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We know very little about Jodi Arias in her teen years except that she often ran away and her mother, Sandy, found her hard to manage so she was sent to live with her grandparents. Judging from the knowledge we have garnered of Jodi, it is easy to believe that she learned early in life to use her body to achieve what she had her sights set on.

I hear Jodi described as being so pretty and I have to chuckle. Jodi is a far cry from what I consider a natural beauty. If cosmetics and hair dye creates beauty, then Jodi does do pretty well with the brush strokes. Sitting in the courtroom without all her gobs of makeup, she is rather dowdy looking. Her eyes are not bright and sparkly ( psst-Casey’s were and her boobs lacked silicon). The eyes are the windows of the soul and when I look at Jodi’s eyes, I see a deep void. If looks could kill, when Lisa was on the witness stand, she would have met her Maker from the evil glares cast upon her by Jodi. It seems that Arias tries to telecommunicate evil. Is this some form of witchcraft she practices?

The first romantic affair that Arias had, that we know of, was Darryl Brewer. This should have been an easy conquest for Jodi. This dude was twenty years older and her boss…hmmm…a promiscuous young thang that believed in ‘no holds barred’ when it came to romping in the hay…how could Darryl resist? We never did find out why Brewer got a divorce…hmmm..I wonder what came first, the Jodi chick or the divorce? Jodi and Darry’s relationship lasted approximately four years. Regardless, it didn’t take Jodi very long to get over Darryl once she spotted Travis. From Darry’s testimony on the stand, the old fool is still infatuated with the murderess. He is lucky to not have ended up sliced and practically beheaded. We should thank old Brewer, he did become a good witness for the prosecution…that dang anal sex and the dreaded gas cans.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I will stress that Travis Alexander did not deserve to be murdered nor did he do anything to deserve what happened to him. I want Jodi Arias found guilty and receive the death penalty. Leaving this aside for a bit, let’s be realistic, shall we?

I realize that Travis did not have a very good childhood due to both of his parents being Meth heads or whatever you call them. Travis went to live with his grandparents where he studied the Book of Mormon and became devout in that religion. I am not trying to pull a Bill Clinton here but what exactly is the meaning of the word ‘devout’?

If someone goes to church and professes to be a good Christian and then goes out and keeps breaking the commandments over and over and over, I tend to see them as hypocrits. Okay, we are all sinners and will slip up once in awhile and the Higher Power, we are taught, is forgiving. We then endeavor to mend our ways and strive to do better in the eyes of the One above.

In the case of Travis, he developed an ego as big as all outdoors. Did he think he was infallible when it came to conforming to his Mormon religion? He was a young virile man and I cannot condemn him for having sex outside of marriage once or even twice. Travis took it to extremes and was using Jodi for his sexual gratification even after they had broken up. He was as obsessed with what Jodi had to offer as she was in giving it to him thinking she would one day be his wife. I can see where Travis was even taunting Jodi.

Travis was successful in his Prepaid Legal and being a Promotional speaker but when it came to his personal relationships, he did not have a clue. Could he not rationalize that he was dealing with a stalker? All the evidence was right there, slashed tires, breaking into his personal bank, email and facebook accounts etc etc.

Travis had the opportunity to take things in hand and yes, I am referring to masturbation. After all the things he was accusing Jodi of, she was good enough to have sex with on the last day of his life?? What is wrong with this picture?

As I write this , there is method in my madness…I want to prepare you … there is no such thing as a ‘slam dunk’ guilty verdict. Are some of the jurors thinking along these same lines? Your comments are most welcomed!

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  1. (I brought the following over from Page Three)

    David Lohr, of Huff Post, has put together a great timeline and summary here…

    You may read some things that will show Travis wanted Jodi for sex only and actually taunted her. He was not without faults. A couple examples after they had broke up months before…

    (Please note: There is always the possibility that Jodi sent the following to herself!)

    April 20, 2008 – Alexander, according to prosecutors, sent this text to Arias: “I am at a night club right now and it helped me to come to the conclusion that you are one of the prettiest girls on the planet.”

    April 21, 2008 – Alexander, according to prosecutors, sent this text to Arias: “Send me a naughty picture.”

    Jodi Arias Timeline: Key Dates In Case Of California Woman Accused Of Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend 27 Times (UPDATED)

  2. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- I must say I take a rather more benign view of those texts than you seem to. The first is merely complimentary, and in most guy’s eyes she is very pretty (per my Hubby). Seeing as how this is described as a “night club” I wonder if perhaps he hadn’t had a forbidden beer or two (he wouldn’t be the first nice young Mormon man to do so, just to see what they all are missing), and he may have been feeling especially nostalgic about Jodi at the time. Clearly, one thing he didn’t know too much about was women in the scary Real World.

    The second was just, well, Dang, he’d likely been a 29 yo virgin- he can’t just waltz up and procure for himself a Playboy, wouldn’t know how to. And there was Jodi, serving herself up like a buffet, he was just playing catch-up to most of his wider peer group. Was he “taunting”, or just horny and lonely, and very, very conflicted? Did he want to see if she would do it? Was he making up his mind that she really was no good for him at all- and complying with a request like that would constitute proof? She’s thinking- “There, see what I’ll do for you, Travis?” and HE’S thinking- “My God, she’ll do anything, gotta get rid of her”.

    I’m not arguing he wasn’t somewhat sexist, old-fashioned and saddled with an acute Madonna/Whore complex, that’s pretty much built-in. Imagine the anxiety he created for himself imagining the damage that this psycho chick could wreak upon his personal life and career, when all he was trying to do was to be a Regular Guy and have some fun before marriage. I think a big part of the confusion as to his motivations is that his circle of friends and co-workers all seem to have had different ideas as to what was up, so to speak. A lot of them thought he was still a virgin, after all those travels together and 80+ thou emails (for pity’s sake!) That would have been some major getting Right with the Lord quality time he was going to have to put in, and he knew it.

  3. Karen C~~my post was a wake up call in how some of the jurors may view this guy. Remember, they are not privy to all the info that we are and the way this trial is going in fits and starts, they probably have forgotten more than they knew.

    Maybe I belong to the old school…but but but…”A bird in Travis’ hand would have been worth more than too many times in Jodi’s bush.” *Said with tongue in cheek and tears rolling down my face.

    Travis had ended it with Jodi yet he was a cling on. Some jurors may feel sorry for her because Travis was using her. He did not want Jodi around anymore when he was in the company of his church friends. He knew she loved him and would not let her go emotionally to satisfy his own personal lust. It was like he was keeping Jodi on a retainer. Maybe if he had known he was dealing with a psycho stalker, he would have played his cards differently.

    No matter how hungry a man gets, he will not eat poison if offered to him. There is always peanut butter and bread in his own cupboard and he can make a sandwich.

    I like to hear from all sides, btw. Thanks, Karen C.

  4. Prosecutor Juan Martinez has been criticized for his aggressive style during the Jodi Arias trial.

    Martinez sparred with defense witness Gus Searcy.

    Martinez shocked the courtroom Wednesday when he threw a picture of Travis Alexander’s slit throat onto the screen during testimony from Alexander’s ex-girlfriend. Arias’ attorney immediately objected to the use of the picture, calling it “completely irrelevant.”

    Watch the video to see In Session legal contributor Joey Jackson talk about the effect Martinez’s courtroom style might be having on the jury.


  5. Then there is always the chance that Travis was too afraid to not answer Jodi’s msges and phone calls. Maybe he was pacifying her and hoping she would vanish from his life. Jodi had all the evidence in photographs of her and Travis engaged in a deadly sin. Was/is Jodi capable of blackmail to get what she wants? Dang right and she achieved it dead or alive. Her trophy was Travis.

    The following is from that same link to Huff Post…This was the beginning of Jodi premeditating Travis’ demise…

    May 10, 2008 – Arias posted the last entry to her online blog. It reads, in part: “I cannot ignore that there is an ever-present yearning and desire that pulses within me. It throbs for gratification and fulfillment.”

    That same day, according to prosecutors, Alexander sent this text to Arias: “Why don’t you have him come and f–k you in the woods, I can only imagine you are so worried about me reading. You are paranoid because you have no respect for people privacy and you dare insult me of all people. Someone you should through your actions you hate more than love by denying me a human right of privacy countless times. You have a lot of freaking nerve. We are all not like you in that aspect.”

    And then Travis taunted some more but did not realize he was predicting his own death.

    May 18, 2008 – Alexander posted the last entry, titled “Why I want to marry a Gold Digger,” to his online blog. It reads, in part: “I did a little soul searching and realized that I was lonely … I realized it was time to adjust my priorities and date with marriage in mind … This type of dating to me is like a very long job interview and can be exponentially more mentally taxing. Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her.”

  6. debl115 says:

    Martinez (whom I dearly love), is just doing what he needs to do. I might not always agree with the way he cross-examines/treats the defense witnesses, but that’s his job. Shock factor will hopefully stick with the jury. It’s not unlike the Casey Anthony trial, when the State posted the pic of Caylee with the super-imposed duct tape over her nose and mouth. Let’s just hope that this jury is smarter than the Pinella 12.

  7. elmosmommy says:

    Here is a message from Jodi`s sister that was posted on the jodi is innocent blog. She claims she is an amazing person however I dont see her saying Jodi is innocent but then I guess she really cant when jodi has admitted to the murder.

    Submitted on 2013/01/29 at 7:56 pm
    From: Angela Arias

    Jodi is my sister. I just want to say that she is the most amazing person I have ever had in my life! She is the only person I could ever trust with all of my secrets. I just want to let all of you know that she has a lot of people who love her.

    I hear a lot of people saying that her family won’t go public to defend her. it is not because we don’t support her! it is because those news stations like to twist your words around and manipulate what you say into what you they think you mean.

