José Baez quit or was he fired?

More to come….Run for the hills, José. You may be the next on her list.

Links to Evaluations of Drs Danziger and Weitz

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  1. Sherry says:

    I heard he was fired. Felon Anthony thinks he is using her name as his meal ticket.

  2. Sherry~~I was busy reading the depositions of Danziger and Weitz and heard on JVM that Baez quit…if you find anything at all, will you post it here. TIA

  3. JVM has asked Baez to phone in to her program but nothing thus far.

  4. This is from the Orlando Sentinel….saying he quit.. Maybe she fired him and he is trying to save face.

    Jose Baez has quit Casey Anthony, reports.

    Baez was not returning calls to the Orlando Sentinel today. cites no sources in its short report, but says that Baez “has decided to REMOVE HIMSELF from Anthony’s legal team.”

    Note the capitalization.

    TMZ says it isn’t clear why Baez quit, yet Baez has talked to TMZ in the past.

    The Daily Beast and The New York Post have reported this week that Baez and Anthony had a falling-out, that a shake-up was coming and that Anthony wants Cheney Mason to be her media rep.

    In July, Anthony was acquitted of murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

  5. Sherry says:

    I was just going to post that. Its all I’ve seen about it.

  6. Sherry ~~ this could all be a rumor conjured up by Baez and Casey. Of course Baez is out for his own fame and fortune and Casey is all about me me me…. They are a lot alike. José may be jealous of the new doggie. Since Casey has no conscience and does not know how to love, I hope that dog is not being abused. I found the following for what it is worth….

    Baez has been dangling a $750,000 fee for the first interview with Anthony, who’s been in hiding in Florida.

    While Anthony finishes her probation, Baez has been making television appearances on her behalf and enjoying the perks of being schmoozed by network bigwigs.

    “He’s going around taking meetings with TV producers and networks,” a source told us. “She doesn’t trust him anymore.”

    After the video diary of Casey leaked on the Internet last week, sources tell us her inner circle grew angrier with Baez.

    “They haven’t been talking for weeks,” our source said. “The video was the last straw.”

    Baez threatened to sue the perpetrator of the leak in an interview with Geraldo Rivera that aired on Fox News on Sunday, stating that they were private video diaries. Yesterday, it was reported that Anthony told her probation officer that her computer had been hacked and she was upset that the clips were posted on YouTube.

  7. Sherry says:

    Jealous of the new doggie…ROTFLMBO!~ 😆

    Interesting-it does seem as though Felon Anthony and Baez are having a lover’s spat. I’ve heard that Sims quit, too, but I can’t find a good source on it yet.

  8. margaret says:

    Let the games begin!!!! I think it is so funny. caca is ready to show them the real caca. Mason won’t last long with sims and baez gone. There is a write up on tmz about baez quitting. Said it was over the videos being released. What goes around comes around, and it seems to be on the move. Maybe she can take her piercings to the Hustler. She is still the ultimate liar, she told one of the doctors that George stopped molesting her when she was 11 or 12, but she went on to say she was afraid george was Caylee’s dad. That girl needs to be locked up in a crazy house for the rest of her life. The doctor got it right, “she’s pure evil”.

  9. Sherry~ ~ If I was to make an uneducated guess, I would say that Casey’s attorneys were shocked when those video diaries surfaced. They could be running scared because they are dealing with a psycho who can destroy them with more of her lies. You do not cross a narcissist because they will plow you down if you do not cater to their every whim. I think Casey has made demands on her attorneys and they cannot comply. I think we are seeing a form of blackmail taking place and Casey is pizzed. I feel she took it upon herself with the aid of a co-hort to get those videos out there. She has to have attention to survive. It is like a drug to her.

  10. Sherry says:

    I agree about her being locked up. I read about her flat effect with the psych doctors when they visited her in jail. Hey, that’s a sociopath for you. They can drag a good name through the mud if it makes them look better than they really are and/or if it brings them sympathy.

    I think we all knew that this day was on the horizon. As some have said, what took so long? Something Baez best watch out for-Felon Anthony could very well accuse him of sex abuse.

  11. Sherry says:

    Again, I agree with your assessment of the video leaks. Some guy in Kansas is being looked at? I doubt it, but then I also wouldn’t be surprised. I understand that she spends all day reading the blogs and news clips about her. That’ll keep her busy for awhile. Probably looking to see who she can sue for money. I’ve also heard she has a boyfriend who takes her to church with him. Lipstick on pig and all that…

  12. Margaret~~ I think this is the storm after the calm. lol I read about half of the evaluation depos and Casey cannot get her timelines in sinc. George may be Caylee’s father but she was drugged and raped by some unknown. I think we will be seeing another one who flew over the coo coo’s nest.

