~~FINALLY~Arias Trial~Jan 2nd, 2013~

Jodi Arias’ mug shot

Notice the evil in those eyes….

Now we have Jodi looking quite smug with her Trophy. She made sure that no other woman would get their hands on her possession, quite typical of the psycho stalker.


Check out this link and see how they have Jodi made up for her court appearance. You certainly cannot judge a book by it’s cover. The pic is copyright 2012 so I can only link to it. Psychopaths come in all shapes and sizes…

Jodi Arias trial: Woman charged in boyfriend’s death goes to trial

The trial takes place in Arizona so will start later in the day for some of us. I will provide a link to the live stream of the trial once it becomes available.

If anyone else finds a link PLEASE post it in the comments. Thank you!

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  1. I can’t believe this trial will last into April…check this out…


  2. Arizona is 2 hours behind Orlando and 3 for me. When it is 9am in Phoenix, Arizona, it is 12 noon here in N.S. and 11am in Florida.

  3. The trial is due to start tomorrow at 10:30am MST….12:30pm Florida….1:30pm….me

  4. Cali Patti says:

    I’m looking forward to this trial. Hope the atty’s will be on point, no grandstanding, no long winded anyone. Finally a trial I hope to enjoy with no emotional investment. Whoop!

  5. Karen C. says:

    Thank you, Snoopy, for keeping up with all this!

  6. Karen C ~~my pleasure, hon! I am anxious to see this trial finally getting under way too….I just hope it doesn’t end up like the Anthony case.

    Hi ya Cali…get your popcorn ready…let’s hope Jodi doesn’t start singing…

    Arguments in high-profile murder case begin today

  7. I am trying to find a live stream so will post a lot of links ….surely one will show it…


  8. I cannot find a live stream HELP ANYONE…..

  9. Karen C. says:

    also- same shot of the state seal and annoying sound tone though… at lunch already?

  10. margaret says:

    where is that big ole smile today.?

  11. Karen C. says:

    Ah, yes, the Facts of Life, or in this case, perhaps Death.

    Dang, this is seriously compelling stuff. Wow- evil, malicious and DUMB as a ROCK.

  12. Karen C. says:

    Can’t help but wonder if Green Socks Guy and the glum-looking gal next to her don’t offer up Bi-Polar by way of explanation…

  13. Karen C ~~this case reeks of well planned premeditation. I didn’t know that Jodi staged a robbery at her home a week prior to the murder. She said some money and her grandfather’s GUN were stolen. the gun matched the caliber of the bullets found at the scene. Damn, Jodi is dabbing away at dry eyes and blowing her nose….just like Casey. Notice the long hair that has been darkened or maybe that is her natural color .. it matches her evil dark brown eyes…Travis died one hell of a heinous death while that psycho bitch was enjoying every minute of it… I see more psychopathic behavior than bi-polar.. the defense needs to come up with something mental to save her from the DP… I believe there is a male on the jury around 23-24 yrs old.

  14. Karen C. says:

    She put such a lot of energy and random wild “planning” together for this, I’m really thinking Bi-Polar would be the way to go. We’ve been watching this develop in a relative of my Hubby’s, unfortunately. I’ve always been skeptical about this, and I don’t think much of it as a mitigating factor, but now I’ve seen it alive and in person in someone I’ve known for some years now (as opposed to a random person on the street, or arguing with a cop, or in the Emergency Room, say) a lot of this suggest Manic Phase. So today must be Depressive Phase.

  15. Karen C. says:

    Either way, what a monster!

  16. OMG….you gals watching the defense’s opening statement?? wooooooo

  17. Karen C. says:

    Holy Smokes! Defense- this is like Peggy Lee- “Is That All There Is?” No wonder she’s hyper-ventilating right now.

    Are there any family members of hers there? I can recognize a few of “his” folks- maybe she doesn’t have any? I’ve always wondered about her family situation- I don’t believe in storks or fairies, but maybe in her case….

  18. Karen C ~~I have seen pics of her mother, father, sister and brother. They are somewhere in my original post of this case. I don’t know if any of her family is in the courtroom…I think Jodi’s family were high rollers…

  19. Karen C. says:

    It’s hard to imagine her with a “normal” family somehow- she seems so “other”….

  20. margaret says:

    http://www.kpho.com/category/224303/kphocom-local-live-streaming……Is this the same site Snoops. Sound pretty good here. Had all three granddaughters last night and until a few minutes ago. They had my computer tied up so I missed opening. I did get a glimpse of her pathetic pretend crying face.Back to watching.

  21. LindaNewYork says:

    Yeah. Yet another young woman murderer who made up stories…before settling on an “abuse excuse” one. They are all the same. Let’s hope this isn’t another “Pinellas County 12” jury. (And hopefully the Prosecutor’s do a better job of prosecuting).

  22. Karen C. says:

    You know, this prosecutor doesn’t come off as particularly imposing, but he’s clear, concise and has elicited some “good” info out of this first witness.

  23. Cali Patti says:

    Missed today. Wa wa

  24. Cali~~maybe they will have a replay. The prosecutor did a fabulous job in his opening statement. We are certainly learning a lot about the Mormon religion..at least I am.

  25. Karen C~~did you see the pic of Travis’ corpse? It was just on for a brief couple of seconds. I don’t think we were meant to see it. The poor little dog must have lapped up blood to keep him alive. Geez, I hope the jurors do not believe the lies that the defense is using. Jodi must have written the script.

  26. JVM and Nancy will be covering this on HLN….

  27. Cali Patti says:

    Thanks, I’ll ck HLN. Wish it was on court tv.

  28. Read In Session’s minute-by-minute updates from Wednesday’s opening statements below. Scroll down to bottom of the page and read up….

    Arias trial begins with gruesome, sexual details

  29. Cali Patti says:

    On Dr. Drew discussing how her verdict easily could be manslaughter. OMG

  30. This murder was premeditated and well thought out in advance of it taking place. Jodi carried out the murder like a ritual. She even washed the blood off Travis’s body after she killed him. I don’t know how long she stayed with Travis’ corpse and admired her handiwork. Why would a woman who considered herself “Travis’ dirty little secret’ visit him in the wee hours of the morning and have a 25 caliber handgun in her purse? I hope the jurors are smarter than the Pinellas idiots….

    In reality, I hate to say this but Travis brought some of this on. I do not mean that he deserved to be killed but he was playing with fire. Why would Travis want to have sex with his stalker? She slashed his tires, broke into his e-mail accts etc etc …He was playing head games and not the one above his shoulders.

  31. To Amber from Maryland~~I notice you are visiting my blog. I hope all is well with you. I miss your comments. Hugs…

  32. cali patti says:

    Noticed you have good comments on your “other” jodi page also.
    Is today going to be a replay of jodi’s taped conversations?

  33. cali patti says:

    Does Jodi have friends or family in the court room? Are her atty’s court appointed?
    Did any of you notice all the gun chewers, including the female defense atty?
    Is there any back ground on this judge? In so many other cases, the judge became the lead story at times.

  34. cali patti says:

    Yo … anyone else here?
    I noticed when evidence is presented to a witness in Jodi’s case it has been taken out of the paper bag and put into a plastic sealed bag. The witness can verify without going through what they did at the Casey Anthony case. I recall the continuous rattling of paper bags while the witness had to put on gloves, with some of the evidence, take it out, testify and then put it back into the noisy paper bag, The system of already having evidence out and put into a ziplock is nice and much faster.

  35. LindaNewYork says:

    At least someone picked out clothes for her that aren’t “ill fitted”. (Case Anthony, anyone?)

  36. Karen C. says:

    Cali- Don’t know about anyone else but I’ve had the most peculiar day (long story- actually, several long stories!), and have had to check on this but sporadically. I want to know what the rest of that email said!!!

  37. cali patti says:

    Hi Karen, thanks, guess I was feeling alone in here, ha ha.

  38. Karen C…you have mail…

    Cali… I was one busy old man today…court is in recess until Jan 8th…

  39. Colin Black says:

    Couldnt get any feed with a picture today
    Black screen an sound only
    That wa bad enuff
    This girls a LOON

  40. Hi Matey!! Dave started a thread at his blog and I posted a few links and info… Here is a link to the thread…


  41. Cali Patti says:

    To Linda … Ur right – so far about cloths. I’ve had ppl working outside the past 2 days soy watching has been sporadic. Jodi’s attys need more personality.

  42. Cali Patti says:

    Colin. The black feed happened to me to. I tried the other feeds until one worked. I never d/l video I watched on small screen.

  43. Cali Patti says:

    Colin, One feed was black, one no sound but the other two were great. Once I thought I had lost feed but they took a long lunch.

  44. FYI~~this trial is very graphic and some of the content I post will be explicit….

    Testimony continued to get heated during day two of Jodi Arias’ murder trial Thursday, when a prosecution witness read an alleged message in court, in which the victim said he felt like a sex toy.

    “I was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat for you,” Travis Alexander told Arias in a Facebook message, according to Mesa police detective Esteban Flores.

    Flores statement came just hours after the detective told the jury that Alexander had sent emails to Arias calling her a “slut” and a “whore.”

    Read more here….

    Jodi Arias Trial: Travis Alexander Told Arias He Was ‘Nothing More Than A Dildo’


    At 2:09 in this vdeo, it shows Travis’ corpse in the shower.

    Nancy Grace-Day 1 of trial Video

  46. LindaNewYork says:

    Very Sordid. I had trouble finding a live feed yesterday. Who pays for her attorneys? Does she have family in the courtroom? I know someone asked that, but I don’t think I saw an answer.

  47. Karen C. says:

    Very interesting, that one portrait of him in the shower pretty much right before death- a little grim and intense- you wonder what she has just said to him, if he’s processing something he can’t figure out. Have they absolutely determined which wound came first? IIRC it’s been implied that the stabbing to the heart initiated things, that he was stabbed repeatedly in the back and back-of-the-skull while steadying himself over the bathroom sink, that the throat slitting in the bedroom was the fatal wound, as he still had lots of blood in him at that point, the gunshot being more of a coup-de-grace.

    Can’t wait for the ME’s testimony- there’s so many questions… does she get him standing still by producing the gun first, and telling him if he cooperates he gets to live? It seems she didn’t attack him right in the shower, but just outside it (and why not right in the shower, as he’s “cornered” there, physically?) I had thought that it began there, maybe with his eyes closed against the spray, allowing her to get closer with the knife- but it seems not. Did he get out of the shower before she wanted him to? Did she have to improvise, and just got lucky with a heart wound right-off-the-bat? I’m pretty sure she would not have anticipated the breastbone… He swings around to the mirror reflexively to see the damage, leaving his back vulnerable, not believing this is happening at first- she has completely turned demonic on him?

    It would be helpful to know how far the camera was from the floor for that accidental shot up to the ceiling- was it still mid-air somehow, or right on the floor? I imagine they could work that out pretty specifically. And, she isn’t some six-armed Hindu Goddess, so she has the camera in one hand, the knife in the other? She abandons the camera or is it knocked down while he’s flailing and she’s stabbing? That’s not the smallest digi camera out there and it likely weighs something. We know she’s left-handed (why do lefties ever stab anybody? Rather narrows the field of potential suspects- not smart.) Producing a gun in an enclosed area has the effect of doubling your Manpower, so-to-speak, a smaller female is now equal in lethality and threat level to a large man- so she drops the camera for the knife?

