Jodi Arias Trial-Page Three

Travis, I hope you will have justice. We all wonder what you were looking out at in this photo.

It seems we get to watch this Arias trial in fits and starts so now after a long recess, let’s hope we can get three or four days in a row of coverage without any more interruptions. Hopefully, the evidentiary hearing on the 28th will go in favor of the state. Kirk Nurmi is looking for some hen’s teeth to pull in order to get a mistrial.

A big question has come to light and may play a significent role in proving premeditation and/or self-defense. It isn’t “who’s on first?”, it pertains to what came first, the gun shot or the stab to the heart. The defense will bring in their own expert to try and disprove Dr Hall’s claim that it was the stabbing that came in close proximity to the heart. One thing is for sure, the slashing of Travis’ throat that severed his jugular vein and trachea killed him almost instantly.

I hope some of you took the time to read Detective Flores’ report. You will note how Flores’ chain of events conflicts with Dr Hall’s.

While I was reading Det Flores’ report, I took the liberty to type out the following. If this isn’t the workings of a typical stalker, and a psycho one at that, I do not know what is.

As per Det Flores’ police report…

Lisa Andrews started dating Travis after he broke up with Jodi. Travis was at Lisa’s house when a knock came to her door and Travis went out to find his tires slashed. The same thing happened again the following night while Travis was at Lisa’s house. They called the PD but due to the police being so long in responding, they never waited for them to show up. The call to the PDept is documented.

Lisa rec’d the following email from a ‘John’ Doe… here is an excerpt from that email…

“You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time. You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal convenants(sic). Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of the Lord. You cannot be ashamed of enough of yourself. You are filthy, and you need to repent and become clean in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disprespect (sic) not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven in pulling for you. Don’t ignore the promptings you receive because they are vital to your spiritual well being.”

~~FINALLY~Arias Trial~Jan 2nd, 2013~

Jodi Arias Trial-Page Two

I welcome all your opinions on this topic. If you state a fact, please supply a source or steer me in the direction of where you got your information so I can verify it. Do your best to stay on topic and don’t forget Jonathon’s Coffee Café is open 24/7. Thanks, Mainstreamfair.

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177 Responses to Jodi Arias Trial-Page Three

  1. colin black says:

    Sorry to go OT on first post.
    Is tomorrows hearing being broadcast an if so what time?
    G M T if possable its 2 15 pm in UK at momment.
    T I A…..

  2. Colin~~ I heard that the hearing will be streamed live. I will do my best to post a link… I did not receive any email from you.

  3. The defense will be trying to prove prosecutional misconduct at tomorrow’s hearing. The defense will be putting on a witness, Gus Searcy, who is also on their defense witness list. This witness worked for Prepaid Legal and now works for Legal Shield out of CA. He knew Travis and also knows Jodi. Beth Karas just announced this news on HLN. I have no idea what this witness will testify to tomorrow.

    Here is a link to the info….

    PS…the hearing is due to last a half day beginning at 12:30pm Florida time…10:30am Mountain Standard time.. 5:30pm UK time…

  4. Nancy Grace heads to see Jodi Arias…in court! You can tweet her any of your questions.

  5. margaret says:

    You know Snoops, I have always thought the gun was fired first,and remember her saying the gun the intruders had would only fire one time, I think she was talking for herself having shot Travis one time and the gun jammed.. By the time she got the knife he had managed to get to the sink and she started to stab him in back and as he turned to defend himself she got him in chest ..I think that is when he got defensive wounds..As he was trying to get down hallway, getting weaker all this time and she is still stabbing him in back and head.. When the poor boy could not go any farther she slit his throat..My reason for thinking this way is because there is not that much blood on and in sink, for a chest wound..I have read several doctors opinions and they say the shot may have dazed him for a few seconds but he would have still been able to try to defend himself..She may have thought the gun would kill him , but it jammed ,and he just would not give up the fight until she cut his throat..I am just doing some armchair quarter backing here.. Do you know anything about the man she lived with for four years??

  6. Margaret~~I tend to think that the gun was used first and when she went to shoot again it jammed. The prosecution wants us to believe that the stabbing to the chest was first. This is when things start to get a bit dicey and believe me, the defense will try to use this to their advantage. When Jodi was telling about the Ninja invaders, she was actually describing some of the things that took place when she was in the process of killing Travis.

    A juror may wonder, “how come Jodi had a 25 caliber gun ,on her person, to fire when Travis supposedly made a lunge at her for dropping the camera?” That camera only fell to the floor and snapped a pic as Jodi was tugging on Travis’ dead body after his throat was slit.

    I can’t seem to find any info about Jodi’s boyfriend of 4 years. I wonder how he felt when Jodi just up and left him to chase after Travis. I did hear the man was older and had a son but have not verified that.

  7. I don’t know what to make of the following. I realize that technology has advanced but to this extreme? I will let you be the judge.


  8. Lisa Andrews, Travis’ ex girlfriend is due to be called as a defense witness, supposedly… here is her blog and I must say that it is an interesting read..

  9. elmosmommy says:

    When thinking about this case last night I too thought that the shot came first and that is why she was able to over power travis. It makes more sense to me this way.

    Here is a article (fairly long) where a woman murdered her husband in Arizona and Juan Martinez was the prosecutor. Very different from Jodi`s trial, but the woman is sitting on death row

    Thanks. Let’s hope Martinez will have two sitting on death row.~~SS

  10. debl115 says:

    Not sure if this has been posted or not, but it’s pretty interesting. Travis’ blog where he is talking about the autobiography that he was writing, and comments that follow, including one from Jodi. I apologize if this has already made the rounds 🙂

  11. debl115 says:

    And if you look at Jodi’s comment, you can also click on her pic, and it takes you to her blog.

    Notice all her listings in About Me…she is real full of herself. She started that blog around the time she was beginning to plan Travis’ demise.~~SS

  12. elmosmommy says:

    This is another trial that Juan Martinez was the prosecutor on, it is a 48 hrs video. There is a few clips of the courtroom trial and I found it very interesting. The name of it is The Stranger Beside Me.

    I watched the whole thing…very interesting indeed. Thank you.~~SS

  13. Karen C. says:

    I’ve been thinking about the sequence of events, too. I think the only reason given so far in trial for the belief that the gunshot came last was the lack of bleeding from it- he would have been pretty well drained out from the slit throat.

    BUT, what if she had done the shot first, whilst he was posing while crouched in the shower (the angle of the wound shows a downward angle), the shell ejecting away and landing where it did, the shower’s still running, she thinks that should have killed him and is amazed he gets upright and grabs onto the sink to steady himself (being in shock with the head wound- which has no exit and so is bleeding only from the top and down the side of the head, and is dripping down into the basin and surround of the sink), she starts in on the stabbing- Die, already, Dammit- he staggers out into the hall, lurches along best he can while she continues flailing away with the knife, down he goes, she slits his neck, rolls him over onto the towel, takes a breather while he bleeds out, drags his somewhat slighter self back down the hall, and into the shower, runs the shower to rid DNA, etc., etc.

    Recall how much emphasis she placed during interrogation on the notion that she would shoot him (being all merciful and all) “humanely” (like a wounded dog!)- maybe if she thinks that, since that was her original intent, that it should count for something…. She didn’t willfully torture him, Dude just wouldn’t DIE.

    Problem is the ME has himself boxed into a corner on this and Flores too. DOES IT MATTER? In Mass. there is a limited number of blows with a knife allowed in order to claim self-defense- if more, you plead to 2nd degree, and I’m sure there are many other jurisdictions that have similar rules as to what is a reasonable number to establish that legally, not in Arizona? Sometimes states just forget to pass necessary laws- I read a horrifying fact the other day, up until 2004 necrophilia was not a punishable offense in California. Wonder how many female celebrities were raped postmortem on account of THAT wee oversight!

