Much Ado about Nothing

The Dr Phil show started out with Phil doing some damage control. He made it known right off that both Cindy and George were not going to be paid for their interview. He said that when Cindy had The Caylee Fund set up and licensed that he would be making a substantial donation to the fund. Cindy’s eyes lit right up with the word ‘substantial.’ Phil also said that Cindy and George would not be drawing a salary from that fund, at which both C&G readily agreed. So this left me with the impression that the show started off with fabrications. How stupid does Phil and the A’s think we are? No one is going to make me believe that C&G went on the Dr Phil show so they could get a paid trip to Houston, have access to Phil’s top notch makeup artists ( they did a good job on Cindy, btw, but George had way too much makeup on his face. He looked like he had been embalmed) Cindy and George appeared on the show for the moola. the money, plain and simple.

Dr Phil said that after watching the show, we would feel differently about the A’s. He was right. I used to think Cindy was crazy and after today, the show proved the woman is as much of a narcissist ( with the exception of not murdering anyone yet) as her daughter. Cindy will have you believe that Casey lied and stole because she has her father’s genes. I see Casey following in her mother’s footsteps as far as spinning stories and trying to make others believe them. Cindy can see herself in Casey and that is why she is forever making excuses for her. So, as Cindy sees it, Casey started to change after the birth of Caylee so it had to be a hormonal imbalance that caused her to lie and steal. Later, Cindy spun a tale about the seizures. Phil was surprised that Casey had a seizure when she was out on bond. Of course, he skimmed over that announcement by Cindy. There was never a mention of Casey having more than one seizure until Cindy went on the Dr Phil show.

Cindy said, when asked by Phil, that she never ever wanted custody of Caylee. Well that first 911 call proves differently. If Cindy and Casey had a ‘lying contest’, I am wondering who would come out the winner. I can predict it would be a deadlock.

Cindy can explain away anything without even batting a baby blue. ( does she wear contacts-her eyes appeared to be bluer than usual today) To this day, Cindy will not even come close to admitting the trunk of that Pontiac reeked of human decomposition. She brushed off Phil’s question about it with , “I really don’t know.” George was too timid to come right out and admit it either. Cindy explained away the ‘My Caylee is Missing’ but not to the satisfaction of us. One thing about Cindy, she can turn on the tears in a heartbeat, menopause, depression or just good at play acting?

So what did we learn today as part one of the Dr Phil show unfolded? I didn’t learn anything new. It was the same old, same old. If I hadn’t of known better, I would have sworn I was watching the Nancy Grace show with repeats of excerpts from the past. I did get to see a lot of commercials and that was about it.

For those who boycotted the show, you didn’t miss a thing. What will tomorrow bring? Probably more of the same so for all the hype and promoting by ole Phil, it was much Ado about Nothing

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  1. Sherry says:

    I knew it would be the same ol’ same ol’. But i didn’t watch because i can’t stand any one of them-Cindy, george or Dr. Phil. ~bleah~

    Have you seen this?

    Ma Sherry, isn’t it wonderful? Here is my pic just for you. Hello Aruba, goodbye, Ca Ca…love and kisses, José

  2. JanCorey says:

    The whole Anthony family are victims of the media and wrongful prosecution. To spend hundreds of thousands of tax-payer-dollars only to get a few convictions on misdemeanor lies is ridiculous imo.

  3. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Well, I got a chuckle out of reading your post–that’s more than I got last night when I ran across any of the ‘promotion’ tour.

    I didn’t watch it–last night was more than I could stand. (I suppose tonight will be worse!)

    Anywho, I was ready to jump through the tv screen yesterday to explain to Dr. Phil that Caylee was never buried. Her mother triple baged her and tossed her about 10 feet off the road, in an old dumping site near her home.

    What part of that can that man not understand? Or does he just not listen?


  4. Nan11~ ~ Dr Phil only listens when he is talking. The man will ask a question and give an opinion before he lets the other person answer. Phil has a huge ego and is supposed to be an expert in his field. Well after the second part tomorrow, we the public would like to know all those secrets that Phil is supposed to uncover. If he doesn’t supply us, I suggest he go and get a job at the National Enquirer. He seems to have a lot of experience in the field of bullpooping when he promotes his shows.

  5. Laurali says:

    Lying is genetic? I never heard that before. If that is true I believe both of the A’s contributed to that mess of a Felon. So glad I missed it. I had no plans on watching it, I am really sick of Grandparents promoting the murderer of their precious Grandchild. Thanks for the recap Snoopy. I knew I could count on you.

  6. Hilde says:

    thanks Snoop for keeping us updated,
    I did not watch the Interview, cant stand listen to those People any more. They must think People are that naive or stupid to fall for all that BS they are putting out there.
    If they want to believe the Excuses and Stories they make up as they go along, fine, I am not buying any of it. JMO
    Who are they trying to fool, of course the Interview is all about making Money for them selfs, so they can keep up their fancy Life style without having to work.

  7. Sherry says:

    Why does Cindy bother to make excuses? Her felon daughter was found not guilty-just shut up already!

    Here is another post from OS~,0,1134508.story

    Hal Boedecker has a post on it, too.

  8. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I can’t take the credit for this, but someone over at WebSleuth’s suggested that maybe Baez could suggest that Giordano take Casey on a scuba diving date. :mrgreen:

    What a grand idea! MOO, of course.

    On a more serious note, Mr. Kesse is supposed to be a guest on Nancy Grace tonight. (Discussing his views on the A’s, if I’m not mistaken.)

    I might find that tolerable.

  9. Laurali says:

    Snoopy~ did I read that correctly Cindy wants baby killer to have more children? No wonder felon is bat chit crazy, she gets it from her mother. Must be in the genes. This family should all be snipped, fixed neutered! Including Lee.

  10. Nan11~~Kesse called it the Powder Puff interview and he is right on! Cindy’s body language give her away when she lies. She cannot make eye contact when she tells her whoppers.

  11. cali patti says:

    Laureli, Yes you heard correctly. Cindy wants the monster have more children.
    Wasn’t it you that suggested all her future children have GPS implanted.?
    Listening to their cra* actually made me sick. I have promised myself after part 2 I will be forever done. Let the monster move to Mexico and have babies.
    Night all.

  12. Laura~~Snoopy~ did I read that correctly Cindy wants baby killer to have more children? Where did you read that??

  13. Laurali says:

    I thought you wrote it, but I may have read it at the link Sherry left.

    Cali~ Yep gps for sure!

