Baby Lisa Irwin Updates

I feel it is time to write a post about Baby Lisa Irwin who was reported missing by her father, Jeremy Irwin, in the wee hours of Oct 4th. Jeremy returned home from a night shift around 4 am on that date to find all the lights on in his house and the front door unlocked. He also said that the screen was pushed in on the bedroom window of Lisa’s room. Lisa was not in her crib. Jeremy roused Lisa’s mother and a quick search of their home did not turn up Lisa. That is when Jeremy called 911.

When we first learned of Baby Lisa, we watched a very distraught Deborah before the cameras, pleading for the safe return of her, then 10 month old baby.
Jeremy stood very quietly by Deborah’s side as she begged and cried so hard, she was barely coherent but did most of the talking.

Lisa’s parents plead with the person who took Lisa

Our hearts were breaking for this couple. Jeremy and Deborah have two other children, from different unions, and Deborah said she and Jeremy had plans to marry in the near future. Now it seemed their happy little world was falling apart, their precious baby Lisa was gone.

As the days passed and updates came pouring in, we found out that Deborah failed, not one but two, polygraph tests. I put this down to her being so emotionally distraught but later I was proven wrong. It seems that Deborah was not being completely truthful. With permission from Jeremy and Deborah, Law Enforcement searched Lisa’s bedroom and other areas of the Irwin household but some locations of the home were off limits to LE searching. We were not aware of that fact until today just why Deborah and Jeremy’s bedroom, in particular, was a restricted area and the Irwin’s didn’t want it searched.

During their search of the Irwin home, LE found a receipt from a Food Festival store and after contacting the store, the following surfaced.

Deborah Bradley and her brother at Food Festival

Once the surveillance video was made known, Deborah decided to fess up to the fact that she got drunk the night that Lisa went missing. She thinks she may have passed out. She related that her neighbor visited and they shared some wine. Deborah said she drank 5 glasses of wine. My question is, if she blacked out, how does she know she only drank 5 glasses of wine? Was this a blackout of convenience so she would have an excuse for what really took place during her binge?

When you view the above video, you will note that a wealthy benefactor has paid for the services of a Private Investigator, Bill Stanton, a retired NY police officer to come aboard the Irwin case. You will also learn that a high profile lawyer, Joe Tacopina, along with a local attorney are now representing Deborah and Jeremy.

We had some breaking news in the Baby Lisa case today. Maybe this will help lead us to what really happened to that baby. You can read about today’s events here….

Cadaver Dogs Pick up Smell of Death in Irwin’s bedroom

Lots of information has been posted at Jonathon’s Coffee Café by our contributors re this case, if you wish to read there.

Jonathon’s Coffee Cafe

Red Flags-News Clips

Folks, let’s hope this case is not a repeat of the three-ring-circus that we have been involved with over the past three years. Caylee did not get her justice, well yet anyway, let’s hope Baby Lisa will get hers.

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  1. Newbie says:

    Snoop, the KC Mo. attorney representing the parents is to be one of the best. I believe her last name is Short. I don’t quite understand why there is a need for two high powered attorneys, an outside investigator, excop from New York City, and his “team” of top notch professionals.
    Bob Stanton, the investigator from NY, came to KC for a short period and left “while forming his team.” I just keep waiting for Leonard P. to show up. Stanton did say he was just interested in finding Lisa and would turn information over to KC police and that he would work with them…not against. Tonight one station stated Stanton was to announce his team in the next few days….hmmm.

    I’m still hoping the dog had a bad day and baby Lisa is alive. Thanks for giving Lisa Irwin full attention in a post.

  2. Newbie~ ~this case is heart wrenching. My gosh that baby is adorable and so innocent. I just spent some time at youtube viewing some videos. When I see Deborah, I am looking at a woman who will not admit she has a drinking problem. When I see Jeremy, I see a man who looks tortured because he feels he must defend his wife. I do not think that Lisa is alive. I think her death was accidental due to Deborah being drunk and I think Jeremy is covering for her. That is just my gut feeling and my own opinion of what I have read and learned thus far. I am going to post some more links in my post above and hopefully they will work. I appreciate your input as you seem to be familar with that neck of the woods where Baby Lisa lived.

  3. Sherry says:

    Oh, Newbie! Not Padilla! Nooo…. 😮

    Yes, Lisa was trying to hide her drinking. She is ashamed of her problem as she downplays her drinking as an adult thing she is entitled to once in a while. But, I wonder if its more frequent than that. Could it be that Deborah did black out and when giving her polys she was trying to make things be that she had no idea really were what happened and that’s why she failed them? Or was it because she withheld the truth that she had drank heavily that night? Maybe her profuse crying is because she feels so very guilty and accountable for what has happened to her daughter. Well, that’s what all decent moms tend to do when things go wrong with their child. I’m trying not to think of her in an accusatory way but after hearing what her former friend said about Deborah being one for drama…

    I, too, hope this won’t be anything like the Felon Anthony case where Caylee received no justice from the court system meant to get at the truth of her demise.

  4. Karen C. says:

    Me too, Newbie, ’bout dogs being wrong. Maybe dog has a cold too…
    But I’m really afraid not. And now we hear from her this cockamamie nonsense about not wanting to check behind the out building because she “was afraid of what she might find”. So she doesn’t tell Baby Daddy or Bro to check? On top of not letting the police talk to the boys? I wanted so badly to give this one the benefit of the doubt- no more. I too have noticed that he can hardly look at her, usually just straight ahead, like he’s really in shock and barely able to function.

    A dude walking around at 4am with a baby is a What’s Wrong With This Picture kind of thing. I learned a long time ago surviving DT Boston that I’d much rather look silly explaining an overreaction to a cop that having that cop have to explain to my parents why I didn’t just call 911 and ended up dead on the slab- you always call if you have any doubts and who cares if they think you’re overly sensitive, anxious, etc. I once turned around and started screeching at a guy who was trying to follow me home one night- everyone around I’m sure thought I was a loon, but he backed right off. After that I carried mace. I can’t believe these people didn’t even confront the guy- I’d sure as hell want to know what he was doing with a baby, at 4am yet. Why are so many of us so dang passive, and the worst of us so dang ACTIVE?

  5. Sherry says:

    I see Jeremy as an enabler. He didn’t hug his wife or even look at her in the beginning and I now wonder if its because he knew whatever had happened to Lisa had to do with Deborah’s drinking. Maybe he is kicking himself for having left Lisa in her care-I’m thinking he saw Deborah a bit tipsy before leaving for work. If he worked 8 hours it would mean he left for work at about 7 or 8 pm. so maybe Deborah was a bit tipsy by then? IDK.

    On those witnesses that saw a man with a baby in the wee hours of the morning-the young couple saw this man a few hours before the guy on the motorcycle, who saw the man at about the time police were called. Any ideas if that means anything? Having the baby out in the cold for that length of time? Plus, the man was wearing a t-shirt and it was a chilly night/early morning. I wonder if Lisa was even alive if that was her-which is most probable.

  6. Karen C. says:

    So here’s the thing that really bothers me, the dog hitting in Mom’s room, right by her bed.
    It is not unknown that drunken and/or high-as-a-stinking-kite moms have rolled over on their own babies and suffocated them or crushed their skulls, especially obese moms like this one. If she’s got the one boy, and we understand a kitten in there with them too, she could’ve rolled over on the baby for lack of room what with the boy- maybe after at some point Lisa fell on the floor and was there for some time.

  7. Karen C. says:

    She evidently didn’t have a DL (did family have but one car then?), so she’d either need help after-the-fact or Lisa is still within walking distance….

  8. Sherry says:

    Just a thought that got sparked by Karen C.’s comment-could it be that Lisa is “behind the house”? Deborah may have done a pre-emptive strike or spoke the truth without realizing it. Or maybe its nothing of the kind.

  9. MOO ladies but something just came to mind. You always hear of the ‘battered wife’….take a closer look at Jeremy Irwin and tell me if you think he just may be a ‘battered husband.’ He acts so timid. At first I thought he was mentally disabled but he works as a electrician so must have something on the ball. In the first videos, watch Deborah’s face when Jeremy speaks. His voice is so low it is hard to make out what he says. He acts like he is frightened. Maybe this is all my imagination but something seems to be amiss with that man.

  10. Sherry says:

    Karen C., why didn’t someone say something or call the police-the baby was out in the cold with only a diaper on?! And, the witnesses thought it was odd…they should have called!

    Why are people so passive…I just watched a news report of a little Chinese toddler who got run over by a truck. She laid in a heap while people just walked past her in the road, some even gawking at her mangled body. This was a crowded market place! Then another truck ran her over again just before her father finally showed up. The precious child died yesterday from her injuries. Damn those who should have stopped and helped her! Little girls just have no value there and I don’t wonder why. Sorry for going off topic.

  11. Sherry~ ~no problem going off topic. I thought of the same thing when it was mentioned that no one bothered to report a man carrying a baby clad only in a diaper. CNN Prime showed a video of the little Chinese girl today. They had to black out the last part of it. What in hell is wrong with some people? No one seems to want to get involved. I wonder what color t-shirt Jeremy was wearing at 4am. Sorry… but sometimes my intuition gets the best of me.

  12. Sherry says:

    Well, the description the motorcyclist gave was that the man was in his mid 30s to early 40s. Jeremy looks that old though he is in his late 20s.
    You do have a point about Jeremy possibly being an abused man at Deborah’s hand. Maybe she is a mean drunk. Its a decent speculation for sure.

  13. Sherry~ ~ what I find strange is the fact that the married couple saw a man in a white t-shirt carrying a baby shortly after midnight. This was suppose to be about three houses from the Irwin’s if I heard it correctly. The man on the motorcycle saw a man with a baby at around 4am and that was about 3 miles away from the Irwin’s. Is someone going to convince me that this man ran three miles along a road carrying a baby and he did so for four hours? The man would have to be a deranged lunatic. I thought it was around 45 degrees F that night.

  14. Sherry says:

    I know! It was cold out that night. Something’s not right here. I can understand the the couple seeing the man, though why they didn’t call police…but the motorcyclist guy? He may be the one to not believe. He waited a week before reporting it so it makes me wonder if he wanted to insert himself. Plus, why would this man want to be seen purposely by anyone when he has a baby in his arms which he snatched away?

    Good night!

  15. nan11n says:

    Snoops: Good timing for a new post! 😉

    Here are a couple of interesting links. Tacopina represented Van Der Sloot–something tells me Beth Twitty wouldn’t have him in her house.
    Huffington Post ~ Baby Lisa Irwin’s Parents Hire Joe Tacopina, Attorney Who Defended Joran Van Der Sloot
    First Posted: 10/17/11 06:03 PM ET Updated: 10/18/11 05:40 PM ET
    Bradley told Fox News that she got drunk after she put her children to bed that night and may have blacked out. Asked how much she drank that night and whether it was more than five glasses of wine, she responded, “probably.” She said she didn’t have more than 10 glasses. Bradley said she frequently drinks heavily at home but only after her children are safely in bed. She also said she takes anxiety medication and had taken a dose [of anxiety medication] that day.
    End of Quote
    So, let’s see–Deborah Bradley says she had more than five drinks, but less than 10 and had taken anxiety medication to boot. Blackout time? I guess likely.

    A few days ago, the PI Stanton advised that they were starting to look outside the home for suspects. Well, voila!! Three people appear willing to swear that they saw a mysterious man making his way down the street in the dark of night with a baby matching Lisa’s description 😦
    Stranger things have happened, I guess–I just have a little problem with it.
    Mail Online ~ Baby Lisa’s parents are avoiding our questions, say police as FAA halts flights near search
    By Daily Mail Reporter ~ Last updated at 9:10 AM on 19th October 2011
    Bill Stanton, the investigator, also spoke on Good Morning America, echoing Mr Tacopina’s sentiments of the parent’s innocence.

    ‘We are starting to look outside the home,’ Mr Stanton said, making clear that they he and his team do not consider Ms Bradley or Lisa’s father Jeremy Irwin suspects.
    End of Quote

    Anyway, just my 2 cents worth.

  16. Karen C. says:

    This is a fairly recent “roundup” on the 3 witnesses statements:

    If these folks did not see an independently moving baby the one they saw may well have been dead already, and these witnesses do not seem to have been clear on that point. Dude carrying her could have made the baby wiggle around some or acting otherwise in such a way to indicate she was alive w/o that being the fact, then dropping the pretense when he was away from these witnesses. My point being that the cadaver dog “hits” and the witnesses very brief sightings may not be mutually exclusive.

    Deborah app. did not have a driver’s license and did not yet drive. (I didn’t for a long time either, due to living in Boston so long. I was 30+ when I got mine.) Witness sees a man holding a baby some miles away from the house… Hmmm.

    One possible explanation for these Dude-with-baby sightings if not connected (remote imo) is- if Mommy has a night shift job, Baby Daddys have been known to pop over to other girlfriend’s homes, lugging babies yet, and/or to other Dudes places to get drunk/high while “watching the baby” and catch some late-night wrestling, say, on the boob tube. He sneaks back before Mommy comes home and she’s none the wiser. Or not, and there’s hell to pay.

    Either way, if something like this is the case I do hope Dude comes forward and SOON to let us know to clear this as not being related. I do have the feeling they are though…

  17. Hilde says:

    This Case is troublesome in many ways.
    I try to be positive when it comes to what could have happened to Baby Lisa, at the same time what we do know so far can’t be ignored.
    I don’t think this was a Kidnapping like Lisa’s Parents said, although it could be possible but most likely isn’t.
    I also believe the Cadaver Dog’s Hit in the Mother’s Bedroom beside her Bed is valid and very disturbing, say the least. Cadaver Dogs are well trained and know what to look for. It should not be dismissed like it was in the Anthony Case.
    Also why do those Parents need a high powered Attorney for them selfs, again sounds familiar.
    Their Story what happened that night doesn’t add up.
    Let’s be honest if You see a Rat and it smells like a Rat it most likely is a Rat!
    I am really getting tired what is being done to our innocent Children.
    I believe any one harming a Child needs to be held responsible to the full Extend of the Law and not get away with a Slap on the Wrist because they have a high powered Attorney. People who hurt Children need to know there is a Price to pay!
    Should the Parents of Baby Lisa have nothing to do in the Involvement of Lisa’s Disappearance my Heart goes out to them at the same time if they are involved I hope they will be held responsible to the fullest!
    It doesn’t look good for Baby Lisa to be found save and alive but we can Hope against all Odds there will be a Miracle. JMO

  18. Karen C. says:

    Link to the affidavit:

    Click to access 20111021_irwinwarrant.pdf

    Some info that’s new to me anyway- A) There was a fourth cell phone found in the house, in a desk drawer. No comment on whether operable or not. B) It was an FBI cadaver dog- so we have to assume a reliable one. C) They didn’t own a cat. That’s apparently the first thing Jeremy asked her about after his initial question “What the hell is going on around here?” about the lights on, open window, etc. She replied that she had found a stray kitten. But, wait, she bolted upright from the bed in alarm, didn’t she, and that’s when they ran to check Lisa’s room….

    But we were told originally that he checked Lisa’s room after the boy’s room, and before going to the Master bedroom.

    I’m guessing this wasn’t her first drunk, and I’ll bet anything that he’s had to turn off lights before and check that the doors are locked. He needs his own lawyer and his own police interview right about NOW.

  19. Hilde says:

    When it comes to the three Witnesses which came forward after 2 weeks saying they seen a Man walking carrying a Baby which looked like Baby Lisa only dressed in a Diaper middle in the Night?
    Why in the World wasn’t the Police called by any of those three Witnesses?
    Obviously it is not normal to see a Guy walking on the Streets holding a Baby with only a Diaper on in the Middle of the Night in 45 Degree Weather! I would think I would have enough Sense to report that to the Police if I would see that.
    If it was really Baby Lisa than most likely she was already dead. in that Case why would someone carry the Baby out in the middle of the Street, taking a Chance to bee seen? Just doesn’t make Sense, at the same time none of those Cases make any Sense whatsoever!

  20. Rob says:

    Snoopy, This case is perplexing; the parents seem to be hiding something. What it is will come out eventually. The cadaver dogs are usually ninety percent correct, and the police are not telling everything they know. I hope this case doesn’t turn into the media circus of the Anthony fiasco. Bamboozling the public, instead of telling the truth seems to be a trait of this family. Time will tell.

  21. Nan11 ~~thank you. I made a correction in my post about Tacopina. I thought he represented Beth Twitty ( Holloway). I couldn’t recall her last name when I wrote the article.

    Great comments in here from everyone!

  22. Karen C. says:

    And now one of the many lawyers involved comes up with some namby-pamby about how cadaver dogs are sometimes wrong….

  23. This case is beginning to look like a bloody train wreck. Here we go again. Deborah Bradley thinks she has a right to drink until she blacks out. It is her grown up time , well whoopy. With a woman that drunk, it would be the same as if the children were left in the house by themselves. In her drunken stupor, did she exhange Baby Lisa for some flea ridden stray cat? Deborah is in denial that she is an alcoholic. You do not combine alcohol with anxiety medication. The warning is put right on the pill vial by the pharmacy. Sure alcoholics are great workers when they are sober and Deborah was no doubt a good mother and kept the house spotless but she put her children and herself in danger every time she uncorked a wine bottle.

    Deborah’s stories have changed over and over. She cannot say honestly that she did not harm Lisa or Lisa met her demise through some accident. The woman cannot even remember how many glasses of wine she drank. She probably was damn hungover when she gave her first interview begging the person who stole her child to return her.

