Re~~strict shuns~~

I have always prided myself in trying to run a fair blog. Being able to maintain a balance where you can feel comfortable to express both the pros and cons in any post I write for us to discuss. Sadly, many blog owners are biased in the posts they write and if by chance you have opposing views of the topic being discussed, you can expect to be run off. The blog owner may not be the one to make your stay miserable but he/she will overlook the flack you receive from the regular contributors. The blog owner will step in if you dare to retaliate and/or you challenge the ones who want to see you out of there. You will be the one at fault, period. I will do my best to explain more on this later.

Why would a person take the time to write posts and welcome people to come to their blog, incognito, using screen names to discuss the topic you put before them? One reason is that it a great to converse with people all over the world and read their differing opinions on the subject matter. It should be a form of relaxation and an escape from the trials and tribulations of the real world. This is when balance should come into play and that can be achieved if the blog owner intermingles with the contributors and be on the same par with them. Being on the same par gives us the opportunity to teach each other. What a great learning experience can be achieved in this way. This does not mean that we have to constantly agree with everything the other participants say. It is quite healthy to disagree and if you feel like venting or being snarkie (one of my traits) go for it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a blog were to be that perfect utopia where we look forward to frequent in our spare time? So much for dreaming so now back to reality….

There is a great deal of competition among blog owners and the blososphere is changing. Blog owners are beginning to take on a new approach and more are becoming biased. The quantity of the hits that one can attract to the blog has replaced the quality of the posts written by the blog owner. The blog owner now will cater to an audience that he thinks will garner the most hits. He will write what he thinks they want to hear and will never sway off course even if he does not believe what is contained in the material that he posts. Hits inflate the ego~~ also a blog owner selling himself in the post is a tell tale sign.

So in essence, the blog owner will hand pick you..

His select few will parrot the blog owner’s every word and all will vie for the cracker….

And if you venture into his blog, and voice a differing opinion, this is how you will end up….

Something else that is taboo in an ego driven blog, never under any circumstances make light of a situation or smile as humor is a deadly sin. Don’t even suggest that you love someone’s brain or you will be accused of committing adultery with a frontal lobe and for goodness sake, if you should respond to a regular who has been up half the nite hitting the booze and trying to bait you, don’t do it! Make your exit asap !!

A biased person will never be able to see the forest because of the trees. They have tunnel vision. How can a person differentiate sweet from sour unless they have tasted both? In the same way, how can you assess a situation without observing both sides? Sound logical?

To whom it may concern~~ Anyone is free to copy any links that I have posted here at my blog. Please have the courtesy NOT to copy my personal opinions which some of you have already deemed to be superfluous fluff.

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  1. Zimmerman: Trial Date Set For June 10, 2013

    Prosecutors agreed with Shellie Zimmerman’s lawyer to delay the next hearing in her case until Dec. 12. No trial date was set in that case. Wednesday’s hearing was Nelson’s first in the George Zimmerman case. She noted that she is set to be reassigned to civil and divorce cases in January, but said she will keep the case. The change in assignments, she said, should give her more flexibility and time for hearings,0,3121347.story

    Angela “Nifong” Corey refusing to turn over evidence to Zimmerman’s defense

    From the very beginning of her appointment to the case, Florida prosecutor Angela Corey made it clear that her persecution of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was talking place on racial grounds, openly siding with the family of Trayvon Martin and radicals threatening riots as she filed for a Second Degree murder charge none of the evidence in the case supports.

    Her office has repeatedly been criticized for leaking claims to the press in hopes of hurting Zimmerman’s case, and now his defense team is claiming that she’s refusing to turn over evidence, and turning over evidence in a format that can’t be used in an effort to stymie the defense:

  2. Sherry says:

    I confess. I’m not on top of this case as I should be. I see that Corey is game playing. She doesn’t need to do that! She has a solid case so she can stop the antics. It could easily backfire on her. I thought only defense attorneys did this kind of stuff. If Corey loses this case she can kiss her political gains from this case good-bye.

