Odds and Sods and Her again

Meet Zenaida Gonzalez

September 01/11

Zenaida Gonzalez has a case management hearing tomorrow morning at 8:30am for her ongoing defamation suit against Casey Anthony. Judge Munyon, who has taken over for Judge Rodriguez will be hearing the case in civil court. Tomorrow’s hearing is estimated to last about 10 minutes.

John Morgan of “For The People” is representing Zenaida while Charles Greene is Casey’s civil attorney.

September 02/11……

On Friday, a hearing on the costs owed the state is scheduled to take place with Judge Belvin Perry, who also helmed Casey’s murder trial, set to consider how much she must pay.

On Monday, attorneys for Casey Anthony deposed witnesses to try and determine how much she will be required to pay for the investigation and prosecution regarding her toddler daughter due to the lies she told authorities.

The defense does not agree with the amount asserted by the state of Florida, which is $515,000.


Who is funding Casey’s online school course?
Who is financially assisting Casey with her living expenses?
Will the IRS ever collect their money from Casey?
Will Tim Miller go ahead with his lawsuit against Casey?

What were the results when José was investigated by the Florida Bar Assoc?

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  1. Sherry says:

    All good questions! I hope we get answers to them soon. I’ve lost any faith that Florida will mete out justice where Offender Anthony is concerned.

  2. Sherry~~I am not sure if John Morgan has enough of a case for it to go forward. John wanted to get involved with the Anthony case and was chomping at the bit (still is) to depose Casey. IMO, he just used Zenaida as an excuse to get his foot in the door. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Judge Munyon throw the case out. Maybe Zenaida was hounded in the beginning but I don’t think she suffered any undue hardships once it was learned that she was not that #10 nanny. That is a long time to hold out for $16,000. I think Morgan wants to go after more and he loves a good challenge. He certainly does not need the money.

    I have to laugh when I think of George accusing Mitnik of giving him the finger. LOL OMG, Cindy was wild when she was deposed. Then we wonder why Casey ended up mentally disturbed.

  3. Sherry says:

    Yeah, I’m a bit wishy-washy on this lawsuit. On the one hand, its frivolous and more about Morgan and Morgan than anything else but, on the hand, its against the liar, Felon Anthony and I want to see Zenaida win this one. She did suffer at first due to not being able to hold down a job and was let go from the one she had out of fear that some nutcase would do her harm at her job.

    Oh, yes! That was a riot when Pops Anthony got his panties in a bind over that middle finger use to push up his (Mitnik’s) glasses. 😆

    Ma Anthony was showing her true self, too. I still laugh that she was compared side by side to the Grinch. Perfect likeness. 😆

  4. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, I’m afraid you are probably right about it being thrown out. Frivolous or not I feel bad for ZG. She should get something for the embarrassment, loss of income, inconvenience, and mental anguish she had to endure because of a self centered, lying, murdering felon like you know who. She at least could have picked a popular name that would make it impossible to find the right perfect 10.
    I hope they keep taking you know who to court over one thing and another for a long time so she can be constantly inconvenienced like everyone that she has ever come in contact with. Bitter, me? No not much.

  5. Sherry~ ~ I want to see Zenaida win her suit too. Morgan & Mitnik are no slouches and, if anyone can get some blood out of the turnip, it will be them.

    I am anxious to see what will take place at the hearing on Friday. I wonder who will be representing the state, Burdick? Frank? or someone who handles finances for the state, FBI and OCSD. I believe Baez will still be in Texas at that Hispanic Seminar so I suppose Mason and Fryer will strut their stuff at the hearing. They will whine and go on that Casey can’t get employment because of death threats. I wish the court would make them show proof of the so called threats.

  6. Frankie~~my wish is that Casey will be reminded every waking hour that you do not murder, steal and lie. Do I want to see Casey agonize and suffer for what she did? You wanna believe I do.
    I just wish that damn Mason would go and crawl under a rock and quit helping Casey get away with everything. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear that Mason is really Casey’s grandpa. They both have the same evil genes.

  7. Frankie says:

    Right on Snoop. You got that right. I’m glad somebody had fun in court. He looks like a southern gentlemen but he sure isn’t anything close to that.

  8. margaret says:

    I hope she has to pay them all. baez and mason should have to pay too. My question is are they being quiet because they don’t want her making anything until this is settied or are they being quiet because no one has asked them to talk? Even linda kenny baden and andrea lyon disappeared after the verdict.

  9. Terrytsk says:

    I believe the $16,000 number is used in civil suits as a starting point. If it was $15,000 or less they were suing for, the suit would be on a different level. Maybe like small claims court? I remember hearing this somewhere from a lawyer who explained it clearly. Maybe one of your other readers understands and can explain the number and what it means. They’re going for a lot more then $16,000.

    I personally don’t think the real Zenaida’s suit is frivolous. There’s something odd about Ca Ca using her name when she had coincidentally(?) been at Sawgrass Apartments driving a car with NY license plates during the time frame that Ca Ca said Caylee had been kidnapped by Zenaida Gonzalez. The same Sawgrass apartments Caylee had been “kidnapped” from by a woman with the same name who came from NY. She was questioned and had her life turned upside down. Cindy Anthony went on TV saying Ca Ca told her she had not seen any pictures and did not clear her as a suspect. The threshold of proof is different in a civil suit. Her attorney recently filed a motion asking for the suit to be dropped, but obviously it’s going forward.

    I’m hoping that all of the coincidences that were noted by the followers of this case, such as the location of baby Caylee’s dump site being at the intersecting property line of a Zenaida and Gonzales, which could never be used in court are pointed out for the public to hear about. There were many other strange coincidences. Probably many more we never heard about. Maybe Jeff Ashton’s book?

  10. margaret says:

    Snoops, there is an article on Worldinfohub. net that I think you will enjoy. It is titled “The Casey Anthony Jurors, An American Disgrace”. Not exactly about lawsuits but very good article. Kronk is now sueing The National Inquirer for 5 million. That case kept me up a few nights, can I sue someone? LOL Zanny deserves something for perseverance.Almost forgot article written by Linda Paris.

  11. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Thanks for mentioning that. Besides the article you mentioned, there are some other posts that are really worth reading.

    The Casey Anthony Jurors: An American Disgrace
    …by Linda Paris
    Quoted and snipped from paragraph 1:
    …It is my belief that something very wrong happened in that jury room. Something punishable by law. Something that should land some of you in a federal prison for a few years.
    End of quote.

    Here is a little info on the author of the article, Linda Paris:
    Snipped… …Paris worked for CNN for over 17 years, and has written articles for various Atlanta publications on pop culture including Jezebel, Southern Voice and Creative Loafing.
    End of Quote

    Snoop: Great new post. I love the title. 😉

  12. Nan11~~thanks. I had to scroll to the top and see what I named this post. LOL I am glad you found the link for the article Margaret mentioned. I will check that out later.

    So what is the final scoop on Zenaida vs Casey? I understand the deposition is next month and has to be kept under seal also the trial is next spring. That whole case will eventually fizzle out. Mason filed the order with the appellate court re Casey being charged on four counts of lying to LE. They are arguing that she should only have been charged with lying once. This will enable her to plead the fifth if Morgan or Mitnik depose her or if she ever goes to trial for the defamation??? I am not certain which one she can plead the fifth to, the deposition or the trial. Anyone??

    I expect tomorrow’s hearing re all the money Casey owes will end up not being settled for months.

  13. ORLANDO, Fla. — When Casey Anthony is deposed this fall in a civil lawsuit, it will be done in secret.

    Gonzalez’s lawyers wanted to broadcast Anthony’s scheduled deposition, which remains set for Oct. 8.
    Judge Lisa Munyon denied the request, saying Anthony could be deposed from an undisclosed location by video link, and it is not to be broadcast.
    “I think the judge has set good rules to make sure that this doesn’t deteriorate into the sideshow it might have,” said Charles Green, Anthony’s attorney.
    Green indicated he will file a motion for the video and transcript of the deposition to be sealed and not released to the public. Munyon said she would deal with that motion when the time comes.

