Fatal Attraction/Stalker/Murder

Remember this name, Jodi Arias

I just finished reading about Jodi Arias and the information I garnered was chilling. When you combine a ‘fatal attraction’ with ‘stalking’, it only spells one thing, trouble.

You may find a lot of similarities in this case with one that we were obsessed with for over three years. A young, attractive, woman with an outgoing personality does not fit a cold, callous, calculating murderess who would premeditate a vicious murder. Was the motive, “if I cannot have him, I am going to make sure that no one else will have the chance?”

Here is a video of the Dr Drew show that I think you will find interesting.

An Arizona judge has set a new trial date for Jodi Ann Arias, a California woman accused of brutally killing her ex-boyfriend. Tuesday morning, Judge Sherry Stephens set Oct. 17 as the date jury selection will begin.

Originally slated to begin on Feb. 21, the trial has been delayed because Arias’ lawyer, Victoria Washington, asked to withdraw from the case.

During today’s case-management hearing, Stephens appointed Jennifer Willmott, a death penalty-qualified defense attorney, to represent Arias. Willmott will have roughly 10 months to get up to speed on the case.

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50 Responses to Fatal Attraction/Stalker/Murder

  1. Hilde says:

    first Thought for me came to Mind, Jose Baez, perfect Case for him, or is it?
    We know what he is capable of to win a Case.
    I do see some Similarities to the Anthony Case, this Defendant is also young and to some People attractive. You would never think she would be capable of such a Crime, she also is petite and soft spoken, not that I am saying Casey A. is soft spoken.
    The Difference I am seeing in this Case is, the Defendant can’t stop talking when interviewed .the Similarities Jodi also makes up all kind of Stories which don’t make any Sense whatsoever. For her own good she needs to stop talking just like Anthony did.
    I feel for the Attorney who needs to defend Jody Aries, she seems to be a calculating Nut Case.

  2. Let’s hope this “femme fatale” Doesn’t turn into a “femme futile” like the last one.

  3. Hi Hilde, Jodi is quite the chatter box when she is in front of the cameras. She has changed her story three times now. Maybe some people may find her attractive but to me she has an evil look. I heard she was smiling and showed no remorse at Travis’ funeral. Travis didn’t want her any more so she made sure no one else was going to have him. I agree with the Nut case and I don’t think that Baez could even shut Jodi up. Her lawyer quit when Jodi said she wanted to represent herself. The judge appointed a death penalty attorney to handle the case. This was a ploy on jodi’s part to delay the trial…she is cunning.

  4. Dave ~~some of those femme fatales never give up. I am not sure which one you are referring to. Not only are these obsessed stalkers ‘kooky’, they can end up being darn right dangerous. They cannot be rehabilitated and even if they seem to disappear, they emerge at the strangest times like dialing a wrong number. Ahum They are not always young things either. Some are middle aged and ugly as sin but they choose a male and want to take over his life. They figure they are the answer to all his prayers. Ring any bells?

    Jodi Arias already has a fan club and is getting marriage proposals….yup.

  5. Dave Knechel says:

    Well, there was nothing femme about that one, but I do believe she had a strong fatale side.

  6. Travis Alexander had a blog. I just read one of his posts. He was decribing why he was not married and what he expected in a wife , if he ever found the right girl. I can fully understand why Jodi Arias tried to fit that bill and challenged him to choose her. You can tell by her actions, that she thinks highly of herself. When Travis Alexander rejected Jodi’s advances, this is when she did the unthinkable. You may find the following quite interesting….

    Here is just one excerpt…People fall in love for too many reasons to count. Usually it is a combination of reasons. But I want someone to fall in love with me because I am a man of ability and achievement. Not because I have a lot of friends (not saying I do) but for the reason people want to befriend me, not because I have tons of money (not saying I do) but because I have the ability to earn a ton of money. Not because of my accomplishments but because I am a man of accomplishment. In fact I wouldn’t want to marry anyone if they loved me and these were not at least some of the reasons why.