    And- just saw this on “Blink on Crime” site: “Travis Alexander clearly has duct tape around his right arm in the explicit pics. Although the shower images are approximately 4 hours later- the marks from it are fresh. Not that the medical examiner nor the prosecution has bothered to reference it or it’s possible connection to the events.”

    So, it seems she had him taped up for the sex part, anyway. But would that be right arm, or right WRIST? Makes a diff….

  14. Karen C. says:

    Well, he did have tape on his right bicep on the bed in the one pic (and others we haven’t seen yet, too, it seems)- it’s off come shower time- ouch. Would seem to weigh against Self-Defense, wouldn’t it? Maybe nothing much useful for either side…

  15. Karen C~~the bullet casing landed on top of a gob of blood that had already leaked out from other wounds. The casing was not smeared as tho it was kicked there during the struggle. This leads me to believe the shot was not first.

  16. colin black says:

    I said on another post J A Wanted Travis bound an helpless before she murdered him.
    There was a piece of rope found i r c.
    However Travis was not willing to allow himself to be tied up.
    I think the duct tape was a comprimise on his part giveing the illusion of bondage but placed in such a way.He could free himself with ease.
    When plan A didnt work she went to plan B blitz attack in the shower. m o o………

  17. Karen C. says:

    Yup, Snoopy, I was trying to squeeze a round peg into a ridiculous square hole at 2am, playing Devil’s Advocate! HAH! I keep trying to find something “reasonable” the Defense can hang its hat on for a Self Defense, but, Know What- there is nothing reasonable! Nada! Zip! If she walks I’m going to ’bout fall over.. .just can’t take another idiotic jury verdict!

  18. colin black says:

    Finnished till 10 15 am tomorrow .
    Was not what I expected just a drama queen smug git .
    An Chris Hughes;
    Drama queen told C Hughes he had info that could either hurt or free J A.
    C HUGHES UNDER OATH CONFIRMS HE THINK Mr Numri is a snake an a liar..
    Best link I have found to veiw trial

  19. Cali Patti says:

    It’s difficult for me to believe Travis would lunge at Jodi wanting to kill her over a accidentally dropped camera yet not be angry over 2 sets of tires being slashed intentionally.
    Cameras in that price range are very durable.

  20. Sarah says:

    Cali Patti: Don’t forget; Travis was pretty nice about Jodi banging up his BMW, IMO. According to her LE phone interview; Travis was trying to work out issues with the insurance companies and letting her make whatever payment she could afford. All she had to do was keep up the oil changes and tire maintenance. (She even asked if the check was going to be depostied !?!) Like you pointed out; Travis loses it over a camera but not a car or tires?

  21. Marilyn says:

    I will continue to believe she shot him last,until proven otherwise.The gun would have ejected the casing to wherever it was shot from.That would be anyone’s guess!Imo

  22. colin black says:

    Cameras in that price range are very durable.

    Yup even survive a wash an spin an half a gallon of bleach.

  23. Today’s hearing is posted at youtube but the sound and picture are terrible. I will check later to see if someone uploads a better one and will post it here.

    I am hoping Juan Martinez’ temper will not turn the jurors off…

  24. Alyce La Violette is on the defense witness list. She thinks Snow White was a battered woman…

  25. mystical pippin says:

    Isn’t it true that Jodi thinks of herself as Snow White? My god this case is getting more bizarre by the minute…..and we’ve only just begun..

  26. mystical pippin says:

    But now the prosecution rests….

  27. mystical pippin says:

    I Forgot to mention in other news today……ABC News reports:

    “It was revealed today that after meeting for more than a year, in 1999 a grand jury found sufficient evidence to indict the couple, John and Patsy Ramsey, on charges of child abuse resulting in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, as first reported Sunday by the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper and confirmed by two separate sources by ABC News.”
    hmm can you imagine what would’ve happened if this was known by the public at the time?

  28. Vicky says:

    Ok, what the ell does this questioning have to do with Travis’s murder. This guy seems quite full of himself. We’re I on the jury, I would view him as a con artist/snake oil salesman.

  29. colin black says:

    Please anyone watchin whom knows
    Who is Who re family.

    need 2 know

    Wich is J A Mom if she is present?
    Travis Sisters? and is hisMother there?
    An any of JA sibblings in court sister forinstance?
    if so what she look like.?

    ps this guy on stand sounds like a brainwashed cult member,

    prepaid cult of dimond rings an tuxedo lunches like winning the lotterey
    like the oscars
    treated like royalty if your a ring holder
    whoopdee doooo,

    Still haveint got a clue what this wonderfull product is ???
    Says to sucseed people cant be shy bout getting there family involved in this scheme.

    No one rule of buisness dont involve family or freinds if possable.
    Best way to ruin freidships
    Any scheme that encourges this is useally


  30. Sarah says:

    I like the way the prosecutor is handling this emoter. =>

  31. colin black says:

    this prick just lied ..impeached himself on the stand…At the second confrence second time he had met her
    Said he didnt have JA at his breakout presentation because she was in a differnt company.
    two sentaces later said he saw her at a breakout prentation after stateing he couldnt as she wasnt in his company..Suprised the prosecuter didnt jump on his ass for that.
    One of the most unresposive combative witnesses assholes ive ever seen
    pricks deluded
    Wow hundred grand club
    eaern five grand a month
    Ive earned ten times that in a New York minute= a second

  32. Colin~~not sure why your comment went to moderation… remember some words you use in the UK ( my mom was from England) do not have the same meaning they do in the US and Canada. If my mom woke someone up in the morning, she said she had to ‘knock them up’ so you can see how things can get confusing… to be on the safe side for all it cool, Matey.

  33. Cali Patti says:

    A quick thought during trial lunch break … No one yell at me for this idea ~~

    Jodi did not stage “the murder scene” at all. She tried to do a half – ass clean up after the murder, with out success. Jodi did some planning with hair dye, phone turned off, rental car & so on.

    Could have Jodi been planning to cut Travis into pieces, she could have then tossed his body parts. Is that why Jodi dragged Travis back into shower?

  34. Vicky says:

    On IS they are making a big deal about juror asking about Chris Hughes. They are implying his name wasn’t mentioned today, but is was. Search said Jodi was on his team. They need to pay closer attention before implying jury misconduct.
    I think Martinez needs to tone it down a bit on cross exam. He is coming off as a bully for no good reason.
    So far, I don’t see any bombshell for the defense. I suppose it’s good to know Jodi dressed appropriately for work, although it sounds like she wasn’t making major $$ working for pre paid. He strikes me as someone who might have had more than a professional interest in Jody. Why would be buy a virtual stranger a phone and did he give it to her during the time in question?

  35. colin black says:

    No Martinez is brilliant If any thing he showed restraint with that idiot on the stand.
    Wasnt bully at all.

    Tottallly won me over he is braw as we say in Scotland

  36. colin black says:

    Cali Pati
    I agree thought enered my mind she meant to dissapear him
    Though once the enormity of the mess
    An the task of buthering an transporting the bodies backed off.

    Clean kill empty gun in him in shower quik humane.
    Shower running slit throat drain blood no mess,

    Brough two sharp butcher knifes to diccect the body.
    Transport to desert Travis dissapears probably would have taken his car an left it in a shady part of some city.

    But gun jammed after first shot an all her plans went awry……………….

