Jodi Arias/Fatal Attraction/Stalker/Murderess

Remember this name, Jodi Arias

I just finished reading about Jodi Arias and the information I garnered was chilling. When you combine a ‘fatal attraction’ with ‘stalking’, it only spells one thing, trouble.

You may find a lot of similarities in this case with one that we were obsessed with for over three years. A young, attractive, woman with an outgoing personality does not fit a cold, callous, calculating murderess who would premeditate a vicious murder. Was the motive, “if I cannot have him, I am going to make sure that no one else will have the chance?”

Here is a video of the Dr Drew show that I think you will find interesting.

An Arizona judge has set a new trial date for Jodi Ann Arias, a California woman accused of brutally killing her ex-boyfriend. Tuesday morning, Judge Sherry Stephens set Nov 19th as the date jury selection will begin.

Originally slated to begin on Feb. 21, the trial has been delayed because Arias’ lawyer, Victoria Washington, asked to withdraw from the case.

Judge Stephens appointed Jennifer Willmott, a death penalty-qualified defense attorney, to represent Arias. Willmott will have roughly 10 months to get up to speed on the case.

Travis Alexander had a blog. I just read one of his posts. He was decribing why he was not married and what he expected in a wife , if he ever found the right girl. I can fully understand why Jodi Arias tried to fit that bill and challenged him to choose her. You can tell by her actions, that she thinks highly of herself. When Travis Alexander rejected Jodi’s advances, this is when she did the unthinkable. You may find the following quite interesting….

Here is just one excerpt…People fall in love for too many reasons to count. Usually it is a combination of reasons. But I want someone to fall in love with me because I am a man of ability and achievement. Not because I have a lot of friends (not saying I do) but for the reason people want to befriend me, not because I have tons of money (not saying I do) but because I have the ability to earn a ton of money. Not because of my accomplishments but because I am a man of accomplishment. In fact I wouldn’t want to marry anyone if they loved me and these were not at least some of the reasons why.

Travis Alexander’s Blog

Jodi Arias is charged with shooting and stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death in his Mesa, Arizona, home in 2008. Prosecutors say the 31-year-old went to Travis Alexander’s home, shot him in the face, stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat from ear to ear.

Some of his closest friends found Alexander’s body in his shower. Taylor Searle told Jane Velez-Mitchell that he immediately suspected Jodi of the murder. “That was the first thing to my mind is that, ‘oh my gosh, Jodi actually killed him.'”

Searle described a confrontation between Arias and Alexander just days before his murder. “He had caught her breaking into his Facebook account, and he read back to me his response to her, and it was a pretty harsh response,” he said. “I just remember my response to him was, ‘are you afraid she’s going to hurt you?’ and four days, five days later, he goes missing and then we find him dead.”

Arias initially told investigators that she wasn’t at the home. Then she changed her story, saying two people broke into the house and attacked them. Finally in June 2010, Arias admitted to killing her ex out of self defense, according to court documents.

Police say they found a camera in Travis’ washing machine that had two sets of photos: a series of nude shots of Jodi and Travis together, and photos of a bloody Travis as he reportedly lay dying.


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66 Responses to Jodi Arias/Fatal Attraction/Stalker/Murderess

  1. Here is Travis Alexander’s MySpace. You may wish to take a look at some of his photos and there are a couple of videos. You can hear him speaking at one of his lectures…

    Here is Jodi Arias’ MySpace. In her photos she has an album in Loving Memory of Travis… Notice the smirk on her face in a lot of her pictures. She is quite content that no other woman will ever be with Travis….a typical stalker and a psychopath.

    Here is a great article written by Shanna Hogan, a Crime Writer… it tells of the events leading up to the murder of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias has been charged with Murder One and the death penalty is on the table…Will this be an open and shut case or will her defense try and prove she is insane? I will warn you that the details are gruesome.

  2. Arias’ attorneys argued during a pre-trial hearing Thursday that prosecutors shouldn’t be allowed to bring up evidence that could be construed as a lack of remorse on her part. It could mean a harsher sentence if she’s found guilty.