    I would also like to put out there that Travis’s family or his friends who ever they are are horrible people!!!! I have gotten threatened repeatedly by his followers!! They even went to the length of calling my 2 year old daughter a cunt. They, whoever they are, threatened her life!! So I want to know how they are honoring Travis’s memory by threatening an innocent little girl?? I love my sister and that is all I have to say.

    This Angela Arias is nothing but a full-fledged liar and condoning what her stalking murderous sister did. She said “whoever they are” and used it twice goes to show she is fabricating the stories. To use her two year old daughter to gain sympathy for Jodi goes to show how low these people will go. The use of the ‘c’ word speaks volumes of how crass she is. Maybe Jodi will share some of her secrets with Angela such as where did she get rid of the gun, knife and all the bloody clothes.~~SS

  8. debl115 says:

    OMG, elmosmommy, i clicked the link, and absolutely couldn’t believe some of the comments there. Made me literally sick to my stomach that people believe that Jodi is innocent, and the reasoning in the comments??? Seriously? absolutely makes me think that they have only touched on a few bits and pieces of this trial, and are probably still CA followers.

  9. elmosmommy says:

    I think all of us that post here also watched Casey`s trial and therefore we know just how badly things can go. I dont think she could be found innocent when she confessed and her lawyers said it in opening statements that she killed him, so its just is it self defense and I have a really hard time thinking that they have proven anything close to that so in my mind , possibly a hung jury. maybe, seems unlikely to me. But I hope they are given the option of 2nd degree murder just in case to be on the safe side but since she tried to make a plea for that and the prosecution said no, I dont know if they will now. I am still waiting to see the rebuttal and closing arguements by Martinez, not to mention we havent finished the defense yet. There is a big chance of this being an almost all male jury and not sure what males would make of this altho if they have ever had a stalker then she is in big trouble. I think Martinez is great altho I personally did not like his throwing the autopsy picture up in front of Lisa and the court. But he has an awesome reputation for wins, so I am hoping he knows how to bring this home in the closing.
    I really wonder if the defense is gonna bring up the gun , if she confessed she must have told them , do you guys agree ?
    I made a list of all of the premiditation proof given so far and I really think they have proven it but you could get a couple jurors who wonder about that. And I really dont think they will ever give her the death penalty but I am absolutely fine with her getting life as long as it means life and that is what most of all she doesnt want so that makes me even happier if she gets that.
    What are your thoughts Snoopy as to what she will end up with ? I know we all worry about Jurors now but this is a very different case from Casey. This trial is so crazy that i dont want it to end, lol but I do want to know the verdict. All your fault snoopy, I only started following because of your comments on Dave`s blog 🙂

  10. Vicky says:

    I didn’t think he went to far when Martinez showed the autopsy photo of Travis. In no way was it irrelevant. It is the reason Jodi has been charged with 1st degree murder and I thought it was a brilliant move on Martinez’s part. I hope he does something similar each and every time the defense team tries to divert the jurors attention from the fact that Jodi brutally murdered a man for thinking she was good enough to bed, but not good enough to wed. If rejection following a relationship that includes kinky sex and dirty talk is allowed to become justification for murder, a lot of people are going to be at risk for elimination.

    I certainly agree. What did your hubby do with all the duct tape I sent him?…hmmm~~SS

  11. debl115~~I also think Martinez is wonderful. He is a one man show trying to get justice for the victim. At every opportunity he has to bring those crime scene photos into play to put the focus on where it belongs and instill it in the minds of the jurors. This was a hate crime and premeditated and Travis’ slow painful death was barbaric. A picture is worth a thousand words and that is why Juan is using them. I posted a link to show what some of the tv legal pundits are saying. It is always good to take a glimpse at the other side. With legal pundits, it is all about ratings so their words don’t amount to a hill of beans. Martinez has one woman on death row for murdering her husband and it doesn’t even come close in the heinous way Jodi butchered Travis to death.

  12. cali patti says:

    Yes this is an interesting case to follow. I thought bringing the autopsy photo in at the end of the ex-girlfriends testimony was brilliant. As Vicky wrote, it brought the reason for this trial back to the forefront. I like how Mr. Martinez gets to the point without pausing, asking for the judges direction, all the time, and how prepared he is.
    My objection to how much he raises his voice is a very personal dislike of mine. It wouldn’t have me disliking him or not believing him if I was a juror. I simply dislike the loudness when its aggressive.

    I’ve had a problem with how Travis yearned to be on the cover of Time magazine. Also had Travis written the article about “why he wanted to marry a gold-digger”, rhetorically or sarcastically then I would have appreciated the article. How Travis stated his wants in that gold-digger article actually had a real insight to Travis that he probably had not explored about himself. Travis had some real thinking to do before he was ready for a Time magazine cover. None of that equals murder.

    I honestly do not think Travis and most of his friends had enough real life experiences to have their “crazy chick” radar turned on. My sons/friends over the years have told me about the occasional “crazy chick” one of their friends (or themselves) have brought into their circle. She’s identified rather quickly and the friend is warned about her. They all have dated and been serious about a girl. That is a shared life experience that they all have learned from and what I think was lacking in Travis.and his friends.
    There was one crazy chick when the boys worried about the safety of a friend. They actually stepped in to never leave him alone until she had moved out. My son told me that this girl was scary in how she would look at them and act when they were around.. So it happens out there.

    I hope at the end of this Mr. Martinez lays out the premeditation in real simple English.
    I want a time-line like was used in history class. Teasing!.

    Cali~~I prefer Martinez raising his voice to the dang monotones of Nurmi who can put the jurors to sleep~~SS

  13. elmosmommy~~I took a brief glance at the site for Jodi is innocent. I am certainly familiar with people being able to visit websites using an anonymous proxy. They can also send emails using the anon proxy. I rec’d many death threats when I followed the Anthony case and Dave did too. Jodi had to have been familiar with the anon proxy when she sent Lisa the email from John Doe. Since Jodi had all Travis’ passwords (he was a fool to give them to her) she could have used Travis’ puter through her own to do searches. A computer expert would be able to find the IP # of the computer it originated from. In Jodi’s case, her hard drive was partly destroyed.

    This Angela Arias ticked me off big time. It is funny that no one mentions Jodi’s father. He has disowned Jodi and will not even answer her calls. The man also has stage four terminal cancer so who is taking care of him while his wife and Jodi’s sister are watching and sniffling over the poor little pathetic thing sitting in the defendant’s chair that is lowered to make her look small.

    elmosmommy, when it comes to these trials, I always keep my guard up in which way it will go. All I hear is that Jodi is so young and pretty. So someone’s hubby thinks she is pretty and they come to the conclusion that most men feel that way…BS. I hope that most, if not all of the women, get to deliberate when it comes to that. I just wish that there was some way to bring in the possibility that Jodi was blackmailing Travis and using pics to threaten him that she would expose him about having sex with her to the church members. I am a bit gun shy about predicting a verdict… I will continue to think positive that Martinez will have a big win…including the death penalty.

  14. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I took pictures. If hubby ever leaves me, I’m turning them over to the National Enquirer. I still can’t believe you sent that duck tape with instructions. I kept those too. LOL

    I think Martinez will bring the case back around to where it belongs during his rebuttal and closing arguments. The jury has been entertained by the salacious distractions of the defense, but the fact that Travis might not have been the most admirable boyfriend, his “sins” did not rise to the level of deserving a death sentence imposed by a jilted lover; and I am confident the jury will realize that.

    When you really consider Jody’s claim of self defense, it is quite ludicrous. She was fully clothed and Travis was naked. She has to have been fully armed in order to defend herself within seconds of “dropping the camera”. When he “lunged at her” she could have easily backed him off with either weapon and run screaming down the stairs and out the door. He only liked getting naked in front of Jodi. I doubt very seriously a nude Travis would have followed her outside. Nothing about her story is credible.
    She went into that bathroom with murder on her mind.

  15. margaret says:………..pretty interesting read on with questions .Several subjects discussed.. I have been enjoying everyones post today, I wonder if jodi really cared for Travis or if he was just the first one that she was able to pull into her trap..If this jury does not ,at least, send her too prison for the rest of her life I won’t watch another trial ..

  16. Vicky~~if Travis made a lunge towards Jodi, it was in an attempt to get the knife away from her after she plunged it in his chest. When the camera took a pic of the ceiling of the bathroom, the camera expert said from the angle of the pic, the camera was 3 to 4 feet off the floor. The camera landed upside down on the floor and snapped that pic of Jodi dressed and Travis bleeding down over his shoulder. Jodi either had dropped the camera or kicked it. I expect Jodi got dressed while Travis was taking a nap…he may have thought she was leaving and then surprise, surprise. She returns with a knife and gun and wanted a couple pics of him for old times sake.

  17. Margaret~ ~ that was a nice little article. Thanks for posting the link. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I cringe every time I think of Alyce La Violette taking the stand. If you happened to watch any of her videos, she is a kook. She refers to God as being feminine and Snow White was a battered woman. Jodi sketched a pic of Snow White with a black eye so that is her proof.

  18. Premeditation… Jodi had it planned out a month in advance, at least.

    -Grandfather’s 25 caliber gun stolen …in what appeared to be a staged robbery.

    -Borrows gas cans from Darryl Brewer… state has receipts for gas purchases to fill cans. (Jodi did not want to leave a paper trail showing she was going to Arizona)

    -Her excuse for the trip… to see Ryan a new love interest in Utah (she made a detour to Mesa, AZ)

    -Rents a car approx 90 miles from Yreka

    -Turns off cell phone and removes batteries (claims she lost her charger) 20 hours of the trip unaccounted for.

