This time it’s a two year old toddler, Sky Metalwala

Now it is a two year old boy, Sky Metalwala. You can read it all Here

It is getting just too heart breaking to write about these stories now. Sometimes I would rather not tune into the news but we must keep plugging away to bring these sad sad cases to the public.

I would like to see a law enacted and that women and men would have to get a license to become parents. First they would have to go through extensive training to learn what is involved in parenthood. They also would have to pass a mental evaluation and have it reassessed every five years. There has to be an answer somewhere to curb the needless suffering that some children have to endure. How many missing and presumed dead children do we have now? How many will be added tomorrow and the next day and the next?
Here are a couple comments made by Vicky pert to this case and will help familarize you with what has taken place etc. [I transferred them from the Baby Lisa Irwin post]

Snoopy – apparently she was not out of gas after all. Not only that, why in the devil would you take one child with you and leave the other behind in an unlocked car? Why not stay in the car and wait for help? Additionally, it seems there is a child custody issue as well, and a history of violence of some sort in the family, along with both parents charged in the past with leaving an infant unattended in a car in the middle of winter.

So many children victimized by those who are supposed to protect and care for them. This latest case sounds like they should be looking for a deceased child. By the look of things these children were surrounded by dysfunction for quite some time. Apparently the four year old has been unable to shed any light on what happened. Unfortunately, at her stage of development, it will be difficult to establish any type of timeline from her since most children at that age have not developed a strong sence of time. Especially if the parents have not spent much time working with them on that concept. It sounds to me as though most of these children’s lives at this point has been filled with exposure to battling parents and a parental tug of war. Not to mention an alleged mentally Ill parent. Geesh. We need to stop failing our children!

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  1. Sherry says:

    What has changed society so much that mothers and fathers don’t want to be parents? I know we only hear about these sad cases and we can deduce that there are many more we hear nothing about but I surely hope this is not the norm! Something needs to be done before it is…

  2. Sherry~~I added a couple of Vicky’s comments to the post that she made on the Baby Lisa thread.

  3. Sherry says:

    Since embedding has been disabled I will post the HLN’s newscast on the case. There are links in the description of the News Presser and of the PD’s Mike Johnson’s summary of the case so far.

  4. Sherry says:

    Well! I forgot that WP goes to You Tube through the url, not the embed code. 😳

  5. Sherry says:

    Only one person reports seeing missing boy in past 2 weeks

    [I editted out links as they go to page not found~ss]

  6. Sherry says:

    Sky Metalwala Missing: Washington Boy’s Dad Says Mom’s Story Doesn’t Add Up….

    A million thanks to sierra

  7. Vicky says:

    The saddest thing of all is that our system of justice is more worried about the rights of the accused or persons of interest than these child victims. If and when an arrest is made in this case, and several others, the accused will be protected by the system. Too bad the system that is supposed to protect children doesn’t wield the same power that is afforded to the system that protects those accused of bringing them harm. I swear, the rights of animals are more powerful than those designed to protect kids. Even Lisa’s mother seemed more worried about and protective of a kitten than her own child. Sorry for the rant, but I am just so sick over what seems to be a growing epidemic. In these two latest cases, both mothers were guilty of endangering the welfare of a child, IMO. Laws need to be enacted to make parental neglect and child endangerment serious felonies, punishable by mandatory jail time. I realize there are those who don’t want the government legislating terms of parenthood, but if we can make laws that regulate drugs, speed limits, insurance, impaired driving, etc., why can’t we make laws that regulate parenting? Sorry for the rant, I am just plain pissed off right now. Too many disturbing stories in one day. I need to step away from the television and the IPad. 🙂
    At least the four year old in this case has been taken into protective custody. Hopefully, with time and patience investigators might be able to obtain relevant information from her.

