants her to keep talking, the more she talks the more she hangs herself. In my opinion the Defense is very ignorant or just stupid!

    shyloh~~great to see you! I totally agree. Me thinks Martinez is giving Jodi enough rope to hang herself and she seems to be doing such a great job.~~SS

  58. Karen C. says:

    It IS galling to hear this, well…- may I just come out and say CRAP, oh, please? (Snoops, edit as necessary!)- but that is exactly what’s going on here, she’s hanging her own fool self, with Nurmi feeding her rope.

    In Jodi’s case, you can even say shit as long as it on the toilet paper.~~SS

  59. Cali Patti says:

    With what Snoopy & Shylo just wrote about Martinez allowing Jodi to talk on and on, that’s why Det. Flores is at the prosecution table. With Det. Flores one and one talks with Jodi he can verify or not what Jodi is saying instantly to Martinez. Det. Flores can also go back that day and check out Jodi’s story’s. The two of them seem like a good team. Does anyone know if there is another prosecution lawyer?

  60. Karen C. says:

    And I do think it’s more Nurmi with the rope- Martinez is happily sitting there, taking notes, ready to pounce later- and there are now so many specific statements she’s made that can be easily checked and undermined at Cross it is almost astonishing- this just might be one for the books.

  61. Sarah says:

    If I may SS; the following is a quote from you and I pray that Martinez reads your blog and uses the following in his closing. IMO, it flushes the toilet paper quickly down the commode:

    SS reply to Karen @2/10/13 9:23 am:

    “Travis’ was breaking all records for his sexual appetite being the most versatile of any man on the planet. Little boys, 12 yr old girls..anal, oral, Starwars underwear, pigtails.. and the three hole wonder…wow…just wow. I doubt if the jurors will buy all Jodi’s crappy toilet paper.”~~SS

    LOL…if Travis was turned on by little boys, you would think he would be hanging around school yards and playgrounds. I thin Jodi is scattering Travis’ sexual preferences a might too far. I am surprised she didn’t say T was gay but that may be coming next week. ~~SS

  62. colin black says:

    How low will this hoe go???
    Strap in tomorrow comes the mastrubateing over images of young boys claim.

    Should just about sign seal an deliver her a death sentance.

    Im against death penalty but am willing to make exception in this case.

    Warning bs alert

  63. colin black says:

    Cali Pati Martinez always works without a second chair.

    He is sharp as a tack an doesnt need an assistant.

    Born in Mexico emigrated to America at 5 he is a feared an ferousious opponent.

    Won many many murder cases.

  64. colin black says:


    I knew you would change your mind about my Mighty Little Rumor is that defense attorneys despise him~~ SS

  65. colin black says:

    Sorry reading backwards see you already found out how low the hoe will go.

    Actually nameing her after a garden impliment she is more of a hose than hoe.
    Like a snakes belly thats how low she will.

    Go her entire reason she claims for lie one…….. I wasnt there no nothing about it.
    Second lie …O K I was there but there were also two sex morphing ninjas wearing beenie ski masks.
    To the TRUTH? Well first twos stories/lies were to protect Travis reputation.
    Because thats the type of careing person I am.

    So now she tells the truth an the reputation she was so eager to protect.

    Now it an agenda from the opposite side of protect.
    Now the agenda is to destroy this poor mans reputation.
    Get in every nasty sordid evil lie an manipulitive damageing deviant behaviouir you can atribute to this man you claimed to love?
    Realy you loved a man nae stalked a man you allles pleasured himself to images of pre pubesant boys.
    What would that say about the type of hoebag you must have been.
    Even her twisted lies only prove how truely depraved this nutcase is.

  66. Colin~~I get this message when I click on your link. [Cookies must be enabled to view articles on] My cookies are enabled… I got someone else to try and they get the same thing as me.

    [edit…I went back and fixed it]

  67. I have to almost chuckle when I watch this trial and yes, it definitely is one for the books. We have the 33 yr old teeny bopper, after a professional make over on the witness stand. Nurmi, the friendly giant is at the podium. Off to his right is a man of very small stature hunkered down in his chair on the state’s side with Det Flores close by.

    I could swear Juan was having little siestas from boredom but then I would see his hand reach out and he would scribble something on his note pad and he dosen’t miss a beat. I love watching him.

    Nurmi must be driving Martinez nuts with his snail’s pace where Juan is so quick with his questions. He must cringe every time Nurmi says to Jodi, “let’s rewind back to blab blab blab”… I did notice that Nurmi was into March and it was almost an oops, “we have to go back to Valentine’s day in February.” I hope and pray that Maritnez will show the back of the Travis Alexander’s T-shirt… I wonder if he even knows about it.

    I’d give anything to know what is going on in the juror’s minds. Surely they must be getting as fed up as some of us. I think Jodi is relishing every minute she is on the stand. I hope the jurors notice Jodi’s lack of emotion and how nonchalant she is. One juror, the young man around 23 yrs old, concerns me. I hope he is not called to deliberate. JMO

  68. Jodi is going to testify that she walked in on Travis and he had pics of naked little boys spread out on his bed. She will say he was masturbating. He also wrote her a letter all about it too but hey, it was not the original letter but a copy. We have a love letter from Travis in the Valentine package along with the little boy’s underwear. Would those two letters be one and the same? I wonder if the letter(s) were among the ones that Sandy Arias wanted the National Enquirer to publish. They are not originals either but copies that were electronically generated.


  69. Karen C. says:

    Yuh, they were generated all right….

    Seriously, if his sisters started throwing water bottles at her from their seats I think the whole room would applaud.

  70. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, your comment about Travis as an apparent record holder in all things sexually motivated paraphrased) while making me LOL, got me thinking on a more serious note. As we watch her defense, Jody is systematically using Travis to play on the potential bias/prejudices of every juror. She has implied or outright accused him of Pedophelia, Herbaphelia, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, pornography, deviant sex, infidelity, sin and degradation, and blasphemy – and she hasn’t even finished trashing him yet. She doesn’t care if they actually believe she killed him in self defense, she hopes to prejudice the jury against Travis to the extent that they will hate Travis enough to ignore the evidence against her.
    I hope like those of us on the outside looking in, the jury will peg her as a pathological liar and view her testimony as yet another example of overkill committed against. I can’t wast for Martinez to get his shot at her. In jodi’s case, the lies will be in her details and I am confident that Flores and other members of the investigative team have been burning the midnight oil in preparation of confronting her with her lies.

  71. Vicky ~~I never realized that I would ever be having such sexually explicit conversations on my blog. Here is one for the book Jodi is writing for us…Travis refused to kiss Jodi after she performed oral sex on him. I believe she said he found it gross…. The first sexual encounter Travis had with Jodi, he performed oral sex on her. Travis didn’t even know if Jodi had AIDS at that time!! I wonder if Travis kissed Jodi after that first oral session. Some things are just not adding up here. Now Jodi is saying Travis got off on young nude boys? I hope she spares, Napoleon, Travis’ dog.

    I don’t know if I can stand to listen to that sick demented %^&% on the stand for another 3 or 4 days and hope this whole mess blows up in her face.

    I am shocked Judge Stevens is allowing all this evidence in but since it is a death penalty case, she feels she must. If Jodi is found guilty, there is an automatic appeal within 60 days. I expect Arizona is the same as Florida.

  72. Newbie says:

    Good morning ladies. I think that is about all I have to say at this point. I am so disgusted with this case and just trying to keep up so when Martinez starts his cross I’ll be able to understand and enjoy him pulling the rug out from under Jodi.

  73. shyloh says:

    Well all this sex top reminds me of this song

    [Song transferred to the Coffee Café]

  74. Jodi Arias Bombshell! She’ll Testify Travis Alexander ‘Masturbated To Photos Of Young Boys’

    Fireworks are in store when the Jodi Arias murder trial resumes Monday.

    Facing the death penalty for the murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander, Arias’ legal team has been given the okay by the judge to introduce some highly controversial testimony, KPNX exclusively reported.

    In paperwork exclusively obtained by the station’s Chris Williams, a behind-closed-doors meeting took place with the judge and attorneys for both sides, with the judge is allowing Arias to testify that she witnessed Alexander committing “lewd acts.”

    More here…

  75. Trial resumes Monday, February 11th and you can view it on Live Stream HERE

  76. margaret says:

    OMG, Just listened to Beth Karas say that jodi stayed with Travis to protect little boys from him…Defense is stooping sooooooo low. It would be hard to sit as a family member and hear this, I think I would have to hurt her somehow…Defense should be held by same standards as prosecution…Truth

  77. colin black says:

    Thats Hot

    Now you are in trouble no one uses that phrase without
    Paris Hiltons permisssion

    Thats hot its not its hystericall
    The blackwidow in her spidey spider pants;

    Next prick she feels will be in her arm.
    For this slanderous testomany it put the seal on her evilness moo

  78. colin black says:

    Is the old geezer next to J A Mom her Father?

  79. colin black says:

    Is she going to claim a pregnancy next after the vaginal rape?
    An a miss carrige.
    Wouldnt suprise me .
    Thet preyed an he raped her in her sleep
    What a lieing sack of shit
    Better clean the stand with toilet paper after she vacates.

    Makeing me gag.

  80. colin black says:

    How does she know it wasnt a dream.? Ah never talked about it.
    Was a dream or a lie .

  81. colin black says:

    So this prayer an desission to try chastity lasted what.
    Untill you fell asleep.
    Thats comitment.

  82. colin black says:

    Sick bitch went on a bucket list thousand places to see before you die.
    How many you tick of before he died at tour hands,

  83. colin black says:

    Wrong was angel Moroni apeared to J Smith.

  84. Karen C. says:

    Yup, I was wondering when she’d mess up on Mormon history. Palmyra’s a big deal. At least she didn’t mistake Smith for Young!

  85. Karen C. says:

    Secretly, poor Jodi was MISERABLE inside, even as she looked like a radiant young newlywed at Niagara Falls…

  86. Karen C. says:

    She might not even know who Moroni’s supposed to be… how much could she absorb in 3 weeks? She couldn’t learn the chastity rules, clearly…

  87. Karen C. says:

    This is DAY 4! They just broke up! At the rate he’s going, Nurmi won’t get to Big Event for 4 more days, easy! ACK! Guard fell asleep, behind Defense table.

  88. Sarah says:

    I love it when Martinez objects and Nurmi has to say, “it’s not being offered as the the truth”…….

  89. Sarah says:

    Please don’t let this jury be a Pinellas Twelve……….tell me they are seeing her testimony for what it is……boloney faloney. (Translation: Fantastical BS)

  90. colin black says:

    It was the Angel Moroni apeared to Joseph Smith in his bed room.
    The Sacred Grove is where he was shown a vision of where the golden tablets could be found .
    Thease are the books of the new testaments of Jrsus Christ does America basicly after all the death on the cross an reerection in the st james bible.

    He actuall resuructs again this time in America .
    An thease are the two new testaments.
    If you read the book of mormon cover to cover an I have sevral times the first third of there bible is the Histoty self penned by Smith of his life an how he came to talk to Angels messengers of god one called Areiel areil messenger get it?
    Mostly Moroni though.
    Rumours are his first name was bonny an she was a girl.

    Anyway the sacred grove was where the 12 golden tablets containg the new testaments.
    An the magic seer stones that allowed Smith to translate the golden tablets.

    No one but Smith was allowed to see the tablets .
    But to prove he spoke the truth he did show the magic stones to his Wife an Finacial Backer whom paid for the original publishing of the book of Mormon.

    However much like the real Bible the Book an J Smiths writtings have been heavly edited.

    In fact the Church made popular by Brigham Young an others more or less banished J Smith from there ranks but on the QUITE…

  91. cali patti says:

    I’m surprised Jodi hasn’t claimed a miscarriage (Travis’s baby) due to the horrible sexual stress put on her by Travis. All his fault! I am so sick of her testimony. Anyone else notice Jodi could not recall if they had sex on their NY/Ohio trip? She’s also beginning to forget a few other things.

  92. Cali Patti says:

    Sorry Colin, I just reread posts where you mentioned Jodi and a miscarriage.
    Does anyone know what the 13th mistrial hearing is based on?

    Prosecutional misconduct~~SS

  93. colin black says:

    I half expected a phatom pregnancy to go along with her phantom sleep Rape
    Her mom Sandy alleged jurour missconduct
    Jurours voire dired again an nothingcame of it.

    Done a lousy job of cleaning house jodi.
    Left the place covered in blood an dead body in the shower.

  94. colin black says:

    Oh the 13th thought you meant different time.
    Snoops knows

  95. colin black says:

    I got a bad feeling on a hung jury.

    Or a 23yr old male jurour with a hang up on the Killer.

  96. colin black says:

    Paying 12 fifty an hour……..extras were freebies

  97. Tonight on JVM: Close friend of Jodi Arias

    Jane speaks with Bryan Carr, close friend of Jodi Arias, tonight at 7pm ET
    Carr visits Arias in prison almost every weekend

  98. Karen C. says:

    Colin- Checked around a wee bit and Jodi was partially right; two things happened in the Sacred Grove. One was indeed a supposed visitation of God and Jesus to Smith, the second was when Smith supposedly revealed the golden tablets (or plates) to 8 persons who swore they saw them on some sort of affidavit. The gold tablets naturally never seen again and are nowhere to be found. The bedroom was where he dreamed of Moroni, who would not let him go fetch the gold tablets for some years (why?), which tablets were buried at Hill Cumorah, near Palmyra (an ancient drumlin- mound). Quite a bit of the early years’ events are hard to nail down- Smith had served time for fraud, but he’s generally presented as a simple working farmer, just trying to get by.

  99. Jodi Arias, charged with killing her lover, testifies she once awoke to find victim having sex with her

  100. colin black says:

    Wanted a gun to commit suiside borrow a gun freind nixed it an called suiside centre.

    See where this is going

    Toook gun an knife to comit suiside.
    Thats why she bought the nine mill as well but police foiled her plan.

  101. colin black says:

    Yup fraud he was a snake oil miricle cure type con man.

    There are more versions of certain key asspects .

    Thease supposed eleven elder whom saw the tablets were fictious an inserted later.
    It was supposeadly the finacial backers wife whom persuded them that part must be a part of the legand.
    People are not silly an would not beleive if no one but Smith ever saw the tablets.

    Theres a mountain in Salt Lake like the stargate base under the mountain blast doors to survive nuclear attacks.
    Thousands of papers published or written by J Smith.
    Also trying to acumulate birth certificates of everyone born an recorded alive an dead.
    An re babtiseing them posthumously as mormons.
    They run a free ancestor site were you can check out your heritage.

  102. cali patti says:

    What a load of ****! I don’t understand even with the death penalty in there, how this is relevant and is allowed into testimony? Jodi is crying because she has a good idea what death row looks like.
    [content edited re God’s gender]

  103. colin black says:

    Bitch sliced her finger when she stabbed him 27 times
    An nicked a tendon.
    2nd time she held her hand up finger twice as bowed ./bent as first time.
    She going to say she acted out a little girl to save a real wee less.

    Travis young Sister looks as if she is about to burst out laghing at this garbage comeing from her mouth.

  104. Jodi just put on an Oscar winning performance…. Martinez has his work cut out for him to undo some of Jodi’s testimony. Jodi is trying to come across as being ’emotionally’ married to Travis. This is the only way she can bring in the battered wife syndrome. Are the jurors buying it?

  105. When Nurmi showed the pics of Travis and Jodi, I hope the jurors took note that the girl in the pic is not the teeny bopper on the witness stand.

  106. Cali Patti says:

    Jodi saved, made copies, took pictures of everything. Where is the French maids outfit, pics of boys, proof of anything. I fell off a ladder and have a bent finger, so what. Prove Travis did it. The feelings she described being kicked while on the floor are much to mild if she was really kicked.
    I don’t think Jodi’s lies will help her at all.

  107. Newbie says:

    Snoopy, that is a great term..”emotionally married”. Why is it that she keeps adjusting her glasses? I didn’t see that happening until today. Was I just missing her doing that?

    She is not used to wearing glasses or her nose is greasy because she didn’t powder it before she took the stand. ~ ~SS

  108. Jodi told Det Flores that when the Ninja went to strike her, she shielded herself by putting up her hand.. then she showed him her finger that got injured in the altercation… I hope Det Flores picked up on that..

    I heard the above on HLN.. it should be on those taped interrogations between Flores and Jodi..