  14. margaret says:

    Hello everyone another day on the the anthony rollercoaster of lies, phil is sitting right there with them. I love my mother and I think she was one of the most loving, truthful and the most gracious , hard working people of this world. She died in 1980 of cancer and I still miss her so much, but she always told me that good girls and ladies never said curse words. Well there are times when I wish I knew all those words and could bring myself to use them. My mom never knew there were anthonys in this world. I did not watch, I had to help my granddaughter with a school project, but in passing I heard someone saying that cindy thinks caca has a brain tumor!!!!! First it was seizures and now a brain tumor. That really ticked me off and I want to go to Orlando more than ever, I think if I saw that woman face to face the words would come. I know all about seizures through my nephew, Mitch. cindy needs to shut her mouth about something she has no clue. I had a sister-in-law, that I loved with all my heart, with a brain tumor. She lived 11 months after she got the news,during that 11 months she suffered so much severe pain. Surgery did not help. I have sat , when I was able to go stay with her, she lived in Alabama, keeping warm wet cloths on her head to try to ease pain a little. She eventually got to where she could not talk, walk or eat. Faye has been dead for 17 years and she died a horrible painful death. cindy should be ashamed linking this as lying excuses for that witch ofa daughter. Her payback is coming and Gods ears are wide open. Faye and Mitch have more dignity in their little finger thancindy and caca could ever hope for. Did cindy really say she wants caca to have another baby???? I guess she wants her cash crop to keep coming in. Dear God give me strength!!!!

  15. Cali Patti~~now I will ask you, where did you read or hear that Cindy wants Casey to have more babies? Between you and Laura, you have roused my curiosity.

  16. Laurali says:

    Margaret ~ I agree about Cindy. Stop making excuses. I also read Cindy said Felon was an awesome mom. Okay seriously wth? What awesome mom does not report her child missing? Oops I mean what awesome mom does not report her child drowned? Awesome mom and felon just do not belong in the same sentence or conversation. Awesome liar, awesome thief or awesome sl*t but not mother. jmo

  17. Margaret~~Cindy Anthony doesn’t know how to shut up. Every time she opens her mouth, she is making another enemy. She went on the Dr Phil show for one reason only and that was for the money. She complains that Casey stole money, well Cindy is cheating all the children that she is supposed to help with The Caylee Fund. I would call that stealing. She, along with Dr Phil’s help, is cheating all the taypayers by channeling her money into a fund and then withdrawing it tax free.

    When Cindy continues to sugar coat everything, it almost makes a person feel sorry for Casey. The more I listen to Cindy, the more I tend to believe that she drove Casey over the edge. Look at George. Cindy has broken Geo’s spirit and now he is just one of her ‘yes men.’ Why he doesn’t take his cut of the money and leave is beyond me. He comes across as a whipping boy. Cindy started to control Geo shortly after their marriage by getting him to leave the police force. No wonder the man tried to find an outlet by gambling online. Cindy’s insistant nagging would make anyone want to escape somewhere, even if it was on the internet.

  18. Laura~~Cindy was not with Casey and Caylee 24/7 so saying Casey was an awesome mom is a bit far fetched. Did Cindy crawl in bed with Casey, Richardo and Caylee? Cindy lives in a bigger fantasy world than Casey ever did. One other thing that was mentioned today. Cindy said that Casey did not want George to come back after he and Cindy split. Now I wonder why. Maybe Cindy spent those months that George was absent bad mouthing him to Casey. Cindy only took Geo back because it was cheaper than divorcing him. So here we go, it was all about money back in 2005/06, just like it is to this very day.

  19. nan11 says:

    Margaret: So sorry about your sister-in-law. It sounds like she endured so much.

    I did hear that somewhere myself about Cindy saying she hoped her darling murderess would marry and have a family.

    I think it may have been on an early news show on HLN–not the dispicable JVM, though. I just caught about the last five minutes of that–and that was bad enough!

    IIRC, the talking heads said that this was Cindy’s way of making the past disappear. 😦

    I noticed that Drew Kesse hasn’t swallowed the dear ‘Dr. Phil’s’ spin on the payment. I’m glad he’s got the courage to go on those shows and speak out. He was the lone voice for truth tonight, imo.

  20. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I got a feeling that Georgie boy didn’t really hesitate to call his lying, theiving, no good spawn out.

    What she stole from Amy was just a drop in the bucket compared to what she stole from her own mother.

    Cindy made him hold his tongue.

    They tiptoed around her, catered to her, and left her alone with a helpless baby.


  21. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Brad said it way better than the talking heads, imo. 😆
    Cindy Anthony: The truth? She can’t handle the truth, lawyer says
    — posted by halboedeker on September, 13 2011 6:40 PM
    WOFL legal analyst Brad Conway, who used to represent George and Cindy, said, “Denial is probably the easiest thing for her to do right now. As long as she lives in the shadow of Casey’s lies and denial of the reality of Casey’s lies, she is not going to get anywhere.”
    End of Quote

    Ahhh, now I understand why JVM was particularly rabid in her defense of Baez the clown tonight. She hoping to score a big interview soon!
    Jose Baez: He has been hired to represent suspect in Aruba
    — posted by halboedeker on September, 13 2011 5:31 PM
    Where will he go? “Geraldo at Large,” “Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell,”…snipped…
    End of Quote

  22. margaret says:

    WEll I read the article about baez new job, so I got curious. I went to geraldo’s personal facebook and sure enough the first three articles were about baez. He was so well thought of that he got a standing ovation at the hispanic bar doings . Ain’t that sweet? Next he filled everyone on about baez new gig because he is such a good lawyer. That killer must be one of geraldo buddies. One article talked about phils staff giving geraldo a backstage heads up about g&c interview. That geraldo really gets around. I’m thinking Fox won’t do the anthony stuff with grealdo so they have phil as a partner with geraldo in charge. phil will probably have caca before long. I hope they all go snorkeling in Aruba.

  23. From what I read at Hal’s, there will be more of the Anthonys on Dr Phil’s Monday show. Maybe he should hire the Anthonys on full time. They need a job. I was reading some of the comments at Hal’s too. They all agree that Cindy is a whacko. I am beginning to think that George should hire a food tester/taster.

  24. Laurali says:

    IMO George should leave and take half! If he doesn’t then he is really no different than Cindy or Felon. George will never tell what he really thinks as long as he is under Cindy’s wing. It is way past time for someone to stand up for Caylee. I guess at this point we should just give up on that dream.

    Snoopy do you know someone crazy enough to eat anything Cindy prepares? It must be something in her food. There is only a small village of idiots that buys into this crap they promote. These people blamed the death on a nanny for 3 years and now a nanny in medical terms is called brain tumor/seizures! If I ever decide to become a freak of society I will eat Cindy’s food for now I pass.

