Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook, Illinois, on trial.

Drew Peterson

Kathleen Savio

Stacy Peterson

Defense attorney Joel Brodsky presented opening arguments in the Drew Peterson murder trial and began leading the jury on a rambling, disconnected journey through his client’s life, but was cut short and slapped down by Judge Edward Burmila.

“Mr. Brodsky, you’re testifying to the jury about Mr. Peterson’s life story, which is completely inappropriate,” Burmila said.

When Brodsky tried to explain himself by saying his story would be relevant later, the judge said, “Stop—the issue is not the relevance of it.”

“You’re perverting the purpose of the opening statement here,” Burmila added.

Once Brodsky’s tale of Peterson’s time in high school, the Army and the start of his career as a Bolingbrook police officer was cut off by Burmila, the lawyer proceeded to rip the character of his client’s slain third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Brodsky said Savio “lies and makes up stories to fit her purpose or when she’s mad or angry,” repeatedly told of times she went “bonkers,” and said she was “bossy.”

He also claimed she attacked Drew Peterson and his next wife, Stacy Peterson.

“She charged at (their) car like a person possessed,” he said. “She’s like a mad woman.”

Brodsky insisted prosecutors will fail to prove Peterson killed Savio because she actually died in an accident.”

Updated 11 a.m.

It looked like there was nearly a mistrial after Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow brought up the co-worker Drew Peterson allegedly offered $25,000 to orchestrate a hit on his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Glasgow failed to disclose to the defense he was going to use that evidence. This was a big part of the prosecution’s case and they now can’t use it at trial. Peterson’s defense team moved for a mistrial.

There was a long argument, but the judge denied the motion. Prosecutors will still be hampered going forward.

Original post

At long last, the Drew Peterson murder trial has begun.

Peterson, the 58-year-old former Bolingbrook cop, accused killer and serial marrier is charged with murdering one wife and suspected by the Illinois Police of having a hand in another’s disappearance.

Mistrial Nearly Declared in the Peterson Murder Trial

Players in the Peterson Case

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  1. Updated 3:15 p.m.

    Kathleen Savio’s close friend and next-door neighbor Mary Pontarelli has been testifying all afternoon. She gasped and let out a loud sob when shown a gruesome photo of Savio’s naked body in a bloody bathtub.

    Drew Peterson stared at the same image when it was broadcast on a large courtroom screen. He showed no emotion.

  2. Sherry says:

    Oh, yeah, besmirch the character of a dead woman…Brodsky is like a bull in a china shop. If this was an accident then why the need to do this in the opening statement? Just bring it up during trial when it warrants. I still believe DP will get off. The investigation was screwed up from the start and I can’t see what, except the hearsay evidence, will bring a conviction. I’m not confident that that will be enough since the judge may yet disallow some or all of it.

  3. The trial will resume at 9:30 am Friday am….

    Savio’s close friend and next-door neighbor sobbed as she was shown a picture of Savio lying lifless in her bathtub.

    “(That’s) Kathleen,” Mary Pontarelli said.

    Pontarelli said she and her husband Tom, their son Nick and another neighbor, Steve Carcerano, entered the home late in the evening of March 1, 2004 after Drew told her he could not get in touch with his ex-wife.

    After a locksmith picked the front door, Pontarelli said she and Carcerano went to Savio’s bedroom while her husband and son checked the downstairs. Peterson, she said, waited by the front door.

    Read it all here…

    Trial Updates-Day One of Testimony

  4. Cali Patti says:

    Finally this case has went to trial. I think Drew Peterson is guilty of murdering both his last 2 wives. My problem with this case is the evidence, there isn’t any. Drew’s actions after the women went missing was horrible but he can’t be jailed for that.
    Personally I don’t like the mans appearence or that awful smile of his. I would put him in prison on the ugly factor alone, then add 10 years for his condensending personality. Least I forget, I don’t like the sound of his voice either, add another 10 years.

  5. Oh good grief, read some of the following and it will give you an idea of what goes on in Drew’s head.

    Drew Peterson Pours His Heart Out in Letters Written to Girl Half His Age

  6. Breaking News… The defense just asked for a mistrial …. with prejudice if judge grants it… Drew could walk free today…more to come… details later…

    Judge will rule in about an hour…

  7. Cali Patti says:

    What a crock of ****! Drew Peterson is evil. He is a planner and knows how to cover his a**! There was no way Drew Peterson was going to lose any of “HIS” property to a ex-wife. That was his motive. People can say how well the two ex’s were getting along, etc. but that was his plan. Bull, Drew planned ahead to kill to protect what was his. Never was anything hers. She was after part of his future pension and would have probably gotten it. I think that was the part that put him over the edge.
    Proving my thoughts is not going to happen.

  8. Judge will rule in about ten minutes…. I am tuned in to CNN prime waiting for the decision.

  9. No mistrial…. thank goodness!

  10. Cali Patti says:

    Hmm, does the prosecution have anything other than heresay?
    D. Peterson would be a neighbor out of a Steven King novel.

  11. CHICAGO (CBS) — The second day of the Drew Peterson murder trial was cut short on Wednesday, when a witness testified about finding a bullet in his driveway — believing Peterson planted it there to intimidate him — and defense attorneys promptly sought a mistrial.

    The defense team objected to Thomas Pontarelli’s testimony on the subject, and prosecutors acknowledged they cannot prove any link between Peterson and the bullet.

    Read it all here…..

    Prosecutors’ ‘Low Blow’ Prompts Judge To Consider Mistrial In Peterson Case

  12. Breaking News….. No mistrial….evidence about finding bullet in the driveway will stay….

  13. cali patti says:

    Thank goodness … I’ve been watching Olympics.

  14. A paramedic who testified on Thursday at the murder trial of Drew Peterson, a former police officer accused of killing his third wife, said her body was cold and waxy in the bathtub where he found her.

    Read more here…..

    Peterson jury hears paramedic tell of cold, waxy body

  15. The following is very interesting… Drew’s son may be following in his daddy’s footsteps…

    Earlier this month, Stephen was in court for his own fight when he filed a $10 million federal lawsuit over his firing from another police department, reported WLS-TV in Chicago.

    Peterson Jr. alleges he was wrongly fired because city officials were angry that he wore his Oak Brook Police uniform when he showed up to testify before a Will County grand jury that was investigating the disappearance of Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy.

