Susan Cox Powell

Susan Powell, 28 years old, was last seen at her West Valley City home and at church on Dec. 6, 2009. She was reported missing the next day after she failed to show up for her stockbroker job.

Her husband told authorities that at 12:30 a.m. that morning, he took the couple’s two young sons — then 4 and 2 — camping in single-digit temperatures in a remote part of Tooele County. He said that when he returned a day and a half later, his wife was gone.

Josh Powell, who now lives in Puyallup, Wash., with his father, Steve Powell, remains a person of interest in the case because he has been uncooperative, West Valley Police say.

Steve Powell claimed in a nationally televised interview Aug. 25 that he had a flirtatious relationship with his daughter-in-law, that they were in love — something her parents adamantly denied, saying Steve Powell initiated unwanted sexual advances toward her.

Cox family attorney Anne Bremner at the time accused the Powells of making a terrible situation even worse.

“What they’re doing is adding such horrible angst to her parents that we have to stop this,” Bremner said. “It’s gone from just bizarre to just unbearable for the family.”

Accusations fly in dispute involving missing woman’s family and in-laws

Court orders father and husband of missing woman to keep their distance

Steven Powell charged with 14 counts of voyeurism, 1 count of child pornography

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  1. nan11 says:

    You Tube Video: Susan Powell in Pictures

    Snoop: The above link is just for some pictures of Susan–from when she was a baby until shortly before she vanished.

    I think she is so wholesome and beautiful–a kind and caring mother. It really makes me emotional thinking about where she really is today.

  2. Thanks, Nan11. This is rather a strange case. The husband, Josh, is a person of interest but it seems his old man was into some wierd things. It may have well been that Susan was about to expose her father-in-law. I am in the process of learning this case as I go so any help will be certainly appreciated. Do you think murderers are getting smarter?

  3. Rob says:

    Snoop, This case has baffled me for the last year. Josh Powell has behaved in the most peculiar manner. The police know he is involved in Susan’s disappearance. I hope that some new facts will come to light now. Both Josh Powell and his father are very creepy people. It looks as if Susan’s parents may get custody of the children in the very near future. God only knows what Josh and his father Steve have told these poor children. Nan 11, thanks for the link to Susan Powell’s pictures.

  4. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Honestly, yes I do. Everyone watches CSI nowadays; thus, eveyone knows all about destroying evidence.

    So, maybe it’s not a case of being smarter, just a case of everyone knowing how to cover their tracks better. 😐

    What were seeing now in this case, however, is a good example of how they catch themselves up, though. I’m so sorry to type this–but I wish law enforcement would have some luck in finding her location.

    Here is a link to a very early interview her husband gave–listen to the story he gives:
    You Tube (Geraldo) ~ Geraldo 12/27/09 Susan Powell – Part 1

    And this is from an article on KomoNews . com:
    Puyallup native vanishes from her Utah home
    By KOMO Staff Published: Dec 10, 2009 at 11:48 PM PDT Last Updated: Dec 11, 2009 at 12:18 AM PDT
    “When they broke the window and got in the house, they found my daughter’s purse and cell phone on the bed, a wet spot on the floor dried by two fans,” said Cox. “And the family was gone.”
    End of Quote

    I heard that was a large wet spots and the fans left to dry it were big fans. 😦

    My heart breaks for her parents, as well.

  5. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This video makes my blood boil. Listen to the terrible accusations they make about Susan, and think about the terrible things that her father-in-law was doing the whole time.
    MSNBC Video: Missing Utah Mom Ran Off With Man, Father-In-Law Says
    July 14, 2011

    (I believe they were forced to take that diary off the internet–or at least they were trying to prevent it. I’m not positive that anyone was successful.)

    I just realized that I can open that Facebook link, so I’m going to check it out. 😉

    Rob: You’re most welcome. Nice to see you drop in!

  6. Rob~~it is nice to see that you have been following this case. I was so tied up with that other case until the ‘bitter’ end but hope to keep more up to date on other missing women and children.

    Nan11~~my first impression of Josh Powell on that Geraldo interview- He had to stumble around to come up with answers and his eyes were shifty. Why in God’s name would you take your two small sons camping with snow on the ground? The wet spot on the floor with fans drying it does not look good. I wonder if anyone could detect the smell of bleach when they went into that house. No woman leaves her purse and cell phone home, regardless.

    The sad part is that the police need concrete evidence to take a suspect in and charge them. They cannot hold them for more than 24 hours unless they have enough to lay a charge. Did anyone ever say that Josh took a polygraph?

  7. Sherry~~I am bringing your comments over from the Coffee Café as they are fitting for this thread and are one of the reasons that I started to take an interest in this case. Thank you so much!

    Your comments follow….

    Good news! The sons of Susan are in protective custody and her father is seeking custody~,0,3892107.story?track=rss

    The father of Susan Cox Powell, the woman missing since 2009, filed for custody of her children Friday.

    Susan’s father, Charles Cox, filed the petition arguing that the children’s father, Josh Powell, is not a suitable custodian. The petition said, “mother [Susan Cox Powell] has been missing since December 2009 and petitioners [Charles and Judith Cox] believe father [Josh Powell] is responsible for her disappearance.”

    The custody petition comes just a day after Josh Powell’s father Steven Craig Powell, 61, was arrested on 14 counts of voyeurism involving two child victims and one count of possession of depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

  8. nan11 says:

    Snoop: That’s what I think, too; and Susan’s father said that he doesn’t believe she would ever let him take the boys out on a ‘camping’ trip at that hour of the night.

    There was a rumour that bleach had been used on the stain, but I can’t find a link for it–so I’m not sure if it’s true or not.

    He lawyered up almost immediately–so I’m almost positive he wouldn’t take a poly. He and his father have played this very smart until recently.

    Here are a couple of links for interesting videos from earlier this morning (which I got from the Facebook link.)

    It sounds like law enforcement may be looking at them both as “persons of interest”, and a custody hearing is scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

    ABC News Videos ~ Susan Powell’s Dad Chuck Cox Speaks Out
    Father of missing Utah mother talks about Steve Powell’s arrest.
    03:34 | 09/24/2011

    Susan Powell Case: New Twist
    Father-in-law of missing mother arrested on child pornography charges.
    02:16 | 09/24/2011

  9. This is totally speculation on my part…

    I am beginning to wonder if Josh and his father, Steven, had the makings of a porn business on the go. Did Steven take his two boys and go off on a pretend camping trip and leave his father home with Susan? Susan refused to cooperate with Steven and he ended her life. I have a feeling that both the dad and son are in on this one.

  10. Nan11~~ You posted your comment as I was typing. Look at the very last sentence of my comment. Interesting eh?

  11. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Very perceptive of you, indeed. They’ve got him in a postion to which they may be able to add some pressure, too.

    I’m so glad to hear that he cannot publish her diarys. She was only a teenager when she wrote most of them, and it seemed like such a shocking invasion of her privacy. Thank goodness they put a stop to it.

    Josh Powell barred from publishing Susan Powell’s diary entries
    The Salt Lake Tribune ~ First published Sep 23 2011 01:32PM | Updated Sep 23, 2011 01:33PM

  12. Watch the look of disgust an disbeleif on the Lady interveiwers face as S Powell talks of the sexuall fllirtation between him an Susan its quick but its there.

  13. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me again. I want to add this link (again which I got from the Facebook site). I was so hopeful that they had found her, and this was just winding down as they arrested her father-in-law for pornography.

    This was a big search. Cadaver dogs were used and everything. Even though they didn’t find her body, it looks very hopeful that they might have found some evidence.
    Police wrap up Topaz Mountain search for Susan Cox Powell
    Written by: Dan Metcalf Jr. | Published: 9/23 3:50 pm
    WVC Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Powell told ABC 4 News that investigators consider their efforts “successful,” in that they were able to recover evidence that may pertinent to their case.
    End of Quote

    And I can’t resist adding this one, because it pleases me that something finally has him upset:
    Neighbors react with surprise, shock to Steve Powell’s arrest
    By Brooke Adams and Janelle Stecklein
    The Salt Lake Tribune ~ First published Sep 23 2011 09:50PM
    Meanwhile, their father, Josh Powell, stood in the driveway with his sister, Alina. For nearly a half-hour after investigators left, the two remained there, with Josh Powell visibly angry and upset as he repeatedly kicked a van parked in their driveway.
    End of Quote

  14. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie: Yep, I caught that look. Well deserved, I might add.

    That is such a good link. There are a whole lot of other videos that play one after the other, all about this case.

    Thanks so much!

  15. Ecossie~~I caught that wide-eyed look on the lady interviewers face. That Steven Powell is a nut. I am more inclined to look at him as a person of interest moreso than his son, Josh.

    A search warrant is not an easy thing to obtain so LE had to have found something on Steven to search his home and find the porn and evidence of voyeurism.

  16. Sherry says:

    Here is the latest news~

    {sorry~ I was going to c&p from the article but I losti t! Her dad has stuff to say about Steven Powell’s arrest}

  17. Sherry says:

    Well, darneitall! LOL!

    I forgot to say what I thought of the case~

    I do believe that Susan caught Steven up to no good. I do believe that he killed her and that Josh helped cover up the crime. moo~

  18. margaret says:

    Nan11 and Snoops, this is such a sad case. Susan’s bright smile, gives me the feeling that she was a sweet , caring , funloving, hard working person. I get just the opposite about Josh. He acts like he can’t have two thoughts at the same time. He gives me the impression of a lazy,constant complaining poor little me , who has to ask Daddy if he can go to bathroom. It sounds as though daddy was the root of all his problems. Poor Susan must have spent many an unhappy day because of that old man. I hope they let Susan’s parents have the boys soon. They are probably so confused right now. Was it ever determined where Josh went in the rental car? I believe that car has something to do with what he did with body. I believe his dad was in on it from the start and helped Josh do away with body. They need to check and see if the dad made any trips at that time. They were not quite as smart as they thought, because they started this action by threatening to publish diaries. Kharma in action!!!

  19. Here is a song written by Steve Powell Blaze said…
    Words and music by Steve Chantrey (Powell)

    You’re pretty as a little doll
    And I would like to play with all
    The things that make a little doll so nice.
    And you could dance and you could sing,
    And you could do most anything,
    And I could taste your sugar and your spice.