    -After murdering Travis, she heads off to Utah but not before she destroys evidence. She removes front license plate and turns rear plate upside down so she would be stopped by PD in Utah. (and sure enough, she was stopped)

    Jodi’s worst enemy was the camera. Without those pics, she may have gotten away with the perfect crime but then again….there was that bloody palm print on the wall and Travis’ friends told Det Flores to investigate Jodi.

  19. Karen C. says:

    It’s possible that Martinez will flip La Violette over too; the behavior Jodi displayed both pre-killing and post-killing is NOTHING like the “normal” battered woman scenario, and I’ve known many, many of those (it’s epidemic in my husband’s family and circle of 12-Step acquaintances, as is drug and alcohol abuse- they go and in hand, and is yet another reason this one doesn’t “fit”).

    This psycho bippy gives all of us women a bad name. When I think of the victimized woman who served 26 YEARS for killing her boozed-up husband with a wine bottle, and what she put up with for so long (multiple hospitalizations, beatings, death threats- REAL ones!) She killed in REAL self-defense, got 26 years- I am incensed that this is being so trivialized by this little TWIT. I hope the jury hands up the harshest possible sentence, just for that alone!

  20. margaret says:

    also ,during that 20 hours she died her hair so she wouldn’t be recognized.I’ll bet every night she goes to bed kicks herself for forgetting the camera..Maybe the male jurors are so afraid of her that she will get death…Please please..She needs to spend all the rest of her life in the company of AZ.. other 3 lady killers.. Lots of fun there and they won’t care what she looks like.

  21. Karen C. says:

    As for Jodi being “crazy”- well, it sure was a relief to watch Lisa A.s mobile face on the stand. She had normal facial reactions to things- eyes widened, small smiles, shoulders went up at times, normal blinking, rueful frowns, eyebrows arching. She squirmed in places, was shocked in others, and really did her best to be fair and truthful, even to her own detriment.

    Jodi sits there like, I think Snoopy remarked, Cousin It- except Cousin It had more expression. I noticed her blinking increased when Lisa was describing Travis’ comparative aloofness towards Jodi when in public with her, clearly preferring Lisa’s company then. Jodi was blinking plenty during that exchange. Ouch!

  22. Jodi Arias ‘Won’t Get The Death Penalty’ Predicts Criminal Defense Attorney, Despite ‘Sheer Viciousness’ Of Attack

  23. margaret says:

    Maybe the jurors will be turned off by miss La Violette..I was feeling like she needed a shrink after listening to her for just a couple minutes..I think my favorite lawyer of the moment , Mr Martnez , can handle her.

  24. Marilyn says:

    That is one thing that bothers me,jurors are afraid to give the death penalty anymore,no matter how vicious the crime is,it seems.My thought is I’d like them to think”If this was my son,daughter,family member”,would I be happy with whoever getting off with just a few years?”This is what I want!Second degree is just not exceptable to me,and I’m sure not Travis’s family.I want her to get what she said”If I killed Travis,I would BEG for the death penalty” Go for it!!

  25. Karen C. says:

    Wow- I LOVE his Crosses! Notice the new blond highlights in Willmott’s hair- Hello… trying to differentiate herself the Psycho Killer, are we?

  26. Karen C. says:

    “from” – thoughts too fast, and too much coffee! Dang trial is COMPULSIVE! I can’t tell you how many gals I’ve turned on to it…

  27. Karen C. says:

    OK, then, here’s the YouTube for “Daft Bodies- Harder, Better,” etc.
    Daft Bodies- Harder, Better

    Lord, these two have NO CASE to work with….

  28. Karen C. says:

    GREAT workout tape! Go, Team Martinez!

  29. Karen C. says:

    Bye, Bye, Tee shirt, Bye, Bye, panties!

  30. margaret says:

    You Go Martinez ! ! ! Do I see some streaks in jodi’s hair too, like the brown is fading?

  31. Karen C. says:

    Under the circumstances of what we know NOW, did the Defense honestly believe they’d get away with this bat guano?

  32. Karen C. says:

    How did they think they’d fly a pic taken in July (tee shirt nonsense) would have SQUAT to do with the events of early June?

  33. Sarah says:

    Buckle your seat belts! This is going to be a bumpy ride!

  34. Sarah says:

    (Jodi’s on the stand for those who are not aware. My bad.)

  35. Cali Patti says:

    I’m watching … post using phone.
    I don’t understand how this “my parents beat me” is allowed. Going to be interesting to see how Martinez is going to use this against her.
    I do not believe Jodi at all.

    Poor Jodi had to go to different schools!
    Yet her parents paid for a trip to Costa Rica.
    Plus she had her own car in high school.
    Didn’t act like she was scared moving out at 17 yrs old.

  36. Cali Patti says:

    HLN is broadcasting it “live”. – actually a minute or so in front of live feed.

    I don’t believe the suicide statement either

  37. margaret says:

    Now we know the reason for the little girl hairdo….Can’t wait for Martinez to bring out the real jodi…

  38. margaret says:

    Her mother is busy writing , guess she wants to make sure they are on same page in their script..

  39. colin black says:

    She is good at lieing very sincere
    I bet It was her idea to negate the narrsastic .
    No jury will convict me remark.

    With the very plausable lie that she intended to commit suicide.
    And thats why she said she wouldnt be convicted.

    She has had years pre pareing for this momment on the stand…

    The mom an mom twin look nonplusssed an even slightly amussed at this abusive parenting testomany
    Walk softly an carry a big wooden spoon.

    Or in Jodis case talk softly but carry out murderous intent.

  40. Sarah says:

    Did I hear her correctly that Bobby wanted to get married or get real serious but she wasn’t ready? Doesn’t that story sound familiar? Isn’t that what happened with Travis’ ex-girlfriend?

    She’s making parts of this up IMO. She gets so detailed in her answers. Shouldn’t she trust her defense team to “guide” her to expand if necessary?

    Geez: if all it takes is a few “woopins” to commit murder; I should go on a spree 🙂

  41. Sarah says:

    Every guy she dates they want to marry her. Oops,, except for Travis.

  42. Cali Patti says:

    Talk & talk & talk & talk & doesn’t say anything! I always believed a person that over explains all the time is covering up the truth. I’ve always thought that & it’s never failed me.

  43. colin black says:

    Just admitted to stealing electric by getting the meter by passed.

    In her words fiddled with the meter an we had power……….

  44. colin black says:

    Spying on het boyfreinds at 18 sounds like a stalkette in the makeing

  45. colin black says:

    Let me see wheres this going.

    Poor wee jodi has been the victim of violence at the hands of parents various boy freinfs all her life

    Blah blah blah blah

    So long story short .

    Day Travis attacked her she just snapped.

    Defence rests

  46. Sarah says:

    When was Jodi arrested? How long has she had to prepare?

    July, 2008~~SS

  47. I will be posting the links to today’s trial shorty….

    The defense put Jodi on to try and spare her from the death penalty… They decided to not wait for the penalty phase to do their mitigating…. In this way, they are hoping she will be found guilty of a lesser charge than Murder One. The jury will not want to vote guilty on first degree if they think she will be put to death…. Will it work?? I am hoping when it is Martinez’s turn, he will go slow, methodically and not badger her…..Jody will be on the stand for the next couple of days and we will hear that sex tape.

  48. croakerqueen was having problems getting the video uploaded to youtube…I found these two and see a part four up but no three so I will check back later for 3 and 4…

    Jodi on Stand-Part 1

    Jodi on Stand-Part 2

  49. Here is part 4…still no three up…

    Jodi on stand-part 4

  50. debl115 says:

    Has there ever been any talk of anyone in Travis’ household owning a gun? I know it came out that there were no knives missing from the kitchen. If I were Martinez, my first question would be “Miss Arias (the way he pronounces it, lol), when Travis attacked you, and you “defended” yourself, where did you find the knife and the gun?” Seriously. this just gets better and better. I, too, hope that he doesn’t badger her, because I think she would cower in her seat, and act like she was scared to death of him (since he’s probably an ex-boyfriend and abused her at some point, hahaha!!) I can’t wait.

    On the 911 call when Travis was found dead, the 911 dispatcher was told that there were no guns in the home.~~SS

  51. elmosmommy says:

    OMG this girl had life easy peasy compared to my life growing up. She has 4 yrs to figure out he gun question , I am sure she has come up with something. I bet her and her mom came up with this story together. I sure hope Martinez is smart when he cross examines her, or we may get some juror who thinks this story has any truth to it. She has given so much detail tho and if Martinez can get his hands on one of these people she talked about it will be interesting to hear their version of events

    Sandy Arias is another George Anthony…this story was all planned and condoned by Sandy. ~~SS

  52. Here is one tawnidilly put up on youtube… I couldn’t find any more from croakerqueen…

    Jodi Arias Murder trial Day 13. Jodi on stand part 5 after break- length-1.05.41

  53. By the time Jodi gets off the stand all the women jurors will be in tears and the men in manly conditions.

    Did y’all notice that Jodi had to take a bathroom break before she took the stand? She had to powder her nose.

    Nurmi is so dang slow he practically put me to sleep.

  54. Cali Patti says:

    Elmo … I agree, Jodi’s growing up was easy compared to many others. I believe very little of the beating story’s Jodi has said.
    Lets pretend everything Jodi said was true, so what.
    Jodi drove over 15 hrs to Travis’s home, uninvited. Money & isolation keep women with abusers. Jodi was out & free, with a roof over her head.

  55. debl115 says:

    Nurmi drives me crazy. Do you think that he actually BELIEVES her story? He tried to be removed from this case. It’s beyond me how anyone can defend someone that they obviously know is lying. But then again, there’s always Baez. Very convenient that the one boyfriend that abused her committed suicide (if I heard that correctly). Any of her ex-boyfriends on the witness list besides the old dude? Is her Mom on the witness list? And if so, she would probably lie just like Cindy did. I think she just makes this shit up on the fly. She’s obviously well coached; her demeanor didn’t change at all today. The only time I saw her shed some “fake” tears, was when they showed the pic of her and the dog.