  37. prosecutor=Juan Martinez

    The only thing that Gus Searcy said which could help or hurt Jodi is that she rec’d a phone call from Travis while at Gus’ motor home. Jodi went outside to speak with Travis for approx 30 minutes. She came back inside and Searcy said Jodi was crying and shaking. Travis may have told her that they were finished and she couldn’t accompany him to Mexico. So this was the big bombshell?? Gus does not like the prosecution because they did not answer his phone calls…so what does he do to insert himself in this case? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out… lol Nurmi aka the ‘snake’ latches on to Gus and the rest we are seeing….ho hum…

  38. cali patti says:

    Colin, that was my thought also, the enormity of dissecting a man and the mess was overwhelming to Jodi.
    IN Session is replaying opening statement of the defense atty. and it turns my stomach listening to the garbage coming out of the defense attys mouth. Jodi had to tell that trash to her atty’s but it still sounds like trash.
    Vicky, You were great with the nickname of Gus. He does remind me also of the definition of a snake oil salesman. Smiling.

  39. Karen C. says:

    Colin- I’ve thought that too, dismemberment, because lugging him around intact would be too, too much, and I think he was.meant to be erased (fell for someone in Cancun, or whatever….)- she didn’t plan everything perfectly, and some things plainly fell quite apart. Maybe not, but I do think she was capable…

  40. Colin~~Jodi’s mother and her mother’s twin sister (aunt) is sitting behind the mother. The young woman to the right of the mother may be Jodi’s sister…not sure. A lot of the news people are sitting in back two rows on defense side. I am not sure who the larger lady is who generally sits next to Jodi’s mother. She is the one who looks like she wets her finger and sticks it in a light socket to do her hair.

  41. Sarah says:

    Oh no, not the gas can mystery again 😦

  42. colin black says:

    Murderers do love there gas cans

  43. Martinez DOES his homework…..woot woot…

  44. Cali Patti says:

    Oh jeeze … Please not gas cans again! At least the cans are not disappearing & reappearing again.
    The ex-boyfriend seemed reluctant to testify against Jodi. Seems to me, he was more in love with Jodi than she was with him.

  45. Cali~ ~it seems that the ex-boyfriend is still carrying a torch for Jodi…he is two decades older than she is. I expect he thinks if his testimony helps her, she will come back to him…

  46. Karen C. says:

    Yuh, this cross is leaving Nurmi, Willmott looking pretty flat-footed. I’m still trying to work out what Searcy presented today (odd cross, and the Defense got nothing useful out of him on re-direct) that they could possibly use for her. She had a fight with an ex-boyfriend (Travis) over the phone- he doesn’t want to see her anymore, we can pretty well surmise.

    Actually, twice today we seem to have motive peering around the corner at them- fight with the unfortunate Travis and she dumps her live-in for the fantasy of a more wealthy lifestyle with Travis, and HE dumps HER, really wrecking up her reality. So, what has the Defense gotten here?

    Rather small beer- actually, “near beer”, more like.

  47. colin black says:

    Is the Woman with long blond hair behind J A her Mom..

    No, she has dark hair and glasses. You can see her on Jodi’s MySpace~ ~ SS

  48. colin black says:

    And why does the lead detective get to sit through this besides the State
    Is he not a wittness? Double negative but you know what I mean.

  49. Cali Patti says:

    Horrible problems with live stream today.

    Or instead of burning “stuff” or plus … Gas cans would eliminate Jodi going to gas stations, thus no videos of her getting gas. Or she planned to burn Travis’s body parts.
    Anyone think Jodi will testify? I have no opinion or idea.

    I’m sick of the short amount of time that is actually spent in the courtroom & trial each day.

  50. Sarah says:

    Sorry guys: but this case is sooooo much better than the other murderers case.

    The kook is refusing to give a telephone number. Love it.

  51. Sarah says:

    So, off to chambers to have a secret meeting. This is probably the drama this nut job was waiting for. He needs to get a life. IMO, he has wasted the courts time and the tax payers money. I hope they hold him accountable.

  52. Sarah~~ I am glued to this case and love watching Martinez….. I am enjoying it more than the last high profile case..

  53. My live stream has been perfect …not even any buffering…

  54. Now Gus Searcy will have bragging rights that he was able to stall an evidentiary hearing. It will be all over the news for the next week. His wife was probably the one with him… there is certainly bad blood flying between Martinez and Searcy and then Chris and the snake. You could see Chris was livid…

  55. Sarah says:

    My live stream didn’t act up once either. I’m using the that colin recommended. Much better sound.

    I thought it was great that Martinez established JA’s sexual preference(s). Now I get the remark, “three whole wonder”.

    This case has all the elements: sex, lies, photos, money and murder. I just hope that Travis doesn’t get lost in all the drama.

  56. Well Jodi cannot say that Travis forced her to have anal sex for the first time. She allowed her e-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, to do it. It seems that Jodi used sex to climb her ladder of success. Jodi had breast implants after she met Travis??? Jodi took nude pics of Brewer!!

    Martinez turned a defense witness into his own…”gas cans?”

  57. Nancy Grace is on the last of the first one…after the crest shows…

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 10 – Part 1

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 10 – Part 2

  58. [Published on Jan 29, 2013
    29/01/2013 – Hearing regarding Prosecutorial misconduct that started on 28/01/2013]

    Jodi Arias Hearing – Continued from 28/01/2013

    Tidbits after the hearing today…cameras were still rolling

  59. Sarah says:

    Juan Martinez =

    Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez is considered one of Arizona’s top death-penalty prosecutors.

    According to the Phoenix New Times, Martinez is despised by many defense attorneys, “because he relentlessly plays hardball on the job.”

    A graduate of at Arizona State University, Martinez was licensed to practice law in 1984 and joined the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in 1988.

    Martinez, according to the Times, rarely enters into plea bargains and is known to be meticulous in preparation and presentation.

    That’s my Juan alright. He may be small in stature but he stands mighty tall in my books. Thanks, Sarah.~~SS

  60. Just prior to Jodi moving back to CA, she stayed at Gus Searcy’s motor home for 2 days and one nite. Travis called Jodi while she was at Gus’. When things got heated during the call, Jodi went outside to finish the conversation with Travis. When she came back in the home she was crying and shaking….this is per Gus’ testimony.

    Gus gave Jodi a Helio phone in Pasadena…??? He couldn’t recall date??? Darry Brewer’s sister, Laura lived in Pasadena. Jodi said she was going to visit Laura when actually she was going to rendezvous with Gus there to pick up a phone from him. Last paragraph, MOO~ss.

  61. Cali Patti says:

    Where I live could be the problem. My Internet disconnects & reconnects quickly so it’s not a problem with normal usage. Live stream might be effected by this.

    I do hope the prosecutor that is questioning defense witness’s calms it down a little. Most of the witness’s are not his enemy. I’m not educated on how attys should behave but if a witness is not hostle why be so rough? I getting tired of his continual attack mode.

    He must be doing something right because he turning defense witnesses into state’s witnesses.~~SS

  62. margaret says:

    Have you all seen the video on State VS. Jodi arias, of NG talking to an inmate friend of Jodi..jodi told her that she had chopped Travis up and scattered him over the county. You would think in there she could try to be honest.. Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz she is beyond crazy…She still knows how to lie. Isn’t the woman with spiked hair an ex roommate of jodi in -prison? I read somewhere that jodi’s mom was staying with her during trial.Her mom was laughing a bit today..I can’t imagine anything being funny in that courtroom..

    I watched Nancy’s tour of the jail. So that is who the spike haired one is…hmmm~~SS

  63. Karen C. says:

    Weird- So far it seems that every single thing she has accused Travis of doing to “hurt” her, she’s actually been guilty of herself, doing to him. Like in her one jailhouse interview- her saying that he would insist she immediately respond to his every text message (she said she found that flattering)- I’ll bet good money that for every one message he sent her she sent five to him. And went ballistic if she didn’t get his full attention, each time. Just a complete flip- she wouldn’t have had to invent any bad actions on his part, she just had to recall what she had been doing to him…

    BTW, Nurmi, Willmott et al, must be thinking that Manson would be easier to defend than this one, today. You don’t always see such a spectacle- every witness of yours going South like these Dudes did- and Nurmi must be a serious glutton for punishment- the jury hadn’t known he’d been called a snake and a liar- Thanks for high-lighting it, you Lying Snake!

