Jodi Arias Trial-Page Two

Jodi Arias’ mug shot

Notice the evil in those eyes….

Now we have Jodi looking quite smug with her Trophy. She made sure that no other woman would get their hands on her possession, quite typical of the psycho stalker.


Check out this link and see how they have Jodi made up for her court appearance. You certainly cannot judge a book by it’s cover. The pic is copyright 2012 so I can only link to it. Psychopaths come in all shapes and sizes…

Jodi Arias trial: Woman charged in boyfriend’s death goes to trial

The trial takes place in Arizona so will start later in the day for some of us. I will provide a link to the live stream of the trial once it becomes available.

Finally Arias trial Jan 2nd-Page One

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  1. Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Watch live streaming video as Arias murder trial continues

    WPTV is LIVE VIDEO STREAMING the Jodi Arias murder trial. CLICK HERE to watch live video throughout the trial. Make sure to bookmark the link.

    Burns: “I don’t know how long we were sleeping the second we woke up we were kissing.”
    Prosecutor: “And what else happened?”
    Burns: “Umm, she got on top of me pretty aggressively and we were kissing.”
    Prosecutor: “When she got on top of you pretty aggressively where was her genital area compared to yours?”
    Burns: “She was right on top of me.”
    Prosecutor Martinez then asked Burns if he had assessed Arias’ strength from their encounter.
    “I complimented her on her feistiness,” Burns added, “She is stronger than she looks.”

    Read more:

  2. margaret says:

    Welcome back, I have just read on the ch12az. webpage that jodi is forced to wear an electronic stun gun apparatis on her back down around waist , as long as she is in court. Wonder what she thinks of that!!!!it said all murders on trial have to wear them. That must be a Sheriff Joe thing.Thanks for the link. Good night friend.

  3. Ladies, welcome Debbie in WA to the fold… I am transferring her comment from Page One so you wont miss it…

    Debbie in WA says:
    January 14, 2013 at 12:35 am
    Actually, Travis’ Myspace is still up, and if you click on his friends, Jodi is the first one. Check out her blurbs: Open-Minded, Artistic, Tolerant, Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Approachable, Generous, Healthy, Creative, Prosperous, Strong, Playful, Appreciative, Adventurous, Spiritual, Reflective, Responsible, Reverent.

  4. Vicky~~re your comment from Page One… I do not believe in the death penalty except for a few exceptions and Jodi Arias is one of them. She does not deserve to exist in this world. For instance, I don’t think Casey A deserved the DP. Had she been found guilty- life with no chance of parole.

  5. LindaNewYork says:

    Somebody probably commented abouth this already, but I think I heard before and just asked a question on the FAQ section on the State vs Jodi Arias facbook page that the trial is going to go through April? April? I mean the Anthony case was only like what, 6, 7 weeks?

  6. Linda New York~~I heard on HLN, the trial would last into April. It is only 3 or 4 days a week and Juan Maritnez, the prosecutor is leaving no stone unturned. He is thorough.

  7. margaret says:……………………………Snoops this is link to article about electronic stun. Sorry about that. Hope everyone has a great day!!

  8. cali patti says:

    Margaret, I had heard about the stun gun several times on HLN, also, I did not think about sharing. WTG, Girl! Your right about Sheriff Joe, he is tough.

  9. Thank you, Margaret…

    Arias, 32, sat silently at the defense table during the opening statements Wednesday. The bulge of the electronic stun belt worn by accused murderers on trial showed squarely beneath the back of her black blouse. Occasionally, she wiped away tears, as if shocked by the grim proceedings of her trial.

    Read more here….

  10. LindaNewYork says:

    Hi all! I was watching on InSession-did I hear the judge ask the jury if THEY had questions for a witness? I thought I remembered some trial in some state where the jury could ask questions. I guess this is a state that allows that?? (or maybe I am wong!).

    By the way, I have been enjoying reading all the comments here the last week and following some links. Thanks!

  11. LindaNewYork says:

    Maybe the Casey Anthony prosecution and Judge Perry should have “left no stone unturned” and took their time in that case. Like maybe went over the timeline~Casey’s text and phone calls~ for the morning/day of Caylee’s murder, maybe blown up her/Jose’s version/fantasy of what went went on~ and not worried about the poor sun-stroked Pinellas 12, their sprots team, their food and their 4th of July holiday. Just sayin’.

  12. margaret says:

    Lindanewyork, I totally agree with you about casey anthony trial. From first day of picking the jury it was rush, rush,rush. There has never been a more pampered jury.

  13. Linda New York~~when I watched those pics, I thought I was hallucinating…I was checking out a better live stream during recess. Jodi is not very attractive with all her clothes off…I wont comment about Travis… I wonder how long before those pics are all over the internet..

  14. Vicky says:

    Evening All, my niece and I were just discussing the photo of Travis in the shower pre murder. Both of us agree that his eyes look like he was crying at some point prior. Does anyone else share that opinion? It is the one most frequently shown on the news.
    If he was in fact in tears at some point, perhaps there was some major drama that occurred before he went into the bathroom to shower. It might explain how one could go from a risqué photo shoot to a rage filled murder. I never saw the shower shots. Is there any proof he even knew she was still in the house when he got in the shower. Perhaps he was surprised to see her standing in the bathroom taking pics of him.

  15. Vicky~~Travis was posing for a few of the pics of him in the shower…

  16. Jodi was in pigtails in one of the nude photos??? The defense can use that against the state. One is of her on her hands and knees…Travis is taking her pic from the back end. Jodi probably directed the whole show…

  17. A defiant Jodi Arias insisted she was innocent of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander even after a detective told her that he had nude photos of them together on the day he died.

    “Are you sure it’s me? Because I was not there,” Arias is heard saying in the police interrogation tape played for the Arizona jury today.

    When Detective Esteban Flores tells Arias she is seen in pigtails in the photos, she asks with a tone of incredulity, “Pigtails?”

    As Flores laid out more incriminating evidence, including that investigators found DNA of their blood mixed together, her hair stuck with blood and her palm print in blood, Arias was insistent.

    “I would not hurt Travis. I would not hurt Travis. I would not do that to him,” she told Flores.

    Read more here….

    Jodi Arias Denied Guilt After Told of Sex Photos, Palm Print, DNA

  18. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I was just wondering if he knew she was there the whole time he was in the shower or if he turned around and discovered her there taking pictures. She was fully clothed at the time she stabbed him, so the sexual activity had certainly come to an end. She has to have directed him to turn his back to her in order to take out the knife to stab him. Saying he was angry and attacked her for dropping his camera does not fit the sequence of photos. She has to have blitzed him in the shower when his back was turned or his eyes were closed. As for that matter, how do we know Tarcis took the porn shots and that she didn’t set the camera on a tripod and have the camera on auto?
    My thoughts on the sequence of events, I think he fell to the floor of the shower following the initial attack and she left the bathroom thinking he was incapacitated. She may have gone to retrieve the gun at that point. She was shocked to hear him moving about and to discover he had managed to get himself out of the shower and was standing at the sink. He likely thought she was gone as well. When he heard her coming back in, he tried to get away, but she continued stabbing him. Pushing him back toward the bathroom. Once she slit his throat, she retrieved the gun and shot him. she then dragged his body back to the shower, either taking advantage of the wet floor or by rolling him onto a towel and using it to reduce friction while pulling him. Was there a large towel found in the washer?

  19. Colin Black says:

    Her original intent

    Was to torture him an intent formed in cold calculated manner.She was not in a rage brought on by a spur of the momment Passion.

    No she planned the trip hire car everything done to arrive at her Victims home prepared to torture an execute him.

    She brought a gun a 25 she aquired from a staged break in at her Grand Parents.
    The knife an ropes she either aquired at Travis or brought them also.

    Her first move was to lull him into a vulnarble position.Through false sence of security sex was the first weapon she used.
    Dissrobe him dissarm him.

    I feel her ideal scenerio was to introduce bondage into the sex play.An once she had him tied up then the fun and games …Torture Death..Would have begun.
    There would have been no need for a blitz attack an she could have realy gave him a load of verball torture before starting the phycical abuse an ultimite murder.
    Travis wouldnt go for it though so she moved on to plan B. m o o…..

  20. Colin Black says:

    Was there a large towel found in the washer
    She used sheets bed clothes an sheets found in washer dryer.
    Its been speculated she done the deeds in what ever order.
    Used sheets ab the floor lublicated with blood an water to drag Travis deceased corspse around.
    She then at some point picked up the camera an deleted all the photos just prior an after his muder.
    At somepoint she mounted a clean up wich included takeing all the bloody sheets into the washing machine.
    She may have scooped up the camera as well an not realised it was in the bundle of bloody sheets she placed in there.
    She then had a shower an cleaned up listening to the washing machine churrnin away.
    After she dries herself reteives gun an knife mureder weapon secure she searches for the camera?

    Maybe she relises its in the machine maybe she put it there on purpose either way.
    I cant figure out why she made the gun an knife dissapear.
    An yet left such damming evidence at the crime scene.
    Shes a photographer did she want to get caught?

  21. Vicky says:

    Colin, I think you have it right that she inadvertently put the camera in the wash. She deleted the photos at some point prior to collecting the bedding and likely gathered the camera up by accident. To leave it behind in the wash was a major misstep and not part of the plan. In any event, I think she must have assumed the deleted photos would not be recovered. I think her planned timeline ran late and she was afraid to stick around to look for the camera. It is possible he had told her someone was stopping by, he was supposed to meet someone or his roommates were returning at some specific time. She had to be in fear of being seen once the deed was done. The amount of evidence she left behind makes it clear that for some reason, she ran out of time.

  22. Vicky says:

    The minor amount of bleeding from the gunshot wound proves that it was the last injury inflicted. I think she somehow believed that two separate types of injuries would lead investigators to assume there were two intruders. So, IMO, she has to have believed the deleted photos could not be retrieved. Otherwise, all she needed to do was take the memory card out of the camera. Maybe she didn’t realize Travis had put a memory card in the camera and thought the photos were on the internal memory of the camera. I don’t think photos deleted from the camera itself can be retrieved, but I’m not certain. If she wasn’t familiar with that particular camera, she might not have known where the memory card was located. It just boggles my mind that didn’t take the camera or memory card with her. That’s why I don’t think she could figure out what happened to it and didn’t have time to look for it.

  23. Colin Black says:

    Yup even if he had nothing at all planed that day he wouldnt have informed his casual lay/trophy stalker/sometime bedbuddy……….
    Typical Male he would insist he had xyz lined up that evening or so an so was comeing to go over some paper work.
    That way he can have a roll in the hay an get her away without apearing to keen to see her leave.

  24. Vicky says:

    Wow Colin, she does seem to be quite talented. So was John Wayne Gacey. LOL
    Seriously, what a waste. It’s a shame no one ever realized how disturbed she was early enough in her life to prevent her personality disorder from resulting in such a tragic ending.
    Travis should have turned her int the police the first time he had proof she was stalking him and entering his home uninvited.

  25. Did anyone get to watch Nancy Grace tonight and hear what Jodi did to the cat she was babysitting for a woman?

  26. Huffington Post has added a few more pics to their crime photos… they have blacked out the genitals in the nude ones..

  27. What do Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony have in common??

    On July 15th, 2008, both Jodi and Casey were being interrogated by LE and lying thru their teeth!! I believe both of them were put under arrest as well around that time.

  28. Newbie says:

    Now I can’t remember if it was on Nancy Grace or Mitchells show. Anyway, I was half listening but believe she put what she thought was enough water and food for a two week period in a room with the cat and pulled the door shut to the dark room.. She didn’t check on the cat at all. With what I see of Jodi, the cat was lucky to have had any food or water set out… would not have surprised me if she had thrown the cat off a bridge and told the owners it ran away.

    I surely don’t understand Travis allowing himself to be photographed in the nude. Just taking pictures of Jodi would be pushing it with what his “standards” were. Something about that just doesn’t sit right.

    I also believe Jodi didn’t mean to put the camera in the washer. If she did, how stupid is stupid….well, I guess Jodi speaks for herself in that department.t

  29. Newbie~~I am surprised Jodi didn’t take the camera with her. Travis’ death may have looked like a robbery gone bad.

    Travis couldn’t turn down Jodi’s sex….out of respect for the dead, I will stop there…except to say that Jodi staged the whole thing and Travis fell for it hook line and sinker…. the camera in the washing machine is as good as a lethal injection that may just pierce her vein.

    P.S….you heard right about the cat. The women who used to work with Jodi was interesting to listen to on NG…

  30. Newbie says:

    Snoops, I can understand when he crossed his Mormon beliefs and engaged in sex with Jodi BUT…’s a man who is to be getting out of a relationship and he participates in picture taking?? Good grief, I wonder if she had black mailed him prior to the last time they were together. Maybe that is why he hadn’t contacted the police. He is a motivational speaker and doing well with his company. He is in good standing with his Church. I would think the last thing he would want is pictures that could show up anywhere !! Have the sex but for crying out loud, use some sense. Oooo, you know she could have just gotten pregnant to trap him……hmmm, wonder if she ever thought about that (I didn’t until just now….lol).

  31. Newbie~~I don’t think Jodi could get pregnant. She permitted Travis access to the other orifice. I think I may get sick…

  32. The defense is going to rip Travis’ character to shreds. I just hope they don’t sway one juror.

  33. LindaNewYork says:

    Ha! Snoopy, I too caught the July 15, 2008 date and thought the same thing!

    Vicky, I agree that her saying she dropped the camera and he got mad and attacked her does not fit. And I think too, that the camera was nadvertently scooped up with the bedding. Colin~right on~about it not being a moment of passion. The photo’s will do her in.

    The sex was over, again, he probably asked her to leave, got things to do…She was probably pissed off, she was used for sex again. And he was going to Cancun the next week with another woman. Same old story plays out everywhere. 2 people break up, The woman thinks, OK, if we have sex he will love me again. The man has a willing partner in an ex-girlfriend who is going for the sex, but it doesn’t change his mind about not wanting a “relationship”. She got dressed-She was seething, stewing. He got in the shower. She started taking pictures…then boom! She had time to think about it. It wasn’t in a moment of passion. There were too many “moments”.

  34. LindaNewYork says:

    I didn’t get to hear every second of the police interview, I was cooking dinner and trying to listen. But boy oh boy, can the guilty talk! The more she talked about so many inane things…my G-d! I am sure InSession will play it this morning.

    Well, let’s hope the judge doesn’t agree to a mistrial today. The defense had those texts, whether they got them in 2008 or 2010. And the prosecutor “dropping” the camera…yeah, that was a bit dramatic.

  35. LindaNewYork says:

    OK, one more thing. Travis really did lead 2 lives. Portraying the good boy Mormon living….and then Jodi Arias. Either way, he didn’t deserve to die because he was a cad to her. It’s just sex. Everybody does it 🙂

  36. Karen C. says:

    The defense (Willmott) stated in opening that they had “regular” sex that day- supposedly “rough” sex, bent over the desk. Yeah, whatever. I have yet to read those emails, but I really think much else besides a bj would have been rather outre for him- I really think she presented that as a “special treat” he wouldn’t likely get anywhere else, and I would imagine he felt pretty conflicted about that.

    Sometime today (and I’m a busy lass this afternoon), I want to track down whatever “witchy” stuff she was into, as referenced by that one guy on NG last night. He made it all sound quite Black, but maybe just vanilla pagan/Earth Spirit stuff? Wanna see- from that to Mormon conversion is one heck of a learning curve!

  37. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and the cat thing? Talk about 9 lives! Remember Skank and the speculation about the death of the two family dogs? The first ones? And the small pet cemetery?

  38. Karen C. says:

    So far, all I’ve found so far on her possible interest in “witchcraft” was on her MySpace- on a page of quotes she found of value, these two:
    “”What ye send out, comes back to thee.” – The Wiccan Creed

    “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.” – Aleister Crowley” ”

    That’s it. Helen Keller, Einstein, etc. are quoted too, as well as Travis!

  39. Karen C. says:

    I’ve thought about why she may have taken so many rather repetitive shower scene pics- it was only to serve a purpose of having him used to her being in close proximity for an extended period of time, betcha. She’s clicking away, chatting away, right there, only 1-2 feet away, for a few minutes there. They’re not fighting or in conflict at the moment of attack at all. And she had to have had at least the knife right there, just away from his line of vision.

  40. Colin Black says:

    January 15, 2013 at 7:48 am

    I didn’t get to hear every second of the police interview, I was cooking dinner and trying to listen. But boy oh boy, can the guilty talk! The more she talked about so many inane things…my G-d! I am sure InSession will play it this morning

    Not right I know but I had to chuckle.

    Detective is describeing the camera takeing photos dureing the event time of Travis murder.
    She feins supprise..It did!!!?
    Sure he says you own a pair sweat pants with greyish stripe down the pant leg?

    Yes she has those at home…Grandparents…….In fact mentions she has two pairs one pair wee bit small but were on sale so bought them to good a deal?
    Talking about the attire you wore to torture an slay stab an slit his throat from ear to ear……..

    Admitts to desprately veiw the photos.
    Morbid Curiousity..
    Det ok take a break Im going to find them.

    She has to see them as she is desprate for it to be a ploy.
    They are lieing an trying to bluff me.

    Cant wait to see her confronted an the bats flying about in her belfry sart to slowly come to rest one by one till all are roosting.

  41. margaret says:

    Geeez, the defense is sure pushing for a mistrial..Last night NG had a caller that asked my Question about her showering , standing over dead Travis.. In my mind she is vicious enough to enjoy that. Something made the water overflow and I can’t see her caring if he was clean or not. If she didn’t , how did she get downstairs without leaving more of a blood trail. She got rid of gun to save her neck in her grandparents home robbery..The camera was not hers, it was Travis new camera for his trip, she thought she could wash everything off it too..IMO..I won’ be able to watch tommorrow, so I am counting on you guys to fill me in. I felt so bad for her poor crying mother yesterday..

  42. Day 6…part 4 of 4…interrogation of Jodi by Flores… 46.55 minutes for those who missed it…I will try and find the complete trial of yesterday…

    Day 6 part 4of 4

  43. Catalina says:

    I missed the first hour of trial today 😦 … can anyone update me on whats been happening please?

  44. Catalina~~they were late getting started and it was all about phone records between Travis and Jodi… Jodi called Travis’ number after she had killed him and even used his pin to check his voice mail a few days after she had killed him. Nurmi is going for another mistrial… I will post a link to the trial as soon as it is up on youtube…

  45. Debbie in WA says:

    I’m having the same problem with the page buffering, then shutting down 😦 I’m trying this after the lunch break

  46. Thanks, Debbie, I will try your link …the one I was viewing was very annoying….

  47. margaret says:………………This is where I have watched this morning, no problems so far. Legislature was on yesterday off and on. Not today.

