Getting away with MURDER

Remember Trenton Duckett…. He was never found and no one was ever charged in his disappearance. Just a month before Trenton’s first birthday Melinda and Joshua split up and a custody battle ensued on who would keep Trenton.

On August 27, 2006 two-year-old Trenton Duckett was reported missing by his 21-year-old mother, Melinda Duckett.

Melinda refused to take a polygraph and …On Friday, September 8, Melinda Duckett shot and killed herself while at her grandparents’ home.

Did you know….

Joshua Duckett dealt with a history of family violence. His father, James Duckett, was a Macotte, Florida police officer when in 1987, he was arrested and later convicted for the rape, strangulation and drowning of an 11-year-old girl. He is currently on death row in Florida.
Reportedly, Joshua and his mother also have a past speckled with fighting. In 2005, Joshua was denied a request for a court injunction against his mother for making repeated harassing calls to his home and threatening to kidnap Trenton.

Remember Kyron Horman….Missing since June 4, 2010. Kyron was never found and no one has ever been charged in his disappearance.

Police say cell phone records show that on June 4, the day Kyron was last seen, Terri Moulton Horman was on Sauvie Island, five miles from Kyron’s school. Divers and rescue teams have been combing that island for any signs of the second-grader since June 10th.


Remember Sky Metalwala…..Sky Metalwala, 2, went missing on November 6, 2011. His mother, Julia Biryukova said she ran of out of gas and left Sky in an unlocked car and walked a mile to a gas station. When she returned to the car, Sky was gone. Julia refused to take a polygraph.


Remember Baby Lisa Irwin….Baby Lisa went missing on Oct 3, 2011. Deborah Bradley, Lisa’s mother, said she got drunk and passed out while Lisa was in her care. Deborah took a polygraph and said she did not pass it. Baby Lisa has never been found and no one has been charged in her disappearance.

Dr Phil will be interviewing Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin tomorrow, Feb 3rd.


Remember Susan Cox Powell….Susan Powell disappeared in December 2009 at age 28. Her husband is the sole person of interest in the case, but maintains his innocence.

The woman was last seen on the same night her husband claimed he went camping in freezing temperatures with the couple’s two young boys at around 12:30 a.m.

Josh Powell is trying once again to get custody of his boys who are in temporary custody of Susan’s parents. A Washington judge ruled Wednesday that the children of missing Utah mother Susan Powell must remain in the custody of her parents. The judge further said she won’t consider returning the two boys to their father, Josh Powell, until he undergoes a psycho-sexual evaluation.


Steve Powell, Josh’s father’s trial on porn, voyeurism charges set for March.


Baby Ayla Reynolds… Waterville, Maine…reported missing Dec 17, 2011…Ayla’s blood found in basement…child has not been located and no one has been charged in her disappearance. The investigation is ongoing….Ayla’s bio father is Justin DiPietro. Justin refused to take a polygraph but after being pressured, he took the test and did not pass.

Cops Accuse Baby’s Dad Of Withholding Information

And last but not least..

Casey Anthony found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee Marie, who was reported missing on July 15, 2008.

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  1. Sherry says:

    These victims have just disappeared off the face of the earth. Sometimes, I wish that the missing children were kidnapped by a childless couple or someone who saw bad family dynamics going on and they just wanted to give the child a better life. These victims need to have their justice due.

  2. Sherry~~ in the cases of the missing children, I believe the mothers of the children and one step mother hold the keys to what happened. I don’t think Alya’s mother was involved with her disappearance. Bio dad and his girlfriend seem suspicious.

    It has been a long time since I followed the Trenton Duckett case on Nancy Grace. I was surprised to read about Josh Duckett’s father being on death row in Florida. I do remember Nancy interrogating Melinda Duckett just prior to her committing suicide.

  3. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Felon Anthony may yet face some consequences for her actions. WFTV had something about the Zenaida Gonzales Suit. I do not know if I have the pointer right:

    Some other source had something on the Texas Equisearch Case. We can also pray for the success of Roy Kronk and Richard Grund and any other vicitims. Caley won’t prevail in any of these suits since Felon Anthony won that part of her criminal case, but Felon Anthony’s other victims still have a chance.

  4. Amber~ ~ thank you so very much. My gosh it was nice listening to Bill Sheaffer again. In fact I am going to play it again. I find the second time around, I pick up on more things.

  5. Karen C. says:

    NG had to settle that emotional distress suit. Melissa Duckett was very, very young when she committed suicide. Who knows if we’ll ever find out the truth of that one.

  6. Karen C ~~I think the answers to Trenton’s disappearance died with Melinda.

    Nancy really went aboard Melinda and I think she deserved to be sued. I am not sure that is what caused Melinda to take her own life.

  7. James Duckett, Josh’s father has been sitting on death row for over 21 years. He lost an appeal in March, 2011 to have the death penalty overturned..

    James Duckett was the only police officer on patrol on the night of May 11, 1987, in the city of Mascotte, Florida. Around 10:00 p.m., 11-year-old Teresa McAbee walked to a convenience store to purchase a pencil and then stopped to talk to a boy outside the store. Duckett arrived at the convenience store shortly afterward, and after asking the store clerk the age of McAbee, he approached McAbee and the boy.
    After a brief conversation, Duckett told McAbee to go home, leaving the boy to wait for his uncle. When the boy’s uncle arrived, the boy and his uncle witnessed McAbee getting into the passenger side of Duckett’s patrol car.

    At 11:00 p.m., McAbee’s mother walked to the convenience store, looking for her daughter. The store clerk told the mother that McAbee had left with Duckett and was probably at the Mascotte police station. When no one was found at the Mascotte police station, the mother drove to nearby Groveland police station, where she reported her daughter missing. The Groveland police officer contacted a Mascotte police officer, and Duckett arrived at the Groveland police station within twenty minutes. Duckett used a picture of McAbee to make a flyer that he said he would post at convenience stores in the area, however, he failed to do so.

    The store clerk reported that the police drove by the store every hour, but she reported that Duckett came by at 9:30 p.m. but did not return for a few hours. Additionally, Duckett made no radio calls between 9:50 p.m. and 12:10 a.m.

    The next morning McAbee’s body was found in a lake less than one mile from the convenience store where she was last seen. Medical testimony demonstrated that she was sexually assaulted while alive and then drowned. Blood and a pubic hair, later identified as probable matches to Duckett, were found in her underpants and semen was found on her jeans.

    Distinct tire tracks found at the scene were matched to the tires found on the Mascotte Police Department patrol cars. Duckett’s and McAbee’s fingerprints were found on the hood of the car, indicating that she was sitting backwards on the hood of the car.

    At trial, three girls between the ages of 17 and 19 testified that in the six months prior to the murder, Duckett had given rides to each of them and had made sexual advances. One of the girls testified that she participated in sexual acts with Duckett.


  8. Karen C. says:

    TY for the correction on her name, my step-daughter’s name is Melissa and she’s been much on my mind of late. The Duckett case is a tough one and personally I really don’t feel it can be safely wrapped up with a bow unless and until his skeleton is found and we have some plausible COD (Fractured skull?) She was a liar, but about what exactly? Drugs and general criminality appear to have been all around. Josh had an alibi of sorts IIRC, and he passed a poly, but there were other friends at her house that night.

