Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6 yr old missing in Arizona

Isabel Mercedes Celis, Tuscos, Arizona, 6 years old, missing from her home….

Police have evacuated the Celis family from their home after the FBI-trained dogs found something during a search overnight.

Celis was reported missing by her father around 8 a.m. Saturday after Celis’ mother had left for work and her father went to wake her up. The child was not in her room, and a bedroom window was opened with the screen removed, Villasenor said.

The little girl was last seen around 11 p.m. Friday, when she was put to bed, he said.

You can read about the case here where they give a good summary what has taken place so far.

Missing Arizona Girl Search Intensifies After K-9s Find Clue in House

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38 Responses to Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6 yr old missing in Arizona

  1. The first crucial 72 hours have come and gone. Thus far the evidence coming out in this case has been scanty. I will do my best to keep you updated.

    Her parents, Becky and Sergio Celis, told police they last saw their daughter at 11 p.m. Friday. Her mother was at work Saturday when her father went to wake her at 8 a.m. and discovered her missing, police said.

    Authorities call the case a “suspicious disappearance/possible abduction.”

    Read more here…

    Concern grows for missing Tucson girl-Video update and write up

  2. Isabel’s parents seem to be keeping a low profile and thus far, to my knowledge, has not made an appearance before the media begging for the safe return of their child.

    Family of missing AZ girl allowed to return home

    I just heard on CNN Prime that a $6000 reward has been offering for information leading to Isabel’s return.

  3. shyloh says:

    I don’t know. I feel something isn’t right about these parents, I am trying to look back when my kids were young. When I woke up and they were no where to be seen or heard. I didn’t run around the house in a panic looking for them. I always assumed they were sleeping. I guess times have really changed or I felt totally safe in my own home. Now if they were going to school that’s a different story. None of the kids were up. I’d have to go wake them. I truly believe children can be abducted from their home. But WOW!!!!!!!! So many here lately. The “cut screen” reminds me of baby Lisa case. It’s all just mind blowing.

  4. Shyloh ~ ~do you know how you get that sudden gut feeling when you first read about some of these cases? I got a strange feeling about the parents, especially the father for some reason, when I first googled about Isabel. A close friend alerted me about this case. I am beginning to think we have copycat ‘styles’ now. The Celis’ had a couple dogs. You would think they would really bark and wake the parents up. I also thought about the uncle. It would seem that someone knew the layout of the house and where Isabel’s bedroom was located. I believe there are 17 registered sexual predators within a three mile radius of the Celis’ home. Geez, it seems like they are making up half the population.

  5. I wish I had the answers to a couple of questions, thus….

    Why haven’t the parents been out before the cameras making a public plea for the safe return of Isabel?
    Have both the father and mother taken a polygraph?
    Have the mother and father lawyered up?
    When was the last time one of the neighbors saw Isabel?
    Was Isabel in attendance at her school on Friday?

    Now, LE are starting to scale back their searching…. how many of these case are we going to hear about that will eventually go cold? The parents were allowed back in their home but did not return. They are really avoiding the media for some reason. I can understand that they are devastated but they need to help keep Isabel’s picture and name out there.

    Tucson police winding down search for missing girl

  6. Karen C. says:

    I’m SO in agreement here, Snoop. To me, a huge problem would be if they had refused a poly. I put a great deal of faith in those (as opposed to vocal stress tests), because the whole apparatus of the thing is so intimidating that it narrows the “field” right off the bat. If one has nothing to hide, and really wants to cooperate and assist LE, why ever not? Doesn’t matter much if not usable in Court (yet)- enough members in LE are convinced of their overall usefulness to warrant polygraphy as a useful tool. So, that’s one of the main things I’m waiting to hear about.

    That, and finding out if this is a case of the dog(s) that didn’t bark in the night…. Granted, the family does have a lot of supporters.

  7. Karen C~~on Nancy Grace tonite it was mentioned that Isabel usually slept in her brother’s room but that nite she did not. One brother is 14 yrs old and the other younger. I am assuming she would sleep in the younger’s room. One other thing is that LE took a carpet from an old unused car that was parked in the Celis’ driveway. I have been trying to find a video of the parents when they went on camera today.

  8. Investigators got their hands on footage from a camera pointed directly at the Celis home from about 225 feet away, ABC News reported. They’re also interested in several nearby businesses equipped with cameras that might be helpful.

