Man charged in connection to Jessome murder investigation


Man charged in connection to Jessome murder investigation

SYDNEY — Cape Breton Regional Police have charged a man in connection with the murder investigation of Laura Jessome, who was found in a hockey bag floating on the Mira River near Marion Bridge on May 25.
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Robert Edwin Matheson, a 49-year-old from Glace Bay, will appear in Sydney Provincial Court on Monday to face an accessory after the fact to murder charge after his arrest in Dominion Friday morning.
Charges against Matheson were laid on Saturday. He has been remanded to the Cape Breton Correctional Center until his scheduled court appearance.

Here is the post I put up in May/12…

Laura Jessome-Bras d’Or murdered

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20 Responses to Man charged in connection to Jessome murder investigation

  1. The province recently added Jessome’s case to the Major Unsolved Crimes Program. It offers up to $150,000 cash for tips that lead to solving the crime.

    Desiree Vassallo, a spokeswoman for the Cape Breton Regional Police, said they have received some tips since launching the initiative.

    “I wouldn’t be able to speak specifically to certain things that have come in. But I can say that since launching that new line a month ago for all three of our unsolved investigations there has been information coming in,” she said.

    In November, police revealed that divers found a blue backpack containing a pair of hockey gloves in the Mira River.

  2. Another Nova Scotia man has been charged in connection to the murder of Laura Jessome.

    Police arrested 37-year-old Brian Augustine Deruelle of Glace Bay at his home on Sunday. He’s been charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

    Read more here….

    Second N.S. man charged in hockey bag homicide case

  3. cali patti says:

    Was this a young woman that was close to your area? This story seems as if your police did great work by following up and not giving up. Is this a big story up there?

  4. Cali ~~this happened about 250 to 300 miles from where I live. Yes, our RCMP work close to the vest and reveal little info and the media here do not interfere with investigations.

  5. Police have charged a Glace Bay man in connection with the homicide of Laura Catherine Jessome, whose remains were found last May in a hockey bag by a Cape Breton river.

    Robert Edwin Matheson, 49, was arrested Friday, Cape Breton Regional Police said Saturday.

    He’s been charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder and has been remanded to the Cape Breton Correctional Centre in Sydney until his initial court appearance, which is scheduled for Sydney provincial court on Monday, a police spokeswoman said.

    He was arrested without incident at a home in Dominion and charged on Saturday, police said in a news release.

    CTV News reported a road in Dominion was blocked off and police officers surrounded a home before Matheson was picked up.

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    C.B. man charged in death of woman, 21

  6. UPDATED 11:41 a.m. Monday

    SYDNEY– Two men charged over the weekend with accessory after the fact in the murder of a young Bras d’Or woman last May will return to court next month.

    Brian Augustine Deruelle, 37, of Glace Bay was arraigned in provincial court today and is to return to court Jan. 2. He appeared via video conference from Cape Breton Correctional Centre.

    Robert Edwin Matheson, 49, of Glace Bay appeared via video conference as well. He returns to court Jan. 8.

    Read more here…

    Two men linked to Bras d’Or woman’s slaying arraigned in court

  7. “(Police investigators) are very tenacious and they are not going to stop until we have every one of those individuals that were involved in this matter arrested and charged and brought before the court so that justice can be served,” McIsaac said.
    The maximum penalty for accessory after the fact to murder under the Criminal Code is life imprisonment.

    Read it all here….

  8. cali patti says:

    So they have found two men that are charged with “after the fact”but not of the murder. (?) Is it the thought there that these two men will lead them to the actual killer? I’m impressed that the RCMP have been able to follow the duffle bag so well.

  9. Cali~~arresting these creeps and charging them with ‘after the fact of a murder’ is one way to keep them locked up. You cannot hold a person after 24 hours unless you can charge them with an offense. Either one of these men could be the actual murderer or helped to dispose of the remains. I am thinking of a gang rape and then murder. It certainly seems to be pointing in that direction. Laura got mixed up with a bad crowd.

  10. Another Nova Scotia Homicide Case will be posted in this thread.

    I just learned from a source that this man and woman were released from custody this morning. I will update this case as I find more info.

    Man, woman arrested in Sheet Harbour double homicide

    A later update here…

    No charges in Sheet Harbour double homicide

  11. Re Laura Jessome…

    In court documents filed in December for two Cape Breton men charged with being accessories after the fact to murder, police identify Glace Bay residents Thomas Barrett, 37, and Morgan James MacNeil, 21, as the people they suspect killed Jessome.

    Read more here…

  12. Police lay murder charge in Jessome killing

    Cape Breton police have laid charges in the murder of Laura Jessome.

    Morgan James McNeil, 21, of Glace Bay was arrested late Wednesday night and was charged with Jessome’s murder Thursday evening.

    McNeil will appear in Sydney Provincial Court on Friday morning. He remains in custody at the Cape Breton Correctional Centre.

    Jessome, 21, was last seen May 2 in the New Aberdeen area of Glace Bay. A hockey bag containing her remains was found floating along the Mira River near Marion Bridge several weeks later, on May 25.

    Police have not said how she died.

    Brian Augustine Deruelle, 37, and Robert Edwin Matheson, 49 — both from Glace Bay — were arrested last month and both were charged with accessory after the fact.

    In court documents filed in December, officers identified Glace Bay residents Thomas Barrett and Morgan MacNeil as the suspects in Jessome’s murder, though neither was immediately charged.

    Barrett is already in custody on a different matter.

  13. Bail hearing adjourned for man charged in Laura Catherine Jessome murder

    SYDNEY, N.S. – The bail hearing for one of two men charged in connection with the death of a 21-year-old Cape Breton woman has been adjourned to give him more time to find a legal aid lawyer.

    Read more here….

  14. Murder details expected Friday

    SYDNEY — Police will release new details on two local murder investigations at a news conference in Sydney on Friday morning.

    A spokeswoman for Cape Breton Regional Police Services refused to release further details when contacted by telephone shortly after the announcement Thursday.

    “I can’t release any more information at this time; it will have to wait until the news conference,” said Desiree Vassallo.

    more here…

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