Susan Powell’s blood found-Breaking news

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Susan Powell’s Blood Found at Josh Powell’s Utah Home

March 30/12

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill calls the Susan Powell “complex” and that his office was working with West Valley Police assisting them in their investigation, making sure their case was strong enough before filing any charges against Josh Powell. But a Pierce County prosecutor says if he were handling Susan’s case, Josh would have been arrested, charged and convicted.

“I’ve read enough to say that there’s direct evidence in here, there’s circumstantial evidence in here, and there’s motive in here, there’s everything but the body,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

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Prosecutor says Josh Powell would have been arrested in Washington

The Pierce County Superior Court unsealed the search warrant of Steven Powell’s Puyallup residence in a court hearing Friday. Steve Powell was arrested in September 2011 and charged with voyeurism and possession of sexually explicit pictures of children. In the documents were also details of the Utah police investigation of Josh Powell, Susan’s husband, after her disappearance in 2009.

Patch attached the search warrant, in it’s entirety, to this article.

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Documents: Blood Found in Josh Powell’s House After Susan’s Disappearance

Prayers and Well Wishes for Kris

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38 Responses to Susan Powell’s blood found-Breaking news

  1. Hilde says:

    It was so obvious that something bad has happened to Susan Powell after her Husband reported her missing.
    Again, two beautiful little Boys had to pay the Price for a messed up family.
    Susan Powell tried to do the right thing and get out of this bad, messed up Marriage, we all know what happened then.
    Looking at the family Picture is really sad, the whole family is wiped out, Josh Powell made sure of that! I don’t even want to get into Susan Powell’s Father In-Law from Hell, I hope he will rot in Hell.

  2. Hilde~~why was LE in Utah sitting on all this information and did not arrest Josh? I feel they had enough evidence to make an arrest. Charlie and Braden would be alive today. I just don’t understand and I do not think we have heard the last of this yet. I would take a bet that Steven Powell knew exactly what Josh did to Susan and he helped to cover it up. I am not sure of the date when his trial comes up for the porn and voyeurism charges.

  3. Rob says:

    It is so sad that two little boys lost their mother, and then their own lives. Criminals like Josh Powell seem to evade the justice system. I do wonder what role the senior Powell had in the disappearance of Susan Powell.

  4. Rob~ ~I am totally shocked that Josh Powell wasn’t arrested. I had a feeling he went back and burned Susan’s body when he rented the vehicle after LE took his van. What on earth did LE need, a video of Josh committing the murder?

  5. FYI~~

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  6. The Salt Lake Tribune writes that Steven Powell “filmed himself masturbating to photos of Susan Powell, the search warrants state, and took photos of his daughter-in-law while she was doing her hair in the bathroom with her underwear on. He also sneaked a camera under Susan Powell’s dress while she was sitting at a table and unaware of her father-in-law’s actions, the search warrants state.”

    His lawyers asked a judge to unseal the warrants served Aug. 25 for his Puyallup, Wash., home and cars.

    More here on Steven Powell and his arrest warrants….

    and here….

  7. I really do believe that Utah officials could have saved the lives of the two Powell boys had they kept on top of this. By that, the least they could have done was to inform Washington State officials. Sad! Sad! Sad!

  8. Dave~~they had enough circumstanial evidence to book him. When Josh packed up and moved to Washington to live with his father, it seems Utah police figured good riddance. I think it was just another bungled investigation. A lot of this crucial evidence was kept under seal until yesterday otherwise we would never have been privy to it nor Washington known.

  9. margaret says:

    Someone did not drop the ball on this they threw it down. Why was this weasil not arrested after getting Susan’s letter from safe deposit and getting results of Susan’s blood in house. They had plenty. The porn alone could have held him while they looked for Susan.Those two little boys could have been saved. That slime got away with everything.. I know the granparents are sick over this. I am. Utah must have been waiting for ykw jury to decide. Those precious boys .

  10. Margaret~~I realize that police departments are busy with other cases but there was so much evidence right under their noses re Susan’s disappearance. Who takes their young boys camping in freezing temps with snow on the ground and leaves on the camping trip at midnight? Yes, those boys should be alive today. I hope Washington raises a big stink about what Utah neglected to do.

