That was then, this is now..

As of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. Blogs are considered to be a form of social networking. Becoming a blog owner should be considered a privilege, not a right. Sadly, there are those who use a blog as their title of empowerment. They will discourage cyber bullies who comment on their blog but in actuality, a blog owner can become a bully themself. The blog owner will write a post and incorporate in that article a lot of his or her own personal beliefs. The blog owner will invite you to comment and give your opinions on the topic of a certain post. In the majority of blogs, this will work out just fine but there are always those few exceptions and unfortunately, I have met a couple of those select few. I shall refer to them as egotists.

One in particular comes to mind and it seemed to ‘her’ to be all about ratings and flaunting her intellect. She would write a post and you, the contributor, had to agree with everything she wrote or the ‘delete’ button would be utilized and you may have wondered why your comment went poof. Your opinions, unless they agreed with hers, were worthless, only in her mind, of course.

Also, this blogger had to be number one. Now how was she going to do this when she noticed certain other blogs becoming quite successful? The other blogs were getting higher ratings than hers and the commenters were flocking to these very informative and well maintained blogs. There was only one answer, she must find a way to disrupt and eventually destroy the successful blogs. What better way to do this than to recruit a flock of well-known cyber bullies. The cyber bully makes it a war game to do all in their power to destroy blogs. They will set up a blog for one purpose only, to destroy the blog owner of a successful blog. They will have the backing of ‘her’ and check in with ‘her’ periodically to inform her of their progress. These same bullies will maintain several identities or screen names. They will make comments on ‘her’ blog that seem quite knowledgeable before they go to their own bully blog and use different names to malign, threaten and use underhandedness to destroy the competition. We got to know these bullies as ‘baboons’, ‘babs’, ‘bobs’, and other names that were hijacked or names of the deceased relatives of the ones they wanted to destroy.

As a blog owner I did not consider my blog one that could even compete with some of the more informative ones. First off, I am not a good writer so I just became a mediocre offshoot of another blog, that being Marinade Dave’s which I hold in the highest esteem. I describe myself as being a little rough around the edges but, in spite of that, have had some great contributors.

Because I consider Marindave Dave my friend and at times, my mentor, I did not come out of this cyber bully war unscatched. To get to Dave, try and destroy his friends too. That seemed to be the reason for their onslaught on me. I refused to be destroyed and being a stubborn, backwoods Canadian woman helped. I saw potential in Dave and when he got the job of writing about the Anthony case for the Orlando magazine, it came as no surprise. I am proud to say that even the cyber bullies could not put the kabosh on that job assignment. As I recall, ‘she’ even made her presense known at the OM trying to accomplish what the bullies failed to do.

I have not put any names in this article, other than Dave’s so don’t let defamation cross your mind. All I can say is, “if the shoe fits, wear it”… and all the time, you thought we didn’t know what was going on. Oh, one other thing… when you send a cub reporter out to cover a trial, make sure that reporter is ACTUALLY in the courtroom when she is giving a play by play. You know, honesty is the best policy.

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14 Responses to That was then, this is now..

  1. Sherry says:

    Hot diggetty! I just now figured out who you are talking about! :mrgreen:
    Oh, those were the days!~ LMBO! Jealousy sure doesn’t cause a person to have any head sense…

    Happy New Year, Snoopy, and all the Snoopettes!
    {hugs} May everyone here have a healthy New Year, also~ ❤

  2. Sherry~~yup, hot diggetty for sure. All the time, they thought we had blinders on. I just thought it would be nice to empty the trash and clear (clean) the air before heading into 2012. I like that Snoopettes…lol

    So from the Snoop camp, A Very Happy New Year to You and Yours!! Y’all come back now….

  3. Dave Knechel says:

    Very Good, Snoopy! Some people think their poop really doesn’t stink. Unfortunately, she is one of them.

  4. nika says:

    Excellent post and exactly my feelings – It took a while before I caught on to what was going on but the comment on the OS blog sealed the deal for me. I did not realize until then where all the poop was coming from.

  5. Dave~~this is where I stress, it is the quality of the comments that count not the quantity. There lies the difference between your blog and hers. You serve up the meat and taters instead of watered down soup. You seldom get ‘one liners’ at your blog.

  6. nika~~thank you so much! By making her presense known at OM, she did not score any brownie points, instead she proved to us what ‘audacity’ stands for.

  7. Karen C. says:

    You’d think she’d just be too dang busy to fool with trying to get into a conflict with anybody else Out There, but No, she actually expended time/energy going after Dave. There’s room enough for everyone (unfortunately) when it comes to the True Crime field.

  8. Karen C~~it is called inflating the ‘ego’…. We did succeed in getting rid of eleven blogs which was a battle worth winning. Trying to maintain a blog and putting the information out was like working in a war zone but perseverance paid off I am happy to say.

  9. This is a MUST see…..o la la la …. check out Dave’s new banner… or should I say Monsieur Knechel

  10. mysticalpippin says:

    Ha ha I absolutely love this post Snoopy! I really wish I had come here a year ago but you know how it is when you’re spread so thin there is never enough time in the day (or night for that matter). Now if I can just figure out to sign up for your posts……

  11. snoopysleuth says:

    Mysticalpippin~~just scroll down, side bar on your right, you will see all the posts listed and how to subscribe to this blog by email. When I write a new post, you will be notified by email. Welcome to my blog! I have read your comments at Dave’s blog…

  12. mysticalpippin says:

    Thanks Snoopy. I was so tired last night I couldn’t find it. I’ve been meaning to do this for about 2 years now because I’ve always liked your posts on Dave’s blog but everytime I would forget because I get caught up in reading all the comments – plus all the links you provide so I would always forget. But now I’ll get your weekly reminders with the link to your blog. YAY! 🙂

  13. snoopysleuth says:

    mysticalpippin~~when I write a new post (article for discussion, you will be notified via your email account. If I wrote two or even three posts in a week, you will receive the notification as soon as I publish them.

  14. mysticalpippin says:

    Thanks Snoopy!

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