Cheney Mason rushed to hospital by ambulance

Wire reports, DAYTONA BEACH -Attorney Cheney Mason, a well-known attorney who served as a defense laywer for the high profile Casey Anthony case has been rushed to the hospital Friday while attending a media conference in Daytona Beach at Bethune-Cookman University.
Channel 3 News also of Daytona Beach reports Mason was one of the speakers at a panel on law and justice. He was taken to Halifax Medical Center.
No further infomation is available surrounding the cause of Mason’s inccident. More information will be released as made available.

Cheney Mason rushed to hospital

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22 Responses to Cheney Mason rushed to hospital by ambulance

  1. Cheney Mason Taken To Hospital After Emergency-Video

    At 4:14pm this afternoon, Cheney Mason was still in emergency and had not been admitted. It is unknown if he will. The hospital will not give out any info on people in emerg. Mason’s family do not want any info released either!!

  2. Hilde says:

    Thanks Snoopy for the Update.
    I try not to give my Thoughts about Mason being in the Hospital. I was always told if You have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything, so I guess I better stay quiet..
    As for Mason’s Book, just like I feel about the Rest of that Bunch who helped Casey A. walk free, I am not interested!

  3. Hi Hilde~~I understand completely, good thinking on your part. I guess he must have been admitted by this… not much info tho.

  4. I am not one to hold a grudge, and if anyone could condemn Cheney Mason for some of his actions related to the Anthony debacle, it would be me, and most certainly, Judge Stan Strickland, for obvious reasons. Despite that, I do not wish him any ill will, and I’ll bet Judge Strickland doesn’t, either, because there is a lot more to Mason than one client; there is another side we don’t see. He is a father, uncle and grandfather. I don’t imagine his family members feel the same way about him as many in the public, but I’ll bet you all the tea in China that he spoils his grandchildren, and they have no hatred for him whatsoever.

  5. Hilde says:

    One needs to be careful not to get any Pleasure out of some ones Misfortune, it might come back to haunt You in the Future You just never know. What happened to Chaney M. can happen to any of us. I will make no Bones about it, I did not like whatsoever how Chaney Mason handled himself when it came to the Anthony Case and therefore I do not like him but that is a different Story.

  6. Dave~~thank you for your comments. I know, of all people, you certainly have the right to not look at Cheney Mason in a favorable light. This also goes for Judge Stan Strickland as I looked at what happened as damn dirty tactics on the part of Mason and using you as the fall guy was uncouth to say the least. But in times like this, we have to separate the man and his profession, sometimes they are as different as night and day. You have the attorney who dresses in his fancy suit, picks up his attaché case, gives his wife a kiss goodbye and heads out to the courtroom or to his office. It is like a switch that turns on and that man or be it a woman, turns into an arrogant, self satisfying SOB whose aim it is to win, win, win a pending case regardless of who may have to suffer for some of the tactics he/she uses.

    Now we have that same man/woman who goes home to his family, possibly weary and wants to put the day behind him. He throws his brief case in the corner, changes into jeans and a t-shirt and the ‘human’ side of him emerges. Yes, I would not doubt that Cheney Mason is a loving husband, father and fabulous g/father. I bear him no ill will whatsoever. I do not know what his medical condition is at the moment although it sounds like he may have had a slight stroke from what I learned of the slurred speech and being disoriented prior to being transported by ambulance. I hope he recovers and can continue on but at a much slower pace to be able to enjoy his family for many more years. I still think of him as an ‘old fart’ when it comes to his performance in the Anthony case. For that, I will not apologize but I do wish him the very best in whatever is going on with him medically.

  7. Newbie says:

    Snoop, I’m with you on the stroke. That is exactly what happened with my husband. I didn’t know at the time that if you suspect a stroke, aspirin should be given just as it is with a heart attack. You know I had grandchildren in the kitchen with me and when hubby came in acting strange, the kids laughed and were telling him he wasn’t funny. Good lord, I even chimed in that he had gotten his laughs and he needed to knock it off. Took me a couple of minutes to realize it wasn’t him joking. I still feel a little guilty but he was always pulling a prank.
    I also do not care to wish ill upon C. Mason. While I don’t care for the man, you can’t say he failed his obligation to the client.