    Mi muñequita,
    My beautiful doll.
    Mi muñequita,
    Es fundamentál
    Que eres todo lo que necesito
    Para hacerme tan completo.
    You are my little doll, mi muñequita.

    I’d like to hold you close to me
    And that’s how it’s supposed to be:
    I’d pick you up and hold you to my heart.
    My little doll will be my friend,
    I hope it’s more than just pretend,
    And you and I will never be apart.

    Mi muñequita,
    My beautiful doll.
    Mi muñequita,
    Es fundamentál
    Que eres todo lo que necesito
    Para hacerme tan completo.
    Eres mi carina, mi muñequita.

    And we could find a little place,
    A doll house with a little space
    To have some little dolls like you and me.
    And we’d be together night and day
    With lots of time to laugh and play.
    And that’s how we would live so happily.

    Mi muñequita,
    My beautiful doll.
    Mi muñequita,
    Es fundamentál
    Que eres todo lo que necesito
    Para hacerme tan completo.
    Eres mi corazón, mi muñequita.

    Sat Sep 24, 03:15:00 PM EDT

  20. Sherry says:

    So glad that the words of that song are posted and not Steven Powell singing it-that is so gross…

    Reading comments on one of the news articles it seems that most people are thinking that Steven Powell is the one responsible for Susan’s disappearance and that Josh was his puppet.

  21. Sherry~ ~ I am also looking at Steven. I think he convinced Josh that Susan was trying to cheat on him and was making sexual advances towards him. I can hear Steven now, “take the boys away for a couple days son and dad will take care of Susan. You will be rid of her once and for all.”

    I found this interesting at the link you posted….

    But there were hints. Cox said eight years ago his daughter had some kind of troubling encounter with her father-in-law.

    He recalled that Susan was very upset one day after Steve Powell dropped her off at their home, telling her parents only that Steve had done something to make her very uncomfortable. At the time, Susan and Josh were staying with his father.

    Cox said he and his wife, Judy, encouraged Susan to call the police but she refused.

    “She was always uncomfortable around him,” Cox said, and shortly afterward Susan and Josh moved to Utah for a new job, a fresh start and “to get away from Steve

  22. Margaret~~there are some sick people in this world and Steven Powell is a good example. He is a sexual pervert.

    Does anyone know where Steven’s wife is? And does Josh Powell have a job in Washington and what did he work at in Utah?

  23. Ecossie~~the words to that song were written by a pedofile. Steven is one sick SOB and I hope he cannot raise that $200,000 cash bail. He would be a danger out on the loose. If he does get out on bond, I hope he has to wear a monitor.

  24. Karen C. says:

    You know, when I first heard this song I can’t recall where I thought that too- forget Sonny-Boy, look at Pa! But then no one in LE seemed to view him as a POI at all, at least not so’s we could see it. Maybe Josh just scooped up the kids and drove and drove and drove all night, as his daddy “reasoned” with poor Susan (or whatever he was told)- Josh does seem incredibly easy-to-manipulate and no criminal mastermind at all.

  25. Sherry says:

    I believe you are right, Snoopy, re: your 11:14 comment above. That is what got me thinking its Steven, not Josh. The man was very creepy. Does anyone know about Josh Powell’s mother? Is she in the picture?

  26. Sherry says:

    Heehee…I didn’t finish reading the comments and i see you were asking the same about “Mrs. Steven Powell”, Snoops. Also, your scenario in the 11:14 comment had me shaking my head, “yes” as I read it.

    I remember when Steven was cutting down Judy Cox, calling her an abusive mother. I’m thinking he was an abusive father and has Josh very intimidated.

    Karen C., Hi! lol Yeah, Josh seems like a puppet not a mastermind~

  27. Sherry~~I googled and found a great site that has a lot of info and radio programs about Susan.

    I found the following…

    Josh Powell’s mother, Terrica Powell, divorced Steve Powell about 18 years ago and is living with her daughter, Jennifer Graves, in Utah. Here is a good, in-depth article from the Salt Lake Tribune giving background on the Powell family.

    Teri Powell had a good relationship with and a deep love for Susan—she was like a daughter to her, and Susan’s disappearance has filled her with grief. She has chosen to remain quiet and out of the media and we respect her privacy.

    Here is the link to the site…

  28. Sherry says:

    Thanks, Snoopy!~
    I like that its a WP blog.

  29. Take a look at this interview with Josh Powell. His eyes look like he is on drugs or he has mental issues and is just stunned. He definitely chooses his words very carefully.

  30. Sherry says:

    Here is an article and a radio interview with Susan’s dad. I got it from the site you posted above.

    Scroll down and it has a video of the interview.

    Josh sounds so flat about his wife’s disappearance. Could it be his father has told him lies and Josh is too much of a sock puppet to believe otherwise? IDK~

  31. Sherry~~I can’t believe some of the things that I am reading at that site. It seems, from what I am reading, Steven wanted Josh to share Susan with him. He said that his daughter, Jennifer Graves, estranged him because she didn’t belong to the Church of LDS.

    In a Tuesday blog entry at, Hellewell backs Graves’ claims. She recounts stories from Susan Powell about living with Steve Powell when she and her husband were newlyweds saving money. They had to convert a dining room into a bedroom, where they hung a curtain for privacy, Hellewell wrote.

    “Shortly after moving in Susan began to feel very strange around Steve Powell. She said that she felt like her father-in-law was looking at her inappropriately — and once she even caught him trying to watch her get dressed one day,” Hellewell wrote.

    “She tried to give her new father-in-law the benefit of the doubt, but the weird feelings and things continued, and one day it culminated in a very inappropriate episode where Steve Powell tried to kiss her. Susan was so creeped out, disgusted and horrified that she told Josh, ‘That’s it, we’re moving out. Now.’  ”

    The couple soon moved to Utah, Hellewell wrote, and one day a package arrived from Steve Powell containing photos of Susan’s favorite movie star, Mel Gibson.

    “Susan thought this was actually a nice gesture on the part of Steve Powell … then she saw what was sitting in the middle of the stack of pictures: several pictures of naked men,” Hellewell wrote.


  32. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here are a couple of links that I came across while following some of the links above. It sounds like she had given Josh an ultimatum of sorts. Things had to change or she was going to leave him.

    Apparently, her biggest fear was that he would get custody of the children. It sounds like her whole married life was a nightmare.

    UNCUT: Complete News Conference By Susan Cox Powell Family ~ Feb. 15, 2010.
    At about 5:00 minutes in:
    When we began to put those pieces together it became apparent to us that Susan endured a difficult marriage and an adversarial relationship with her husband, Joshua. Susan repeatedly stressed to her friends that she did not want to worry her parents, and as a result, she shared very little of her personal struggle with them.

    At about 5:26 minutes in:
    While Susan had initiated marriage counselling, she ended up attending most of those sessions by herself. Those who spent the most time with Susan on a day-to-day basis, report witnessing egregious acts of control on Josh’s part, including: controlling her use of the car; denying her access to the family finances, even though she brought in most of the money; repeatedly sabotaging her parenting efforts; and even governing which groceries she could buy or not buy. Many of us marvelled at Susan’s green thumb and her garden—I know that you have heard us talk about before today. It was something she was great at, but she didn’t do it—we found out—because she love to garden. She did it because she didn’t have a budget for groceries, and she was told that she needed to grow the food that her children ate.
    End of Quote

    The Salt Lake Tribune ~ Powell Case leaves family fractured
    By Melinda Rogers | Published: December 7, 2010, Updated: March 23, 2011
    Marriage on the rocks • Following Susan’s disappearance, information trickled out through friends of Susan that she planned to leave Josh if the couple’s marriage did not improve by their April anniversary. She had set up a separate bank account, arranged a place to stay if she decided to leave and had informally written a will. At a February news conference in Puyallup, Wash., Susan’s family said Josh isolated his wife by preventing her from using the family car and changing access codes to their bank account.
    End of Quote

  33. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Have you heard this about her father-in-law stealing her underwear from the laundry and keeping it locked in a cabinet in his bedroom? 😡

    Now that is when I would have said enough is enough. I would have insisted my husband stand beside me as I barged into his home and demanded my underwear back. I could have never rested another day knowing he had a peice of my personal undergarmets.

    I have no doubt that I would have ended up like Susan, but it would have been sooner rather than later.

    She was (and hopefully is) a very courageous and well-balanced woman.
    Finally – light shed on why Susan Cox Powell feared her father-in-law
    By Isabelle Zehnder ~ August 21, 2011
    Last fall Sandy [Crain-Anderson] said Steve boasted that he still had the pair of Susan’s very sacred Mormon Temple Garment underwear that he stole from the dirty laundry when she and Josh lived at his house at the beginning of their marriage.

    “Not only did he stash her underwear in his locked bedroom cabinet, he said he stashed her pictures, journals, and porn in there too,” Sandy said.


    “From the beginning of Josh and Susan’s marriage Steve expressed very explicit fantasies about her,” she said.
    End of Quote

    Here is a link to a short video of a few of Susan’s friends reiterating some of the things she had told them: This man, and possibly his son, are worse than Drew Peterson–and that, in my opinion, takes some doing.
    Susan Powell Friends Disagree With Allegations That She Ran Off

  34. Nan11~~I never knew that things were that bad for Susan. It looks like Steven is another Warren Jeffs. How come Josh is okay with his father doing all those things like stealing Susan’s underwear? What a sick perverted two people.

    I would like to know Steven’s whereabouts around the time Susan went missing. I don’t know how far Steven lived from Susan as in how far is Utah from Washington? Apparently Susan was killed ( stain on the floor) and Josh drove miles with those two little boys to get rid of her body but who killed her, Steven or Josh?

  35. I also wouldn’t doubt that Steven took pictures if he tried to force himself on Susan or maybe Josh held the camera. I have a feeling that LE found something incriminating when they confiscated all the things from Steven’s house.

  36. Sherry says:

    Here is the forum I belong to about Susan.

    I doubt there is anything new there, though, that isn’t found on that Facebook site.

    It was quite a sick marriage. Going back over this case from the beginning is like seeing through fresh eyes. Putting it all together as opposed to it having trickled in over the last two years does that. I’m thinking that Steven was quite obsessed with Susan and killed her when he couldn’t get his way with her. Perhaps Susan threatened to call police on him.

    Another thought is that she may have had it with Josh and that night told him she was getting a divorce from him. She feared that Josh would get the kids and he probably feared she would get them. Or maybe he’s a Felon Anthony and rages at the least provacation.

