Kronk~~he’s got high hopes

Roy Kronk, the former Orange County meter reader who discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains in 2008, is now suing the website, accusing the site of defaming him in a 2010 report.

In the civil complaint, posted online by, Kronk claims Examiner falsely reported he was working with Casey Anthony or acting on her information when he made the discovery.

Kronk is also suing the National Enquirer, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and Anthony. His 2008 find marked one of several peaks in the national media firestorm surrounding Caylee’s death.

Kronk’s suit names Examiner’s parent company, Clarity Digital Group LLC, and a reporter. It was filed last month in circuit court in Orange County, online clerk’s records show.

Roy Kronk sues over Casey Anthony report

I would love to see Roy gets some moola out of the California cowboy. Oh, Lenny’s mustache would go into spasms and he would chew that toothpick and swallow it. He would be pushing up enough daisies to make a chain. It looks like Roy Kronk may be Florida’s next multi-millionaire. Go Roy, go.

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23 Responses to Kronk~~he’s got high hopes

  1. Sherry says:

    Yes, Go, Roy, Go!~
    To destroy a man’s life because of doing the right thing is so detestable. But, it seems that certain journalists wanted juicy storylines more than facts.

  2. Sherry~~isn’t it the Examiner that doesn’t have a very good reputation? I heard they put out a lot of fiction. I may have them confused with another news outlet. I wonder who the reporter is who was named in Kronk’s suit.

    I don’t think anyone will ever get a cent out of Casey all the time Cheney Mason is around.

  3. Sherry says:

    Yes, I remember that Dave wrote an article on it. It made me look at them with a more discerning eye.

  4. Sherry~~yes, it was Dave now that I think of it. I posted a link to an article at the Examiner and the info was wrong… it is all coming back now. It was a female who wrote the article.

  5. Amber from Maryland says:

    I hope that Roy Kronk wins. He did get a bad deal. I do not know whether he or Zenaida are legally right in their suits, but I do think that Felon Anthony caused them great unjustified pain and suffering. I think a news outlet that helped Felon Anthony cause unjustified pain through her lies and her attorney’s lies deserves some penalty from a moral perspective if not a legal perspective. Thanks, Snoopy, for posting the news.

  6. Amber~~I agree with you that Roy Kronk did not deserve the treatment he got from the defense and some of these rag mags etc. It will make some people think twice about not reporting finding a corpse. It is not illegal in Florida to NOT report finding a dead body. José Baez used some dirty tactic even to trying to implicate Kronk in his opening statement. Kronk cannot sue Baez because José is an officer of the court and immune and cannot be charged in what he says inside a courtroom unless he is on the stand under oath. I wonder if Kronk is gainfully employed at another job now.

  7. shyloh says:

    Personally, I hope everyone that is suing CA. gets what they ask for. But if they don’t. Its worth seeing her squirm in every other court hearing she has coming up. Regardless, I believe it is her karma coming back to haunt her. I LOVE IT!!! We’ll may never really know (for sure) if she has money or not. Why did she dump Jose and not Cheney? It’s all hinky to me.

  8. Shyloh~~ It seems that after Baez’ wife had her baby, Casey started to shy away from José and turn towards Mason. I think she was jealous of the baby just as she was of Caylee getting more attention than her. Narcissists want to be number one.

  9. Amber from Maryland says:


    Good point!!! I didn’t think about the baby. Felon Anthony is a Narcissist, for sure.

  10. Amber from Maryland says:


    I think that Felon Anthony has a good lawyer in Charles Greene. She doesn’t deserve a good lawyer. Bill Shaeffer on WFTV had about a 40 minute interview with Greene. We might want the Pinnellas 12 to serve on the Zenaida jury. If Greene is correct that Zenaida does not have a good case, the Pinnellas 12 might find for Zenaida and try to give Casey life without parole. It is worth a try! Nothing else in the Felon Anthony case has brought about any justice.

    I do not want to claim that Zenaida is an innocent angel but I think she was treated in a despicable manner by George and Cindy and that the only good thng that could be said about Felon Anthony is that she is not quite as evil as Josh Powell or Rowan Ford’s two depraved killers. I do not know what is legally right, but I want Zenaida, Roy and just about everyone who fights against the web of lies that our convicted liar spread to win their suits against the defamation.

