Did you or will you buy it?

Jeff Ashton’s Imperfect Justice hit the book shelves on Tuesday. From all accounts, thus far, it is a number one best seller.

I would love to know if you are reading it and what you think of Jeff’s take on Imperfect Justice. Are you shocked at some of the things you are learning as you read along?

How do you feel about Jeff writing this book which is going to be made into a movie? Maybe you have some ideas on which actors/actresses you would like to see play the parts of some of the characters, Jeff for instance or Linda Drane Burdick. I can almost guess who you would like to see play the part of José Baez. Is he still living? I meant Herman, not Baez.

Here is a video of Bill Sheaffer’s take on Imperfect Justice. It is so good to see these two back together…

Bill & Kathi

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  1. Vicky says:

    November 18, 2011 at 12:13 am (Edit)

    “Of all the opportunistic clowns I came across in this case, he was the most offensive to me.”

    I couldn’t resist sharing this quote with you Snoops. Just who do you think Jeff Ashton is referring to here?..hint… Not Jose or Chaney.

    Now back to reading.

  2. Vicky says:

    Nope! Come on Snoopy. Another hint…regular on Nancy Grace early on. Not PI Casey.
    Give up?

    So far I am enjoying the read. I can tell you one thing for certain, Jeff Ashton has as high an opinion of himself as many who followed him during the trial. Not that he is not justified. Also, I had no idea he had been given a “demotion promotion” prior to this case. when LDB asked him to join the prosecution team, he was apparently biding his time for retirement. He was already planning on leaving the SAO before this all happened.

  3. Sherry says:

    Lee Anthony. Hahahaha! 😆

    I may buy the book if I happen to see it in one of the stores I shop in. I hope he does well with sales.

  4. Vicky says:

    JA on the relationship btw Casey and Cindy…”It was a lethally toxic codependent relationship. One person was skilled at lying to others, while the other was skilled at lying to herself.”
    How true is that!

    Anyone else reading the book? One thing for certain, JA had a lot of the same feelings the rest of us did. However, he is highly critical of the protesters who camped out at he Anthony house and the level to which the media inflamed the public outrage with George and Cindy.

  5. Vicky says:

    Hi Sherry – any guess from you? I thought surely Snoops would guess right away given her opinion of the person JA was referring to.

  6. Karen C. says:

    This was a very unusual case in that we, the Blogging and Commenting Public, actually knew WAY MORE than the Jury was allowed to, due to the Sunshine law. This is one time that the old cr@p about “Well, the Jury saw all the evidence” is completely false. ANY OF US knows more than that Jury ever did!

  7. Vicky says:

    You got it Karen C. Lol
    I loved that comment. It was so fitting.

  8. Ahhhh, I forgot about good ole Lenny. Yes, yes, a clown for sure and self serving. Vicky, I want you to interpret the whole book for me right here. That is why I started this post.

  9. Vicky says:

    I agree, but I still don’t think they reached the right decision. The moment it was inferred that George had molested his daughter, they were focused on him instead of the overall evidence. Once JB rang that bell, and lied about the circumstances surrounding Caylee’s death, the game was over. They dismissed all other testimony and focused on whether or not George might be lying.

  10. Karen C. says:

    Seriously, though, Vicky, the only item they had access to that we didn’t was the pic of the skull with tape attached, unpixilated version. That is the only thing! And now, I want to see that, blow it up to poster size, and mail it to every one of those jurors with a note- “You missed this or what?”

  11. Vicky says:

    Too funny Snoopy. So far, no real bombshells. Just a few oh really moments, several ITAs and very well stated opinions.

  12. Karen C~~you are so right. The jury didn’t see a quarter of the evidence. While they were sitting in the jury box, they didn’t pay attention to any of the evidence. If the jurors had been presented with a video of Casey doing the bad deed, they would have thought it was someone impersonating her. Pee Wee Herman got lucky and won them over with his big smile.

  13. Karen C. says:

    And I cannot get over that Casey told the shrinks that George drowned Caylee while, what, forcing her to, ummm, er……. WE knew she was thoroughly evil before but that takes the prize.

  14. Vicky says:

    Did you know JA has been married three times? Sounds like he must have spent too many hours at the office. Also, he has six childre…2 adopted (third wife). Lost one of his children at the beach one time (was totally panicked), and hated Casey at first, but had to put those feelings aside.

  15. Vicky says:

    LOL – Jeff Ashton learned about the tattoo via the media. FG and LDB already knew but he didn’t. Too funny!

  16. Karen C. says:

    I did watch recorded Dr. Phil 3 times this week- M and Tue the Zahau case, and Wed. JA, and I never watch Dr. Phil! But very chewy programming, I must say. I might get the book. Not all these tomes are worthy, this one might be.

  17. Vicky says:

    The sad part is that a lot of what we were allowed to see and read was inadmissible in court. JA discusses several examples in the book.

  18. Vicky says:

    So far, the book is a good read. I haven’t gotten to the trial yet. Well, that’s not exactly true, he begins with the verdict and then goes back to the beginning. The chapters on his conversations with Dr. Vass is really interesting. He also goes back in his personal history with the DNA case and a few others he worked on.

  19. Vicky says:

    I am now at the chapter titled Grand Jury. I’ll let you know if there is any new news, but so far, the Sunshine Laws provided us with as much infor as the prosecution had. It is interesting to readmhis take on events as they transpired.

  20. Karen C. says:

    That’s always the case- there’s so much that is damning that jurors can’t hear. I believe in a wide net for both sides, and, as Judge Perry used to say (But didn’t always follow), let the jury be the triers of the truth. I know of a rapist in Boston who’d already been convicted/charged a bazillion times, jury saw a sweet Boy Scout type, nice suit, let him off, the victim’s old boyfriend followed him to the men’s room where the perp bragged to him about “doing” her and how she cried, old boyfriend storms into Judge’s chambers and all he got was a shrug.

  21. I will bet any money that Baez and the Princess are squirming that Jeff got his book out first ( I am not counting Fanning’s) and now there is a movie of Imperfect Justice in the works. If the A’s ever put anything in print, it will be belong in the fictional section and yesterday’s dreams.

  22. We also found out why Casey threw the hissy fit in the holding cell outside the courtroom. That is when Cheney Mason wanted her to take a plea. Linda Drane was receptive to the idea but Casey just gave Mason a blank stare. That is when Judge Perry ordered Casey to have a competency evaluation. It is scarey to think of Casey being out on the loose now. I wish she would go and live in Pinellas County where everyone likes her, well at least 12 people do.

  23. Vicky says:

    I agree Snoopy. You know it is driving Jose and Casey crazy. I have no desire to ever read or hear any more of the bull chit they have to say about Caylee’s death. Unless of course Casey decides to tell the truth…which will never happen. Anything further they might have to tell will be just another lie fabricated by the queen of deception.
    I just found one “discrepancy” in Ashton’s recall of events. He basically says Casey’s arrest following the indictment was uneventful. He totally left out the “car chase” that occurred. Aside from that, quite interesting to read their thought process for seeking 1st degree murder charges.