    Officials concluded the dismissal was because Stephen obstructed the investigation into the disappearance by hiding several of his father’s guns. However, Drew claims he was merely passing his favorite guns down to his oldest child, “I was going to give them to Steve when I retired anyway. I only gave him three of the dozen or so guns I owned, and I kept most of my guns in my house and the police confiscated them all, so how could giving him those three guns impede anything?” he told the Herald News.

    Stephen is currently living in the house that Drew shared with now-missing wife Stacy with his four younger step-siblings since his father’s arrest, the youngest of two are Stacy’s.

    Read it all here..

    Suspected Wife-Killer Drew Peterson’s Son Is ‘Hoping He Is Coming Home’

  16. Off topic….Ecossie Possie just sent me the following… Be sure and click on the link, it is awesome.

    A Fantastic day for the UK today for the first time in history our tiny set of Islands landed 6 GOLDS In one day moveing us up to third in the medal table behing the giants of America an China ,,,Just love this photo of the full moon riseing over the River Themes


  17. Linda From New York says:

    Good morning! Hope all is well with everyone!

    I’m following this case too and while reading the NY Post there is an article about Stacey Peterson….that her Mother, went “missing” as well. Did anybody hear of this? (You probably did). But here is the article if anyone is interested:


    (Ha-I am signed in under my old Wordress name and pic)

    Sherry/Aunt DeeDee-it seem like forever ago that you were blogging about and we were talking about Drew Peterson!

  18. Linda From New York says:

    My husband showed me the Tower Birdge pciture last night! Really cool! And congrats the the UK!

  19. Linda New York ~~OMG, I just finished reading at the link you posted. What a sad state of affairs. One half of the world never knows how the other half lives. Stacy didn’t not have much of a life in the few short years she was on earth. I hope they can nail Drew, the SOB.

  20. margaret says:

    Joel Brodsky and Drew Peterson are in the same category as caca and baez .IMO.. I am not watching too much of the trial because frankly I can’t stand to look at tweedle dee and tweedle dumb and that squinty eye look of peterson. Are there any honorable defense lawyers out there? I hope with everything in me the verdict is Guilty, but at this point I can’t watch too much.. I am waiting for Jodie. Ihope and pray for a Guilty verdict, maybe my faith in the judicial system might be restored a little.

  21. margaret says:

    Linda I read the article on NY Post and it is so sad. That poor girl never stood a chance with drew. So sad she couldn’t raise her children and be happy. Drew fed on her insecurities and just sucked her right on in.He is the devil himself and I hope he burns. Now I am getting mad again. I think his police Department helped him by letting him slide on things. Good old boys club. They should have to join him.

  22. Margaret~~ God willing, I will be following the Jodi Arias trial. Now if that girl gets off from killing Travis Alexander, I will definitely give up on the justice system. I doubt if she will be sentenced to death because some people think she is pretty. I think she looks evil.

  23. Sherry says:

    Waving at Linda! I miss you friend! I still say a prayer for you now and then, too. xo

    Here is a YT site that has some videos on the trial days:

  24. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Y’All! Wow, just read that link about Stacy’s mom. Shocked, not surprised. I have been in a position to see from one or two degrees of separation how dysfunctional family dynamics can work- the same situations being repeated again and again, just endlessly. It takes a very strong person to break the cycle of abuse, substance-abuse, abuse, substance-abuse…. Like we are just little mindless animals on our stupid treadmills, popping out babies, promising things will be different this time around., and then repeating everything we said we wouldn’t do ourselves. My stepson “doing” the cycle now- his son wondering what’s around the bend, and he’s only 11! He “trusts” his “other” family, he says- the active alcoholics, the noisy, neglectful ones. It’s what he knows and is comfortable with! I watch as a new generation repeats exactly all the things they swore they would never do themselves. Of course Stacy would end up with a guy like Peterson, but of course!

  25. cali patti says:

    Hi all, I’ve read the articles but at their home sites, Snoop my machine freeze’s here. Sad about how sme of us women believe we can change situations with our love. Seldom happens. Like karen said we just get dragged in the cycle and become p[art of the problem. So true.
    Hi Linda! Back to the Olympics I go.

  26. margaret says:

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Hi Snoops, just had to tell you that I watched a small amount of the drew peterson case, while I was cooking dinner. I saw something that really got my attention. Beth Karas was interviewing one of drews lawyers and she was getting angry with him. I have never seen her do that, in fact the lawyer even made a comparison to Nancy Grace. I was cheering her on from my kitchen. I may be wrong but I get the impression that poor Kathleen could have filed Domestic Abuse everyday and the Bowlingbrook Police would have done nothing to help the poor woman… They were protecting drew and the department at all costs.I keep hearig that he is this great father, how can he be killing their mothers and I fully believe that he did kill them..I haven’t seen anything with him and the children that wasn’t staged.Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? I did hear someone on NG last night saying that the judge was also playing footsie with the Defense.. I haven’t watched enough to know. What do you think. Poor Stacy was just someone he could flaunt at Kathleen. NG did say last night that he was writing to some woman and telling her that she could have all of Stacys clothes, even the underwear… A real sleazebag.. It would be alright with me the good Lord showed him who the real boss was by morning.I wish we could throw drew, brodsky.caca oj, and all the child predators down the hole at Oak Island..

  27. cali patti says:

    Vigilantism had its place in settling our country. I do understand why “we” as a society can not allow vigilantes in our modern day lives.
    How wonderful it would be if these men who beat women and break them down verbally, women that live in fear of every day and worry about just one wrong word or incorrect smile … could have the fear put into them.
    Allow these buillies be afraid daily if they continue in their “ways” someone might be watching and the vigilanties will to do to them what they have done to their women. After one or two revenge beatings these men might straighten up.
    I for one would enjoy seeing a certain man be fearful he was being watched.
    Or use the Oak Island hole like MARGRET suggests. Sounds good to me!

  28. Margaret~~ here in Canada, they took away our Court tv and gave us Investigative Reports… I am not sure I could stomach watching the trial and my intuition tells me Drew will get off. I would have loved to see Beth Karas go after the lawyer. Everyone loves Beth and she is noted for keeping her cool… Oh please, we do not want the hole at Oak Island polluted with all those scum bags… you can rest assured that if they were down there, no one else would bother to dig.

  29. Cali~~if I find out that a strange man has arrived at Oak Island in a body bag, me thinks I will have a good idea who it is. *wink

  30. margaret says:

    I like to look at it this way. They are all demons, vicious, sneaky, and they all love money. If they were told they would be rich , if they reached bottom first, i’ll just bet they would scratch and claw and finish each other off.. The world would be free of child abusers and the mean, hearttless, me ,me, me, people. After that someone could go back to working on hole. Works for me. I think Beth had her finest hour today..I wish you could have seen it.