  25. Frankie says:

    Good Morning Everyone,
    I never watch Dr.(?) Phil. Phil and his family are way too perfect for me. Cindy and George are a real piece of work. They should be in therapy. IMO Cindy may be worse off than CaCa. My question is….. do seizures and brain tumors make you kill someone? Is it a side effect? Cindy is in a bad way. I don’t think she will ever accept the truth about what has happened to her granddaughter and put the blame where it belongs. CaCa physically did the deed but Cindy has been in control of the whole family like she was playing a video game pushing all the wrong buttons. I can’t see any of the Anthony’s being a normal family again if they ever were.

  26. Rob says:

    Snoopy, I loved your post today. I hope that today’s Dr. Phil, will tell us something we don’t already know. Still, it will not be the whole truth. As for Jose’s new case in Aruba—Dan Abrams, Chief legal correspondent for NBC news, has stated Gary Giordano, has made a mistake in using Jose.

  27. kas says:

    Lord, THESE PEOPLE!! I don’t think Cindy will ever just go away willingly. She’ll keep shilling herself out to whomever will have her. And George will just sit there, giving her the side-eye.

    As for the whole, “Casey changed after Caylees’ birth”-pretty much every childhood friend of Casey LE interviewed said she’d been a liar her whole life. But you’re right on that point Cindy, she’s just like you.

    Dr. Phil (really, thanks for unleashing him on the world Oprah) did this interview for Dr. Phil. I’d never watched his show before OWN showed up on my cable and man it is awful. The only thing separating it from Springer is the lack of audience chanting “PHIL!!! PHIL!!! PHIL!!!”

    Oh, and Jane Valez Mitchell will have us all know the whole problem here is that the Anthonys are all……..CODEPENDENT. (Really, she could not stress this loud enough.)

  28. cali patti says:

    Yesterdays interview Phil asked Cindy what her hopes were for the monster? Cindy replied that she hopes the monster would marry and have more children. Now since I seem to be the only one to hear that, you all’ are having me doubt my sanity. teasing….

    As to Laureli’s comment about GPS, it was after the trial and I think Laureli was replying to a jailhouse letter written to another inmate saying how she wanted to adopt an irish baby. Or just an overall “feeling” she was having at ca ca’s release. I remember thinking what a smart hilarious idea Laureli had.

  29. cali patti says:

    After the Phil show whatever tolerance and sympathy was out there for Cindy will be gone. Cindy sounds like a complete liar and arrogant . Cindy sounds to me like she thinks we are all stupid.

  30. Dr Phil Show- Part Two…

    It seems Cindy has escaped into la la land in order to avoid facing the truth that her daughter is a cold blooded murderer. This is Cindy’s way of coping. She has even used religion to make excuses why Caylee’s remains were thrown away like trash. When a person dies, their soul does leave the body but you still show respect for the corpse and give that person a decent burial. Cindy tried to make us believe that the body is nothing once death has occured so that was Casey’s thinking when she just threw Caylee away in the woods. This is both hypocritical and pathetic. It shows how Cindy’s brain operates to suit her own needs. Cindy is a very disturbed individual and, if and when she is ever faced with the truth of what really happened to cause Caylee’s death, she will have a complete mental collapse and never regain her sanity.

    Cindy has put on quite a bit of weight this past year. This can be related to menopause but also to the anti-depressants that she is taking. We see, thanks to the make-up artists and the nice clothes, a together Cindy who almost comes across as very self-confident. I can assure you that this is just a fake Cindy compared to the one who has to deal with her inner turmoil when she is all alone with her thoughts. Cindy can comfort herself with food, nice clothes and most important to her, money. Money to Cindy has always been an instrument to become powerful and be able to control. I often thought that Cindy would boot George out but she has to have someone around, now that Casey is gone, to control. She needs George for that purpose. Lee has made his escape from her iron fist tactics.

    Both Cindy and George think Casey had help when Caylee’s corpse was put out into the woods. One name comes to mind. Lee.

  31. Laurali says:

    She thinks it is okay to just throw a innocent toddler away like trash? Let me regroup before I comment further. You may need to hit my hands with a ruler otherwise. bbl

  32. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I’ve been hanging out waiting for your recap. 😆

    You know, I’ve never believed that Casey had help. I have little respect for brother, Lee, (very little); however, it is my belief that the murderess acted alone in the murder and disposal of her baby daughter.

    The murderess may be small in stature, but that does not prevent her from being a nasty, capable murdering menace. Let’s remember that her victim was a tiny, 34 month old human being–helpless, trusting, and dependent. And unsuspecting.

    I think all three Anthony’s acted as her puppet’s after July 15, 2008. They couldn’t do enough to mislead law enforcement, to destroy evidence, and to protect and encourage their evil spawn. I can’t bring myself to believe they assisted her in the murder, though.

    Who would have advised the murderess to drive around in her own vehicle with her deceased daughter in the trunk? Who would have advised the murderess to leave the car (reeking of death) at the local Amscot? Who would have advised the murderess to triple bag her daughter (with bags coming from the Anthony home), run her down to the local dump where the murderess had hung out as a child herself, and then proceed to deposit her daughter’s unloved and unrespected remains a few feet from the road where animals would have access to them?

    And maybe the most important thing of all–who else but the murderess would be heartless enough, cold-blooded enough, and cruel enough to plaster three large pieces of duct tightly over the airways of a beautiful baby. And then do all of the above?

    To me there is only one lower-than-low, demented, twisted, deformed caricature of the devil capable of these actions–and that is the murderess that the Pinellas 12 set free.

    Cindy is wrong and she knows it–there was never any justice for beautiful, 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony. Never.

    Cindy also knows how wrong it is to dispose of a human body the way her daughter disposed of her granddaughter. She knows. And so do I.

    Her lies will not sway me.

  33. Laurali says:

    Okay I will try to say what I am thinking in a somewhat polite way. Cindy in all her ignorance has me wondering if she would have assisted Felon in disposing of Caylee. Felon can really do no wrong in her eyes. Kill you kid, no problem. Steal money, no problem. Lie, no problem. Bed hop with a 2 year old, no problem. Am I the only one who sees this as a problem?

    Where is Newbie when I need her? Nan are you around? Someone needs to help me out with a tongue lashing that won’t get me in big trouble with Snoopy. :/

    Snoopy if there is one thing I believe it is this family never respected the life of Caylee. Maybe George has, but it depends on if he has permission to or not. Really sad. I will have to watch Dr. Phil when it is posted on line. I would like to hear Cindy’s take on the landfill and Caylee’s remains.