  64. Karen C. says:

    Clearly Willmott had no idea that ex-live-in was going to mention nude shower pics she took of him…

    Martinez rattles off the questions so fast, he gets the witnesses confused and they fess up. He had a lot of people laughing in the gallery. I love him.~~SS

  65. Sarah says:

    Margaret: I saw the mother laughing too. I thought it was very inappropriate. One man is dead (at the hands of her offspring) and her daughter is on trial for her life.

    Did I understand the schedule correctly? There will be trial today and tomorrow and then a break until the 13th and 14th of Feb?????? Isn’t that dangerous to leave the jury out that long? What I mean is; wouldn’t that up the risk of them being exposed to outside influences causing a mistrial? Or, are there enough alternates that it can be risked? Hey, if Martinez isn’t worried, then I won’t worry.

    I heard on JVM that the jury is made up of 11 men and 6 women and no one knows who’s going to be on the final jury.

    After Gus refused to give the telephone number of an eye witness that was supposedly in his car during the time of his phone conversation with Chris will Gus be back on the stand or has the defense washed their hands of him? I’m at a loss of where this issue stands.

    Thanks SS for providing this site. Well done.

  66. Sarah~~I think the trial is going to proceed. I thought they mentioned that other date in Feb for some other reason but I could be wrong. They don’t have the trial on Fridays. I think Gus is finished with testifying. He was due to fly back home today.

    [edit] Sarah, I listened to the video again and Nurmi was mumbling and talking so low I could not make him out…maybe you are right about the trial going into recess again.. the news outlets are not going to be happy if they do recess]

  67. Sarah says:

    Correction: I stated that Gus refused to give a telephone number. Well, I was half correct.
    Martinez asked him to write down the ” name” of the person. Gus stated a “number” after he was ordered by the court but continued with more questions. (What a goofy character. Hollywood couldn’t write this).

    SS: The media not happy about a recess? Me neither. I have time now to watch all of this……not so much in Feb. You can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to try =>

  68. Does Jodi have a sexual female partner in jail??

    Is Jodi Arias mimicking her lawyer?

  69. colin black says:

    Thanks Snoops I Managed to figure out whom Trayvon Sis was ect.
    Was haveing dificulty with J A mom..

    I knew this anal sex stuff was comeing but being a gentleman dint think it bpolite in front of so many Ladys.

    I mean this girl would have to be into anal with a name like Arias.
    Yesterday her own Attorney tried to solicit from one witness if he had herd her refered to as any thing else beside Arias?

    The nick name he is trying to solicit is hairyass.

    Geez talk about beyond beyond
    Does this girl not realise this stuff will stick with her for ever?

    Realy proud of my self yesterday I resisted so many sick puns I would never have got out of moderation for months.

  70. cali patti says:

    Snoop, You are right about the prosecution turning the defense witness into their witness’s. I liked his aggressive style when he went after Gus, Personally I don’t care much for the aggressive style all the time. That is just me.

  71. I can’t wait for Martinez to do his cross. Jodi was staring dagger eyes at her competition but it looks like she was trying to cast an evil spell on Lisa… what a psycho…

  72. cali patti says:

    Did anyone else notice the self-satisfied, 1/2 smile, smirk Jodi gave when the young woman said they broke up the one time because of Jodi? It was a few minutes into questioning. I also noticed Jodi’s one time blonde hair was the same color blonde as the young woman has.

    AZCentral live stream works well so thanks for whoever recommended that feed.

  73. colin black says:

    That woman on the stand held herself with such grace an natural beuty.
    Must be horendous for her to have known Travis loved him.
    An although he deceived her.
    You can see the greif an pain in her eyes at his terrible death.
    VT Feed I watched has side by side screen shots of her an jodi as she gave evidence.

    The comparison was amazeing her pained expresion nervous scared .
    An jodi tottaly blank emotionless with shark eyes.

    Travis was full of himself and a bag of chips but he was a typical hormone driven male.
    Even mormons sucumb to hormons
    An jodi converted an intruduced Travis to whoremoans.

    He did not decerve to die anymore than many other sleazy men involved in this case like that Abdul wassis name guy the one that likes young girls in thongs.
    Decided jodi was capable of murder because she was incapable of haveing sex with him.

    If being a randy sod was reason enough to murder some one.
    Three quaters of the males on this planet would die over night?

    ps is court over for the day?

  74. Colin~~ they are in their noon recess…It will resume 8:30pm your time…

  75. The lawyers have been summoned to the judges chambers for some issue…delays delays

  76. All these waits are frustrating… Martinez didn’t bring in the email that Lisa got from the John Doe.. possibly because it could not be proven that it was from Jodi…also the slashed tires..Lisa’s tires were slashed too. The jurors are going to get slap happy…

  77. colin black says:

    My God poor girl caught a glimpse of Travis with his throat slit
    Was about to be shown it by prosecuter
    OJECTION by defence.
    She saw it I think she looks shocked

  78. Sarah says:

    Why does JA look “sad”? I’ve missed something. What? (Just got in)

  79. Sarah says:

    ok, Travis’ sister is crying too……….why?

  80. Sarah~~you missed some explosive cross by Martinez…read Colin’s comment… I will post today’s trial when it is uploaded to youtube later…it is hard for me to try and explain it all…

  81. cali patti says:

    InSession is already replaying some of today’s testimony. I missed the cross but caught the GREAT jurors questions. Those were good questions.

  82. There were so many delays and side bars plus in chamber sessions….what we did get to see was well worth it…Willmott was long and drawn out when she questioned Lisa… Travis’ ex….The action started to get animated when Martinez took over…Some of Juan’s cross was very explicit but Lisa held up very well…

  83. Sarah says:

    Guess I’ll have to watch later. Thanks SS. BTW: You will be putting up the second half too?
    I knew Martinez wouldn’t let us down.

  84. Sarah says:

    One last item: Did anyone hear Vinnie Politan take a jab at Gus Searcy? It was too funny. Vinnie pointed out that when Gus was asked if he needed a lawyer that Gus stated he didn’t have one at hand. Who does he work for? (I’ll leave it at that; but his employer boasts that lawyers are available when you need one………too freakin funny!)

  85. In the following video….Martinez is doing the cross… this is when the explosion occurred…it was the highlight of the day and caused many in the courtroom to cry or run out of the courtroom…Willmott blew a gasket.. Lisa was shocked… the jurors had quite a few questions for Lisa… I am not sure if this video completes today’s trial..

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 11 – Part 2

  86. Sarah says:

    Finally, I watched part two. No wonder people were upset. (JA was slapped in the face with the reality of what she did.) Martinez was on top of his game as usual. IMO, Martinez brought Travis back to the forefront and dismissed all of the allegations made by the defense. Lisa was a great witness. Congrats to her being a newlywed and on their new baby.

    Lisa ended up being a great witness for the ‘prosecution.’ Juan should send a thank-you note to the defense for putting her on. ~~SS

  87. colin black says:

    I saw the photo clear as day as he picked it up an marched sacross with it to slap down in front of her.
    It was an autopsy picture of Travis from shoulders up with the huge gash inhis neck visable.

  88. Vicky says:

    i felt kind of sorry for the ex-boyfriend today. He has a teenage son and his sexual activities with Jodi were put right out there on front street. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like. Jodi really doesn’t care who she victimizes/humiliates as long as her “needs” are met.

    Stalkers have no limitations on who they destroy to achieve their goals. ~~SS

  89. colin black says:

    Nurmi realised straight away an boy he flew out jis chair didnt know if he was going to rugby tackle the prosecuter or not
    Screaming objection.
    Poor girl on the stanfd also caught a glimpse of the photo an her hands flew up to cover her face an then mouth in shock.
    Talk about drama.

