Mount Casey spewing again…

Casey Anthony trying to wipe the slate clean

Like a volcano that keeps spewing, Ms Anthony just wont go away. Now Mr Mason is trying to get the 4 misdemeanors for lying over turned. I guess you all know the reason Mason filed another appeal…delay…delay…delay in hopes the appeal will not be resolved before Casey would have to take the stand in January/12 when she has to appear in the Zenaida trial. Read on…

ORLANDO, Fla. (MCT) — Casey Anthony’s appeal of four misdemeanor convictions in her daughter’s death took a step forward Monday, with her defense revealing its arguments for why she shouldn’t have been found guilty.

Anthony was acquitted of all major charges in the death of 2-year-old Caylee, including murder, but was convicted on four counts of lying to law enforcement, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The appeal is notable in part because of the effect it has on lawsuits Anthony faces. Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman whose name is similar to the nanny Anthony said kidnapped Caylee, and Texas EquuSearch, the search group that scoured Orange County, Fla., for the girl before she was found dead, are suing and want to question Anthony.

However, Anthony has deflected most questioning, citing her constitutional right against self-incrimination during the pending appeal.

After several delays, Anthony’s lawyers filed their initial brief with the 5th District Court of Appeal on Monday. Their arguments should be familiar to those who followed the high-profile trial a year ago.

Jurors only heard testimony about Anthony’s lies, the lawyers argue, because Circuit Judge Belvin Perry improperly allowed it into her trial. Anthony had not been advised when she made those statements that she had a right to remain silent or that she had a right to an attorney.

Typically, a suspect’s statements can be used at trial, even if she has not been read her rights, so long as she made them before she was arrested or taken into custody. Law enforcement witnesses testified that Anthony was not officially in custody when she lied. However, she was briefly handcuffed and put in a deputy’s vehicle.

Anthony’s attorneys also argue that her four convictions for lying are improper under the “double jeopardy” clause of the U.S. Constitution, which courts have ruled prohibits a defendant from facing multiple punishments for the same criminal act.

Read more here…

Casey Anthony’s attorneys reveal arguments against her misdemeanor convictions

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36 Responses to Mount Casey spewing again…

  1. margaret says:

    Sounds like Mason is still in his fantasy world with ykw.. He was supposed to appar on Peirs Morgan tonight to say sh spnds her time cooking, cleaning and watching tv since it is to dangerous for her to go out..He seems to be the only one who thinks that.. There is a lovely article in Orlando Home and Leisure about Linda Drane Burdick.. She is one tough lady and gorgeous…

  2. Margaret~~who is Casey cooking for Cheney Mason? I thought she would end up being some old farts mistress not their cook. lol Jane Velez Mitchell is having something on Casey and Cheney tomorrow nite’s show. Jane said she heard that Casey gained alot of weight… I wonder if she thinks that the pic of Casey circulating is really her. Dave has it up at this blog.

    Thanks for the heads up re the Linda Drane Burdick article…

  3. Karen C~~well Mason is trying to repair the image of Casey and he wants it to do it before August. Well I have news for him… Mason is a big fool and if he believes Casey is this poor thing who has been falsely accused, he is a bigger idiot than I thought. As far as Caylee drowning in the pool, that is pure bullchit.. If Casey is going through hell, it is just what she deserves for taking the life of Caylee in one of her hissy fits. I have always kept the faith and Caylee will get her justice. It is just taking a different route. You covered most of it at the link you provided and here is a bit more….

    “I didn’t kill my daughter but I’m ashamed of the person that I was.”

    The call was made on Mason’s cellphone Tuesday night. Piers and Mason then discussed the conversation.

    “If she didn’t kill her girl who did? Have you formed any opinion about that?” asked Morgan.

    “Well, I don’t think anybody killed her. That term implies an intentional act. The child obviously died,” replied Mason.

    Morgan said Anthony told him, “I was a stupid kid but I’ve never been a party girl.” She also said, “I’ve gone through hell.”

    Anthony told Morgan she’s had a handful of beers while on probation, which does not violate her probation. She’s not supposed to drink excessively.

    She also told Morgan in a 10-minute phone call, “The public perception of me is bad, absolutely horrible.”

    Anthony is in isolation, although Mason wouldn’t say where. He did say she was reading books and likes”The Hunger Games,” which Morgan pointed out deals with young people fighting to the death.

    Anthony also told Morgan, “There’s no one I love more than my daughter. She’s my greatest accomplishment.”