  31. Karen C. says:

    Oh, I’m so glad everyone else thinks Beth Karas did a splendid job on Brodsky- she was magnificent and finally just couldn’t take anymore of his nonsense.

    BTW, for anyone interested there’s been a new ruling of homicide in the Max Shaknai case (but not yet on Rebecca Zahau). This was a case some might remember from Hinky; the San Diego Big Pharma exec (worth a billion or so) whose 6 yo son died “accidentally”- apparently from a fall over the upstairs railing, crashing into the large entry chandelier along the way, onto the hard floor. Too many bruises around the head- he was beaten. The boy was on life support for several days, during which Shaknai’s girlfriend, Zahau, was then found naked and bound, hanging from the balcony railing of an upstairs guest bedroom- very bizarre in any number of ways. For one thing, there was masking tape adhesive found on her legs! Also, a horizontal ligature mark around her neck, UNDER the y-mark from hanging! Plus, there were all kinds of different male shoe prints on the balcony floor, and it looks like she hopped on just the ball of one foot over to the rail! One print belongs to an investigator (slob!) but how about the others? Shaknai’s brother was in the guesthouse area, and his alibi is that he was looking at Asian girl porn- bondage Asian girl porn- and, voila! We have a dead, naked, bound Asian girl not 100 feet from where he was- imagine that! Stay tuned… I think we will be seeing more on this soon.

  32. Police Officer: Peterson Said ‘Life Would be Easier if (Savio) was Just Dead’


  33. Karen C~~wow, keep us updated on that case. I could never figure out how Zahau could bind her hands behind her back and then jump over the railing. You probably already know that Hinky is back…


  34. Karen C. says:

    Well, Dang- I didn’t know that at all. I’ve been ridiculous busy- leaving for Buffalo then Ont. this Sunday, with any luck- my Folks take forever moving around and I have no idea how much packing for them we will have to do. If Val is “doing” Zahau/Shaknai case I’ll have to keep up somehow. Got our phones the Canada plan for the week, but, really, I just want to watch the beaver go by at sunset, and hear the loons keening away…

  35. Karen C. says:

    Wow, I just read over there… especially the bottom, which explains things (many, many things)- my situation with my folks isn’t quite that bad yet, but, yeah, my Mom’s procrastination has made everything exponentially WAY WORSE. I had to call Meals-On-Wheels AND the Canadian lawyer myself- she had had both those numbers right by her damn phone for WEEKS and hadn’t done one dang thing- took me a total of 15 minutes for both things to get set up (to what degree possible). My brother made sure of their passports being in order- he actually drove from CT. to Buffalo to do this. Sigh- thanks for “listening”- I feel much better now…

  36. Karen C~~when a child has to reverse the roles and be the parent, it is not always easy. Hugs honey, enjoy some Canadian fresh air and those loons..

  37. Sherry says:


    interesting first comment at above post~

    (Snoopy, I’ve been posting that blogs newest articles on my FB- if you are interested in having them here I figured you can decide that.)

  38. Sherry~~I would appreciate anything you want to post here… TIA

  39. cali patti says:

    In the Zahau case/murder, yes I believe she was murdered, was in retaliation for the 6 yr. olds murder. The young son and girlfriend were the only two in the house when he went over the upper railing and into the chandelier. Lets say that the young boy threw himself over the bannister and into a hanging chandelier then still why wasn’t he supervised better.
    A 6 year old boy that has lived in the house would not do that. So as a parent with a dying son just maybe the woman I felt was responsible just might find herself going over a upper story balcony also. Just my own thoughts.
    Let both of these cases rest in peace.

  40. Retired Illinois State Police Sgt. Patrick Collins said that when he and Trooper Brian Falat arrived at Drew Peterson’s home to interview Stacy Peterson about Kathleen Savio’s death, the defendant asked to be allowed to sit in with them.

    “On our way to the basement, Drew asked me personally, he said Stacy was real shaken, still real nervous about the event that had occurred and asked me if he could sit in on the interview — some professional courtesy,” Collins said. He added that he had never before allowed a suspect to sit in on the interview of a witness.

    During the interview, Drew Peterson sat “very close” to Stacy Peterson, and at one point coached her through her answer about what she did the Saturday before Savio was discovered, Collins testified.

    “There was one particular question where he did have to refresh her memory,” Collins recalled. “He leaned over to Stacy and said, ‘You remember what you cooked for breakfast.’ He said, ‘bacon’ or ‘sausage’ and that was it.”

    Read more here….

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-drew-peterson-trial-updates-lead-investigator-to-take-the-stand-20120808,0,7356554.story11 a.m. Drew coached Stacy through interview

  41. cali patti says:

    Drew is a complete sick, evil man. The problem is that Drew is intelligent enough to plan his moves to hide his actions and motives.

  42. Sherry~~thanks so much! I will have more time to devote to the Drew Peterson trial now that things in the Zimmerman’s case have really slowed down.

  43. Sherry says:

    I look forward to all that you post on this trial, Snoopy. I’m a bit cautious in hoping he will be convicted though. I hope the jury uses their noggin in this case.

  44. I hate it when cops protect their own and I think Drew had a lot of buddies on his side and he got away with murder….two of them. Let’s hope this wont end up a mistrial and the SOB walks. He probably has another young girl waiting for him on the outside.

  45. Out with the courtrooms, I say. We will hold the trials on blogs from now on. Just think of all the tax dollars will be saved. The only cost would be a bit of bandwidth and a few google ads will offset that expense.

    Looky here… will wonders never cease? At least he picked an appropriate name, “Shark.” lol

    Peterson Lawyer Blogging for Chicago Sun-Times

    Here is Shark’s blog….

    Swimming with The Shark

  46. margaret says:

    Snoops I tried to move it but it wouldn’t budge for me. If you go to HLN site and click on the video of Beth Karas and the lawyer you will be able to see Beth at her finest.

  47. Margaret~~hopefully this will work. Thanks for finding it for us. Big hugs!

    Beth Kara interviews Drew’s lawyer

  48. Margaret~~I just finished watching Beth and that’s is the most I have learned about this case thus far. Beth has a lot of respect among her peers.