    I do hope they find her body and arrest the one(s) responsible so justice and closure can come for the Cox family and friends.

  37. Sherry says:

    Another scenario: Josh may have told his father that Susan was going to divorce him if things didn’t get better. That enraged Steven because of his obsession over her and he went to the house to confront her about leaving him. Dangit! He is one sick puppy and he is involved in some way, imo.

  38. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just looked all over for a link to support this, but I can’t find one. IIRC, the mileage on his van that night show over 800 miles, (I’m not even sure how they could know this); and this didn’t make any sense when they calculated the round-trip distance to the camp ground he said he had stayed at. (Washington and Utah are quite a distance apart.)

    Recently, there was speculation that his father may have met him somewhere that night. Still, something had to have happened in that home in order for the wet spot and the two fans to be running.

    I, too, would love to know the father-in-laws whereabouts that night, or even what time he showed up for work the next day.

    Here is an old link to a comment made by Kiirsi Hellewell (who is going to be a guest on WebSleuth’s radio tonight). She apparently was the first person to contact Josh with the information that people were worried about them.
    West Valley woman missing
    Monday afternoon at three, she spoke with Josh by phone.
    She said he was driving around with the kids.
    Hellewell told him about Susan and that he needed to come home.
    According to Hellewell it took him two hours to get home.
    End of Quote

    And here is a link to a “timeline”:
    Susan Cox Powell: Detailed timeline of days surrounding Susan’s disappearance
    Isabelle Zehnder, Seattle Headlines Examiner | March 9, 2010

  39. Nan11~~what time is the Websleuth blog radio tonight? TIA

  40. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Below is a link for WebSleuth radio. I will check back in to make sure it is correct, once it get closer to show time.

    Here is a quote from Tricia regarding show time:





    End of Quote

    WebSleuths Radio Online ~ Blog Talk Radio

  41. Thanks, Nan11. I am looking forward to listening about Susan since I am more familar with the case.

  42. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Sorry about posting that all in caps–I was in a hurry to get over to Simon’s and I wasn’t thinking right.

  43. Sherry says:

    It seems that Mr. Powell wanted to make a connection to Steven Koecher mislead the police. There’s no connection made by the Koecher family though. I’m reading the pdf that is linked to in the above link. Interesting in light of his arrest.

    Here is a news article on the missing man that was written up in Jan. 2010:

  44. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is the correct link to Websleuths radio show. It begins is about fifteen minutes. (The link in my comment of 5:00 pm might get you there, but this one should take you there with one click.)

  45. I am on my way to blog radio….thank you..

  46. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Thanks for those links. In a way, I wish Susan could have taken her boys and run off with him.

    His story is puzzling, too. I hope he is out there somewhere–alive and well.

  47. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Gosh, I thought that was a good show–especially the part on Susan Powell. My favorite guest was Kiirsi Hellewell.

    I thought she offered some great insight.

  48. Nan11~ ~I am glad that I listened to the blog radio. My God, I wonder if Josh was poisoning Susan and she finally succumbed to whatever he may have put in the pancakes. Why would he just start trying to cook? Josh treated Susan like a second class citizen. I could say a lot more about why he treated her that way but I would rather not bring religion into it. There is good and bad in some religions as there is in professions.

    PS~Websleuths makes me feel right at home and that is plus too!

  49. Sherry says:

    This is Levi’s BTR link:

    They are airing now with Pat Brown on Susan Powell-it just started

  50. Thanks, Sherry. I am listening to it now.

  51. nan11 says:

    Snoop: The timing of it all and everything, I thought it was very plausible.

    Sherry: Oh my! I’m a Pat Brown fan. If I can’t listen to it all tonight, I’ll definitely catch it tomorrow. Thanks for mentioning it.

  52. Sherry says:

    My mistake-Levi’s Show is not live but its rerun is up now. I’m glad I left the link, then, nan11!
    And thank you for the WS link-that was a very good show and I’m going to relisten to it after Levi’s show.

    Snoops, Tina Church is a guest on Levi’s Show when he covers Haleigh’s case. LOL That’s how I know that she whines about Cobra harassing her.

  53. Sherry says:

    I recognize that both Susan and Koecher would not break any laws by absconding, if both did so willingly, and may not be guilty of any infractions. And they can certainly stay where they are if found. That having been said, it is possible that Susan only wanted this disappearance to continue for a short time, and that ultimately Steven Koecher abducted her, and is holding her against her will, or that she is being subjected to human slavery/prostitution. It is also possible that they have broken laws by creating and continuing a scenario that suggests Susan’s husband is responsible for her disappearance.

    I found this part of Steven Powell’s report to be interseting in light of the speculation that she was sold into human slavery/trafficking.

  54. Sherry says:

    In other words, did he get that speculation going in order to make the investigators look away from him/Josh? 😕

  55. Sherry~~I think the disease we went through for three years is catching. Steven Koecher is the Nanny. Steven Powell is trying to create scenarios to protect Josh and himself. I hate to make comparisons but think of Steven Powell as another Cindy Anthony. Both Steven and Josh just finished doing the media tour just prior to Steven being arrested.

    Josh Powell is not all there. How can a young married man allow his own father to put the moves on his wife? Steven Powell has probably brain washed Josh since his childhood. It is a shame that Josh never went with his mother when they split up. I think Daddy Powell wanted Josh to share Susan sexually. Daddy Powell gets his jollies from voyeurism. It is like an arsonist setting a fire and then sitting back and watching it burn while he masturbates. Sorry to be so graphic but we are all adults in here and open minded.

    I think Josh was trying to convince Susan to have sex with his father and when she resisted, he killed her. Daddy Powell was so obsessed with Susan that he would rather see her dead than imagine her with another man. I think he helped Josh despose of Susan in some very remote area where she will never be found. JMO

  56. nan11 says:

    Sherry: I think that’s what he did, or tried to do. I don’t think he ever had much luck with his ‘theory’.

    In light of all the recent allegations, it almost like a taunt or a sick joke. I can imagine him and his father enjoying themselves as they tell those kind of lies.

  57. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Earlier when I mentioned about the unusual mileage Josh put on their van, I was wrong. On Levi’s radio show there was some discussion on this, and it was actually a rent-a-car that he rented two days after Susan disappeared.

    I Googled it and came up with this old link. I’m sure at some point that they did release the actual number of miles, but at least this gives more information that what I had before:

    Josh Powell puts “several hundred” miles on rental car
    Reported by: Brent Hunsaker | Updated: 12/23/2009 8:06 am
    After his van was taken by police under a search warrant, Powell rented a car at the Salt Lake Airport for the day. West Valley Police Captain Tom McLachlan said, “We do know a car was rented in his name and several hundred miles were put on it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any GPS data. The company that rented the car doesn’t store that data.”
    Peterson also observed that Powell’s hands were badly wind burned — to the point where he thought they might have frost bite.
    End of Quote

    It’s hard to factor in this second trip. Could he have been afraid the oldest boy would be able to tell someone where his mother was–so he went back and moved her? He had to have been doing something outdoors in order for his hands to appear in that condition.

    This was rather bold as well–how could he be sure law enforcement weren’t watching his every move. (I wish!)

  58. Sherry says:

    Snoops, I was thinking the same thing as you while reading that Susan/Keocher connection pdf. he sounded just like Cindy Anthony. As I was reading it I think I saw how he was projecting on others his own or Josh’s faults. I read carefully wondering if he would slip up and “say” what happened to Susan via Koecher, his “perp”.

    This definately was an abused wife situation with the FIL deeply involved. Well, Steven was sure doing the digging into Susan and her family’s affairs as well as Keocher, too. All to put together an elaborate scenario-and it wasn’t his business to do in the first place-hoping the investigators would be impressed by his investigating. I imagine that was one big red flag to them. The first one anyhow.

  59. Asked why he took his two young children out after midnight in freezing temps camping.Josh said anyone who knows me Knows I have trouble keeping track of time.The dark wouldnt be a clue?Two comatose children ?The lack of any traffic on the street.Oh I know Ive lost track of time my wife is iLL IN bed what an ideal time for camping.Not in the backyard but deep in the desert hundreds of miles from saftey smores taste better in the wilderness.If this is the most plausable alibi Josh could conjure up.Time is not the only thing he has trouble keeping track of throw reality an a wife in there as well.

  60. Snoops,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It is like an arsonist setting a fire and then sitting back and watching it burn while he masturbates. Sorry to be so graphic but we are all adults in here and open minded………………..tALKING ABOUT HOTRODS………………


  61. Sherry says:

    Longtime friend of Steven Powell speaks about Steven’s obsession with porn and Susan:

  62. margaret says:

    It is so sad thinking about the life this poor woman lived. I can’t understand why she did not take her boys and leave.Josh must have done a number on her mind to keep her there. I heard on Wesleuths last night that Steven had two daughters. The oldest went with mother when thy divorced, but the youngest did not, even though mother tried through court to get her. I would like to know what that daughter has to say about Susan and her dads actions.I wish there could be a good outcome , Susan found and reunited with her children, free of Josh and Steve. I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen. I wonder if Steve rented or borrowed a vehicle that night. josh could have taken the boys camping as a reason to allow his dad to come in and kill Susan and do away with her body and the boys wouldn’t see or hear anything. All josh had to do was be his usual dumb self. The neighbor that ate dinner with them said josh was being very loving toward Susan that night. He knew she was going to be killed and he was making himself look good. I hope things get bad for josh , now that he doesn’t have his dad as his backbone, and he will slip up and talk. Those poor little boys have to be so confused. I hope they hurry thigs along to get them to grandparents……………….Thank you all for links.

  63. Sherry~~I just read the article at the link you provided. I am still shaking my head and trying to figure this Steven Powell out. Not only is he obsessed with Susan, he wants the world to know about it. I am not sure what he is trying to prove. Then he is fascinated with porn and voyeurism. The man sounds like a sex cocktail. He can’t seem to make up his mind what his preferences are. I am beginning to wonder if he is trying to take the focus off Josh ( who may have murdered Susan) or the man is just plain nuts. I hope LE can keep him in jail so maybe Josh will crack. Josh acts like he has been brain washed. I hope and pray that there will be a break in this case and it doesn’t end up remaining a mystery for years down the road.