    All you need to do is look at Jeremy and see he is covering for Deborah. Where did he really find Lisa when he returned home at around 4 am? Did he panic and do something in a state of shock before calling 911? The truth is not being told by either Deborah, because she was drunk, and Jeremy because he doesn’t know which end of him is up. I think Deborah ran that household and Jeremy was just a ‘yes dear’ man. I know I am beginning to sound like Nancy Grace but dammit, this whole case has turned into a circus. How long will it be before ABC will be shelling out license fees for pics of Baby Lisa and having an interview with Deborah and Jeremy?

    Now that we have Tacopina aboard, who already likes to give interviews and some unknown benefactor financing the reward and these attorneys and the PI, it is deja vu all over again.

    Let’s see who else tries to instill themselves in this case for the notoriety. Damn good advertising as Baez can tell you.

  24. kas says:

    I think it’s entire possible she didn’t black out at all. Tacopina admitted he has been “in contact” with the parents since the earliest days of the case. He’s the reason she stopped talking to the Police. I think when the media got ahold of the Store footage of Deborah buying Wine Joe probably wet himself. Did you notice how defiant she was in those “Blackout” Interviews? Sure, it’s the sign of an Alcoholic, but she also just alibied her way out of whatever happened: “I don’t know, I was “blacked-out.”

    We haven’t heard a word from Drinkin’ Buddy, who is maybe under a Grand Jury Gag Order. If she sat on that porch for hours drinking, I’m gonna assume she used Deborah’s bathroom. What if she’s told cops she never saw or HEARD a peep out of that room, from that sick “fussy” baby?

    Bill Stanton was on GMA, questioning whether the cadaver dogs were “trained” or not. (Random, neighborhood dogs, Bill?) He also questioned if they knew the difference between animal and human Decomp. The latest, female Lawyer (God, these two have a whole FIRM) said that perhaps the stray cat rolled around in “something” and the dogs picked up on that.

    Oh, and you’ll all be happy to know LEONARD PADILLA has injected himself, virus like, into this case. He was on HLN (naturally) about two days in saying Bill Stanton was only looking to latch on to the case to get attention. Lightning did not strike him, sadly.

  25. kas~~it is so easy to see where this case is headed. Who are these wealthy benefactors who put out all this money? It seems they have a business going and this is how they make their own money. I hate to say this but Joe Tacopina even sounds like Baez.

    Please….no more Leonard Padilla and his crazy theories. It seems we will see a lot of copycat cases like the Anthony one. We can’t seem to get rid of that murderous $%#@.

    LE took a big piece of carpet when they searched the Irwin bedroom and hopefully forensics will find some good evidence. I wonder if the cadavers sniffed around Jeremy’s vehicle and Deborah’s brother??

  26. Hilde says:

    snoopy, you right by saying Joe Tacopina sounds like Baez, it’s not crazy at all.
    Maybe the Anthony Case is an Example for how to get away with a Crime and walk free!’
    I said to my Husband after the Anthony Trial, there will be copycat Cases like the Anthony’s and sure enough we already starting to see the Beginning of it.
    There are Children going missing and murdered everyday, who decides which Child will be extensively covered in the News and who will get the high profile Attorneys despite if You can afford them or not? I guess it will be all about Money and getting Your Name out there again.
    I guess it’s deja vu all over again like snoopy said.
    Where is George and Cindy, I thought they like to help find missing Children and bring them home in their Grand Daughter’s Name. They could give Pointers to Baby Lisa’s Parents after All they helped their Daughter Casey to get away with Murder. JMO

  27. kas says:

    ABC never stopped Paying to Play. They were paying for Amanda Knox’s families room and board in Italy. Irregardless, of how you feel with regards to Knox, this is exactly what ABC pinky swore they weren’t doing anymore after people pointed out to them that they essentially paid for Casey Anthonys Defense (oops!! did we do that??)

    Did anyone else catch the footage of Baez and Barbara Walters and Michael Baden and Linda Kenny- Baden all dining together the other night?( I think TMZ had it.) Nice company you keep, Barbara.

  28. Newbie says:

    I don’t think Jeremy first stated the door was unlocked and light(s) were on when he got home. I may be wrong but think that came about as kc and fbi were finding it almost impossible for someone to come in the window it statements were being made that a kidnapper would not put a bent screen back in the window after exiting. You know there are sooooo many discrepancies it makes your mind go many places.
    Does Deborah not have a drivers license because of previous dui violations. Or, does she know not to drive because of alcohol problems.
    Why would it be said a kitten was found and sleeping with her and her son?
    Why would it be said there were three missing cell phones and if they were found, there would be evidence on them?
    Why have investigators been prevented from interviewing her sons at this point?
    Is it possible one of her young sons was attending Lisa as mom was passed out and accidently dropped her resulting in her death? Is mom covering up ?
    Why does Deborah show some anger when being questioned?
    Jeremy was gone his first night on a new job. Was he totally supervised or did he have time to leave the job?
    And the mind goes on and on….. after the Florida murderess it is hard to think of positives with what is happening in this case.

  29. Techno Grannie says:

    This is so sad… such a beautiful little girl… how could anyone hurt her????

  30. Techno Grannie~~welcome back! I honestly think Lisa’s death was accidental. I believe it happened in the house and it is being covered up because Lisa’s mother was drunk. How the child died or where her little body is now happens to be a mystery.

    One other theory I have mulled over is that Deborah invited someone in for drinks with her and it wasn’t the neighbor but possibly a male. If she phoned him, it would be one reason the cell phones went missing. He may have helped her get rid of the child. There is also the possibility of Deborah calling her brother. Those cell phones disappeared very conveniently. Deborah said that she couldn’t call out on the phones because she hadn’t paid the phone bill. Was this verified by her phone company? There are just too many inconsistencies in her stories.

  31. Newbie~~ Now that Deborah and Jeremy have a lawyer, I guess they cannot be forced to let their two sons be questioned? When Deborah and her brother were out shopping at Food Festival, she purchased paper plates and napkins. It sounds like she was about to set out some crackers and cheese to go with that wine. Maybe have company in? There is someone who is too afraid to come forward thinking they may be implicated in Lisa’s disappearance. I do not know if Deborah ever had a driver’s license…and thank God, if she didn’t.

  32. Newbie says:

    Snoop, anyone wanting to see interviews related to this case can go to YouTube and just put in Lisa Irwin. There are too many to post here. There is one dated Oct 5 which is a news conference of sorts where the parents plead for return of Lisa. It puts me back into wanting to believe Deborah and Jeremy. Well that and calli patti’s comment in coffee shop #3… I can’t remember how calli patti said it but basicaly it questions the ability of the parents to fool the kc police, fbi and u.s. marshalls.

  33. Just look at what the Attorney D B an J I have retained specialises in Cyndy Short expert in Capital Cases Mitigation due to dimminished capacity ect,,,,,

  34. J Tapioca is a slimey pudding M O O…………..

  35. Ecossie~~you are a riot… I see some have shortened Joe’s name to Taco….

    Cynthia L. Short , a mitigating specialist is now representing Deborah and Jeremy along with Tacopina. Well they have to be paid for by this wealthy benefactor…. so it looks like….here we go again..

  36. offthecuff says:

    It’s a long distance guess, but that a guilty person in panic would look and sound exactly like Deborah. Its hard to face one’s own baby’s death during her confused adult time. Jeremy must have known about his wife’s proclivities and now must face his own guilt in trusting her under the influence as he’s had to do many times.

    How messed up their kids must be, trapped between their love for their parents, yet distraught themselves over their sister.

    This must be the age that big money gets bigger in ugly cases.

    Oh, did anyone find out who picked up that dinner tab for Baez?

  37. offthecuff~~you can see the pain and confusion etched on Jeremy’s face. He is probably blaming himself for Lisa being missing and, God forbid, dead. Deborah admitted that drinking wine in the evenings is just a natural occurance for her. I wonder if she is still drinking or going through severe withdrawal. When you combine that with losing her baby, probably due to her own neglect, no wonder she is a mess.

    Once a case like this makes the headlines, every Tom, Dick and Mary see an opportunity to further their careers. It is free advertising to promote themselves and the books they are writing. In happened in the Anthony case and now this one. We never ever hear the name of the Wealthy Benefactor because I doubt if there is one. Some of these attorneys will invest their own money to make big bucks down the road from all the exposure they will get.

    I wonder if Baez was pimping Casey or himself when he lunched with Barbara.

  38. Karen C. says:

    Hilde- I SO agree, just what I said to my Hubby too! And what really bothers me, Folks, now that we’re mentioning the Baby-Killin’ Skank, the one detail that gets to me the most from the info released on the affidavit is the “rolls of tape and tape dispenser” taken for analysis. I want to know if there’s Benadryl in the house too.
    That former friend of hers didn’t see to put much past her…

  39. Vicky says:

    For the past several days, investigators have been searching the Deffenbaugh Landfill, which is just off I-435 in Johnson County Kansas, and where the dumpster that caught fire was dumped. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
    The Missouri River is a very short distance from the home. If someone placed her in the river, I doubt she will ever be found. This is of course if Lisa is no longer alive. I have been told that LE is not placing a lot of confidence in the statements made by the people who claim to have seen a man with a child. A friend of mine, who teaches over in North Kansas City, teaches with the wife of one of the detectives on the case. Although she (the wife) has been very tight lipped about what she has heard, she has indicated that LE continues to look for a live Lisa.
    There is one observation I would like to make. There is a woman named Sarah who states she was acquainted with Debrah in 2002 while their husbands were stationed at Ft. Bragg. If such is the case, then that makes her 16 at the time. Sarah has made some pretty negative comments about Debrah. To be honest, I think it is pretty harsh to judge the behavior of a teenager. It seems to me that if Debrah was married at 16, then she has had a pretty tough past. I’m not excusing her behavior, but I think it gives us a bit of insight into what could have gone wrong.

  40. Vicky~ ~why would they wait this long to check the landfill where that dumpster may have been emptied? Listen to the following. Could LE not connect the dots sooner?

  41. Newbie says:

    They did search at Deffenbaughs prior to this. Oct 7 they were there for the third time.

  42. pam2u4u says:

    This case is close to home for me, my grandson the same age as Lisa, lives right up the street from the Irwins, so it is scary. Everywhere you go people are talking about it and you find yourself thinking about every person you see. I believed the mother and everyone is ready to convict her, but it’s not looking good, another story with no ending? Well I’m glad you posted on this , I really like your blog.

  43. Vicky says:

    I think they had Deffenbaugh do some additional excavating of the area that garbage was dumped. That landfill is MASSIVE! It receives residential an commercial garbage from the entire KC metro area and as far away as Topeka, If Lisa’s body is there, they have been sorting through acres and acres of refuse. Fortunately, since the first search, no additional garbage has been deposited in the grid that was used the first week of October. Then again, it is possible the latest search is completely unrelated to the missing Lisa case. There have been a few other crimes committed since the first week of October, including a missing person report.
    Personally, I don’t think that is where they will find her, if she was killed.
    I am the most curious about the alleged phone call/text at 2:30 a.m. I also find it interesting that Jeremy claims that he was supposed to have been home by 10:30 that night. If that is the case, how would Deborah have known she had time to dispose of the body? I would be interested in looking at the estimate he provided to Starbucks for the job. It should indicate that he thought the work would take about 5 or 6 hours. It does not surprise me that he ran into unforeseen conditions that would take more time, but if what he says is true then Deborah was expecting him to be home at around the same time the neighbor was leaving.

  44. Vicky says:

    Pam 2U4U – if Lisa was taken from the home, I would be scared to death if I lived in that general vicinity! I’m 30 miles away and the thought frightens me. If Lisa was taken, I pray that it was by someone who wanted a child and had no other alterior motives. I also hope that she remains alive and well, and will be found.

  45. Many people on many sites are speculateing that one of the boys may have acidentlly caused wee Lisas demise.As Dr G said people call 911 when acidents happen also look at the attorney they have retained feild of expertise.We know from Caseys trial the defence scan thease blogs on the net to get a feel for public opinion..My worry is the more people say this if an when there is a trial.In the words of Captain Picard the desfence will MAKE IT SO……………

  46. pam2u4u~~nice to see you here. It has to be darn scarey for people who live in that area, if the baby was taken from the home by someone. If someone gained access to the Irwin home through a window, they would not bother to put the screen back in. I keep thinking that Lisa’s death was accidental. Deborah may have a drinking problem but it is evident that she adored that child and was a good mother. Since she was not truthful from the beginning, it appears that she was trying to cover the truth of what really happened to Lisa. JMO

  47. Newbie~ ~I cannot see Deborah ever throwing her dead baby away in a dumpster like trash. I can see a sexual predator doing it and I pray that is not what happened. Possibly the dumpster fire was totally unrelated but LE has to check everything out. I believe the dumpster was near or outside an apartment complex?

  48. Ecossie~~what you have said makes a lot of sense. Maybe when the mom was getting drunk, Lisa started crying and coughing and one of the boys carried the child to the mom’s bedroom. Deborah would not want to admit that she was too drunk to care for her sick baby. Accidents do happen and are covered up rather than call 911 right away. I have a feeling both Jeremy and Deborah know what happened but where did they put the dead child?

  49. Vicky~ ~ it is sad that people are trying to dig up dirt on Deborah that happened 9 years ago. From all accounts, Deborah appeared to be a loving and very caring mother. Alcoholism is a sickness and can be hereditary. Lots of people marry at a young age and run into problems but they pick themselves up and forge on and have a good life. It looks like Deborah was doing just that with one exception, and that was dealing with her drinking problem which she admits she does not have.

  50. Snoops nine years ago Debs would have been 16 an if married as this woman states an her neighbour on Fort Bragg Army Base.She would have been a child a child bride an childless.So allegedlly she was stealing an spinning tales conning fastfood joints ect.Even if true she was a child I know my behavour as a teenager bore little resemblance to my actions in my mid twentys,

  51. Snoops………………………….Ecossie~~what you have said makes a lot of sense. Maybe when the mom was getting drunk, Lisa started crying and coughing and one of the boys carried the child to the mom’s bedroom. Deborah would not want to admit that she was too drunk to care for her sick baby. Accidents do happen and are covered up rather than call 911 right away. I have a feeling both Jeremy and Deborah know what happened but where did they put the dead child?………………..Thats not what I meant as George was used as a scapegoat by Caseys defence because off comments by many bloggers thinking he was shiffty ect…Im saying the more bloggers comment that one of the boys was involved in an accident .Then they may use this perception as there defence if an when a trial ocours.I M O I dont think any of the children were involved in Lisas disapearance or demise if the poor wee soul has passed…I do think they have vital information though especially the boy whom was in Debs bed..Per the interveiw in People Magazine the parents are saying he came into Debs bed because he had a nightmare…I M O He saw or heard something very disturbing an Debs convinced him he just had a bad dream.Thats why they wont let L E interveiw them in depth .Besides the cursary one theve alteady had in the Parents presence ..M O O……….

  52. Sherry says:

    Here is the website,

  53. As per Sherry’s link at 3:09pm…

    Cyndy Short said….

    “The carpet that was paraded in and out that we were allowed to see actually came from the shed at the back of the house, and it was not inside the house at all. There is no carpeting that was removed from any portion of the house,” said Short.

    Is this why Deborah was too afraid to look in the back of the house?

    Cyndy said…

    Short also said that Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have been truthful about everything including the stuff that makes them look bad. She said they are hurting not just because their baby is missing.

    Why did Deborah fail her polygraph test if she was being truthful?

    Cyndy said….

    “And having met them, this young couple, they have not withheld anything good or bad about who they are. When Deborah said she had gone to get this wine. Guess what? They went to the store and got video of the wine. Guess what that proved? She is a truth-teller, that is what that proved,” said Short.

    Did Deborah tell LE that she went to Food Festival to buy wine, before or after LE found the receipt?

    My questions in bold…

  54. kas says:

    Maybe the carpet had ONCE been in the bedroom and LE was checking to see if it fit there, Cyndy . And you’ll pardon them if they don’t take your clients at their word on things, being as there thus far has been a 2 week waiting period on confessing to certain things (that we know of).

    This is the same woman who was attempting to explain away the HUMAN decomposition hit by saying that maybe the kitten “rolled around in something” (a dead human?) and then transferred it to the bedroom–thus the hit. She needs to stop saying every thought that comes into her head OUT LOUD.

    mainstreamfair: I can’t see that Deborah told them about the Box of Wine initially because if she had they would have screamed that from the rooftops during the “I Was Drunk, But It Doesn’t Count” media tour they did. As it was, there was just the Lawyerly inference that we all owed Deborah a Girl Scout Badge in Parenting for her little confession. ‘Cause you know, what’s important is that she did the right thing.

  55. kas~~that is what the attorneys do, gloss things over and start to do damage control for their client. I wonder who is paying Ms Short, the same wealthy benefactor. How many times has Deborah changed her story? She can’t even remember if she last checked on Lisa at 6:30pm or 10:30pm. She keeps changing her story because she was in such a hurry to come up with something believable in her ‘hangover state of mind’, she has had to backtrack. She thinks she may have blacked out. She drank 5 glasses of wine that turned into maybe 10 glasses of wine.

    I wonder just what Jeremy found when he arrived home and how long it took him before he called 911. It looks like the two of them staged a scene of an intruder breaking into the home and stealing Lisa. It reminds you of the Haleigh Cummings case and the cinder block holding the door open. This time a screen was pushed in. Who crawled in the window, a dwarf? No, that wouldn’t work so Deborah forgot to lock the front door and left all the lights on. Now the doggie in the back yard never let out a peep, possibly because he did not see any strangers around the house. A dog does not have to see an intruder. All they need to do is smell a strange scent and they will bark.