  48. cali patti says:

    I remember this being mentioned earlier, but there seems to very little connection between Jodi and her atty’s. Jodi’s male atty sits with his back in her direction at times. I have never seen him engage her in any way. Also as attys they knew going into this trial that self-defense or a domestic violence defense had little hope of anyone believing the story. I know attys can not make-up a story as a defense, it has to come from the client. Still they could have and should have pushed or made a suggestion to Jodi towards a crime of passion defense.
    If her atty’s goal is to keep Jodi off death row then a crime of passion might have worked.
    I know premeditation is there however good attys could have worked around premeditation in the circle of a crime of passion. It looks to me as if her attys are making noise, going thru the motions but not invested in this case. jmo

  49. cali patti says:

    btw … 831 area code is in the Monterey Bay area, Yreka has a different area code. Jodi seemed familiar with Monterey so I wonder if she lived there before? The bank she went to in Monterey is not a bank most people that did know the area would go to. Going into Monterey from Lodi/Redding on her way to Pasendena is out of the way. From 101 highway, at least 30+ mins driving each way and the bank is in a downtown busy hard to find parking street, so add another 30 mins.. Looking at a minimum of 2 hours hrs at the quickest, I’m thinking closer to 2 1/2 hours.

  50. margaret says:

    Anyone know if that is a sister of jodi sitting with mother, resembles her. Jodi’s male lawyer acts like he is so lazy..IMO LOL

  51. Margaret~~Nurmi numb nuts is so slow that he is even getting on the judges nerves. No wonder she took a recess. This trial is going to last beyond April at this rate. That may be Jodi’s sister in court supporting her mother and not Jodi.

  52. Cali~~it is premeditation when Jodi picked up the knife when she retrieved it from wherever she had it stashed. She had the choice to put the knife back down. Jodi premeditated the murder long before Travis’s death, Crime of passion is bull….crime of obsession by a psycho stalker is more fitting.

  53. Debbie in WA says:

    I missed the first part of the trial; does the jury know that Jodi confessed to the murder?

  54. Debbie in WA~~yes, the jury does know that Jodi finally confessed to murdering Travis and she is claiming it was in self-defense. It was revealed in both the prosecution and defense’s opening statements.

  55. cali patti says:

    Snoop, I did not write that I believe it was a crime of passion, I said that I think if her defense had been “crime of passion” that Jodi might have stood a better chance at getting off the death penalty. I don’t think the defense or Jodi stands any chance of avoiding the death penalty the way they are now defending her. I understand premeditation..

  56. LindaNewYork says:

    This is just too much…watching the police interview. That detective has the patience of a saint. I wonder how he kept his eyes from rolling. She does not shut up. I think she has CA beat!

  57. Vicky says:

    I still haven’t had a chance to watch today’s trial coverage. However, I have one observation to make regarding the interview tapes. That young woman does not know how to keep her legs closed…definitely does not know how to sit like a young lady. And my goodness, she rambled on and on and on in between all those ridiculous lies. It’s like she thought he would give up the investigation if she could draw his attention to her crotch and away from the BS coming out of her mouth.

  58. margaret says:

    Jodi is just digging her hole deeper and deeper. Somebody should have taught that girl when to shut up. I love that detective, he has the patience of Job, never raises his voice. I think jodi and casey need their brain analyzed, because boy they know how to lie and never bat an eye, and they never skip a beat. She sure thinks she is fooling that detective.

  59. LindaNewYork says:

    Haha, Vicky!

    It was getting on my nerves listening to her. These narcissistic sociopaths never seem to just shut up. And the “story” of the intruders (white American’s-LOL!). Sadly, there is probably some truth to what she is saying about Travis screaming and bleeding etc.

    Am I correct in hearing that she was offered a plea 2X? Well, she said in the interview aired yesterday that if she had killed Travis, she would beg for the death penalty. There you go…

  60. Margaret~~Detective Esteban Flores is a seasoned professional and it shows. Jodi seemed to getting very comfortable even kicking off her shoes. I expected her to disrobe at any time.

  61. Vicky says:

    I kid you not Snoopy, I got the distinct impression she was trying to win him over with her feminine wiles. LOL
    I am not buying her bull for a minute. She was a grown woman at the time she was engaging in kinky sex with Travis. I bet the two of them played ninja during one of their fantasy sessions.

    Her school marm makeover is yet another role playing exercise.

  62. Cali~~’If” it was a crime of passion ….at this stage of the trial is not revalent… I understood exactly what you wrote… There are also some people who do not realize that premeditation can take place in the matter of seconds. I was not pointing a finger at you … I generalize in some of my responses.

  63. I wonder if someone will get in trouble for this…

    According to the Huffington Post, the photos, which also included nude images of Alexander on the bed and in the shower, were “broadcast on a live feed of the trial during a court recess” and the network has not yet explained how they were aired on their live feed at that particular time.

    LindaNewYork and I were just two who happened to catch them at recess.

  64. Newbie says:

    I don’t even know if I can continue following this case. Frustration, frustration and more frustration. I wonder if she did think the detective may be watching when she gave her “yoga stretch”. Barf. Hats off to Detective Flores in the excellent job he did and now does when testifying. I don’t care for the death penalty yet think on this one I could go for it. She had the gun and knife on hand so crime of passion….eh.

  65. Newbie~~you are going to follow this case and that is an order!! I will allow you to watch it with one eye closed because I like you. lol

    Nurmi, numb nuts is who frustrated me today…he is so slow and trying so hard for a mistrial… I wonder if the judge will scold him for making so many trips up to the sidebar…

  66. If you understand the ‘stalker’ then you will come to know Jodi Arias as I see her… most stalkers are men but there are many female stalkers… just replace the gender to ‘female’ in the following…

    Stalkers are not made of one cloth. Some of them are psychopaths, others are schizoids, narcissists, paranoids, or an admixture of these mental health disorders. Stalkers harass their victims because they are lonely, or because it is fun (these are latent sadists), or because they can’t help it (clinging or co-dependent behaviour), or for a myriad different reasons.

    Clearly, coping techniques suited to one type of stalker may backfire or prove to be futile with another. The only denominator common to all bullying stalkers is their pent-up rage. The stalker is angry at his or her targets and hates them. He perceives his victims as unnecessarily and churlishly frustrating. The aim of stalking is to “educate” the victim and to punish her.

    Read more here…


    Crime Victim Services-Profile of a Stalker and Threatening Behavior Of A Stalker

  67. colin black says:

    He is lazy the copies of the texts he is complaining about not haveing.
    Have been available to veiw for 28 months defence never requested them.
    Claims a misstrial yet again as the wittness from verison?.
    The phone company said under oath that his company verison doesnt keep the actull contents of txts for more than 48hrs.Then they are over written in there file space an irateavable.
    But argues the police managed to retreive those txts years later therfore he is hinting at impeachment.An wants a miss trial for that an other reasons he will get into later.

    Prosecution has to get up an explain the differnce beetween a telephone I T companys policy for storeing data.
    An a simm card.
    Police retreived ionfo from simm card useing new cutting edge progrmeing tech.
    Nothing to with verisons policys for data storage.
    So the wittnes wasnt lieing an his company was irrelevant in the entire retreival process.

    Im starting to warm to this guy he certainly knows the law. Unlike the big guy whom is out of his depth an drowning.

  68. Newbie says:

    But Snoops, what else can “numb nuts” do… Man, I’d hate to be her attorney. I wonder what they are being paid.
    I’m actually over any questions I had on this case. It doesn’t matter to me what the defense is going to “try” and do. I don’t care if it was a crime of passion or if she is diagnosed as whatever. The girl went there to kill him and it was brutal. That is that but since you’re the boss lady, I’ll read here to get opinions…
    Oh my Lord, I just had that flash of C A getting off …….if that were to happen in this case, it is time to reform the Judicial System !!!

  69. Colin~~I am glad you are warming up to the prosecutor, Juan Martinez. Before this trial is over, you will see the fire shooting out of his nose and ears. He is spunky and knows his stuff… I expect Juan to run over to ‘numb nuts’ and punch him in his big fat beer belly. Nurmi was sure licking his thumb when he fleeced through all the pages…I hope he doesn’t have any contagous diseases. yuck!

  70. Vicky says:

    Newbie, I really don’t think the jury will buy into her self defense claim. That darn camera with its embedded date and time stamp, and how dare to investigators retrieve messages from Travis’s phone’s Sim card! Those were private photos and messages!
    It really pisses me off that she is attempting to pull the battered woman card. How dare she insult all the women who have been left with no other option than to take the life of their abuser! Many of whom are serving life sentences in prison, I might add.

  71. The next part of today’s trial should be on youtube in about fifteen minutes. It contains Jodi telling Det Flores the Ninja story….

  72. Vicky says:

    Not to poke fun at the visually impaired, but one would think he would use some type of assistive device in court so he wouldn’t have to almost touch his nose to the documents to read the print. I think his vision is one of the reasons he takes so darn long.

  73. Vicky says:

    Oh goodie, I can’t wait to view that video. I just hate it when work gets in the way of live viewing. LOL

  74. colin black says:

    Thing is Travis was playing with fire he knew without a shadow of doubt Jodi Arrras was unstable.
    When they split an there long distance dateing became over.
    Her moveing to within strikeing disstance to become a close range obsessed STALKER.
    Should have raised more red flags than a parade in China on may day celebrations.

    But he took it in his stride and actively encouraged it.
    If someone you know slashes tyres bombards facebook txts an all out weirdsville behaviour.
    And you know its them she knows you know its her an yet take no action via legal police courts restraining orders ect.
    Its like your giveing them a pass.
    I beleive Travis saw himself as invinceible haveing survived a horrible child hood.

    And he got a thrill from haveing a stalker haveing read his writtings for his plannes autobiographic book some chapters printed on a facebook site.
    Its clear he was young talanted well read an travelled .
    And very pretensious with an ego the size of a very big object.
    He knew Jodi would be devouring every word he wrote on myspace facebook ect.
    An the published bit from his book.
    How I hope to marry a gold digger was a direct message to Jodi meant to enrage an belittle her.
    I think in his vanity he thought he could break an tame her.

    Things he said an Im paraphraseing the title of him wanting to marry a gold digger is because he saw himself as the golden one.
    An any woman he married would have to loook beyond his good looks an sucsess ect an see the special light he has burning inside of him/
    He also says that he doesnt want to have to waste time in relationships based on carnal lust an physicall atraction only to realise that there maybe an axe murderer lurking in there.

    He played with fire because he enjoyed the thrill an he got well an truelly burnt.

    Did he deserve to die the way he dis no.
    Did he contribute to the circumstances of his own death I M O Yes.

    BRAVO!!! This comment is one of the best yet.~~SS

  75. Vicky~ ~I would never belittle anyone with poor vision. Surely there are aids such as a magnifying sheet to slide over the pages. I used one while reading Imperfect Justice. I find Nurmi makes so many trips to the sidebar which are time consuming. The only hope the defense has thus far is a mistrial.

  76. cali patti says:

    Vicky, i also have thought that Jodi is insulting the women who have been abused in relationships. Jodi just has not lived through or educated herself on what a real victim goes through. I don’t think anyone will believe Jodi, Did Jodi seem to be embarrassed when her nude photos were shown in the court room?

  77. Vicky says:

    Exactly, he makes himself appear less than component when there are accommodations he could request to address his visual limitations. The requests for a mistrial are ridiculous. Nothing they are putting forth as grounds for a mistrial rise to the level of altering the outcome of the trial. Who cares what order she inflicted the wounds to Travis’s body? The fact remains the murder was brutal and depraved. As for the phone records, the defense knew they had been obtained, the fact that they did not take time to read them pretrial is not the prosecution’s fault. The phone records are not proof that she killed Travis. The fact that she phoned him and left him a message the night of the murder shows she was attempting to cover her tracks. I guarantee they knew that was coming via discovery. So, I’m not sure why all the hoopla over phone records.
    The simple truth is she showed up at his house armed with a gun at the very least. She lied to LE from the get go. She now claims self defense with no tangible proof. As a photographer, one would think she would have documented any physical injury that resulted in an immediate need to stab, slash and shoot her assailant.

  78. cali patti says:

    I can’t sit still long enough to watch the live stream. I do hear In session and go watch it a little.

  79. Vicky says:

    Cali, I didn’t sense true embarrassment. She did attempt to hide behind her hair, but she kept sneaking a peek at herself on her monitor. I didn’t note any flushed cheeks like most people would have under those circumstances. She didn’t seem embarrassed when shown the photo during her interrogation either.

  80. Vicky says:

    Off topic, I just received a jury summons for a trial scheduled for next month that is supposed to last a week. I wonder what it is about. I doubt I will be selected. the last two times I was called I was excused. Defense attorneys seem to dislike jurors who have served on a Grand Jury. That, and I am friends with too many people involved in the local justice system LOL

    You will be rejected for sure…SS

  81. It seems croakerqueen is having difficulties uploading the next part of the trial… I keep checking periodically….

    In the meantime… thanks to everyone who contributes to my blog by commenting or reading…

    BTW, my stats are almost on a par as when I followed the Anthony case… It is easy to get addicted to this trial and wonder what the outcome will be. In a court of law, there is no such thing as a slam dunk…

  82. cali patti says:

    Off Topic … I’ve served on a jury trial also. I have reported for two summons years later and was dismissed also. The last three summons I trashed. Every time i do that I wait for them to come get me.
    I believe if Jodi gets life she will do quite well in prison, adapting and thriving. .

  83. colin black says:

    No such thing as a slam dunk.
    Indeed we saw an heard that through the case of trunkmom.
    None seriously beleived she could walk.
    But walk she did or inher case as Kathi Belich put it she sasseyed an strutted herself to freedom .


  84. Jodi Arias Shaken, Crying as She Told One Last Lie About Killing Ex-Boyfriend, Prosecutors Say

    Jodi Arias was cornered, wearing an orange jump suit and crying, with her knees pulled up to her chest and her hands shaking, when she came up with one last lie, prosecutors say, to tell police about the killing of her ex-boyfriend.

    Intruders came in and murdered Travis Alexander and then threatened to kill Arias and her family, she told police in a 2008 taped interview played at her murder trial today in Arizona.

    Video and Article here…

  85. margaret says:

    Does anyone know what they have jodi writing? looks like ca before her trial started. Maybe the lawyers have her writing their book. I don’t think jodi’s pencil will last until April..Wasn’t the grandparents robbery two weeks before Travis was killed? That means she had started her planning at least at that time,,I can’t believe someone didn’t encourage him to change all his codes and nail up the doggie door.. She may know how to lie but she is not too smart. IT did not phase her when the detective told her that her parents thought she was probably involved. Sad sad for both families..

  86. Newbie says:

    I’m still of the mind that Travis didn’t take any legal action against Jodi because she could black mail him with previous pictures. Travis was going against his image basically when fooling with Jodi.
    Colin I certainly agree with your previous statements. I don’t care to bring about negative regarding the victim, Travis, but will say he was just too much for me.

  87. Margaret~~I have wondered what Jodi is busy writing with her stubby pencil. It is a wonder that her hand doesn’t cramp up. I notice Jennifer Willmott, her defense attorney glance at Jodi’s writing once in awhile and give a nod. Maybe Jodi is drawing pics to sell on Ebay.

  88. Newbie~~it certainly has crossed my mind about ‘blackmail.’ I mentioned it in one of my comments awhile back. It was when I said that a woman can rape a man. It is not unheard of. I know of a 6 footer that could be capable of it. lol I am about to turn back into a pumpkin soon…we need a smile after a long day of doom and gloom.

  89. Vicky says:

    Ok, just finished watching the final interrogation. OMG, I couldn’t help myself, I had to laugh, even though the subject is not funny at all. I’m telling you, the intruders that sent the witness out of the house while they finished off the victim story is just too much. I don’t see how Detective Flores kept his composure. And that roll of toilet paper sitting on the table was quite fitting given the chit that was coming out of Jodi’s mouth. I almost died laughing whenI saw that role instead of a box of tissue.
    Actually, I think her intruder version was quite telling. I would be willing to bet there are elements of truth in that statement. Perhaps Jodi hesitated at one point during the attack and Travis begged her to get help. I also wonder if she had initially planned a murder/suicide but lost her nerve when it came to self harm.

  90. Newbie says:

    Don’t get lost in the pumpkin patch !! I have to admit I got a good laugh today when Jodi did the “yogi move”. A small smile on my face when she kicked off her shoes. It all was so stupid it became ridiculously funny. knowing Detective Flores would handle whatever. Too bad Detective Flores and Prosecutor Martinez aren’t on the GZ case in Florida.

  91. Newbie says:

    lol….yes, the toilet paper !!!!!

  92. Vicky says:

    Newbie, her entire demeanor as she sat there in her lovely orange jumpsuit screamed deception. I loved it when she finally made it out the door and Flores calls BS. How in the world she expected that story to fly is beyond me. Listening to it had me thinking she was building the Sybil defense. But here we are two years later with self defense.

    That Multi-purposes toilet paper will forever be in my memory as a symbol of budget cuts in the criminal justice system. I suppose many suspects in interrogation rooms are full of chit, so the TP is somewhat fitting as a cost cutting measure. LOL

  93. margaret says:

    Didn’t I hear jodi say today that Travs did not rape her, so how can she go the abuse route.? I’ll bet she wishes the gun had never been reported stolen. Maybe she is writing abook on ” what not to leave behind when committing a murder.” My laugh came when the detective said ” I’ve seen all of you “.

  94. Newbie says:

    lol …..margaret, the book also needs to include where not to get your gun ! oh, and watch out for the camera ! Your comment now has my mind running with all her mess ups.
    Self defense is just about as bad as the Ninja lies. No call to police and the junk connected to her stay with the new prospective boyfriend. No pictures establishing abuse…..the gal could give a person a headache just thinking of all the bull she puts out.

  95. Margaret~~I picked up on the, “well he didn’t rape me or anything like that” right away. Half the world has seen all of Jodi and, in my opinion, she looks better with her clothes on.

  96. I have taken a keen interest in watching the way the prosecutor, Juan Martiniz is presenting this case. Slowly and methodically he is destroying Jodi’s credibility. He probably anticipates Jodi taking the stand in her own defense. Hell, she wanted to represent herself at one time. One thing is for sure, if Jodi does take the stand and Martinez does the cross exam, he is not going to come across as the mild mannered Det Flores. Juan will make her into mincemeat.

    One other thing I have noticed is that Martinez takes every opportunity to slip in the gruesome crime scene photo of Travis with his throat slit and Jodi’s leg and shoe visible.

    Generally if a spouse kills her abusive spouse, she will be the first to inform the police or a family member. Jodi drove all the way from California to Arizona just to be abused some more. Travis did not order Jodi to come and visit him for some kinky sex. If he had of, what possibly could he hold over Jodi’s head if she did not comply with his wishes? She was just a two-bit self proclaimed photographer while Travis was building up a good reputation, career wise and in the church community. Jodi had more to do hold over Travis’ head such as the fornication they were both committing.

    I am so hoping the jurors will really pay close attention to the evidence being presented rather than the little cutie (barf) snuggling down in the chair and dabbing at her dry nose behind that hideous mane of hair she grew for the trial.

    P.S. I think some of the prosecutors in Florida could learn a few things from Juan Martinez..

  97. Karen C. says:

    Oh, I can’t wait for the cross on any self-described “Domestic Abuse” supposed expert that Willmott and Nurmi subject us all to.