    Read More at Source

  14. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yep, also her depo will be ‘skyped’. 😉

    That’s a good question, really. I assumed they were talking the murderess taking the 5th during her deposition; however, if she is allowed to plead the 5th during her depo, wouldn’t she just do it again at trial?

    Anyway, what’s she got to plead the 5th about–I thought there was an ‘unfortunate accident’ and her beautiful daughter drowned? Boo hoo, (hanky and picking her nose time) little misunderstood, kind, generous, compasionate, molested Casey was fasely accused by big, bad, scary law enforcement officers.

    Braa ha ha!!!

  15. Laurali says:

    It would be great if the government investigated the jury. I do not agree with their verdict but I do agree they are 12 village idiots.

    Snoopy I do not think the IRS will wait long on caca to pay her fines. I am guessing Jose has worked out some kind of payment plan for her.

  16. Roy Kronk, the former Orange County meter reader who discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains in 2008, is suing the National Enquirer.

    The focus of the defamation suit against the tabloid newspaper is a story that ran December 9, 2009, headlined “Meter reader killed Caylee.”

    In smaller type, the headline also says “Casey Anthony says.”

    Howard Marks, a Winter Park attorney, filed the suit in Orange County Circuit Court on Kronk’s behalf. The suit seeks damages in excess of $15 million.

    “We believe the article is obviously false and misleading,” Marks said.

    Roy Kronks sues National Enquirer

  17. margaret says:

    When is she going to be treated like everyone else? All this pampering is only adding fuel to the flame and baez and mason are loving it. Let her have to be open and upfront like everyone else. Every one hates her and will still hate her ten years from now, but the socalled danger is only in the plot of baez and mason. Let her see what it is like when she is stared at and ignored. That will hurt her worse than killing her. I’ll probably be disappointed but I hope they lose all of the lawsuits. I can tell that I will be getting angry for a long time to come. I heard someone on Vinnie Politan show[I think] that Fl. was the easiest place to live if you wanted to hide money, said that was why OJ came to Miami. Anyone know if that is true? I hope not.

  18. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Never–she is a murderess set free by the Pinellas 12. Now, law enforcement and, imo, the courts, have to protect her.

    I was thinking today–if Mr. Mitnik desposed her and he managed to get any little particles of truth out of her, what would happen then? My guess is that it would cause even further frustration amongst the public. (I would like to say rage, but…)

    It would just make things look much worse than they already do, even though that sounds impossible. So I think we’ll see this lawsuit, in particular, swept behind ‘sealed’ doors, and eventually dropped altogether.

    Probably most of the other ones, too.


  19. Nan11~~you are allowed to say ‘rage’….LOL

    Margaret~~I have no money to hide in Florida or even under my mattress.

    I wonder who I can sue to make a few million. I think Roy Kronk is going a little overboard suing the NEnquirer for 15 million. Can you image if he won the lawsuit? His exes would be begging him to take them back and even agree to let him duct tape them. I thought Roy was going to sue Leonard Padilla. There are some money hungry people in the Sunshine state. Many lawyers work pro bono for their clients in hopes of getting a good cut of the money, if they win the case.

  20. nan11 says:

    This is another good read from Margaret’s link.

    Oh, I how I love this woman. She shares all my thoughts, and eloquently puts them into words! 😆

    JURY TAMPERING, GHOULS AND MEDIA WHORES: The circus of evil that surrounds Casey Anthony
    … by Linda Paris
    Until I know the truth about what really happened in this case, I will NEVER stop boycotting these ghouls…ALL OF THEM…and that includes:

    Jean Casaras, Jane Velez Mitchell, Geraldo, Vinny Politan and anybody else that stupidly believes that Casey Anthony OR HER DYSFUNCTIONAL, REVOLTING FAMILY is of any interest to any of us!


    SO Jean Casaras, Jane Velez Mitchell, Geraldo, Vinny Politan, Dr. Phil and all the rest of you prostitutes who have sold your very soul to the devil right before our eyes….You want to make money off of this case so badly?

    End of Quote

  21. margaret says:

    Nan11 , Sometimes I think about the fact that this has to come to an end somehow and the longer it goes on the more explosive things will get if she keeps getting a free ride through everything. She needs to face up or disappear . Something bad will happen and it won’t be pretty and could have been so easily prevented. I just have a bad feeling. I hope I am wrong because once again it will probably be an innocent to pay the price. IMO. going to bed before I make myself mad. Night all.

  22. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I noticed in your post you asked the question: What were the results when José was investigated by the Florida Bar Assoc? I think there are a lot of people wondering that.

    I read somewhere that the opened ones which were pending until after the trial would have all been dismissed because he won. How convenient!

    In this article below (another one from Margaret’s link), Ms Paris questions the big one–the one Judge Stan Strickland filed against Baez. The one that was closed without any reprimands against the smirking clown and the one that, imo, was the beginning of the recusal issue.

    If you click on the link, don’t miss the little section titled “Who is Jose Baez?” She has some little tidbits in there about his oldest daughter that I never heard before. I did hear that she attended the same high-school as the murderess, thus they could have known each other; and it would seem that they had a few other things in common. Also, it is thought that it was her that actually set-up the ABC deal for Caylee’s ‘blood-money’ pictures. I always wondered if she wasn’t the explanation behind how Baez arrived so quickly at the doorstep of the turnip.

    The Rage Against Jose Baez: Personal and Here to Stay
    …by Linda Paris
    In his interview with the police Dominic Casey stated that Jose Baez told him “if you find anything DON’T call the police…call ME.” These are Dominic Casey’s own word’s contained in the transcript of his deposition.

    That’s how much winning meant to Jose Baez!

    Why someone never followed up on this is a beyond me and an outrage on it’s own.
    End of Quote

    (Apparently Dominic Casey is now shopping a possible book around. That will be lies, lies and nothing but lies. Next we’ll hear about Luke and Ginny writing one.)


  23. Nan11~~wow, that article written by Linda Paris was a mouth full and every thing she wrote is the truth. I hope a lot of people get to read it.

    Look who Baez got mixed up with, Todd Black aka Gil Cabot. I think that Baez is still associated with him. Since the trial, there is nothing being followed up. What about Laura Buchanan and Mortimer Smith, PI for the defense, falsifying the TES document? She volunteered her services for the defense. Then there was Jeremy Lyons, another PI for the defense. He was the one who paid the visit to Dave and he also was the one who tampered with witnesses who happened to be 2 TES searchers. All of this has been swept under the rug. Why?

    In Florida, it is not against the law to NOT report finding a dead body but it is against the law to tamper with a crime scene. Dominic Casey was poking and probing around with his steel rod.
    If Dominic had found Caylee’s remains and told Baez, Baez could not reveal it unless he got permission from Casey. The laws are totally nuts.

    Yes, let Dominic write his book. Should this make Cindy a bit nervous, or Baez? It seems they are all cut throats out to see who can get the most money. Lies really seem to pay off in the state of Florida.

  24. Margaret~~ thanks so much for bringing us some good information when you run across it. You are a great help and it is truly appreciated. You are becoming a Sleuth. LOL

  25. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is an overview of Jeff Ashton’s book “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony”:
    A modern true crime masterwork, Imperfect Justice is an astonishing, close-up look at the most sensational criminal trial of the century: the murder trial of Casey Anthony, accused and controversially acquitted of the slaying of her young daughter, Caylee. A prosecutor for the State of Florida for thirty years, author Jeff Ashton was part of the prosecution team that sought justice for Caylee’s shocking death, and he brings readers along with him into the courtroom and behind the scenes for a riveting insider’s account of the investigation, the trial, and the shocking jury verdict. Not since the O.J. Simpson case has a murder trial so riveted a nation, and in Imperfect Justice Ashton reveals explosive details of the case that have never been made public, explaining what the prosecution got right, what they got wrong, and why he remains completely convinced of Casey Anthony’s guilt.
    End of Quote

    The overview is from the link below and contains a picture of the dust cover. Unfortunately, the publisher couldn’t resist a few pictures of the murderess. However, the one in the top right corner is one of my personal favorites. It is from a court hearing I will never forget. 😉
    Barnes & Noble ~ Imperfect Justice; Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton

    Following is a link to Mr. Ashton’s page profile on ‘facebook’. He states the following: “The cover of the book is being released today and before any one comments, I too would have preferred that Casey’s picture not appear there but that was the publishers call. I certainly understand if that sours any of you on the book. I only control what’s in the book.”
    The Official Jeffrey Ashton Page’s Profile
    It has also been stated that the murderess will not receive one cent from the use of her pictures.