  34. Vicky says:

    Laura – Cindy is so full of chit! If she believes for one minute that the body is useless once the soul departs, why did she claim Caylee’s remains? Why does she wear a pendant containing her ashes? I have done my level best to leave the Anthony saga behind. They are the poster family for “eat up with the dumbs”. Dr. Phil is about as therapeutic as an ice cold enima. I didn’t like him when he was on Oprah and he has done nothing to improve my opinion of him since. I’d rather watch an infomercial than tune into his show.

  35. I watched parts one and two of the Dr Phil show. I do a recap and try my best to explain, in my own opinion, how Cindy and George portrayed themselves. They are MY observations and I am just a layperson with no qualifications except I like to study people and their reactions, body language etc. Cindy and George think that Casey had help disposing of Caylee. Unless one of them helped Casey or Lee told them he did, they don’t know anymore than we do. We speculate and the A’s speculate. I doubt if we will ever know the truth because even if Casey decided to fess up, we would not believe her.

    Laura, vent and rant all you want. I have never insisted people agree with what I write. You would be fools if you did. We are all free to let it all hang out. One thing that I will add and that is, there is no such thing as a perfect parent or g/parent. Somewhere along the line we unintentionally slip but seldom do we admit it to ourselves. JMO

  36. nan11 says:

    Sherry: I’m glad Mr. Padilla spoke out. I was waiting–I wonder what took him so long? 😆

    Ms. McLaughlin is sure holding her silence since the verdict. Cat got her tongue or what?

    During the trial she was quite the regular on the talk shows–accompanied by her body guard, Rob.

    I wonder why the abrupt change in strategy. Perhaps she is back sending money and pictures to the murderess.

    IIRC, the murderess was quite taken with the son of Ms. McLaughlin. He wouldn’t, by any chance, be her California suitor, would he?

    Naw, just kidding.

  37. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I thank you for watching it. I couldn’t make it through that if I tried.

    I realy do appreciate your opinions–I just think Cindy is lying. I can’t help myself. If she said the sky was blue, I would look to make sure and I might run it through Google just to be on the safe side.

    I really didn’t mean to offend you and I’m very sorry if I did. ✿ܓ

  38. Nan11~~oh gracious, you didn’t offend me at all. If I wrote how I really felt about Cindy and the whole lot of them, it would have to be censored. I would ban myself from my own blog for using profanity. lol

  39. Laurali says:

    Snoopy~ I might have used some bad language that is why I needed a few :). Cindy really needs to stop. I do not think she realizes how her words sound. Disrespectful to say the least.

    I would never claim to be the perfect parent. But I will never allow my children to steal or lie with no punishment. imo Cindy is not parenting she is enabling.

  40. margaret says:

    Snoops, am I just so against cindy that I can’t give her a chance? I was thinking today about what everyone is thinking cindy is in denial, cindy is just protecting caca ,,but I am thinking cindy has this game totally figured out.. If she should tell the simple truth about what happened and if everyone should believe what she says,,the party would come to an end and therefore no more paydays. She knows how to keep the suspense and confusion going, so every one still wants to listen to her. George sounds like he has accepted the truth and is ready to try to move on…I caught the last part today, with phil saying he was going to stay with this for as long as it took………………….. so now I am thinking phil,geraldo,baez may be planning in future to have a so- called confrontation of them on one of his future shows… woldn’t that be a coup for phil to have caca ,
    cindy and george to work out all their differences and get the “TRUTH ” out there.. Am I crazy? I almost threw up when she said God sent her a sign by setting caca free, that cleared caca from all responsibility. Evidently she didn’t know about the dirty dozen from Pinellas Co. Wacko!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Margaret~~you are very obsevant. Cindy knows how to play to the audience and keep the suspense going. It means $$$ for every show she can get her mug on. Narcissists are very good at manipulating. I wonder if someone is coaching Cindy and they get a percentage of what she rakes in. How many of us tried to figure out what goes on in Casey’s brain and now we are trying to do the same with Cindy? There has always been a lot of competition between Cindy and Casey. Casey must be livid that her mother is doing another ‘cameo.’ I cannot see the rift between George and Casey ever being mended. That relationship is like fire and gasoline (no pun intended). I don’t think it would be safe to leave Cindy alone with Casey.

  42. Vicky says:

    My guess is that Phil will attempt to broker the family reunion. Foe what other purpose would he possibly stay on top of this. Im still having a hard time coming to terms with the Anthonys forming a foundation to support grandparent’s rights. What are the advocating for? If I understand Snoopy correctly, Cindy herself says she never wanted custody of Caylee. So what exactly do the expect to accomplish? The rights of grandparents to live in denial? The rights of grandparents to lie for their children, even if it means abandoning their grandchild? I’m truly at a loss figuring out what rights the Anthonys were denied.

  43. Amber from Maryland says:


    I didn’t watch the Dr. Phil show partially because I didn’t have time and partially because I don’t want to support Dr. Phil or the Anthony’s foundation. I did see bits of J. V. M. and Nancy Grace this evening. I enjoyed seeing Judge Strickland. I still think of him as a saint. I was interested to learn that George thought that Casey might have sedated Caylee. I am glad that Snoopy watched the Dr. Phil shows and reported on them for us. I think she deserves a Girl Scout Medal for Bravery for sitting through two hours of propaganda. I don’t think I could have endured that much without throwing up. Cheers for Snoopy!

  44. Vicky~~In order to be a good liar, you must have a good memory. Cindy forgot that we all heard her on the first 911 audio tape telling Casey that she had given her a month or she would get custody of Caylee.

    I am going to go inside the addled brain of Cindy, what a dreadful place to be.! Cindy supported both Casey and Caylee financially. When Casey felt that she wasn’t getting enough money, she just up and stole it from Cindy, Caylee’s piggy bank and saving acct or from grandma Plesea. Remember I am inside Cindy’s gray matter. ( By the way, she dyes her hair as I can see the black hair follicles from in here.) So Cindy feels it is payback time. She sets up a foundation to help grandma (s). I’ll betcha she forgot to add the ‘s’ when she made out the application for the Caylee Fund. Cindy can justify, in her own mind, that any monies going into the Caylee Fund are rightfully hers. She lost her investment when Caylee was murdered and now wants her money back.

  45. Amber from Maryland~~trust me, I had my barf bag handy while watching the Dr Phil show. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I try not to get too emotionally involved with the Anthonys but will admit, I feel such an overwhelming sadness for Caylee who seemed almost forgotten except by strangers and the state of Florida. Judging by the actions of this family, she has to be in a much better place. Goodness knows what Cindy would have molded Caylee into. Cindy seemed to be the artist in that family and held the clay. George is a good example of Cindy’s artistry and Casey is another. I am not even sure if Cindy feels a tad guilty about the events that unfolded in the months leading up to Caylee’s murder and those beyond.