    You know, there actually are more over-the-top defense ploys utilized over the years, and way worse cockamanie-bulltripe-bat-guano nonsensical Tales Of Woe from out the mouths of the ridiculously guilty-caught-red-handed perps, but I’m having a brain spasm trying to think of one right now…

  98. Karen C. says:

    You know, her “team” clearly has no use for her at all- this is a losing hand, she’s not going to be making their careers here with this one.

    Also, any area they “explore” in terms of Travis’s “abuse” is going to be countered vociferously by Martinez. NG tonight was talking about how the Pro side can’t just initiate a verbal portrait of the victim’s sterling character, but they CAN if/when the Defense starts in on him in their case. And he’ll have a whole parade of squeaky-clean Mormons (and ex-girlfriends and dates as well) who will be able to go on about what a great guy he was, and so respectful and polite to the ladies. Jodi will appear even more like the Femme Fatale (literally, here) he had lapsed with- a Good Man Done Wrong by a Very Bad Girl. And the poor Defense has no where else to go!

  99. This comment is worth repeating. Even though Travis is the victim, Colin did not hold back from giving his honest opinion. That is one thing you can do on this blog and not fear any repercussions from the others or me.

    colin black says:
    January 15, 2013 at 9:56 pm
    Thing is Travis was playing with fire he knew without a shadow of doubt Jodi Arrras was unstable.
    When they split an there long distance dateing became over.
    Her moveing to within strikeing disstance to become a close range obsessed STALKER.
    Should have raised more red flags than a parade in China on may day celebrations.

    But he took it in his stride and actively encouraged it.

    If someone you know slashes tyres bombards facebook txts an all out weirdsville behaviour.
    And you know its them she knows you know its her an yet take no action via legal police courts restraining orders ect.
    Its like your giveing them a pass.
    I beleive Travis saw himself as invinceible haveing survived a horrible child hood.

    And he got a thrill from haveing a stalker haveing read his writtings for his plannes autobiographic book some chapters printed on a facebook site.
    Its clear he was young talanted well read an travelled .
    And very pretensious with an ego the size of a very big object.
    He knew Jodi would be devouring every word he wrote on myspace facebook ect.
    An the published bit from his book.

    How I hope to marry a gold digger was a direct message to Jodi meant to enrage an belittle her.
    I think in his vanity he thought he could break an tame her.

    Things he said an Im paraphraseing the title of him wanting to marry a gold digger is because he saw himself as the golden one.
    An any woman he married would have to loook beyond his good looks an sucsess ect an see the special light he has burning inside of him/
    He also says that he doesnt want to have to waste time in relationships based on carnal lust an physicall atraction only to realise that there maybe an axe murderer lurking in there.

    He played with fire because he enjoyed the thrill an he got well an truelly burnt.

    Did he deserve to die the way he dis no.
    Did he contribute to the circumstances of his own death I M O Yes.

    BRAVO!!! This comment is one of the best yet.~~SS

  100. Karen C~~you are absolutely right. You do not see any warm smiles pass between Jennifer Willmott and Jodi. In fact, Willmott looks very uncomfortable and there is almost a hint of disgust when she views the monitor. I think Willmott and Nurmi are striving to pave the way to get the death penalty off the table.

  101. LindaNewYork says:

    Oh man, I wish I stayed up late to come here and “talk” with all of you! Great comments! I’ve been watching on TV the recaps on InSession in the mornings and then watching the trial and then popping over to the computer for the remainder of the day and “live” chatting on Facebook. Nobody is ever here to talk to during the trial 😦

    Colin does hit the nail on the head in his assessment of the Travis-Arias “relationship”.

    I agree with everone here~The things she said in her two police interviews, street clothes and orange jumpsuit, were just laughable. I am sure Det. Flores did not expect that, after a night in jail, Arias would’ve come up with the Ninja story!

  102. LindaNewYork says:

    Also, I agree about numb nuts and the teacher lady. I guess, since the state is paying for her defense, that is the best that their money can buy. However, in their defense, they really do have a losing case. I do hope that Miss Motormouth takes the stand, though!

    The prosecution is going a great job. I like how the past two days, they ended the day with those police interviews of Jody, for the jury to mull over overnight! Didn’t yesterday’s end with Flores saying something to arias about being deceit and being cold, calculated?

  103. Vicky says:

    You know, I have been thinking about Jodi’s statements, the evidence collected at the crime scene, along with the photos recovered from the camera. Keeping in mind duct tape was found, has it occurred to anyone but me that the possibility exists that Jodi held Travis at gunpoint the entire day? Since there are no photos of the two of them together (at least not that I’ve seen) isn’t it possible that she had him restrained somehow with the duct tape and forced him to take the photos of her? She is quite clear in the interview that Travis would not willingly allow her to take the shower photos. I realize it is farfetched, but I thought I would put it out there since most of us are wondering why he would be with her despite her stalking behavior and given the fact that he was trying to establish a new relationship.

  104. LindaNewYork says:

    Hi Vicky. I think Travis would have been able to overpower her at some point if she was holding a gun to him. I think she “took him by surpise” in the shower, stabbing him. He didn’t see it coming.

    He was with her for sex and she was a willing partner and I am sure he did not think it would escelate to her murdering him, despite the slashing of tires and stalking. And with the stalking, etc. it certainly does beg the question of why he would be with her. And the only thin I can come up with is ~~~SEX~~~~. The relationships he went on to pursue, it seems, was with “good” Mormon girls. I said before that he seems to have led 2 lives. Mormon life and Jodi Arias life.

    I don’t believe not one word she says in her interview regarding…anything. IMO it looks like Travis is a willing partner in the shower pics (before, of course, the one’s showing him dead). He seemed to be “posing” for the camera. Lots of people take “provocative” sexual pictures. That is between them (and no, it is NOT something I personally would do or have done! LOL!). I do find the last (?) picure of him in the shower, looking directly at the camera, very haunting. Was he maybe stabbed already? Why is he “sitting” in the shower, looking directly at the camera? Was this still one of, what I think, of him “posing”?

  105. LindaNewYork says:

    Ugh. I have InSession on, listening to her drivel!

    And speaking of InSession…what the heck is up with Vinnie Politan’s hair???!! (I guess I haven’t really seen him since the CA debacle!)

  106. colin black says:

    There was no virus on Travis pc or laptop.
    The virus she describes is mallware lots of cockroaches or beatles eating up your screen.
    First one apears an starts munching then another an on an on till your screen is filled.
    Ive had that virus an untill you get it removed your pc is toast.
    You cant do or access anything.

  107. LindaNewYork says:

    All she does is lie and make up stories, Colin!!!

  108. Marilyn says:

    I,in my opinion believe Jodi,absolutely came to Mesa with all the intentions of killing him.Anyone with that kind of psychotic behavior has it in him or her!She brought the knife(wasn’t from his home)and the gun with her just for that purpose.She said yesterday she called Travis and said she was in town,and she wanted to come see him,and I believe he didn’t want to hurt her feelings and say “No”,and I really don’t think he thought she would murder him,especially after the sex,and that’s why he was so vulnerable.All of his friends said what a great guy he was,and remember she had told so many lies to him,he still believed her!I’m sorry,but to this day,when someone tell me something(even my Grandkids)I believe them,until it turns out to be a lie!Just a human thing,I think.I have watched every minute of this trial,and was shocked to see the nude pictures,but felt absolutely awful for poor Travis,with his throat cut ear to ear,and crumpled up in that shower.She was in such a rage,it’s hard to comprehend someone would do all that to another human,but most trial watchers know better.I feel so bad for his Family and friends and to wait 4 1/2 years for justice would be devastating,which I’m sure it is!Whoo,I couldn’t stand it!I believe in this jury,and I just hope her being a female will not come into play!!By the way,I haven’t been cooking,lol!

  109. colin black says:

    Of course she lies very poorly.
    In the orange jump suit interveiw she tells the beenie wearing nija story tottaly of the top of her head.
    No doubt she had vaugely thought of the intruder story to spin.
    But as that interveiw commenced she was just winging it.
    Not from memory but spoke as in present tense.
    She starts of two American white males in ski masks.
    Couple of sentances later thinking she purposely said white as opposed to Blackmales.
    She was origanly going to say Black but changed it at last second.
    However next sentance forgets an says they were blak???
    Pause for a sec
    Realises her mistake an switches to talking about the coulor of the ski masks.
    They were black or maybe like navy blue.
    Yeah right Jodi
    However later on in her story the two white males morph into a male an female.
    Trys to cover her error by saying it took a while to figure out one was a woman.
    An by her build could figure out it was a woman.
    Pun inttended
    But Jodi dear you are telling us this tale of ninjas from memory .
    Why not tell us it was a man an women from the get go.
    Doesnt matter though because by the latter stages of the intervew.
    She is denying she ever said to white males at all.
    Pesky things those vt tapes ther remember an show everything.
    Bit like the photos in this case.
    Insanity is the only defence that could have a chance.
    Because I think its valid.

  110. Colin~ ~Jodi is not insane. She has mental issues but they do not come anywhere close to insanity. An insane person cannot premeditate and plan a murder. Jodi falls into the category of a psychopath with narcissistic tendencies. Her relationship with Travis turned into an obsession.

  111. colin black says:

    I dont think so either .
    But insanity would at least be a valid defence .
    Where self defence has no place what so ever in the events that ocoured.

  112. colin black says:

    Its five 21 in the UK what time is it in Arizona? when does trial start my time?

  113. Newbie says:

    LindaNewYork, Vinnie’s hair looks good today compared to some other days. I think it is to be the popular hair – do…..ugh. My reaction from first time seeing him was the same as yours….lol.

  114. Newbie says:

    Colin, InSession is showing the trial starting in a half an hour.

  115. Live stream here…crest is showing… not sure how good a stream it is…

  116. Newbie says:

    Are the defense attorneys ones appointed by the Court or did her parents hire these attorneys?

  117. Vicky says:

    Newbie, They are Court appointed.

  118. 4windsfl says:

    “My guess is that Travis was a dead man the day Jodi realized she was not going to win him back.” Quote from Vicky Jan. 14, I think… This was pre-meditated when the gun was stolen from the grandparents and if the prosecution does their homework, they can show exactly when Jodi made the decision that Travis was going to die. She used a knife to slice his tires… that was a warning. Psychopathic-style. A knife is personal, up close and personal. If Travis had been paying closer attention, he would have taken that incident – and the one that followed (because she slices his tires twice to the tune of about $1,000 or more) – and filed charges against her for destruction of property, stalking, and being over $1,000 would have been a felony so she would have been jailed.

    No surprise a knife was used to kill him… she was enraged that he would not bend to her will. She was accustomed to getting her way with him. And like Colin said, his personality played a role in this deadly game. So very sad, really.

  119. 4windsfl~~Welcome!! Great comment. Make yourself right at home here…

  120. cali patti says:

    What I find interesting the last few days is the defense team. It does not appear to me, that those atty’s are in this trial to win a lesser charge for their client. No one I’ve heard will accept a self-defense as a defense. i don’t understand why they went to trial with this defense.
    Even with premeditation, I think Jodi might have gotten off the death penalty by saying she just lost control. It would have taken one juror to believe her tears or to have sympathy for Jodi’s broken heart.
    Maybe the defense has a plan, when they present their case. Hope her attys surprise me. I want Jodi to have great atty’s that will fight for her and at least pretend to care about her. Unless her defense team starts working at saving her from the DP, I cant see others wanting to hire them.
    I’d be hooking them up to a coffee drip.

  121. colin black says:

    `Yup she premeditated this monstous act for a long time.
    Like she said to the detective about shaveing an his doing the old fashioned thing an her haveing a few ideas for him in the bathroom.
    An old fashioned shave is useing a cut throat razor.
    Did Travis own a cut throat razor?
    Hell yeah she had a few ideas for Travis in the shower bathroooom area.
    Her ideas were from a demented souless sick thought process

  122. colin black says:

    She sure backed of that shaveing story real quick,
    Describes him doing the whole old fashioned thing lathering useing one of the old badger brush type an as soon as it would have been the next step.
    Useing a long handled old fashioned type blade .
    She clams up an suddenly she cant remember the rest of the prosess.
    Imagine if he ever let her shave him with such an instrument in her hands next to his throat.

  123. LindaNewYork says:

    Haha, Newbie. I was shocked when I saw him the first time. And I think yesterday or the day before, for some reason I was thinking he looked like vampire for some reason!

    Ok. Waiting for the trial to restart…Beth Karas and Jean whats-her-name said the next witness today is going to be Travis’ ex-girlfriend. They say he carried a torch for her up until the day he died and that they were “two ships passing in the night” (or somethinng like that). They broke up and when he wanted to get back together she was dating someone else and when she wanted to get back together he was dating someone else. And that he called her a week before his death or something. They speculated he may have been with her one of the times his tires were slashed. Should be interesting.

  124. Cali~ ~ when do you figure Jodi lost control? When she staged the robbery of her g/father’s 25 caliber gun , put the gun and a knife in her purse/handbag and headed off to Mesa in a rental car, or did she lose control when she pierced the knife into Travis’ chest?

  125. LindaNewYork says:

    Jean Casares (I remembered her last name!) Also had that writer on Shanna (or Shannon something-that I think you had a link to a while ago, Snoopy). Shanna said not many people know this, but Arias was “packing” the day she got arrested and had she not been arrested may have fled. Also mentioned she had gun and ammo in the car!?

  126. Cali~~If Jodi were to plea, it would be before a judge and not a jury. I don’t think the state will offer her any more plea deals. Jodi said she will not be found guilty. Even if Jodi had high profile defense attorneys, what do they have to work with?

  127. LindaNewYork… here you go…. this is one great article…

    Here is a great article written by Shanna Hogan, a Crime Writer… it tells of the events leading up to the murder of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias has been charged with Murder One and the death penalty is on the table…Will this be an open and shut case or will her defense try and prove she is insane? I will warn you that the details are gruesome.

  128. Once trial resumes, I will not be commenting until trial is over for the day….

  129. Karen C. says:

    A couple things, while they seem to be in recess- Cali Patti, I cannot imagine how dispiriting it must be to try to defend this girlie. She has already fired one bunch, and wanted to take on her own defense herself (typical psychopath! They are the only ones who try it). Willmott and Nurmi can only do what she instructs them to do, if she says this is what happened they can only advise it’s a bad, bad idea. This could change IF she takes a nutty right there in Court and froths at the mouth, and she has some apparent diminished capacity going on. Actually, she could fire them, too, but I bet there may be other legal eagles watching from the sidelines who could take over after a delay. There are very few avenues left- they could try hypnosis and strongly suggest a plea! I think that’s what I would attempt at this point- HAH!

    Secondly- and here I must thank Snoopy, for putting Colin’s comment up again. Gave me the chance to read it a second time after more contemplation (and more of this drivel from the Stalker Fiend). Basically, I do agree with it on the whole, in that Travis did have a tiger by the tail. It does seem inexplicable that he would continue to deal with her on any level. I may have a wee bit of insight on this point.

    I once was semi-engaged to a fine young Mormon (first serious beau)- he was post-graduate in Boston. Well, he went around telling everyone we were engaged (including his parents!), kept asking me, and evidently just assumed that since he thought we’d get married I must think that too! Within that faith (he was somewhat un-churched in Beantown- lapsed but not officially out)- being a financially successful & Godly man (followed quickly by becoming a husband and father) is imperative- there are really no alternatives, and he was pushing 29. There is very little grey area to anything, there is a clear, God-ordained path- that’s that.

    Mormon males are expected to maintain full control within their families, Mormon females are supposed to be pretty much subordinate (that’s the “Role”, anyway), and whatever career she has usually gets dumped overboard when the kids start coming along. Successful Mormon men are pretty much trained to be Alpha males- they can/should control themselves, their sexual desires, their families, their career-paths, how the outside world perceives them, their upwards trajectory within their local ward and their influence in the community- civic leaders and such. Being an outward success is a big, big deal.

    Clearly, the whole Gold-Digger thing was directed at her, and I really think he thought he could maintain control in various ways- maybe he saw her as a challenge to overcome, sent by God to test him perhaps, putting his own self-discipline on the line. The more outrageous her stalking behaviors the more he may have felt responsible for “fixing” things (and getting booty along the way)- that he was the only one uniquely equipped to set her straight.

    I honestly believe she had told him this would be the Last Time, then she’d be over him, etc. Look at his facial expressions in these last pics- he is neither happy nor comfortable- he is conflicted and concerned.

  130. cali patti says:

    Snoop, I never said she lost control, as in a crime of passion, I was writing about her defense and atty’s.. I was not defending Jodi. I am criticizing her atty’s.
    NOT “lost it” as in a legal definition of a crime of passion. Jodi’s atty’s could have claimed a crime of passion defense whether or not it met the legal definition.
    Yes, Jodi went to Travis’s with the intent to kill him if Travis did not change his plans about the other woman.
    I think if her atty’s had went with the crime of passion defense instead of self-defense “then there might” have been a juror or two that would want second degree murder instead of first degree murder.
    There might have been a juror or two that felt Jodi loved Travis so much that she did lose it, thus a crime a passion and a lesser degree.

  131. cali patti says:

    Karen, thank you for understanding me and pointing out about her atty’s doing their best. I do not feel anything good towards Jodi, I just want her to have her day in court and have it done well.
    I’ve always been under the impression that good atty’s lead their client in the way that would work best for the client. You are correct in saying Jodi might not had been open to their suggestions.
    Besides my brain often goes into a direction that ,makes little sense.

    Snoop, I agree with the no plea, its way to late unless what Karen wrote were to happen.

  132. LindaNewYork says:

    Oh geeze. The questions from the jury……I am seeing “Pinellas 12 Syndrome”!

    I felt the same way~~SS

  133. Jodi Arias requested an inconspicuous rental car for her road trip to kill ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, flipped the license plates upside down, and returned it with “Kool-Aid”-colored stains and missing floor mats, prosecutors said in court today.

    Video and article here…

    Jodi Arias Returned Rental Car With ‘Kool-Aid’-Colored Stains on Seats

  134. Marilyn says:

    I don’t know if I heard this correctly after court was over and Pros and Def were arguing issues,did they say Travis’s ex,Lisa,was not going to testify,and the defense said they were going to call her anyway??Just wondering.I read Lisa’s blog today about Travis,very moving.I’m not good at putting links,in,so I don’t,but her name,I believe is Lisa Andrews.I’m sorry,I could be wrong.It was on State V Arias FB comments.

  135. LindaNewYork says:

    Thanks for posting the trial-part one. I missed some.

    I did see the rental guy~kool-aid stain! So many things us trial watchers do not know. I was so used to having ALL info provided from that Florida trial!!!!

    Prosecution guy fiesty today!

    Interesting the (boring) defense attorney objecting (?) to that witness, Lisa, Travis’ex-girlfriend. The sound was not working so good from where I was listening from.

    Also, no mistrial (yet?).

    I can’t believe the trial ended so early again. Do they ever work a full day??!!

  136. LindaNewYork says:

    Oh, Marilyn now I think I understand what was going on with that Lisa testifying. The prosecutor was saying something about her being reluctant about testifying?

  137. Karen C. says:

    It could be they expect the next witness to require a chunk of time, and it’s easier to break now, instead of plowing through. I thought we were supposed to get Andrews, and she could be a long one- there was some sort of conflict? Didn’t quite catch.