  11. I posted the above video for a reason. I will explain at a later time.

  12. Amber from Maryland says:

    It is so sad that all of this happened. Snoopy, people who have killed or plan to kill the children’s mother take their children camping in freezing temperatures leaving home at midnight. Who do you know, other than Josh Powell, who has ever left at midnight to go camping with young children? Who do you know who takes young children camping in freezing temperatures unless it is absolutely necessary, i.e. the house burned down and there is no choice but to go camping unlil another residence can be found? Many good parents avoid taking children outside in freezing temperatures unless there is a good reason. Josh Powell is in a class by himself. Even felon Anthony was not quite that evil.

  13. cali patti says:

    as to your posted video, I saw that taped interview, what a mess. I also saw the initial interview with the brother of G. Zimmerman. I thought Piers Morgan did a good job at pushing back at the brother on the first interview. I wanted P.Morgan to push harder sometimes at the brother, then remembered the brother is not George and a guest of the show. I felt after watching the interview the brother came off as a story teller and not believable. I also felt that L.E. had lost thier advantage because now G. Zimmerman has had time to makeup a good story.
    Toure, the reporter from CNBC, came off as argumentative and hostile towards P. Morgans being British. He actually said once something about P. Morgan not understanding because of his nationality and P. Morgan had only been on the story for a week unlike CNBC for 3 weeks.
    Piers Morgan also came off as an arrogant know it all. He acted like how dare anyone question me.
    Both men did their networks or themselves any good.
    I felt the interview/exchange was about those two men and who is top dog on the case instead of about T. Martin, the victim. I was uncomfortable watching these two men go at each other.

  14. Amber~ ~ what more did law enforcement want to make an arrest. They had enough circumstancal evidence and did not need a body to make an arrest . Josh wasn’t even considered a person of interest . They found a gas can, tarp and shovel in Josh’s vehicle “Mommy was in the trunk,” comment by one of the boys. I am losing all faith in some law enforcements and the justice system. I only wish that Utah PD could be held at task for the death of two innocent boys. I doubt this will ever come about now. Josh bragged to friends that a body could be hid and no one would ever found it. I expect Susan’s remains were charred beyond any identifcation had she been found.

  15. Cali ~~with all due respect, I found Piers Morgan to be very professional and I would have called Touré a big feeling punk. Touré was tweeting some pretty nasty things and making jokes. He referred to it as dark humor. I would like Touré to tell me that I am stupid because I am a Canadian. Has the young punk ever heard tell of history books? Piers is a professional and held his own nicely… Touré came across as being someone who has a lot to learn when it comes to reporting. You cannot be a good reporter and be biased. After listenening to Touré, I think Rev Al Sharpton may have some competition.

    In order to be fair, we must see both sides of the coin, even if we disagree with one side. And another thing, a neutral prosecutor has been assigned to investigate this case. Let the law handle this instead of people going before the media or out in public yelling and screaming and trying to talk over each other. The louder the voice does not make if more factual. I have had it up to the ying yang so now will sit back and let the justice system take its course, after all, in Touré’s little mind, I am just a backwards Canadian.

  16. The following article is shocking. All this information was exposed when the search warrants were unsealed. No wonder Utah PD was reluctant in them being unsealed. They have to be very red-faced now when they try to explain why they did not arrest Josh Powell.

  17. shyloh says:

    This is just a tragedy all around. I don’t know how the Cox family is holding up as well as they seem to be. I would of lost my mind by now. I would walk right in the jail cell and choke BIG DADDY with both my bare hands then, then, UGH! I am also fed up with LE not doing a good job. This is unbelievable to say the least. I lost a lot of faith when the Casey A. Case did the job they did. The jury that is. in my view. LE did an excellent job! This the one’s in Susan’s case. Pitiful. Just PITIFUL!!!!!!!!

  18. Shyloh~~big Daddy and his incest sure corrupted his family. He reminds me of a cult leader. I am trying to find out if they have set his trial date. Some LE depts are quite inept… Utah is one of them.