    Why not let the two boys be questioned?? I think our answers as to what happened lie with one or possibly both boys.

  56. kas says:

    This is what has driven me crazy about her. She was drunk, but notice how both of them, for the longest time (maybe still) would NOT even entertain the notion that “the kidnapper” did not enter and exit through that window. Both conceded the door was unlocked, so why is it just an absolute impossibility in Deborah’s mind that said kidnapper used the door. Maybe because it wasn’t part of her original story and she just doesn’t want to let it go? (I think the newest Att. is saying it “could be” the door as point of entry.)

    The kids drive me nuts. She doesn’t know what happened, she hasn’t spoken to them about what happened(!!!!), but she knows with CERTAINTY they don’t know anything. WHAT???

    I think her Lawyer did his (her, their??) level best to try to teach her to speak Legalease. Be as vague as possible, say maybe, that’s possible, agree with whatever makes you look best (or at least Not Guilty).

  57. Vicky says:

    Jo and I did a drive-by of the crime scene and neighborhood today ( we were at Zona Rosa shopping and couldn’t resist). Had no idea there was a prayer vigil scheduled or we might have stayed in the area longer. Anyway, I think we located the dumpster located by the apartment complex. It is about ten blocks away. Several things I noticed. Number one, the house is not easy to find. A lot of turns required to get there. Thank goodness for GPS. Point being, if someone took Lisa, they would have to live in the area. It is not some place you would drive by daily unless you had a reason to be in that neighborhood. Second you would have to know in advance where the dumpster is located. If in fact the fire is related to the crime. There were a few news trucks in the area, but not many. Also, for such a beautiful day, there were very few people outdoors in the immediate area. The house appears to be well cared for, as do the other homes in the neighborhood. I do have one thing to report I have not heard mentioned. We attempted to drive by the abandoned house. It has been demolished. I would assume that means LE does not feel there is any connection with Lisa’s disappearance. I guess homeless dude will have to find a new place when he is released from custody.

  58. Surveillance footage comes from a gas station near to Lisa Irwin’s home Is this the man that was was seen carrying a baby?

    Picture of the dumspter that was set on fire and other pictures and info here…

  59. Vicky~~could there be a possibility that is was someone who knew the comings and goings of Jeremy and Deborah? I wonder how LE made out questioning Jersey, the handyman that was hanging around. He seemed to disappear at the same time Lisa did. He was arrested, in another town, I believe, for an outstanding warrant unrelated to this case.

  60. Vicky says:

    I think they have eliminated Jersey as a suspect. in all honesty, I don’t see how this could have been an abduction by anyone who did not know the area. The house is not located on a main thoroughfare. It was not a typical “home invasion” as it was done without alarming anyone (if in fact someone entered the home). That means to me it would have to be someone who knew their comings and goings, and that there was a baby in the house. It is really a mystery to me. All I know, is that if the person on foot was involved, he had to know how to get to the house and out of the neighborhood in advance. Especially at night. if this man was involved, it was piss poor planning on his part. Why on earth would anyone walk that far? I just can’t see that happening. Although, I must admit, a strange car driving through the neighborhood at night might have garnered attention, and a more concrete description.
    Jo thinks Lisa is dead, I am the optimist who wants to believe someone took Lisa. If that is the case, then in my opinion, it has to be someone who either knows the family or frequents the neighborhood.

  61. Vicky~~I tend to agree with Jo. What was the street lighting like around the Irwin neighborhood? I don’t know what to make of the sightings of a man carrying a baby. Personally, I would have alerted 911 immediately so that is why I am a bit skeptical. I am going to stick with the accidental death until someone can prove otherwise. Does anyone know if Jeremy took a lie detector test and if he passed?

  62. Vicky says:

    Snoop – in the neighborhood itself, there were not very many street lights. Near the apartment complex, there were more, but it is located on a busier road. We might have to take an evening trip over there to get a better feel for how dark it is, but itnis an older neighborhood, and not many light poles, and I was looking.
    I’m trying to be optimistic, but the reality of the situation would lead more to the conclusion that Lisa is no longer with us. I just hate the idea that yet another parent has harmed their child. It just goes against the forces of nature, and is happening all to often these days. More disturbing yet, is that if this was ani accident, why on earth do parents refuse to face the consequences for their actins that contributed? It’s like for thesenparents children are disposable as the diapers they use! It breaks my heart.

  63. Vicky says:

    Also, I would have reported seeing a man carrying an unclothed baby as well. That or I would have stopped and asked if he needed assistance. That I know as sure as I will have typos.

    Your typos are part of your identity so I just leave them alone.. pssst…I can’t retype your whole post..LOL ~SS

  64. Vicky~~why would an abductor carry a child where he could be seen?

    Did you notice any manhole covers anywhere near the Irwin home?

  65. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Here is a link to a video from this morning’s MSNBC’s ‘Today Show’. Contrary to what was said on the JVM show, (or maybe it was Nancy Grace)–they have an ‘expert’ on that says the scent of human decomp can begin within four minutes of a deceased body lying on something. Also Mr. Tacopina weighs in with his view that the hit by the cadaver dog was “nothing but a red herring’. Funny, but defense lawyers don’t seem to appreciate the ability of cadaver dogs; now, I wonder why that is?

    Anyway, at least at the beginning, the video is interesting. It gives a recent tour of their home. Get your ‘Kleenex’ ready though–they show a bit of the candlelight vigil–complete with a few verses of ‘Amazing Grace’. Deborah and Jeremy are in tears and Jeremy’s father speaks. It’s hard to watch, really. So sad.

    They also show little clips from the recent surveillance video from the ‘gas station’.

    MSNBC ~ Today Show Video:Missing Baby: Cadaver Dog Picks Up Sent

    FYI: Believe it or not, they actually did remove the manhole covers and search in those pipes. 😦

  66. nan11 says:

    Snoops: This link is from the local station and contains 17 still pictures of the ‘tour’ of Baby Lisa’s home, give last night. (I think.)

    KMBC ~ Images: Attorney Gives Tour Of Baby Lisa’s Home
    The attorney for Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley gave ABC’s Matt Gutman an exclusive tour of the home investigators searched on Wednesday. These are images from the tour.
    End of Quote

    I can’t help but notice that Deborah appears to have been a spotless housekeeper. I know that doesn’t matter much in light of having a missing child, but it shows that she cared about her ‘home’.

  67. kas says:

    Has Deborah darkened her hair? Good to see priority #1 remains the same. Was someone seriously under the impression she was suffering from some sort of Femme-fatale blondie backlash?

    I really enjoyed the “tour”, complete with her Alibi of Wine STILL sitting there to remind us all that Deborah don’t know nuthin’.

    Seriously, ONE Jose Baez was bad enough, we are now seeing what it’s like to have 2 or 3 in the mix, simultaneously.

  68. Nan11~~thanks for posting those links. This is a baffling case but aren’t they all? Strange how she left the wine box on the kitchen counter. I believe that Deborah was a good housekeeper and took their care of the children when she was sober. I am still confused about the man seen running around with a baby only in a diaper. Why would he want to be right in the open, especially by a well lit gas station?

    I agree with kas about leaving that wine box out. Deborah only admitted to drinking after LE found the receipt. Will they ever find Lisa’s body? Thank God, we havent’t heard of a phantom nannie and the Irwin’s didn’t have a swimming pool.

  69. nan11 says:

    Snoops: I am thinking that ‘wine box scene’ might have been ‘a little bit’ staged by Deborah’s attorney(s). 😉

    I would guess that LE has confiscated the original wine box.

    The emergence of that gas station video is so strange. Honestly, I think PI Stanton dug that up, and probably tipped the media of it’s existence. Still it does exist, but it doesn’t really show anything. I can’t tell if that man is carrying a baby or not.

    No wonder LE won’t comment on it. They have a 10-month-old baby that disappeared from her home. Whether we like it or not, the baby’s mother was most likely in a black-out state. I’m sorry to say this, but people don’t know what they are doing when they enter this state. Deborah thinks she was sleeping, but she may not have been. There are lots of people in jail that have committed terrible crimes while they were in an alcohol induced black-out. I’m not positive, but I don’t think this is a legal defense. If LE can find some serious evidence, she is going to need her high-powered attys.

    I wouldn’t expect the police to start chasing ‘ghosts’ before they can clear the parents. The fact is some people do walk around at night–in every town and city. The fact that a video surfaces of someone walking on a night a baby disappears is not as big a red-flag as Mommy being passed out from indulging in her favorite habit and leaving the lights blazing and the front door unlocked.

    IMO, the video is a red-herring set up by Deborah’s attorney(s). I wouldn’t say a jury wouldn’t buy it, however.

    And I would love for it to be real, and for someone to find Baby Lisa somewhere happy and healthy, and being well cared for.

  70. cali patti says:

    I no longer know what to think about baby Lisa. I hope the parents had nothing to do with there missing daughter. I beleive the 3 ppl who have come forward about about the walking man and baby simply because there are 3 sightings. One person, maybe not. Do those sightings clear the parents, not completely. So, I don’t have an opinion. LE needs to be looking elsewhere, the parents are not going anywhere. Their home has been turned over to LE. So look elsewhere and come back to the parents at a later time if needed.

  71. cali patti says:

    OMG the typos………….I thought I had been doing much better. Why do typos bother us/me so much Snoop? At my age why do I have the ability to accept and enjoy my other character flaws but MY typos still bother me?

  72. Snoops acording to Jeremy he has not taken a lie detector test,,,He said he offered to take one an that L E said its not nessesery ?Who knows if this statement is true I wondered if the night he reached BOILING POINT…His expression ….An they stormed out of the Police Station an L E reported that they had ceased to coperate with them.If he was angry because they wanted him to take a polygraph ?an he was tellling them it wasnt nessesery as he was at work.Just seems strange they would test one parent whom failed missribley ..An not bother to test the other..We only have Debs word that she only failed on one question.For LE to confirm to reporters that she failed the test missrabley sounds like she fllunked more than one question.Thats the same wording they used about Misty Crosslin an she flunked every question bar her name an bithdate…Misty also went on TV shows an said she had passed with flying colours .Before L E set the record straight.

  73. Ecossie~~sometimes my comments don’t show up right away. It depends a lot on some much traffic there is on the blogs.

    I definitely would have given Jeremy a polygraph test had I been LE. Now they are lawyered up, that will never happen. I think Jeremy knows more than what he has told LE. JMO

  74. Newbie says:

    I wanted to thank Vicky for going by Baby Lisa’s house and giving us feedback. If I recall correctly, Dave did that a couple of times at our request, including filming. Look how deeply immersed he was after that. Beware Vicky……lol !!! You may want to think twice if we ask you to film.

  75. Vicky says:

    Hi Newbie- if I made a video, I would be clueless as to how to put it on Snoopy’s blog. So, I have to settle for the written descriptions. I do think we will probable take another field trip. But this time after dark. If someone disposed of Lisa’s remains, there are so many “options” that without some type of concrete lead, it would be impossible to cover them all! The neighborhood is a very short distance from so many wooded areas, highways, the river, caves, industrial areas, amusement park, etc. If little Lisa is dead, someone will have to “crack” before her remains are found. Then again, it is hunting season, so perhaps someone could accidentally find her.
    I’m hoping that if the family is involved, one of them will finally break down and tell the truth. If Lisa was taken, I pray that someone will notice that a childless family member, is suddenly the proud parent of a one year old. However, I am losing hope that such is the case. With all the media attention, onenwould think someone would notice a new child in the family. Then again, one would think someone would have reacted to a man in a t-shirt carrying a child wearing only a diaper in 50 degree weather. Way too much not my problem in our society these days.

  76. Vicky ~ ~maybe you should get yourself a press badge if you and Jo plan on scouting out the Irwin residence. You may get hauled over by the PD. The headlines will read….”Two women were seen in the vicinity of ….blab blab blab…. The older woman was casing out the place and possibly returning to the scene of the crime….blab blab blab…

  77. Vicky says:

    LOL Snoopy, fortunately, my friend lives about a mile away, so I could claim to be on my way to her house (the long route). That or I’d claim to be a psychic. 🙂
    I do want to see just how dark it is in that particular area at night. My friend’s neighborhood is a dark as a cow’s belly after dark. The apartment complex, where the dumpster is located looks like it is well lighted. Just outside of the neighborhood, there are many street lights. If I was a great slooth like you, I would go in the middle of the night to see how much traffic there is in the area. Then again, I might definitely end up on the receiving end of a traffic stop. I’d just direct them to your blog. 🙂

  78. Newbie says:

    In my younger days I would have grabbed a cover of some type and ran out to give it to the man with the baby never thinking about wrong doing by the man. Now, I would call the police immediately. How naive I once was !
    I wish there would be some kind of break in the case. Praying hard for this child to be alive.

  79. Newbie says:

    Oh, I didn’t refresh and just about missed you girls’ exchange. Can’t you see Vicky and friend lurking around and being questioned by LE ….lol.

  80. Karen C. says:

    As I was coming home from work I was just now listening to the Dr. Drew show and he described Deborah Bradley as “a suspect in a murder case”… anything happened I missed somehow? Or did he misspeak himself- he’s usually so careful in his word choices.

  81. Newbie says:

    Karen, I’ve not heard anything new. I think Dr. Drew may have over stepped a tad. One of Fox local newsman did go to the location of where the man was shown coming out of the woods….taped on a BP gas station camera. The newsman went into the woods at that point only to find himself in someones back yard.

  82. Newbie~ ~ maybe that man was taking a short cut through his backyard. Everyone is going to look suspicious. Deborah is the only one that said she was a suspect that I know of.

  83. Karen C. says:

    So she said she couldn’t talk to local reporters “because we are grieving.” Huh, Wha?

  84. kas says:

    Ah crap, if that was some guy sneaking out of his lady-friend with a husbands’ back yard, we are NEVER going to hear from him.

  85. Police Need Separate Interviews with Lisa’s Parents…

    Investigators want the parents of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwinto submit to separate interviews and answer a list of “tough questions” that detectives “need answered.”

    Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young made his statement as the investigation into the toddler’s disapperance entered its fourth week without any suspects or leads to the girl’s whereabouts.

    The focus of the investigation remains on the parents, Deborah Bradley, 25, and Jeremy Irwin, 29.

    “We need them to sit down apart from each other, with detectives, and answer the tough questions detectives have for them concerning what they may or may not know about anything, who came and went [the night Lisa disappeared],” Young told “There’s a whole list of things that they may know.”

    Read more here….

  86. margaret says:

    Snoops do I need to sign in each time now? Last post did not go through. Thanks.

  87. Margaret~~I checked in my spam and your comment didn’t get hung up in there. Nothing has changed and you should be able to comment without any problems. Maybe it was just a wordpress glitch.

  88. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Here is a link from today’s ABC’s morning show on Baby Lisa. Law Enforcement has obtained the right to interview the two little boys, (and it looks like there are some discrepancies developing in the ‘stories’ of the stange man seen carrying a baby that night.)

    Baby Lisa: Why the Parents Won’t Talk
    Sub-Heading: ABC News Video ~ Dan Abrams explains the conditions on which Lisa Irwin’s parents will cooperate.
    02:23 | 10/26/2011

    This is a good article, also–just posted last night.
    The Kansas City Star ~ Legal dance with police in Lisa Irwin case is part of the system
    As a general rule, police do not interview children who are witnesses. Instead, they refer them to a child protection center, where social workers talk to the children. Police are not allowed in the room.

    In the Irwin case, social workers talked to one boy for 30 minutes and the other boy for 50 minutes the day Lisa vanished. Police have not been able to send the boys back to the center.
    End of Quote

  89. Redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Snoop & Everyone,

    I fear another unhappy ending here, if indeed there is one. I’m praying someone did abduct this baby, but have my serious doubts.

    Deborah’s story keeps changing. A four hour decprepancy of when she first/ last saw little Lisa? If she did indeed consume half of that 5 litre box of vino within that time frame with phantom neighbor Sammy, then she was in no condition to be caring and responsible for the three small children, and very likely in a black out and can’t remember what the hell happened. A good defense, either way.

    Something isn’t quite right with Jeremy. I keep going back to the question he answered (paraphrasing) when asked ‘who would take the baby?” His answer, “Someone who cheated on their hus….” He stopped himself from finishing that sentence. JI appears to be covering up an accident along with his wife, IMO.

  90. Redrelaxed says:

    Correction ~ JI’s sort a kind a common-law wife, as I understand DB is still married to her first husband.

  91. margaret says:

    Snoops , has D’s husband or his famly been checked out. Could it possibly be a revenge thing for taking her husbands son and living with another man. Could she possibly have some very disgruntled in-laws maybe playing payback. I’m just grasping at straws here.

  92. Red~~nice to see you again! I don’t know what to make of this whole case. Lisa’s tiny remains are rotting somewhere but the question is where? This is beginning to look like deja vu but this time we have a drunk instead of a nannie.

    Being drunk can change the charges from first degree murder to manslaughter. I do not, for one second, think Deborah harmed her child on purpose. I think it was accidental and then a cover up took place.

  93. Margaret~~I have no idea how long Deborah and her husband have been separated. I understand she was only 16 when she conceived her first child. I am assuming that she has been with Jeremy for a couple years at least . Jeremy is Lisa’s bio father. Why Deborah didn’t divorce her husband is a good question?

