~~just MARK my words~~

Regardless of how you feel about George Zimmerman, why don’t people leave Mark O’Mara alone and let him do his job?

In your great country and mine, anyone charged with a crime has a right to a fair trial. How can they accomplish that without having someone defend them? In the eyes of the law, the one charged is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

I don’t give a dang what you say about George Zimmerman, Shellie or the whole clan. I am sick of listening to people whine about Mark O’Mara. I don’t mean about disagreeing with the motions he is filing or even that he set up a website to help solicit funds. I am hearing people attack his character among other things. They are doing plenty of it on the Whiney blogs. Heck, they don’t even take time to pass the cheese, it is just whine, whine, whine…

O’Mara will address a gun rights group at its annual conference, in September, although it does not specify what O’Mara will be discussing. He is already being condemned for this from left, right, front and center before standing at a podium and opening his mouth. No one knows what Mark will be speaking about at this conference. Grrrrrr

Can you tell I am frustrated? Check out this link. Hey, the guy is actually human.

Who Is Mark O’Mara?

Here is a video of today’s presser…

Raw Video: Zimmerman’s attorney holds news conference

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28 Responses to ~~just MARK my words~~

  1. Mark O’Mara, who is defending George Zimmerman against a second-degree murder charge in the fatal February shooting, said looking at the case through traditional self-defense circumstances is appropriate because the facts suggest his client couldn’t retreat from a beating he was receiving from Martin.

    Read it all here….

    Zimmerman Lawyer Pursuing Traditional Self-Defense

  2. Sherry says:

    I think they are putting him in the same league as Baez. Wasn’t it you who first said that OMara wouldn’t use a SYG defense? I’ve said it for awile so now we know its unusable. I suppose with Trayvon on top of him and claiming it was him who was screaming will be used to show he had no way to retreat. What luck for GZ. I so hope that the prosecutors bring it up that GZ had two opportunities to introduce himself to Trayvon before he was put in an unretreatable position!

  3. Here is another slant…

    University of Miami law professor Tamara Lave said this change by O’Mara may be a signal that he thinks his case for self-defense is solid even without the special provisions afforded by “stand your ground.”

    “’Stand your ground’ makes it easier to prevail under self-defense theory than the law that existed beforehand,” Lave said. “I think what he’s saying is his case is so strong that he doesn’t need ‘stand your ground.’”

    There’s more to read here….

    Defense attorney in Trayvon Martin case plans to use traditional self-defense argument

  4. Sherry says:

    Oh poo…I didn’t finish reading the link in your first comment, Snoopy. FTA: If a judge were to side with Zimmerman in a pretrial hearing under the state’s self-defense statute, the murder charge would be dismissed immediately. O’Mara said that he would not have to invoke any part of the “stand your ground” statute under the strategy he plans to use.

    “I think the facts seem to support that though we have a stand-your-ground immunity hearing, what this really is, is a simple, self-defense immunity hearing,” the defense attorney said.

    ~So, this could be dropped by the judge. He won’t dare do it, I hope!

  5. Dang, Sherry, my comment flew away… If the appeals court doesn’t side with Zimmerman’s motion to get rid of Judge Lester, Z’s goose is cooked. O’Mara is making some risky moves but I don’t think he has much other choice.

    I want to see Trayvon get justice as much as the next person but I am also fascinated by how the attorneys from both sides use strategy. This is why I come across to some as being cold hearted. I do my best to detach myself emotionally when following different cases. I could not do that in the Caylee Anthony case and almost ended up a basket case.

  6. “If he was attacked, he can stand his ground,” said retired Miami-Dade prosecutor David Waksman, who is not involved in the case. “But if police say back off and we’ll take care of it, he’s not covered by the law.”


    After a series of court battles across the state, the Florida Supreme Court in December 2010 ruled that judges should be the ones to weigh the evidence under a looser standard than the familiar “beyond a reasonable doubt” one used before juries in criminal cases.

    Since then, South Florida judges have dismissed charges in several high-profile murder cases in which defendants sought immunity based on the law.

    More here…note it is dated March/12

    Florida’s self-defense law could hamper efforts to prosecute Trayvon Martin shooter

  7. margaret says:

    You go Jeff ! Wonder what baez and mason think about this?lol

  8. Margaret~~I wonder what Casey thinks now. George Anthony went down to Jeff’s headquarters and shook his hand, congratulating him.. Casey probably threw one of her tantrums.

  9. margaret says:

    LOL Did you watch video of Lawson and Jeff ? Me thinks Lamar Lawson is a sore looser…He puts Jeff down bad. Cindy probably let George have it and sent him to his room…video is on os…

  10. Newbie says:

    When I saw George congratulating Ashton, my mind went to Cindy kicked him out or it got soooooo bad George left.

  11. margaret says:

    Newbie that thought went through my head. My second thought was maybe G had wrapped C face in duct tape and put her in swamp and he was in need of a good lawyer LOL.. Wonder where caca is going on Thursday when she is released? Can’t help but wish someone would kidnap her and make her sit in the hole she threw Baby Caylee in and let the snakes and other wild animals play with her. After a few hours she ought to be ready for the truth to be told, Oh well I can only dream.

