And the Plot Thickens

I was doing some sleuthing this evening and I do not know what to make of the following. It is hard to decipher fact from fiction anymore when it comes to Casey Anthony and some of the people who want their five minutes of fame. I am going to reserve my opinions on what I have viewed and read. I will post the links so you can have a peek at what it going on in cyberspace. There is a picture of Casey and a little dog at one of the links. All I can say is, “the plot is thickening.” You may need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from one certain pic. If you click on different links within Link Three, there are more pictures to see.

Link One

Link Two

Link Three

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71 Responses to And the Plot Thickens

  1. I did notice at Link One, one of the pictures has been photoshopped unless Casey has a long crooked arm. See if you can spot it.

  2. LindaNewYork says:

    OH LORD! Lies and deceipt always around Casey Anthony. Always the “victim” of something or other. Two scenarios: One, she purposely realeased her own video’s/pics to the world, Two, she trusted someone she shouldn’t have. I would like it to be that she trusted someone she shouldn’t have…I hope for all time, she meets with people who LIE to her about undying loyalty and love for her, and turn around screw her. Sorry, that is just how I feel.

    Good sleuthing, snoopy!

  3. cali patti says:

    Hmm, interesting that people still continue to toss insults at each other over the piece of s*** ca ca.
    Link 2 & 3 I could not see pic’s, I think due to out-dated adobe flash but I am ok with not seeing. I believe ca ca with help or alone released videos and pics. She needs a pay day soon.
    As to living with a pastor and his family, maybe. Many people believe finding God will help everyone. These people do not realize that a psycho is not able to feel or believe in anything but themselves.
    The president or owner of that electric company are the same people that gave Geo/Cindy the vacation, if I remember correctly. So that post in Link 1 seems very factual to me.

  4. LindaNewYork~~if you could make some sense out of the info at those links, you are doing better than me. I don’t know how many people claim that they were the first to get their hands on those video diaries and then they all deny it. I cannot figure out who is who but there seems to be a lot of in fighting amongst them all. If Casey doesn’t keep her nose clean and abide by her probation rules, she will end up back in the slammer. She thinks she will be finished her probation if Feb for good behavior. We shall see…

  5. This woman says she saw Casey with a cigarette in her hand and talking on an iphone. I doubt if Casey would be smoking so do not put much stock in the following.

    Woman Says She Saw Anthony In St. Lucie County

  6. Cali Patti~~you are not missing out on much by not being able to see the pictures. It is hard to tell which ones have been photoshopped. I hope when her probation has ended and she answers to all the civil charges pending against her, she will move to some remote area of Africa. She is loving every minute of all this attention even when most of it is negative.

  7. margaret says:

    Gosh darn!! I will have to watch geraldo tonight. He seems to be jose PR person since trial ended. If jose is moving on ,Geraldo will have to announce it.. Sims definitely filed paperwork and I don’t think she would have pulled out without jose. I don’t think it was a coincedent that all this happened when caca started the videos. caca doesn’t need them anymore so is showing the real caca. If they don’t like it they can leave. With the videos and the Drs. reports hitting the public they are running from her. I hope they are really worried about what she will do next’ LOL The party has just begun.

  8. Margaret~~let us know if you hear any news about Baez on Geraldo. Although, I think one of them may lie and the other swear to it. I have a feeling that all these attorneys have had a decline in business since they took on the Anthony case. Maybe Dorothy Sims can get some babysitting jobs. I did not care for her performance regarding the forensics when she was at the podium. She seemed to be a scatter brain and it went well with her hairdo. Casey seems to leave a trail of destruction behind and the lawyers did not realize what they got themselves into. I wonder if Cheney Mason is having much fun lately.

  9. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I couldn’t see all of the pictures on my computer either, but no loss. I realy liked the picture of the cat on top of this article. Nice cat other than the bad taste in sun glasses!

    I think any probabtion department which lets Casey off probation early for good behavior will receive a lot of attention and none of it favorable.

    Margaret, thanks for watching Geraldo. I am dying to know if Jose has left the ship but I do not know if I could stomach watching Geraldo to find out.

  10. Linda says:

    hi snoopy, you should check out JusticeQuest. I read there everynight , the girls are real friendly and they always have a lot of new info on Casey and the Anthonys…. Last night someone posted Caseys new pics, there were about 6 new ones and she was posing in all of them….Seems the dog has taken Caylees place in the pics……..Sick Witch……I can’t wait for her to go down…..