  64. nan11 says:

    Snoop: That’s about where I’m at, too–just praying for a miracle. So much time has passed that I wonder if they would even be able to charge anyone if they found remains.

    After reading though the links from Sherry in her comment at 7:21 pm on the 25th, I wonder if some “Joe the clown” lawyer would be able to spin a defense with that Steven Koecher business that would stick in the minds of a jury.

    As I type that, though, I realize it sounds so negative. I’m right there with everyone else wishing she could home alive and well; and be with her sons and her Mom and Dad and family again.

    If anyone can stand to watch her, I think JVM is going to do a little piece on Susan.

  65. Sherry says:

    margaret, I’d love to hear what all of Josh’s siblings think-he has another brother (or two-I can’t remember). I think the daughter who stayed with her dad wanted to be with him. I can just imagine the family atmosphere in that home-all of the siblings at each other’s throats one minute and together the next because they take sides with one of the parents. I can picture Steven Powell causing the kids to chose and berating their mother to them. I lived in such an environment.

    Josh seems void of emotion, Snoops. He has a flat effect and it may be because of his father’s treatment of him growing up. I wonder if he is the baby of the family? It seems like he wants to do what pleases his dad. I picture his father spoiling him one minute and berating him the next.

    Its kind of disturbing to know that the police lost the information Anderson had sent them in the beginning of the investigation and that an online article reminded them that she had information they needed. Another botched police investigation. They should have kept their eye on Josh when he rented that car, too.

  66. Sherry says:

    From the Reality Chatter link in an above comment:
    Time line
    • Dec. 6 – The last time anyone saw Susan Powell
    • Dec. 7 – The day Susan Powell was reported missing
    • Dec. 9 – Police call disappearance of Susan Powell suspicious
    • Dec. 12 – Family of missing woman’s husband speaks
    • Dec. 16 – Josh Powell named person of interest
    • Dec. 17 – 2nd search warrant served at Powell home
    • Dec. 20 – Josh Powell attends Wash. vigil
    • Jan. 3 – Friends of missing Utah mom launch Web media blitz
    • Jan. 4 – Social media blitz kick off
    • Jan. 9 – Josh Powell packs up West Valley City house
    • Jan. 27 – Family, friends put up ribbon display at Powell WVC home

  67. Sherry says:

    Oops…there are links to go with that timeline. Here is the page that the timeline is on:
    Just scroll down a bit and you will see it. The links lead you to news videos.

  68. Sherry~~thanks for the posting the timeline info and link. I never realized that so much had been written about this case. I was so busy keeping up with the turnip that the world was passing me by. I still have a lot of reading to do. I copied the following as it is a glimpse of what Susan was like.

    Friends of Susan told me that she loved to do acts of kindness to help others. Susan worked 4 – 10 hour days and had off Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s to spend with her children. On those days, she would often visit a close friend in a wheelchair, and give her a pedicure, she would bake bread for others, or pick a pumpkin from her garden and make someone a pie. She was always giving and doing for those around her. Over the Christmas holiday, Susan’s friends asked the public to do acts of kindness for others, and many responded with the things they were inspired to do. Some gave families a Christmas, other volunteered at homeless shelters, and in many cases there were multiple days of kindness, not just one.

  69. Sherry says:

    Wow. I just got done reading that myself-what a lady. It makes me glad that Josh didn’t keep her from her friends like alot of controllers do.

    Here is a news clip from the beginning of the investigation that shows JoVonna Owings, the one who ate a late brunch with the Powells on the last day Susan was seen:

    She is the one talking as the ladies are cutting up purple ribbons.

  70. Sherry~ ~ re-Its kind of disturbing to know that the police lost the information Anderson had sent them in the beginning of the investigation and that an online article reminded them that she had information they needed. Another botched police investigation. They should have kept their eye on Josh when he rented that car, too.

    I was wondering why it took LE ten months to get back to Anderson. I wish polygraphs were mandatory. I am trying to figure a few things out and maybe someone can help me.

    Josh took the boys and went on a camping trip, leaving at 12am on Dec 6th. Josh rents a car and drives miles and miles. Are these two separate incidents?

  71. Sherry says:

    Yes, those are two seperate incidents. When Josh showed up on the next day, the police took his van. The next day he rented the car and put 2oo miles on it. On the one hand, the police suspected Josh and took the van in for testing but on the other hand they didn’t expect Josh would rent a car and put that many miles on it. Nobody knows where he went to put on that many miles.

  72. Sherry says:

    Sorry. Josh showed up in the late afternoon of the day that Susan was reported missing. That very day the van was taken by LE.

  73. Sherry says:

    Again, sorry~
    It was at 12:30 am on December 7th that Josh took the kids for a midnight camping excursion.

  74. Sherry~~something crazy just crossed my mind. If Steven Powell was so obsessed with Susan, he would not want to see her dead. Is there any possibility that Steven has her stashed somewhere for his own sexual pleasures and maybe with Josh’s blessings. Another thing, maybe Steven abducted Susan and then tried to make out to Josh that she ran away with another man. I think it would be easy to convince Josh of just about anything. Now that Steven is locked up, Susan may be locked somewhere. Look at that man who had his daughter locked in the basement all those years and his wife didn’t have a clue. The wife even took care of the offspring of the father and daughter relationship or at least a couple of them.

    I am beginning to sound like Leonard Padilla…..LOL

  75. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Your theory that Susan may still be alive is very viable, and one that has been bantered about. (So it’s much more sensible than anything Padilla would come up with, moo.)

    The only thing that makes me doubt it is that stain on the carpet–and also on WebSleuths radio last night Susan’s friend said that law enforcement had removed a ‘cutting’ on the back of the love seat, iirc.

    Still, it’s hard to say what that was. Something happened there, but it doesn’t have to have been death.

    Another interesting thing that fits in well with your theory is that Josh took her clothes with him when he moved to Washington. I would bet that if his father has her stashed somewhere, Josh does know where.

  76. Sherry says:

    LOL,nan11! I have to agree with your comment about the viability of Susan still being alive. I have thought of that since finding out about Steven’s obsession. Plus, reading that document that he put together connecting Keocher and Susan-he mentioned Susan may have been sold into sex slavery.

    I wonder if Josh knocked Susan out that fateful night by putting something in the food he made her, then when his dad came to the house, Josh took off with the kids so dad could abduct Susan. Just a thought~

  77. Sherry says:

    Think about it. Josh had to have guessed, if he wasn’t told, that Susan was going to divorce him. He didn’t want to lose the kids and his pervert father didn’t want to lose Susan. Josh didn’t love her anymore (I wonder if he was ever capable of that).

  78. One drawback in my theory- Now that Steven is in jail, he would never want to see Susan starve to death if he had her captive somewhere and she could not escape. I wonder if Josh is visiting his father in jail.

    Susan must have been the bread winner in their household and that is why Josh packed up and moved in with daddy. From what Susan’s friends said, Josh wouldn’t even let her spend the money she earned. I cannot understand how the poor girl tolerated Josh for so long. Can a person love someone that much? I think Susan took all the abuse and tried to make a go of it for the children’s sake. I hope Josh is the biological father of those boys!!

  79. Sherry says:

    Perhaps Josh knows where Susan is being held. I’m relistening to WS BTR Show and just heard that Kiirsi wanted to take her clothes and store them but Josh said No, he might need them.

  80. Sherry says:

    Remember, too, that Josh asked his father for the pancake recipe. Kiirsi also said that Josh was talking to his dad more and more just prior to her disappearance and then he’d treat her like crap after getting off the phone with him. They could have planned her abduction.

  81. Sherry says:

    Susan told Josh that his dad wanted her for himself. Gee, Snoops, the more I hear tghe more i think you have come up with a very good theory.

  82. Sherry says:

    Kiirsi just said one of her theories was that Steven kidnapped Susan. Another thing she said was that Susan had been sick for three weeks before her disappearance. I can’t believe i missed this much from the first time I listened to the show.

  83. Sherry says:

    Here is a comment that I left at my forum~

    Going back over all of this information, some of which I just breezed through the first time, I’m beginning to believe that Susan is alive. I read the document that Steven Powell put together connecting the disappearance of Steve Keocher with Susan and he makes mention that Susan may have been sold into the sex trade and is a sex slave. According to a former friend of Steven’s, he has an addiction to pornography and an obsession that hasn’t abated for Susan. The more I read at the more I believe he was using that site to torment Susan-the update of the kids he would probably let her see along with his beratings of Susan’s friends and family in this horrible situation. It would keep her broken and submissive. I wonder if Josh had been poisoning Susan because she was sick for three weeks before her disappearance. Josh was very loving toward Susan that last day she was seen alive. He had told the friend that stayed for the brunch that Susan might not be available later for when she wanted to return the untangled yarn they were working on. He prepared the late brunch one plate at a time. maybe he put something in her pancakes (of which he called his father for the recipe-huh?) to knock her out. Once she was knocked out his father kidnapped her while Josh was on his midnight camping trip in freezing cold temps.

    Josh threw a fit when his father was arrested and the kids were taken from him. He did not want a divorce which would, most likely, mean losing his kids. Josh was talking to his father more often and for hours towards the days before Susan disappeared and he would hang up from those phone conversations angry with Susan. She tried to tell Josh that his father wanted her all to himself and that he was trying to drive a wedge between them. Josh blamed her for those unwanted advances, btw. The more I think on this the more I believe what others have been theorizing all along-that Susan was abducted by her father in law and has been kept somewhere for his deviant pleasure. I hope she is found quickly now-like her own father has said, he feels the answers are soon forthcoming.

  84. A custody hearing for the Powell children is underway as I type. Josh is representing himself.

  85. Sherry says:

    Here is a video from March 2010 that talks of Josh’s love for crime shows and a possibility that Susan’s body may have been put in an old mine shaft.

  86. Sherry~~thanks for those links. I am glad the Cox’s got temporary custody. This is one complicated case. Steven got fired from his job on the day he got arrested. I have no idea if Josh has a job in Washington or he was a stay at home father. They mentioned Steve’s house would go into foreclosure. Thank God those kids are out of that house.

  87. Oh my gosh, who does this sound like?

    “I did not harm her, I did not have anything to do with her disappearance,” Josh said at today’s court hearing. “I love my wife. I have looked for her in my own private way.”

