Deceptive or Receptive

Will Steven Powell talk now to save his sorry ass and try to cop a plea in exchange for information?

Procecutors have not made a proposal to Powell but at present, they said they will listen if he wants to talk. You can rest assured that Steven will not divulge any knowledge of Susan’s death unless it benefits him. He showed little emotion when he was told that Josh had commit suicide after murdering his two grandsons in a heinous way. Instead, Steven Powell cursed at law enforcement.

Susan’s parents want to know where her remains are so they can give her a proper burial and finally have some closure.

Steven Powell’s wife left him because she could not tolerate that her husband was exposing their young children to porn.

Powell was arrested in September 2011 after a search of his Puyallup home turned up “thousands of images of females being photographed without their knowledge, including Susan Powell and many minors.” He has been held at the Pierce County Jail in lieu of bail since his arrest. His trial date is scheduled for March 20.


Here is Steven Powell talking about his sexual relationship with Susan. Be sure and watch second video. The first one is very short.


I would love to hear some discussion on the following…which I stole from my bestest friend, Vicky. It deserves to be right up here…thanks Vick

I am praying that this case will finally serve as a wake up call to our legislators across that child protective services in our country are in serious need of a complete overhaul. To much time and resources have been spent on family reunification, and not enough on child protection. In a perfect world, children should be with their parents. However, we do not live in a perfect world. There are those who would have us believe that a child needs its parents to mature into a healthy, productive member of society. That might very well be true if all people who procreate were fit to fulfill the role of parent. Children are far more damaged by insecurity, instability, neglect, abuse, exposure to drugs and violence, fear, manipulation, growing up too fast out of necessity, reversed roles, etc. then by being removed from the custody of their parents and placed in a stable and caring environment.
If we are lucky, all children reach the age of majority. When that happens, there is no reason children who have been taken from the people who exchanged sperm and egg, can’t reunite with them and establish a relationship. It happens all the time with children who have been adopted.
What I do know for certain, society needs to stop focusing on the rights of adults, and begin focusing on the rights of children to grow up in a safe and secure environment. The government seems to feel comfortable imposing regulations on who can drive, who can vote, who can teach, who can practice law, who can practice medicine…Why the he*l don’t they step up and establish regulations on who can parent!?!?
I’m really pissed right now on many levels. One being that I sound like some right wing extremist. pfft.

[Don’t you just love Vicky’s last line. I love to see true emotion so it stayed-SS]

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  1. Vicky says:

    Steven Powell will never disclose any information regardng the location of Susan’s remains. He is a sadistic son of a b*tch, and could care s*it less about anyone or anything but is self serving, child molesting, voyeristic needs. He will serve the limited time he receives for the crimes for which he has been charged, unless some slick defense attorney manages to get him off and will be turned loose on society once again to live out the remainder of his worthless life, posing a threat to any and all who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with him. IMHO

  2. Vicky~~I added a video to my post. It is the elder Powell talking about HIS sexual fantasies of Susan. The dirty old creep should be ashamed of himself. He is trying to blame Susan for making sexual advances towards him. No wonder Josh turned out the way he did with a father like that. He had Josh totally brain washed. Susan did her best to stay clear of the old thing.

  3. Vicky says:

    [Vicky, your comment flew up and landed in my post… you are such a sweetie. I know you will have more input because of your employ.]

  4. Vicky says:

    Snoops – That pencil penis worm needs to be locked away in a room filled with images of fully clothed men with menacing looks on their faces for the next 25 years to life. His only human contact should be the male guard who provies his food through the slat in his windowless cell, and the guard who takes him out for his daily outdoor visit, taking place in an enclosed area, and his 2 minute shower that follows. All without any conversation.

  5. Vicky ~~’pencil penis worm’… my laugh of the day. LOL

  6. Vicky says:

    I was trying to use language that wouldn’t land me in time-out. 🙂

    I sincerely hope Susan’s family will use this tragedy to execute change. I have to admit, when I read that those precious little boys had lost their lives in a murder suicide, I broke down and cried. It has taken me several days to sort out my feelings and the way I was affected by this turn of events. Like Cali Pati, my first reaction was to completely ste away from reading and listening to stories such as this, but once I had a chance to think it through, it occurred to me that in doing so, I would be putting on the same blinders that enable our legislators to ignore a growing problem in our country. My next step is moving from reading about it to working toward change. I just need to figure out the right way of going about becoming involved in a meaningful way.

  7. Sherry says:

    No, Steven Powell will play games and the prosecutors know it. And they aren’t going to offer a plea deal the last I heard. He did not even get bothered that his son was killed. He used his son. I wonder if Josh was sexually abused by his father. it appears so.