  11. Linda~~thank you. I just read some comments at JQ…. they seem to have a friendly blog.

    For anyone who could not view the pics, here is the one of Casey and her new doggie. I believe she has it dressed in an outfit…It takes a keen eye to detect if some of these pics have been photoshopped or if they are the real McCoy…so for what it is worth…

  12. I honestly do not like putting her mug shot on my blog now because that is what she wants. She is basking in all the glory from this. So let’s say that I put the dog’s pic, being squeezed by a bitch, up.
    I feel sorry for the poor little pooch. I wonder how long it will be before she snuffs it’s life out.

  13. cali patti says:

    PETA is everywhere, fueding with everyone, where are they now when a poor puppy needs them?
    Call out the Humane Society or SPCA, they are non-profit and always nabbing someone’s pooch.
    We need to hire a dog napper! All meant in humor.

  14. margaret says:

    I endured the whole hour and this is the first show that the mustache has not had baez on. I am leaning toward believing that baez really has left caca. Maybe geraldo sees how stupid he has been in all of this. People magazine is saying there are some charities helping her. What kind of charities help people like her? They are also saying she is in touch with Lee and he too may be helping her. Mommy dearest has lied from day one and you know she is helping her, she probably bought her the white car out of Caylees fund. I doubt if anything has changed with George, Cindy or Lee. I can’t look at her face anymore.

  15. Cali Patti~ ~I do not believe that Casey adopted that dog from the SPCA ( not sure what you call it in the US)… here in Canada, the rules are almost the same as for adopting a child. I think someone gave Casey that dog or she bought it from some sleezy person who runs a puppy mill.

    I costs money if you take care of a pet properly these days. I feel so sorry for that little pooch.

  16. Margaret ~~to suffer through a whole hour of listening to the mustached one had to be pure punishment. I think, if Baez has left the Casey camp, he is keeping it very quiet. He may be scared of repercussions from his once prized client. Like Sims, I’ll bet he wishes now that he never took on her case. The public is not stupid, Baez did not win Casey’s case, it was the brain dead 12 from Pinellas County that handed down the verdict They did not understand the jury instructions and thought they were sending Casey for the lethal injection so they signed ‘not guilty’ to all the first three charges. The death penalty should never have been left on the table.

  17. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy and Margaret

    Reputable animal rescue groups in the United States check people out before they allow them to adopt dogs or cats. The last group from which I adopted a dog made a home visit first. Puppy mills, however, aren’t so picky.

    I am so sorry that poor Margaret had to listen to a whole Geraldo show for nothng.

    If Lee is helping Casey after what she said about him, he is crazier than he looked during his trial testimony and crazier than I thought the CMA speech at the memorial service sounded. I could believe that Cindy could be helping Casey with money from the Caylee fund which is one of the many reasons why the Caylee fund would be the last charity on earth to which I would make a donation. I think it is crazy for Cindy to throw good money after bad, but remember that after everything he said at trail, Baez asked Cindy and George to help create a distraction (which could have been risky to their lives) while Felon Anthony was leaving jail. Their one redeeming quality at the time was that they said no. I hope that George wouldn’t allow Casey in his house, not that Cindy will let him have any say in the matter. If Casey is being helped or being welcomed back to the house on Hope Spring, my only conclusion is that some people enjoy suffering.

    I hope that the public is watching closely enough, and that Felon Anthony knows it, so that she will have to take decent care of the new dog. If she can’t take adequate care of the dog, I hope that someone else (even George and Cindy) will take the dog in. I do think Cindy is comptetent enough to raise a dog. Considering how many people survive absolutely terrible upbringings and do well in life, I do not think Casey is solely a product of her upbringing. There has to be something terribly wrong to create such sociopathic behavior.

    Ir will be interesting to find out if Baez really left the Casey camp.

  18. Amber from Maryland says:


    I definitely agree with you that the death penalty should not have been left on the table. If it had not been on the table, Felon Anthony might still be enjoying the hospitality of the state of Florida. She, from all accounts, would have been happy and we would have been happy.

    I do not think that many people wanted to see her get the death penalty and a large number of us are totally opposed to the death penalty.