    Josh Powell Investigated on Child Porn Charges

  88. Sherry says:

    Snoops, you were asking about the carpet, I believe? Well, here is a snippet of what was said about it by Steven Powell:
    As for the wet spot police found on the carpet of Josh and Susan Powell’s home the day after her disappearance, Steve Powell said his daughter-in-law had decided to clean the carpets. There was a red spot on the carpet underneath the couch, he said.
    “It was probably juice or something,” Steve Powell said.

    I find it interesting that he would know when its been said that what the LE discovered re: the carpet/sofa hasn’t yet been released by the time of this interview a year ago. Also notice that he talks of a “red” spot.

  89. Sherry~~I am not sure that I agree with seamusoriley and the statement analysis. He embellishes a little too much for me on this case.

    If Susan ran off with another man, which I do not believe, why did she leave her purse and cell phone at home? Why the heck would she be worried about juice on the carpet? Red juice? Sound like more of Steven Powell taunting the Cox’s and the public. He is a sadist.

  90. cali patti says:

    So good to read the Cox’s have their grandsons with them now. Steve & Josh are loose cannons that LE will cage them for a very long time when they gather all the information.
    I think it was Snoop that mentioned she felt Steve Powell was in on it or he did away with Susan himself. I agree. Josh does not impress me as smart enough to do it alone.

  91. It is approximately 872 miles from the State of Washington to the State of Utah.

  92. The Powell children are staying with the Cox’s tonight and the judge will decide tomorrow if they can have permanent custody. Here is a video of the court proceedings today. You can hear Josh and the attorney who is representing the Cox. Josh started to break down when the said ..”the way they…” and then seemed to stop before he said left …??

  93. Sherry says:

    Snoopy, I like both Dr. Glass and Peter Hyatt but I think their analysis is a bunch of hooey most of the time. I can see other things in the statements made by Josh and Steven Powell that tells me Susan is alive. I just happened to have had his post up when I read that remark, and not the original news article to reference to. :mrgreen:

    After reading the articles on that site,, I agree, Steven Powell is a sadist. That’s why I surmised he was using that site to break Susan, assuming she’s alive.

  94. Sherry says:

    Another thing about running off with another man-why wouldn’t there be a suitcase and clothes missing, too?

    I noticed in the article you linked to that Josh Powell said his father would not be posting bail because he would not be returning home. I wonder when he said this and if it was said to up his chances of getting his kids. I didn’t see any video on it. :sad lol:

  95. Here is a tidbit that I ran across at Wikipedia….


    The USA FBI assert that some individuals who engage in “nuisance” offenses (such as voyeurism) may also have a propensity for violence based on behaviors of serious sex offenders.[17] An FBI researcher has suggested that voyeurs are likely to demonstrate some characteristics that are common, but not universal, among serious sexual offenders who invest considerable time and effort in the capturing of a victim (or image of a victim); careful, methodical planning devoted to the selection and preparation of equipment; and often meticulous attention to detail.[18]

    Steven Powell seemed to have ‘meticulous attention’ when he mapped out all the details of how and why Susan left and that was eventually sent to the police.

  96. Listen to Attorney Anne Bremner talk about the Powell case. I think you will find what she has to say very interesting.

  97. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Given that we’ve now been told that Josh is a subject of the same ‘perv’ investigation as his father; and that the child custody hearing was originally scheduled for Wednesday (today) but was suddenly moved to Tuesday (yesterday)–with more to come today–I wonder if something else might be ‘in the wind’. Perhaps another arrest.

    I suppose this sounds a bit silly, but I pray that they have checked the Powell house for secret rooms. I don’t know if it has a basement; however, I do know that you can break your basement wall and hand dig a private room without much effort or expense. Just saying’.

    Another thing–after watching how upset he was in court, it’s not hard to see what his reaction might have been if Susan had mentioned that she was thinking about making another visit to the divorce lawyer.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, indeed. I’m so glad that the boys are with Mr. and Mrs. Cox.

    I hope this doesn’t turn into another case like the Cummings case, where they get everybody and his dog locked up but there is still no resolution.

    Thanks for all the links, Snoop (and Sherry). This is a great thread.

  98. kas says:

    mainstreamfair: You lack two main criteria to sound like Leonard Padilla: 1) Your theory, while perhaps not entirely correct, does not from the outset have holes you could drive a truck through. 2) You have not accused the Police of breaking the Law themselves (Daisy Chains are key, mainstreamfair!!!).

    But I think you (and everyone) are correct that Stephen is smack dab in the middle of whatever happened here. One positive note seems to be, judging from what Bremner and others have said, LE has had an eye on Stephen for quite a while, even if we are just getting to know him (lucky us).

    Josh Powell seems to have some bizarre sort of Arrested Development. He acts like a boy, not a man. The tantrums (kicking the van), the “confronting” Chuck Cox–which very quickly turned into Daddy confronting Chuck Cox in the Parking Lot, the perpetual whine-speak. He’s positively childlike in a very disturbing way.

  99. Kas~~LOL, I don’t have a toothpick stuck in my mouth either. I agree that the connection between Josh and his father is strange. Josh does act very juvenile for a man, I believe around 34 yrs old. I would like to know Steven’s whereabouts at the time Susan went missing. It is 872 miles approximately, from Utah to Washington. Did Steven report into work on those couple of days? Surely LE has checked this out.

    Susan goes missing. Josh takes the boys on that camping trip in freezing temps, leaving at midnight. Then we have that wet stain on the carpet left with fans drying it. The carpet must have been really soaked as when you shampoo a carpet, normally, you do not need fans to dry it. Susan’s purse and cell phone are still at the house. We have Josh deciding to cook pancakes for the family and asking his father how to make them. This was out of the ordinary for him to cook. Pancakes are made and then dished up to the family individually. Susan tells her friends that she has not been feeling good for the past couple of weeks. Josh is speaking to his father more frequently in the days leading up to Susan’s disappearance. When Josh gets off the phone, he is nasty with Susan. This indicates that Steven is telling Josh some pretty bad things about Susan.

    When you take all those things into consideration, it looks like Susan may have lost her life before Josh went camping. Possibly she was in the van, deceased, when he left on that trip. Josh may have told Susan that he wanted to share her with his father. This would freak Susan out and an altercation ensued that got totally out of control. Josh appears to be very emotionally unbalanced and his father seems to have some psychological hold on him. Josh must obey his father, Susan refuses to have sex with Steven and ends up on the livingroom floor, dead.

    This is how I picture things going down. I am probably way out in left field. I hope we get a break in this case once LE reviews all those porn videos and pics they seized from Steven’s house.

    The other scenario is that Susan was abducted by Steven with Josh’s blessing on the night he went camping. This is why I wonder if Steven has an alibi for that time frame.

  100. cali patti says:

    I am so pleased the Cox’s have the boys. That seemed logical and important. I assume LE saw the strangeness in Steven & Josh from the start. By Steven Powell’s wierd and offensive remarks toward Susan, I think, opened the doors for LE to pursue Steven. I also believe it will take time but charges will be brought against Josh. Steven it appears will be behind bars for many years to come.
    Thank you LE for that. I dont think the outcome for Susan looks very promising but now her boys are safe and Susans parents have a future with the boys.
    Had the boys stayed much longer with Steve and/or Josh the same wierdness might have been passed on. Now they can have a somewhat normal upbringing. Susans parents seem to be a strong caring couple.

  101. Sherry says:

    Chuck Cox, father of a missing Puyallup woman, talks to 97.3 KIRO FM’s Dori Monson Show. Sept. 2, 2011

    He starts from the beginning of this nightmare for the family and friends of Susan’s.

  102. Sherry says:

    Here is Part Two~

    I had to search for it so i figured I’d make it easier for anyone wanting to hear the whole interview (if there’s a part three I won’t post it).

  103. nan11 says:

    Sherry: That appears to be all of it. 🙂

    Thanks for posting it. I had never heard it; so I took a little break from Conrad Murray’s trial and listened to it.

    I find Mr. Cox one of the most innately decent people I’ve ever heard. I remember I heard him do an interview right after the first candlelight vigil–Josh had shown up late with the boys but he wouldn’t even let Mr. and Mrs. Cox hold them.

    You could tell this deeply hurt him, but he still spoke decently about Susan’s husband. We can see now that he most certainly didn’t deserve it.

  104. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just quoted a little bit of the article to show how nasty Mr. Josh Powell really is. He would rather a foster family have custody of his children than Mr. and Mrs. Cox. I think this hearing was live (or maybe still is). My ‘puter won’t play it but it’s either still going on or it just finished.

    Josh Powell Loses Custody Of Children, For Now
    Updated: 3:27 pm PDT September 28, 2011
    Josh Powell says his wife’s parents have been saying negative things about him in media and on blogs and suggested his children should stay with a foster family.
    End of Quote

  105. The children have information the Grandparents will be able to coax from them.Thats why Josh doesnt want them to have custoday…………….

  106. Ecossie~~the g/parents may ask the boys if mommy went on that camping trip with them. One of them was four at the time so maybe they do remember something like….”mommy fell asleep and we couldn’t wake her up.”

  107. So Josh liked to take pictures of legs…. does that surprise anyone?

    Long also said Josh Powell admitted to CPS workers that he has taken photos of people’s legs without knowledge and that some of his father’s information may be on his computer.

    Josh Powell countered in court that he did not go through his father’s personal belongings and also said his career as a software developer has no link at all to his father’s crimes. Most of the 15 computers were old and in disuse, he said.

    Read more here….

  108. There is an interesting video of Steven Powell at this link… Investigators describe some of the things they found on Powell’s computers.

  109. The Cox’s have temporary custody of the boys for several weeks. The things that are coming out about the Powells…look at this…

    John Long, who is representing the Washington state Children’s Administration, made additional arguments Wednesday about why the children should not be living in the home with Josh and Steven Powell. He said Josh’s mentally disabled brother has answered the door in the nude in the past and is often nude inside the home.

    Read more shocking revelations here….

  110. This video shows Josh at the custody hearing today and it also shows his sister, Jennifer Graves who estanged herself from her father and moved to Utah. Josh is to undergo a psychological evaluation!! He get supervised visits with his boys for 3 hours on Sundays.