  8. Vicky says:

    What is the criteria for an Amber Alert? I don’t seem to be able to find that one was issued in this situation. I realize there is no information on the “abductor”, but there is on Sky. It leads me to believe that the police don’t believe there was an abduction. Then again, maybe the situation did not meet the criteria.
    It was reported in several news accounts, that no one but the mother has reported seeing Sky for over a week. I honestly don’t think this story will have a happy ending.

  9. Thanks Sherry and Vicky… now I will go back and check out some of those links.. I understand the mother has an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and doesn’t like to bring food into the house as it may dirty her kitchen. She vacs her floor 3 and 4 times a day.. ?? I wonder who said that, the father?

    The father wants custody of the children. The mother wants custody of the children. And so it is settled, neither gets custody of Sky. Will this be another mystery?

  10. Vicky~~What is the criteria for an Amber Alert? During the press conference, (Sherry’s link upthread) someone asked the question about an Amber Alert. They are not issued unless they have a description of a suspect and or vehicle. None was issued in this case.

  11. Karen C. says:

    OCD can be all different things, some more serious than others. I had a friend for a time, who was my former landlady. She and her brute of a husband lived in the downstairs apt.- I was above them, and all she did, no matter what time of day or night, she vacuumed like crazy. These were smallish 2 bedroom apts., her place was already immaculate from what I could see. Her husband wasn’t around much- very wealthy man, he was visiting an assortment of expensive call girls for S&M sessions, turns out. She thought if the place was really beautiful and clean all the time, he’d stay home. Plus, it covered up the sounds of her crying sessions. Eventually she escaped, but only after the cops were called when he threw her out the dining room window and her face got sliced up with glass. We became friends when she got her own place and called me to tell me what the real story was- I had only heard his version of events. After she left him she was “normal” again. Sometimes its just a temporary stress reliever- this case sounds more pathological though. I wonder if she had any eating disorders, that she “transferred” to her kids?

  12. Hilde says:

    The Casey Anthony Verdict of NOT GUILTY opened a Flood Gate for other Parents to try to get away with murdering their own Children. It’s no Surprise there will be Copy Cats who will take Pointers from the Anthony Trial, how to get away with Murder.
    Laws need to change when it comes to Crimes against defenseless Children, till that happens , we will see more and more of these sad Cases.
    There should be zero Tolerance when it comes to hurting/killing a Child. Stiffer Penalties need to be enforced, so when someone hurts a Child they will know, there are Consequences which won’t
    be just a slap on the wrist. We are tired of All the Excuses which are made for those Perpetrators!
    Children have Rights too, not just the Criminals who are supposed to keep the Children safe.
    Sky Metalwala, 2 years old is yet another Victim of a Father and Mother who failed to keep him save and take care of him like he deserves to be.
    Child Protective Services are not without Blame, they also failed Sky by not investigating those Parents after there were problematic Reports as to the Care of Sky and his little Sister in the Past!
    That is not the first time CPS has been not doing their Job!
    When there is a nasty Divorce in Progress, it is hard to believe what either one of them is saying.
    The Fact is, little Sky is missing and hasn’t been seen by any one for 2 weeks before he was reported missing,other than his Mother.
    The Story the Mother is telling doesn’t make any Sense. Sound familiar? (Casey Anthony)
    I have a bad Feeling this Case will not have a good Ending. JMO

  13. Hilde says:

    I will keep hoping Sky will be found save, at the same time I keep hoping that with all the missing Children.
    It is hard to guess what could have happened to this precious Child and who is telling the Truth the Father or the Mother, especially since they were in the middle of a very nasty Custody Battle. Why did just the little Boy went missing?
    There are still lots of Questions to be answered.
    Sky’s Father accused the Mother of not feeding and taking care of the Children?
    What I have seen so far, they look well nourished and taken care of.
    Again, unless You actually were there and seen what was going on, it would be hard to have an Opinion who did or did not what to the Children.
    Meanwhile a 2 Year old little Boy Sky is missing and needs to be found desperately.

