Michelle Parker, 33, an Orlando woman goes missing

Michelle Parker, 33, an Orlando woman, went missing on November 17th, after she appeared on a taped episode of People’s Court.

According to investigators, Parker last week stopped by the home of her ex-boyfriend, Dale Smith, to drop off their twin children. From there, she didn’t go home or show up to work later that night. However, her black Hummer was discovered the very next day, about 14-miles away from Smith’s home in the Mall at Millenia area.

Orlando police said Wednesday that a cross necklace 33-year-old Michelle Parker wore in a new photo recently released may be a key piece of evidence in her disappearance. Parker’s family has confirmed to authorities that she was wearing the necklace when she went missing.

Police say Parker was last seen Thursday. Her SUV was found the next day, causing family members to believe she was carjacked. They said it is unlike Parker to disappear because she has three children and a job as a bartender.

Parker has an 11-year-old son. The father of her 3-year-old twins is the ex-boyfriend who appeared on television with her.

Michelle Parker and Dale Smith appeared in the following episodes of People’s Court. You will get a glimpse into the stormy relationship that went on between these two. Now Michelle is missing and her ex-boyfriend is not considered a suspect.

People’s Court-Part 1

People’s Court-Part 2

People’s Court-Part 3

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40 Responses to Michelle Parker, 33, an Orlando woman goes missing

  1. Sherry says:

    I am not following this case but I do get You Tube videos from one who is. Here is her channel and where you can find the videos concerning Ms. Parker:


    You might want to lower your volume as she has an auto play for her video intro.

  2. Sherry~~thank you for that link and telling me to lower the volume. LOL All my other cases have gone cold or are just at a standstill. When it’s not a child going missing, it is another young woman. For some reason, ‘the runaway bride’ has crossed my mind. Surely, a mother with three children would never pull a stunt like that. After viewing the episodes of People Court, anything is possible. Michelle and Dale’s relationship was like fire and gasoline.

  3. On Saturday night, the Orlando Police Department raided Smith’s parents’ home. Smith is Parker’s ex-fiancee, with whom she appeared on an episode of “The People’s Court” the day she was last seen. He is also the father of Parker’s twins. Police believe he was the last person to see Parker alive.

    Neighbors said the search was an intense scene as SWAT team members and undercover police swarmed the house with guns.
    WESH 2 News attempted to speak to the residents inside the home after the raid, but a man inside shouted obscenities through a door that was allegedly kicked in by investigators.

    Read more here and watch the video… it is heartbreaking to see and hear Mitchell’s mother…


  4. ORLANDO, Fla. — The Department of Children and Families has taken missing mom Michelle Parker’s children away from the man police say is their primary suspect in her disappearance, Dale Smith Jr.
    An emergency custody hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday morning. Parker’s mother, Yvonne Stewart, was given access to see the children Tuesday afternoon, DCF said.
    Investigators with the Orlando Police Department said on Monday that Smith, who is Parker’s ex-fiance and the father of their twins, may have something to do with her disappearance. Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney said Smith was his department’s primary suspect.

    Meanwhile, Parker’s family has retained the Morgan and Morgan law firm to represent them in legal matters.
    Brad Parker, Michelle’s father, said he arrived at the police command post with high hopes. Parker said it may prompt Smith or his family to come forward with information. But Smith retained prominent defense attorney Mark NeJame instead.

    Read more and watch video here….


  5. Michelle Parker: Missing Mom’s Fiance Has Domestic Battery Conviction

    The ex-fiance of a woman who disappeared after appearing on “The Peoples’ Court” was booted out of the Marines after being charged with domestic battery and friends say he would abandon his girlfriend in out of the way places.

    The missing woman, Michelle Parker, had a set of twins and a tumultuous relationship with ex-fiance Dale Smith. She was last seen dropping off the twins at Smith’s house.

    At the time she vanished last Thursday, however, she was excited about a man she had been dating, her friend Angela Launer told ABCNews.com.

    “I know he hurt her many times—dropped her off in areas with no shoes. Took off and left her in Georgia by herself,” Launer said in an emotional interview marked by tears and sobs.

    Launer, 34, described the relationship that played out on national television as “rocky” and “tense.”

    “He hurt my best friend,” she said. “I didn’t like him because he made her cry. No one should ever be treated that way.”

    This week, it was revealed that Parker sought a restraining order from Smith in 2009, but was denied for lack of evidence

    Read more here….


  6. Dale Smith was in court today with his counsel, Mark NeJame. Matt Morgan is representing the Parkers.

    Parker Custody Hearing: Judge Decides In Smith’s Favor

  7. From WFTV….

    ORLANDO, Fla. —

    During an emergency hearing on Wednesday, a judge ruled that Dale Smith Jr., the prime suspect in the disappearance of Michelle Parker, will keep custody of their two children.