    One last thing–even though I don’t see this in writing for myself, the knowledgeable folks at WebSleuth’s are saying that a ghost writer worked with Mr. Ashton on the ‘construction’ of “Imperfect Justice”. Her name is Lisa Pulitzer. She has a very impressive ‘portfolio’. Here is a link to her website: Lisa Pulitzer

    I have read “Stolen Innocence” by Elissa Wall (with Lisa Pulitzer), and I can say it was very well written and an excellent read.

    MOO, of course.

  26. nan11 says:

    Here is a ‘live link’ for today’s hearing. It is set to begin at the top of the hour. (WFTV, Orlando Sentinel, and CNN are all broadcasting live as well.)

  27. I lost the feed and saw a reporter trying to get her act together on WESH….what a hoot!

  28. nan11 says:


    (I have now lost 2 comments. I’m sure the problem is on my end, though.) :mrgreen:

  29. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Ahh, I appear to be working again. It must be Friday! 😆 (For me and the lady from WESH.)

    Mason apparently needs 15 to 20 minutes to finish up with the last witness and LDB has one more to call–I think it’s Sgt. John Allen.

    Court is in recess untill 1:30 p.m. Florida time.

    (Hopefully this will get through this time, and my other two won’t suddenly show up.)

  30. Nan11, there are no comments of yours in spam or pending. I wish someone would muzzle Mason.

  31. Redrelaxed says:

    Morning Snoopy & Everyone,

    Been laying low, but checking in now and again. Missing all of you, but trying to rid myself of this pescky tiny pebble that remains in my shoe… Casey Anthony. Uggh!

    Couldn’t agree more with Linda Paris. She feels the same way I do, something very wrong happened during the “deliberations” on the CA trial that will eventually be revealed. Great find Margaret and thank you.

    Valid questions Snoop! Perhaps Baez socked away some of that blood money that he didn’t have to account for, and MOTY is educating herself for a job she’ll never get. The good citizens of Florida deserve to have some of the money spent on finding Caylee returned, hopefully the JP sees it that way.

  32. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me, too – regarding the muzzling. 😉

    FYI: The problems are all on my end. I just got off the phone my internet provider. They reset my modem–so, hopefully I’m alright now.

    It’s poignant watching it, really. Knowing no justice will be forthcoming. Knowing the murderess is out there, most likely watching. As free as any law abiding citizen. Most likely smirking about all the expense law enforcement put into looking for her daughter. 😐

  33. cali patti says:

    Muzzling Mason, that would be refreshing. I also do not have much confidence in Florida ever holding the felon responsible for much of anything. She slips and slides.

    I recall one of her jail house letters where she wrote she wanted to adopt a Irish baby because she loved the accent. WT*, babies are born with accents? When did this start happening?
    She is so d*** dumb to get so lucky.

  34. nan11 says:

    Well, we will wait about 30 more days before we learn if Mason’s child–the murderess–will be inconvenienced by restitution costs.

    The white bearded one’s panties were really in a bunch over that book Mr. Ashton included in the charges, weren’t they. 😆

  35. Laurali says:

    Nan said: The white bearded one’s panties were really in a bunch over that book Mr. Ashton included in the charges, weren’t they. 😆
    What book are you referring to? I did not get to watch and I am really sad that I missed Mason with a bunch in his panties. LOL

  36. nan11 says:

    Laurali: Now, you caught me being forgetful. It was a ‘knowledge’ book of some sort–I don’t think it had to do with autopsies or chloroform, but something to do with one of the technical issues of the trial.

    Jeff had the nerve (according to Mason) to include the price of the book (and it was quite a reasonable book price, nothing outrageous), in the murderess’s reimbursement calculations.

    Mason took it right personal. He stated in court that he felt Mr. Ashton added that cost in just to irritate him.

    Jeff is a very cool guy. Whether or not it was his intent, the speel/rant which resulted was splendid to watch. 😎

  37. Laurali says:

    Thanks Nan. I am sure the prosecutors main focus is to irritate Mason. He is a idiot. Maybe he is in charge of the 12 village idiots. I do not know how JP will rule but I believe Casey should be responsible for cost all the way till dna came back on the remains. jmo She did lie and then Jose picked up where she left off with the drowning and molestation. Fools, all of them.

  38. nan11 says:

    Laurali: It was about ‘decomposition’, I went back and looked it up. 😉

    I’ll put some links in for the hearing, but it was long and hard to swallow. Mason was very full of himself. He referred to the murderess a ‘young girl’ today. (The only part of her that is still young and innocent exists in his dreams; but that is moo, of course.)

    This link is for the whole affair:
    Hearing 09/02 ~ Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

    The one below is just for the last part (part 5). I thought it was the best part really–it contains the closing arguments. Linda Drane Burdick was very good. I thought she showed a little passion today.
    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Casey Anthony Hearing Part 5 (09/02/11)
    Quote at about 23:17 minutes in:
    Mason: And even—just to blister me—I suggest, charging for Jeffrey Ashton buying a book on Amazon.com for $31.50. [Unintelligible]
    End of Quote

  39. nan11 says:

    Hold your nose!! Has everyone seen this:

    E Bay ~ Authentic Sweater worn by Casey Anthony during Trial
    A member of the Casey Anthony defense team was instructed on day one of the Caylee Anthony Murder trial in Orlando Florida to give her Sweater to Casey to wear in Court. Casey was cold in the Court room and Jose Beaz asked one of his Legal Aides to give her sweater to Casey. Casey Wore this Sweater through Opening Statements and through-out the entire trial. She can be seen wearing it on all Court footage. She wore it alomst every day. It has not been washed and has been perserved since Casey herself returned it to the Legal Assisant.
    End of Quote

    Pee-yew!!! :mrgreen:


    (Seriously, who could be behind this but the defense team? It gives me the impression they are pretty deserate for money, but maybe I’m worng.)

  40. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I came across this on the WESH chat line during the hearing today.
    I was reading on another FB page that David Deece has employed G, C and “IT” at his company QuincoElectric. He is the one that paid for the Bahama trip
    by justice4caylee.calif 9/2/2011 1:56:13 PM 10:56 AM
    End of Quote

    And just a few minutes ago, I came across this at WebSleuth’s regarding the murderess’s probation check-in on September 1/11 at 6:00 p.m.
    WebSleuth’s Single Post ~ Official word from FDOC regarding KC’s [Casey’s] check-in
    She reported that she is currently unemployed and that she has not attended educational or vocational classes. She has not earned any income in the last 30 days according to her statement.
    End of Quote

    I assume the word it in capital letters in the first quote, refers to the murderess; however, in light of what she apparently told her parole officer–it is not true (about the job).

    I assume the parole officer would have some way of confirming what a known liar would tell them, right? Maybe?

  41. nan11 says:

    Snoop: One more thing I wanted to mention and then I’ll stop for a while. 😆

    At the hearing today Linda Drane Burdick said that the FBI is no longer seeking any reimbursement, IIRC.

    You don’t suppose that is because they are looking at other alternatives, do you?

    I immediately thought this, then I decided: Nope, too good to be true. Later on though, I read a few comments by others that had shared my thought. Doubtful though, I know.

    Oh well, the second of hope was pleasant. 😕

  42. Nan11~~ yes, I was surprised that the FBI is not seeking reimbursement. I suppose they figured that the amount of man hours that would have to go into preparing all the invoices and paperwork would not be worth their efforts, realistically.