    Judge Sherry Stephens said she wouldn’t rule on that now, saying the issue is premature because Arias has not been found guilty.

    More here….

    Jodi Arias’ attorneys move to bar evidence

  3. cali patti says:

    Thank you for the great post and “other” items. I’m looking forward to this case to entertain me over the winter months. From what I just read, that will be next years winter.

  4. Cali~~I think Jodi will entertain you and all the jurors. She is another groomer and will have her powder puff out dabbing her nose in the courtroom.

  5. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Well she has a nice voice but the sentiments in her song don’t match her behavior.

    Thanks for posting the link.

  6. Amber~~that girl is a psycho. She is enjoying all her new found fame. Who does she remind you of?

  7. Amber from Maryland says:

    Felon Anthony?

  8. Amber~~you are so right. The no remorse and the grooming are the same for both.

  9. Amber from Maryland says:

    Well, at least we know that psychopathic personalities are not quite as rare as we would have liked to believe after our experience with the baby’s killer. I still think Travis had a better shot at defending himself than Caylee did. Maybe “guns are the great equalizer.” I hope Caylee did not suffer long, poor child.

  10. margaret says:

    May I borrow a word Snoops? i am getting “pizzed ‘ off already and this trial hasn’t started. Why do prior acts before trial get pulled out and can’t be spoken of. The defense will lie , cheat and steal to get her free. I don’t know why everything has to be hush hush , if she did it, which I vote guilty, I think it should all be heard. You play you pay for all of it. Travis sister said on JVM that Jodi would sit in court and smile at her and her family.Spooky. JVM said that in session would be carrying the trial but they have it listed as starting Nov. 29.I thought it was Oct 17. I think the Az.. station will televise it too. Can’t wait to see if she is still quiet and smiling when she hears Guilty

  11. margaret says:

    By the way I love your new header It is gorgeous.

  12. Margaret~~I thought a new header would be nice. Thank you! I even put the seagull away in the shoe box for awhile.

    I heard JVM say the trial was in November but I wonder if she made a mistake. I did a search and could not find where the date is changed although it wouldn’t surprise me. Jodi Arias is an evil bitch and that is why she smiles at Travis’ sister and family. She thinks she will get acquitted and you never know in this day and age she just might. Justice for victims flew out the window long ago.

  13. margaret says:

    …….Check this out Snoops. I found it when I googled the trial and it will be streamed at this site too. we won’t need In Session..

  14. Thanks, Margaret. You are a big help in finding things for us.

  15. cali patti says:

    My intention is not to offend anyone who takes Jodi Arias crime seriously. I hope to never take another case seriously after baby killers case. I enjoy watching “good” lawyers and the “not so good” lawyers, can be better than television. When judges begin to feel like a celeberty (Judge Ito) that too can be entertrainment. I believe Jodi A. will be the most entertaining, kookie defendent yet. I hope I’m not disappointed. Baby Killer was wise enough to follow her atty’s suggestions, I do not think Jodi will behave in such a “good” manner.

  16. Cali Patti~~I can’t say I blame you for not taking this case seriously. I wonder how many men will be on the jury who will think Jodi is too pretty and sexy to be a murderer. I do not think she is pretty at all…her eyes look evil and I would love to wipe that smug smirk off her face.

  17. Video from Jane Velez Mitchell show tonight…

    What Jodi Arias is really like

  18. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I just read the intro to his book on Travis’s blog. Very touching,
    I also read the blog entry you quoted from and was struck by the comment he wrote about worrying abouut someone he was dating could actually be an axe murderer. How prophetic was that!!!

    I agree, this is going to be one wild trial to follow.

  19. margaret says:

    I too am not going to get so involved in a trial that it literally makes me sick… I just hope they do not get a jury like the one Little Caylee had.. I can still look at Caylees picture and I get mad all over. Snoops did you read what caca wrote on her Grandmothers guest book.. She wanted Shirley to tell Caylee that she loved her.. Bull crap. I hope no one lets her sing during this trial.. She smiles like she is royalty and everyone admires her..She is 31 years old and acting like a teenager..She is going to give a grand performance during trial.. Her lawyers are going to earn every penny they make.