    I see that Pros. de la Rionda figures that it will take longer to pick the jury than the trial will take. To me, that means that the state has it nicely wrapped up-could it be they, too, believe that GZ should have introduced himself when those opportunities arose? I sound like a broken record…but the verdict can’t be anything but “guilty” because he didn’t say, “hi” to Trayvon. 😕

  3. Sherry~~you can rest assured that the verdict must be guilty regardless if Zimmerman is guilty or innocent. There is a good possibility that Z should be found guilty but what burns my butt, he is being used as a scapegoat for political and racial issues. Can you imagine what will take place if he is found innocent? People can hide their heads in the sand all they want. This case is race driven. How in the world can they ever think of picking an all white jury? You will have demonstrations. If they pick a mixed race jury, you will see demonstrations. I believe the verdict has to be unanimous and it will never happen so we can look for hung jury after hung jury into oblivion. Chump and Yackson ( I have wanted to say that for so long) are going to oversee this case, trial etc down to the bitter end. If a jury ever brought in a verdict of not guilty of second degree murder, there will be a price on their heads. When Angela announced the charges against Zimmerman, it sounded like a campaign speech…strange, it was prior to her being elected wasn’t it??

  4. Sherry says:

    LOL! You are too kind to those two!

    Apart from the racial bias of this case it should be a guilty verdict. However, no matter what the verdict, the “losing side” will cry racism and injustice. The jury best come to a conclusion that will be just and will keep the streets quiet from riots. The only conclusion I can see would be that GZ didn’t introduce himself…{there I go again!}.

    I do believe you are right about that “campaign speech.” I’m sure it was a feather in her cap on election day.

  5. Since I cannot voice my opinions at one particular blog without taking a lot of flack, I will do it on my own turf where one does not have to skate on thin ice.

    Recently defense attorney, Don West filed a motion asking the court to appoint a Senior judge to take care of the discovery. You can read the motion HERE. As soon as this item hit the news, the defense was accused of judge shopping for one particular judge, Eaton.

    In one of the jail calls before a judge was ever assigned to the Zimmerman case, Shellie Z mentioned to her husband, “maybe we will get Eaton.” Now would Shellie say such a thing unless she and George were judge shopping? Wrong. When we bring logic into the picture an unbiased person will say that since George was anxious to have a bond hearing, he would have settled for any judge. Since Judge Eaton came out of retirement to handle the work overload, Shellie mentioned his name.

    Now a biased blogger will say that Don West was wrong in asking for a Senior judge. But the unbiased blogger will look at the logic of the situation. If I wanted to borrow $20 from you, I would ask you to lend me $100. I’ll betcha that I will end up with that twenty dollar bill…so let’s apply that logic to Don West, Esq. He wants the state to pass over the discovery in a timely manner and they have been dragging their heels so what does he do? He puts a bit more pressure on the sitting judge by requesting a special senior judge. You wanna bet your patootie that Judge Nelson, personally, will go after the state to get moving and hand over the discovery to the defense. West did not want that Senior judge no more than I wanted that $100. It’s known as strategy.

  6. Sherry~~you don’t know how long I have held those two pets names in. It is going against the grain but since I am getting old and demented, I have an excuse. lol I read at Leatherman’s blog about Angie putting on her lipstick with a putty knife and laugh every time I think of it.

  7. Sherry says:

    Haha! That’s a good one!
    I like what you said about getting a senior judge. I don’t see how it could be about judge shopping because O’Mara would put a stop to that. It makes more sense that putting a fire under Judge Nelson was its only intent. Especially since its obvious that there’s game-playing going on. Makes me wonder if Corey is related to a certain Kissimee lawyer…

  8. Sherry~ ~ now I am laughing, Kissimee with those red lips.. you are getting as crazy as I am…lolol

  9. Since this thread will not be that active as things will re relatively slow in the Zimmerman case and we can’t beat a dead horse by repeating the same things day in and day out, I will do my best to update other cases in the news on this thread. There is a hearing slated for tomorrow in the Zimmerman case and I expect it to be live streamed. I hope to be able to watch that hearing and will post a link to the hearing…

  10. Baby Gabriel…. We still do not know if that baby is alive somewhere but I have my doubts… As soon as I learn if a verdict has been reached, I will post it. I am generally tuned in to HLN who are great in keeping on top of any breaking news…

    (CBS/AP) PHOENIX – Jurors are expected to continue deliberating Thursday in the trial of Elizabeth Johnson, an Arizona woman charged in the disappearance of her 8-month-old son Gabriel more than two years ago.

    PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

    Johnson has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial inference in boy’s December 2009.

    Authorities say Johnson told the boy’s father, Logan McQueary, that she killed Gabriel and dumped him in a trash bin in San Antonio, Texas. She later recanted and told police that she gave the baby to a couple at a San Antonio park, but she never provided the couple’s names.