  24. Newbie says:

    I guess I am a party-pooper on this one. I have no intention of buying the book or watching the movie. While I am sure Mr. Ashton’s book and movie will profit him, it is still money made from off Caylees death and happenings after that. If Baez had written it, I would be up in arms but with it being Ashton making the money, I had to think about how I felt about it.

  25. Vicky says:

    Newbie – it took me some time to decide to download it. Rather than view it as a way for someone to make money, I was really curious as to the thinking process that goes into the decision points in a case like this. We heard absolutely nothing from the prosecution team except during the hearings and the trial – which is as it should heve been. So far, the book has in no way sensationalized the story. It has however, provided some details about why certain decisions were made, who made the and some pretty astute observations regarding Casey, and her defense team.
    I figure each time I read a document released by the media someone was making money, so I figure reading this book is not much different. Hopefully in writing this book, Jeff Ashton will provde future prosecutors with a bit of insight into what might have been done differently when dealing with jack ass, unethical defense attorneys and their psychopathic clients. So far, it seems Casey and company shocked the investigators and others quite a few times.

  26. Vicky says:

    By the way, downloading is a lot cheaper so someone is making less money. LOL
    I do respect your point of view Newbie.

  27. Newbie~ ~ I feel totally different in that Casey and Cindy made money off Caylee. Now Ashton is making money off Casey so she gets a taste of her own medicine. I am glad that Jeff is filling in some of the blanks for us in what was going on behind the scenes. He also is demonstrating that the justice system is far from perfect.

    P.S. I know of one person who feels the same as you do. *wink

  28. Vicky says:

    I’m off to bed now. Otherwise, I’ll be worthless at work tomorrow.

  29. Jeff Ashton said that he should never have put so many of Casey’s friends on at the beginning of the trial. I maintained that was overkill at the time. He also mentioned that he would like to have had the death penalty taken off the table. I totally agree that was one of the main reasons the Pinellas’ 12 were frightened to sign guilty on any of those first three charges. I always felt that they kept the death penalty on the table was to get a death penalty jury ( what a laugh, now that I think of those Pinella-ites) and it would almost guarantee LWOP. Anyhoo, it sure as heck backfired.

  30. Newbie says:

    Vicky, glad to hear you kept the money to a minimum….lol. I did have a hard time coming to my decision and would say why except I am too tired tonight. See you ladies tomorrow.

  31. Newbie says:

    P. S.
    It sure is nice to have a place to express your opinion. Kudos to Snoop and Vicky.

  32. Dave Knechel says:

    I received my copy in the mail yesterday. I will be reading it over the weekend.

  33. Karen C. says:

    There’s valid points on both sides. I have no problem myself with Ashton making money on what seems to be a quality read, any more than I see a problem with Larry Schiller doing “American Tragedy”, say. Also, I really think JA has a burning need to inform and explain now that he’s out of his office, and that’s valid under the circumstances imo.

    At least we now know what the 2 shrinks were told by the evil baby-killing skank!

  34. John Bellushi wouldve been perfect to play J Baez since he is dead his brother Jim could take the role,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  35. Techno Grannie says:

    I would buy the book !

  36. kas says:

    Mainstream: It’s funny about his regrets regarding the Friends Parade at the beginning, because I totally thought he would use them in the closing argument as proof that none of them truly “knew her” at all. They all thought she was such a great Mom, but didn’t know the nanny didn’t exist, that Caylee was missing, that she had no job–THEY DIDN’T KNOW HER, PERIOD. I thought that was the point of all of them.

    I liked his point about how the whole Casey learned to lie from Cindy is B.S.–that it is the reverse. Cindy lies for Casey and as we all saw, poorly. Often, but poorly. His recounting of when they had to tell George what was about to happen to him in court was awful (I haven’t gotten the book yet, I saw him on JVM). Oh, and I have to saw watching JVM go down her “Checklist” of “all the stuff I would have done differently” was a testimony to what a gentleman JA is. Being lectured on how to do it by Jose’s Fan Club President would’ve been too much for me.

    John Lovitz should play Jose in the Lifetime Original Movie…..for several reasons.

    A very plain actress should play Casey because it would kill her to know that is how she is seen

    Merideth Baxter should play Cindy because she looks like her and she always plays the insane woman in the Lifetime movie. It’s the law..

  37. FYI ~~ I just spoke to Dave… he is home and everything went well. They removed his gall bladder and did a liver biopsy. He is hurting but has meds to alleviate some of the pain. He has got to take it VERY easy for 2 days. It even hurt him to talk but God love him, he wanted everyone to know he is okay.

  38. Karen C. says:

    THAT’S what’s been going on. Thank you, Snoopy.

  39. Kas ~~ I am being evil here but I would like them to find an actress to play Casey who was on Meth for about five years. I doubt if many well-known actresses would want to be identified with her. I hope they all turn down any offers. Casey has been described as being attractive but I do not know where they see it. I always pay attention to a person’s eyes and Casey’s eyes are evil no matter how she rolls them and tries to look sexy.

    When the prosecution said they were resting their case, I thought they had to be kidding. I know there was so much inadmissable and this is where I get confused with how the law operates.

    I do my best not to watch the screamer, Jane Velez Mitchell.

    Kas, you made some great comments, thank you.

  40. kas says:

    Totally agree with you on the CRAZY EYES. It was kinda funny that she was totally unaware of how freaky she looked in pictures (on her own facebook). Someone commented once that you could always tell when she was in a picture with another female, because that’s when she broke out that Joker Smile that, when coupled with Crazy Eyes, was haunting.

    But I was at a loss whenever someone in the media would go on about how “attractive” she was.

    I do not think JVM is aware she is wearing a “mic”.

    Jeff Ashton did address how much fell under the “hearsay” rule, and I swear, you can explain that to me a million times and I don’t get it. Like, the fight with Cindy the night before– that was bound by hearsay. That, and the fact Cindy was denying it happened.

  41. Vicky says:

    I would personally love to see Casey play herself and have to reenact what happened from Jeff Ashton’s point of view. LOL
    Now Newbie can throw a shoe at me. 🙂

  42. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, if you have any specific questions about the book, let me know. There is a table of contents, so it is easy to skip around. So far in my reading, Jeff Ashton expresses a tremendous amount of empathy toward George and Cindy. It is very obvious that he is not quick to judge others. However, he does not in any way afford that level of understanding toward Bias and Casey. No new news in his recollection of the formal depositions of George, Cindy & Lee, except that he had been unprepared for George’s complete turnaround in cooperating with them. He realized then that George had drank the kool aide.
    He seems to have had some level of respect for Linda Baden, although he points out she was not familiar with Florida law. He is not at all suprised that she left the team, and had thought she would leave sooner than she did. His comments about Lyon aren’t overly positive and he believes she was behind pointing the finger at Kronk. His review of Mason is mixed, but he does imply that he is sexist, and in some manner made the mistake of crossing LDB with his sexist attitude (only once) LMAO. I would have loved being a mouse in the corner for that. And as has been reported, stooped to Bias’s level during the trial. He highly respected Ann Finnell. Says she regretted becoming involved. Says he feels the defense team was disrespectful to Dorothy Sims, and relegated her to a “hand-holder and Girl Friday”.