  20. Vicky~~Travis seemed to have his standards set pretty high in the woman he wanted to marry. I think he may have been a bit egotistical himself. I still can’t understand if Jodi was stalking him and slashing his tires etc that he wanted that final roll in the sack with her. Little he knew that he was dealing with a manipulative psychopath. Jodi had that murder planned when she left CA to go and pay that last visit to him. From all reports, it was some hideous murder. It seems she shot him in the face first when he was in the shower and then went about slashing him so she could take some nice pictures. Now Jodi seems to feel pretty smug that no other woman can have Travis. That damn satisfied smirk of hers is what really gets to me. She put the camera in the washing machine and ran it through the wash cycle thinking all the pics would be destroyed. I can’t understand why she would not want them to keep in her collection since he managed to finally snag her trophy. Now the question is, will she beat the lethal injection?

  21. Margaret~~ I haven’t checked Shirley Plesea’s guest book and did not know that Casey had the audacity to sign it. She has no conscience so had no remorse. I doubt if she shed a tear for her g/mother’s passing. I think Jodi Arias and Casey have a lot in common. Now Casey is whining for a change of venue in the upcoming defamation trial… many people here in Canada followed that case. I hope they have the trial in Orange County and Zenaida wins her case. I wonder if Tim Miller is still going forward with his lawsuit against Casey…I sure hope so.

  22. Patti O says:

    Wouldn’t you know she sings my fav Christmas carol? I’ll never hear that song again without seeing her in her prison garb singing it. I don’t think Casey can sing. She probably hates that this person is attractive and talented too along with being psycho.

  23. Hello Patti O~~I cannot seem to find the exact date when Jodi Arias’ trial is due to start. I thought it was Oct 17th and Jane Velez Mitchell keeps saying next month. This Jodi is a very dangerous psycho. Casey is trying to get a change of venue for her trial… I predict that we will never see that trial take place for the simple reason, they will never find 6 jurors who do not know her.

  24. I learned that Arias’ trial is scheduled for Nov 19th. There was mention on JVM tonight that the defense may ask for a continuance…

  25. margaret says:

    I was dissappointed that the trial did not start today,, Oh well.. Found this on Jvm . shows her in courtroom without smile. maybe she is finally getting it.. Have you found anything about a family of hers.. Like she just appeared. ……………ttp://

  26. Margaret~~you can see pictures of Jodi’s parents and her sisters and brothers at this link. Jodi was living in California when she traveled to visit Travis and murdered him.

  27. The following was updated one hour ago…no verdict yet…

    Baby Gabriel case: Jury begins 2nd day of deliberations

  28. Marilyn says:

    I just hope this jury just goes with the evidence,as they are sworn to do,not thinking about her looks(which everyone knows,that has common sense doesn’t mean a damn thing)She’s soooo full of herself,it’s sickening!Shades of Elizabeth Johnson!That jury was so damn dumb!Charge her with murder!Murderers have been convicted without a body many times!!Back to Jodi Arias,I hope all of Travis’s Family shows up everyday,so this jury would see how the real victims feel.Please,may they not use their religion to forgive her.In Private is okay,but not in court!!As for EVIL ONE,CA,she’s still in so-called hiding,so her Karma is in effect.I would hope anyone who would actually see that Thing would holler(loudly)MURDERER!!She deserves Nothing less!

  29. Marilyn~~Welcome. I hope you were not in moderation very long. I am afraid that this will be another case of “but she is young and pretty so she could never murder anyone.” I hope the jurors will be able to get a look at Jodi’s smirk and the look of satisfaction she seemed to display. I think her defense is going to try and get the death penalty off the table. Travis was killed by a deranged psychopath/stalker who murdered him in a fit of rage. She could not stand Travis’ rejection. It is one thing to kill a person but the murder was so heinous, gunshot, 27 stab wounds and his throat slit from ear to ear. I could administer her the lethal injection without batting an eyelash.