    Casey Anthony talks to CNN’s Piers Morgan

  4. The poor little princess is really feeling the pangs of being imprisioned in her little hide-away…her plans for the future have been disrupted by a subpeona making it impossible for her to leave the state…. ahhhh shucks. My heart is breaking for the murderess.

    Casey will always be in the prison of her mind where she will play over and over the last look in those two big brown eyes as they gazed up at the one who was supposed to love and protect her. Instead that excuse for a mother applied the duct tape while the child struggled until her body went limp and she finally breathed her last. Casey Anthony deserves a life of HELL. I do not think Zenaida deserves a big payoff but in this case, I am hoping she will get it along with Tim Miller and anyone else who wants to sue the ass off her. When and if, the time comes for Casey to be able to leave the state or country, I hope she takes that white bearded old fart with her. He is aiding and abetting a child murderess and he should be ashamed of himself. I normally do not express so much hate for a person but I cannot hold back when it comes to Casey. I am sure there are many out there who feel the same as me.

    However, she has apparently started speaking to her estranged mother Cindy in a bid to get their relationship back on track, although she does not speak to her father.

    Anthony is also said to be ‘annoyed’ about having to take the stand again at the Orange County courthouse in January after her attorneys accepted a defamation subpoena.
    She is being sued by Zenaida Gonzalez, who shares the name of a fake babysitter Anthony initially told police had kidnapped her daughter. Anthony admitted fabricating that story.
    Anthony had been planning to leave Florida after her probation ends in August but this new court order means she will have to stay.
    The source said: ‘She was really ready to move on with her life. This has ruined everything.’

    But despite being vilified by the public after going into hiding, Anthony has not entirely shied away from publicity.
    In October she appeared in a video diary that she posted on YouTube. In it she said she was ‘making changes for herself’, although failed to mention Caylee.

    Read more at….


  5. margaret says:

    ” The child obviously died “, how stupid is that? I guess they just didn’t want to pay for a funeral, so they just dumped her little body out in the swamp…Does he really think he can make that stick. I have decided that to be a defense lawyer you only have to learn to lie, fabricate stories and get a dumb and dumber jury. Watch out greybeard and caca are getting ready..for act 3. The dumb leading the dumber, in a brand new scenario. Does Peirs Morgan pay for interviews?

  6. Karen C. says:

    No, CNN doesn’t pay for interviews from all I’ve ever understood. “Reliable Sources” would have a fit. And I’m sure Morgan is happy not to have to deal any more with the Murdoch Mess. This is softening the earth to make Casey and Mason himself more palatable- good luck with that. They have to keep slogging, ‘cuz of upcoming cr@p headed their way….

  7. margaret says:

    Same old , same old greybeard and caca still trying to make the world feel sorry for poor little old caca..Still no blame for the perp..I wish they could have her appeals and get themover with, put her on the street and let her go., never to be heard of again. She will stay right there in Orlando because she will have to stay close to mommy ,so she will have someone to clean up after. I wish they would get a notepad to write the lies in so they could stay consistant. Like Snoops I can still get just as mad as I did day 1…Mason said she has been living in hell.. GOOD. Little Caylee would be in school having a great time now. How does that picture look to you caca and Mason? She deserves her hell for the rest of her life and you too mason for lying along with caca…Justice is just something you have forgotten about.I hope you do read the blogs .We are not the dumb little people that you can fool..

  8. margaret says:

    I forgot, everyone read Dr. Lillian Glass take on caca interview with Peirs Morgan.. Interesting!!

  9. frankietoo says:

    With any luck the baby killer will continue to live in the hell of her own making. She is her own worst enemy. If her lips are moving, she’s liing. I pray that she never ever becomes a mother again.

  10. cali patti says:

    When I first heard about the interview and read Snoopy’s post I did not want to comment. So done with the low-life, Ca Ca. Then I listened to the rerun of Piers Morgan’s show and two comments stuck with me .
    First, Ca Ca said, “Obviously, I did not kill my child.” Huh? The dim wit thinks because of the jurys finding of not guilty then she is innocent. She had a stupid jury, that is it! I’m guessing 85% of the people that know about this case thinks she is guilty. There is NO obvious to it!
    Second, how Ca Ca keeps up with news and reads. So read this Ca Ca. I think you are guilty and for each one of us writing here, there are 100,000’s of people out there that agree.
    Please just go away, live or not, I don’t care. You are a no one. You are known ONLY because you killed your child and blamed your father for a crime he did not commit. You are an ugly person.
    Ok Snoop, now I am done.