  43. Vicky says:

    I forgot to mention. At one point, prior to the recusal motion, Jeff Ashton had commented to LDB while venting about his frustrations with bias and Mason “Can you imagine what this would be like if Belvin Perry was the judge.”

  44. Vicky~~no question from me yet. I am enjoying your take on some of the highlights. BTW, I would not want to be a sexist and go up against Linda Drane. I can well imagine her come back to Mason. It has crossed my mind that Dorothy Sims still may be babysitting at her EIEIO. I also think most people liked Ann Finnell. I found the defense treated her shoddy on one occasion when she tried to argue a motion and Baez and Mason butted in and left her standing there and she could not get a word in edgewise. I believe it was her initial trip up to the podium when she first joined the team.

  45. Vicky says:

    I just finished reading the chapter about when the prosecution found out Casey was going to blame George for disposing of Caylee’s body and molestation. He describes interviewing the doctors who had examined Casey for the defense. His rage over what the defense was tring to do is very obvious in his writing. Casey claimed that George murdered Caylee, which did not come out in the final version in court. She also made claims beyond oral copulation. The length of time the abuse occurred was not consistent between the stories she told.
    According to JA, Danziger was extremely upset over being used as a vector to tell Casey’s latest version. He was also one of the doctors who originally assessed Casey. JA reveals that he has had many occasions to work with Dr. Danziger over the years from both sides of testimony, and this was the first time he had experienced any level of discomfort in what he would be relating in his testimony. He did not believe Casey had a history of abuse and that her MMPI results were normal. Dr. Weirs agreed with Danzigers interpretation of the test results. Weirs claimed to believe that Casey believed all the lies she told as part of deep denial (barf). Casey claimed that when George carried Caylee’s body into her, that only his shirt was wet. She claimed that when she put Caylee to bed she was wearing a gown and that when George came in with her, she was wearing the pink shirt and shorts. She told both doctors she believed George intentially killed Caylee and that he had murdered her while molesting her or after.
    According to JA, Bias was caught off guard when they awed to have Casey interviewed by theirnown expert, and that Judge Perry was going to allow it. Also, until that point it had not occurred to him that Casey might have to testify if they moved forward with their latest defense tactic and couldn’t use their mental health experts.
    Now get this…JA says Bias called Cindy in and lied to her about what they were going to assert in court. He told her that Caylee had in fact drowned in the pool, by accident, and that George had disposed of the remains. He completely left out the allegations of sexual abuse and murder.

    Believe me, this chapter “the nuclear lie” makes very clear how much destain Jeff Ashton has for bias. It is heartbreaking to read. When I finished it, I was furious and still am.

  46. Vicky~~I am so glad that José Baez is being exposed for the scum bag he really is. The dirty rotten tactics he played in this case. Baez muddies up the title ‘officer of the court’ and is unethical. Maybe some will put it down to his inexperience but as far as I am concerned, he is not much better than the one he was defending. Why the ‘old fart’ Mason stayed on board is beyond me. He will go down as being the pompous asshole who celebrated by using his finger.

  47. Vicky says:

    I got a big chuckle out of Ashton’s description of Bias. He brought up his earlier career as a bikini salesman. LOL

    I too am glad Ashton is exposing Bias and all of the crap he either pulled off or attempted to pull off. Just reading about his BS made me feel like I needed to take a shower. I honestly hope this book completely destroys his reputation and career. At the very least, other judges and prosecuting attorneys will see him coming and prepare accordingly. That SOB represents everything that should never happen in a court of law. How and why he got away with it is beyond me. We need to revamp our system of justice to prevent these types of tactic from being utilized under any circumstances. I don’t care if it is by the state or the defense. The fact that he was able to get away with what he did unscathed is despicable.

  48. Vicky says:

    Had to stop reading for a minute and share this gem. When Linda picked Ashton up for the drive over to Pinellas County for jury selection, it was the first time he had seen her in casual attire. What he did not notice, but George did when they arrived at the hotel, was that she was wearing the exact outfit Casey had been wearing whe first arrested …the infamous blue hooded short sleeved hoodie with #82 on it and white sunglasses…that Casey purchased with Amy’s stolen checks. I can’t stop laughing. Apparently LDB has a wonderful sense of humor. The more I read about that woman, the more I like her…not that I didn’t like her to begin with. 🙂

  49. Vicky~~ OMG, did it mention that George said anything to Linda when she wore that blue hoodie. Dang, now I know why the jurors found Casey not guilty, they thought Linda was the guilty one.

  50. Newbie says:

    lol….Vicky, no shoes thrown….just books. And, if you didn’t have typos and corrections, I’d wonder who was typing under your name !
    I have to say it is nice to get a briefing of the book. I had just made a decision even before the trial, that I would not buy, read or watch any books or movies connected to the death of Caylee. Of course I was thinking that Leonard P. , Cindy, Baez….someone of that mode would jump out there with a book and movie deal. When finding out about Ashton’s book, I thought at first that was okay but then I was somewhat disappointed in that he is making money off the case. Couple that with knowing the frustration and outrage I felt from beginning to end in the case, I simply decided I’m not going to revisit that ugliness. Does that make sense?
    Vicky, you can throw a shoe at me anytime. If I like the one you throw, I’ll see if I can get you to throw the remaining one….lol.

  51. Newbie says:

    Good heavens, I need to refresh before posting….I followed a great joke on the part of LDB….would have held my post for that one.

  52. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – not George Anthony…Frank George. LOL Sorry for not being clear about that.

    Newbie – I am really enjoying this book. Had Ashton not written it, I might never have had many of the questions I had answered. I wondered what happened behind closed doors, and whenever ethically possible, I think Ashton has attempted to answer many unanswered questions. He gives a lot of insight into what they were thinking along the way, who was responsible for which aspects of the prosecution, and who made certain decisions, conversations that he had with several defense attorneys, etc.

    For instance, I had no idea the the defense team had offered to have proffer her story to the prosecution at one point in an attempt to get the prosecution to take the DP off the table. He also went into detail about the process used to determine whether or not the DP should be given as an option for the jury to consider. A lotmof what he has written is very educational.

  53. Newbie says:

    Vicky, it is good to hear Mr. Ashton’s book is more about the “legal end” and gives insight into many happenings. It is also great to read your comments as you read along…lol.

  54. Vicky~~the typo fairy is doing so much work in the background lately she may go into private practice. Don’t fret about your typos…they are your trademark… now back to solving one hell of a mystery….*wink Hey Newbie…*wink for you too.

  55. Vicky says:

    A quote attributed to George Anthony when he and Ashton spoke in private prior to his testimony, “This case has been about Casey for far too long, and not enough about Caylee”.

  56. Vicky says:

    Watson is on it!

  57. Newbie says:

    It’s getting late. I am deep in thought but all that comes to mind is wink, blink and nod. I know even that is not right….lol.