  19. Karen C. says:

    ” “The second statement in the affidavit dates to Jan 3, 2010, less than a month after the disappearance. By this time, Josh and his sons had moved to Pierce County. During a Sunday school class at a Puyallup church, a teacher chided Charles for misbehaving. She told the boy she’d have to talk to his mom or dad.

    “My mom is dead,” Charles said.” ” From the above link. Holy Smokes.

    The lies about the phone, job, etc., then the finding of blood, and THEN the emptying of her accounts (proving he KNEW she was dead!) was plenty to book him on, right there. Then the analysis of her blood would’ve backed the action up- no bail for you, Amigo.

    So, how much crime does suburban Utah have, that these guys couldn’t put this thing together? How many homicides do they get there? Why bother having a police force at all, then? Answer to first question is virtually none, same for question number two, and third is waste of taxpayer dollars, clearly.

  20. cali patti says:

    Ok, Your right about Piers Morgan acting professional, I just had a problem with that entire situation. I don’t always care for P. Morgan “proper” attitude even when he is correct. What I resented was when Toure called Morgan out for “only” following the story for a week. To me that was ridiculous when a person could know in an hour the facts that are out there. I missed the part about Toure’s tweets and that , I am guessing, that was why P. Morgan had him on his show. Something in me has changed this past year, I truly avoid being in or listening to confrontations of any type. Looking back it was similar to a principal and a out of control 1st grader, but I did not understand the point in airing it.

  21. The sad thing is, there’s nothing in place to stop this from happening again. Not seeing it coming is one thing, but not adding 2+2 together is another. What is it about math that Utah authorities cannot comprehend?

  22. Dave~~ big daddy, Steven Powell is in jail still awaiting his trial on the voyeurism and porn charges. Now it seems that he took two days off when Susan went missing, his whereabouts unaccounted for. I have always maintained that he had a hand in mastermining the demise of Susan. The old pervert was infatuated with Susan. They even found videos of Steven masturbating in front of Susan’s picture. They also found cartoon characters of parents engaging in sex acts with their children. Steven seemed to believe that sex was okay within a family and instilled this on his young children early in their life. Steven’s wife and one of the girls escaped the clutches of Steven but Josh, his brother and sister stayed with their father. He had them brain washed. I think he abused his children, including Josh.

    Susan was a becoming a threat to Steven and Josh. She wanted a divorce and custody of the two boys. Susan fought off Steven’s advances even tho Josh tried to convince her that he saw nothing wrong with his father sharing Susan in a sexual capacity. This was totally sick and when Susan wanted to take the boys and leave, she had to be eliminated.

    Utah police confiscated Josh’s vehicle when Susan disappeared. Josh rented a vehicle and put over 800 miles on it. Then we find out Steven took two days off work at the same time. What more did Utah PD need? They found a gas can, tarp and shovel, along with Susan’s cell phone in his vehicle.

    I thought that Steven would cop a plea to save his own rotten hide but he is not talking. I am trying to find when his trial is due. It was delayed due to rescheduling. I am hoping that at least, he will get put away for a long time. From all reports, Washington is disgusted with the way Utah handled this case. They had more than enough evidence and Josh’s lies to make an arrest.

    One other thing, Josh and his father were conversing quite a bit via telephone just prior to Susan’s disappearance. Steven was the one who instructed Josh how to make the pancakes that was known to be Susan’s last meal. He dished the pancakes up individually to his boys, one guest and Susan. Susan got sick shortly after eating hers and had to go to bed. The guest left and went home. Josh supposedly took the boys and went sledding after they ate. Susan’s blood was found on the floor tile and chesterfield. The chesterfield was cleaned and two fans left drying it. Josh took the boys on a camping trip, leaving at midnight and the temps were freezing. Later one of the boys said mommy was in the trunk. Mercifully God, what else did Utah police need?

    I believe that Josh burned Susan’s body. Maybe Steven knew where she was and did his masturbating by her ashes. Nothing surprises me.