  94. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – Deborah was 16 when she married. She is now 25, so she had her son at 19. Her husband’s family has had nothing negative to say about her. As a matter of fact, they seem to be very fond of her. Both her husband and his family have claimed that they were separated before she met Jeremy. They say they haven’t divorced due to the cost of a divorce, although I think that is a lame excuse.
    I have made an observation about Jeremy I would like to put out there. He never makes eye contact and seems to have an inappropriate affect given the circumstances. He also stated that he cut off contact with LE, to keep from blowing up. I know this may sound crazy, but I was wondering if he might have Aspergers Syndrome. Although not always the case, many people with this disorder, do not make eye contact, they are socially incompetent, completely loose it if they feel someone isn’t following the rules, don’t express emotions in a manner that is expected by mainstream society, often choose careers that prevent them from having a lot of contact with people, require repetition or that are very technical in nature. Not that this would have anything to do with Lisa’s disappearance, it’s just that I have found his behavior to be quite strange given the circumstances.

  95. Vicky~~ I thought a girl got married at 16 only if she was preg, a gunshot wedding so to speak. So Jeremy has an 8 yr old and Deborah a 6 yrs old, correct? I found something very strange about Jeremy from the first time I watched him in the video. His voice was so low that I could not make out what he was saying. I do not have the expertise to diagnose him but there is definitely something amiss with that man.

  96. Vicky says:

    He is definitely an odd one and reminds me of some people I have worked with in the past.
    I believe Deborah was married not long after her mother passed away. It does not appear she had too many positive role models in her life. I honestly don’t think she fully comprehends the wrongness of getting waisted wile children are in your care. It is all she has ever known. I don’t get the impression she is the sharpest tack in the box, so I find it hard to fathom that she was capable of pulling off the disposal of Lisa’s remains. By the way, I have heard that the neighbor was the person who watched Lisa while Deborah went to the store. So, if that is the case, we know that Lisa was still around at 5:00 that afternoon.

  97. Karen C. says:

    Likely as a military wife of an active service member she and their boy (and so others in the household) are eligible for services they wouldn’t get otherwise and the “real” hubby doesn’t begrudge them that. This economy has created hybrid living arrangements of all kinds.

    Now I want to know about drug activity, if present.

  98. In the recent photo op the one with the kidnapped T Shirts Debs sister is holding a book..At first I assumed it was a Bible but then enlarged it..I thought mmmm I recognise that cover..So here is the book Debs sister seems to think is required reading

  99. Here are some “tweets” regarding canceled media event and home tour…

    “all Kansas City appointments for Thursday and Friday have been postponed”? including the boys’ LE interviews?
    4 minutes ago

    I know! What are they exhausted from if they’re not giving police interviews? You’d think that would be top of list
    5 minutes ago

    How many “rests” is that now they’ve all taken while this defenseless baby waits to be rescued from her alleged evil kidnapper?
    6 minutes ago

    See the full statement from the attorney for Lisa rwin’s family:
    9 minutes ago

    seriously need a rest that is all they have done. Wasting more time. Hello your daughters missing

  100. B T W The way the amount of money the Mc annns have made since the dissapearance of Maddie is pheononimal .Theve authoured books untold magazines an media interveiws.Plus a Foundation thats raised millions,They even had a private audience with the Pope,,,So maybe it is a sort of Bible to parents whos Children mysteriously disapear,,,,,,

  101. Those tweets above are regards the Parents of Lisa aperentlly backtracking on interveiws ect an possably the agreed up on interveiw there Boys were to give,,,Not clear at the momment…………

  102. Karen C. says:

    Great work, ecossie! What really bothers me also is the “kidnapped” tee shirts- I can’t help but think they do “protest too much”! “Kidnapped” appears to be the biggest word on that, easily legible on TV, way more than anything else on the image. Why can’t that say instead “Help find me!” Or, “Missing Endangered Child!” This was clearly designed by some @&$* defense attorney or other…

  103. Ecossie ~~ thanks for all the great info! It looks like Deborah and Irwin’s attorneys are calling the shots. They certainly do not want those two young boys interviewed. Did LE give up searching for the body of Lisa?

  104. Vicky says:

    News updat on KC Fox – Police are searching behind the Target at I-35 and choteu.

  105. Vicky says:

    They are supposed to update as news comes in. So, in answer to your question, Snoopy, yes they are still searching as tips come in.

  106. Vicky says:

    According to KCPD they did not receive a tip to search this particular area. There is a small lake behind that Target and it is near the home, so they are just covering all the bases. It doesn’t sound as though they have found anything.

  107. Vicky says:

    Also, it is right by the festival foods Deborah was shopping at on October 3rd.

  108. Vicky says:

    That park is right by where my friend lives. I just got off the phone with her. She says the area was swarming with LE and fire and rescued for awhile, but they have now pretty much left the area. She doesn’t think they found anything, but they did question people who live in the homes in the immediate area. She lives a block over, but walked down the street to take a look.

  109. Vicky~ ~thank you, thank you. Keep the information coming in . If you get a chance, post some links to any info you come across. Tell your friend that we appreciate her help. We must keep this case in the news so it wont go cold and Lisa joins the long list of unsolved missing children.

  110. Kansas City Police Search Pond for Missing Baby Lisa Irwin-Video

    KCPD Plans to Re-Interview Missing Baby’s Brothers-Video

    KC PD want to interview Deborah and Jeremy separately but they insist that they be together when the interview takes place.

  111. Vicky says:

    Sorry snoopy, I was on my lunch break earlier. Nothing new to report. I think KCPD is just covering all the bases. All is quiet in that area now. Jo and I are going to KC again this weekend. We’ll drive by the area after dark and I’ll let you know how dark all of the relevant areas are at night. If you haven’t watched video of the area searched today, you should. This area of the country is beautiful in the fall. The park they are searching is really nice.

  112. nan11 says:

    Snoops: A couple of interesting things on Baby Lisa:

    The Kansas City Star ~ Interviews of Baby Lisa’s brothers on hold as Irwin lawyer is apparently fired
    Kansas City attorney Cyndy Short said she had heard reports that New York lawyer Joe Tacopina had fired her from the case.
    “He’s not in a position to fire anyone,” Short told The Star. “I work for the client, not him.”
    End of Quote

    And this one–watch the video at about 1:35 minutes in–a strange development about the ‘missing cell phones’. A woman says someone called her from one of those cell phones that night. She didn’t answer and says she doesn’t know Baby Lisa or her parents.
    KMBC (Write-up and Video) ~ Report: KC Attorney Forced Off Baby Lisa Case
    Sub-Heading: Interviews With Lisa’s Siblings Also Canceled
    POSTED: 7:04 am CDT October 28, 2011 | UPDATED: 7:32 am CDT October 28, 2011

  113. kas says:

    ….And because this can’t get weirder: I was reading the comments at TheHinkyMeter this morning and one of the regular commenters swears the woman saying LE interviewed her about Deborahs’ phone having called her (she of the BRIGHT PINK hair), was interviewed by local news in the early days of the investigation. She was hanging around the area and (naturally) they picked her out to comment on the possibility of there being a kidnapper in the area among them.

  114. Here we go again folks, another three ring circus. The main event now is a slug fest between Tacopina and Short. Unless Deborah and Jeremy chose Joe for their lead attorney, they decide who stays and who gets fired. Of course the wealthy benefactor who is financing all this will have a say in it. Then we have Flamingo Hair wanting her mug before the cameras, dudes carrying babies down the street…

    Vicky and Jo, for goodness sake gets your buns down to Kansas City and straighten this mess out. We seemed to have replaced Caylee with Baby Lisa. Dear God, what next?

  115. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Me thinks Tacopina won. KMBC reports briefly. The following is a good link–you can often watch the searches live (if they are allowed to put up their hellicopter.) I keep it bookmarked.
    KMBC ~ Live Wire: Search Continues For Missing 11-Month Old
    by Karen Yancey/Staff 1:59 PM
    The McCallister Law Firm just sent this news release: “Cyndy Short, Esq. has confirmed she is no longer working with the family of Lisa Irwin as their legal counsel.”
    End of Quote

    I am not linking the following for it’s ‘facts’; but, rather, for it’s passion. It seems that every time Deborah and Jeremy have an interview or anything with the local press, they cancel for one reason or another. This ‘refusal’ on their part to speak to local media seems to have really caused some ‘hard’ feelings. jmho
    Alonzo-Crimesolver’s Blog ~ You’re fired!!!/Baby Lisa Case!
    Anyway, the local lawyer is just a little too camera hungry for the national networks. Plus, she allowed the mother to say a few things to the local press in passing.
    End of Quote

  116. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Me again. The video at the following link is interesting. It confrims your point above about who stays and who goes–and who has the say so. There has been no ‘official release’ apparently–they just seem to know she is off the case.
    NBC Action News (Write-up and Video) ~ Local attorney representing parents off Lisa Irwin case
    Posted: 8:38 AM | Last Updated: 1 hour and 24 minutes ago
    By: Aaron Heintzelman

  117. I wondered at the begining when wild bill P I came on board an said he was hired by someone whom had a link to the family..Now that doesnt mean they are related but just linked in some way..So the wheels in my brain start turning who could possably have a link to a missing child by a fictitious kidnapper..An i came up with the Anthonys? I dissmissed the though as they dont do anything anonoumously..But speaking of the anthill mob why arent they out on that river in the SS CAYLEE with all its high tech sonar equipment searching for Lisa?

  118. Karen C. says:

    See, now Joey Taco et al can blame the local yokel for messing things up- that’s why the boys can’t talk to LE! All HER fault! Buys them the weekend anyway, to get things straight with the kids…
    What a cynic I’ve become! Sigh…

  119. Ecossie~ ~ I would like to know why Dennis Milstead didn’t take that $30,000 Extreme boat to Kansas City. That boat belongs to Kidfinder’s Network and is not the property of George Anghony although it was named the SS Caylee Marie. George was going to devote his time in helping to find missing children…ya right. Dr Phil made the lives of Geo and Cindy quite comfortable, financially, so they need not get off their butts only for vacations and shopping sprees. Did the Caylee Fund foundation materialize… ha ha ha ?

    I would like to see LE have an interview with Jeremy without Deborah hanging on to him. If LE can force Jeremy to look up and make eye contact with them, he may fess up on what he really found when he arrived home from his work shift. Of course we know that Joe Tacopina will put the kabosh on that. Oh man, this is all deja vu all over again. A little child’s body is somewhere decomposing.

  120. Vinnie P’s program on CNN Prime is all devoted to Baby Lisa tonight. Flamingo hair was on there talking about getting that cell phone call.

  121. I have assigned the name, Flamingo, to the bright pink haired one. She has come forward to say that she rec’d a call from one of those stolen cell phones. I wonder if it was around 2:30am. Now Deborah said that no calls could be made out on those phones because of an unpaid phone bill. The phone company could certainly verify this. I expect LE has that information. Now I am wondering if Flamingo got in touch with LE knowing full well they would be contacting her, if her phone number showed up on the Irwin’s phone account. Maybe Flamingo just wanted to show us her hairdo.

  122. Sherry says:

    Snoopy sez:
    Now Deborah said that no calls could be made out on those phones because of an unpaid phone bill.

    Then how is it that that night Jeremy was looking for the phones to call 911 on if there can be no outgoing calls? Is there a provision for 911 that they happened to know about?

  123. Sherry~~even if your cell phone is not activated, as long as it is charged up, you can dial 911. That is how it is here in Nova Scotia and I expect elsewhere.

  124. Sherry~~one other thing, Deborah said that she had the 3 cell phones on her kitchen counter as was in the process of reprogramming them. She must have been planning to pay her bill. I also thought that Jeremy had a work cell phone.

  125. Sherry says:

    Thanks, Snoopy. You are right. This case is getting to be like another circus. 😦
    Everytime I get a comments update I hope it will be news that baby Lisa has been found. And I hope that her parents have nothing to do with th it. It doesn’t look promising for either of my hopes.

  126. Sherry~~in that other case, we had a pathological liar and in this case, we have a woman who was drunk out of her tree trying to put the pieces together. Little Lisa had a cold and I wonder if she was given any medication for it. If the baby started to cough and choke from a buildup of phlegm, the boys would have to try and take care of her. Deborah said she took anxiety medication and along with that wine, she would have gone into some deep sleep. I am surprised we haven’t heard of a child neglect charge in the making. Make that children, all the children left in Deborah’s care were minors.

  127. Sherry says:


    I, too, wonder why there’s no child neglect charges against Deborah. I sure hope the boys will be interviewed by the investigators soon.

  128. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Look who is back! Apparently he stayed just long enough to whisk the family of four away. So, they all go on a little excursion and their baby is where? Oh, that’s right–I should read the t-shirts: she was “kidnapped”. 😦
    Private Investigator Returns, Baby Lisa’s Family Leaves
    UPDATED: 10:43 pm CDT October 28, 2011
    Moments after private investigator Bill Stanton returned to Kansas City to see the family of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, the family left a relative’s home in a convoy of vehicles with Stanton.
    End of Quote

    FYI: Yep, Jeremy had his ‘work’ cell phone in his pocket that night and I’m quite sure it’s been confirmed that the 911 call came from that phone. I guess it took him a few minutes to remember it was in his pocket! IIRC, I also heard that law enforcement had found a ‘fourth’ phone in a drawer when they executed one of the search warrants. (That would be 5 altogether–3 on counter top and stolen at the same time as their baby; one in drawer–no info on whether working or not; and one ‘work phone’ in Mr. Irwin’s pocket.)

  129. Karen C. says:

    A “convoy”. Next it’ll be a tour bus, with “Find our kidnapped baby!” on it and donations being solicited, a la “Kid Finders”.

    All working cellphones can dial out to 911 regardless of bill status in US. Imagine the damages rewarded in a wrongful death suit against say, AT&T, otherwise!

  130. Karen C. says:

    I’m really afraid that the Babykilling Skank case has provided a virtual template on how to kill your kid and get away with it. I am so disturbed by the removal of “roll of tape and tape dispenser” from the house by LE.

    At this point I’m just hoping she overdosed Lisa on Robitussin-DM and somehow (but HOW? WHERE?) disappeared the baby and that’s the worst of it. Either someone drove her and the dead baby, or Lisa is/was within walking distance of a drunken and clearly sedentary woman in the middle of a cold night. I’m just totally unable to square the lack of cooperation with LE regarding interviewing the boys and any kidnapping scenario now.

  131. Karen C. says:

    Or, here’s a thought, Mom is trying to protect the one boy….

  132. Yes EMERGANCY CALLS 911 or 999 U K are free an can always be called on cell phones credit or no activated or no ,As long as they are turned on..About my comment re the MC canns book .That is Jeremys sister not Debs sister holding the book in the kiddnapped T Shirt photo op…Lisas aunt..An Debs Common Law Sister in Law or sumfink????????????????.

  133. Media….Moments after private investigator Bill Stanton returned to Kansas City to see the family of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, the family left a relative’s home in a convoy of vehicles with Stanton.
    End of Quote………………Lisa was ten months old when she was reported missing/kidnapped/.????/,,,,,,Let us hope she is indeed now eleven months …..

  134. So what are they going to come up with that the young boy accidentally killed Lisa while he was trying to take care of her while Mom was drunk? The young boy must know something and they want his lips sealed. So where is Lisa’s remains? What is up with this Bill Stanton, the big bad ex cop from New York? I understand Tacopina is in Italy right now.

    Where is Padilla and Dennis Milstead from Kidfinders? They may as well bring in all the money hungry big guns. I wonder what the KC law enforcement has to say about Stanton waltzing the Irwin family off ….maybe to the Ritz for some crab puffs?

  135. kas says:

    Nancy Grace said that they (LE) could get a Grand Jury to Sup. the boys to testify. If that’s true, they need to do that, pronto. If they are being told what to say, I really fear the continued stalling is due to the boys not being able to stay “on script”, as to whatever the latest story is. Considering how Deborahs’ story changed, as well as Jeremys, and considering the boys already have given an initial account to Police, I’d be very interested to see if what, if anything changes.

    Cyndy, right before her firing, all but came out and said the boys speaking to Police would be harmful to her clients. She didn’t specify who all she considered to be clientele, but I thought it was only Deborah and Jeremy.

  136. I guess this is going to sound like a wild theory but… When Deborah gave her first interview, she was hysterical and no doubt sporting a pretty good hangover. Her emotions seemed to indicate that she knew Baby Lisa was dead. Jeremy appeared to display a combination of shock, nervousness, with a bit of anger thrown in. When Jeremy spoke during the interview, Deborah was listening intently. It almost reminded me of Cindy A when George got a rare opportunity to get his two cents worth in. Remember how Cindy used to always be touching Geo’ s hand or knee as if she was prompting him.

    LE wants to interview Deborah and Jeremy separately. I think Jeremy holds the key as to what happened that fateful night. I also think the young boy witnessed something as well. Lisa’s death was not intentional but was due to Deborah’s neglect as she was drunk out of her gourd. When Jeremy arrived home, he took care of the remains. Deborah is probably blaming the son for Lisa’s death. No doubt Jeremy believes Deborah….he appears to be follower not a leader.

    Bill Stanton seems to have a leash around Deborah and Jeremy’s necks and is leading them in the direction that Tacopina wants them to take. I suggest Kansas City PD get moving fast and charge Deborah with Child Neglect and/or Child Endangerment. They have enough evidence, Deborah’s own mouth and her trying to cover up her drinking, to make those charges stick.