    Travis Alexander’s Blog

  7. Jodi Arias: Shoots Ex in Face, Stabs Him 27 Times, Claims Self-defense. That was just one of her three different stories of how things went down. I expect her to come up with a few more before the trial. She should hire Baez and he will come up with something outlandish.

    Here is a video that summarizes a few things… You will see that Jodi loves being before the cameras and who does that toothy grin remind you of? Is this déja vu?


  8. The most-watched criminal trial of 2012 could be the case of a young woman accused of a horrific crime.

    Jodi Arias is charged with shooting and stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death in his Mesa, Arizona, home in 2008. Prosecutors say the 31-year-old went to Travis Alexander’s home, shot him in the face, stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat from ear to ear.

    Some of his closest friends found Alexander’s body in his shower. Taylor Searle told Jane Velez-Mitchell that he immediately suspected Jodi of the murder. “That was the first thing to my mind is that, ‘oh my gosh, Jodi actually killed him.'”

    Searle described a confrontation between Arias and Alexander just days before his murder. “He had caught her breaking into his Facebook account, and he read back to me his response to her, and it was a pretty harsh response,” he said. “I just remember my response to him was, ‘are you afraid she’s going to hurt you?’ and four days, five days later, he goes missing and then we find him dead.”

    Arias initially told investigators that she wasn’t at the home. Then she changed her story, saying two people broke into the house and attacked them. Finally in June 2010, Arias admitted to killing her ex out of self defense, according to court documents.

    Police say they found a camera in Travis’ washing machine that had two sets of photos: a series of nude shots of Jodi and Travis together, and photos of a bloody Travis as he reportedly lay dying.


  9. Karen C. says:

    Good, you’ve brought up the camera. She thought that the water from the shower looked so good on his (dead) body.
    Having grown up in the Buffalo area I’m 99% certain that’s the mighty Niagara Falls behind them in the one shot on HLN- former Honeymoon capitol of the world! And I would bet that was her idea…
    (They need to turn off the Falls again, and clear that rock at the bottom…)

  10. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Snoopy,

    Happy New Year to you and everyone…

    I think Jodi premeditated the demise of Travis and she changed her story again and again when the hard evidence was brought forth, such as her bloody palm print in the hallway, with his and her dna, which proved she was there at the time of the murder.

    Jodi spins quite a story, much like someone else we came to know over the last three + years. Who else could have such unbelievable luck with a jammed gun and then perform an miraculous getaway while neglecting to inform LE? Or anyone else?

  11. Vicky says:

    Hi snoops -sorry I missed you for the new year, Steve and I are in Mexico. I have been following this case. This is one sick individual. Fortunately, washing the camera didn’t destroy villa evidence.

  12. margaret says:

    Snoops,this is weird, I have been keeping up with Jodi now and then. I too thought here’s another caca. I was sorry to hear the case had been postponed just like caca. It must be hard to keep up this facade of a quiet,gentle soft spoken individual. As soon as I turned on In Session, ca ca’s face was on screen, only she had blonde hair. Mason says ca ca did not put the video on You Tube, the poor CHILD was robbed. He’s lying or miss caca is beginning to break loose. She says she has bought her own computer, and she finally has something that is all hers and she will be able to take it with her when she leaves there in Feb.Not a word about Caylee. Oh!! she has adopted a dog. I hope he attacks her. IMO Geraldo suggested putting that out there to see if people will read it and get the publicicty for her SPECIAL. IMO!!!!!!

  13. Karen C. says:

    You know, maybe she (caca) can’t stand the idea of losing the Public’s attention to another murderous narcissistic psychopath.

  14. margaret says:

    You know Karen,you may be right, I didn’t think of it that way. I don’t believe for one minute that it was leaked though. Blonde is not her color and instead of her nose growing, like Pinnochio, her face is growing longer. I read on another site that the original video was on a pay per view site. Don’t know about those. The person that found it is going to explain all on NG “bombshell” tonight.Geraldo wasted no time getting it posted.