  14. Karen C~ ~ Sky’s mother said that she was physically abused by the father. The father is making statements against his wife’s actions in caring for the children and running their household but can they be proven? Both of these parents were charged earlier with child endangerment for leaving the children in their vehicle and going shopping. The temps were very warm at the time. It goes to show that they both would never be nominated for a wonderful parent award.

    Sky’s mother’s story does not add up and she will not agree with taking a polygraph. How does a two year old toddler unharness himself, crawl out of a car seat and supposedly unlock a car door and walk away? Sorry but I am not buying any of this. There was not any indication of forced entry into the vehicle. The car was NOT out of gas.

  15. Hilde~~I agree that the children did not look malnourished. Their eyes appeared sparkly and bright and not sunken and hollow if they were being underfed. I think we have an epidemic and should call it The Casey Anthony Syndrome. Kill your kid, hide it away so no one will ever find it for months, if ever, and don’t worry about being found guiltly. There are wealthy benefactors out there who will hire you high profile lawyers. You can become rich by selling pictures of your deceased child and having lots of tv interviews. It is sick, sick, sick…. just look where the Baby Lisa case is going…

  16. Hilde says:

    snoopy that’s exactly how I feel! Something has to change to make that stop!

  17. Karen C. says:

    They all appear healthy, happy and wholesome in their pics. Just goes to show you how deceiving looks can be… With a bitter divorce situation it’s hard to know what to believe, everyone too often bring out their biggest guns. Only things you can really count on are police reports (to a degree), medical records, and x-rays of broken bones. It has to get to that level.

  18. Vicky says:

    It seems that the the mother has a history ofmleaving her children alone for long periods of time. I understand that wild accusations sometimes fly during custody battles, but one would think some type of child welfare investigation would be ordered when they arise to the level of serious neglect. I find it ironic that when someone wants to adopt a child, they must jump through hoops to prove their fitness to be a parent, but by virtue of biological parenthood, it is not until a child is harmed in some way that their fitness comes into question.
    My son and DIL are trying to adopt, and their entire life is under a microscope. They have had a psych evaluate, background check, home visits by social workers, etc. Fortunately, they have passed with flying colors and will have another child sometime during the next year. Were they able to have another child on their own, nobody would bat an eye. I am beginning to believe all perspective parents should be put through the same level of scrutiny before they can become parents.

  19. Vicky says:

    This missing child case is unbelievable! I am a devout advocate for individuals with mental illness, but at the same time, I am completely aware of the risks present in homes of someone with a severe and persistent mental illness. Especially during stressful times. I also know for a fact that the state of Washington has resources available to support individuals with SPMI. What I want to know is why a judge did not order some level of supervision in the home. Once again, the system has failed to protect a small child.
    This woman, who has a history of mental illness was obviously under a tremendous amount of stress. At the very least, friends and family members should have been hypervigilent in making certain the children were safe and supervised at all times. Especially given the fact that allegations of neglect and her history of mental illness were a matter of public record. I wonder how far away her family lives. She obviously has friends, she called one to pick her up. Why weren’t her friends checking in on her and the children? Don’t get me wrong, I am not laying blame on others, but it saddens me that she seems not to have had a support system in place.

  20. Vicky~~both parents shopped at Target for over an hour. Someone heard one of the children crying and called 911. The temps were high that day. This is when this couple who consider themselves parents should have been investigated. They probably got a slap on the wrist and community service.

    Sky’s mother was on Litium so she had some mental issues.