  49. margaret says:

    Don”t drews lawyers just make your skin crawl? I watched them for a little while today. They must have gone to the same ” good Ole Boys Club”. Like drew they have that smurky grin all the while trying to convince everyone that the moon is made of cheese in their condesending tone.I cannot watch them. Please tell me how any woman on this earthwould want to get involved with him.He places no value whatsoever on a woman life. Poor Stacy may have used what she knew to get away from him, but he dumped her body in the ocean. I wonder what his daughter is going to think of him as she ages…. I have a feeling that this will be another caca verdict. She will be free on the 23 rd. maybe they can get together and kill each other off.

  50. Margaret~~woman are attracted to the ‘uniform’ or a person who is in a position of authority as a cop would be. They sure get a wake up call when they marry some of these ego driven maniacs. I hope someday that Stacy’s body shows up. No doubt Drew fed her to the sharks. Maybe that is why his lawyer chose the name of his blog…Swimming With the Sharks.

  51. Sherry~~thanks again! I will do some catching up later this evening. I notice by my Stat Counter, we have many coming in to read about the case. My stats have shot through the roof…

  52. Thanks, Sherry! Here’s a bit more…

    Peterson Judge Allows Cop to Testify on Savio Report

    Kernc recounted a 2002 visit she had with Savio in which Savio told her that Peterson broke into her home and held her captive on the stairway for more than three hours.

    At some point, Savio ordered Peterson to leave “or do what you came here to do, kill me.” Kernc said Savio claimed Peterson asked her “where do you want it?” and she said, “in the head.”

    More here….

    Karas v. Greenberg: Is the defense team too confident?



  53. Sherry says:


    It will be an interesting day, today. Peterson’s alibi will be attacked and Scott Rosetto wiil testify that Drew wanted her to lie for him.

  54. Sherry says:

    The Blue Towel

    FTA: If you’ve been following the trial of The People v. Drew Peterson, then you know that the evidence in this case is largely circumstantial. The prosecution has been attempting to build a story, bit by bit, to create doubt in the juror’s minds — enough to get a conviction for murder.

    One part of that story is the condition of the bathroom in which Kathleen’s lifeless body was found. The scene appeared odd to the first witnesses to arrive, who remarked aloud at the absence of any clothing in the room, no towels nearby and no bathroom rug.

  55. Newbie says:

    Sherry, appreciate the links on this case. Justice cafe is great ! I didn’t follow the case back when as it was another case that really got to me. I’m following it now ! I do hope they nail that $ss hole.
    I have to get up a four a.m. tomorrow so can’t go to the Cafe tonight but look forward to catching up on the reading when I get home.

  56. Sherry says:

    You’re very welcome, Newbie. I’ll be posting all the JC posts I can about this case.

  57. Sherry~~I really appreciate your input and keeping those links coming. I see by the stats that many are reading about the Drew Peterson case. hugs, xo

  58. Sherry says:


    FTA: Yesterday only one witness was called by the prosecution. Dr. Mary Case, a forensic neuropathologist and head injury expert, testified that the injury to Kathleen Savio’s head would not have caused her to lose consciousness, that the bruises to her body were new and that the bathtub could not have caused the kind of wound that she suffered on her head. It was her opinion …

  59. cali patti says:

    I believe Drew P. is guilty but is there enough to convict him? I “fear” clicking on the links and having my computer freeze again.

  60. Karen C. says:

    Oh, it drives me ’bout crazy this one is not being televised, and, frankly, I would rather “watch” it through the eyes of Beth Karas, et al, than actually watch the inane “Daycare Shooting” case, but that’s just me. Other than the wack (but novel) defense, and the evil widow, that one is a fairly standard love triangle murder, albeit in a suburban setting. Future Evil Widow trial will be way more interesting.

    Savio/Peterson case is a classic though on a hundred different levels. Do we know if she had changed her locks? I forget so much on this one that I had read earlier- Baby-Killing Skank case drained me of my neurons! I do know anyone can purchase a lock-picking kit for $10-20 bucks or so and I imagine that Peterson would have mastered those skills easily enough, still…. I also wonder about his work record, if he had had complaints, especially from females if/when he pulled them over. Maybe he just saved up his abusiveness for his spouses.

  61. Sherry says:

    FTA: Pastor Neil Schori expected to take the stand first today for prosecution.

    Neil Schori
    Attorney Brodsky notes that there are issues of marital and clerical privilege at play with Schori.
    Glasgow wants Schori to testify, but parts of his story are not admissible.
    Judge: “I don’t think we addressed the issue of ‘no one will ever know’ [which Drew allegedly told Stacy].”
    Glasgow claims that “my hands are tied,” based on the judge’s prior rulings. “We have a right to have this witness tell the gist of what he was told . . . the words ‘perfect crime’ were used . . . he [the defendant] coached her for hours.”

    I am not confident of a conviction due to no evidence being gathered at the scene. The investigator(s) decided on the spot that it was an accident. IMO, these idiots knew Drew Peterson and were either his pals or were intimidated by him to call the death an accident. I’m glad the judge allowed the testimony of a witness who said Drew P. confronted him about hiring a hitman to knock off Kathleen and that it was just days before her death.

  62. Sherry says:

    There is a video of an interview in the comment line of the above link between Schori and Greta VS.

  63. Sherry says:

    Oops! That video is currently unavailable. But, the videos of the news report of Schori’s testimony is there.

  64. Newbie says:

    Sherry, thanks for sharing updates on Peterson. I haven’t followed the whole thing too much but am glad he might get his earned “dues”. Interesting trial and witnesses. I am rather anxious now on what the defense has to offer. I just hope he gets to meet some of the people he has put away !!!!

  65. Sherry says:

    You’re welcome, Newbie. I’m not following it as close as I should or could. After that Anthony verdict I’m a little skiddish about investing too much effort into another murder case and trial.

    Drew Peterson trial – day sixteen. Phone records tech testifies

  66. margaret says:

    Today I watched a little of the D. peterson trial and I was just flabbergasted. . A young girl and boy were being interviewed on their opinions of the trial… I am afraid this is going to be another caca/baez verdict. .The first thing was about the jurors clothes, they were dressed and seated to be one back and one white. Someone said they were color co-ordinated every day… I have never heard of such a thing. I saw them interviewing a young man who was responsible for getting peterson’s clothes to court each day. I would like to know if he also delivers the jurors clothes… This is more like the theatrics the defense is doing.. I have been on three jurys in my lifetime and I wore what I had as did everyone else.. This is just so blatant. Everything that man has done has been that way but he was given a pat on the back and they probably laughed with him every time..That whole polce dept. needs to be run out of town..I hope someone investigates the jury. I still don’t understand laws that trash the victim, but not allowed to bring up criminals past. Everything is stacked against the poor victims.. SOoooo not right.