    Hopefully the jurors are just being thorough… rule out everybody else. Odd, since she’s not contesting the basic fact SHE DID IT. Seems to me they are having a problem with her size, and they’ve heard plenty of her little babygirl voice, to make ’em think there might have to be someone else there providing muscle. But why not just blame THAT person then? Sigh…

  138. Karen C. says:

    You know, she could have rolled him prone onto that towel and used it to transport him back down the hallway easily enough, anyone who’s had a little brother or sister knows that. I think someone mentioned this earlier?

  139. LindaNewYork says:

    I am listening to the defense questioning the Det. about his techiniques and I am STILL not sure where he is going with this. I think the prosecution got up after this-and that was when he was very animated. I don’t see today’s trial-part 2 anywhere.

  140. LindaNewYork says:

    According to The State vs Joci Arias Facebook page after 3pm tomorrow, no court until next Wed!

  141. LindaNewYork says:

    This link was posted on the Facebook page I have been live chatting with (or whatever you call it) during the trial in the afternoons. It is the denial for a mistrial from Jan 10th.

    Click to access m5586387.pdf

  142. LindaNewYork says:

    Ugh. Just perused a Pro-Arias site. Someone thinks Travis’ associates are “shady”, someone mentioning she just “couldn’t” have done this-he was way bigge than her, etc.

  143. Linda NewYork~~you will get the pro-Jodis…There are a lot of lonely people out there who are seeking attention and what a better way to do it. They just want to attract people to their site knowing full well that others will argue against their so-called beliefs. It is a pure waste of time and no win situation. Look at JBMission and Casey Anthony.

  144. LindaNewYork says:

    So, I did a little sleuthing (but I will never be as good as one Snoopysleuth) and found the blog of Lisa Andrews, the ex-girlfriend of Travis. The link is below. Keep hitting “older posts” and scan the pages and there is mention of Travis—Nov 2008, July 2008 and Aug 2008. I qickly scanned and read a little. Have to clean up after dinner and I am usually done with computer for the evening.

    Thank you, Linda…I checked some of it out.~~SS

  145. Jodi Arias Jury’s Questions Suggest Doubt Over Investigation

    Jurors in the Jodi Arias murder trial asked questions today suggesting they had doubts about the investigation into the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

    Arizona is one of only three states that allow jury members to pose questions to witnesses after prosecutors and attorneys have finished their questioning.

    Today, on the eighth day of Arias’ trial in Maricopa County, the jury had several questions for the lead detective in the murder investigation.

    The jury submitted multiple handwritten questions to Judge Sherry Stephens after the testimony of Detective Esteban Flores of the Mesa, Ariz., police department:

    Video and write up here….

  146. Oh how we all love the Enquirer! ! Nancy Grace had the editor from the NE on her show tonight… they touched on the following… The following is an interesting read…

    EXCLUSIVE: JODI ARIAS DESPERATE ESCAPE PLAN plus…Travis’ letters to Jodi… are they real or fake?

    Read it all here…

  147. Karen C. says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about any of THAT (the letters); may I quote from from the article?:
    “According to Mrs. Arias, only electronic copies of the letters exist.
    “Jodi told me that the originals were destroyed,” she said.
    The ENQUIRER learned that Jodi Arias tried to enter the letters as evidence in 2010, but a judge deemed them “inadmissible” after they were analyzed by a handwriting expert.”

    The originals were destroyed- Silly Us!

  148. Karen C~~they are grasping at straws. Mrs Arias should be with her husband who I understand has stage 4 terminal cancer..

    Damning evidence….Not only was Jodi creating an alibi, she possessed and controlled Travis even after she killed him.

    Then she made her last call on June 15- a week after she killed Alexander. Prosecutors argue that she left the voicemail messages in an effort to cover her tracks.
    The phone expert said that one call shows that Arias dialed into Alexander’s voicemail system after his death and stayed on the line for 16 minutes.
    Because she did not leave any message, prosecutors argue that she was listening to and potentially deleting messages from the dead man’s cell phone.
    On the opposite end, the defense attorneys suggested that she didn’t actually delete messages but she was simply recording and deleting her own message that she was going to leave for her dead ex before finally giving up and not leaving one in the end.
    ‘On Verizon, is it possible to change your voice mail, to erase it and do it over again? Could someone have been doing that for a 16 minute phone call?’ defense attorney Kirk Nurmi said.
    ‘Yes,’ Verizon Wireless records expert Jody Citizen testified in court.

    Read more here…..

  149. Karen C. says:

    Straws? More like algae… all squishy.

  150. Marilyn N says:

    This trial is going at a snails pace. They go for a little over an hour in the morning, then break for 1-1/2 hrs. for lunch, then if we’re lucky, they might last for 3 more hours but usually less.
    At this rate the trial will last until June!
    Maybe they do things differently in Arizona courts???

  151. LindaNewYork says:

    I do not usually watch Nancy Grace but did tune in for a little bit, until I could not stand her another second, and did see Mike Walker talking about those letters, can I assume NG mentioned they were not allowed in court and that they were analized by handwriting expert (deeming them not to be written by Travis)? Now, the jury is not sequestered, so was Arias trying to get to the juror’s or sway “public” opinion of her? She sure made a fool of her mother!

  152. LindaNewYork says:

    The questions from the jury, especially regarding the roomates, concern me. The quetions do give a window into what the juror’s have gleened, so far from the trial. Seems to me they may be finding it hard to believe Arias could have killed Travis so brutally and dragged him around “by herself”. I mean, they are aware Arias admitted she killed him herself in “self defense”, so the questions about the roomates are disturbing, especially the ones about alibis and fingerprints.

    The question about the roomates concerns about his extended absence, however, may be more of curiosity. I mean I was wondering, until I found out, why his roomates didn’t seem cocerned about where he was. And I had also wondered why the roomate(s) did not notice an odor (or see any blood). But that was answered, and maybe I heard it by an interview of the roomate or something, but it was explained that the house was huge, Travis had a seemingly private bedroom suite on the other side of the house, the door was locked, AC was on.

    And the question about if a gun was found on Arias~I would think if they found a (smoking) gun on her the prosecution would have mentioned it in their opening statement or at some point by now and do not see how that would not be common sense to the juror that asked the question. But that’s just me. And I am leary about juries, and how they define beyond a reasonable doubt nowadays! (I wonder why???)

  153. Vicky says:

    LindaNY, don’t give up hope on the jury as a whole. Keep in mind, they have not discussed the case amongst themselves at this point. I think the questions about the roommates and fingerprints might have come from pondering how and why they focused on Jodi early on in the case, to the exclusion of all other possible suspects. I think questions about the knife and gun could possible indicate the juror is pondering premeditation. If she legitimately possessed a gun and did not use it for illegal purposes, she would no get rid of it. As for the knife, if she didn’t take one from the house, than she must have brought it with her.

  154. LindaNewYork says:

    Keep the hope coming, Vicky!

  155. “If Jodi ever has a son, she wants to call him Alexander!”

    Jodi Arias Even Lied to Her Diary After Travis Alexander Was Dead

  156. colin black says:

    I think the jurours are being thourgh.
    And like the defendant dissengenious.
    They know her babysitter will inform her of the question.
    See we are doing a good job jurours asking about roomates othere suspects ect.

    All the sweeter that her hopes of aquitall will soar.
    Only to be dashed when they return there verdict.

  157. Karen C. says:

    Let’s just keep telling ourselves- It ain’t Florida, it ain’t Florida…

  158. Karen C. says:

    Whoa, Nelly- she slashed his new girlfriend’s tires, too? 3 times, if I just heard correctly?! Poor woman’s probably scared to death! Yuh, that could well be an appellate issue if that came in- no way to prove it was Stalker Fiend unless there was security video.

  159. colin black says:

    No glasses on today.
    Must be prepared for some heavy duty sobbfesst action.

  160. colin black says:

    About to show wittnes some nude photos of jodi.
    Judge allows it.

  161. colin black says:


  162. colin black says:

    Adjourned untill 29th………..

  163. colin black says:

    Defence motion to dissmiss re rules off evidence..

  164. margaret says:

    What the Hey????

  165. colin black says:

    This may be wrapped up before April.
    Can see the defence putting on no case an also resting.
    Unless jodi demands to take the stand.

  166. Vicky says:

    What in the world happened?

  167. Debbie in WA says:

    I’m shocked that the State has already rested, but they obviously think that they have already proven their case. I think they will rip apart the testimony of the defense witnesses. And I CANNOT wait for Jodi to take the stand, assuming that she does. Oh, SNAP, Jodi!

  168. There you go folks… evidentiary hearing will take place before the judge on Jan 28th. Surely to God it will be denied. If denied, court resumes on Jan 29th.. it will be a long wait so have fun…CHAT away…no holds barred…SS

    PS…I was shocked when the state rested but then again, I was in the Anthony case too..

  169. Vicky says:

    I see Jodi got her some new glasses. She must have been jealous of her attorney’s glasses. I can’t believe it will be two weeks for the defense case. I don’t see a directed verdict.

  170. Vicky says:

    The felony murder question is interesting, but I don’t think Travis would have invited her in had he known she had murder on her mind.

  171. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I think it was a smart move. The prosecution in the CA case complicated things way too much. This prosecutor made his points and sat down.

  172. Vicky says:

    I hope we find out which of the two was more sexually experienced when they met. I honestly believe Jodi introduced Travis to a sexual lifestyle he never consdered possible. Especially if his contact with women was limited to members of the LDS prior to meeting her.

  173. cali patti says:

    Yeah … I was surprised also at the state’s short case, for a moment. Then I realized the state was trying to show why this is a death penalty case, Jodi already admitted to the killing. Bravo to the state for not complicating this trial with assumptions. The state showed premeditation, Jodi proved the killing and attempt at cover-up.

    So many times I’ve watched, (pick a person/event), and I’ve felt the person speaking was in love with their own voice and thoughts to the exclusion of the event. Not this time.
    Example to me ~~ Jodi is in love with her own voice and thoughts. MOO

    I also agree with Vicky about CA prosecution over complicating the case.

  174. 4windsfl says:

    Wow. I did not get to listen to the prosecution case live, only got bits and pieces as I’m in South America right now. But I hope the jury has a clear enough picture of what happened that whatever the defense presents will not muddy the waters. I did follow the CA case from the day of the announcement of a missing child until the jury’s decision and if I think too much about that verdict my blood pressure goes into the stratosphere.

    I listened to Dr. Drew’s interview of the guy who went out with JA a couple of times and I guess he felt as soon as he heard the news of Travis’s death that JA was responsible. Surely there will be justice for Travis…. won’t there? Sigh.

  175. LindaNewYork says:

    Wow. Went on a job interview, come back, ready to watch trial and boom! come to find out the State has rested!

    What does “self-defense evidentiary immunity hearing” mean?

    Looking around for video of today’s trial~I am sure Ms. Snoopy will post it here as soon as she finds it!

  176. LindaNewYork says:

    Thanks, for the info and the link! I knew you’d have today’s trial up quickly. I missed it all!

    I’ve been reading all the comments at the live chat on Facebook and most are shocked that the defense rested-but are saying, and I agree, that the prosecution will eat the defense’s case alive and kill (no pun) on rebuttal!

  177. I heard the prosecutor, Juan Martinez say he rested his case. I did not hear that the defense did too!!

  178. This looks to me that the defense wants the case thrown out…maybe it is not classed as a self-defense immunity hearing… I am still working on what is going to take place…

    Martinez then rested his case. The defense then argued for a directed verdict, essentially asking the judge to say that the prosecution had not presented enough evidence to even allow the jury to consider the case.

    Judge Sherry Stephens said she would review the motion for directed verdict. If the judge denies that request, the defense will begin presenting its case on January 29.

    Soon after Alexander’s body was found in June 2008, Arias initially told police she was not involved in Alexander’s death. She later changed her story and told investigators that she witnessed two intruders break in and kill him. She eventually admitted to killing Alexander, saying it was in self-defense.

    more here…

  179. LindaNewYork says:

    I was going to mention about some things I saw that the defense rested…but I was feeling like I misunderstood. Still confused…

    I “kinda” uncerstand the evidentary hearing. I googled around. It actually popped up under Zimmerman case.

    Ooohh, wathcing trial-Leslie Udy is up. heard Arias was staring her down and getting upset!

  180. cali patti says:

    If the prosecution uses the defense witness’s against Jodi, then that will be what is needed. After thinking about the case that has been presented against Jodi, I don’t believe it is a slam dunk for 1st degree, DP verdict. The facts are there but with Jodi’s demeanor … I don’t trust people on any jury not to feel sorry for poor Jodi. It happens all the time. She has not been portrayed as a monster but as a love torn soft spoken girl who took her pain out on Travis. The hope lies in the photo’s of Travis’s body. Jury’s don’t seem to take lying into account any longer.
    Why wait until the 28th …. slow court!
    i hope this jury is better than what I think is possible. Just thinking out loud.

  181. LindaNewYork says:

    Well…watching Arias watching her old friend testify is the first time she’s shown any emotion/anxiety. And what I said up above about Arias staring Lesleu Uday down…I meant to say staring at her with puppy dog eyes. Her old friend didn’t even look at her except to identify her for Martinez is fiery!

  182. Vicky says:

    Here’s a way out there comment. I wonder if Jodi ever stalked and/or killed before Travis. Are there any unsolved homicides or missing persons in the vicinity of Jodi’s haunts. Seems to me she went out of her way to keep people from knowing anything about her or her past. Does anyone know why she was in jail when she got her GED?

  183. colin black says:

    Yup she was in jail for the crime of murder in 1st degree
    Been banged up for 5 years nearly
    Takes classes ect
    She is not in protective custody like a baby killer would be
    Other inmates are probaby scared of her.
    An who could blame them.

  184. Cali Patti says:

    I’m concerned about the jury’s questions also. Their questions seemed absurd. Did the jury forget Jodi admitted guilt?
    As to Jodi killing before that’s something to consider. I read where Jodi had a 4 year relationship before Travis.

  185. Cali Patti says:

    I mentioned before that Yreka & Monterey are 6 plus hours apart. Jodi’s phone has a Monterey county area code & her bank is downtown Monterey. Did Jodi live in that area previously? Is this where her long time ex – boyfriend live?

  186. margaret says:

    Isn’t it strange that jodi’s mom went to National Inquirer to publish so called letters from Travis next week. You know they are going to tell some big ones on that poor man and court is out all next week. Some, if not all will see or hear about it. They will come back to court with those thoughts in their head. I hope and prayMartinez can knock out all of the defences witneses. O.K. Snoops , my in house lawyer, could cadaver dogs have picked up on Travis blood being in the rental car after it was returned. I couldn’t find anywhere that said the police checked the car. Thanks friend.

  187. I think Jodi kept her past secret because she did not want people to know she was a problem child who often ran away. Her mother sent her to live with her g/mother… Jodi dropped out of high school and didn’t go to college and get a masters in anything. She was in a 4-year relationship with a much older man…

  188. Margaret~~the rental car was cleaned by the time LE was aware Jodi rented a car. They found the rental receipts in a box at her g/mothers once they had a search warrant. . Remember, Travis was murdered on June 4/2008 and his body was not found until 4 or 5 days later… Cadaver dogs would have been little use after all that time.

  189. Margaret~~the National Enquirer is not going to publish those letters. The letters are copies (electronically reproduced) and the originals were destroyed. The handwriting on the letters was analyzed and the judge at that time would not allow them into evidence. They are fake!!

    Why would Travis write to Jodi in longhand? To tell her he was sorry he hit her in the face? Surely the jurors will not buy it if they happen to hear of the letters.

  190. Jodi Arias – Travis Alexander 911 Call

  191. Newbie says:

    I am wondering if the defense plans on introducing evidence that Travis was abusing Jodi verbally, emotionally, and physically. I know there was a lot of contact between the two but little has been shown (unless I missed it all).
    Personally, the point that Jodi was “Travis’ dirty little secret, Jodi” does not sit well with me. I am trying not to consider Travis leading her on while dating another woman and telling his friends she is stalking him.

  192. Newbie~~there are a lot of gray areas that worry me too…

  193. This is the documentary, 48 hours mystery, that Det Flores participated in… it is very interesting…and is 50.54 minutes

    Jodi Arias Documentary

  194. elmosmommy says:

    hi snoopy
    I know you from daves blog but have never posted on your blog. I went to the link you posted on the diary and this was all just a set up by jodi, and I am sure she made sure she had this where it would be found. I think the prosecution should have brought that in. Jodi knew exactly what she was doing with that. I was shocked today at the whimper that the state ended its case on. I think showing naked pics to her friend and asking if she knew that side of her friend was just plain silly. I certainly dont discuss my sexual relationships with my girlfriends. I wonder if this prosecutor, altho I think he is good, is just gonna turn the jurors off. Seemed to me he really went on the attack after the defense had their turn with his witnesses, and I kinda think he is gonna go nuts on every witness the defense puts on and I worry he may overdo it. But on the other hand I dont like the male defense lawyer , to me he seemed like a bumbling idiot and you would think he would do something about obviously being slow at reading and seems like he needs a page magnifier. All just my opinions of course

  195. Welcome elmosmommy!!

    Jodi plotted and staged Travis’ murder. I think that is the reason she moved back to Yreka…it was going to be part of her alibi. She was a month or more in the planning and IMO was enjoying every minute of getting her revenge out on the one she stalked. No one can make me believe she loved Travis. She definitely wanted him as a possession and then it became an obsession. When she went back to CA after she murdered Travis, she probably destroyed the plans she had mapped out. She got rid of the knife and the gun somewhere along her journey. Jodi never banked on forensics being able to salvage the pics in the camera after she laundered it and added bleach.

    I was sort of shocked when Juan Martinez rested the states case today. Maybe he did not want to be guilty of jury overload. He has a reputation as being one of the best death penalty prosecutors in AZ. I noticed he excels in cross exams so we haven’t seen the last of him.

    I mentioned to Vicky about Kirk Nurmi getting an aid like a magnifying sheet. I used one when I read Jeff Ashton’s book. I just hope that Nurmi is not garnering sympathy from the jurors. I do not trust lawyers and the tactics they may use in a courtroom. After the Anthony fiasco….once bitten twice shy. There is no such thing as a slam dunk.

  196. Newbie~~Travis may have been intelligent in his career but when it came to his sex life, he was a damn stupid fool. I agree that he was taking advantage of Jodi but then again, she kept offering it up. Then the question sneaks in there, was Jodi blackmailing Travis? She had enough pics of him in the act to show his church friends. We always think of males taking advantage of women but in this case, I can see Jodi being the aggressor. She may very well be the one who stole Travis’ virginity. She had years of experience in that department, a 4-year relationship…once she met Travis, it didn’t take Jodi very long to get over her ex.”.toodle e doo…see ya…I see someone I want who has more potential than you.”

    I just hope the jurors see things the way I do when it comes to her…..

  197. Karen C. says:

    I think the last witness was called up pretty much to prove the point “looks can be deceiving”- at least, I hope that’s what the jurors pick up on. I do think it would have been more effective to have displayed the slit-neck pic of Travis instead of any pseudo-dirty pics of Jodi- Here, this is what she’s ADMITTED to! Is THIS what you expected from your friend? Your GENTLE friend? But he was clearly PO-ed at that point….