  21. cali patti says:

    I’ve never understood leaving a child in a car simply because I liked my boys. They were not always likable but I liked them. Once the boy in the top of grocery cart dropped raw eggs onto the boy riding under him on cart. However they always went inside because I liked them. I think children are looked at being a burden rather than a gift to many people. CPS does not have enough foster homes. Plus foster parents do become attached and many would love adopting these children but after a few years the abusive parent usually gets the child back. I believe that makes fostering very difficult for good people that have so much love to give.
    NONE of what I wrote excuses the facts in this case. I do believe the boy is no longer alive and the mother should be held accountable. I also agree that the Casey Anthony verdict has been a step by step guide how to handle yourself after something happens. The Anthony case does not cause these deaths just how to get away with them.
    All of these babies missing, hurt or abducted makes me sick!
    Just thinking out loud.

  22. kas says:

    I would like to know, during this marathon Mitigation that went on between the parents (12 hrs.), who(if anyone) was watching the children?

  23. Vicky says:

    I think it is safe to say that the children were left home alone. Detective Johnson has stated the last person other than mom to see sky was a neighbor several weeks ago. I am willing to lay odds that something happened to sky during the more than 12 hours he was left at home with the 4 year old. It just makes me I’ll to think anyone would leave their babies at home alone.

  24. In a strange case of life imitating art, it now appears that a recent episode of the NBC television series “Law & Order: SVU” featured a storyline remarkably similar to the account a mother in Washington state gave police about the disappearance of her 2-year-old son, Sky Metalwala, when she left him strapped in his car seat on the side of a road

    Police stymied by contradictions in Sky Metalwala’s disappearance

  25. Vicky says:

    This is so sad! Since mom is so obsessive about cleaning, I am guessing that not only are they looking for remains, but if those can’t be located, they will do their best to determine the last time diapers or wipes were used. Hopefully they can locate her individual trash by locating discarded mail.
    IMO, Sky was somehow killed while the children were left alone during the mediation. So many things can happen to an unattended child. I can’t imagine how frightened a two year old and four year old would be when left alone for 12 hours.

  26. Vicky~~what was the date they had the mediation?

  27. Vicky says:

    I believe it was either a week ago Wednesday or Thursday. I haven’t read a specific date, but based upon the fathers account, they had the mediation last week and then after one day, she contacted her attorney to notify the other parties she was backing out of the agreement. Two days later sky was reported missing.

  28. Thanks, Vicky. It has crossed my mind that Sky’s mother may have him in hiding with a relative or someone close to her. Staging the kidnapping or abduction, not sure what to call this one, was part of the plan so the father would not be able to see the boy, Well, I hate to even think of the alternative.

  29. Karen C. says:

    Nancy Grace pointed out the other night how much he looks like his dad, which is NOT a good sign. I’m wondering where she got access to Facebook during this time period?

  30. Karen C~~NG and I think alike. Sky is the image of his father and thoughts crossed my mind too. Strange there are not many pics of the little guy on her Facebook but lots of the daughter. Hmmm

  31. It seems the last few cases of missing children are following the same pattern. Murder the child, make sure that no one ever finds the remains ( with the exception being Caylee A), put the focus on a kidnapping or abduction, mislead the police in their initial questioning, hire a lawyer and clam up. The wealthy benefactors will make sure you get high profile lawyers and you will never have to work again. It’s becoming quite a racket.

    Bellevue PD hints at weekend efforts in Sky Metalwala case

  32. Most photos above are of Daughter about 8 to one compared to Sky……………………

  33. According to police, Biryukova did walk to the Northtowne Chevron Service, but she never bought gas there, police said.

    Instead, she spent time walking around a wealthy neighborhood where she reportedly didn’t ask anyone for help, officials said.

    When detectives checked to see how much gas was left in her car, they found enough for her to have continued driving.

    Investigators took her car for a test drive, to see if it had any mechanical problems that would have forced her to leave it on the side of the road.

    Police said they are now convinced it didn’t have engine trouble and there was plenty of gas in the tank.

    “I’ll let the evidence speak to itself, which is there was gas in the car and was able to drive and operate. That’s not what Julia told us,” Bellevue police Maj. Mike Johnson said.

    Police said that after Biryukova visited the gas station she called a friend who picked her up and took her back to her two-door silver Acura, where they allegedly discovered the boy was missing.