    I do think that Mason (said with tongue in cheek) put up quite an argument today. The state was unable to cite any case laws similar to this motion so I would not be surprised if , once again, old Mason will stick his finger up when the decision comes down. It will take Judge Perry at least a month, if not longer, to figure this one out.

  43. Nan11~~I meant to mention that I do not believe that the FBI will be filing any charges against Casey. So this would not be the reason they are not asking for reimbursement.

    If David Deece is a good business man, he should know that you do not employ members of the same family. If George ever works with anything electric and Casey is employed there too, it wont be a ‘shock’ to hear Casey has been short-circuited. That would make Cindy blow a fuse instead of a gasket.

  44. Even if Casey is found liable for costs she will probably be ordered to pay 20 dollars a week..Look at the massive fines imposed on the Croslins an Cummins in Satsuma for selling some pills.25 years 15 years an millions in fines to boot…………

  45. Laurali says:

    ecossie ~ it looks like Florida dislikes drug dealers but baby killers are okay. Felon should be paying back the hard working tax payers. Something she is not. Something she will never be. Right now she owes the IRS about 70,000 dollars. Wonder how long they will wait before they arrest her sorry behind.

  46. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Apparently, the listing for the ‘authentic sweater’ worn by the murderess has been removed from E-Bay for violations–if I’m understanding things correctly.

    E-Bay has some specific rules regarding the sale of ‘used’ clothing–one is that the item must be cleaned.

    Other interesting tidbits are that: 1.] The seller of the sweater was connected to Ocala, i.e. think Dorothy Clay-Sims and the spiritual advisor business; and: 2.] A donation from the sale of that stinky sweater was going to be made to the charity responsible for the ‘walkway’ which was/is to be built at the remains dump site (which was selected by the murderess and used for her convenience).

    Ugly business, here–moo, of course.

  47. Nan11~~when I read about that sweater last night, it grossed me out. Casey didn’t wear that sweater every day. I remember her putting it on one say and the sleeves of it were so long. There are some crazy people in this world. Next thing, someone will be trying to sell her used kleenex. Now I am making myself sick…yuk.

  48. cali patti says:

    I’ve found a total of three babies this year. One baby rattler I found on my bathroom floor. I’ve no idea how he came to be there. I do not believe he came thru the front door like my sons think. He would have had to go up 3 large steps, thru the entry, bedroom, short hall and then the bathroom. Found 2 in the driveway this year. These were young ones. What scares me the most is there are at least 2 large snakes out there. I really do not like rattle snakes. Scare me.
    I use to walk freely over the property now I am always looking around & down.

  49. Cali Patti, I think Margaret was telling us about a rattle snake caught in her tiller at the coffee shop. I think you are lost…LOL Lots of food in the Café being bantered around. If you decide to read there, I can promise you will get hungry .

  50. A hearing is also slated for Sept. 28 on whether to release a sealed jail video taken on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.
    Officials said the video showed Casey Anthony doubled over while watching news reports of the discovery.
    The video was sealed two years ago by Judge Stan Strickland. Strickland said the video was too inflammatory and could affect Anthony’s right to a fair trial.

    Judge hears Casey Anthony money arguments video etc here at


  51. Sherry says:

    Cali Patti! Two words: Cowboy. Boots. lol Dang snakes…My hubs jumped out of his skin over a garden snake the other day. It slithered quick as lightening in front of him! Some of the things he does gets me to laughing so hard I cry… 😆

  52. Sherry says:

    So sorry, Snoops! I thought I had gone to the Cafe thread… 😳

  53. Sherry, no problem, anything goes in here now. I just wanted to direct Cali Patti over to where the action is…LOL

  54. Karen C. says:

    Cowboy boots! Rattle snakes! This place is turning into the Wild, Wild West!

    That video had better be released, I want every lamebrain juror on that panel to see it….

  55. margaret says:

    Thanks for compliment Snoops, but I was reading comments somewhere and came across link to worldinfohub. I checked it out and knew you guys would be interested so I rushed over to tell you ,then went back to read. Some interesting stuff there. Glad you all enjoyed.

  56. Here is the link to Simon Barrett’s blog talk radio….Dave will be a guest panelist. They will be discussing an interesting case if you like to follow crime. Radio show begins at 4pm Orlando time.


  57. I am convinced now for sure….there is something wrong with the water in Florida!! Read on…

    When you think that you have heard it all, along comes Matthew Scheidt, 17, who was just charged with five counts of impersonating a physician’s assistant at the Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, Florida. He started out as a part time billing clerk and worked his way up the ranks mighty fast. This whole story would be laughable except for the fact that this young man was not screened by the Medical Center and had access to people’s personal data . I hope he did not have an Rx pad and wrote out prescriptions for the patients.

    Not only the above, he told practicing managers he was working as an undercover deputy. Is this man the makings of another James McIntyre?

    Here is the article and it is worth a read. Geez, I wonder how many patients this guy examined.

    Teen Accused Of Impersonating Physician’s Assistant

  58. Oh my God, here is some more about Matthew. His dad wonders, yes wonders, if he should get Matthew some psychiatric help. Matthew made the rounds at the hospital and even examined disrobed male patients. He also did chest compressions on a man who was in cardiac arrest. I am not making this stuff up. You can read more and watch a video here…


  59. Some lawyers are already wetting their chops over this one. Here is what John Morgan had to say…

    “They’re going to have real problems if somebody got hurt as a result of this kid,” John Morgan, a personal injury attorney told the Orlando Sentinel. “There’s being duped and there’s being stupid…If this is their level of competence, God help anybody who goes there for other matters.”

    There must be some very red faces at the Medical Center and they have some explaining to do. More info here…


  60. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Well, I can’t quite wrap my head around how could have gotten away with that for six days.

    One thing, though, his father is on the right track. 😉

  61. Nan11~~Matthew’s father should not have to wonder about it for a minute. He should insist on having that kid mentally evaluated right away. No doubt, LE will have him evaluated. What a con artist he was and to think he was even in the operating room, changed IV’s and bandages. That is kind of scarey.

    I have a feeling that there will be some lawsuits come out of this. If one of the patients hiccups, they will file a suit and blame it on Matthew. I can’t say I blame them either.

  62. Karen C. says:

    Actually, someone should step forward and get him into a premed program, after he’s evaluated of course! He might make a great surgeon, if he has good hands. Lots of ego required for those…

  63. Karen C~~your kidding, right? Matthew also said he was an undercover deputy and maybe he should get a job with OCSD, a good replacement for Richard Cain or Anthony Rusciano. LOL

  64. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I’ve got my “Odds and Sods and Her Again” cap on. 😆

    I find this interesting, though. It sounds like Jesse is contemplating writing a book. He would have some good insight to share, imo.

    Sometimes I find that Jesse (and the Grunds, in general) place too much blame on Cindy and George, thereby giving the little murderess a free pass. Still, though, I realize that he deeply loved her, and that his love will always color his viewpoint. It shows what a decent guy he is, really.

    He was her ‘boat’–her chance at something decent–and she soiled it. Not her parents, imho.

    The ‘sour grapes’ comments in the article are being feed directly to Jose from the murderess herself, I believe. She needs to crank up the sessions with the spiritual advisor–she is nowhere near being able to admit the truth, even to herself.

    Casey blasts ex’s book pitch
    Last Updated: 12:27 AM, September 6, 2011
    A rep for Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, said, “I found Mr. Grund to be very interested in serving himself … prosecutors told me that Jesse was upset that he wasn’t called as a witness.
    End of Quote

    Why do I find it hard to believe that the ‘prosecutors’ would tell this to the defense? Notice that I am not saying it is impossible, just that it is hard to believe in this particular case.

    One last thing–I hope Mr. Grund, Sr. adds a chapter detailing the proof of brother Lee’s visit to Jesse. That could create a very, very interesting discussion about just how many trips were made to the site where the remains of a once beautiful child laid uncared for–and by whom.

    It’s time for this to come out now.