  12. margaret says:

    You know I try to think of this case and my mind jumps to the end of trial and verdict..I think too many are willing to take sides and one way or another, one side is going to be dissapointed.. There is so much outside influence that I worry about the end results.. I hope I am wrong but I can’t shake the feeling that this is going to be another Rodney King case.. Lord I pray I am wrong but this case is being tried locally but it is the outside influences that upset me.. What do you think.? GZ started that ball rolling when he went out with that gun.. No matter what the sentence is i am afraid that some people won’t be happy and thats when trouble starts.

  13. Margaret~~the Zimmerman case is turning into another three-ring circus. You’ve got racists , politics, some gun owners etc etc involved. All the evidence seems to point to Zimmerman guilt of manslaughter at least. He has been charged with second-degree murder. I just wish the media and some of these groups would let the Justice System take care of things. Regardless on how this turns out, it aint gonna be pretty. If this goes to trial and Zimmerman does not get immunity on self-defense, I envision mistrial after mistrial because they will be unable to panel a jury of six people and if they do, it will be a hung jury. JMO

  14. cali patti says:

    Hello , I read at Leatherman’s site and yes there is an intelligent conversation going on there. However, I think that the Martin/Zimmerman case has become overblown. Just my opinion. At Leatherman’s site people have went as far to consider a 3rd person being involved in the shooting. Based on wet/dry cloths and grass stains or lack of stains. Really, a 3rd person?
    Everyday innocent and not so innocent young black men are being killed by mostly other young black men. Silence!! Where is the out cry for them?
    Defense atty’s are the backbone of a free society and should be respected/protected.
    I have very little interest in the Martin/Zimmerman case any longer.
    Nubia’s case is way to sad for me but the Jodi Araias does seem to be a crazy diva. I do plan on following her case. Crazy and sly as they get. Jodi will entertain me for hours.

  15. Zimmerman’s Biggest Supporter’s Son Dies In Car Accident


  16. Cali~~the media tends to blow everything out of proportion. I do not believe there was any conspiracy and Zimmerman acted alone. We have a fair size black population here in N.S. The occasional murder is generally black on black over one stepping on the other’s drug territory. To my knowledge, we do not have white surpremist groups so that is a plus. There are many inter racial marriages but mostly black men marrying white girls rather than vice versa. All in all, we get along fine unless my head has been in the sand all these years. Leatherman does have a good blog if one can keep up with all the comments. I hate one-liners and the dang Reply button. I like to read the new comments at the end of a thread instead of starting at the top each time and having to check the times to see if the comment is new. As in every blog, there is some good info and also drivel that makes little sense. JMO

  17. cali patti says:

    Snoopy, I never gave the racial profile of your community much thought but I never would have thought you had a “large” racially mixed community. Inter racial marriages I have not noticed in years. It was probably 40 years ago that I noticed that. Most communities in central California are mixed with every race. The Mexican’s have become the major race in many communities, caucasian the second largest with all others up in numbers also.
    I am a one liner specialist but have been better. Mostly if done in sarcaseum. Yes, I know they are not good but it is similar to a hit-and-run.

  18. I think you may be right about the comparisons given between MOM and Jose Baez (I always want to speil it as Joan Baez…lol). I don’t do that. My frustration with Mark can probably be attributed to the good job he is doing for GZ. I don’t have any ill will towards him but yes at times I get angry with him. I think he’s a good man with honor. It just sucks that he’s having to defend that piece of you know what!

    On Taffe’s son. Its awful and sad, I know loss all too well so I wouldn’t wish it on anyone regardless of how I feel about them personally. Did you guys see the comments below that article? One said that Frank’s other son had committed suicide or died of an overdose awhile back. Really tragic, but given what I know about Taffe I wonder if it was his parenting skills (or lack thereof as demonstrated by how he’s raising his daughter) that messed up the kids heads? It appears that he was driving way too fast – possibly under the influence?

    And finally I’m going to end this post on a GOOD note!

    WOO HOO to Jeff Ashton. I didn’t know he won the race but I’m real glad that he’s going to be doing that job. I’ve never for one moment thought he did a bad job prosecuting CaCa. In fact it was an excellent job – the state lost but through no fault of their own – it was a crappy pool of jurors who either were in it for the fame or thought they would make some money from it OR they were not educated enough to understand the judges instructions – they didn’t even look at the evidence presented at trial if they had it wouldn’t have taken 5 hours to arrive at ANY verdict let alone a not guilty one……
    btw did anyone see the video on YouTube of JA speaking to a group of people at the Library after his book was released? It was sooo funny at the end he made a joke about CaCa. I’ll see if I can find it and post it here.

