Whitney Houston dead at age 48

Whitney Houston dead at age 48

Hotel guests stunned

Whitney Houston, musical superstar, dies

this will be updated as more info comes in…

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  1. Sherry says:

    Oh dear! She was too young! Some are saying she died from lung disease but there’s nothing i have found in the news on that being the cause.

  2. snoopysleuth says:

    Sherry~~I heard the word ‘drugs’ mentioned. If you find out any info, be sure and let us know. TIA

  3. Karen C. says:

    Oh, yuh, it’s drugs, guys. Maybe combined with something else, but she was in town for the Grammys tomorrow night (and you bet those producers are staying up tonight, like one-armed paper hangers), and I’m sure she just called one of her old “friends”….

  4. Karen C. says:

    Check out TMZ- I can’t believe that Clive Davis wouldn’t cancel his party tonight!

  5. snoopysleuth says:

    I was going to post a video of Whitney’s final performance but it said private when I clicked on it.

    You know, Karen C, they don’t treat stars as people, they treat them as instruments, money makers. The show must go on…look at Elvis and Michael Jackson. Get them up and dressed and let them have some drugs as long as they can perform. Now watch and see how all Whitney’s records will bring in big bucks for the money grabbers.

  6. Karen C. says:

    TMZ is now reporting the cops are waiting on a warrant for the room, and as of 33 minutes ago they still had it sealed. They had done a cursory search but they want more.
    This is going to be a very weird Grammy show.

  7. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~ geez, people were speaking to her shortly before she died and said she seemed okay. You never know, the old ticker may have said, “that’s it.” I wonder what the exact time of her death was. I best get reading and catch up. My daughter phoned me with the news of her death.

    [edit: she was pronounced dead at 3:55pm CA time]

  8. Sherry says:

    The video in this article says the call came in at 3:43pm and at 3:55pm she was pronounced dead.
    Firefighters were already at the hotel for a ceremony.


  9. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy-those “people” are her own relatives and staff. This is classic. They’re “shocked” because they’ve probably all heard her way worse, but certainly they don’t want anything to reflect badly on them.

    Bad ticker would indicate cocaine, of course. It shreds heart muscle as well as nasal passages. Hep C has a 20% mortality rate, but she didn’t look late-stage Hep to me, they can’t leave their beds at the end. Some of her “worst” pics looks like she had lesions at times- crack, Meth, AIDS?

    CNN kept playing “I wanna Dance With Someone” looped last night. It was something to be reminded of how joyful and infectious her attitude was- what energy! I started prancing around the couch myself- hard not to. Dang.

    Her last rehab treatment was outpatient. Please. What she needed was at least a 3 month inpatient treatment program serious-as-hell with as few visits possible from family and a lot of the “friends” weeded out.

    Hate to say it but the timing is amazing on this. She was going to be a big deal at the Grammys tonight, she has a movie coming out and two new songs. Guaranteed hits now.

  10. Karen C. says:

    TMZ reporting prescription pill bottles found in room, and she may have drowned in the tub. Maybe she thought that pills were relatively harmless. I’ve known addicts showing up at meetings zonked on Xanax but so pleased with themselves they weren’t toting a kit to the men’s room.

  11. Karen C. says:

    Huh, they pronounced after only 12 minutes?

  12. margaret says:

    Another sad ending to what could have been a beautiful life. When God gives you such a talent, I can’t understand their need for the drugs…….We never hear of drug busts in the stars homes. It seems drugs to them are like sitting down to dinner each day..My heart goes out to her daughter, I hope someone takes her totally out of that scene.. She like Elvis never sang better than when they were singing a gospel song. Too bad they didn’t go more in that direction. Just think of the influence they could have had.

  13. bobbie2 says:

    I cannot believe it. So sad. She was an icon of my youth

  14. snoopysleuth says:

    Oh Sherry, I expect her mother’s sudden passing was just too much. Shock related no doubt.

  15. margaret says:

    Has anyone read Lillian Glass article on Whitney? She has some sad pictures up about the party the night before.. She says whitney was broke and her home was about to be auctioned.. So blessed but her life must have been awful. I just hope her daughterr does not head down that path..Sad,sad and so senseless.

  16. Dave Knechel says:

    What did Whitney and Caylee have in common?

    I’m not so sure Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose. Why do I think that? Because, after years and years and years of drug and alcohol abuse, I think her heart gave out.

    Whitney and Caylee were born on August 9

  17. nika says:

    I heard she probably died of pills mixed with acohol. The reason for the quick announcement was she had been dead for a while – possibly drowning in the tub. When she was found no one could have brought her back. This is so sad – She had a wonderful future. Things seem to start falling apart when she married Bobby but then she was an adult and the choice was hers.