    I discount the sightings of a living Trenton but there have been a number of them over the years, some stronger than others. He was a cutie and there have been cases of someone with opportunity swiping a kid they thought was in a parlous state. It would be nice to think he’s OK somewhere. I point out she was young because someone that immature is more likely to overreact to just about anything. I’m not saying she was innocent (likely not) but Lawd knows new facts can emerge that upend the whole she-must-have-done-it scenario here.

  9. I am watching Dr Phil…he has Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin on there. I wish their NY lawyer, would shut up. Dr Phil gave him a hint to let the other two do the talking.

  10. Vicky says:

    It is really heartbreaking to think about the numbers of missing children there are in this country…even more so when by all indications a parent or caregiver might be involved.
    Below is a list of missing children from Kansas and Missouri remembered in a ceremony in May of 2011. Baby Lisa is now added to that list. So many families without answers. One on the list is Randy Leach. He is from the county I live in. Randy disappeared without a trace following a Pre-graduation Bonfire over 25 years ago. His parents have never given up hope. Many rumors surrounded his disapprearance including satanic cult involvement. Randy’s mom and dad have never allowed his name to fade from the memory of our community. If he met with fowl play, I pray that someday, someone will come forward with the truth.

  11. Vicky ~~ OMG, I read the following when I checked out your link. This is hard to believe. We only hear of a few apparently…
    About 500 to 600 children are missing every year in Kansas, according to local officials. In America, the number is 800,000 a year.

    I can’t even begin to wonder how the parents of these missing children cope. As sad as it is, when the remains are found, at least the families get a bit of closure. Not knowing if your child is dead or alive has to be pure hell.

    The bastard who raped and murdered 7 year old Somer Thompson pleaded guilty today to avoid the death penalty. He was given 6 life sentences. I hope he will be put in general population at the prison. Somer’s twin brother and mother spoke in the penalty phase today.

  12. Did anyone else besides me watch Dr Phil today? If you did, did Deborah Bradley win you over?

  13. Dont get Dr Phil in the UK exsept for old reruns on daytime tv sometimes,,,,Have been unable to access facebook for some reason so unable to respond if you have messaged me. Did say I had notifications but cant read them hope you are well.

  14. Ecossie~ ~ Facebook is going through some changes and a few times I have been unable to log in. I just said, “hello Matey” to you on chat. I expect there will be a lot of reruns of Dr Phil and it will be posted on Youtube. Deborah Bradley was briefed by her big shot attorney, Joe Tacopina, who was on there too. Deborah is very defensive when her getting drunk is brought up. I don’t think she killed Lisa intentionally but I have a feeling it was an accident and she covered it up because she was drunk.

    I copied the following from a website… that came through my google alerts..

    Private investigator “Wild” Bill Stanton also appeared on the show to discuss his part of the investigation and the anonymous benefactor who hired him and is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the resolution of the case.

    The benefactor is a women with ties to a member of the Irwin family, Stanton said. He said he was hired by the benefactor, not the family, to solve the case.

  15. Vicky says:

    Heck no she didn’t win me over! Just like with poor little Ayla, I am of the opinion that Deborah knows more than what she is telling. I have no idea whether or not Lisa is alive, but I do know that the likelihood that this was a stranger abduction, occurring in the middle of the night, with a timeline that would not allow a stranger without knowledge of mom being passed out drunk, is very slim. For her not to accept the fact that her “grown up time” allowed whatever happened to happen tells me that she is more worried about herself and her image than her missing child. Not only that, she has undergone a bit of a makeover, and doesn’t appear to me to have the physical appearance of a mother who has lost her child to a stranger abduction. When I look at mothers of other missing children, they have a look in their eyes that makes you feel their pain of not knowing where their child is or what has or is happening to them. I haven’t that look in Deborah. Then again, maybe I am just too irritated with her to see it.

  16. cali patti says:

    Probably an unpopular belief but I have thought baby Lisa’s mom has always been on the up and up. I really think the man that was reportedly seen walking down thee street with a baby by three different people nabbed that baby. I think “he” goes back to the yard sale.

  17. Vicky~~Deborah didn’t convince me either. She thinks her grown-up drinking to the point of blacking out is just fine and dandy. I don’t know who she thinks she is kidding. She would never have admitted to the drinking if LE had not found the receipt for the wine in her trash and then got the surveillance video. She said that LE told her she did not pass the polygraph test and I don’t give a hoot what Joe Tacopina is saying. LE is not going to tell Tacopina the results of the polygraph. Joe reminds me of José and Deborah is lying through her teeth just like Casey.

    I notice that Jeremy Irwin cannot seem to make eye contact. Maybe he has a phobia but keeping the head down is an indication of not facing the truth. It is plain to see that Deborah controls Jeremy. Jeremy is another George Anthony and Deborah can turn on the tears just as good as Cindy. I think she is crying because she is going through booze withdrawal and because she knows Lisa is dead.

    One other thing… I also do not believe Deborah is telling the truth about not knowing Jersey. She had to have known him since he took care of her neighbors lawn and others in that neighborhood.
    The last I heard, Jersey is in jail on other charges. Maybe he will sing about what really happened on the night of Oct 3rd to get a reduced sentence on whatever he is being charged with now.

  18. Cali~ ~I cannot believe that ‘ the man seen carrying a baby’ down the street on a cold nite would not have been reported to the police immediately. Now this same man was spotted 3 miles away running along another street carrying the baby. I think it was a figment of someone’s imagination. The guy on the motorcycle never came forward with his story until a week later. Phooey, I say…phooey.

    I am more concerned with the fire in that dumpster. Jersey had access to gasoline as most lawn mowers are gas operated. He also set fire to ‘flamingo hair’s’ vehicle.

  19. Vicky says:

    The problem I had with one of her statements is that she claims it is hard to make consistent statements when participating in multiple interviews. IMO, it is hard to make consistent statements when you fill in the blanks as you go along or change your story based upon newly discovered information. I tend to focus on statements made immediately following a traumatic event. That would mean Lisa was put to bed at 10:00 not 6:00. why such a huge change in that part of the timeline?
    I honestly hope baby Lisa is alive, but only if she truly is with someone who wanted a child and is taking good care of her. It just seems odd to me that a stranger could happen upon a house with a baby in it with no prior contact with the family. Nobody in that neighborhood reported any strange vehicles cruising through. Like I said previously, the house is off the beaten path. Deborah has never reported anyone showing an uninvitedninterest in her child. She has never reported having any sense that she was being followed. Nobody reported noticing a stranger in the neighborhood during the time Deborah and friend were out on the porch having grown up time.
    I realize that stranger abductions occur, but something about this situation leaves me to believe that if Lisa was taken, it was by someone who had contact with the family in the past.
    Even though this is listed as a missing child case. The KCPD are more likely than not investigating it as a homicide. Whether at Deborah’s hands or someone else’s. Without a body, they really have no other choice than to list her as a missing child. Interestingly, you don’t hear the term abducted in most articles relating to her. Hmm.

  20. Vicky~~ It will be a miracle if Lisa’s skeleton is ever found. If Deborah gets charged down the road, I can hear it now. “It was an accident that snowballed out of control because she was drunk.” sayeth Joe Tacopina in his opening statement. Then he will go on and say she was abused as a child and became addicted to alcohol. Isn’t that how it goes now?

    BTW, LE are saying that there is no evidence to show Baby Alya Reynolds of Waterville, Maine was abducted. I think the bio father and his girllfriend may know exactly what happened to Alya.