  109. katfish says:

    Ha! I Googled, “Has an answer for everything” and Jodi Arias popped up…really what came up was this “How to Tell If Someone Is Lying”. Same thing! DisGusting!

  110. I don’t know if anyone has said this or not because I haven’t had time to read the comments for the last couple of weeks but has anyone noticed how Jodi keeps turning and looking at the jury when she answers EVERY single question? Clearly she’s been coached but I think she is way over doing it because it appears to be contrived. She is also looking in the faces of each and every jury member – making that eye contact. She’s looking very deeply at them with that “I’m innocent” face, speaking in her most soft spoken and demure way to appear sweet and kind and “I’m just a nice girl who was controled by Travis” personality. Its making me sick.

    There are eleven men on that jury isn’t there? Why on earth did the state allow that? I don’t know about you all but I’m very worried. I’m worried those male jurors are not going to think with their brains but rather another part of their anatomy……

  111. elmosmommy says:

    This is the video you are talking about snoopy. it starts around1:30

    on her singing video (xmas song in jail ) , it is easy to see her hands and on that they look normal but I do remember that a few days ago I had mentioned her hand and that on the stand I could see that it is bent. In fact her injury looks exactly like my husbands finger, when he was a young child he got his finger caught in the ironing board and it obviously damaged a tendon, altho his is more severe than hers is so it makes sense if it was cut deep with a knife that it could nick a tendon. Did her lawyer never watch the interrogation video, how stupid to bring up something that is easily shown to be a lie.

    I personally would take great pleasure in wringing this girls neck right now, but I think Travis`s brother in court would take even greater pleasure, it was easy to see the hate in his eyes today in court and I cant blame him. I sure hope she isnt fooling anyone.

  112. And the clothes she’s wearing. OMG are you freaking kidding me? No way in hell would Jodi EVER dress that way. I’d stake my life on the fact that these are all new clothes picked out by her defense team.

    As far as trashing Travis goes we knew she was going to do that but not to this extent. I’m so sad for Travis’s siblings and his good friends, that they have to listen to this. I think this is the worst any defendent has portrayed their victim in the history of murder trial cases.

  113. Cali Patti says:

    I’ve had a physical reaction to some of Jodi’s testimony. Yes, MysticalPippen this trial will make history. I’m thinking law schools will use this case in some form. I do not see any of the reactions or emotions nor do I hear the words to back up the story’s she is telling. For me, Jodi is telling a story not reliving an event that happened to her. MOO

  114. colin black says:

    Her affect is flat when talking about sexuall deviancy an next minute of to frigging dineyland.
    She sits ther blowing her nose an yet there no tears comeing from her eyes.

    Never revoves glasses to wipe tears cos there are none.
    Every now an then she lifts a finger to one eye as if to wipe away a solitry tear.

    I dont know about you but I could thing of so many sad times in my life were Ive lost a loved one .
    Most recently mt cat Maisy DAisy.

    Ive got teaes rollin now just thinking about her.
    Its still Raw as only few months ago.
    But thats irelevant theres so many other incident s I know that if I dwelled on them I could produce a flippiun niagra falls down my eyes face
    i could flood the wittness box.

    Jeez the girl if she cares for no one else but herself an a possable life or death sentace at the end of this trial.

    If she had normal emotions those thought s alone should have tears streamind down hher face.

    But nada an some of the things she said today.
    Nurmi….So you caught mim mastrubateing over photos of five six yr old boys.

    Why didnt you end it .

    J A Oh I couldnt be rude an not answer his calls his face an ring call came up/

    I couldnt imagine ever betraying TRAVIS


    What the fluck do you think murdering him slaughtering him in his own home.

    An then tell the world what a twissted perverted sick woman beating
    Religion mocking vain selfish S O B.
    Who lusted after young children
    An treated you as a whore

    If thats your idea of never imagineing betraying Travis is

    Id hate to see what would happen if you ever did imagine betraying him

  115. Aww Colin, Maisy Daisy is such a cute name. I’m so sorry for your loss, your post gave me a heartache because I know how you feel. I don’t think it will ever go away but time does help. I lost the last of my brood – Boo Boo (named after Boo Radley) one and a half years ago and I still burst into tears sometimes when I think of him.
    Yet as sad as it was it gave me a much needed respite from the sick feeling I get watching this disgusting excuse of a human being tell her despicable lies. The post I’m writing now is while I’m watching Nancy Grace and a few other shows about the trial. It just makes me sick to know that Travis’s family and friends are in the courtroom having to stomach this piece of crap’s lies.

    I know the judge has to let her have her say because its a death penalty case but SERIOUSLY? Can’t they put a cap on it? Like couldn’t she have put a time frame say 1 day for Jodi’s familial history? Then we could get into the important testimony that actually has to do with the case. Because I’m wondering how long we’re going to have put up with the Jodi Show? Does anyone else see how much she’s enjoying this? She actually looks like she’s trying to hide her exihilaration at times.

  116. Sarah says:

    Morning everyone. I don’t believe that Travis borrowed money from the killer. If anything, he was loaning money to her. Her lies are endless. $699 ……pfffft

    I would like to see the deposit tickets again that she made during her murder trip. I can’t help but wonder if she also stole money from Travis while he was dead in the shower. I would like to see if it was a check or cash that she deposited. Anyone know where this info is?

  117. Karen C. says:

    Did anyone else catch Dr. Drew last night? I recorded it but am leery about viewing, as I heard part of it in the car on the way home from work last night. He had a male “juror” (i.e. trial watcher) on and that young dude was buying Jodi’s BS pretty completely. I am appalled and reminded unpleasantly of the Phil Spector freak show, and the defense “theory” there that the victim was giving the gun a blowjob. I can only pray and trust that Martinez and Flores are noting every provable lie and that all this nonsense can be overcome by a sensible jury….

    She’s a thief, just like the other one. She went through so many restaurant jobs in such a relatively short period of time I wonder if she was suspected of shorting the till periodically (hard to prove w/o video) and let go quietly, not just that she was a terrible waitress (per her former co-worker). It would be very easy to do- when I did retail management I was amazed at some of the techniques the smoother operators came up with. One hire of ours cut out with a large sum just before we could catch him- we had just moved him to a POS that was monitored but he caught on…. without proof you have to just wave goodbye, don’t let the door hit you in the @ss.

  118. elmosmommy says:

    I did not write this post, but when I googled Jodi`s cash deposits , it came up with this post.
    Here’s the information I could get from the testimony and the receipts shown on the screen:

    Budget *- Redding; 6/2/08, 8:04 am; MasterCard 2015 6/2 8:04 2834

    Shell/Syskiou Food Mart – Yreka – 6/2, 5:37 am, Matercard 2015, Fuel $15.00

    MacDonald’s – Lodi, CA – 6/2, 7:32 pm; fries, water

    Valero – 6/2, 8:41 PM – Mastercard 2015

    WAMU – Monterey – 6/3, 10:10 am; deposit 400 cash, acct 8006

    WAMU – Monterey, 6/3, 10:11 am, deposit 300 cash, acct 7148

    WAMU – Monterey – 6/3, 10:15 am, deposit 100 cash, acct 7148

    Walmart – Monterey/Salinas ? – 6/3, 3:22 pm (facial cleaner x2, brown hair color x2, 5 gal kerosene container), paid cash $45

    CVS – Pasadena, CA – 6/3, 8:31 pm

    Starbucks – Pasadena, CA – 6/3, 8:41 pm, Mastercard 2015, $10.85

    Arco – Pasadena, CA, 6/3, 8:42 PM, Mastercard 2015, 8 gallons $35.06

    Arco, Pasadena, CA, 6/3, 8:46 PM, 9.59 gallons, $40

    Arco, Pasadena, CA 6/3; 2.77 gallons

    In and Out Burger – Sparks, NV – 6/6, 10:38 am, mastercard $3.37

    Tesoro, SLC Utah, 6/6 3:57 am, Mastercard 2015, 10.6 gallons, 41.18

    Tesoro, 6/6 , 4:05 am, fuel $36.98, mastercard 2015, 9.58 gallons

    Flying J – Winnemucca, NV- 6/6, mastercard 2015, 12 gallons,$ 49.91

    7-11- Sparks, NV, – 6/6, 10:34 AM, 5 gallons, MasterCard 2015

    Valero, Redding CA, 6/7 12:28 PM, Mastercard, gas $40

    Budget – Redding 6/7 1:08 pm

  119. elmosmommy says:

    There was one guy who was talking around the end of last week, saying that he knew Jodi and that she was really wanting money to go see Travis, and that he had loaned her money the day before Jodi left for arizona. He didnt say how much and if it was cash or cheque

  120. margaret says:

    Oooohhhh how low can this girl stoop.. She has forgotten every ” religeous ” thing she ever learned.. She should leave her brain to science , no one remembers everything about their life. Her Dad looks real bad ,and I am sure this is not helping him. Can’t wait for Martinez to knock her little house of cards down. Joe Lopez ,Drew Peterson lawyer , is on with In Session.He thinks jodi is not guilty. Go figure !!!

  121. Karen C. says:

    Margaret- what I’m doing to avoid listening to the likes of him is I flash from Yesterday’s court proceedings to today, back-n-forth, which is a little work with the remote but well worth it. I don’t want to hear one word, not ONE, from any Arias apologist.

  122. elmosmommy~~thanks for all the great info. I watched the entire interrogation video last night. Jodi shows Det Flores her hand around 1.30.00 of the video..The Ninja did it. Apparently the female Ninja had a knife…yeah right! ..Flores said a cut with a knife would have made that injury to her finger. She was using parts of what really happened to put the blame on the intruders..Flores let her ramble on and then told her that it was all a lie..

  123. I expect the trial is delayed due to wrangling over some evidence…once again.. it will be time to break for lunch before they get started…

  124. Well there you go… they have adjourned until after lunch…Jodi looked very upset…. I wonder what’s up… I will see if anyone on HLN knows what the delay is all about…

  125. Cali Patti says:

    Did Jodi testify this morning? Miss anything?

    Trial didn’t even get underway…I think they may be haggling how to get that sex tape in…~~SS

  126. Karen C. says:

    Cali- You’ve missed nothing, BUT Snoopy is right- Jodi looked red-faced and face wet with real tears for a change. Something’s on the tape I bet that does not help her case- maybe the Defense wants to play their own “short” version, that is more damaging to Travis, and that’s not being allowed? Maybe they’ve decided to ditch the whole thing and too late? It wouldn’t be the first time “proofs” were offered during Opening that never made it into actual trial….

  127. elmosmommy says:

    there has been no testifying so far today cali. and it is now delayed till 1 pm arizona time. So now we wait and see if that happens. Jodi has obviously been really crying this morning or thats my opinion at least. She looks about as ugly as a girl can look

  128. margaret says:

    Any chance the tape has been edited to favor jodi ? or faked ?

  129. Okay, via Beth Karas…one or two more episodes of physical abuse are due to be heard and then the sex tape… at the snails pace of Nurmi ….who knows if they can get it all in this afternoon…

  130. cali patti says:

    Thank you ladies, I do not want to listen to sex tapes and probably won’t listen to them. I’m not a prude, was influenced by the “free love”, peace to the world days, yet the sex talk in this case has been revolting for me and I don’t know why.

    Think of it as evidence and not sex talk. We must expose ourselves to the ‘bad’ to differentiate it from the good…~~ SS

  131. I see Jodi’s younger sister is there today sitting beside her young brother… I notice they have her dad there and he looks like death warmed over…definitely a sympathy ploy for the jury to see…

  132. Karen C. says:

    Maybe she has had a little talk with her lawyers about the finger issue, and she realizes what’s what. It’s NOT because she’s concerned for her little sister’s tender feelings- look what she was willing to discuss in front of her brother!

  133. Karen C. says:

    Dwayne C. just said “plea bargain”… hmmmm. I’ve always wondered why this hot mess ever made it to trial to begin with.

    Martinez has a reputation for not offering pleas~~SS

  134. Sarah says:

    Elmosmommy: Thank you for the info. I guess she didn’t take money from Travis? I noted she made a deposit(s) in two different accounts. I wonder if she pulled the cash from her MC acct. Matters not. I was just curious. Thanks again.

  135. colin black says:

    we’re going to have put up with the Jodi Show? Does anyone else see how much she’s enjoying this? She actually looks like she’s trying to hide her exihilaration at times.

    In rehab whenever you retell a story of your past .
    Drug abuse or alchcohol or whatever floated your boat.
    Your supposed to relate thease past exploits in shame eys down cast.
    An thouraghly ashamed of yourself.

    If you articulate past adventures of sex drugs an rock n roll in an animated manner.

    You will imeadiaatly get pounced on by others in the group acusseing you of euphoric recall.
    In that your telling those storys with memorys that you miss an apearance of joy at your past lifestyle.

    I was thrown out of one N A MEEETING Like A A BUT fot drug users narcotics anonymous.
    I was only attending because of a court order to attend at least two a week.

    Asked how I was getting on with the twelve step programe an admitttting I was powerless ….wich i didnt an still dont beleive.
    An had to turn my life over to a higher being admit I had no control an live an deal with my addiction one day at a time.

    “So hows that working out for you Colin”

    Asked the councilller chairing the group therpy disscussion.

    I replies absultly frakking brilliant.

    How so asks he.

    Well just for today Ive decided to get stoned out of my gourd.
    Wherupon the entire group dissolved into hystertical laughter an I was asked to leave……………

    Anyway JA is exhibiting europhic recall reliveing the events an timeline leading up to Travis Slaughter.
    I dont think his Sisters an Brother are upsett by her lies.
    They knew ther brother an know jodi is full of it..With an sh in front

  136. When it ever gets that far, how is Jodi going to explain the gun??

  137. Close friend of Jodi’s family said Jodi is a mess today…

  138. Cali Patti says:

    Jodi’s Monterey detour has always puzzled me. WAMU banks are everywhere. I’m thinking that’s where she met someone and borrowed money. The kerosene can she purchased at Wal-Mart is a empty container that she can fill with gas.
    Jodi did plan ahead, notice no purchases in Arizona?

  139. colin black says:

    Doesnt sound like Travis considers her someone he wants OUT off his life.
    An considered her a dangerous phyco.
    Sounds relaxed an freind|ly on phone with her.

    Whats the timeline of this call before she slaughtered him?|

  140. colin black says:

    When it ever gets that far, how is Jodi going to explain the gun??
    Snoops Nurmi an her already laid the foundation for that yesterday.

    Remember she said she felt suisideal an tried to borrow her freinds gun

    He said no an contacted suiside hotline ya da blah dah.

    So way they will lay it out.
    Travis humilited her to much once to often.
    An she had secured her grandparents gun through staged robbery.

    Remember her freind wouldnt give her his an informed the suiside hotline

    Conveiniantly there anonymous.

    So story will be poor wee Jodi wanted to commit suiside an hurt the man whom drove her to it.

    An so she headed to his home with gun ect to shoot herself in front of him.

    AN From there you can see where its going to go .

    Like I say Imexpecting a hung jury at the best .
    An she walks as the worst.
    After o j an trunkmom nothing suprises me about American Jurours.

  141. Sarah says:

    excuse me: I have to go throw up

  142. colin black says:

    Even fake orgasims.

  143. colin black says:

    Travis seems to have the sexual hormes of a teenager along with his juvinile seuall fantasys.
    Sraight out of readers letters playboy type stuff.

    Nothing deviant / perverted .
    More like a kid who found the walking talking candy shop. sex doll that was willing to fufill his schoolboy type fantasies.

    Because of his Religion he probably missed all this an was definetly imature ie sex.

    Jodi was the experienced one .
    But hid it an knowing his ego personalty type.
    Always let him think he was in driveing seat.

    When in fact opposite was true.
    She thought she could ensnare him with sex when in reality Travis just thought
    All his Christmases had come at once.
    Poor wee lamb.

  144. Newbie says:

    I certainly agree on totally fake and throwing up. I hate that the jury is watching her reaction and others in court are to make sure they don’t react.

  145. Newbie says:

    How did this tape come to light. Why would Jodi have kept this one tape .

  146. margaret says:

    Travis is not as clear as jodi ,but did I hear him say at beginning of sex talk, that he never did the masturbation thing until jodi turned him on to it, and now he does it two or three times daily. She was the sex teacher..

  147. colin black says:

    So the spiderman pants were a gift from Travis.
    Because it was her favourate film Spiderman

    Ha she has never seen G Coonies Batman

    The worst batman movie ever.
    Even includeing the Adam West Ka POW one.