  18. redrelaxed says:

    Looking forward to the Grammy tribute for Whitney tonight. Loving the red carpet…ohh la la, so many exotic designs. One gal had so much hair going on she kind of took up the entire door of the limo!
    No one sounded like Whitney Houston. Such power and control.
    The Grammy’s just reported that her death is still under investigation, and her daughter is out of the hospital, she was suffering from anxiety. Poor little lamb.
    RIP beautiful lady, you are a legend and your music will be with us always. Thank you!

  19. Karen C. says:

    My hubby murdered many an innocent mailbox while zonked on Xanax, with the passenger side of his truck back in the Bad Old Days. So, if this is what it turns out to be no great surprise. She had seen a throat specialist just the other day. A “normal” drowning can often be revived after some considerable time gone by. There must be a reason for such an early cessation of efforts on the part of the EMTs.

  20. snoopysleuth says:

    Whitney Houston autopsy completed, report says…..

    LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said Sunday afternoon that an autopsy on pop icon Whitney Houston’s body has been completed, but official results have been placed on hold, pending toxicology tests.

    Los Angeles Deputy Coroner Ed Winter said at a press conference that the tests could take six to eight weeks to process.



  21. Vicky says:

    God rest her soul. Her struggle with addiction seems to have been terminal. The angels have another beautiful voice to join their choir. one of my favorite Whitney songs was “If You Believe”.

    On a less serious note, does it age me that I knew all the words to the Beach Boy songs on the Grammys, or is it that my mom was a fan?

  22. cali patti says:

    When she lived with Bobby Brown they both abused drugs and I heard she had been doing quite well since getting out of that marriage. Wether she was clean or not, she has died.
    She had a great voice and was a talented actress plus seemed to be a good woman.
    She was very close to her daughter who now has a long life ahead of her without her mom.
    Im letting it go at that.
    Vicky…..my 25 yr old son knows the words to most Beach Boy songs. Younger generation are stealing our music. Off with their heads or their earphones!!!!

  23. Vicky says:

    That’s good to know Cali Pati. that means I can continue to pretend I’m young enough to be Snoopy’s grand daughter. 🙂

    One of the saddest things about addiction, is that the individual remains a recovering addict and if an addict begins using again, the illness doesnt start over, it picks right up where the individual left off. So, if someone prescribed her meds, they could very well have inadvertently sent her on a downward spiral w/o the intent to do so.

    I sincerely hope that no drugs were involved and that she died of “natural” causes. It would be comforting for her family to know. If there can ever be comfort in losing a loved one.

  24. snoopysleuth says:

    Dave~~it will be six to eight weeks before we know what really caused Whitney’s death and that is if they make it known to the public. There will be a lot of speculation until then.

    August 9th eh? I hope no one will be paranoid now if their birthday falls on that day.

  25. snoopysleuth says:

    Nika~~so many great voices are silenced due to drug and alcohol abuse. They work such long hours and then comes the uppers and downers and everything else in between. I feel so bad for her daughter who is left to mourn her beautiful mother.

  26. snoopysleuth says:

    Red~~I think the investigation will be pretty hush hush and that will be a good thing. Of course, the media will have it all figured out first. My thoughts also go to Whitney’s daugher. Now she will be prescribed a drug for her panic/anxiety. I hope she gets a lot of family support.

  27. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~ I just hope it was not a suicide. You never know these days …alcohol is really a depressant. Didn’t someone say Whitney partied quite hard the night before?

    She may have been dead for some time before the paramedics arrived. They can tell when it is too late to used the paddles etc.

  28. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky~~yes, it does age you to know all the words to that song. BTW, I am old enough to be your great granny and your great granny’s granny but I don’t remember the words to the song or even it’s title. LOL

  29. snoopysleuth says:

    Cali Patti~~and I am old enough to be your granny too and still don’t know the words to any of those song. I grew up in the Elvis era…

  30. redrelaxed says:

    Wow, did you all see Jennifer Hudson sing “I will always love you” as a tribute to Whitney? The tears were steaming down my face…I thought she did such an amazing job with so little preparation time.
    Hey Vicky, those Beachboys look pretty darn good for their age! Some of those musicians are as old as my Dad~Lol… Loved that segment…

  31. Vicky says:

    I saw that Red, Jennifer Hudson did Whitney proud. I got a bit teary eyed myself.
    However, I have to say the segment playing at present time is a bit bizarre.

  32. redrelaxed says:

    Quite the kettle of fish, this year’s Grammy’s. Oh by the way, it was Miss Ross’s hair I saw earlier when she arrived and was getting out of the limo. Adele swept tonight, and she deserved it!

  33. Karen C. says:

    Oh My Lawdy- what a great choice from Sir Paul- Bless him.

  34. snoopysleuth says:

    Whitney Houston death may be mystery for weeks

    LOS ANGELES – Whitney Houston’s life of glorious song and unnerving self-destruction apparently ended in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Grammy weekend, but it could be weeks before investigators know exactly why she died.