    Though it was powerfull a thought it was a horrible ordeal to put the witness through.
    She is only a defence witness in name .
    She is on Travis side.
    Thought it was way way below the belt m o o.

    They need a Juan Martinez in Florida..I love that man..~~ SS

  90. Here is the video of Gus Searcy on the stand refusing to write down the telephone number…lolol

    Arias mystery: Who was in the car with Gus Searcy?

  91. Vicky~~HLN put Darryl Brewer’s pic on tv.. they blanked out his son…

  92. elmosmommy says:

    This is a comment that was left on another blog,

    Facebook posts from a coworker at Ventana gleaned here showing Jodi was volatile:

    1. Hello. My name is Matt. I was the Exec. Chef at the time that Jodie Arias was employed at Ventana Inn and Spa in Big Sur and began her relationship with Darryl Brewer. I heard on JVM that Darryl characterized that their relationship began after he was no longer her supervisor. That is a lie. Also, It was also stated on JVM that Jodie did not exhibit any violent behavior that he was aware of. I can… recall a specific incident with other witnesses when she did at Ventana Inn and Spa during her shift.
    I bear no malice toward Jodie or Darryl. My objection to their relationship at that time was directly related to how Jodie manipulated the entire restaurant staff after her relationship with Darryl began and Darryl’s culpability and in her manipulative behavior.

    As a matter of fact, Darryl was promoted from Restaurant Manager to Food and Beverage Director during their relationship. The GM of the hotel at the time did not see their relationship as a problem despite the empirical evidence to the contrary. Eventually, Darryl did resign the F&B position, He stated his reasoning at the time was due to the amount of time he was spending away from his son. Darryl stayed on as a server for a short time and then, gave notice and left.

    more from Matthew Millea
    By the time the incident I referred to in my original post occurred, Jodie was well into her relationship with Darryl. Jodie had a disagreement with another server regarding switching her station for the lunch shift this particular day. The other server refused to change their assigned station. Jodie went into the women’s employee bathroom, directly across a hallway from the shared restaurant/kitchen office, slammed the door shut, screamed and kicked a hole in the wall. The other manager and I heard the ruccus and asked if she was alright. She immediately opened the door to the woman’s employee bathroom and was recalcitrant and apologized in her ‘sweetest’ voice. She obviously hadn’t realized that anyone was in the office across the hall. She promised to get the hole in the wall fixed with her own money, etc., etc. The other manager and I had already realized that Jodie, due to her relationship with Darryl, was beyond reproach or reprimand for this or any other incident.

  93. elmosmommy~~thanks you for that info. I am not surprised in the least. Jodi is used to getting her own way and her type has tantrums, uncontrolled emotions. Darryl should feel relieved that their relationship ended before she sliced him up. She was quite experienced when she met Travis and I think she was the one who took his virginity and then used it to blackmail him. She had enough pics for evidence to expose him. Heck, she even had pics of Darryl.

  94. After Travis’ throat was slit from ear to ear by Jodi Arias, she drug him through the blood. Now she has taken possession of Travis’ soul as she drags him through the mud. Jodi is a heartless demon.

    I have yet to see any bombshells from the defense.

    Gus Searcy was a disaster waiting to happen.

    Darryl Brewer had anal sex with Jodi. Jodi claimed that Travis said the Mormon religion did not consider anal sex to be a sin so Travis initiated her to performing it. Then there was the gas cans that Darryl loaned Jodi. Jodi took pics of Darryl while he was sleeping and also when he was in the shower, without his consent, I may add.

    Lisa Andrews became a great witness for the prosecution. Jodi was forever checking Travis’ emails, voicemails and texts. That is how she knew when Lisa and Travis would be together. She shows up at Travis’ when she knew Lisa was there and walks right in to make Lisa jealous. I hope the jurors are insightful.

    The defense put on the brother and sister duo (sry I forgot their names) I could not see where they added anything for the defense. When Jodi wanted to take a ton of cosmetics on a hike and the brother and Travis took some things out of her knapsack to lighten it, Jodi had a tantrum and ran upstairs crying.

  95. elmosmommy says:

    I think it is funny , altho too bad the jurors will never know, that JM was trying to keep Lisa out of having to be a witness in court but the defense insisted they would call her. Unfortunately I am not really so sure that the defense team is bright enough to see that this blew up in their faces.

  96. elmosmommy says:

    oops and also meant to add that when Jodi`s ex, imo, admitted that him and Jodi had anal sex really , he helped the prosecution and never did Jodi any good at all
    Keep those witnesses coming and she will have a one way ticket to lifetime in jail which is totally what she deserves

  97. Karen C. says:

    At this point I see only two ways for Defense to go, and those are both post-trial- A) Ineffective Counsel (only explanation for Gus Searcy being their first witness- OK, and only explanation for all the REST of their witnesses!), and/or, B) Reversible Error(s). Neither of these are much good for her, frankly. No one is going to hold an outcome of Guilty against either of these two, given that they have to deal with the worst set of Bad Facts that there could possibly be. Really, at this point the jurors must be wondering why this has gone to trial at all.

  98. margaret says:

    Can jodi see Travis family from where she sits? She started off the morning looking in that direction off and on. I noticed Travis brother in law giving some scary looks in jodi’s direction yesterday after the picture was shown..I think Travis ex did a great job for him yesterday…

  99. cali patti says:

    Its 1:30, Mesa, Az. time, what happened to live feed?

  100. colin black says:

    Dont know just cut of to the state seal

  101. Newbie says:

    From the beginning of this trial I have been looking for flaws in Travis dealing with resentment against women because of his mother’s failings. Today I am thoroughly convinced that while he made some mistakes, Travis really did work hard at being a descent man. I also believe Jodi would be blackmailing him with the pictures previously taken. The defense has me convinced they have nothing. I don’t care for the death penalty but in this case, it should be the penalty.

  102. cali patti says:

    Margaret, I believe Travis’s family is to Jodi’s left, and slightly behind from where Jodi sits. Well it’s after 2:pm and still court is quiet, I think.

  103. I have no idea what the holdup is once again in starting… I would not be surprised if the defense is begging the state to offer a plea bargain…the defense has zilch…Martinez is known for not offering pleas..

    Newbie, I am 100% with you on Jodi blackmailing Travis…

  104. Kirk Nurmi seems to want to teach us about the Mormon religion more so than discussing self-defense issues. He is getting on my nerves.

  105. cali patti says:

    I went to ABC15 live stream to ck it out and noticed in a read box it says, Breaking News – New delay in Jodi A. trial. I clicked on that headline but couldn’t get it to open. I’ve not a clue whats going on.

  106. Sarah says:

    Wow. Just my luck. Arranged my day to watch and it’s delayed. I hope the prosecution doesn’t take a plea: I want to watch Martinez in action.

  107. The judge ordered everyone out of courtroom…she is listening to the phone sex tapes

  108. Vicky says:

    One of the things that strikes me is the fact that Jodi kept the “phone sex” recordings. If you ask me, that is proof she had I’ll intentions and was probably holding them over his head. If I were on the jury, it would piss me off to know she kept those recordings and would reinforce the notion she was in fact the abuser in the relationship.

  109. If the tapes are allowed into evidence, I think Jodi will have to take the stand…I cannot see any other way

  110. colin black says:

    So is there going to be any more court today?

  111. Vicky says:

    Apparently the judge is listening to the tapes. If they are allowed, surely she will have to authenticate them..

  112. Vicky says:

    I still don’t see how someone can be forced to engage in phone sex, and how it has anything to do with domestic violence. For crying out loud, I can’t believe the sexual activities between consenting adults can be used as a defense for one murdering the other. Especially when the one claiming self defense drove a thousand miles to get laid.

