Baez pens book about Casey-Oh Barf!

Baez Book To Hit Shelves In July

ORLANDO, Fla. — Jose Baez announced details of a book he plans to release this summer. He promises the book will give an inside look into the Casey Anthony murder trial.

The book, titled “Presumed Guilty,” will hit store shelves in July — one year after Anthony’s acquittal.
“On July 17th 2008, my life changed forever. I think the time has come for the whole story to be told,” Baez said in a statement.

Read more here and gag…

Jose Baez Pens Book About Casey Case

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41 Responses to Baez pens book about Casey-Oh Barf!

  1. Sherry says:

    “Presumed” guilty? She got off only because he deceived the jury and he knew he was doing it-I wouldn’t be boasting about that.

  2. Sherry~ ~ I hope no one will waste their money in buying this book. Did Casey waive her attorney/client privilege? If not, Baez will have to make sure he does not divulge any of their secret rendevous… eating licorice etc.

  3. ff1018 says:

    Who will buy the idiot’s book about a murdering b####?

  4. cali patti says:

    Baez stood in a courtroom and lied. Baez knew what he was saying was a lie and did it under the concept of, my client said it was the truth. I understand that lies can be told as long as the attorneys do not know for a fact it is a lie. Whoope dee doo. I can read a review of book and that will tell me what I want to know.

  5. Will José Baez be funneling money to Casey? If she signed the waiver releasing him of the attorney/client privilege, he will be. The A/C privilege is still in force even after you no longer represent the client. I would never ever buy Baez’ book and I can bet there are those who feel the same way.

  6. Hilde says:

    We can’t stop Baez writing his Book, at the same time we can make sure not to waste our time and Money on his Book, I know I won’t.
    I am not interested in any thing that Man has to say and then to pay for it on top of it, You got to be kidding, that’s laughable!
    Myself I have seen enough and heard enough BS coming out of his Mouth to never hear from him again but he seems to be like the Energy Bunny just keeps going and going and in his Case that is not a good Thing.
    He has nothing to be proud of after the Way he handled the Anthony Case. His Demeanor and Actions before and at the Trial was questionable putting it mildly, he wanted to win at All Costs, didn’t matter what he had to do.
    We All witnessed what he and his Team were capable of and none of it had to do with the Truth or actual Facts. He has no Reason to be proud of the Way he and his Team won this Case. There is no Excuse for what he has done to win this Case.
    He definitely hasn’t earned my Respect and I am not interested in any thing he has to say, should it be in a Book or any Media Outlet. Should he be on any of the TV Programs I will change the Channel as soon as I see his face. He disgusts me! JMO

  7. Hilde~~well said. I know one person who will have him on her show….good old Jane Velez Mitchell. She seems to back Baez… I expect George Anthony will buy a copy and wipe his butt with the pages. Maybe Casey threatened Baez…”say nice things about me in book or I will tell all to your wife.”

  8. Hilde says:

    snoopy, you are a Riot :lol:,good Idea to wipe Butt with Pages of Baez’s Book, that’s all it’s going to be good for!

  9. Karen C. says:

    Oh No! It’s still here! I come home from work and check, and… it’s not my imagination! I didn’t dream up “Baez” and “Book” together in the same sentence- it’s really here, as a bona fide post! Ack!

  10. Karen C~~ I guess Baez is getting hard up for cash… or maybe he has had a lot of idle time on his hands.. Whoever invested in his book will go belly up. I suppose there are a few fools who will buy the book thinking he will say how wonderful Casey was when she used to go to his office.

  11. katfish says:

    hahahahahahaha…nope, Josey doesn’t get a dime of my money ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ I heard all I wanted to hear in the first 2 minutes of his opening statement.

  12. Katfish~~well hello stranger…. I expect Baez will pick everything apart that Ashton wrote in his book. It is totally ridiculous for him to think that anyone would want to buy fiction packed full of BS and lies.

  13. Newbie says:

    I’m wondering if Baez mentions Judge Strickland and Dave in the book but my curiosity is not enough to buy the book or tune into tv shows which promote anything concerning the case. This includes not reading or watching the movie involving Jeff Ashton. Making money off of Caylee’s death is just morally wrong in my book.

  14. margaret says:

    Well, well now we know what caca was writing during court…..baez fantasy book!!!! LOL I would not read a word he wrote if it was given to me.. It will be a book of lies just like caca would be if she had one. From day one Baez marched into court and stepped on everyone he could, lying every time he opened his mouth.. No thanks on more lies.. Strange it coming out on the anniversary of caca release.. He is probably splitting from her and he will give her half and say goodbye.. I am surprised that Andrea Lyons has not witten one.. She has really been quiet about it .

