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She just wont go away… You have to give Morgan & Morgan credit. They are going to persevere until it pays off, hopefully not in turnips.

Judge: Casey Anthony must turn in finance info to attorneys

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orange County judge ruled that Casey Anthony must turn over information about her finances.

Attorneys for both Zenaida Gonzalez and Anthony were in court Tuesday morning.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation of character after she claimed that a nanny with the same name as Gonzalez kidnapped Anthony’s daughter, Caylee.

Gonzalez’s lawyer said he wants to know where Anthony has been getting her money so they can establish her net worth.

But Anthony’s attorney, Andrew Chmelir, believed the questions were being asked for publicity sake.

“They’re asking for information that really has no value other than to create more publicity in this case,” Chmelir said.

“I disagree you’re honor. Obviously, a person’s income impacts what their net worth is,” said Gonzalez’s attorney John Dill.

Anthony must also answer Gonzalez’s questions, but her attorneys may not reveal the answers publicly.

The trial is scheduled for January, 2013.


Did Casey Anthony get money from her parents’ trust fund? After a ruling Tuesday, Anthony will have to tell Zenaida Gonzalez the answer, but the public won’t find out at least until the case goes to trial.

Gonzalez’s lawyers wanted to know if Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, have been funneling her money from the trust fund they created in honor of their granddaughter, Caylee Marie. Anthony’s attorneys argued that was “private financial information” and irrelevant to the ongoing civil suit.

Read it all here… this article is a bit longer…also a video of the attorneys from both sides…

Casey Anthony must turn over info on her finances, judge says

Did the system let Jorgete Acarie down? Read the following and you be the judge.

Video and Article here….

Ex-boyfriend named ‘person of interest’ in Jorgete Acarie’s death

The trial of Matthew Scheidt is underway in Kissimmee. He is the young man who I dubbed Officer Doc Doogie in a recent post. Matthew impersonated a medical student as well as an under cover cop. You can read more at the following link.

Doctor says Matthew Scheidt told him he was a PA

Many eyes are focused on Isaac as it makes it way torward New Orleans and Louisiana. Isaac has been upgraded to a Hurricane 1 with sustained winds of 75mph.

Tropical Satellite

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31 Responses to ~ Snoops Snippets~

  1. margaret says:

    On facebook, Jeff Ashton is bringing in Linda Drane Burdick as his right arm person.. Good team.

  2. cali patti says:

    Hmm … I like, like again Morgan & Morgan! WTG boys!!! Poor little Casey is being picked on for no reason, after all she “obviously” was proven innocent, right?
    Hey, Casey could be Drew Peterson’s 5th wife. I think that is a marvelous plan.

  3. Newbie says:

    lol….that is great !

  4. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I am hoping that Morgan and Morgan prevail. Zenaida went through hell because Felon Anthony lied. If George and Cindy are funnelling foundation donations to Casey, that was probably not what the donors wanted to happen with their money.

  5. Hey Amber from Maryland! Where have you been hiding? I have missed you, my friend. Oh, I want to see Casey drug into court and forced to testify. Let it be a reminder to her of what she did to her daughter four years ago. Where has the time gone? I wonder if Tim Miller of Equusearch is still going forward with his lawsuit against Casey.

  6. Good grief, when you think you have heard it all…..

    Judge grants sex change for Mass. murder convict


  7. margaret says:

    love your texting codes Snoop.. caca won’t have to say a word if they don’t get her appeal done and over will she? Will be interesting to see George and her reactions to each other. It is laughable to me because she would not be in this place if it were not for the criminal case.. The justice system doesn’t think like me, so she will get another pat on back..She will file bankruptcy and then her appeal will be settled and momand pops latest lawyer will then hand over money he has hidden for them and as usual the lying anthonys will move on to the next engagement…I was so knieve at one time………………….In reference to the sex change, I’m thinking of sueing someone for a facelift and a better body so that I can feel more productive and be able to do all these things that I enjoy doing…I just haven’t figured out who I need to sue.. God help us all, if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable…

  8. margaret says:

    Can’t wait for her smug attitude to be wiped away too!!!! I think she thinks she is just so pretty and smart that there is no way she can be convicted… I read where jury selection began this week for little Baby Gabriel. Hope she fries too, if that baby is dead. Hope it will be televised. Are trials televised in your area? I would watch Ambers. I say I am swearing off but I don’t. lol

  9. Margaret~~they took away our Court tv here in Canada. The only way I can watch the trials is if I can find them on live stream on the internet. I watched Conrad Murrays trial on TMZ via live stream. Jodi Arias is more evil than Casey Anthony if that is possible. Jodi murdered Travis so no one else could have him. The sick bitch…

  10. margaret says:

    Snoops just read on Caylee Daily that cindy’s mom is dying of cancer. Poor woman she was the only honest one in bunch. They are concerned over caca being able to say goodbye to her. Bull crap , Mrs. Pleasa probably never wants to see her. She is supposed to be at cindys , son Dan is helping care for her. If this is true , my prayers are for Mrs. Pleasa.Did not know TMZ had a live stream. thanks for information. I have been trying to find someplace that is streaming Baby Gabriel. It begins on 19th I think.