  30. This is one way for Jodi to avoid that lethal injection… She will be so old by the time this case goes to trial, she will be so old they wont be able to find a vein to put the needle in.

    Jodi Arias seeks to postpone trial — again

  31. Marilyn says:

    I so agree,but surely if these “talking heads”ala Jane Velez Michell would stop using all the freaking adjectives of how stunning,beautiful,gorgeous,and all the other remarks,about how good-looking she is,maybe some future jurors (with common sense hopefully)will absolutely look past all that BS,and say to themselves”If this were my son,would I care how pretty she is?”!I think not!!She is definitely a deranged killer,in my opinion!One more thing.I think if his family and friends are in that courtroom daily(Channon-Newsome)case,they might just see that their job is with the evidence,not the smile of a killer!!

  32. Marilyn~~I agree. Who sets the standards for beautiful especially ‘ stunningly beautiful? I don’t think that Jodi is even nice looking nor was Casey Anthony or Elizabeth Johnson. My idea of beauty is looking deeper than what we see on the outside, beauty comes from deep within and the eyes are the windows to the soul. Jodi and Casey have an evil look as far as I am concerned. That smug/ smirk of Jodi’s is one I would like to wipe off her face. I wonder how many male jurors will be at Jodi’s trial and think she is hot. It all makes me sick.

  33. margaret says:

    Hi Snoops and everyone. I had to take a few days off and do some things.. I was getting ready for Jodi trial next week, but not to be. I read today that the trial has been pushed up to the twenty-sixth..Her case is taking too long to get started..Oh well I can wait.. Also heard on In-Session yesterday about the judge that beat his daughter with a belt so bad, has been put back on the bench in FAMILY court.. Lord what is becoming of this world.. Wrong is right and right is wrong. I just can’t understand people anymore..Good nite friend, I have missed you all last week.

  34. Margaret~~I was ready to put an all points bulletin out on you. lol I am glad you are back with us. I hope Jodi’s trial begins soon with no more delays. Yes, I heard that judge was back on the bench. The world has gone crazy or I should say the people in it.

  35. Amber from Maryland says:

    Where are the values that we learned when we were growing up???

  36. margaret says:

    Well, well . caca has gotten a delay..I wondered why ZG lawyers didn’t do that because as long as she had an appeal she was not going to be forced to answer questions.. Now she will have no excuse.. Finally , a ruling against caca. Maybe that smug has gotten wiped off her face.

  37. Arias’ trial delayed once again. Now it looks like jury selection may begin Dec 10th… don’t hold your breath..

  38. cali patti says:

    LOL … if this trial doesn’t begin I’m concerned any of us will still be alive. This trial has taken forever to begin. I’m more interested in this case than in Trayvon case.

  39. Cali~~I agree. I have lost interest in the Zimmerman case. I like to read Fred Leatherman’s posts because you can learn a lot about the legal end of things which holds my interest. I seldom read the comment there now.

  40. Marilyn says:

    Another delay,because of pictures on her computer,ridiculous!They’ve had plenty of time(defense lawyers)My opinion is the defense want this trial as close to Christmas as possible,so the jury may be a Skank jury,wanting just to go home for the holidays.Or just to get it over with.I worry about jury’s that don’t really think about justice!It seems like that happens alot nowadays,unfortunately!!

  41. Marilyn~~you are so right. Who wants to be sitting in a jury box when they should be out Christmas shopping and spending quality time with their families. Defense lawyers are a cagey lot. They timed this to their own advantage. I just hope Jodi doesn’t ask the judge if she can sing a few carols in the courtroom. I cannot seeing her getting the death penalty even though it was a heinous hate filled crime.