  13. Sherry says:

    Okay, Snoopy Sleuther! Here’s a site for your perusal and discernment:

    Darn! I can’t c&p anything from there. Its a web of deceit, alright…

  14. Sherry~~thank you for the link. I perused it but when I tried to discern it, I went brain dead. All I can say is holy mackerel. LOL There is no honesty among thieves.

  15. Sherry says:

    Heeheehee! That is the very thing it did to me~ 😛
    I thought I’d lay it in your lap. I figured my problem with trying to “follow the videos” was because I’m not be as into the Felon’s antics as I once was.

  16. Karen C. says:

    Holy Smokes, Ladies! I innocently go off to work and come home and…. Holy Moley! AND, there’s another new post on that Ghost Radio or whatever site now, too.

    My take? Remember that Jose is something of a computer (or at least Linux) expert. Remember that Skank has gotten herself a new, younger boyfriend. Remember she owes Jose a TON of money and her very LIFE. And here the b%tch is, giving the candy away for free- which he has undoubtedly figured out by now! She needs the attention of the world that badly that she gives the candy away, completely under-cutting the “value” of every plan or plot or project he has for her- the ungrateful, selfish, skanky little b%tch!

    She and/or Mason might spin things one way, but I’ll bet anything Jose has just plain quit in disgust, and now he can write his book in good conscience- remember he has referred to a book! He and Sims (and OK, Cindy too) were the last of the True Believers- Mason never was! She can’t hurt him the way she can and has hurt Jose.

  17. Sherry says:

    Ah! You make a ton of sense, Karen C.!~ {wavin’}
    Mason never believed in her innocence? I never thought of that. He was into the case for the sport so I’d say you are right on the mark there. Well, things are a bit exciting now. I don’t suppose things will ever quiet down without Felon making a todo for attention.

  18. Karen C~~ If Baez wants to write a book and tell all, he will have to get Casey to sign a waiver releasing him from the attorney/client privilege. The a/c priv is still in force even after you are not representing that client. Maybe Casey has already signed a waiver and Baez has it filed away.

    You really make some great comments….me thinks Casey is cheating on José and eating some licorice with another man. Maybe they will all kill each other off…oh what a scandal. I wonder how Baez’ marriage is these days.

    I don’t think any of those lawyers believed for one minute that Casey was innocent. They used her and I hope it backfires on them. Hide the duct tape… Casey needs to go back to jail so hopefully some of this will send her over the edge and she will break some probation rules. Baez need to be disbarred and Mason, well nature will take care of him. Sims needs to quit the lawyering and start milking those cows.

  19. Sherry says:

    Here is the other post Karen C. mentioned:

    The plot thickens. I may not quite get the whole shenanigans going on but it does make for some interesting read when looking at these people who are so hung up on Felon Anthony. I don’t know if I could have the stamina or the drive to keep after her with a vengeance. People wanting to see her “go away” are actually bringing her attention-and evil entertainment-bet she is soaking this all up like a sponge soaks up water and laughing her butt off.

  20. Karen C says:

    Hi, Sherry! Mason came in because he’s DP qualified, wanted a big, “fun” case, and for his expertise in plea deals (1 and 3 go together). But I truly believe that Baez had deluded himself about her guilt (why he could come up with one of the most notorious Openings ever) and worked from that basis. With her assertions about these self-leaked videos she has placed him in an untenable position- unlike Mason, he likely knows factually how they were “leaked” and cannot make a statement asserting/supporting her lie on this. Mason can claim ignorance- he’s just making the statement on her behalf from what she’s told him & he’s happy to leave it at that. He doesn’t “know”!

  21. ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —
    One of Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys quit on the same day the judge unsealed Casey’s psychological depositions.
    Dorothy Clay Sims filed paperwork on Wednesday to withdraw as Casey’s attorney.
    The depositions released Wednesday show how far Casey was willing to go to save herself.

    Casey Anthony attorney files paperwork to quit

  22. Amber from Maryland says:


    Is there any paperwork to show that Baez has quit or been fired? Maybe another “fight” between Casey and Baez was something started to divert attention from the depositions. The release of the depositions should have convinced anyone who heard about them that Casey was even more evil than we previously thought. They could not have been good for selling an interview with Casey.