    Coroner’s officials say they will not release any information on an autopsy performed Sunday at the request of police detectives investigating the singer’s death. Houston was found in the bathtub of her room, but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter declined to say anything more about the room’s condition or any evidence investigators recovered.

    There were no indications of foul play and no obvious signs of trauma on Houston’s body, but officials were not ruling out any causes of death until they have toxicology results, which will likely take weeks to obtain. Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said that his agency may release more details Monday about Houston’s death, but it will depend on whether detectives feel comfortable releasing any information.



  35. snoopysleuth says:

    Whitney Houston’s family was told by L.A. County Coroner officials … the singer did not die from drowning, but rather from what appears to be a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol … this according to family sources.

    We’re told Coroner’s officials informed the family there was not enough water in Whitney’s lungs to lead to the conclusion that she drowned.

    Our sources say the family was told Whitney may well have died before her head became submerged.

    And family sources tell us … it was actually Whitney’s aunt, Mary Jones, who discovered Whitney’s body in the bathtub. Mary had laid out Whitney’s dress for the evening on the bed and then left for about a half hour. When Whitney didn’t come out of the bathroom, Mary entered, pulled Whitney out of the tub and began administering CPR.

    Read more at Source….


  36. Karen C. says:

    If Xanax she could well have seized trying to get in the tub…. happened to my hubby during the last ten minutes of “Murder By Numbers” (Sandra Bullock), right in the theater. He had a seizure the following week at a client’s house, tumbling down the stairs from the landing. This could explain the 2 loud thumps heard by a guest in the room directly below hers at likely TOD. Addicts, whether active or in addiction or in sobriety, are not good candidates for Xanax, at all. She’d seen a few doctors while in LA, and I would not be at all surprised to find that she was hoarding various pills from “new” doctors not directly experienced with her problems.

  37. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~the first time I ever heard the drug Xanax it was Annie Downing taking it and Casey wanting to get a few pills from her. It must be a potent drug.

  38. Karen C. says:

    It is a “get high” drug for a lot of people. Makes you mildly euphoric and very, very zonky. People can pass out on just a few, mostly they just stand there swaying like trees in the wind. It is a benzo used to treat “anxiety disorder”. In my experience it gives everyone around the “patient” anxiety disorder which has a genuine basis in FACT- you are scared all the time the User will accidentally kill someone while driving, say.

    Now, how many people in your entire life have you known actually suffering real, verifiable anxiety? Trust me, many, many more people than that are scoring the stuff to get high with- it’s “OK” if a doc writes you up a prescription.

    My husband experienced seizures with it. Sober addicts often do, plus he’d had a brain aneurysm, which may also have factored in.

    Why the fudge would Ms. Houston have needed an anti-anxiety med at all? Oh, right, all the other drugs made her crazy, delusional and, indeed, anxious- and thus the self-fulfilling “need”. Addicts have a real genius for finding justifications for their use.

  39. redrelaxed says:

    Anxiety can be a terrible affliction. I know; I suffered with it for 20 years, and finally found a Dr. in Victoria, BC who specialized in chemical disorders in the brain. With Dr. Abe Hoffer’s combined treatment of vitamins, minerals and meds I was able to overcome this dreaded thing that plagued my life. How I coped, functioned and managed to raise three children, keep a 3000 sq. ft. home, work full time as a realtor while volunteering in several service clubs is a mystery to me to this day. All I can say is if you’ve never experienced a “real verifiable anxiety attack” then thank your lucky stars. I wouldn’t wish it on my worsty enemy. You feel very out of control, and helpless as the attacks come out of nowhere, last several hours and it can feel like you’re dying. Medication such as Xanax (I never used this prescription but something similar) can be a welcome introduction to saving ones sanity if used properly while under a doctors supervision.

    All these years later I am well and don’t experience “the onslaught”. I remember well how even the thought of having an attack would fill me with dread. A cycle that is difficult to understand for others and more so as the victim.

    Many factors can play a role with people who suffer from anxiety. It can affect people from all walks of life and for various reasons. Medication can be used or abused, depending on the person. We’ll never know the details of Whitney’s anxiety unless one of her friends or relatives spill, but I’d rather give her the benefit of the doubt as I’ve walked the path in her moccasins. Of course my rose colored glasses may need a good polishing…

    I’ve also seen people who abuse prescription medication and it can be hell on their families, and can destroy lives just as street drugs often do.

    All the pressures associated with maintaining a legendary music career along with every day life may have been overwhelming for Whitney and could have been one of the reasons that she relied on illegal and prescription drugs in order to function. I’m not saying it’s the smartest choice, but I get it.


  40. cali patti says:

    redrelaxed, Thank you for sharing your story about yourself. In the past few years, just as I was falling asleep I had my first attack. I’ve no clue what sets them off, I do know that I stay awake longer than I would normally hoping to avoid an attack. Since I’ve begun working out (not alot, I hate it) and trying not to go to sleep or bed early they have been less frequent. Attacks have changed me and how I live my life.

