Only in Florida

I am beginning to wonder if the water is safe to drink in the state of Florida. It seems that the streets are not very safe and one cannot even count on finding refuge in a courtroom. Here is a video and write-up that may make you wonder what is going on in the Sunshine state.

St. Cloud Detective Christian Anderson told WFTV reporter Kathi Belich that in the 17 years he has been on the job, he has never seen anything like that incident.

Osceola courthouse brawl erupts after ‘Stand Your Ground’ hearing postponed

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21 Responses to Only in Florida

  1. margaret says:

    Kathi seems to always get the scoop, thats because she is a good reporter. It must be in water everywhere,parents nuking it out at childrens ball games and now they can’t stay civil in courthouse.. I hope they all got arrested.

  2. Margaret~~I watched the parents nuking it out at the ball game. They are setting real good examples for their kids. No wonder this world is nuts…oops, I mean some people in it.

  3. margaret says:

    Just came from Amazon Books… There are 363 reviews, majority are really tearing into baez and their lies. I read a couple ,must not be selling so good… Makes me old heart feel good LOL

  4. Margaret~~God love you! Keep the faith and your old heart may feel even better one of these days. What is that saying? “Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out.” Caylee will have her justice, just you wait and see.

  5. margaret says:

    I have to get back to my crocheting. I am having so much fun reading the reviews of baez book, on Amazon until I just can’t leave it. I sure hope the whole defense team are reading the reviews. The book has dropped from #60 to #133.. Maybe they will learn lieing about a precious baby’s death is not right….I need advice from Dr. Ruthless to break this habit of reading reviews and laughing…

  6. Margaret~ ~I read a few of them too and had to leave. What a self-centered egotistical…Baez is as narcisstic as Casey.

    I copied one review… here you go….

    Judge Stan Strickland said, “The truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.” Truer words were indeed never spoken! After reading this book, I believe the truth and Mr. Baez are strangers too.

    Baez regurgitates a tale allegedly told by KC, about the ‘abuse’ she allegedly endured from her father. The disgusting details include KC’s nickname for her father’s anatomy as ‘baldy’ and a vile analogy of petting a mouse till the mouse sneezed milk. Baez surely realizes that this lurid tale and storyline were lifted from the TV comedy South Park. If not, he is at least guilty of not doing his research.

    Another example that Baez’s credibility is nonexistent: He claims he had a good flow of income prior to this case. And yet his house was in foreclosure. So is that a lie by omission or just spin for his own ego and to try to charm the readers? The truth and Baez are strangers, indeed!

    [1] Why did he (and his client and her family) beg the media, the public and TES (Texas EquuSearch) to search for a MISSING child, who was never missing?
    [2] If as he claims, he learned of “the drowning” in early 2009, why doesn’t he convey to the reader any remorse for holding this tidbit of truth till trial?
    [3] Why did he allow his client to sit in isolation in jail for 3 years, facing the death penalty if Caylee’s death was an ‘accidental drowning’ or ‘murder done by another’?
    [4] Why does he not disclose how Caylee ended up in the woods?

    Baez said over and over, and over again in his opening statement, that “Something’s not right here.” That might have been the ONLY true statement he made that day. Now, having read this drivel filled book, I say to Jose Baez, “Yes, something is NOT RIGHT HERE.” You are attempting to use your involvement in this debacle of justice to line your own wallet, and to hell with ethics since they don’t pay. You labeled Mr. Kronk “morally bankrupt” in the eyes of the whole world. You claim in your book that prosecutor Jeff Ashton is “mentally disturbed.” I think you would be well served to turn the mirror around toward yourself and take a close hard look. And calling a fellow officer of the court, “Tourette’s Boy” and thinking it is funny —-> Yeppers, something is definitely NOT right here, Mr. Baez.

    Here is the link if anyone else wants to read a few…

  7. margaret says:

    I read a couple of the good reviews to see what anyone could find good. Lo and behold mr. geraldo had left his opinion ,, ‘Best book since Helter Skelter” and the greatest lawyer…. Can you believe that? Disgusting

  8. Margaret~~that article you linked to was March/2010 before Casey was acquitted of Murder One. You know, I don’t know why Morgan & Morgan is going forward with this case. As much as I want to see Casey have to shell out some money, I don’t think Zenaida Gonzales has a leg to stand on in winning her civil suit. I wonder if Tim Miller is still going forward with his suit against Casey.

  9. margaret says:

    Oh no, I wanted to see Baez have to be questioned… Barbra walters told him his book was fascinating…..Remember the video of Caylee in high chair eating, being filmed with no one saying a word? baez wanted to use that as proof o f George molestation, judge wouldn’ t let him., so he told the ladies. I wish George would take a lie detector test and settle that question. I would like to know how caca feels when he ttells people she has a mental problem. He claims he hasn’t talked to her since Jan… It’s amazing to me how much he and cheney can talk,talk, talk and never answer a single question.

  10. Margaret~~the last I heard, the trial Zenaida Gonzales vs Casey Anthony is due to go forth in 2013. You may get to see Baez testify yet. I just don’t think Zenaida will win her case but you never know….Only in Florida…lol

  11. cali patti says:

    Yesterday on the Anderson Cooper news show, his guest stated how most things wierd come out of Florida and Germany. So its not just “us” who are noticing the strangeness of Florida.

  12. margaret says:

    You know I think you must be right Snoops. I read on a couple Fl. newspaper sites last night and it was awful the amount of sickening crime I found. I read about one man killed his girlfriend and put her in his car trunk, for a couple of days, even visited his mothher with her in trunk. I shut computer down after that one. I guess he thinks caca got away with it , he can too. This old world needs help badly.

  13. cali patti says:

    To me, all states have robberies, murders, and assaults. Florida has the strangest crimes, a person eating a strangers face off, and other strange crimes. Every state has one or two wierd crimes but with Florida it is weekly. At least it seems that way to me.

  14. Margaret~~I read about the man who strangled his girlfriend and then rode around with her in the trunk for 2 days before dumping her body in the woods. Yes, he wanted to be a Casey copycat.

    Hey Cali~~I was stupid enough to pour over pages and pages of docs today…. I didn’t find any smoking guns.

  15. This happened in Casselberry where Dave lives. The jaywalker doesn’t look like Dave but then my eyesight is not the best.

    Only in Florida…

    Jaywalker tased three times

    Here is the entire video

  16. Oh Lordy, as I wake each day, I wonder what strange things I will learn… Roy is in jail now waiting for someone to bring him his guard uniform… Oh Vay… He could be called, “Mr Dressup” Only in Florida……

    Police: Roy Antigua, man found with fake uniforms and ID’s, is an actor but not dangerous

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