    I’m just glad this is finally being called a murder investigation. I hope there’s enough clues left behind for Susan to be found.

  8. Vicky says:

    Snoops – You could have at least fixed my typos! LOL

    [what typos-*wink]

  9. Vicky says:

    Sherry – I am hoping against all odds that they will find something in that storage unit that will lead then to Susan.
    ONe tiny ray of sunshine in this horrific crime is that the boys are with their mother again.

  10. Vicky says:

    Snoops – My blingers go into full gear when I am ranting. LOL

  11. Sherry~~Steven Powell will say that Susan commit suicide and Josh didn’t want the children to know so he hid her body. Remember Josh and Steven wanting to publish Susan’s journals to show she was mentally unstable. They said that Susan’s parents were abusive. Susan was just a kid when she wrote those journal entries and the Cox’s stopped them from being published for everyone to see. You can see how Steven was the mastermind and Josh, like a little puppy with his tail between his legs, complied.

  12. Vicky says:

    It seems that the nature of whatever abuse Josh was subjected to over the years resulted in a complete lack of conscience and a limited ability to view himself as a separate individual from Steven… and his family from himself. Apparently, he wanted the same level of allegiance from his wife and children that he afforded his father. When they failed to meet that expectation, whether by choice or circumstance, they had to be eleminated.
    Part of the shame in all of this, is that Steven was given the opportunity to visit his sick and twisted views upon his son following the divorce from Josh’s mother. Of course, Steven will view himself as a victim in all of this and will never accept the role he played in this tragedy.

  13. Vicky~ ~ lots of times when I hear tragic news or have to write another post about a raped and murdered child, I want to escape too. We must be the voices of the children. I think they should have a good overhaul of some of the judges who sit on the bench in the family courts. Look at that judge who spanked and beat his own 16 year old daughter. Where in hell do they get some of these judges? Josh Powell was made out to be a victim, the poor thing. I would never want to be a case worker who ever supervised one of those visits. The one who went to Josh’s on Sunday is lucky to be alive. She has to be traumatized too.

  14. Vicky says:

    I can’t imagine what that poor woman felt that day and is feeling now. I realize that there are instances of case workers failing to do their jobs, but that is the minority. The vast majority are extremely dedicated to their job, but are limited in what they can and can’t do. They are placed at risk each and every time they make a home visit with to an unstable environment. I don’t have the statistics here at home, but the number of case workers who are harmed on an annual basis are far higher than the general public realizes. The CMs where I work are equipped with cellphones are equipped with GPS and are programed to alert LE with the push of a button. This was done following the brutal murder of a case manager by one of her clients in Kansas City several years ago.

  15. Vicky says:

    LOL, so many typos in that last comment. I’m getting tired. Off to bed now. I’ll catch you tomorrow.

  16. Vicky~~I love your typos. They are your trademark. Nitey nite and thanks for all your input. xo

  17. Things get even sadder…..All the heartbreak left in the wake of this tragedy.

    It was only a matter of time until Jennifer and Kirk Graves believed they would call Charlie and Braden Powell their own.

    Shortly after the 2009 disappearance of the boys’ mother, Susan Cox Powell, the West Jordan couple took steps to become the adoptive parents of their nephews, with the blessing of the boys’ maternal grandparents, Chuck and Judy Cox.

    The Graveses met with a family-law attorney to discuss procedures. They bought a 15-passenger van to accommodate a larger family. And they spoke to their own five children about new bedroom arrangements, preparing the kids for the arrival of their “brothers.”

    Source- read more and watch video

  18. Prosecutor dispels rumor as police seek answers in Powell murder-suicide case

    Source-video and read more

  19. Karen C. says:

    Now I want to see revealed the dvd or cd that LE had that belonged to Josh (NOT Steve)- the one from his own ‘puter. The only reason to withhold it now would be to not “help” Weenie Dad’s current case, that I can see. ‘Cuz of course that particular scumball will claim that Josh was responsible for everything. And I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it turns out that Weenie had been molested by his own Weenie Dad as pedophiles are often concerned less with gender in very small children as they are in taking advantage of opportunities. I know of a brother and sister who were molested by the same individual when they were 4, 5, 6-ish.