  46. Vicky says:

    Snoopy – perhaps Cindy is trying to raise money to help grandmothers learn to become better liars! That being the case, she could very well justify being fully supported by the foundation. Seriously, the woman is obviously very disturbed, and her choice of “therapist” leaves a lot to be desired. Good old Dr. Phil should refer her to someone who spends time facilitating recovery from mental illness rather than exploiting it for ratings.
    When you think about it, this is a family that has yet to make sound decisions regarding mental health and recovery. Rather than admit to generational mental illness, they a searching for any other possible excuse. They just need to admit that their daughter is a psychopath and that they failed to recognize the signs before she committed the ultimate crime. Then they need to come to terms with the fact that they will never move past what occurred until they stop trying to defend the indefensible.

  47. Vicky~~I think some people are addicted to lying. It is like the alcoholic who comes up with an excuse to drink. Cindy will never get better until she admits to herself that she has a problem. In Cindy’s mind, everyone else has the problems and she is perfect. I quit watching Dr Phil ages ago until the past two days. I watched how he manipulated his guests by badgering them until he brought them to tears. He made them vunerable and broke their spirit. In my opinion, it is a form of abuse. Phil should be ashamed of himself for using the A’s who are very vunerable. He is doing it to increase his ratings. I wish Phil’s wife would write a book. She left him once and I understand he made it worth her while (monetarily) to come back on the show to support him. Phil McGraw is a Quack!

  48. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, Thanks for putting yourself through the pain of listening to all that Bull chit oozing out of their mouths. All of them sounded scripted to me. I can see Georges pain so he is being sincere or he is a very good actor. The A’s are totally mucked IMO. They can’t handle something this enormous on their own. They need intensive therapy and they won’t be getting well too soon. Unfortunately they are like the energizer bunny and they just won’t stop. There is only one reason to being going on talk shows and that is for pay check that they feel they are owed. It really is very sad.
    There are some great comments tonight. If you want a laugh check out a video on YouTube called STOP IT with Bob Newheart. Maybe that’s what Cindy needs.

  49. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I think you were right on target when you said “goodness knows what Cindy would have molded Caylee into.” Judging from Casey, the world might be better off with an “angel in heaven” rather than anyone who might have eventually grown up to have even worse values and judgement than Casey demonstrated. Casey was stopped dead in her tracks of becoming increasingly out of control by the hospitality of the state of Florida. Who knows what might happen with one of Cindy’s creations if the state of Florida could not or did not intervene.

    I don’t think Cindy knows or realizes what happened in the months leading up to Caylee’s discovery in the woods. I think that George is beginning to realize what happened and that he does feel a bit guilty.

  50. Patti O says:

    Cindy has to stay in denial and excuse mode or she would have to face the fact that she contributed to Caylee’s death. She knew Casey didn’t have a job but it was easier for her to bury her head in the sand rather than face Casey’s wrath when she was questioned about her employment. Cindy loved Caylee and didn’t want Casey to leave and take Caylee with her as Casey probably threatened to do if things didn’t go her way or she was asked to many questions. It is documented that Cindy was seeing a therapist and had been advised to seek custody of Caylee. As for Casey not wanting George to return to the house. She didn’t want George around because he would question her. Not having George return to the house made it easier for Casey to continue to lie to her mother without consequences. Casey may have been plotting Cindy’s convenient death and she would get the house. I would put nothing past Casey. Casey is a spoiled child who got what she wanted her whole life and discovered that elaborate lying was a way to live in the world without having to work. I think her lying skills developed over time where lying became all consuming to her and developed into a habit that took her over completely. Couple that with the internal stress of keeping all her lies straight made Casey finally snap. She knew her parents loved Caylee and had great hopes for Caylee’s future. Casey could see Caylee accomplishing what she was not able to achieve. She could see the love her parents had for Caylee. That was supposed to be Casey! Her tormented mind snapped after being caught in her elaborate lies and she retaliated by removing the one innocent thing that her parents loved the most.

  51. Redrelaxed says:

    Great post and comments Snoopy.
    Cindy will over-ride her daughters infamousinomity (lol) and become the most hated woman in America after that pathetic “interview” with Dr. Phil. She will never come clean and be truthful.
    I predict George will eventually come to his senses and leave Cindy once and for all to her crazy making; since at least to me; he appears to have a totally different slant on his daughter the Felon.
    How could two people who live under the same roof never discuss these things?! George perhaps out of self preservation. Cindy is a bully.
    On a different note, JP says Casey has to pay back $97,000. to the Orlando taxpayers. That was great news!

  52. cali patti says:

    Cindy knows it all, thinks most of us are ignorant and fools. Cindy believes she has a direct line to God. I am guessing that George is going to have to listen to Cindy berate him for his attempt at honesty.
    I have no problem any longer with Cindy living in La La land. Without people like Cindy how would I know I was sane. Cindy will no longer be able to influence anyone. Cindy is not strong enough to handle the truth. She will live alone with a few hanger-on’s and that will be her life.

    Cindy with her denials has actually helped me face a problem I have been ignoring. I live with a family problem daily that has been easier to push aside and not fix. I love my family member enough to fight for them to have a good life. It has gotten much worse but I hoping that afterwards all will be better. Ignoring has gotten us no where good.

    I hope Lee and his future wife keep Cindy & Casey as far away as possible. They both are nothing but bad news and potentially in their own ways, very dangerous people to be close to.

  53. Hi everyone! Nan11 and I have been following another trial out of Orlando and already I am hooked on it. Here is the link to the post I started a few days ago about it…

    PS, I hope to watch Dr Phil on Monday and do another recap. Hopefully, we will be coming to the end of this Anthony saga. I will continue to follow any lawsuits that are pending and write about them. Thanks Red, for the info about Casey owing the $97,000. There may be addition costs but the judge needs more information.

  54. How Anthony would repay the costs is unclear. A judge declared her indigent in 2010 and ruled taxpayers would cover the costs of her defense.

    “Realistically, it’s unlikely she’ll ever pay any of these costs, but the failure to pay could complicate her life for the foreseeable future,” Hornsby said.

    If Anthony does not pay within 90 days, the case will be referred to a collection agency, and her drivers license will eventually be suspended, Hornsby added.

    Failure to pay could “hound her for the rest of her life,” he said.

    In his order, Perry also noted that some Sheriff’s Office expense reports “were not adequately broken down” by date. The Sheriff’s Office has until 4 p.m. Monday to file revised expense reports. It is possible that Perry would then raise the amount that Anthony is required to pay.