  148. colin black says:

    Nothing what so ever to do with her wearing young boys pants
    Sweet vanentines gift realy an yet she turns it in to something sordid..
    Nurmi must realise that spiderman comment destrows the entire wee boy pants

    Wanking at wee boys pics lies of yesterday .

    I hope Marqez points that condradiction out to the jury
    In case they missed it.

  149. colin black says:

    Either that or Nurmis an idiot

  150. Newbie says:

    margaret I think that is what was said (about Jodi turning him on to masterbation). That recording….what does it prove?

  151. Karen C. says:

    Well, I caught most of this sex tape off of live stream. Just as we suspected, this proves he was a 29 yo virgin and putty in her way-more experienced hands. He says clear as day, “Before I met you I never jacked off”- I think that’s it verbatim. Masturbation is def. forbidden in the Mormon church- not as bad as pre-marital sex though. Jeesh, he was just a normal guy, realizing that the whole sex-forbidden-fruit thing is a bit of a crock, which is what most of us figure out by the time we leave the dorms if not before. I don’t hear much here that is problematic for him, and a LOT which is problematic for her- she was thoroughly avid about anything he wanted to get up to. She was very complimentary of him as a lover actually.

  152. elmosmommy says:

    well I see that recording hurting both the state and the defense. It hurts the state because she clearly talks about his cancun trip and she doesnt seem upset about it. It hurts the defense because she clearly was very active in all aspects of the sex so much of her testimony was just proved to be untrue imo

  153. I think that sex audio will backfire on Jodi. The defense wanted it played to just get in the comment about the 12 yr old remark.

    It was very evident that Jodi was the one taking control of the phone sex and saying things to turn Travis on…a real pro and not with the childlike voice she is using on the stand.

    One other thing, when Travis finally ejaculated, he did not discard Jodi but continued to talk and go back and forth playfully with her….this goes against what Jodi has claimed…

    Mike Brooks is agreeing with everything I just wrote… I have HLN on…

  154. Karen C. says:

    I hope the single guys on the Jury felt a frisson of fear when she started singing the Alanis Morrisette song…. that’s about an obsessed and pissed-off woman, too.

  155. cali patti says:

    Collin, yup, Jodi sounded fake to me also. Young women do fake it for their partner, can’t hold that against her. Does anyone know the date of this call? There’s a California news story that I’m going to watch. .

  156. Travis was hard to understand slurring his words…it almost sounded like he was a teenager on booze

  157. Karen C. says:

    I missed the 12 yo girl remark- anyone hear that? My phone blacked out on me right around then… was it a big pfttt for the Defense like the rest?

  158. Karen C. says:

    I never really thought that Jodi had a big problem with Cancun- I think he just told her that they were really, truly finished and he’d never marry her like she was so broadly hinting at.

  159. Newbie says:

    Twelve year old remark was a super pffff. This tape should have been presented by the prosecution….oh what Martinez can do with the info from that tape !

  160. Karen C. says:

    Maybe she thought that the lead-up to killing him- plotting it, setting it up, stealing the weapon, finessing the gas cans, rehearsing her statements and planning what would be the best expression to use on her face and voice when she would “react” to the “news” of his death- was all part of some big self-actualization project designed to “free” her from her obsessive thinking. A Rite of Passage. Maybe it was the most “real” thing she had ever done…

  161. Karen C. says:

    Now she’s trying to walk it all back- poor, wounded, debased baby never enjoyed any of it!
    Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah….

  162. Karen C. says:

    Tootsie Pops? Did he just say Tootsie Pops?

  163. Karen C. says:

    Oh, now she comes up with another bath with bubbles- that one was where she was debased…

  164. colin black says:

    Wanted to stick a caboose up yer caboose………

  165. Karen C. says:

    Is Nurmi leading into the death scene now?

  166. Newbie says:

    lol….I left for a brief period of time just because of Jodi going back to the poor, abused baby…..cough, cough. Oh God, not a video !

  167. Karen C. says:

    Willmott is looking nervous- back straight, breathing hard, tense. We are indeed heading into the Big Event.

  168. Karen C. says:

    Did Nurmi and I/we hear the same tape? Seems not…

  169. Newbie says:

    Are they going to lead up to that day then start the testimony on his death or will they let her testify for xxxx amount of time so the jury can sleep on what she says?

  170. colin black says:

    Travis super dedicated to the Church an his standing in the Comuneity of the Mormon Church.

    The last thing he would want is inaproprate photos of him engaged in sexuall poses or acts.

    A Better defence for this train wreck would be that .
    Jodi had sexuall pic an comprimiseing recordings of phone sex.
    Between her an Travis an she used this as leverage to make him break up with his suitable mormon girlfreind.
    An even to blackmail him into marrige or expose him to the elders at church.

    An that Travis flipped out an tried to murder her.
    She was suspious of him trying something drastic so armed herself with grandparents pistol.

    Makes more sence than this train wreck.
    Wich even though still may cause a hung jurour.

  171. colin black says:

    Back in my punk rock days I used ky jelly an hairspray for my mowhowk

  172. Karen C. says:

    Colin- your thesis above, dead on, so to speak. So, according to Nurmi, none of us heard what we ALL JUST HEARD.

  173. elmosmommy says:

    this is absolute crap that she was only giving compliments, it wasnt how she felt. give me a freaking break , will anyone buy this ? cause i sure as heck dont.

  174. Karen C. says:

    I’d throw something at the tv but I gotta get to work. Snoopy, I rely on you for those links later-
    Jeesh, she just brought up the car? Why does Nurmi want to remind us of that?

    It’s gotta be Ineffective Counsel, in due course. Under the circumstances….

  175. colin black says:

    Me mysef an Irene

    Tied to a tree c*** up your ass.

    Said I Like it so not to embaress him

    Thats on a par with the lie

    No jury will convict me
    Said that because I was going to kill my self so no jury would ever get chance.

    Shock horror Jodi tells the truth on stand about fakeing orgasms.

    know what real ones sound like.


  176. Newbie says:

    Praise? Manipulation. She has practiced that hand on face, hands on face, heavy stroke across chin (happened in other testimony) and I’ll include touching or adjusting eye glasses. She has actually practiced body movements to go with certain stages of testimony ! Barf !

  177. elmosmommy says:

    is there anything left that she could possibly accuse him of ????????? and yet she loved this man and wanted more than anything to be his wife.

  178. elmosmommy says:

    I guess that she made it clear in the plea bargain she tried to make ( but the state said no ) that she was gonna drag his name thru the mud and she wasnt lying on that one

  179. elmosmommy says:

    Is this lawyer driving everyone nuts ?? Geez I cant stand his jumping around with dates. and sorry but he is really unattractive

  180. colin black says:

    How dare she say with her boy freind slash fiance.

    What was TRAVIS Jodi?

    Your boyfreind SLASHED ex.

    You heartless bitch.
    You make a koke when you slaughtered him Jodi.”
    Your shower ha ha

  181. This was uploaded to youtube by tawnidilly…. I do not see any up by croakerqueen (I generally put hers up) I will check later and if she uploads today’s trial…I will put it up as her’s have the best quality..

    Jodi Arias Murder Trial Day 17. Afternoon. Part 1. The Phone Sex Tape. Complete. Graphic

  182. colin black says:

    Make a joke I meant
    Jodi …this is the end of the places you see before you die .
    Your shower

    Ah now she is letting us know the b m w unrealiable.
    Thats why the hire car ah ha

  183. colin black says:

    It was her fault who toes a car in first gear.?

  184. Newbie says:

    Dr Drew is saying Jodi was the abuser. Yes !!!!!!

  185. Newbie says:

    I for one will be glued go Dr. Drew’s program tonight. He basically stated she stalked, she manipulated and bottom lined it with killing Travis.

  186. Nurmi is taking everything the prosecution may use in their cross so as to cover Jodi’s butt. (no pun intended)

    Jodi slipped up…she said she bought KY jelly and introduced it to Travis…”she was used to that kind of lube in her OTHER relationships so it wasn’t just Darryl Brewer. At Jodi’s age with raging hormones, there is only one kind of sex she would need this for unless she faked vaginal intercourse.

  187. Marilyn says:

    I’m beginning to think I got banned from these comments,I receive no comments at all in my e-mail,so it’s kinda strange cause I did for a long time,now nothing.Could you let me know,please?

    If you were banned from this blog, your comment would not be showing here. I have no control over the comments you want to receive via email, it is a WordPress option. If you click the box that you want to get them in your email..they should go to the email account that you fill in when you comment. Have you checked your Spam folder in your mail acct?~ ~SS

  188. Cali Patti says:

    I burst out laughing thinking of Nurmi’s and Martinez’s style is so different. I’m curious to how Martinez is able to sit so calmly for so long. I imagine hm almost springing out of that chair, jumping around like a excited boy when it’s finally his turn. I’m so sick of listening to Jodi.

  189. Now Jodi mentioned the sex video Travis made on June 4th… I noticed when the interrogation video was playing in court that Jodi was paying close attention and making notes. She would shove the note in front of Willmott to read… Det Flores told Jodi during the interrogation that forensics couldn’t retrieve any videos from the camera as they were too large… surprise surprise… so Jodi says today that Travis made a sex video of the 2 of them on June 4th knowing damn well there is no way to prove it ever existed.

  190. elmosmommy says:

    In Jodi`s story, in January she is loaning him money, but what month is it that he buys a Prius (not a cheap car ! ) and he doesn’t even need to trade in his BMW towards the down payment. She has nothing, not a penny , her credit rating is trashed, her car is repossessed because she never made payments, but in her words he Pawned off the BMW on her .. she is so full of bs

    Jodi was the one who ruined the BMW. She said it broke down 3 times when Travis owned it…I wish there was some way to disprove every one of her damn lies. It would take a year or more but be well worth it.~~SS

  191. elmosmommy says:

    oh great catch on the video snoopy. I sure hope Martinez does this right and leaves no doubt in the jurors mind that this girl is evil !

  192. Cali Patti says:

    Elmosmoy, Jodi did feel the BMW was pawned off on her, Travis was getting a new car and she was getting left overs. Jodi probably felt she should have the Prius, after all she did everything for Travis.
    I think Jodi would have killed again if she gotten away with this murder.

  193. Vicky says:

    Thanks for the links to today’s testimony. Jodi brings out the Nurse Rachet in me, but I digress.
    As I listened to the tapers conversation, I heard a caring individual who found many a young man’s fantasy of a woman to introduce him to the “joy of sex”. I had a true oh wow moment when he stated he had never masterbated prior to meeting Jodi. talk about self control. For Jodi to have moved him along so quickly, she must have been quite the instructor.l
    I have decided I must really be one warped individual. AlthoughI admit I was amused with the tootsie pop and fizzy candy stuff, I agree with Colin, they sounded pretty much like the readers write section of a Playboy Magazine (well perhaps Hustler with the tree fantasy). If he was listening, I bet Larry Flint will be contacting Jody in jail before week’s end. 🙂 Unlike JVM, the tape didn’t leave me blushing and I didn’t hide out behind closed doors to listen. However, I did tell hubby we are too old and not to get any ideas. He wasn’t amused. LOL

    Seriously though, I feel so bad for Travis’s family. I hope the Mormon religion allows for post death dispensation. The tapes reveal that he violated church doctrine in a manner that required a process of reparation.. Travis was robbed of the opportunity to repent his “sins”. That is one part of the LDS doctrine I am uncertain about, but I am confident that Travis has joined his loved ones in Heaven. I hope his family has been assured of this by their Bishop.
    Her testimony following the tapes was ridiculous and I can’t wait for JM to cross-examine her.

    I think Jodi pitched a fit this morning because she had convinced herself that only the parts of the tapes relating to her claims would be entered into evidence and she was informed it was all or nothing. I think once she realized the whole conversation was coming in, she wanted a 24 hour delay so she could prepare her testimony about the full content, and was pissed when only given an hour. She was back to hiding behind her hair today, and it seemed obvious to me her plans did not include the jury hearing an enthusiastic Jodi on that tape. When she testified he demanded that she record the call, I called BS. What guy wants recorded phone sex, when live chat is readily available? Also, I found it very telling that Nurmi spent minimal time on the phone sex topic, but instead rehashed past events and sought out new ones not mentioned on the tape.

    By the way Colin, I almost spit my drink when I read your KY and hairspray comment, not to mention the one about NA.

    I must be perverted. None of that sex call made me blush. The tootsie rolls later on made me hysterical. I wonder if Jodi will come up with something new, like candy panties tomorrow. Strange how the defense has all the focus on poor little Jodi. Martinez must be chomping at the bit to have a go at her. (no, not that way, Ratchett)~ ~SS

  194. margaret says:

    I am beginning to think Nurmi loves his new words, Penile and vaginal intercourse., I got so tired of hearing it today.As far as the phone sex tape, jodi got the sex ball rolling, not Travis. All that sttupid talk and giggling she was doing was just bait to get Travis to jump in , so that she could record him..She was hell bent on having the life of parties and traveling that Travis had. If she had not been arrested she would have gone for that stupid Ryan next,because she meant to have that life. I do hope Martinez gets a chance at her before the weekend, I don’t want her to have the weekend to rest up.. She looks like she is tired and getting angry,,trying to hide behind that hair..I watched her family today, her mother never shows anything, but during the tape her little sister looked so thourally disgusted. How awful to have to listen to your daughter / sister talking like that. …Travis family must have gotten good words from Martinez because they seemed better today..I wonder if the Hustler magazine is trying to buy her pictures?? LOL …………Of course Mike Brooks thinks as you do. You aren’t called Snoopy Sleuth for nothing…

    My dear, how are you holding up with all this sex talk? Let this be our secret okay? The Snoop could teach Jodi Arias a thing or two about phone sex or any other sex. Both my daughters have been coming in here to read so whatever you do, don’t tell them our secret. Shhhhhh~~ SS

  195. Cali Patti says:

    Hilarious comments in here. I never knew KY could be used as a hair product. Vicky LOL your husband is a man … They always have ideas!!
    It is interesting to see so little has changed over the years, Jodi gave way to much way to soon.

  196. Sorry I almost forgot to post this second part…..

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 17 – Part 2

  197. I notice the defense is alternating between the Mormon faith and bad Travis. If there are any Mormon jurors, they want to shed Travis in a bad light. For instance…Jodi’s baptism… anal sex…then we went to the temple..Travis grabbed her butt…it is so evident… Nurmi and Jodi are doing it over and over all thru her testimony…

  198. Vicky says:

    LOL Snoopy, It’s good to know I’m not the only one who didn’t blush. Heck if you’re still blushing at our age, you must be a candidate for sainthood. That or you don’t have TV, Internet, or access to print media. 🙂

    I must admit, I never thought I’d see the day when a trial with this much sexual content would be on prime time TV. Society os definitely changing, and not always for the good.

    A bit off topic, but somewhat related, over the past few weeks, we (at work) have been involved in working with several schools and families regarding an “epidemic” of sexting, which includes the exchange of very graphic sexual photos. The youngest being an 11 year old girl. I won’t go into detail, but some of the pics exchanged are quite similar to those taken by Travis and Jodi. Many vave gone “viral” in the schools, and the county attorneys office is seriously considering prosecuting all parties involved, including those who have forwarded the photos.

  199. Vicky says:

    Snoops, I can all but guarantee there is not a single Mormon on that jury. Neither side would benefit.

  200. margaret says:

    Mike Eirglash said on Dr. Drew tonight that if he were the prosecutor , he would be throwing a party tonight,, after the tape fiasco.. All secrets are safe with

  201. Cali Patti says:

    I have not been blushing and I didn’t think the sex play was particularly inventive either. I have had a sick feeling at times when Jodi was talking about sex-apades which I do not understand. I actually walked outside to get fresh air one day last week.
    Vicky thanks for your thoughts on why Jodi was crying and looking so angry. Jodi did look ticked off.
    I hope sound and fair minds determine what happens to the young people you wrote about. With all the new laws, too many under 18 yr olds are graduating with a criminal record. It cripples them for life for a stupid 5 min idea.

    Whenever this case makes you feel ill, take a break. You are not alone. I post a couple of links for the trial videos and then take off to Slingo for a few hours to relax and unwind.~~SS

  202. Margaret~~Mike is right on the money. I wonder if Jodi was upset because they were going to play all of the tape instead of just a clip where Travis mentioned Jodi sounding like a 12 yr old. I am assuming that Jodi was living at her g/mother’s when that call took place. The house is some small so granny must have gotten sex educated or she had her hearing aid shut off. When Nurmi questioned Jodi, she said she faked the orgasms…of course she had to add that she needed two hands to participate.