  20. Karen C~~how many children did Steven and his wife have before she left him? I think one girl went with her mother and one girl, a mentally challenged son and Josh stayed with the father. It is hard to believe that a man would try and fool around with his daughter in law. I can’t see Susan wanting a man who was thirty years her senior. Steven acts like he thinks that he is the answer to every woman’s prayers. I still can’t find the song he wrote and sang for Susan. What a creep with the voyeurism. I can’t understand why the parents of those little girls didn’t charge him. Steven’s trial comes up next month and I think we may see him try and cop a plea. Law enforcement and the Cox’s would certainly like to know where Josh put Susan’s body. I think he burned her remains when he was on that camping trip.

  21. Josh Powell’s pastor supervised some of the visits with the children in his own home. The pastor is also a neighbor and was a friend of Josh’s. The pastor said that he saw no indication of any trouble brewing.

  22. It looks like Alina Powell, Josh’s sister was brainwashed by her daddy too. She claims that Josh had nothing to do with Susan’s disappearance and he was a victim. Maybe she will arrange a big funeral for him. Alina stayed with daddy when her mother left.

  23. Read transcript of social worker and dispatcher here… I think that should have read Child Case worker..

  24. Josh Powell, the husband of a missing Utah woman who killed himself and his two young sons last week, was a disturbed adolescent who threatened and hit his mother, according to 1992 court documents obtained by ABC News.

    The documents, filed during the divorce of Josh Powell’s parents in Washington state, Steven and Terrica Powell, include several statements by Terrica Powell describing her son’s disturbing behavior.

    Terrica Powell wrote that her son once tried to commit suicide and also threatened her with a butcher knife. On other occasions, he and one of his brothers pushed and hit her, she wrote.

    Learn more about Josh Powell and Susan Powell on “Sins of the Father” on “20/20” Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

    The butcher knife incident, Terrica Powell wrote, was the result of her asking her son to do the dishes.

    “I felt extreme fear when Josh made a veiled threat at me with a butcher knife in his hand. His demeanor was menacing for a moment as he said, ‘Don’t push it, mom,'” Powell wrote. “… I was terrified and left the room to go downstairs…”

    Read more here….

  25. margaret says:

    Did anyone get frustrated, like me at the 911 operrator as the guardian was trying to get some assistance? I realize they have a tough job, but it seemed to me , that she slowed down getting help for the children. I almost had it accepted, but then they published that the guardian said she could hear the children crying. This is right up there with little Caylee, Zahra Baker, Trenton Duckett, Haliegh Cummings and dang it all the poor innocent babies in the hands of these monsters.It is so hard Snoops not to say some very bad words. I feel like we should ban together and sit on the white house lawn until changes are made. Vicky and Karen , I second every word you had to say.

  26. Margaret~~I found it very frustrating to listen to that dispatcher. It is a wonder he didn’t want the color of the case worker’s eyes. Yes, she heard the boys crying …dear God, they must have been so scared to see their deranged father. It seems that they suffered for at least ten minutes or more before they were overcome with smoke and passed out. We must fight for the rights of the little children. This seems like an epidemic and the torture and murders of the children must be stopped.

  27. kas says:

    The night after this happened, our local news (in Houston) had one of Josh’s Cousins on. He was insistent that this entire tragedy was the result of Cyber-Bullying that poor, poor Josh had to endure.

    Not the upcoming Psych-Eval he was bound to fail, not the fact he had been revealed as living in a home riddled with kiddie-porn, not even the whole “killed his wife” and the kids were starting to talk about it. Nope, CYBER-BULLYING.

  28. cali patti says:

    Morning, Its not so much as I want to put blinders on or escape, I feel powerless to change anything to do with CPS. There have been “civic” problems I have engaged in trying to fix or change a law. For my own personal reasons, I do not have the belief in our courts, their being impartial or standing for justice I once had. I have discovered on an every day level our courts reminded me of puppy mills. Prosecution over-charges so the defendent usually pleads guilty to a lesser charge to save themselves the overwhelming cost of trials. Push through as many plea bargained cases as they can in a day. Seemed to me there were very few “In the Interest of Justice” where prosecution actually stands up for the defendent.
    When anyone I’ve known has had to deal with our justice system they have all commented on the injustce they had seen or been dealt.
    To impilment new rules in the CPS system will only come from cases when a worker or their children in their care are killed. Josh P. case will probably bring about new rules.

  29. margaret says:

    This lady has the same problem as Josh and dear old dad.. How can josh sister not blame him ,at least for the horrifying death of the boys.. I thought I had read somewhere that when their parents divorced that one of the girls stayed with steven. Not sure about that. Did he blow up the $7,000.00 dollars he withdrew, as it to was a possession??? How in the world did Susan hook up with his sorry no good behind?? It sounds like her life was not a happy one. She was a beautiful woman. I read about the services for the boys, surely they won’t bury his bones next too the boys..This hurts me so deeply for the boys, how can anyone do this. Two more faces I cry for everytime I see them………Kas I think this whole family lives in la la land.. Cyber bullying is replacing the old excuse of, “bad childhood”, for everything.