    Johnson faces up to 27 years in prison if convicted on all counts

    More here….

    Baby Gabriel Case: Jurors to continue deliberating in trial of missing infant’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson

  11. Senior Citizen says:

    JMHO the only people claiming race is an issue are the Zimmerman’s and their followers.

  12. Senior Citizen~~thank you for your humble opinion. Of course, like all of our opinions , there will be those who will agree or disagree with them. I am interested in hearing from both sides.

  13. Motion To Compel Discovery

    #3…{{The state has not supplied the names and addresses of witnesses so how is the defense supposed to depose them??}}

    I copied the following from the motion…

    #4.. Access to and a true copy of the original recorded interview of Witness 8 made by the Martin Family attorney, Benjamin Crump, including a list of the people present during the interview; the chain of custody of the recording, including the circumstances of its release to the media (ABC News); and any reports by the state or federal agencies that had possession of the recording. 1-

    1- During a discovery meeting with the state prosecutors on Aug 24, 2012, we were told by T.C.Steen, investigator for the State Attorney’s Office, 4th Judicial Circuit, that the state received this recording from the FBI and not from Mr. Crump, but no additional information has since been provided, notwithstanding a written follow-up request.

    {{It has baffled me why Crump interviewed and recorded Witness 8 (Dee Dee) and why it was released to ABC. Was Crump acting in the capacity of Dee Dee’s attorney? If he was and others were present in the room while he interviewed her, the attorney/client privilege would become moot. The chain of custody of this recording is very important and has to be documented from the time it left Crump until it reached the FBI. This appears to be very sloppy work. I can see why the defense is making a request re this piece of evidence. }}

  14. Huh?? Isn’t this slightly out of the norm? Intimidation?

    The family of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager killed by Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, called on Thursday for access to Zimmerman’s confidential medical records if a judge approves a request for access to their son’s school transcripts and other private documents.

    Read more here…

    George Zimmerman’s medical records targeted on eve of hearing

  15. I am just waiting to hear the verdict in the baby Gabriel case…

    Elizabeth Johnson Guilty

    Guilty on the lesser charges…no verdict on kidnapping…guilty of unlawful imprisonment.. guilty of conspiracy of committing custodial interference…JVM says this is outrageous… this may change…will keep updating…this would be a huge victory for defense…ad lib me>>> it pays to be young and pretty when you commit a crime..she confessed on tape that she suffocated the baby and threw him in a dumpster…

    Casey Anthony all over again…Johnson may just get sentenced to time served…

    Look at these hateful text msges that Elizabeth sent…

  16. Sherry says:

    Concerning the tit for tat on confidential records in the Zimmerman case:

    FTA: “George Zimmerman’s medical records are far more relevant than Trayvon Martin’s school records. They go directly to his state of mind when he pulled the trigger and took Trayvon’s life,” Ben Crump, lawyer for Trayvon’s parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, told Reuters on Thursday.
    This “state of mind” could work in GZ’s favor, too. What I don’t get is this: why try to paint Trayvon Martin as a bad dude when GZ had no idea if TM was a bad dude or an honor’s student. His remark was an on-the-spot observation. Pro-Zimmerman people seem to do alot of talking about Trayvon being a bad dude as if GZ knew this at the time he shot him-like that TM supposedly hit a bus driver, or that he was a drug dealer.

  17. Sherry~~if any evidence is to remain confidential, why should anyone besides the prosecution or defense have the right to see that evidence? This is my beef…Ben Crump is working for the Martin family, not the state or defense. I have no idea if Trayvon was a good kid or not. I haven’t read anything factual that was detrimental about him. I also don’t know if Z was high on mood altering drugs on the night of the shooting. You know me…like old Joe Friday…just the facts m’am…just the facts..

    I can understand the state going after Z’s medical records and O’Mara going after T’s records. I feel like a referee in a boxing match…lol

  18. Oh my goodness things are getting a bit heated…Will there be a gag order in the offing?

    MIAMI — The Duval County state attorney has a message for George Zimmerman’s defense attorney: Zip it.

    Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda filed papers Thursday in Seminole County Circuit Court asking a judge to muzzle defense attorney Mark O’Mara, whom the prosecutor accuses of taking to the Internet to try his case in the media.