    Isabel Mercedes Celis Missing: Surveillance Cameras Could Aid Search For Arizona 6-Year-Old

  9. Karen C. says:

    I’m watching the JVM I recorded earlier, and I feel like yelling at my poor TV- Just tell us, did y’all take a POLY, already!!! I’m seriously bothered by the lack of discernible liquid tears. I’m really hoping some reporter was up THISCLOSE to the parents and lets us know what’s what on that score. Call me a cynic, but I’ve earned my cynicism! Ha!

  10. Karen C~~I did not see any tears today when the parents were on. I got to watch it live. When a person cries their nose starts running in sinc… I must be a cynic too… I am also thinking of the 14 year old… he said that Isabel was happy and I thought I heard him say him say at a party… I wish that I could find it. Apparently the Celis’s were all out to a ball game or some such game the evening before she was tucked in bed at 11pm. I want to know if they took a poly or refused one and also if they have lawyered up yet. Their dogs did not bark???

  11. Karen C. says:

    Just curious, but from NG footage, it looks like they had 3 cars. 2 drivers, 3 cars. Maybe they were keeping the old red one for when the 14 yo got older?

  12. shyloh says:

    If those camera’s were aimed towards their home surly they have something on them?? Well let’s pray anyway. Those windows are very high up and seems one would need a ladder to get to them. I find that odd too. There are two drivers here at my home and we have 4 autos ha! Called me spoiled.

  13. Shyloh~~ I caught the tail end of some news on CNN prime… a woman neighbor said she heard male voices and dogs barking around 6 am out side near the bedroom of Isabel….her bedroom is almost directly across from Isabel’s on the other side of that 6-7ft high fence. I think Nancy G is going to have her on tonight.

  14. Karen C. says:

    CNN saying that her bedroom window is the LARGER one (normal-sized), that is set at “normal” height- not the smaller higher one (probably a bathroom window?). If that’s the case then the break-in scenario is a lot more plausible. The neighbor next door heard a ruckus as 6am-ish… was the Mom maybe taking a shower that she couldn’t hear that?

  15. Karen C~~strange hour of the day to make an abduction. Did the father get up when the mother did? Were the voices those of the father and 14 year old son?? I have some weird scenarios going on in this old noggin. The neighbor said her dog was barking… that would cause the Celis’ dogs to bark…even if the male voices were those of family members. How did the abductor know which bedroom was Isabel’s? I wonder if LE has questioned the uncle… he made a brief appearance on camera when this first went down. My motto is…everyone is guilty until I prove them innocent…lol

  16. Karen C~~I hope you taped Nancy’s show… it is very interesting…. she has the neighbor on there. Isabel’s window is some large and low to the ground. It would be easy for someone to almost step over the sill with her… it is that low…

  17. I didn’t even know that Isabel’s parents were separated. Nancy Grace mentioned something about a female making the 911 call the morning they discovered Isabel missing. Who is the mystery woman who made the call?

    Audio of 911 call and video with Jane Velez Mitchell

    Missing Isabel’s brothers removed from father’s care as it is revealed police spent $1m searching for six-year-old in three weeks

  18. Sherry says:

    I wonder if the dispatcher heard wrong and it was Isabel’s brother who called and said it was his sister who was missing? Or he could have sounded like a girl if it was the 10 year old brother.

    The father is my guess as to who did something to Isabel, along with another man. The investigation is going into Mexico so perhaps the father feared losing his youngest child in the divorce. The lack of tears might be from the bitterness between the two and the mother has a sense she knows he did something. IDK. Anyway, For the neighbor’s dog to bark, and the Celis’ dogs were barking up a storm, too, with two male voices being heard, it seems to me it was the father and another man making it look like an abduction. I think that is why the boys have been put into the mother’s custody-out of fear he would take them as well and flee to Mexico. Well, that’s my opinion and I haven’t bothered with Nancy Grace transcripts to catch up on this case.

  19. Sherry~~what you said makes a great deal of sense. I wonder why it took us so long to find out that Sergio and Becky were separated. I wonder when they parted and if Becky was still living at the home when Isabel went missing. At the press conference, they both appeared to be faking it. Law enforcement have spent over 1 million looking for Isabel and if Sergio knows she is in Mexico, I see a lawsuit. Do you think Sergio had another woman at the house ( girlfriend) and she made the 911 call? I wish we could hear the actual 911 call but it is Arizona and not Florida.

  20. Karen C. says:

    I imagine that LE told them that letting it be known that they were separated would hurt their cause as the public would immediately be more skeptical. It does put things in a more sinister light, potentially. I think Sherry may be on to something about a child’s voice being mistaken for someone else.