    Jodi’s boyfriend, Bobby attempted suicide by slitting his wrists. He ended up being committed to a mental institution for a period of time. He and Jodi got back together after a couple of years. I think Bobby was the ‘vampire’.~~SS

  56. katfish says:

    I’m curious who the 3 guys behind Jodi’s mom and in court are. Anyone know? I thought maybe father and brother but then read snoops post that dad has stage 4 cancer.

  57. katfish~~no, none of those men was the father. I posted a link to Jodi’s MySpace and it shows pics of her parents and siblings. Jodi’s father was a big man in the pic…black hair and looked like he may be Latino. The men looked too old to be Jodi’s brothers, Carl or Joseph.

  58. katfish says:

    Thanks ! Where is that link?

  59. katfish~~way too many comments to scroll thru so I googled it…scroll down the page to see the pics…

  60. Sarah says:

    Jodi will be on the stand for days if not weeks if Nurmi doesn’t speed it up and gets Jodi to shorten her lies. The tempo drives me crazy. I can’t wait to see how Martinez handles Jodi.

    On Dr. Drew last night two female spectators who are in the court room reported that at first some jurors leaned forward to listen to Jodi when she took the stand. They stated as Jodi went on and on and on the jurors looked bored and we’re sitting back in their chairs and not taking as many notes. I hope this is true and maybe reflects that the jurors aren’t buying Jodi’s mommy and daddy hated me and beat me spiel. Not to mention every boyfriend used me.

    The only thing that I can tell is that her prior boyfriends didn’t pan out as far as coming through with making money to support her. IMO, it wasn’t until she met the successful Travis and after she had her breast augmentation that she became more manipulative. She had her eyes on Travis because he did have money and she knew she could use sex to manipulate him. I just think it’s sad that she was Travis’ first and last in the bed. (I’m assuming she was his first. We know she was his last.)

    I also find it interesting that she went into great detail with every question EXCEPT the question about murdering Travis. Short answer: He attacked me. I defended myself. Pass the salt please. That’s how it sounded to me. Pass the salt please.

    SS: Thanks for the July 2008 answer. Surely she has read legal and psychology books to prepare since then. This is just excruciating.

  61. Sarah says:

    SS: Thank you for providing this blog on the case. Well done. 🙂

  62. colin black says:

    Snoops Jodis Dad is from Mexican heritage an her Motheer dont know her maiden name or from were she hails,

    Although Arias is popular surname throughout central Americas.
    Sorrry no link but I read a post on the State v J A Facebook page explaing Jodis dads previous wife children from first marrige or is it child from first marrrige,
    Also rumours of various illigitimate children sired by Jodis Dad as apparently he was a bit of a phillanderer /player.

    So dont know what she meant yesterdY
    About her Father owning a chain of restraunts wich he sold.
    Strangely she saidt he buyers now run them as Mexixan themed restraunts.
    Is that what thet were before who knows.
    Me gets an inkling that miss Arias is none to proud of her Mexican roots.

    Her tone when asked about her first warm feelings for a Costa Rican crush.
    When asked his namr?
    The manner in wich she answered was telling i m o.

    Ironicly she said he was also named Arias.
    And she mentioned Arias with dissdain again only my perception.
    An remember this guy wanted to marry her an allegedly acording to jodi was jealous over possesive ect.
    Some women find this endearing an cute.
    I know some women feircely love ther family name an will not take there spouces name in marrige.
    So someone called Arias whom met an married another with same surname could be ideal.

    Not Jodi though she sounded peeved to say the least.
    She is sounding plausable at the momment.
    With this softly safe fairly neutrall questionong from her council.

    Hower the Prosecuter has grown in my expectations.
    He is good like an expert poker player.

    He knows when to hold em when to pretend to fold em an them wham he slams down a full house.

    I predict on cross he will start of very quite an not in the least bit stern.
    He will lull JA Into a false sence of security.
    The old softly softly catchee monkee aproach.
    He will tie Jodi into a few incntravertablke fact here an there .
    Chang the subject to disstract her an then later on go back to something she said.
    Get her to condradict herself.
    An then he will lowere the boom big time.

    Her will startys attacking asn exposeing her blatant self seveing lies an her insultls to not only the jurours intelegence but the World as well.

    She will bre squirming an crying in that chair we wont know if someones let loose with the electic stunner belt

    PS Wouldnt it be great iff they could make a stun belt that shoots volts of electricity everytime a witness or a defendant told a lie whilst on the stand.

    pps Snoop I dont have a link for JA Dad being Mexican please dont stun me!

  63. cali patti says:

    What happened to the trial today? Its 10:00 am here, which is 11:00 am Arizona time, so what happened? INsession says it will begin in 2 hours, is that correct?

  64. cali patti says:

    Colin, according to Wikipedia,(Murder of Travis Alexander) Sandy (ALLEN) Arias, Jodi’s mom, is of German and English descent.

  65. Sarah~~ it is my pleasure keeping this blog up for you and the rest and it is always nice to get a thank you. *wink

    It seems to me that Jodi could not differentiate between what was ‘love’ or the desire to have sex with her male companions. She fell in love with all of them and in a short time too. I cannot remember them all but she had Bobby, Victor, Matt and then Darryl. She found flaws in all of them, broke up but always went back with them for a hop in the sack. It seems that she used her body to mold her men so they would conform to her standards. Apparently it wasn’t working too well as her boyfriends seemed to lose respect for her and ended up finding someone a little more wholesome.

    I expect Jodi lost her virginity very early in life in order to solicit favors from her childhood friends. No wonder her dad and mom had to resort to cuffing her ears once in awhile. Jodi told us of the beatings she rec’d from her parents but only once mentioned the reason why.

    Well I wonder if we will make it to Travis today….Nurmi is so slow. I took the liberty of watching Jodi’s time on the stand again last nite. I find you can pick up more second time around. When Jodi was describing Bobby, she was creating an almost exact image of Travis as to how Bobby was treating her emotionally.. Jodi described how she was being used for sex and helping Bobby achieve getting on his feet but Bobby treated other girls with so much more respect… This put me in mind that Jodi was good enough for sex with Travis but Lisa got T’s devotion.

    I see exactly where the defense is going with this… they want to give Jodi an excuse for losing it with Travis…they want to try and convince a jury that Jodi could not take any more.

    Sorry for being crass here but I see Jodi as a girl thinking she could screw her way to the top.

  66. cali patti says:

    Thank you!!

  67. margaret says:

    ..Snoops, this is not about jodi In Session just announced they would televise the Zimmerman trial next.. We should put your Blog over the moon by the end of year.. Yeaaaahhhhh Go Snoopy. P.S. I love this blog ! !

  68. Newbie says:

    Seconding margaret’s comment !! Love this blog !!!!

  69. Vicky says:

    Me three!
    I wonder if the jury is as bored with Jodi’s mundane details as the rest of those listening.

  70. Cali Patti says:

    Yes, I find this testimony very long. Jodi’s story’s and relationships are not interesting or unusual. Other than how quickly she jumped from man to man and her lack of girl friends it’s a rather typical young woman’s life that had no direction.
    Her lack of tight female relationships jumps out at me. I worked in restaurants when I was young and even with boy friends, we girls were tight. My female relationships lasted until today. Where are the girl friends?

    Looks like late Wednesday or early Thursday before Martinez is up.

  71. Newbie says:

    ho…..hum….how long before she allows him in her BEDROOM and to undress her??? This is excrutiating…..

  72. Sarah says:

    Wait a minute: didn’t the ex-bo, Daryl, say they were both aggressive in the bedroom? And now we are to believe that she was “uncomfortable” with Travis? And that Travis knew what the hell he was doing? I don’t know how the family is just sitting there and taking this. God bless them.

  73. Sarah says:

    Starbucks? I thought she gave those up to make ends meet, financially?

  74. Sarah says:

    Is anybody buying her version of Travis, so far?

  75. Cali Patti says:

    Sarah … I believe Jodi in where her & Travis met, their later meetings and their sexual encounters.
    I don’t believe that Travis was the sexual aggressor. Jodi had been having sex since she was 17 or younger. Travis was inexperienced. Having oral sex in a car probably never crossed his mind, It was her idea. MOO

    No Court Thursday … Arizona counts are slow

  76. Sarah says:

    I agree Cali Patti: I think she was the aggressor. Just wish I could get into the brains of those jurors. Hope they’re seeing it our way.

  77. Newbie says:

    Sarah, I don’t believe one word that comes out of her mouth. She has practiced her lines and modes of expression. I can hardly wait for Martinez to cross examine her.

  78. cali patti says:

    Jeeze, after listening to her go on and on and on, I vote to lock her up just to get her to stop talking.
    Her talking reminds me of a young woman from Florida who talked and talked.
    Mr. Martinez has been so polite so far. If Martinez doesn’t get to begin tomorrow he will have to wait until Monday.

  79. Nurmi reminds me of a sexual predator!!

    Sorry, I had to vent my frustrations. The man is driving me bonkers…he drawls his word as he curl his lips to show his disgust at Travis. Then the jerk has to repeat everything that was just said..

  80. Will the jurors see who the real Jodi Arias is? From Huff Post…

    January 8, 2008 – Arias, according to prosecutors, sent this text to Alexander: “Ahhh!! I fell asleep! But to answer your question, yes I want to grind you. And I want to be LOUD. And I want to give you a nice, warm ‘mouth hug’ too. :)”

    January 18, 2008 – Arias, according to prosecutors, sent this text to Alexander: “My p—y is SO WET.”