  58. Karen C. says:

    IMO there should always be a big, flattering portrait of the Victim up on an easel in EVERY murder case, to counteract the presence of the newly-neatly-scrubbed Defendant and their suits & school marm attire.

  59. LindaNewYork says:

    Hello again everybody!

    Glad to hear Dave is home and OK and will relax reading “a book” over the weekend! Feel, better, Dave!

    So, while crusing the ‘net, saw that Jeff Ashton’s book hitting the shelves. So, I came here to see if you guys were talking about it…and you were.

    And to answer your questions, Snoopy (you will always be Snoopysleuth to me!) YES!!! Will be buying it!

    After reading all of your comments, I want to read this book even more. Although, my blood is already boling after reading all of your comments, as it inevitably does regarding all things Casey! Will be buying it when I have a little more money in my pocket next weekend.

    In the past I had never had any concerns buying books about “true crime” court cases. Besides Stephen King, and biographies (and others), I always liked to read books (and watch documentaries) on true crime. After being so “involved” in following this murder case, I have never seen such passion regarding who’s making money off of a tragedy. I understand not wanting people to profit from the murder of a little girl. So the question is why OK to buy a book by the prosecution and not the “murderer”, her family or attorney(s)? Mostly, my reason for not wanting to buy books by the latter(s), in this case, is I do not see them as being truthful as to the facts surrounding the murder (NOT ACCIDENT!) as they have all proven to be liars. Unfortunately, we, the public, actually do want to read these type of books, but never seem think of the murder victim, who is making it possible for those authors who profit from their murder. As long as there are sensationalized murder cases, there will always be a book (and/or movie) to follow. It is just how it is.

  60. LindaNewYork says:

    Hi Karen C. I agree. These sensational cases always end up being more about the accused than the the murder (NOT ACCIDENT!) victim.

  61. cali patti says:

    Thank you “all” for sharing what you find interesting in Jeff Ashton’s book. I am undecided if I will purchase. I became to involved with this case and not sure I want to open that door again. I truly enjoy reading everyones thoughts on the book thou.
    Has anyone tried an online book club before?
    If anyone is aware of such a group, please let me know. I know this would be the perfect site with Jeff Ashtons book out there but for me, not sure I can go back into that place yet.
    Did anyone else struggle with closing the emotional door to this case?

  62. Amber from Maryland says:

    I intend to read Jeff Ashton’s book but nothing sold by anyone else unless Linda Drane Burdick decides to write a book. I do not wish to support the Anthony family or Casey’s defense team in their money making endeavors.

    Before I heard some of the quotes from Jeff’s book, I preferred to believe that Casey might possibly have accidentally killed Caylee through gross negligence or child abuse such as drugging without actually intending the drugging to cause death. i thought it was possible that Casey put duct tape over the child’s mouth to keep her from screaming if she woke up in the trunk before Casey came to get her. That would be unconscionable child abuse, but not necessarily intentional murder.

    After hearing what Jeff had to say about Casey’s nuclear lies, I can’t see how Casey can be anything other than just plain evil. I hate to say that about anyone as there are few people who are just plain evil but Casey does appear to be one of them. Although I do not believe that Casey ruined Zenaida’s entire life, I do think that she caused her considerable pain, embarassment and fear and I hope that John Morgan succeeds in getting Zenaida some compensation.

    I have some sympathy for George and Cindy Anthony but not a lot. I find it difficult to stomach their charitable foundations and the alleged donation from Dr. Phil. I wouldn’t watch his program because of my strong disapproval of Dr. Phil’s payment but I did see what you all had to say.

    I will be interested in following what happens to Casey over time. I do not think that any amount of therapy can cure Casey from being an evil sociopath. I think that parole will help the state keep track of her temporarily to limit the amount of harm that she can do under their watch but it won’t stop her from anything in the future. Her experience with this case might make her better able to avoid being caught in the future, but I have a feeling her future behavior will make the news.

    When will the court decide Casey’s appeal on the lying to police convictions???

  63. Dave Knechel says:

    I’m a bit sluggish, but the pain that was supposed to be the worst, in my right shoulder, never hit me. Other than that, my stomach is very sore from the four incisions, but pain meds are helping. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I’ve been napping off and on, and I did sleep well last night. I hope tonight is the same.

    Dave, Ashton mentioned your name in his book. Take care of yourself and follow the doc’s orders. We need you writing again once you feel better.~SS

  64. LindaNewYork~~ nice to see you again. I actually don’t need to buy the book as Vicky is relating all the highlights to me. I am so glad Jeff Ashton got his book out before the A’s and/or Baez had a chance to sugar coat everything and get one on the bookshelves.

  65. Cali Patti~~To tell you the truth, I got obsessed with the Anthony case but did not allow myself to get that emotionally involved with the exception of my deep sadness for Caylee. I was so busy trying to figure out the evidence and how the state could present their case. Was I upset with the verdict and the stunned Pinellas 12? You wanna believe it but I was not about to lose sleep over it. I do get stressed when I hear of yet another child murdered or missing and presumed dead and it is the mother or father who are responsible.

    Between children and young women, murdered, missing and presumed dead, we have an epidemic out there and I do not foresee a solution to end it.

  66. I recommend everyone read this book. It will be interesting to see what Dave thinks about it. I am so glad Dave is better.

    I am learning more about the legal system. I always wanted the parents arrested on neglect charges when they couldn’t find the body of the child. It might bring in the question of double jeopardy. That helped me to understand LE’s reasoning.

  67. Amber~ ~ your comments ring so true. In order for a person to get therapy, they first must admit that they have a problem. Casey will never do this. In her own narcissistic mind, she is perfect. These people will destroy anyone who stands in their way and we know of one this happened to. She drove a knife in her father’s heart with her cruel accusations. She did not kill him physically but ended up destroying him emotionally. Casey knew that her father was not buying into her lies and also knew he was living on the edge as was evident in his suicide attempt yet she chose to try and break his spirit to keep her ass out of a prison cell. George may try and put up a good front but he will take his broken heart to the grave. This is how dangerous this girl is. Once her probation period is up and she is allowed to be on her own without her baby sitters, she will destroy again and again. I wouldn’t doubt that Cindy is keeping in touch with Casey but she may learn to regret that. Cindy reminds me of an ostrich and refuses to bring her head up out of the sand and look reality in the face. It is much easier to live in a fantasy world than face up to certain issues.

    Who is financing Casey now? Is she hiding out on Sims farm? Casey, IMO, is living in her own private hell knowing she is one of the most hated women in this world. Some of her attorneys used her for their own personal gain but I think Imperfect Justice will undo all they set out to achieve.

  68. offthecuff says:

    I believe JA’s book is sensational because of the verdict more so than the crime. I see the book so far removed from Caylee at this point mainly because she is at rest. Jeff and others might not feel at rest themselves because after a phenomenal, many-long hour marathon of work in which the state crossed the finish line first, the verdict came back reflecting the foul cheating of the defense.