  23. Karen C. says:

    Haven’t plowed into these 4 “Dr.” depos yet myself- the first listed on the Channel 9 site is 123 pages long, People! One gets the impression that she was one rara avis in their experiences, though.

    She lost “Mommy”. Holy Smokes.

  24. Amber~~I have been searching and thus far cannot find anything official that Baez has quit. He hasn’t filed any paper work. So far it is just rumors and speculation. I found the following.

  25. Karen C~~I skimmed over a lot of pages of those evaluation depositions to get to the the meat of them. One dep has about 40 pages of Dr Weitz’ qualifications.

  26. cali patti says:

    I’m with mainstream on this one. From the first “leak” I thought ca ca was behind the leak(s). Her team has not found a buyer for a ca ca interview so to show that there is an interest in ca ca the videos were released. With the renewed interest in her it gives the team leverage to ask for money. If that makes sense!
    With Sims and possibly Baez withdrawing from the team it makes more sense ca ca did the releasing of videos on her own with maybe a little help from the site.
    They were right, it got us all talking about her.

    I think on Dr. Drew that ca ca showing no signs of trauma from abuse, Caylees death, being falsely accused and locked up alone shows a true psychopath. Shows no attachment to Caylee or any awareness or care about the damage her lies have caused her father.
    What I noticed that in her rape sory that even in that story ca ca had ONLY two beers, she had to be
    drugged. She wont say she was drunk even her imaginary story. Poor little victim.

  27. margaret says:

    Karma is alive and well!!!!! According to Hal Bodecker at OS, Geraldo has announced that baez is moving on. He says baez house has been foreclosed and he is moving his practice to Miami. The Casey bus is moving right along, wonder how long Mason will last..

  28. cali patti says:

    Mainstream, sorry my post is such a mess but content is ok if someone doesnt read to closely.

  29. Cali Patti~~your comment mentioned that you agree with Mainstream so that gave you to a free pass to say anything ….lol

  30. Margaret~~I felt that the Baez Law Firm would suffer after his lawyering in the Anthony case. I am not surprised that he has money troubles. Casey was supposed to be his nest egg to pad his future. Well, he did not think of all the repercussions from the public.

  31. redrelaxed says:

    Thanks for those links from Ghost Rider.

    What a smozzle. Ha ha ha…oh dear, looks to me like Casey is reduced to drumming up her own publicity, due to lack of interest from reputable media sources which Baez has failed miserably to solicate on her behalf.

    She isn’t doing a good job. Surprise! Surprise!

    In this process, she has surrounded herself with more scoundrels. Isn’t that ironic? People haven’t figured out yet that if you go near that evil she’ll turn on you like a viper. Can you imagine the calibre of friends that are gravitating toward her, it is hilarious. The liar is surrounded by liars, thieves and money hungry opportunists.

    It does my heart good to know that that evil creature is living in it’s own special hell. Apparently it reads all day long on the internet about itself. It ought to have enough material to last for the rest of it’s miserable life.

    Caylee, we never forget you little angel.

  32. Red~~I cannot say that I am not thrilled to see all these events occuring. We may get some justice for Caylee yet in a ‘backwards sort of way.’ I believe those words were Casey’s in her interview at Universal with Melich et al. She searched for Caylee in her backwards sort of way for 31 days. I don’t feel bad for Baez either. I do not like con artists and people who use underhanded tactics. Casey reminds me of a black widow spider who lures all the rejects into her web where she eventually destroys them. That girl is poison,

  33. margaret says:

    I’ m thinking the homeowners on Hopespring Drive need to prepare for a caca homecoming. She is losing all of her support and will find herself on the streets. I think mrs fryer has moved on too. She is with a different law firm.It all falls on mason now and I have a feeling his wife won’t stand for much.. George and Cindy better change the locks and hide the check book, because caca has no intention of getting a job This is not looking good for her appeal and she running out of lawyers. Thank you Judge Perry for letting the doctors depos. out. That sent them all running for the hills LOL. I wonder if baez will send her a bill for her housing since her trial. I can’t wait to see the great white one realize his finger is not that funny after all…………..Baby Caylee your justice is coming.

  34. Margaret~~you get my vote for creating ‘the laugh of the day.’ I just love the great white one..omg, I can’t stop laughing. He is going to take that finger and run for the hills like the rest of ca ca’s attorneys. They all seem to be scattering pretty fast…. now wait until Casey comes out with all the sordid things she knows about them. I doubt if Baez’ marriage will still be in tact.