  30. Newbie says:

    There is a movie from 1983 starring Michael Douglas which is named The Star Chamber. It is about a number of judges who are tired of criminals getting off because of loopholes in the law or a mistake some police officer made. This special, secret group review the cases which they believe something must be done and if all judges have the same opinion, that criminal is taken care of even if it is murdering them. I can remember in 1983 how I thought the movie was well done but the idea of Judges taking the law into their own hands was wrong. Do I feel the same today? Absolutely not.
    I have been reading here and at Marinades and totally, totally agree with what has been said I haven’t commented as I feel my rage will explode into total babbling..

  31. Kas~~that old saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’ holds true. I guess this cousin wants to make excuses so he will not have to live with the fact that one of his relatives was a deranged madman who murdered two innocent children. He is thinking of his own reputation and to hell with those poor little boys who will never get to grow up. This cousin in Houston should stick his head back under the sand so he will not have to face the reality of this situation.

  32. Cali Patti~~Vicky said this in one of her comments upthread…I don’t have the statistics here at home, but the number of case workers who are harmed on an annual basis are far higher than the general public realizes. The CMs where I work are equipped with cellphones are equipped with GPS and are programed to alert LE with the push of a button. This was done following the brutal murder of a case manager by one of her clients in Kansas City several years ago.

    Changes will come but in many cases, it will not be soon enough. I am sick and tired of hearing about parental rights when that parent is under suspicion just as Josh Powell was. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that a normal parent does not take his very young sons camping in sub zero temps. Good grief, if clues were shoes, some of these people would be running around in their barefeet. Unless there is a video of the actual crime or a confession, the murderer is never charged because LE doesn’t have enough to make a charge stick. In Josh’s case, they could have started with child endangerment.

  33. Margaret~~Josh probably drew out that $7000 and gave it to his sister, Alina, so she would give him a nice funeral and defend what he did. Josh seemed quite concerned about putting his affairs in order before he commit suicide. He did not give any thought to all the suffering he would leave behind for all the ones who really loved those two children. This is what I call being downright selfish and it seems there are a lot of people like him in this world.

  34. Newbie~~I wont let you explode but in the event that you do, I will personally scrape all your parts off my blog. Just lay off eating any chocolate or strawberries first. Okay? Just consider this blog a babbling brook and you can make a few ripples or some big waves. It is a form of group therapy to unite and let it all hang out. Venting is a release in the proper setting. I think our friend, Vicky, did a good job of that last night. Her ‘pencil penis worm’ caused a light bulb to go off in my head and I almost blew a fuse. LOL

  35. redrelaxed says:

    Snoopy here is Steven Powell’s website, I’m posting it and then going to have a poke around in there myself.

    I don’t think Steven will cop a plea. He’ll keep his mouth shut and let all the secrets die with Josh and his grandsons. Seems the sister in the ABC interiview is brainwashed and in denial from her shocking words, “he couldn’t protect them anymore…” ??? Good Lord…

  36. redrelaxed says:

    His songs are featured on the website, sorry…that was the reason for the post!

  37. redrelaxed says:

    I Love It When You Dance for Me
    Steven Powell is Steve Chantrey. Here are the lyrics to one of his songs.
    Perhaps to shed light on Steven…some disturbing stuff in that site regarding his background and how he was kidnapped by his grandparents.

    (Words and Music by Steve Chantrey)

    When you do Zumba
    With its Mambo and Rhumba
    You can heat up the room
    And make a fool of me.
    ¡Santa caramba!
    Do the Salsa and Samba
    With your excellent body
    Moving endlessly.

    Chorus (after each verse):
    ¡I love it when you dance for me!
    You really shake it, ¡and how!
    You do it all so easily.
    ¡Do it again for me now!
    They’ll never find a way to stop it.
    Zumba, there’s no way to top it.
    I love it when you dance for me.
    Zumba there’s no way to top it.
    Keep it going, never stop it.
    I love it when you dance for me.
    I love it when you Zumba me.

    Make no mistake,
    You get a license to shake,
    And strike a pose like a chicken
    Strutting to the block.
    But there’s good news:
    There are no chicken-house blues.
    It’s more like dancing and prancing
    To the jailhouse rock.