  69. Nanna Frances~~yes, we sure want Dave’s take on Imperfect Justice. It will be so good to have him back writing again. Right now, he hurts but that is to be expected after this surgery. Jeff tells his story in a professional way and it can be considered a teaching tool for those of us who seemed baffled at some of the admissable, inadmissable and other legal technicalites which we wondered about during the hearing and then the trial. I hope the Pinellas’ 12 reads the book!!

  70. OfftheCuff~~I wonder if Baez and Mason will read Imperfect Justice from cover to cover. I can see a couple blood pressures going up. I don’t know how Baez still holds his bar license and as for Mason, I think he would like to turn the clock back but sadly his finger got in the way. Now Mason will leave a legacy as the one who helped to create a circus to have a murderess walk out on his arm.

  71. Sherry says:

    Great to see you, Linda!~ :mrgreen:

    Dave, can I tickle you? 😆
    Get well real soon!

  72. Amber from Maryland says:


    I am glad that you are recovering. We are all looking forward to your opinions on Jeff Ashton’s book.

  73. Sherry~~what are you trying to do, kill him? LOL Dave is a celebrity because he made it into Jeff’s book. That is enough to tickle his fancy…. I can’t wait for Vicky to read some more and come in here and tell all…

    Does anyone know if Mason ever got released from the hospital? His family wanted to keep his medical condition hush hush.

  74. Hilde says:

    Today I received my Book Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton.
    I started to read it tonight and must say it is hard for me to put the Book down. It is very interesting and I agree with Jeff Ashton, I am also convinced and have been from the Beginning, Casey Anthony is the One who murdered her Child
    What I liked most, Jeff Ashton dedicated this Book to Caylee, so no one will ever forget!
    This most likely is the only Book I will buy in this Case. It is very interesting and I am glad I did get this Book, it portrays Casey Anthony and her Actions for the Lier and Killer she is, she is far from being innocent of the Crime, she just got lucky in more than one Way to get a Not Guilty Verdict. I do wish Karma will catch up with her sooner or later, preferable sooner. JMO

  75. cali patti says:

    to Amber from Maryland, I also became fascinated by the collateral damage one 22 yr old girl caused. I know policemen (plural) lost jobs, … No I am not going down the list but that was my original curiosity.
    Yoo, Linda from NY, nice to read you here. I always enjoyed your words. I am fascinated by NYC.
    Ok, tomorrow I will ck Amazon and see if J.Ashtons book is there for d/l. Sure it is.
    Night all.

  76. Ecossie~~I missed your comment above with this link. I have read almost half of the article and it is really interesting. I am familar with Dr Keith Ablow and what he says in the article sure makes a lot of sense. For those who may have missed it, here it is again. Thanks, Matey!

    Interesting info on Cindy an Georges early life http://www.criminalelement.com/stories/2011/11/inside-the-mind-of-casey-anthony-new-excerpt

  77. Hilde~~I am glad you are enjoying Ashton’s book. Dave said tonight that , his words, ” I will plunge headlong into it and not put it down.” Maybe not verbatim but close. So we will all wait with baited breath to get his take on it, hopefully in the form of a long post at his blog.

    I am lazy thus far. I could go online and download it but would rather folks read it and relay all the highlights to me. Then I will probably read the book….

  78. Newbie says:

    Wow. Very interesting comments. It is really good to know Mr. Ashton dedicated the book to Caylee. Sounds like he did a good job all in all.

  79. LindaNewYork says:


    I too, read that article at Criminal Element. It was very interesting reading some “history” on both Cindy and George. I am always fascinated as to what makes some people “tick”. One thing I found interesting was George’s ex and ex sister-in-law stating that he is a pathological liar, when throughout this case he seemed the least likely one to be a liar.

    Snoopy, it is funny you mentioned above about Mason walking arm in arm with Casey. And funnier how he DID NOT walk her out of jail!!!

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere to read the “sidebar” transcripts from the trial?

  80. LindaNewYork~~Baez had the pleasure of walking out of the jail with the guilty one. I would love to read some of those sidebar transcripts but I don’t think the media bothered to get them. Most of them were probably Judge Perry schooling and scolding Baez. From our vantage point, some of the sidebars seemed to be quite animated. LOL

  81. offthecuff says:

    Ablow uses a lot of psyche babble/reasoning that amounts to guessing. He only had brief interviews to go on. His analysis? Casey was psychologically smothered and thus physically smothered Caylee.

    Whoa! I’m not going for the poor Casey routine. Sure, her family is dysfunctional, but she was free to be, for the most part! Cindy made sure Casey had her own down time, spending money, car, etc. Cindy even let her have a fake job, nanny, toys without challenging her. There’s no leash there. The only accountability came when Casey stole “too much” from her own Grandpa. That’s a little too late.

    Casey was simply spoiled and selfish. So selfish, in fact, that she didn’t want to give Caylee to Cindy in order to be free. She took her away from Cindy permanently.

  82. Dave Knechel says:

    Sherry… from November 19, 2011 at 7:52 pm


  83. Sherry says:

    Hey! Yay! You’re feeling better! :mrgreen:

  84. OfftheCuff~ ~ I was shocked when I read Keith Ablow’s take on Caylee visiting the nursing home on June 15th. I perused a few of the comments at that site and some people think the good doc is full of old rope. I do think Cindy was/is very domineering and George is a pussy cat.

  85. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I did hear some comments about Caylee looking scared in the nursing home video back when it was first shown on every TV talk show known to man. I thought that Ablow’s comments were a bit out of line in a number of respects. I lost respect for a number of the “talking heads” during the course of this case. I have more faith in the opinions that you and Dave and a number of people on your sites express than a lot of the so called experts. I don’t know how Cindy’s childhood “problems” could be responsible for Caylee’s death. I don’t see any explanation other than “inner evil” to explain Casey’s behavior. We don’t need someone to explain evil t us, even if we assume it can be explained. I don’t.

  86. Karen C. says:

    Get a load of this, from TCD:


    Now, read at the bottom- Jose speaking to a scientific panel?!? On Why the jury rejected the science? I’d be up at arms if I were an attendee….

  87. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Karen

    I have lost any respect I might have had for the American Academy of Forensic Science based on their name. I didn’t know anything about them but I thought the name sounded impressive until I found out throught this blog something about their choice of a famed speaker for their conference. I may well watch Dr. Jan’s special though. I think her comments were well measured. I do not think Jose won because of his use of science unless you count his use of outrageous lies in the story telling process of opening statements as science. There could be some science in editing the stories of a sociopathic liar to make them more believeable. I wouldn’t want to rely on it. I prefer Dr. Jan’s well reasoned fact based approach to science.

  88. cali patti says:

    Morning room and Dave…Sounds as if your doing well and will be back in fit form soon.
    WTG, Big Guy!

  89. kas says:

    Keith Ablow is another “expert” that pretty much came on board once the trial started and didn’t bother with doing any research. Casey said she was molested?? Ok, fine. That fits the “circle of abuse” blather I like to go on about, so I won’t even question it. Am I party to ruining a man’s life? Oh well. Not my fault; I didn’t accuse him. I merely gave the charge legs to stand on.