    If she used restraints, why did she not photograph him that way- trussed up and helpless? She took photos of everything else, and then some! Thinking about that, I don’t see her NOT taking pics of him bound, if that’s what happened. And clearly she expected that she had destroyed all evidence with the abuse of the camera and the SD card- there would be a very different case here without those pics. Did she present all this as a last spectacular Good Time and then she’d leave him be forever? That would surely be an incentive for a booty call!

    What was she saying to him?

  48. Karen C. says:

    And two other things- that Defense Nonsense, that he persuaded her that anal or oral sex was less of a sin than “regular” sex in the Mormon doctrine- utter malarkey. I’m pretty sure his attitude became in time- Crazy chick will let a guy do anything to her, she’s kinda sick! He lost respect for her, and she had expected to have him enthralled.

    And notice in so many of their “we’re a couple!” pics, she’s very possessively placing her hands on him- the one at the waterpark, or whatever that was, she seems to be almost forcing his face still using both hands. Lookee what I’ve got! He shows some variety in facial expressions, hers is almost always exactly the same- that fake beautific no-teeth coy smile, over and over.

  49. margaret says:

    Did any of you guys see one of Travis friends being interviewed on HLN yesterday, when he said Jodi would crawl through the doggy door at night and sleep on Travis couch. I only caught part of it. That should have been a loud warning bell..Her chair is lowered and she has some of those great one a day kleenex, casey had. Do you think putting the camera in washing machine was a n accident that she just gathered it up with dirty clothes and did not realize it was there..That camera is going to be her undoing. She looks a little worried to me. I saw her look over towards Travis family yesterday, but she wasn’t smiling at them.

  50. cali patti says:

    Wow, yes Margaret I also believe Jodi forgot about the camera completely or possibly thought the washing machine water would destroy camera. I think she forgot all about it, oops! She took the knife and gun, tried washing herself, DNA, off Travis so to leave the camera seems like an oversight.
    I still want to know where her parents are. I was thinking about how horrified they must be of this crime their daughter has confessed to. For me, this type of crime would make it difficult to support my child at this time.

  51. Amber from Maryland says:

    I can’t get over some of the outstanding examples we have seen of this younger generation’s behaviour. Casey Anthony, Elizabeth Johnson, and Jodi Arias exhibited behavior which would have been considered unthinkable fifty years ago. There would have been no excuse for any of it and no one would have dared to verbalize such insane and foul “excuses” in a court room..

    Snoopy, Thank you for your concern. I have some kind of bug that is going around. I look at the blog site every time I come downstairs to get some soup but for the most part I am resting in bed. I am glad that you all are keeping up with what is going on.

  52. First off, Amber is is great to see you. I hope you get feeling better soon. I feel like a blog mommy and worry about all my kids. I am old enough to qualify as a Blogging Granny. lol

  53. LindaNewYork~~Jodi does have family but I have not heard if any of them are in the courtroom. When Jodi went back to CA, I noticed she moved in with her grandparents. This leads me to the question, did Jodi alienate herself from her parents and siblings when she joined the Mormon church. Maybe it was vice versa?

  54. Here is Travis Alexander’s MySpace. You may wish to take a look at some of his photos and there are a couple of videos. You can hear him speaking at one of his lectures…


    You will find pics of Jodi’s family on her MySpace…

    Here is Jodi Arias’ MySpace. In her photos she has an album in Loving Memory of Travis… Notice the smirk on her face in a lot of her pictures. She is quite content that no other woman will ever be with Travis….a typical stalker and a psychopath.


    Here is a great article written by Shanna Hogan, a Crime Writer… it tells of the events leading up to the murder of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias has been charged with Murder One and the death penalty is on the table…Will this be an open and shut case or will her defense try and prove she is insane? I will warn you that the details are gruesome.


  55. It is time to take a break with a cup of nice hot tea, a glass of cold juice or wine if you prefer… A few deep breaths and do some pooch thinking……isn’t this little chihuahua adorable?…

  56. Karen C~~at 5:29:20 in the video I posted, I wonder if Travis was staring at a gun or a knife? It appears that the look on his face is rather quizzical… By the looks of the laundry, Jodi poured quite an amount of bleach directly on the clothes and camera. I am amazed that LE was able to retrieve those pictures.

    BTW, Nancy Grace is due for a slap up the side of her head. She keeps playing Jodi singing carols just to irritate me.

  57. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, after reading the Hogan article I’m rather confused. So LE thought he must’ve been shot first (which would make the most sense, unless you want to torture your victim and don’t want him stunned or passing out/dead too quickly), then stabbed, throat slit, etc.

    Here’s another thing that occurs to me- her “conversion” happened after they broke up, right? She moved to be near him after, as well, right? There’s some whisperings that it was she who introduced him to various sexual positions- the reverse of what her defense is claiming… What are the odds that she faked everything in bed too? That she just put on a big Oscar-worthy performance every time, and he just found her way too obviously fake which became contempt for her (on top of all the other stuff)- there’s real hostility in that one email to her, which seems to have been quite out of character for him. I do hope the Prosecutors go to bat for this guy, to balance this horrible and grievously unfair picture the Defense is trying to come up with, of a depraved, deviant, misogynistic dude who got what was coming to him….

  58. Margaret~~I don’t think Travis filed a police report when Jodi snuck into his home or when she slashed his tires. If he didn’t I would want to know why, if I were a juror. I wonder if any of Travis’ friends saw the slashed tires. Why would Jodi need to crawl through the dog space if she had the code to his garage entrance? She let herself in the night he was murdered. Why would Travis let his stalker have the code to get in his house? Did his sexual appetite take priority to logic? He could have changed the code to his garage entrance and also the passwords to his facebook and e-mail accounts.

    I don’t think this case is going to be a slam dunk. God knows what the defense will put on as evidence. The Casey Anthony case has made me a little gun shy.

  59. Cali Patti says:

    A quick thought – crawling through a doggie door is a quiet way to enter where as a garage door is noisy. Plus Jodi would have been able to “peek” at what is going on inside w/o being seen. Plus a garage door opening could be seen by neighbors. Just an idea.

  60. Cali~~that makes sense. I am not familiar with the noise Travis’ door would make. I guess Travis’ dog would be used to Jodi so would not bark.

  61. Karen C~~I just finished reading the Hogan article as well. A gun shot to the face would render Travis blind from all the blood. I think the little lady had this planned out real well. I don’t believe she wanted Travis dead right away…she was out to torture and make him pay for rejecting her.

    Awhile back, I had reason to do a bit of investigating on stalkers. * Snoopy clears throat…

    I don’t think many garbage men get stalked…a stalker wants her trophy to be someone in the limelight. If she can snag him, then she gets to be recognized as almost his equal. It would be quite an accomplishment if she could show the world that she was the chosen one out of all the other beautiful women. The following was taken from Hogan’s article and is a good example of quite a catch for a stalker….

    Tall, broad-shouldered with bright green eyes and dark hair, Travis was a handsome, young entrepreneur who appeared to have the world at his feet—a lifetime away from his impoverished beginnings. Growing up in the slums of Riverside, California, his childhood had been rough. Travis was one of seven children born to parents who were addicted to crystal meth. For years, the family lived in a tent. At other times home was a dilapidated camper in his aunt’s backyard. Often, the children went to bed hungry.

    In 2001, Hughes hired Travis onto his sales team at Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc., a company that sells legal-service insurance. Using the story of his own childhood struggles as a motivational tool, Travis excelled at the company and was quickly met with financial success. By his mid-twenties he owned an upscale five-bedroom home and was driving a BMW.

  62. Opinion comment…

    In order to catch a big fish, you have to use the right kind of bait. The bigger the fish, the tougher it is to get him to bite so you can reel him in. I think Jodi portrayed herself as another Eve. She didn’t run around with a basket of apples but she did have a camera and a body. Jodi’s Adam happened to be a Mormon so she gets baptized in his church and learns all about the Book Of Mormon.

    How convenient!

    Unless he is gay, a young virile, healthy male cannot resist the temptation when the naked bait is there for the taking. I think Jodi’s book was “101 Positions”. I often wonder if Jodi was mentally blackmailing Travis once she seduced him and had him under her spell. Once she was baptized, she could go to the bishop and confess that she and Travis were committing fornication. Travis’ dirty little secret would be exposed and this would certainly hurt his standing in the church and his reputation.

    There are no lengths a stalker will not go to. They would rather see their ‘trophy’ dead than let someone else end up with their prize catch. In their mind the one they are stalking is their possession and they become more and more obsessed. They have to know what that person is doing or thinking every waking moment.

    Once Jodi was convinced that she did not stand a chance with Travis, she was going to make damn sure no one else would ever get him. If you look at some of the pics of Jodi and Travis’ when their romance (sex life) was going full steam, Jodi comes across as showing Travis off…”hey girls, eat your hearts out, look who I’ve got.”

    Then after Jodi killed Travis, we see that satisfied smirk….

  63. LindaNewYork says:

    It really sickens me when a victim is “put on trial”, not here to defend himself. So what if they had sex hanging upside down! This girl BRUTALY killed this guy. And then took pictures of what she did! And she claims “self defense”, her latest and final LIE that the defense/defendant go with. (Sounds familiar, huh? Another liar). As with the Casey Anthony (lie) defense, is this yet another defense with “shock value”. Here with “sordid” sex details, and there, the Anthony trial, with incest/sexual abuse. Is this being used to shock the jury to get her off?

    And seriously. With the murder so brutal, so overkill and the murderer taking pictures, how could a jury believe self defense??

    (Have pictures been published to the general public of all the pictures she took?)

  64. Karen C. says:

    Here’s one thing to consider, though… this is not a Florida jury!

  65. LindaNewYork says:

    So, she took a picture of him in the shower before she murdered him and then after she murdered him? Very sick murderer. And she, and her defense attorney(s) would have the jury believe that this was self defense? This murder was total overkill. The stories/lies these murderers come up with are laughable. Like Casey mocked real sexually abused victims, Arias is mocking real abused women.

    Well, Karen C. we do have to be grateful the jury isn’t from Pinellas County!

    I was watching one of those shows on the ID Discovery last week and the jurors were from Pinellas County. And I was like, oh G-d, here we go…but they convicted. And it was a pretty circumstantial case!

  66. LindaNewYork~~the pic of Travis slumped in the shower dead was taken by LE as an evidence photo. I noticed there was no time stamped on it. The one where he is still alive looking out at Arias was probably just prior to him being shot in the face. He went through pure hell before a stab wound, as per reports, went directly into his heart. Maybe she slit his throat after that to make sure he was dead.

  67. LindaNewYork says:

    I finally read the link you had up above by Shanna Hogan. One of the many things I don’t know about this case, is that his roomate was in the house and did not know Travis was dead, just in the next room! How long was he home without noticing? (I know he didn’t have access to Travis’ bedroom and would have no reason to be going in his bedroom). How horrible for all his loved ones. And the nerve of her to attend his memorial.

    I didn’t really keep up with this crime. As we all know, in 2008, and for three years thereafter, I/we were consumed with all things Casey Anthony. So I don’t, and didn’t know, all the ins and outs of this case, just some basic stuff. And it seems to have taken a very long time to finally get to the courtroom. Seems pretty cut & dry to me. But I am interested in this case. I will be watching on In Session next week. One case I have have found no interest in, and wouldn’t discuss, anywhere, with a ten foot pole, is the Travon Martin case. I’m too much “on the fence” with that one!