    It is too late now, but I would also have torn the plumming apart in the Irwin household. As far as seeing a man carrying a baby clad only in a diaper and Flamingo getting a call from one of the stolen cell phones, that is a lot of BS. The man probably was some lunatic with a fetish for dolls.

    The screen shoved in on the window in the computer room and the missing cell phones…all staged. It reminds us of the Haleigh Cumming’s case and the door propped open with the cinder block. JMO

  137. I think it was the computer room with the tampered screen not Lisas room I I R C……Could be mistaken though wouldnt be the first time……………..

  138. Ecossie~~yes, you are right, Matey. It was the computer room window screen that was tampered with, Thanks for correctling that for me.

  139. A woman called Tina Porter whos own children were missing for years murdered by her husband she eventually found out..Turned up where Deb an Jeremy where staying on Friday to talk to the parents of Lisa,,Thet refused to speak to her an called the police on her?Momments later P I Bill Stanton turned up an whisked the Family away to hide at a secret location?,0,1143697.story#tugs_story_display

  140. margaret says:

    IMO, Bill Stanton does not want them talking to anyone but him. He has his eye on the reward money. I say this because on JVM Issues one night this past week, he was running his mouth and she was trying to get him to shut up for a break, hewas talking really fast and before he was cut off he said ” i’m only interested in the reward money”… I think he thought about what he said because later he said that he wanted SOMEONE to find the Baby and collect the reward..Jeremy reminds me of Josh Powell. I want to shake them and remind them that the Baby has a name, not she or her as they call Lisa now. I hope and pray that Baby Lisa is alive , but things are so strange that i’m losing hope. They need to put the lawyer and Bill Stanton on hold and co-operate with the police every way they can. IMO

  141. Former lawyer for Lisa Irwin’s family to speak

    Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Damaging Details Emerge Despite Damage Control

    Excerpts from the above article….

    Jeremy Irwin’s sister Ashley Irwin, who said on Facebook she is a third year law student, has been coordinating some of the search activities and also, apparently, running damage control.

    There was a phone call made from one of the missing cellphones in the early morning hours of Oct. 4. Judge Pirro said the police confirmed this to her. The recipient of the call was the message box of someone named Megan Wright. Police have talked to Wright but haven’t released details of what, if anything, they learned. This new revelation by Judge Pirro is consistent with Bradley’s statements about early police interviews in which she said they had ping data from one of the phones. Was Ashley Irwin misinformed, or attempting serious damage control when she claimed that the 2:30 a.m. phone call was a rumor and could not possibly have happened?

    “Jeremy was at home with the children while Debbie & her brother went to the store.

    So the neighbor was not baby sitting when Deborah went shopping for the box of wine???

    Read more here…

  142. kas says:

    Well, the whole “phone call at 2:30a.m.” pretty much confirms that Deborahs’ “the phones couldn’t make outgoing calls”, is a big fat lie. Kinda like, “the dogs didn’t bark”. How would you know? You were “sleeping”.

    I’ve seen several people in comment sections say they’ve gone to Ashley’s Facebook Page, which she set up to supposedly “clear up any rumors” that might be out there. They all stress that they were very polite in the manner that they asked her questions—and she blocked them. Ashley was the one swearing up and down a week and a half ago that the Cops were coming for Deborah any second.

    I think Ashley is right behind her SIL in the Full Of It Department.

  143. Well it looks like we are once again seeing delays, delays, delays… The more time passes, if Baby Lisa’s remains are ever found, they will be so decomposed it will be like Caylee. They will not be able to find a cause of death. Interesting that LE took a roll of tape and dispenser from the Irwin home when they searched it the last time.

  144. kas ~~I wonder if Ashley Irwin posted her credentials on Facebook. Third year law student huh?

  145. Ashley Irwins Face Book page set up to find Lisa……?

  146. Ecossie~~thanks, Matey! I did a quick glance and will check it out in more depth later.

  147. kas says:

    Mainstreamfair: “….has been coordinating some of the search activities”– THAT caught my eye. What has Ashley done besides “coordinate” Cindy Anthony style attacks on LE that’s trying to find the baby and go on as many TV shows as possible (also a Cindy specialty). The Law Student thing surprised me too, but after Jose I’m willing to buy anyone as a Lawyer.

    Ecossie: Ask her if she enjoyed her book about Madeline.

  148. kas ~~the Baby Lisa case is beginning to be a copycat of the Anthony case. Let see how long it will be before Ashley starts a foundation just as Cindy did. Joe Tacopina even sounds like Baez.

  149. Karen C. says:

    Dang, you are so right, Snoopy- Joey Taco just like Baez but way better (and not as mumbley) with a mic. Except, now he tells us that both boys were in the Master bed with Deborah. How big was this thing? I haven’t seen a clip of it yet (I’m sure there is one out there…), but imagine her, TWO boys now, AND the kitten- and Lisa too, possibly (?) all crammed up on it. Unless of course he misspoke himself and/or forgot that the one boy is “supposed” to be in the other bedroom….hmmmm.

  150. Megan Wright said that she rec’d a phone call from Deborah’s cell phone. Megan is the woman who I nicknamed Flamingo for her rose colored hair. Apparently there are around 8 people who live at the house with Megan so she doesn’t know who took the call. It has been learned that Megan dated the ‘handyman’, Jersey. Another thing is that Deborah had Megan’s cell number written on her hand the nite Lisa went missing. I just learned this info on HLN from Mike G.

    A reporter went to Megan’s house but she wouldn’t let him in so she came outside and spoke to him. Apparently there are some ‘seedy’ people who live in this house. Megan said they all share the one cell phone. It has been said that Jersey has been ruled out but he was seen around the Irwin neighborhood around the time Lisa went missing.

    Here is a link re that mysterious phone call…

  151. It sounds as though Tacopina wanted a local co-counsel who would basically be on call if needed, certainly not a highly competent lawyer who actually wanted to get the case resolved. If so, Short was definitely the wrong co-counsel for “Hollywood Joe.” She works her cases hard. In the 10 days she was involved in the Irwin case, she organized a team of 17 volunteers to participate in community efforts to find Lisa and to support the family.

    Read more here….

    Wrong lawyer is representing baby Lisa Irwin’s parents

  152. Baby Lisa’s parents are keeping a low profile. Here is a video from abc news. Bill Stanton is telling LE where they should be searching and why.

  153. A thought just crossed my mind…. I wonder if Deborah was having a little fling with the handyman and called him at Megan Wright’s cell number around 8:30pm.

  154. Sherry says:

    I think you have something there, Snoopy.

  155. nan11 says:

    Snoops: So Deborah had Megan’s, aka Flamingo’s, cell phone number written on her hand the night Lisa went missing?

    I don’t know why but that surprises me. I always wondered if Deborah was ‘sleeping it off’ in her own bed (alone); or ‘buzzing around the neighbourhood’ in a blackout state (maybe not alone.)

    Perhaps she slipped out after she thought the children were all asleep? No wonder she didn’t seem to mind admitting how much she had to drink–I thought she seemed rather proud of it.

    Maybe she was proud of it–proud of her nice ‘blackout’ alibi she was able to ‘create’.

    I’m a little bit behind on this thread, but I wonder what happened to the ‘neighbour’ that she supposedly sat on the stoop talking and drinking with until 10:30 p.m.?

    Facts are starting to come loose, though. Kudos to law enforcement and all their effort.

    Prayers for Baby Lisa. I hope they find her.

  156. Karen C. says:

    Here’s a thought. How do we even know D was blotto that night? SHE came up with the 5 glasses of wine (approx.)- what did the friendly Drinkin’ Buddy Neighbor have to say, I wonder? Short does her walk-thru, there’s the Franzia box, emptied out, she surmises that LE took rest from the bag to measure out what wasn’t drunk. BUT, it’s right by the sink- what if D had poured down the rest, to make it look like she was truly, stinking intoxicated- but maybe she wasn’t that bad off at all. Better to cop to “having too much” than some other things. Even if she did have 5 glasses of wine that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was completely wasted either.

  157. Karen C~~shoot me when your cold sober and get charged with murder one. Do it when you are drunk and you end up being charged with manslaughter.

    Lisa’s brothers went out trick and treating. They are still keeping the whereabouts of the Irwins a secret. Here is the latest video form abc news…

  158. Karen C. says:

    You know what, those boys could’ve gone out trick-or-treating, had a great time, been NORMAL for a wee bit, and not have had ABC tv cameras on them at any time! Who’s the “benefactor” behind Joey Taco, Stanton et al? Barbara Walters?

  159. Karen C~~I wonder if ABC is the wealthy financial backer??

  160. kas says:

    Karen C. : Also remember the big show Deborah’s (former) Lawyer put on in an attempt to gain pity for poor Deborah by showing the empty Box O’ Wine “that they clearly drained”. Wouldn’t that be IN EVIDENCE if LE thought it had truly played a “role” in what transpired? But Cyndy would have you and I believe that LE drained the wine from the box and left the box it came out of to be discarded.

  161. Karen C. says:

    Remember the question the local reporter threw at D the other day, as she walked to the door? “Are you being paid not to talk to the local press?” I think it was. How many times has Joey Taco been on GMA etc. already??? That’s a very healthy chunk of time to devote to only one network!

  162. Karen C. says:

    As a matter of fact, let’s try an experiment, shall we? Just type in “Joe Tacopino on ABC” on Google, and step back! A relationship of long standing.

    And probably why she could land such a high-powered lawyer to “work” on this (and I use quotes here because I’m not at all certain he’s as yet that familiar with the known facts thus far). The payoff comes later, indirectly and in a mutually beneficial fashion.

  163. Karen C~ ~ I am beginning to think that some high profile lawyers do not work for their clients, they use them to further their own interests. Of course, the wealthy financial backer gets his percentage. I expect Jeremy will retire early and both he and Deborah will get tattoos. Isn’t this how it works? Baby Lisa will just end up being a pawn like Caylee.

  164. D B Brother Lisas Uncle met an talked with L E for a couple of hours today or yesterday ,,


  166. Ecossie~~what was it Cheney Mason said? Make the case into one big circus and no one will ever figure it out.

    Phil Netz, Deborah Bradley’s brother was taken down to headquarters today and questioned for a couple of hours. He went voluntarily and was returned home by KC police.

    Now we have Joe ( Hollywood Joe) Tacopina hiring another local lawyer, possibly one he can use as a gopher and a ‘yes man.’ After listening to Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace tonight, this case is getting stranger by the minute.

  167. Here is the website of the attorney, John Picerno, that Joe Tacopina hired to work with him for Deborah and Jeremy. No doubt he is being paid by that wealthy benefactor and will end up being a household name.

  168. Apparently the flames in the dumpster fire were shooting up quite high. Plastic cell phones can create quite a blaze besides black smoke. Just a thought.

  169. An the 50 sec phone call to pink hairs phone was at 8 30 pm mid evening not the wee small hours as was reported…What if DB phoned someone at pink hairs house for drugs .Maybe Jersey gave her the number weitten on her hand?She wants some sleepers valium ect to put Lisa to sleep to enjoy her adult time…Maybe brother collects drugs or they are delivered.D B gives to much an O Ds. Lisa an then panics.Then she plays the blame game card threatens others with complicity unless they help cover up?I think that LE are way on top of this an expect arrests very soon. Still hope its a big hoax / scam an Lisas alive.Although dont think players in this case have the brains for that…

  170. Now being reported that DB Brother Lisas uncle was also in the home the night she vanished?…. This is what the article states:

    An uncle of missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin voluntarily met with police for about two hours today. He’s the brother of the baby’s mother, Debbie Bradley.

    He was with Bradley October third, the night her baby disappeared and said the mom had drank enough that night to pass out drunk, as she maintains. The family believe a kidnapper snatched the baby from her crib while the dad was working, the uncle was sleeping and the mom was passed out.,0,6422838.story …………..First time Ive heard this ?

  171. Karen C. says:

    Ecossie- I’ve been wondering about the possibility of illicit drug use for many days now (ever since “Jersey” started getting referenced- my Hubby knows a lot of “Jersey”s and it really is the same old song-and-dance with those guys). A lot of them are not just harmless drunks/druggies who only need a little help. Now I’m listening to tonight’s JVM after work, and reading your comments, and Man-Oh- Manschewitz!

    I’m still hoping (against hope) that D is not guilty of much that’s too horrible, but bad judgement and maybe accidental manslaughter of some kind. Or maybe a scam, as you suggest. Perhaps “Jersey” was the one who did indeed break in (he doesn’t seem to honor boundaries much), took the cell phones, called Flamingo (but that early? Isn’t D still chugging?), then looking around sees the baby, and…. Sigh.

    There can’t possibly be two diff. guys in tee shirts walking around with naked babies in the middle of the night over there, either. One of the accounts must be somewhat mistaken.

  172. Ecossie~~how in the world does anyone know what Deborah’s brother told LE? I thought they were playing their cards close to their chest.

  173. Karen C. says:

    Well, if he’s the brother seen in the video (and underage) that makes sense. Or he’s helping her alibi. STILL- yes, absolutely, this IS the first any of us have heard this. It’s getting to be like “Rashomon”, this case.

  174. I noticed that Jersey has his head shaved and did a good job hiding his face when the cameras were on him. Maybe he was in the house when Deborah passed out and took off with the baby to swap for more drugs. There was never ever any mention of Deborah’s brother being in the house the nite Lisa went missing. Surely we would have learned that before now.

  175. Karen C~~we have another Anthony case. LE did take a roll of tape and a dispenser out of the Irwin house. The stories are changing faster than I can blink. Instead of a nanny, we have a friggen handyman.

  176. Karen C. says:

    That roll of tape and dispenser haunt me, truly. I keep going back to that.
    ‘Night All.

  177. Snoops in the clips we saw it apeared as if Jersey was hideing his face.Yet a reporter at the court stated Jersey was mugging for the cameras…To me tHAT MEANS HAMMING IT UP AN PULLLING FACES HAND GESTURES ECT.Perhaps they could only use those clips as he was being such an arse?

  178. The more I hear Flamingo aka flaming pink hair, the more I find she seems to be trying very hard to point fingers at Jersey. She doesn’t strike me as the type to be an upstanding citizen of the community. She does, however, come across as someone who may be mixed up in a shady deal that backfired. Ms Wright knew darn well that LE would be knocking on her door once they found out a call had been made to her phone from the Irwin’s cell. So that 50 second call was deleted and we only have Wright’s word for what was said on that call. She does not know who took the call and there are eight living at the flop house where she resides. I do not believe that Wright’s cell number was written on Deborah’s hand unless Jersey wrote it there when Deb was passed out.

    Why would someone steal a baby? Money, plain and simple. When you can’t exchange the baby for money, then you get rid of it. I am beginning to think the dumpster may be the answer where baby Lisa and those cell phones ended up. I think Jersey was trying to pin the blame on Flamingo and vice versa, scorned lovers? JMO

  179. Ecossie~~I read that too about Jersey mugging for the cameras. It was at one of the links you posted. I am beginning to think that both Jersey and Flamingo should be thoroughly investigated.

  180. Karen C. says:

    OK- here’s Flamingo’s FaceBook:

    “Juggalette” indicates she’s into Insane Clown Posse, and is that ever revealing.

  181. Karen C. says:

    Article on “Jersey”‘s break-in he’s in trouble for:

    These folks were out-of-town so he sets up in their house, very near Irwin domicile.

    It was a 50 second phone call- but at 8, 8:30, 2:30- when? I really hope we get a proper press conference with the law soon.

  182. Karen C. says:

    Tanko must have been “unfriended”.

  183. Karen C. says:

    And a piece and clip from the local Fox affiliate, on the cell phone:

  184. Karen C. says:

    Holy Smokes! Check out this article from the Kansas City Star!

    We now have the Drinkin’ Buddy’s name (who brought over her own kid to play- while she and D were drinking!), and the underage brother of D CRASHED AT THE IRWIN HOUSE that night too! WHAT! So, how big is this place again??? Oh, and the story/timeline/BS has all changed again! New sequence of events when Jeremy came home, etc., etc.

    The KCS is going to have to make a separate tab on their site for this case, methinks….

  185. Karen C. says:

    Wee correction from above, Drinkin’ Buddy was there a second time, (for the drinkin’ part) without her kid. This from the article above:

    “About 4:30 p.m., Bradley and her brother, Phillip Netz, left to go a neighborhood store to buy a box of wine and baby supplies. Irwin stayed with Lisa and her half-brothers, ages 8 and 5.

    About 5 p.m., Netz and Bradley returned from the store. Netz soon left. About 30 minutes later, Irwin headed to work at a Starbucks, but he did not expect the work to keep him away from home as long as it did.

    Samantha Brando, a next door neighbor in her 20s, came over to the Irwin house with her 4-year-old daughter. The daughter played with Lisa’s half-brothers.

    Bradley put Lisa in her crib about 6:40 p.m., while Brando headed to a store to purchase liquor for herself.

    Brando returned to the Irwin home about 7 p.m. and sat on the front stoop with Bradley. The two smoked cigarettes, talked and drank into the night.

    By 10:30 p.m., Bradley, who had consumed five to 10 glasses of wine, was intoxicated. She told Brando that she was going to bed. Brando left.

    The boys fell asleep in bed with Bradley. The door to Lisa’s bedroom already was closed to block out noise from the boys playing earlier.

    Read more:

    Both boys were in bed with D, like Joey Taco said. Remember that D said both boys heard “something”?

  186. Karen C. says:

    Link to KMBC interview with Flamingo. Turns out she was kidnapped down to Mexico as a small child by her Mom. Check out her teeth….