    His “Diagnosis” of Casey would be laughable if it weren’t everything Baez and Casey hope you hear and buy into (even if it does indicate guilt).

  90. margaret says:

    Snoops I tuned in to the last part of geraldo last night. I knew after Ashtons book ,he would have jose on, sure enough there he was. The baby and his keeper were complaing about what Ashton said about baez. It was so funny… geraldo wanted to make something out of Ashton talking about the mental doctors reports since they were supposed to be sealed. baez denied any kind of plea talk. geraldo asked when baez was writing his book, his answer that he wanted to take his time and give a true accounting of what went on. Asked when his client was going to make an appearance on a show, baez said that it was caca decision. geraldo gave him his pat on the back. It was pathetic. both of them..

  91. Amber~~Dr Keith Ablow wrote a book and released a few parts of his book in hopes to grasp the people’s interest so they would buy it. It seems he blames Casey’s upbringing for what she was accused and charged for. If that is the case, why isn’t Lee out knocking people off? How was he spared the bad genes? I found some of the things Ablow wrote as being hokus pokus. A person can come from a dysfuncitonal family and turn out to be a law abiding and successful individual. Another can come from a perfect enviroment and end up being a criminal. I have no desire to buy Ablow’s book and read his psycho babble.

  92. Karen C~ ~sorry, but I have to laugh at Baez going to all these seminars and speaking engagements. Are we having a battle of the wits…Baez versus Ashton? I can see Baez staying up half the night cramming the Forensic Science Tomes. He should send his resumé to Dr Vass.

  93. Kas~~I wonder if Keith Ablow was pleased with the verdict? It seems he has put all the onus on Alex and Shirley Plesea and also Cindy for Caylee being murdered. I wish some of these psyche docs, even the ones who profess to be forensic psyches, to have periodic psyche evaluations themselves. I put some of these docs in the same league as psychics. eg: Sylvia Browne and Gail St. John.

  94. Margaret~ ~Since Geraldo seems to be so smart (in his own mind) how would these psychologists be allowed to testify in a court of law if all the information they garner has to be sealed because it is private? Geraldo has to shave off that mustache as I think it short circuits his brain waves. The defense dropped the two psychologists off their witness list because Casey told each one a different story. Jeff Ashton would never divulge any secret information. As for Geraldo and Baez, it’s all sour grapes.

  95. LindaNewYork says:


    From H. Boedeker article, RE: Baez on Geraldo Show:

    But Baez said, “……I think I have a professional obligation to follow the rules.”

    LOL LOL LOL. A “professional obligation to follow the rules”???!!!! Now that is freaking funny!

    And, Baez is much more proficient on “Junk Defense” NOT “Junk Science”. He is really just too much!

  96. margaret says:

    Why does everyone connected to the defence have to tell untruths? After a trial that was about lies. lies and more lies, why do they feel it necessary to keep it up? george and cindys lawyer says there has been no contact with caca at all,baez says there has . which is it? I can’t wait for Dr.G’s program. She will put the finishing touches on anything Ashton may have left off and that will leave caca and baez with mighty few options .Has anyone learned anything about Mason? Seems like if he were ok they would announce it.

  97. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I definitely agree with every thing you said about Ablow’s book. I guess neither of us will be buying it.

  98. Margaret~~once a person starts telling falsehoods, they have to keep it up or else they will be found out. You can start out with a little fib and in no time, you have manifested it into a big whopper. Truths are so much easier to remember but in order to be a good liar, you have to have a heck of a good memory. Casey appeared to be a professional pathological liar. In fact she excelled in lying. Judge Strickland was the first to comment, “The truth and Ms Anthony are strangers” or something like that. Now Jeff Ashton has admitted that he has never ever met a person who could lie like Casey. Maybe Casey should try her hand at writing fiction while she is in hiding. I think she could put out some best sellers and earn some moola to pay back her debts to the state.

  99. Rob says:

    I just wanted to say that it is difficult to believe Fox News still features Geraldo. No one I know would waste his or her time watching him. Jeff Ashton’s book is great. It is a very good read. The one fact that is difficult to believe is Dr. Danziger’s assessment of Casey Anthony. How on earth could she score within the normal range on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory? It has over 500 hundred questions for mental illness or personality disorder. Either Casey is the smartest sociopath in history or it is all psychobabble, as Snoopy mentioned. How could Dr. Danziger mentions Casey’s demeanor was pleasant and happy………………………………. Who is happy when they are in jail, and know their baby is dead? Didn’t he ever hear of inappropriate affect?

  100. Vicky says:

    I am getting ready to read the final chapter. Then I’ll have a bit more to say. Hopefully, by then a few more people will have read it so I’m not hogging the blog with my take LOL
    In the meantime, Snoopy, you have mail.

  101. Rob~~I have described Casey as a sophisicated psychopath. I would take a bet that Casey could pass a polygraph test. She kept up a charade for 31 days and fooled everyone. She had a pretend job at Universal for two years. She can adapt to any situation. If you threw her in a landfill, she would make friends with the rats. Jesse Grund described Casey very well. If he liked baseball, Casey loved baseball. Casey came across as the perfect girlfriend, friend, mother, manipulator, planner, inmate and lastly liar. Caylee was becoming a hindrance so Casey planned the perfect murder. Casey did not bank on becoming the most hated person in the world.

    I have no qualifications so the above is just my own personal observation. I am sure Dr Ablow would not agree with a dang thing I said.

  102. Vicky says:

    Rob, I’m not sure pure evil is a mental illness diagnosis. Also, some would debate the includion of being a sociopath as a mental illness in the strictest sense. Inappropriate affect isn’t always a symptom of mental illness either. Not trying to be argumentative here at all, but some people cry when they are overwhelmed with joy. Some people laugh when feelings are really intense. Denial isn’t a mental illness, it is a frame of mind. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that there is nothing wrong with Casey. My question is, Is she diagnosable? I have seen the MMPI and although it is extensive and designed to assess mental illness even if the person taking it is deceptive, it is possible to “pass” it without a diagnosis of mental illness if you are not forthcoming, have a strong desire to do so, and have an above average IQ. Also, there are five different axis areas that go into forming an expert opinion, and you must hit at least two to meet the criteria. Psychology is an art, not a science. The brain is the least understood organ in the human body, and try as they may, mental health professionals can’t always arrive at a correct diagnosis. If they could, a lot of lives would be saved.

  103. offthecuff says:

    I know this is an old argument, well answered to from all sides, but I don’t think Casey planned the perfect murder. I think it was done in the heat of the moment(s) after the last dragdown battle with her mother on the 15th. But due to Casey never having to fully be held accountable, along with parents who either didn’t care (George) or were scared of fully confronting her (Cindy) Caylee’s death went unchecked for 31 days.
    That said, Casey is an excellent liar, and would make friends with the rats (and has, right, Jose?) I would gather that she’s having the time of her life even now.