    Read more here…,0,3140977.story

  55. margaret says:

    Well people another farce of a verdict went down today on another child that never stood a chance in the hand she was dealt. A child who had so many medical problems that should have made her more precious, more loved and afforded every thing in life to protect her. She had a father who does not know when she dissappeared, because he was another one of those “AWESOME” parents. He is not held accountable for anything!!!! … The childs stepmother murdered her and then dismembered her little body and threw parts of her all over a large area. All of this after she let two so called relatives rape and torture her. I still have not heard of anything Happening to them. The most the stepmother will serve is 18 years, good behavior maybe 9. Another kick in the face of this poor child. Rest in Peace Zahra Baker in the arms of the angels.. I will never forget you ,Zahra , You were a brave child.

  56. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Sweet Zahra suffered so much in her short life. It’s hard to even comprehend how that child had to live. So, so sad.

    The sentence does seem light but at least they didn’t set her free with a private jet waiting and a bottle of liquor in her claw.

    Hopefully, this one will have a lot of ‘down’ time to contemplate the way she tortured her innocent step-daughter. And sometimes when these people come up for early parole the public can kick up a big enough stink that they are forced to serve a few more years of their sentence. Let’s all pray for that.

  57. I hear Cindy said she was releived to learn Caylee drowned as she knows she didnt suffer?Ive nearly drowned twice once when I was slightly older than Caylee an both ocasions are emblazoned into my mind .Drowning is the most terrifying thing Ive ever experianced an Ive experianced a lot of scary situations,We take breathing as a given an when you cant get air or worse breathe in water every fibre of your body hurts an screams for breathe.Its possably one of the worst ways one could die.Except for your own mother cutting of your breath with duct tape.

  58. Ecossie~~Cindy is pathetic. She just says the opposite to everything George believes to keep the suspense going. If that isn’t the case, she need more mental therapy than Casey.

    Yes, I did watch the Dr Phil show. Once you take out all the commercials, there wasn’t that much. Cindy said the same old things except she did defend George and said she would never ever believe he molested Casey. She said Casey would have told her about any sexual molestation when George was separated from Cindy. Casey didn’t like her father at that time and didn’t want him to move back home.

    George was disappointed about the verdict. He wanted to see Casey get prison time because it was not fair to Caylee that she went free. Cindy was glad about the verdict.

    Dr Phil asked Cindy if she had contact with Casey. Cindy said only through the attorney, she didn’t say which one. Casey wanted them to know she loved them and would talk to them when she felt the time was right.

    Cindy insisted that she searched on the internet for Chlorphyll and Chloroform came up. She never batted an eyelash when she said that to Phil. George does not believe Caylee drowned. He would never welcome Casey back in their home. Cindy would not let Casey stay at their home because of the rift between Casey and George. Cindy thinks that Casey is mentally ill and when she gets treatment would like to see her marry, settle down and have another child.

    If I think of anything else, I will let you know. They will be showing portions of the show on JVM and Nancy etc.

  59. Laurali says:

    I am glad George is finally speaking his true feelings! Cindy needs to be in a padded room. I think she a danger to herself and the rest of us. Felon does not need to ever have another child. She cannot be trusted.

    Snoopy I never thought you would learn a lot from them but I appreciate your take on the situation. I hope George eventually gets the answers he Truly wants, seems to me he is the only one interested in the truth about what happened to Caylee.

  60. Both George an Cindy already know Crazy murdered there Grandaughter.They are not a dysfunctional family they are a nonfunctional family.Each out for themselfs…………………

  61. Laura~~I wont allow myself to get emotionally involved with the Anthonys. Oh, I feel like shaking the chit out of Cindy and kicking George in the butt sometimes. I can turn the Anthony’s off when I exit this blog.

    Ecossie~~both Cindy and George know how to work the system and suck blood out of the turnip and turn it into mega $$$’s. I think Mark Lippman is coaching Cindy and George is an old pro at gambling. I still expect to see Dr Phil’s rating plunge downward….

  62. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie commented: Its possably one of the worst ways one could die.Except for your own mother cutting of your breath with duct tape.

    Perfectly said!

  63. Newbie says:

    Good morning all. I have been trying to catch up with posts and comments and had to laugh when I saw Laura’s “where’s Newbie.” I got the feeling Laura was really needing someone to get down dirty with her in venting the frustration and ugliness felt toward the murderess and her family. Lord knows if I had been here I would have gladly chimed in or been with her in leaving the computer to regain what sanity I have remaining.

    I watched the clip provided of the Padilla interview and find him just as disgusting as I have always thought. If he does a full hour with Dr. Phil or whomever, I think I will vomit…even without watching. This whole case has brought all kinds of snakes and rats to the public eye.. Hmmm. ….that may be to complimentary to so many who now seek money, fame or ego building from this tragic, tragic saga.

    Regarding the Padilla link, the first still picture of Cindy and George captured what I believe is the essence of their souls. Look at George’s face and eyes looking towards who he chose to be his constant abuser and life partner. Then take a good look at Cindy with her head tipped listening while formulating her automatic reaction which will of course contain little if any truth. For Cindy it is just words and “she will win” as she herself proudly stated while leaving a phone message. Then there is the matter of her hands. I find it very interesting the way one hand is actually grasping the other. Oh well, guess she must have something to hold on to and while she spills her drivel she really only has herself to hold as she does not have the capacity to love any one else. No, she did not love Casey or Caylee. They were her “toys.” Lee and George were her whipping posts.

    The worst picture left in my mind is that of Cindy at the memorial service for Cindy. Yes, I say for Cindy although presented as for Caylee. Her best for the cameras and attendees was her petting Lee as if he were a dog. Lee is trying to speak and she gazes at him as if there is a deep love while petting him as if he were a dog. I guess that was better than seeing the other expressions of her affection or “closeness” to Lee when putting her hand on his thigh and leaving it there while cameras were rolling.

    I have stated my opinion without the horrible anger I have felt previous to this. I finally have come to my senses in realizing Caylee is safe from the pack of mad dogs and the other dogs following will run out of places to piss and shit and will only be remembered for the mess they added.

  64. cali patti says:

    Hi all, I still get a little sick hearing George and Cindy talk but I am finally able to let it go. George does seem to accept that she killed Caylee. You all have a nice day.