  198. Karen C. says:

    And I do think it likely that the State rested so quickly because at this point they’ve had their big dramatic, shocking moments, and they need the Defense to open up new areas for them that they can’t introduce themselves. I think we can safely say that there is ZIP in actual evidence of abuse, or that the Stalker felt herself to be in any kind of danger- ergo, all Willmott & Nurmi have to work with is whatever malarkey a meretricious “expert” might provide them with, AND JODI’S WORD, for anything else.

    And I’m sure that Martinez will bone up on cases the “expert” has been involved with- and contrast the circumstances of this one or that one, with the circumstances of THIS doozy and the expert will either lose credibility or will blithely agree, which has happened before when Defense overreaches and assumes that all experts can be paid for, like ordering a chocolate birthday cake.

  199. elmosmommy says:

    thanks for welcome. I just had the thought that if the prosecutor had shown one of the bloody mess pictures or the picture of a dead travis, instead of a naked jodi, he could have made an excellent ending by saying Jodi admitted to doing this to travis —- is that the sweet jodi that you know ? I think that would have given the perfect opening to remind the jurors that she has admitted to killing him. I also wish the prosecution had mentioned that while travis was naked in the shower after their sexual encounter, jodi was dressed, which gave her the opportunity to hide the knife and the gun
    On another thought I totally think this is stupid that there is a 2 week break before court is back in session. There was already a extra long weekend planned so why does the defense get all this extra time. This causes more stress on the jurors as I am sure some friends and their families know they are on this case, so it will be that much harder on them to not discuss it for 2 weeks !

  200. elmosmommy~~Martinez showed the nude pics and then ended up with the pic similar to the following..and ask her if she recognized Jodi’s pants…not verbatim..

  201. Jodi Arias trial: Lawyer says Valley woman could escape the death penalty, or even walk free


    (Let’s hope he is wrong!!)

  202. colin black says:

    Sounds as if jodis mom
    1:31 p.m. Court reconvenes with Defendant and respective counsel all present in Chambers.

    Court Reporter, Barbara Stockford, is present.

    Case agent, Detective Flores, is present.

    Sandy Arias is present and informs the Court she was told information regarding possible juror misconduct. Sandy Arias leaves Chambers.

    Discussion is held as stated on the record. Each Juror will be brought in individually and questioned.

    Click to access m5592126.pdf

    http://www.courtminutes.maricopa.govmy tried to have the entire pro ceedings scuppered an a miss trial declared.
    Jodi is mounting a war of attrition with this case.
    Im amazed that she has managed to spin it out for nearly half a decade allready.Even by American standards
    Thats takeing the piss.
    An I dont think she has finnished yet.
    Justice Delayed is Justice deneid i m o

  203. margaret says:

    Thanks for link to documentary, Snoops. It was very interesting. The saddest part for me was when his friends talked about how happy Travis seened when he told them she was gone. She also said she would testify, but she is wishy washy ,I don’t think she has the balls to. I read somewhere was the best and toughest lawyer, and he was the one that most lawyers hated to come up against. Nurmi is a public defender, which may account for his seemingly lack of enthusiasim. I was surprised when Martinez rested but he stated the case from start to finish and he can handle defense on cross exam..It is amazing to me ,in listening to commentators on TV , how many times casey anthony’s name comes up.

  204. margaret says:

    Sorry meant to say Martinez was best and toughest.

  205. colin black says:

    oops dont know what happened above meant to start with
    Sounds as if Jodis Mom tried to throw a spanner into the wheels of Justice an have a miss trial declared.
    Jodis point of veiw

    Delay delay delay an maybe this nasty buisness will go away….

  206. Colin~~thanks for sending me the following. Do we have another Cindy Anthony here at work… now Jodi’s mother? I am not sure of what to make of the following.

    1:31 p.m. Court reconvenes with Defendant and respective counsel all present in Chambers.

    Court Reporter, Barbara Stockford, is present.

    Case agent, Detective Flores, is present.

    Sandy Arias is present and informs the Court she was told information regarding possible juror misconduct. Sandy Arias leaves Chambers.

    Discussion is held as stated on the record. Each Juror will be brought in individually and questioned.


    Click to access m5592126.pdf

  207. Karen C. says:

    Actually, this case in some aspects is more like the Menendez Brothers one, in that after the brutal and violent deaths of the victims (their parents), and their extravagant claims of innocence and declarations of love for said victims, then their manifest guilt becoming obvious all over the place, after many years cooling their heels- right before trial, a Defense emerged! May wonders never cease! And that defense was- we were raped and molested by Daddy, and Mommy let him, and then we two tall, athletic, grown men came to the house armed with a rifle and were FORCED to kill said Mommy and Daddy because we were in fear of our very lives- (said parents were watching TV and armed with ice cream spoons)- they were going to kill US!

    Well, that almost worked, Folks…

  208. Jodi Arias Trial: Prosecution Rests as Evidence Mounts,,20665952,00.html

  209. LindaNewYork says:

    “Sandy Arias is present and informs the Court she was told information regarding possible
    juror misconduct. Sandy Arias leaves Chambers.” VERRRY INTERESTING.

    So first sthe murderers mother tries to give (or sell) those bogus Travis letters (already deemed a forgery) to the National Enquirer and now she says she has information of jury tampering. Pathetic and disgraceful.

    To me this case is just & dry premeditated murder, from a woman scorned:

    ~She rents a car (yet she has her own car)
    ~She dyes her hair

    To me this points to her not wanting to be recognized/being seen by neighbors or others in the area wher eTravis lives

    ~She stages a robbery of a .25 caliber gun at her grandparents house (there are other guns there but that is the only gun taken-nothing else, except of course $30 the lying murderer says was taken)

    And just what kind of weapon is fired in Travis’ face? Why a .25 caliber gun! Can we assume there is no gun legally registed to her name?? So, she brought a gun, the murder weapon, with her to Travis’ house.

    She is taking pictures of him in the shower. While he is naked. There is picture of him alive…and a minute later there is a picture of him on the ground wounded or dead.

    Cannot wait to hear the “self defense” claim. Or rather the 3rd lie. First there is “no I didn’t do it”, then there is “the ninja story” and then 2 years later!, the self-defense, I was abused story.

    All murderer’s lie and make up stories to try and get themselves out of a murder charge and doing time in jail.

    I am so sick and tired of these defense attorneys going along with these cocamamie stories from these obviously guilty-of-nothing-but-murder people.

  210. colin black says:

    She had aquired a pistol by the time of her arrest.
    How where or when I dont know,
    But it wasnt the 25 calibre murder weapon.
    She tells the detective she has a gun that she just happened to have.
    We know it wasnt for protection from Travis murderers though thats what she would claim.

  211. colin black says:

    If theres any
    Chance of jury tampering/missconduct.
    Id look no further than Sandy Arias.
    We all know how destuctive something named Sandy can be.

  212. LindaNewYork says:

    So, Colin. She legally obtained a gun AFTER killing Travis?

    And LOL…Sandy.

  213. colin black says:

    Like I said Linda I dont know how she obtained it.As she had no criminal record at that point in time.
    Just as gz did before his arrest on 2nd degree murder.
    He also went out an obtained another weapon
    An upgrade from the one removed by S P D.
    So there was nothing to prevent her legaly purchseing a weapon
    If thats the route she took a dont rightly know.
    Have to be incredibly stuppid to go the iilegal route obtaing a gun.
    As thats what they will be allegeing she did to get the 25 calibre into her murderous mitts.
    Staged a bogus breakin at the Grandparents house.
    All thats taken is a 25 the cheap one out of another better pistols a rifles thease gun theifs could have robbed
    Lets get real burglars would have removed all the weapons.
    Not the cheapest one an 30 dollars Jodi says was stolen from her room
    Who knows why she wanted that weapon.
    Perhaps she was paranoid one of Travis vast amount of freinds
    An buisness cohorts
    Would take justice into there own hands an off her them selfs
    Perhaps she had victim number two in her sights .
    Because that just wasnt over kill
    She took great pleasure from the act of godlike powers of life an death.
    The power to humilite to inflict pain an let him no he is about to die.

    I only hope she doesnt receive the death penalty
    But a one way ticket to prison
    Relase date mode of transport a coffin….m o o

  214. Colin~~is there any proof out there that Jodi purchased a gun prior to her arrest? Where did you get that information? Is there a receipt somewhere for the gun? I heard one of the legal pundits on tv say that Jodi went out and bought a gun but I don’t think he had his facts straight. He probably didn’t know about the staged robbery of he g/father’s gun.

    If Jodi did purchase a gun after Travis’ murder, it would be no problem getting a receipt of the purchase and the DATE of sale.

  215. I am really interested in the following…

    Sandy Arias is present and informs the Court she was told information regarding possible juror misconduct. Sandy Arias leaves Chambers.

  216. Cali Patti says:

    In regards to Jodi buying a gun … Jodi did not buy a legal handgun in California in 2 weeks. Jodi needs to pass a gun safety test, takes studing, background check, takes time, class in how to handle a handgun and that fact would have already popped up. I’m fairly certain it’s a record that easily ck’d.

  217. Karen C. says:

    Unless she attended one of the gazillion gun shows being held at any given time… (pray that changes soon!) Here in SC you can just buy a gun right out of the back of a truck in the parking lot- all she had to do was get out of Cal, anywhere along the other bordering states… she seems to have had no problem with long drives…

  218. Karen C. says:

    And she would think her own gun would somehow “prove” to LE that she couldn’t be behind any gun theft- now, why would she do that, wink wink… really, she thought she had all this planned beautifully and it must irk her to no end that all that planning only serves to point to guilt, and not innocence at all. Turning off her cell phone, the dye job, the car rental from another town, the upside-down plate, so many other things- and now, Oh, but I have my own gun, see?

  219. Karen C~~Jodi thought she had crossed all her t’s but she didn’t do a good job in dotting her i’s.

    She had to have an excuse to visit Mesa so she used her new love interest Ryan, in Utah, I believe…To cover her butt, she went to Ryan’s and jumped on top of him trying to bump some uglies. Jodi didn’t realize that Det Flores found 20 hours of the trip unaccounted for. Sure, she slept all that time, her phone was dead, she lost her charger then found her charger under the front seat….BS

  220. Cali~~I agree… I would love to know where the information originated from that Jodi bought a gun….Did someone find a gun in her possession or possessions? Anyone??….please, this is driving me bonkers as I am wondering if it is a fact or just a dang rumor…

  221. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Even if Jodi bought her own gun, even a 25 cal, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference unless she turned it over to LE to have it proven to be the gun used to kill Travis. And if it happened to have been the gun that killed Travis, it darn well better have been punched long before their break-up. And it better have been a legally owned handgun. I see this story true or not as a red herring.
    As you have stated before, premeditation can be formed in an instant. In her own words, Jodi said Travis was alive but neutralized following her first round of assault, whatever it was. She basically tells us she left the bathroom and returned to finish what she had started. I think anyone with half a brain can conclude premeditation at that point, any claim of self defense is a bunch of bull. Most certainly when the person left to tell the story #1- failed to call 911 on her way out the door, #2 – Had no visible injuries other that the cuts on her fingers, #3 – used two differend weapons conveniently brought with her against the object of her rage.
    It’s too bad the slashed tires weren’t available for examination. By guess is the same knife was used in both crimes.

    I listened to the 48 Hours episode you posted and found it interesting that Travis’s family referred to him as the 30 year old virgin which with the exception of Jody might very well have been true. We know for a fact that Jodi “reclaimed” her virgin status after she joined the RLDS. Prior to their meeting, I think we can assume that Jodi was well versed in the art of seduction and used sex as a means to control Travis…not the other way around. I’d venture that Travis was like a kid in a candy store where everything is free. No regret for overindulging until the bellyache sets in. Unfortunately, his desire for more free candy was more powerful than his fear of the next bellyache.
    We have all asked why Travis kept seeing Jodi following the breakup. This is my take. Given his background, I am not surprised. He was the child of addicts and could very well have been born with a genetic predisposition to addiction. He spent his formative years influenced by addictive behaviors, which would influence his predisposition for addiction. I am certain he swore he would never use drugs or alcohol, having seen and lived what could happen and the Mormon Church reinforced that proclamation. It was easy to avoid ever allowing himself to trigger that gene in that particular manner. His career in sales was a positive outlet for an addictive personality and his reported drive to succeed was likely part of his addictive personality.
    One’s sex drive is an entirely different temptation. We are born with it as well. Let those “hormones” get out of control and it’s hard to pull back. Especially is one fancies themselves to be in love. I honestly believe that once Travis experienced the sensations associated with sexual intercourse, that genetic predisposition for addiction kicked into high gear. Problem is, the only woman with whom he could satisfy his need without fear of exposure was a psychopath named Jodi Arias. They were partners in “sin” and my guess is Jodi reminded him of this on a regular basis. All of the “thrills” associated with his addiction to sex, including Jodi’s irratic behavior only served to feed his addictive personality. Sadly, as with many other addicts, he did not realize that his “trigger” would lead to an untimely death.

  222. colin black says:

    Snoops it was dureing Jodis interveiw ones played in court.
    Remember over two consecutive days.
    Day one is deny deny deny mode .
    Yoga streches an exercices whilst alone in interveiw room street clothes on.
    Second day wearing prison jump suit the nija story.

    It was dureing one of those interveiws she tells Detective Florez?
    She has a gun I I R C Its round about the time he says real sarcastic.

    …..Ttavis is shot by a 25 couple weeks before your Grandparents house is robbed an the only thing taken just happens to be a 25……

    As I mentioned its stated in an overly sarcastic tone.
    Jodi embarks on a speil about never haveing seen the gun.
    Doesnt even know what a 25 looks like except her Gran reckons it looks like a toy.
    At some point after saying how she had never even fired a gun except toy guns water pistols ect.
    She simply says I have a gun or I have a gun now.

    For some reasonor another the Detective never responded to that remark….
    Im not sure but for some reason 9 m gloch sticks in my mind re the gun remark so she may have been more specific.
    But she definetly tells Florez she has a gun in one of those two vt.
    Unlesss Im dreaming about the beatch……

  223. Vicky~~There was NO gun recovered by LE-a 25 caliber gun was used to murder Travis. The bullet casing was found at the scene. Jodi’s g/father’s 25 caliber gun was stolen in what appeared to be a staged robbery at the g/parent’s home a week or so prior to the murder. Det Flores assumes the g/father’s gun was used by Jodi to kill Travis.

    All I am asking is…where is the proof that Jodi purchased any gun? I am not settling for any ‘ifs’ she purchased a gun. I just want to find out if this gun purchase by Jodi is just a rumor. I am a stickler for facts.

  224. Colin~~If Jodi said she purchased a gun, it is a lie. At the time she was being interviewed by Det Flores, she lied about everything…including any damn guns… My conclusion… SHE DID NOT PURCHASE A GUN.

  225. colin black says:

    Sorry Snoop Its not at the sarcastic part she says I have a gun.
    I may have miss heard her .

    When I get time I will re listen to the interveiws to see or hear.
    If I did miss hear it.
    Just stuck in my mind as weird considering the susspision surounding her.
    An the messeges she left on Det Florez voicemails stateing her fear an hatred of guns?
    An yet she lived in her Granparent wom had a cainet full of firearms.
    I take it that the Grand Parents were hunters?
    In to blood sports.
    Apolligies in advance if Im wrong……..

  226. colin black says:

    yup I will cut her her a break on that lie at least.
    I may have just miss heard her.
    No one slse seems to have picked up on it.
    Thats probably why the detective didnt pree her when she made the alleged I have a gun comment.
    Reason she didnt say it I miss heard or miss understood.
    Yikes I sound like Cindy Anthony….

    What else sounds like I have a gun…?

    Im haveing fun.

    I have a Mom.

    I wish I had run.

  227. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I know no gun was recovered. The point I was trying to make was that it was a premeditated crime and unless the gun used was obtained long before the crime and carried by her on a regular basis prior to killing Travis there is little chance that a jury will buy the self defense claim.

  228. Vicky~~I will tell you one thing about some of the jurors…. apparently they did not pay attention to the opening statements. During the opening statements, Jennifer Willmott said that Jodi killed Travis in self-defense yet the jurors sent questions to the judge wanting to know if Travis’s roommates or friends were finger printed and investigated or if Travis’ car was searched for evidence. This indicates that they are wondering if Jodi was the one who murdered Travis or someone else. I hope to God that they are not another Pinellas 12.

    It is so obvious that the murder was premeditated right down to the last sexual rendezvous. I also wonder if Jodi took the photos of herself while Travis was asleep. Could she not set the camera on timer? One other thing, when Travis was having his pics taken in the shower, was she holding a gun on him and forcing him to pose. The last pic of Travis looking out of the shower showed a very perplexed look on this face as if to say….”what the hell are you doing?” These are just my opinions.

    Wait and see, the death penalty will be taken off the table and the charge reduced to second-degree or manslaughter. She will get around 25 years and be released earlier on good behavior. Why? She is female and considered (not by me) to be pretty and so soft spoken. Hell, once they have the evidentiary hearing before the judge on Jan 28th…the case may be thrown out. That is the way the judicial system works now….Sad isn’t it?

  229. Colin~~no apology necessary. Anything that passes by Jodi’s lips is pure fabrication… she proved that all by herself. Had she brought a gun, she should have stuck in her her lying mouth and pulled the trigger. It would have saved the world from a dangerous psychotic deranged murderer who is capable of killing again. I am concerned about some of the jurors and now we have another Cindy in the form of Sandy Arias who has entered the fold to try and save the ass of her daughter.

  230. cali patti says:

    One of my sons said the same thing about Jodi not being pretty at all. He even mentioned CA saying, she was “way prettier” than Jodi.
    Jodi planned for weeks how she would kill Travis and get away with it. The over kill is death penalty worthy also..
    I don’t understand the jury’s questions. I want to know what Jodi’s mom say about jury tampering?
    This trial is looking like a mess.

  231. Cali~~in one or two of the nude shots of Jodi, she has her hair in pigtails. This would portray her as being a young girl. Now her defense wants to introduce a phone call in which Travis supposedly said, she sounded like a 12-year old when she had an orgasm. They were having phone sex. Jodi even accused Travis of being a pedophile and into deviant sex. When Jodi had her pic taken down on all fours with her butt stuck out for one pic, it was to show that Travis was into sodomy. Jodi had all this planned out to cover her tracks if she was ever accused of killing him. Like all psychos they plan the perfect crime and we have heard Jodi bragging, “a jury will never convict me.”

    It is hard not to discuss this case without being explicit but we are all adults and this whole case seems to center around sex, psycho stalkers and jealousy.

  232. Debbie in WA says:

    I was thinking that at some point, they questioned whether the camera had a timer or not, and it was determined that it didn’t? Maybe I dreamed that tho, I seem to be dreaming a lot about this damned case, just like I did the CA trial. I only hope that the outcome is NOT the same.

    I would think that all the newer cameras would have the auto on them. Travis just purchased that camera.~~SS

  233. Newbie says:

    I would like to think the jury question regarding room mates and such was just a process of absolute elimination. Right at first you can wonder how she managed to get the body here and there.
    I would also like to think Jodi’s mom is just in denial at this point whereas Cindy A was going to save her daughter no matter what. After all,, they were the perfect family.
    I would also like to think I’m going to win the lottery.