  67. Margaret~~a trial these day is nothing but a lot of theatrics. You can believe Drew Peterson is loving every bit of it. I hope the jurors are paying more attention to the evidence rather than their clothes. I am not following the case except for reading the occasional write-up. They do not have the death penalty in Illinois so the piece of cht doesn’t have to worry about lying on a gurney and getting the injection. .

  68. Jeff Ruby apologizes for mouthing expletive in Drew Peterson courtroom

    Jeff Ruby reportedly mouthed an expletive at Peterson while in the courtroom on Thursday.

    Ruby told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper that the trouble started when Ruby stared at Peterson, and the defendant stared back.

    The Sun-Times says Ruby claimed that when Peterson wouldn’t break the stare, Ruby mouthed “f-you” at the alleged killer.

    Peterson’s lawyer asked for Ruby’s removal.

    He’s now barred from attending any more court proceedings in the case, and he publicly apologized to the judge.


  69. Sherry says:

    Ruby should not have apologized although that was not necessarily the thing to do in court.

    Day 17!
    …Attorney Harry Smith was also in the hallway waiting to testify but after arguments, the State decided not to call him on Friday (however he still might be called by both prosecution and defense). The prosecution is expected to rest their case this morning.


  70. Sherry says:


    Do check out the comment lines of these JC links-they have lots more info on the trial in them.

  71. margaret says:

    I have a question for the great minds of this blog.. I can’t understand , as small as that tub was, how she could have tripped and fallen and her body curled in a fetal position. I just can’t accept that she fell and landed as neat and tidy as that.

  72. Margaret~~I hope the jurors will ask themselves that same question, I am not following the case closely as I think the SOB may be acquitted. After Casey, I cannot handle another one.

  73. Sherry says:

    I’m with you, margaret, it just doesn’t make sense from an “accident” perspective. Plus, the back of her head was wounded so how is it she fell forward? And what was it that she could have hit her head on by that tub?

    Snoopy, my feelings exactly. I am trying to keep up with the latest but I just am afraid to invest in it too much only to see that cad walk.

  74. Sherry says:

    From Twitter:

    In Session‏@InSession

    #drewpeterson Collins says he looked for signs of a struggle around the tub but didn’t see any.

    Me: Did he bother to look to see if there was an object that she could have hit her head on? Did he bother to investigate to see if the murder took place elsewhere and Drew then threw her naked body into the tub? Did they bother to collect the partially gone OJ in the glass in the kitchen for poison? Hmmm…? NO. 😡

  75. margaret says:

    I just catch snippets because dp is right up therewith ca in my opinion. I too have a feeling he will not have to payfor Kathleen and therefore Stacy will just be a cold case.. I think the judge is influencing the jury in favor of the defense..I would love to know whose idea for the dress code for jury.. Drews lawyers remind me of mobsters , the way they dress and act..

  76. Karen C. says:

    Margaret- Just like- these guys are out of Central Casting for Mob Slimeball Lawyers! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been just aghast at those 3 when they come out with their shades and their stripes. During the Angiulo federal trial in Boston I worked PT at an eatery (conveniently near the courthouse!)- Angiulo, his muscle, hangers-on, and lawyers would often belly-up to our bar after a particularly grueling day of listening to the FBI tapes and, I swear, these three are JUST LIKE.

  77. margaret says:

    Sherry Thank you for the postings. I have just gone to Justice Cafe. Great site…I looked again at the picture of Kathleen in tub, there is no way she fell.. I can’tt wait for jury to get it.. Hope they are not like the Pinellas 12 and are infatuated with his flashy lawyers.

  78. Sherry says:

    YW, margaret! :mrgreen:
    Justice Cafe has been on this case from the start. I believe the blog owner lives in the Bolingbrook area. ITA, there is no way she could have fallen. IMO, she was murdered in another area and stripped naked and tossed in the tub to “make it look like an accident.”


    Drew Peterson trial – Judge and attorneys meet for charge conference

    There is a diagram showing the injuries to Kathleen’s body at the time of her death. She has abrasions on her backside-was she dragged around? Lots of contusions on her front side and the 1″ laceration on her head. Sorry, but the coroner who states these injuries are condusive to an accident must be related to, or was educated by Dr. Spitz.

  79. Sherry says:

    Highlight of jury instruction conference from Drew Peterson trial. Who needs cameras in the courtroom?


    Animated video~

  80. Jury will start to deliberate tomorrow, Sept 5th

  81. Sherry says:

    What?! Did that last video on my CBS link say that the Prosecutors were trying to convince the jury that D.P. forced Savio to inhale water or drink? I hope I heard that wrong.

  82. Sherry says:

    FTA: Koch talking to jurors about letter Savio wrote to judge, about comments to others about problems with Drew.
    Koch says Savio claimed Drew came in her home & held a knife to throat, saying “why don’t u just die”
    The motive is clear: ‘I’m tired of paying child support, I don’t want to pay you anything.’ The intent is clear; a knife up to her throat. Use it to determine motive and intent when you consider this offense.”…

  83. margaret says:

    Sherry, I am trying to watch and wait for the verdict. I want to see that smug grin wiped off that #$^@ face of dp and his lawyers.. I so hope this is not another dissapointing jury.. By the way I am so proud of the way the media has handled the release of C.A. It has been quiet, maybe she will take her mother and fade away.

  84. cali patti says:

    If the evidence and friends statements are accurate the motive is clear for me. I still believe it will be difficult for the jury to convict Peterson with no direct evidence putting him in the house. His behavior at the time and after her death is that of a guilty man but will that be enough? This verdict is on the police dept for a very poor investigation.

  85. Sherry says:

    Here’s a link I snagged from a JC commentor:

    FTA: Peterson, who spent the day Wednesday awaiting the verdict on his fate, is apparently in an upbeat mood.

    ◆ Translation: “He’s back to being his old, joking self,” said defense attorney Joel Brodsky. That’s despite the fact jurors on Wednesday appeared to be focusing on transcripts from two witnesses — fourth wife Stacy Peterson’s pastor, Neil Schori, and Savio’s divorce attorney, Harry Smith — both of whom testified that Stacy Peterson told them that Drew Peterson had told her he killed Savio. But the jurors also asked for Savio’s autopsy photos, ostensibly trying to figure out whether her death was a homicide.