  11. Amber~~I watched the entire interview between Sheaffer and Greene. I think all of us would like to see everyone sue Casey and win for the simple reason we want to see Casey suffer because justice did not take place in her criminal trial.

    I am surprised Zenaida’s suit wasn’t thrown out when Rodriguez was the civil judge and now that Judge Lisa Munyan has taken over. First off Zenaida’s real name is Zenaida Gonzales and not Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, the phantom nanny’s name. I also think that Morgan & Morgan convinced Zenaida that he could pull some strings and win a defamation suit against Casey. Morgan deliberately changed the names. Morgan wanted to instill himself in this case.

    This is my own personal opinion in what I think.

  12. Hilde says:

    I also watched the Scheaffer and Greene Interview with an open Mind.
    The Way I see it, the Felon Anthony did lie about the Babysitter Begin with, just because she made up a fictional Middle Name which didn’t exist begin with like all the other Stuff about a Nanny doesn’t mean LE didn’t take her Lies serious and investigated every false Lead about the so called Nanny.
    Naturally Cindy and the Felon will say that’s not the Nanny she was talking about, how could it been, she made the whole Story up!
    Does that mean she should walk away from that one too, I do believe this Ms. Gonzales was inconvenienced because of the Felons Lies one Way or another, she was questioned by LE, if it wouldn’t been for the Felons Lies, Ms. Gonzales wouldn’t have had to go through all what she did.
    Again, to me the Middle Name Fernandez is no big Deal since Anthony lied about all the fictional People she mentioned which included the Nanny who never existed.
    I have no Idea how that Case is going to end, I do however believe this Felon needs to learn there are Consequences to our Actions, the Way it stands right now, she obviously hasn’t comprehended that because someone always seems to bail her out. It’s all about her Rights! What about all the other People’s Rights she affected with her Lies, Ms. Gonzales included!
    What’s amazing to me, Mr. Greene so much admitted that he does not always work pro bono he does have Bills of his own to pay, again he won’t discuss how he gets paid in this Case or if he does. Sound familiar! It should since Mason and Mr. Greene are Buddies and respect each other so much according to Mr. Greene.
    The Question I have, if the Felon has no Job, no Income like Mr. Green said, how is it that she seems to leave very comfortable and always has a Team of Attorneys on her Back and Call but when it comes to paying Money she owes every one she is broke according to her so called new found Friend Attorneys and naturally Cindy who the Felon I am sure is in regular Contact with, they deserve each other!
    Most ordinary People don’t have that kind of Privilege , I believe we all can agree the Felon is nothing special,except she was accused of murdering her own Child and got away with it, otherwise no body would ever heard of her!
    People do pay Attention and if something doesn’t sound right, they will speak up. JMO

  13. Hilde says:

    As for Mr.Kronk having high Hopes,well I am not so sure he will go to far when it comes to the Felon Anthony. What we have seen so far, she seems to get away without a Scratch with everything! The Kronk Case probably won’t be any different.
    Most likely if there will be a Case for Kronk it will be delayed and more delayed just to be told the same old same old, the Felon is broke!
    How long she will get away with that Excuse who knows but she will stretch that Excuse as long as she can get away with it while living in Comfort and not doing without anything which she holds dear, You can bet on that!
    After all according to Mr. Green the Felon is smart, witty and funny, well that is one Opinion, there are lots of People differ from his Opinion but again that’s another Subject 🙂

  14. Amber from Maryland says:

    Sherry, Shyloh, Hilde and Snoopy

    At least, regardless of the merits of their cases, Roy and Zenaida and Equisearch and any others who wish to sue the Felon have our good will and our best wishes.