  21. Vicky says:

    Snoopy- The story surrounding Ayla is so sad. It seems obvious to me that she was a victim of child abuse. The fact that Ayla’s blood was found in the basement and someone had attempted to clean up the evidence of blood would lead one to believe that something terrible happened there. IMO, the Luminol must have revealed that there must have been a significant amount of blood if LE has concluded that she is dead.
    You know, it is bad enough for a child to die at the hands of it’s parent. It is far worse when the parent refuses to accept the responsibility/ consequences for their actions. I can manage to forgive a parent who completely loses it resulting in the death of a child (granted it isn’t easy), but I have NO use for a parent that lies about it and/or disposes of the body. I can’t even entertain the thought of excusing that action.
    Too many of these disgusting parents (I use that term loosely) bank on the no body no crime defense and follow up with a pity me party, complete with donations. It makes me sick!

  22. Vicky says:

    There was so much flooding in the Kansas City area last summer and fall. My guess is that Lisa (if killed), was swept away in the Mighty MO. Such a tiny body will never be recovered if she was placed there. The currents were something else when all of the water was released from up north.

  23. Vicky says:

    Btw- I doubt very seriously anyone will ever be charged in the Lisa Irwin case. Not unless someone finally decides to confess. That or years from now, an adult Lisa begins to question her past when she tries to obtain a birth certificate/social security card or discovers that her DNA does not match her parents’ following medical tests for an illness and begins to search for the truth.

  24. Ecossie and anyone who may have not watched the Dr Phil show today…here is clip one

    If you scroll down the page at the following site…you will see the rest of the clips, 2, 3, 4 etc

  25. Vicky says:

    I fond this news article surfing the Internet. The story happened three months ago, and I couldn’t find any follow up, but the story is incredible. An eighteen month old boy was missing for two days and the family didn’t figure it out until the police put his photo on the news.

  26. Vicky~ ~ what did they mean ‘just two blocks’ between the two houses? That is a long distance for a little boy to go traipsing off by himself especially with all the pedofiles around. I just don’t understand some of these people. The two families didn’t have very good communication. Thank God that woman spotted the cute little fella and called the police.

  27. Amber from Maryland says:

    Vicky and Snoopy

    I don’t understand either. A toddler shouldn’t be able to walk next door by himself, let alone two blocks. Thank heaven, he is alive and well.

  28. Amber~~ Can you imagine a pedofile seeing that little boy by himself? The mother should be charged with child endangerment.

  29. ((Could this be a way of throwing the suspicion in another direction instead of the bio father and his girlfriend?))

    Two windows were smashed at the home of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds, police said today.

    Officers responded to a 911 call at the Waterville, Maine home around 11:15 p.m. last night after Reynolds’ grandmother, Phoebe DiPietro, said she heard someone throwing things through windows at the house.

    “No rocks or thrown objects were recovered, leading officers to believe that the windows were damaged by a bat or some other object that was carried away from the scene,” Waterville Police said in a statement.

    Police conducted a search of the surrounding area, but it did not turn up any leads.

    Ayla Reynolds: Windows Broken at Missing Maine Toddler’s House

  30. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I am amazed beyond words at the number of missing toddlers and parents who say just about anything to police except the truth about what happened.

    I hope that baby Ayla is still alive but I also hoped that baby Caylee was still alive.

    We aren’t going to find many candidates for Mother of the Year or Father of the Year among the batch of parents of missing babies and toddlers that we have been reading about in the news.

  31. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I just decided to check the news for Baby Kate whom we were discussing a long time ago. She hasn’t been found but her father is going on trial later this month:

  32. Amber~~I do not think babies, Kate, Lisa, Alya and Sky Metalwala are alive. Baby Kate’s father had the little girls clothing in his pocket. This indicates to me that he did not want her to be identified by her clothing if her remains were found. If he gave her away, I doubt if he would have passed her over in just a diaper and the party taking her had a change of clothes. Thanks for that link, I must check it out. I know he is charged with parental kidnapping.

    The cadaver dogs hit on a spot on the mother’s bedroom floor of the Lisa Irwin’s home.

    They found Alya’s blood on the basement floor of her home.

    Sky Metalwala may have been given to someone out of the country long before his mother reported him missing. Sky’s mother is mentally ill so he may be dead too.

  33. Amber~~ I had forgotten the father’s name …It is Sean Michael Phillips… I copied the following via your link…. so unlawful imprisonment can get him 15 yrs… His trial is due to go ahead Feb 22nd.

    Phillips, 21, of 280 W. Millerton, Victory Township, is charged with one count of unlawful imprisonment, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, and one count of parental kidnapping, punishable by up to a year and a day in jail

  34. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    It is really a shame!!! So many people would have given anything to adopt even one of the precious babies. There is no need to kill a child to avoid parental responsibilities. Not everyone is suited to take on the day to day tasks of parenting. Casey Anthony apparently was not. There is nothing wrong with that if the unsuitable parents take the child to someone or some group who will find someone to adopt the babies. There are too many articles about unsuitable parents who made mistakes and took the wrong way out.

  35. Amber~~ I know a woman and her husband who spent years trying to have a child. She used to break down in tears every month when she had her period. They spent thousand of dollars on In vitro fertilisation but nothing worked. They have two adopted children now. It is a long procedure to go through to adopt a child.

    Many little ones are murdered as a result of dirty custody battles… they are used as pawns. Other contributors to parents killing their offspring is caused by drugs and/or alcohol abuse. Of course, in the case of Andrea Yates, she was mental and her husband should not have kept her pregnant all the time. In the case of Susan Smith, her new boyfriend didn’t want kids/. It is a sick world…no, the world isn’t sick, it’s some people in it.

    I think Casey got rid of Caylee out of revenge for her mother. She knew Cindy and George would have taken Caylee in a heart beat. If the truth ever came out, we would find Casey got into one of her hissy fits after Cindy put a choke hold on her. She took off with Caylee the nite of June 15th and that was when she snuffed out Caylee’s life just before midnight and then talked to Tony Lazarro on her cell phone until 3 am. That’s my theory and I stand firm.

  36. Amber from Maryland says:

    I think you are right about the parents who kill their children. You may well be right in your theory of when Caylee died. I have just started reading Jeff Ashton’s book and my opinion of Casey has become even more negative than it was before. My opinion of Cindy is changing. I am stunned to think that anyone could live in denial as much as Cindy appears to have lived in denial. I do tend to believe Jeff Ashton’s assessments. Of course, I think most sane people other than the Pinellas County jurors would be more convinced by Jeff Ashton than Jose Baez. Who knows?

  37. margaret says:

    OMG!! I just read on WFTV that Josh Powell sent his lawyer a text message and then the house he and the two boys were in blew up….

  38. Amber from Maryland says:


    That is terrible!!! Thanks for the tip. After reading it on WFTV, I did a news search and came up with this pointer to Yahoo News:–abc-news.html

    I think that man was terrible. If he wanted to kill himself and blow up his house, that is fine. Taking two innocent children with him was not. Speaking of dirty custody battles, as Snoopy was above, this is another of the ultimate ones. He had already won. I bet he had killed his wife, which certainly prevented her from getting custody. I guess he needed the bonus victory of keeping her parents from getting permanent custody also. At least he saved the social worker. That may not be enough to redeem him, but it was something!