  42. Marilyn says:

    I guarantee you one thing,if I was Travis’s family,I would want to show this jury all the anger I could conjure up!I am still on this soapbox!!I think it matters!!First,I’m sure the Prosecutor knows how this family feels,so he’s got to show alot of determination in all of his evidence,which is plenty(imo).His(or her) has to have emotion out the wazoo of how evil the woman was(I don’t give a crap how much so-called good looks she supposedly has)!!Off this subject a little,I wanted to ask you,Do you think this “bombshell”evidence of (I even hate to say her name,so I’ll just call her SKANK)her computer search would have made any difference to Skank’s jury??Over 350 pieces of evidence didn’t matter to them,so I don’t buy anyone saying the prosecutor didn’t do their jobs,because of that computer search.It would also have been ignored,also my opinion,but just wanted to know what you thought??

  43. Marilyn~~I do not think the search for ‘foolproof suffication’ (suffocation) would have mattered to the jury. The jury were so stupid that they thought if they found her guilty she would definitely get the death penalty. They had no idea what mitigating and aggravating circumstances were all about in the penalty phase. The state should never have had that death penalty on the table. They should have known the child murderer would never cop a plea.

    As far as Jodi Arias, they have tons of evidence against her but I do not trust defense lawyers. One day in court, Jodi kept smiling at Travis’ sister. Jodi is a damn kook…I do not think she is pretty, not with that evil smirk she displays.

  44. Pingback: Jodi Arias-Jury selection begins today! | mainstreamfair

  45. mystical pippin says:

    Snoop and Marilyn.
    I don’t think it would’ve made one damn bit of difference to the jury on CA CA’s case. If you listen to what some of them said – the one girl especially who did the interview, admitted to not understanding one bit of the science regarding the chloroform so instead of trying to understand it by discussing it with the others, or going over the testimony, physical evidence, etc…by the expert witness – with the rest of the group, she chose (and I’m sure there were several others) to ignore it.

    There were several others along with her that kept harping on the fact that they couldn’t prove a COD. so therefore in their minds there was no murder. Completely disregarding the fact that a child died while in the care of her mother, they could’ve said she was guilty on the lessor charges – but they excused her bad behavior completely…. they excused her lies, her partying and they excused her behavior in the jailhouse visits with her family. They actually believed Jose’s account that the baby drowned. They also believed George either had something to do with it or he was there when it happened. They think he’s the one who buried Caylee.

    I’ve heard that juries have a tendancy to believe the lawyers they like. They must’ve liked Baez because they believed everything he said in his opening statement and he presented absolutely no evidence, nada, zip to support it…… I can see them disliking Jeff because at times he was very sarcastic and dry witted. It takes a person of some moderate intelligence to appreciate that and this jury was completely lacking in any level of intelligence. They probably didn’t believe Jeff because they didn’t like him. HOW ON EARTH – could they NOT need to look over one single piece of evidence or testimony?? I mean has that ever happened in a murder trial? And that COD thing made me crazy – she was DEAD under suspicious circumstances while being with her mother and no one else – that wasn’t enough for them?

    So no it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference to the dumbest jury of all time.

  46. Marilyn says:

    Who here is anxiously awaiting Jose Baez interview with Aphrodite Jones on her show on ID,I believe on Jan.7th.I never trusted her for anything,she plays both sides of the fence!Just soooo cunning in my opinion.

  47. Marilyn~~I don’t get ID. What is the interview about, the Anthony case or that Baez is representing Serino in the Zimmerman case?

  48. Pippin ~~I do agree with you. Baez won the jury over with his ‘good mornings’ and a big smile. Cindy, George and Lee deserved Oscars for their performances in the courtroom. Casey cried and daubed at her eyes right on cue after a few elbows by Cheney Mason. The Pinellas brain dead fell for it hook line and sinker. Jeff Ashton and his snide grins certainly did not help.

  49. mystical pippin says:

    Isn’t Serino one of the cops in that case? Why does he need an attorney? And Marilyn if you can give us a reminder the day before I get ID – this should be interesting…..

  50. mystical pippin says:

    I saw a commercial for a tv movie thats coming out on the CA CA case. Rob Lowe plays Jeff Ashton. I think its in either late January or Feb – and I’m pretty sure its one of the Lifetime networks – like LMN or just Lifetime not sure. I’ll keep a watch out for more ads. My guess is right after they play the movie there will be a dvd for sale….

