Self-defense or defiance

Since the Stand Your Ground law is coming under a great deal of scrutiny lately since George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin claiming it was in self defense, this trial should be an interesting one to watch. How old do you have to be in the state of Florida to get a permit to be in possession of a firearm?

TAMPA — A Tampa Bay-area judge says Florida’s so-called “stand your ground” law doesn’t apply to a teenager charged with attempted murder for shooting his drug dealer after a botched sale.

Gerald Terrell Jones, 18, argued Friday in Hillsborough County Circuit Court that he feared for his life while fighting with Daniel Drake in January after trying to buy marijuana. Jones shot Drake in the face. Each man says the other tried to rob him.

Florida’s self-defense law doesn’t protect people committing crimes. The Tampa Bay Times reports ( ) that Jones’ attorney said the law applied because the drug sale was over before the shooting.

Judge Gregory Holder ruled that Jones was committing a crime at the time of the shooting and failed to show he was in mortal danger.

Jones’ trial begins Monday.

Judge: Self-defense doesn’t apply in drug shooting

Here is what went down between Drake and Jones. Lots of action in this article…

The “stand your ground” law has been invoked more than 130 times since its passage in Florida in 2005, but in terms of colorful story lines, this was one for the books.

Accused Shooter Loses Bid for ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

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11 Responses to Self-defense or defiance

  1. shyloh says:

    Why on earth did he do that???

  2. Karen C. says:

    Believe it or not, Shyloh, this may fall under 1st amendment. Oddly, if you c & p, say, a child’s head onto a naked adult female’s body in a picture and it’s a porn image, you haven’t broken the law. I’m thinking these images are something similar, where the thin line has not actually been crossed other than in intent and that can be argued I suppose. They have pc “games” out there where a guy can virtually rape a small child every which way to Sunday, but it’s not a REAL child, so no crime is committed. Presumably the “artists” are using their imaginations only to model these images from…YUH, RIGHT.

    Which is why we need loads more female judges, lawmakers, etc., imho. Retired-but-active Grandmas are my choice!

  3. I am beginning to wonder about this Judge Culpepper…. They have picked 14 jurors, 2 being alternates and the trial goes forward tomorrow.

    Judge throws out journal entries in Steven Powell voyeurism case

  4. In Steven Powell’s trial today, the mother of the girls who Steven spied on took the stand. She did not want the cameras on her. Both girls took the stand, one did not want her voice on audio and neither was on camera due to their ages. The jurors got to see the explicit pictures of the two young girls plus pics of Steven exposing his genitalia in different phases of arousal. The lead detective was on the stand most of the day.. court will resume on Monday morning. I am still waiting to see if Jennifer Graves, Steven’s daughter will take the stand now that the judge tossed the porn charges. She was due to testify against her father. I noticed the Cox’s were in attendance at the trial.

  5. William Balfour found guilty on all charges!! re murder of Jennifer Hudson’s family members

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