  8. Linda says:

    Hi Everyone Like all of you I don’t like C. Mason for his actions on the Anthony case and don’t wish any harm on his health.. And your so right Newbie he didn’t fail his obligation to his client, what he did was MUCH Worse….. He failed society .He helped a KILLER walk free…….Just think for a minute if she could kill her own child, just imagine what she could do to ours…..

    Maybe C. Masons consciense is getting the best of him these days……And Dave maybe Mason was a good lawyer in his day, but to bad for him that the Anthony case is what he will be remembered for…

  9. cali patti says:

    Strokes can be a rough event to heal from.
    Newbie, you are right about the asprin rewmedt. I have been taking a low dose asprin daily for a few years. If heart attacks dont leave a person with any muscle damage I think strokes might be harder to get well from. Just my thoughts and I could be wrong.
    No comment on Mason except I never try to wish bad on anyone for several reasons.

  10. margaret says:

    Snoops, this may not be the place for this, but have you read what the Orlando Sentinel is saying today about the ethics of baez and his opening statement at trial. Evidently the lawyer profession is not held to the so called Ethics. I don’t wish anything bad for c. mason, especially a stroke, my husband has had one and a year of rehab was grueling, but when I read things that point out how baez lied and caused a jury to have that doubt, I just get angry all over again. mason knew what he was pulling and went along with it. What I don’t understand is , if everyone thinks he was unethical why don’t they do something? Thanks for letting me vent. They think the lawyers would be wise to settle her lawsuits.

  11. Time fo C Mason to retire an I dont just mean from Law also from public speaking an events..He should get a ghost writter to write his memoirs…Before he becomes a ghost ………..At least he knew Casey was guilty an wanted her to kop a plea to second degree for thirty years.

  12. Ecossie~~they seem to be keeping hush hush about Mason’s medical condition. I don’t even know if he is still in hospital. Cheney Mason helped make the Casey Anthony case into a circus and it was intentional. Combine the circus and the death penalty being left on the table along with stunned Pinella’s jurors and I believe that is why Casey walked free. I do not think that Casey feels very free under her rock. I understood that Casey’s case but to be Cheney’s last one but he took on other cases and speaking assignments. Now his body is telling him it is time to quit.

  13. Karen C~~I have transferred your comment to this thread as it is the most active right now pert to the Anthonys. Wow, I think Ashton will have a best seller, thanks for the heads up.

    Karen C. says:

    November 15, 2011 at 12:49 pm (Edit)

    Snoopy- Don’t know which thread this should go on, but this is from TCD:

    WHOA, Nelly!

  14. margaret says:

    Jeff Ashton to be on JVM tonight, ought to be interesting..

  15. Margaret~~ thank you. I am planning on tuning in tonight. I like Jeff and I am so glad he wrote a book. I understand he cannot stand Baez. Right now, Baez must be some jealous that so far the defense haven’t got anything on the book shelves.

  16. margaret says:

    The most interesting point I have found so far from what has been printed, and it makes my anger at c,mason lighten a little, is the fact that he tried to get caca to accept a plea deal.,for 30 yrs. He knew she was guilty. I said a little because that still does not excuse his high handed attitude after verdict was read, putting down the prosecution.

  17. Karen C. says:

    Kinda reminds me again of the OJ case, in that Shapiro was brought into that one originally to arrange a plea deal. That would make Baez the Johnnie Cochran here- with wild, bizarre defense theories run amuck…. and another stupid jury!

  18. cali patti says:

    Jeff Ashton is on Dr. Phil today… Ho Humm….

  19. Ashton’s book to become Casey movie…. someone will be getting royalties and it wont be Baez and the Princess

  20. Sherry says:

    Here is another video interview of Jeff Ashton:

    [video src="" /]

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