  65. Karen C. says:

    Sure, he’s upset about not being called as a witness- I am too! And I’m also upset that no mention was made of the Photobucket treasure trove of macabre images (a few thousand or so of them would have sufficed!), that Tony L. was never asked on the stand about his comment to the skank that he didn’t want any little girls, that Lee was never asked by Jose if he ever molested skank, that skank’s and skank’s boyfriend’s pot use was never brought up. Tony R. must’ve been sweating up there waiting for that avenue to open up- it was never used. Grrr…

  66. Laurali says:

    So Jose has a problem with others cashing in? Maybe because his little damaged baby killing client is having such a hard time cashing in. It would be nice if all the dirt came out about caca and her family before they have any more chances to cash in on Caylee.

    Nan ~ I agree about Jesse. He seems blinded by the love he had for caca. It is time for everyone to stop thinking about the killer and think about the innocent child she killed. Someone needs to shake these fools!

  67. Ahhh, it seems Mr Baez Esq is worried that others may cash in before his princess gets her book of fiction on the market. I hope everyone who is anti Casey will write their books and cover the news stands. Amy and Anthony Rusciano should write books along with everyone else that Casey screwed in one way or another. Baez should go back in the bikini business, hire Casey so she can let it all hang out. Casey and Baez’ spider web has fallen apart so now let the flies write their books and rake in the moola. Baez and Casey can keep their eyes out for specials at the soup kitchen.

  68. Karen C~ ~ I am going to tell you frankly that when I found out that the prosecution was resting their case, I was shocked and said ” what the hell, what about etc etc etc.” Granted the state had expert forensic evidence but little did they know that it would fly right over the heads of the brain dead, stunned jurors from Pinellas County. I believe the state was over confident and also Judge Perry should not have set a time limit to pick a jury. As it ended up, 3 jurors had criminal records and one religious woman could not sit in judgement of anyone, one had a deadline to go on his vacation and the list went on. A case is either won or lost when the jury is finally picked before the trial even commences. Baez knew this jury and why? They were of the same caliber as him, dumb. He knew how to feed this jury with his BS and he won the case.

    Some evidence is not that easy to introduce at a trial. First you must put someone on the witness stand who is connected to the evidence as in all the Photobucket pictures.

    Why was Jesse Grund not called by the state? If he had said that Casey told him that Lee had tried to molest her, it would have helped Baez in what he said in his opening statement. If asked by the state, he may have stated that Casey told him she felt he loved Caylee more than her. I don’t think Jesse could have added anything to help the state. When Baez made his opening statement, he caught the prosecution off guard. Ashton tried to do a lot of damage control with the accusations made about George but even that backfired when George on cross by Baez, became combattive.

    Lee Anthony did not co-operative with the state. He put on one hell of a good faked blatting display thanks to whatever he rubbed in is eyes to help save his sister. Baez was not about to open the door for the state to be able to cross , if he had asked Lee if he tried to molest Casey. This is the way the system works.

    The jury from Pinellas needed to be force fed. They wanted a video of the actual murder. They could not even wrap their brains around decomp odor in the trunk or any of the forensic evidence.
    As a result, we have one botched trial and verdict and I put the blame on both sides and Judge Perry. JMO from an old armchair detective looking in from the outside.

  69. I am not going to be popular for saying this but …. Jeff Ashton’s continuous laughs and smirks during Baez’ Opening and Closing Statements did not help matters.

    Linda Drane Burdick put on great opening and closing statements but the way she presented them was a deterrent. Linda has a habit of speaking in monotones and emphasizes about every sixth or seventh word. I notice a slight bit of cockiness when they flipped the pages of that purple ringed note pad she used at the lectern. All these little things can make a big difference to a stunned jury panel. JMO

  70. Mike Boslet of Orlando Magazine has a great article “Wag of the Finger” an interview one on one with Cheney Mason. You can read it here…


  71. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Although I’m a fan of Mr. Boslet’s writing, I’m not up to reading that article–just yet. (I’ll get there.) 😉

    I wanted to comment with my thoughts on why, in my opinion, Mr. Ashton seemed to laugh and smirk.

    Believe it or not, this is a tacit used by many trial lawyers.

    Imagine for a moment that you or I–or any reasonable, honest person– had been a member of that jury. Imagine hearing Jose Ba-ez bellow during his opening argument that the defendant had been forced to put her father’s penis in her mouth when she was 13 years old.

    Imagine that you make it all the way to closing arguments and you have heard nary another mention–never mind evidence–of this dispicable act. Do you think you would be wondering why this fact had been brought up and then dropped? Do you think you might be thinking that the clown before you might be telling as many lies as his client in the lowered chair?

    So, do you think if you happened to glance over at the prosecutors and you noticed one possibly smiling behind his hand, do you think you might think to yourself that he was thinking the same thing as you were; and, therefore, feel your decision was justified?

    Baez knew this, too. That’s why he, at that point, bellowed so loud about the ‘laughing man’.

    This is what I believe Jeff was doing–trying a tacit that he had quite possibly used before, and quite possibly used before successfully.

    Who knows–maybe it’s even a trial tacit that the Judge might have used himself a time or two, during his years as a prosecutor.

    He sure had a negative reaction when Mr. Ashton used it though. Just sayin’.

    (MOO–but maybe I read too many books!!) 😉

  72. Nan11~~ I try to look at things as objectively as I can. I doubt if any of the jurors remembered Baez’ opening statement or maybe that is all they remembered before they closed their mind up to all the evidence. I doubt if the jury paid attention to Judge Perry when he told them that the Opening Statements could not be taken as evidence.

    When you have a scenario where there is a trial going on, a mother has been charged with Murder One, a death penalty on the table, for killing her small daughter, smirking and laughing among any of the lawyers is very unprofessional. I know Baez’ raised his voice until his voice cracked and he went on like a madman but he got the attention of the jury. Jeff Ashton could have displayed a wide eyed look of bewilderment instead of his laughing which was a distraction. I do not care for Cheney Mason, no how, no way, but I will give him credit for acting in a professional manner when the state was at the lectern. I watched Baez smirk time and again during the hearings but I did not see him doing that during the trial. I am not saying that Jeff Ashton’s laughter made the state lose their case but it did not help the situation one iota. When you laugh at someone, you are not taking them serious. The lies that Baez was telling were very serious and not a laughing matter. JMO

  73. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Well, I agree it didn’t help. No debate there. 😆

    But I thought they did a good job. I really did (still do). Honestly, I don’t know what they could have done that would have cause the Pinellas 12 (or 15) to bring in a different verdict.

    And when I say that I mean within the realm of what they were allowed to do.

    I read this analogy at WebSleuth’s and it really stuck with me. It’s not a direct quote but it is close:

    If you look out the window before you go to bed one night and you see it snowing–that’s direct evidence. (You have seen the snow falling.)

    If you wake up one morning and you see a foot of snow on the ground–that’s indirect or circumstantial evidence. (You didn’t see it snowing but since you see it piled-up–there is no reasonable doubt that it did not snow.)

    The prosecution tactfully drew the picture, they laid out the evidence–what was missing? Nothing, imo

    Why couldn’t the jury get it? Your guess is as good as mine.

  74. Nan11~~ apparently the people in Pinellas County don’t know what the hoot snow is. The prosecution presented an almost perfect case. Linda Drane Burdick admitted a lot of evidence towards the very end of the trial. The jury did not ask to see one piece of it. The jurors had their minds made up before they went out to deliberate. In fact, I doubt if they knew what the word ‘deliberate’ even meant. I have a feeling these jurors did not adhere to Judge Perry when he cautioned them not to discuss the case. I’ll bet they discussed how much money they could make for interviews, like five figures, one of them wanted from Greta.

    The names of the jurors are supposed to be released next month. I wonder if that woman juror who went into hiding ever went back to her sick husband. She called in to her work place and told them that she quit her job because she was too frightened to face her co-workers. She signed the not guilty to those three counts and if she stood by her decision, she would have had the guts to face her co-workers. The whole lot of the jurors, IMO, were loony toons. I doubt if all of the 15 jurors knew they were trying a murder case. They bring down a not guilty verdict and then whine about it, “oh, I should not have done that. I felt so bad when I signed the not guilty.” So they didn’t like George. For goodness sake, George was not on trial. This case is laughable but also very sad that the justice system can be so corrupted and there is no turning back. What’s done in done.

