Kyron Horman’s mother files $10 million lawsuit against Terri Horman

June 1, 2012, 5:32 am
The mother of Kyron Horman, who has been missing for almost two years, filed a custodial interference lawsuit against the boy’s stepmother Terri Horman. Desiree Young is also asking for 10-million dollars in damages and says she’ll donate the money to charity.

Horman was the last one to see the seven year old before he disappeared from Skyline School on June 4th, 2010. More than 5,000 tips have come in to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, but there’s been no sign of the boy.

His father Kaine continues to set up booths at various events trying to get out word about his son in case anyone has seen anything. The second annual Run For Kyron is set for Saturday in Tigard. It begins at 8am at Cook Park.



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8 Responses to Kyron Horman’s mother files $10 million lawsuit against Terri Horman

  1. Perhaps that will shake, rattle and roll things up a bit. What happened to Kyron?

  2. Hi Dave~~I am not sure how successful Desiree will be in this civil suit. You followed this case too as I remember. Kaine Horman is still trying to divorce Terri…some stupid legality is tying things up and he can’t get rid of her. I guess Desiree has the evidence of Terri saying that she did not like Kyron… I just hope there is some way to make Terri Horman break. I do not think that there is any chance Kyron is alive but where is his tiny remains? We have way too many unsolved cases involving missing children and woman, not forgetting a few men.

  3. Sherry says:

    I do hope this will bring a break in this case, too. Its been two years…

    In the beginning of this case I was reading at a blog where the woman who ran it lived in Portland. It was known as the capital of child porn and she feared that was what happened to him. God only knows. I just find it hard to believe that Terri would do anything to harm Kyron when it would have been easier for her to help Desiree get back custody of him. Maybe this civil suit will make known what was said by Terri concerning Kyron.

    Little guy, you’re in my prayers alot. My birth date is the same as yours and I think of you all day long on that day. I pray you are OK, sweetie, and that you will soon be home (like, at any moment!).

  4. Karen C. says:

    Over time, friendships can change and people can become resentful, feeling that their helping to provide things like alibis, etc. is being taken for granted (like what routinely happens with sociopaths in their interpersonal relationships). When it builds up enough, well, things might just start shaking out now, with some pressure on. A really good move, I bet. Let’s pray something breaks….

  5. Snoopy – THANKS for posting this. I have often wondered what happened to poor Kyron. I’ve always believed the stepmother had something if not everything to do with his disappearance. She has refused to cooperate by talking further with police or giving a deposition. The police polygraphed all 4 of the parents and Terri was the only one they had to polygraph twice and they said she failed both times. The TWO HOURS she could not account for after the time she claims she saw him walking down the hall to his class and why didn’t she walk him to class herself? Why say goodbye to him in the hallway so far away from his class? (she claimed she was in front of the office which they said was more than 50 feet away from his class) That along with her other sleazy behavior – sorry but she comes across as a very “low rent” mentality IMO. She was “sexting” with a neighbor a week after Kyron’s disappearance, what kind of a person does that? How could she possibly be interested in having an affair with anyone while this devasting thing was so new? Why did she borow Kaine’struck for the reason of bringing home Kyron’s science project which she never brought home? and apparantly there’s some evidence she didn’t like Kyron, she hated her husband – wanted him dead – why not do the next best thing? I think the fact that she borrowed the truck and took pictures and posted them on FB that same day shows she planned it too.

    If they could just find him – sadly I believe he is dead. But he has to be SOMEWHERE. If they find him there is bound to be some evidence that will bring the truth out.

  6. frankietoo says:

    Hi Snoopy, I think Terri had everything to do with whatever happened to Kyron. I hope she is being watched.

  7. shyloh says:

    Have you seen the enhancement photo of Kyron? OHMYGOD he is even more adorable. I pray this brings some light into where that angel is.—Two-Years-Later-157107655.html

  8. Karen C. says:

    Shyloh- Thanks for that link. By rights he should be enjoying his summer now, with all the other kids, instead of whatever it is this wretched woman has done to him. This little fellow has left an ache inside of a lot of us….

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