  65. I have a new name for the Anthonys the Antomonys as it is a deadly poison

  66. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie: Here is a quote from your link. So far I haven’t had any ‘tingling of the extremities”, however, I’ve had my share of the rest.
    Low doses cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and depression. Large doses cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and tingling of the extremities.
    End of Quote

  67. nan11 says:

    Ecossie Possie: Below is a quote from your link. While I haven’t had any “tingling of the extremities”, I have had my share of the rest. 😮

    “Low doses cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and depression. Large doses cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and tingling of the extremities”
    End of Quote

  68. Sorry new name The Antimonys poisonous clan….Not to be confused with Anti Money as they are all for the green stuff,Cindy should have tried out for danceing with the stars.As she has danced round the truth for ever.

  69. Nan11~~ I just realized, the word ‘vomit’ is in filter and if anyone uses it, the comments go directly to spam. If there are 3 letters of a buzz word found in succession, in a longer word, it will still go to spam. So vomiting was the culprit. I can use it because I am the administrator. Bozo is another buzz word that can land a person in spam.

  70. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Judge Perry has amended the amount she might have to repay. WFTV has a write-up on this as well, but the amount seems a bit different (so I don’t know which is correct).

    WKMG: Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay Additional $119K To OCSO
    Sub-Heading: OCSO Bill Is In Addition To Existing $97K Investigation Tab For Anthony
    UPDATED: 4:44 pm EDT September 23, 2011
    Judge Belvin Perry has denied Casey Anthony’s objection to his order that she pay nearly $97,000 in investigative costs in the search for her daughter and also ordered that she pay an additional $119,000 to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
    End of Quote

    Order Amending Special Costs of Investigation For the Orange County Sheriff’s Office

  71. Nan11~~I am a bit confused as these figures do not add up…. the words ‘an additional’ should mean that the total of $97,000 ( granted by Perry) should be added to an additional of $119, 822 to make a total of over $200,000. I just did a rough estimate. I will check out your other link now.

    Perry ordered the Sheriff’s Office to revise its investigative costs breakdown in order to include more detail. The revised report from the Sheriff’s Office included an additional $119,822.25 in costs, bringing the total than Anthony owed to the Sheriff’s Office to $145,660.21.

  72. Okay, checked out the Order and I am more confused. I thought that Judge Perry granted around $97,000 originally before he requested a break down of the costs. The Order says $25, 835. Regardless, if it is just the $145,000, I am glad she has to pay something and not get off Scot free. Of course, Mason will appeal this last order again to stall.

  73. nan11 says:

    Snoop: The link below is WFTV take on things. I didn’t think it really made sense, either; but, I didn’t know if it was just me, or if I had missed something.

    I think there is going to be a hearing on this sometime near the end of the month, (which is quite soon, I know.)

    Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay Nearly $120,000 More To Sheriff’s Office

  74. Nan11~~the following from WESH seems more realistic…

    Judge Belvin Perry added $119,822.25 to Anthony’s bill in an order Friday, bringing the grand total in costs she must pay to $217,499.23.

    Perry had previously ordered Anthony to pay $97,676.98. His new order adds reimbursement for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office after the agency submitted additional expense reports.
    Here is the revised reimbursement cost amount by department: •Florida Department of Law Enforcement: $61,505.12
    •Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation: $10,283.90
    •Orange County Sheriff’s Office: $145,660.21 (up from $25,837.96 in a previous order)
    •State Attorney’s Office: $50

    Perry originally said that several OCSO reports were not adequately broken down, and that he needed more information on how OCSO employees spent time on the case in 2008, including investigators Yuri Melich, John Allen and others.
    After OCSO filed the revised reports, Anthony’s legal team filed an objection, saying Anthony should not be responsible for the costs.


  75. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Ahhh, that’s a nice hefty little sum too. :mrgreen:

    That should cut into some of the profit from her ‘nekkid’ pictures or Barbara Walters’ interview or whatever. All future lovers should beware as well–should they decide to marry the wench they could find themselves responsible for her debts.


  76. State Attorneys Office requests 5O dollars from Casey this was money deposited into swear jar after the jury returned there verdict.

  77. Patti O~~good luck with circulating that petition.

  78. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Your thread title is still very apropos!

    Judge to rule whether Casey Anthony jail tape can be released
    By the CNN Wire Staff ~ updated 7:26 AM EST, Wed September 28, 2011
    (CNN) — A Florida judge could decide Wednesday whether a controversial jailhouse videotape of Casey Anthony can be released to the public.
    At a hearing Wednesday, Orange County Superior Court Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who presided over Anthony’s murder trial, will hear arguments on whether the videotape should be released.
    The video has no sound, the affiliate reported.
    End of Quote

  79. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I find your title still very appropriate!

    Judge to rule whether Casey Anthony jail tape can be released
    By the CNN Wire Staff ~ updated 7:26 AM EST, Wed September 28, 2011
    (CNN) — A Florida judge could decide Wednesday whether a controversial jailhouse videotape of Casey Anthony can be released to the public.
    At a hearing Wednesday, Orange County Superior Court Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who presided over Anthony’s murder trial, will hear arguments on whether the videotape should be released.
    The video has no sound, the affiliate reported.
    End of Quote

    FYI: This is a second attempt at entering my comment. I changed my wording a little bit in my first line. My original attempt seemed to disappear, but maybe I didn’t enter it right. (I don’t see any words or anything that I’m not supposed to say.) :mrgreen:

  80. nan11 says:

    😳 Yikes! Now why didn’t I see that before. Sorry, Snoop. Please feel free to delete one of them. (and this.)

  81. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Apparently Baez showed up for this hearing–now I wonder why? Just exactly why is it so important to him that this video stay sealed? Let’s just think about that for two seconds. Any ideas?

    Brww Ha Ha–they think we’re all idots.

    Casey Anthony: No decision about whether secret jail video will be released
    Judge Belvin Perry heard arguments in the case, and adjourned without ruling.
    Perry said today that the recording occurred in a waiting room. But, he said Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez appeared to argue that since she was given a sedative after observing the coverage, the waiting room was transferred to a treatment room.
    End of Quote

    Oh, I heard Casarez on HLN say the Conrad Murray jury was paying close attention and taking tons of notes–much different than the Pinellas 12. She was very impressed.

    I wonder if she realizes what she said. Mason won’t be happy if he hears that.

  82. Nan11~~I think the video of Casey will be released due to the Sunshine Law. Casey was not inside the Medical Facility where things have to remain confidential. We may get a ruling on this before the day is over. Baez wanted to make an appearance to let people know he is still available for interviews. Did he get kicked out of Aruba? LOL I listened to Baez’ argument and found it lame and without substance as per usual. Judge Perry must be so sick and tired of this case by now!

  83. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Well, here is the long awaited video of the murderess realizing that law enforcement had discovered where she dumped her baby after she had duct taped the mouth and nose of her baby and drove around town with her in the trunk for a few days.