  15. Karen C~ ~It is move over Casey, here comes Jodi. Now we will see if this pretty ( I think she looks smug and evil) young thing will beat her murder rap. She already has a fan club and is getting marriage proposals. It wasn’t long after she and Travis got together, mostly for a roll in the hay, that she started to take over his life. Travis became her prey. I am surprised that she didn’t try to take his corpse home and have it stuffed and mounted.

  16. Red~ ~nice to see you again. Jodi did premeditate this murder and had it all planned out before she left to visit Travis for that one last time. Sadly, Travis did not pay attention to his close friends when they warned him about Jodi. I cannot understand why he did not see how possessive she was becoming. This is a red flag when it comes to stalkers and Jodi was just that.

  17. Vicky~ ~hey, I missed you ringing in the New Year with me but glad you and Steve are getting some vacation time at Mexico.

  18. Margaret ~~A narcissist must be in the limelight. I am surprised Casey waited this long. If her doggie gets more recognition that her, it will be duct taped and thrown away like garbage. This video ending up on Youtube is all a ploy to test the waters. Cheney Mason said someone hijacked Casey’s computer and stole the video…. it is all illegal… well let him prove it. Geez, Casey thinks her probation period will be reduced to only six months. With that new blond hairdo, I expected her to break out in song, “Happy Birthday to you” for a deceased JFK.

  19. margaret says:

    Dear Snoops, you can always make me laugh.!!!………..I was kind of hoping she was kicking off cheney and baez chains.. I hope she makes them rue the day they met her…That would be really funny.

  20. Karen C. says:

    Here’s a thought- if Casey (you’re gonna need another post, Snoop!) adopted a dog as she claims she could lose that dog. How is she going to sashay into a Humane Society or even the county pound without having puppy poop thrown at her? If she went through a Rescue group and she was not 100% truthful on the gazillion forms they make you fill out (and living situation, having income, legal problems, credit-worthiness all come into it), they can rescind the adoption, easy! I’m thinking she might have gotten one through Sims or Baez, and there’s no “adoption” involved at all.

  21. Karen C. says:

    And regarding this gal, what does anyone know about her parents- she seems singularly devoid of close relationships while having numerous superficial ones.

  22. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy! The above should be at Dave’s! Hah, hah, seeing her again anywhere has sent me right around the bend…

  23. Karen C~~no problem discussing Casey too as things are slow… there will be a lot of comparisons of Jodi and Casey… both narcissists and psychopaths… all the news outlets are saturated with Casey and that video… I can see old white beard grinning from ear to ear…

  24. Karen C. says:

    So right now I’m catching Dr. Drew (recorded), and who knew caca could be so deadly DULL?

  25. cali patti says:

    Happy New Year to all the special people that come in here. I have learned and laughed with many of you this past year and hope it continues thru 2012.
    I have also followed the Jody A. case a little bit and I don’t see a way out for her from a guilty verdict. Jodi has talked to much and Travis had no history of violence. For Jodi to say it was self – defense will be difficult to prove, if not impossible.
    But hey, after the ca ca case we all know SOME jury’s don’t need facts they need big dark dots to follow. Teasing!!!
    Up until today I was curious about what ca ca was doing, no longer. Today I learned that I was wishing ca ca a sad life. I dont want to harbor those feelings so I am done.


  26. Newbie says:

    Jodi and murderess Casey in one day….yuck. CA –Blond, ugly glasses and a position in front of the camera that really points out one nostril being quite larger than the other……and then “it” speaks. Her statements of having some things that she didn’t have to give back……I thought she was going to try and muster a pity party but she couldn’t even get that going. If she is not lying it seems she has nothing to talk about. I bet she really misses the down and dirty word battles she had with her mom.
    The level of maturity in this tape seems to be about fifth grade level, if that much. “I got a doggie, and computer and telephone and I don’t know how I look best sitting at the computer and I don’t like to be in front of a camera…..” Pa–lease.