  35. nika says:

    When reading some of the doctor’s depos I noticed Casey stated that George drowned Caylee after abusing her. This was not what Baez stated in the trial. I would scatter fast also. She is going to bring all her lawyers down. Casey and Baez have ruined a lot of people and I truly believe Baez is not respected in the Orange County courthouse. Baez might have some business as a lawyer again for some Cubans Americans but he will never have a big payday or trial again.

  36. Nika~ ~now the latest is that Casey and her mother are talking again. Casey must be needing some money and Cindy is fool enough to finance her again. OMG, there is trouble over the horizon if the two of them get together. I expect poor ole George will be getting the boot.

    I honestly do not think that Casey will get through her probation period without a slip up. I doubt if Cheney Mason will jump ship. He is too stubborn and likes to have fun. Charles Green is the lawyer representing Casey in the civil suits pending. I wonder if he will stay on.

  37. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy et al,
    I just finished reading Dr. Weitz’s deposition part 2. I can see why the defense decided not to have Dr. Danziger testify and blocked his second deposition while not blocking Dr. Weitz’s. I wonder if Dr. Weitz has changed his mind, especially about George in the past months. I wonder how anyone could have been so taken in by what Casey had to say about George’s role in Caylee’s death after knowing about Casey’s many lies.

    I could believe Dr. Weitz when he said that Casey may have actually been in denial and forced herself to believe that she worked at Universal when she walked the policemen down the hall to her non existent office. She is an exceptionally accomplished liar and might be good enough to create lies that she could believe but how could a professional read any truth into any of her lies?

    I would have a lot of trouble believing that George killed Caylee or even found her drowned body and tried to cover it up. Why do we interpret George’s behavior differently from the way Dr. Weitz interpreted it? I didn’t see most of the memorial service, but apparently Dr. Weitz found something in the memorial service which supported Casey’s contention about George.

    Do you think Cindy is actually crazy enough to let Casey come back home?

    I am confused. Perhaps this means I shouldn’t read depositions given by defense psychologists in the Casey Anthony case.

  38. Karen C. says:

    Amber, you hit it on the head. “Defense psychologists”- think of the bizarre pretzel positions they had to bend their thoughts toward, in order to earn their pay on this one. Psychology is NOT an exact science. Sure, these people deal with liars all the time but Casey is out of the stratosphere altogether.

  39. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and Yeah, Cindy is THAT crazy. Now, is George?

    And, has she blown through the jailhouse love letters list this quickly?

  40. kas says:

    I’m torn as to whether Baez and Casey are in on the leak together, but irregardless we should start a countdown clock for the “Jose Made Me Have Sex With Him In His Office When I Was Out On Bail (the first time)”, claim. That is coming. Count on it.

    Fake tears and all.

  41. Amber~~I had a hard time following Dr Weitz’ deposition. He seemed to scatter his forces and I could not see where he could pinpoint much of anything about Casey’s mental condition. I think she had him hoodwinked. I found Dr Danziger more experienced in his field and made a little more sense. These doctors are not infallible in trying to interpret what is going on in the mind and can be a challenge. Maybe Dr Danziger should have evaluated Dr Weitz. They both have different sets of guidelines to assess their patients.

    When Cindy was interviewed by the doctors, she sugar coated everything. For istance, Casey DID NOT graduate. Casey was NOT a perfect mother, otherwise Cindy would not have been trying to get custody of Caylee. Cindy was not with Casey and Caylee 24/7 and she had no idea how Casey treated that child. Look at that video that Casey made with Caylee sitting in the highchair trying to eat a dry piece of toast and had the sippy cup. There was no interaction with Casey and Caylee during the filming and other videos were the same.

    What Dr Weitz found so disturbing about George at the Memorial is beyond me. George did show emotion and asked people to send Casey cards. Is this what he was referring to ? Lee was the one who acted strange at the Memorial with his CMA’s…. maybe Weitz had George and Lee confused.. JMO

  42. Karen C~~these paid defense psychologists need to come up with an evaluation that will help the defense. It was apparent that Dr Danziger’s assessment was not to the defense’s liking. Baez needed something to jive with the Opening Statement he planned to make. This is why he shelved Dr Danziger’s second dep and took both the doctors off the witness list, Oh Baez was cunning.