  11. Karen C. says:

    Frankietoo- Karla Homolka now has 3 kids, to the best of my knowledge. There’ll be some fool out there for Baby-Killing Skank, too…. and thing is, she’ll be out to prove how “normal” and “OK” she is, as soon as she gets her bearings. Grandma Cindy will be ready to help! And in a year or two there will be some male twenty-something who doesn’t know or care anything about this case or little Caylee, who will swallow every LIE, minimization, LIE, excuse, LIE, misstatement, LIE, etc., etc. she comes up with. Sigh.

  12. cali patti says:

    Karla Homolka did one thing Casey has yet to learn, she KEPT quiet and got out of the country.
    Karen ~I do agree with you that Casey will find someone, somewhere!

  13. Yeah and you know one of the things that has always bothered me is that almost everytime a description was made of Casey it was said that she was pretty. I’ve never once (and believe me I tried to look at her in an objective way) thought she was much to look at. At best she was just average nothing more or less but in fact she looked trashy IMO, in all the pictures I saw. Either it was her cloths, her constant “posing” or her smeared makeup……I just don’t get it – I can’t understand why she was described as pretty. Even at trial with less makeup than she normally wore, and her hair pulled back in that severe serious look (which I’m sure was done on purpose) her ears are enormously big and stick out on each side. Physically, she doesn’t have what it takes to be considered “pretty”.

  14. Sorry I hit post by accident – I’m not done.
    However that being said, lots of people find spouses because it doesn’t matter what you look like what matters is whats in your heart. And therein lies the big problem with Casey. She has a black heart so whoever decides to mate with her and give her another child (which I’m sure is a goal for Casey – after all it will bring her more attention – which is always her ultimate high) will be just as screwed up and broken inside as she is.

  15. cali patti says:

    I also did not think she was pretty. I did have my sons and a few of their friends look at her for the purpose of their opinion on her looks. My sons and friends said she was pretty. Not something that would be talked about “pretty” but if asked they would say yes. These men date good looking women so I trust their opinion.
    They also asked what she did for a living, what her degree was in? Hmm that plays a big part in who they date. They seldom date women that are not working or that don’t have a passion for what they are doing.
    Working or having a degree seems to matter more to them than it did when I was their age.

  16. Karen C. says:

    Y’All seen this one yet? From radaronline:

    You know, any publisher could make it a condition that she could be forced to take a poly…. I mean, seriously, she and Mason expect us to believe she journaled while Caylee was missing? Instead of, you know, boinking Tony, stealing from everyone, dancing up a storm, drinking like a fish and getting inked? Surely Mason is aware that examiners can determine new ink from old and do it all the time for court purposes. And, wouldn’t this be, umm, EVIDENCE? Which was supposed to be turned over to LE???

  17. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for the interesting link. I will not be buying or reading Felon Anthony’s book. If it contains anything that all of us need to know, I figure that the excerpts will be on TV 20 times a day for the next year or so after it is published.

  18. Karen C. says:

    No doubt!!! The HLN producers will read it SO WE DON’T HAVE TO!

  19. margaret says:

    Interesting article about dr phil and his “donation” to anthonys. It has now been dissolved into 3 other charities , yeah right named casey, george and cindy , and lee anthony. Bye bye dr phil.

  20. Margaret~ ~ where can I search fo the article?? It sounds interesting.

  21. margaret says:

    So sorry Snoops, left out important part. I found it on Orlando Sentinel on the “T.V. Guy” article. Whats interesting is Mason is claiming he has donated 6oo,ooo.oo in fees and sevices..Liars all.

  22. Margaret, thanks, I will check that out. The ‘old fart’ donated $600K…. I don’t believe it.

  23. margaret says:

    Sick and disgusting, mason on Wesh in two part video extolling caca character and innocense. poor caca spent 3years in prison cell. He forgets to say she put herslf there. I only watched part of #1 and had to shut it down. He too is a liar. imo

  24. Margaret~~I watched the pompous old fart on those videos… I linked them in this thread..

    I searched but couldn’t find the article about Mason saying he donated the $600K… the old guy must be smitten with the young one… oh barf! lol

  25. margaret says:

    Snoops , my computer has a mind of its own today. In search type Hal Boedeker, casey anthony articles. He has a lot of articles and the Cheney on is there In his newest one baez ,you have to read the names baez calls Jeff and others. Shows baez mentality.. Doing corn today , will check back later. I can’t wait to hear your response

  26. cali patti says:

    I put comments about this on wrong post so maybe the fairy wants to move them or not! LOL.