    Tuesday, the Department of Children and Families took the children into protective custody.

    However, on Wednesday, the judge said there wasn’t enough evidence to remove the children from Smith’s care, but if more evidence comes forward, the court will revisit the issue.

    Since Parker’s disappearance, the children have been staying with Smith, her ex-fiance.

    Parker also has an 11-year-old son who is not Smith’s child.

    The 33-year-old mother of three disappeared on Nov. 17 after she appeared on a taped episode of “The People’s Court” with Smith in a dispute over her lost engagement ring. During the episode Parker also accused Smith of being so physical she once tried to get a restraining order against him.

    A few hours after the episode aired, Parker dropped off her twins at Smith’s condo. Parker’s SUV was found the day after she vanished.

    Police said Smith is the only suspect at this point and they also said Smith refused to take a polygraph.

  8. Tim Miller of Equusearch will be heading back to Orlando to search for Michelle Parker. This was at the request of Dale Smith who wants to be right out there with Tim searching too. Tim was a little reluctant about going back to Orlando after how he was treated in the Anthony case. Miller still has a lawsuit pending against Anthony to try and recover some of his expenses.

    Equusearch asked to help find missing Florida mom

    Texas EquuSearch says the groups founder will be in Orlando Thursday morning to join the search for Michelle Parker.

    The Florida Division of Texas Equusearch has already been here assisting the family, but Miller’s appearance in the area could be a sign of a bigger presence.

    However, Miller told reporters that he was not expecting a happy outcome.

    “I mean, it’s — I’m going to say it’s fairly obvious that she’s not alive,” Miller said. “This is not going to be one of the miracles like Elizabeth Smart where she’s going to show up.”


  10. Newbie says:

    The link provided in your 10:01 comment …..wow. That poor mother. I think I would feel a little better if NeJames was the Parker family’s attorney and Morgan Mr. Smiths. Kathi B is going to get herself barred from news conferences held on Mr. Smiths behalf….lol.

  11. mainstreamfair says:

    Michelle Parker’s cell phone was last powered down near the area they are searching. Tim Miller of Equusearch is supposed to arrive in Orlando today to aid in the search.

    Michelle Parker Search Resumes At Lake Today

  12. mainstreamfair says:

    Newbie, Michelle’s mother puts me in mind of Laci Peterson’s mother who supported Scott in the beginning. I think Michelle’s mother does not want to be denied access to her g/children, Parker’s twins, so she has to try and keep the peace with Dale. I think her heart tells her that he may have had something to do with Michelle’s disappearance and in all likelihood death.

  13. mainstreamfair says:

    Dale Smith knocked down a cameraman outside of the courthouse at the custody hearing yesterday. The cameraman sustained minor injuries and said he was going to visit his doctor and then will decide if he will lay charges against Smith. Family Services is watching this scenario play out very closely.


  14. mainstreamfair says:

    FYI~ ~ Dave has a new post up….

    Missing Michelle

  15. margaret says:

    I read somewhere that the GPS had been turned off on Michelle’s vehicle, I know nothing about those, can anything be found if it is turned off? I wonder if she had a habit of turning it off. I just don’t think it was a carjacking gone wrong. Does anyone know anything about the new boyfriend? If he saw the court show, how did he react to it? I would like to know if Smith was with his 2nd. wife when she had her accident. Sounds kind of fishy with his history. I hope and pray those children are safe with him.

  16. Karen C. says:

    No, Margaret, he was tucked away in a jail somewheres and she met with misadventure while getting high on ecstasy with his best friend. At any rate, birds of a feather…. the beating and stabbing that resulted in a death on the street years earlier, that’s the one that imo is deeply troubling. He kicked the one guy in the head. That’s what he ended up being charged with, but seems to me they likely needed his testimony against others, so who knows just what else he did.

  17. mainstreamfair says:

    I wonder if more people would come forward if they were not intimidated by Dale Smith’s temper and scared of retaliation. Karen C, I wonder about kicking that guy in the head and then the 16 yr old being charged with murdering of the kicked fellow’s buddy. What did Smith get charged with, battery?

  18. mainstreamfair says:

    The following timeline begins on Nov. 17, the day Parker disappeared without a trace.

    November 17
    Morning — Michelle Parker and her boyfriend, Nathan Mitchell, had coffee together.