  113. The jury is still at the courthouse…. people are just hanging around outside

  114. Did Jodi have Travis’ consent to record the sex tapes…. isn’t it illegal if she didn’t?

  115. Vicky says:

    I’m not sure if it is legal or not. I think it depends on state laws. So, I suppose depending on where each was when the recordings took place would make the difference.

  116. Vicky says:

    I just found this link that gives some info about recording..

  117. Karen C. says:

    Murder’s illegal too, but, Yeah, it depends on the state laws and who’s in charge, frankly. Linda Tripp’s recording of Monica Lewinsky was illegal, too, but Tripp was granted immunity so they could go after Pres. Clinton hammer and tongs….

  118. cali patti says:

    Very funny, “desperately” driving a thousand miles for sex. It might have been her last sexual encounter with a man, I sure hope she has a good memory. I also put today aside to watch trial.

    I Googled Mesa from me and it is just over a 10 hour drive. Had it been 6 or 7 hours I might have driven down just to get a sneak peek at all the characters in this. I would enjoy watching Martinez in the courtroom. .

  119. Karen C. says:

    Tape is in it seems….

  120. Oh… the two pics were of a penis… maybe this is supposed to be Travis.. Jurors in recess until Monday Since the puter expert did not know who the body part belonged to, I don’t think it will be allowed into evidence. Martinez continues to be sharp.

  121. colin black says:

    i just saw a big prick or photo of one on the stand???? [edited for content]

    Colin, behave!~~SS

  122. The evidentiary hearing is to continue on Dec 13th…Gus Searcy wants to testify telephonically….ahhhh

  123. Cali Patti says:

    I’m disgusted, bored of and sick of these sexual type of testimony’s. To me this sexual testimony without showing violence towards women are becoming an overload. Travis is a young man and is allowed to be interested in sex. Where’s the crime?

  124. elmosmommy says:

    I cant fricking believe this trial, its insane to be showing pics of an erect penis, when it isnt uncommon for people to say something online that isnt the truth or to show a picture of themselves that isnt really their picture. This picture does not mean a damn thing , and i think the defense team are fricking dum dums if they think that picture means anything. We heard they were having sex, who cares ????????? What does that have to do with self defense? His poor family. I hope this backfires and they give her the death penalty.!!!! I am so mad and disgusted with the defense team pulling this crap

  125. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, it is really hard to behave when presented with the type of material the defense is attempting to put before us. One thing I can say is even well respected women’s rights activists like Gloria A. aren’t coming to Jodi’s defense. Most anything else I have to say would wind me up in time out. 🙂

  126. cali patti says:

    elmosmommy, thank you for saying what I am thinking. I want Jodi to have a great defense atty, (so her trial is not over turned) but the crap they are presenting is just that. So what if Travis and Jodi had sex all the time and everywhere. I don’t see how that matters.
    It might have mattered if Travis killed Jodi to keep her quiet but he did not.

  127. elmosmommy says:

    hi cali
    I am choked about this and considering mailing my thoughts to this judge. How on earth were the jurors allowed to see that without the guy even being able to confirm that it is Travis`s and if it is so what , they are two consenting adults playing sex games. It wasnt like Jodi wasnt a part of this and she is the one who drove hundreds of miles for sex with him. If this proves travis was sexually deviant then so was jodi. And it all has nothing to do with murder. The jurors are starting to ask these witnesses questions about abuse, so they are thinking all right , its time to show your case here and stop putting witnesses on who cant say Travis abused Jodi. I am so disgusted that this defense team is so stupid that they think this proves anything

  128. Marilyn says:

    i also agree with elmosmommy,it has nothing to do with this murder.All his friends are saying what a nice guy he is,but if the truth was known,he was also like him in their love-life,that is,if they had someone like Jodi in their life.Good god,he was still single,and young.He was not 20 years older than her,like Jodi’s ex .She was determined to make him think,he only needed her,so the sexual experimenting she learned from this older man,was what she seduced him with.Like that warm”mouth hug” and anal sex.Darryl didn’t call her those kinds of names,because she didn’t do to him what Jodi did to Travis.Checking his e-mail,text,bank accounts(Yeah,she probably did this to Darryl)sliced him tires twice.I feel so bad to think he trusted her just enough to allow her in his house that nite.You now,Juan Martinez has to his job,cause he’s fighting not only for justice,but Travis’s family.I hope they know this.I can understand him yesterday showing his ex that picture.Murder is NEVER pretty,and I do believe she helped to show that Travis was a very decent man,but I think she smiled way too much,and by showing that picture,not only her,but the jury brought this trial back to the real purpose!A brutal MURDER.And furthermore,I could care less what his fantasies were to Jodi,I guarantee she gave as good as she got!Please,dear God,let these jurors have lots of common sense and get her off the streets forever,preferably with a needle in her arm,much more humane than Travis got!

  129. elmosmommy says:

    I agree Marilyn. How do we even know that she didnt put these pictures on his computer ? May not even be his. She was in his house lots of times including the night before he is killed. I read a comment and wish I could remember where but it was Travis`s roommate saying that Travis had no idea that Jodi was gonna show up at his house until she phoned him and told him she was outside his house. I only saw a few clips of today and saw the pictures of what was shown, but I still dont see where any of these witnesses are doing Jodi any good at all. Nobody has even come close to saying they saw anything that was abuse other than calling her a couple of names , and sorry but that doesnt add up to self defense. I would think they should be getting into the heart of the defense by now and it sure looks like they have no evidence at all if this is the best they can do

  130. Great comments, btw. I cannot believe that Jennifer Willmott was going to put a pic of the penis on the monitor. Was this under Jodi’s direction? It would not surprise me that she is trying to manipulate the jurors with sexual overtures, just like she did all her male friends. This is totally disgusting.

    Vicky, did you see what Colin wrote before I edited it out?? He is not afraid of me….YET…lol

  131. Cali Patti says:

    As to the lack of a defense – I believe they are trying to set up a foundation of sexual acts that Travis forced Jodi to do. When the abuse Dr. testify’s she will say how Jodi felt mentally forced into sexual acts by Travis. Travis said … do this act and I will love you. Or something to that effect. That Jpdi was mentally weak because she loved him. Then due to her recent conversion to the Morman religion, poor Jodi was emotionally torn and driven to kill. Something like that is what I see coming.

    The No 1 sin is, “Thou shalt not kill.” No 2 sin is “Thou shalt not have sexual intercourse outside of marriage”! Jodi’s Mormon religion meant nothing to her. She used it as a ploy just like she used her body, all three holes as a matter of fact and did it quite willingly. It is called a stalker’s manipulation. The next idiot to be called to the stand will be La Violette. I doubt if she has ever had a relationship with a man, yet she claims to be an expert. ~~SS

  132. margaret says:

    How can they prove the photo on this computer was put on there by Travis?? jodi hacked his phone his bank account and anything else she could. It would not surprise me if this was part of the set up. I hope Martinez can prove she did it.. I am hoping she gets to sing every Christmas on death row. I grew up with 6 brothers, only two older than me and I can remember my mother talking to them about girls, and my older brothers warning the younger boys about girls throwing themselves at them and how not to get caught up in those kind of games with them. Travis may have been a virgin until jodi showed up. I wish every article about her would not begin ” the beautiful jodi ” , I realize I am not a man ,but she is looking old to me. He had a lot of good friends and they are speaking for him..

  133. Marilyn says:

    Exactly,Margaret,I am so tired of hearing all the adjectives of how pretty she is,I could scream at Jean C,Nancy(who I really like,not Jean C)You can tell Jean C was a defense lawyer with her comments!I saw today on FB,Darryl’s sister was commenting quite alot .Even she thinks she’s guilty with the comments she’s made.