  41. Karen C. says:

    Wow, both of you, thanks for sharing. Redrelaxed, you don’t mention how what you suffered began, if there’s anything you can attribute it to. I did know one friend of mine, many, many years ago, who developed this after being raped in a parking lot. Medication helped her somewhat, as I recall, but she dropped all her friends when she got married and her new husband started isolating her from us. My secondary experience with these medications (Xanax specifically) are not when they’re being used therapeutically but abused, and that examples of this type of prescription drug abuse are growing as more illicit drugs are getting harder to score.

  42. redrelaxed says:

    Cali Patti, I truly believe that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I became a tough REDneck woman, as in strong, yet filled with compassion, especially for those who suffer from anxiety. Staying super busy helped, and luckily I am a highly functioning human being. I strongly recommend that you take vitamin B complex everyday, it helps to regulate the female machine. Hang in there it, anxiety is managable… like I say, when you’re going through hell, keep going! Huggz

  43. snoopysleuth says:

    Red~~I can relate to everything you said. The worse one for me was my doctor on the other end of a phone line telling me to blow in a brown paper bag and my daughter saying, “Mom, you are not dying.” I was insisting that I WAS dying and freaking out. To this day, I do not know what brought that one on and I never want to experience anything that bad again.

    More people are coming out now and discussing their battle with anxiety. Years ago, it was shameful and no one wanted anyone to think they were ready for the loony bin. Now that more information has come forward about chemical imbalances (serotonin), it is easier to rationalize what causes these attacks. I think hormones play a big part in these attacks. Some start around puberty and last into menopause. They seem to be less frequent and abate somewhat after menopause. Both men and women have panic/anxiety.

    Once you have a panic attack, you are terrified to think you may have another and try and avoid putting yourself in those same surrounding ( as what Cali Patti explained about going to bed early). Larry King had a great show on panic/anxiety and you would be surprised how many stars and singers suffer..One being a Judd.. sry, I forget her first name..she is the mother of the other two. She had her first attack on a tour bus going to a concert. Another country and western singer walked down her driveway to check her mailbox. She took an attack and ended up on the ground and was there a couple of hours before she could crawl back home. After that she had someone else check her mailbox. Anxiety can hit you like a bolt of lightning ..

  44. redrelaxed says:

    You’re so welcome Karen C, I was a little hesitant to share…my intention was to give another side of the spectrum and thank you for your understanding.

    Wow, “how” it all began for me in looking back, (and I`ve given this considerable reflection over the years) it was a combination of things that transpired over a period of time. Your friend who was raped sounds like PSS, and anxiety unfortunately is a byproduct. I sincerely hope she is recovering as best she can from that nightmare where ever she is today.

    Okay, in a nutshell…

    My first child, a son was born 33 years ago, C-section and three days later my beloved grandmother suddenly passed away. I was on the West coast, and she was on the East, so I wasn’t able to go to her funeral for closure, totally devastating. My second child was born 17 months later, again a C-section. I mention the surgeries because physical traumas as well as emotional often contribute to the onset of chemical disorders in the brain and anxiety or panic attacks. Additionally after much therapy I learned that coupled with an ex husband who was a complete unsupportive narcissist and a dysfunctional upbringing I was indeed projecting a perfectionist image, hiding behind the facade, nervous of being discovered. Of what, I’m sill not sure, but it wasn’t good.

    I spent several years searching and applying helpful various therapies and finally found my guru, Dr. Abe Hoffer who with his vast knowledge of the subject was able to diagnose me. I took vitamins by the handful and eventually my chemical imbalance sorted itself out. By this time I had worked through a lot of my issues, so I believe everything will eventually come to us as we need it, in time. Even death, in transformation is welcome… as I believe it was for Whitney.

    One day when I was ready, I saw Margo Kidder (Louise Lane in Superman) featured in a Health magazine, an article describing her success with Dr. Hoffer. That`s how I found him. She was totally off the chart, bat chit crazy, eating out of dumpsters…he helped her, so I figured he could help me.

  45. Newbie says:

    When I was a teenager my mom was suffering from high anxiety and depression. The brown bag went with her everywhere. Always frightened me as I was afraid she would stop breathing. I remember the doctor tried a couple anxiety meds and ended up giving her a “upper” prescription.
    Thank God she only took one pill and changed doctors. The new doctor recognized she was going thru the change early and worked with her from there on out. She actually lost all of her hair but it did grow back after awhile.
    I see a brown lunch bag and remember mom….God love her.

  46. Newbie says:

    Redrelaxed, I didn’t see your post before putting mine on. My mom started seeing the doctor in 1959. I remember watching her change when she switched to a better doctor and made some changes in her life. Thank God for doctors who know what they are doing.