  111. Sherry says:

    Wow. I pray that the grandparents will be able to keep the boys now. 😯

    I see there’s an article talking about Steven Powelll’s divorce being because of pornography:

  112. Sherry~~Can this get any worse? I have a feeling that Josh will be arrested soon on porn or related charges. So Steven taught his sons to view women as animals and any one could have sex with them. Josh must have had this drilled into his brain from a young age. Can you begin to imagine what Susan had to endure in that marriage? Will be ever find out what happened to Susan? I wonder if there is any evidence in Steven’s porn collection or on Josh’s computer. I hope this case does not go cold.

  113. Sherry says:

    I can’t begin to imagine what Susan went through with that kind of a FIL. I’m so hoping against hope that she is alive and that this sicko has her kept somewhere. I hope there is something in the computer files that will give a clue as to where she is. I, too, don’t want to see this case go cold. God has truly given the Cox’s the strength to endure all of this. Oh! If it were my daughter I don’t think I could hold back from going after both Powells. 😡

  114. Sherry says:

    What irks me is that Josh grew up with his father being like this and he doesn’t think there was anything wrong with him or his deviancy! He moved his boys into this environment. And he knew about his brother’s mental illness that would expose the boys to a grown man’s genitalia. Ugh! 😕

  115. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here are a couple of interesting links, (both have videos.) The first one is from an interview with the mayor and the second one is from an interview with the chief of police.

    West Valley City putting full resources into ‘red hot’ Powell investigation
    By Sandra Yi ~ September 28th, 2011 @ 6:14pm
    The mayor says federal and other law enforcement agencies have helped shoulder the cost. Private donors have also offered to foot travel costs for Powell’s attorneys, should Powell accept an open invitation to talk to the FBI.

    “So there’s no excuse in the world why he can’t be talking to authorities,” Winder said.

    Winder also said despite Josh Powell’s comments in a Washington state courtroom Tuesday, Powell has never talked with police in West Valley City or anywhere else.
    End of Quote

    West Valley police chief opens up about Susan Powell investigation
    By Pat Reavy ~ September 27th, 2011 @ 10:00pm
    “We didn’t have any leads or any evidence, and we still don’t today, that would indicate she’s still alive,” he said.
    The chief also said he is extremely concerned about Susan and Josh Powell’s two young sons, who were taken into state custody last week when their paternal grandfather, Steven Powell, was arrested.
    End of Quote

    I’m really concerned about the boys, too. Even though it is a supervised visit–Josh still gets the children for a three hour visit every Sunday. I’m going to light a candle and say extra prayers every Sunday for him to respect those children and return them safely–and on time–to Mr. and Mrs. Cox.

    Also, I’m going to pray that whoever is supervising these visits is extremely alert, capable and intelligent.


  116. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Both of the following links are from ABC4 . com. I’m not sure how accurate their reporting is, but they mention a few more details that other sources seem to overlook–whether because they consider it in bad taste or because it is unconfirmed–I don’t know.

    However, In the following write-up, the Mayor says they have “bones”, but as to whether they are ancient or not they just don’t know yet.

    They give a three month period for the results to come back. I found it interesting that they are also saying it will take three months to complete the review of the trailer full of seized items from the Powell residence.

    I don’t think the timing is a coincidence. 😉
    Susan Powell case is at a “tipping point”
    SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) ~ Updated: 2:06 am | Published: 9/28 6:50 pm
    snipped…the most resent search of the Topaz mountain area. “We have bones, we have charred clothing, we have charred wood, with what the cadaver dogs are excited about, and that we are doing DNA analysis on.”

    He says that analysis could take up to three months. “Are they ancient items? Are they relatively recent? Are they related to this case? That is what we will look to find out.
    End of Quote

    And this write-up reports not only how Mr. Josh likes to capture pictures of unsuspecting ladies’ legs but also that a poster of a “nude woman” along with a “hangman’s noose” was found in the home. Now, I read at WebSleuths that he at first denied having this picture then said it wasn’t really a hangman’s noose–just something he had used to represent a hangman’s noose. Also, he apparently faxed or offered to fax the judge a copy of this picture.

    I have no link to support those last facts, but I believe some of that information came directly from yesterday’s live coverage of the hearing. (Not positive though.)

    Anyway, to me it’s alarming anyway you look at it:
    Friends react to ruling Powell boys can’t return to Josh
    Updated: 1:51 am | Published: 9/28 5:33 pm
    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) ~ Reported by: Noah Bond
    KOMO News also reports a poster of a nude woman was found in the home along with a hangman’s noose.
    End of Quote

  117. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me again. I was Googling KOMO News hoping to find more info about the ‘hangman’s noose’ business. Well, I wasn’t successful with that topic; but I did find a link for the “Mommy owee” comment that I’ve seen mentioned the last few days (but I had no link to support).

    Sorry if article was posted before.
    Josh Powell denies porn accusations during custody hearing
    By KOMO Staff & News Services Published: Sep 27, 2011 at 12:50 PM PDT Last Updated: Sep 27, 2011 at 5:22 PM PDT
    But the Cox family also claims at least one of the children may know something about their mother’s disappearance.

    “That child was looking at a magazine, and pointed to a woman’s chest and said, ‘Mommy owee,'” said Steve Downing, an attorney representing the Cox family.

    The missing woman’s family hopes a trained counselor can help bring out the truth. The family believes Josh Powell has been keeping the children away from the Cox family primarily to keep the truth sealed.

    “And the reason is because those kids may know something,” Downing said. “And he sure as dickens doesn’t want these children talking to anybody who could identify what it is that they do know.”
    End of Quote

  118. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a short video from ABC News that gives us a little more info–and a picture–of the noose, which apparently the Powells consider ‘art’. Also, we get a glimpse of the inside of the home where the children were living. Oh, dear. 😦

    Susan Powell Case: Inside the Powell Family Home
    Sub-Heading: An exclusive look at the house where Josh Powell was raising his sons.
    ABC News Videos | 03:04 | 09/29/2011
    Quote at about 3:03 minutes in:
    “That noose police say they found–the family says it used to be an exercise rope and now it is part of an art display.”
    End of Quote

  119. Sherry says:

    The state’s attorney told the judge that during a search of the home in August, police saw a poster depicting a woman with a sword through her genitals and found a hanging noose, and that on other occasions they had arrived at the home to find Josh Powell’s brother naked when answering the door.

    This was at this link: which has the same video as nan11’spost above.

    How much more disgusting can it get?

  120. nan11 says:

    Sherry: It really is terrible, isn’t it? If I couple all we know with those sick songs Stephen(?) Powell wrote to Susan–it leaves me in a state of fear for those little boys.

    Well, I guess I’m thinking “like father, like son”–and maybe that’s not fair, but–until they know for sure, I wish there was a way that Josh couldn’t even have visitation rights with the children.

    I’m not trying to be unnecessarily mean, it’s just that all it would take is some uninformed, sympathetic chaperone to agree to give him 15 minutes alone with his sons–and he could take their lives and his own that quickly.

  121. Sherry says:

    My apprehensions are the same as yours, nan11. I think I’ll say some prayers over this visitation situation, too. Thanks so very much for the links. I’m sharing them at my forum-I hope you don’t mind~

  122. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Oh no–not at all. It pleases me to no end to think someone makes use of them. 😆

  123. Just to let you know that I checked out all the links and got caught up on reading during recess of Dr Conrad Murray trial. I never thought that I would bother following that case but think I am becoming addicted to it.

    I think Josh may eventually crack. He looks like he is in pain and ready for a nervous breakdown. I notice when he spoke in court, he chose his words so carefully. He denied allegations made against him but he did not sound very convincing.

  124. Questions~~Does Josh have another sister besides Jennifer Graves? Who takes care of the mentally challenge brother of Josh’s? Does Josh have a job in Washington? Steven Powell got fired from his job when he was charged and went off to jail. I wonder who is paying the bills and running that household.

  125. nan11 says:

    Snoop: As long as he just has a quiet nervous breakdown and doesn’t try to hurt anyone, I won’t mind at all. Maybe he would consider making a full confession while he is at it. :mrgreen:

    I think that ‘other’ trial is going to be a six-weeker. I keep tyring to convince myself that I should only watch little pieces of it, but I feel my resolve slipping.

  126. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me again–I’ll try not to make a nuisance of myself. He does have at least one other sister, besides his schizophrenic brother (who likes to answer the door naked.)

    IIRC, this sister was much younger (like 6 or 7) when Mr. & Mrs. Powell divorced. Over the years she has chosen her father.

    I don’t know how old she is or what she does for a living. JMO, but I didn’t see much of a woman’s influence in the houskeeping, iykwim.

  127. WVC Police chief says Susan Powell search nearing resolution

    In regards to Steve Powell, the chief feels strongly that once all that evidence is analyzed he could be facing even more charges and his department will finally learn what really happened to Susan Cox Powell.,0,4362818.story

  128. Nan11~~you will never make a nuisance of yourself in here. You are the one I depend on to keep things humming along. Heavy rain here too.

  129. Sherry says:

    I depend on you, too, nan11!~ 😉

    Snoopy asks:
    Questions~~Does Josh have another sister besides Jennifer Graves? Who takes care of the mentally challenge brother of Josh’s? Does Josh have a job in Washington? Steven Powell got fired from his job when he was charged and went off to jail. I wonder who is paying the bills and running that household.

    Josh’s other sister is named Alina. I’m not sure what his brother’s name is. Josh has a job working with computers-I want to say as a graphic designer. I’m sure between his job, his sister’s job and whatever his brother’s income is, he is able to keep the bills paid. I did hear that the house may go into foreclosure-wasn’t that in this thread?

  130. Sherry~~ thanks for the info. I read at one of the links that Steven’s house was going into foreclosure but that may have been a rumor. Mortgage payments have to be in default for longer than a month for a home to go into foreclosure. I wonder if this Alina is married. Strange, being a daughter, you would think she would want to go with her mother and sister. This case is another example of what can go on behind closed doors. Sometimes I feel like a peeping Tom because of my curiosity in trying to find out what makes the Powell family tick. I certainly peeked in the windows at Hopespring enough. What a dreadful eyesore that was!

  131. Sherry says:

    LOL! At least its not the illegal kind of voyeurism, Snoops!

  132. Sherry~~OMG, that was funny. I needed a good laugh but I am going to lock my doors in case someone tries to issue me a subpoena.

  133. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I do agree with the therapist in this article. My heart and prayers go out to her sons. I know Mr. & Mrs. Cox will do everything humanly possible for Susan’s children, I just pray that they are allowed to keep full custody and that the three hour visits with Daddy will be nixed (soon).