  43. kas~ ~ I will not believe José Baez quit as Casey’s counsel until I hear that he actually filed the proper papers with the court. I do not trust any of these con artists. Baez looks upon Casey as an investment so is he going to throw that all away as a lost cause? If José pulls out, Casey will turn on him like a cobra and their ‘secrets’ will be exposed. That girl will stop at nothing to get revenge….just like she did to her mother when she snuffed out Caylee’s life.

  44. kas says:

    Oh, I agree. If he quit, I think he “quit” for the publicity. It has dawned on both of them that THE Interview just isn’t coming.

    But, if by chance he did quit……Lord help him.

  45. Amber~~I just read some more of Dr Weitz’ second deposition as I was trying to find what you meant about George and the Memorial service. I do not recall George mentioning he missed the smell of Caylee and Dr Weitz said in his dep that George said he missed the smell of Caylee’s sweat. Does anyone else recall his? If George did say that it was certainly inappropriate.

    I think Baez had a long conversation with Weitz before that dep was taken. It seems Weitz was saying exactly what José wanted to hear. I do not always trust some of these highly paid experts.

  46. We still can’t find out for sure if Baez has quit representing Casey. Are these rumors just teasers as were the videos? Here is a bit from Hal Boedeker…

  47. Sherry says:

    The mention of missing Caylee’s smell by George are at 1:30 here:

  48. Sherry says:

    Okay, in part one of George’s talk at the memorial he mentions the smell of Caylee’s sweat at about 1:05 in. I won’t post that video but you can get to it at the end of the above video.

  49. Sherry, I can’t seem to find the video you are talking about so go ahead and post it. I can always put a proper link in later. TIA

    I found it, Sherry. George said the “smell of sweet sweat when she came in from outside.” How would Weitz find that to be sexual?

  50. Amber from Maryland says:


    I agree with Kas that we should start a countdown clock for Casey’s claim against Jose if indeed he did quit or was fired instead of pretending to be to help provide a distraction to the public to detract from the doctors’ depositions.

    I was amazed by Dr. Weitz’s deposition. I didn’t think anyone could have been so taken in by what a proven liar had to say. Cindy may not have told the truth very often when she could do otherwise to protect Casey but when I listened to the 911 calls, I would have to conclude that the woman was very upset/ distraught/ worried out of her mind about her missing granddaughter. Yet on page 147 Dr. Weitz said,

    “. . . we were talking about the date that the child was reported missing, and there were three 911 calls, according to Casey. And then following is that there was the issue of Cindy focussing on checks, et cetera, the money, the financial issues, and wanting her to be arrested and that she was placed in handcuffs for five minutes.

    “Lee was the only one person to have focussed on the issue of Caylee being missing. He was concerned about —- she felt that the daughter was missing and not concerend over the issue of checks and money the way her parents were. She indicated the next a.m. the police got her, and p.m., I think, she was placed in handcuffs and arrested for issues around child neglect, false statements, et cetera, in terms of those initial statements.”

    If I were Cindy and went through what she did on the day of the 911 calls, that statement to Dr. Weitz alone would keep me from ever allowing Felon Anthony back in my home. However, praise be to God, I am not Cindy.

    On pages 208 and 209 of his deposition, Dr. Weitz found it “interesting” that Caylee’s service was “almost like a Hollywood ceremonial farewell.” He found it “interesting” that the service was conducted in accordance with the grandparents’ wishes as opposed to the mother Casey’s wishes. “Casey told me that she wanted a very small personal good-bye, just family, and she wanted the body to be buried.”

    The good doctor reviewed the video of the memorial service and on page 209 of his deposition gave his observations of the Anthonys. “What was interesting is that if you look at the memorial, Cindy seemed to react very normally, naturally, a lot of emotion and seemed to react spontaneously and very naturally.

    “George sat there for most of the time looking robotic, like an automaton, and his emotions were, in my estimate, false. Anytime there was an emotion it was forced. It was not natural and normal. It was forced.

    “And Lee sat there, essentially, paralyzed, not moving, in the same position the whole time until he was called upon -I mean, I’m talking in the shots that I had, and I had two hours worth of video- until he had to speak.”

    On page 210, Dr. Weitz mentioned Lee’s CMA speech which he apparently thought had “significance” to Lee. He also mentioned on pages 210 and 211 his analysis of George’s description of his granddaughter with some conclusions in support of Casey’s theory that I won’t dignify with repetition. (Neither the conclusions nor Casey’s theory.)