  47. snoopysleuth says:

    Red~~mine started when I contracted polio at age 14 and lost the use of my lower limbs. I did not get the attacks often but the ones I did get were doozies. I snagged a wonderful man when I was just 17 and married at 18 and was blessed with 3 girls all natural childbirth at 21-24 and 27. I really believe that keeping busy is therapeutic but it is not a cure. Like you, even with the disabllity, I would almost consider myself an over achiever. Now after all that hard work, I did not get a gold metal but friggen sore joints from overuse. I do take a very low dose anti-anxiety med… I prefer to nip the gremlins in the bud before they try and mess up my chemicals. My system is very senitive to drugs probably due to my nervous system as a result of the polio. A tylenol 1 will put me to sleep… so I avoid taking anything that makes me lose control.

  48. snoopysleuth says:

    Earthquake in northern California….5.5….. Cali where are you?

  49. Karen C. says:

    And now I’m recalling others- but some of those would be classic nervous breakdowns. In other words, the person “broke down” due to one specific situation or a really bad patch, and when it was “done” it was done and they were more-or-less back to “normal”. A good friend wound up in the fetal position basically from living in the lower East Side in the 80’s! He had seen a bad motor vehicle crash but that was just the last of a series of horrific events. His friends in Boston put him on a Greyhound and brought him back home, and he was fine. Have these things just all been re-categorized, re-named, or what? Is this whole field of medical science changing that fast? I almost feel like the more I know, the less I know!

    What really irks me, and specific to this exchange and the topic of Whitney Houston, is the abuse of otherwise-therapeutic medications. There is no doubt she was an addict and that her recovery was half-@ssed at best. All kinds of reports that she’d go out at night during her out-patient treatment program. I wonder if she was compelled to attend because of an agent, insurance clause, or some other professional reason. Like when a DUI defendant is given a mandatory meeting schedule by a judge- meetings or jail, Dude. And then they rack up some more offenses or hit some pedestrian because the meetings were never their true choice to begin with.

  50. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~when the star holds the purse strings, she/he will get their drugs one way or the other. Look at Michael Jackson and his drug dealer, Conrad Murray. Then there is double doctoring.

    If a doctor fills a prescription for a narcotic here and puts refills on it…you cannot get it refilled within 4 days of when your prescription is due to run out. It is all on computer right down to every little pill and the dosage. I guess a lot of people can get drugs online… I would be terrified to do that. I have a phobia for taking new drugs even when prescribed. One aspirin can kill me within 20 minutes while someone else can eat a handful.

  51. snoopysleuth says:

    Ms Newbie ~~ how did you sneak in here…thank goodness I noticed your red rose in my sidebar.

    Thank God, it has been a long time since I had a panic attack and only ever had to use that brown bag the once. I was hyperventilating and my heart was trying to pound out of my chest. Dang scarey.

  52. Karen C. says:

    I’m off to work but I can’t wait to get back on later; fascinating (and frightening!) stuff! Sounds almost like demonic possession or something- Ack!

  53. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~I agree that when there is abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, then the demons possess you. We will keep the lights on for you when you get off work… your input is appreciated. In fact, we have some great comments today…thanks in part to Red…for opening the door…

  54. Newbie says:

    So I almost slipped in on you…lol. That would be a first !

    I wonder how Whitney’s life would have been if she had stayed with Gospel music and her church.

  55. cali patti says:

    Redrelaxed, thank you very much again for sharing your story and thanks everyone else.
    I’ve learned so much. I actually do fear dropping off to sleep sometimes. I now go to sleep with my TV on a timer. If I don’t allow my brain to think on its own, I seem to be less prone to an attack. If I allow my mind to go where it wants to that is when I will have an attack. Often they occur just as I have fallen into the light sleep. I also don’t sleep as long or deeply as I use to.
    I never make an morning appt’s because I can not depend on sleeping the night before. If an attack occurs then I may not fall asleep until 4:00 or 5:00 am.
    Since I have been doing more during the day, lost 20lbs and have tried not to worry over the attacks they seem to be less often. I also think I know what life problem caused the attacks to start and am working on fixing it. Only time will tell if Im correct. I will start taking vitamins with the focus on the B’s. My Mom believed in taking B vitamins, maybe I should have listened to her.
    What earthquake … 5.5 is a baby shaker, not much to worry about. Guessing ppl are waiting to see what aftershocks are like. Ck the news in a minute..

  56. cali patti says:

    Please remove my double post…? Calif. earthquake, yes that area has several large fault lines.
    If there is a bad quake up there the problem will a tsanami. There is low lying coast line that will be very vulnerable. The Sacremento Basin/Delta is on very old dirt levy’s and damns that are NOT built to withstand a big shake. Most people know this but the money has went to retrofit bridges and tall buildings. Some people have rafts in their garages near the delta’s.

    We need 6.5’s and up to get concerned… at least I do.