  19. margaret says:

    People mag. has little segments on HLN about caca hideout. They are saying that some of her lawyers, charities, and get this some churches are helping caca with her needs. If I thought my church wanted to give her a cent, I would leave after, a few choice words.I am going to ask Hal Bodecker where he got that about geraldo talkig about baez leaving and his house being in foreclosure. Snoops can we come up withh a symbol or somthing for her, I can,t look at her trashy pictures without going ballistic. A Devil would sum her up nicely , or a horses patootie.

  20. I watched JVM and why do they have Leonard Padilla on there? He knows everything for a fact and he has yet to be right about anything and that dates from a way back.

    It seems like Casey will never have to try and find employment all the time she is getting handouts. I see a Strip Club wants to hire her and have the following up on their billboard… “Casey, we are hiring,” She must be so thrilled with all the attention.

    Lee Anthony has proven that he is as kooky as the rest of them. I thought for a while that he may distance himself from that family and try to have a normal life with Mallory. I still don’t know if he and Mallory ever married.

  21. Margaret~~I heard the Baez’ two homes were in foreclosure and that was months ago, maybe a year ago. He was behind on his mortgage payments. It wasn’t too long after the Anthony home went into foreclosure and then Brad Conway’s condo went too.

  22. nika says:

    I heard Baez’ homes were in foreclosure and he is moving to Miami. That’s probably about the only place he can go that has paid little attention to what is going on. I doubt he will make much money or have much of a practice.
    Casey could be living in Mason’s father or brothers house in St. Lucie. His father lives out of state now. I am just glad she is not living in the Buddest camp in McIntosh FL that Simms has although I have ask a lot of people who live there and they have never heard of it. McIntosh is a very small place and to close to me.
    I feel sorry for the dog – She is gripping it so tight. Please don’t let that be a little gator t-shirt on the dog.

  23. Nika~~Jeremy Lyons, the Private Investigator who worked for the defense is from St Lucia. I do not like that man and he used dirty tactics when the defense wanted to get rid of Judge Strickland. Lyons also tampered with two different TES searchers who were on the witness list. The witnesses reported him to OCSD but nothing came of it. Just more swept under the rug.
    Jeremy would be the perfect one to be taking care of Casey. They all figure Casey will make them rich one day.

    I hope Casey doesn’t feed that little dog to the gators.

  24. Karen C. says:

    If we find out right where she’s at I do know people who would liberate that dog! No, really. They would swoop down to PSL in their unmarked van, do a recon on the joint, and spring that pup. They sprung a donkey once- a Yorkie or Cairn pup, well, that would be a breeze and they have funds. One of the lawyers or “beaus” got her the dog unless it’s a Yorkie, in which case I betcha its that kooky Cindy done the deed….I wonder if the breeder knows. No reputable breeder would want the negative association!

  25. Karen C~~oh how I wish that could happen. I am an animal lover, in fact sometimes I really think I like animals more than people. I am so worried about that little dog. Didn’t the Anthonys have 2 dogs that died mysteriously? It seems Casey is taunting the public with that dog. She never mentions how much she loved Caylee, the child of her own.

  26. Karen C. says:

    They had two dogs prior to the current ones, which are Yorkies. The previous ones were, IIRC, spaniels of some sort, a Mom and Son combo. Yes, they both died closely together and from everything I’ve read it was somewhat mysterious (I wonder if the vet kept tissue samples? Or had his/her own suspicions- Prolly not…). When you see two dogs in a domicile die close like that you have to think about poison, perhaps accidentally. My Wire Fox prior to our current Darlin’ was murdered by Menu Foods using a bad second-rate Chinese factory- a lot of dogs were. Was this at the same time generally? Don’t know… another thought might be a neighbor who hates yappy dogs. Easy to do with pills in raw burger meat, or radiator fluid in water bowl- It’s hot there, ain’t it now! Of course a third thought does come to mind… Little Miss Chloroform!

    I have always held to the idea that she whipped up the chloroform (and there are different “recipes” for this, and some are pretty easy to do)- remember she loved to work in the kitchen making dinners for her various lays and their roommates and get-high buddies- she can follow a recipe. I guess I just assume Dr. Vass really does know his stuff and there is a REASON for those high amounts in the trunk. And those WERE high amounts in the trunk, no matter what those stupid jurors failed to understand. And TWO causes of death DOES NOT equal NO COD!