    Over the next several pages, the prosecutor, Linda Drane Burdick (I think), tried to get information about on what specific experience Dr. Weitz based his opinion about George’s actions and what would be considered normal. I was not quite able to follow what, if any, specific experience Dr. Weitz had in determining how normal grandfathers of murdered todlers act at memorial services, but significantly on page 212 the prosecutor asked Dr. Weitz if he watched the Memorial Tape before or after Casey told him that her father abused her. He watched it in between his first and second interviews of Casey.

    On the whole, I was much more impressed by Dr. Danziger’s depositions than Dr. Weitz. Dr. Danziger did not use anything Casey said as a “fact” in his determinations unless it was corroborated by reliable evidence. I do not think I would rely on Dr. Weitz for any information on anything. Both doctors had to have known about Casey’s enormous talents in lying. Both admitted she lied.

    Neither doctor could find anything wrong with Casey mentally based on the tests they took.

  51. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I am sorry. I was typing my last comment and missed the conversation above. It was the smell of the child’s sweat that the doctor mentioned. I agree with you that it was not appropriate and I don’t think Lee’s CMA speech was appropriate either. I think that the entire Anthony family has sometimes behaved in inappropriate and distasteful ways.

    However, I do think the whole family was completely stressed out by everything that happened and that they could easily have acted inappropriatley while they were under such intense scrutiny at the memorial service. I would not take what a totally stressed out family member may have done at the memorial service as evidence of the truth of anything Casey said unless she said that they tended to get stressed out at memorial services for murdered family members.

    While we might have a little sympathy for their plight, I don’t think any of us will take Cindy, George, or Lee as role models or as our best friends.

  52. Amber ~~I think Dr Weitz needed his head examined. He told Burdick that he was not a detective but he was weighing the info he garnered from Casey as to the guilt or innocence of George and not Casey’s mental state of mind. I am just a layperson but I can see through Dr Weitz…he is a Quack. He also dwelled on all the sexual issues and should have spent more time assessing Casey to see if she was capable of harming Caylee. Dr Weitz’ deposition is totally biased and that is not the way it should be in making a true mental evaluation.

  53. Amber~ ~thanks for all your info and I may add the extra transcribing of those deps. I couldn’t handle reading any more of them. I am waiting to find out if Baez REALLY quit working for the narcissist. I heard his home was in foreclosure but that is old news. He has moved his practice to Miami…. I expect he will get some business from hard core murderers who need a defense lawyer.

  54. Amber from Maryland says:


    I don’t think Caylee put the duct tape on her own mouth and I don’t think George did it. It may have been an unintentional death, but I do think that duct tape is harmful when it is placed on a toddler’s mouth and that Felon Anthony did it. Therefore, she is obviously capable of harming a child in general and Caylee in particular.

    Based on Dr. G’s program a week ago, I do not think that Roy Kronk had the expertise to assemble all of the toddler’s teeth and put them back in her mouth before placing the duct tape on her mouth post mortem, despite all of the faith that Jose has in Roy’s innate evil and abilities.

    I am rooting for the attorneys of some of Casey’s collateral damage victims.

    Oh, another thing in Dr. Weitz’s deposition was that Jesse Grund was one of the only three people she ever loved and trusted. I’d hate to think of what she might do to people she hated and didn’t trust.

  55. Has anyone noticed the new look of the Baez Law Firm. Take a peek at José decked out as a forensic scientist… He must have updated his website when the verdict came down.

  56. Amber ~~it did appear that Casey did love Jesse Grund. I doubt if she loved him more than herself tho. Cindy did not want that relationship to develop because it would mean not having Caylee under her roof. Cindy Anthony was a controller. I think she inherited that trait. I understand Alex Plesea and Cindy’s grandfather were also controllers.

  57. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Thanks for the pointer to the Baez firm’s web site. I am waiting to find out whether Baez and Casey have parted ways. Dorothy SIms managed to file her papers fairly quickly. I think that this business about a break up is a distraction because the depositions are certainly damaging to any theory of Casey’s innocence. Dr. Weitz may be pro-Casey but a lot of what he said is laughable. Dr. Danziger was sick about the possibility that he could be used to harm an innocent person’s reputation and so the defense couldn’t use his testimony. However, now that the depositions have been released we get new insight into Casey and Jeff Ashton is free from prosecution for violating a protective order or leaking sealed information or whatever. I am very glad for Jeff’s sake.

  58. Amber ~~ Baez is livid that the depositons were unsealed. The deps,once revealed, made fools of the lot of them. I wonder if Cheney Mason is avoiding all cameras these days. When you read Dr Weitz’ deposition, you can plainly see how Baez came up with his opening statement. Casey Anthony was the lead defense and ran the whole show. The rest of them were just her puppets.