    2 p.m. — An episode of “The People’s Court” with Parker and her ex-fiance, Dale Smith, aired on television. The couple was in dispute over a $5,000 engagement ring that was lost after Parker threw it at Smith in anger. During the program, which had been taped in August, Parker alleged that Smith has a drug and alcohol problem and had been violent with her in the past.

    “He gets pretty malicious and vindictive,” Parker said. After hearing both sides Judge Marilyn Milian ruled the couple should split the cost of the ring and ordered Parker to pay $2,500 for her half.

    According to Parker’s mother, Yvonne Stewart, her daughter regretted taping the show.

    “It was the most humiliating experience of my life,” Stewart told ABC News her daughter said of the experience. “I don’t even ever want to see it. I wish I had never gone.”

    2:30 p.m. — Parker visited with family members at her mother’s salon in in Oviedo, Florida.

    3:15 p.m. –Mitchell and Parker exchanged flirty text messages.

    3:18 p.m. — A security camera records Parker dropping her twin 3 year olds off at Smith’s condo on Goldenrod Road. Due to the angle of the camera, her departure time was not recorded.

    3:30 p.m. — Parker’s 11-year-old son arrived home from school. Shortly thereafter he called his grandmother, Stewart, and notified her that his mom was not there.

    4:26 p.m. — Parker’s brother, Dustin Erickson, sent her a text message and asked her where she was. Moments later, Erickson received a reply with the single word “Waterford,” a possible reference to a nearby area.

    4:30 p.m. — According to Smith’s attorney, Mark NeJame, his client went to visit his parents with his children.

    6:53 p.m. –Parker’s sister was unsuccessful in her attempts to reach her by phone.

    7:20 p.m. — Parker’s sister reported her missing to police.

    8 p.m. — Parker failed to show up for her job at The Barn restaurant in Sanford. At about the same time her cellphone stopped transmitting a signal to a tower near Belle Isle.

    November 18 — Parker’s 2008 black Hummer H3 was found in a parking lot on the west side of Orlando. Decals for Parker’s mobile tanning business had been removed from the windows.

    Police conducted a search of Smith’s condominium. What — if anything — of interest was found is not yet known.

    Parker’s mother told WFTV she believed her daughter was the victim of a random crime, possibly a carjacking.

    “If anybody has her and you’re holding her hostage, please let her go,” Yvonne Stewart told the news station. “Let her come home so she can raise her babies.”

    November 19 — The Florida Department of Children and Families opened an investigation into the children’s welfare “after allegations of past domestic violence were reported,” the agency said in a statement. “This report was generated after the mother was reported missing to authorities.”
    •Woman Who Appeared On ‘The People’s Court’ Missing
    •Mom Says Daughter Was ‘Humiliated’ By ‘People’s Court’ Appearance
    •Michelle Parker’s Ex-fiance Reportedly Has Domestic Battery Conviction
    •Police Name Ex-Fiance As Primary Suspect
    •Missing Mom’s Kids Returned To Ex-Fiance, Prime Suspect In Case
    •Ex-Fiance Dale Smith Not Involved In His Second Wife’s Death

    November 22 — The Orlando Police Department announced they had no new leads.

    November 23 — Police release a new photograph of Parker (see slideshow) in which she is wearing a cross necklace. Police say the photo may be a key piece of evidence in her disappearance since she was wearing it when she went missing.

    Dozens of police officers and hundreds of volunteers conduct a search in the area where Parker’s vehicle was found.

    November 24 — Volunteers spent Thanksgiving searching for Parker and distributing flyers with her photo and vital information.

    November 25 — Parker’s mother announced that a private donor offered a reward of $50,000 for her daughter’s safe return. The family set a deadline of midnight November 27.

    November 26 — Orlando police served a search warrant on Smith’s parents’ home on Rose Boulevard in Orlando. Witnesses told ABC News a SWAT team served the search warrant.

    “Roughly 12 guys piled out, banged on the door, yelled ‘search warrant, search warrant,’ and basically took everybody out of the house,” said neighbor Don Partin, according to ABC News. “They took everybody out, sat them in the yard and then the cops went in, and the crime lab went in and pretty much everybody from all departments showed up.”

    According to WESH.com, police said they found nothing of significance

  19. mainstreamfair says:

    November 28 — Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney announced Smith as the primary suspect in Parker’s disappearance.

    “We had to look at every aspect in the case before we could come out publicly and state that Mr. Smith is our primary focus,” Rooney said.

    Rooney did not elaborate on why he was considered a suspect, but did say Smith had refused to take a polygraph test.

    Smith’s checkered past, however, may play a role in why police suspect he could be involved in Parker’s disappearance. He was convicted of battery in the 1990s, serving 10 days in jail. His second wife, Shannon, died of an accidental drug overdose. In 1996 he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and he was court martialed in 2001. Smith was subsequently dishonorably discharged in 2003. More recently, in 2009, Parker attempted to obtain a restraining order against Smith, but the request was denied due to lack of evidence.