    It could be cha cha,
    Where the beat’s really gotcha,
    Or another hot rhythm
    We could dance all day.
    Zumba stands ready
    Like a swinging machete
    As it cuts to the chase
    To make us rock and sway.
    ©2005-2011 Steve Chantrey

  38. Red~~thank you for posting that info. I have been searching for the songs Steven wrote. My gosh the words he put to that song did not make much sense. I guess he must have liked to watch Susan when she was working out to music. Oh lordy, his swingng machete cutting to the chase. Geez. I will check out his website now..

    [edit… I took a peek at Steven’s website…he sure likes to put his own pics up. It was all about him. He does not know how to write an article and his singing is terrible but I’ll betcha he thinks he is great. What an egotist! ]

  39. redrelaxed says:

    I found this link that when you scroll down the article, it has several of Susan friends describing her intense dislike of her father-in-law, Steven Powell. It appears that Josh most often complied with his fathers demands and outlandish behaviour. Or… he didn’t get how inappropriate his father’s actions were.

    Yeah, lol…He’s not much of a song writer, immature and juvenile IMO. I found the info he shared on his website “All about Steve…” just plain weird. Who publishes that kind of stuff about your background? True of not, it’s Jerry Springer material. No offense to JS. “Unilateral and Secretive” are lessons Steven Powell incorporated into his core beliefs and then in turn passed them on to most of his children.

  40. Sherry says:

    Washington authorities have already pledged to examine the role of emergency dispatchers who handled the social worker’s 911 call. Recordings of 911 calls and logs obtained by the Associated Press show it took 22 minutes from when the call was made to when sheriff’s deputies arrived at Powell’s home.

  41. Red~~the following was at the link you posted.

    Last fall Sandy said Steve boasted that he still had the pair of Susan’s very sacred Mormon Temple Garment underwear that he stole from the dirty laundry when she and Josh lived at his house at the beginning of their marriage.

    I had read those things when I put up a post about Susan Powell some time ago. I honestly think that because Susan rejected Steven’s advances, he convinced Josh that she was not be to trusted and to get rid of her.

    Here is a link to the post, Susan Cox Powell, that I put up back in Sept/11

  42. Sherry~~What a sick sick man and to think it was all premeditated. He had a surprise for them.
    How cruel. You know if he had just snapped and went beserk, it would be one thing but this man planned it all out.

    The case worker said that the boys were anxious to see their father and enjoyed spending time with him. The Cox’s say otherwise. It goes to show that small children will adapt to situations to appease the grownups.

  43. redrelaxed says:

    That Steven Powell is a piece of work. I haven’t read a lot about this case for quite a while, so it’s interesting to go back and see all the red flags that were there years ago. So very sad. No wonder Susan was divorcing Josh, her marriage must have been a complete nightmare, and no way on earth she wanted those boys near Steven Powell. This is what happens when the signs are all pointing in one direction and everyone looks the other way.

    To tell Charlie he had a big surprise, no wonder they ran toward the front door. That was all planned too. I feel so bad for the CPS worker who could hear them inside, and trying to get help to come. A horror.

    I’m curious as to what they’ll find in the mini storage that Josh rented. Would it be too much to pray he’s left a note there with a full confession and the whereabouts of Susan?

  44. redrelaxed says:

    Does anyone know if LE has ever discovered the contents of the locked cabinet in Steven Powell’s bedroom that allegedly contains personal items of Susan’s and more pornography? This locked cabinet was according to heresay from Susan’s friends who were interviewed after she went “missing”. I only recall that images were found on SP’s computer. Anyone? TYIA

  45. Red~~you would think that if LE had a search warrant for Steven’s house that they would have taken that cabinet. Maybe the warrant was just for taking possession of his computer. Come to think of it, what led LE to get that computer? They must have been tipped off by someone that Steven was into pornography. Maybe someone else in here may know something about that cabinet ….Sherry ??? You are always good at digging up info….

  46. Sherry says:

    It wasn’t until a month after Susan disappeared that Sandy (a former girl friend) finally discovered that she (Susan) was the woman Steven has obsessed over all those years. She called police in West Valley, Utah to tell them about the weirdness. While she talked to a detective for an hour, nothing really became of the information.

    Steven, meanwhile, was insisting that Susan was mentally imbalanced and had decided to run away with another man. Police aren’t buying that theory. But Steven also told Sandy that he was happy that detectives never discovered his porn cabinet when they originally searched his home. It also contained the journals Susan wrote as a teenager.