  19. Mystical~~I really thought that O’Mara would make his exit from the Zimmerman case after he found out that Z and Shellie lied about the finances and the passport. I honestly do not think that Mark will do anything underhanded to get Z off. He will adhere to the rules. There is no way that he will risk his bar license for the likes of George Zimmerman. When Mark first took this case ( Mark NeJame recommended O’Mara to Z) I think he felt that Zimmerman was telling the truth. Once the evidence started to surface and Z’s stories started to change and not support the facts, I think Mark probably realized his client was very guilty. Many attorneys represent clients who they know are guilty but someone has to do the dirty work in trying to give them a good defense. People are upset about O’Mara wanting to get Trayvon’s school records etc. Even Bernie De La Rionda could not disagree that Mark had a right to do that since the state got Z’s records and published them. What does a poor grade have to do with someone shooting another person? A good attorney leaves no stone unturned regardless of who they are representing.

  20. I know and I agree with you theoretically about MOM not doing anything underhanded. but there’s a lot of things attorneys can and will do that are legal and within their right – but underhanded never the less.

    I do think GZ is entitled to the best defense HE can afford – but that’s not exactly what’s happening is it? No he’s getting the best defense he can’t afford and others are paying for it. I bet after MOM’s speech at the gun convention more people went to the site and donated. He didn’t ask for $ but I’m sure people were impressed enough to go and “help” their cause. and thats what these donations to his defense fund are all about – to those who have donated that is….. These idiots think they’re helping to save their precious gun laws.

    I honestly don’t believe Mark is a bad guy – he’s NOTHING like Baez. I think he’s smart and I do think he knew from the beginning that GZ was guilty – the public outcry for Z’s arrest alone must have reached his ears and I’m sure he at least heard enough on the news to think it. (or maybe I’m just putting myself in his shoes cause I certainly knew it from the beginning) He still has to do his job no matter what he thinks and that slimy worm still gets to have a good lawyer – dang it! 🙂

    One thing’s for sure MOM had no idea what a humongous liar George was. or rather what a despicable character he is because it isn’t just his lying. He’s an extremely messed up, self centered, broken person. he probably was damaged by his parents but at some point you grow up, you man-up and look at yourself honestly and change the path you’re on. George consciously chose not to do that because he’s extremely self centered. But I digress…..I mean I’m sure Mark had no idea that George was a man who was so completely lacking in trustworthyness, a man who just made the worst mistake of his life, yet felt like he was entitled to do it. In the beginning Mark almost looked like a deer in headlights. He must have been shocked when he realized how low Z’s character really was. To me he looked like he didn’t believe his own arguments in court. I still reserve the right to get angry at him though. 🙂

  21. Mystical~ ~ I respect your opinions about Mark, Zimmerman or any of the others. Zimmerman did wrong no question about it and he must pray for his crime. I do not think he will win the immunity on SYG or be acquitted when it goes to trial. I just wish it was someone else defending him and not O’Mara. I doubt if Mark thinks he will get Zimmerman off. José Baez cannot hold a candle to Mark. Baez did not win the Anthony case, the jurors from Pinellas County were not qualified to handle and deliberate a death penalty case. That death penalty should not have been on the table. Even Jeff Ashton admitted that.

  22. I remember Jeff said something about that in an interview. He and his partner on the case didn’t think it was a good idea but the order came down from the higher-ups (I wonder if it was his old boss that he just beat in the election?). They insisted on it. And I totally agree with what you said about Baez. He did not win that case. He got lucky because of the dumb jury….
    It was Judge Perry’s only mistake IMO. He was tired and frustrated because they had no pool to pick from. So he settled for what they got. Did you know that they even went to a homeless shelter to get more volunteers for the selection of jurors in one of the towns? I’ve got nothing against homeless people – I’ve been there myself, but it just shows how little they had to choose from.

    i sure hope you’re right about that SYG hearing. I am worried….I’m even more worried if it goes to trial he will get off. If they get any gun lovers on the jury it will be a hung verdict, you can be sure of that.

    On the lighter side of crimes……this made me think of you. talk about STICKY FINGERS!

  23. Mystical~~yes, Lawson Lamar was the state attorney at the time and wanted the death penalty left on the table. Ashton and Burdick wanted it removed. Ashton beat Lamar in the election and I understand Lamar was a sore loser.

    Dang, I just finished licking maple syrup off my fingers…lol The Quebers love their French toast and that syrup. My father used to tap trees on our property and mom used to make the maple syrup. I love maple fudge… oh gawd, now I am drooling..

  24. oooh does that mean you know how to make maple syrup? Did you help your mom make it? bet there’s some great memories there. I love Canadian maple syrup. (I love Vermont maple syrup too!).So the quebecs love their syrup but 600 or more Barrels? how do you hide that? :lol

  25. Mystical~~I was too young to help Mom make the syrup but I went with dad when he used to collect if from the maple trees. I love maple flavored tin beans, sausage and even maple icecream… I am not sure what some of those crazy Frenchmen do… I remember a few years ago that a big semi truck was loaded with Canadian beer and went missing. IIRC, it was an inside job. Can you imagine all that bubbly being stolen… lol I used to like US when hubby and I vacationed in the states. We always say US beer is the same as good Canadian water..lol. …

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