  134. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, unfortunately, I missed Colin’s comment prior to editing. I’m willing to bet I would have been edited as well had I written what I was thinking. At the risk of going too far with my own take on the photo the defense attempted to introduce, I will say that if it was in fact part of Travis’s anatomy, Jodi has to have been well broken in prior to making his acquaintance. 🙂

  135. Karen C. says:

    Elmosmommy- I thought exactly that, too! How the heck do they know she didn’t put that on his laptop herself when she got there? We only have her WORD as to when she arrived, unless there’s security video footage somewheres of her car rolling down his street at night, and THAT would def. have come in during the case in chief. And her word is NO GOOD at all. He could’ve been in the bathroom and she could’ve put it on, maybe left it right on the screen to give him ideas…

    On the other hand, we do know which gender has always had a thing for depicting it’s genitalia on ’bout every flat surface available- from ancient Pompeii and its frescoes, Rome and its phallic good luck symbols on every other oil lamp, Greece with phalluses all over their dinner plates, through the Renaissance and Victorian eras (somewhat more discreetly), right up til our own modern day Men’s rooms- Ladies, when was the last time any of us have seen a hard-on depicted in one of our restrooms? So, maybe Travis…

    But- it’s totally besides-the-point!

  136. Cali Patti says:

    For me, the premeditation for Travis’s murder is obvious. Other than not wanting to marry Jodi, Travis did nothing to Jodi to earn her wrath. This murder is all on Jodi.
    Defense must do what they swore to do when becoming licensed atty’s. I do not begrudge Jodi a defense, but I am insulted and disgusted by it. I agree with what was written above … Judge needs to halt unneeded sexual testimony.

  137. Karen C. says:

    Well, we did learn something else interesting today- I don’t think he wrecked up his own hard-drive, do you? The dog is lucky to be alive…

  138. elmosmommy says:

    grr i am still so mad at how this went down. If this was my son or my brother that judge would get the nastiest letter for allowing this kind of crap. The last time I was so disgusted was the not guilty in that other case , lol, I am not even gonna call her by name. It just seems so totally off the wall that the man was MURDERED, and as if this little tramp didnt do enough to him by killing him, we have to watch her destroy this man in front of his family and church members. I think he truly got drawn into sex with Jodi, and Jodi`s ex confirmed the anal sex with her so she cant blame that one on Travis. So as far as his religion is concerned, he made a mistake I guess, but that doesnt mean that his most personal parts and thoughts should be seen by all the world. I think I really am gonna write the judge and just voice my opinion on what has been allowed. I know she is probably being super careful not to give the defense any errors to appeal on but I think this just went too far, without her having to give a shred of proof. Travis`s worst mistake was getting Murdered. Funny to read on the jodi is innocent blog and see them say that the defense has been able to bring out a mountain of evidence so far. wow, I dont drink but am tempted to go pour myself a drink

  139. elmosmommy~~I took the liberty of listening to the computer expert again and took note of the times that the computer was accessed. I notice they were all after 4am on June 4th. I think you will find that Martinez also paid very close attention. Travis’ supposedly told his friend that he was surprised to get a call from Jodi and that she was outside his house. I wonder how Travis was communicating with that friend, phone text or other. I wonder what the exact time it was when Jodi entered Travis’… I thought it was around 3am… Jodi could have accessed Travis’ puter after he fell asleep. I also stopped the video when Willmott handed the expert the pics of the penises…it was at 35.34 or 34.35…I.forget. The pic may have been staged…and was not Travis’ body part at all. It does not look natural… the hand showing in the pic looks rather small. I wouldn’t put it past Jodi that this may be some of her handiwork. The puter expert accessed those pics in Nov/2012.

    Hopefully the judge will not allow it in to evidence but you can rest assured, those pics will be all over the internet tomorrow.

    Let’s just say that they are pics of Travis. How can that rotten slut do this to a man she professed to love? If it wasn’t for wanting to see Jodi get found guilty and the death sentence, I would quit following this case. I am a pretty broad minded person but following this case is making me feel dirty as though I was sneaking into a porn site. I wonder if the jurors got a glimpse of those pictures. I am almost hoping they did because they will wonder what all the ruckus was about and think there is reasonable doubt.

    I am also seething right now…

  140. Karen C. says:

    As soon as I heard the times on the YouTube searches, and then the pics, I thought- Wow, Nurmi’s launched himself another boomerang! ‘Cuz you just know that Travis was asleep then, being a normal person and not a loony obsessive… maybe he hadn’t blocked up the doggie door yet? Surprise, Baby!

    So, right now the Defense is, what, 5 for 5 with “their” witnesses? I may have missed one or another but, Dang, not one I’ve seen has not been effectively flipped. I’m thinking the naughty phone sex tape will NOT be all it’s alleged to be either- “so hot” can be sarcastic, and the “12 year old girl” remark can mean that he wasn’t fooled by her fake orgasm any, and resented it. And who called who, who recorded who? Remember what he wrote her? “A dildo with a heartbeat”…

  141. elmosmommy says:

    yeah i am seething right along with you. Those pictures were on the internet within 3 mins of being shown in court. I also thought about maybe I should stop watching this trial, lol and is your fault snoopy ….(j/k).I saw you linking to it and decided to check it out and was immediately hooked. I think Martinez is extremely good at doing his homework and knows this case inside and outside and could tell ya every detail in a new york minute. These victims have no rights at all and if you are murdered you can expect to have every little detail of your life spread on the internet and that is just so wrong ! These stupid psychos like Jodi and Casey get to just wreak havoc on other peoples lives. I sure hope Jodi doesnt get off on these charges. But we know it could happen, there was no rhyme nor reason to me for Casey getting off. I am beginning to hate defense lawyers or at least I hate how they can blame the victim and do anything to get their lying psycho clients off

    Not sure why your comment ended up in moderation..sry ’bout that~ ~SS

  142. elmosmommy says:

    Oh i forgot , I read comments that yes the jurors did see those pics, thats why it upsets me so much, they shouldnt have seen them until they were admitted into evidence

  143. colin black says:

    OH please help me but I have to say it been biteing my tounge for ages.

    Jodii liked to enter Travis home through the doggy door.
    She also conviced him to enter her doggy style.

  144. colin black says:

    When does the trial stert again?

  145. colin black says:

    Start even?
    After yesterdays fiasco my new name for J A Female defence attorney is.
    As in you will not pull that kinda stunt again.

  146. elmosmommy says:

    colin, it will be back on monday. There is so many days off with this trial

  147. Sarah says:

    Karen C wrote…….. “so hot” can be sarcastic, and the “12 year old girl” remark can mean that he wasn’t fooled by her fake orgasm any, and resented it. And who called who, who recorded who? Remember what he wrote her? “A dildo with a heartbeat”…

    Exactly what I was thinking. I’m sure IF the tape gets in Martinez will be all over it. As as matter of fact; wouldn’t Jodi have to take the stand to answer questions about the tape? Or, can the defense just play them? I can’t imagine on what basis they could play them without her on the stand.

    SS: You wrote:…….this case is making me feel dirty as though I was sneaking into a porn sight…..

    Now we know how Travis must have felt and possibly why he was trying to get away from the killer.

  148. margaret says:

    I have a question for my resident legal eagle, Can Travis family sue her for wrongful death if she is found guilty, and get everything she sells on E-Bay and anything else she might profit from?? That so and so really did a job on poor trusting Travis..this murderer ,like the other Orlando slut wanted the college students life, wanted Travis life..I don’t think it was so much Travis, he was just her way in. She probably had a slew of ugly old men , like Sercey fawning all over her and she had visions of lots of money.Poor Travis never stood a chance.