  57. redrelaxed says:

    I found a rather bleak timeline of Whitney’s last few days. It’s not very flattering, nor I did I expect it to be. It seems as though she was trying to assert a comeback, perhaps parlty out of desperation due to financial difficulties. She has a movie coming out in August, “Sparkle”. She was also going to be acting in the sequel, “Waiting to Exhale 2”.

    Apparently Clive Davis had been very supportive of Houston’s recovery over the years and paid for her rehab more than once, and also paid over a million dollars on one of her mortgages so we wouldn’t lose her home. Clive Davis discovered Whitney when she was 20, and made her into the super star she became.

    So many celebrities succumb to the altered state lifestyle that the money attracts. Along with it come all the hangers-on, the enabling entourage that suck them dry. When the money is gone so are the falsies. God bless Clive Davis for being there when the times got rough for Whitney. Many in his place would turn a blind eye after making kazillions off a client. I’m sure he really cared about her, as did her family and authentic friends. She was so gifted and blessed.


  58. Newbie says:

    Redrelaxed, I want to apologize for first ….not even spelling your name right in a previous post and also saying I hadn’t read your post before making my statement ….I neglected stating my main point and that was “great information”.

    are u sure you spelled Red’s name wrong? Did you know that Red holds up one end of Canada and me the other? That is why I get to call her Red.~SS

  59. redrelaxed says:

    No problem Newbie…I thought Redressed was rather funny!

    I found an article that ad”dresses” the questions some of us have been asking since hearing the sad news of Whitney’s untimely death. Why, how come? WTH???


    “Today, many are asking “Why?” It’s a common question when addiction is involved: Why can’t you just stop? Why do you keep using?

    For me, that question evokes a particularly painful response, especially when the drug in question is cocaine.

    As a person in long-term recovery from cocaine addiction, I don’t have to ask why. I know. As an addiction specialist and the Chief Clinical Officer of Phoenix House, the nation’s largest non-profit substance abuse treatment organization, I understand why when people with everything to lose continue to use cocaine.”

  60. Newbie says:

    Love the humor ad’dresses….lol….That artlicle is well worth reading…..short three pages and explanation one can understand.
    You know cocaine sounds like the diet pills that were out in the sixties. Very, very strong pills that the doctors issued prescriptions out like they were candy. The doctors I have in mind were actually taking them because they were overloaded with patients. I don’t think you could snort or shoot them but many got hooked on just taking them orally. Bad stuff.
    I just saw the Barbra Walters interview with Whitney wherein Whitney talks a little about the drugs. Walters says something about praying about her problem with drugs and Whitney says no, pray for me, for me. Oh dear…..my heart.

  61. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Guys! Well, I came home from work all charged up to get back on the ‘puter only to find my Hubby gone, and my son struggling with the last of the homework. Where was Hubby? Taking an addict to a rehab center of course, how timely given our conversation! Actually, at our local Phoenix House (see Red above- isn’t that crazy?!) Why did this Dude relapse AGAIN (6 or so that I’ve heard of)- because it’s Valentine’s Day and he’s alone!! (Big WHAHHH!!! Like getting drunk will solve THAT one!) Oh, and he “found” a fifth of scotch or something (people just lose these things you know), and what could he do?

    Fortunately, his preferred drug of choice are pain pills and his Victims (er… Family Members) were able to pry this bottle out of his hands. He was not thought by the good folks at Phoenix House to be in need of actual hospitalization, but still it took forever to get him processed. So seventh grade mathematics awaited me at home!

    You could say I’m struggling a bit with the whole disease concept thing a bit right now! Believe me, I’ve attended plenty of Hubby’s meetings when he’s the speaker and also attended Al-Anon meetings for a long time when Things Were Bad (he relapsed after surgery). But I just can’t get myself to swallow the whole notion of addiction being the same thing or equivalent to, say, pediatric cancer, ya know? Nope.

    What you guys are describing is very different though, and I remembered something of my own while driving to work. In Boston, while in college, I was attacked by a guy with a knife (I was burdened with library books at the time- and they were overdue! So I was not as alert as I otherwise would’ve been). Anyway, I was able to fight him off (trying to hold on to those books! Like a shield) and ended up biting him on the hand whereupon he scooted after a tug-of-war over my shoulder bag, and witnesses started showing up. He ended up getting arrested and that’s a whole ‘nother story, the trial process being almost worse.

    How this relates is that I did spend the better part of a year quite unable to leave my apartment after dark, and I recall clearly hyper-ventilating as night came on, not to the degree you guys describe, but still. I did do some “Victim” therapy at Mass. Gen. that was paid for by some fund or other (and odd I’d end up working there after graduation for a few years)- that was helpful. At some point I started being myself again and able to get out and do things, but only with the company of friends. I always carried mace, good police stuff, afterwards and that helped too.
    Empowerment. Sorry for this long post! Eeek…

  62. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~ ~ sorry that I am so late telling you what a great comment you made. I think some may get phobias confused with anxiety/panic attacks. I was in a car accident at age 17 and it was a year before I would get in a car to go anywhere. Thank God for trains!! I had nightmares about the accident or flashbacks of how the dash of the car went from side to side before hitting the telephone pole and my face smashing into the dash. I would class my not being able to get in a car more of post traumatic stress creating a phobia. Phobias can cause panic attacks. It is like a vicious cycle and sometimes hard to differentiate what is what.