  27. Redrelaxed says:

    Travis, like the majority of young men think with their little brain, so he likely didn’t want to see Jodi’s possessiveness as a red flag of her socipathy which ultimately lead to his death. Sure his friends could see how destructive this girl was in his life, but he unfortunately chose to take the relationship underground after they offered up their sound advice.

    The old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it” is so true here. I feel that Travis was having a war with himself. He was compromising his religious beliefs while being pecieved as an upstanding icon within his church, she was like a drug to him that he couldn’t shake. He was ashamed, and from what I’ve read, he kept Jodi and the ongoing relationship away from his inner circle.

    In no way am I saying that he brought this on, or deserved to die, however I think Travis made some poor choices around this girl that had dire consequences.

    We can never know who someone really is when they are accomplished at manipulation, and wittingly mould themselves to fit into our lives with a hidden agenda. I think most of us will trust another person until they prove they are untrustworthy. Sounds like Jodi disingenously went along with the “friends with benefits” relationship status while she secretly coveted Travis as her husband. His friends saw how scary she was, but he was duped like a moth to the flame.

    This whole story is so tragic, a young man who was focused, motivated, well loved, successful, and by all appearances, had the world by the tail with one exception, he made a fatal error in his assessment of Jodi.

    Thank you for covering his story Snoopy.

  28. Cali Patti~~ ahhh, my friend, are you really trying to wean yourself off from learning all the thrilling things going on with Ms Caca? I don’t believe it. You could start reading all about her with one eye closed. One little ole video and the airways were buzzing yesterday. She is a whiney, self-centered bitch. I believe those are the words that Brad Conway used to describe caca on the JVM show last evening. I wonder what kind of a dog she has, a pitt bull?

  29. Newbie~~ hey, I am glad you are sporting your nice red rose again. We now have two young women who think they are God’s answer to every young man’s prayers. They have a lot in common, both narcissists, me me me’s always grooming and flashing those toothy smiles. Casey was going to make sure her mother would not have Caylee and Jodi snuffed out a man’s life so no other woman would ever get him. Both murders were heinous and neither showed an iota of remorse for their actions. Both changed their stories, in Jodi’s case, she has three different versions of what took place. It would not surprise me if Jodi gets found not guilty too. She already is amassing quite a few supporters.

  30. cali patti says:

    Ah Jonathon, Oh, No, you did not pick on pit bulls. She could not handle a Pit Bull, they have way to much love for their owners. They dont like others all that much but they do love their owners, as long as they are fed. Poor Pit Bull.

  31. Red~~I agree with everything you wrote. Travis tried to be a devout Morman but sadly and I may be wrong but even the males of that faith are supposed to remain celebant until they marry. Well Jodi tempted Travis and he could not resist. I think this really bothered him and that is why he tried to break off the relationship with Jodi as it seemed to be more of a physical attraction than of someone he wanted to marry. That one last fling was a dire mistake…it was perfect for Jodi to carry out her plan in her sadistic way. It is scarey when you think of some people who inhabit our world. This is one dangerous young lady and, if the opportunity arises, I can see Casey murdering again. They both have no conscience and snuffing out a life to suit their purpose means zilch to them.

  32. cali patti says:

    I went and read Travis Alexander’s blog, wow oh wow! I am left breathless. Not only was the young man aware but he was able to put into words what so many of us have felt or thought. What a huge loss to his friends and the world.

  33. margaret says:

    Snoop we need to put all this brainpower together and come up with a solution of how to get caca and joran sloot together. After he wipes caca out jodi should be ready to join him. It would make a great reality show. …I think I would watch it. joran was such a sleaze at his hearing today rubbing his eyes and yawning during the hearing. He had to be told to show a little respect. I sure hope he doesn’t walk like caca after what he did to that poor girl. Why do the creeps get all the breaks? I want to watch jodi’s trial to see if she can keep up her facade.