  39. OMG, why did Josh have to kill the boys too. He was mental and I think his father Steven had a lot to do with that…. here is more..

    Josh Powell, two sons killed in “intentional” explosion of Powell’s Washington home

    GRAHAM, Wash.—
    Washington police say Josh Powell and his two young sons have been killed in an explosion at the Powells’ Graham, Wash., home.

    The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to FOX 13 that Josh Powell and his two sons, 7 and 5 years old, were killed in a planned, intentional explosion Sunday afternoon at the Graham home of Steven Powell.

    A lawyer for Josh Powell told the Associated Press he received a three-word email from his client just minutes before Powell and his two boys died in a house explosion. It said, “I’m sorry, goodbye.”

    Attorney Jeffrey Bassett tells The Associated Press the email arrived at 12:05 p.m. Sunday, but he didn’t see it until two hours later, when others informed him of the blast. He says he knew Josh was upset after being ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation recently, but he didn’t see this coming.

    CNN reports that a case worker had just dropped off Powell’s sons at the home for a supervised visit at around 12:45 p.m. Washington time.

    As the children got close to the door, Powell somehow got them inside but prevented the case worker from getting in as well, Graham, Washington, Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Gary Franz told CNN.

    The case worker reported smelling something similar to gas, said Franz. A short time later, the house exploded.

    The unstable condition of the residence on Sunday afternoon was hindering firefighters’ efforts to get inside and look for victims, including possibly Powell himself. Franz said there are concerns that the house could collapse,0,2033970.story

  40. margaret says:

    I had finished reading the new blog and went to Wftv. I almost fell off my chair when I saw this story. Those dear sweet precious boys, I hope they did not have time to be frightened. That sorry wimp probably told them what was going to happen. If only the judge could have realized how crazy he was and made the visits happen in a social setting.Another sad day..

  41. Amber from Maryland says:


    It is very sad!!! Hindsight is better than foresight. If only Cindy Anthony could have realized that she had a psychopathic daughter, she could have thrown her daughter out of the house and kept Caylee. If only Susan Powell had realized that her husband was a super loser, she might have fled somewhere with the children and be alive today. If only someone could have clobbered the guilty and saved Baby Lisa, Baby Kate, Baby Ayla, and Baby Sky, they would be alive and happy somewhere. The babies could not look out for themselves and, when the time came, nobody looked out for them. It is a crazy thing.

    I used your link and couldn’t get to the article. Then I searched the CHicago Tribune site for the article and copied the link after reading it. The only difference I can see between the one below and yours is that story is spelled out at the end of mine:,0,2033970.story

  42. Amber~~I finally got my link to work. I hadn’t copied the whole thing and it looked strange with just the s on the very end. This has upset me so much thinking two more little children will never be able to grow up. I fault Steven Powell for Josh’s problems. Steven is a pervert and his trial is next month I believe.

  43. Margaret~~I truly appreciate you alerting us to things you come across in the news. I just wish this story was not so sad. Susan’s parents must be in shock over this. You could tell that Josh had real mental issues. I think he did kill Susan and I think Josh’s father drove him to it. Steven Powell wanted Josh and him to share having sex with Susan. I wonder where Josh’s mentally challenged brother was at the time of the fire. I believe he still lived in that home.

  44. Here is Josh with sons, Charlie and Braden

  45. nika says:

    This is so horrible that it’s hard to believe it happened. How can you take two the lives innocent children for your own greed. I also hope the boys did not realize what was going on. The visits should have happened at a public place rather than the home of a psycho. Susan’s parents have now lost their daughter as well as their grandsons. They might never recover from this.

  46. Amber from Maryland says:


    It would be a shame if the mentally challenged brother were killed too. Who will take care of him if he is alive and Josh and his father are out of the picture?

  47. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Nika

    The only safe place for a visit would have been the local police station with armed officers supervising. The collateral damage in a public place such as McDonald’s or a park could have been even more extreme. What happened is absolutely terrible. What could have happened is worse.

    SO many appalling things have been in the news. I feel sorriest for the children who could have done nothing to save themselves even if they knew what was going to happen. I also feel sorry for those who morn those children because it is so difficult to anticipate these tragedies enough to protect the children.

  48. The next article is graphic in parts but we are all adults here….

    In order to get his children back, Josh Powell was due to have a psychosexual evaluation. You can read here what this examination entails. I am shocked with what I read. As an example…Besides undergoing a paper-and-pencil evaluation, Josh Powell may possibly be subjected to a penile plethysmograph — which measures the bloodflow to a penis. The plethysmograph is administered with a strain gauge, which measures an erection response while a person is shown slides and tapes of normal sexual behavior as well as deviant acts.

    Josh could not face the fact that he would be put through this sort of testing. If the truth was known, Steven Powell, Josh’s father programmed him at a very young age that sex was okay with females regardless of their age or if they were married to someone else. I hope they throw the book at Steven when his trial comes up as Josh is a product of Steven.

    You can read the full article here…

    Exam will unveil Josh Powell’s sexual history, preferences

  49. Hi Nika… this is devastating news. Josh reminded me of someone sitting on a powder keg ready to explode. Yes, I believe he killed Susan the nite he went on that camping trip in sub zero weather with his two boys, I always had a feeling he burned her body as his hand appeared to be very red and chapped. I wouldn’t doubt Josh killed Susan under the direction of his father. Remember the large stain on the rug that was supposed to be koolade spilled and Susan getting sick after eating the pancakes. Steven gave Josh the recipe for those pancakes via the phone. Steven even had a hangman’s noose at his home along with all his videos of porn and several pics of Susan in compromising poses.

  50. cali patti says:

    Snoop, thanks for the heads up via face book. I had been so pleased at Susan’s parents having custody. I am so sick of this crap. WT* is wrong with people. I am so sick of victim rights!

  51. Cali~~ I was playing words with friends at FB when I noticed Margaret had put a comment in here alerting me to the news… since then, I have been trying to get more details… I would like to think that Josh may have confessed to killing Susan in one of his msges to authorities…

  52. Sgt. Ed Troyer, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman, said emails that Powell sent authorities seemed to confirm that Powell planned the deadly blast. Troyer didn’t elaborate on the contents of the emails, but said they make police believe “this is intentional, this is planned…this is a double murder-suicide.”

    The visit supervisor for this particular agency had taken the children to the home. When she does that, she sits through the visit and might take notes on her observations,” Hill said. “She pulled up in the car, and the kids ran out ahead of her. He closed the door and locked it. She wasn’t able to get in, and that’s when she smelled gas.”

    So it seems that Josh sent emails to authorities beside the text msg to his lawyer.

    You can read more here….

  53. On Sunday, the lawyer for Susan Powell’s parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, told the AP the children had started talking to their grandparents about things they remembered from the night their mother vanished.

    “They were beginning to verbalize more,” said attorney Steve Downing, whose clients had custody of the children. “The oldest boy talked about that they went camping and that Mommy was in the trunk. Mom and Dad got out of the car and Mom disappeared.”

    Read the full article here at WFTV

  54. Karen C. says:

    Oh my God. I can’t even say more. When will these stupid pathetic people in charge of what happens to our kids learn there should be ZERO contact for the kids with a suspect (whether referred to as such or NOT)- PERIOD!!!! Unless and until they are proven innocent.