    “Unless defense counsel stops talking to the media about the case, in person or by use of defendant’s website, it will (be) more difficult to find jurors who have not been influenced by the media accounts of the case,” de la Rionda said. ” … An impartial jury could never be seated.”

    “Attorneys, like anyone, have a First Amendment right to speech, and the Florida Bar has issued rules on limits on what attorneys may appropriately say,” said Scott Ponce, an attorney for The Miami Herald and other media companies. “It’s better to let the Florida Bar regulate speech by its members than have a court get involved.”

    Read it all here…

    Prosecutors want George Zimmerman’s lawyers muzzled

    psst…the court has no authority to muzzle Yump and Yack and all the bloggers..if they did we would have to keep regurgitating yesterday’s news…*wink

  19. Tomorrows hearing may prove to be a humdinger…I hope it is live streamed…

  20. I get a kick out of this…“Unless defense counsel stops talking to the media about the case, in person or by use of defendant’s website, it will (be) more difficult to find jurors who have not been influenced by the media accounts of the case,” de la Rionda said. ” … An impartial jury could never be seated.”

    It is kind of late in the game to ask for a gag order don’t you think? Everyone from Seminole to Alaska knows about this case. Al Sharpton knows…so everyone knows… I think Bernie is upset because West filed the motion and indicated that the state was lazy in getting the discovery over. There are many many blogs who are the judge, jury and executioner of George Zimmerman. De :La Rionda just has to grab hold of his mouse and do some surfing. Someone tell him not to go near the forest. He will be pleased what he finds as long as stays clear of the trees.

  21. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara said Martin’s social media pages have disappeared from the Internet.
    “We have not been able to find accounts that we know were there or that we have anecdotal evidence that they existed at one point, which means they were there and now they are not,” said attorney Mark O’Mara

    If there was not anything in the records that would shed a bad light on Trayvon, why bother to delete the accounts? It is the same with Zimmerman’s medical records, what would Z want to hide from the state or the public? Did Z have a lobotomy that he wants to keep secret?

  22. I am listening to HLN as I wait to get a link for the live stream to the hearing. I just heard Ben Crump give Judge Nelson an ultimatum, “if you allow the defense to get Trayvon’s records, the parents demand the medical records of George Zimmerman. Since when does an attorney insert himself into a case and make these demands on the sitting judge? I realize that he is representing the family but I thought it was the state’s job to handle this case so the victim will get justice. De La Rionda does not want O’Mara trying this case in the media but it seems that Crump and Jackson are the spokes people for Bernie.

    Here is the link to Crump on video prior to hearing…

  23. Here is a summary of the hearing today… video included…

    SANFORD, Fla. — Attorneys for George Zimmerman argued for the right to subpoena the social media accounts of Trayvon Martin and also asked for more time to interview state witnesses in the high-profile murder case.
    Judge Debra S. Nelson granted motions for the defense to subpoena Martin’s school records, cellphone records, Facebook and Twitter accounts on Friday. The defense will also get to subpoena for Martin’s friend’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    Prosecutors were granted access to Zimmerman’s medical records, but only after they are reviewed by the judge.

    Read more here…

    Judge grants motions for defense in Trayvon Martin case

  24. I am really impressed with Judge Debra Nelson and the way she handles her courtroom. She can get a lot done in a short time. I think she was very fair in the decisions she made today. I do love to see feisty, De La Rionda and with hands a flailing , O’Mara in action. Don West seems more laid back.

    With the gag order motion still pending, I expect the bloggers are breathing a sigh of relief. It will be interesting to see if some of the blogs will spend more time on Zimmerman’s increase in weight in lieu of discussing the events of today. It takes little brain matter to badmouth the defendant rather than analyze the legal issues.

  25. State’s response to defendant’s motion to schedule hearings to address discovery and other management issues or in the alternative to request assignment of senior judge

    Well, it seems to have paid off for Don West to request a senior judge because the defense is now getting some action from the sitting judge!!

    State’s gag order motion

    The following states that George Zimmerman must appear in court on Dec 12, 2012 at 9:am or failure to appear will result in the forfeiture of his bond.

    Notice to appear

  26. This motion goes to prove how astute Mark O’Mara is when it comes to overseeing a case in the role of lead defense attorney. I can understand De La Rionda’s frustration in going up against Mark. O’Mara is no José Baez.
    I hope this motion will be granted. How it will be enforced is a totally different ball of wax.