    BTW, your comments are never too long and are appreciated, my friend.

  63. Karen C. says:

    You know, the more I read, watch, consider, etc. about Ms. Houston and the particular slant we took here about anxiety, anti-anxiety meds, and such- the more I come to the conclusion this is comparing an apple to an orange. She WAS an addict, clear as day. 3 rehab stints of sorts that we know of, married to Brown 14 years, admission on tv yet that she rolled joints with cocaine in them, so many other things.

    I don’t care how many people claim to have seen her just fine in the last days of her life, that video clip of her hugging Clive Davis with Brandi looking on, then introducing her daughter to him- just re-watch that one. She’s out of it, does he pick up on that? Look at the others’ body language, they get she’s “off”. Look again at the pics of her leaving that club- physically she’s all over the place with her limbs, her expressions. One bad pic, sure- two, yeah- but a whole series of them? Nah. Look how tense and stressed most all the others are- again, they get she’s “off”. Look at the concern on their faces- she’s periodically grimacing, they are all tight-jawed and their eyes are wide open, trying to get her gracefully out of there before the worst occurs, like she falls right onto the pavement in front of photogs. Nope, she’s feeling no pain but they sure are!

    Denial, denial, denial. Frankly, I’m thinking that THAT is what really killed her. How many times have we heard talking heads, “friends”, family, and colleagues of hers saying something along the lines of “she just had a bit of champagne…” NO, addicts CANNOT have champagne, the flip right back into full-blown and start hunting down the stuff they really, really want. But booze of any kind will prime their pump.

  64. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~I agree with you whole heartedly. Once an addict, always an addict. An alcoholic is an alcoholic for the rest of his/her life because they cannot have that one little sip. It would be the same with drug addiction. They love the feeling they get from booze and drugs and miss those times when they are in a recovery period. When they are on a high, they don’t want to come down off it and battle the heebie jeebies so they take some more and some more and then zilch..it is an overdose. Whitney was not allowed to take baths unless someone was with her. When she took a shower, someone had to check on her every 7 or 8 minutes.

    Someone has to die to have nice things said about them and that is why I do not attend wakes. All this talk about Whitney being okay blab blab blab prior to her death is called ‘saving face.’ Now will the family try to bar the public from knowing the results of the toxicology reports? Why of course.

    BTW, you are very perceptive at studying body language. When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…

  65. redrelaxed says:


    “Alan Jacobs took care of Whitney’s personal security from 1995 – 2002 and is devastated by her death, although he told Radar Online that he wasn’t surprised that she had tragically died.”

    There’s a photo in this article that depicts the body language you’re talking about Karen C. Looks like Whitney is about to tell the photographers “to F off”, her entourage does look pretty concerned.

    “I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments.”
    Jim Morrison

  66. Karen C. says:

    I caught the NG I recorded last night, lots of interesting stuff but most telling clips from that dreadful “Being Bobby Brown” or whatever that thing was. Sad, sad, sad. I never had interest in seeing it when it was on, it was so clearly exploitative in nature, but viewing even those little clips in light of what’s happened is chilling. They were both completely whacked!

    It occurs to me that an addict, when coming off Xanax often experiences seizures from withdrawal, and for a day there I was thinking/hoping that maybe that had factored in- she had a good chance to revive her career, tried to get off pills and withdrawing from them produced lethal consequences. But it sounds today like this was basic OD with alcohol.

  67. Karen C. says:

    Oh, forgot to throw this in:
    For those of us who can’t get the dang song out of our heads now!

  68. cali patti says:

    Morning, W. Huston had a beautiful voice, wow she could hit those high notes. After years of smoking anything and everything she could mix in with the pot Im fairly certain those vocal cords were gone. Im assuming getting sober was a hard reality for Ms. Huston. True, she was clean after leaving B. Brown but she had to know that her years of smoking ruined her voice. Knowing that she could no longer be the singer she had been because of her own choices might have been more than she could live with.
    Seems to me the celebrity EGO is what the problem is in cases like this. I don’t want to hear about a person ever dying early but I also feel, “oh well” this person tossed an incredible opportunity and life away because of their OWN doing.
    Yes I know what addiction is, how it controls a person however at some point after so much help has been given then it is the addicts choice. Ms. Huston like to say she was a grown ass woman!
    Just my opinion!

  69. redrelaxed says:

    Here’a a Being Bobby Brown youtube clip of one of the episodes where Bobby takes Whitney (mostly against her will) to a posh spa/hotel for Mothers Day. She’s pencil, run around the shower to get wet thin, disoriented and VERY unhappy with Bobby at being taken out of her comfort zone.
    She’s in serious trouble.