  104. margaret says:

    I agree that caca is probably having the time of her life. She and simms are still drinking the baez kool-aid. Baez is the one that cut caca off from her family. Baez knew that Lee and George did not like him so he convinced her to cut them off. Baez did not want them interfereing with his case. caca was so enthralled with baez she would have done anything, and this gave him more grounds to destroy Lee and George. IMO baez is the one that destroyed any semblance that they could ever be a family again. As Jesse said caca adapted to whatever baez wanted. Baez knew this was his claim to fame and he wasn’t interested in the truth. I don’t believe caca is afraid of being harmed. She still believes she is baez little celebrity and is enjoying the heck out of it. If baez ever cuts her and simms loose, then the real caca will emerge again. baez may find it to be a bit difficult to cut her off, if she decides she does’t want to go. I would love to know what the death penalty phase lawyer thought about the whole trial. I might buy a book from her. Don’t you know simms is itching to tell her story of baby sitting caca. Does anyone have any ideas of how much longer they are going to hold on to her? Will she ever have to fend for herself?

  105. margaret says:

    Jeff Ashton will be on Levi Page show tonight at 9:00 pm.

  106. Margaret~ ~thanks for that info. I am so glad that Ashton is promoting his book. I hope his sales sky rocket. That will make Baez squirm.

  107. Rob says:

    Vicky, You are very informed, and I agree with your conclusions. Too bad the reports by the psychologists will never be seen. Surely there is much more in them than what Jeff Ashton noted. I have been reading Dr. Ablow’s psychological portrait of Casey Anthony, the book is a big disappointment. He blames Cindy for most of Casey’s behavior. He states that Casey suffers from Identity Suppression Syndrome; he also feels Casey may take her own life one day. Also, I did not take your comments as argumentative; they make a great deal of sense.

  108. Vicky says:

    I have finally finished the book. I really do highly recommend it. IMO it is a very respectful telling of the story, and never let’s the reader forget who this tragedy was about.
    The final chapter is one of my favorites. Ashton discusses the verdict, and his disappointment in it. He states that he does not believe the system is broken, it’s just something that “we can’t bend to our will”.
    In essence, he describes the jury as lazy and disconnected from the case. He had hoped the jury would focus on Caylee, but unfortunately they did not. He also believes that Casey was the master of her defense. Not her attorneys. I’ll let others who read the book have a chance to share more of his insights.
    One thing that was clear in his feelings over what happened, and that is how completely distructive lies and deception can be. Unfortunately, the jury was not able or willing to take the time needed to recognize the lies they were being told.
    My Granny always told me, “You can go to hell for lying, the same as you can for stealing”. She is long gone, but I am truly thankful that she taught me early on how wrong it is to lie. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world who do not share that opinion.

  109. Vicky~~I couldn’t agree with Ashton more that Casey was the master of her own defense. It appeared that she ran the show considering all the tête a têtes with her counsel and the scribbling and passing notes. I think her lawyers were scared of being fired. They wanted the publicity and she needed a ‘yes’ person(s). Casey made sure the whole trial was about her to take the focus off her murdered daughter. People have maintained that Casey was/is stupid. I do not think she is when it comes to manipulating. Just look what she got away with and, besides, luck was on her side because she got the stupidest jury in the state of Florida… I take that back, in the whole United States.

  110. Vicky says:

    I think the prosecution was a shocked over the verdict as the rest of the world (except the 12). He wasn’t surprised that they didn’t get a 1st degree verdict, but was completely taken back by the complete acquittal. He did say that he had a really bad feeling when he watched the jury as they viewed the photos of Caylee’s remains with blank expressions.
    Who would think that with all the people in Penellas County, they would find twelve who wouldn’t even care enough about the death of a two year old to even review all of or at least part of the evidence presented to them. They were completely willing to accept the lies they were told, without ever questioning whether or not the evidence (not Bias’s claims) supported them. Had they at least taken time to go over some of the evidence before rendering their decision, it would be a lot easier to accept their willingness to give Casey the benefit of reasonable doubt.

  111. Sherry says:

    ITA, Vicky. That’s why I have an uneasy feeling that someone from the defense Team’s camp went and did a little talking to some of the jurors beforehand. It only takes a few for that “herd mentality”. Sorry, but the verdict just doesn’t make sense in how it came about (which you’ve explained in your comment).

  112. Karen C. says:

    The molestation argument is one usually made during the punishment phase of a case, after guilt phase. We have seen this most recently in the Connecticut home invasion case. I think now Perry should’ve stopped Baez mid-sentence and asked him if he had anything to back it up with. Since we know he didn’t, only from what Casey told him, it could’ve been ended right there. The defense attorney can’t just point to a person in the room and say “HE did it!” during Opening and that’s essentially what happened here. I know that a judge seldom interferes with Opening on either side, but an interruption at that moment (imo) would have been in order.

  113. Karen C~~this is the part that baffles me. In the courtroom an attorney, as an officer of the court, has immunity and cannot be charged for anything that comes out of his mouth, unless he is in the jury box and sworn in under oath. He can accuse you, me or the Frenchman’s gatepost and that is all legal. Let that same attorney make the same accusatory remarks out in the parking lot and he would have one hell of a defamation suit on this hands. Everyone thought that Casey would have to take the stand to prove Baez’ opening statement. As it turned out, the state could not come right and tell the jury that the defense did not prove Casey’s accusations against her father. This is part of the law I cannot understand.

  114. While I am ranting and raving, I may as well get some more out… I am totally irritated that so much was pushed under the rug and I fault the state for not following up on a few things. What good is it to have laws in place if people are not going to adhere to them. For instance…

    Laura Buchanan, along with Mortimier Smith, working out of Baez’ law firm falsified TES documents. What was done about it? Zilch

    Jeremy Lyons tampered with potential TES witnesses by trying to do a sting operation in which he went to two different witnesses and tried to tell them that the other was saying something different so they would change their stories…What was done about all this? Zilch. BTW, these two TES searchers informed the Sheriff’s office of what took place.

    José Baez was supposed to be charged with contempt of the court once the trial had concluded. That turned out to be just an idle threat from Judge Perry.

    Then we have Cindy lying under oath about searching for the chloroform plus obstructing justice with her hair brushes etc etc…

    Is this what the justice system has become? And don’t blame it on the lack of funds in pursuing some of these things. Grrrrrr

  115. Dave just sent me this… watch the video that follows the one on Zenaida too…Anthony Colarossi discusses Jeff Ashton’s book…

    (Video provided by Morgan & Morgan) Excerpts from Zenaida Gonzalez deposition in her defamation case against Casey Anthony.

  116. Vicky says:

    Two quotes from the last two pages of Ashton’s book (excluding acknowledgements).

    “My hope for them is whatever their beliefs may be – whether it’s complete denial or tactic acceptance- they are able to heal and move on. To find a way to be whole again. And perhaps some day, maybe even Cindy will finally have the fortitude and hindsight to pick Caylee.