  27. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I definitely like dogs and cats better than people as a species. When you see dogs as vicious as Felon Anthony, you can usually assume it was because they were mistreated by people. Most dogs have nice honest temperments. So far, I don’t think I have met a dog I didn’t like. If a dog might bite you, you generally know it. They aren’t sneaky. Felon Anthony said that she loved Jesse Grund. Yet she told her parents that she didn’t trust him and at one time had them thinking that he might be responsible for Caylee’s disappearance. A dog would not have done this. If the dog liked Jesse, the dog would have treated him well and acted happy to see him. If the dog hated Jesse, the dog may have tried to bite him. It would be pretty clear how the dog felt. Of course, it might not be fair to define a whole species by the behavior of one member, Casey Anthony. However, I have never heard of the equivalent of a Casey Anthony in the canine world.

  28. margaret says:

    Wesh news is saying there was a hearing behind closed doors with judge, concerning depos of caca . States that she was represented by Greene. Fryer and mason were there. They are representing caca in her lying to law enforcement. No mention of baez.

  29. Margaret~~thanks for the heads up… here is the article and link….

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The attorney representing Casey Anthony in the civil lawsuits filed against her met with the judge behind closed doors Tuesday morning.
    The meeting was in regard to a lawsuit by Texas Equusearch which is suing Anthony for the money it spent searching for her daughter Caylee in 2008.

    Casey’s lawyer, Charles Greene, asked the judge if they could meet in private so he could explain why Casey’s fifth amendment right might be compromised if she answer the questions EquuSearch wants to ask her in a deposition.
    The attorney for EquuSearch was not present at the meeting but Casey Anthony’s criminal attorneys, Cheney Mason and Lisabeth Fryer did attend. Mason and Fryer represent Casey in her criminal case involving accusations that Casey lied to law enforcement.
    Another hearing involving a lawsuit filed against Casey by Zenaida Gonzalez was also scheduled for Tuesday, but it disappeared from the court docket Tuesday morning indicating it was cancelled.
    Gonzalez is suing Casey for Defamation and claims Casey ruined her life when Casey told police a nanny by the same name kidnapped her daughter.
    A video journal taped by Casey emerged online earlier this month and now attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez are complaining that if Casey can talk on the web, she should be able to answer questions in a deposition.
    A hearing regarding that issue has not yet been held


  30. Hilde says:

    That Picture above is sickening, the Dog is cute that is more than what I can say about her!
    She got the same fake Smile on this Picture than what she had with her Daughter Caylee, sickening, really! Some People actually think she is attractive, to each it’s own I guess.
    Her Personality shows through in her Eyes and her eerie Smile, if You want to call it that.

  31. Hilde~~I don’t know who set the standards for people being beautiful as far as looks go. Beauty comes from within. Casey does not look appealing on the outside and she is pure evil on the inside. When she goes out partying, I wonder if she puts the dog in the trunk of her car. Whoever gave her that dog is sick.

  32. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I may be delusional at this point but I thought I saw an article on Gather that Casey plans to replace Caylee with twins; I tried to copy the web address but I don’t know if I got it right.

    The article came up in a search of news articles on Casey. I still haven’t found anything to confirm Jose Baez as departing the ship.

  33. Amber ~~I can’t stop laughing. I take anything I read at Gather with a grain of salt. If the National Enquirer says it, it must be true. Oh gawd. I think the one who writes for Gather is the one delusional to even put that garbage on a web site. It does seem that Casey is using shock and awe tactics to garner attention. A narcissist even welcomes ‘negative’ attention as it lets them know that people are still tuned into them. Your link worked just fine. I expect there are many ‘Casey’ impersonators on the chat and blogs. If they all have twins, we will have a population explosion. Sorry, but reading that article struck a funny bone…

  34. Amber from Maryland says:

    Thanks Snoopy.

    I feel better now knowing that I am not totally delusional. I was not familiar with Gather. I was just doing a search to find out if I could what Jose was doing with respect to Casey.

  35. Amber~~now someone is offering Casey a free plane ticket to get out of St Lucia. She has also been offered a job in a strip club to show off her tattoos… this is getting more ridiculous as each day goes by. People are using Casey to get free advertising. I want to see her forced to answer questions in her civil law suits. That seems to be more realistic.

  36. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I too hope that she will be forced to answer questions in her civil lawsuits. Let’s hope the judge does it.