    I am still waiting for the state to get off their butts and bring charges against those who tampered with evidence and witnesses…. Laura Buchanan, Mortimer Smith, Jeremy Lyons ….and it has all been swept under the rug in hopes the public will forget.

    These jurors should have been asked if the believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I’ll bet they would have answered in the affirmative.

    Another thing that bothers me, when a person does not believe in the death penalty, what is hell are they doing on a death penalty jury? Someone best go back and read up on some of the laws the next time they panel a death penalty jury. *Snoopy shaking head and going to bed

  75. Karen C. says:

    In retrospect I do agree with Baez on this one point- that the death penalty being on the table was a big mistake on the State’s part, regardless of whether it was warranted here or not. Changed the dynamic in the Jury room, and in the future should probably be reserved for the serial killers amongst us. I’m not arguing that this didn’t fit the various criteria, it just was not going to fly with a young female defendant, fair or not.

  76. Karen C~~I totally agree with you the death penalty did not fit this case. LWOP was more appropriate for the crime committed. The state only had circumstantial evidence and keeping the DP on the table was too harsh. I did not want Casey to get the DP due to her age and, yes, because she was female.

  77. FYI~ I added a new thread under the top banner….

    Recipes Tried and True

  78. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I’ve read about this link now for two days, so I finally gave in and clicked on it. I’ll link it below, but I’ll share a few thoughts first. I’ll try to be brief and not go into a rant. 😆

    Months and months before the murderess murdered her helpless 34 month old baby, Jesse called the ambulance and had the murderess hospitalized for ‘seizures’. There are video’s of George and Cindy Anthony explaining this away–making light of this. They focused on Jesse, hoping to convince all their viewing public that Jesse was exaggerating–there was nothing wrong with their beautiful (not) daughter. She was perfect–she had to be, she was their spawn.

    Now these people have the audacity to appear on a paid for Dr. Phil episode and spew this garbage??? If they support the drowning theory, do they also support ‘Jose the clown’s’ theory that George found Caylee deceased?

    Please. (I have to stop right now, because I’m going to start into a rant.)

    To her California lover I will say this–you are aligning yourself with the devil. You can help her hide from the public, but you can not help her hide from herself or God.

    ‘Casey had seizures that made it difficult to tell right from wrong’: Cindy Anthony ‘to claim daughter may have had attack as Caylee died’
    By John Stevens ~ Last updated at 2:54 PM on 8th September 2011
    The Florida mother then apparently suffered to further seizures once when she was on bond in 2008 and again while she was in prison.
    End of Quote

    And don’t miss this part folks. So, now the A’s are admitting that they went to work day after day–leaving their lying, stealing, sexually ‘loose’, and (now we learn) seizure-prone daughter–alone with a helpless child. Shame, shame, shame on them.

    And on Dr. Phil and the network willing to pay for this ‘total fabrication of the facts’ interview.
    According to a Fox News source, Cindy Anthony will claim that the seizures may be symptomatic of a condition that makes it difficult at times ‘to sort fact from fiction’.
    End of Quote

    My Opinion Only.

  79. Nan11~~if Casey was having seizures, then maybe Cindy can tell us what medication she was taking for them. Was she under a doctor’s care for these seizures and what was the doc’s name? If Cindy is going to finally tell the truth then I am sure she should know that she has to substantiate it. She is just making excuses to try and justify in her mind that Casey did not mean to murder Caylee. It seems she is trying to rid herself of a guilty conscience. People who have real seizures would show remorse or grieve for a lost child. Can Cindy explain that away too? Seizures last for a short period of time, not 31 days.

  80. Laurali says:

    WTH? Seizures do not cause people to murder toddlers! Cindy is the world’s biggest enabler. So Caca is now having seizures while out on bond and while locked up, but no one bothered mentioning this until now? It is a good thing she never had a seizure while she was driving her car. Look at all the time she had to be in the car since she really didn’t have a job. She could have killed a family going to the store. Maybe now that this is coming out the BMV won’t let her reinstate her license. Caca does not need to be out on the road. Nan you rant all you want!

  81. margaret says:

    Can you believe these people? I hope that big secret was worth what dr phil “Donated” to cindy and george.I know from my nephew that she did not have seizures and do what she did. Mitch took as many as 15 to 20 meds a day.No way would he have been left in charge of a baby.. She has to show me proof before I even try to believe that………..I have added Larry Sidelin to my list of people to slap down, he is so slobbish talking about it. I read somewhere someone wanting to be at the phil show to protest, but wasn’t it recorded ,so there won’t be an audience. I guess big and bad phil was afraid he might get whipped if it were live. That I would like to watch an angry crowd, g&c and phil. Funny all three backsides running for safety!!!!!

  82. Margaret~~Dr Phil would never dare take the chance of putting Cindy and George on his show with a live audience. They would have to have some tight security and the hecklers in the audience would drown out the good doc when he asked his prerehearsed questions to C & G. Don’t you worry that show that was prerecorded was editted before Cindy put her stamp of approval on it. Will Dr Phil ever let us know how much he donated to Cindy’s charity? I doubt it. They say charity begins at home so not to worry, Cindy will adhere to that. Those people must think the public is stupid.

  83. margaret says:

    Nan11 you are right. Isn’t it something that they are jumping on something Jesse said to try to excuse her, and they did everything in book to put blame on Jesse for everything ,ironic. Didn’t Jesse say she had been drinking ? geraldo says she, It, is upset with parents for media coverage, just wants C to be a mom for her……………The battle for the money will soon start between the loving mom and daughter. Hope mason and baez have to handle it. .

  84. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Yes, I do believe that Jesse said the murderess had been drinking heavily that whole weekend. The seizure Jesse witnessed occurred on a Sunday afternoon, iirc. (She had also left for a ‘couple of hours’ prior to the seizure and Jesse really had no idea where she went.)

    Her excuse was that she had drank a couple of “Red Bulls”.

    At that time, Cindy said the hospital ran all kinds of tests on her and they had found absolutely nothing wrong. Gorgeous George completed the story by saying when he got to the hospital for a visit–his darling spawn was fine, sitting up in bed with a big ‘wolfy’ [my word, not Geogie’s] smile, explaining that everyone had overreacted.

    Dr. Phil is gonna float the latest lies by the Anthony’s, however. While he fills their pockets with network money and boosts his own ratings, that is. I heard he is going for Oprah’s spot. 😐

    I also heard George and Cindy are receiving around one million buckaroos for their lies–around $500,000 each. Each!!!

  85. I said earlier that I would not be watching the Dr Phil show but have since changed my mind. I want to hear what they have to say first hand so I can write about it. Someone must be leaking info about the upcoming show since we learned about the ‘seizures’….maybe Phil is sort of letting some of the cats out of his bag of tricks to get more viewers. Hmmm

  86. Laurali says:

    At this point I would not be shocked if they denied Caylee all together. G&C might as well go on their favorite Network and just say Baby killer never gave birth to a child named Caylee. They have done nothing but spit on that Baby’s grave since day one! For what? A lying, thieving, bed hopping sl*t! I love my children but this is beyond reasonable. Why isn’t anyone standing up for Caylee? That poor baby was murdered, wrapped in duct tape, triple bagged and tossed in the woods so animals could eat her?

    If they are defending their daughter because they are worried about their image well let me just say imo they are scum. I would not donate a penny to a foundation that has done nothing but back the victims Killer! After the verdict if they had come out and said our daughter is a murdering mental case and we did not know the extent of it until we pulled our heads out of our behinds. I think their foundation may have flourished. But now, not so much. They are a disgrace to all loving Grandparents. They are a disgrace to the human race in general. I bet the whole State of Florida is embarrassed by this one family.