    Jodi sounded like an old pro on that sex tape and I think this is why she was hiding her face. She could audition anytime for “Dial a Fantasy”….and they would hire her. Nurmi knew that entire tape should never have been brought into evidence and he was trying so hard to do damage control… The defense should never have asked for an inch and the judge made them take the whole mile.

  203. Vicky ~~I do not care what consenting adults do in their homes, online or elsewhere but I draw the line when it comes to minors. I wish they had cell phones that you could only make calls on with no other options except GPS. They should set an age limit on who can carry such a phone. Technology is becoming society’s downfall….child porn is at epidemic proportions… huh…cyber sex is replacing good old fashion sex, child or adult and cyber sex can be as bad an addiction as heroin… When a person only prefers cyber sex without ever wanting human interaction, they are sick. JMO

  204. Karen C. says:

    You know what is the saddest part of this is for me right now? They sounded like a fairly friendly & sexually-compatible couple on this thing, overall. True, he was clearly dog-tired (what TIME was this call, I wonder?), but he’s a young, healthy guy and overcomes that (ahem). She’s all wired and giddy, she’s got his attention now all right. He’s all hers, for a little while anyway. The tone of the tape matches completely the tone of the “couples” pics we see of them- her beaming, hottie self, and him a bit less enthusiastic perhaps- this being one chapter in what he expects to be the long novel of his life- his first affair.

  205. In many of the pics of Travis and Jodi, he is leaning away from her. She flashes that big smile, “hey look who I’ve got.” I do not see any loving gazes towards each other…

    I will be glad when Martinez gets his turn so we can put the focus back where it belongs. Since the defense took over, it has been 100% of TRASHING TRAVIS…. Jodi Arias murdered Travis because she was insanely jealous of any woman touching him…as a psycho stalker, Travis was hers. Jodi was her own worse enemy…by allowing Travis to perform degrading sexual acts with her…she trashed herself in Travis’ eyes. I truly believe Jodi initiated those 101 ways along with the KY. Travis was testing the waters…No guy wants to marry the village nymph…they settle for the church goer in the starched gingham dress..

  206. Newbie says:

    Adding to your comment “The starched gingham dress”… with a white collar. I can remember my mom saying for us girls to not be upset if we are dating and find the boy has been with someone else. It was that when a boy dates and you don’t put out, they will find the “village nymph” which would only show that we weren’t giving it away….that we were nice girls…lol.

    If Jodi hadn’t tried sexual entrapment of Travis, things may have been totally different. Anyway, she just really didn’t get actually loving someone and how that makes the sexual experiences different……including not violating your loved ones trust of not being taped during private moments without your consent.

    I think Jodi wanted Travis as a possession way more than she loved him. Her kind do not know what love is not love.~~SS

  207. margaret says:………..another good article, pretty much our feelings.

    Great article, thank you for being a good sleuth!~~

  208. colin black says:

    The only Miss conduct in this case is Miss Arias
    Her misconduct got this entire thing rolling.
    Shut up Nurmi your not going to get a miss trial.

  209. colin black says:

    Mommy dad an wee bro turned up
    Just twin absent now waiting for the jury
    Thats why they were not present
    They are all strategically watching an listening to Jurours .
    Looking for dirt/miss conduct.

    An all the while Miss conduct is sitting at defence table or lieing on the stand.

  210. colin black says:

    Jodi reveiwing her script before she takes the stage/stand.
    Are thet going to drag this out till trial breaks.
    So no chance for imeadiate cross exam..

  211. colin black says:

    Twins arrived arias gang present an incorrect.

  212. Cali Patti says:

    Ok Snoopy, I apologize to you for defending Nurmi, I was wrong. I now want him in a cell for 30 days next to Jodi. His form of questioning is what has been making me sick. It wasnt Jodis testimony. He verbally pounces on a word or phrase Jodi says then exaggerates, rehashes and an hour later he is still talking about the same thing.
    I do not write well however I have always read a lot. I love how authors use the English language. Nurmi is horrible.
    Again, I apologize for ever defending him.

    Cali ~~who said you were defending Nurmi??~~SS

  213. colin black says:

    Jodis monogomous one guy at a time in order to move on she has to cut the other person of.
    Or in Travis case cut him up.

  214. Cali Patti says:

    Attorney’s on HLN are critiquing Martinez for not objecting to hearsay, leading questions, and Nurmi’s testifying. They are saying Martinez should be objecting to anything regarding Travis being a pediphile.
    They are actually making sense.

  215. Cali Patti says:

    Martinez is appearing to be whipped. Attorneys also said by him not objecting to heresay he is not setting a base for appeals court ruling. Is that true? Why is he so quiet?

  216. colin black says:

    Ever heard the expression.

    Give them enough rope.

    He knows exacyly what he is doing.

    Thats why he flying a jet
    An not arm chair qurter backing as a talking head.

    Jodi is gradually slipping the noose around her own neck..I hope those jurors are all on the ball. Did you notice Nurmi is running out of patience?…his droning is getting on his own nerves.~~SS

  217. Vicky says:

    If they don’t move it on and get to the murder of Travis, my negative perception of and comments about Jody and her defense team are going to proliferate. 🙂

    I am truly appalled that so much unsubstantiated minutiae is being allowed. They way this is going, the number of defendants taking the stand in their murder trials will proliferate as well. Talk aboit setting a negative precedence. Well, at least if this works out in her favor. I wonder if the alleged texts will be coming in this afternoon.

  218. I think Martinez is doing a good job. He is a CRIMINAL prosecutor. The legal pundits on HLN are mostly DEFENSE attorneys…of course they are going to disagree with Martinez. Some of those pundits cannot hold a candle to Juan.

    I agree with you, Vicky,…the defense tactics are becoming ridiculous. Jodi is allowed to ramble on and on about such trivial things that have no relevance in this murder case because the death penalty is on the table. Nurmi wasn’t a happy camper when the judge denied the mistrial once again. He even wanted the DP taken off due to prosecution misconduct…geez..

  219. Cali Patti says:

    Thank you. You are correct, they are talking heads. If Vicky writes what she is thinking, it will be worth the wait. Martinez is being very polite.

  220. Cali Patti says:

    I just had a “vision” … If the mistrial hearing tomorrow is successful ( I doubt) then we will be able to listen to Jodi & Nurmi all over again for two weeks. Just wanted to share the nightmare vision.

    The mistrial hearing was today and the judge denied it.~~SS

  221. Newbie says:

    I do hope I am still alive when Martinez gets to cross exam Ms. Arias !

  222. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited! We got a sneak preview of Martinez in ACTION!

  223. Newbie says:

    How refreshing to hear Martinez !!!!!

  224. Sarah says:

    What is it about Nurmi that grates on my nerves? I know he’s just doing his job and I don’t blame him for that…….but…..there’s something off about him. I can’t pin it down.

    Don’t feel bad. I would like to plunge a darning needle in his big fat gut and let all his hot air out…just like an inflatable doll…he would let a giant fart and fly to he** out of that courtroom..~~SS

  225. Newbie says:

    He reminds me of the kid in class who knew it all and who didn’t care if he got into trouble. Just rude. And his ability to read or look at papers or pictures. His living is dependent upon seeing things and relating….why doesn’t he do whatever is necessary so he doesn’t take everyones time while he takes his own time to read something. Get it fixed !
    Don’t care for his style but he has been able to get Jodi to paint the picture.

  226. Newbie says:

    Snoops, what would you do with that needle afterwards… Jodi run… quite a decision when you’re dealing with a three hole wonder.

    I’d use the darning needle and strong fishing line and sew all her holes up.~~SS

  227. Sarah says:

    His shirt looks like it’s about to pop a button.

    Snoops: Darning needle? Great idea. The (F)lying Attorney. You summed it up for most of us.

    I think it was Nurmi who came up with this sexual defense. He had a lot to work with. He turned the tables. Instead of the prosecution being able to use it against her Nurmi has turned it against Travis. I just pray that Martinez flips the tables again to show that Jodi was the sexual deviant.

    She was the experienced one. She had her sights on getting Travis (wallet) and she knew his weakness would be and was sex. She’s a professional manipulator. Do you think that it was her ex boyfriends idea to buy that house? I have a feeling it was hers. She’s drawn to get rich quick ideas. She saw a short cut and status with Travis. Sad. Sad. Sad. Just think; if he had never met her he would probably be married and starting a family.

    We’re not getting to the murder today. M a y b e tomorrow.

    Sarah…lolol..thank goodness for Nurmi’s tie. I don’t know how in heck he was able to button his shirt. Normally, I do not make fun of a person’s look…I just can’t stand the man..he is driving me nuts.~~SS

  228. Cali Patti says:

    I think Nurmi is May of text messages then he has instant messaging. Has he done phone calls, I can’t remember, it’s all blending together.
    HLN showed the morning witness on the mistrial hearing. This witness said Jodi told her she was baptized because of Travis. She won’t testify with jury present.

  229. colin black says:

    Thats Nurmis forte he is not a public defender.
    He is a private defence attorney an he specialises in Sex Crimes.
    So his clients tend to be rapeists .sex offenders .child molesters.
    He is useing his expriance of defending the scum of the earth.

    He has coached Jodi by feeeding her senarios to paint Ttavis in the most negative light.
    He knows what jurours have been disgusted at by his previous clients anntics.

    Therfore has built a story with Jodi to incorparate every sick perverted thing she can.
    If she could she would claim he turned zombie on her ass an comited necrophilia on her after she shot him in self defence
    An thus she had to almost decapitate him to put him down.

    Nurmi is a sleazebag whom defends evil monsters

    Jodi is his worst to date.

    I hope Nurmi’s clients are not paying him by the hour. I may take a trip to Mesa, Arizona… my motive REVENGE…the bigger they are, the harder they fall. How do they know for sure Travis sent those text msges? Travis slept, Jodi had access to his phone. ~ ~ SS

  230. I hate to say this but today the defense may have scored some points…Oh gawd, I would love to be wrong.

  231. Cali Patti says:

    I think Martinez will not “be up” until the 25th of Febuary, the earliest.
    Nurmi is on messages, there is the drive down the coast and her stops along the way. Her drive from S. Cslif. to Arizona, the hair dye, gas cans, no phone usage, etc., the murder, the Utah drive and visit. Drive home to Yreka, rental car then the alibi, lies, so on. There is much Nurmi still has to explain.
    It might even be March before Martinez can begin.
    I have nothing to back up what I just wrote just how Nurmi has been proceeding.

  232. Sarah says:

    Please tell me you all are watching Dr. Drew! Gus Searcy is going to be on?????

  233. Sarah says:

    Oh Gus, Gus……… smitten! I have the same reaction to Gus as I do Nurmi……ugh.

    (Hey Snoops: Sorry; didn’t see your post about Guy Searcy appearing on Dr. Drew.)

    Gus has been dying to get on tv. I’m just sad it was Dr. Drews’ show.

  234. [edit…thanks to Sarah who found an error I made re Gus Searcy..the content of my comment has been deleted]

  235. Sarah~~[edit my error deleted]

    Did you hear when Gus said he rec’d the phone call from Jodi at 3am and she was crying hysterically that Travis was dead?…Gus asked where she was and she said Northern California.

  236. Cali Patti says:

    Snoopy you have good recall. Do you have a opinion as to when Martinez will begin? When I wrote March that is a reach but the 25th seems ok.
    You also wrote about Jodi making points today. Jodi has become a person to me, finally however I don’t know if it will mean anything. Might be enough to keep her off death row.

    Martinez will start his cross exam of Jodi around Monday, Feb 18th, or Tuesday…no trial on Fridays. Jodi is a person …a person who is a psycho/stalker/murderess. ~~SS

  237. Sarah says:

    Yes…….heard it loud and clear. But, I have to pause and ask why the prosecution did not listen to this or use the info from Gus. What do they know or not know about Mr. Searcy? Even though he may have pro-prosecution statements; he might be dismantled on the stand by the defense? Something doesn’t set right with me when it comes to Searcy.

    He didn’t really have anything of great relevance for the defense or Prosecution. He gave Jodi a Helio phone. She stayed at his mobile home over night. I wonder how she paid for that phone. BTW, Gus married a woman much younger than he is..I think it was when Travis was still alive. ~~SS

  238. Sarah says:

    SS: Sorry: But where is the link where the judge instructs Searcy not to hold interviews? I see where you posted todays trial. (I cringe. I know the answer is obvious.)

  239. Sarah says:

    Thanks Snoops. I didn’t see this mornings segment.

    Did anyone else besides me think that “Laura” on Dr. Drew show was on something OR she has very bad posture.

    BTW: My mother use to make us set the table while balancing a book on our head(s). (I have two sisters; we are each a year apart………I know, I know….Irish triplets.) But, I actually am greatful for my mother teaching us good posture. It has saved my back and neck on several occasions. When I begin to “slump”; I just pick up a book…..tee hee.

    LOL Your mother was a wise lady. I missed a bit of Dr Drew so didn’t see Laura.~~SS

  240. Here is Gus and his wife.. I am unsure if you have to be logged in to Facebook to see it…

  241. Cali Patti says:

    So SS, if Martinez is to begin on the 18th that would mean Nurmi has to wrap his defense up in one day, tomorrow? I hope that happens.

    Nope, Martinez can cross examine any witnesses Nurmi puts on the stand…I think the jurors may be able to ask their questions to Jodi too. The defense wont be resting their case for some time yet. They have experts etc to put on.~~SS

  242. Sarah says:

    Snoops: I’m watching Sky Hugh(es). She looks better with short hair. (Not that that matters.)

    Thank goodness she finally settled down. She appeared very nervous at first.

    Jodi was smiling when Sky took the stand……..but after Sky said that she would help in Jodi’s conviction……Jodi’s demeanor changed. Love it!

  243. Gus Searcy has a ‘reputation’…. here is a clip of when he was a ‘defense’ witness at the Prosecution Misconduct hearing…The state kept ignoring his calls when this case was being investigated in the early stages….he got teed off so went over to the defense side and tried to cause trouble for Martinez so the defense could declare a mistrial…Seary had his own agenda and just wanted to be in the limelight…

    Gus Searcy pleads the Fifth

  244. Sarah says:

    Snoops: Judge releases Gus Gus (start at the 15:11 mark). He even enters the court and she reiterates that he is released and may conduct interviews (which he has been gnawing off his own foot to do).

    You are absolutely correct!! I stand corrected. I skipped over what Nurmi said and misinterpreted what the judge said. Thank you so much. Now I have to go back and delete my misinformation. ~~SS

  245. Sarah says:

    You know what I think it is about Nurmi that gets on my last nerve? He reminds me of Jodi and CA. They all THINK they are smarter than the average bear. About 19:00 or maybe a little before (in the video linked in my last post), Nurmi stands up and makes his argument against prosecutorial misconduct and he sounds soooooo arrogant that he shoots himself in the foot. No wait. I don’t think he could aim for his own foot.

  246. We all need a good laugh….here ya go…

    Gus Searcy at hearing

  247. Sarah says:

    Okie dokie: I laughed at the above video. That video led me to this video:

    The Charm of Gus Searcy

    Now I know why neither side wanted to call on Gus……..bless his little ole’ heart.

    Aint him just the cutest? I thought at first Liberace came back to life.~~SS

  248. debl115 says:

    “Martinez will start his cross exam of Jodi around Monday, Feb 18th”. I’m thinking that there won’t be court on Monday, the 18th, because of President’s Day? Sucks, cuz I’m off that day.

    Dang! I am not up on all the holidays in the US.This trial will take forever.~~SS

  249. Cali Patti says:

    Ok… maybe I asked the wrong question. I wanted to ask when you thought Nutmi would be done with Jodi so Martinez had his turn with her. I understand Nurmi has more witness’s. I was thinking it would be days if Nurmi goes over Jodi’s actual drive, stops, alibi’s, lies, etc. That’s how I came up with Feb. 25th.