  68. LindaNewYork says:

    Weren’t there pictures that she took of him, after she killed him? Or an I misinformed?

  69. Catalina says:

    @LindaNewYork … Yes there is but we (viewers) didn’t get to see those

  70. margaret says:

    There are pictures on Huffington Post and in one ,I think the laundry room, there is a piece of duct tape on floor. Maybe she used that to get the upperhand with him. I saw a courtroom shot of a woman seated behind the defense in tears on the second day,I wondered if that were her parents. I read on the trials facebook page about a juror that was replaced, saying that as soon as jury left room jodi is smiling and talking. …….Just a note Wesh is reporting that Jeff Ashton is going to investigate the computer information from caca that the prosecution never received.

  71. Catalina~~welcome! I hope you will make yourself right at home here. You are correct in that the jurors and those attending the trial got to see many pics that we were not privy to.

  72. Margaret~~seeing that duct tape in the laundry room made a light bulb go off in this old noggin. I wonder if LE took that into evidence and it may be introduced later.

    Off topic…the appellate court will be hearing Casey’s motion on Jan 9th. I think it will be televised. Once they rule, the Zenaida case will be able to proceed to set a trial date.

  73. LindaNewYork says:

    Catalina, I am glad we were not privvy to those photos!!

    (Casey Anthony….the murderer that just keeps on giving. So, will the Zenaida case be telivised??)

  74. LindaNewYork~~The Sunshine State of Florida televises most everything so my answer will be yes. The Zenaida Gonzales vs Casey Anthony civil trial will be televised. I believe a Judge Munyon (sp) will be on the bench.

  75. Opinions Comment…

    What a dreadful thought but I am going to put myself in the mindset of a psycho stalker….

    Jodi found out that after satisfying Travis’ sexual appetite for almost a year, she was still not good enough in Travis’ eyes to become anything more than a good roll in the sack. She wasn’t about to give up her conquest. In her mind, Travis was her possession.

    Once Jodi found that Travis was going to take the Hall girl to Mexico, she was livid. She sent out warning signals; slashing his tires; sneaking into his home; breaking into his facebook and e-mail accounts, very typical of an obsessed stalker. (For the life of me, I do not understand why Travis did not report the two incidences of the tire slashing to LE Was he worried that Jodi would expose his fornication?)

    She decided to give it one more last ditch effort and began to preplan her trip to Arizona. Her sexual advances towards Travis worked before so this last time would be a ‘do or die’ effort. If Travis’ rejected her this one last time and she could not accompany him to Mexico, she was going to make damn sure, he wouldn’t be in any condition to make the trip.

    Plan A:- The sexual seduction of Travis would be no problem. She was well aware of his likes in that department. The hardest part would be trying to convince Travis that she was marriage material and the woman he should be willing to take as a wife and life’s partner.

    But just in case she could not pull it off… she came up with…

    Plan B:- Jodi needed a weapon and her grandfather owned a 25 caliber gun. If she ened up using the gun, it could easily be traced back to her so that is when she planned and staged a robbery in which the gun was stolen. A police report was now documented, a stolen gun along with some money. This took place approximately a week before Travis was murdered. When she made her trip to Arizona, she rented a car. One of the license plates was missing while the other was turned upside down.

    I wont go into any more of the details…what we do know is that Jodi’s Plan A was not successful… This is a case of Premeditated Murder!

  76. FYI~~ I hope everyone who comes in here will feel comfortable. Please do not think that you have to agree with the blog owner or all of the guest commenters. If you feel Travis brought a lot of this on himself, do not hold back in voicing your opinion.

    In this post, I lean towards Travis but that does not mean you have to. I also tend to see a side of Travis that I do not care for. I believe I may have mentioned it above. We are all adults and pride ourselves in being able to give our opinions, both pro and con, and still remain civil…thanks~~SS

    PS…??? come out of hiding…and get in here…lol

  77. Newbie says:

    lol….I don’t know whose in hiding but I have been playing catch-up on this case. I don’t see how the defense could get this murderess off but as we all say, we sure didn’t see C A getting out of her situation. Well, I guess the defense could go for mentally ill ?

  78. Bobbie says:

    I hope she gets what she deserves!

  79. Newbie says:

    I don’t see one photo of Travis and Jodie that show a fun loving couple. All are just cold. Weird, totally weird. And, with all he had at risk, why would he allow pictures to be taken while they were having sex. Were they only taken on the day of his death? I’d like to know what other men Jodie had been with and how the relationships ended. Does the prosecution have witnesses regarding stalking of other lovers. Does she have a stash of photos of other men showing them in the sexual act.
    Lord, my questions seem to reflect an obsession on sexual photos but that is not it. I just don’t understand why you would take such pictures in the first place and secondly, why would you take them on the day you are killing the person.

  80. Newbie~~did I draw you out of hiding? I see you fetched my girl, Bobbie, who is battling a nasty flu bug.

    Bobbie, your sister is hooked on this case now. It will be interesting to see if Jodi’s defense can get her off from the lethal injection. The death penalty is on the table. Most of the 12 jurors are middle aged but they have a young man who is in his early twenties…

    I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. One of the women who comments here is also down with the flu.

  81. Cali Patti says:

    Snoop … I’m not sure how your thinking is towards Travis, but I see him using her in the manner Jodi offered. Travis did nothing with Jodi that she did not offer.
    Travis was wrong, weak and cruel to do so.

    Jodi knew he was leaving on a cruise in a few days and tried her “best” to have Travis not leave with his new girl. It did not work so Jodi completely lost it. That’s how I see it.

    Travis should have never allowed Jodi to stay when she arrived that night. I don’t think Travis should have allowed Jodi into his place at all. Travis knew Jodi loved him instead of shuttuing her down quickly and permanently, he allowed the relationship to drag on, at least sexually.
    Travis gave NO respect to Jodi, new girlfriend or himself. I’ve heard that men can’t say no to what is offered when “it’s” in front of them, bull. Real men can & do say no everyday.
    Travis did not deserve to die.

    Writing on this phone is difficult.

  82. Cali Patti says:

    P.S. – I don’t believe, at all that Travis forced or cohearsed Jodi into any sexual acts. Jodi was a willing partner. Also think Jodi used sex as a currency, Travis did not understand that he was with a crazy.

  83. Newbie~~I agree the pics of Jodi and Travis do not look like a couple in love, you know that starry eyed dreamy look. I also notice that Travis tends to tip his head upward in many pics, chin up. To me this displays an ego. I think they were both vying for the limelight. He had no problems showing off his pretty girlfriend and she liked being with her successful man. I doubt if Jodi really loved Travis. Like Casey Anthony, Jodi loved herself. Travis and Jodi seemed to be co-dependent. He needed her sex and she wanted to possess a successful man. I read Travis’ blog and what he wanted in a wife. Makes you go hmmmm…

    Shanna Hogan’s article at this link sums things up quite nicely….


  84. Cali~~when Jodi left her g/parents home in California for Arizona…she was packing a 25 caliber handgun. She staged a robbery of that gun a week before she shot Travis. I see premeditation….if Travis rejected Jodi one more time. Travis was going places in his career and was quite successful. I am afraid in his personal life, he lacked good judgement. He allowed his stalker to have free access to his house. She was capable of slicing up the tires on his car, twice to be exact.

  85. This piece of evidence was on the floor in the laundry room. I wonder if Jodi used it at any time. I don’t know if forensics examined it for Travis’ DNA.

  86. Cali Patti says:

    Oh I agee about being premeditated, I meant at the moment Travis said it was time for her to leave that’s when Jodi lost it.

  87. She’s now claiming that she killed Travis Alexander in an act of self defense, but just days after Travis Alexander was found slaughtered, Jodi Arias wrote an effusive farewell to her boyfriend on the guestbook for Legacy.com, the online obituary service.

    Travis, what can I say to you that I haven’t already said? I am so grateful for the endless hours of conversation and amazing experiences we’ve shared. Thank you for having the courage to share the Gospel with me. You’ve had one of the greatest impacts on my life, and have forever altered it’s course for the better. I love you, my friend, and always will.
    Jodi Arias,
    Yreka, California

    Read more here…

    Accused Killer Jodi Arias Wrote Glowing Farewell To Travis Alexander After His Bloody Murder

  88. Cali Patti says:

    Linda ~ thanks for notice about Dave’s program today.

  89. Chris says:

    What kind of chemistry between two people would lead to such a horrible crime?

  90. Chris~~Welcome! Make yourself right at home!

  91. Chris says:

    We know the facts. They speak for themselves. But what about the reasons behind the crime. Travis was obviously looking for a showpiece and found it in Jodi. She gave him everything he was looking for. A beautiful woman by his side, sexual favours whenever he wanted, even going so far as converting to Mormonism. But wait a second, who prompted who?

  92. cali patti says:

    OFF TOPIC..please what channel is Dave on. Its after 4pm west coast time and i cant seem to find it?

    Sorry, cannot help you..it would depend on your cable co~ss

  93. Chris~~Travis was sinning against his Mormon beliefs by committing fornication. He then ends up baptizing the very person he was sinning with. I can understand why Jodi converted to Mormonism. She would come across as being marriage material, devout Morman, nice looking, successful photographer.and she already proved to him that she was good in the sack.

    Travis began to resent Jodi. Was he being influenced by some of his friends who found Jodi too possessive and was that the reason he broke off their relationship. A stalker can smother her victim by being too attentive. When Travis broke up with Jodi, she was not about to leave quietly…

  94. Karen C. says:

    You know, it’s a heck of a thing to convert to Mormonism on a whim… it’s a real life-style changer (or supposed to be), like Catholicism or Orthodox Judaism, say. Not done lightly, and you might think the local bishop or the counselors would’ve vetted her in some fashion to see what her possible expectations with the faith were, what she knew about the Book of Mormon and what her thoughts were on it’s most interesting history, for one. Wonder if any of them will be called at some point….

  95. Cali Patti says:

    Karen, interesting thoughts you have. I have several neighbors who are Mormon, great families. I recall one woman telling me how she converted to the Mormon faith. She was turned away the 1st time even with her husband already a Mormon. It took time, study and she was questioned several times.
    So how did Jodi get in so quickly, obviously was not a true Mormon.

  96. LindaNewYork says:

    So I got watch some of what InSession had on today earler, regarding the Arias trial. I saw the friend of Travis’, Marie on the stand being questioned by the prosecution and they were showing the defense cross examination…but I fell asleep!! Anyway…why are they harping so much on the Mormon religion? Maybe I missed something as to why this is seems so prevalent in this trial. Many people in all religions do not follow all the “rules”. And just an example…in the Catholic religion you are only supposed to have sex to “procreate”, not for fun and are not supposed to take birth control. So why bring up what religion the victim is and the “rules” (no sex before marriage) and the consequences (being excommunicated)?