    Martinez has been busy taking notes…

    “Immediately after you killed Travis, did you travel to Utah to visit Ryan Burns and try to initiate sex with him?”
    “Did you start kissing Ryan and then turn him on his back and get on top of him grinding your pelvis against his genitals?
    “Would you say that you were the aggressor?”

  81. Vicky says:

    I do not believe their first sexual encounter occurred at the home of Travis’ friends. I do not believe he would have disrespected them in that manner. Most certainly not one week after meeting her. Additionally, I do not believe he handed her a Bible and followed up with a request for a blow job. I don’t think their sexual exploits began that soon in their relationship. The little added detail about the visor was so frigging lame.
    Also, did you notice that she failed to provide details about her sexual history with her previous boy friends, yet goes into detail about her encounters with Travis. That girl was exactly as Travis described her…A three holenwonder. Grrr, she was such a liar!

    Nurmi is slowly and methodically dumbing Jodi down the juror’s throats. I hope we see Martinez work a few miracles.~~SS

  82. margaret says:

    Don’t You just want to walk to AZ> and slap that face of hers.. Her mother should have used that wooden spoon to teach her about abstinance and what it meant. She wanted the life Travis had and she wanted it at all cost. She thinks she is miss poor picked on jodi,, and ssssoooooo smart. That dumbazz thought she could still have that life, because no one could possibly think she killed Travis. I would like to know what her mother really thinks. This is like a soap opera , always leave them hanging.

    Sandy Arias is not showing any recognizable emotion except for sharing something funny with her twin sister during breaks. Sandy would have been instructed on how to act by the defense.~ ~SS

  83. Do we have to suffer through every single sexual encounter Jodi had with Travis? I am hoping Juan Martinez can keep his cool and destroy everything Jodi stated. Jodi is not only a pathological liar and psycho stalker, she is a nymphomaniac and a whore. All her holes were well used before she met up with Travis.

  84. Newbie says:

    I wish Martinez could hand Jodi a nice blonde wig to wear while he cross examines her…..with her glasses off.

    I wish Martinez could get that T-shirt into the courtroom. The one Jodi posed in that says “Travis’ across the front… make her turn it around and read, “Blog Spot” which is on the back of that same T-shirt.~~SS

  85. cali patti says:

    Ah Snoopy …. Nurmi is doing what he swore to do. No matter who his client is, Nurmi must give her the best defense he can. Someone did mention in here how Nurmi wanted off this case.I’m sure he tried hard to get out of this mess of Jodi.

    I think he moves slow also however he might be moving slow to drag this out so the prosecution will not begin until Monday morning. That would be smart to have soft-spoken Jodi in the jurors mind from Thursday – Sunday. If Nurmi curls his lip when mentioning Travis, he is doing his job.
    Come on girl, you know this. Nurmi does not look like a predator. Since when do you judge a person on their looks?

    You just can’t stand Jodi and you want Martinez to have his turn.
    Now do not chop my head off!!!!! Or stun me, please.

    Who judged Nurmi by his looks? I judged his mannerisms!! Since I see where you are trying to go with this, the rest of my response will remain unsaid with one exception, how close are you following this trial?~~SS

  86. I am hoping some of the jurors are watching this case on tv or reading this blog!!

    Some of the legal pundits on HLN are saying the jurors seem to be buying Jodi’s story hook, line and sinker.

    I am assuming the jurors will be able to ask Jodi questions.

    1-Did Travis ever force himself on you sexually against your will?

    2-Did you ever say, “no” to Travis’ sexual advances and, if not, why not?

    3-Did you have oral and/or anal sex with Darryl, Bobby, Victor, Matt or any of your boyfriends?

    4-Did you feel that you could advance in Prepaid Legal by letting Travis take advantage of you sexually?

    If you were on the jury, what questions would you ask??

  87. Vicky says:

    It is so hard for me to express my disgust for her testimony in polite terms. I don’t see how on earth Travis’ family has been able to control themselves.
    By all accounts, Travis was not overly experienced in the sex department when he met Jody. Perhaps it is my generation speaking, but I can’t believe that an inexperienced guy would initiate oral sex on a woman he barely knows without requesting that she take a bath in advance. Had he a verified history of sexual encounters I might buy it, but this doesn’t ring true with me. I would have found her more believable had she claimed he asked for a blow job and then reciprocated. I would think if there was a pre Jodi skeleton in Travis’ closet, Jodi would have gained that info during their time together and that woman would be on the define list. I do not believe for one minute she and Travis got it on within one week of meeting. I do believe she began to work on peaking his sexual curiosity within hours of meeting him. I also believe she probably found several opportunities to make contact with his nether regions during their initial contacts and began the phone sex seduction within weeks. She viewed him as a challenge and set out to prove sex trumps religious doctrine.
    IMO, Jodi was the first time Travis didn’t have to take matters into his own hand, and once that horse left the barn, he was all about continuing his riding lessons.
    In all honesty, we girls (jodi included) are well aware of the powers we possess over men. Hubby and I have joked about that many times over the years. The play Lysistrata is a humorous yet powerful reminder of just how much power we possess.
    Granted, Travis was a grown man who chose to play with fire and was too arrogant to pay attention to the warning signs, being a horn dog does not mean he deserved to die. Might I also add that if her crime was truly a result of her rage over sexual abuse, why didn’t she take a stab or two at his male anatomy?

    OMG~~the bold deserves an acclaim..lololol~~SS

  88. debl115 says:

    I’m not sure who this guy is, but his take on Jodi’s testimony is pretty interesting: JODI ARIAS: WHY HER PAST DOESN’T HELP HER FUTURE

    What a great article! Thank you. I hope the jurors think like he does.~~SS

  89. debl115 says:

    And I also want to thank you, Snoopy, for this blog. I love all of the comments here.

    And thank you, hon. It is the contributors who help make a blog successful.~~

  90. Cali Patti says:

    Hey Snoopy … Sorry I misunderstood your comment. I’m not a fan of Nurmi’s and I know Jodi is guilty of premeditated murder.

    I’m a huge fan of every person getting a great defense. Often it doesn’t happen in our system of justice. Our justice is not always justice for all.
    Yet, maybe unfairly, I disliked Baez & Baez’s defense of CA. I thought he played with our court and legal system.
    I’m not going anywhere with what I wrote. I was finished.

  91. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I would ask her where she got the gun and knife and where she disposed of both.
    I would ask her to clarify when she cut off sexual relations with Darry and why. -he said it was because she was practicing her new religion. She testified that it was because the were no longer together. She also testified that she only learned about the no sex rule a few days before baptism.
    I would ask her if she stabbed or shot him first.
    I would ask her what type of console was in her car. And where the shifter was.
    I would ask if she frequently has oral sex in public parks in broad daylight.
    I would ask her why after less than two weeks of knowing the guy, and having given him a blow job, he kissed her on the cheek and left her with nothing but a mess, she continued contact with him.
    I would ask her why she needed the gas cans.
    I would ask her if she considers her behavior toward Darryl to be abusive.
    I would ask her if the welts on her body from the spoon were ever observed by teachers.
    I would ask her if she has a criminal background prior to this incident.

    Great questions. Now how can we get them to the jurors?~~SS

  92. Cali Patti says:

    PS … A few of my remarks “read” as harsh however I wrote them in humor, it just didn’t come out like I was feeling.
    I believe I’m watching closely, I know hear every word.
    I do agree with Vicky about the oral sex. No way did Travis initiate or probably return the act. Young men & Travis was a very young man sexually do that in the beginning.

  93. Vicky says:

    One more thing, the 911 call she claims to have made when Bobby? put the hold on her, when dude told the dispatcher she was trying to program his phone and dialed by accident, protocol would have required him to put her on the phone to verify. So I call BS on that one.

    When a call is aborted to 911, PD will check out the civic address from where the call originated if it is a house phone.~~ SS

  94. Vicky says:

    Cali, I totally agree that each defendant deserves a rigorous defense. However, I think Nurmi seems a bit too focused on the details of and her responses to the sex acts, which does somewhat make him appear a bit odd to say the least.

  95. Vicky says:

    One more, one more thing. If Jodi had any intention of committing suicide, she would have done so immediately following the murder. IMO

  96. Cali Patti says:

    Most of my questions Vicky asked.
    I’ ld ask about the washed cloths – laundry?
    Did she wash & dry her own clothing?
    Why she deleted those certain pic’s and left others on camera?
    Did she think about returning to Travis’s to pick up camera or did she think camera would be ruined in washer. If so, why delete pic’s?There are other questions about camera depending on what Jodi answers are.
    Why did she drag Travis back into shower?

  97. Cali Patti says:

    Ok … Know I understand what Snoopy was saying. Thanks Vicky. I am so sick of this sex talk which surprises me.
    I thought Nurmi’s was focusing on sex acts to set up the possible sexual abuse claim of Jodi’s. I will watch much closer tomorrow.

  98. Cali Patti says:

    Oops … Now I understand. Sorry Snoop.

    I checked for info on Nurmi online and he does have a private practice that specializes in … persons accused of sexual crimes.
    Yup, rather strange!

  99. katfish says:

    Thanks for the link to Jodi’s myspace page SS. Must have been tired not to think of that…I google umpteen times a day. 🙂 been reading for days here trying to catch up. Glad to see some familiar names…you all (even if I don’t know you yet) are brilliant. This is the best place I’ve been to Read about this case. Ya’ll are the most informative, accurate, diverse, and fun peeps around 😉 ~waving~

    Welcome aboard, katfish. Before this trial is over, we will have all been sex educated. This is one case that is not for the faint of heart. Thank God my granny has long passed on and doesn’t know what I have been watching, reading and writing.~~SS

  100. Cali Patti says:

    I caught that 911 call remark also. I don’t know if all states are the same but Vicky ur right, in California they don’t accept an excuse like was stated. With use of cell phones I’m not sure how 911 operators handle it though.
    It’s not 9 pm yet here. Different time zones in here.

