Another Judge, Another Recusal Maybe??

Whoa, the following is a mighty powerful letter to Judge Kenneth B Lester

Memo to the Zimmerman Judge

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7 Responses to Another Judge, Another Recusal Maybe??

  1. Sherry says:

    Okay, I about choked on my gum when I read this: “These are terrified young people and you are treating them as clever pariahs and devious criminals. You are supposed to assure their dignity and their safety. You have sought to do neither. Just the opposite. For shame. (here we come to the part that nearly choked me…)…It is as if you had graduated from the Al Sharpton School of Law.” 😯

    I also see this letter as a means of persuading, or putting into Judge Lester’s mind, that “GZ is innocent and here’s why” kinda thing. Well, ho-hum, another old coot lawyer wanting to run the judge outta this here court case. Be careful what you ask for-it may not end out just like the CA case.

  2. Sherry~~I have been sleuthing all over the place tonight and have been reading both the pros and cons. It is nice to find out what the enemy is up to. lol I think the defense may use the fact that Trayvon did not have any marks on his body that would indicate Z hit him ( with the exception of the gun shot wound).

    Speaking of Al Sharpton, this came in my mail alerts. I was surprised to see it is written by a black columnist… check this out.

  3. Karen C. says:

    Um, this came from “American Spectator”, so…. that’s kinda like if there were a FOX News School of Journalism.

  4. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and thanks for the refreshing commentary in the Examiner, Snoop. I didn’t see where he mentioned the Supremes ruling on the handgun law there (they tossed it last year). Has there been that much of a negative change in the street culture from last year to this, just organically? Could it be the heat (city cops often blame that)?

  5. Karen C~ ~ I post things that come in through my mail alerts. You only get to see a small fraction of what I check out… I wouldn’t know the Examiner from the National Enquirer…lol

  6. margaret says:

    My oh my things are probably getting hot at the anthony household. They are making a run for more gum. Mr. Morgan wants to know how much money cindy has given to casey from the quack dr. show. This according to OS. I’ll bet cindy is livid. Hello Karma

  7. Here is an example of danged if you do and danged if you don’t. There just doesn’t seem to be a middle of the road that everyone can agree on. Rotting stuffed teddy bears create mold. Mold spores can become air borne. Mold can cause sickness. Do some of these people ever take that into consideration?

    Sanford removes Trayvon Martin memorial, outraging some activists

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