    Florida needs to put a fence around their village. All their idiots are on the loose. :/ Snoopy I do not know how you can watch these fools any longer. But thank you, I can hardly wait for your opinion. lol

  87. Laura~~I may gag a few times and cuss at the tv but I have an obligation to all of you to watch the show. I haven’t watched ole Philly in years because he is a bully and makes his guests cry. I have a feeling that quite a few who claim they will the watch the show will be sneaking a peek. We are a curious lot otherwise we would not slow down in traffic if we see an accident. Just maybe the Phil Show will surprise us so how will we know, if we don’t tune in. I am a free spirit and must see the bad in order to weigh the good.

  88. Laurali says:

    I won’t be watching. I have to take my dad to the eye doctor Monday morning and have a meeting in the afternoon. So I look forward to your take, plus I love the fact you never sugar coat anything. Nan and you are a lot alike in that department. 🙂

  89. Laura~~I have been hanging around ‘your internet daddy’ too long and you know what would happen if I ‘sugar’ coat him. We, Canucks are definitely not wish washy although sometimes we wish we had a washy machine instead of the lye soap and a scrub board. By the way Nan sounds sometimes, I think she goes down to the brook and beats her laundry on the rocks and pretends she is beating the chit out of Ca Ca. Take that, and that and that. I’ll bet her clothes are spotless.

    Do you think that I should quit typing or take the chance on getting the ca ca beat out of me? Nan is only a few hours away from me so I best behave.

  90. Laurali says:

    Snoopy~ I needed that. HaHa! I bet Nan has beat the color off of her clothes. I need to drop by and see Dave. His new place is always locked up like Fort Knox. 🙂

  91. margaret says:

    Snoopy, I was reading something on WESH news and got directed to a link that turned out to be geraldo face book page . He was talking about getting a back door look at the interview. he must be phil pimp too, because he knows everything. hes the one telling about the seizures. All the skum has to stick together I guess.

  92. Laura~~Dave has a new banner up at his blog and things look really nice. The comments are starting to pick up too. If you are registered there, I don’t know why you would have problems accessing his blog. Drop him an email and he will fix things up so you can get in.

  93. Margaret~~I am sure that Casey feeds information to Baez who in turn feeds it to Geraldo who in turn tries to feed it to the public. One day, Geraldo is going to go head first over the handlebars of that mustache he sports. I pay little attention of what comes out of his mouth as it is just spin. I wonder if Dr Phil’s ratings will take a plunge for having the Anthonys on and paying them big bucks to a fake fund in Caylee’s name. Why didn’t Phil come right out and pay the Anthonys? This is cheating the IRS by paying it to a non profit fund. Cindy and George will have their hands in that cookie jar so just watch, more clothes and vacations coming up.

    As far as Ca Ca having a seizure when she was with Jesse, she was probably coming down off a couple days of drugs and booze. Anthony Rusciano, one of Ca Ca’s bedmates, said he saw Jesse have to practically carry her out of bars because she was so drunk. Most of Ca Ca friends said they didn’t see her do drugs or get drunk. They were probably so stoned they didn’t know the difference. Who is going to admit that Ca Ca did drugs if they happened to be her supplier. This brings Annie Downing and her Xanax to mind. I hope Jesse does write a book so he can enlighten us to some real truths. That is why the defense is making such a stink about Jesse writing a book.

  94. nan11 says:

    Snoop: No worries. I’m a ranter; but I’m law abiding. Sometimes I think I’m just ranting in my old back kitchen–I forget that I’m broadcasting myself over the internet. Yikes!

    You gave me a good idea–I’m going to whip up a batch of lye soap, dig out my wash board, and start scrubbing. When I’m done, I might have wholes in the bottom of my socks–but, by golly, they’ll be clean.

    I’ll get myself more upset by watching that interview, so I’d rather wait to see what everyone in the blogosphere has to say about it.

    The big ratings that will result from it do concern me, because the powers that be will deduce that if G & C can garner such numbers, the murderess herself will bring in more. Oh, the dollar signs will roll and the ‘wet’ dreams of the murderess will come true.

    So be it. Money can’t bleach that black soul. Money can’t take away the memories of her baby’s eyes, as she sealed her airways with duct tape. Money can’t stop her from needing to block the pain with a bottle of liquor or by shoving dope up her nose. Money may very well quicken her destruction. We’ll have to see.

    In the meantime, my socks will be clean!

  95. Karen C. says:

    I’m thinking Xanax too. My husband was prescribed that and he launched into a series of seizures- during movies, fell off ladders, down a flight of stairs, etc. Because he had already had a brain aneurism they thought that was the culprit. Took a while to nail it down and he couldn’t drive for a while till they had it figured out. Xanax is not for everyone, and he was prescribed that. Mix it with booze and Whoa, Nelly!

  96. Karen C. says:

    Oh! I just read that article linked above, about the interview itself. For pity’s sake, would we not have heard about all this at trial, Folks?! She was examined by various mental health experts, at least two on the Defense side- this would surely have come in (not that there was ONE SCINTILLA of proof that a drowning at occurred to begin with!). Doesn’t explain 3 pieces of duct tape on the face either!

  97. Nan11~~don’t ever go changing, we love you just the way you are. I like a person who speaks their true feelings instead of saying what they think other people want to hear. I used to read at a blog and the blog owner always started her responses by totally agreeing with whatever the commenter said. . This is what I would call being ‘wishy washy’ and being deceptive to her contributors.

    You rant all you want Nan11 but I will have to admit, I do get a good chuckle out of some of some of your expressions. LOL

  98. Karen C~ ~ drugs work differently depending on a person’s metabolism. The drug Zoloft can work wonders for one person yet make another suicidal. An aspirin can kill me within 20 minutes, I am deathly allergic to ASA.

    Casey texted Jesse and said they should hit Annie up for some Xanax. Annie said in her interview that she took Xanax for anxiety, maybe so but she had no business dishing her Rx meds out to others. I found Annie was skirting the truth in her interviews. Granted she was nervous and started to cry during the interview and just maybe she had good reason to be scared. Ms Casey was portrayed by so many of her friends as a goody two shoes with the exception of all the lying… to that I say, bull crap.

  99. Laurali says:

    Snoopy it does seem that everyone has painted Caca as a goody two shoes, but I see her as a lying thieving baby killer. Half of the problem is her friends accepted her as a liar. The other half of the problem is her parents accepted her as a lying thief. I truly understand a parents love but how on earth did they think she could be a productive citizen when they allowed her to live the life of a criminal? What kind of mother did they think this lying thief could be? Caylee really never had a chance at life with a mother like Felon Caca.

    Everyone always says you can’t blame the parents. Lee did not turn out like Casey. Well imo he kind of did. Lee also thinks it is okay to lie to get what you want. At what point do the parents get the blame? They raised her, they made Felon think everything she did was acceptable. I do blame them just as I blame Felon Caca for the death of Caylee. They raised this monster to think everything she did was okay. They still defend her for murdering her toddler. Once again they have accepted who she is and what she does. A normal reasonable parent would hold their child accountable. At least in my world. There should be no more excuses for Caca.

    Nan I also love reading what you have to say. If you run out of socks let me know. I have been meaning to get me a laundry lady for a long time! 🙂 I can help your mental health status and you can help me do my least favorite daily chore.

  100. margaret says:

    Nan11, never stop writing. Manys the time I have been so angry, then I read something you have written and I can laugh. You keep it real. I hope you and Snoop never stop………………. You know when I spend my time watching TV, I don’t want to be lied to,I don’t want to be treated like I just fell off that turnip truck, I don’t want someone thinking it is ok to tiptoe around the truth and try to clear their conscience . If you know the truth you should want it known, but when you have to sell it well the truth just flew out the window. Lies sell for more , the TRUTH is FREE. Has anyone seen the Bibles those three were always quoting from? I guess it doesn’t apply anymore. I won’t watch phil because I just can’t watch anything that I can’t look at the people speaking it . I have been cutting my Tv off at 7 pm at night if I don’t watch the ID channel.. The quiet is nice.
    The grands have theirs so they don’t care.

  101. margaret says:

    Geezz that caca is all over, wonder if baez is making a scrapbook for her………… There is an article on Digital Journal under heading of Crime suggesting that caca mighth have to have a witness program like come up with for her so that she will have a life.. OH are we supposed to cry for her…… Poor Poor caca I say take her to the middle of Orlando , open door and say bye bye ,you are on your own . and ignore her.