    I responded to your ‘wrap up the defense’…you meant finished with the witness..remember that after Martinez does his cross exam, Nurmi can come back and ask Jodi more questions and then Juan and then Nurmi and so on and so on…they may not finish with Jodi until Dec 25th but dang, that’s a holiday too and she may start singing carols again.~~SS

  250. Cali Patti says:

    Ok the 18th, then he will be done tomorrow There’s no court on Fridays, right?

    debl115 just informed us that the 18th is a holiday!~~SS

  251. debl115 says:

    This trial will go on forever, the way that Nurmi is going. How MANY times can he ask the same questions over and over and over. I can’t imagine how many hours he and Jodi have spent going over her testimony. Her answers are so rehearsed. “And is that when he called you a whore? And is that when he called you a three hole wonder?” Jodi: “Yes, those and many other things”. 5 minute delay (to let that sink in to the jury). “And what other names did he call you?”. OMG, I’m so sick of listening to the two of them. Seriously, I wish I had a dime for every hour that they have spent together, planning out their question & answer session. Oh, and another thing, listening to good old Gus tonight on Dr. Drew. If he really did receive a phone call from Jodi the morning after Travis was killed, telling him that Travis was DEAD, and he really did call Martinez to let him know that, but Martinez didn’t return his call? Seriously, Gus, sorry dude, calling bullshit on that story. The minute that he is released from the witness list, and is allowed to speak with the media, that is what he has to say. FU, Gus.

    I know exactly where you are coming from. Then we get religion shoved down our throat every other question “the fat guy” asks. Sry, suddenly I am in a bad mood and it has nothing to do with your comments.~~SS

  252. Cali Patti says:

    So next week has only three days of court. I’m interested in how Nurmi or Wilmot will wrap up Jodi’s trip/murder in one day.

  253. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Snoopy, Dear! You poor thing, sounds like you’ve had a rough day. Don’t do it! (Put blog up for sale). Just start a new thread if you can manage it. Great quality comments here today, and everyone’s noticing tons of stuff. This yammering little imbecile on the stand and her blobby drone of a lawyer are just prolonging the inevitable- the Big Event and then the really Big Event- Cross!

    It was good seeing Sky Hughes on the stand today- I just knew there were some good folks finding the discrepancies and passing them along. And every little “fact” Psycho emits is another thing to be checked, and there’s so many now. Patience, All- This, Too, Shall Pass….

  254. Karen C~~sorry!! Running a blog and trying to keep everyone happy can get stressful at times.. Now I can understand why Dave had to take many breaks and have me take over at his blog. I don’t want to put up a new post until the weekend sometime. In the meantime, I may refrain from responding to every question and let the others take over.

    Hope your hubby gives you a nice Valentine gift. Nite nite…

  255. Newbie says:

    lol…..little late getting back to your blog but just wanted to say your reply to 6:19 p.m. comment just cracked me up…..thank you.
    Maybe Jodi will finally do the suicide trick she wants to pull out of the bag everytime she’s losing ground. I know, I know, that is just dreaming !

  256. Karen C. says:

    Newbie- well, she wants to die so badly she can plead guilty already, and “BEG for the death penalty”! Martinez can start with making that suggestion…

    Hey, we could play a little game to alleviate things for poor sleep-deprived Snoopy (almost as bad as me!)- what should Martinez begin with, for Cross? What would be the most powerful thing to clobber the little twit with? Other than the begging for DP part, he could also start with that clip we’ve all seen so much of- her powdering her nose and beaming away, in jail! Not exactly a wounded wallflower with low self-esteem!

  257. Newbie~~your Red Rose is very appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

    I wish we could put a stick of dynamite under Nurmi….Will they even get close to that fatal day before the long weekend? I hope Martinez doesn’t go into retirement before he gets a chance to cross…

  258. Karen C~~here’s a good opening question from Martinez…”Miss Arias, you told Detective Flores that if you killed Travis, you would beg for the death penalty, I am here to fulfill your wish.”

  259. Newbie says:

    Okay guys, I’m running on an hour of sleep so this could be a real stupid question but I can’t get the answer from myself. Can Nurmi just stop questioning and not even go into the murder and her actions afterwards? If he could, then what happens to Martinez ability to ask questions about the murder?
    Snoops, that’s a nice thought on the rose !

  260. Newbie says:

    Martinez to Jod:
    Are you about ready to knock this shit off or do you really want me to do the cross examination?

  261. Newbie~~I suppose Nurmi could do that but I wonder if he would turn the jurors off. If Jodi wants to try and avoid the death penalty, she will have to explain how she ended up killing Travis. That’s quite the question and it has crossed my mind too. Maybe Karen will jump in here and give us her opinion.

  262. Newbie says:

    Oooo, Snoopy, what are you doing to end up sleep deprived? Don’t want you losing sleep over this case.

    nothing to do with the case, up late answering stupid questions.. time zones vary..~~SS

  263. Karen C. says:

    Martinez should bring out a male mannequin and have her get up off the chair and show each blow as it happened, in what exact order (if she can remember leaving a door partially ajar five years later, or what she drank at a Starbucks seven years ago, she can damn well ‘member this!), and see if any of it tallies with the autopsy report. Not with a sharp object, obviously. Plastic ruler maybe…

    Karen C~~sorry but Jodi would insist on making love with the mannequin first…but not without some Tootsie rolls…naw…the murder was so stressful , she probably blocked it out of her mind.. Jodi can cry on cue… I wish she would lose it and throw the jug of water at Martinez and then the deputy stun her with the gun.. Oh we will see the drama..~~SS

  264. Marilyn says:

    @Karen,wouldn’t that be tooo funny?I really have a problem with Jane Valez Mitchell,she reminds me of Aphrodite Jones(mooning over Baez)JVM is so wishy washy,she favors the defense to the nth degree,in my opinion.As soon as the defense lawyer said he agrees with Martinez on his cross examination ,she jumps in with “what if”(Gus video)I just can’t take her playing both sides of the fence,even tho that’s her job,I guess.Nancy doesn’t kowtow to any of them.I think that’s the way it should be!! I for one,as a jury member,would hope for the prosecutor to be strong in his cross!He only get one shot at this murderer and her lies(unless God forbid,a hung jury)!The state has the burden and to have a prosecutor be soft-spoken and non-confrontational would be a BIG mistake for me.If this jury has any common sense,they have to understand all of the above about Martinez actions during cross.Personally I think Nurmi is doing his quietly examination of all the witnesses on purpose for the jury!He doesn’t remind me of being a soft spoken person,except to try and scam,which as Martinez said about the defense trying sooo hard to get a mistrial.The Skank’s jury has me being worried about common sense juries,and of course you never know,so I’m hoping for the best!I think it’s awful what the justice system has come to!Seems the defense of these murderers,means bring on anything without proof!

  265. Karen C. says:

    They must manufacture “male” versions of those blow-up dolls, for the gay male market. That would be the way to go…. HLN would have to work super-fast cutting all that out….

  266. debl115 says:

    Bummer, no court today, Judge is sick. Guess I gotta work, then…blah 🙂

  267. Karen C. says:

    Good, we can all go through all this idiotic minutia some more. Or, we can go have a life for a few days!

  268. Sarah says:

    Is Debl115 correct? NO Court today?

  269. debl115 says:

    From ABC15 News:
    PHOENIX – The Jodi Arias trial has been canceled for Thursday.

    According to a court spokesperson, Judge Sherry Stephens is out sick.

    The trial is expected to resume Tuesday since the courts are closed Monday for President’s Day.

    Read more:

  270. Sarah says:

    Geez Louweez! It may be April before this is over. This is ridiculous. But, can you put a time on someone who is fighting for their life? Um. Yes. Travis didn’t get any extra time to fight for his.

    Thanks for the info debl115.

  271. Correct, the judge is sick.

  272. colin black says:

    I was going to ask yesterday
    If anyone noticed the Judges head nodding.
    At first I thought it was the camera wobbling a wee bit.
    But cut to a scene of the court gallery steady,
    Back to the Judge when her head at rest was definetly nodding
    Slight like some elderly people do but as soon as She had to turn an look at something it stopped.
    It was like an invoulantry tremmor.
    I hope its nothing serious..

    Colin~~I noticed the judge’s head shaking from day one. It may be caused by a pinched nerve in her spine/back of neck . When she turns her head to the side it stops so it appears to be ‘nerve’ related. ~ ~SS

  273. colin black says:

    Will the jurours be sequetered when they retire to consider there verdict.
    Or will they be allowed home each evening say at a 6 pm cut off point.

    I do not know, Colin but I would guess, they would be allowed to go home. If I can find out, I will let you know.~~SS

  274. Vicky says:

    Not that I’m happy Judge Stephens is ill today, but I am glad that her illness has jacked with the defense teams stall tactics designed to leave the jury feeling some level of “pity” for poor, misunderstood, abused, exploited, distraught Jodi over the weekend. It also gives the prosecution team even more time to compare notes and look into all of the assertions she has made over the past weeks. One thing that I find interesting about he Travis was a pedophile assertions is that her testimony that she discovered Travis masterbating to photos of little boys, I believe followed her claim that shortly before this Travis had given her the angle, they had had sex, she left, got outside and realized she forgot the gift, went back in the house, went immediately upstairs and found Travis with photos spread on the bed “pleasuring” himself. Several thoughts come to mind. How much time did they spend engaged in sexual activity that day? How many times did he ejaculate? Did Travis walk her out? Why did she leave when she did? Where was his dog? Did the dog ever bark when people entered the house? How much time elapsed between the time she left and returned? I know these questions might seem irrelevant, but if the dog reacts to people entering the house, I would think a dude jacking off would make sure his bedroom door was locked before continuing. Statistically speaking, a male at his age can only ejaculate a certain number of times per hour. Are we really to believe she leaves and he immediately retrieved photos of little boys for further gratification? If she was supposed to be leaving for work, did she call in that day at the last minute?
    I happen to be well versed in the area of deviant sexual behavior, and I can say with near certainty that Travis does not fit the profile of a pedophile or an opportunistic sex offended based upon what we have learned to date. These individuals are mentally disturbed, and rarely if ever begin acting out in their thirties. But this is a whole different topic in and of itself.

    As for Newbie’s question about whether or not Nurmi can opt out of questioning Jodi about details of the murder to circumvent the prosecution, it wouldn’t work. She admitted to killing Travis right off the bat, so Martinez has every right to question her about the murder. I am wondering if Martinez will step through the opening Jodi gave him regarding the stalking.

  275. margaret says:

    Hello my friend Snoopy.,,Doc. Margaret here with a little advice. Get Some Rest..I vote we all stay away tomorrow and let you get some peace and quiet..Don’t overdo and make yourself sick.. We all need you too much and it may be close to picking up speed next week. Crossing my fingers. I am not surprised the judge is sick..Do you remember the cheshire cat, always hanging from a tree, in Alice In Wonder Land.. I look at Gus Searcy and I see that cat. I would really hate to wake up and have to look at him every day.. Hope that made you smile .. Relax get some rest I think I will finish that book I put down when this trial started..Don’t make Doc Margaret have to come up there, she can be mean.

  276. Margaret~~God love you. I have taken care of the problem that was causing me grief yesterday and last evening. BTW, I love being here for all of you!!

  277. Newbie says:

    Vicky, thanks for the answer. I think I’ve gotten past the point of over thinking on this case. I’m thinking maybe no Court til Tuesday might help the jury by their minds getting out of the Jodi A. world and back into reality.

  278. Newbie~~no wonder poor Judge Stevens got sick. I noticed she kept having to blow her nose. Jodi probably thought she had the judge crying for her. Yes, this long recess no doubt messed up the defense strategy. I still think Jodi started blackmailing Travis when she found out he was dating other women. I also hope Martinez will have computer forensics verify if Travis really sent all those emails and texts. Jodi stayed at Travis’ house when she cleaned and baby sat the dog, Napoleon… she had access to Travis’ computer and also knew the passwords. I was speaking with a ‘Source’ last night who is puter savvy..he said it was not impossible for Jodi to send things to herself. I am hoping for Martinez to come up with many ‘surprise Jodi’s’…”how can you explain such and such?” Oh God, I am in love with Juan now.

  279. Newbie says:

    Jodi might be good at lying but she’s not run into a person like J. Martinez. I think he doesn’t have a second chair because he is so meticulous no one wants to work with him….lol. I am so anxious for him to start his cross. Can you imagine the patience the Alexander siblings are having to display. I would have been thrown out of the court room by now. I have second thoughts about that now…..I wouldn’t want to cause a mistrial and have to deal with Martinex….eek!

  280. margaret says:

    Didn’t in the beginning ,in some interview that Travis friends , the Hughes gave ,that the reason they didn’t allow jodi to keep meeting Travis was because they did not want jodi around their children..That may have given jodi the idea to paint Travis as a pedeophile to get a dig at them??

    Jodi is putting all her faults over on Travis. She spooked out Chris and Sky Hughes. During other hearings before this trial began, Jodi would look at Travis’ sisters and give them a smile (smirk)…the bitch.~~SS

  281. Vicky says:

    My questions for all those feeling sympathy for Jodi as a sexually abused and manipulated woman are as follows. Are all women who engage in kinky sex abused? Are all women who pose for pornographic photos abused? Are all women who engage in premarital sex in hopes of keeping their man abused? Are all women who accept erotic humiliation abused? Are all woman who role play in their sexcapades abused? Are all women who enjoy kinky sex, etc. Mentally Ill or imbalanced?
    Travis didn’t hold her captive, he didn’t leave her with the impression that they would be married. I don’t approve of the manner in which he communicated with her, but he did not force her to continue in their relationship. She was addicted to him and I doubt very seriously that he was educated well enough to understand the true dynamics of what was going on with Jodi. It’s not like he held a PhD in psychology. I’m not even sure he ever completed any level of higher education beyond Mission instruction provided by the Mormon Church and seminars offered by prepaid legal.

    Some People are acting as though he should have known how to handle Jodi. They act as though he should have realized she was a threat to him beyond tire slashing and personal account invasion. To date there is no indication that she was physically aggressive with him outside of the bedroom, front porch or automobiles. She never expressed to him that she felt violated by their sexcapades. Heck, it seems to me she was instructing him on ways to make their intimate contact more pleasurable. Men have had “Mistresses” for as far back as written documentation can verify.

    I think June 4th of June was their final buty call. I believe that Travis told her that it was over and that he was going to confess his sins to the Bishop upon his return from Cancun. She wanted to be his sex goddess. When he stopped worshiping her and was prepared to return to the demands of his faith, Jody made a conscious decision to end his life to make certain he couldn’t put the Mormon Church or another woman before her.

  282. Vicky says:

    Jodi performed her very own human sacrifice. After all she was a goddess ya know!

  283. Vicky~~during all of Jodi’s testimony she is running hot and cold. She, with Nurmi’s blessings, is suffocating the jury with information overload. She comes across as having a photographic memory to every little detail. We are listening to a manipulating stalker, a warped psycho. When Jodi picks up any papers to read on the stand, her hands never tremble. Yet when Travis yelled at her (allegedly) she trembled like a ‘little’ chihuahua. She has nerves of steel. She can cry on cue and show emotions to fit the occasion being discussed. In my opinion, Jodi is like a robot…no conscience…no remorse…she is actually a dead woman still walking. If set free, she would be a great danger to society.

    Travis said Jodi sounded like a 12 year old when she had an orgasm…listen to her giggles, she did sound like a 12 yr old…so that makes Travis a pedophile. grrrr

    Jodi left Darryl… so was there any love between the two?…Jodi seems to be able to turn hers on and off like a lightbulb. Strange she never said Darryl abused her…bet she would now since he said he gave her the gas cans…

  284. colin black says:

    Strange thing is
    And as Ive hinted for my sins I know more than most about Mormon Theoligy.
    Even a lot of the secret doctrines hidden by the Elders,

    An beleive me a lot of the teachings an lectures written by Joseph Smith put L R Hubbard to shame.

    Within the beleif system of the L D S is the constent stive for self improvemant.

    They take the comment from the old testamen geniss that GOD created Man in his own image as fact an litterlary.

    So in essence if GOD Created Man in his own image.
    Then we have the abbility through constant spirtual improvement atonement .
    Liveing a pieous an hummble life no matter what your poition.
    Great an good or lowly but vital.
    To always put charitable concerns before your welfare an genrally strive to live within the tennants of the church.

    B T W Long Story Short my conection with the L D S
    Started because of my love of choclate.
    Mormons cant drink tea or coffee or alchcohol.
    So in prison differnt religion s have differnt dieterry requirements.

    Hini or Jewish or Muslin even if your a vegetarian you get a differnt diet.
    Mormon Diet consited of normal food but a big bag of powdered choclate an dry milk an a wee bag of sugar.
    To acomadate for our lack of t or coffee bevrages.
    So of course I said I was a Mormon when I entered Jail many many years ago.