    No more stupid senseless deaths of children because of the “rights” of these morally inferior people!

    These two kids should never have left their grandparent’s sides- let the pathetic WORM see them in some LE office somewheres, with armed guards all around if that is what it takes to keep the kids safe- what is good for the kids should ALWAYS take precedent over these LOSERS.

    This same thing has happened so many times. Evil is evil, doesn’t change. We need some new federal legislation here.

    Her poor parents, who wants to be “right” about a thing like this after the fact? I feel sorry for the worker who brought them there. Wonder how the judge and that lawyer, Bassett, are sleeping tonight.

  55. Vicky says:

    There are no words from me right now. Just tears.

  56. Vicky~~I understand, my friend.

  57. Karen C~~instead of those two little boys, I wish Josh had his father in that house with him when he turned on all the gas and then ignited it. I wonder what the SOB is thinking as he sits in his prison cell awaiting his trial.

    It was so evident that Josh was mentally disturbed. I am going to try and find a video of him and all you have to do is watch his face. As soon as I viewed it, I knew he was not all there. Why don’t the authorities notice the things that we laypeople do? I wonder if they bother.

  58. Karen C says:

    I cannot tell you how furious I am. Ever since that bizarre “S’mores” interview and then the revelations about his pervert father it was obvious he was way off. His whole affect was “I’m a pathetic and useless weinie” that you wouldn’t have water the plants, what she ever saw in him is beyond me. Maybe she thought he was fixable. I hope the family sues like crazy- maybe then something good will come out in terms of legislation.

  59. Sherry says:

    I agree, Karen C.

    Dave’s latest post is exactly what I have been saying since finding out about this tragedy on top of tragedy. Chances are, the boys didn’t know what hit them. 😥

  60. Here is the interview with Josh Powell that I watched quite awhile ago. It was not hard to see that he was lying through his teeth. He was absolutely pathetic and I thought he was mentally challenged.

  61. Karen C~ ~ both Josh and his father had no respect for woman. Woman to them just represented someone that they could use and abuse. Steven wanted Josh to share Susan with him and he even admitted that he was falling in love with her. When Susan rejected Steven’s sexual advances, he wanted her out of the way. I truly believe that Steven knows how Susan was murdered as Josh probably told him the gorey details.

    Hi Sherry… now it is time for bed…nitey nite…

  62. Sherry says:

    Hi, Snoopy. I pray you had a wonderful night’s sleep (writing as though you won’t see my comment til the ‘morrow which is today)!
    Though my bent is politics now I just had to put up a post on this. I am very angry with the government run agencies that have shepherdship over our vulnerable children and elderly.

    Well, I have always wanted to strangle Josh for his idiocy in this whole tragedy but the demons of hell are now having that privilege. JMHO~

  63. LindaNewYork says:

    I just found out on the news about that POS Josh Powell.

    Very fitting, reagarding your post, Jonathon. He did indeed get away with murder. 3 murders. What a horror.

  64. LindaNewYork says:

    I truly believe God took those boys into Heaven, where they will be with their Mother, before they could feel and realize what was happening.

  65. Karen C. says:

    Well, I took this to Dave’s and since you had it going first, here goes again, from GMA:

    “At a hearing Wednesday, a statement from the West Valley City, Utah, police noted that information and images were found on Josh Powell’s computer that “specifically related to their children’s welfare,” according to ABC affiliate KTVX in Salt Lake City.
    The police did not specify what the information was, but Judge Kathryn J. Nelson ruled that because of that information, Josh Powell would not be allowed to have his children back until he submitted to a psychosexual evaluation and a polygraph test, the report said.
    Bassett, Josh Powell’s attorney, said the ruling was unfair to his client, who has not been charged with any crimes.
    “Utah was dangling the alleged content of this disk. If this disk contains what they’re saying it contains why haven’t they arrested my client?” he said at the hearing {GOOD FREAKING QUESTION!}.
    The children were to remain with Chuck and Judy Cox until Josh Powell’s next hearing, which was scheduled for July. Josh Powell was allowed twice-weekly supervised visitations with his sons during that time, KTVX reported.”

    Notice how they are not reporting who actually OK-d the “allowing” of visitations.

    Hey, here’s a thought, maybe Bassett shouldn’t have fought (pro bono yet! SCHMUCK! He got PLAYED!) so hard for his a-hole client’s “rights!
    Hey, here’s another, maybe lawyers should use a little discretionary common sense of their own- when it looks like a guilty weenie, and acts like a guilty weenie….

    I didn’t sleep a wink last night, I’m just pacing like a tiger around the house FURIOUS.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  66. Josh Powell’s Family ‘In a Total State of Shock’,,20567579,00.html

  67. Susan Powell’s slain sons were ‘beginning to verbalize,’ lawyer says

    Here is a video and write up. The video of the house in flames was taken by a neighbor.

  68. Karen C. says:

    They’re playing Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” right now on our public radio.
    How did they know?

  69. estee1240 says:

    It sure doesn’t look to me that that was a ‘supervised visit’…Sure the social worker escorted the children to the door, but Josh wouldn’t let her enter…..I know that social worker thanks her lucky stars but grieves the loss of her charges and wonders whether she could have done things differently…My heart goes out to her and to the Cox family…RIP Susan, your boys are now with you in heaven and Josh has gone to his reward, you know where…

  70. Karen C. says:

    May I make a wild-eyed prediction? Daddy’s going to throw Sonny under the bus. There’s the defense right there.

  71. cali patti says:

    If it means anything but I am going for my walk in the hills. At the top of Sandy Ridge hill there is a bench and a cliff. I will say a prayer for Susan and her boys today from all of us. I will ask for peace for all who enter this room also. I am sick of this happening. I honestly feel like this case just broke something in me.
    To all a good and warm day.

  72. Amber from Maryland says:

    There was a relevant but disheartening story on NBC about SIDS and Child Abuse:

    At least we can take comfort in the fact that Susan’s boys are now with her.

  73. nika says:

    Thank you Cali Patti. I needed that. My thoughts have been so hateful today that the prayers somehow got pushed aside.

  74. redrelaxed says:

    Hello Snoopy & Everyone,

    I was numb yesterday when I found out that Josh had murdered his two boys. Today I am so full of sadness I can only search for answers that help to explain this terrible tragedy.

    The only answer I can come up with is; he was guilty of killing Susan. He had said previously he could never even hurt Susan, well he proved yesterday what he is truly cabable of, IMO. Josh was a very twisted individual capable of murdering his wife, and his precious children. Take your own life, but to take your children with you? Beyond sick.

    Watched that video of Josh you posted Snoop, and he was calculating, deliberate and slowly avoiding questions, like “exactly where and when he went camping”, and corrected that Susan wasn’t sick, and the time she went to bed. Who the hell takes a two year old camping at midnight and then feeds them smores for breakfast?! He looked like someone who’s guilty and trying to garner sympathy and doing a really lousy job of it too. Long after that interview he had little good to say about Susan, and IMO that whole family is whacked because of Steve Powell and his perversions.

    We can’t predict outcomes, however CPS and judges need to seriously weigh all the circumstances once discovered and uncovered and get involved in cases like this BEFORE they put children at risk. At least try to foresee the dangers associated with the entire picture. You know…connect the visible dots. Those two little guys never stood a chance once their mother was out of the picture, because the system failed miserably to protect them. The Cox’s had no choice but to allow the courts decision in Josh’s “supervised” bi-weekly visitations with his children. Victims it seems never have any rights, and as you said Snoop, the suspects and criminals get away with murder.