    I see ‘Baez the clown’ sheds a few tears. She sits stoicly like the rat she is, knowing she is caught in a trap of her own making.

    She hadn’t counted on the pine nuts.

    WESH ~ Judge Decides On Release Of Casey Video
    Sub-Heading: Defense Argues Video Should Be Private; Judge Disagrees
    UPDATED: 5:28 pm EDT September 30, 2011


  84. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yep, Baez was doing more boo-hooing that the murderess.

    Now why would that be if he knew Caylee had drowned on June 16, 2008?

    I can’t watch again right now, but I do believe at one point she even balls her hands into fists. She went into one of her rages like we saw her go into a few times during the trial.

    Maybe the reason Baez did the girly tear thing was because he had believed her lies all along about Caylee being kidnapped. I don’t believe he was able to view any of the pieces of Caylee’s remains–so whatever it was he was feeling couldn’t have been from the shock of seeing their condition.

    Or maybe it was the first time he realized the true nature of his evil client.

    I sneered when she pushed the Kleenex away–she had no use for them.

    May her conscious never allow her a moments peace. MOO

  85. Nan11~~I wonder if Baez was just learning about the drowning and the sexual abuse of daddy when he sat there sobbing. Why would he cry unless he had some strong feelings for Casey?

  86. margaret says:

    ” Oh to be a fly on wall. I hope she has to relive those feelings every day of her life. She knew her little, “Shes close by, I can feel it, “party is over. I have to apologize to Dave but dang, I want “kharma ” or something to still make her suffer and pay for Little Caylee’s life. I don’t know if I can ever stop feeling that way. Caylee’s life for her to have a good life. Not acceptible.

  87. ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony has told her probation officer that she is unemployed and not taking any classes or participating in any self-help programs.

    The Florida Department of Corrections said Tuesday that Anthony reported to probation the previous day at an undisclosed location in Florida. She told the probation officer that she had no source of income during the past 30 days.
    Anthony also told the probation officer that she has not used any illegal drugs. She has consumed alcohol but not to excess, according to a report released to the media.
    A corrections spokeswoman said that being jobless doesn’t put Anthony in violation of her probation.


  88. margaret says:

    Wonder what happened to all the therapy doctors just waiting to volunteer to help ca ca . The caca team still does not know the meaning of word ” TRUTH “. “she is receiving theraphy”, NOT. “she is taking on line classes ” NOT. Still nothing but lies from Baez , Mason circus. They really think we were all stupid enough to believe their crap.

  89. nan11 says:

    Margaret: I find it down right insulting on one hand, and then on the other hand, I can’t help but laugh.

    They are saying that the difference is–the murderess can’t lie to the probation officers. Well, that’s a ‘braw ha ha’, isn’t it? She hasn’t told a truth since she was old enough to talk. Even the Pinellas 12 found enough evidence to convict her of lying. (After all, that is why she is on probation.)

    A notable judge pointed out that: “The truth and Miss Anthony are strangers.”

    She says that she has consumed alcohol, but not to excess. She could be dead drunk every night and it would not be reported.

    It’s all lies, lies, and more lies–just like always. Just like everyday in the little Anthony made-up utopia.


  90. Casey is on probation due to the check/fraud. I thought she was supposed to further her education and find gainful employment. Who is buying her booze and paying for her rent and food?

  91. nan11 says:

    Oops. Just droping in to correct my error. The murderess is on probation for stealing her ‘best friend’, Amy’s, checks and cashing them–which occurred during the month she was hiding from her parents while waiting for her daughter to decompose in the swamp near her home–not for her lies, or for the heinous murder and disposal of her 34 month old baby.

    Sorry. 😦

  92. nan11 says:

    Sorry, Snoop. I was working on my reply as you were correcting my error.

    Well, she has a good excuse as far as employment goes–unemployement is high. I don’t know who is supporting her. Maybe her rich lover. Maybe her lawyers. Maybe donations from all her admirers.

    The money has to be coming from somewhere, though.

    I heard she was living alone. Who is paying the rent.


  93. margaret says:

    Isn’t it breaking probation by not receiving therapy and going back to school, since she is unemployable. Why is probation not doing something about it? Why is baez not held accountable for lying and saying all these things were taking place? Probation will never hold her accountable, she may not even be in Fl. Hope she is given some hard questions from Morgan Saturday. Morgan said he was going to fight having the deposition sealed, he wants public to know what she says. Wish it could be televised. I want to see her sweat. The caca team is probably upset Amanda Knox is pushing the limelight away from her and her lies.

  94. margaret says:

    Caca has not reported the $200,000, her rich California benefactor, that wants to marry her and move her to Mexico, reportedly gave her. Do they have a script writer? Must be using geraldo’s staff, because he has reported all this stuff on his show.You are right Nan11, it is all so pathetic and laughable. Caca would be rebeling by now if it were not for the probation. I wonder how simms , mason and baez are keeping her under their thumb.

  95. Nan11~~ you make me chuckle with your descriptive comments. LOL

    I think Casey will plead the fifth when Morgan deposes her. Isn’t this the reason that Mason filed an appeal for those 4 counts of lying that she was found guilty of. I may be wrong but until the appellate court makes their ruling, Casey can plead the fifth when she takes the depo.

  96. Amber from Maryland says:

    It could be interesting to hear what Casey says to Morgan. However, I suspect that she will plead the Fifth. I certainly do not expect that we would believe anything she had to say other than she is pleading the Fifth since she has an appeal in process. (If she says that, I hope someone will check the appeals docket to make sure that she still has an appeal. It could have been dropped.) I probably wouldn’t believe anything she said anyway about what happened to Caylee or what she said to whom and why. Would we believe anything anyone in that family said with the possible exception of Rick Pleasea? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Morgan coducts the deposition, all he will find out is what a skillful liar Casey is.

    Does anyone know what happened to Baby Kate?

  97. Amber~~I posted this at Jonathon’s Coffee Café yesterday…

    Here is the latest news I could find on Baby Kate out of Michigan…

  98. nan11 says:

    Snoop: From your link:

    Morgan said Anthony tried to disguise herself by wearing a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap and long, thick black hair that appeared to be from a wig. She also wore a large pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, Morgan said.
    End of Quote

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Sorry, I just couldn’t control myself. Morgan rocks. 😎

  99. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just Googled the sunglasses. They are a lot more expensive than the ones she purchased with the checks she stole from Amy. Ahh, the rich rewards that come after you brutally murder your 34 month old daughter, compliments of the Pinellas 12.

    MOO 😦

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