Dr Ruthless Wisenhumor at your Service

Ruthless Wisenhumor, MD, BS, AAA, Al Anon,

Dr Ruthless’ experttease is putting some zing back into your zinger-predicting your future by reading tea bags, curing your brain farts, ways to cheat on your mate without getting caught, how to find out if your spouse is cheating on you- no problem is too big or small. She will tell you how to get rid of your stains or unplug your drains.

Dr Ruthless will guarantee to cure it or kill it. Her advice is 100 % free for the asking. Please enter at your own risk.

Here is a little pick me up help yourself to a swig.

Please feel free to ask Dr Ruthless any questions or offer any of your own advice to others. Enjoy!!

Adults Only-Content may be Explicit

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51 Responses to Dr Ruthless Wisenhumor at your Service

  1. Sherry says:

    [ the content of this comment has been removed by Mainstream fair] Sherry’s question to Dr Ruthless was actually hilarious and was not meant to offend anyone!!

    It was brought to my attention that a certain person felt that the humorous question was referring to her and became very upset. No names were mentioned in the content deleted. Please keep in mind that when you post something on the World Wide Web, it is being read by thousands. Some people may find humor in what you post and all the time you were being serious. This is the chance you have to take. I feel if more people took the time to laugh and smile, even at ourselves, this world would be a much better place.

    If anyone finds this thread offensive to them, there are millions of other blogs which may be more to your taste.~ ~ Mainstreamfair on behalf of Dr Ruthless

  2. Dr Ruthless says:

    My dear Sherry, Oh, we have an aged exhibitionist here who is trying to entice young people by shaking and gyrating her liver spots. This is a dire situation. Sadly some of these old girls do not realize that due to gravity, she may find out that one day soon she will be putting her shoes on her boobies instead of her feet. Do you know if she dances to music? Hopefully her taste in music is a Lawrence Welk and not a ‘Boot Scootin Boogie.’

    You must protect the children from this aged dancing fool. Please call your nearest fire dept and ask them to come and hose down this wanna be red hot to trot woman. I would appreciate you informing me how you make out. Thank you for visiting. We do not want any of the neighborhood children to die of fright.

  3. Dave Knechel says:

    Bird-spotting is a type of bird-watching where the emphasis is on seeing how many different species of birds you can spot. Lately, I’ve been interested in liver-spotting, i.e., spotting skin blemishes known medically as solar lentigo, or liver spots, especially since none are identical. Could I be suffering from the AGE virus? Do I need Carter’s Little Liver Pills?

  4. Dr Ruthless says:

    Well hello there, Mr Knechel. I am always very delighted to have a male ask me for advice. For a brief moment, I thought you may be giving me some. I have never participated in bird-spotting but I understand that a good place to spot many at one time would be in a men’s washroom during a Friday nite Happy Hour.

    I see you are very astute in that you know the scientific name for liver spots. Maybe we can get together and compare liver spots. Who knows you may have one that is identical in the shape and size to one of mine. That could get us in the Guiness World Book of Records. By the way, I have my own private jet and make house calls.

    If you are covered in liver spots, I suggest you get some Carter’s ‘Big’ Liver Pills. The are new on the market and will not make you constipated.

    Before I am able to make a diagnosis as to the AGE virus, I will need at least a dozen more consultations with you. Ta ta, see you soon, Mr Knuckle ( pet name, I picked it myself)

  5. Dr Ruthless~~the following came via email. We will have to set you up with your own mail account.

    Dear Dr Ruthless:
    Your remark about a 70 yr old running around naked was funny. I’m a hip (funny) California old woman and yet I don’t feel old, don’t believe I look my age and I’ve yet to run around naked. Certainly some of my friends have in the past but because I hate stubbing my toes which I seem to do when without shoes, I’ ld look really strange naked in shoes and maybe socks. Just visiting, Name Withheld

  6. Dr Ruthless says:

    Dear Name Withheld, since opening my practice here, I do not recall making a funny remark about a 70 year old running around naked but I did give some sound advice to a lady who reported a crazy 80 year old who was frightening young people.

    Name Withheld, after hearing the way you describe yourself, no one will notice your shoes and socks, dear, so get down to the buff and strut your stuff. If you insist on being shoeless, take it all off and walk backwards so you don’t stub your toes.