    Also when you get in trouble in jail for whatever reason.
    Sometimes you end up in solitarty
    And thats just as advertised your taken to a small isolated cell block distant from main wing.
    About 6 cells an they are bear except for a concrete pallet about 8 inches of the floor. a plastic bucket an lid for you to piss an shit in a matresss an bedding one thin pillow.
    An everything is stripped from you no books radio writting materials nothing.
    Plus no interaction with other humans neither the screws or other cons whom deliver the food trays are allowed to talk to you.
    Or you to them.

    The only thing they are not allowed to deprive you of.
    And must supply you with is your book of worship.
    And being a somewhat rebelious youth a ended up in chokey quite offten.
    And was where I developed an intrest in there religion.
    Never been a convert but Ive read the book of mormon more times than most mormons its fasinating.

    Ive also studied an gathered info on many aspects of there church once they piqed my intrest so to speak.

    Getting back to there beleif in man in image of God
    Whats considered blasthphemy in most main strean religions.
    In the mormon doctrine its beleived that here on earth is just the fore runner to our next spirtual journey.
    And once we achive the phycicall unity of spirt an piousness goodnee one ness with god so as we in his image.
    Its only right an true if we fufilll our Lords wishes as he has created us not only in his image but from his own being.
    And acheiveing oneness allows us to fufill our ultimate desnity if we have lived righous lifes.
    We attain GOD hood as Jesus spoke to his followers .
    In my fathers house there are many mansions.
    J Smith interpets that to say that the universe is vast.
    He got that right an throught the universe it is seeded with billions of earth like planets.
    One for each of us in essance when we reach the proper level we got our own world to rule.
    Hey maybe he was able to see into the future an got mixed up with world of warcraft.

    Anyway those are some of the secrets the mormons keep buried under a mountain along with billions of facimiles an photocopies of everybody birth certificate ever born they can locate.
    An they re babtise them postmusly.
    An by them I mean YOU
    They probly got yours an your a mormon an wont even know till you die.
    Then you will thank them when you got your own planet to rule.

    Theres an interesting book / documentry /mocku mentry
    Called the God Makers wich explains a lot about the things Ive said above.
    Originaly a book exposeing some of the weirder asspects of the mormon religion from insiders whom for saftey had to be annomous.
    Then the book being a huge sucsess an pissin the mormons of no end.
    It was made into a movie/documentry.
    But the insiders/informers from the book wouldnt apear on camra
    Even in disguise an blacked out.
    So the directers hired actors to read there lines an play /pose as them in the documentry.

    Now Interestingly theres something realf freaky an even more so than most that attracted me to this case,
    Because of my knowlage of the mormon faith /beleif system.
    An even some of the forbiden writtings hidden from most church members.

    Ive never spoken about it before the trial got started an the defence was up an at it.
    Didnt want to give them any ideas .

    One way to gain god like status as Ive said is live the good pious righous life ya da ya da da.
    However if one has strayed very very far an often from the moral path an truely wishes to repent.

    An we are talking dark matters hear murder incest rape something unatoneable unless great sacrifice is made.
    An the key word is sacrifice it is said that when members of the church both historicaly an present day an remember its not that old a religion.
    If the Elders were presented by someone whom confesses to a heinious crime wishes to repent.
    Suiside is not allowed within most churches an that includes the L D S .
    However the subject can request a ritual death a cleanseing sacrifice that not only clears them of any an all earthy sins.
    But catapults them right to the head of the queue to godhood planet rule.
    The mannner of this sacrifice an the eerie similarities are what had my jaw drpping to the floor when I first read of this case 5yrs ago now.

    Anyway cant remember how many people participate besides the vivtim/sacrifice three or four I think
    The victim is hung upside down over a basin or barrel his ankles tied hoisted up over a beam or some thing.
    Then they recite some scripture an simultaniously his throat is slashed and he stabbed through the heart.

    Flippin heck I thought I hope this is part of mormonisim Jodi never heard about.

    I know Snoops is a stickler for links an stuff but come on I couldnt make this stuff up..
    I will see if I can dig up a link …………….

    Matey, I am a stickler for links when we are discussing the case. My daughter was a guard in an all male prison for over 20 years. I believe you. Normally, I shy away from discussing religion, race and politics. I think we are getting well educated in the Mormon religion and every sex act known to man or beast. No link necessary!~~SS

  285. Newbie says:

    I think Jodi was teaching Travis the ropes on sexual escapades. I’m sure she coaxed him from the beginning. All she can really do is catch a man by using her body and sexual knowledge. What substance is there in her other than manipulation, lying to get ahead as the sweet girl, and sex. To me Travis seemed a little immature and the horse was out of the barn by the time he came to his senses. He had crossed the line in the standards he set for himself and his attempting to stay with the requirements of his religion. Others commenting here have expressed their thoughts on her blackmailing him. Boy, I agree with that. In my mind I see Travis as dabbling in trying out sex just the same as a person who has tried their first drink and partying. After the first time of drinking and making a fool of themselve, They might say they’re not going to do it again yet still dabble in the partys, drinks and end up sick and making a fool of themselves. It might take them a little bit to get back to what their beliefs were and know they don’t want to cave to pier pressure. With Travis, it was trying to give up the wonderful find of sex and a girl he knew wasn’t for him.
    Vicky I really think you said it well when explaining he had had it and that is when Jodi killed him.
    And, I would bet more than a dollar that Jodi doesn’t have the ability to really enjoy sex and to climax.

  286. Newbie~~strange how some of us old timers (me) think alike. I do not think that nymphomaniacs orgasm. This is why they are never satisfied and will try every sex act in the book to see it they can climax. I doubt if Travis was experienced enough to know if Jodi ever did.

    Vicky’s comments are very informative and valuable. One of these days, I am going to ask her to write us another post…*hint *hint.. when this trial is over…

  287. I feel really good hearted… I will do my best to get a new post up before Monday…in the meantime…this is an

    Open thread!!

  288. Newbie says:

    colin, I now am wondering if Jodi did know about the Mormon provisions of “simultaniously his throat is slashed and he stabbed through the heart”. She did both to Travis. She was going to commit suicide with the gun but got so angry because Travis fought, she shot him instead of herself. I think this would have been a better reason than self defense. She could have babbled like an idiot and gone to the mental institution instead of death row (possibly) lol.

  289. Newbie says:

    Snoops, do you have a specific topic you would like Vicky to write on…..hint hint Vicky !!!

    Knowing Vicky, it will be something that will make us blush. Did you notice what she wrote upthread…my memory and eyesight aren’t the best but I think she said that she was an experienced sexual deviant. Not verbatim…lol ~~SS

  290. At 4:41pm…[I happen to be well versed in the area of deviant sexual behavior,] The word ‘versed’ can be interpreted many ways. Betcha she knows all the 101 ways…being versed and all… Every time I think of Travis wanting to ditch Jodi.. it makes me think of Humpty Dumpty… aka hump it and dump it…

  291. Karen C. says:

    Colin- Thanks so much for the candor and also that info on LDS- the need for blood to be shed as a sacrifice is indeed a big part of their old historical identity (the victims in Krakauer’s “Under the Banner of Heaven” had their throats slit- even the baby daughter in her crib), but somehow I’ve thought of Jodi’s whole conversion experience as being way too shallow for her to have absorbed any of that. I’ve thought of that vicious action as being basically to finish him off faster, not as a ritualistic sacrifice of any kind, but there may be merit in that. From listening to her droning on and on about totally extraneous things (her poetry yesterday!) it appears she picked up all kinds of little shiny bits and pieces of ideas and information to use later for some effect. Despite the happy-faced, sun-shiney aspects of the Mormon faith and it’s wholesome followers there is also a real morbidity deep in the cellars of LDS culture and maybe that’s the part of it that secretly resonated with her.

  292. Does anyone know how long after Jodi first met Travis before she got baptized? Would it be possible to read all of the Book of Mormon before one was baptized? I commented some time ago that it seemed Jodi carried out Travis’ murder as some form of ritual… sex, torturous death, washing the body after…

  293. Karen C. says:

    I think it was only 3 little weeks! No one does that. Book of Mormon is a tough one to get through- I tried to read it (I can read ’bout anything, and can usually find at least some informative value in even the dullest of tomes) and I failed- I was reading it in bed, trying to, and found myself holding it up and thinking- this is not worth another day’s plowing through, just isn’t. And returned it to my boyfriend of the time. I had interrupted reading Emerson’s Essays for it, too. Almost same time period so it wasn’t the early 19th c language doing me in, either. Just couldn’t buy any more magical thinking, theologically speaking.

    Thanks, Karen. So Jodi would not have an in depth knowledge of the church of Mormon before becoming a member? Occasionally, LDS come to my door, young men wearing white shirts and dress slacks. I tell them I am not interested and they remain very polite and go on their way.~~SS

  294. Karen C. says:

    You know, we have only Jodi’s word for when their relationship actually started and when it actually ended and when things got “hot” between them, unless Martinez has something up his sleeve in some document form. It seems hardly anyone in Travis’ circle knew he was canoodling with her.

  295. Would Jodi sacrifice Travis’ to cleanse her own soul? Not if she took off to see Ryan and started grinding on him. I am going back to the psycho/stalker/obsessive and insanely jealous.

  296. Karen C. says:

    Oh, Jodi was, I’m sure, feigning an interest in LDS to make herself more appealing to Travis. Like I said, no one converts to a fairly complex doctrine and regulation-heavy faith after such a short amount of time. But she may have discovered things about it that appealed to her- various rituals for instance. She may have felt he needed atonement and she needed vengeance, at least as a justification. But, yeah, she’s basically a psycho-stalker!

    I DO hope they fingerprinted the area around the doggie door- I don’t want that one being challenged, it’s too good. ‘Night!

  297. colin black says:

    B UT But I wanted to post a link or a least get scolded for not doing so.

  298. Newbie says:

    I was just joking in my Feb 14 12:34 a.m. comment, I hadn’t one thought of Travis being in the shower to help carry out a ritual. Snoop somehow I missed your comment back when relating to Jodi possibly committing the murder as some sort of “ritual”. And then here’s Karen bringing up atonement. It has been more reasonable to me that she got his body to the shower to rinse off residue of sexual activity.but right this minute my mind is racing with the thought of the shower action happening for more than one reason. I’ve had a hard time from the beginning with her dragging him and dealing with his bloody, hacked body to get him to the shower. Lord, just the slit throat would have sent me running. Well, the first stab and his reaction would have done me in. I think I am rambling. I wonder if she will come up with temporary insanity and try to connect it with her fear and then relligious teachings. I think I better stop thinking on this. I do hope they don’t have jury members whose minds can run wild as I see mine doing right now !!!

    I wonder if Jodi had managed to get pregnant to trap Travis how he would have handled it and what the Mormon religion has to say about members and pregnancy prior to marriage. Repent and try marriage?

    I’d like to add my two cents about persons I know who are Latter Day Saints. Snoopy, I had neighbors who are LDS and it made me wish the other neighbors were of the same faith., And, their children were of wonderful character. Not knowing what I would call extremes in the faith, I have believed it to be a religion I could have gone with had I not been satisfied with my own faith.

    I do not know anyone personally who are LDS and that is why all this Mormon religion is new to me. I have nothing for or against them. My Mom was very strict when it came to us going to Sunday School and church. I was lucky that my hubby was of the same religion as me.~~SS

  299. Newbie says:

    No rock throwing but Dr. Phil has Jose Baez is on with a witness that gave false testimony.

    I didn’t watch the show but I know who you are talking about..the puter expert was from Canada.~~SS

  300. Vicky says:

    LOL Snoopy, do you really think you can bait me into sharing all of my most well guarded secrets? I am also well versed in knowing when to keep my mouth closed, unlike the three hole wonder. If you want me to write, you will have to supply the topic. I am in the process of writing a grant for the prevention of sexual abuse and offending. Some of the groups and meetings I have sat in on over the past six months would make your head spin. I am suffering from information overload when it comes to deviant sexual behavior. 🙂 😦

    As fot Ms. Arias, The viscousness of her crime leads me to believe that multiple issues were at play when she finally “exercised” all of her deamons. Her apparent psychopathology, poor if not absent coping skills, and internalization of so much rage and resentment over a long period of time, turned her into a walking time bomb. The rage she demonstrated during that murder could not have begun with her chaotic relationship with Travis. He was just unfortunate enough to have been the catalyst for an outward expression of the thoughts and feelings she had been harboring for a long, long time.

    I think something about Travis and their relationship began to give Jodi a sense of power, control and feelings of acceptance for who she was that she had never experienced before. The realization that they Travis did not plan to continue their relationship in the manner she thrived upon, triggered uncontrollable thoughts of retribution.

    As I have contemplated what might have happened that afternoon, it occurs to me that although Jodi went to Travis’ house with the intent to kill if Travis rejected her, I believe her plan was a murder/suicide that was sidetracked by something that enraged her to the point where self preservation and self pity set in. This has to have occurred not long after the sex/photo session and festered for several hours. Which brings me back to my comment above. Travis must have told her that their booty call sessions were over, that he was not in love with her, was never going to marry her and he was going to confess his sins to his Bishop. He then must have said or done something to convince her that it was in fact over. At some point, perhaps she played the phone sex tape for him and threatened to share it with his friends and associates. Instead of backing down, I believe Travis told her to “knock herself out” and told her to get the heck out. I do not believe Travis knew Jodi was around when he got in the shower. If he did, he likely thought Jodi was cleaning his house for extra cash to make her way back home.

    I can’t wait for her cross, subject to recall and for her to be recalled once her experts testify. The most interesting part of this trial is yet to come.

  301. Vicky says:

    LMAO Snoops!

  302. Here is a taste of what Jodi will have to savor when Martinez takes over….

  303. This is a very interesting video…around 30 minutes in length..a prosecutor discusses the Arias case…

    Talking Dirty: The Jodi Arias Trial with Loni Coombs

  304. It must have been several weeks ago that I had to drop off and take a break from the soft porn trial, and now I find out it’s gotten harder and harder, pardon the pun. Sigh. What IS the point? And I certainly hope Martinez asks this question: “Where did you get the money you deposited in the WAMU account?” It is almost $1000… I think she was prostituting herself. And I think that is where she was getting a lot of her support income… did this girl ever hold a job?

    I find this boring now… and I expect the jurors are getting restless leg syndrome as well. That does not bode well for a conviction… look what happened to the Village Idiots from Pinellas.

    And a very bad precedence for law and courts everywhere…. bore the jury into a rushed decision for leniency. Arrrrrrrghhhhhh!

    Sandy, I can understand people wanting to take a break from this graphic/explicit testimony. Jodi seems right in her element and I hope the jurors are as bored and fed up as the rest of us. Great to see you. Hang tough, surely we will get some real action when Martinez gets his chance at cross.~~SS

  305. I had an aha about that picture taken of his full face, where one can see what appears to be droplets of water either on his face or on the shower… I think she has stabbed him in the back first and he has sunk to his knees, and the look is one of both forgiveness as in “forgive them for they know not what they do…” and mild shock or surprise like “WTF?” but for her, Jodi, this is her trophy photo… her, “This is what you get for not choosing me,” statement, only she never thought it would be discovered. It also looks to me as if he is having some nose bleeding on the left side, which may be due to the damage of the knife wounds severing an artery near the lungs.

    I hope the jury can see that…

  306. Vickie says:

    Hi,I really think she started stabbing him first and in one of the pics of him under stream of water looks like he felt pain,plus the casting from. Bullet was on top of blood,mixed with hair. Good thought tho, but the blood was before he was shot,I do think. She’s tryed tabbing him in the shower and he tried to get away from her. Stabbing him, they said. Blood on sink was from him throwing up blood after stabbing s started,I think he went down in the hallway where all the blood was and that’s where she slit his throat ,she shot him in the bathroom, cos he coulda been trying to crawl away.

    Welcome!! I don’t expect Jodi will even come close to the truth when and if she ever gets to tell us how she defended herself. She will say Travis tried to hit her after he was dead from his throat being slashed so she shot him. ~~SS

  307. Vicky says:

    Good Morning All, now that I have spent several days talking about Jodi, I am going to express a few opinions about Travis. Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not believe in any way he deserved to die or that Jody should not be punished like any other person (male or female) who murders another human being.

    The more I read about Travis, even his own words, the more it becomes obvious he had some significant mental health issues and was living with a tremendous amount of personal and unresolved conflict.