  75. Hello everyone…

    Josh was a very disturbed young man. He was in a grown man’s body but acted like a timid child. He was brain washed by his sadistic father at a very young age. He may have had a chance if he had left that house just like his sister did and distanced himself from that pervert. I don’t know where Josh’s mentally challenged brother lives now. He is the one who answered the door and ran around the house naked. It is too bad that Steven’s ex wife had not insisted all the children go with her when she left. I expect some of them were of age and allowed to make their own choice to stay with their father.

    Steven Powell created a monster and I would not be surprised if he was the one who convinced Josh to get rid of Susan. When Josh and Susan first married, they lived with Steven. Steven did not give Susan any privacy when she was dressing or undressing. He filmed her when she wasn’t looking. He was obsessed with Susan and even suggested that he and Josh share her sexually. Susan finally convinced Josh that they move to Utah from Washington to get away from Steven. Steven sent gifts to Susan along with suggestive letters and made excuses so Josh and Susan would go visit him when they went back home to visit Susan’s parents. Steven admitted ( on a video that I think may be posted in here) that he was in love with Susan.

    Susan was the main bread winner and not only did she work out of the home, Josh made her grow her own vegetables. She made the money and Josh controlled what she was allowed to spend. Susan was on the verge of leaving their marriage and taking the kids but then came that fateful night when she was murdered, thrown in the trunk of the car and Josh went on his winter safari with the boys.

    Josh will burn in hell and it should have been Steven fried to a crisp in that house fire instead of those two innocent boys who were just beginning to have a normal life with their grandparents and extended family.

    I wonder if we will hear what Steven’s reaction was when he learned his son commit suicide and murdered his g/sons. I expect the SOB will blame Josh for all the porn and voyeurism that he is being charged with.

  76. cali patti says:

    Nika your welcome. I just returned. I walk at the Fort Ords trails. They are online. Made up of oaks, scrub oaks, manzanita so on. Very little level ground, so when ever you go down I know the pain of going up is around the corner. People have donated benches here & there. At times I am certain there are several hundred people out there but with how the trails are cut you don’t see them and I’ve noticed everyone respects the quiet. Never a radio or loud speaking.
    At first I was going to sit on the bench then choice to stand on the rim edge.
    I did my apologizing first to God for not being around more often but I simply asked for special attention for Susan and her sons. I sort of felt Susan was up there with both her arms around each boy. Standing the three together with a halfr smile.. I also asked for peace for all who into Mainstreams room. Had a wee bit longer chat and was done./ One of the best 10 mins I spent in a very long time.
    Snoop knows this is my first reference to God. I do not talk religion and I like atheists.
    Thats me, I like and respect everyone.
    Susan Powell and her sons really hurt me deeply.

  77. Newbie says:

    Speechless, just speechless.

  78. Cali Patti~ ~your favorite Northern lady is giving you a BIG teddy bear hug…. thank you so very much.

    Hi Newbie….word are difficult to master at a time like this. Disbelief ….

    I forever tend to try and make some sense out of these situations…. it is not an easy task.

  79. I guess we have to expect stories to change….I thought there was just the one text msg to Josh’s attorney…

    GRAHAM, Washington (Isabelle Zehnder reporting) — An email sent by Josh Powell shortly before he set fire to his rental home in Graham, Washington, killing himself and his two sons, Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, read: “I’m sorry, I can’t live without my boys,” KIRO News reports.

    Pierce County Sheriff’s office spokesman Ed Troyer has confimed Josh sent several emails to family members before ending his and his son’s lives.


    When police told Steve Powell about his son’s double murder-suicide he reportedly cursed at the officers and refused to talk. He was placed on suicide watch. Steve Powell on Monday has refused any media interviews.

    Read more here….

  80. Social services spokesman Mr Shapley said the case worker who was with the children was not a Child Protective Services employee but a contract worker with a private agency, called Foster Care Resources Network. He said it was very common for case workers to be contracted from other companies.

    Following the fatal fire, Steve Powell is now suicide watch while in jail.

    In a bizarre twist Steven Powell had previously claimed his daughter-in-law was in love with him. In July 2011 he announced that he planned to publish her private journal online. Her parents managed to get a restraining order.
    A month later, Josh Powell and his father went on national television to discuss the case. They claimed Susan Powell was promiscuous, emotionally unstable and suicidal, a claim her family denies.
    Steven Powell said he had a flirtatious relationship with his daughter-in-law and believed they were in love.

    The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said this evening that Josh Powell’s father, Steve Powell, is on suicide watch at the Pierce County Jail after hearing news of his son and grandsons’ deaths.

    Steve Powell is charged with multiple counts of voyeurism and possession of child pornography.

    “He was not cooperative with us. He didn’t have much to say,” sheriff’s department spokesman Ed Troyer said.

    Steve Powell didn’t seem emotional or upset when told of the deaths, Troyer said. He did reportedly call deputies derogatory names when they came to see him.

    Read more here:

  81. Karen C. says:

    Daddy is a weasel from Hell. He’ll end up blaming everything on 2 people not here anymore- his evil spawn and, most definitely, poor Susan.

    At least the jury won’t come from Florida.

  82. Karen C~~I think Steven Powell has a lot of answers as to the mystery of Susan. Maybe he will hang himself…good riddance to bad rubbish. I was trying to find the love song that Steven wrote for Susan.

  83. Sherry says:

    “We stated our fear many times, that if he was feeling desperate, that he would possibly kill himself and the boys, that this kind of thing could happen,” Susan’s father Chuck tells PEOPLE. “If he felt there was no way out, that he wouldn’t let anyone else have them. They were possessions to him.”,,20567726,00.html

  84. Karen C. says:

    Bet any money Daddy’s second thought was (when told of this latest)- “Sh&t! I hope this doesn’t hurt my case any!”

    Maybe I can sleep tonight.

  85. Sherry~~they found a hatchett…OMG this is just too much.

  86. Feb. 6, 2012

    Josh Powell tried to kill his two young sons with a hatchet before the flames of the fiery explosion he had ignited engulfed them all, police said today.

    Powell, 36, failed to kill his sons Charles, 7, and Braden, 5, but still wounded them horribly before they died — smoke in their lungs — in the gas-fueled explosion Sunday, according to police and the medical examiner.

    Just days before he killed himself and his two boys when they came to his Graham, Wash., home for what was supposed to be a supervised visit, Powell gave away his children’s toys, police said today.

    Powell also sent long emails detailing what to do with his money, house utilities, and other aspects of his life to cousins, his pastor, and friends just minutes before he ignited the explosion that killed himself and his children and left his house a charred ruin, Pierce County, Wash., Sheriff’s Department Det. Ed Troyer said today.

  87. nika says:

    This is just so awful – I was so hoping the children did not even realize what happened. They had to suffer so much. I guess we now have a clue how Susan died also.

  88. margaret says:

    So this is love for his boys!!!!!! This is a no good coward, that only thought about himself,. He knew his gig was up if the boys were still with grandparents. I guess we now know what the spot was on the floor. He probably used that same hatchet on Susan..Dear God I just don’t understand how anyone could look in those dear sweet innocent faces and then hack them to death. Those precious boys must have been terrified when that front door closed.Someone should have notified DCF when he gave the boys toys away. Lord if we could only rewind the clock back……. I am just heartsick for the boys family….