    Emergency Motion for Protective Order

  27. When a defendant is claiming self-defense, the defense has the right to access the victims records to prove or disprove any prior bad acts of said victim.

  28. Sherry says:

    That’s a good motion to keep witnesses from talking to one another about the case pre-depos. O’Mara must have been concerned about any collaberation between witnesses and the attorneys.

    See, I don’t get it-why the need to prove prior bad acts? Its only to paint the victim as a no-gooder. For what purpose when there’s no way, in this case, that GZ could have known Trayvon was a bad kid prior to his act of self-defense. Will this trial actually get to that point? I see that the SA wants to go the route of saying that GZ didn’t heed the instructions of the 911 dispatcher. Not the route to go! First of all, GZ was out of his SUV at the time the dispatcher told him not to be following the kid (and this is where GZ’s defense of saying he was looking for an address will get refuted-by himself, no less, since he told the dispatcher he was following TM). Secondly, GZ will say that he thought the dispatcher wanted to know where TM was when he asked if GZ knew which way he went. Going this route means that a jury could easily be swayed into thinking that GZ was asked to see which way TM went and would give them reasonable doubt. IMO, the prosecuter best make sure the jury knows about the times that GZ had to introduce himself to TM (wash, rinse, repeat-lol).

  29. Sherry~~I can almost assure you that the state will bring up the fact that Zimmerman did not introduce himself to Trayvon. Trayvon would probably be alive today if Z had said who he was. Don’t ever be apologetic as I totally agree with you.

    The defense wants Trayvon’s records to try and prove that he could have provoked the fight by going after Zimmerman. It would have nothing to do with how Z profiled T as to his past behavior. I can understand exactly why O’Mara is going after them. I heard Mark say today that he wanted to prove or dispel the fact that T coached fist fights. Remember that video of the young teens fist fighting and the name Trayvon was heard on the audio. Someone from Trayvon’s family said it was not him. Then there were rumors that DeeDee was busy tweeting shortly after the shooting and didn’t seem upset. I think Mark wants to find out if there is any truth in these things.

  30. Police release the 911 calls re the shootings at the hair salon in Casselberry….

    911 callers describe panic, chaos after hair salon shooting

  31. Sherry says:

    Oh, OK, I see what you mean, Snoopy. The defense is looking for the propensity of TM to strike first. Lucky for GZ if that pans out.

    Good to see that Dave is attending the hearings when he can. He really is meant for this kind of writing. Heavens knows, Orlando and its vicinity won’t be short of such cases that make it nationally. It would be nice if some breakthrough came in the Jennifer Kesse and Tracie Ocasio cases.

  32. Sherry~~there is no end to the crimes especially in Florida. I stay tuned to HLN and yes, I suffer thru listening to Nancy and Jane Velez, who I have dubbed the screamer. There are way too many unsolved cases, Remember Michelle Parker? The babies missing and/or deceased is staggering. There are infertile women who would give anything to have a baby while babies are ending up in dumpsters or swamps because the little ones are cramping the mother’s lifestyle. Sick…. I am not familar with Kesse or Ocasio.

  33. Just call this telepathic communication….

    Waving at ya, Winnipeg!!

  34. Judge Debra S. Nelson said that defendant George Zimmerman’s attorneys need to know whether Trayvon Martin’s school records and social media postings give any evidence that he had violent tendencies

    Nelson ruled that the defence can subpoena the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Martin under case law: Because Zimmerman is making a self-defence claim, any evidence that supports possible aggressive tendencies by Martin is valid.

    “Trayvon Martin died because George Zimmerman profiled him as a criminal-minded young punk under the guise of protecting his neighbourhood,” Crump said in a statement to The Associated Press. “Now Trayvon Martin is being profiled again as a MMA-loving, violent thug under the guise of pursuing justice. This has to stop. Profiling, like racism and sexism, has no place in the criminal justice system.”

    Crump conducted an interview with this witness — known only as Witness 8 — in the weeks after the February shooting. Zimmerman’s lawyers also will get to depose Crump and his associates about the chain of custody of that interview, of which the prosecution already has a copy.


  35. Re Zimmerman’s weight gain- I will make a bet he is on prednisone. For anyone to gain weight that rapidly it is not from hogging down pizzas. I expect there will be those who will make fun of Z’s weight gain. This goes to show their mentality. It may pay them to look at a side profile of themselves in a full length mirror. Here are just three side effects of prednisone…
    •Sodium (salt) retention
    •Fluid retention
    •Weight gain/Obesity

    Regardless how anyone feels about George Zimmerman, shame on them for making fun of his appearance or anyone’s for that matter.