    People who study child development will tell you that the first three to five years of life are critical. It seems to me that Travis’ early years were far from optimal. As a matter of fact, I would venture that he experienced a tremendous amount of neglect and possibly some level of abuse. Especially emotional abuse. As a result, Travis might very well have had substantial mental health and relationship issues as an adult. I would further venture that the doctrine of the Mormon Church was in direct conflict with his issues.

    Research indicates that individuals who experience early childhood neglect (physical and emotional) and abuse are more likely to experience problems developing and sustaining meaningful and healthy relationships as adults.They are also more likely to solicit inappropriate sexual interaction. They often experience impaired social cognition (awareness of oneself in relation to others and an awareness of the emotions of others, and have problems predicting the behavior of others). They are at a disadvantage as they try to form personal and romantic relationships, since they may easily misinterpret other people’s behaviors and social cues. In other words, it might very well have been difficult for Travis to fully comprehend and/or appreciate how his behavior toward Jodi or other females might effect them unless told in no uncertain terms.

    When I read the first chapter of Travis’ book, it became obvious to me that although he had achieved some level of monetary success, he continued to struggle with personal acceptance and self esteem. I also think it is safe to assume he had some fairly significant issues with women. He spoke of the type of woman he wanted It seemed obvious to me that Travis was distrustful of women in general. I know its cliche, but I sensed a lot of abandonment issues in Travis’ chapter. He wasn’t only looking for a wife, he was looking for someone to represent the type of mother he never had. He needed someone to nurture him. At the same time, he needed someone to blame when all was not well with him, but would love him anyway. He was looking
    for unconditional love.

    He was also longing for someone to make him feel better about himself and the thoughts that roamed through his mind when he was all alone without the diversions of the busy life he had built for himself. He wanted someone who could understand where he had been and how it had effected him. He wanted someone to see the real Travis and accept him. He did not want to feel judged, which was something the Mormon Church inadvertently made him feel on a daily basis.

    Travis’s distrust of mature women in general seems obvious to me when one considers not only what he wrote, but that Jodi was the closest in age to any of the women he seems to have dated for any length of time. His experiment with dating Jodi gave him an opportunity to push boundaries. Her lack of innocence also gave him an opportunity to outwardly express some of his internal dialogue. I think a lot of repressed feelings and memories surfaced as their dysfunctional relationship developed. Jodi might have introduced him to real life sex, but I am of the opinion
    Travis had quite the fantasy life before she came along.

    The fact that he continued his contact with Jodi following their “break up” leads me to believe that
    Travis was self destructive. Unfortunately, non of his friends were tuned into the fact that Travis was experiencing a serious crisis that went beyond Jodi Arias. She was one of several symptoms that were left untreated. Sadly, the more experienced and accepting woman he chose to share part of his life with was the worst possible choice he could have made. Travis was not cognitively equipped to comprehend the level of threat she posed to him and lost his life as a result.

  308. Karen C. says:

    It could be that we’re just going slowly bonkers listening to all this cr@p from the Psycho we are now producing a bit of our own (& I know I’m guilty too!) We’re naturally looking for meaning in something pretty inexplicable. Maybe for tools we should be sticking to Occam’s Razor- the most obvious and easy explanation being the likeliest.

    If the babysitter ends up taking the stand in rebuttal she can then relate the incident of Jodi bashing her brother over the head with the baseball bat. I know she was on Dr. Drew, but I’m pretty sure that is unpaid, and unless she goes to the Enquirer and gets big bucks she could be put on the stand to refute this nonsense about a passive, abused waif Jodi, fearful of her life, defending herself against rapist-pedophile Travis.

  309. Karen C. says:

    Vicky- I don’t want you thinking that my comment is a response to yours just above- we were typing at same time (which I notice happens a lot on this busy little blog!) You bring up some interesting points, but I’m reserving passing a lot of judgement onto Travis until we hear more from whatever computer and cell phone experts Martinez produces later.

    We already KNOW that Jodi hacked his various accounts, got his passwords, had access to his all his stuff and admits to checking out his phone, laptop, etc. We also know she wrote beastly anonymous emails to his other romantic interests (and I do hope that somehow is nailed down on the stand- I do think that this judge will allow Martinez a lot of latitude in rebuttal considering what Nurmi’s been getting away with here). I can’t help but think that the “worst” of the text messages, etc. allegedly sent by him to her were actually sent by her to her using his own phone and accounts. Not sure but isn’t there a way to time the sending of a message? Not being an IT expert or particularly devious myself, don’t know- I DO know he greatly took offense at her spying on and hacking him.

    I think it likely since she could get into his bank account and the fact she was in serious financial disarray, she stole cash from him when and where she thought possible.

  310. Vicky says:

    Karen C – I keep pondering why Travis as a 30 year ild man would have been drawn to Jodi. I think the phone sex conversation clearly demonstrates that Travis had some issues. Not just the sex talk stuff, but his rendition of the National Anthem, and willingness to converse with Jodi when he was obviously beyond tired. That or he was drunk on his butt, which there is no indication he was into that.

    I have witnessed the long-term consequences of childhood abuse and neglect, and can’t help but wonder if Travis was yet another casualty. Given it is claimed that Jodi was a victim as well, the combination of the two of them together would likely have been toxic. Hey, it was a toxic relationship regardless, but I can’t help but wonder how or why (other than sex) Travis entered into a relationship with Jodi to begin with. As much time as he spent in Navada, surely Travis could have found a less vested sex partner, so there must have been something more going on in his mind. Don’t get me wrong, I know Jodi is a pathological liar and a psycho. But I can’t help but ask myself questions like, why didn’t Travis change his passwords? Why did he continue talking to her following the break up? Why couldn’t he break that connection?

  311. Karen C. says:

    Oh, I keep asking myself why Nichole Brown Simpson didn’t change the one lock once she figured OJ had that key copy, either, or install a video camera security setup at the doors.

  312. Vicky says:

    Karen, As moms, I think we can somewhat understand why Nichole put up with OJ’s post marital crap. Nichole obviously cared deeply for her kids and realized that it was in their best interest to maintain contact with her ex in as civil a manner as possible. She was obviously a victim of domestic violence and my guess if that she made every effort to avoid any level of conflict with him once they were divorced. Unless it involved her kids, I doubt she would have crossed the road to piss on him if he was on fire.
    Travis, on the other hand, for what ever reason seemed to be unwilling to completely put his relationship with Jodi behind him. Perhaps he had some future “sister wife” relationship/fantasy in mind. LOL. In any event, she seems to have managed to hold “power” over him in a way I don’t think even he understood. I think he began to realize this over time and had finally resolved to cut ties with her. But even with that decision in his mind, he allowed her into his bed, yet again, the day he died. Why? IMO, because he was addicted to her and the feelings of acceptance, excitement and confidence he felt when with her. Not to mention the prolific sexcapades. I do believe Travis was predisposed to addiction and it played out as a sex addiction. However, her claims that he was an opportunistic sexual deviant is a bunch of crap!!!

  313. Why are people beginning to believe Jodi’s lies?? She is on that stand weaving her lies from the time she was a child. Her mother sits in the gallery not batting an eyelash as Jodi talks of being hit with a wooden spoon, her father slapping her across the face and almost knocking her out when he pushed her up against a wall. Her parents are allowing her to do this. (remember Cindy and George Anthony and the sexual abuse) A parent will do anything to save them from the lethal injection.

    Jodi’s boyfriend, Bobby abused her physically and believed in Vampires or was that Victor? Jodi did spare Darryl Brewer, the old fool who was smitten with her and loaned her the gas cans.

    Travis pursued Jodi right from the beginning….BS, Jodi went after him, even leaving her 4 yr relationship with Darryl.

    Travis baptized Jodi and then shortly after (still in their church clothes) had anal sex with her. BS, this is a rotten lie. No man would ever attempt anal sex on a woman without lubricant. Not only would he rip her butt apart, he would injure himself. I do believe that Jodi bought the KY jelly and insisted on T performing anal sex on her at a later time. When Jodi took the pics on June 4th, she made sure the KY jelly was in plain view. She staged the whole thing even to putting her hair in pigtails and posing for pics on all fours with her butt at the ready and lying nude so her shaven pussy would be in plain view. How do we know that Travis EVER had anal sex with Jodi? How do we know T ever performed oral sex on Jodi, their very first intimate encounter? We are taking her word for it. She is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!

    How do we know Gus Searcy didn’t pay Jodi for sexual services? He certainly went out of his way to personally deliver her a Helio phone. He was not married at the time. Jodi stayed at his mobile home overnight.

    That sex call was not recorded with Travis’ permission. He sounded drugged or half asleep and Jodi guided him in just the right things to say to portray him as a sexual deviant. I think she knew at the time it would one day come into evidence if need be along with the text msges and emails she sent to herself.

  314. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I do not believe Jodi’s lies! I am just trying to figure out beyond sex, what made Travis vulnerable to her. He was only a few years older than my son, and although my kid is far from being the most mature man for his age, at 30 he would have never been taken in by someone like Jodi Arias solely. Even if the sex was off the charts. “Loose women” are a dime a dozen. Travis chose Jodi for some unexplained reason. He traveled with her, in the beginning, he drove hundreds of miles to hook up with her, and until his friends began putting pressure on him, he seemed to be quite smitten. My question continues to be What did he see in her and why? Because I’m not seeing it and neither did Travis’ friends. Most certainly not most of the women. Even before she confessed and there was some question about her involvement, she gave me the creeps, beyond her obvious lies (I hope that makes sense). So, I ask myself, why didn’t Travis, or the other men she was with? I suppose it is just my interest in what makes others tick that leads me to look closer at Travis. He was in no way responsible for what Jodi did to him. neither were her parents or any other man she felt slighted by. I believe she was born with the propensity to commit this horrific crime. however, I know that a propensity toward certain behaviors does not always result in action.

  315. Yes, Travis did have sex with Jodi under her guidance and videos were made of the encounters. For God’s sake, Travis was a young man and, of course he would not turn down something shoved in his face. How do we know Jodi did not ask Travis to send her a pic of his erection? I think Jodi did many underhanded things once she spied on Travis and found out he was dating other girls. When Travis tried to break off with Jodi, then BLACKMAIL began. She let Travis know that he would comply with her wishes and she had enough evidence to destroy him, in his church, Prepaid Legal and his professional speaking.

    Did y’all read Huff Post and see the message Travis sent to Jodi…it read and it is explicit…”go get someone to fuck you in the woods.” Jodi took that little tidbit and manifested a story of having sex with her tied to a tree and photographing it. Travis was reaching his wits end and he may have called her a slut and a whore thinking she would leave him alone. Maybe he felt safer because she went back to Yreka. No one rejects a psycho stalker with an uncontrolled obsession!!

    Jodi put her plans in place…the gun…the trip to see Ryan (alibi)…the detour to Mesa, the staged sex pictures, and finally, NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER HAVE WHAT IS MY POSSESSION.

    I am getting so sick and tired of listening to a dead man being destroyed. To me, Travis, regardless of his rough childhood, was a normal man who was spotted by a damn psycho stalker who pursued him from day one. I also do not believe that Travis ever physically abused Jodi or sexually abused her for that matter.


    (Normally, I do not hollar…sorry, I had to put a bit of emphasis on how I feel right now)

  316. Vicky says:

    I think I need to step back and take a break from disturbing stories beyond those I have to hear at work. I’m sorry if I came across as trying to excuse Jodi. That was not my intent.

  317. Vicky~~I understand where you are coming from. In the beginning, I referred to Travis as a damn fool who brought a lot of this onto himself. The more Jodi talks on that stand, I more I eat my words. I wondered why Travis did not pursue the slashing of his tires and letting Jodi have the code to access his house along with all his passwords. I am putting it down to the blackmail. Of course Travis was enjoying all the sexual favors (freebies) he was getting. It was a pleasurable awakening in a young man especially if he was a virgin. I cannot fault him for that. I think Travis catered to Jodi’s every whim so she would not expose him. She learned the Mormon faith to use as a tool against him…she is certainly making herself look like Mother Teresa (God rest her soul) on the stand.

    We listen to Jodi. What are some of the things Jodi REALLY said to Travis? What demands did she make on him? When Jodi slashed and murdered Travis’, she silenced him forever and destroyed evidence we will never hear from the VICTIM. Maybe this is why she looked so smug with that smirk in her mug shot. “Mark ‘MY WORDS’ , no jury will ever convict me”…..stalkers feel in fallible.

  318. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi All,

    I do not think any of us are trying to excuse Jodi for committing a brutal and heinous crime.
    I do not believe a word Jodi has said. She may have accidentaly told the truth about something, but mixed in with so much boring drivel, I don’t have the partience to go through everything to see is some tidbit of information, such as where she parked her car, could be correct.

    I think that Jodi’s behavior was inexcusable. I do not know whether early childhood happenings influenced anything Jodi or Travis did during their relationship. I do believe the old Jesuit truism, “Give me a child till he is six years old, and you can have him.” However, I would not believe anything that Jody had to say about her childhood and Travis is not here to tell us about his.

    Amber, well said!!~ ~SS

  319. Vicky~~ please do not take a break…your comments take on an in depth perspective. We need someone with first hand experience to keep us informed. You will be an asset when and if Alyce La Violette takes the stand.

    I get quite animated and throw in a bit of snark…but hey, it all makes for a good vibrant conversation.

  320. Newbie says:

    I second Snoopy’s request. I sit with my own feelings one of which is from the beginning of reading Travis’ MySpace and what its being referred to as his start on his book. When I read of his child-hood and his chapter of what he wanted in a wife and why. I thought this young man would have difficulty in a relationship and that he was a little touched in the head as far as his statements regarding a wife. Vicky, when you put your knowledge into words here, it explains why I might have felt but not really know the why of it.
    I think that even the emotional state of a woman effects the emotions and some character of the baby she is carrying.. I believe they are studying that but haven’t looked into it and don’t plan to.

    Now, Vicky is a great source but I am not saying I don’t learn from all commenters. This is a great blog where even the silliest thoughts are not laughed at. I hope it all continues and even grows to more contributors !!
    Snoops, you are the best !

  321. Newbie~~ I read Travis’ blog. I would summarize him as having a big ego. I also think towards the latter part of his relationship with Jodi that he tantalized her at times. Was he getting some satisfaction out of it or hoping Jodi would distance herself from him? I guess it is how we interpret it and try to figure out his words. He wanted to marry a woman who would love him for his potential, his success. He also seemed to crave praise and he certainly got that from Jodi, if what she says is true. We certainly heard it on the sex tape…she didn’t hold back from inflating his ego on his sexual prowess. A man loves to hear this. BTW, on the sex tape, I do believe Jodi was faking it…she was too damn chatty and threw in too many mundane things that would break the spell…and of course those subtle hints of marriage… this girl was trying to work over a man who was hot to trot and would have agreed to jump off a cliff for her at that moment.

    One thing that strikes me as being strange…why did Travis mention that he did not want to marry an axe murderer …did Jodi ever threaten him physically and he was sending her the message…”you don’t scare me.”

    An added tidbit….Travis’ friends said he was a clown at times…meaning he joked and had a good sense of humor…sometimes humor can mask deep hurt…In real life Red Skeleton was a very sad man, having lost his son to leukemia…another comic,Jackie Gleason, put on a great front..

  322. One question I have is about her defense team allowing her to testify that Travis broke her finger when he allegedly beat her up one night… we know this is not the original story she told (about the Ninja warriors breaking it). If the defense knew about the first story, how could they allow her to testify to this new story? She is certainly lying and there is no corroboration about Travis’ alleged abuse. Seems to me the defense is treading in murky waters… Or maybe I am just dim and don’t understand!

    First off, Welcome Stef! The defense is trying to do damage control and getting Jodi to have an excuse for her previous lies and statements. It didn’t take them long to get her to explain the “no jury will ever convict me.” Don’t be surprised if Nurmi will get Jodi to try and tell some believable story about the Ninjas. Travis knocked her unconscious and while coming to, she hallucinated about a Ninja attacking her and she just happened to have a knife in her pants pocket and stabbed the Ninja in the heart. ~~SS

  323. Newbie says:

    The sex tape…..I wasn’t so shocked as I figured phone sex is part of this “new” generation. I did think how could she be enjoying all that was going on and be “so aware”…..hmmm, you put it well,
    “she was too damn chatty and threw in too many mundane things that would break the spell”. I had chalked up Travis’ clown antics in humor, his hosting of friends and need for continual praise to a way of filling the void and hurt he felt from the bullying and pain when going to school where he was emotionally stripped.
    Axe murderer? Maybe that is one of their fantasy conversation. I meant that to be funny as I started typing it but with the way he died, it’s not.