  37. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I am pretty sure that she won’t answer any questions other than her name and birth date and Caylee’s name and birth date truthfully but it is should be interesting to see what bigger better lie she can come up with to cover her stories to police, her stories on the jail tapes and her stories to the defense psychologists.

  38. Amber~~i just heard on HLN that Casey has to answer only 2 questions in the Tim Miller civil suit. One is if she knew Equusearch was searching for Caylee and the other if she heard her father make a 911 call after Caylee was deceased. The last question seems a tad strange.

  39. margaret says:

    hi all Dianne Diamond has a couple articles on the Daily Beast about you know who. She even went to church to try to catch caca. Interesting

  40. Amber from Maryland says:

    Thanks Snoopy

    I just did another news search and found a reference to Orlando Sentinal about the civil suit:,0,892282.story?track=rss

    The Casey story has gone active again. There are a couple of stories about her receiving spiritual guidance and a story or two that she has been offered a million dollars for an interview.

  41. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Margaret

    To church no less!!! That is very interesting.

  42. Margaret ~~thanks, I will check out to see what Diane is saying. I would like to see proof that Diane really went to church to check out Casey. Maybe Diane can post a pic of herself sitting in one of the pews. Lots of reporters are not really in the places they say they are?? I will explain that remark sometime in the future but will withhold judgement re same at this time.

  43. Amber~~as soon as the verdict came down that Casey was found guilty of the four charges of lying to law enforcement, Cheney Mason filed an appeal with the Supreme Court. This was a smart move and good lawyering on his part. Until the appeals court rules on that motion, which may take a year by the time it goes thru all the channels, Casey can plead the fifth re lying in the civil suits. Good old Mason knew what he was doing and why. Grrrrr…

  44. margaret says:

    I finally found it!!! Sorry Snoops ,I haven’t had time to go to classroom yet. Go to Fox News channel, Search for Geraldo Rivera, after page loads, search Jose Baez, a page loads with video selections, click on the one titled Casy Anthony dumping Jose Baez and there it is. The video is of Shepard Smith, he is joined by Geraldo and a couple of other attorneys. Geraldo tells the whole sad story, LOL, baez has moved to Miami, his house has been foreclosed because he couldn’t get paid. Everyone ask nicely and Snooy will get you the link. I don’t know how yet. So get your hanky Snoops because geraldo gives the sad story of poor old Baez Kharma is alive and making a move to right this wrong.

  45. Newbie says:

    hmmmm….I wonder what the statute of limitations is on actions such as ZG’s and Tims Millers cases and if they have an opportunity to pull their filings and proceed after the Appeal filed by Mason…is reviewed and decided by the Supreme Couirt. I can’t even remember what the basis of the action filed by Cheney…..another hmmmmm.

  46. Karen C. says:

    SnoopJon- (I can’t decide which to go with tonight!)- Yeah, I want to see that pic in church too! To make sure she was there. You know, Casey.

  47. Margaret~~I will do a search and will post the link if I am lucky and find it… thanks so much!

  48. Newbie ~ ~Mason filed an appeal for those four charges of lying to law enforcement because, if it is before the appellant court, Casey does not have to answer any question re lying to LE. I am surprised she will be answering two questions but they are not related to lying to LE.

  49. Karen C~ ~ the proof is generally in the pudding but I will accept a picture instead. Ahem!

    OMG, say this five times fast, the proof is in the pew….LOL

  50. Newbie says:

    Thank you Snoop. I also thank you for being able to make any sense of my thoughts….ummm….anyway, I think you did. Could you tell I forgot to proof read? lol

  51. margaret says:

    Thanks Snoops, I am glad you were able to find it with my sketchy directions. It struck me as funny how geraldo talked like he was part of the defense team with his “we this and we that”. The caca aura is very destructive. I wonder how baez wife feels about losing their home because of caca. Yeaaaaaa I don’t have to watch the mustache anymore.

  52. margaret says:

    Lord ,Lord Orlando Sentinal is reporting that the police are having to patrol the church area from caca protesters. When will it ever end……….. One person on bicycle claims he saw caca being escorted off property in unmarked vehicle. I think the helpers need to get out of the way and let her fend for herself instead of helping her. They are taking over where George and Cindy left off. She is probably enjoying the heck out of all this. Let her learn to survive like everyone else.. It is just being reinforced to her that she can do whatever she wants and she will be protected. I hope they took her to Mason, if it is true.