  36. FYI~~ The following is graphic ….

    Only in Florida where some politicians make very strange bed fellows…LOL I am beginning to think that it is safer to be around some of the snakes and alligators in that state. It’s got to be the water…lolol

    Among the graphic video and photos — many too X-rated to describe in a mainstream publication — include an older man wearing women’s lacy thong underwear, a naked man with “Lucky you” tattooed above his genitals, two women having sex, a man and a woman having sex in a kitchen, condoms marked “fast & discreet shipping,” a room with a leopard- and zebra-print motif and a woman in pink lingerie lounging on a white fuzzy rug.

    Evidence previously released by prosecutors included contact information for Bonus and a campaign re-election phone number for Horner, a Republican state representative from Kissimmee. Horner dropped his re-election bid shortly after his name was made public last month in the prostitution scandal. He has since resigned as president of the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce, effective Jan. 31.

    Bonus, then Maitland’s vice mayor, admitted to patronizing prostitutes after his name showed up on Risner’s client list. The City Council stripped him of his title, but he didn’t resign until news surfaced that he had been charged with DUI in Tampa in December.

    Read more here….,0,5154218.story

  37. Marksman says:

    Mainstreamfair, are you supporting Trayvon or Zimmerman? It is hard to tell as you seem to be all over the place.

  38. Marksman~~lol, you are not the first person who has told me that I am like a scatter brain. j/k What I am trying to do is look at both sides of the Zimmerman case objectively. I find if you go to certain blogs and are not pro this one or that one, you are literally run off by the contributors of those blogs. I want people to come in here and feel free to discuss both the pros and cons. Hopefully they will agree or disagree with the opinions of others and not make personal attacks on the ones who state them. I try to shy away from making fun of a person’s physical appearance, race or religious background, as it has no bearing on the case. If you ask me if I am pro Zimmerman, I would have to say not at all because I do not know for a fact what transpired on the evening of Feb 26th. If you ask if I think that Trayon may have been the aggressor, once again, I do not know. I want to see this all played out in a court of law but welcome people’s opinions. It is no secret that I admire Mark O’Mara but if anyone does not like some of his strategy, feel free to make it known. You wont be run off by me. BTW, welcome. I hope your comment was not tied up in moderation very long.

  39. This is a unique and interesting post at the Daily Kos. It came in my mail alerts.

    Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and Homer Simpson

    While surfing I read the following…

    Time to update the Miranda warning to include: ‘Anything you Tweet or post can and will be held against you in a court of law’?'”

  40. ((I believe the rules of evidence permit the defense to introduce evidence of a pertinent character trait in support of Zimmerman’s claim that Martin was the aggressor. For example, if Trayvon Martin was known to be an aggressive bully who started fights, the defense would be permitted to bring that out at trial. Specific acts of misconduct would not be admissible, however. The defense would be limited to introducing the evidence as a character trait. Assuming such evidence exists, which I doubt, it might be in the school records. Therefore, I believe the defense has a legitimate reason to want to review the records.))


  41. Marksman says:

    Your reply to me seemed fair. I have been searching for a blog to read that is not condemning those who choose to own and carry a gun. All gun owners are not supporting Zimmerman and if any of us wanted to send him money for his defense, it is nobody’s business. I did read some of the comments at another blog and you must be the snoopy who was given a rough time. I can’t say that I blame you for pulling out of that mess. It all seemed so one sided and that is not for me. Thanks for getting back to me.

  42. Marksman says:

    Sorry, I put my comment in the wrong place so just erase the other one. Thanks.

  43. Marksman~~thanks for stopping by. I deleted the other comment for you.

  44. Newbie says:

    Snoops, I sooo agree with you on Judge Nelson. Now I am wishing she had been the Judge in the Anthony case. Oh well.
    Marksman, you are in good company here. Welcome.

  45. Newbie~~well hello there, my friend. The blogs are relatively quiet. I am hoping that there is a bit more discovery that the state will pass over to the defense. I do not expect anything earth shattering but maybe we fill finally get the toxicology report and the log of cell phone pings but only if LE did a thorough job in their investigation.