    I have no idea whether or not Charles Greene is getting paid for his services to the Felon. I do agree with Hilde that the Felon’s description of Zenaida was close enough to cause her to be recognized as an alleged baby kidnapper and perhaps killer. Many people who are not baby killers or kidnappers find it uncomfortable having the police investigate them and having people accuse them of such crimes and threaten their own children. (We all realize that these accusations would not be a problem for the Felon, but she is not the standard we would use to judge a normal person’s reactions.) I don’t think Cindy did anything to take the police attention away from Zenaida originally even after she talked to the Felon in jail about the matter. Later, all she did seemed to do was insult her when she said that the plaintiff in the Zenaida suit wasn’t the same person that the Felon had accused. The Zenaida plaintiff may have been similar enough in criminal potential to kidnap or kill an infant but she was “not a 10” and the Felon had specifically said that she was talking about “a 10” as the kidnapper Nannie. There would not be enough money in the world to make me feel adequately compensated if someone’s lies caused the police to come to my house to investigate me for killing or kidnapping a baby or if the person’s lies caused people to threaten me and my children.

  15. cali patti says:

    Morning all, I also wish everyone of the above good luck on their law suits. I recall police kicking in doors of innocent people, interviewing everyone, people lost their jobs, were harrassed and yelled at over that felon and her family’s lies.
    There is some pay back, guessing the extented Anthony family has nothing to do with the Florida group, what friends they did have are mostly gone, everywhere they will forever be labled as the felons parents and so on. I doubt either one of them will find decent work anywhere.

  16. I am trying to look at this case, Zenaida vs Casey, from a legal aspect. Casey was shown a picture of Zenaida by LE. I believe it took place in the police vehicle outside of Universal but maybe it was somewhere else. Casey said the females in the pics shown her none was Zenaida, the nanny who supposedly kidnapped Caylee at that time.

    The trouble started when Casey told her mother in one of the jail interviews that she was NOT shown a picture of Zenaida. This was a lie. Cindy then went out in front of the media cameras and repeated Casey’s lie. Cindy is the one who should be sued for defamation. Keith Mitnik of Morgan& Morgan got Cindy to admit during that heated deposition that she did go before the media and say that Casey was not shown a pic of Zenaida.

    Casey’s description of the Zenaida nanny did not even come close to the Zenaida that is suing her. The age, make of vehicle, children, age etc. The only thing that may have connected Zenaida to the nanny is that she went to visit Sawgrass looking for an apartment to rent and used the name Zenaida Gonzales

    LE did go to Zenaida Gonzales and checked her out. She denied having known Casey or ever being a nanny. Now that may have been the end of it until Cindy shot her mouth off before the media. Zenaida also went on the media and brought a lot of the attention on herself.

    Next Zenaida claims she was let go from her job because of the media circus. I would like to know where she worked at the time or was she ever working? I would also like to see the names of the places where she has applied for employment in the past three years and who would not hire her. I want to know Zenaida’s source of income in the past three years. Charles Greene wants to bring in Zenaida’s past…eg her being charged with having sex with a minor but I doubt that will be allowed. I wont mention the tattoo on Zenaida’s bosom…

    John Morgan takes on cases pro bono. He has lots to money and likes a challenge. He took on this case to try and garner information that would have been pert in the criminal trial. This would be quite a feather in his hat. Charles Greene may be working pro bono. He seemed evasive in his answer to Sheaffer.

    I would love to see Zenaida win a lawsuit against Casey even if it is to get a public apology. Since Casey has her ‘lies’ still before the appeal board, if she is questioned about lying in the civil suit, she can plead the fifth. Mason is shrewd and he knew what he was doing when he filed that appeal right after the criminal trial.

    This civil trial is not due to be heard until January/2013. In the meantime Casey will be finished her probation and I doubt if Morgan will ever find her to issue her a subpoena to appear in court. I honestly think she will leave the country.

  17. Hilde says:

    the best thing for the Felon Anthony to do would be leaving the Country and never be heard from again! I would think Trouble will follow her wherever she goes. What has been done to her Daughter and her Involvement and every other legal an personal Mess she got herself into will not just magically disappear. From now on all the People who she surrounds herself with will most likely use her for one Reason or another, just like she uses People for her own Gain.
    It is not a Life to envy but she brought it all on herself for that Reason there will be no Pity for her on my Part when things will not work out for her like she thinks they should.
    Maybe the Beautiful Life won’t be so beautiful in the long Run and she will get everything she so richly deserves eventually, however might be different from what she expects.