  101. Cali Patti says:

    Hi Katfish, I’m left coast time so I might be the last one awake. Yes the people on here are nice, very supportive and reply to my dumb questions.

  102. elmosmommy says:

    Well I am not too sure why there is anyone ( on the jodi is innocent blog ) taking offense with Travis calling Jodi a whore and a slut. The names seem to fit, just saying
    I feel sorry for Travis, he had no idea what or who Jodi was when he first became smitten with her. But we know he got over it and saw her for what she is and that made her very angry. She had done everything in her mind, to seal her fate of becoming Travis`s wife, and nothing worked. I am in the camp that she just might have been blackmailing him and even that eventually wore off. He just plain didnt have enough experience to know what to do or how to get rid of her.
    Great comments and questions !
    My juror questions are:
    Did you really think you could get away with this ?
    Have you ever taken responsibility for your own actions or do you ALWAYS put the blame on others ?
    When you were 2 yrs old, did you learn how to say the word “NO” ? Because it doesnt seem like you knew how to say that word

    Great questions. Waving at ya ‘fellow Canuck’ all the way from Nova Scotia~~SS

  103. elmosmommy says:

    Hi cali and katfish – I am also west coast in Victoria, BC , the Canadian side of the border from Port Angeles, Washington

  104. debl115 says:

    Hey, Elmosmommy, I’m from Bothell, WA! Love your posts 🙂

  105. debl115 says:

    Ditto to Cali Patti and Katfish, gotta love the Pacific NW 🙂

  106. Cali Patti says:

    Hey Ladies, I’m just outside Monterey, yes the place Jodi visited.
    The roads Jodi took from Redding/Yreka to Monterey to Pasadena was the longest & slowest route. Everyone that has lived in this state for over a few months knows this. Since Jodi was trying to keep her visit to Mesa, Az secret, why add extra hours to her weekend? What was in Monterey that was so important she take the longest route south?

  107. Live Stream of Trial.. 10:30 am Mountain Standard Time.. 12:30pm-Florida
    11:30am- Illinois (katfish)

  108. elmosmommy says:

    hi deb, cool to meet someone who lives fairly close to me, i know we have been thru Bothell on trips we have taken
    ewww cali, she went to your town, yuck , gross lol. Yes what was so important there to add the extra hours, it sure has me wondering. Does anyone remember where the bank deposits were made ? and what are your thoughts as to how that money thing came to be ? I havent been able to come up with anything that really explains it.

    Good question. I hope Det Flores checked Travis’ bank account and T had an accountant who could reconcile all the transactions. Jodi asked Flores if the check she wrote to Travis ,for a car payment I believe, was cashed. Once Travis’ death was confirmed, his bank accts would become frozen.~~SS

  109. I predict that the defense will try and time things so the sex tape will be played just before the jurors recess for the weekend. (that is if the judge allowed it in)

  110. elmosmommy says:

    The b/f named Matt, or at least someone using his name on the jodi is innocent blog was saying that he saw Jodi, I guess after she met Travis and she had a broken finger( done by travis), that is now deformed, because she never had it looked after , and also added she had bruises on her neck from Travis strangling her. I am rewatching the 4th part of todays testimony and around 16 mins you can see her hand fully and there is no deformed finger, but of course over there they all agree oh yeah Jodi always keeps that hand hidden. total nonsense, which I guess is why Matt has never taken the stand. Just add that to her list of “winner boyfriends”

  111. elmosmommy says:

    oops I am wrong, at 16.23 you can see that one finger appears to be bent.

  112. Karen C. says:

    Hi, debl115! My sister and her hubby live there in Bothell! They love it. Dang, it’s a teensy, tinesy world…

    Me, all I would do for questions is (after warning Travis’ family) put up the worst of the pics again, and say- I can’t even bother asking her anything, since she is incapable of telling the truth about the weather.

  113. margaret says:

    Good morning everyone ! Are we all ready for our porno class of the day ? Geeezzz, that woman has no shame. Just before she took the stand, the woman sitting behind Willmott, was in deep discussion with jodi.. She must have been her trainer. My Grandpa used to say ” why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free “,jodi was an expert on handing out freebies..If someone higher on the ladder had paid her any attention that night, she would have flipped Travis in a heartbeat. Unfortunately Travis got sucked in. Isn’t it amazing that when she would split from all these men that she ” loved ” so much, she always had another one waiting for her……..My question would be ” how did it feel squeezing through the Doggy Door to sneak in to Travis.??……….Snoops Nurmi is too slow to be a sexual predator.. IMO .LOL

  114. Vicky says:

    Jodi says she felt deflated when Travis left he alone in her car in the park. I’m more inclined to believe it was Travis who ws deflated following this alleged encounter. 🙂
    Rumor has it the sex tapes will be played today. I wonder if it occurs to Jodi that phone sex is a two way conversation. Another question for Jodi. Why did you record those conversations? Did you record all phone sex conversations?
    It continues to escape me how any kind of sex between consenting adults is abuse, when the parties involved live 1000 miles a part.

  115. Newbie says:

    I find it hard to believe the first sexual encounters happened as Jodi testified. Vicky you are spot on with ALLEGED encounter.
    I’d like to ask Jodi if the mess of her kill ever became over- whelming for her?

  116. colin black says:

    Its more likely she was the more sexualy experianced than Travis.
    She no doubt badgered him to get phycicall an that she could trap him with her body.

    She had already partook of anal sex an probably conviced Travis that everything bar vaginal intercourse wasnt breaking his vows.
    An not vice verca as she is re writing history on the stand.

    Talk about putting your own spin on things,,,,

  117. colin black says:

    He raped me in my magic Mormon underwear

  118. colin black says:

    Unexpected anal sex in our church clothes what a bummer

  119. colin black says:

    Murdered him in life
    An now murdering his reputation even in death.
    This bitch is stone cold

  120. colin black says:

    Jodi the reason you felt like a used peice of toilet paper.
    Is because you are full of shit.

  121. Sarah says:

    Is anybody buying any of this? I agree with Vicky. Who was the experienced person? Who had a history of having anal sex? Who has a history of being “aggressive” in the bedroom? Surely the jury is thinking the same way.

    I feel so sorry for Travis’ family having to listen to these lies. I keep waiting for one of them to shout out, ‘liar’!

  122. colin black says:

    Dont worry Nurmi your client let Travis know exactly how she felt in the end,

  123. Sarah says:

    Colin: You’re hilarious. “He raped in my magic Mormon underwear.”

  124. Vicky says:

    So frigging what if Travis told her they could have any form of sex so long as it did not include vaginal sex. She was a grown woman and more than capable of saying no. I refuse to buy into the he was controlling me crap. They are making it sound like Travis was “grooming” a child, not an adult woman who had already had multiple sex partners, one of whom has admitted to anal sex. She wanted Travis and was willing to do whatever it took to keep him. They played their little sex games, and now she wants to use their mutual kinky escapades to exploit her murder victim. TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!!

    It is frustrating to listen to this manipulating bitch.~~SS

  125. margaret says:

    Can you believe she brought up Bill Clinton ?? I think Matinez is chomping at the bit to get started.. He and the detective had their heads together yesterday afternoon,so there is a plan in the works. I usually miss the after lunch part because of granddaughter coming home from school and cooking dinner. Today I got an early start so I am all set. This is all so familiar after baez and casey just LIE LIE LIE..If the laws ever change and the Defense have to be truthful, there will be a lot fewer Defense Attorneys. All of jodi’s boyfriends had sex with her, none of Travis girlfriends have said they had sex with him..,jodi the pointed nose witch {sorry Snoops} is the instigator here. IMO

    No need to say you are sorry. I have a personally dislike for stalkers and for good reason. We had one right in here on the blogs. You may know who I mean. If she had visited the US as planned, we may have had another man chopped up. She was the one who published all my private info on her blog and elsewhere. She considered me just like Jodi did Lisa. All I did was help this man re our blogs ~~SS

  126. Newbie says:

    Mark O’Mara to join InSession today after the current commercial !!!

  127. Newbie says:

    I know of a case in our area where the mental evaluation of the defendant resulted in a lessor sentence. The person had a mental condition (can’t come up with the name of it) which resulted in not being able to make an informed decision. That defendent allegedly was just a follower no matter what……hmmmm…..Vicky do you happen to know what I am talking about?

  128. elmosmommy says:

    I am so with you Vicky, this is getting tiresome and boring when Travis isnt here to tell his version of this. There is nothing to say one word of this is true, it is all self serving to blame the victim. We all saw in the tapes with the detectives and 48 hrs that she lies very well. If this was anywhere near the true version, then she was getting something out of it , or she would have said see ya later, this isnt for me. I am not buying any of this and on day 3 of this bs and I want it to move on,

  129. Sarah says:

    Who is Deanna Reed? On AZ Central they mention something about her YouTube username used the morning of his death? Jodi said this is who Travis was not wanting to show affection in front of during one of their meetings?

  130. margaret says:

    I remember Snoops. I was listening to some of the tapes of BNN the other night, looking for somthing and the other blog owner brought up S.S. and the other person about finding a certain video. I remember her well..

  131. cali patti says:

    So sick of this irrelevant sexual encounters. I don’t believe Jodi about the sexual encounter the day of her baptism. I do not think sex happened at all. Jodi was willing to do anything to get Travis.
    Chastity, apparently plays a game around what the word truly means. There is NO testimony Travis ever had sexual encounters before Jodi or played games with what the word meant.