    (The Today Show host, Matt Lauer, will have the first interview if he is acquitted)

  86. Sherry~~don’t mention that word acquitted… I am tuned in to CNN Prime waiting to hear the verdict. I am trying to think positive ….Conviction, conviction, conviction…

  87. cali patti says:

    Morning, Im joining you in waiting for the verdict and spent time reading the past postings. All of you have done a great job in sharing your information.

    I also dont care much for the Sniederman case/trial. I think it is a witch hunt, blame a woman for a mans action, that poor man had to be controled by a evil woman. Dang, maybe I am interested more than I thought.

  88. margaret says:

    Once again it is going to be the children who suffer most from this mans actions. Kathleen’s family has said they have not been allowed to be involved in her boys lives. That is Drews doing and I think about that beautiful little girl of Stacys. What will her life be like.? If I look at drew and his nasty grin and squinty eyes very long , he morphs into caca .. Lets all channel the jury for Guilty guilty guilty. That last question from jury worries me. I have made myself a promise that after Jody’s trial I am not getting into another trial.. Tooooo stressful. Come on Guilty..

  89. margaret says:

    Praise God!!!! My faith in justice system has just been restored a little bit..

  90. Newbie says:

    Thank God !!!!!

  91. Sherry says:

    margaret, I was a bit unnerved by the jury asking for the definition of “Unanimous.” Geesh!

    So very glad he was found guilty. Even Brodsky was talking a little bit humbler when the jury was deliberating.

    Jury convicts Drew Peterson of 3rd wife’s death

    FTA: JOLIET, Ill. — Drew Peterson, the swaggering former suburban Chicago police officer who generated a media storm after his much-younger fourth wife vanished in 2007, was convicted Thursday of murdering his third wife in a case based mainly on secondhand hearsay statements from the two women.

    Peterson, 58, sat stoically looking straight ahead and did not react as the verdict was read. Several of his third wife’s relatives gasped before hugging each other as they cried quietly in the courtroom.

  92. Sherry says:

    Justice Cafe updated their latest post:

    I was reading the comment line over there and one of the tweets posted in a comment said that “Sharky” was smiling and dancing outside the courtroom when the jury was still deliberating. What a maroon…

    Pictures (again from a commentor’s post at JC 😉 )

  93. margaret says:

    You know, I think his clown lawyer team did as much for this verdict as drew did. They would have turned me off if I had been a juror. Their laughing about Stacy showing up for trial, that is unforgivable.. What will happen to Stacy’s small children now. God less the children

  94. cali patti says:

    I think it will be Stacy’s words about the murder of Kathleen to her divorce attorney that put the jury over. The divorce attorney had nothing to gain or lose by his testimony. I would have believed his testimony over anyone else’s.

  95. LindaNewYork says:

    Hi Snoopy and gang!

    I’ve been peeking in here to see what has been going on and what you were all talking about, about this trial. I just saw on facebook ~GUILTY~. YAY! Some people actually do get justice. So, his attorney is saying he’s back to his “old joking self”? In an “upbeat mood”? What a moron. ‘Bout time he has been put in his place: Prison. Glad we won’t be seeing his creepy smirking face anymore.

    Sherry it seems like a lifetime ago that we were talking about this case at your old place!

  96. LindaNewYork says:

    From the Chicago Tribune:

    Defense attorney Ralph Meczyk said he believes the defense raised reasonable doubt in the case. He said Peterson was sad, but didn’t say much after the guilty verdict was read.

    ~~He was “sad, but didn’t say much”? It’s about time he shut the H-E double toothpicks up!~~

    Outside the courthouse, defense attorneys Joel Brodsky and Joe Lopez waved at the crowd and said: “We’ll be back.”

    As they walked away the crowd began jeering them, singing “Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye…”


  97. cali patti says:

    Whoop, & justice was served!

    I’ve always had an interest in what happens next. What will be “his” day to day life?
    I’ve watched documentary’s on prisoners/prisons and “Lock Up” shows for years. I saw a show on Madoff’s life in prison. Of all the prisons I was shown, Madoff’s Federal prison was the ONLY one that every inmate was on their best behavior in order to do their time in that prison.
    All other prisons were absolute h*** holes. One aspect that the inmates looked forward to was their time outside in the yard. They were able to visit with “friends”, breath fresh air, and simply be somewhat free for a wee bit of their day.
    Drew Peterson will not get that outside yard time. He will be in protective custody which will equal 23 hours a day lock down. I think he is in for a very lonely long dreary few years.
    Apt Justice!

  98. Karen C. says:

    Wait til the jurors hear about all the stuff that wasn’t allowed!

    And, thank God the word “reasonable” is inserted into these things….

  99. Sherry says:

    The above post was posted yesterday-late last night-though I didn’t see it in my inbox until this morning. Here is another post:

    Does Conviction Clear the Way for Stacy Peterson Charges?


  100. Sherry~~thank you so much for keeping the updates posted here. It does not go unnoticed. Thank God for that verdict. He gets sentenced in Nov… We will probably see an appeal…

  101. margaret says:

    Just read on an abc site ” For the first time in his life Drew awoke as a convicted murderer.” wonder if he still has that untouchable attitude . Finally a jury that knows what “common sense” means. The prosecuter sounded like they are hot on his trail for Stacy. Why so long for sentencing?

  102. WATCH: Peterson foreman says hearsay testimony crucial


  103. Sherry says:

    I have always wondered if there was a connection between Lisa’s disappearance and Stacy’s…like Lisa may have been a “practice run” for Stacy. Here’s a news article that mentions the Lisa Stebic case being brought back to the front burner:


  104. Sherry says:

    There’s hearsay in the Stebic case so it may be that she said something abut her husband to friends and family. It just may be coincidence that the two go missing in the same year and in the same county.

  105. Sherry says:


    FTA: During the last days of Peterson’s trial, Greenberg was overheard in a courtroom hallway warning Attorney Joel Brodsky not to call Kathleen Savio’s divorce attorney, Harry Smith, to the witness stand — advice that fell on deaf ears. The testimony of Smith, which placed Drew Peterson at the scene of Savio’s death, was cited by jurors as being the key piece of evidence that made them decide to convict Peterson.

  106. cali patti says:

    Drew has little or no respect for women. When he is done with one, he is done. I believe as Drew aged, keeping “his” money & “his” children was a priority. Well, Well , he will be able to spend that money in the jail store until his children spend it all.

  107. Sherry says:

    Spread the Word, friends!