  21. I am confused here again… the boys were turned over to the biological mother, the ex-wife of Sergio whose name is Rebecca. I guess Becky is a nickname. Sergio and Becky look friendly in the video.

    TUCSON, AZ (CBS5/AP) –
    The father of a missing 6-year-old Tucson girl now is not allowed to have contact with his two older sons.
    Meanwhile, Tucson police said they will talk with the community in the wake of the disappearance of Isabel Celis and the break-in and molestation of another child.

    CBS 5 News learned that Sergio Celis was prohibited from contact after detectives called Child Protective Services last week with information regarding the welfare of the older Celis children.

    Tucson police said the information was given to CPS relating to the police investigation into the disappearance of Isabel Celis.

    Tucson police said CPS “instituted certain measures to ensure the continued welfare of the Celis children.” Hawke did not elaborate.

    CBS 5 News learned Isabel’s two brothers were turned over to their biological mother, the ex-wife of Sergio Celis.

    Read rest here and watch video….

  22. Sherry says:

    Snoopy, I’m not sure about this whole get-up. If they were divorced, were they living together still? Or was Sergio supposed to watch the children while Becky worked? Or, perhaps he stayed overnight after the outing the night before with the family. I think Karen C., is right about a possible reason for keeping it quite about the divorce. As for another woman showing up, Was it his girlfriend stopping by the house? I suppose if it was the neighbor lady that we would know that by now.

    I didn’t elaborate about the dogs-Sergio not hearing them could be because he was one of the men. Someone said that mama may have been in the shower and didn’t hear them. Has a time been given as to when the dogs were barking? Sorry if its been mentioned I’m not remembering right now if it was. That would narrow down the time.

    I hope we can find out why no one heard the dogs barking. That is odd.

  23. Karen C. says:

    A number of couples who are kaput stay in the same house these days for financial reasons, especially with kids involved. But these two are both gainfully employed and it seems with means for both, so…. This is a wierder-than-usual situation, for sure. Wonder what their legal status is, vis-a-vis residency/citizenship. There’s usually some reason of other for stuff.

  24. Karen C~~ JVM on CNN said that Isabel’s brothers are half brothers. They were returned to their biological mother, Sergios ex wife… Becky and Sergio have now separated. Apparently Becky spoke at some Mother’s Day function yesterday and Sergio was not with her. I am just assuming that Isabel is Becky’s bio daughter.

  25. Sherry says:

    OK, now that clears alot of things up, Snoopy! Maybe I should go back to watching JVM and NG…nah! lol

  26. JVM has it on now, we may get to hear that 911 audio…

  27. Sherry~~you were right , it was the oldest boy who made the 911 call and he sounded like a girl…When Becky got back home, she called 911 too..

  28. Here are two 911 calls, one made by Sergio who sounds pretty calm. The other call is Isabel’s 14 year old brother and then Becky comes on. Becky is hysterical.

  29. Well look at this… and I have a strong feeling that Sergio knows who may have abducted her…

    Isabel Mercedes Celis Missing: Tucson Girl Was Abducted, Police Confirm

  30. Sherry says:

    So Sergio is an Opera singer. He would know how to manipulate emotions for drama, like he did when coming to near tears speaking to the public. Casey Anthony also was in high school drama class and that helped her with the courtroom drama. Sergio was too calm in that 911 call, imo. It just doesn’t make sense that the whole family didn’t hear the dogs barking at 7:30 am.

  31. Sherry says:

    Just had a thought~could the boys and dad be seperated out of fear that the dad may try to coach them on what to say?

  32. Sherry says:

    Hmmm…that’s interesting. I kind of wish we could know why.

  33. More on Isabel Celis…hundreds of police reports released

    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Police say they found what appeared to be blood on the bedroom floor of a missing 6-year-old Tucson girl and dark stains on other items during a search at her home.

    Hundreds of police reports released Thursday by Tucson police detail the search for Isabel Mercedes Celis, who was reported missing on April 21.

    The records show officers saw “apparent blood” on the floor of Isabel’s room. ABC News reports police collected a hat and shower curtain with “dark red-brown or brown stains” from a car outside the Celis home.

    Sergio and Becky Celis say they last saw their first-grader in her room the night of April 20 and discovered her missing the next morning.

    Police say that they believe Isabel was abducted, but they have named no suspects.

    Read more here

    Police: Blood-like stains in Tucson girl’s room

  34. Karen C. says:

    That’s wonderful info, Snoopy. Don’t know why but I always forget what a good job Blink is always doing on things. Looks like half the neighborhood there could be involved, from these descriptions.

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