  34. Julia Biryukova is of Russian descent and I am wondering if Julia or any of her relatives made a trip out of the country a couple weeks ago.

  35. Vicky says:

    Below is the declaration filed by Solomon Metalwala

    This is so disturbing, given the events that have transpired. I have no idea if mom turned sky over to a friend or family member, but I really doubt it. Additionally it has been reported that Julia joined an on line dating service looking for a sugar daddy last summer. iMO, this woman is extremely disturbed, and her children have been failed miserably by “the system”.

  36. Vicky says:

    I think the saddest part of Soloman metalwala’s filing above, is his desperate attempt to protect his children. Both parents alleged abuse on the part of the other parent, but it seems clear at this point that it is more likely than not, that dad was the one telling the truth. Sadly, friends and family members were willing to provide false statements to child welfare investigators in their effort to help Julia keep her kids. Additionally, she managed to shop around until she found a “mental health professional” willing to state that she was fit to care for her children. I wonder if this individual bothered to ask her about her willingness to leave her children unattended for hours at a time.

  37. Vicky~~OMG!! I just finished reading that document. If that is all true, Sky may not be alive. If Solomon is not being completely honest then maybe Julia has him hidden somewhere. Surely there are enough reports and evidence to prove what Solomon said in that declaration. I am still shaking my head. Her last incident with leaving Sky in the car alone and saying she ran out of gas speaks volumes as to her mentality. BTW, there was plenty of gas in that vehicle to drive several more miles. Who leaves a sick 2 yr old boy in an unlocked car? When you think that you have heard it all, along comes a case like this.

    Both the parents left the children in the car while they shopped at Target for over an hour and it was a hot day. Julia would have left them alone for that 11 hour mediation or did both her and Solomon have custody?

  38. Vicky says:

    Solomon has not seen his children for nearly a year…following the allegations of abuse made against him. Apparently, he regained regular visitation rights as part of the mediation process.

    You’re right, just when you think you have heard it all, something like this comes along. I don’t hold much hope that Sky is alive, but I suppose there is always a chance Julia handed him off to someone else. If that is the case, I just hope she didn’t sale him to someone she made contact with online, and he is with a family member.

    Here is an article about her possibly looking for a sugar daddy. There is no proof that it is actually her.

    I’ll tell you what, it would be a wild twist if Solomon has managed to pull off the perfect parental abduction. He could definitely have done so given her more than predictable behavior. Sky could already be long out of the country. He could then petition for custody of his daughter, probably win, and then leave the country with her. I honestly don’t think this is the case, but nothing surprises me anymore.

  39. Vicky, right now I do not know what to think. Julia is an attractive woman on the outside but God help the sugar daddy when he finds out what is going on in her head. If that is really her and I must say the website looks authenic, I hope she wont bankrupt the sugar daddy by all the cleaning products she will need to buy. I believe Solomon is from Iran? Did he mention that his parents live in Washington state too?

  40. Vicky says:

    My understanding is that his parents live in Washington.

  41. cali patti says:

    There was an IP accountant on NG last night that verified that it was Sky’s mother looking into being a Sugar baby. He followed the IP address to her and even verified she had been online the night before at 11:30pm checking her page at Sugar Daddy.

  42. cali patti says:

    I am waiting for a journalist or forensic LE to compare the numbers of missing babies prior to the C.A. case to AFTER the C.A. verdict. In 1 year and maybe later in 5 years. I think there might be a rise in killed/missing babies. C.A. showed everyone how to get your name in lights, how to be famous.

  43. ‘My husband is a sadistic Muslim Pakistani’: Mother of missing Sky Metalwala speaks for first time about boy’s disappearance
    Read more:

  44. mainstreamfair says:

    The Kingsgate Park & Ride area is near the home of Solomon Metalwala. This is what detectives have called “a stone they haven’t turned yet.” They also say that no tips or leads brought them to the area near the home of the missing boy’s father, but it’s surprising to hear that they haven’t checked the area before.