    Steven himself may have pushed the envelope too far this summer when he began to claim that he and his daughter-in-law had an affair. Last month, detectives once again raided Steven’s home, this time finding his porn collection — and videos of his peeping tom activity with the neighbor children.
    (bold and added info in parenthesis mine)

  47. Sherry~~God love you. I rub the lamp and the genie appears with the information. Thank you so much!

    Now you can see why I truly believe that Steven Powell somehow masterminded Susan’s murder and Josh carried out his wishes. Steven is the one who should spend life in prison and I am afraid that LE may just offer him to plea for information on Susan’s whereabouts. He would turn against his murderous son to save his own hide.

  48. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Each new development is beyond belief!

  49. Kirk and Jennifer Graves talk about the divorce between Steven and Terrica Powell, Josh Powell and Jennifer Graves’ parents. They say Josh’s behavior was similar to that of his father.

  50. margaret says:

    AS if this were not bad enough, the westboro church thinks they have a part in this.. Unbelievable!!Those people are as much monsters as josh and steve powell. How can those people let a walking devil such as this woman have such control over them..I am glad the “occupy” people will be there to help these dear babies have a decent burial, wish I could be there to help them.May God have mercy on their sorry souls when they join josh in his lake of fire. Sorry Snoops for my attitude but this is just ludicrous and as sad as I am ,I am just as angry. This story has not one iota to do with same sex marriage..

  51. Karen C. says:

    There’s an argument here for timely tire-slashing, ahem….

  52. Hello Amber~~yes it is hard to comprehend all these happenings. When we think it cannot get any worse , something comes along that is more shocking. Josh needed to put himself out of his own misery but he had no right to take those boys with him. He felt that Charlie and Braden were his possessions and made sure that no one else would have them. He had so much hate for the Cox’s and Graves and used those little boys to get his revenge. He also knew that it would be only a matter of time before LE would come and put the handcuffs on and read him his rights. “mommy was in the trunk.” I fault the SOB who is sitting in jail awaiting his trial for Josh ending up the way he did. Josh’s sister, Alina, is not facing reality and will make excuses for her sick father just like she is doing now for Josh. It is a vicious cycle.

  53. Margaret~ ~ I agree with Karen on this one…it is time for slashing up the tires of this idiot group.

  54. Late Thursday, authorities told the Associated Press a computer in Josh Powell’s home two years ago had computer-animated images that depicted “incestuous” sex.

    Pierce County Sheriff’s Detective Ed Troyer said the images discovered by investigators were realistic, computer-generated depictions of incestuous parent-child relations. The images were disconcerting enough that they prompted a psychologist to recommend last week that Powell undergo an intensive psychosexual evaluation.

    It does not surprise me that “incestuous sex” was going on in Steven Powell’s home.

    You can read more here…..

  55. redrelaxed says:

    Yes, it gets more disturbing with each day. I think the fact that there were so many warning signs is what bothers me the most, and the system failed those two little guys.

    In the above article a friend of Susan states she told her that Josh ” would lose his kids over his dead body”. More like Susan’s. A divorce meant Josh not having control over his kids 24/7 so get rid of the problem. You’re right Snoopy this was a vicious cycle that ended in the only way it would work for Josh Powell. He had no genuine love for those kids, he did see them as possessions and I agree it was his upbringing that led to that line of stinking thinking.

  56. Karen C~~we can put the knives away for now. The idiot group backed off and will not picket in exchange for air time ….

  57. Red~~thank you so much for posting that info. I had no idea that Dr Phil’s show today was going to be on this tragedy so I was able to watch the entire show, thanks to you. Dr Phil’s show was exceptional and he did a good job covering so many aspects.

  58. margaret says:

    It is an awful commentary when good people have to make deals with the likes of Westboro church……… How is their antics funded? I’m confused, did josh live with his dad or on his own? I was reading that the owners were undecided about rebuilding. I thought he lived with his dad. Has josh storage bin been checked yet? He may have Susan in there. Knives sounds like a good idea to me…

  59. Margaret~ ~ About a month after Susan was reported missing from her and Josh’s home in Utah, Josh packed up the kids and moved to Washington state and they moved in with Steven, his father. Once Steven got charged with voyeruism and porn, Josh had to move out and get a place of his own. I believe it was at that time, Sept/11, that CPS removed the boys and they were put in protective custody. The grandparent’s, Cox’s were granted temporary custody. Josh got supervised visitation with the boys on a bi-weekly basis.

  60. Sherry says:

    Margaret, the house that Josh blew up was a rental and had been rented to him since last October, iirc. The neighbors had no idea anyone, let alone this creep, was living in it. Not sure on the storage bin.

    I gree with you about the Westboro thugs. They are a bunch of lawyers-civil rights lawyers, at that. It is a church full of family members who share their wealth together.