  59. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I agree with you. If I were Cheney Mason I would not be very happy now. I think he was present for at least some of the depostions and has probably read them all. I do not see how any lawyer on the defense team who attended or read Dr. Weitz’s depostion could be holding his or her head high right now after a lot of us and many of the talking heads have read the depositions. There is something unpleasant about public ridicule.

    On pages 171 – 173 of Dr. Weitz’s deposition Baez was complaining about Jeff Ashton’s laughing at Dr. Weitz’s discussion of George holding Caylee’s dead body and talking to Casey. Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton both denied that he was laughing. I wasn’t there and so I don’t know whether or not Jeff was laughing but I do say, that putting aside the grim nature of the proceedings, that a lot of what Dr. Weitz said was laughable.

    I also agree with you that Casey came up with the lies used in her defense presentation. No one else could select untruths of such extraordinary magnitude. No one else would dare!!!

  60. Amber ~~ I read where Baez objected to Ashon laughing. Jeff probably could not hold back the ho hos when Weitz was coming out with such ridiculous claims. George Anthony does not come across as one of my favorite people but I do not believe he would have harmed a hair on Caylee’s head. You can see the love on his face in the few pics out there of him and Caylee. Do I think that George had an affair with River Cruz? Yes, and I can’t say I blame him. Cindy was giving a lot of attention to the PI with the British accent.

  61. Karen C. says:

    TCD has an interesting post and take on the depos:
    I’m getting the impression that Weitz and Danziger just went ahead and bought ’bout everything she told them, with very little filtering involved on their parts. Remember when Cindy told us that Casey had done “Good Mom” things, like purchasing child-protective locks for the doors, etc. And we all knew that Cindy had to have done that herself (since Casey had no money), maybe with Casey along for the ride, as if that counted. That’s what all this reminds me of.
    I know what George was trying to say (awkwardly) about baby sweat smell- it’s very much like fresh laundry scent (probably from off their little clothes). I just don’t find that weird or inappropriate at all. It’s like these two docs really reached to find any little thing in their efforts to “help” the Defense…

  62. LindaNewYork says:

    Hi Snoopy, Sherry, Cali Patti, Karen C. and everybody! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

    This is the case that just keeps on giving, huh?

    I made the comment below on another blog this morning:
    I just got done, this morning, with Danziger’s dep. Read Weitz depo too. What I came away with iswhat I thought from the minute I heard Baez’ opening statment. That Casey is a sociopath and pathalogical liar, who once again, wil lie, lie, lie and blame others for a murder she commited, like all murderer’s do! (Nope, not me!). I always remember something George said in one of his LE depo’s..that she takes things as far as she can go…and then piles more on… Do not beleive for one second she was molested or “raped” by anyone. She needed to embellish, embellish her “victim” story. She is the teller of many tall tales. I actually burst out laughing at another BS story of her being a “photographer” at “weddings and events” to make a little money. haha. If anyone used her as a photographer for an event or wedding, we would have heard from those people! LOL! Hearing the “stories/lies” she told those 2 psychiatrists cemented my and others belief that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, bagged her and threw Caylee in the woods like garbage and, as all murderer’s would do, blame someone else. And for her, it worked, when 12 morons bought the story. Hope they never have a good night’s sleep for the rest of their lives. And shame on the defense attorney’s for putting forth this preposterous lie!
    After reading mos of your comments here, I realized I never read the other half of the Weitz depo! So I will have to read the other half and continue with all your interesting comments. But my husband is bugging me to get moving to run our errands and he “doesn’t understand” why I cannot “get over this” LOL! We lived and breathed this case for 3 years…and it hasn’t ended! Like I said aboe, it is the case that just keeps on giving! See you later on!

  63. Amber from Maryland says:


    Snoopy. I am in full agreement with you about George. I am positive that he would not have harmed Caylee. I agree that he may well have had an affair with River Cruz and or others. I do not think it had anything to do with whether or not Felon Anthony was responsible for her daughter’s death. Many grandfathers cheat on their wives but most mothers do not kill thier children let alone try to deflect blame from themselves by playing up their father’s alleged cheating.

    Karen, I agree with you that Weitz bought everything that Felon Anthony told him, just as he was paid to do. I do not think that Danziger did. Danziger’s conscience and common sense got in the way. He would have been a bad defense witness in court. I am surprised that there is no mental illness designation to fit Casey. I agree with LindaNewYork that Casey is a sociopath and pathological liar so I do not know why that isn’t considered a mental illness of some type.