    Also Jean Cassarez had Maureen Maher on, who interviewed Arias back in Oct 2008, during her first lie-that strangers killed him, and she grabbed her pocktbook and keys and fled the scene. Jean asked Maureen “something like”, did you (or do you) feel any sympathy towards her-bascially for being “used” for sex by Travis-that Travis was telling people she was a stalker-but having sex with her all along. And Maureen said something like “well a little”-for Travis using her. Now, a girl/woman having consensual sex but is being used for sex the punishment to the guy IS NOT TO MURDER HIM. This happens all the time. A couple breaks up, and continues having sex. The guy is just looking for sex and the girl is still hoping it will be something more. I’ll tell ya, if every woman who was in a situation like this, murdered the guy who does this to her, half the population of men would have been, and still would be, murdered. Poor Jodi getting her feelings hurt is no reason for aquittal and no reason for murder.

  97. cali patti says:

    There is a lot of talk about being Mormon and sinning. Being Mormon, I think, will be her defense or reason for killing somehow.

  98. LindaNewYork says:

    Well, as we know, that is an absurd defense, cali patti ! And I didn’t see your question from yesterday about when the show with Dave was on/channel. I was watching it and kept getting interrupted by my husband and phone call from friend. Someday I will cathc the whole thing.

  99. LindaNewYork says:

    And one more thing…Haha-I would imagine shooting someone in the face and stabbing someone 27 times, along with pre-marital sex, isn’t OK in the Mormon religion either???

  100. Newbie says:

    I’ve tried to find Travis’ profile on Facebook but am getting about everything but that. Is it still there?

  101. Newbie~~here is Travis’ My Space…be sure and scroll down the page. I can’t recall a Facebook account of his so guess I missed it…


  102. Vicky says:

    I’m back, and in need of a vacation following the vacation. We took the whole family with us this time. I haven’t decided if it was fun yet LOL
    I have lots of catching up to do so I can discuss this case. Ms Jodi is some piece of work. I hope the jury won’t buy her BS.

  103. Vicky~~welcome back!! You can vacation right in here… this case is addictive and intriguing…

  104. Newbie says:

    Hey Vicky !!!!
    Snoops, I obviously was looking at the wrong place. MySpace….I didn’t even go there…lol.

  105. cali patti says:

    Vicky’s home, whooppeeee! You were missed Lady.

  106. Bobbie says:

    Great coverage Snoopie. I wonder if the true reason will eventually surface during this trial. Self defense?! No way. Not unless she was having some type of hallucination.

  107. cali patti says:

    Bobbie, the question you asked about ever knowing the true reason of why, I think you are a sane person trying to understand a psychopath. Won’t happen. Possibly a friend will testify to something she said.
    Snoop wrote something about Jodi not wanting Travis to be with anyone else. I think she is right.
    Hallucinations is what we will all have if she gets acquitted.

  108. Newbie says:

    I can’t imagine continuing the attack with so much blood going everywhere. Self defense or hallucination, I would have thrown up in the midst of it all. And, my Lord, she touched the bloody body afterwards and washed it off. Just think, she did all of this to someone she cared for. Makes you wonder what she would have done if she didn’t like him..

  109. Newbie says:

    cali patti, if this gal gets acquitted, I’m headed for the high country !

  110. Apparently Jodi was in a relationship with a man for around four years. They purchased a house together. Right after Jodi met Travis, she broke off with the boyfriend. Now what alarms does this set off??

  111. Bobbie~~In my opinion, Jodi did not love Travis in the sense of a man and woman being in love. Jodi loved what Travis represented, nice looking, bright future and he did own a 5-bedroom home and BMW. Jodi wanted to own Travis and take over his whole being. This is why I believe Jodi was a typical stalker who thought she could bring Travis into submission by using her body as a weapon. She managed to get Travis to prefer her body ,sexually, and sin against his own Mormon beliefs by committing fornication over and over again.

    Jodi is claiming self-defense and, in all likelihood will be taking the stand. We could also see her plea and try to get the death penalty off the table and reduced to second-degree murder. I doubt if the state will offer her up a plea.

    If Jodi were to plea, she would have to tell the judge the real reason(truth) as to why she killed Travis and describe how she went about it.

  112. Cali~~Bobbie better be a sane person. She does come from good stock. lol

    A stalker will make sure that no one else will get their trophy, in this case Travis. Once Travis was dead, Jodi was quite satisfied that she would never have to imagine him being with another women. This drives a stalker to do what Jodi did when they are overcome with jealousy.

  113. Newbie~~I will echo what I told Bobbie, Jodi did not love Travis. Psychos don’t mind a little or a whole lot of blood. They are monsters with no conscience. While Jodi was fabricating her first two stories of what happened, she looked straight in the interviewer’s eyes and never batted an eyelash. Jodi is also putting on quite a performance for the jurors. I think she has plugged tear ducts…I looked for a nasal drip but zilch…

  114. LindaNewYork says:

    Does Arias have any friends or family that have come to her defense or have spoken out about her?

  115. LindaNewYork~~I haven’t heard a peep about any of Jodi’s family supporting her. There was mention that Jodi’s mother said Jodi loved Travis to death…I agree with the ‘death’ part. I am not sure if that info was just a rumor.

  116. cali patti says:

    Today’s testimony seems to be a replay, IN session.

  117. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I think that the hearing for one of our other favorite psychopathic murderesses will be livecast on Florda television this afternoon, maybe at 1 or 1:30 Eastern Time. Unfortunately, she probably can’t get a whole new trial on everything, even if Mason finds a flaw in her conviction on lying. I hope that Morgan and Morgan can use the information about full proof suffocation in the civil trial. I pray for Zenaida’s victory in the civil case but that will be quite a while down the road. I hope the state prevails against Mason in today’s hearing.

  118. cali patti says:

    Ooops, live coverage begins at 10:30, but I’m sure of the time zone, Arizona has two.

  119. Karen C. says:

    Well, according to Beth Karas today (prior to trial starting again), her mother and her Aunt (twins!) are there- I would guess they are the pair seated together who are rather heavy-set, wearing glasses, same hair.

    From same interview with the wonderful Ms. Karas, we now know why they’ve gone with self-defense. They want to get a document of some kind into the trial, purported to be written by Travis (the Prosecution says a forgery by Jodi!), implying that he was interested or was actually a pedophile! Limbo Dance- How Low Will They Go?!

    Judge won’t allow it (it’s a forgery!) unless she testifies- now imagine that- I didn’t write that thing! He forced me into anal sex! He wanted to tie me to a tree! Look at this French Maid’s outfit he wanted me to wear! You have to believe everything I say now, even if every other thing I’ve said is a proven LIE!

    I’m just trying to figure out where they go with this- I’m guessing they are just doing their job to their best capabilities, and that’s how they can sleep at night. They’re not going with insanity, which might be work-able for them (talk about delusional)- do they leave enough distaste in everyone’s mouth to credibly claim Incompetent Defense later?

  120. The trial is bit late getting under way…the Arizona crest is displayed,,,here is another live stream


  121. Amber~~in the appellate hearing for Casey, each side has 15 minutes to argue before 3 judges… I am not sure judges will make their decision today… I have no idea in the delay in the Arias case…lawyers probably are arguing over evidence being admitted…surely it will start soon.

  122. Karen C~~yes I believe you are right… that woman looks like the pic I saw of her mother and the other would be the aunt. I thought I noticed one of them crying one day in court.

    Trial is on now……….

  123. Medical examiner on the stand… defense objects to photo 170…side bar issue

  124. 170 admitted by judge

  125. Amber from Maryland says:

    Jodi does look a little like Felon Anthony with her hair and her crying. What is upsetting her? Did either shed a tear for their victim in court?

    Thanks for the live feed.

  126. The first of the major three wounds was stabbing of the chest near the heart. He was still capable of trying to defend himself. After his throat was slit, he would have died within seconds. His windpipe was severed and the cut was approx 4 inches deep reaching into his spine. The gun shot was after he was already dead. This is per medical examiner.

    I noticed Jodi peeked at all the pictures on the monitor in front of her.

  127. I am really impressed with the prosecutor. The female defense attorney is an imbecile. She is trying to prove that Travis was still trying to attack Jodi after he was stabbed in the heart. She was getting on the nerves of the medical examiner.

  128. Amber from Maryland says:

    Thanks Snoopy
    I was wondering why the defense attorney would go on so long and let the horrible medical examination and the terrible wounds on the victim be the subject of even more jury attention. My gut instinct if I were the defense attorney would be to say “no questions” and shut up so the prosecution could move on to something less damning. Most people would consider the brutal crime as anything but self defense.

  129. Newbie says:

    I’m having trouble just following the case because of it being so gruesome. Defense is really stretching to pawn off self defense. The only thing that comes to mind is they want the jury to see what a horrific crime it was so in the penalty phase the defense can bring up her being out of her mind. Since she is/was so mentally ill, they’ll drop the death penalty???

  130. Amber~~I had heard that one of Jodi’s attorneys quit or Jodi fired her. I think that at that time, the judge appointed a public defender. I am beginning to think the defense attorneys may be public defenders. So far they are doing a miserable job. BTW, this trial was previously delayed seven times due to one thing and another.

  131. cali patti says:

    Jodi originally (way back) wanted to and tried to represent herself until the first motioned had to filed. Ooops!!

    I agree with comments above about the defense and why she/they questioned the medical examiner in so much detail. Why question the M.E. at all. The manner she used with Medical Examiner over the bullet was beyond ridiculous. Your right Snoop, he was becoming frustrated with her.

  132. Newbie~~insanity will never work in this case. She would never have had the sense to stage a robbery of her grandfather’s gun, cut and change her hair color and head off from CA to Arizona. She rented a car approx 90 miles outside of Arizona, took off the front licence plate, it was found on the backseat of the car then she turned the rear licence plate upside down. The defense cannot even prove temporary insanity on this one.

  133. Newbie says:

    Wow ! Great details. I was thinking there was a difference between insanity and mental illness. Of course I think anyone that purposely kills is mentally ill in some way or another.
    Do you know if it is true Travis and Jodie had 82,000 emails between them? I don’t even know where I picked up the 82,000 but that really stayed with me.

  134. margaret says:

    Lets see a show of hands for those who think jodi was actually crying today.Not me!! I have worn glasses for 40 years and I have yet to find a way to cry without having to clean my glasses. She never did.She used that hair as a curtain. In between each picture she would look at moniter and act like she was crying aggain. Hey Beth Karas just told Dr. Drew that same thing. Wow. Also when I cry the white of my eyes turn red and my eyes puff up. She was no more crying than I was. Can you imagine how scary she must have looked as she was stabbing Travis. Beth K. just said there was twenty two pictures of Travis in shower posing and in the last one he crouches down and that must have been when she started stabbing him.. I tooo heard about the other man and he supposedly had a small child….Snoops I kind of have to agree with you about Travis, if he was done with her, he should have made it clearer and filed a stalking charge against her and sealed up the doggie door. Beth said she stopped 60 miles away from Travis house and changed her haircolor, rented a car and turned the car tag upside down, don’t know what that was for.. She went prepared….Hope everyone who has the flu feels better real soon.

  135. Jodi was wearing glasses and peeking over the top of them to look at the monitor. Cheap Walmart brand of spectacles.

  136. cali patti says:

    I saw a poll that asked how many people/viewers believed Jodi was truly crying in court.
    It came back with 96% said NO with 4% saying yes. This young woman may already have her goose cooked. Think she will take the stand?