  53. The 20 yr old who molested and murdered the 7 yr old in Georgia has commit suicide… Ryan Brunn commit suicide by hanging himself in his cell… He pled guilty on Wednesday…

  54. Margaret~~Casey does not know when a deranged person in the crowd will harm her. If she has an ounce of sense, she should realize that she has more haters than fans.

  55. Remember Susan Cox Powell, Utah… Susan’s body was never found… her father-in-law Steven Powell goes to trial in March for possession of child porn… Susan went missing Dec 06/09

  56. FYI…..

    Dave has some great post up… yes, it is about Casey. You have heard tell of the nutty professor… me thinks we have a crazy Dr Keith Ablow…read it all here…

  57. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, i had a hard time reading the details of Ryan Brunn’s confession. I guess he self imposed the sentence many felt he deserved. At least the good people of Georgia won’t have to support him any longer.
    The Canton police chief, Jeff Lance, resigned today following a review of the department’s handling of the case during the first 48 hours of Jorelys Rivera’s disappearance. Although an arrest was made in less than a week, and the mistakes that were made during the initial investigation could not have saved that poor child’s life, the report concluded that had she not been killed before authorities were notified, they might have missed opportunities to save her.

  58. margaret says:

    Isn’t it interesting that mason made the announcement on IN Session today that baez job with caca ended the day of the verdict.Schmoose control.!!! caca misadventures are going to help the lawsuits against her.The t.v. guy said that mason said there would be no interviews or books until she was off parole…..Mason can tell tales too!!!!

  59. Vicky, is Brunn’s confession included in those 19 pages? I hope to read it tomorrow.

  60. Margaret ~~Cheney Mason is full of old rope. I want to see the document filed with the court that Baez no longer represents Casey. It is just a small request. Maybe good old white beard is handling Casey’s criminal issues now but Baez was busy out pimping the little lady and trying to drum up an interview. What should we call him, her PR representative?

  61. Dave Knechel says:

    Cheney Mason announced today that Jose Baez left the team the day Casey was sentenced. My guess is that he had had enough. That whole case took its toll on all of us.

  62. Vicky says:

    Hi Snoops, I tried to leave a rather lengthy comment at Dave’s, but it wouldn’t let me. I was logged in, but no cigar.

  63. Dave~~If you believe Mason, that is good enough proof for me. You wanna believe that this case has taken its toll on us…. I am not the same person who timidly entered the blogosphere over three years ago. It is strange how we adapt to situations and what seemed so shocking back then is just run of the mill today. I am not sure if that is good or bad.

  64. Vicky, maybe you were timed out at Dave’s and your comment is in mod. It happens to me quite a bit when I leave the window open and forget that SS can give you the boot after so many minutes..

  65. Vicky says:

    No snoopy, it was just the report on the investigation review. Here is a recap of his allocution.

  66. Vicky says:

    wasn’t timed out, it said I was logged on. Basically, I said Albo is a Quack and his non peer reviewed diagnosis is bull chit, and I hope George finds a way
    to share in his income. LOL

  67. Vicky~~OMG, I wish that I had not read Brunn’s confession.

  68. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    If Baez stopped representing Felon Anthony the day she was sentenced, why did he transport her from jail on the day that she was released?

  69. Amber~~that is a very good observation. Cheney Mason would have an explanation for it. I don’t trust any of those lawyers. No wonder so many get such a bad reputation.

  70. Off topic but things are quiet so here are a couple of items that made the news… BTW, I posted a link at Dave’s…Casey answered the two questions for Texas Equusearch…. she fibbed on one tho.

    Remember this guy who stalked the young university student in southern Florida. Would you believe he will be eligible for parole in just over a year. This guy is dangerous. What is wrong with some of these judges?

    The judge sentenced Macchione to four years in prison, with credit for a little over two years time served. That prison term is a far cry from what the prosecution had requested.

    Read about him here and watch the video…

    Then we have the young man who impersonated a physician’s assistant and even treated patients. But that was okay and he got a little tap on the wrist…. and… so he decided on being a police officer in Miami was more to his liking. He is being diagnosed as having low self-esteem. It is almost like another Ripley’s Believe it or not….here ya go…

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