    …” turn your anger into something positive – hug your child, help someone else, keep a little closer eye out for the little ones you see running around. Justice is not just about what gets decided in a courtroom, it’s about how we should go about our lives and respect others. And in the end, that’s what it really means to remember Caylee.”
    (from Imperfect Justice, by Jeff Ashton)

  117. Vicky~~I had respect for Jeff Ashton before he wrote that book but now it is multiplied a hundred times. Those words ring so true. Why let anger fester inside of us because of the outcome of the trial? We are only harming one person and that is ourself. I am hoping that both Cindy and George read Imperfect Justice- Hopefully Cindy will read it twice. As for Casey picking up that book? Never.

    Sometimes justice is a long time coming. I can wait!

  118. Amber from Maryland says:

    I listened to the Orlando Sentinel reference above.

    How can anyone say that the fact that Zenaida was not blamed at the public criminal trial of Criminal Anthony meant that Criminal Anthony had not damaged her or that Zenaida should have closure? I guess it depends on the person’s perspective. As a mother, Zenaida was very traumatized by having to explain to her children that although everyone was accusing her of kidnapping a toddler, she hadn’t done so. As a mother, Zenaida was very traumatized by having to tell her children that she could not afford to support them. As a mother, Zenaida was very traumatized because she and her children had death threats. By telling the police that someone named Zenaida Gonzales kidnapped her child at the Sawgrass Apartments, Casey insured that the police would look for someone named Zenaida Gonzales which they certainly did. She also insured that the TV viewing public who instantly adopted the adorable toddler would be focussing on Zenaida Gonzales, especially the one the police found with a connection to Sawgrass. Casey, by her accusations, also insured that employers who valued peace, prosperity and their public image would avoid employing a Zenaida Gonzales who may have kidnapped an adorable toddler. Casey, by her accusations, also insured that misguided members of the public zealous to protect the adorable toddler would threaten the woman and her children who kidnapped the toddler. What did Casey do to protect this falsely accused Zenaida? Nothing!!!

    So what if the Morgan firm might be helping Zenaida get by and support her children!!! Should Zenaida be living on the street homeless because a spoiled brat, now a convicted felon, decided to accuse Zenaida of kidnapping while hoping for a dead child’s body to decompose, disappear or whatever?

    Most of the mothers I know would be very traumatized and upset if they were publicly accused of a deplorable felony. Most of the mothers I know would be very upset if the adverse publicity from the false accusation of a felony prevented them from keeping a job and being able to support their children. Most of the mothers I know whould be very upset if someone made death threats against their children. Now Casey’s Civil Lawyer may well be judging how mothers react to such things by his client’s probable reactions. We all know that Casey committed a number of felonies so she might well not be upset by being accused of a felony. We all know that Casey was unable to support her daughter because she didn’t have a job. This apparentlty didn’t traumatize her or she wouldn’t have remained unemployed for two years while stealing and lying about her income source. We have no reason to suspect that Casey would have been at all traumatized about death threats against her child. She seemed to take the child’s actual death quite in stride with her video shopping, parties, dancing, etc. None of the mothers I know woul be attending an “anything but clothes party” or shopping for a video right after the child’s death. I would hate for Casey’s reactions to become the new standard for how other mothers should react to things even if Casey’s Civil Lawyer thinks they should.

    What about the trial could have undone the trauma Zenaida suffered in 2008? Casey’s attorney can not dictate about how Zenaida should feel about the false accusations Casey made that traumatized Zenaida and her children. Maybe Zenaida should not get much money and we know that the lawyers will probably get a lot of money, but Zenaida should be made whole for the injuries she suffered because Casey made false accusations to the police. It would be difficult to argue that the accusations were not false since Casey has been convicted fof lying to police.

  119. Amber~~if the Zenaida case ever goes to trial, you wrote one heck of a great Opening Statement/Closing Statement. I wish John Morgan would come in and read it. Your passion emits from your words. Bravo! I am actually hoping that Zenaida will be compensated for her pain and suffering. Casey is going to have to squeeze that turnip mighty hard to pay off her creditors and for all the pending lawsuits.

  120. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy,

    Thanks for the pointer. I loved the following quote Jeff made about Casey:

    “JA: It’s just got all the hallmarks of Casey in it. The one thing about Casey is that Casey is the most accomplished liar I have ever seen in 30 years, and I don’t say that for hyperbole. She is truly amazing. She is the Leonardo da Vinci of lies. There is nothing about this lie that would be above her ability to concoct. In fact, it’s very typical. She takes all the facts that are known and she concocts a story that seeks to account for all of them. The only facts that this story doesn’t account for are the two things she can’t account for—the tape on the skull and the chloroform. There is no fabrication that takes care of that. I have no idea where the story came from, but it has the hallmark of Casey all over it.”

    I like Jeff’s attitude and I do plan to read his book when I have time.

  121. Hi Amber~~I wonder where Casey will spend Christmas this year. I would surely love to know who is meeting her financial needs. I hope to read Ashton’s book during the holiday. Things are so quiet now on the blogs and most of the cases I have been following are going cold. I keep them updated as best I can. Which reminds me… I have an update to put in Michelle Parker’s post.

  122. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy,

    I don’t know where Casey will spend Christmas. However, if Cindy has the brains she was born with, Casey will not spend the holidays with Cindy and George.

    I think that Casey’s Christmas holidays will be less pleasant this year than the ones she spent in jail. Wouldn’t you hate to spend Christmas unemployed living off of some one’s charity? I am retired now but I can’t imagine anything worse when I was young enough to work than not working and earning my own living. Any one close enough to Casey to be supporting her should know by now that Casey is a proven liar and a proven thief and probably also responsible in some way for her child’s death. How would we like to spend Christmas at the charity of someone who thought we were a liar, a thief, and possibly a killer? Of course, neither you nor I would ever have killed our own child, or any one else’s child for that matter. I guess different things bother different people but I would not want to walk in Casey’s shoes for even one minute, even if somehow she makes a fortune benefiting from Caylee’s death.

  123. Amber~~believe it or not, I can see Cindy having Casey over for Christmas and making George go to a hotel for those couple days. Cindy would have to sleep with one eye open and hide all the heart stickers. Once a psycho, always a psycho. I have always felt that Dorothy Sims took Casey under her wing and she is staying at Sims’ farm, meditating and receiving spiritual supervision. Casey will never make a fortune because no one would buy a book of untruths. I am so glad Jeff Ashton got his Imperfect Justice out there before Baez or Casey published their books. It was a wise move on Jeff’s part.

  124. Amber from Maryland says:


    I agree with everything you said above completely.

    At least we can say definitely that Casey will not be spending Christmas at my house or your house.

    I would not be surprised by Casey staying with Dorothy Sims. I can’t see Casey benefitting from spiritual supervision, but who knows. I think Casey, unfortunately, may be one of the very few truly evil people out there and it is hard to give meaningful spiritual guidance to the truly evil. Dorothy Sims should know well enough by now that Jeff Ashton’s assesment of Casey’s personality and truthfulness is probably on target. It is good if Dorothy can persist in the face of the evidence, but more power to her if she can. I think you are right and Casey is probably at Dorothy’s. I also think that you are right that Cindy would be crazy or codependent enough to let Casey spend Christmas at home even if George had to stay at a hotel.

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