  137. Margaret~~Jodi wasn’t crying… she was having a dry run…

  138. Newbie says:

    Well, I guess if you are a sociopath and need tears, you should have like a small snuff box with very strong onion in it. She has had just plain old kleenex. Needed to wrap that kleenex around the snuff box…lol. Between the kleenex, hair cut, glasses and false tears, her look is laughable….almost.

  139. Newbie~~except for the glasses, Jodi is trying to come across as the Mona Lisa. I wonder if she has any relatives in ??? Stalkers are like witches, they like to hang out together. Me bad eh?

  140. margaret says:

    Have they checked to see if Travis did all the e-mailing and texting?? If jodi could get her hands on his phone she could have set him up there too. If she could hack his bank account, she would do anything. Dr. Lillian Glass says she will seal her on fate. I heard on some show that jodis mother is a twin and that they have both been in court. Said the mother and aunt are dressing her..I would love to be a fly on wall when her attorneys talk about her

  141. Newbie says:

    Naahhhh, not bad….but now I wonder about all of us who join you at your blog. What name can we/have we been called as a group that hangs out…..lol

  142. Newbie says:

    I wonder how long she looked for that camera, if at all. It did put her at the apartment. I can’t think of any reason she would leave it there unless she was believing the pictures would be damaged in the wash machine. The camera puzzles me.

  143. Margaret~~now you have me curious as to what Dr Lillian Glass is saying. I don’t always agree with her but will check it out.

  144. Newbie says:

    margaret, ooooooh, hack into the bank account. Now that’s something to do if you’ve been used and dumped !!! I would have thought stealing his identity and messing up his credit etc would be a lot better than murdering him.

  145. Newbie~~I believe Jodi deleted the pics on the camera but LE were able to salvage the memory card. Jodi put the camera thru the wash cycle and used a lot of bleach to try and destroy the camera and any of her DNA on the clothes etc.

  146. Here is Dr Lillian Glass and her take on Jodi’s body language. I am going to read it now…


  147. I must give some of these players a name…

    Defense attorney-Jennifer Willmott

    Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott (seated right next to client Jodi Arias), according to her biography on the Willmott Law website, received her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in 1992 and graduated from Arizona State University School of Law in 1995.

    Prosecutor-Juan Martinez

    Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez is considered one of Arizona’s top death-penalty prosecutors.

    Judge-Sherry K. Stevens

    Sherry K. Stephens is a judge for the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona.

  148. Karen C. says:

    Huh, just read the Dr. Glass piece, and just what I expected, in that he was likely the way-less experienced one sexually-speaking (he’s been a Good Mormon Young Man for many years- she was a quickie convert ((and notice how no one has brought up whatever religious beliefs she had had prior!)) in order to snare him) and she was the more worldly seducer in that relationship. I can totally buy that one- maybe he wasn’t an actual virgin but the Prosecution has already informed us in Opening that she introduced him to K-Y gel, not the other way around- and frankly I trust we are more likely to see that one backed up later than anything the Defense has to offer as proof he was abusive later.

  149. Newbie says:

    I have to say I have enjoyed finding out the facts tonight instead of trying to watch when they are in Court. Thanks.
    I feel for her parents and siblings.

  150. Karen C. says:

    Here’s another thing that bothers me tremendously- watching JVM and Nancy tonight after work, the whole self-defense thing… in Boston there was a case that comes to mind, many years ago.

    Young man living downtown with his girlfriend comes back from the grocery store to find his GF in the process of actually being raped in the shower (the perp didn’t hear him coming in because the water was running, and, you know, he was happily raping away)- kitchen was steps away- BF grabs a butcher knife, and stabs perp 5 times. Perp bleeds out before EMTs arrive. BF charged with Murder 2!!! Why?

    State law says self-defense is no more than 3 stabs- anything over is no longer self-defense (or defense of another)! Of course, BF could not possibly have known about this fine distinction in the law, not being a cop or a lawyer and all, but too bad. I don’t know/never heard what the law would say about gunshots and have no idea if it has been changed since then, but it was upheld in this case, IIRC. Does Arizona not have some sort of limitations, then?

  151. Karen C. says:

    Dang- but then George and Cindy look pretty normal, too. can’t help but wonder if this Daddy will be called upon to fall on his sword at some point….

  152. I am only going to leave the pics up for about 24 hours. I do have another pic of a ‘little brother’ but there was no name so did not post it. This will give you the opportunity to see if you can spot any of these people sitting behind the defense in the courtroom. We have already seen Jodi’s mother and aunt (mother’s twin) in the court.

  153. Karen C. says:

    Maybe there was some sort of soul-exchange with an alien craft, out in that desert… good-looking family, and Grandma’s a hoot.

  154. Karen C. says:

    ‘Night, ‘Night- I have yet to find that envelope with the new insurance cards!

  155. Nite nite, Karen. My eyes are slowly closing… happy hunting!

  156. LindaNewYork says:

    I must be have been crying wrong for all these years. When I cry, tears are running down my face. I don’t know. Maybe if I find myself in a courtoom, accused of murder, they will dry up! LOL!

    OK, I am still confused about a roomate being in his room when Travis’ friends arrived and found his body.

    Another thing I found interesting, is there is a picture of Travis in the shower with someone holding him up (?) that had on sneakers and pants (?) with a white stripe??

    Karen C, your story about the man who came home to find his GF being raped-and charged with murder 2….that is just crazy. Unbelievable.

  157. LindaNewYork says:

    So the attorneys aren’t public defenders. Guess her family is paying for them.

  158. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, Linda- that case was hotly argued in the media there at the time, as you can imagine. But it just turned into a 9-day wonder and sort of dried up, attention-wise, as so many other horrible things occur there routinely! Bostonians absorb nightmare-ish news as a commonplace- when you think you’ve heard the worst, some other outrage comes along. But I think I would just go straight-away numb in Florida! Hah!

    And I heard that too, that she was dressed in some fashion- did she manage a few loads of laundry then? Did she put on something of his that was nearby- maybe his roommates didn’t recognize it? I honestly don’t believe she had help in this, as how would that one be arranged? Where is the DNA on a third party? You’d have to be in a full Hazmat suit to avoid that in this case. Maybe that doused-in-blood tee was what she threw on on top- she left that there and then took away the pants?

    As to his roommates- the way his Master Bedroom area is set up appears to be for maximum privacy- I don’t know if there are other bedrooms on that top floor, but if people have their own girlfriends they’re hanging with (even Mormons), they might not be around much except to check the answering machine and collect mail. Don’t know how many roommates myself- but plural so at least two, & it’s a five bedroom house. That large closet of his would be a major sound muffler, there’s that long hallway and there’s carpeting. I can only assume that the odors of decomp stayed pretty confined to that contained bathroom area. What I can’t figure out is what, besides sex, they occupied themselves with for several hours, before shower pics and death, unless she promoted this as The Last Big Bang and get it while you can. I looked around for floor-plans but couldn’t find.

    I bet the sex pics and whatever facial expressions they had at that time will be very key- she NEVER thought the pics would be salvaged from what she had done to that camera and SD card. If she appears enticing and smiling there goes their cock-eyed story from Opening about her being coerced by him….

  159. Karen C. says:

    BTW- Snoopy, you have a link above to his MySpace (I think- looks so much like FaceBook!) above, but he also had a regular blog as well, and I hadn’t been aware of it before:


    Worth delving into… he had started a company promoting modesty in female attire (Uh, yuh, a wee bit of hypocrisy there!), and I had heard some reference that he also had a tee shirt printing company. Now, imagine that- a tee shirt company! As fixated as this girl was on her goal in life (marrying him), what are the odds that she either arranged to have that “Travis Alexander’s” tee made for her as a special order or did it herself! It’s not hard to learn… or she could’ve ordered it on-line, now, couldn’t she?

  160. cali patti says:

    Insession is a day behind the live feed and with all the commercials but that is where I will watch this trial. I will take a peek at the live stream once in awhile but it has become to confining for me.
    Plus the live stream bounces off and on to often. Thanks for the photos and links.

  161. cali patti says:

    It appears that Insession is catching up to the live feed.

  162. LindaNewYork says:

    Re: Travis’ blog. Kinda Creepy. Arias commented on 2 of his blogs. Not a lot of comments on any of them….except for one’s from this month, since the trial started.

  163. margaret says:

    Ha Ha Ha !!!! Have you all seen her pencil?? It looks like a half one, with the eraser, guess her lawyers are afraid to trust her with a whole one.. I can’t believe I first thought she was cute, she is looking ragged. I noticed when the detective was questioning her in the beginning she lost that fake baby voice. She was talking loud and clear. She told the investigator that she had never seen his new camera. Beth Karas said last night that there was 22 pictures of her and Travis alive and well on the same camera that will be shown later. Any way my mind is made up lock her away forever. I’ll bet the new beau is thaking his God

  164. cali patti says:

    HLN/InSession asks viewers to vote on a question each day. They were asked if today’s testimony had changed their minds about Jodi’s guilt (hope I have the question phrased correctly) 98% said NO. Wow that is huge!

  165. margaret says:

    http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/jodi-arias-murder-trial-arizonia-woman-allegedly-killed-18159801. ………………Some information here, personal. Jodi godropped out of school and got her Ged a few years ago ,,,IN JAIL.. Doesn’t say why in jail…..Travis parents were drug addicts and Travis was homeless at times until he got into the Mormon religion and turned his life around. Poor Guy. Several videos.

  166. I did see a deputy come in and stand close to Jodi when certain evidence was being displayed. I have been waiting for her to lose it…jump up and start screaming.

  167. Newbie says:

    If Travis was a sex defiant as Jodi says, it makes sense to me that she would have taken a few stabs at his genitals prior to dragging him back to the shower. “Just saying”……lol.

  168. Jodi Arias Had Fling With Ryan Burns Day After Travis Alexander’s Murder, Witness Says


    Jodi Arias ‘kissed and laughed with new love interest a day after stabbing and shooting ex-boyfriend to death in his shower’


    Jodi Arias Trial: Medical examiner describes brutal attack on ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander


    Witness: I kissed Arias the day after Alexander died


  169. margaret says:

    I am beginning to wish that jodi’s parents were a little like the anthonys..It is almost impossible to learn about jodi past. A clip on ABC said she got her GED while in jail but the reason for jail was not given. HLN said she had no criminal record.Thanks for the link to Travis blog, sounds like he and his sisters had a horrible life..So ironic his talking about looking for a wife,and wondering if she might be an axe murderer.Jodi is painting Travis as some kind of sex deviant, but it seems to me she is the one, She admitted checking his phone so she may have sent those messages from his phone. I don’t know how his sisters can be in same room with her without going for her. I feel so bad for them. Time for todays court,see you later.

  170. I don’t get any of the feeds because I am currently in South America, but from what I’ve been able to piece together, she may have been in jail since his murder. That would explain her sort of casual, careless attitude of being a singing contestant and getting her Spanish classes – preparing for run for the border? With her dark hair she could easily disappear from Mexico to S.A.

  171. Colin Black says:

    The Prosecuter in this cases voice is so monotonous an monotone.
    He can be talking about the most horrific events an yet its as if he is reading ingredients on a breakfast cerial box.
    Complete fail in the passsion department.
    Last night he sent me to sleep so a good cure for inssonima.

    Some people were moaning about Bernies lack of passion re Trayvons murder..Compared to this guy he is like a volcano. m o o.