    It would be a crying shame if the missing 2-year-old Bellevue boy is discovered in the area, and it would open up the gates to a whole different investigation focusing on both parents. As of now, it’s been Julie Biryukova who’s been the focus of investigators, not Solomon.

    Read more here…

    Sky Metalwala Breaking Development — New Searches

  45. mainstreamfair says:

    The state reports receiving “hundreds” of messages supporting the reunion of Sky Metalwala’s sister, Maile, and their father, Solomon Metalwala, after a national parent’s rights group started a national campaign.

    Maile Metalwala, 4, has been in foster care since her two-year-old brother, Sky, was reported missing by their mother, Julia Biryukova on Nov. 6. A hearing in King County Superior Court on Monday will determine whether she remains in foster care.

    State Gets Hundreds of Messages Supporting Reunion of Sky Metalwala’s Sister and Father

  46. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – This is fantastic news! Now if authorities could find Sky. I keep hoping against all odds that his bat chit crazy mother is hiding a live child from his father, but is sincerely believe she killed her child and disposed of his remains. She needs to tell the truth about what happened and allow that poor family to move past this tragic event.

  47. mainstreamfair says:

    Vicky~~my heart breaks for Solomon. He sure took a lot off that kook before finally calling it quits. I wonder if she found a sugar daddy. I don’t hold much hope that Sky is still alive. I doubt if he was even in her car the day she supposedly ran out of gas. There was enough gas left in the tank of her car to drive another 25+ miles…

  48. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – I have wondered if something happened to Sky the day she left the children home for 12+ hours during their mediation. I about fell out when I heard that. At that age my kids would get nervous if I left them upstairs while I ran downstairs to get something out of the basement and ask them to wait for me to get back. I just can’t imagine any parent leaving a toddler and preschooler home alone for five minutes, buch less 12 hours! So many things could have gone wrong. I think that she returned to find a dead child, and panicked. It’s now time for her to pay for her neglect. Mental illness can explain many things, but should not be used as an excuse for Sky’s death. She knows and knew right from wrong or she wouldn’t be hiding the truth.

  49. Vicky says:

    I feel for Solomon too. He and his children are victims of a flawed system. Something went terribly wrong in this situation, and those children were placed, unsupervised in a very unstable situation. When the decision was made to grant custody to a seriously mentally ill woman, someone should have been assigned to monitor the situation. Julia is responsible for her actions, but God knows you can’t expect rational behavior from an irrational person. IMO, there is some shared responsibility here. Whether it be her family members, the state of Washington or the psychologist who supported Julia during the custody hearing, somebody dropped the ball and it wasn’t Solomon.

  50. cali patti says:

    Hey, I wrote an above post that says basically, babies are killed for their moms to be famous. I do NOT think that is true and have no idea what I did mean to say, but it definintely was NOT that.
    My entire post does not make sense.

    I do think once something has happened to a child, the suspect has learned from the “other” case to be silent.

  51. mainstreamfair says:

    Cali Patti~~not to worry. I knew what you meant by your comments. Murderers are getting smarter and are making sure the bodies of their victims will not be discovered. They hire a lawyer and then remain silent so the case drags on and then goes cold. In Casey’s case, high profile lawyers joined her team to make themselves famous and the media helped to keep Casey in the limelight. I doubt if she feels too popular now. Some people would like to take the law into their own hands so she has to remain under her rock.

  52. Sky’s father, Solomon Metalwala is asking the doctors who may have treated Sky to come forward. It seems that no one has seen Sky since way back in May of ’11 and Solomon cannot find any pictures or anyone who saw the little guy since May.

    “We need to find out if Sky was even in this state or in his home from May 2011 forward,” said Metalwala’s attorney, Clay Terry.

    Read more here…

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