  89. redrelaxed says:

    I would be banned if I said what I feel about Josh Powell. This is so sickening and horrible.

    In an effort to justify the system, there was a CPS supervisor on the news last night and he was giving some diatribe of how it hurts the children emotionally if they don’t have regular access and visititations with their biological parents in situations such as this. What a crock! I’d rather see a child experience emotional distress and alive rather than be tortured and killed in the manner Josh Powell made those little boys suffer before he murdered them.

    Those boys didn’t want to visit their father according to the Cox family. There were plenty of red flags that could have prevented this horrendous crime with the children anyway.

    Steven Powell knows what happened to Susan. I often wonder if he didn’t have a hand in her demise. God…this story is too much. RIP Braden and Charlie, no one can hurt you now.

  90. Amber from Maryland says:

    Some people are just plain evil!!! Josh Powell may well have been mentally deranged also. Sane people don’t kill their children. Insanity does not excuse what he did. Some insane people are harmless or restrict their fury to destroying themselves instead of others. If Josh Powell told his lawyer “I’m sorry” then Josh Powell knew what he was doing was wrong. I think it is good that he locked the social worker out of the house. (What could one person do to protect the boys from a man with a hatchet?) However, if Josh Powell thought his actions were right and justified, why not do them with an audience? He knew that what he was doing was very wrong and evil and that a normal person would try, probably unsuccessfully, to stop him and to get the police to arrest him or otherwise provide consequences for his behavior.

    Unfortunately, there are evil people and evil situations in this world.

  91. This is Josh Powell’s last voice message… in his own voice about 20 minutes prior to murdering his 2 sons and taking his own life…

  92. Josh Powell’s Final Message: ‘I Am Not Able to Live Without My Sons’

    Powell left a voicemail for his family just 20 minutes before attacking his two young boys Braden, 5, and Charles, 7, with a hatchet and igniting a gas leak that blew up his house on Sunday afternoon.

    “I am not able to live without my sons, and I’m not able to go on anymore. I’m sorry to everyone I’ve hurt. Goodbye,” the voicemail message said.

    Steven Powell has now been named a person of interest in the disappearance of Susan Powell, according to Seattle’s Q13 FOX News, which reports that he was not overly emotional when he heard the news of the explosion, and has been uncooperative with Pierce County deputies. He is currently on suicide watch.

  93. Hello everyone~~the Cox’s said that Charlie and Braden did not want to visit their father on Sunday. They wanted to stay with the Cox’s and play with their cousin instead.

    I don’t know why Josh brutalized his boys before the smoke and fire ended their lives. How they must have suffered and were so terrified before they finally died. Josh appeared to be very loving to the boys in the videos and pictures and this is why I do not understand why he would hurt them.

    It is said that Josh seemed unusually calm and even upbeat after his last custody hearing. This drastic mood swing was the beginning of Josh methodically planning his demise and the boys.
    Why didn’t someone recognize the signs… Josh giving away the childrens toys? I do not know if Josh had any really close friends, maybe one sister who seems to be sticking up for him now. I don’t even know if Josh held down a job. Josh contacted a cousin in Texas in those final moments and the cousin immediately called 911 and asked them to investigate but it was too late.

    Three murders and a suicide wiped out a family and the MASTERMIND of this tragedy sits in jail awaiting his trial on porn and voyeurism.

  94. Karen C. says:

    Snoop- I agree that Daddy was/is the Mastermind. Josh is described by all Susan’s friends and family as “controlling” but I think he was totally being controlled by Daddy himself, and all his actions were with a regard to what Daddy would think and say, to impress Daddy. We’re doing a program at my church about this very topic- that men often seek to control/dominate “their” women not because they care what she thinks but because they care what other men think, and they assume all men think this way if they saw it being done by their own fathers to their mothers. After all, isn’t Daddy just like other Daddys? Don’t all Daddys do these things to Mommys?

    I’m going slightly OT here because I can’t even deal with this Latest. There’s this refrain in my head- He went at them with a hatchet, he went at them with a hatchet….

    And, worst thing, I KNOW this could likely have been avoided.

    I bet he started planning this right as he was walking out that Courthouse door. His father has a lot to answer for.

  95. mainstreamfair says:

    Karen C~~ as bad as these tragedies are, we must learn from them. We have to try and understand what went wrong to cause these things to happen and then try to educate the public. By speaking of them opening and honestly, we may just be able to help.

    Steven Powell ran a very strange household. He seemed to control his children and teached them at a young age that women were second class citizens. He seemed to live in the dark ages when women were considered just that. Times have changed but there are those who do not accept those changes. Steven Powell was definitely a sick, deranged perverted man. He destroyed Josh mentally and then look what happened.

  96. mainstreamfair says:

    I am having a few puter problems so please bear with me if I cannot be as attentive to my blog. I keep losing my internet connection. The problems seem to be sporatic.

  97. mainstreamfair says:

    Police want to interview uncooperative elder Powell

    A search warrant affidavit filed in Pierce County Superior Court on Tuesday showed Josh Powell withdrew $7,000 from a South Hill bank branch Saturday.

    A teller at the Bank of America branch at 176th Street and Meridian contacted Pierce County sheriff’s detectives Sunday to notify them of the withdrawal, the affidavit states.

    The teller did not ask Powell why he was making the withdrawal.

    Detectives seized transaction records and photographs of Powell taken by bank security cameras, the affidavit states.

    Powell killed his young sons, Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, about 24 hours later.

    In other developments Tuesday:


    Sheriff’s detectives served a search warrant at a storage unit believed to belong to Josh Powell.

    “We’re not looking for anything specific in it,” sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.

    He declined to provide a location but said the storage unit was discovered after the fire.

    Detectives from West Valley City, Utah, assisted with the warrant. The Utah agency is investigating the murder of Powell’s wife, Susan Cox Powell, who disappeared from the couple’s home in 2009.

  98. mainstreamfair says:

    No deal yet, but prosecutors would ‘listen’ to Steven Powell

  99. mainstreamfair says:

    Here are the 911 calls from case worker and Josh’s sister…

  100. cali patti says:

    Having trouble with this outcome. Josh’s mental should have been noticed in the courtroom, I could see the dark circles and slightly disheveled appearence. Parents that have been accused of ?? have had supervised visitation in a neutral place when no actual proof of anything has been verified. Often there has been no crime or abuse. In this case there is Josh’s wife that is missing and most believe is murdered by Josh or his father or together.
    To allow those boys to visit at his home was wrong.
    I felt good about this case as soon as Susan’s parents were awarded temporary custody. I thought, wow, finally a good outcome. I am personally having trouble with the boys deaths.
    I know this all about me for that I am sorry. I will read here in the future but I can’t get into another case for a time.
    My heart hurts over this.

  101. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy and Cali Patti

    Maybe the dispatcher came from Pinellas County. He would certainly qualify for one of their juries without knowing anything about the Powell Case or any capacity to care. He probably wouldn’t have known anything about the Anthony Case either. I have my doubts whether the boys would have been able to recover from the hatchet wounds if the smoke inhalation and explosion hadn’t have finsihed them off. However, it is very frustrating listening to the 911 call and the time wasted with the dispatcher’s lack of interest in the call. If one of us who had been following the Powell case recently had answered the 911 call we would have probably wanted to send out the National Guard at the first hint that the boys might be in trouble at the hands of their lunatic, and probably evil, father. Anyone with any familiarity with the Josh Powell case would have smelled a rat. I still want to know if he came from Pinellas County.