  11. margaret~~you must have used a different email and ended up in moderation. Now that I approved you, you can use both. I really like Shirley Plesea… what a sin. I hope she does not have to suffer…Casey sure was a worry to her grandmother and stress can cause cancer among other things. I doubt if Casey will give her g/mother much sympathy. BTW, TMZ doesn’t live stream all the trials but they did for Conrad Murray…maybe because Michael Jackson was a celebrity.

  12. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I am sorry for poor Shirley Plesea. I definitely agree with you that stress can be a big factor in cancer and having a granddaughter like Casey couldn’t be a good thing for anyone. I am glad that Casey’s uncle is helping Cindy take care of the grandmother.

    It will be interesting to see if Casey goes to see her grandmother. If I were Casey, I would be embarrassed to be seen anywhere. I am still cheering for Morgan and Morgan and Zenaida and wishing them well.

  13. margaret says:

    It has been happening for over a week now Snoops. I have to leave my email andname it will Post. Same thing on this one

  14. Potty Training Mom In Restaurant Stuns And Horrifies Internet

    Have you seen the potty-training mom who shocked fellow diners and eventually the internet at large when she whipped out a portable toddler toilet at the table and allowed her twins to use them while eating chicken nuggets in a crowded restaurant?

    Oh, it apparently happened. It’s people like the potty-training mom in Utah that ruin it for the rest of us parents because, while 99 percent of us seem to think that potty functions should occur in the actual bathroom, the teensy percentage of people who do stuff like this get the rest of us called to account on restaurants, planes, and generally anywhere in public parents are forced to take their kids because babysitters are expensive as all get out.

    The story became public when fellow mom and diner Kimberly Decker snapped the shots in shock after having her meal (understandably) ruined by the sight of the children sitting nude on toddler toilets at the table, eating while possibly urinating or defecating, and I think this may be the most disgusting post I have ever had to write.

    Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/323236/potty-training-mom-in-restaurant-stuns-and-horrifies-internet/#1uCU7SBHGo7GbBKK.99

  15. ‘Tiara’ mom speaks out on her toddler’s ‘smoking’

    Video…Nancy reads the riot act to this mom…


  16. The most interesting car chase ever?

    Bank robbers in a high speed chase throw thousands of dollars into the streets which were quickly gathered up by onlookers.


  17. margaret says:

    http://www.wzzm13.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=1834809819001 This goes in the ” Can You Believe This ” column……… Snoops I am still having to type in my e-mail and name before it will post. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Margaret~~when you go to post your comment, click on the little blue W down to the right of the comment box. Another box will come up, fill in your name and it will ask for your password. Fill this in and then click on the ‘remember me’…see if this will work so you wont have to type in your name and email each time.

  19. Margaret~ ~I cannot believe that Baby Kate’s mother wants to marry Sean Phillips. He is going to spend 10 to 15 years in prison. I am beginning to wonder if they were both responsible for Kate’s disappearance and possible death. What in he** is wrong with some of these mothers?

  20. Newbie says:

    Snipped this off of Amazon…..there is another book besides this written by a Mark Osterman. Is this the same guy who wrote My Friend the Most Hated Man in America?

    Your Recent History (What’s this?)

    Recently Viewed Items
    Justifiable Homicide

    Justifiable Homicide
    Mark Osterman

  21. Newbie says:

    Good heavens, it is quiet in here and over at Daves. If I remember right, there is a hearing this morning (or maybe I should say was) in the GZ case. I hope that is why it is so quiet and not because people have bought Osterman’s book and are reading it !!!!!!

  22. Newbie~~I cant get into Dave’s or even Facebook. I don’t know what is going on. I got into my two mail accounts. I get a message come up about a server being down. Strange.

  23. Amber from Maryland says:


    A mother who wants to marry the man who kidnapped and might possibly have killed her child is not much of a mother in my opinion. What is wrong with the world today? What kind of values do these women have?

    My sympathies are with baby Kate as they were with baby Gabriel and with baby Caylee.

  24. Hello, Amber~~baby Kate was just thrown away like trash and I think they were both in on it. Sick, sick, sick… I have Jodi Arias trial coming up next month so my blog may be more active…

  25. Will Laura Jessome’s murder ever be found.. here is something of interest…

    Police probe possible assault after man critically injured

  26. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    What has happened to the human race? I am giving up on humans as a species. Cats, dogs and parrots behave better.

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