    By any chance, would you be related to Big Foot, two many layers of toe nail polish maybe? Oh, and this is very important, “when down to the raw, the drapes you draw”. Thank you for letting me serve you.

  7. Wandering Aimlessly says:

    Dear Dr. Ruthless, How would you handle someone having an identity crisis?

  8. Dr Ruthless says:

    Wandering Aimlessy, dear, in order to help you please tell me more. Are you having an identity crisis or is it a friend? Sorry I am late responding to you, I had to rush down to the hardware store and buy some tacks.

  9. Dr Ruthless~~sorry to barge in but this is an important message…


    Thousands could lose internet access July 9 due to virus

    Download DNS Charger Check-Up here.

    DNS Changer Check-Up

  10. Wandering Aimlessly says:

    Dear Dr. Ruthless, although I must admit, I often meet myself coming and going, I’m fairly certain I recognize myself each time. The person I speak of is a friend.

  11. Dr Ruthless says:

    Wandering Aimlessly, you may have a wee problem too but I don’t think we need to take care of that right now. Why do you think your friend has an identity crisis? Did he or she start speaking in tongues? By the way, is your friend a male or female? You know that men o pause can make some ladies do strange things. Please tell me more and maybe I have a fixerupher/him.

  12. Wandering Aimlessly says:

    Dr. R. – My friend is a female, and as of late, she has begun acting and dressing like a teenager. I began to notice subtle changes some time ago, but this recent turn of events has me questioning whether I ever really knew her. It’s like she is an entirely different person.

  13. Vicky says:

    Howdy Dr. Ruthless, I recently discovered that laws governing sexting in Canada are far more liberal than they are in the U.S. What say you about this?

  14. Dr Ruthless says:

    Wandering Aimlessly, oh my goodness, please don’t tell me your friend is a school teacher or any kind of teacher of ‘young good looking boys’. Dearie, Mary Kay Latourneau flashed in my crystal ball.

  15. Dr Ruthless says:

    Hello there Vicky. I say this…. I know what a sex thing is and a sex thingie but for the life of me, I did not know about sexting. It took me awhile to find the google. It looks like a bundle of fun. I must write my friend in Winnipeg and ask her about the laws. Are you planning on sending a nude picture of yourself to Canada?
    This is what the google told me.
    Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. The term was first popularized in early 21st century, and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, where the latter is meant in the wide sense of sending a text possibly with images.

  16. Vicky says:

    Wandering Aimlessly, At the risk of stepping on the good doctor’s toes, I would like to weigh in on this discussion. There are several things that could be going on here. Perhaps your friend is having a hard time coming to terms with growing older. Or maybe she has made some bad decisions in the past and feels the need to start over.
    Unfortunately, “do overs” aren’t always an option, and some people make complete asses of themselves rather than owning up to their past indiscretions and/or by not aging with dignity.
    However, if she does begin to pay undue attention to high school aged boys, you might remind her that those unsightly spider veins and drooping breasts are a dead giveaway. Not to mention the danger associated with a pissed off mom.
    I’m more inclined to think your friend is probably trying to catch the attention of an older member of the opposite sex. Assuming she is single. If not, her hubby might just enjoy a romp in the hay with a younger woman. Even if it is only in her own mind.
    Or maybe, her recent change is nothing more than an attempt to gain attention in general. She sure seems to have gotten your attention.

  17. Dr Ruthless says:

    Vicky, thank you for your help. I am just sitting back with a wee nip of gin. It helps me relax. I generally sit with my feet up, swelling of the ankles you know, so you cannot step on my toes.

  18. Vicky says:

    The last thing cyber space needs is a nude photo of me Dr. R. There are enough scary things out there in cyber space as it is. Canada is definitely far less puritanical than the US.

    I was doing a bit of reading about Canadian laws and underage activities. I came upon a lot of information regarding teenagers and what is legal and illegal. I was surprised to discover that recent laws in Canada do not address the exchange of nude photos or sexually explicit messages between teens who are in a relationship. Granted, they can’t share those photos amongst friends. I was also shocked to discover that the laws governing the age of consent are much more liberal in most Provinces than in the different states. Seems y’all have a great deal of tolerance for early exploration. LOL

  19. Vicky~~Dr Ruthless is not a Canadian so I am not sure if she can answer y’all questions. The application she submitted to me is confidential so I am not free to tell you the country she listed. She can tell you herself. Knowing the good doc, she probably nodded off as I noticed she was into the gin. BTW, we can marry here at a young age with parental consent. With our strict gun laws, shotgun weddings are now passé.