    FTA: “I believe that it is time to mobilize our communities to make a real difference for women whom are suffering in silence. In order to do that, we must mobilize. Because of my involvement in the Drew Peterson murder trial, I’ve received a lot of media attention, and I’m using it for good.

  108. Sherry says:


    FTA: Today former Drew Peterson defense attorney, Steven Greenberg, sent a letter to Joel Brodsky taking him to task for speaking out to the press and in social media in an attempt to blame Greenberg for Peterson’s murder conviction

  109. Sherry~~Good grief. I expect Drew was the inspiration for that last ditch attempt to win an appeal.

  110. Sherry says:

    I don’t doubt that, Snoopy. I think its a riot that Brodsky plays the Big Guy of the defense team and when HE loses the case, he tosses Greenberg under the bus. Sorry, but Brodsky owned it when he called Harry Smith to the stand and practically gave the state the case with his questioning. Drew, a loser, can’t tell that he has kept the loser of the two attorneys. I see that every accusation he made about Greenberg actually fits him to a tee.

  111. Sherry says:

    One juror reveals what convinced her of Peterson’s guilt in this video

  112. Thanks, Sherry. So the juror really liked the minister. Good for her.

  113. Newbie says:

    Good heavens, looks like great info on the Peterson case. I haven’t been reading for just a short time and came back to such a treat ! Sherry, thanks for keeping up with the details !!! Now, I am off to read what has been posted.

  114. Newbie says:

    Can Appeal be based on ineffective counsel? I don’t like the two attorneys being so public about the conflict between them. Maybe I am just paranoid but I smell something rotten besides Peterson.

  115. Newbie~~it sure seems unethical for two lawyers to be sparring after a verdict is passed down. I doubt if one would volunteer to be the fall guy so Peterson can scream ineffective counsel on appeal. It would not surprise me since money talks so cons can walk.

  116. Sherry~~thank God! It is about time some laws are changed to protect women against abuse. I am glad former abuse can now be admitted as evidence.

  117. Sherry says:

    I just saw a tweet by Joe Hosey that said Greenberg was back on the DP defense team. I’ll bring you the Justice cafe post, if there is one.

  118. Sherry says:

    Oh, the draaammmaaa…!


    FTA: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that one-time Drew Peterson attorney, John Paul Carrol, had filed a motion to overturn Drew Peterson’s conviction and blaming misrepresentation on the part of lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, as the reason

  119. Sherry~~I cannot stop laughing ….geez what will they try next?? lolol

  120. Sherry says:

    😆 Who knows! I figured the fun would begin after DP’s sentencing and once he gets into prison. Thing is, we won’t be hearing of DP getting anyone pregnant while in prison… 😯

  121. Sherry says:

    The Dateline’s show on the verdict/story

  122. Sherry~~I am glad you can keep up with this case. It makes me dizzy. Drew Peterson feels he is above the law and will use every tactic there is to get back out on the streets of Bolingbrook and seduce another young woman. I hope he will enjoy prison food for some time.

  123. Sherry says:

    You are welcome, Snoopy. I’m hoping he gets life next month at his sentencing. IMO, his hubris gave him away. I hope that once he is in prison we never hear another word from him or about him.

  124. Sherry says:

    Uh-oh. I thought the whole title of the video would show. The sentencing has been moved to Jan. 10, 2013.

  125. Sherry says:

    Thoughts on Stacy Peterson-Gone Five Years

    FTA: Stacy Peterson was last heard from five years ago, today. On a lazy Sunday morning, she texted a friend that she wasn’t ready to get out of bed and go help with some painting and then…silence. No more texts, no phone calls, no email, no sightings of her since that moment.

  126. Sherry says:

    More drama:
    Joel Brodsky withdraws from Drew Peterson defense

    FTA: After almost five years of representation, Drew Peterson has finally decided to cut loose attorney, Joel Brodsky. Technically, Brodsky has withdrawn from the case, saying that he wasn’t fired…
    Read more:

  127. Sherry~~It doesn’t look like Drew is going to give up anytime soon. He has been so cocky and believes he is above the law so is working every angle to get out of prison, I cannot imagine him being a model prisoner and his pride has been hurt. I wish with all my heart that Stacy’s remains will some day be found. The laws are so strange because if a person is found guilty and a sentence is imposed, they just wont shut up and serve their time.

  128. Sherry says:


    FTA: For a number of years the Guardian Angels Community Service agency’s domestic violence program, Groundwork, has held a 5k walk against domestic violence in these very woods. Strange to think that the Angels for Stacy Peterson may have walked in the very areas where evidence in her case may have been secreted.

  129. Sherry ~~thanks for keeping this thread up to date. I see by the stat counter that readers come in here. I just watched the video…. I still pray that her remains will be found. Drew is so cunning that I wouldn’t doubt that he shipped that blue drum to another country.

  130. Sherry says:

    YW, Snoopy. I’ve bookmarked this thread so I can still post updates on it. Hopefully the next posting I do will be that Stacy’s remains were found. The reason for the search in this forest preserve is that Stacy’s cell phone shows that she phoned from this area. Fascinating how this all works-that one can discover where a person phoned from by pings. At least the investigation into her disappearance wasn’t as mucked up as Kathleen’s murder investigation was. Drew P’s sentencing is in January so I expect to post a few articles then.

  131. Sherry says:


    Tweets started to fire up about four hours ago that FBI and ISP investigators were working in Shorewood today.

  132. cali patti says:

    Drew Peterson is where he belongs. Poor Stacy, the young woman who wanted to love and be loved in return. My heart hurts for her lost dreams and life.

  133. Sherry says:


    FTA: The search of Hammel Woods is being conducted with the help of three specially trained cadaver dogs who have been brought over from the UK in an attempt to locate Stacy Peterson’s remains.

  134. cali patti says:

    Thanks Sherry. A huge financial drain on that P.D. I have learned if done properly a body can be hidden,. Doesn’t mean the person will not be convicted of the murder but a body can disappear.

  135. Sherry says:

    YW, cali patti! I’m glad the PD hasn’t given up. Dr. Baden said hypothetically that if Stacy’s body is found in the blue barrel if duct tape was used to seal it that evidence can stick to it for years. It made me think of the Caylee case. I’m not so sure of this anymore. In any case, it seems to me that there’s a strong reason to search for her body in Hammel Woods.

  136. Sherry says:


    FTA: Will County – Illinois State Police (ISP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed today that an ongoing investigation into the Stacy Peterson case has concluded after a weeklong search of the Hammel Woods Forest Preserve in Shorewood, Illinois.