  172. Colin Black says:

    Magret perhaps they mean she took her G E D whilst on remand awaiting trial.
    Unlike trunkmom she entered genral pop an took classes bible study groups an even entered a singing competition an won.

    She has the voice of an angel an the heart of a demon..
    As Im from the UK am not sure what a ged is exsept some sort of genral compentcy test given to American schoolkids
    Perhaps due to hectic child hood truency or home schooling she never bothered

    Untill she had some time on her hands.
    Time she is faceing she can do a masters degree in criminal justice..

  173. Colin Black says:

    Obviously the beatch was wandering around with a knife soaked in blood an dripping blood as she admirred her handy work.
    So theres going to be leaving miccellenious drips all over the place.
    Bitch used his bathroom scales to weigh her self After the murder as the scales moved by her a top a blood stain.

    Must have wanted to check if tortureing and murdering someone.
    Is a good calorie burner?

  174. Colin Black says:

    She is useing her hair as a curtain to hide behind.
    Any thing on pc screen photos of her handywork she sheilds her eyes an entire face with her hair.

    Id love to chop her mane off an make it into a wig for a deserveing cancer patient whom has lost hair due to chemo.

  175. Colin Black says:

    Id hate to get brutally murdered by a phyco beatch from hell.
    An be continueally referred to as Bloodsource.
    Bloodsource has a name.

  176. cali patti says:

    Hey Colin, I don’t have a clue where everyone went to in here.. It happens to me in here also.
    A GED is a test a person can take to receive their high school diploma. I read where Jodi left school in the 11th grade. You are correct, while she was sitting in jail waiting for her trial to begin she took jail house classes.
    I was following this trial closely but have backed off a wee bit.

  177. cali patti says:

    Blood source, Eee gads you are right about that also. The yuck factor is huge in this trial.

  178. Colin~~I am watching the trial. I generally respond when the trial is over for the day. I see the defense is trying to impeach the lead detective. Jodi is looking very hopeful…

  179. Sandy Banks~~first off Welcome to my blog! Jodi has been in jail since her initial arrest not too long after Travis was killed. Judging from her parent’s hair color and her dark brown eyes, I believe Jodi’s natural hair color to be a dark brown. They have her looking so meek and small in the courtroom and, as in Casey’s trial, her seat has been lowered. There is so much deception in the courtrooms today and yet they insist on a ‘fair’ trial. I am sorry to hear that you cannot get the live feeds in S.A. I will check youtube to see if the videos are up of the proceedings. If they are, I will post the links here.

  180. Colin~~I really like the prosecutor, Juan Maritnez.. He got pretty feisty yesterday and again today. He is presenting the case in stages that are telling the story of a heinous crime. He also wants the jury to see photos of the bloody scenes every chance he can get them in to instill it in their minds.

    I can understand Martinez using the ‘blood source’ rather than Travis’ name. The DNA report findings of the blood has to be brought into evidence first before the blood can be identified as Travis, Jodi or an unknown.

  181. margaret says:

    On facebook State Vs. Jodi arias, somone posted that jodis mom must have quit her job to come to trial..Family is hurting for resources and are selling her drawings on e-bay..Good drawings..She and Travis seem to be talented but jodi wanted Travis lifestyle and if she couldn’t have it ,neither would Travis. I wonder if Travis was sedated in any way, It seems he was not able to protect himself at all..

  182. Mistrial motion by the defense in Arias trial was denied!!

  183. Margaret~~ I didn’t hear anything about a toxicology report. Maybe it may come later. If Travis had any disabling drugs in his system, that would certainly cook Jodi’s goose. I am still interested in the duct tape.

  184. Catalina says:

    I missed the first hour of trial today … does anyone have a link to where i can watch it?.

  185. Catalina~~I will check out youtube to see if they have it up. The first hour was not that exciting. if I am remembering correctly, the prosecution was showing a lot of gas, meal and other receipts of Jodi’s when she made the trip from California to Arizona.

  186. Mine is jumping… I will link it direct to youtube…

    Arias trial-Jan 10th…Part One

    oops that is the afternoon…brb

  187. Catalina~~I can only find what they are calling the afternoon ones…

    Aria trial-Part two-Jan 10th..afternoon

  188. Karen C. says:

    BTW, for anyone who’s still up (et tu, Snoop?) today’s Pro recross of the Detective was about the best I’ve seen/heard or read. This was the whole portion where Defense was trying (very, very trying) to make the poor guy look like a schmuck because he misheard the ME over the phone when it came early on to trying to determine which wound came first. Without the autopsy report completed, and with a cursory viewing of the horrendous scene, anyone might be inclined to a conclusion that the gunshot would have to be the first wound, to subdue the victim obviously. And more likely, one would think, if the prime suspect is a smaller female.

    This motion (for mistrial!!!!) was staggeringly inept (no one’s blaming the detective for mixing up the d@mn wounds when there are SO MANY!), and, given the judge’s statement denying the motion- well, all in all this could not have done any more damage to their case, then if Jodi winked at Burns.

    Martinez was outstanding today, a real hero for Travis.

  189. margaret says:

    Snoops ,my ears are perked up listening for the word duct tape. I do believe this girl watched the caca case and decided she could get out of this by lying,lying and more lying . Just wanted to tell you that there are some of the court videos on ” The State vs. Jodi Arias ‘. The picture that they are saying is a picture of jodi leg and foot , where it shows his arm and shoulder, is there also. I never could make out the old picture but this one has been lightened. I must tell you it is plain now and very graphic. That would be ‘ The State vs. Jodi Arias ” on facebook.Quite adifference between grandparents home and Travis home..I believe ,whether it be duct tape or sedation, something kept Travis from fighting back. I know he was loosing blood and would get weak, but I don’t see why he didn’t get in at least one punch on her, . I wonder if the shot didn’t come first and rendered him almost helpless. That poor boy died a horiffic and painful death. When the detective questioned her at first she knew Travis garage opener code his bank code , his alarm code , and his phone code. If only he had changed those..

  190. Karen C~~I loved every minute of watching the seasoned pro, Martinez do his thing. I wonder if COLIN BLACK got to see him. Bernie De La Rionda would have to take a back seat to Juan. Jodi was looking a bit smug when the big guy strutted up to the podium. I still do not know his name. Do you?

  191. Margaret~~thanks, I am off to Facebook… If I find the pic, I will try and copy it..

  192. Colin Black says:

    Snoops I see an hear nothing nothing I say
    I didnt catch his name if it came up I was stunned an blinded by his tie.

  193. Karen C. says:

    I rather liked his tie. The rest of him was a fiasco.

  194. “Travis Alexander’s” were the words printed on that t-shirt Arias claims was made as a show of ownership for her by T.
    Another lie.
    Here is the link to “Travis Alexander’s Being Better Blog”. The t-shirt was printed with “Travis Alexander’s” at the front and “Being Better Blog” at the back.
    She just wore HIS t-shirt for the photo.

  195. Karen C. says:

    Thing is, though, this is the worst possible case for any defense lawyer to have to do something with. There is zip they can do to make the facts any better. All they are left is self-defense, thanks to her big yap, thence they HAVE to go with battered-women syndrome BS. I really would love to see the Prosecution find a way to get a real abused ex-wife up there somehow, to show the complete implausibility of Jodi being anything like that- with her loving on-line tribute to her victim, her unbruised and unblemished arms she showed off all the time, her seductive smirks. Not to mention the “New Flame” on the stand she made out with just after- that grinding pelvis move she put on him has ground her own self to toast, methinks.

  196. There is oodles of information here on Facebook…. thanks to Margaret for alerting me…


  197. It is saying the leg is Jodi’s in this picture…

  198. Karen C. says:

    WOW, Snoopy- I knew that was a sham! How DARE the defense even try that one- don’t they know how quickly it’ll be discovered? Is it possible that these two are so inexperienced (they def. picked the short straw) that they BELIEVED their client on this (or any other!) point? Wonder how many others have forwarded the link to the State…

  199. Matey~~I think Martinez heard what you said about him. lol Oh he was animated today…

  200. Karen C. says:

    Was she clomping around in his shoes, and his pants- all that looks like a lot of material for her- in an effort to make it look like a male attacker (the shoeprint).

  201. I think this is the other defense lawyer but don’t quote me…

    L. Kirk Nurmi

  202. Karen C. says:

    IS the theory that the camera was upside down, with the button going off automatically every few seconds? That’s quite an interesting perspective, and she’s clearly not operating the camera herself at that point…

  203. Karen C~~my gosh lady, you missed your calling. I never thought of Jodi wearing Travis’ clothes to stage the murder and put the onus on someone else.

  204. Karen C. says:

    She couldn’t have her own clothes be all bloody, and she wants to torture him- that’s the whole point! So I think right after she let herself in, she shucked her own clothes downstairs, and traipsed up there promising to never bother him again after this last tryst. She has the camera to document their last Good Time, and is all seductive. Then, she’s all sweet, and acts in a way to lull him completely, all reasonable. She puts on some things of his, for modesty’s sake she might argue, in case someone else comes in. At some point then they are separated physically, she secures the knife and gun, and they must be nearby when he pops in the shower (wrapped in a towel, or that tee shirt perhaps?). Eventually he takes his shower and she compliments him on his physique- Oh, how she’ll miss his manliness, blah blah, as she clicks away with the camera. He is compliant, and allows himself to be posed while hunched down- something like “The Thinker” perhaps? Now she makes some statement like- “Now you’ll know what a broken heart REALLY feels like” and wham!

  205. Karen C. says:

    Look how quick she was to point out someone else to Flores- Gotta check out that suspicious roommate of his! Maybe the roommate’s clothes? It’s easy for guy’s gym stuff to be misidentified- my son and husband are now about the same size and they can’t figure out who owns what, I don’t even try to sort it. Her own clothes would be unbesmirched by blood (after she showered with poor Travis at her feet, which must have given her a kick), and off she goes NEVER expecting that dang camera to survive what she put it through. And she didn’t think that the side of her hand would leave a discernible print for them to work with.

  206. Karen C~~you’re good!! Now I must say goodnight…no trial tomorrow, if I heard correctly…

  207. Karen C. says:

    I can’t believe the panel of talking heads on InSession today thinks the defense “won” yesterday’s go-round- Say WHAT? Are they trying to be “balanced” here?

  208. Karen C~~most of those so-called legal analysts are defense lawyers so they are biased.

    Jodi Arias showed “stalking tendencies”


  209. Colin Black says:

    Biatch used the camera as a prop to lull the victim into a false sense of security.
    She was primed an had all her instruments of torture an death to hand.
    Takeing an operunity to dissable him could have severed tendons in initall blitz attack
    Victim is alive an stunned an stummbles hobbles over to bathroom mirror to access damage
    Is attacked again jabbed an prodded with the knife.
    Plus she is nrandishing his pistol at him orderring him back to the shower cubicle area
    She is not only physicaly tortureing him
    She has to let him hear her rage I am phyco beatch from hell
    Hear me roar.
    She either shot him in the face an then sliced his throat or vice a verca.
    The order the wounds were inflicted isnt important i m o.

    I bet she thinks every second of everyday that if only I had taken that camera from the scene
    And done a better job of cleaning up any incriminating prints ect..
    I wouldnt be sitting here faceing murder charges…

    Huge FAIL she left her calling card for the entitre world to see.

    What Id like to say to phyco beatch.