    We still don’t have any proof that Baez resigned from the Casey case or was fired. I still think it was a distraction to deflect attention from the deposition. Who would pay for a Casey interview now that the depositioons are out in public?

    After looking at Karen’s reference above and following a comment in it, I think we should pray for the residents of Port St. Lucie.

  64. Karen C ~~thanks for the link. They did a good job summarizing the deps and highlighting some of the important points brought up in the deps. It seems Casey won Weitz over and bedazzled him. Maybe she kept patting him on the knee while they were doing the assessment. I think Weitz was briefed by Baez in what he wanted and the psychologist complied, after all he was going to be paid big bucks.

  65. Hello LindaNewYork, thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to pay us a visit with your opinions. No, this case is not going away. We, the public, must do what the Pinellas’ 12 were too damn lazy and stunned to do. Every time Casey pokes her head out from under the rock, we will poke her back under. We can give her a prison sentence of our own and before we finish, she will wish that she had gone to Lowell Women’s Prison where she belonged. Our voices can be loud and strong enough that no one will ever consider paying her money for an interview. We are the bread and butter of those news outlets and we can cut off their supply by boycotting any of them who want to pay Casey for her lies. When a stupid jury could not see Caylee got her justice, then it is our job and I am willing to do my part and I am sure that you and the rest will too.

  66. Amber~ ~ Casey had three men in her life that she really cared for. One of them was, Keith Drew Piersky, and that is the first time I heard his name. Anyone have any info on this guy? I thought Casey was really hung up on Brandon Snow. Isn’t he the one who supposedly impregnated her and she miscarried? He was the one she cried over at one of the parties. I understand this Brandon was well off financially. It seems that Casey did not use protection when she hopped in the sack with all these men. I know Anthony Rusciano said that on one occasion they did not use protection. It was as if Casey wanted to snag a man one way or the other. Jesse Grund was smart getting a paternity test.

  67. margaret says:

    Snoops have you read the article on OS, they make reference to baez leaving the case near the end. Blames it on caca being upset with him. Caca is still in charge and headed for a train wreck. Also talks about Mason being unhappy with Ashton.

  68. Margaret~~I will go and check that out right now. If I find it, I will post the link. Thanks for the heads up. Brb


    Margaret~~here is the link to the article you referenced…

    What impact will Casey doctor depositions have?

  69. Margaret ~~I left a comment for you at Visual Learning… I am sure you will be able to master those links… Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any problems and practice all you want at Visual Learning.. here you go and Good Luck…

  70. Karen C. says:

    Ha- that’s pretty funny, Snoop. On Casey’s crush (and that’s all it could ever have been as she is only capable of truly loving herself!), he’s what, someone from school days? Imagine how creeped out that poor guy must feel today! Yeesh, yucky, etc. Well, she told those two docs a whole buncha things. Right off the bat we can exclude 80+% of it from the Truthful Info column without blinking, right?

  71. margaret says:

    Thanks Snoopy ,I will begin school tomorrow. I’m too tired tonight. Glad we can chew gum in case cindy shows up. LOL Did you read the People article at Orlando Sentinel? The guy Dave became friends with during trial, says she is living in St lucie county, by herself. He had intervewed someone that said she had seen caca in a white car. She said caca was screaming at someone on a cell phone. Wonder if it she was firing jose or telling her mother to get rid of George.. Poor George. They reported the first lawyer that left the case, because of a disagreement with baez lves there. Poor Jeff is going to have to fight for his campaign, Lamar came out bashing Jeff.

  72. Margaret~~it took some searching but I found it… I guess you were referring to Jerry Lyons.

    Good grief, Jeremy Lyons, the PI who worked for the defense and was the one who went to Dave’s and taped an interview of him, lives in St Lucie. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is her bodyguard. He is a sleezy character.

    Has Casey Anthony moved to St. Lucie County? | Video

  73. If the above is true, then Casey got her driver’s license restored, has access to a car but who is paying her rent? I wonder where the wealthy benefactor is who bailed Casey out of jail the second time.

  74. margaret says:

    I’m sorry, I got confused on who that was. Did she get the 50,000 dollars that was paid for her video. Didn’t someone say abc paid it. I can’t understand why she thinks her probation ends in Feb. Baez told geraldo last Sunday night that it would not be over until Aug. Does she have more strings to pull. Goodnite everyone, it has been a long day.

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