  20. Vicky says:

    Sorry Snoopy, I figured she was one of your Canadian contacts. I have been learning a lot about cultural differences between our two countries as of late. LOL

  21. Vicky~~Chicago daughter said I should not use that other pic in my post of the good doc… the one that is up there now looks like a Canadian…lol How do we ever know who that ‘someone’ is who sits in front of the monitor. The old girl in here may be someone with an identity crisis. I kinda like her, regardless, and will keep her around.

  22. Sherry says:

    I like her, too. My FB avatar looks like me and my cat at the computer. Good job, btw~

  23. Dr Ruthless says:

    Oh dear, Sherry, it looks like we may have upset someone but it was all in fun. I love to carry on and lots of times I laugh at myself. It is better than talk to myself but I must admit, I do have a chat with me after a few nips of my gin. We only travel down this road the once so why not make the best of it. Maybe I will get naked, have a wee bit of the spirits and boogie around the kitchen and make an omelet. I live on the top floor so no one can peek in and see my liver spots. he hee he

  24. Sherry says:

    Yeah, this heat is making me think about stripping, too! LOL! But, I’ll skip the gin and dancing…lol!

  25. Vicky says:

    Now who on earth would be upset Dr. Ruthless? I haven’t read anything so far that is too ever the top. Some people need to lighten up a bit.

  26. Vicky says:

    Unless of course one considers that there are a few who have gotten over wearing the top. So, I guess that is somewhat over the top.

  27. Sherry says:

    Oh my. I would have spit up my coffee had I read that comment in the Cafe! 😛

  28. Vicky says:

    Snoops, still a bit confused, but that isn’t all that unusual. Perhaps Dr. Ruthless can share some wisdom about the joy of living in a state of confusion.

  29. Vicky says:

    Message to the offended lurker. Free Speech. Live with it! Also, we are all free to exit the blog. Click the little x and the page will close. No one will be offended if you decide never to return. Oh, and one more thing, in case you need assistance navigating this particular blog entry. There was a disclaimer at the top. This page Is for adults only. You might have reached the age of majority based upon your date of birth, but you seem to lack the maturity needed to read here. For your own peace of mind, please refrain from resisting the urge to bring further emotional harm to yourself by finding a kid friendly topic to entertain yourself.

    Dr. Ruthless, please feel free to have Snoopy delete my comment if it is too much off topic, or over the top.

  30. Vicky says:

    Snoops, Dr. R. & Sherry, I would mix a drink and dance around my house naked, so our visitor could understand that there is nothing wrong with nudity in the privacy of one’s home, even with the drapes open, but it might send the wrong message to hubby.
    As for any passers by, nobody forces them to look in another person’s window. 🙂

  31. Vicky~~if I looked in your window and saw you naked… out with the camera and sell you on eBay. There is a time and place for comments tho… no belly dancing and playing tambourines on a crime blog.. Ohhhh ♪♫♪ Shim Shimerie …I can see me in a grass skirt doing the hula to Tiny Bubbles ..Aloha

  32. Vicky says:

    The transaction fee would cost more than you would get for the photo. 🙂

  33. Sherry says:

    And just remember, Vicky, the laws for doing such a thing are alot more lax in Canada. Hell, they’d see it was Snoopy and just let her go…

  34. Vicky says:

    Sherry, they would view it as healthy self exploration/expression. LOL

  35. margaret says:

    Dr. Ruthless, why are some people so thin skinned and critical of others? Today about a half mile from my home a young 59 year old woman was killed. She was from south Florida, and was on her way back home from Reno NV. where she had attended the Summer Nationals. She was a member of Women in the Wind bike club. She was riding alone. A car switched lanes in front of her and she had nowhere to go. I did not Know her but she sounds like someone I would enjoy knowing. Dr Ruthless , my motto is Live and let Live. Already there are comments being made that she should not have been on a Harley, because the roads are for cars. Why can’t people talk about her spirit, her bravery instead of putting her down. I go to the mailbox, sometimes to the garden, in my PJs. I like my PJs and it is no ones business. GodBlessthis woman ,I wish she could have reached her family………………. Just so all my neighbors know I will continue to wear my PJs and if I want to dance naked in front of my window , I will, none of your business. Dr. am I going nuts in my old age?