  51. Mystical Pippin~~I just posted the following at Dave’s…

    This just came in…..

    The appeal of Anthony’s convictions of lying to law enforcement will receive TV coverage on Jan. 8. The case will be heard in the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach.

    The movie “Prosecuting Casey Anthony” will premiere Jan. 19 on Lifetime. The film is based on Jeff Ashton’s book, and he will be played by Rob Lowe. I hear people calling for boycotts of the movie, but it cannot be seen as favorable to Anthony in any way.

    Read more here…

    Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman will be big news in 2013

  52. Marilyn says:

    Definitely interviewing Baez about Skank,cause she asks him in one bit,”What was your greatest worry?”He replies”The death Penalty”.I believe it’s on Jan.7th .Gosh,I can’t remember what the name of it is going to be,but the program is Aphrodite Jones interviews about criminals.Sorry,you don’t get it,it has so many good true crime stories.I was wondering how much they paid him for the interview ,not that we’ll know!

  53. mystical pippin says:

    Hiya Snoopy and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU (again-seeing as how it is today and all)

    I saw a commercial for the movie again last night and then later came over here to post it but then I saw that you already did. So I read the article from the link you posted and I got hoppin made at that guy Fred Francis or whatever his name is – he’s the retired nbc newsman that said something about the fact that he’s never seen such a weak case (George Zimmerman) and he predicted a not guilty verdict or an acquital. pffft! I thought it was really unprofessional because saying its weak and then not saying why he thought so, was cocky. He had a long career as a journalist and won awards so you would think he would sound more….. neutral or at least talk about what he knows about the case. Not some flat out prediction without reasons.

    Hey has anyone said anything to you about your site lately?. Because for the last few days, everytime I come here theres a bar thats flashing on/off constantly at the bottom of the screen. I don’t think its my end because I’m not seeing anything weird on other sites I’m visiting. Looks like a script gone haywire!

  54. Pippin~~nothing flashing here.. HAPPY 2013…What browser are you using?

    Anyone else notice anything flashing??

  55. Marilyn says:

    Mine does too.I use Foxfire,keeps bouncing.

  56. Karen C. says:

    I saw the promo for the Lifetime Ashton thing in the movie theatre- the only one who looked anything like the person they’re portraying is whoever’s doing Skank herself- a sulking cipher. Lowe looks much more like Drew Peterson than he does Ashton.

  57. I find Chrome is one of the best browsers to use. I used Internet Explorer and had a lot of issues. I will try Firefox and see if I can see any bouncing… I will also turn the snow off so that may help.

  58. mystical pippin says:

    I keep hearing that Snoop and I’ve got it I just can’t figure out how to access much from it because I’m so bad when it comes to change. I’m using IE9. But today its good no more flashing!

  59. Pippin~~I turned the snow off. . WordPress gives us snow for Christmas so I clicked it off… that may have been causing a glitch…I am waiting for the trial to resume…

  60. mystical pippin says:

    I kind of thought it would be something like that. I actually thought it might have something to do with the other page that had the end of the end year stats. word press probably coded the snow wrong and thats why it didn’t work right in IE and Firefox (I saw someone else mentioned they were using it and was also experiencing the flashing) this is one of my pet peeves in coding. Its really hard to get it right for every browser and you don’t know until its actually done and tested at the www consortium test page. Whoever created the snow probably did test it out at the time they created it but it may have been some time ago. And browsers are constantly changing so that could be the reason it doesn’t work correctly now.

    You know whats really frustrating me is coding for tablets, or mobile devices – thats a whole new can of worms and I haven’t even gotten the standard web sizes down but now I’m supposed to learn all this new stuff for mobile devices? Its NOT fair for us right brainers you know? lol (my new years rant).

    Hey maybe you can help me with chrome. I have to go look at it for awhile and then I’ll hit you up with some questions.

  61. Pippin~~Chrome doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles so it is fast…I have Chrome 23 and high speed cable internet…I have Internet Explorer but seldom use it… Here is the link for Chrome…

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