  234. Newbie~~don’t go out and spend that lottery money until you get it in your mitts. This is how I feel about this case…so unpredictable…

    They say a person in an enraged state can have ten times their own strength. Once Travis was dead, the blood and fluids settle in the lowest parts of the body and he would become a dead weight…It amazes me how she could manage to get him back up into the shower.

  235. margaret says:

    Snoops ,I am so glad you brought out Travis facial expression. I thought the same thing.Radar online is saying that it took 106 seconds for her to kill him. She makes my anger level shoot right up there right beside casey.

  236. Newbie says:

    Unpredictable is exactly where I am. They have Jodi’s handprint on the wall mixed with Travis’ blood and yet I am holding my breath as to what the defense attorneys might use. This cannot turn out like the CA case !!

  237. Margaret~~in that last pic of Travis alive, what is he staring at? I expect it is the blade of a knife that was suddenly plunged into his chest. This is why I cannot see the jury or the judge buying the self-defense claim. If Travis made a lunge for Jodi when she dropped the camera, did she just happen to have a knife in the pocket of her jeans?

    It took Jodi just a bit under 2 minutes to kill Travis and it is a long time when you are being stabbed and fighting for your life. Can you imagine the tongue lashing Travis was getting from her when she was cutting him up? I can…

  238. Newbie~~I just hope that the evidentiary hearing on Jan 28th will not be disappointing. I want that death penalty to remain on the table. Kirk Nurmi is working overtime to get the charges reduced by filing all these mistrial motions. Now he is saying that the state has not presented sufficient evidence to warrant a death penalty. The judge will be making the decision. I notice at times the judge is intently watching her monitor.

    It seemed that the prosecutor, Juan Martinez looked as if he had had enough just before he rested the state’s case. I hope he did not do that prematurely. Lord knows what goes on back in chambers…

  239. colin black says:

    I have a tottaly different take on the Jurys questions to various wittneses.
    They would seem to indicate a compleate failure to cohmprehend the evidence seqence of events.
    That accused has lies about being present.
    Then admitted to being present when beenie wearing nijas were suddenly materialised.
    An latest draft was there did kill Tavis by stabbing shooting an 27 stab wounds an then accidently I supposed slipped inhis blood an broke her falll .
    With her left hand an by golly nearly decapitated him.

    Now no one on the face of this Planet is that dumb.
    An when the Judge asks for questions its from individuall jurours.
    An Id Lay odds that the majority of thease questions that have you Ladys anxious an nervous .
    Are emminateing from the same sourse.

    Someone is makeing Bitch suffer well she dis enter through the doggy entrance.
    They know that every time jodi hears that the jury is asking those type of questions
    An giver her extreme narsiissim her hopes of freedom will soar.
    Her legal team will also be crowing saying we are obviously raising doubts with in the jurours.

    But its not at all just someone playing with her.
    Pay back for the way she made love to her victim.
    An then made the worst type of imaginable hate.
    Dont normaly agree with teaseing mental anguish being inflicted on anyone.
    But for this peice of work I make an exception.

  240. Colin~~after the Anthony verdict…”once bitten, always shy.” There is a young male on the jury around 23-24 yrs old….I hope he feels sorry for Travis and doesn’t get smitten with those pics of Jodi….maybe he is asking all those questions, suppose?

  241. cali patti says:

    I’m just guessing, thinking out loud, that once the jury receives the case, is able to talk to each other that the question seeker will be set straight by the other jurors. That is my hope.

  242. Marilyn N says:

    It’s probably someone playing Investigator!

  243. Marilyn says:

    Jurors have been known to ask questions like these,it shows they watch tv shows such as CSI, determine their judgement.It HAS to be common sense,not tv shows!I only hope this jury has exactly that!They don’t have to determine her guilt of murder,she’s telling them she did it,soooo what they will give her for this heinous murder,we can only hope for justice for Travis.I saw on FB,where his sister does want the DP,and if I was his sister,I would too.The only problem I have with the DP,is it takes to long for their justice to be applied!Sorry,but this is what my opinion is on that.Most women that are sentenced to death anyhow get it commuted.According to the law,it seems women deserve less punishment for their murdering ways than men!I don’t!I’m really perplexed about the delay in this case.I had thought the copied letters(that turned out to be “forged” were already denied,if this is the problem?I agree that Martinez looked wore out trying to put all his evidence out there for the jury,but in my opinion,it was proven solidly!Sure hope it turns out that way!!Justice for Travis!

  244. PIcture Perfect-48 hours-Trial of Jodi Arias-43.12 minutes

  245. cali patti says:

    Oops iphone disconnect. Did the prosecution have any testimony to Jodi confessing to the murder of Travis on tape or paper? Was Jodi’s confessing to the murder of Travis and her self-defense story presented to the jury through testimony?
    This week plus wait between prosecution and defense is horrible. Does anyone know why the hours in court spent on this trial are so short each day?

    Cali~~it was revealed that Jodi killed Travis in the Opening Statements by the state and defense. Willmott, Jodi’s attorney said she killed in self-defense. This is when the jurors learned of it. As to the short hours and long recesses, it is anyone’s guess.~~SS

  246. Vicky says:

    Cali, Jodi never confessed to law enforcement. Her self defense story has only been revealed to her defense team and apparently her family. As for the short days and delays, I don’t know how busy the judge’s calendar is or what other dockets she hears. Shorter days gives court personnel more time to transcribe documents. Indent know where the jail isnin conjunction to the courthouse. It isnpossible that all prisoners with court on a specific are transported to and from jail at the same time. So, it is possible that is taken into consideration when determining what time to adjourn each day.
    Sine the jury is not sequestered, the delay between the prosecution and the defense isn’t as big a deal, and gives them an opportunity to catch up on work obligations. Since the trial was first slated to take several months, perhaps the calendar for this particular case was adjusted for the benefit of the jury.
    Of course, all of the above is just possible reasons. It would be a great question for reporters to pose to the jurors, prosecution or defense after the trial is over.

    Right on~~SS

  247. Dr Drew is having Jodi’s babysitter on his show tonight…

  248. Marilyn says:

    I could say there’s all kinds of reasons too,but I think it’s more than that—-The delay.Just sayin’.

    This long delay bothers me…someone wants time to prepare for something big..jmo~~SS

  249. Newbie says:

    Snoopy, you’re talking about someone that sat with Jodi when she was way younger. Right? The only reason I’m bringing it up is I sat here with my mind running “Jodi has a child???”. It has been a long day….lol.

    Jodi is the kind of girl who would eat her young..God forbid if she ever has a child~ ~SS

  250. Newbie says:

    Ooops, left without saying thank you for the heads-up on Dr. Drew. I have been wondering how she was as a child. Maybe we will get a glimpse or two..

  251. We have to take some of these stories with a grain of salt…

    The babysitter said she was sitting Jodi and her little brother, not sure how old they were at the time… she left them by themselves while she was in another room. She heard a blood curdling scream and went to find that Jodi had struck her brother over the head with a baseball bat. Jodi was not sorry or apologetic over the incident.

    I believe the defense is putting on an old girlfriend of Travis’. If it is the same one that I got a glimpse of on tv, she and Travis had a rocky relationship. I am hoping I can find a pic of this woman. She looks like a man…someone who is going thru a sex change.

  252. At 5:06 and again at 5:58 in the following video it looks like the girl I mentioned above. If it is the same one, the years since the pic was taken have not been kind to her… I am almost positive it is her at 12:25… This video must drive Jodi nuts because there are many pics of Travis with different girls but not one with Jodi…

    Travis Alexander Memorial Video

  253. Here is a clip of the babysitter speaking with Dr Drew…Notice she looks like she just left a beauty salon.. She also just found out Jodi’s father and her brother-in-law are cousins…touché

  254. It always pays to know what the other side is saying. In that way, a verdict we do not want to hear will be easier to handle… Here are a couple excerpts from a web site… they are pro Jodi so be prepared for what you will read at that site…no doubt it is backed by Sandy Arias…

    Under A.R.S. section 13-1105(A)(1), the State of Arizona defines ‘premeditation’ as:
    “Premeditation” means that the defendant acts with either the intention or the knowledge that he will kill another human being, when such intention or knowledge precedes the killing by any length of time to permit reflection.   Proof of actual reflection is not required, but an act is not done with premeditation if it is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

    If the court denies the motion to dismiss the charges with prejudice then it leaves the defense team no other choice but to disprove the Medical Examiner’s theory regarding the sequence of weapon use. Let me articulate. For Self Defense to reasonably occur (as the defense is asserting) then it’s absolutely imperative that the gun was discharged first. Then it will be much easier for the defense team to assert Miss Arias’ claim of self-defense.

  255. Okay, I see a dilemma…

    For the state to prove premeditation, the ???? lawyer at that site is saying Jodi had to have used the gun first. Now for Jodi to prove self-defense, the gun had to be used first. Now the BIG question, did the state deliberately change the sequence of events so as to not help the defense. Will the defense call in their own medical examiner to disprove Horn, med examiner for the state??

    Remember Det Flores on 48 hrs… Travis was shot in the face, stabbed and then his throat slit…sounds logical…doesn’t it…. now you see why this may earn Jodi an acquittal or a lesser charge??

    I believe the state feels they have put on enough evidence to prove premeditation. Do you think so??

  256. margaret says:

    I did something I never do,I bought an enquirer paper. I expected to find the letters to be published, but I have to hand it to them, they only printed that the letters had been proven to be forgeries. Vinnie Politan on In Session just had a harvard guest lawyer on , his theory is that jodi stopped somewhere in Utaw and changed the tag because she wanted to be caught by troopers for the purpose of an alibi. Her mother needs to be careful or she will be in cell next door to her. She told the enquirer that jodi had other electronic letters branding him as liking young boys.

  257. colin black says:

    cali patti says:

    January 21, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Oops iphone disconnect. Did the prosecution have any testimony to Jodi confessing to the murder of Travis on tape or paper? Was Jodi’s confessing to the murder of Travis and her self-defense story presented to the jury through testimony?
    This week plus wait between prosecution and defense is horrible. Does anyone know why the hours in court spent on this trial are so short each day

    I dont think they have her confessing to the Murder/self defence version three.
    She had been in Jail for some time before the self defence senario evolved.
    I read some where that despite numerous requests by Jodi for an interveiw with Det Florez at the jail.
    He refused to bite .
    Suppose he knew that she wanted to heap more bs on him an was sick of haveing to keep a sraight face an indulge her.
    After all if she was going to come clean an tell the truth about events that day an night
    It could be acheived by way of a guilty plea.

  258. colin black says:

    The babysitter said she was sitting Jodi and her little brother, not sure how old they were at the time… she left them by themselves while she was in another room. She heard a blood
    Acording to her she was 14 at the time of alleged baseball bat bash on the head.
    Jodi was 5 or six an wee bro three.

  259. colin black says:

    This is my opinion only.
    Rupert Murdochs sleazy hacks have there hands on thease fictious letters they will publish.

    Also I admitt a hankering to read them.
    We know whom penned them so its further insight into this crazed mind.
    Id wait untill jurours retire to consider verdict untill they are published.

  260. margaret says:

    Why would jodi buy a 9 mm gun after Travis was dead. In Session just talking about her having her possessions packed in car when arrestet along with 2 knives. She left 9mm in rental car…???

  261. LindaNewYork says:

    Margaret, I was just coming in here to mention the 9mm.

    Colin has been vindicated about Arias and a gun! I hjust switched over to In Session adn they had timeline up, sonthing to the effect:

    I guess after Jodi was arrested, her mother asks if a 9mm was found in her car. It wasn’t but 2 knives were found in a box of books in her car. And at some point after, a Hertz employee, wile cleaning out a car found a 9mm. The car was the one Arias rented! And bought by Arias after the murder.

    In Session talking heads speculate, and I agree, that it is possible Jodi wanted/could say, well, see I do have a gun, but it is a 9mm-not a .25. And see, I have knives in my car…but they were used on Travis.

  262. colin black says:

    margaret says:

    January 22, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Why would jodi buy a 9 mm gun after Travis was dead. In Session just talking about her having her possessions packed in car when arrestet along with 2 knives. She left 9mm in rental car…???

    Leave a Reply

    Enter your comment here…
    I dont know Magaret
    But I knew I heard her tell Det Florez.
    I have a gun………
    For some reason or another he didnt press her on why..
    It was a 9m I seem to remember an either a gloch ot gloch clone stick in my mind an I know zero about guns.
    Why she bought it well there were crazed nijass on her ass so sounds resonable to me.


  263. LindaNewYork says:

    Hi Colin, you were right when you said many posts ago about Arias buying a gune AFTER she murdered Travis!

  264. colin black says:

    Well as me Mum used to say Im not often right but Im never wrong.

  265. colin black says:

    If you rewatch the two interveiw tapes the yoga strech an the orange jump suit.
    Some where in there amongst the chat of knifes an guns 25s looking like toys squirt guns ect she caseully lets drop.
    I have a gun…
    An for some reason the detective left it hanging he heard her.
    She tried to bury the statement amongst verbal drivell.
    I i r c she then mentions it again in more detail expecting a responce from him.
    He didnt go there.
    I would have expected him to pounce on it considering the voicemail messages she had sent him .
    Reiterating how afraid of guns she was.
    An how littles she knew about guns.
    Even although she lived in a house with guns a plenty .

    But for what ever reason an Im sure there is a valid reason he didnt want to be led down that primrose path by Jodi.
    I sure hope the jurours heard her as in my opinion shows shw had entered full blwn phyco mode.
    Others would have suffered an died if she hadnt been stopped.
    An any jury that sets her free wont just have Travis BLOOD on there hands but future victims.
    The BIATCH enjoyed herself………..

  266. LindaNewYork says:

    The defense during their opening statement mentioned how Travis “made” Jodi wear a T shirt that said “Travis Alexander’s”. Has anyone else seen or read somewhere that that T shirt actually says “Travis Alexander’s” on the front and “Being Better Blog” on the back. Which is his blog?

    If so, wouldn’t the defense know that???

    I watched some of the defense opening statement on In Session today Interesting, their spin on “Arias dropped the camera”, hence the picture of the ceiling, and that is when “Travis lunged at her”.

    The camera was 3-4 feet off the floor when it took the pic of the ceiling. This was brought out during testimony by expert.~~SS

  267. Folks, a 25 caliber gun was used to kill Travis. That is the only gun relevant in this case. If Det Flores heard Jodi mention a gun (which I did not hear) he did not pursue it so it’s important is zilch.

  268. Linda~~I deleted one of your duplicate comments…. What is your point stressing the following?

    Colin has been vindicated about Arias and a gun! and Hi Colin, you were right when you said many posts ago about Arias buying a gune AFTER she murdered Travis!

    I want someone to watch the interrogation with Det Flores and stop it where Jodi mentions having a gun. Post the video in here and the time Jodi said it.. I will check it out.

    We are not having a contest in here as to who is right and wrong. I would appreciate you all posting links to the facts you are stating… Opinions are fine but indicate they are opinions. Because something is said on In Session does not make it a proven fact. Thank you

  269. cali patti says:

    Wooley, wooley, folks and thank you for answering my question about testimony given about Jodi finally confessing to murdering Travis. I was just wondering if anyone other than the atty’s in their opening testified to Jodi admitting guilt. The jury’s questions had me wondering maybe the juror who asked about roommates was hard of hearing. Teasing!!

  270. margaret says:

    Sorry Snoops didn’t mean to make trouble.I am so sorry. I was watching In Session on TV while I folded laundry and Beth said they had the arrest report for Jodi and no one else had it yet..So of course my ears perked up. According to Beth K. Mesa police had Jodi under surveillance for a time before arrest. According to Beth when the detectives first started to watch her . she was outside grandparents home talking to her mother for a long time, her mom left and Jodi went into house. next morning after getting subpoenas they found her belongings in car, 2 knives in a box of books and a box of ammunition in car. They found proof that she had bought a gun..the rental car guy said they found gun when cleaning car. I couldn’t find it written anywhere .. I am going looking again..

  271. Margaret~~oh my gosh, you don’t need to apologize at all. I did not know that Beth Karas had the arrest report. At least you are giving me more information to work with. I am just speculating but Jodi’s mother could have easily helped Jodi to rig up an alibi by putting those items in her car. If Jodi did purchase a 9mm gun, it has no relevance in this case. Maybe she had planned to make a getaway and was going to use the gun for protection. I do not trust Sandy Arias at all…she is another Cindy Anthony.

    I do not get InSession but maybe I can find something on youtube or the internet.

  272. colin black says:

    Crikes Snoops dint realise I was under oath anyway start listening at one min mark
    She launches into explenation of doest think she even ever fired a gun done crossbows ect.
    An says the gun I bought on Friday was never used.

  273. colin black says:

    And yes I know its not proof its her yakkin.
    But to my knowlage they did recover a 9 mm
    An she knew they either had or would recover it at some point.
    An if she bought a gun its easly verifiable.

  274. colin black says:

    Sorry the gun that I got on Friday was never used.

  275. Colin~~thank you. I finally heard it for myself. “the gun I bought on Friday was not used.”

    You are now excused from the witness stand but you are still under oath and may be recalled at another time. See how simple it was to post the video to verify what you stated?

    It is just in my nature for being a stickler for the facts. Having followed the Anthony case taught me to be just that.

  276. Margaret~ ~thank you…thank you… that is a gold mine of info. It is good to see my worker bees are on the job!! lol

  277. margaret says:

    Snoops On State vs jodi on facebook, someone is saying that jodi’s mom was arrested today..Have you heard anyting on that? May just be gossip. Have you any idea about her saying there were some things wrong with jurors, anything happen from that. Look at video of man, same site, that dated jodi a couple times WILD !!!!

  278. Colin~~I deputize you ….how about checking out what Margaret just said…. I am busy in the real and will be back in an hour….

  279. colin black says:

    Snoops remember who your goto guy was when you couldnt understand what mumbles mason said?
    Actually I knew I had heard her say it just couldnt remember at what point.
    I got lucky she said it within first minute of first vt I reveiwed so I didnt have to relisten to the verbal diohrea thats why the toilet roll is on the table.

    Re Mom arrested nothing reported via google.
    Only hit on Arias mom arrested is to a question on the facebook page state vs J Arrias.
    Otherwise nothing but all rumours start som where.
    Some are true some are false.
    But Sandy arrested wouldnt suprise me one bit.
    Seeing as this Family apears to like there firearms
    I woyuldnt be supprissed at an old fashioned shoot em up bust out scenario.
    Girls come an go everyday in work details.
    At that prison J A has had nearl five years to scheme.
    An we know she is good at schemeing
    Plaant some guns here an there them girls are visable in there black an white uniforms picking litter up .
    Cutting weeds.
    One day bullets in a cokecan.
    Back to J A.
    Another day its a bullet proof vest..joke…
    No a small calibre pistol.
    I dont mean to be indelecate but if a woman can push a 9lb baby through her vg.
    Then inserting a well wrapped well lubed small calibre pistol is acheivable.
    Cell phones an such are also smuggled in to prison.
    An you better beleive any esape plan would include that.
    Imagine your a gaurd in back of a people carrier with a shakled J A .
    aN SUDDENLY SHE HAS A PITOL aimed at your head.
    Me am going to do exactly what she says,
    Because I already know she is a killer an has nothing to lose.