  18. Hilde~~Casey is in her own private prison outside the walls. Who in their right mind could ever fall in love with Casey for the nice personality and kind heart that she does not possess. Narcissists love only one person and that is themselves. They can turn on an artificial love but it is fake. I don’t even think that Cindy or George honestly love Casey. They will say they do to save face and we know Cindy is good at that.

    Maybe some men would like to hop in bed with her just to brag about it later. From what Anthony Rusciano said, Casey doesn’t even perform well in the sack. Rusciano said that Casey acted like she was doing her civic duty and he felt like the girl. Casey’s only hope is if some deranged brain dead man with lots of money will carry her off to some island. There are lots of those kind of men out there. I think Casey even has Cheney Mason bamboozled and he is lapping it all up, the old fool. Narcissists are professional manipulators and Casey is an old pro. How many people have been ruined by associating with her or the whole Anthony case? She is evil.

    Cheney Mason will not be remembered for his good lawyering. He will end up being the old white haired dude who only wanted to have some fun in freeing a murderer. José Baez will be rememered for fabricating an Opening Statement with the blessings of Cindy and George Anthony. Lee Anthony will be the brother whose performance on the witness stand deserved an Oscar. His slobbering and boo hoos on the stand while rubbing cayenne pepper in his eyes to make them red and tear up was all premeditated.

    Casey’s downfall will be the lack of attention from all her admirers, whoever they are. In her own mind, she has celebrity status. If she does not get her daily fix of pampering , she will be like an addict with no heroin. She will fold and we will finally see justice take place.

  19. margaret says:

    I missed this whole post until today. I wondered what everyone thought of the Bill Shaeffer videos. Frankly my dear ,I hope they all win and win big. After reading Greenes answer to how he is paid, I have a feeling he and Mason have something big lined up to cash in on later. In Session is broadcasting the civil hearing today. Wonder if G&C will show up to listen . I made a remark to Snoops that I was done with this case, but I guess my need for justice and the fact that it just goes on and on, makes that remark null and void.My impression of Morgan and Morgan is that they are honest, moral and caring people. Greene and Mason remind me of two people that think they are above the rest,sleezy and looking for a big payoff down the road. There is a reason Mason has not bailed he is now using ykw, and it would not surprise me that at a future date a real expose will surface. Baez running to Miami and Mrs. Simms washing her hands of it all. I guess that is why I can’t drop it because I’m thinking it is far from being over.

  20. I would love to see both Roy and Zenaida win their lawsuits but I don’t think it will happen. Especially Zenaida’s. Its a little hard to believe this has ruined her and I think she’s going to have a hard time proving that – but I’m sure its been embarrassing for her and that’s enough in my book.
    In Roy’s situation he’ll have a tough time because in the past people who have sued those tabloid organizations for their lies rarely win. It’s typically the ones with deep pockets who can hire excellent lawyers that win.

    The thing that continues to boil my skin is that CaCa is not intelligent, she is the worst liar (along with Jodi) in the world. If you’re going to lie the way those two do then they should at the very least be good at it.

    And none of her lawyers have brains either – not Cheney or Baez nor this new one Greene. Yes they are shrewd but that doesn’t mean they’re smart. These are people who have dealt with bigger buffoon’s then they are so they have gotten away with their lies and their arrogance their whole career’s. Mason Cheney along with the rest of the bunch is an no-class obnoxious, idiot, moron who bs’s his way through everything.

    Snoopy do you remember that attorney blogger who told a story about Mason doing some kind of speaking engagement (long before he joined the CACA team) on certain aspects of the law. In his article this attorney who was there, quoted Mason’s misrepresentations and explained in logical detail why they wrong. He also pointed out some lies that Mason told during that speaking event. But for some reason Mason keeps being revered as some kind of Demi-god. It just blows my mind how he gets away with his ignorance and arrogance and people fawn all over him in Florida.

  21. Pippin, looks like you have been busy…God luv ya…here all by yourself… After tomorrow you will see more of me…we have some interesting trials on the docket.

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