Yes? No? Uh uh? Maybe?

I refuse to put a picture of YOU KNOW WHO in this post!

A hearing is scheduled for March 23rd when a judge will decide if the Zenaida Gonzales vs Casey Anthony trial will go forward or be dismissed for lack of merit. The trial is set for sometime in April.

“I don’t think we’ve seen a defamation suit this large,” said Matt Morgan the attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez. “I would advise the public to remember that the wheels of justice grind slowly yet exceedingly fine. It’s taken us a long time to get here, we’ve been at this for years but were coming close and we’ve got a trial date set in April and we are going to come and we are going to win.”

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(MOO- I have a strong feeling it will be dismissed- How about you?)

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16 Responses to Yes? No? Uh uh? Maybe?

  1. shyloh says:

    I have a feeling it will be dropped. I am not happy about it because I want “YOU KNOW WHO” To suffer through trial after trial. I don’t want “it” to have any peace. I hope and pray everyone suing her continues to keep her under fire.

  2. Hilde says:

    the Way things have been going so far in this Case, it’s hard to predict how this Deformation Suit will end up.
    I thought like with the Rest of the 98 % that the Felon would be found guilty of any of the Major Charges and we know how that worked out. Having said that, maybe if I say the Deformation Suit against the Felon will most likely be dismissed than there might be a Chance, Morgan & Morgan will end up winning this Suit.
    Who really knows, we just have to wait and see, maybe the Felon will be held responsible for something she did, however unlikely, stranger things have happened in this Anthony Saga as we all know.
    I would think this Woman is way overdue when it comes to paying for her Actions, no one else would get away with what that Woman got away with so far.

  3. cali patti says:

    I don’t have any information to give an opinion as to what the Florida court or Judge will do with this case. Guessing the Florida courts are sick of ca ca yet the attorneys on this case have put a huge amount of time in Zenida. Zenida, if she wants her day in court then she should have it. However if its about money then there would be no point.
    If ca ca shows up then I want to see what she look like, I have no desire to hear her speak. I’m pleased that the payday ca ca thought she would have, fell thru. YEAH!
    I also am commenting on this blog because of Snoopy, if this question or any other question came up about ca ca some where else, I would not waste my time. I am so done with her.

  4. Karen C. says:

    TMZ reporting Davy Jones of Monkees is dead.

  5. Karen C. says:

    Only 66 YO, heart attack. He had still been performing up until a few days ago.

  6. snoopysleuth says:

    shyloh~~I am so hoping that the Zenaida case will go forward but have my doubts. It will depend on how much influence Morgan & Morgan will have with Judge Munyon (sp). Casey told Cindy during one of those jailhouse visits that she was NOT shown a picture of Zenaida. I am sure Morgan has that video included in their evidence. Cindy then went out before the media and continued to repeat Casey’s lie about not being shown the pic of Zenaida. Morgan tripped Cindy up in the deposition and she did not deny it. Time will tell and I am keeping my fingers crossed that Casey will have to pay for Caylee’s murder even if it is with losing this case and others that are pending.

  7. snoopysleuth says:

    Hilde~~Cheney Mason is a shrewd attorney and knows a lot of angles of the law to help a felon avoid paying for their crimes. I don’t think that Baez would have gotten Casey off if Mason had not been advising him in the background. Oh yes, Cheney was having fun alright.
    The way to hit Casey is in her pocketbook. She certainly knew how to borrow, beg and steal money. Casey may not have any money at the present ( that we know of but I have a feeling Cindy filled her piggy bank up from proceeds from the Dr Phil show) I don’t think Zenaida has much of a case due to her name being Zenaida Gonzales and not Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez but we have to give Morgan & Morgan just due for their perseverance. I notice the defense which I believe is Charles Greene, is trying to dig up things from Zenaida past but I do not feel they will be admissable if this case goes to trial. The police went to Zenaida so it shows that they thought she may have been the so-called nannie. Casey had her sights set on making money from this crime and I am hoping that Zenaida and Tim Miller will have first dibs on some of that moola. Maybe we will get a small amount of Justice for Caylee yet.

  8. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali~~so you comment here because of Snoopy… ahhh it is nice to be loved or are you really scared of the big stick of wood?

    I would like to see Zenaida win her case and give Casey a ‘you owe me’ … I think we will be hearing about the murderous turnip for the next six months at least . I am willing to post about the pending law suits but will not allow that bitch to take up my full time… there are lots of other cases out there..

  9. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~ ~thanks for the info….will check that out later…

  10. cali patti says:

    Ohhhhhhh, that da** stick should have been ashes by now. What, a stick with nine lives?

    Yes, I also would like to know “she” owes money to whom ever she owes. Having debt hanging over a person is a terrible weight to carry and it will become heavier if she is working for minimum wage someday.

  11. nika says:

    I sincerely hope all the cases go to trial and she loses everyone of them. I am so sick of her. I am sure Cindy is giving her money from Dr. Phil plus the laptop and camera she talks about. She has really gotten old looking and heavier according to her last pictures.

  12. margaret says:

    I for one hope they all win something… You know they could have shown caca and cindy a picture of every Zenaida in the world, and neither would have been able to pick one out because the nanny was only caca imagination..I hope Jesse and his dad win theirs with the national enquier…Does anyone ever get the feeling that something is off kilter with this defense team and their lieing leader? They just seem to walk away squeaky clean from everything..Imo I am still interested because I hope to see some sort of justice somewhere. Like you Snoopy I am fed up with her…. BTW I read last week the judge refused to take death penalty off Jodi case.

  13. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~I think the National Enquirer may settle out of court with Richard Grund.

    If Judge Lisa Munyon will let the Zenaida case go forward, there is a chance that Matt Morgan may just win the case. I believe if it is a trial by jury, there will only be six jurors and thank God, they will not be from Pinellas County. The main stumbling block is if Munyon feels there is enough evidence to prove Zenaida was defamed. If Munyon thinks the trial will be just a waste of the courts time, she has the authority to dismiss it.

    Jodi Arias deserves the DP. I just hope they don’t get jurors who think she is too pretty to send for a lethal injection. She will probably sing all the way to death row…

  14. snoopysleuth says:

    Nika~~sorry I missed seeing your comment. I have three threads on the go here now and sometimes I get crosseyed. Yes, Casey seems to be aging fast. I guess when she goes out in the sun she has to keep her disguise on and old sol cannot penetrate and give her some much needed Vitamin D… *giggle let her get wrinkles… she deserves them..

  15. offthecuff says:

    It would be a shame that the wrong-ness of being wronged would lesson due to the elapsed time. Good for Morgan to keep it fresh. Lies were part of the hub of this crime and unfortunately the only things that she was convicted of. That fact alone should give Z’s case merit.

  16. snoopysleuth says:

    Offthecuff~~if this case ever gets to trial and six jurors find Casey guilty of defaming Zenaida, Zenaida will have to accept an “I owe You” from Casey. The end result will a sentence of pay up or else. I am sure the defense will come up with some sob story that the defendant cannot get a job because the poor thing is getting death threats. She has no money blab blab blab.. I would like to see them go after Cindy’s home owner’s insurance to have to pay up. Cindy had quite a helping hand in defaming Zenaida. Hell, the criminal gets treated with kid gloves and to heck with the victim.

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