  137. Sherry says:

    Drew Peterson in court today: New claims of ineffective assistance

    FTA:Drew Peterson was back in court this morning for motions to overturn his conviction and get a new trial.

    Attorneys Steve Greenberg and David Peilet will file a motion claiming ineffective assistance of counsel by Peterson’s long-time lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, who withdrew from his defense last month.

  138. Sherry~~i hope the SOB will be charged for Stacy’s murder. It is a separate crime and would not be double jeopardy.

  139. Sherry says:

    Reports of search for Stacy Peterson today

    I’m seeing some Tweets about a search for Stacy Peterson being conducted today in the same area where a search was conducted in November.

    Search dogs and police units are reported to be out on Black Road in Shorewood. This is the Hammel Woods area so it’s likely that investigators are continuing with the search efforts that occurred there a month ago.

  140. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Sherry! Let’s hope…

  141. Sherry says:

    Hi, Karen! Big hugs! :mrgreen:
    Yes, I’m praying for her body to be found.

  142. cali patti says:

    I do wish for Stacy’s family there would be answers or some form of justice. I don’t hold out much hope unless her body is found. Other than that, never to hear from Drew Peterson again would be a great gift. Let him sit and rot in prison considering he worked so hard to put himself there.

  143. Sherry, Karen C, Cali~~I have a good feeling that Stacy’s remains will be found. Let’s hope I am right!

  144. Sherry~~the name Drew Peterson is like Casey Anthony. They just wont go away will they? Thanks for keeping on top of this story.

  145. Sherry says:

    You are welcome, Snoopy! Always drama…just like the Anthony case…lol!

  146. Sherry says:

    Steve Greenberg asks Joel Brodsky to retract statements. Brodsky calls the cops. Read the report…

    FTA: Attorney Joel Brodsky called the police on Wednesday and filed a report against former co-counsel Steve Greenberg, claiming that he had been threatened by him.

  147. Sherry~~It is hard to believe that these attorneys are acting so childish. I apologize that I cannot stop laughing at these fools.

  148. Sherry says:

    fascmiley called them two drama queens fighting and pulling at each other’s weaves…I about choked on my gum when I read that! 😆

  149. cali patti says:

    Yes Sherry Thank you. Those attorneys are hilarious! Pure entertainment at its best.

  150. Thanks, Sherry…hugs..

  151. Sherry says:

    YW, Snoopy!~
    Here is another video where the reporter tells of Peterson joking around in court…ugh…

  152. Sherry~~I have to smile when I see another update from you about the Peterson case. lol I almost wish that they would set Drew loose so he can hook up with Casey and both of them move to Siberia. I guess you know that the appellate court dropped two of Casey’s charges and apparently Mason is filing another motion.

  153. Sherry says:

    No, I did not know that! I’m not surprised. Hmmm…Teflon CaCa…

  154. Sherry says:

    Former Drew Peterson Lawyer is off the hook
    Former Drew Peterson attorney inquiry dismissed
    The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered allegations against former Drew Peterson attorney Walter Maksym be ‘discharged without further action.’

    After a lengthy inquiry, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has closed the book on a matter involving prominent attorney Walter Maksym in which he had represented clients regarding their claims of official misconduct and extortion against the Sheriff of McHenry County, Illinois

  155. Sherry says:

    Joel Brodsky sues Steve Greenberg, news media and reporters for defamation

    FTA: Meanwhile, Mrs. Brodsky keeps it classy on Twitter:

  156. Sherry~~thank you for keeping this crazy case up to date. I am busy following the sexually explicit Arias and it is almost becoming too gross.

  157. Sherry says:

    YW! I figured I’d just post the sentencing of Peterson this month and that would be that but, no, the lawyers are providing some fodder to giggle over until then…and probably beyond then, too. 😕

  158. Sherry~~you poor dear! lol You keep plodding away. Thank you so much! Have you been following the Arias case at all? I never thought a day would come when I would be blogging about a case as graphic and explicit as this one…

  159. Sherry says:

    LOL! Soon enough he will be sentenced! No, I’m not following the case but I’ve been thinking about looking into it and if I do, you have all I need to catch up on it right here! Yes, I see that it is quite a graphic case.

  160. Sherry says:


    Drew Peterson motion for new trial: Day 2. Possible sentencing later today

  161. Sherry says:


    FTA:JOLIET, Ill. — Drew Peterson — the swaggering Chicago-area policeman who gained notoriety after his fourth wife vanished — lost his characteristic cool in court Thursday, screaming out his innocence before a judge sentenced him to 38 years in prison for the murder of a previous wife.

    “I did not kill Kathleen!” Peterson shouted, leaning into a courtroom microphone and emphasizing each of the five words.

    Without missing a beat, his dead wife’s sister, Susan Doman, shouted back, “Yes, you did! You liar!” before the judge ordered sheriff’s deputies to remove her from the courtroom.

    For years, Peterson had casually dismissed and even joked about suggestions he killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio, or that he was behind the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

    ~My apologies for posting another video but this is a good one:

    Drew Peterson sentenced to 38 years for murder-video

  162. Sherry~~ that is as good as the rest of his natural life….Yipee….

  163. Sherry~~Wow, that second video WAS good….thank you so much for staying on top of this case. xoxo

  164. Sherry says:

    YW! Yes, he is going to be locked for “life.” Now I hope that Stacy will be found so her family can get the peace and justice they deserve. ~xoxo!

  165. Sherry says:

    There are more good videos coming in from Justice Cafe’s artemesia so let me leave her You Tube link:

  166. Karen C. says:

    Yeehaw! Someday I’m sure Stacy will be discovered- someone with a bush-hogger, or maybe a hunter, or, God forbid- kids….

  167. Sherry says:


    Post Drew Peterson Sentencing: Joel Brodsky turns on Peterson
    FTA: Not 24 hours after Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the killing of Kathleen Savio, Joel Brodsky was taking to the air waves to try to put some distance between himself and his one time partner-in-publicity.

  168. Sherry says:

    Latest mug shot of Drew P.~

  169. Karen C. says:

    Thank you, Sherry, and here’s hoping, for the sake of her family….

  170. Sherry says:

    YW, Karen C.! I’m hoping right along with you~

  171. Sherry~~thanks for posting all the info. I am with you and Karen C, wouldn’t it be wonderful for Stacy’s love ones to have some closure.

  172. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and another nice conviction would be good too!

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