    Right away, Judge Nelson made a great impression on me. Many judges look bored or like they want to snooze at the bench but not her, she meant business and got things moving right along. She also made it known that she controls the courtroom, in a nice but firm way. I wonder how things would have materialized with Nelson on the bench during the Anthony case. How would she have handled Baez?

  46. Margaret~~I just love your new gravatar. Penguins and seagulls go hand in hand…I noticed you just subscribed to my new posts.. I get an alert in my mail that tells me when someone subscribes. Thank you, my friend.

  47. A picture is worth a thousand words, A link was posted to this pic at another blog to make fun of George’s weight. Does he look like a racist to you? I don’t know who the tall gent is next to Z..

  48. margaret says:

    Does that mean I can post without having to write in my e-mail and password every time?

  49. Margaret~~I just sent you an e-mail…

  50. Amber from Maryland says:

    HI Snoopy

    I am just recovering from a mini-stroke and was trying to figure out what is going on and I just saw something about a password. What do I do?

  51. Amber~~check your mail. I am so sorry to hear about the stroke. Big hugs to you…

  52. Sherry says:

    Aw, Amber, I somewhat know what you are going through! Hang tough! It took me one gardening season to get back the use of my right leg and arm. I hated not being able to garden so that spurred me on to work the right side. God bless and you have my prayers for a quick recovery.

  53. Guess what this is?


    It is a regurgitating parrot. Since we now know that George Zimmerman has gained weight, I wonder if he had clean underwear on last Friday?

  54. margaret says:

    Thanks Snoopy, I love Penquins and always wanted a real one .. My grandchildren get me all kinds of ceramic and stuffed penquins, even pjs..

  55. George Zimmerman defense, national media prepare to fight gag order request

    George Zimmerman’s defense team today asked supporters to point out the most objectionable things they’ve said and written so they can prepare for a gag order hearing Friday in Sanford.

    Meanwhile, a collection of local and national media organizations — including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today and other outlets — filed paperwork stating there is “no basis” for the state’s gag order request.

    The news outlets, in a filing dated Tuesday, argue that prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda is “asking the Court to violate the media’s First Amendment right to gather news and information” by silencing Zimmerman’s defense.

    More here…,0,7455837.story

  56. Watch this video to see Vinnie Politan talk with In Session’s guest panel about how the fight started.

    Does it matter if Trayvon Martin started the fight?

  57. I just found this…. I will continue to update on this when more news comes in. I think we all would like to know why Moffitt would resort to this if it can be proven that she harmed herself.

    Police say Louisiana woman set herself ablaze

  58. Here is a Stand Your Ground trial that is before the courts now in ST. CLOUD, Fla.

    Jason Clair is on trial for shooting and killing James and Joel Kun after a fight at Len’s Bar during 25-cent beer night in June 2011.

    Video and write up here…

    Witness: Suspect pointed gun at victims’ mother as they lay bleeding

  59. FYI~~ I have taken down the protected site as I did not want to leave the pics up very long. I set up a thread for just chit chat with the same password…

  60. Presser~Video

    Franklin sheriff: Sharmeka Moffitt set herself afire|

    WWL-TV notes that Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas announced that Moffitt admitted she set herself on fire, as well as scrawling the racial slurs on her car. DNA on a lighter at the scene also matched her

    More here….

  61. It came as no surprise that Judge Nelson denied De La Rionda’s second motion for a gag order today. You can find the Judge’s order here…

    Click to access 122036120-29132322.pdf

  62. Hannah NYC says:

    So it seems you are no longer warring with Dave. Nice truce, on his website. Hopefully you can now pull down the parrotting pics, etc. It’s mean and hurtful.

  63. Hannah NYC~~I did not know that I was warring with Dave. Do you see his name mentioned in the post I wrote? You have no idea which blogs I frequent and if my post was just commenting about blogs in general. I appreciate your visit, Max, but the parrots will stay.

  64. ORLANDO, Fla. — The family of missing Orlando mother Michelle Parker will search for her again Sunday.
    Parker disappeared a year ago right after her case with ex-fiancé Dale Smith aired on “The People’s Court.”
    Smith is still the prime suspect in Parker’s disappearance, but he has never been charged.
    Volunteers for the new search must check in at the Lake Nona Police Substation at 8 a.m. Sunday.
    The family hasn’t said why they want to search there.

    Search for missing woman Michelle Parker scheduled for Sunday

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