  15. Amber from Maryland says:

    If by any chance the book contains any important new fact, the news outlets will digest it and plaster it all over creation. We won’t have to spend a dime to find out anything of significance. We won’t have to waste a dime or a minute of our time reading the book to find out there is nothing of significance in the book.

  16. Hello Ms Newbie…it is nice to see that red rose again. I never ever read Ashton’s book. I started to and it was all about things I already knew and didn’t hold my attention. Baez’ book will be garbage!!
    I will watch the movie of Jeff’s book that is due out in November.

  17. Margaret~~ Baez book will be a flop. There is still too much anger for Casey out there and no one will ever buy a book about her.

  18. Amber~~ thanks for the vote of confidence over yonder. I am going to put up a post so folks can discuss both sides of the Zimmerman case… I don’t care for all the bias. I do not wear my credentials on my sleeve but I notice someone else flaunts hers…. It is easy to get a degree in law. Just copy and paste and hit up old google… There is just too much repetition on Dave’s blog and it’s the same old…

  19. Laurali says:

    I had been doing good with keeping my food down and then I stopped by here! Lord does this man have no shame? Does he not realize no one cares about him or his ….. Forgot no name calling. I will leave it at that. He should have named the book Crazy Casey and 12 Village Idiots.

    I will stop before Snoopy whacks me with something! I have to switch some laundry and walk the dogs but I will be back.

  20. Sherry says:

    LOL. Laurali! 😆

  21. Hilde says:

    Laurali~~ 12 Village Idiots, that’s a perfect Description of the Anthony Jurors 😆

  22. Amber from Maryland says:

    I see there is news that Felon Anthony will not get a penny of profit from Jose Baez’s book. I still have no intention of buying the book. If there is anything new and interesting, I am relying on the news outlets to tell us all about it hourly for the next five or six months. I did buy Jeff Ashton’s book and it was worthwhile to me. I trust Jeff Ashton.

  23. Amber from Maryland says:

    Oops! There is also news that Zenaida’s attorneys will get Felon Anthony’s address so they can subpoena her. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! I do not know or understand the fine points of the law on this but I still wish the best for Zenaida.

  24. Amber~~yes, Morgan & Morgan finally have Casey’s address so they can issue a subpoena. The trial is not until next year and I expect Casey will be long gone by then to Mexico.

  25. This is a follow up on Amber’s comment re Casey address… it is an intersting read and you can see that Keith Mitnik of Morgan & Morgan is grinning from ear to ear…. Keep in find that those four charges of lying to LE are at the appeals court. If the appeals court overturns those charges, there would be a new trial and Casey could plead the fifth in the Zenaida case… fat chance of that tho… read on…

    Minutes after a judge ruled that he has the right know Casey Anthony’s secret location, Keith Mitnik, an attorney for the woman suing Anthony for defamation, slid into an elevator jam-packed with television crews and reporters.

    “Can you smell that?” he asked those around him, packed like sardines with cameramen lugging bulky equipment. “I smell justice.”

    At a hearing Thursday, attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez — who says her life was upended when Anthony claimed a similarly named nanny had kidnapped her 2-year-old daughter in 2008 — scored a victory they’d sought for months

    Read more here….also a short video

    Judge says Zenaida Gonzalez can have Casey Anthony’s secret address

  26. Amber from Maryland says:

    If she does not get to Mexico and is forced to sit through the trial will she take the fifth? That might not look good to a jury. I bet there are also some questions Zenaida’s lawyers can and will ask that aren’t protected by the fifth. Maybe the appeal will be denied before Zenaida’s trial and possiblly it could be out of the question.

  27. Amber~~the appellate court will be tossing that out before the Zenaida trial ever gets underway so she will have to take the stand. Her lawyer, Charles Greene, is saying that wont happen and she wont be going to trial but he is just blowing smoke. When Casey gets a subpoena, she dang well better appear in court or there will be a warrant out for her arrest.

  28. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Sounds good to me. Bill Shaeffer said something on TV today about her going to jail if she didn’t show up.

  29. Rob says:

    Baez book of lies is of no interest to me. It will probably be on the 99 cent table in a few months.
    Baez should fade away, and take his fellon client with him.

  30. Rob~~The 99 cent table … lol…you are a riot! I hate to break this news to you but Baez is going to be on Dr Drew’s show on Monday night… yup…promoting his book. I hear the word “boycott” off in the distance…

  31. Patti O says:

    Hi Snoop,
    Just stopped over to see what was happening on Dave’s site and yours. Baez opened a new law office in Miami and according to him has been taking on additional cases (maybe that’s wishful thinking). Sounds like he’s hoping for a little cash windfall to come his way since his cash cow didn’t come thru. Why anyone would purchase this book is beyond me. I’ve heard it’s pre-sales have already fallen from $26.95 to $14.95. Can’t wait until it’s at the Dollar Stores! And like someone already commented. If there is anything new the reporters will have it plastered all over the news. Good wishes to Zenaida!