    I want to know where the Brother, Phillip, was sleeping in the house- did the boys clear out of their own bed so he could sleep there? If he was on the floor or the sofa in the main rrom, no way is this a break-in…

  187. 50 SEC call Snoops not 50 min call deleted..Also I think LE may have asked the media not to broadcast his face in case they still have possable witnessses they dont want contaminated?Although I know his mugshots were released so who knows…Cant have a circus without an insane clown posse………..

    Correction made, stupid error on my part, thanks, Matey~SS

  188. Karen C~~thanks for all the great information. All I can say is, “Good Grief!!” Will LE ever get this all figured out. Deborah should be charged with Child endangerment to begin with.

  189. Karen C. says:

    Some news accounts are now saying that Underage Bro left during earlier part of drunkfest, not staying overnight, but that seems to be from this unnamed source. In that account, Bro sees that D is stinking drunk though, so is this for real or helping to set up her alibi? We’ll just have to wait to see if he comes forward on his own or through an attorney (he might need one soon), or LE FINALLY gives us some real info to work with.

    The boys app. have a bunkbed in their room, and those are usually pretty short….

  190. Generally people don’t pick a Monday nite to have a drunken bash. Deborah purchased the wine plus paper plates and napkins so she must have been planning to have some cheese and crackers with the wine.

    Lisa had a cold and Deborah said she had a monitor in the baby’s bedroom. The door was closed to Lisa’s room. Little good the monitor would be if she was sitting out on the steps swilling down wine with the neighbor. This is where I feel that she should be charged with Child Endangerment or Child Neglect. Deborah doesn’t even remember locking the door. She doesn’t know if she blacked out. If she has parts of that evening that she cannot remember, then she was in a blackout state. What time of the day or night did Deborah take her anxiety medication, maybe she swilled the pills down with some wine while she puffed on a cigarette? What kind of cigarettes did they smoke, the weedy kind?

    I have a feeling that Jersey popped in for a glass of wine and made that call to Flamingo. Now the pink haired one is bringing up her past to gain some sympathy. Why?

    Here we have Jeremy out working overtime to try and get caught up with some of their bills and Deborah spending money on wine to have the ‘grown up’ time that she feels entitled to. What is wrong with this picture?

  191. kas says:

    The brother suddenly remembers he was smack-dab in the middle of ground zero. What do you want to bet he tries to take credit for the phone call, no matter what time it was made?

    This worked before: Get caught on camera buying Wine? “Admit” you were drunk that night and don’t remember anything. That way, the fact that you and your boyfriend can’t tell the same story twice doesn’t seem SO bad, ’cause you were “asleep”, as you so snottily informed Meghyn Kelly.

    What ISN’T wrong with this picture?? Remember Version #1, where Lisa went down at 6:30 because she was sick? If that were your child and you had the Press at your feet, wouldn’t you be begging whoever had her to be noting what type of cold she had and what she needed……….. Not a word from them.

  192. Sherry says:

    Interesting video about the dumpster and the route from the home to the dumpster to the gas station-alot of info in this~

  193. Karen C. says:

    Wow, Sherry, that really zooms things right in though, doesn’t it? I’ve really been trying to not focus on that dumpster, because of what it might mean.

  194. Sherry says:

    Flamingo said Jersey was a pyromaniac, too. To take in that dumpster must mean LE is close to solving this case.

  195. Jersey would have had access to gasoline if he was mowing the grass for those elderly neighbors.

    I think we should give another little listen to the following….

  196. Let’s assume that Jersey broke into the Irwin house, stole the cell phones and baby Lisa and took off towards the dumpster. He could easily burn the cell phones in the dumpster. ((The man on the motorcycle witnessed a man carrying a baby after the dumpster fire.)) The man caught on the survelliance video at the garage did not look like he was carrying anything. The man and woman, about 3 houses down from the Irwin’s saw the man carrying a child. I cannot seem to fit the man on the motorcycle in to this equation.

    Now we have to change our theory…. a call was made from the Irwin’s cell to Flamingo’s cell at around 8:30pm. Deborah was still up drinking with her neighbor at that time so Jersey would had to have been in the Irwin’s house. Did he see Deborah getting smashed and then returned when he figured she was passed out? Deborah probably told Jersey that hubby was working late.

    Or…Did Deborah invite Jersey to spend the night? Once Deborah was passed out, he stages a break in by pushing the screen in the window, grabs the cell phones and baby Lisa and heads off to get some gasoline and then off to the dumpster where he burns the child and the phones.

    I would like to see a background check be done on the man who drove the motorcycle. He is the one throwing this whole scenario off…???

    I also do not believe a dang thing that comes out of Flamingo’s mouth. She certainly is not going to admit knowing Deborah if by chance, Deborah made that call to her cell.

    Does anyone know if any wine was left in that box??

  197. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- When Cyndy Short did her taped walk-thru, there was the Franzia box, right at the sink. The plastic pouch bag inside was virtually empty, and she shows it to the camera while speculating that the cops must’ve taken whatever had been left to measure amount not drunk (obviously). She raises it up, so her prints are now on it, but the fact is LE did not take the box itself into evidence (a little late now!). A box like that holds about 20 glasses-worth; if D polished it off she’d be comatose. Even if she had shared some with Samantha (neighbor), before Samantha purchased her own, she’d still be borderline comatose! Samantha and Bro both app. state that D got heavily drunk (so just how long did he stay there anyway?), which fits in with 5-10 glasses-worth. LE has not let us in on how much they retrieved, so a number of things could’ve happened. If they did not retrieve any (and remember Samantha had her own), I imagine more than 1 or even 2 people were drinking from it too (maybe 3-4?)- and that’s really interesting.

  198. Vicky says:

    Good Morning Snoopy, With this case, the only thing we know for certain is that Lisa is nowhere to be found at this point in time. That and that her mother and uncle went to the store and purchased wine and a few other items around 5:00 on October 3rd. The rest is pretty much guess work. I have gone back and forth in my own mind, I have finally taken a wait and see attitude.
    I would like to address one issue that seems to keep surfacing on the Internet from my personal experience. There are those who can’t seem to get past the fact that Jeremy failed to call Deborah to let her know he would be the construction industry, unforeseen conditions occur on a regular basis. So much so that many employees view overtime as a given when projecting their annual income. I can’t think of many spouses who would come unglued if their significant other failed to call and tell them they would be late. Since it was a night shift, my guess is that Jeremy figured he would wake Deborah up had he called to update her. Deborah was admittedly passed out at his ETA, so she wasn’t even aware. I know this is a minor issue, but it has gotten on my nerves. If I had a dollar for every time my husband was late and didn’t call, I could pay cash for a new car. If he had called every time he was going to be late, I would have thought he was up to no good. 🙂 Seriously, I stopped expecting or wanting a call early on. I am not such a drama queen that I automatically think he is dead in a ditch if he is late and I don’t hear from him. I don’t think that makes me an uncaring person. It means I understand the nature of his career. As a matter of fact, when he is running late and does call, it usually means something serious has occurred on a job. Sorry for venting, but I felt the need to defend construction people and their spouses when it comes to “working overtime”.
    Now I’m off to work. Heaven forbid if I don’t get home when expected. 🙂

  199. Karen C. says:

    Here’s another thing- if the brother left the house at 5:30pm, as in one of these versions, how schnockered did she/could she get in a 30-odd minute period? Of course, he could’ve crashed there, as in another of these versions….

  200. Karen Ive known alchoholics drink a bottle of vodka in a couple of hours an apear stone cold sober.

  201. Karen C. says:

    I know, Ecossie. I had a boyfriend years ago who was that way- had me fooled completely with his actual compared to admitted intake. Seemed just fine, until right up to hitting his personal bottom. But this gal looks like the kind to pass right out, frankly, and what with 3 little kids I’d guess she was exhausted. Which is why I’m having a hard time imagining her being able to successfully dispose of her baby’s body all on her lonesome in a manner that has thus far fooled LE. If she had access to a car that would be different. But w/o that…
    I can see her passing out and whoever is still hanging around waltzing off with the baby.

  202. nan11 says:

    Vicky: I agree with everything you say. But, (oooh, I know these pesky buts can be annoying–so I’m ducking)–however, I was wondering if you had heard that it was Jeremy’s first ever night shift?

    You are still right, though–just because a person’s husband is late getting home one night, that is no reason to hit the panic button, (or for tons of speculation on the blogs.) (I might panic, but I do have a tendency towards being a drama queen; even though I try to control myself.) :mrgreen:

    Here is a link where it gives a little bit of info on this. I do apologize for it, because it is a sad one, but it was the only one I could find, right now. I do believe that I read somewhere that he is a ‘self-employed’ electrician and he thought (due to appraisal) that the ‘Starbucks’ job would only take a ‘couple’ of hours, but due to unforseen circumstances, it went on much longer. (I don’t have a link for that part [so it may not be exactly right], but I may be able to find one if you thought it would help.)

    MSNBC Video: Where’s Lisa
    It was the first time that Lisa’s father, Jeremy; an electrician, had ever worked an overnight shift, making repairs at this Kansas City ‘Starbucks’.
    End of Quote

    Still, if the phones weren’t working–how could he call? I sitll don’t understand how the pink-haired lady got called–unless the cellphone LE found in one of the drawers (they had a search warrant at this point), was working.

    This is a very confusing case, too. Maybe I’m not following it closely enough.

    (Just ignore me if this is not pertinent–I’ll apologize in advance.) 😆

  203. nan11 says:

    Vicky: Oops! I should have added that you can go to the 2:35 minute mark of the video for my quote. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  204. M O O JI….DB an probably others know what happened to Lisa..JI sayng he was working an expected home at ten thirty is smoke an mirrors trick…We are suposed to think …Well DB was expecting him home anytime about 10..30..Therefore she couldnt possably been involved in any wrong doing or coverup as she expected JI to walk through the door any second..Thats why he emphasised that he had not informed her of work running later than expected….We still dont know when any reliable wittness last saw Lisa.I think that whole evening was staged an Lisa disapeared /died/???/ beforehand.

  205. Vicky says:

    I really have no idea when little Lisa disappeared. The only person/people who do have not come forward at this point. I don’t find it suspicious or surprising that a person in their twenties, needing extra cash, would be working an extra job for the first time or would find a job more complicated than anticipated. Depending on the anticipated scope of work, one might believe it could be completed in five hours. Heck, the electrician that rewired my house following a lightening strike spent less than fiour hours. However, when he got to the barn, things were more complicated than he expected. He discovered the surge had also taken out the sprinkling system, so the insurance company ended up with a change order. What the electrician had originally thought would take a couple of hours in the barn took six hours.
    I look at it like this. There is a first time for many things. The fact that Jeremy worked at night for the first time on that night does not lead me to any conclusion. There have been other children taken from their homes (thank God not too many) with both parents in the home. And as it turned out, neither parent was involved. So Jeremy being gone for the first time tells me nothing about his potential involvement. If Lisa was taken, I doubt it mattered to the person or people involved whether dad was home or not. I don’t look for rational behavior from anyone who would take or harm a child.
    I suppose working where I do has left me with a nothing surprises me anymore point of view. I know of one case where a neighbor was using a small child for illicit purposes and the parents were completely unaware until the Feds came knocking at the door. As it turns out, he had managed to obtain a key to their door, and had gained access to the child on several occasions without their knowledge or knowing he had been there. I kid you not! The charges were federal, so the entire case was heard in Kansas City. He plead guilty, so no trial, and no major details released to the public. The Community was aware he had been charged with several counts in federal court that involved a child, but very few people are aware of the details of the case. My point is – weird, demented chit happens right under our noses and we have no idea. My list is long regarding the number of cases I am aware of because the children are in treatment services. The public is not always made aware of the details in order to protect the identity of the victims. So, I continue to sit back, listen and watch as this case unfolds. and I remain not one bit surprised as various details or collateral information regarding different people surface. We live in a world surrounded by some pretty “crazy” people and have no clue.

  206. Karen C. says:

    Just to add my 2 cents worth on overtime and calling home- I often end up working late, due to the nature of the industry I’m in. Sometimes I bother to call, sometimes not (or can’t). My husband is a competent adult and can manage. Also, my husband’s business sometimes means he and/or his crew are working the third shift. He had better NOT call me to tell me he’s working extra-late in those circumstances! So I don’t think it means that much- she needed her sleep is what I think he assumed.

    Personally, I see him as very much an aggrieved parent here, no evidence yet to the contrary, imho. Her, another story.

  207. Karen C. says:

    Vicky- I know a couple of things. First, that Lisa was the cutest baby, just a “perfect” little baby girl. She must have drawn a lot of deviant attention from the pervs around there, and I’m betting there were loads right in that neighborhood. Second- Drugs destroy every scintilla of human decency. I’m not necessarily thinking of the parents themselves here, in a direct manner. But stupidity, negligence and being impaired can have providee the access to that child that would not normally occur.

  208. me says:

    i Dont have much of an opinion here, but i have been reading all i can read as well as watching about this tiny is so sad. The parents 1) The mother comes across as uncaring and cold..She shed a few crocodile tears and hugged her hubby in front of media like 2 times but in passing and interviews she seems as though she thinks her sh!# dont stink(forgive the pun) and she figures if she gets arrested or anything done to her that her hollywood lawyers have a huge chance of getting her off with a slap on the wrist..She has shown no emotion (genuine) (sp?) as far as i can see and she seems to be annoyed whenever any attention turns to her boys or especially her hubby.She seems to thrive on the fact she can get away with not cooperating with LE. 2) The husband seems as though he is scared to death of her and she i would assume correctly shows signs of being the “boss, the one who wears the pants in the household.
    I am a mother of i lost at 10.5 mths and im going to tell you, if i had the chance i would of GAVE MY RIGHT/LEFT ARM OR LEG OR TAKEN A BULLET/DANCED NAKED ON TV to save my little baby boy (unfortuatly i didnt get any such chance if it would have helped i doubt but my point is i would be willing to die for ANY of my children as any good parent would be i believe). She seems like she just does not care and i have a gut feeling she is involved deeply and i can see her bringing harn to that child..but that of course is MOO

  209. cali patti says:

    Vicky, I so agree with your statement that so much wierd stuff happens out there and people just don’t have a clue. For about 12 months I was on the roads at night. I had no set route or stops so I was all over two counties. Back roads to freeways and parking lots. OMG… the things I saw at night. I was in awe yet not totally surprized. There was this man in his car, staking out a store or store emplyee with night vision gear and this huge evedropping device. Big time equipment. Saw federal agents on lookouts. Very neatly dressed men in a SUV. Now the number of them (cars) did sort of surprize me. Being near a military airport at the time, oh my, oh my ..the aircrafts and the number of aircraft that could take off very quietly was really shocking. I did not share with anyone what I saw going on. I acted very stupid and blind as a bat. I knew I was seeing were things I should not be seeing.

  210. Karen C. says:

    Cali Patti- I used to go to the stone jetty at 9-ish at night in Plymouth MA, when living there, find a nice, flat boulder to sit on and take it all in for a time. You could watch the DEA boats zipping around, picking up all the traffickers. Once in a while someone would try to make a run for it and things would get a little exciting- those incredibly bright lights. There’s a whole different world at night when the vampires come out, creating more vampires.

  211. I dont think J I working later than ezpected is strange.Its the way they make a big deal of DB expecting him home at 10 30 an not being informed of the later hours.This is were I think the miss directon ocours.

  212. nan11 says:

    Me: I so very sorry to hear of the loss of your little one.

    I, too, have a tendency to think she is involved. I mean, even trying hard not to judgemental, it’s hard to call her the ‘good’ mother she puts herself out to be.

    I mean, we have her own statements on this.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping in and sharing your views.

  213. Karen C. says:

    ME- let me second what Nan11 said above, and I’m sorry I missed your comment earlier. This case must really hit home with you then, given the age of this little one too. D’s subsequent behavior after the first two days is so odd, because we have loads of pics, those videos, and personal testimony from friends and neighbors that she was really attached to this little one. Her refusal to let the boys be re-interviewed, the failed poly, her defensiveness, the “grieving” comment, and just on and on can’t help but bring us to a terrible conclusion of some kind here- I just hope it wasn’t the worst possible one.

    Off to work, bbl.

  214. I do believe that Deborah was a good mother and would never harm a hair on that baby’s head while sober. However, I think something happened that night that she regrets. Some people have a vicious temper when they are intoxicated. I also think that Deborah’s tears are real. They appear to be more for a deceased child than a missing child.

  215. 73 year old alhzeimer sufferer goes searching for Baby Lisa thought she was his grandaughter missing his body found floating in mississippi river…….

  216. Watch JI shove the cat of the steps with his foot at the end of this clip.Poor wee kitty waiting to get into the house…..

  217. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie: I had seen that video before, but hadn’t caught that part. It speaks volumes doesn’t it? Well, it does to me anyway.

    And notice she cradles a pumpkin. I know life has to go on, but already? Lisa has only been ‘missing’ since October 3, 2011.

    It would be more than a month before I could focus on a pumpkin if one of my cats went missing–never mind my 10 month old child!

    Actions speak louder than words–I’ve always believed that. MOO, of course.

  218. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Here is a ‘decent’ timeline for Baby Lisa. (I didn’t see it added before, but apologize if I missed it.)

    It starts on October 4, 2011 and continues until November 1, 2011. It contains some informative hyperlinks, although I did notice some of them linked above.) I hope they find her soon.

