Titantic, 100 year Anniversary

Prayers, silence mark 100 years since Titanic sank

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9 Responses to Titantic, 100 year Anniversary

  1. What a tragedy it was, and remains to this very day.Where you live holds a special meaning so near and dear to your hearts. Over 100 victims are buried there. 100 years from now, the Titanic will still reach deeply into the human soul. It’s something that will never go down with the ship.

  2. Dave~~yes, the Titanic will always hold a place in our hearts. Halifax played a big role in the recovery. The cemetery in Halifax is a constant reminder. There are thousands of people gathered today holding a memorial service for those who were found and all the ones who were never recovered. I have been watching the ceremony on CBC. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Sherry says:

    I thought of you when I was putting together my memorial post, Snoopy. Fascinating history. Sad history. Yesterday I read about a young lady in 1st class who didn’t want to leave her dog behind so she got out of the lifeboat and went to the kennel. Days later, when there was the recovery operation, Ms. Isham was found, dead, with her arms around her dog. 😦

  4. Sherry ~~I put this quickie post up. Will you put a link in here to yours? I would love to see it.

  5. I need to warn you, there is a bit of profanity but it is garbled…

    Mrs Brown’s Misunderstanding

  6. Sherry says:

    That was so funny! LOL! Poor Mrs. Brown…grabbing the mop…looking behind her for the trail of pee…lol!

  7. Sherry~~my daughter sent me that youtube and I told her I was going to post it. She warned me not to but I could not resist. Some of the other ones are hilarious too. Yes, poor Mrs Brown.

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