  132. Karen C. says:

    She is counting on Travis’ not having told anyone about any sex- what, when, why, where, so she feels free to make up bat guano all over the place. The anal-sex-after-baptism thing is as believable as the suicide nonsense earlier.

    I feel like a piece of toilet paper after listening so this…. used by her and Nurmi.

  133. Sarah says:

    I think the defense (including Jodi) is purposely going slow so that they can play the tapes near the end of the day and let the jury go home with that on their minds.

    These mundane details are getting on my last nerve!

  134. elmosmommy says:

    Jodi took a picture of the pink underwear and the t-shirt, how come there is no picture of the spiderman underwear – this is all too phoney bologna

  135. elmosmommy says:

    If she hung on to the shirt and underwear, then she also would have saved the letter. I dont think we will hear any further on any letter … what crap !!! The judge cannot possibly let this crap in

  136. elmosmommy says:

    I should explain that I obviously dont believe there is a letter, if there was, and it had been verified for being real, then it could come in. So she isnt gonna be able to say she got a letter and this is what it said but perhaps some of the jurors dont know that and will spend the next 4 days thinking this letter is gonna be read monday morning. This girl has had many many days spent in jail , dreaming up all this crap knowing that she had to come up with something to save her life

  137. cali patti says:

    There will be two people on that tape, not just Travis. Jodi could have hung up on Travis at any time. I don’t understand saving the tape either. None of this hurts the premeditated murder charge. I want to know why Mr. Martinez is allowing so much of this irrelevant info in. I’m looking forward to Mr. Martinez debunking this info.,
    Isn’t the court out on Thursday?

  138. colin black says:

    Thing is different countrys different laws.
    If this crime happened in France Jodi would have plead guilty due to dimmimshed respoceabilty .
    Due to temporary insanity that induced such a passion of love / hate she went beserk.
    A Crime of passion is a legitimat defence in France..

    An this crime ticks all the boxes.
    Although she wouldnt walk free its a lessser included verdict an crime of sudden passion bit like man slaughter carries a reduced sentance.

    Probably if Jodis case happened in France she would get five to 15 years an sevrve about eight.

    In the UK She would get life if found guilty an serve about 12 to 16 years.

  139. Thank goodness we can get a break from Nurmi and Jodi until Monday. Nurmi’s favorite words as he curls his lip and peer toward the nymphomaniac in the witness chair, ” Now let’s fast-forward back, you said blab blab blab…”

  140. I wonder how authentic this letter supposedly from Travis is?? Would this letter have been written at the same time as the letters Sandy Arias took to the National Enquiry? Martinez will make the defense prove the letter mentioned today is authentic. The sex tape was allowed in.

  141. Cali Patti says:

    Colin – How does premeditated murder “go” in France and the UK?

    No DP in the UK so premed no big deal~~SS

  142. Newbie says:

    Where’s the “self defense”? She didn’t say no to whatever and freely participated in sexual escapades and for that Travis got his throat slit ! For crying out loud ! This is bullchit.

    In Jodi’s case, it is cowshit. lol~~SS

  143. Cali Patti says:

    Since listening to Jodi drone on and on about her sex life, IMO, I vote for locking her up for making us listen to the most boring sex life I’ve ever heard about.
    HLN said the Spider-Man underwear was worn by Camron Diaz in a movie. That Spider-Man underwear has been given as a gag gift since then.

  144. debl115 says:

    OMG. Anybody think that the defense had something to do with this???
    Laptop belonging to expert witness in Arias trial stolen

    Well Jodi has made a lot of con friends on the inside who have con friends on the outside. I wonder if Sandy Arias has an alibi. Thanks for the heads up!~ ~SS

  145. elmosmommy says:

    I was just catching up on this mornings court tapes and a thought occured to me, how did he spin her around and bend her over the bed and performed anal sex. Aside from the fact that my life does not include anal sex, how is this even possible ? In opening statements the lady defense lawyer said he bent her over a desk and that is possible, but over the bed ??????? I am at least 4 inches shorter than her and it wouldnt be possible to bend like that. Not to mention she doesnt mention he had a tube of KY Jelly in his pocket, wouldnt this hurt him badly as well as her ?? If that was when she stabbed him I might be a little more understanding lol And also these days I know that some beds are very high but were they in 2006 ? I am being serious but I am also laughing, I would like to see this demonstrated, only with clothes on tho lol

  146. elmosmommy says:

    cali – I saw that too that you posted about superman being a gag gift.
    deb – wow, thats interesting about the lap top being stolen. I find it very hard to believe the defense would be involved in that, but there are a few Jodi supporters. But in burglaries it is also very common for laptops to be stolen because they are easy to sell.

  147. elmosmommy~~ sorry, but your comment has me laughing. I cannot see how things would line up that well. lol That reminds me of the six-foot man who dated a four-foot six woman. He used to say when they got naked, “When we’re nose to nose, my toes are in it and when we are toe toes, my nose is in it.”

    Shame on me!!

  148. Cali Patti says:

    Dr. Drew has a few interesting people on his show tonight. Can’t recal his name but Zjodi borrowed money from him to go see Travis. He said Jodi was frantic about the break up. He also has the older man, Abe A. that she dated. He called her sexually aggressive, confident, and no little girl. Plus a woman that was helped by Travis and actually lived with him for a time. She called the a*** sex story complete B. S. Wish I had name recall.
    Anyone get a chance to this show, it’s worth watching.
    When court ends for me it’s 3:30 my time so I watch regular TV shows at their regular time slot.

  149. Cali~~I am still watching Dr Drew right now….yes, interesting.

  150. elmosmommy says:

    I am watching it right now too….. I hope we have some guys like Abe on the jury, he is truly disgusted

  151. Cali Patti says:

    I understand why Abe A was not called as a prosecution witness however these that loaned Jodi money seems like he would have been a good witness. Can the prosecution call rebuttal witness’s in Arizona? The money lending man could rebut Jodi’s testimony about how she was really feeling about Travis. With him appearing on Dr. Drew he won’t be called.

  152. Marilyn says:

    Yeah,mainstreamfair,shame on you,but VERY funny!!This looong direct examination is of course,on purpose,so she will have time to be coached for cross also.This is a horrendous murder trial and of course Nummi and Wilmott are trying to stop the DP for her,but dear Lord,it’s like many other murder trials,and so frustrating to hear all her long,drawn out explanations!I mean,really!!He still hasn’t got to her murder of Travis,they’re down for 4 days(except the private hearing tomorrow).I really wonder with all the minutely details she gives constantly,it’s just mind-boggling!I surely hope Juan Martinez does exactly the same with the evidence against her!I know the DNA doesn’t lie and she does,so he does have alot to work with!I really just pray for a common sense jury,and I do mean ALL of them!Travis and his family need justice!!I do see Juan Martinez not objecting to many objectionable questions,I kinda think he’s giving her enough rope to hang her and her defense! Dear Lord,hope it works!!

  153. debl115 says:

    Marilyn, I hope it works, too. the prosecution has SO much evidence against her, but the defense is trying to make her out to be the victim in this case. WHAT ABOUT TRAVIS??? She was just a total whore who wanted to convert Travis from his lifestyle to hers. She can sit back and say “Travis wanted this, and Travis wanted that”, and she couldn’t do this and couldn’t do that, because she was such a “Pollyanna”. Give me a f**** break. She was, in my mind, a stalker, and let the defense say what they want, I just don’t know how they can possibly convince the jury otherwise. But, then again, there are 11 men on that jury, And it could come down to which “head” they are relying on, as to whether she is guilty or not.

  154. Marilyn~~I think Martinez is letting Nurmi ask many questions without objecting so we will have a broader scope to do his cross examination. Once the defense opens a door, the state can walk right in and ask away. I see Juan busy taking notes and conversing back and forth with Det Flores. I do find it unusual to see a lead detective sitting with the prosecution but that’s Arizona.

    Jodi is right in her element. The witness box is her stage and she knows the world is watching. I wonder what is going through the jurors minds. I hope they are getting as fed up as I am listening to her sexcapades in minute detail. She even embellishes and adds too many little details, an indication of a pathological liar. There is such a lack of emotion with the exception of describing the anal intercourse. I wonder if it hurt when she allowed Darryl to enter her thru the backdoor.

    Not once did Jodi complain about Travis sexually abusing her until she needed it for an excuse when her first two stories didn’t fly. Not once did she tell Travis “no” when he wanted her to perform some sexual act with him. If Travis was naked in the shower (Jodi was fully dressed in the crime photo) and lunged at Jodi, she could have been downstairs and out the door in a matter of seconds.

    Jodi is putting on the performance of her life. Her testimony was well scripted and rehearsed and Nurmi is directing her every word, ever so slowly. We all have a front row seat watching this psycho stalker who could not bag her trophy alive so she made damn sure no one else would have the chance.

    I am praying the jury is not buying it. There is such a thing as information overload and I think the defense is making a big mistake with this droning on and on…

  155. One other thing… Jodi and Nurmi are trying to take all the jurors hostage with her days and days of testimony. I refer to it as the “Stockholm Syndrome”

    nite nite

  156. Sarah says:

    SS: The only reason I can think of as to why the court would allow the lead detective to sit next to the prosecutor is the fact that during the interview tapes with Jodi, Flores states several times that he represents Travis and what Travis was telling him through the evidence. Could the jurors subconsciously think of “Travis” sitting there? Or someone is on Travis’ side? Does that make sense?

    I too have watched Dr. Drew and other programs analyzing this case. Some experts/lawyers are saying that Jodi knows she will be found guilty and is actually fighting for her life. So, the longer the defense has her on the stand the jury will “humanize” her and not put her to death. I disagree. I’m getting angrier at Jodi. I can tell which statements are lies and I’m even listening to her mirror some of the other witnesses statements. This woman is beyond creepy.