    IB Times: Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Timeline: What Events Really Happened This Month?
    By Julia Greenberg | November 2, 2011 9:27 PM EDT
    {snipped} …Timeline of the Search for Missing Baby Lisa
    Oct. 4, 4 a.m.: …{snipped}
    Quote End

  219. THANKYOU……………..Nan11…………..

  220. Karen C. says:

    Watched that video- I just want to get in my dang car and drive over there and take that poor skinny little furball home. Hopefully someone else, maybe even nearby there, will get the same impulse and act on it.

    Watching that reminds me of how much effort I’ve put in trying to find that one mini cat I had rescued- got her fixed, shots, etc., but she wouldn’t stay with us and was anxious all the time. Ended up escaping, and would come back to eat on our porch at night for months. Every time she sensed I was just about ready to make my big move and scoop her up she’d hightail it again. When she stopped showing up at all (other cats and possums figured out where the bowl was too), I spent hours, day and night (after work) with a flashlight trying to find her. Neighbors would ask, had I found her yet? Went on for almost two months. Then my folks came down to househunt and I had to let it go. I can only hope some other quieter family took her in, maybe a single girl on her own. I’m still in semi-mourning about it, but I really have down ’bout everything I can do- Craig’s list, posters, driving around looking for a dead cat, the shelters, etc.

    My point to this long-winded tale of woe is: I really did do everything to find her. She’s a CAT.

    These two have not physically gone out looking for her, NOT EVEN ONCE.

    They KNOW. They must.

  221. Ecossie~~you have an eagle eye, Matey. I never noticed Jeremy scooting that cat off the step with his foot. The SOB.

    Nan11~~thanks for the link with the timeline. So where do things stand now? Are LE any further ahead? Once the dang lawyers come upon the scene, everything comes to a standstill. Will those young boys ever be questioned as memories grow dim as time passes? I still have strong suspicions about this Jersey, the handyman and wonder if drunken Deborah invited him in to her home that night.

  222. Snoops I cant take credit for that spot they were discussing it at crime doppler wich has a forum set up for Lisa…

  223. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Things do appear to be slowing. Here is a link where ‘community members’ were at least considering conducting their own search today. (Someone ‘tweeted’ the media.) Law enforcement apparently already ran a seventeen hours search of the area. Good luck to ‘the community members’.
    KMBCTV ~ (YouTube Video) Community Organizes Baby Lisa Search

    Oh, I just came across this–it gives a few more details about the search organized by the community members:
    KMBC ~ Volunteers Hold Baby Lisa Search
    Last Police Search More Than 2 Weeks Ago ~ UPDATED: 3:15 pm CDT November 5, 2011
    People, including the baby’s grandparents, combed through the woods near 53rd Street and Randolph Road.
    End of Quote

    And this–confirming that law enforcement is still actively searching for baby, Lisa.
    Missing Baby Lisa: Police Still Actively Searching
    Posted by Kaitlin Vogel on November 5, 2011 10:13 AM
    In the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin, investigators remain active in their search for the child, a police spokeswoman said Friday.
    End of Quote

  224. Karen C. says:

    One thing that LE has in their favor, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Loads of weak links here.

  225. Ecossie~ ~ thanks, Matey! That is quite a lot of pictures. Soon they will surpass all the collection of Anthony pics. This case is now considered another high profile case.

  226. Speaking of the Anthonys theres a programe on tonight on the crime and investigation ch UK .The wicked women season called Reasonable Doubt?…..About Caseys aquittal……The ? is part of the title.

  227. Thanks, Ecossie. I hope the boys do get interviewed and they are able to remember what took place a month ago.

  228. kas says:

    What will be interesting, regarding the boys is: Will their story change from that first, initial interview? Mom and Dad’s sure did. You have to wonder, between Deborah and Jeremy and Tacopina if they really think it HELPS their case for the boys’ story to change at this point (say that they were all in the bed together, which when last I checked was the story they were going with) if the truth was the original story of just the one boy being there.

    I do love how Tacopina makes it sound like it’s all one big scheduling conflict. They just haven’t been able to get them in there, what with all the craziness!! (And if that doesn’t convince you, he’ll just blame in on the fired Lawyer).

  229. Well the PARENTS CAN TRY AN COACH THEM WHAT TO SAY .But children tend to tell the truth remember THE Balloon Boy hoax?One of the Children outed them live on TV.

  230. The following article is worth a read…. an exerpt follows

    Not long after arriving, Abeyta made the journey from his new home – a hotel room in Kansas City – to Deborah and Jeremy’s relative’s home on North Waldron where they stayed shortly after Baby Lisa disappeared and until they were whisked away to a secret location by their New York-based private investigator late last month.

    Abeyta said nothing he’s ever experienced in his years working with families could have prepared him for what he would encounter in the moments to follow.

    He walked up the path to the front door, the same lump in his throat he has when he meets parents for the first time. He knocked on the door and was shocked at what he heard. “We have orders not to talk to anyone,” Deborah’s cousin, Mike LeRette told Abetya.

    Abeyta said that of all the families of missing children he’s worked with over the past 25 years he had never encountered a stiuation like this, he had never encountered parents who were virtually silenced.

    Taken aback by LeRette’s statment, Abeyta said to him, “I didn’t come 1,000 miles to walk away.” He convinced the family his intentions were good – they finally let him in.

    Once inside the home, Abeyta says Lisa’s parents were like “zombies” and says Deborah didn’t even acknowledge he was there. “She was cleaning the kitchen,” Abeyta said. “She didn’t even come shake my hand or say hi.”

    Father of abducted baby reaches out, questions actions of Baby Lisa’s parents”

  231. Mixed messages on the boys being interveiwed some say Yay some say nae….Personly I dont think its gonna hapen…. CNN Jim Spellman has been following and reporting on missing Baby Lisa Irwin.

    From his twitter acct – within the hour –!/jimspellmancnn

    @jimspellmancnn jim spellman wrote:
    I see the fox thing about the boys maybe being re-interviewed this week. I haven’t checked this yet but I’ll lock it down by tomorrow.
    2 hours ago via web
    replies ↓

    KCTV5 Web Team
    WebKCTV5 KCTV5 Web Team

    Capt. Steve Young tells KCTV5 that the interviews with the older half brothers have NOT been rescheduled as of Monday PM
    1 hour ago
    KCTV5 Web Team
    WebKCTV5 KCTV5 Web Team

    Guess Atty’s Joe Taco and John Picerno, *noconcerno for Lisa – got their wish again. No DNA tests to be taken, no interviews for the boys. How long can this be put off? It’s been 34 days since Baby Lisa was reported ” Missing”.

    ‘Intruder’ Theory Falling Apart in Baby Lisa Case?
    Nov 7, 2011
    – 5:38 –
    Investigators in Lisa Irwin case move on from old leads

    Mon Nov 07, 08:34:00 PM EST

  232. Vinnie P is talking about the Baby Lisa case on HLN… there is some new info…

  233. Investigators say they just don’t have a case….. another person was sitting with Deborah and her neighbor out on the step drinking and smoking… this other person was questioned and his mouth swabbed for DNA…He said he never saw Baby Lisa while he was there and Deborah never went in the house to check on her… They are saying that Deborah should be taken in and charged with child neglect or child endangerment for which I am in full agreement.

  234. Vicky says:

    I think there is likely a history of neglect in that household. However, in all fairness, if the box of wine wasn’t outside with her, she had to make numerous trips into the house for refills and likely “to relieve herself”, so I would assume she might have looked in on the kids then.
    I agree, she is guilty of of neglect based upon her alleged level of intoxication that night, but there really is no proof just how impaired she was. I have lost track of the number of times I have shaken my head in disbelief when talking to social workers about what does and does not rise to the level of neglect or a “child in need of care” filing.
    The case managers where I work make every effort to schedule visits with many parents between noon and 3:00 p.m. So they can find them awake and/ or sober. Thinking about the conditions some children live in is really quite depressing.

  235. Vicky says:

    We have yet another missing child…Sky Metalwala. Another mother who appears to be involved. What in the hell is going on with these women? PErhaps there is too much media attention, providing a road map for mothers who want to move forward in life without suffering the consequences for their actions. That damn Phantom Nanny is popping up all over the country stealing babies. LE needs to just start arresting these women. At least if they manage to get a not guilty verdict, they have spent some time locked up.

  236. Vicky ~~I also wondered about Deborah going in to the kitchen to refresh her drinks. I expect she had the bottle of wine with her. Unless she had good bladder control, she would have to use the washroom. I don’t know how long this ‘other person’ was drinking and smoking with Deborah and the neighbor.

    Is that missing child a little boy that the mother left in the car when she ran out of gas and went to get help with one of her other children?

  237. Attempted Call From Phone of Baby Lisa’s Mother Brings New Questions

    Flamingo at the flop house says she found out who took the call made to her cell from Deborah’s phone. She said it was some guy who only stayed at the flop house for about a week and he left around the time Lisa went missing.

    JMO, I think Flamingo and Jersey, the handyman should be both kept in the sights of LE.

    I would like to know what Deborah and the neighbor were smoking that night.

  238. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – that is the one, but apparently she was not out of gas after all. Not only that, why in the devil would you take one child with you and leave the other behind in an unlocked car? Why not stay in the car and wait for help? Additionally, it seems there is a child custody issue as well, and a history of violence of some sort in the family, along with both parents charged in the past with leaving an infant unattended in a car in the middle of winter.

    I have also been listening to the news about the Penn State, sex abuse cover up. I swear, if this country does not find a way to begin valuing the welfare of children over profit, I don’t know what the future holds. It is disgraceful!

  239. Vicky~ ~ yes, that is the one I heard about today. Just another throw away child…

    Now the football coach raping boys as young as ten. I think I heard that there were around 9 different boys and it was covered up. Penn State University!!

  240. Vicky says:

    There are so many twists and turns in the Lisa Irwin case, I don’t see how LE will ever sort through it all. I do know one thing (at least I think I do), if Deborah was as drunk as she claims, I don’t see how she pulled off the perfect crime without assistance. No unknown DNA, no unknown prints, no unknown trace evidence. Maybe it was an alien abduction. That or the person responsible, if not a family member, came dressed in crime scene garb.

  241. Vicky says:

    IMO the fans, students and alumni from both Penn State and Nebraska should boycott the game. That might get people’s attention. Those young boys have been seriously wronged in the name of greed. Penn State circled the wagons and sacrificed the future on many boys all in the name of money. If I had a ticket to that game, I’d burn it in effigy. I hope everyone involved in the cover up is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that doesn’t include losing their keys to the locker room.

  242. Vicky says:

    So many children victimized by those who are supposed to protect and care for them. This latest case sounds like they should be looking bor a deceased child. By the look of things these children were surrounded by dysfunction for quite some time. Apparently the four year old has been unable to shed any light on what happened. Unfortunately, at her stage of development, it will be difficult to establish any type of timeline from her since most children at that age have not developed a strong sence of time. Especially if the parents have not spent much time working with them on that concept. It sounds to me as though most of these children’s lives at this point has been filled with exposure to battling parents and a parental tug of war. Not to mention an alleged mentally Ill parent. Geesh. We need to stop failing our children!

  243. Pinky MW is currently taking questions: … 5081005988

  244. Debrah Bradleys facebook page someone poke this woman an ask where her child is or if that dont work try a slap

  245. On above looks like above is DB an JI joint facebook page …

  246. Vicky says:

    Ecossie – it appears that they might be interviewing the boys this week after all. There was mention of it on local news this morning. Of course, that doesn’t mean another last minute cancellation won’t occur.

  247. Another resident from Pinkys squat contradicts her phone story…. Attempted Call From Phone of Baby Lisa’s Mother Brings New Questions. …………………..
    A resident from Wright’s home contradicted her recollection, and said house members do not share phones, They are calling Wright’s home a meth house. What do you all think??,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Cut an pasted from last nights Q an A session on Pinkys Faceboook page see above for link……………

  248. Karen C. says:

    Look at her bottom row of teeth!

  249. Cast of Charecters so far…..


    Who’s Who Lisa Irwin Case………………………..

    Lisa Irwin – 11 month old baby reported missing October 4, 2011 from 3620 N. Lister Ave. Kansas City, MO……………/

    Deborah Bradley – Lisa’s mother

    Jeremy Irwin – Lisa’s father

    6-year-old boy – Lisa’s Half brother (Deborah Bradley’s son from previous relationship)

    8-year-old boy – Lisa’s Half brother (Jeremy Irwin’s son from previous relationship)

    Sean Bradley – Deborah Bradley’s Ex-Husband (Father of Lisa’s 6 year old half brother)

    Rasleen Raim – Jeremy Irwins Ex girl friend (Mother of Lisa’s 8 year old half brother)

    Lisa Ann Chivalette Netz – Grandmother (Deceased mother of Deborah Bradley)

    David L. Netz, Jr. – Deborah Bradley’s father

    David Netz – Maternal great grandfather (Deborah Bradley’s grandfather)

    Steven Netz – Owns the house that Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have been staying.

    Debbie Chivalette Shanko (Deborah Bradley’s Aunt – sister of Deborah Bradley deceased mother)

    Melanie Irwin – Paternal grandmother – (Jeremy Irwin’s mother)

    Rick Irwin – Paternal grandfather – (Jeremy Irwin’s father)

    Ashley Irwin – Aunt (Jeremy Irwin’s sister)

    Anthony Netz – Unlce (Deborah Bradley’s brother)

    Phillip Netz – Unlce (Deborah Bradley’s brother)

    Mike Lerette – Cousin of family

    John S Tanko – “Jersey” – Neighborhood handyman and ex-boyfriend of Megan Wright

    Shirley Pfaff – Former friend of Deborah Bradley

    Samantha Brando – Friend/neighbor of Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin. Samantha Brando spent the evening Oct. 3 drinking with Deborah Bradley.

    James Brando – Husband of Samantha Brando. Mr. Brando stated he has met with detectives several times and has passed a polygraph.

    Capt. Steve Young – KCMPD

    Bill Stanton – New York PI

    Joe Tacopino – New York attorney hired by Lisa’s parents on October 17, 2011.

    Cyndy Short – A well known local defense attorney, was asked by Joe Tacopina to “handle the matter together.”

    Megan Wright – Received a 50 second phone call the night that Lisa Irwin went missing from one of the Iwrin/Bradley missing cell phones. Investigators tracked her down and have questioned her on four separate occasions.

    John Anthony Picerno – New Attorney to represent Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley. (11/1/2011)

    Mary Hurt – Neighbor of Irwin/Bradley. Mary Hurt told CNN’s Nancy Grace, 10/10/11 in reference to Jersey, a handyman in the Irwin’s residential neighborhood. Ms. Hurt described Jersey as “shady.”

    Shane – A man has come forward saying he smoked and chatted with Deborah Bradley and her next door neighbor Samantha Brando from about 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. He claims to have left the two women on the porch at around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. Shane noted that he saw Brando at her home at around 10:30 p.m., but did not see Bradley. Shane stated he has been have questioned by several law enforcement agencies – including the Secret Service – and police have swabbed his mouth for DNA.

    Dane Diggler – Identified as man by Megan Wright who said Dane was using her phone when it got a mystery call from one of the three cell phones stolen from the house the night Lisa Irwin disappeared on Oct. 4.
    “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”
    ~Edmund Burke~

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    #2 10-20-2011, 02:38 PM

  250. Thanks to Aubrey via facebook for above info list…………

  251. Ecossie~~ hey Matey, you are quite the sleuth. Thank you…thank you! I paid a visit to the pink lady’s Facebook… I will not be going back as I do not believe a thing that comes out of her mouth. She reminds me of someone who is trying to cover her own butt.

    I took a peek at Deborah and Jeremy’s FB… Baby Lisa Kidnapped sounds a bit deceptive. Why are they not out hunting for that precious baby? This speaks volumes.

    Thanks also for the list on who is who. I was having a hard time getting some of the names straight. Your efforts are appreciated, Matey!

  252. Okay, I don’t know if this came from the rumor mill or the pink lady’s lips….Anyone??

    Megan Wright said that Jersey torched her car two weeks after their breakup. I do notice when Megan speaks, her voice tends to tremble as if she is either nervous being before the cameras or scared of being implicated. Anyone sporting her hair color wants to be noticed, don’t you think?

  253. Karen C. says:

    She might be trembling from withdrawal…

    Yes, she seems to have said that about the torching of the car. So we know he’s a firebug and vengeful. I seriously believe (have for a little while actually) that a lot of this has to do with drug use and the need to cover up some other seriously bad behaviors.

  254. Vicky says:

    The two boys were interviewed today. A bit late in the “game” if you ask me, but hopefully they were able to shed some light on what went on the night their baby sister went missing.
    As for miss pinkey, I thinks she’s a dimwitted tweaker who has managed to gain national attention by not knowing when to keep her mouth shut.

  255. Vicky~~thus far, we have not been privy to any information that the boys supplied during their interview. I don’t expect they garnered much from the boys after more than a month. Baby Lisa would have celebrated her first birthday today.

  256. Ecossie~~well it seems that fingers are really starting to point at Jersey, the handy man and I may as well add the pink lady.

  257. These latest phone records lead me to point the finger at DB an perhaps JI ,I think the phone call to pinky is a red herring or a pink one.Strange how the phones make it as far as the riverbank say.An all activity ceases shortly before the 911 calls.How would a kidnapper know when 911 was called?……..

  258. Ecossie~~ I think you are on to something. Why do law enforcement say that they have no case and everything is at a standstill? When did anyone, besides the parents, see Baby Lisa on October 3rd, before Deborah went out to buy the wine and Jeremy went to work?