    I also pray that they will be allowed to bring the boys to the church that was so much a part of their mother’s life and part of what she wished for them.

    Write-up and video at this link:
    KSL TV ~ Therapist says Powell sons will need help coping with changes
    By Sam Penrod ~ September 29th, 2011 @ 5:55pm
    Sherman [family therapist] believes the boys are each in a stage of grief response to losing their mother and the instability of their lives, which for someone of their age is very difficult to cope with.

    “So as hard as it is for adults to cope with grief and loss and huge change and traumatic experiences and death, we at least have some understanding and some choices to make,” Sherman [family therapist] said. “Kids have very little understanding and no choices they can make.”
    End of Quote

    This is an older link for twenty pictures of Susan and her boys, (well, Josh is in a few of them). So poignant and heartbreakingly beautiful.
    48 Hours | Mystery ~ Missing Utah mother Susan Powell ~ 20 Pictures
    Author: Edecio Martinez ~ Credit: Hardman Photography/Facebook

  134. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is a video from Wednesday, that I don’t think has been posted. It contains nothing new; however, it just caught my attention because of what defense attorney, Randy Zelin, was saying about what is in the best interest of the children.

    Gosh, in my opinion, his reasons might work on pretty paper; but in the cold light of reality they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

    Fox News Video ~ New Trouble for Husband of Missing Utah Mom
    Sub-Heading: Susan Powell’s children placed with maternal grandparents after father becomes part of child pornography investigation
    Sep 28, 2011 | – 4:13
    (?) at about 1:40 minutes insnipped …”Pictures of eight year old girls in a shower, on a toilet…”

    Randy Zelin at about 2:19 minutes in: snipped …”Number One: We always look to what’s in the best interest of the children. Two: …”
    End of Quote

  135. nan11 says:

    Most of this article is a recap, but, apparently, the Cox’s can no longer comment as per Judge’s Order. ~ Police say they’ll pay for his expenses if Josh Powell will talk with FBI
    By Isabelle Zehnder, Missing Persons Examiner | September 29, 2011
    Chuck can’t talk about Susan’s case publicly at the moment. He has been granted temporary custody of Susan’s two young sons, Charlie, 6, and Braden, 4, and was ordered by the judge to refrain from making public statements about Susan, the children, or her missing person’s case.

    It’s a small price to pay, Susan’s friends say, to have the boys out of the Powell home and with their maternal grandparents.
    End of Quote

    This is just a short write-up about the ‘noose’, however, there is a big, clear picture of it.
    Photo of Powell ‘noose’; More porn allegations emerge
    By Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune | First published Sep 29 2011 08:56PM | Updated 3 hours ago
    Hangman’s noose, exercise equipment handle — or art object?
    End of Quote

  136. Here is an interesting article about CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates. They are sworn in as officers of the court to become official advocates for children. They are a volunteer group who step in to help. IIRC, someone who comments on the blogs mentioned one time that they belonged to CASA.

    This group of Advocates were looking out for Susan Powell’s kids. Read more here….

  137. nan11 says:

    Snoop: That’s an interesting article. I had never heard about CASA. I wonder if members of this group will be the ones supervising Josh’s visits. I hope they are on their toes, if so.

    Here is some old videos I came across on YouTube. It’s more shocking to watch them now.

    This is the most recent one and shows more of the disagreement between Mr. Cox and Steve Powell, but Josh makes an appearance near the end. He even has the boys with him and makes them stay in the car.
    08/21/2011: Josh and Steve Powell make asses out of themselves – Where is Susan Powell?

    This one is about the neighbour who heard the car alarm going off the night Susan went missing. The timing is very interesting–I wonder what would have happened had he knocked on their door?
    Neighbor Talks About Noise At Powell Home The Night Susan Went Missing

    And this one is mostly a short interview with Mr. Peterson who was the man who gave Josh a ride to the police station to pick-up his van. Here, he is talking about a divorce pending between Susan and Josh and he says that she gave him until the end of the year. He also speaks of their financial debt. He seems to know what he is talking about, and doesn’t seem to be a man that would make stuff like this up.
    Susan Powell Was Preparing For Possible Divorce Sources Say

  138. cali patti says:

    CASA is mostly unpaid court appointed supervisors. In many case its grannies who want to do good. In way they are the childrens voice in court. In a manner they work for the kids. I have looked into this program and have considered going thru the training. In my area spainish is a language that is needed and that leaves me out. But maybe. I am a advocate of any of you with an extra few hours to look into it in your area.

  139. margaret says:

    The last time I did jury duty, about molestation, that child had a guardian Ad litum. She was maybe 60ish, grandmother type, and she was good . She sat by the child while she was on witness stand and kept a good eye on her,, asking several times if she was ok and if she wanted to continue. At one point the little girl got really upset and she looked at judge and told him the child needed a break. The judge ordered a break for as long as the child needed to continue, so judges pay close attention to guardian. Florida has that law. This pervert was her uncle, a corrections officer. We had this guy in jury that must have come from Pinellas County, everyone voted guilty , but him.. His favorite answer was ” they didn’t prove it”. The judge made us go back and deliberate more twice. After almost 3 days of 11 to 1 the judge finally released us., I think he knew the 11 were about to kill the 1. On the perverts second trial he got guilty in 6 hours.The guardian was a blessing for that child.

  140. Here is a pic of Steven Powell’s house in a gated community….

  141. Here is a recap of how things first went down….

    On the evening of December 5, 2009, Susan went to a church dinner with her husband, and 2 small boys, ages 2 and 4. She walked to church with her children the next day, December 6, and walked home in chilly weather. No word on why she did not drive the family van.

    A female friend dropped over to help Susan crochet Christmas items for her boys. Her husband cooked pancakes and eggs for the women and his sons. At about 5pm, Sunday, Dec 6, Susan told her friend she needed to lie down to rest.

    Both Susan and her husband were due to work the next morning and the kids were due to go to child care provider, Susan’s friend.

    At that time, Susan’s spouse, told the friend that he was taking the boys sledding for a while. The friend left.

    This is the first time period people need to be aware of, the after-dark toddler sledding trip. It would be Sunday, Dec 6th, between 5pm and 8:30pm. Neighbors say they saw the family van return home around 8:30pm, that Sunday night.

    A storm came through that night and temps are reported to be 10 degrees. At around 11:45pm that night, neighbors came home and heard a car alarm go off for about 2 minutes inside the Powell garage. The Powell house was in darkness.

    It is reported that many people called the couple’s cell phones, even LE. Susan’s husband answered his cellphone for the first time between 3-4pm on Dec 7th. When he was told Susan was missing, he took 2 hours to get home.

    When police questioned Josh, he told them that he had forgotten which day it was and had taken the boys on a camping trip, leaving around 12:30am. When LE asked why it took him two hours to get home, he said he was just out driving around with the boys. Here is the van.

    Police took the van and Josh’s cellphone. Josh went out right away and brought a prepaid cellphone and rented a car. Josh put several hundred miles on the rented car between, Tuesday, Dec 8th and Wednesday, Dec 9th. No one knows where he went but it is believed he was alone. When he arrived home, his hands were wind burned and had frostbite.

  142. nan11 says:

    Snoop: That’s interesting when it’s all laid out like that.

    Concerning the sledding trip, Josh told that to Susan’s friend when she offered to return later that evening–so I wonder if he really had a sledding trip planned or something much more nefarious. It would be interesting to know if the neighbours saw the boys in the van with him when he returned at 8:30 pm, or if he was alone. If he was alone, it could indicate that Susan was still alive and with her childern; if he had the boys with him, it may be that it was already too late for Susan.

    Another point I find interesting is the car alarm going off for two minutes around 11:45 pm. I read somewhere, (just speculation, no linky), that there was only one set of keys for that van–and they were kept by Mr. Josh. Apparently, Susan often biked to work; or caught a lift to work with a neighbour. It bothers me, as I wonder if she was trying to escape in the van that night. The neighbour said the house was all in darkness.

    Another interesting point in the timeline for me is Josh’s location when another friend of Susan’s called him the next day around 3 – 4 pm. It took him two hours to get home. Now, was he driving around like he said, or was he a fair distance away and got home as fast as he could once he knew that word was out that Susan was missing, (and law enforcement had been called).

    Two things pop into my mind–he might have hoped to get home to remove the fans drying the carpet, prior to reporting Susan missing; and the second thing is the number of miles on the vehicle he rented the next day.

    Several hundred miles, we are told. That would be a return trip. It seems to me, at least, that he could have been close to where he was when he recieved the news that people were aware something was very wrong.

    And windburned and frostbitten hands–that’s doing something exacting out in the cold that requires the use of your fingers–like tying knots. Or else, forgetting your gloves at home and having to pull a sled (with a body on it?)

    Gosh, I can’t help but think that law enforcement must have a good idea of his movements; but why no Susan?

    I’m going to pray at regular intervals tomorrow for Susan’s boys to have a happy visit with Josh and then be returned safely to Mr. and Mrs. Cox.

  143. What I find strange is Susan saying she was tired and had to lie down after eating those dang pancakes. You would think that she would have waited for her friend to leave before wanting to go lie down. This indicates to me that suddenly she was overcome with fatigue. Remember her friends said that she hadn’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks. I wonder if Josh was slowly poisoning her. Old daddy Steven would know about concoctions to give Susan and apparently, he and Josh talked on the phone a lot and also about how to cook the pancakes.

    Josh probably did take the boys out sledding or told Susan’s friend that so she would leave.

    I think Susan was murdered by Josh that night. ( that would explain the stain on the carpet) He may have triggered the car alarm himself when he was in a panic to get Susan’s body in the van. He then went and got the boys out of bed and got them dressed and took off on his so-called camping trip. This is when he disposed of Susan’s body.

    I think he rented the car, went back to where Susan’s body was and burned it. When he returned his hands were all wind burned and frost bitten.

    Josh and Steven considered women to be like animals. In his own pathetic mind, he thought that he could just say that Susan ran off with another man and people would believe his story. I still blame Steven for being the mastermind in this one but Josh did the actual murder

  144. I wonder why Steven did not go to church with Susan on Dec 6th?? Eleven different cadaver dogs hit on the charred wood/bone they found and that has been sent off for analysis. Cadaver dogs don’t hit on charcoal. Now whether DNA can be extracted from that charred wood/bone is a whole different story. They also have the pieces of carpet and love seat to analyze.