    Parker’s mother pleaded with Smith to cooperate with police. “Dale, if you had cooperated with the police and took a polygraph test when they asked you, you could have avoided a lot of stress,” Stewart told reporters. “Our family needs to have Michelle home. We need to heal.”

    November 29 — The Florida Department of Children and Families claimed Smith was a “significant future risk” to his children and placed the twins in protective custody.

    Smith’s lawyer, Mark NeJame, told reporters his client declined to take a lie detector test because the devices are unreliable. NeJame also said Smith was asking Texas EquuSearch, a well-known missing person search and recovery group, to look for Parker.

    “If this doesn’t ring as a testament to a man who is not guilty, I don’t know what does,” NeJame told reporters. “Mr. Smith wants Michelle found. Now what guilty person is asking for a search to be conducted? If she is found alive or not, he knows that will exonerate him.”

    Texas EquuSearch confirmed to The Huffington Post that they plan to conduct a search for Parker

    Read More Here

  20. mainstreamfair says:

    On Sept 22, 1996 Dale Smith commit a battery upon THOMAS BUZYNISKI. He used chair to strike Thomas.. Apparently Dale and some others crashed a party and was asked to leave by the chaperone of the party, Buzyniski. Dale then took a chair and hit Thomas over the head.
    You can read the rest in the document…

    Dale Smith-Legal Document

  21. mainstreamfair says:

    Michelle Parker’s “Hummer” vehicle was found in the 4700 Block of Walden Circle, Orlando, FL

  22. It’s become a lot more real to me that someone has done something terrible to my child,” Stewart said during a short, emotional statement. “I cannot even begin to tell you how much pain my heart is in today. I want to find my daughter.”

    Until then, Stewart had remained outwardly hopeful and positive that her 33-year-old daughter would be found alive.

    A law-enforcement source told the Orlando Sentinel Thursday that the phone was found in water under a bridge that crosses over Lake Conway. It’s not clear when divers located the phone, but a technology expert said the discovery could be a “treasure trove” of information for investigators.

    Orlando police said the phone was in “remarkably good condition” and several photos were retrieved during a forensic examination.

    The location where the cell phone was found is about half-way between Smith’s condominium and the nine-mile route to his parent’s home. Police have not charged Smith


  23. cali patti says:

    I heard on the news Dale set up a facebook acct asking for donations for the twins Christmas. Dale is seeking $5,000.00, he has raised $280.00 dollars last time I looked. LOL. The “team” Michele has from “the Barn” has raised thousands. A suitable type of justice?

  24. Cali~ ~yes, I heard about Dale setting up that account. I guess he is not working?? He will probably demand some of the money they are raising at the Barn. BTW, Dave is really getting some good comments on his blog since he put up the post with the pics. It is good to see him in action again.

  25. cali patti says:

    yes I have visited at Daves and it is good to read there. This is my home thou if that is ok? I went to access Dale Smith or Michelle Parker on facebook and came up blank, were you able to find either of them on facebook?

  26. Karen C. says:

    You and Dave both have really strong posts on this one… I can’t help but think you two will have to start staking out separate pieces of “turf” if this keeps up! Congrats to both of you.

  27. Cali Patti~~this will be your home as long as you keep paying your rent on time. LOL

  28. Karen C~~I started to follow this case some time ago but it did not attract much interest. I just kept updating it as info came in. When Dave goes out and takes some pics and makes things more realistic, it generates comments and more people get involved. I seem to spend more time at his blog where the action is. Finding Michelle’s body will be a miracle as, like you said, the alligators would have taken care of any remains. Just maybe Michelle’s cell phone will shed some evidence to make an arrest. Let’s hope so.

  29. Dale’s condo 6598 S Goldenrod RD Unit 97C Orlando
    Dale Sr. home 2211 Rose Blvd. Orlando
    Hummer found 4700 Walden Circle, Orlando
    Last cell phone ping 300 East Oak Ridge Rd. Orlando approx.
    The Barn, where Michelle works 1200 S French Ave Sanford, FL
    The Strandz Salon, Yvonne Stewart’s salon 1783 E Broadway Street, Oviedo, FL

  30. Karen C. says:

    You know, it does occur to one when looking at the various pics of her wearing that honkin’ huge diamond cross that that alone might be worth committing murder for….

  31. cali patti says:

    Phooeeey, I am a squatter, I don’t pay rent. I am a nice squatter and will not do damage, I hope.

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