  34. Margaret~~too bad we couldn’t get caca and urine in a toilet bowl and then flush it. It has been years since Natalie Holloway went missing. I cannot understand the laws in those foreign countries. I hope the tourist industry has dropped off in Aruba and maybe that will wake some of them up. They seem to keep the sharks well fed with young American women.

  35. margaret says:

    Snoops just wanted to let you know,I was reading Simons latest blog, and he andBarling will be back on radio show Sunday at four. caca videos will be discussed. goodnite everyone

  36. Margaret~~thanks for letting me know about Simon’s blog radio. I liked it when Dave was part of the panel so am not sure if I will be tuning in. I may checked it out tho to see who Simon has on.

  37. We don’t seem to have much info regarding Jodi Arias other than she was stalking Travis Alexander and when he tried to break off their ‘sexual’ relationship, she butchered him up.

    Arias trial could be marquee case in Ariz. in 2012

  38. margaret says:

    Imay listen simply for the teaser he put out on the videos.. He sounds as though they know all the secrets and we will be surprised. Maybe the whole family is running out of money and has found a new way to generate it…. I read somewhere that Lee’s name was attached to some pictures. Maybe it is family payback time. I wish they would move so far away that we would all have to learn a new language to read about her. She got upstaged by Amanda Knox and now comes Jodi.!!!1. I thought Cheney said she needed to grieve for her daughter,I didn’t hear one single greif stricken sound out of her lying mouth… Can you finish probation early. I wonder if thoughts of Caylee and the things she would like to do at the age she would have been today..NAHH..I’ll bet she would have loved dance class. God bless you Little Caylee, we all still care.

  39. Here is Travis Alexander’s MySpace. You may wish to take a look at some of his photos and there are a couple of videos. You can hear him speaking at one of his lectures…


  40. Here is Jodi Arias’ MySpace. In her photos she has an album in Loving Memory of Travis… Notice the smirk on her face in a lot of her pictures. She is quite content that no other woman will ever be with Travis….a typical stalker and a psychopath.


  41. From what I am learning about Jodi and Travis, Travis was not without fault. It seemed Jodi was good for a roll in the sack but not good enough to marry. Travis set some high standards for the kind of girl he wanted as a wife, as per his blog. (link posted above) In fact, you may say that Travis was a bit of an egotist. Little he knew that the girl who tempted him with sex and trying to possess his whole being was a psychopathic stalker. Travis put the following two comments on Jodi’s MySpace… they were written 3 and 4 years ago….

    I wonder how much you raise the hotness level of Yreka all by yourself, factoring in its per capita hot stats before you came, I am sure it has raised exponentially

    You are as enlightened as you are beautiful. Those were some good ones. Some I have never seen before even.

  42. Here are a few tidbits of interest…..

    Jodi Ann Arias, Yreka, California

    July 09/2008 First Degree Murder charges filed by the State of Arizona vs Jodi Arias

    Jodi pleaded not guilty and is awaiting her trial in the Estrella jail in Phoenix, Arizona

    I do not think there was much she did not list on her Blogger Profile.

    Her Blogger Profile

    In 2008, Arias moved back home to Yreka. Nevertheless, she continued to keep a watchful eye on Alexander, Hughes alleged.

    “She would break into his email — multiple times — [and] when he began dating another girl, she snuck into the house and watched them sleeping — they had fallen asleep on an oversized bean bag watching a movie,” Hughes said.

    “He would be at his girlfriend’s house and someone would knock and run — he knew it was her. His tires were slashed twice and he ‘knew’ it was her. His girlfriend’s tires were slashed, and again he knew it was her … If Travis began talking to a girl or took a girl on a date, it was shortly after that Jodi would friend them on MySpace and began talking to them.