  324. Newbie says:

    Stef, I didn’t see your comment prior to mine. Nothing in the testimony from Jodi makes anything clearer at this point. At least not to me and while I know there is extra leeway given on death penalty cases, the testimony being given sends me to WHAT! I had to laugh when reading your dim and don’t understand comment. Sure makes me feel that most of the time !!! Then I come here to read to have it explained or to stop my mind from running wild.
    Oh, welcome aboard.

  325. Vicky says:


    It doesn’t become official until the 20th…thank you and hugs!~~SS

  326. margaret says:

    I think when jodi read the last post That Travis wrote on his blog,she knew her time was up.. On May18, he wrote ” I did a little soul searching and I realized I was lonely..I realized it was time to adjust my priorities and date with marriage in mind.” He was taking this mormon girl to Cancun and Jodi just was not going to allow that.. jodie started planning to make one more trip to Travis, but she didn’t want anyone to know.She thought she could do her seduction on Travis and he wouldn’t take the other girl On May 28 her grandfathers gun was ” stolen “. jodi was making her plan..On the first week in June Travis told buddies ,jodi had hacked his facebook and he had told her to stay out of his life forever So she went to give him one more chance and he turnned her down so he had to die..Like the times before with all her breakups there was another man waiting in the wings., Ryan.. I don’t know how true but I read on State vs jodi that jodis mother told that some of the jury was seen talking to Alexander family..Thats why judge had to question all jurors.. They all denied it. That wouldn’t look to good to judge ..IMO Does anyone believe Travis was borrowing money from jodi ?? He was probably having to support her.

    Great comments, my friend! I put Sandy Arias in the same league as Cindy Anthony.~~SS

  327. Vicky says:

    I knew that Snoopy, but I have a busy week ahead and didn’t want to forget to say HB on Wednesday.

    I’m not sure I will have time to watch the trial next week and I’m not sure I want to. I am serious when I say the amount of time I have spent lately learning about sexual abuse and deviant sexual behavior from psychologists, victims and offenders is about as much of the “darker” side of life I want to subject myself to. When this case took the “deviant sex allegation” fork in the road, I should have turned off the TV and my Internet. SMH

    In order to adequately assist with developing a sex offender program and to secure the money needed to support it, I have had to develop a more objective mindset. That doesn’t mesh well with discussing this case at this point. The problem I see with ignoring if and how Travis’ past was impacting his life, is that the defense has humanized Jodi, based upon her past, and has planted a negative perception of Travis in the jury’s mind, ie. “His secret life”. Now that Jodi’s allegations have been allowed, someone needs to humanize Travis and demonize Jodi. I’m confident Martinez will do a fine job, I just happen to believe that part of the rebuttal case should include the aspects of Travis’ life that made him vulnerable to a female predator like Jodi Arias.

    I am not a QMHP, just someone who has for many years worked with and for them – to write their grants, promote mental health and to assist them with program development and implementation. My point of view is no better or accurate than anyone else’s. The last thing I want to do is offend or upset anyone here. Especially our hostess. 🙂 I too love a good debate, but not if it means that I come off as supporting Jodi or disrespecting Travis.
    So, I do plan to take a step back from this particular case. I will read here to catch up when I have time, so give me a shout out here or by email if you actually want to know what I think.

    Vicky, if I was not tending this blog, I would never expose myself to the filth of this trial. I am fairly open minded but when the trial ends each day, I feel soiled. Jodi relishes in describing her sexcapades for the benefit of Travis’ ex girlfriends. It makes her feel very special.~~SS

  328. margaret says:

    Don’t go Vicky, I thoroughly love reading your posts and I am grateful you are in there supporting our children.. Please stay..

  329. Vicky says:

    I’m not leaving Margaret, I love this place. I’m just taking a short vacation. 🙂

    Don’t scare me like that any more, ya hear. A short vacation is fine. I know you have a high profile job to attend to. We will see you back here and that is an order!!~~ SS

  330. Vicky~ ~good grief, you never offended me at all and that is the God’s truth. My comments were written in notepad and I copied and pasted them in here even before I read your assessment. I have been saying for days that the news outlets are coming across as if Jodi is telling the truth. I respect what you have to offer and did not disagree with anything you said, if I did, it was not intentional.

    I pride myself in letting people come to this blog and express their opinions whether I agree with them or not. I do not put myself in the category of another Valhall. I think there has been a huge misunderstanding here. I am shocked to hear you are making your exit because you think you offended me. I am a tough old broad and come in here wearing my big girl undies.

    Please. please, reconsider, Vicky. Shit, I brag you up to my neighbors who read over my shoulder when they stop in for a visit and want to see my blog.

  331. colin black says:

    She planned this murder in advance so meticulisly.
    Brought sharp knifes guns ect.
    Had a camra at hand to document event.
    I wouldnt be suprised if she had recorded the soundtack to psycho.
    The shower stabbing scene an had just pressed play on a cd player.
    When we see that puzzled quizical look on Travis face.
    Thats how twisted an sick I know this biatch to be.

    Colin, making that recording of the sex tape was all part of Jodi’s master plan.~~SS

  332. Jodi Arias’s Baffling Defense Strategy

    Arizona forensic psychiatrist Dr. Steven Pitt doesn’t think such tactics will work with the jury.“‘Woe is me’ defenses are often boring and seldom, if ever, effective,” he says. “I suspect that Jodi Arias has effectively put the jury to sleep.”

    The audiotape in question was part of a lengthy and steamy conversation recorded less than a month before Alexander’s death. At one point during the recording, Alexander tells Arias about his desire to tie her to a tree and then “put it in her ass.”

    “It is so debasing, I like it,” Arias says on the tape. “You are so full of ideas. We have gotten so creative in the past. You are really a wellspring of ideas.” In court, she testified that Alexander wanted her to wear a Little Red Riding Hood costume during the encounter.

    Arias told the riveted jury that she even looked for the right spot to fulfill his fantasy, in the woods near her grandparents’ home in northern California.

    That exchange could come back to haunt her. “I don’t know why they would have her on the stand talking about her sexual experiences in detail,” says Phoenix image consultant Devy Walker. “There is no benefit. I think her counsel made a big mistake. They are saying she didn’t enjoy the sex, but she remembers every detail. The people here are calling it the 50 shades of sick.

    More here…

  333. Jodi’s diary entries….dated June 10th thru June 13th….

    “.. that Travis is dead. What happened?!? Travis, what is this?”

    “Last night was so hard… I wanted so badly to call Travis, but knowing he wouldn’t answer was too much to bear. And knowing he wasn’t calling me anytime soon was just killing me. I broke down as I climbed into bed and just cried and cried and cried until I fell asleep.”

    “It just feels like he hasn’t called me in too long. I hear him singing. I hear him laugh.”

    And in the final entry on the page, Arias wrote on June 13 that she sent 13 white irises to Alexander’s grandmother, who she called “Mums.”

    “Travis always told me he liked the name Iris for a girl…If I ever have a son I’ll name him Alexander,”

    Jodi posted the following on Travis’ obituary site…

    Travis, what can I say to you that I haven’t already said? I am so grateful for the endless hours of conversation and amazing experiences we’ve shared. Thank you for having the courage to share the Gospel with me. You’ve had one of the greatest impacts on my life, and have forever altered it’s course for the better. I love you, my friend, and always will.
    Jodi Arias,
    Yreka, California


  334. On Feb 2nd…I wrote the following in my post HERE I think it is a good time to bring it back…

    [[Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I will stress that Travis Alexander did not deserve to be murdered nor did he do anything to deserve what happened to him. I want Jodi Arias found guilty and receive the death penalty. Leaving this aside for a bit, let’s be realistic, shall we?

    I realize that Travis did not have a very good childhood due to both of his parents being Meth heads or whatever you call them. Travis went to live with his grandparents where he studied the Book of Mormon and became devout in that religion. I am not trying to pull a Bill Clinton here but what exactly is the meaning of the word ‘devout’?

    If someone goes to church and professes to be a good Christian and then goes out and keeps breaking the commandments over and over and over, I tend to see them as hypocrits. Okay, we are all sinners and will slip up once in awhile and the Higher Power, we are taught, is forgiving. We then endeavor to mend our ways and strive to do better in the eyes of the One above.

    In the case of Travis, he developed an ego as big as all outdoors. Did he think he was infallible when it came to conforming to his Mormon religion? He was a young virile man and I cannot condemn him for having sex outside of marriage once or even twice. Travis took it to extremes and was using Jodi for his sexual gratification even after they had broken up. He was as obsessed with what Jodi had to offer as she was in giving it to him thinking she would one day be his wife. I can see where Travis was even taunting Jodi.

    Travis was successful in his Prepaid Legal and being a Promotional speaker but when it came to his personal relationships, he did not have a clue. Could he not rationalize that he was dealing with a stalker? All the evidence was right there, slashed tires, breaking into his personal bank, email and facebook accounts etc etc.

    Travis had the opportunity to take things in hand and yes, I am referring to masturbation. After all the things he was accusing Jodi of, she was good enough to have sex with on the last day of his life?? What is wrong with this picture?

    As I write this , there is method in my madness…I want to prepare you … there is no such thing as a ‘slam dunk’ guilty verdict. Are some of the jurors thinking along these same lines? Your comments are most welcomed!]]

  335. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I feel like one of those drama queens I/we get so disgusted with. I seem to be experiencing a communication gap today. I didn’t intend to come across as permanently running away from my home blog. I am on emotional overload these days, and feel quite ridiculous for sharing too much personal information about where I’m coming from. I have tremendous respect for you and your contributors and love reading the comments here. I look forward to visiting when I have regained a bit of balance. Rest assured, you can’t rid yourself of me over not seeing eye to eye. Were that the case, I would have run off or you would have banned me long ago. LOL

    I seldom ban anyone but have been known to put a few ‘nit pickers’ in moderation.~~SS

  336. katfish says:

    This was uploaded to YouTube on May 16, 2008. That’s just 19 days before Travis was killed 😦
    Travis speaking at Prepaid Legal-Video
    Sorry if this is a repeat 🙂

    Kat, I don’t recall seeing that before. How sad to watch that knowing what happened to him. He was so full of life with great potential. Thanks for posting it for us.~~SS

  337. You guys are great and I have been watching this trial since before it became a trial. I spend most of my time in this country working as a forensic nurse investigator (the other time is spent volunteering in Haiti) and for some reason this trial just caught me. This woman is such a piece of work and probably up there with being one of the best liars I’ve seen…. Now, that doesn’t mean she keeps up with her lies very well…. but when she is lying, she sure is full on engaged in believing them herself. Thank you for the input and response to my comment earlier and I appreciate feeling so welcomed!

    Stef~~I checked out your website “As Long As I’m Needed”…God love you for what you do.~~SS

  338. katfish says:

    I haven’t read all of this yet, but what I have read is interesting….the police report of discovering TA and the supplemental report from the investigation. I haven’t seen this before either but admit I’m playing catch-up on this case.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Click to access floresinvestigationreport.pdf

    I read that report but there may be some who have joined this blog since it was posted. Notice in the report Det Flores said the gunshot came first but on the stand he said he misunderstood the medical examiner who testified the stab wound to the chest came first. The medical examiner said that Travis was dead from his throat being slit before Jodi shot him due to the lack of blood where the bullet went into his head. Thank you for posting the link ~~SS

  339. margaret says:

    You know I can’t help but wonder how different jodi story would change if Travis computer and phone could be tapped into to go along as jodi tells her tales. Like when did he first start trying to get rid of her?? Was he asking her back or is that her tale?

    Martinez is letting the defense show their hand while he and Det Flores take down their notes. They are working overtime to put on evidence to rebut all the lies Jodi is spinning. Once the defense rest their case (if ever at the pace they are going), Martinez can put on rebuttal witnesses, computer experts etc. I have faith in Juan Martinez and I want to see a big grin on Det Flores’ face when the verdict is handed down.~~SS

  340. mystical pippin says:

    HI Everybody,
    I haven’t had time to comment lately cause there so much going on in this case its hard to keep up. I;ve been watching an hour or 2 a day but skip over a lot because its soooo boring at times. However, I’ve been catching Dr Drew, Nancy Grace and that other lady I can’t remember her name who are covering the trial too. Ok sheez I just spilled soda all over everything this is gonna be short but I’ll come back later and finish. I just wanted to say a few things first. Since the beginning one of the things that struck me odd about Jodi was the fact that she had so many pictures of herself because usually photographers don’t do that – they don’t often like to be in front of the camera. The other thing was her eyes. At first I thought they were beady looking but then I thought they had this far away look.

    she always looked eerie to me because she was constantly posing but the upper half of her face ALWAYS looked the same. I am now hearing these same impressions from almost all the pundits on TV and even Alexes friends are talking about that look in her eyes. one couple remarked that she always got this weird look about her when Alex was talking to another female at the conventions. The husband said she would look strangely at the other female too. But her demeanor in front of Alex was that it didn’t bother her in the least…..hmm.

    Vicky – 2 of Alex’s closest friends and roomates have said that he was so relieved when she moved back to calif. they said his whole mood changed and he became the old Alex again. Happy, positive, etc. They seem to think that it wasn’t Jodi who was addicted to Alex but rather that he was addicted to her because when ever she would call him he would reluctantly agree to see her again. They say that his mood would become very quiet. Apparantly some did know that he was still seeing her occasionally. one friend said that she called one day when he was staying at Alex’s. He heard Alex say no several times then he walked out onto the patio and talked to her for another 20 minutes when he came back he said he had to go meet her somewhere and he wasn’t happy at all about it.
    Dr Drew says that whenever couples engage in these type of fantasy sex-capades it has something to do with their childhood.
    Gotta go be back later

    Hey there, Pippin, great comments! Listening to Jodi day after day describing her sex life (mostly a figment of her dirty imagination) is starting to take its toll on many of us.~ ~ SS

  341. weezie10 says:

    I’m just deciding to pop in and say HI YA ALL. Funny comment just made; Jodi was talking to COLUMBO!!! Anyone get the funny side of that…. I just can’t stop laughing. This broad is the most amazing story teller, better than Casey, but still, I think she has gone too far, or should I say the Defence have eaten her words in rehearsal and egurgitated as spam. It’s just too awful to think Jodi is getting away with all this air time. She is so smirkfully getting away with wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much. IMHO

  342. mystical pippin says:

    Hi Weezie. I hate it when I don’t get a joke. Can you explain it to me like I’m a 10 yr old? (I’m so embarrassed to admit this)

  343. mystical pippin says:

    Snoopy I think she made up 90% of this stuff too. She makes me sick when I see how much she’s enjoying exposing herself to the public with all those pictures of her naked body – spread eagle or on all fours – ugh what a skank she is. She probably knows after she’s convicted she’ll never be able to have sex like this again (she won’t be able to video or audio tape it to show to the world) She’s such a bad actress. She’s also a hell of a lot LESS intelligent than she thinks she is. I mean how ridiculously stupid is it to half-ass attempt clean up – but leave finger prints, palm prints, hair, dna and throw the camera in the wash.

    I’m wondering now, if she WANTED to get caught because I find it so hard to believe that she didn’t know about DNA and fingerprints. I find it especially hard to believe that her being a photographer and all that she didn’t know erasing pictures on a digital camera doesn’t mean they are erased!

    In this day and age there’s no excuse for people not to know (because its always been this way but it wasn’t really talked about that much – geeks knew it, law organizations knew it, but now everybody knows it) that every digital gadget – even computers does not actually erase what you erase!! (throw it in the trash) All it does is cover it up with blank space so you can re-use it. And unless you use an application like shredder that completely destroys the material then its retrieveable. Windows now comes with an app that wipes all the data except the OS if you decide to resell it. I forget what its called but its relative easy to find in your system by using the help menu. It just seems impossible that she didn’t know that. Especially throwing the camera in the washing machine. Why didn’t she just take out the memory card and toss it on the highway somewhere? How could she not know that about camera’s???

  344. Pippin~~I put up a new post so am transferring your comments there so the other wont miss them…

    Hi Weezie…for OFF TOPIC chat, I have Jonathons Coffee Café … It is like Dave’s Open Forum when he was with WordPress…

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