  23. Cali~~that little punk, Touré tweeted an apology for his conduct in the way he spoke to Piers.

  24. If the following isn’t sick, I want to know the meaning of the word sick.

    The documents also describe how Steven Powell had an apparent obsession with his daughter-in-law. A locked cabinet in Steve Powell’s bedroom contained multiple images of Susan Powell, including some of her in her underwear. Other images showed nude female bodies with Susan Powell’s face copied onto them.

    Another image showed Steven Powell masturbating to an image of Susan Powell.

    Susan Powell wrote in her personal journals that she did not want Steven Powell involved in her life and wished that Josh Powell would sever ties with him. She described Steven Powell as a pedophile.

    Read more at source….

  25. We finally get to see a picture of Michael Powell, Josh’s brother. He and his sister Alina stand to come into a nice sum of money from Josh’s life insurance. Michael getting the most at 93% and Alina and their brother John getting lesser amounts. The insurer is asking a District Court to rule on who, if anyone, gets the money. Both Michael and Alina are defending their brother and father.

    Read the article here

  26. A new trial date has been scheduled for the father of Josh Powell. Steven Powell appeared briefly in Pierce Co. Superior Court on Friday, where a judge scheduled an April 23 hearing on a motion to suppress evidence in the criminal case against him. The judge also scheduled a May 7 trial.

    Steven Powell is facing voyeurism and child pornography-related charges. He’s accused of taking photos and video of girls and women. Police claim that one of those he filmed without their knowledge is his daughter-in-law, missing West Valley City mother Susan Cox Powell.

  27. New witness claims Steven Powell was camping with Josh and sons when Susan vanished

    Video and article here….

    Here is another link discussing Steven Powell going on the camping trip with Josh and the boys…

  28. SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – Police are revealing suspicious activity by Steven Powell on the night Susan Powell went missing. First there was an afternoon phone call from Josh to his father, and then Steven calling in sick the next day. These are the latest developments in the case police are building against Josh Powell’s father.

    On the day Susan Powell went missing, Josh Powell reached out to his dad. According to the search warrant, Josh Powell made a phone call at 12:19 p.m. to Steve Powell in Washington State.

    Later that night, Josh Powell claims he was camping with his two sons near the Cedar Fort Area in Tooele County and he told police that Susan had stayed home.

    But now another twist to this father-son relationship,

    According to a spokesperson with the Washington State Department of Corrections, Powell called his boss at the prison facility early Monday morning, only hours after talking with his son.

    The spokesperson for the corrections facility, Judi Feliciano stated, “He did have unscheduled sick leave on December 8th and 9th in 2009,” she adds, “He just said, “I’ll be gone tomorrow and the 9th.””

    Read more here…

  29. Sherry says:

    Interesting that West Valley PD got in touch with Minneapolis PD but didn’t bother with Pollyup PD.

    What a shame that Michael Powell is so intelligent yet so blind to what happened to Susan by his own father and brother…unless he knows, too, and is playing dumb or is trying to divert the attention onto someone or somewhere else.

  30. Washington state attorneys square off in a Tacoma courtroom Monday during a motion hearing that will determine the course of the pornography and voyeurism trial for the father-in-law of missing West Valley City woman Susan Cox Powell.

    Pierce County Superior Court Judge Ronald E. Culpepper will hear arguments over whether certain evidence can be admitted at the May 7 trial of Steven Craig Powell, 61, who is charged with 14 counts of voyeurism and one count of possessing an image of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

    Read more here….

    Hearing in Susan Powell father-in-law’s case under way

  31. There is a chance that SOB, Steven Powell may have the charges dropped…argggg

    Powell attorney: Key search warrant was illegal

    Judge mulls whether to suppress evidence against Steven Powell

  32. Josh Powell’s father may be RELEASED after he was found with over 1,000 naked pictures of women and girls including some of his missing daughter-in-law Susan

  33. Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Article and Video here of part of the court proceedings….poor Daddy dearest has lost weight and is looking old…shucks. The trial will go forward now…. I notice his daughter, Alina is sticking up for him…

    Steven Powell Loses Bid to Toss Child Porn Evidence

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