    You were a talented woman good artist great photographer.

  210. Colin Black says:

    Im glad there is break in proceedings today

    All the ghastly gory details can be overwhelming..

    Id never be able to desentisised to any off this evil sick behaviour

    How could one even live with the knowlage of the suffering an hurt she inflicted on her VICTIM an his LOVED ONES
    Is beyond me an for that Im gratefull

  211. cali patti says:

    Colin, great connection you made between her photo taking during the crime and her chosen profession as a photographer. I don’t know why no one else has made that connection before.

    I have backed off this case after waiting so long for this trial to begin. I did not know the violence would bother me. The gore and crime scene photo’s do not bother me as much as they probably should, I did not know Travis.
    The violence, the hate, the words of hate that had to be spoken by Jodi to Travis during the killing does bother me. Travis had to be taken by surprise and was probably stunned by Jodi’s actions just long enough to allow Jodi to have control over him. For those/that reason I only watch sporadically.

  212. Sarah says:

    Does anyone know if there were proceedings today? Did I miss it already?

    The time stamp on some of the posts seem to be off to me. I live on the east coast. It’s now 4:10pm. Where would Cali patti be that her time stamp would be 5:02pm. Today is the 11th correct?

  213. Sarah says:

    Oops. The time question answer might be: it’s EST but not the DST (fall back an hour).

  214. margaret says:

    I tend to agree with Colin and Callie, I watch her face during court and I wonder if she is reliving each picture as it is shown. Is she justifying in her mind that Travis deserved it and she is not guilty.. I wonder as she looks at each picture,and she is looking at them under that hair, does she hear the words she was screaming at him as the life was leaving his body. I wonder if she is laughing inside at the guy she was in bed with a few hours after Travs died, while he testifies. Oh how i wish we could know whats in her head now.Travis had not even put the strap on his new camera yet..That camera will be her undoing.. In Session said that on Monday there would be more pictures and the detective that investigated the Grandparents robbery would be on stand. They say it was a staged robbery..I hope she does not take the stand because she will use that whisper voice and pretend she is miss sunshine, and there might be a casey anthony wanna be juror on panel and fall for it…QUESTION??……How many battered women have we heard of that has crawled through her batterers doggy door to sleep on his couch because she was being abused and afraid, so she just saved him from having to find her and made herself available for the next round…???/

  215. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, first time I heard about the doggie door capers ANY doubt was removed, for me anyway. That was before her newest claims of self-defense. I still entertain hopes the fiend takes the stand- she fired her first lawyers and almost tried to represent herself, so….
    I agree with Colin on general sequence- wound to just by heart area, cutting into a major blood vessel- he naturally wants to check the severity of that wound in the mirror quick (and is probably in total shock and denial at this extreme betrayal- maybe he said “Jodi, what the hell…? Not really comprehending), but she just continued to flail and slice away at the poor guy.

  216. Sarah~~there was no trial today…it will resume Monday at 10:30 am Mountain Standard time…12:30pm Florida time…1:30pm my time.

  217. For those who missed any part of the trial or did not get to watch yesterday!

    Day 5-full day Arias trial-3.44.12 hrs

  218. Sarah~~the time you see on the comments is AST…Atlantic Standard Time… I set my blog at my time… Cali is in California but when she comments, it shows my time. I believe that AST is four hours earlier than Cali’s … hope I didn’t confuse you …lol

    BTW, I am in Nova Scotia, Canada

  219. Jodi’s bond was set at TWO MILLION….

    Here are court docs you may find interesting…Beginning at page 25 of 40, if you read the next few pages, your glasses may steam up..pretty raunchy text msges and some considered abusive.. If Jodi had Travis’ password, how can she prove he wrote them?


  220. Did anyone watch Vinnie P and did he ask the following?

  221. What about Jodi’s cell phone pings? Will they come into evidence??

  222. I am doing a bit of sleuthing and picking up bits of info. I will not be providing links so take any of the following with a grain of salt. The info could be just rumors, fact or fiction and maybe an opinion of my own.

    Jodi has 2 brothers, one got married a few yrs ago and she has 2 sisters, Julie and Angela. The younger brother was just 15 when Travis was murdered.

    Jodi was a difficult child to raise and often ran away. She dropped out of school and never got her high school diploma. She alienated herself from her parents and went to live with her g/parents. The g/parents just had a small humble bungalow.

    Jodi was in a relationship with a man for four years. He was a lot older than Jodi ( by a lot, I do not know what that means in years) ..he also had a child and did not want any more children. Truth or fiction? If that info came from Jodi, it must be a lie.

    Once Jodi stabbed Travis in the heart, it would have made him defenseless. Jodi then had an opportunity to high tail it out of Travis’ and call 911. How in hell can an individual administer any punishment to a person when they have blood gushing out of their chest? Travis would be trying to put pressure on the wound so it would stop bleeding while all the time he was being stabbed in the back by the one claiming self-defense. Geez…does the defense think the jurors are idiots? The answer to that is ‘yes’ if they come from Pinellas County, Fl.

    I truly believe Jodi was the aggressor from the getgo in the relationship with Travis. She raped him and then blackmailed him by holding it over his head that he commit fornication. Travis was being sexually abused!! If anyone thinks that a grown man cannot be raped… there was a sailor who hitched a ride and was picked up by two females, if he was still alive, he would tell you it is very possible.

  223. cali patti says:

    Yes, Snoopy 4 hrs difference between you and I. It is 8:27 pm as i write this I am 1 hr behind Mesa, Arizona time. (court time) Court takes a lunch break at 11:am where I am.

  224. cali patti says:

    Oops, you and I are a minute off, how does that happen when we are time set by satellite?

  225. Newbie says:

    I take it there has not been a ruling on admission of the texts and electronic communications??? I read the legal arguments and just got a headache…lol.
    You know, I am from the old school believing that you give away all the milk nobody buys the cow. I really think if Jodi had worked at keeping her clothes on and left the seduction out, she might have just been the Mrs.

    sry Newb…I couldn’t resist…blame me for the cow..lol~~ss

  226. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- she had turned off her cell phone during all this! She’s not entirely stupid, and just like Skank boning up on defense strategies whilst in the slammer pre-trial, she has watched enough TV to know to not allow pinging from a local tower when you’re doing the deed (something Skank DIDN’T know!)! So she turned it off, something she never did, normally- which right there is knowledge of guilt.

    The one statistic which has utterly blown me away in this case is the number of emails and text messages those two exchanged- 82,000+!!! My hubby and I have been married for 18 years now- I would say we haven’t reached the 10,000 mark, and we are in contact several times every day as I relay him information or ask him business related questions, or text him a phone number, etc. when doing invoicing or helping him put together bids and such.

    82 thou! And I’m PRETTY DANG SURE that she was sending the vast majority of those! He must have asked himself at some point- jeesh, what does she do all day at work? Did the girl ever sleep? She seems to have had no real interest in anything besides him, and MAYBE photography, but I’m guessing that this is something she embellished on- “Oh, I’m a professional photographer”- if I had a buck for every “professional photographer” or “video artist” I met in Boston…. it was likely to get her an identity, just like he gave her identity, ‘cuz she had none…

  227. Karen C~~ I think Jodi may have been a nymphomaniac….does one little oh or ahhh count as an individual text msg? I can believe that she could ring up 90% of those text msges on her own. Maybe I can find someone into cyber sex and ask them. lol

    This is for Newbie….*evil grin

    Oops, I am not suggesting Newbie is into anything kinky…

  228. Karen C~~to show you how stupid I am…. I thought, they could tell the location of a phone even if it was turned off… it is only when there is no charge in the phone that it is not traceable.

  229. Karen C. says:

    I’ll read your helpful link to the pdf above tomorrow, but we already know (as she admitted this in text!) that she went into his accounts and PRETENDED TO BE HIM to third parties (competition)- She was not above doing any weasely, malicious action against him or others- and she could have grabbed his phone any number of times and sent her own phone sleazy texts to make him look bad.

    I know the theory seems to be that she just happened to take a gun and knife with her and then went off the deep end when he said he was still off to Cancun with the Hall gal, but I think not. I think she fantasized and plotted and began to set things up way, way before- that she already had her own invisible line in her head that she would not tolerate him crossing, and knew way ahead of time what she was going to do to him when that occurred. She wanted to torture him to the extent she could without actually having access to a rack and thumbscrews. In causing him anguish and agony that would make her be more ALIVE and strong, and, just as importantly- THE WINNER. Making him The Loser. He had to be destroyed for her to be complete, and of course, that never happens.

    I’m telling you, his dog and the roommates are lucky to be alive…

  230. Karen C. says:

    No, but you do have to turn it off, not “hibernating”. Remember the bippy who pretended to be her own sister, bought a wig and all, and drove cross-country to murder her ex (no explanation as to why her sister would want to kill the man, since he wasn’t her ex!) but she was convicted due to not turning off her dang cell- if she had just done that much harder to prove it was her. Best would’ve been to leave the cell on, but leave at home (alibi)- taking a long, long, LONG nap, say. No, Jodi turns off the phone and tells Burns she lost her charger, that’s why she didn’t call him with arrival info…

  231. Karen C. says:

    …And she NEVER turned off her phone normally. The Gotchas just pile up….

  232. Karen C~~you just described an ‘A Typical Stalker’…. Jodi knew long before she murdered Travis that there was no hope of her becoming Mrs Alexander. The murder was definitely premeditated…. I often wonder what would of happened if Travis had married her. I think he would have had a marriage made in hell…

    One of the text msges in the doc files is supposedly from Travis to Jodi saying…”let him go f*** you in the woods”… not verbatim…it may have been forest… there are a couple more from T to J that can be considered very abusive.

  233. Karen C. says:

    OK, I just wanted to double-check my info regarding cell phones. Turning off a plain old vanilla cell phone WILL cease pinging, BUT not necessarily with a smart phone as it turns out- since people use them increasingly as gps units and web browsers, malware is often on the phone that keeps it pinging even if you’ve turned it off. To be 100% certain the battery has to be discharged or removed completely. So it depends on her phone and if she had malware…

  234. Karen C. says:

    You know what? It could well be he wanted to drive her away already, being nice wasn’t working. I’ll look at those messages myself at some point this weekend- maybe there are phraseology clues and word choices, or misspellings that are consistent with the one or the other. I’m not saying he didn’t write all that, just she is quite capable of taking on another’s persona to send mischievous forged texts.

  235. Karen C~~thanks… I knew that I had heard somewhere that the phone would stop pinging once discharged or malfunctioned due to being submerged in water, for instance. Jodi did mention that she talked to different friends along the way when she was en route to Mesa from CA. I hope we will be privy to her phone records and all the texts sometime. I think the defense is going to play the steamy call between Travis and Jodi when he said she sounded like a 12 yr old when she orgasmed during the call. God knows what the defense will put on when it is their turn.. We only get 3 or 4 days per week of the trial so I can see it lasting into April or even later… time for some shut eye…nite nite

  236. Mainstream… is there any way, if you are going to document this trial by comments. that you can reverse the order so that the most recent is on top? It’s very hard to find the way to the most recent in its current structure. Thanks. I do appreciate all the links.