  61. Vicky says:

    I have had the displeasure of seeing the Westboro Wackos up close and personal on many occasions. They are quite something. BTW – not all are civil rights attorneys. If you can believe it, one of them is an in house attorney for the State of Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. I bout fell out when I found that out. Especially given the fact that IMO, the members of that congregation are guilty of emotional child abuse. I guess she is in a position to make certain child protection services never look into the impact of their hate mongering on her immediate family members.

  62. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky ~~the members of that so-called church sound like hypocrits to me. I am not sure what kind of a god they worship that allows them to judge homosexuals etc.

  63. snoopysleuth says:

    Program for Charlie and Braden Powell memorial service for Saturday, February 11, 2012

    (thank goodness they did not include a picture of their father)

  64. margaret says:

    Sherry I just read on Yahoo news that the locker had been checked today and a comfoter was found that tested for blood. It is being sent to lab to be further examined.

  65. snoopysleuth says:

    Steve Powell may not attend his grandsons’ funeral

    (Steve Powell didn’t even put in a request to be there. If he attended, he would have needed to wear a bullet proof vest)

  66. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~Your comment came in as I was posting mine. Was it Josh’s storage locker that LE was taking possession of?

  67. snoopysleuth says:

    Here it is, Margaret. If it is Susan’s blood on the comforter, then she was killed in her bed at home before he put her in the trunk…. read on

    SEATTLE — Authorites on Friday said a search of Josh Powell’s storage unit revealed a blood-stained comforter, which police in West Valley City, Utah are now testing. The search conducted on Tuesday also revealed a plastic bin, boxes, garbage bags with children’s clothing and toys and framed photos.

  68. LindaNewYork says:

    I agree. The rights of children should ALWAYS come first. Better to err on the side of caution for the little people in our society who have no say and cannot defend themselves. The sad part is, a lot of the time the people they trust most are the one’s who hurt them the most. Their Mother. Their Father.

    They find a cartoon depicting “cartoon incest” in 2009. 2009? And that man STILL had rights to see his children? And don’t get me started Powell’s father!

  69. Karen C. says:

    I know my husband had to comply with Public Places visitation for two years (which was going on when I met him). Things relaxed considerably when the Ex hooked up with a new guy- after that, she couldn’t wait for the weekends to arrive. And my Hubby hadn’t done anything violent, not to mention he wasn’t a Suspect in a murder case.

  70. Karen C. says:

    As for Westboro, if we were to revoke their tax-exempt status (hate group, maybe?) they’d dry up and blow away. Heck, a sizable portion of the churches in this country would go Poof.

  71. snoopysleuth says:

    Sherry~~they had a beautiful service to celebrate the short lives of those two precious boys. It showed them in happier times. I am so glad we did not have to see the boys with their murderous father. Two young intelligent children who will never get to grow up and make a difference in this world. I know we have no right to question why these things happen. It is not God’s doing as I truly believe that satan is present on this earth in many forms.

  72. Sherry says:

    It was beautiful, Snoopy. I didn’t get the url posted here in time for the childrens choir the first time they sang. Maybe you got the tail-end? They were so good! The service was short but full of appreciation for those two little lives.

  73. snoopysleuth says:

    The remains of Charlie7, and Braden 5, were in one casket that was adorned with flowers.

  74. snoopysleuth says:

    Here is a short video/article of the 1st dispatcher who took the call from the case worker….

    David Lovrak, one of the 911 operators who took a call from a social worker outside Josh Powell’s house, said in an interview with NBC’s “Dateline” he had no idea of the severity of the situation.

    In an exclusive interview broadcast Friday night, Lovrak, who has been criticized for his questions when Elizabeth Griffin-Hall called him on Sunday, said that like so many others in this case, he didn’t recognize the kind of man they were dealing with.

    “Especially for somebody who has done this for as long as I have, to relisten to the call and hear how clumsy and faltering I sounded,” Lovrak said. “It was horrible. This has been a nightmare.”