    So to reiterate no hits on J A Mother being arrested.


  280. colin black says:

    And B T W Snoops said I have authourity !
    So the drinks are on the house.

  281. Colin ~~I don’t recall giving you a blank check for entertainment expenses. I am really curious about Sandy Arias being informed about a jurors misconduct. If anyone tampers with any of the jurors, that would be cause for an arrest and charge.

    I learned a lot about what goes on in an all male prison from my daughter who was a guard for over 20 years. She was only armed with a ‘billy stick’ when on duty. When she worked in the tower, she was taught to shoot to kill anyone who attempted to scale the barb wire fence. She had a high powered rifle for that and passed a sharp shooters test while in training. Her dad and I went to her graduation and there was quite a display of weapons.

  282. colin black says:

    Prisoners can create an get acsess to weapons as well.
    There was a guy on deathrow at the time had a state of the art electric type writter.
    When he was led to the death chamber he told the two gaurds you realise I am allowing you to do this.
    After he was executed.

    They searched his belongings as they removed them from the cell.
    The type writter seeemed unusally heavy
    They found a fully loaded pistol consealed in there.
    And he was on Death Row for over a decade.

  283. margaret says:

    I went looking for some court documents and clicked on this site with jodi’s face staring back at me.I had gotten on a jodi arias is innocent page. There is not a lot of commenters,but I decided to read a couple.. OMG the things they are saying about Travis.. Just unreal… Lets have a little chuckle maybe she was going back to Ryans and she was going prepared if he didn’t take her in..He seemed reluctant to say bad things about her… LOL…..Ok my resident lawyer, will the prosecution be able to bring in more witnesses or is the rebuttal all he has left??? Thank you, Thank you for answer..Now I am off to bed, I have had enough of jodi for one day.. Nite-nite everyone.. Oh Snoops how is your arm and wrist holding up?

  284. ARIZONA
    (last execution of female by Arizona on 2-21-1930; 3 female offenders now on Arizona’s death row)

    Andriano, Wendi: White; age 30 at crime and now age 38 (DOB: 8-6-1970); murder of white (?) male age 33 (her husband) in Mesa on 10-8-2000; sentenced on 12-22-2004.

    Forde, Shawna: White; age 41 at crime and now age 44 (DOB: 12-6-1967); murder of Latino male age 29 and Latina female age 9 in Arivaca (Pima County) on 5-30-2009; sentenced on 2- 23-2011.

    Milke, Debra Jean: White; age 25 at crime and now age 45 (DOB: 3-10-1964); murder of white male age 4 (her son) in Maricopa County on 12-2-1989; sentenced on 1-18-1991.

    Wendi Andriano

    Debra Milke

  285. cali patti says:

    Yo Colin I’m first in line to drink since Snoop is paying.
    About an year ago I was sent a pic of a man in an orange jump suit showing me his belly tattoo’s, writing how he was jumped into XXXX gang that day. Went on to write what I cant repeat here. When I contacted the local LE they gave me a hard time. I was told that they did not give out #’s for me to send photo’s to. Huh? Thought I was doing “them” a favor by letting them know about a cell phone in their prison. Finally I said (to myself) screw this and hung up. Several hours later a nice officer returned my call and I emailed him the pic. So prisoners in prisons have cell phones. I guess I was a miss dial. oops!!! I was warned not to text to prisoner. jeeze really!!

    Showed on NG how after the first visit to Jodi’s parents house, Jodi was packing her car up with boxes ready to run, until they arrested her.

  286. cali patti says:

    … after LE’s visit

  287. Margaret~~the prosecution is finished bringing on anymore witnesses. They have rested their case. They can cross examine any defense witnesses. If this case goes to the penalty phase, the state can present family members to speak on why Jodi should get the DP.

    I put a link to a pro Jodi site upthread… there are oodles of comments and some David who is alleging to be a lawyer in support of Jodi.

    I am still playing it cool with the wrist and fingers…

    Margaret, the state can bring on rebuttal witnesses that are on their witness list. elmosmommy alerted me to this… read below…SS

  288. elmosmommy says:

    Doesnt the SA get a rebuttal after the defense is done ? I am sure they will then bring in their own self defense specialist to rebut the one who speaks for the defense ( I am assuming since the defense is claiming abuse and self defense, that they will bring in at least 1 specialist to speak on this)
    Based on the article I linked above, the defense may open the door to “stalking claims” and since she isnt charged with that I am not sure if the SA would then follow up on the stalking claims or if they have enough to bring in that 3 times tires got slashed, twice on Travis`s car and the same night on a car who belonged to a lady dating Travis.

    I stand corrected…I found this…the witnesses must be on the witness list~~SS

    [State’s Rebuttal
    Once the Defendant has rested, the State is permitted to put on witnesses to rebut a specific point about which the Defendant’s witness has testified. The same rules apply to them as all other witnesses. These witnesses must be on the witness list, so there are no surprises.]

  289. elmosmommy~~thank you and yes, a very interesting read. Surely Judge Stevens will not throw this case out next Monday . There is a lot of bad blood between Martinez and Nurmi. I notice Juan Martinez has a short temper. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn some of the jurors off.

    It was never proven Jodi slashed the tires. I am not even sure Travis reported it to the police. This makes me wonder if Jodi was blackmailing Travis.

    The defense is going to call Travis’ girlfriend… the following is an excerpt from the article you posted..

    In defending himself, Martinez said he has purposefully not introduced the stalking claims to avoid a mistrial or an overturned verdict since Arias is not charged with stalking.

  290. elmosmommy says:

    This article is also interesting , it has an interesting line that jodi claimed the gunman ( ninja story guy) actually put a gun to her head but when he pulled the trigger, it just went click — lol so she just ran past him. This was only told to a reporter who interviewed her and was never repeated in her story to the SA I wonder who she told the story to first, probably SA and then as the reporter noticed further into his interview, she keeps adding details each time she tells the story.
    She doesnt come across as a stupid person , but how she ever thought this story could convince anyone makes her seem stupid. Just her desperation I guess, to come up with a story. I sure hope these jurors have a little more sense in their heads than the Pinellas County jurors did.

  291. Karen C. says:

    Catching up, and I’ve been thinking about those pesky juror’s questions. I’m reminded of something that I think Nina Tottenberg (sic?) of NPR has said a few times about the Supremes (she’s their correspondent for the Supreme Court)- that often the one or the other justice will bring up questions while a case is being heard by them, mainly to show how fair-minded (or at least not blatantly biased, as they are supposed to be above that!) they are being- an appearance of reasonableness and rectitude- that often fools those not following the individual justices closely over the years into thinking they will go one way (because of a contrarian question), then, BOOM- the ruling comes in and they’ve gone and decided exactly what one would have supposed…. maybe something like that is working here? To show that they are really, really looking hard at every facet of the case? I hope…

    On the gun, 9mm,Yes, I heard that too, on the tape originally- but with all the ginormous lies I just thought she trotted that out to Flores as a Well, see now, I would’ve used my own 9mm, just like she would have killed him humanely and using gloves- naturally!

  292. Karen C. says:

    Elmosmommy- I’ve heard/read others thinking she was smart- I totally disagree. I think she had the appearance of Smart, when she felt it was useful. It seems she had done some reading (not “Ulysses”, mind you!) and wanted to “work” on herself- certainly she wanted to impress guys, she seems to have had a singular need for that.

    She was a slave to her pathologies and obsessions- she used a camera to document her murder! I think it would be useful to determine if she intended to keep the pics or SD card, as a trophy of sorts- and somehow she wrapped that camera up and tossed it into the washer accidentally (Snoopy’s theory), and then overlooked it during cleanup (this would be monumentally stupid), OR she only introduced the camera to lure him, that it was basically a prop to get him vulnerable and laundering it later was just to destroy evidence.

    The fact she thought an upside-down license plate would NOT draw attention is proof of a degree of fecklessness you only hear about when there’s a news story about some dude who applies for a bank position, fills out the application, then decides, Well, Sh%t, I’ll just rob the place instead, leaving the application on the clipboard…. DUMB.

  293. elmosmommy says:

    geez, on Nancy Grace tonight they are saying not only did Jodi have a gun hidden in the rental car but also she had 2 knives that were found in between books that were in her car. I think they may have been in boxes but not positive on this. They had her under survelliance at her grandparents home and watched her pack boxes out to her car so they arrested her. They also found a box full of bullets for a 25 in her bedroom at her grandparents home. Jean Casarus(sp?) said this information may come in on the State`s rebuttal case.
    Sure wonder why it didnt come in, with their case in chief but they must have their reasons. I cant wait for this trial to get started again.

  294. elmosmommy says:

    oops should have said the knives were found in the car when they arrested her. Her mothers home as well as her grandparents homes were searched after her arrest. I believe her mother was at the grandparents home while she was moving boxes out.
    ****** I must say tho there has been times when NG has not had accurate information on her show

  295. Karen C~~my theory was Jodi deliberately put the camera in with the laundry and used lots of bleach to try and destroy it. I also think she removed the front licence plate and turned the rear one upside down so she WOULD be hauled over in the state of Utah, where her new love interest, Ryan lived. Ryan was nothing but an excuse for her trip and to swing by Mesa, AZ and knock off Travis. She went to Ryan’s and purposely rolled all over him in the event that she may need him later for an alibi.

  296. elmosmommy says:

    Hi Karen
    I think Snoopy`s thought of the camera maybe being thrown in the washing machine by accident is quite possible. And she threw bleach in which is surprising that bleach didnt ruin the camera. The camera was brand new wasnt it ? bought by Travis is what I had read so I wonder how long before that was because it does seem it fit perfectly in her plans to get Travis in a vulnerable position. I tend to believe as others that she wasnt positive she was going to do this in advance but had planned for it. I think Travis had one last sex session to decide to take her to Cancun ( in her mind) and after their sex was over he still said no, he was taking another lady, and she lost it at that point and carried out her plan.
    The license plate may have been deliberately done like that to attract attention to give her ” an alibi”
    just like she set up her diary to throw cops off , and she also made phone calls left for him after he died again, in her mind, to keep cops from suspecting her. I do think she has some smarts but she sure didnt pass the test with her silly ninja killers. I sure couldnt tell that story with a straight face

  297. elmosmommy says:

    oops sorry snoopy , just saw your comment that you wrote while i was typing mine out but I will say in my mind she didnt put the camera in the washing machine on purpose. Why not take it with her or at least the sim card and throw it out somewhere over the many miles she travelled.

  298. I think the camera would have been covered in blood along with just about everything else. Jodi was still obsessed with Travis after his death. Travis was her trophy and if she had her way, she would have had him mounted and hanging in her den or better still , her bedroom. Jodi was a typical stalker…they do not love their victims, the want to possess the one they stalk. They would rather kill their victim than let anyone else have them. This is why Jodi has that smug look- a look of satisfaction.

    I watched Jodi peek at her monitor when the gruesome pics of Travis were being shown…she thought that we would not notice because of her long hair. If Jodi cries real tears, they are for herself and not for Travis. I watched Willmott shove a box of kleenex towards Jodi and she daubed at her dry nose. I used to watch Cheney Mason give Casey a little nudge with his elbow so she would start blatting.

    I believe Jodi uploaded those pics of Travis before she deleted them. I cannot see her just deleting the pics of a dead or an alive Travis…stalkers will not part with them. I expect Jodi had her laptop with her on that trip or she may have used her phone.

  299. colin black says:

    Karen C
    Perhaps she wanted an needed the upside down licance plate to draw attention.
    Maybe she wanted documented proof she was at such an such a location.
    She was at least smart enough to probably take the battery out her cell.
    So that wasnt tracking. her position.
    If you wanted to be documented at point b dureing an alibi road trip.
    What better way than getting pulled over by a cop?
    Upside down licance plate is genious if done on purpose when you think about it.
    Enough to be pulled over but not enough for an arrest.
    At first I thought she had used false plates on the hire car to commit murder.
    Then ditched them along with gun an knifes who knows where.
    Then in reattaching the real plates made a mistake an put it upside down.
    But If it was intentinall is i m o qt smart.
    If it was a misstake I bet her bottle well an truelly crashed when those bluelights apeared in her rear veiw.
    An order to pull over.
    The releif when he mentioned the plates must have been euphoric.
    Lets face facts she planned this horrible atrousis crime meticulasy.
    An apart from a couple of avoidable errors oversights sods law stuation.
    Could well have got away with it.
    As in avoided arrest all together.
    If it wasnt for those photos an mixed dna palm print.
    She was never going to admitt to being there or harming Travis.

  300. cali patti says:

    With a break in the trial and an interest in Jodi’s background, I will go back to what I’ve mentioned previously, Jodi in Monterey/Santa Cruz..
    Yreka area code is 530 and covers an area from just north of Sacramento up to the Oregon border. A much smaller area code of 831 Monterey, is south of her, depending how you drive 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours driving time. If Jodi wanted to make “good” time from Yreka to Pasadena to Mesa, Arizona, then WHY go to the Monterey area? Why is her cell phone area code out of Monterey county? Jodi knew where a branch bank was in Monterey that is not easy to find.
    Why does Jodi know this area so well?
    I’m thinking Jodi did this, years earlier to set herself up as a different person. In her brain did Jodi thought being from Monterey county “cooler” than from Yreka or did she live there for a time?
    Driving the route from Yreka to Monterey is a old very congested freeway system, going through major cities with speed limits enforced for much of the drive. Yreka to Pasadena by passing Monterey would have cut 4 + hours off her driving time. I just dont understand.

  301. margaret says:

    Hi Snoops, well someone noticed the duct tape beside you and me. Have you heard it mentioned anywhere? I haven’t. I am cooking dinner and looking around on computer waiting for my chicken to fry,and found it talked about as it being used to wrap around Travis wrists. This is in an article on Blink on crime site..Did I miss something.? BTW You go girl and don’t let anyone upset you and ruin your day. Thanks friend.

  302. Margaret~~

    Here is the link to Blinks and the mention of the duct tape… I haven’t read it all yet.

  303. cali patti says:

    This is what I found on MyLife site. I mostly copied and pasted. I’ve no idea why my interest in Jodi’s address’s..
    Jodi Arias was born in 1980 in Monterey, Calif. Jodi currently lives in Yreka, California. Before that, Jodi lived in Monterey, Ca . from 2004 to 2005. Before that, Jodi lived in Ashland, Oregon in 2001.

    i understand why she had the Monterey area code now. Many young people hate changing their phone numbers when they relocate, however most do within that 3 year time.

  304. Radar has a good recap of all their stories here…..

  305. Vicky says:

    Both defense motions have been denied.

  306. Vicky~~thank you. Where did you read that? Can you supply a link where I can read about it? Were these for mistrial? I think we still have the evidentiary hearing for Monday, the 28th…

  307. Karen C. says:

    Defense going for mistrial after Prosecution case in main is routine and expected- they always move for that directly after- it is pro forma, and almost always occurs, on the “basis” of “case not proven”. No one need concern themselves with THAT.

  308. colin black says:

    Me thinks the self defence senerio was a family event to promote that scenerio.
    An heap further hurt an pain on Travis loved ones.
    As well as further inure his memory as she injured an slaughtered him an took his life

    My evidence re above………….


  309. debl115 says:

    Arias Judge Denies Defense Notion For Mistrial, If her decision was made on January 17th, why the long wait for the trial to resume?

    It seems the delay may be due to the defense wanting time to prepare for Monday’s evidentiary hearing.Thanks for the link..interesting read..~~SS

  310. debl115 says:

    Flores’ Investigation Report:

    Click to access floresinvestigationreport.pdf

    Thanks again!!~~SS

  311. Vicky says:

    Sorry Snoopy, it was announced on In session while I was home for lunch. The judge denied both the motion for mistrial and the motion to exclude the felony murder charge. I’m sure they will discuss the decisions on JVM or NG tonight.

  312. Vicky says:

    Apparently, Her Honor agrees that Jodi became an unwelcome guest the moment she began the assault on Travis, and therefore committed a burglary once she remained. We shall see what an appellate court rules if Jodi is convicted.

  313. Vicky~~I wondered where that burglary charge originated from. I am glad the death penalty stays thus far anyway. Thank you!

  314. Colin~~I believe there has been 7 delays in this trial. I wonder if Kirk Nurmi was instrumental in getting a few of those. The following is from your link…

    Arias celebrated her 29th birthday on July 9, 2008. Unbeknownst to her, a grand jury in California indicted her that same day on first-degree murder charges in the death of Travis Alexander. Six days later, Mesa police detectives and Siskiyou County sheriff’s deputies arrested Arias at her northern California home. Arias was booked in the Siskiyou County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder. She was held there until September 2008, when she was extradited to Arizona.

    Then the day before she murdered Travis. So Jodi accessed her MySpace while on her road trip….

    She said she last spoke to Travis on Tuesday 6-03-08.”

    Later that day, at 10:54 p.m., Arias posted the following message to her MySpace page: “misses Travis. See you soon, my friend, but not soon enough

    The following is laughable but it indicates that Jodi probably will insist on taking the stand…

    Drama in the case continued in August, when Arias told Judge Sherry Stephens of Maricopa County Superior Court that she wanted to represent herself.

    “Do you have any experience?” Stephens asked. “Do you have a law license? Have you even read the statute you’re accused of?”

    Arias answered “no” to each question.

    Nevertheless, Stephens granted the request but had her public defenders, Victoria Washington and Kirk Nurmi, remain on as advisory council.

    Less than a week later, Arias’ request to have Alexander’s alleged letters admitted into evidence was denied. Afterwards, Arias told Judge Stephens she was “over her head.” The judge then reinstated her defense counsel.

    It seems that Jodi’s little sister, Angela agrees with Mama Arias that the murder was self-defense…blood is thicker than water…. Travis’ blood spilled out because of a deranged psycho stalker.

  315. Vicky says:

    I didn’t have time to listen to the entire “breaking news” on IS, so I can’t recall the exact case the judged referenced in her decision, but I’m betting it will be discussed further tonight. I wonder what her ruling will be on the self defense hearing. I hope she allows the defense to move forward with an affirmative defense. I really want to hear Jodi’s latest fabrication and I want to hear the state’s planned rebuttal.

  316. Vicky says:

    I guess I should say that I hope the judge does not dismiss the case based upon self defense and the defense team has to move forward with their case

  317. colin black says:

    Not a snowball chance in jodis future eternal home of the Judge dismissing this case.
    not my opinion.

  318. As per Nancy Grace… Alyce LaViolette is on the defense witness list. One of Jodi’s cell mates with a rap sheet a mile long is on the list and also Jodi. This doesnt mean the last two will be called.

    Alyce LaViolette -bio

    La Violette on Video

  319. margaret says:

    I read the Doctors work last night and I didn’t have a good feeling about some of her publications.. Maybe it is just me and the fact that they are now talking on NG about throwing out the murder charge.. Memories of CA are swirling in my head. What do you think Snoops? Oh I looked and looked on pictures and I just don’t get what is said about duct tape on Travis arm. Yours is the voice of reason so calm me down..