  259. L E is under no pressure as they know Lisa is deceased..I think they want to lull certain people into a false sence of security.They are not hunting a stranger abductor or even a killer,But a domestic accident cover up senario…I M O they dont feel any other minors are at threat with the world watching out for there welfare…m o o…..

  260. As far as I can tell the last sighting of Lisa was at one of her Brothers Birthday Party a few days prior,,No one bar the Parents an maybe the boys seem to have seen Lisa on the third of October.Not that I can find anyway….

  261. Ecossie~ ~ thank you. From the very beginning, I found Jeremy Irwin’s demeanor when he was interviewed a tad strange. Was he called in to work because it was an emergency or did he volunteer to go in and finish a job? This is one wierd case but maybe the pieces of the puzzle will start to interlock. I also wonder just how well Deborah knew the pink lady and Jersey, the handyman, prior to Lisa going missing. Sorry, but I do not believe a word the pink one says.

  262. Karen C. says:

    Don’t know about Y’all but I find the total lack of info coming from LE very frustrating. I agree, they likely figure she’s dead and they’re just waiting for someone to turn up whatever is left of the body before making an arrest. It seems the one missing phone was pinging close to the river…

  263. Karen C~~the phones will ping as long as there is some battery life in them. Did they mention it was the Missouri River? I hope that is not infested with alligators. Maybe the phone was throw in the river. I am still suspicious about that dumpster fire and Jersey liking to set fires but that is if we can believe the flaming pink haired one.

  264. Newbie says:

    There was nothing new on Baby Lisa’s case today BUT it was reported the mother of the boy belonging to Jeremy is wanting custody or at least shared custody. No papers have been filed.

  265. Newbie~~I can’t say that I blame the boy’s mother from wanting custody of him. I don’t know under what conditions Jeremy got full custody of the son. I wouldn’t want my child being cared for by a drunk. Especially a drunk who thinks it is okay to have her ‘grownup’ time in the evening.

  266. cali patti says:

    I have pulled away from reading negitive news for a few days, Sad to read their is no good news with baby Lisa. I still do not think baby Lisa’s parents are intelligent enough to get past K.C. police, FBI and US Marshells. Just do not see that happening. That does not mean they are innocent either. Getting drunk is a stupid action but it is not child abuse. Baby Lisa’s home is clean, her & her brothers seem well cared for by a young woman who drank to much and possibly to often.
    I do not have an opinion on to what happened that night and it would not surprize me if the parents know more than they are saying. Nothing surprizes me much anymore. I do think all L.E. should be looking elsewhere and to someone other than the parents.

  267. cali patti says:

    and i forgot to mention ~ Thank You Vicky for your driveby, very much appreciated. Ladies perhaps we should begin a fund for Vicky’s bail money. just in case!

  268. Karen C. says:

    Yes, Snoopy- (I’ve been gone all day) it was the Missouri River. No gators, thankfully. It’s inland, and gators hug the coast up to where I’m at, South Carolina. I don’t know how far they’ve been known to come up the rivers here but, what with global warming (armadillos are heading northwards more and more) who knows where they’ll be in a few more years? Missouri’s going to be very cold, cold water and that’s a small, small baby. I agree with Cali Pati- these two aren’t smart enough and I doubt lucky enough to pull off a Casey. I’m inclined to think she got wasted while he was at work, passed out, and the baby was vulnerable to what human POS showed up or was already there.

  269. Newbie says:

    I tend to agree with calli patti and Karen. I’m hoping LE knows more than they are saying and will be able to piece this thing together. While I would like to think Lisa was sold and is in a good home, I’m afraid that is not going to be the case.

  270. The following article is quite the story. Apparently Deborah’s late mother was a very bad alcoholic. This is worth a read.

    From ‘mother hen’ to media villain: The life of baby Lisa Irwin’s mom

  271. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- To me the most interesting part of that article is that Deborah’s mother got herself to AA, although it doesn’t state she died sober, just had 8 years under her belt. So at least she had made those necessary first steps. Sounds like Deborah herself could’ve used Al-Anon (for family/friends of) so she’d have been at least aware of inherited propensity issues and coping skills in the crazy family dynamics that present themselves.

  272. KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Kansas City Police say they can’t find, but want to talk to a new witness that surfaced regarding the mystery phone calls made from one of the missing phones at the home of Baby Lisa.

    The man police want to talk with had custody of the phone that received the mystery call the night Baby Lisa disappeared, according to Megan Wright, the phone’s owner.

    You can read a bit more here at the link. I wonder if pink hair has been truthful with law enforcement?

    Baby Lisa Iriwin case turns focus on new witness

  273. Snoops JI got custody because of the Mothers imigration status from what I hear,,I think she was illegal an JI threateed to turn her in.Unless she relinquished her rights…….

  274. Karen C. says:

    Honestly, so far I see no particular reason to assume that Flamingo is not being, generally-speaking, truthful. She strikes me as a drug user who’s found herself on the edge of the precipice and is taking baby steps away from that edge. Baby-kidnapping and/or murder is serious bad stuff. I know others have viewed her in a more cynical light. So far, we haven’t caught her in any really spectacular whoppers, although she’s been evasive and slippery (that’s the drug use and I have NO DOUBT about that) and quick to be interviewed.

    About that, she’s found herself in the middle of a Big Case and probably wants to “get ahead” of the story and possible charges, and cast herself in a positive light. She’s been told by the press that she either cooperates with them and presents herself or others will do the presenting and characterization of her themselves, and it may not be good at all. She will undoubtedly be on an eventual witness list and she knows it too. Hopefully she’s taking the opportunity to do some self-examination of her various Bad Choices and is looking at just how she finds herself on TV with meth mouth, having “dated” a homeless hinky firebug who may well be a suspect in this, and living in a crack house with one cell phone among a bunch of addicts. People, Places and Things- let’s see what she does about it.

  275. Snoops didnt DB say she would never return to thay house?And referenced some horror movie….Like liveing in the OMEN HOUSE…LETS HOPE SHE IS RIGHT……An the OMEN Is that there story of phantom intruders is about to collapse an the truth will come out…………M O O……….i know many are unsure about flamingo pinky hair….But I am 100 pecent convinced she is innocent in all of this as are Jersey…. Dane Diggler an all other flop house residents..I M O The conection is from D B Brother the one whom went on the wine run with DB an he probably made the call for some reason or other but its a red herring……….. M O O…..

  276. Vicky says:

    I wish I could sort the whole mess out in my own mind.
    Did you all hear about the abduction of the one year old in St. Louis today. Tragically, the child’s body was found this afternoon. The crazy part is the baby was taken from his crib, while mom was sleeping, and a man was seen walking with a child wrapped in a blanket, several hours before the child was found. I don’t have a link to the story right now, I heard it on the Kansas city news. WTF is going on? God bless this baby’s soul and prayers to his mom and family.

  277. Ecossie~~yes, you are right, Matey! Deborah said she would never move back in that house. I still don’t know why they didn’t haul Deborah in for child endangerment.

  278. Vicky~~here is the link to the St Louis County boy, Tyler Dasher. Now they are following the same pattern as Baby Lisa…

    [edit-the baby boy went missing at 7700 block of Clevedon Street in Affton, Missouri. Does anyone know how far this is from Kansas City, Missouri?]

  279. The body was identified as being Tyler Dasher’s… Okay, what in God’s name is going on here. Is there a baby snatcher in Missouri or another copycat murder to become famous?

    more here…

  280. Sherry says:

    Snoops, it is 250 miles from where baby Lisa was abducted-about a 4 hours drive from there.
    I just watched a video from right after they found the body but before it was ID’d and it was sad to see the friends and relatives gathering at the house hoping and praying it wasn’t Tyler. The mother, father and grandmother have all been very cooperative in the investigation. I guess the mother had become accustomed to her baby waking her up early in the morning that she overslept because he didn’t cry out for her since he had been abducted.

    My prayers are with the family.

  281. Sherry~~there were no signs of forced entry into the home.

  282. Not realy a copycat sounds like this babys body was staged an possably mutilated the perpetrater wanted his remains found..To cause fear an panic in the comunity…There was a river near to where body discovered,So they could have disapeared that wee body an CAUSED another kidnapp scenario to arrise…That would have been a copy cat I M O…sOUNDS LIKE A SICKO either a stranger or family member wanted to cause maximum damage an hurt in the comunity,,

  283. Updated the article whilst I posted it is the Mother whom they have arrested.

  284. This is just heart breaking here we head into the festive season an this woman surname Dasher probably murdered her babyboy…Isnt Dasher one of Santas Reindeer?

  285. Karen C. says:

    Does anyone else think the pic of the baby victim here looks somewhat malnourished? He’s sitting up in the pic linked to the article above, and dang but he looks really thin for a sitting-up age baby- face is somewhat gaunt in appearance.

    Unbelievable- another one, and right at the Holidays…

  286. Thanks for the links Ecossie and Sherry. I feel sick and disgusted to think another precious baby has been killed. There are so many women out there who ache to have a baby of their own and would be willing to adopt one of these children. Why don’t these mothers give these little ones up for adoption instead of killing them?

    Karen, I agree that Tyler looks like he has been malnourished. God know what he went through in his short life before his bitch mother killed him. Where was the grandmother when all this happened??

  287. Karen C. says:

    I had clicked on the thumbnail of her pic first, and expected to see a chubby-cheeked little guy on his. He must have (Good Lord, past tense) taken after his dad…. or he wasn’t being fed properly.

  288. The mother of a dead 1-year-old Missouri boy told police she struck him repeatedly when he wouldn’t stop crying or lie down, then dumped his body near a nearby graveyard, St. Louis County, Mo., prosecutor Bob McCulloch said at a news conference this afternoon.

    Shelby Dasher, 20, is being charged with second-degree murder, and is being held on a $500,000 cash bond, McCulloch said. She is on suicide watch, he said.

    The medical examiner reported the cause of Dasher’s son, Tyler Dasher, was multiple blunt force trauma to the head, McCulloch said. No objects seem to have been used, he added.

    Read more here about this bitch of a mother…. I wonder what her girlfriends think of her now.

  289. Read the following… an excerpt from the link I just provided.. This makes me sick! She deserves first degree murder charges!! She could have stopped after the first punch to the baby’s head.

    Asked why he was charging Dasher with second-degree murder, not first-degree murder, McCulloch cited the lack of deliberation.

    “It’s the difference between hot-blooded and cold-blooded murder,” he said

  290. This is a good press conference and a lot of questions got answered…

    County Prosecutor Announces charges of Shelby Dasher-Video

  291. Vicky says:

    This is just so sad. It’s hard to put feigns into words in a situation like this. Did it not occur to the bitch to leave him in his crib, close the door, go into her room, and turn on the radio to drown out the sound of his tears. Better yet, go outside! The weather this week in our region has been beautiful. She could have napped on the from porch, or marched her hateful ass down to the cemetery and laid down under the bush where she chose to discard her precious child. What a piece of work!
    I’m sorry, but how can one claim there was lack of deliberation! To repeatedly deliver blows to another human being is a choice! To allow anger to build up until it explodes on another, is a choice. To continue delivering blows to a baby who can’t even fight back is a choice! To ignore cries of pain and continue with the beating is a choice! To look into the eyes of a helpless child and continue beating him is a choice. To not walk away from the situation when you begin to lose control is a choice. To not call 911 when you have harmed your child is a choice! To lie about what you have done when you finally call is a choice. To choose, takes deliberation.
    I shall refrain from expressing my opinion about placing her on suicide watch.

  292. Vicky~~these cases are started to get to me. I feel such pity for that innocent little boy and such hate for the bitch who repeatedly beat him until he no longer could cry. Did I hear someone ask about a heroine addiction in the press conference? The girlfriends who said that they didn’t believe she would harm her child were probably out doing drugs with her the night before.

    Here is something I found…

    There is, however, a trend that has become increasingly common in missing children’s cases since the acquittal of Casey Anthony, the Florida mother who’s acquittal on the charges of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee after failing to report the child missing outraged much of the nation.


  293. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – I know exactly how you feel. I can’t think of a single crime that is worse than one that is committed against a child. The sad thing is that there isn’t a solution to the problem. Children have been subjected to abuse throughout the ages. Lord only knows how many on the list of missing children died at the hands of their parents or someone known to them and were unceremoniously disposed of. Those who survive abuse often repeat the cycle, and new abusers find their way into being to take the place of those who have chosen to break the cycle.
    What I can’t for the life of me understand, is why people chose to take their lack of self control out on a child as opposed to admitting to someone they need help. Like you said unthread. There are so many people out there who would love nothing more than to take custody of a child who has become a burden to it’s parent.
    One thing I honestly think would help would be for schools to introduce coping skills as part of mandated curriculum.

  294. Public defender appointed to represent Shelby Dasher following arraignment in infants death

    St. Louis County, Mo (KSDK) – Shelby Dasher, the mother who is charged with second-degree murder of her son, Tyler Dasher, was arraigned in St. Louis County Thursday morning.

    Court officials say Dashers appearance was brief and the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf, and assigned the public defenders office to represent the young mother.

    Dasher did not have legal representation when she made her first appearance on the charge of killing her infant son. It was at the hearing that the formal charges were read to Dasher.

    Her next court appearance is scheduled for January 5th 2012 in St. Louis County court.

    Video and read more here…

  295. Vicky says:

    They are discussing baby Tyler’s death on NG. Breaking News…The sparks they are a flying. Nancy just, politely for once, disagreed with Mark Klaus regarding the mom.

  296. Vicky~~I am watching/listening to it now. I agree with Nancy, this should be a Murder One.

  297. Vicky~~some of those pictures of Shelby put you in mind of whom?

  298. Vicky says:

    Did you catch that video stream of her parading around like she was at a social event?
    Speaking of who does that remind me of, I just downloaded “Imperfect Justice”. Needless to say, it’s probably going to be a late night. I’ll provide snippets. 🙂

  299. Newbie says:'ve
    Well, the police are checking into this latest “tip”. It would be great if Baby Lisa was found with some family alive.

  300. Newbie says:

    Well, that didn’t go as planned. If you click on the link you get a site map of wibw. Right under the gray banner, click on news and scroll down. It has the Baby Lisa update there. I didn’t find anything on KMBC’s page….hmmm.

  301. Nurse Rachett says:

    Snoop-John, I am a psychic too! I predict that there will be no remains discovered as a result of Ms. Stephanie’s vision. I predict that it will be revealed that there are many abandoned wells in that part of north Kansas City. I predict that there will other psychos, I mean psychics, who will share their visions. I predict that it will be years before the truth about what happened the night is revealed, if ever. And finally, I predict that if I don’t behave myself, you will kick me out of the cafe. 🙂

  302. Rachett~~I predict that your final prediction sounds about right. Now go back to the café so I can have the pleasure of kicking you out of there. To make this little thingie…é Hold down alt and type 0233 on the numbers at right of keyboard… okay, you don’t have them on your IPad… poo

  303. “I believe Lisa was found, deceased in the bathtub about 10:30…. She was removed, placed on the carpet where the dog picked up her scent and ‘someone’ tried to revive her, unsuccessfully,” Almaguer wrote.

    Almaguer also goes on to say the burning trash dumpster was an attempt to burn Lisa’s clothes to remove evidence. She also believes the man holding the baby while walking at 12:15 a.m. may have been disposing of the body while he returned from finishing his job at around 2:30 a.m.

    Baby Lisa Irwin Case — Who is Psychic Stephanie Almaguer?

  304. mainstreamfair says:

    Walsh, in an interview with KCTV5, ridiculed Lisa’s parents, Jeremy Irwin and Debbie Breadley, for not cooperating with investigators. He urged them to work with the authorities to find their daughter.

    “They should cooperate with police fully. They should do all the media they can and they should remember one thing – if they had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance, they need to be the face of baby Lisa,” said Walsh during the interview.

    “You keep searching if you have nothing to do with the disappearance of your child. You are there every day at the police station saying what can I do to get this baby back,” Walsh said

    Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: AMW’s John Walsh Wants Toddler’s Parents to Cooperate with Police

  305. mainstreamfair says:

    Marc Klaas, whose 12-year-old daughter Polly was abducted from her bedroom in Oct. 1993, is perplexed by these parents’ actions. He said on his blog, “How normal can life be if your home has been broken into, your infant has been kidnapped and remains missing, and your other children are left to believe that an evil boogeyman who has already stolen your sister remains at large?”

    He said to Baby Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley, 25, and Jeremy Irwin, 30, “If your lawyer and not your heart speak on your behalf then your sense of normal probably belongs in a courtroom, not a living room. If you can convince yourself that a return to normal means that there should be no more vigils on your front lawn then you are either in denial or something more sinister is afoot.”

    Read more here….

  306. mainstreamfair says:

    Lisa Irwin Case: Detective Slams Family of Missing Baby

    It’s not hard to find the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin suspicious. They haven’t been cooperating with police for several weeks now, and have refused to speak to the media in ages. Most recently, the family has demanded that prayer vigils in front of their property come to an end. This has outraged some and perplexed others, and rightfully so.

    Read more here….

  307. Vicky says:

    How would you like to be these poor people?

    These poor parents have a baby girl who looks very similar to Lisa Irwin. They have been put through the wringer!

  308. Now we will add another missing child ….this time in Maine….Alya Reynolds…20 months old…

    The child lives at 29 Violette Ave., off Cool Street. She was last seen wearing green, one-piece pajamas with polka dots and the words “Daddy’s Princess” on them. She is 2 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 30 pounds.

    Her left arm is in a sling and soft splint. She has short thin blond hair

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