    She’s dangerous. I can’t help but believe that Ryan was going to be her next victim. I think she was going to lure him next. And God knows what would have happened to him when he decided he did not want to marry her. She always had another man lined up before she got out of her present relationship; like another murderess we know.

    I hope she is found guilty. I’m reserving my thoughts on the death penalty until I hear from Martinez (I’m leaning towards death). When she is found guilty we should all chip in and send her some pink panties that has “Martinezs’ ” written on them.

  157. Karen C. says:

    Oh, it’s easy to see where she’s inventing things- she offers way too many details, and Nurmi has to lead her back to the trail gently before she gets stuck in her own bog. That forced-anaI-sex-after-baptism thing was pure evil- I’m dying for Cross. Would Martinez be able to cough up more rebuttal witnesses, just for this I wonder? There’s no way she could keep all of her coached “facts” straight on such a long (long, long…) narrative.

  158. Karen C. says:

    I have a tough time even typing that one!

  159. colin black says:

    Jodi has given me an idea for a new line in womans lingre.
    Spider knickers
    Black Widow deadly pants.
    Wear them an decapitate your partner.

    So is this trial in resess till Monday.

  160. Colin~~no trial until Monday. I expect Jodi will be on the stand for at least 3 more days at the rate Nurmi is going..

  161. There is no proof that Travis ever had anal sex with Jodi or wanted her to give him oral sex in a parking lot. We only have her word for it and we know how good that is. As far as right after her baptism, I don’t believe that for one minute!!

  162. margaret says:

    Isn’t it amazing that Travis was this sweet guy , never pressured other girlfriends for sex , and then BAM he meets jodi and overnight he turns into a sexual deviant.. I sure hope the jury is picking up on this fact. Who gets held back in kindergarten?? I would like to hear from an honest family member on jodis growing years and her attitudes..She has painted her mom and dad as child abusers..It sounds to me like she should have been sent to juvie..Is Wilmott writing the script ? She is busy, busy, busy writing.. She is not going to have that script when Martinez gets his turn and she tries the selective memory card..Have you noticed none of her stories have anything to do with girlfriends only men?? Some one said Sky Hughes would be called,that will be interesting.. Beth Karas said jodi would probably be on stand all next week, sure hope it is not with Nurmi..My stomach can’t take much more of her life story. I pray this jury is realizing that jodi is the deviant in all of this, she led Travis down the garden path, taught him all about sex , and convinced him that certain things were ok and he made the mistake of following right along. jodi’s motto was all things are possible through sex..Poor Travis was like a fly in her web and he waited to long to try to get free.

  163. margaret says:…………………..Jodi has a new man….Is he crazy or searching for his 15 minutes…?

  164. Marilyn says:

    Mainstreamfair,That’s what I say,only she is telling all these sexcapades,that went on with her and Travis and she is the ultimate liar,I think she is (almost)past skank from Florida in her lies!I will never get over the lies that thing told about her missing little girl!!!Plus her mother!Anyhow back to hoe,I do believe she thinks she’s scoring points,but Dear God,I hope not!I was wondering about Det.Flores being next to Martinez,because even if he has him there as his second-hand man,I would think another prosecutor should be there also.Only because another attorney could maybe hear something Martinez doesn’t or if he forgets something,even a minute detail.Many times I have seen Wilmott catch something fast that Nummi didn’t,as in an objectionable issue.
    By the way,I am not getting further comments in my e-mail,just wondering if I did something wrong?I do click both options at the bottom.

    I am not sure why u r not getting the comments. As administrator, I do not see those little boxes. I did not change anything. Okay, I logged out and could see the boxes..if you click on both, you should get the comments in the email you used when you commented. You should also get notified via email of any new posts You may want to check the spam folder in your mail~~SS

  165. Vicky says:

    I have been observing Jodi’s mannerisms during the trash talk that is coming out of her mouth. It is obvious that she paid attention to some of the sales techniques introduced to her by prepaid legal. He hand movements often appear mechanical, as though she is reminding herself to make certain jestures. Also, she has obviously been coached on what to say. However, her words do not jive with her body language. Not only that, but she fails to demonstrate appropriate affect during much of her testimony. Has anyone else noticed what I am talking about or is it just me?

    Vicky, Jodi has taken on the role of Travis, verbally. She is trying to sound intelligent and selling her innocence in the same way Travis sold his Prepaid Legal. She was the one who took his virginity and initiated all the sex acts. Now she has a lesbian lover in jail so like Travis, is a womanizer. I think Jodi not only stole Travis’ life, she is still so obsessed with him after death, she had stolen his identity.~~SS

  166. colin black says:

    Well if you mean she talks about unexpected anal sex wearing church clothes after being baptised.
    In the tone of voice as if she was ordering a ham an cheese sand wich.
    Yes her affection is way way of.

    Perhaps the words Holy an Hole are a bit confused in Jodis mind.
    She certainly puts the Ho into Holy Baptism.

  167. Vicky says:

    LOL Colin!
    No normal person would offer so much detail about their sexual activity without showing embarrassment. Most certainly one that it attempting to convince a jury they are a victim of sexual manipulation. The defense has offered so much detail and so many examples of her sexual sexcapades with Travis, that even if they were shocked at the beginning, that has certainly worn off. My guess is at this point, the jury is convinced anal sex and blow jobs were like ordering a sandwich for Jody. And she was willing to drive hours to dine at her favorite sandwich shop

  168. I am beginning to wonder if Jane Velez Mitchell is reading this blog. I mentioned Jodi and Nurmi taking the jury hostage and the Stockholm Syndrome last night and Jane used my same words to Vinnie a few minutes ago. lol

  169. margaret says:…… may have read this already..

    Thanks, Margaret. That article was interesting. Jodi did not want to discuss Travis’ death. It was all about her. Don’t be surpised Nurmi will stop his questioning when it comes to how Jodi killed Travis. Jodi will give a yawn and a ho hum and nonchalantly say, “oh, I killed him in self-defense.”~~SS

  170. cali patti says:

    Hey Vicky, I’ve noticed Jodi’s hand movements while on the stand. She politely claps her hands in front of her while the jury is entering the courtroom. Jodi does not use her body or hands when speaking. She seldom stutters or pauses when speaking of difficult events. She often says “uhmmm” when beginning a new story., but not a story that would be difficult to tell. Its like a mental pause to get her thoughts in order. Emotions never over take Jodi, not once.

    Being locked up 4 years would change a person and Jodi is fighting for her life. I think, in a way, Jodi’s calmness could really hurt her. If Jodi was more emotional, less controlled I could understand in a fit of passion or in a rage she killed Travis. NO, what I see is a woman who planned and executed Travis when he finally rejected her. Jodi was in control.
    When Jodi testified about the ninja’s killing Travis and their gun misfiring or not firing the second time the trigger was pulled is what I think happened to Jodi with her gun.

    I believe she planned on killing Travis with the gun. Then possibly cutting him up in the shower. I am not to sure about that shower scene but why drag him back into the shower. When her pistol misfired she went into the stabbing frenzy. Travis took to long to go down hence the mess in the rooms. Possibly she stabbed him 1st but i think the gun was to be the murder weapon. An old 25 caliber with an old load, fired from an angle would not enter the skull bone. Jodi was a lousy shot.
    The sequence of his murder wounds doesn’t seem important, at least for me.

  171. Cali Patti says:

    Sorry, but I just remembered seeing photos of them fishing. Curious if Jodi used the fillet knife from the tackle box. Light weight very sharp thin & long. Usually has a nice plastic grip handle. Just thinking out loud!

  172. Cali Patti says:

    Snoop. That’s quite a compliment if your words were used. Reading your blog would help them have an insight to what the public following the Travis trial thinks.
    I did read at the Jodi is Innocent blog and they state they won’t accept comments that disagree with them. Wow never read that before.
    I can not watch the video of today’s court on phone right now. Did anything interesting happen today?

    Probably just a coincidence…”great minds”..the links I posted was for yesterday’s trial. ~~SS

  173. margaret says:

    Snoop what do you think of her new boyfriend?? He says he is in court to support her and has been visiting her in jail for a year ,and ” she is nothing like what she has been painted “…Stupid man..

    I didn’t see anything about a new boyfriend on the link you posted. I read the article by Janathan Leach. I left a response upthread.~~SS

  174. margaret says:

    Sorry left link above ..

  175. margaret says:

    The link for boyfriend is 3 or 4 posts above that one, any way it is on Huffington Post/ crime

  176. Vicky says:

    Hey Snoops, sorry for the off topic here, but it’s a fournday break in the case. Are you guys in for any of the heavy snow predicted for the U.S. east coast?

    Yes, beginning tomorrow nite.~~SS

  177. Vicky says:

    Funny thing Snoops, Hubby doesn’t think Jody is attractive at all. Not even pics from years ago. I laughed when he told me that because I thought maybe it was just me.

    Cali, I think you might be on to something with that filleting knife. They really are extremely sharp.

  178. Margaret~~I don’t know how I missed your link. I am so sorry. I have been watching that boyfriend and wondered who the heck he was. He fidgets and looks around a lot and appears to be a nervous wreck. It sure looks like her testimony gets him turned on… what a STUPID jerk.

  179. Vicky says:

    I took a few minutes to read some of the comments on Travis’s memorial page. It boggles my mind that Jodi would dare leave a message there. I hope Martinez blows it up poster sized and asks her when she changed her mind about him.

  180. Vicky~~I feel so much loathing for that girl. She is trashing Travis to save her own filthy self. I can’t write here what I would like to call her. I never hated Casey this much.

  181. margaret says:…………..Don’t know if anyone has read this . It is jodi’s plea deal from 2010-2011.

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