  320. Vicky says:

    I totally agree Colin. So far, I have agreed with all of the Court’s rulings, and I don’t anticipate being disappointed come next week.
    Snoopy, I can’t believe a battered womens expert would even entertain testifying on Jodi’s behalf. It really pisses me off that Jodi decided to take this route. She was no more battered than I am. I might entertain the notion that she was emotionally manipulated by Travis, but being used as a man’s sex object does not put someone in fear for their life here on earth. Perhaps Jodi was worried about the hereafter? She is some piece of work. From my point of view, she was used to being the one who used sex/sexuality to control the men in her life, and was also used to being the one to dump her latest conquest when a new man caught her attention. She couldn’t handle having the tables turned on her. Isn’t it interesting that the only one injured that evening was Travis? So who is the true batterer? I hope the prosecution tears into Alyee LaViolette.

  321. margaret says:….. Hope this answers questions about the murder charge thrown out.

  322. Margaret~~keep the faith!! I never heard a peep about any duct tape on Travis’s wrist. The prosecution certainly didn’t bring it up. I did a bit of reading at Blink’s and I think a lot of info there is just speculation… I haven’t read at that site in ages but I came away with the impression that Jodi may beat this rap due to the state not presenting enough evidence…Thank God Judge Stevens gets to make the final decisions on the motions filed by the defense.

  323. Margaret~~Bless you! You are a good worker bee for the Snoop.

    Here is an excerpt from your link…

    Ultimately, Stephens’ ruling may make it easier for the jury to convict Arias of first-degree murder. The jury can reach a verdict of first-degree murder two different ways: They can either find that Arias planned to kill Alexander or that she only intended to hurt him and accidentally killed him.

    I will take the first one in that the murder was premeditated. The second one is a hoot…how can anyone even imply it was an accidental murder when in reality, Jodi tried to kill Travis 3 different times…

  324. Vicky~~I listened to La Violette on the video for about 3-4 minutes. She best stop scratching at the front of her forehead for starters. When she got to the part that God may be a female, I clicked off… She seems to be a joker…..

    This case is going to hurt many women who are really being battered. Women who are not stalkers like Jodi.

  325. Cali Patti says:

    What was said about Jodi not being a battered woman even emotionally is so true. A true emotionally battered woman almost becomes asexual at the time it’s happening. She may still have sexual encounters with her abuser but she seldom initiates sex unless it is to smooth over a situation. The woman is not going to drive hours to her abusers house and engage in sex. Emotional abuse takes much longer than a 6 month relationship that she was free of. That’s my opinion only.

    Cali~~Jodi was not abused. She was the abuser, emotionally and then physically.~~SS

  326. Cali Patti says:

    PS … To explain my comment about not being emotionally abused in 6 months — of course an abuser can begin on day one but if the victim retains her independence as Jodi did then I do not see the abuse. Emotional abuse and control go together not the independence Jodi had. Nothing about how Jodi was living and interacting with Travis fits into any type of emotional abuse that would lead to murder. MOO


  327. Vicky says:

    Ok, I just had an ah-ha moment after reading Florez’s report and taking another look at the accidental photo of Travis with the pant leg obstructing his full body. How the fact that the location of that photo, taken 2 minutes after the ceiling shot, was not the shower, but in the hallway of the bath is beyond me. Now that I know this, it is obvious to me that the picture was snapped while Jody was in the process of moving Travis’s body after she slashed his throat. I don’t know why I missed that. His arms are up, because she is tugging away at him. I bet the camera was hanging around her neck and kept getting in the way, so she took it off, dropped it on the floor and the camera snapped the final two photos. The one accidentally taken of the lights above the shower was taken as she began her assault, the other two immediately following his death.
    I’m sure the rest of you already knew those final two photos were not of the shower area.. I really need to pay closer attention. LOL

    I did not realize it was not the shower area…good observation and thank you. I agree with Karen below that the camera was not hanging around Jodi’s neck. ~~SS

  328. Cali Patti says:

    Vicky, great observations you have done. I’m thinking you have gotten the sequence correct but you also figured out what Jodi was doing. I’m thinking you may have just answered and explained better than the prosecution experts did. I hope they read here or someone brings what you figured out to their attention.

  329. Vicky says:

    Cali, Florez’s report indicated that photo was taken in the hallway. That is why I had to look at picture again. I don’t recall that distinction being made during the prosecution’s case. Once I went back and looked, you could clearly make out the tile floor.
    It had not occurred to me before that she had already slashed his throat when that picture was captured.

  330. Cali Patti says:

    Vicky, your right. I’m assuming the amount of blood that happened after slashing Travis’s throat is what caused Jodi to drag Travis back into the shower. That amount of blood might have concerned her about it dripping through floor to downstairs, thusly the shower. Maybe Jodi didn’t think that far ahead, but that amount of blood had to be surprising.

  331. Karen C. says:

    Remember though, the strap had not yet been attached to the camera- still rolled up in it’s little baggie in the camera case. It did have a sizable grip.

    In reviewing ME’s testimony replayed today on InSession- when he characterized several of the stab wounds as shallow he was asked what that would indicate, and he said someone not expecting to encounter bone. Well, it would also indicate TORTURE, where shallow wounds and nicks are also frequently seen. Wish he’d brought that one up….

    You are spot on. Jodi wanted Travis to have a slow painful death. She was probably disappointed when he breathed his last and was so pizzed off, she shot him.~ ~SS

  332. margaret says:,0,1177220.story

    …………..The #1 liar wins again.. When will she ever go away. jodi is probably watching that case closely..

  333. margaret says:

    Check out the comments on site I just posted, guess whose picture and ” hottie biscottie ” shows up. I read comments after posting above so I was surprised. Snoops can we find out where the comments came from or is it an imposter??? Interesting..

  334. Margaret~~thanks for the heads up on the decision of the appellate court. Now I understand that Cheney Mason may file another motion to get the last two charges of Casey’s erased because he says the she was not read her Miranda Rights. Don’t pay attention to those comments…someone is pretending to be Jodi Arias…they have too much time on their hands and are looking for attention..

  335. Amber from Maryland says:

    What on earth do you have to do in Florida to be convicted of murder or to lying to police?

    Amber, I am beginning to think that no one is ever convicted of murder in Florida if they can afford an attorney. Of course, you can always make money off the dead victim to pay for your defense. Florida may be the sunshine state but there seems to be an evil dark cloud hanging over it.~~SS

  336. margaret says:

    This is interesting, you may have read already…If so Please delete.

    When Jodi slit Travis’ throat, it severed his windpipe and jugular vein..death would be almost instant. ~~SS

  337. Marilyn says:

    I absolutely believe Dr.Horn’s theory that Travis,was shot last.It makes much more sense in the time frame of the murder,and hardly any blood from the wound.I think Dr.Carol Terry doesn’t REALLY know,and she said”Dr.Horn would know more since he did the autopsy” The theory of the gunshot first was in my opinion being tossed around at the beginning.I still wonder if those risque pictures were not put on a timer and shot by Jodi,while Travis was sleeping after sex,which she was very sneaky and not able to be trusted.I hope and believe that this jury surely has enough common sense to not even consider anyone else with all her lies and the forensic evidence that is available to them!The self-defense theory is just laughable in my opinion and as far as premeditated,that evidence is there also!!

  338. Marilyn~~I am in agreement with you that Jodi may have set the timer on the camera and took the pics of herself. If Travis was shot first and it killed him, he would not have had defensive wounds. From the looks of all the blood, the heart would still be pumping it out. If he were dead, the blood would only leak out. Travis must have lost most of his blood before he finally died. I agree with Dr Horn… the defense is grasping at straws.

  339. Jodi Arias trial: Defense witness list revealed in Jodi Arias case

    Here are just a few on the list…

    Matt McCartney, a former boyfriend who lives in California.
    Two friends and two former girlfriends of Travis Alexander. The defense claims Alexander was seeing those girlfriends at the same time he was dating Arias.
    Richard Samuels, a valley psychologist and expert on sexual violence cases.
    Kimberly Ross, Arias’ former cell mate. Nancy Grace tweeted that Ross has a long rap sheet.

    Read more:

  340. What is wrong with Travis seeing more than one woman if he is not engaged or married to any one of them? Why should this make him a sexual deviant? Oh, I forgot Jodi felt Travis was her property.

  341. Karen C. says:

    You know, after his throat was slit and he had bled out sufficiently, his body would have been considerably lighter for purposes of moving back to shower, with or without assistance from a towel. That was a real slaughterhouse scene she left behind, even with her attempts at cleanup. Going through the effort to get him back into the shower would have been worth it (whatever his weight then was) ONLY if it were for the purposes of ridding the DNA from sexual contact. She truly never expected to be arrested at all…

  342. Marilyn says:

    She did plan everything out in advance,so she wouldn’t get caught,but she is so full of herself,she had to immediately insert herself by calling Det.Flores.She actually was trying to see what they knew,of course.She is not really dumb,but surely she would know all his friends put her name out there,pronto!Dumb!She definitely was a Fatal Attraction for Travis.Common sense should prevail and she will be punished to the fullest extent!

  343. cali patti says:

    Morning, I slightly disagree with the “thought” that Jodi is not stupid, I think she is! First there is the killing of a friend. If a person kills a friend then there is usually a known reason why, so that will have LE looking at you immediately. Plus Jodi left a trail of receipts and the rental car links her directly to Travis’s place. Jodi left an incredible amount of herself at the murder scene. Jodi reads like an idiot to me.
    Had Jodi used her own vehicle, left her phone at home & turned on, avoided ALL cameras at stores, gas stations, possibly brought her food from home to avoid cameras, did not stop at so many towns leaving her credit card/banking trail, used cash only, brought gloves that she not recently purchase, throw away cloths/shoes (maybe a size larger), was very careful about transferring blood or anything into her car from crime scene, disposed of evidence very carefully, then drove back to an area close to home, maybe a gas tank away from home and called home from a pay phone to ask Grandparents about her phone ….then continued to Utah w/o phone … you see the difference in smart and stupid.
    I still think she would have been caught, she took photo’s and left the camera there. That was stupid.

  344. cali patti says:

    I still think her phone would have been the most difficult to cover up why she did not use her phone for so many hours. I do not how long a person would have to change their phone usage to make a 24 hour non-use acceptable. I have days my usage is low but i turn it on and off, ck emails.
    I’m thinking out-loud until the trial starts.

  345. Cali~ ~geez, you are scaring me… have you ever planned the perfect murder? Just kidding.

    I agree that Jodi was not smart. She was an obsessed stalker in a frenzy and her one main goal was to eliminate Travis so no other woman could have him. I don’t think there is such a person who is a smart psychopath. Jodi already knew that she would be a suspect from her past actions. Travis was also a fool to keep having sex with his stalker….this is where I truly believe that Jodi may have been blackmailing him.

    I did quite a bit of research when we had a stalker here in the blogosphere…I found and posted two different stories of individuals who were stalked and the years of terror they went through. The stalker who made per presence known in here even went so far as to dig up personal info about me and post it on her blog. She felt that I was the one standing between her and the one she was going after. It was a nasty situation but I prefer to let sleeping ‘bitches’ lie but I will forever have my guard up because these stalkers can rear their ugly heads even after a couple years have elapsed. There will be many who know who exactly I am referring to.

  346. colin black says:

    mainstreamfair says:

    January 25, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    What is wrong with Travis seeing more than one woman if he is not engaged or married to any one of them? Why should this make him a sexual deviant? Oh, I forgot Jodi felt Travis was her property.

    Nothing whatsoever.
    Unless your in the church of L D S.
    I know more about the church of L D S than most.
    An if the initials were changed to l s d it would match some of the more strange beleifs held secret within the organisation.
    Even from there own followers.
    Pre Marital sex is a huge no no in the L D S Beleifs an could warrant expullsion from the fold.
    Numbers of girlfreinds not important as long as no nookies.
    Even numbers of wifes after marrige used to be irellevant in the original tennants of the church.
    Even the age of said wifes wasnt important once menstual cycle has begun then there ready for marrige.
    Old enough to bleed old enough to breed was there outlook.
    And still is if truth be told.
    But pre marital sex is not tollerated

  347. Colin~~Well the only one who Travis was having ‘nookies’ with was Jodi….well as far as we know. Yes, he was breaking a major rule of his Mormon faith but that still does not make him an abuser or a sexual deviant.

    I am going back and read more of Det Flores’ report. The link is posted upthread. There are a few things in the report that concern me. For instance, was the gun shot first?? It seems the medical examiner may have changed his mind after Flores wrote the report or the good detective got his wires crossed. This may play a significant role in the defense trying to prove their case. .

  348. Cali Patti says:

    I have given thought to why a person plans to kill? I sort of understand in the moment, a passion killing – sort of. Not my thing.
    No one is worth me going to prison.
    Travis’s death has no effect on me today. I do not mourn him. Yet he had the right to his life.

    I’ve thought if you deliberately commit a crime, own up to ur actions.
    Jodi thought Travis had to die so why doesn’t she proudly claim the murder?
    These are a few of my thoughts.

  349. Cali Patti says:

    As a people, very few of us matter. I’m guessing possibly 200 people picked for their brains or talents would keep mankind going and growing quite well. The rest of us are fluff. Most of us do not will not contribute an ever lasting gift to the world.
    Yet, we do matter.
    For me that thought or contradiction has been as a question unanswered.

  350. Cali Patti says:

    Hey Colin, tell me what your thoughts are on my thoughts. I’m hoping you disagree so I can learn a new idea or read a opposing point of view. We have 2 days before trial starts up & that’s if there isn’t a new delay.
    Linda of NYC. – come back & talk to me. I like to chat with you, always have.

  351. Jonathon always has a fresh pot of coffee brewing where you can chat away …..

    Jonathon’s Coffee Café

  352. colin black says:

    Hello Cali Patti…

    Someone on F B made an astute observation about J A new glasses.
    The thick arms of the glasses sheilds her eyes from the side way veiw of the jurours.


    Do you suppose that was Kirk Nurmi’s idea? They put blinders on horses too but not so they can hide their fake tears. ~~SS

  353. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    There is more news on Felon Anthony. She now needs closure. I guess anyone would need closure after killing their child but most people do not have quite as efficient a legal team to get it for them.

    In case any of you are concerned about the mother of the year’s need for closure this was on CBS5:
    “Casey hoped the (Zenaida Gonzalez) civil case would be over in January. This has been an ongoing battle for close to five years,” said Greene. “Emotionally and physically, she can’t go on for another year. She needs a clean slate from a financial perspective.”
    Anthony tells CBS 5 that although she values the close relationship she has with her attorneys, she does not like to be “joined at the hip” with them. She described her legal advisors to be “like family” to her.
    “She (Casey) feels it’s unfair for this process to drag on. We were ready to go to trial on Jan. 2, and there’s no new trial date. She wanted be vindicated in the civil (Gonzalez) case,” said Greene.
    Anthony will be required to give sworn testimony in the bankruptcy proceedings, but Greene says the scope of questioning is limited to financial matters.
    Greene says not to expect any surprises.
    “There are no contracts, no movie or book deals,” says Greene.
    The goal for anyone going through bankruptcy proceedings is to give a person a “fresh start.” The process from start to finish could take 90 to 120 days, or perhaps longer, depending on the number of people who bring claims against Anthony.

    Personally, I am praying that Zenaida Gonzales, Equisearch, Roy Kronk and others who were damaged by Felon Anthony’s lies get a legal victory then closure. I pray that Morgan and Morgan will have more success in their legal dealings with the baby killer than the State of Florida did. I pray that Felon Anthony will exhaust her fifth amendment protections and then have to answer questions from Morgan and Morgan in court.

    I also feel that it was even more unfair for Caylee to die than it is for a legal process against her mother to drag on.

    I doubt if we will see the Zenaida vs Casey civil trial in 2013~~SS

  354. cali patti says:

    I’m curious, would Canada allow CA to travel there with her 2 felony’s?


  355. You can continue to use this thread to discuss Casey… I put a new post up …let’s hope we get to see some action next week re the trial…. New post here…

  356. colin black says:

    Sorry Snoops you can remove my post from new JA thread just read your turning this one over to trunkmom.

  357. Amber from Maryland~~I thought about you and how disappointed you will be over the following… If Morgan does go ahead with the Zenaida suit, it will have to be in federal court…as of right now, all civil suits are at a standstill… Margaret posted the following link in the Coffee Café

  358. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    When is someone going to learn that when you (1) murder your child, (2) steal from just about everyone you can steal from, (3) slander total strangers, (4) cause a charitable search group to spend a fortune that they could have spent on truly needy children to search for a child that you know is dead, (5) behave in a manner that many people consider to be well below the moral norm, and (6) lie to friends, family and police, many people are not going to be very sympathetic to your need for closure.

    I am still praying that Zenaida, Roy and Texas Equisearch get the victory they need before getting closure. They need and deserve victory and closure. I pray that Morgan and Morgan can handle things in bankruptcy court and that they will eventually suceed where the state of Florida could not. Someone needs to make Felon Anthony realize that actions have consequences. George and Cindy will do their best to make sure that their criminal daughter is as unscathed as possible. I remember when Cindy was trying to get the police to believe that the felon was talking in code and that Amy H. was probably the Zenaida who kidnapped Caylee. I remember the felon and her mother trying to put blame on Jesse Grund. We should all pray for Morgan and Morgan to prevail in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

    Maybe we should pray for Felon Anthony too. She does not deserve closure now but she is a lost soul and may need prayers for when she enters eternal rest.

  359. Cali Patti says:

    To steal a line from JVM … This makes my head want to explode. Did I read that court fines and costs that have been given to her can’t be written off in bankruptcy? Maybe I’m wrong.
    Maybe just give her whatever she wants if she promises to leave the country and never return.

  360. Amber from Maryland says:

    Cali Patty

    I think you may be right. It seems that somewhere I read that some of the court costs can’t be written off.

    She can’t leave the country. Mommy and Daddy Dearest live here and probably do not have sufficient funds to support her abroad.

  361. Cali Patti says:

    Amber, your right about CA not being able to live abroad, some countries won’t let her in. There are islands that do tend to welcome these types.
    CA was very social so I’ve wondered how she will maintain a mental balance being so isolated. I do know a little about living in a isolated life by choice. I know I get lonely and when I do, I have people to visit with. We go to lunch, walk, talk, exchange books, so on. CA has nothing except her parents. I think CA still believes she can have a normal life here in the states, I just don’t see it happening. Someday she will realize what her life will be. Yet others in here have said she will find people someday. CA is living well today so I could be wrong.

  362. What genuinely moved you to post “Jodi Arias Trial-Page Two | mainstreamfair”?
    I actuallydefinitely appreciated it! Thanks for your time ,Nadia

  363. If jodi got a package for Val, Day, Would the not be proof from the post office UPS, or Fed Ex? Has jodi ever taken a lie detector test?

    To my knowledge, we only have Jodi’s word that she rec’d a Valenine pkg from Travis. After viewing Jodi on the stand, a polygraph machine would not recognize her foreign language. I honestly think she could pass it with flying colors.

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