  102. Vicky says:

    This is for Cali Pati

  103. Vicky says:

    That didnt work, I guess you tube is into the advertising business.

  104. I got a new modem today so had a lot of catching up to do once I was up and running without the puter freezing and not loading pages.

    Cali Patti~~I hope you are not forgetting Jonathon’s Coffee Café where you can come in and just chat without any doom and gloom… I expect to see you there or I will get the stick of wood from the neighbor.

    Amber~~it was so hard to listen to that stupid dispatcher knowing time was of the essense and those little boys were probably still alive. The Case Worker said Josh had the boys for about ten minutes and the house hadn’t exploded by then.

  105. cali patti says:

    Vicky … Thank you that was nice. Very nice of you to think of me. I was so proud I sent my boys a thumbs up to check out Three Dogs Night on you tube.

    Hey Bird, Im having problems, mostly when trying to post reply in here. I feel blessed every time its able to go through.

  106. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    There is more news about Felon Anthony, our long time focus in the realm of child killers. See the latest in “Shaeffer Says” on WFTV:

  107. snoopysleuth says:

    Amber~~I watched the entire video of Casey on another blog and it was stupid. I expect Cheney Mason will ask for a continuous so the Zenaida case will once again be delayed. As Sheaffer says, Casey will just not go away. I hope she will leave the country once her probation is over and it will be good riddance.

  108. snoopysleuth says:

    (This article is not for the faint of heart. It is quite graphic in parts)

    The department hosted the meeting so residents could ask questions of fire and law enforcement officials and get advice from chaplains on how to cope with the disaster in their backyard. On Feb. 5, Powell rigged the house as a bomb and killed himself and his two sons, Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5.

    Read the entire article here…

    Investigators: Josh Powell used house in Graham area as ruse

  109. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Josh Powell was a disgrace!!! Who could ever have imagined the lengths to which he would go???

  110. snoopysleuth says:

    Hi Amber…the following is very interesting….

    Why didn’t LE look into this tip sooner instead of just two weeks ago??

    Josh And Susan Powell Case: New Clues, Details Emerge In Search For Missing Mom

  111. Karen C. says:

    Psychologically interesting that he put the 2nd gas can between his legs, seated on the floor. And that he put pictures of her up on the walls there. If they’d been there during the supervised visits that would mean one thing, if he had just put them up prior to the “event”, that means another. Amazing the act he put on for so long. I’m really frustrated by the apparent lack of communication between Utah and WA authorities on this guy.

  112. Vicky says:

    snoops, I just read/listened to a news report or an extremely disturbing case of child abuse. My heart breaks for this child and what she must have gone through for the past six years (at least) Chad and Melinda Chritton, Milwaukee, WS have been arrested after their 15 year old daughter was spotted my a motorist walking down the street barefoot and in pajamas. Thank God he cared enough to stop. She reported that she had been kept in the basement of her “home”, and forced to eat garbage and at times her own feces. There is more to the story and yet again another situation where social services failed to look a little deeper. Damn it, when are people going to realize that in most cases, where there is smoke, there is fire. IMO, any time there are allegations of abuse, there should be unannounced follow up months and even years later.

  113. snoopysleuth says:

    Vicky~~merciful God, how many more cases like this before something is done about CPS investigating complaints about abuse. Did you see how well fed the step-mother looked? So often it is the step mother who torture their step children. I feel sick to my stomach right now.

  114. Vicky says:

    You and me both, Snoopy!
    The hair literally raised on my arms when I read that news report. I can completely understand that parents can “cover-up” and intimidate a child during an initial investigation. However, I believe that even if an initial report is determined to be “unfounded”, there should be a protocol that requires a follow up visit.
    There was another case recently, I can’t remember where, that a childmin a house full of people died under similar circumstances. She was also the family scapegoat. What I can’t figure out is why in the world other family members living in a home, don’t tell someone. There is a case going on in Florida right now where a twin was murdered by abusive adoptive parents. The other twin was seriously abused as well. The case has prompted changes in Florida law. The child’s name was Nubia Barahona. If you google it, your heart will break again. This is a case where the system totally failed two children. It will also outrage you.

  115. snoopysleuth says:

    Thanks, Vicky. I will google that right now. If you get a chance, go to Dave’s and read the last comment BMan wrote…especially the last part… I would love to see your response to him. I was looking for your comment re the case worker/social worker being murdered so now they carry GPS and have a panic button on their cell. Do you recall that? I DO think the systems fail and do put onus on them.

  116. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I left a rather convoluted comment on Dave’s blog. I completely agree that systems fail, but I’m not sure any system in the world can save children from someone like Josh. The only way to protect people from that type of maniac, is to lock them up and throw away the key. Unfortunately, it is damn near impossible to protect children/society from such a person, until they are taken off the streets. For that to happen, they have to harm someone (with enough evidence to make an arrest), and then they have to be convicted. Yet again no guarantee.
    However, I do wish new laws would be enacted to protect our children. Too bad they can’t vote. I bet politicians would pay closer attention to their health and wellbeing if they could.

  117. snoopysleuth says:

    Thanks, Vicky. Thank God Dave put that hilarious banner up. I needed a bit of humor after reading those cases you alerted me to.

  118. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- There’s a guy written about on another site who anally raped his meal-ticket’s nine-month-old baby daughter (who managed to survive this, after surgery, colostomy, etc.). Nine-months-old! That one has had me going all day. Don’t ask for the name of the site, it’s too close to bedtime anyway. The girlfriend turned him in when she figured it out- for once. There are brothels in Europe catering to guys into animals, I kid you not. The laws haven’t caught up with the imaginations of human scum yet.

  119. snoopysleuth says:

    Karen C~~first offense should carry the death penalty if the state has it otherwise natural life and put in general population. Europe eats dogs too so I guess they get raped first.

  120. snoopysleuth says:

    Group buys plots next to Powell boys, preventing Josh’s burial there

    Video and write up here…..

    Group buys plots next to Powell boys, preventing Josh’s burial there

  121. snoopysleuth says:

    As Josh Powell’s family members make plans for laying his body to rest, one family member is doing all he can to remain silent.
    Steven Powell, Josh’s father, remains in custody, and authorities are interested in knowing whether he has information about Susan Powell’s fate.

    On Tuesday, he filed a written notice in Pierce County Superior Court asserting his constitutional right to remain silent and not discuss any matters with Utah, Washington or federal law enforcement.

    Read more here….

    Steven Powell wants to remain silent

  122. redrelaxed says:

    What is wrong with these people?!

    That SOB ought to be cremated and his ashes flushed down a toilet…better yet, pour him down an abandoned outhouse out in the toolies.

  123. cali patti says:

    Redrelaxed, your 1:05 comment is hilarious and right on. What a hoot.

  124. Vicky says:

    Hey Snoops, if you find the time, you really should take a gander at the PDF files released in the Nubia case. One file is over a 1,000 pages, but most is redacted. What is there tells a tragic story.

  125. snoopysleuth says:

    Vick, I cannot find the PDF files…. do you have a link? New post about to go up ….

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