  43. margaret says:

    Snoops I wonder if Travis ever reported her to police. Probably not, but he should have, she sounds downright scary. A piece of paper would not have stopped her. She used sex and unfortunately he fell for it,one last time.. I can’t find anything about her life before Travis, wheres her family, how was she able to just hang out with him, did she have a job, was Travis supporting her? She has a picture of her dad and sister on her my space, where is her mother? Thanks for the links. ….Where is Nan11? I miss her.

  44. Margaret~ ~ There is a pic of Jodi and her mother in one of those photos. Jodi was supposed to be a professional photographer or so she says. It looks like her family were high rollers from what I could gather. There is a pic of Jodi’s grandmother with her leg wrapped around a muscular dude. She posed for that pic. You have to have the moola to take elaborate vacations but I am not sure where the money was coming from. One other thing, it seemed that Travis taunted Jodi but little he knew that he was dealing with a psycho.

    I think Nan11 is probably taking a break. I hope she will pop in one of these days.

  45. Here is a great article written by Shanna Hogan, a Crime Writer… it tells of the events leading up to the murder of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias has been charged with Murder One and the death penalty is on the table…Will this be an open and shut case or will her defense try and prove she is insane? I will warn you that the details are gruesome.


  46. Karen C. says:

    Poor guy WAS dealing with a psycho. Maybe they can cut a deal with her- plead guilty and you can go through a little “marriage” ceremony (by, um, proxy, obviously, but Mormons believe in proxy posthumous baptism, so maybe not a stretch…). I kinda think she might go for that, then she could call herself his widow….

  47. Karen C ~~I am not too familar with the Mormon religion. I noticed in that article that I posted the link for, it said they found Travis’ Mormon underwear and a camera in the washing machine. Do they wear special under garments? I think I read somewhere that both males and females should not have sex until they are married. Travis never followed that rule, if it is one.

  48. Karen C. says:

    I was (unbeknownst to me- he was running around telling other people! Whoa!) almost engaged to a Mormon med student years ago, and have certainly read a lot about them, both pro and con. The early history is fascinating, violent and quite, quite bizarre and they are very good at deflecting questions and interest in that to present themselves in a more modern and positive light- fluffy, friendly Mormons, not blood-thirsty Native-American killing ones. Yes, there are sacred undergarments for ritualistic purposes. Regarding premarital sex, it’s not supposed to happen but that’s true in most all religions, isn’t it? And does anyway.

    Regular garden-variety Mormons (NOT the Fundamentalist crazy ones) are nice people, generally, but IMO, Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) would definitely be regarded by most folks as a cult were it not for really good marketing and their population numbers. The theological underpinnings are very peculiar, and I’m an ex-Catholic! Catholics are asked to swallow a certain amount of silly nonsense and horrible bad patches of history, but Mormons have them beat by a mile in both those categories, frankly. A good for instance- the posthumous baptizings of dead people from any other faiths, done by proxy and in secret in Salt Lake. Hence the importance of the genealogical data they gather as assiduously as squirrels. You, too, Snoop, can become a good Mormon someday! You pass, they get the obit, and they go ahead and baptize you as a Mormon so you too can have a happy afterlife, gamboling with lambs in the clouds I guess. They get ship manifests, family trees, old newspapers, etc., etc. and go back through the centuries and turn dead people into Mormons. I know that Jewish groups over the years have requested formally to be excluded from this, but I gather they go ahead and turn them into Mormons anyway.

    All this is much on my mind as here I am in SC and salvation, afterlife, and the parsings of scripture, etc. are taken very seriously here and everyone is all whipped up from the non-stop campaigning- TV watching is pure torture right now. I worked at Bain in Boston during Mitt’s tenure, right before I opened my store, and I have one or two opinions on THAT but best done by email!

  49. Karen C~~thanks for all that info re the Mormons. I was just curious why Travis’s Mormon underwear would be in the washing machine if he was having sex with this Jodi which I understood is forbidden. I wish stick with my present faith for now… dead or alive..LOL

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