  75. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Whether or not that dispatcher or anyone else realized the “kind of man” they were dealing with is not the issue. If a 911 dispatcher receives a call from an individual who is “overseeing” a supervised visitation, a patrol car should be dispatched immediately with whatever code indicates an emergency, but to approach without sirens. If it turns out to be a non emergency issue, that can be sorted out after the fact. Any pertinent information obtained by the 911 operator while the patrol is in route, can be relayed as it becomes available through additional questioning.
    I personally don’t give a rats ass whether or not the dispatcher realized the severity of the situation. When he was advised that a court ordered supervised visitation had gone awry, he should have dispatched first and asked questions later.
    When he stated “for somebody who has done this as long as I have”, I was far more irritated about how the call was handled than I would have been with a rookie dispatcher. If you ask me, he has allowed himself to become jaded due to frivolous 911 calls. That should never happen to a 911 dispatcher. It should not be there place to decide what is and is not a true emergency, most certainly not when children are involved. Especially not in this day and age.
    I realize that it is obvious that Josh Powell was hell bent on murder-suicide that day, but we will never know if there could have been a different outcome. I don’t blame the dispatcher for what ultimately occurred. LE has been present many times when a psycho has followed through on their plans. What I blame him for is the fact that law enforcement didn’t arrive in time to try.

  76. Vicky says:

    Grammar error…”their” place. iPad autocorrect is a pain is the behind. LOL

  77. Karen C. says:

    Vicky- I agree with you. Just how busy is Payallup PD on Super Bowl Sunday?! He was so condescending to that poor woman! I think he heard that accent of hers and every stereotype about hysterical females just kicked right in. Grrr….

  78. Vicky says:

    ITA Karen. I wanted to call him a culturally insensitive, sexist pig, but didn’t want to go there if it was just my imagination. Dollar to donuts (no pun intended), he is divorced with children and has experienced some visitation issues in the past. That or a close friend or family member has. IMO, and at the risk of sounding a bit sexist myself, had a female (or a feminist male) handled that call, a patrol car would have been dispatched immediately.

  79. Sherry says:

    I have to say it ticked me off when that dispatcher said he underestimated the urgency of the call. For pete’s sake, it was a 911 call-how much more urgent can you get? I know these operators get alot of idiots with non-emergencies calling but they should still treat each call as if it were the most urgent call. 😕

  80. Vicky says:

    I worked as a dispatcher for the sheriff’s department for a summer following my first year of college. One of the first things the sheriff impressed upon me was the fact that it was not my job to determine if there was a true emergency. My role was to get the address of the emergency and dispatch a patrol car based upon the location and the deputy nearest to that location. I was to then obtain additional information from the caller and relay that information while the patrol car was enroute. If it became obvious that there was a need to change the way in which the deputy should approach the scene (lights and siren, lights only, no lights or siren) I can’t remember the codes, I provided that information. Additionally, if a caller indicated something like the smell of gasoline or natural gas, I was to alert the fire department as well. All questions I asked a caller beyond name and address, followed making contact with the patrol to send them to the location. That was over thirty years ago. Now, most modern patrol cars have computer screens where real time information is displayed as the dispatcher receives the information and types it in while talking to the caller.
    IMO, this particular dispatcher was derelict in his duty.

  81. LindaNewYork says:

    This has gone through my head before and today again. That perhaps that dirty old man was involved in killing Susan? Or was the one who killed her. Did the police ever check Steven Powell’s whereabouts at the time Susan went missing?

  82. redrelaxed says:

    “Emails show that Powell was actively working in the days around when Susan Powell disappeared on Dec. 6, 2009. He responded to emails the next morning, even drawing praise from a manager for pointing out an oversight related to holiday cards.”

    However, this information doesn’t clear Steven Powell knowledge regarding Susan’s whereabouts in my mind LindaNewYork. I find his allegations that Susan had a sexual relationship with him quite disgusting and outrageous. It appears that Josh and Steven were really digging deep to portray Susan negatively to take the limelight off Josh and his involvement. Lots of her friends have come forward to defend her after the fact; they’ve all said she couldn’t stand him, and moved her family to Utah to get far far away from him.

  83. Karen C. says:

    Maybe Susan’s parents are able to bring her home soon- LE found stuff:

  84. Karen C. says:

    Get a load of this:

    Apple didn’t just not fall far from the tree, it was still hanging from a branch…
    Now I’m wondering about the mentally-handicapped sib. Handicapped kids get abused/molested at ridiculously high rates.

  85. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~ ~ that does not surprise me at all. Josh was still living at his father’s house and used the rented house as a ruse. I guess he couldn’t leave his porn cartoons. Here is more…I have not read it yet…it came in through google alerts…

    Records outline authorities’ alarm about Josh Powell-Alert to Readers • Be aware that this story contains graphic and violent depictions of a sexual nature, and hate speech.

  86. Amber from Maryland says:

    It is terrible that so many parents and custodians seem to be downright evil. It isn’t that they are just incompetent in parenting. They should never be left in the presence of children. Does Josh’s sister Alina have any children?

    At least Josh’s family seems to have given up on burying him next to the boys.

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