  32. Hello Patti O~~Wow, down to $14.95… nope, that is still too much. I wouldn’t buy his trash if it was in the 99cent bin. I listened to his drivel for an hour last night. You could tell Dr Drew wasn’t buying into what Baez was saying. I am glad Dr Drew asked Baez if he would wait 31 days before reporting his own child missing and then later Dr Drew mentioned about Casey wearing the Caylee t-shirt knowing she was dead and not missing. Baez may have fooled a jury but he sure as heck can’t pull the wool over our eyes. BTW, real nice to see you!

  33. margaret says:

    Hi everone, haven’t been around much lately, been up to my ears in canning green beans. Wish I could share with all of you. Thanks for updating, I sneaked in to read when I could. Just read this little tidbit on facebook, Baez book is ranked #41,247. Hope hes not counting on being rich. He contradicts himself so much.. He told Dr. Drew this book was about him and then talks about casey this and that…He is one big lie.

  34. Margaret ~~ I have been wondering where you went to….green beans…yummy. Your growing season is much earlier than here. I listened to Baez on Dr Drew and he is a bullchitter. I wonder is Casey signed a waiver relinquishing the attorney/client privilege for the promise of sharing in the profits of the book. Who would ever want to read his crap?

  35. margaret says:

    I am friends on facebook, my grandchildren told me I really needed, lol with TJ Hart, he is living in Ohio now but his wife and daughter are still in Gainsville. He was alerting Fl about weather yesterday and explained to one of his friends about his radio station in Gainesville, and his work on the Caylee, Haliegh and Jessica Lunsford cases. Someone asked where was Casey hiding? He said she wasn’t hiding ,but living on a wooded section, next to the swamps at a lawyers house. They must have moved her back to mrs. simms after the preachers wife got wise to her. He said it was not far from his house in Gainesville. I can’t wait to see who is taking care of her after her probation is up. Don’t believe it will be the new lawyers.

  36. Margaret~~I am on Facebook but keep my friends mostly family and a few people who comment on my blog. The lawyers are Casey’s surrogate parents and I don’t think they will ever be rid of her. I don’t think she can leave the country with that subpoena hanging over her head. That trial is not due to come up until Jan/12… the appellate court still has to settle those 4 lies that Casey was appealing and I hope that gets settled this year sometime. I don’t want Casey being able to plead the fifth at the Zenaida trial.

  37. Karen C. says:

    I’m reading Ashton’s book (finally) to inoculate myself from the next! Baez is claiming there is some sort of “new evidence” to support the Skank’s molestation claims. Any ideas at all? Because I would think any REAL evidence (as opposed to cr@p they pulled out of their collective nether regions) would have been weaseled into the trial somehow. Maybe a rehash of Jesse Grund statements? Ashton makes it pretty clear that they (State) viewed the Anthony family as not particularly disturbed or dysfunctional until Casey got pregnant, and that they all danced around her, getting progressively crazier themselves….

  38. Karen C~~I read a couple chapters of Ashton’s book but found that most of it I already knew. As far as Baez saying that there is ‘new evidence’ supporting the molestation claims, to that I say bullchit. He is just trying to sell his book of fabrications.

  39. Vicky says:

    Looks like there was a bit of dissension in the ranks during the trial. Mr. mason might have disagreed withJB making such outrageous claims in his opening statement, and never going on to provide evidence to support those claims, but if didn’t prevent him from basking in the glory when the got guilty verdict was rendered. I thought the old fart was retiring.

  40. Oh good grief, if Baez doubted Casey’s mental health, why in he** didn’t he take Terry Lenamon’s advice and go for an mental plea. Baez is full of BS….

    Ahhh shucks, look at what he writes…

    The three-year case took an emotional toll on Baez, according to his book. He suffered depression after the complaint was filed against him and he found it difficult to find joy in his wife’s pregnancy.

    Baez also criticizes the way he was portrayed in the media as an inexperienced attorney taking on one of the highest-profile criminal cases in recent memory.

    “The public may have been convinced that I was an idiot but I let it all roll off my back,” he writes

    José Baez did not win this case, a stupid dazed Pinellas twelve were too damned lazy to weigh the evidence.

  41. Here is a bit more from Baez’ book as if we cared about glorifying a murderess ….

    Baez said Anthony’s first meal out of jail was a cheeseburger, fries and milkshake from Steak ‘n Shake. Baez and Anthony then drove to a municipal airport where a private plane took them to the Florida Panhandle resort community of St. George Island. There, members of their legal team and their families met up with them. Anthony then went to New York until she had to return to Florida to serve her probation sentence.

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