  237. Sandy Banks~~this format seems to work the best. Most people here read all the comments from where they left off the day before or just skip over them as they scroll down from top to bottom. You may find that a lot of good info relating to the case is in some of the comments. This blog is just more or less laid back so to speak so you will see some off-topic chat. I did set up a thread for just chat here…


  238. Jodi Arias’ Artwork for Sale to Pay Lawyers, Defendant Denied Mistrial by Judge

    Jodi Arias’ artwork is being auctioned off on eBay in order to help pay her lawyers’ bills. Arias is on trial for allegedly murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and could face the death penalty if convicted.
    Radar Online discovered the art collection currently up for sale online, which is described as the “Zodiac Series” by Jodi Arias. The various images include two of women’s faces; one of “two ethnicities holding hands” and the other, entitled “New” is of “hands and baby feet.”

    Read more here….


  239. Catalina says:

    There is a website and it’s showing VERY graphic crime scene photos . I don’t want to post the link on here as they are VERY graphic.

  240. Catalina~~post the link and I will put a warning up in your comment that the pics are graphic once I check them out..thanks

  241. Catalina~~I had to delete the links. I am not sure they are authentic. Just look at the website that they are on…It was not the pics of Travis that bothered me as much as the naked girl on the spit ready to be roasted, I honestly think the pics are fake. The website is advertising porn. Thanks for giving me the heads up before you posted them with my permission.

    (If those two pics are real, someone in the courtroom took them with a camera while they were up on the monitor and leaked them to a buyer. If found out, they are in serious trouble.)

  242. Catalina says:


    I don’t think these are fake … they also have them here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/08/jodi-arias-trial-travis-alexander-graphic-details_n_2435100.html

    Catalina, I cannot believe they were made public…surely Huff Post checked them out for fakes…thank you~~SS

  243. Catalina~~I would give anything to find out how Jodi was able to drag Travis’ body and lift him in the shower so he ended up in that position. Travis’ would have been a dead weight. Once the heart stops pumping the blood all settles in the lowest parts of the body. When a person dies their eyes open. Jodi must have closed T’s eyes.

  244. margaret says:

    Oh, my dear Heavenly Father, how can one human being do that to another human being??? I can’t believe those pictures are out for public to see. Beth Karas said there was 3 groups of pictures and more would be shown next week, but I never expected anything like that. OMG That poor man, I hope he did not have to suffer long, if he could not protect himself,..Last night on one of the shows they were talking about her exploding in courtroom if she got angry about something.. I now know that must be the reason for the short pencil. I have noticed that her lawyers do not have much interraction with her in court, Don’t believe the male lawyer hhas had any. God bless Travis sisters and give them some sort of peace to get through this.

  245. Catalina says:

    It would have been pretty easy for her to drag Travis’s body considering the floor was wet and blood everywhere which would have made it much easier for her to drag him. I don’t think it was right for them to release those graphic pics of Travis in the shower .. for the sake of his family…. I just hope that this jury makes the right decision and she gets the death penalty. It just mind boggles me how any human being can do this to another.

  246. Margaret ~~my God, this is absolutely shocking. I hope someone warns Travis’ family not to view them.

    Catalina~~I see what you mean about the floor being slippery. I think Jodi threw water on the floor too. My stomach is not feeling too good right now. She to had to drag or lift him up over the ledge of the shower door. It goes to show she was a mad woman and probably ten times her own weight from her adrenaline. I mean psychotic mad as in deranged.

  247. Catalina says:

    I read on another site..someone that knows Jodi Arias family said Jodi’s father does not speak to her or answers her phone calls..he does not support her at all. He’s also suffering from stage 4 cancer.

  248. Catalina says:

    I wonder if her ex will take the stand ?… i would really like to know how she acted with him when they were together for 4yrs.

  249. Catalina~~stage four cancer is terminal…I wonder how long he has. Has anyone ever mentioned Jodi’s sisters attending court? Apparently Jodi was a difficult child to raise. Her mother will blame herself for not looking for signs that Jodi was mental and seeking help for her. This is not always possible when you have a family of five to care for especially if one is rebellious. I may be mistaken but I think Jodi is the oldest of the children. It looked like Jodi’s mother was crying in court one day. Jodi has messed up a lot of lives.

    I do not know a thing about Jodi’s ex other than someone mentioned he was a lot older than her.

  250. Catalina says:

    Hmm have no idea about her sisters attending court. I think Julie’s the oldest.

  251. Catalina~~I hope you stick around to keep me straight. lol Half the time, I don’t know if I am coming or going.when I update different cases and then truck off to Dave’s and comment… Thanks for your help.

  252. Catalina says:

    I was looking for Travis’s facebook page … but cannot find it .. i guess it has been taken down? … came across this though … https://www.facebook.com/groups/33785181856/?fref=ts … got this from State vs Jodi Arias fb page http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/01/jodi-arias-is-evil-dangerous-she-scares-me-says-her-victims-best-friend/ … Travis’s friend said “Jodi didn’t stop her obsessive mentality even after her former boyfriend was killed, “She immediately began posting all these photos and flooded his Facebook page with pictures of them and tried to position herself as his woman,” explained Taylor. “It was a like a P.R. campaign”

  253. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, remember, they had broken up. After looking at how small that shower area is, and he fills it all up, I don’t think she could have showered in there after all. The shot of his slit throat- I’m reminded of the Jack-the-Ripper crime scene pics.

  254. Catalina says:

    I think there was a bathtub there too…so she could have washed herself in there.

  255. Truly a horrible crime… someone who is enraged or highly energized from adrenaline (like being able to life a car off someone in an emergency) can do amazing things… and she said on her MySpace page that she was ‘strong’ as well as other people noting she was physically fit… not impossible to imagine she was able to carry this off if she was ‘off the charts’ in rage. But I feel such deep sorrow for his family and friends to have to go through all of this, plus the loss of this incredible man who had pulled himself up to be a wonderful contributor to society. I pray every day now that the jury is able to see her connection here – if I was on the jury I would have my mind made up.

  256. Karen C and Catalina ~~Jodi had to be saturated with Travis’ blood so must have washed herself off in the bathtub.

    As Sandy Banks said, when a person’s adrenaline is pumping, their strength is magnified ten fold especially when they are in a fit of rage. God knows what she was saying to Travis as she hissed and stabbed him to death.

    This is one of the bloodiest crimes that I have ever followed. It was definitely a ‘hard’ kill.

    Does the trial resume tomorrow or Tuesday? I guess the judge has other commitments on the off days. I wish we could get five days straight.

  257. Catalina says:

    I’m pretty sure it resumes tormorrow.

  258. Newbie says:

    To me Jodi is signing up for the death penalty. There is no way she can prove a self defense situation and the jury hearing and seeing the brutality of the crime….wow. What are the defense lawyers thinking !!!

  259. margaret says:

    In reading your comment above Snoops , about Jodi taking a bath afterwards, a horrible thought .went through my head. Instead of bathing Travis in shower, is it possible she stood over Travis in shower and bathed, thus Travis got bathed to? I would think she probably would get a thrill out of that,while running that mouth to him all the while blaming him. I don’t think there was blood in tub and there would have been if she had. Travis body was probably covering drain and that could account for the water on floor where the box was showing waterstains. I am sick of hearig how beautiful she is. Like casey anthony she is pure Evil and like casey anthony she is loving the attention. Sadly like casey anthony if she is set free,, would not think twice about doig it again. Can she still get a mental defense, like Mason tried to pull for casey anthony.?? I’m sorry to hear that about her Dad. Wonder if that is another case of cindy and george.. Has it ever been said that she actually had a job?

  260. Vicky says:

    Well, after days of reading and viewing videos, I think it is safe to say Jodi is toast. I don’t think the defense is looking for a not guilty verdict. I think they are trying to keep her off death row. I would assume they have discussed the possibility of requesting a plea offer, but this psychopath has convinced herself that she can manipulate a jury the same way she manipulated Travis and most likely many other people she has encountered along the way.

    I find it interesting that many of us older adults have questioned the reason Travis would have continued a sexual relationship with Jodi once they were no longer in a romantic relationship. The younger generation refers to their post breakup relationship as “friends with benefits”. I personally find this type of arrangement disturbing, but it seems to be fairly common. Problem is, Travis was the only one operating under the impression that they were nothing more than friends once the romance ended. Granted, premarital sex is a no no in the Mormon Church, but it is also considered a sin in most other religions, and I would venture one of the most frequent violations of church doctrine. I think Travis offered out the friends with benefits option to Jodi when he realized she wasn’t going to go away. She probably agreed to the compromise thinking she could seduce him with granting sexual favors no other woman would be willing to offer up. Once he realized no other female would give him what she was offering, he would come around and realize they were meant to be together. Much to her outrage, that did not happen. Jodi is nothing more than an extreme of the saying “hell hath no fury…” My guess is that Travis was a dead man the day Jodi realized she was not going to win him back.

    There is no way the brutality of this murder is going to be viewed as self defense. However, there is the chance that the jury might be willing to spare her life if the defense can manage to throw out enough mitigators to outweigh the aggravators.

  261. Karen C. says:

    Margaret- even accounting for post-mortem bloating, he’s folded up like a Swiss army knife in that shower; there was nowhere for her to step over him to shower herself- I don’t think she was actually balancing herself on top of him! We know there was small amount of blood found downstairs- if she used a shower very quickly down there, and scooted after running the laundry through, any further showers taken by the roommates would likely have gotten rid of any trace evidence from her that was left.
    Interesting thought- five days go by and no one else has done laundry yet? Guys!

  262. Karen C. says:

    I’m finally listening to the entire defense opening statement, while making meatballs yet! I had only seen the first part of it before… OK, so she DID definitely take a shower downstairs! They concede that… and someone WAS tied up (they say, of course, he tied her up…) Travis, wanna-be Psycho-Killer! How does the Defense keep their faces straight through all this?

  263. margaret says:

    Geraldo at Large has an interview with two of Travis friends, ,They are hoping jodi will get on witness stand.

  264. Margaret~~Jodi is almost going to have to take the stand. In fact, she is probably looking forward to it. Maybe she will sing her testimony.

  265. Anyone else find this page slow loading when they comment besides me?

  266. I set up Page Two of Arias trial HERE

  267. Debbie in WA says:

    Actually, Travis’ Myspace is still up http://www.myspace.com/tvalexander, and if you click on his friends, Jodi is the first one. Check out her blurbs: Open-Minded, Artistic, Tolerant, Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Approachable, Generous, Healthy, Creative, Prosperous, Strong, Playful, Appreciative, Adventurous, Spiritual, Reflective, Responsible, Reverent.

  268. debl115 says:

    Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Strong, Playful???? Nuf said, I guess!

  269. Welcome, Debbie in WA!! I am also Snoopysleuth…lol I started a new page if you would like to leave your comments there from now on. This page was beginning to load slow… thanks for the link… I posted it upthread awhile back but some may have missed seeing it.

    I set up Page Two of Arias trial HERE

  270. colin black says:

    Sorry Snoop Its not at the sarcastic part she says I have a gun.
    I may have miss heard her .

    When I get time I will re listen to the interveiws to see or hear.
    If I did miss hear it.
    Just stuck in my mind as weird considering the susspision surounding her.
    An the messeges she left on Det Florez voicemails stateing her fear an hatred of guns?
    An yet she lived in her Granparent wom had a cainet full of firearms.
    I take it that the Grand Parents were hunters?
    In to blood sports.
    Apolligies in advance if Im wrong……..

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