    Those poor kids, is all I can say.

    Bobby Brown YouTube Clip

  70. redrelaxed says:

    Sorry Snoopy, didn’t realize that big youtube screen would pop up here. Was wanting to post only the link for those interested.

  71. cali patti says:

    redrelaxed, I recall watching a few of the Bobby Brown episodes. I recall Whitney being wasted in most of the episodes I watched. Seemed like Bobby was holding it all together at home and when they were out.
    Does anyone recall the time Whitney showed up in support of her husband in a courtroom being so wasted she was either bouncing around or falling asleep on the courtroom bench. Looked a real mess?
    Im not putting Whitney down about her addiction and addictions do take over a persons life.
    At what point when a person has been clean over and over again do we let go and know it is the person’s choice? Unless a person wants to get clean, wants to stay clean and works daily to stay clean then no matter how much that person is loved they will not be clean.

  72. Karen C. says:

    Cali patti- The guy my hubby helped out the other night has already checked himself out! He’s wandering around downtown right now, asking for change. Hubby has called around to make sure no one gives him any money (if he borrows a cell phone)- let him hit a hard bottom. He knows where the men’s shelter is, he can stay there a few nights.

    It is very frustrating.

  73. redrelaxed says:

    Cali Patti, I had never bothered to watch Being Bobby Brown, I’ve never like him, besides I’m not much of an in-house reality show fan. More of a DWTS type (dancing with the stars).

    What I found so disturbing was how Bobby was enabling Whitney through part of the episode I posted. Prodding and poking her along when she clearly didn’t want to be there. I think she had sense enough to realize how messed up she was and was embarrassed to be filmed. She’s hiding her face through most of the episode. I guess his show would have been a complete flop without Whitney Houston. Talk about co-dependency! It may have been they needed the money to finance their lifestyle and their drug addictions.

    Clive Davis didn’t want Whitney to do Being Bobby Brown and I can see why. Also her family is terrified of Bravo re-releasing the show since her death. Apparently there are no plans to put this crap back on the telly. Thank heavens for that!



    I’ve been looking for something on Whitney showing up in court for her beloved. Wasn’t he charged and do time for battery? Against her? A country and western song is going through my head…”stand by your man…”

    So very sad. Addiction is a vicious cycle. Guess some people’s rock bottom is in the coffin in the grave. I hope her daughter Bobbi Kristina gets the help she needs. She won’t have any money troubles as I hear Whitney’s estate is sky rocketing with each passing day.

  74. cali patti says:

    I think it was for an “old” DUI (an out-of-state warrant) he had not taken care of but I am not positive. I recall thinking, like so many others probably thought, “Where are her friends?” Now Im assuming her friends had tried and were told where to go. I never cared much for Bobby Brown either but believe her addiction was all hers, it cant be put on him.
    I have sat thru AA/NA meeting with friends also. I probably will never do so any time soon again. Those meetings are great for those that embrace the idea but for me I helped a friend along and Im done. I might just need a break or ? but Im so sick of addicts. Stories are inspirational at first now not so much. I dont have the empathy I once had.
    Like I said, I might just need a break from it or them.

  75. snoopysleuth says:

    Good comments folks. I was not a fan of Bobby Brown or Whitney Houston so cannot add much about their life style. I am hearing on JVM that Whitney was going down hill fast in the month prior to her death. She was boozing it up pretty hard and no doubt combining it with drugs. If Whitney’s heart did give out in the bathtub, I would guess it was from the years of abusing her body.

  76. Karen C. says:

    I’m thinking more and more that she barely cleaned up her act when she did set about it, and only when it seemed circumstances compelled her. That because her prior drugs were illicit ones she gave herself a big pat on the back for “just” doing prescription drugs. That the abuse of those had increased A LOT in the several months after filming, when she was without structure in her daily life again. That she remained an active (albeit functioning) alcoholic THROUGHOUT, thus never really “in recovery”, but she knew enough of the lingo to fool people (for a while, seems many of them caught on eventually). That the tox report will be a whole lot worse than we suspect now. One type of benzo med might indicate a valid anxiety disorder of some sort, but THREE indicates full-blown addict to me, who’s concerned that she’ll run out of them all the time.

    She could actually have been in town more to get new scripts from docs she hadn’t seen for a while- that could’ve been as important to her as Clive Davis’ party but the party would of course be the stated reason. And I do know people who faked symptoms and filled anti-biotic prescriptions in order to get the script they REALLY wanted out of the compliant doc.

  77. snoopysleuth says:

    Now it seems that someone took a pic of Whitney when she was laid out in the open casket…lots of controversy surrounding who took the pic and if it is authentic. People don’t even respect the dead now…geez… The National Enquirer paid half of a million dollars for the pic..below


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