    I am waiting for Josh to have a complete breakdown and confess to something. I also wonder if Susan rested on the livingroom couch or went into her bedroom to lie down. The stain was on the livingroom carpet and may have been vomit that Josh had to clean up.

  145. nan11 says:

    Snoopy said: “I still blame Steven for being the mastermind in this one but Josh did the actual murder.” Yes, I share this thought.

    I don’t think that Josh would attend church in any kind of regular way with Susan. This was something that his father was behind, imo; and Josh’s attendance at church was one of the things that Susan was hoping to have happen–if their marriage was to continue.

    A thought just popped into my mind as I re-read your last comment about the DNA and the charred wood/bone–if you were burning something in the cold, you would have to remove your gloves so they wouldn’t catch fire. Also, the heat from adding things to a fire could scorch your hands, similar to a wind burn.

    What strikes me about the wet spot, is the fans–two fans. Even when the carpet cleaners come in to shampoo my carpet, I don’t need fans to dry it. Upon occasion, the cats have managed to regurgitate something on it–again when I clean the spot, I don’t run fans. So, what did he do–pour a bucket of water on it? Also, according to Susan’s friend, there was something on the love seat as well. It’s hard not to smell a rat here. 😦

  146. nan11 says:

    Snoop: WebSleuths Radio is going to be a “potpourri of sorts”, with the main topic being Susan Powell. I don’t see how it can beat last weeks, but Tricia says she will focus on the custody case of Susan’s boys.

    Here is a link–hopefully I have it right this week, but I’ll drop in closer to air time to make sure it works.

    Also 9 pm Atlantic 😉

  147. Thanks Nan11… I am looking forward to listening. I think it comes on 9pm our time.

  148. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I clicked on your link above. That is the website started by the Powell’s and they intended to publish Susan’s teenage diary’s on it. They are disgusting.

    I do know that no one should believe anything they say on it, but the quote below caught my attention. So, was there a two-foot wide, pink ‘Koolaid’ stain under the couch and another big one somewhere else that two big fans were drying? And, I wonder if the ‘couch’ was the love seat that Susan’s friend, Kiirsi, said law enforcement had also found and removed a stain from by taking a cutting.

    •Jennifer Graves reminded Josh that Jennifer Graves was the person who found the two-foot-wide Koolaid-pink spot under his couch on the carpet and that they were forensically testing it at that very moment. It should be noted that this was fully six weeks after the West Valley City Police had seized the property to begin forensic testing. Now it is one year later, and perhaps Jennifer Graves thinks that the West Valley City Police are still working on that spot.
    End of Quote

  149. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I wasn’t expecting to find anything new on Susan, but I “Googled” her name anyway. I did come up with an article from this past Monday.

    It’s really sad and it give a lot of insight into why Josh is so worried about the boys visiting their grandparents. Obviously, there is a very close attachment there.

    Statement from Chuck Cox’s sister released in custody case
    Published: Monday, Oct. 3, 2011 2:55 p.m. MDT ~ By Pat Reavy, Deseret News
    In a statement presented to the court that was just recently made public, Pam Cox recalled an incident in March 2010 when she was at the Cox house where the two boys were visiting.
    When it was time to leave the Cox home, the boy, still sitting on Pam Cox’s lap, clutched her arm “really tight and started to cry,” she said in her statement.

    When the other boy, who had been making crafts on the kitchen table heard they were leaving, “he started scrabbling out very aggressively the pictures he made us. He then proceeded to rip them up into little pieces and cry,” according to Cox’s statement in court documents.
    End of Quote

  150. Sherry says:

    Josh Powell’s mother breaks silence in court documents
    Husband of missing woman told sons their grandparents are ‘mean,’ in-laws

  151. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Well, I’m a little surprised by that article.

    She said the home atmosphere at Josh Powell’s house has seemed “supportive and calm.” Terri Powell said Josh takes extra care in teaching the boys how different things work.
    Terri Powell divorced Steven Powell in 1992, and noted his porn habit. In court documents, Terri Powell accused Steven Powell of damaging his children’s respect for marriage.
    End of Quote

    This is either a case of a mother trying to gain brownie points with her son, or a person who has quickly forgotten what her life was like while living in that home.

    She is doing her best to care for her son; but who amongst the Powell’s is trying to care for Susan’s sons.

    I pray those children stay with the Cox’s until they are old enough to move out on their own.

  152. Nan11~~it may be that Terri got her nose put out of joint when the Cox’s got to keep the boys on a temporary basis. She never offered to. Maybe Josh is good to his boys but Steven lived in that household and, from all accounts, he would be a bad influence on them. He would show them how to use their pee pees. I would not let that man around a sick dog.

  153. nan11 says:

    Snoop: The fact that he tells Susan’s sons that their grandparents are ‘mean’, and that he is a ‘person of interest’ in their mother’s disappearance is enough to tell me that his parenting should be questioned. There are other issues, too, like the somewhat nasty things he tried to accuse Susan of doing–being highly sexual and running off with another man, for instance.

    Also, the little problem with his schizophrenic brother who likes to answer the door naked. This I’m saying with some personal experience behind me–that schizophrenic brother is most likely off his medication and could be extremely dangerous.

    Couple all this with the fact that the Powell men are very disrespectful of women, in general; and disapprove of the religion that Susan wanted to share with her sons; and I couldn’t think of a worse environment. It was so bad that Terri herself left it.

    I say shame on her. I also really believe that Josh is very volatile right now, and the responsibility of his sons could be a huge stressor.

    I’m really afraid that Susan’s body will never be found and that he will someday re-gain custody of the children. It seems to me that it would be the final disrespect for Susan–the final nightmare that she dreaded would have come true.

    It’s so sad, but I don’t see much light at the end of this tunnel.

  154. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- Just read above about your thoughts on the pancakes. I’ve thought that too- maybe poisoning and maybe the problem with the spot is that it is NOT blood but vomit with trace amounts (maybe too little to test) of some sort of poisoning agent.
    Horrid family- the Powells.

  155. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I came across this video while I was watching one on Lisa, and I thought I would link it here. It contains nothing new but it’s an interesting ‘recap’.

    IMO, Josh is having a bigger break from reality than his father. I’ve prayed all day that his visit with the boys went well, and that they are safely home with the Cox’s.

    Fox News Video: Disturbing Discovery in Case of Missing Utah Mom
    Oct 2, 2011 – 6:41f
    Sub-Heading: Police find lewd photos of girls at father-in-law’s home

  156. nan11 says:

    Snoops: Here is a little update, at least concerning Steven Powell. His has gotten himself a lawyer and his trial is set for November 16, 2011, one day after the ‘custody’ hearing that is coming up for Joshua.

    I so hope they find more charges on Steven and somehow prove that Josh was assisting him or at least had knowledge of what he was doing.

    I don’t mean to sound nasty, but I want Susan’s boys to stay with the Cox’s so much. Whether they can prove it or not, imho, Mr. Josh is very much like his father and will continue to be more so as he ages. He should never again be given sole custody of Charlie and Braden–that’s just my opinion, though.

    I do realize that if they don’t find Susan’s remains and they have nothing else to charge him with–he will get custody of those two innocent little boys.

    Steven Powell voyeurism jury trial set for Nov. 16
    Published: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011 2:40 p.m. MDT ~ By Pat Reavy, Deseret News
    A Nov. 16 jury trial has been scheduled for the father-in-law of Susan Cox Powell, the West Valley mother who has been missing for nearly two years.

    Steven Powell is facing charges of possession of child pornography and 14 counts of voyeurism. He was arrested Sept. 22 after police say they found photos of young neighbor children in their own bathroom that Powell had allegedly taken with a telephoto lens without their knowledge.
    End of Quote

    And this link is older-by a few hours.
    Fox 13 ~ Judge hearing details in Steven Powell case
    12:02 p.m. MDT, October 11, 2011
    A hearing was scheduled Tuesday morning for Steven Powell, 61, who is charged with 14 counts of voyeurism and a single charge of possession of child pornography. The hearing, however, has not happened yet. Fox 13 News has learned Steve Powell was kept in jail while his lawyer and the prosecutor met with a judge in chambers for about an hour.
    End of Quote

    It’s interesting to read, as well. Apparently, there was a hearing scheduled for today, but it was just his lawyer who met with the judge. And if you scroll down to the bottom, you will also see a link to a restraining order filed by Josh Powell’.

    Sorry if this is confusing. I’ve kind of confused myself. 😆

  157. Nan11~~who did Josh file the restraining order against? I also wonder what the penalty is for child porn and voyeurism is in Washington state. I hope that scum bag gets the book thrown at him. I have a strong feeling that Steven knows exactly what happened to Susan. In fact, he may have had a helping hand in it. I hate seeing the picture of that noose at his home. Is he keeping it to enhance his sex life possibly knowing that noose may have ended a life. I would not put anything by that man.

    I wonder if Josh ever took that competency evaluation. There is just something not right with that young man and it is etched all over his face. Guilt? I also hope that the boys are not allowed back with him. The Cox’s are getting on in age and it has to be difficult for them. Unless charges are brought against Josh, in all likely hood, he will get the kids back if they find him mentally stable and there was no porn on his puters.

  158. nan11 says:

    Snoops: I don’t think it’s a new one, really. He had it filed before to prevent Susan’s father from going near the kids–even at their school. 😐

    When Mr. & Mrs. Cox got ‘temporary’ custody of their grandsons, the Judge had to ‘amend’ it so that the Cox’s could drop the children off at school, etc.

    I think Mr. Josh wants it to be refiled as soon as he gets custody of the children back, so that Susan’s parents will have zero chance of ever seeing them again.

    That’s my understanding of it, anyway. It might not be right. ¯\(©¿©) /¯

  159. nan11 says:

    Snoops: I’m just dropping in with a link to Kiirsi’s blog. (If that’s okay.) Saturday will mark Susan’s 30th birthday.

    Find Susan ~ Susan’s Birthday Events in Utah and Washington
    October 12, 2011 by Kiirsi
    Like last year, Susan’s family and friends are once again holding a balloon release event in both Utah and Washington to remember Susan’s 30th birthday. {snipped…}
    End of Quote

    Prayers for Susan, her sons, and Mr. & Mrs. Cox and family.

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