  149. Margaret~~Jodi is only making a pittance from her sketches on eBay and the money is supposed to be paying for her family to travel to court for the trial. I doubt if she has made over $2000. It would not be worth suing her for wrongful death. The family will be satisfied when Jodi is strapped down on that gurney and they administer the lethal injection.

    Jodi stayed at Searcy’s motor home overnight so I expect she had a romp with him too. BTW, Searcy has a young wife now. Money can buy you just about anything.

  150. Sarah~~i cannot see how the defense can introduce that sex tape without Jodi taking the stand. I was always under the belief that it is illegal to tape a conversation with a person without their consent. An exception is made when it is done by law enforcement. You want to believe that Martinez is chomping at the bit to get Jodi on the stand. I am not even sure the judge will allow the tape in. What does it prove? Jodi had every opportunity to hang up the phone during this tape and in my books was a consenting adult.

    If Travis was supposedly a pedofile, he would have been hanging around school yards. If T was abusive or violent, he would have knocked the crap out of her for slashing his tires and invading his privacy by sneaking into his home uninvited and breaking into his facebook and email accounts. Why the defense is going forward with these ridiculous witnesses is beyond me. Jodi and Travis had tiffs like we all have had with a boyfriend or spouse…the defense is trying to blow things all out of proportion…to try and give Jodi an excuse for murdering Travis because he wanted her out of his life.

  151. elmosmommy says:

    Snoopy, her court drawings are selling for $2000, but after she is convicted that will be the end of her being able to sell her artwork is what I read so I hope that is right

  152. elmosmommy says:

    Also on NG last night the lawyers were arguing over whether the phone sex tape can come in without Jodi testifying, and thats why they were in the Judges chambers yesterday, the Judge was alsolistening to the tape so I guess we might find out on monday whether she is allowing it. The defense obviously wants it in hopeing to use it to tell her story without her getting on the stand. I would think it has to have something on it that points to her not wanting to do it and him talking her into it or some kind of reason for it be allowed other than it is just 2 consenting adults playing a sex game. There is also something to do with the law, I cant remember which way it went , but we are dealing with Jodi being in California and Travis being in Arizona and one of the states doesnt allow you to be recorded without consent and the other state does. It still seems crazy to me that it can come in so we just have to wait and see since even the lawyers on NG cant agree on whether it can come in or not. Snoopy you are so right about Travis not abusing her after she caused him to have to spend over $1000 on new tires. She also ruined the engine on his BMW that she was gonna buy from him and then of course we know how quick she was to ask the Detective if that cheque for a monthly payment for the car, would be cashed. All of this is just stupid nonsense and none of it shows abuse at all to me. Its funny tho on the pro Jodi site that they say the defense has shown a mountain of evidence that has helped Jodi. They must be watching a different trial from us (said with much sarcasm)

  153. elmosmommy says:

    Oh how interesting, according to Insession the broken hard drive belonged to Jodi and was found at her grandparents house. What a conniving little B****

  154. Vicky says:

    Colin, you made my day with the doggy door comment.
    One thing I know for certain, folks better take note that in this day and time, never, ever engage in non missionary sexual activity with or without the benefit of photo memories, no sexting, no phone sex, etc., if you mind having the aforementioned used against you in a court of law.

  155. elmosmommy says:

    Snoopy – here it is again except on this page you have to go down a little ways and then it shows 3 boxes with videos and the one I mentioned is the 3rd box , I hope this one works

    Thank you…I will delete the other one.~~SS

  156. Sarah says:

    elmo: What broken hard drive? First I’ve of heard of this. Thanks.

    BTW: The link you provided before does work if you copy and paste the entire link. For some reason the link is underlined only up to the word Jodi and doesn’t capture the esses….etc and therefore comes up page not found or something. Great link though.

  157. cali patti says:

    Sarah, yes there’s a broken hard drive. I’ve not a clue what is going on with this prosecution. Jeeze, this prosecution has left me thinking like what Vicky wrote about being careful with sex, even in a relationship. I might decide to only enjoy in my darkened closet, by myself. .

    It has to be horrible to have a murdered brother and having his normal sex life being smeared for “all” to see, like whats happening.
    I am not a prude but this defense has my stomach turning and feeling angry.

  158. elmosmommy says:

    Sarah – the computer tech who was on the stand at the end of thursday was talking about there was the lap top plus another bag of parts that were given to him to examine. He didnt say that the bag of parts didnt go with the lap top and that they were found in the grandmothers house where Jodi lived and I dont know if she smashed it or what, but they were able to find the 2 crude pics on it and apparently they were attached to an email from Travis BUT how does any of this prove anything except Travis and Jodi had a long distance relationship and got into some phone sex, computer sex , whatever, but sheesh they are not the first nor the last couple to get into some of that stuff and I think it proves nothing. They are 2 people in their late 20`s who found a way to have fun even when they werent together , so how does the defense think this goes against only Travis ? it takes 2 And I dont know if you realized that that woman defense lawyer played a little defense lawyer crap when the pics went down. She gave a little giggle (probably giving a little cue ) and said she forgot the numbers so the computer tech guy would hold up the pics so he could see the numbers on the back of them and of course, true to plan it worked well.
    I read a comment on facebook today that wormi (Nurmi) tried to withdraw from this case but he wasnt allowed to, had anybody else heard this ?

  159. Karen C. says:

    Haven’t heard that about Nurmi, but he does look quite defeated most of the time. Willmott still has a bit of fight in her, doing pretty much all the objecting and doing what she can to advocate for her Stalker client. I don’t hate her- she’s been handed the law equivilent of “sanitation engineer”.

  160. David Lohr, of Huff Post, has put together a great timeline and summary here…

    You may read some things that will show Travis wanted Jodi for sex only and actually taunted her. He was not without faults. A couple examples after they had broke up months before…

    April 20, 2008 – Alexander, according to prosecutors, sent this text to Arias: “I am at a night club right now and it helped me to come to the conclusion that you are one of the prettiest girls on the planet.”

    April 21, 2008 – Alexander, according to prosecutors, sent this text to Arias: “Send me a naughty picture.”

    Jodi Arias Timeline: Key Dates In Case Of California Woman Accused Of Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend 27 Times (UPDATED)

  161. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, those texts/emails are interesting, but if Jody found them to be so objectionable, why did she continue coming back for more? The one email makes it obvious that a great deal of acrimony had developed between the two of them. And yes, it seems he might have been toying with her. Seems they were both playing cat and mouse. Also, I’m not convinced Jody would not have ultimately won him over, had she not murdered him instead. Not that she wouldn’t have killed him later on had he dumped her. One thing for sure, both seems to have been extremely immature. I think Travis’s interest in a 19 year old at 30 kind of supports that notion. Then again, in this day and age, it’s hard to find a virgin much older than that.
    I was looking at the timeline in the link you provided and something a bit odd occurred to me. The timeline says she met Alexander in September. Her ex says that she got involved with prepaid legal sometime around June and that shortly thereafter members of the Morman church began visiting her in their home for Bible study, I believe he said early summer. Yet, it has been asserted Travis provided her with the Morman Bible after they met at the September convention and encouraged her to read it. No big deal, but a couple of things occur to me. First, it seems that prepaid legal uses employment opportunities as a way to introduce non-member employees to the church, and must send missionaries to visit and witness to new non member employees. Second, Jodi feigned ignorance about the Morman church to Alexander when she met him. I wonder why. there is something odd about the timing of this part of the story. Had she already set her sights on Travis before he even knew she existed? She could have read aboit him in conference materials ahead of time and armed with her knowledge of the Morman church, she knew exactly how to grab his attention at the conference.

  162. Here is the first post I wrote about Jodi Arias back in September, 2012, and the title I gave it sums it up nicely …

    Jodi Arias/Fatal Attraction/Stalker/Murderess

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