  36. Sherry says:

    Well, come to think of it, if you are going to go nuts, old age would be the perfect time to do it. Drive the younger among us crazy with our nuttiness-sounds like some good fun!

  37. Dr Ruthless says:

    Snoopy is missing, Snoopy is missing, the RCMP are out in the woods looking for her. The last text I received from her said, “I am running away for good.” Please come back Snoopy, we all love you. The RCMP said she left all her clothes by a tree on the edge of the forest so wherever she is, she is naked. Does anyone know if the nights get cold in Canada?

  38. Sherry says:

    Oh, that knowledge will get the RCMP moving a tad faster.

  39. Dr Ruthless says:

    Oh this is terrible. I wish that I could go to Canada. I am in Hawaii with a Chippendale Dancer…oh but he is gorgeous…what to do…what to do… How can I leave him? Should I go? Help me ladies!
    Maybe I will go to Canada and do some sexting back to this male macho……..mmmmmm grrrrr…at my age, you never pass up the chances. Can you ladies teach me how to do the sex thing? Oopsy daisy sexting? Both would be fine tho.

  40. Dr Ruthless says:

    My dear dear Margaret, you are not going nuts. It is fun to be nuts, just ask Sherry and Vicky. Join us, sweet Margaret, let’s all go nuts together. Let’s all get nude and shake it, shake it, twist and turn, rotate those hips. I am so worried about a naked backwood Canadian woman. I hear they have big hungry mosquitos in Canada. The poor thing…ohhhhhh

  41. Dr Ruthless says:

    Margaret, yes dear, you continue to wear your PJs to the mailbox. If you ever feel the urge to go streaking out to your mailbox, then you and I need to have a private session. I can teach you some good moves to do while in the buff… wooooooooeeeeee

  42. margaret says:

    Laughing so hard Thanks everyone .. Please someone find Snoops, she must be having such fun.

  43. margaret says:

    Dr. Ruthless, I know someone in dire need of your services. Do you have a rubberized bumper room in your practice. There may be a need for one. She will be free for treatment next month. She lives in a fantasy of her own mind.She thinks her attributes are over the moon and she is totally right on everything. The thing that troubles me is that she has a penchant to use of swamps ,duct tape and garbage bags. I would be interested to know your plan of action to treat this person.

  44. Dr Ruthless says:

    Margaret, dear, I had an old white haired gentleman bring a young lady to my office and ask me to treat her but I had to refuse. The old fellow gave me a list of questions and insisted that I could only ask the questions that the young lady had prepared. I had to tell him that I did not run my therapy clinic like that. He told me he would pay me thousands of dollars if I would oblige him.
    I told him that I loved people more than money and told him to seek another agency. He said he would have my practice shut down and to expect a summons to show up in court. All the time he was speaking with me, the young lady was playing with her hair and glaring at me. The old man balled up the list of questions and threw them in my face. The young lady yelled, “hold her while I duct tape her mouth and let’s throw her in the swamp.” Finally the two of them left and I heard the old guy mumbled, “what a waste, pure waste.” The lady gave the old guy a hug and said, “you are so cute, Chinney”.

    When they were out of sight I picked up the list from the floor and started to read. Here are a couple of the questions..

    1. What makes you so beautiful?
    2. I just love your hair, do you do it yourself?
    3. Will you show me your tattoo?
    4. How do you stay so slim and attractive?

    Oh my goodness, dear Margaret, could we be speaking of the same person?

  45. margaret says:

    I think we do. have to find someone who will inflict,,,, Uh,,,,I mean treat her. will contact you again after she’s free to move. I will see she doesn’t bring Chinney.

  46. Does vacuuming naked count?

  47. p.s. LOVE the fishnets!

  48. Mystical~~you can vac it and buff it all at the same time. I can picture a woman in fishnets and highheels chasing down dust bunnies.

  49. 🙂 now THATS a picture – lol

  50. cali patti says:

    Leave Snoopy Alone! Snoopy knows where Snoopy is and does not need to check in with anyone. In case of a “real” emergency, you might want tho ask those RCMP. Yes the same ones you asked to look for her, if you really did request their aid.

    OR ~ her neighbor from which she “borrows” (her word) firewood may have whacked her with same firewood. Check under wood pile.

  51. cali patti says:

    ps … I’ve over-heard Snoopy enjoys her RCMP men and might not appreciate being bothered.
    just saying ……..!

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