    Question … I have lived and fought. I know a few people have done me wrong and never were held to any type of judgement for their acts towards me. Yet I hold no ill will towards them. I am not angry or wish them “ill” in this or their next life, for those that believe in that. Done is done. I have walked out of a room when one person entered. When I was asked about a person in reference to a job, I refused to give a reference. Qualifications I could have said yes but my personal dislike forbid me from saying anything, good or bad.
    Why with Casey Anthony do I want to wish her a horrible life? I try very hard to suppress those feelings and to give my feelings no power yet I know they are there.
    I want to know she is not living well. Sick and I do not understand.
    I do not understand why I feel so strongly when I worked at not getting involved.

  27. margaret says:

    Cali patti, I know exactly how you feel. I too can’t understand why I can’t just let it go . I want to but deep down it is always there. I think part of it with me is that the trial was such a travisty, until I feel like it isn’t finished yet. There were so many lies, and the more lies the better. Everyone lied except for prosecution, and no one has faced the consquencies. The only person I can muster up any kind of sympathy for is George, but if I think about it long enough I lose it for him too.I would have screamed, fought baez and went through downtown Orlando denying baez allegations. I heard a defense lawyer one day say that the defense could say anything , truth or fiction, because the defense did not have to prove it didn’t happen. There is something wrong with that… I don’t think anything about that trial was ruled by justice and truth… Then The jury was so ready to go home that they never tried to understand the facts. If you find some answers please let me know. There is never a day that sweet baby’s face and the injustice of it all leaves my mind…..And yet that crappy defense team is protecting that ugly horse face murderer……..Other people who kill and abuse these poor helpless babies get punished, why not her????

  28. Margaret~~when I first started to read your comments, it did not take me very long to tell that you are a very caring and compassionate person. I can understand how the horrendous death of that precious little heart, Caylee, can make you upset. We did not get any closure. Casey should be in Lowell Women’s Prison serving time. Cindy Anthony should be serving time in jail for perjury. I want you to keep the faith that one day Caylee will get her justice. Casey may not be behind bars but she is in her own private prison (hell). I think eventually, if she hasn’t already. will go nuts from being in isolation. Cindy and Casey are in contact every day. Maybe one day they will get together in person and kill each other. Cindy could care less about George. She only keeps him around as it is cheaper than divorce him and give him half of everything. Cindy is as narcisstic as Casey. Hugs my friend and thank you for sharing your feelings here.

  29. margaret says:

    Thank you Snoops, I needed that. And that my friend is why you will forever be our Queen!!!!!!!

  30. Margaret~~thank you so much for posting that link. My gosh, the Anthony’s all got rich off of the murder of a precious little girl. I hope they all rot in hell and Phil McGraw along with them. They are disgusting !!

  31. margaret says:………….This is where mason claims he gave $6oo,ooo in time and services….. Wow all this free stuff for her will be a million by the time all the other liars add their share. Mason will have a big tax write-off.. lol. I read a couple articles on Hal Boedeker at OS and it seems baez only wrote a book to call everyone namesAll of them ought to make him eat those words. Read somewhere that this book isn’t selling as fast as Jeffs. I’m laughing.

  32. margaret says:

    Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson and the other scumbag ex-cop Peterson will forever be linked over something called circumstantial evidence. I just read where scott peterson is filing an appeal for a new trial. That poor boy is innocent….. yeah right!!!!!!! I read a few of comments and it is a mixed review. Some think it unfair that casey and oj won their circumstantial cases, why can’t poor old scott.. Time has not been good to him, he is going to be an ugly old man.. All of this is on Huffington Post.

  33. Margaret~~We know that race played a big part in the OJ case. He is cooling his heels now in the clink. “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” * wink

    Casey is already living in her own private hell. She loves attention so now she has to stand in front of a mirror and talk to herself. I expect Old Fart Mason pays her a visit and gives her a big hug and pat on the back while telling her how pretty she looks. I will bet the farm that Caylee’s face flashes before Casey eyes. I will never give up that one day Caylee will get her due justice.

    As for Scott Peterson, he is having visions of being strapped to a guerney five years down the road. He will have many sleepness night from here on in..

  34. margaret says:

    Peirs Morgan show cancelled baez appearance tonight, not rescheduling. Hal Boedeker just reported. Wonder why. casey must have complained to Piers.. What about that !!!!

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