  102. Sherry says:

    Well said, margaret! ITA!

  103. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Kudos to the ‘Sentinel’ for running this article. At least they got the date right on the seizure that Jesse witnessed.

    I keep wishing someone would link some of those old comments Cindy & George made about the murderess’s seizures–back in the day when it was only Jesse saying that she had suffered from at least one seizure.

    Maybe tomorrow or Sunday I’ll have a little bit of time and do some Googling myself.
    Cindy Anthony told Dr. Phil that Casey Anthony may have had seizure when Caylee was dying
    By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel ~ 4:29 p.m. EDT, September 8, 2011
    Her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Grund, told Orange County sheriff’s detectives in September 2008 that he saw Anthony have what he described as a seizure in November 2007.
    “They said she didn’t have syphilis, she wasn’t pregnant, and she didn’t have uh, she didn’t have epilepsy,” Grund said. “She claimed to me that it may have been because she drank too many Red Bulls.”
    End of Quote

    Margaret: I think this is the article you referenced in your comment of 3:48 pm. I guess the author hasn’t yet heard of her Mexican-California lover? :mrgreen:

    Seriously, before the “State of Florida” or “some national agency” spends “hundreds of thousands of dollars” creating a false identity for murderess, I hope they spend a ‘little’ moola checking out the source of those threats. They might be surprised at where they are originating. MOO
    Op-Ed: The future for Casey Anthony
    In the Media
    Sep 9, 2011 – 8 hours ago by ■ Alexander Baron
    This will of course result in either the State of Florida or more likely some national agency spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on creating this false identity, relocating her elsewhere, and even finding her a job.
    End of Quote

  104. If Casey was prone to having seizures, where was Cindy’s head buried in the sand. Remember Casey was not pregnant when she was almost into her 7th month because she was still a virgin. Good grief, did Cindy ever discuss birth control with her daughter? A good mother would do just that. The more I learn about this family, Cindy was far from being a doting mother. Parents are supposed to set good examples and to guide their children, teaching them right from wrong until they leave the nest. Granted Cindy was busy working at her job and trying to keep a roof over her family’s head and food on the table. When George ran up gambling debts and used Cindy’s credit cards so they ended up bankrupt, she should have booted him to hell out of her house. But, oh no, that would go against keeping up that perfect ‘All American Family’… Cindy did it then and she is still doing it today…lying and fabricating stories. It is not just Casey who needs some mental therapy. Someone needs to take a long look at Cindy who lives in her own fantasy world.

  105. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Remember during the trial when she said the murderess had a “Winnie-the-Pooh” bedroom until she was sixteen? Well, hello to that.

    It’s hard to believe anything they say, but suppose the “Pooh” bedroom at sixteen is true–who was fooling who?

    They must teach some kind of sex education in the schools, no? Now, it’s been a long time since my high-school days, (and we did not have sex-ed)–but we were pretty knowledgeable about certain things, iykwim. (Even if our mom’s didn’t want us to know.)

    At one time, the “A’s” were supposedly in therapy. It’s a little late, but they really do need it.

    Cindy should write a book and title it: “Lying and Denying–Let me show you the way.” At least she would have a good background of experience to rely upon.

    Dr. Phil should just give up.


  106. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Have you been following this Canadian case? They have an Amber alert out on the little guy–he is only three years old!

    This article is mostly about the creep that they think took him, but it’s a sad, sad state of affairs. 😦

    B.C. fugitive built child lair in Alberta cabin: family
    In amongst jerry cans, propane tanks, vehicle tires and generators that were stolen from Alberta Fish and Wildlife, there was a photo of a young child with dark hair, according to court documents.

    There was stolen lotion, children’s movies, sex toys and children’s pajama pants that had been cut up to become a thong. A wall had been knocked down and replaced with a Dora the Explorer blanket.

    “Police found a variety of things set up for a young child: a baby, diapers, stuffed clothing and a variety of sexual paraphernalia,” said Joni MacFarlane, a reporter from the Crowsnest Pass Promoter who covered the story at the time.

    “There was no mistaking his intentions. It was horrible…. We [came to the cabin] and ruined his plans. He was very upset about that,” said Skapin.

    Hopley’s trial is scheduled for Sept. 19. He was ordered released with several conditions, including to keep the peace, and have no contact with the Skapins and others. He was bound by a curfew to stay at his residence in Sparwood between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

    But as Skapin points out, the conditions don’t keep him away from children, playgrounds, or schools.
    End of Quote

  107. Nan11~~that is the first I have heard about the little 3 yr old. I was looking for a pic of him. It was kind of hard to follow the write up and try to figure out who was whom. The little boy comes from a family of ten. I guess they do not lock their doors at night. That guy who had the stash in that cabin is some scarey looking. After such a long criminal record, what the heck is he doing out of jail?

  108. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Did you find picture of the little guy? Here is an older link that explains a little bit more about the early circumstances of his disappearance.

    The ‘person-of-interest’ is suppose to appear in court on September 19/11 to face about 10 charges. This man should have been held without bond! If so, a little three year old boy would be home safe and sound tonight, moo.

    Desperate search continues for missing three-year-old Sparwood boy
    Canadian Press, Global News Wednesday, September 07, 2011 6:15 PM
    “There’s a history that Kienan does sleepwalk, but in past incidents, he’s never exited the house. Other than that, there’s not much else (to explain his disappearance).”

    Moskaluk said officials decided to look at issuing an Amber Alert around 5:30 p.m.

    He said he couldn’t answer why investigators identified Hopley as a person of interest.

    “I don’t know what the connection is … I just get apprised as to OK, yeah, we’re going to be able to go this route.”
    End of Quote

  109. cali patti says:

    Well hello ladies,….I read back up on most of the comments. A few I skimmed quickly, only because I feel anger welling up in me at the lies that are floating out there about the murdering lying Florida woman. Her family is just as bad and yes they “grew” that monster. Yes, IMO, I think The Anthonys are just as culpulable (sp?) as their monster child is.
    Lee I think did his last family gesture, lying/acting, on the stand is done with them. I will be surprised if they are welcome at his wedding. I did hear the atty say monster child has had no contact with Lee. MOO, ok!
    Huffpost Crime page there is an video about monster child moving to Mexico with wealthy man. No idea what is true. Article said he wants to protect her. OMG, please keep her in Mexico. I was surprized Mexico let her in.

    OH Yes I have also changed my mind about watching the Phil Show. I just have a gut feeling I am going to regret it.

  110. cali patti says:

    PS.. from what I understand Canada would not let the monster child in.

  111. Those who believe justice was not done in that Orlando courtroom two months ago can take considerable comfort from the fact that Casey Anthony will be looking over her shoulder for the foreseeable future, and that to all intents and purposes, she is living in a prison without bars.

    Source… Read the entire article here…

    The future for Casey Anthony

  112. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Maybe, but I think that’s mostly defense hype. Ask anyone who has ever been to prison, (or read anything by a person who has been in prison)–it’s a demoralizing hell in there. Once those doors lock shut behind you, you know for a certainty that your freedom has been taken away.

    Freedom is something that we don’t always appreciate, but we realize it when we loose it!

    Today, the murderess is as free as we are. Will she appreciate it? Will she respect it? I doubt it–but who am I to say that! And what if she does? How will her sudden, miraculous appreciation and respect change her deplorable past behaviour? There are people rotting in prison for five, eight, ten years, or longer; and they have done less than half of what she has done.

    Why them and not her? That’s some of why I find this verdict so hard to accept. And, please, don’t give me the excuse that Caylee loved her mother and would not want her punished. Bull poop!!! Caylee was a human being and we all want to live. When someone is blocking our airways and taking our life–our last look is not one of love.

    So, I hope the State of Florida looks long and hard before they start propping up her sagging boobies and paying for retainers to haul in her protruding teeth.

    Let her hot Mexican/California lover hide her and pay her bills; or maybe the Pinellas 12 should step up and chip in. Heaven forbide that the now seizure prone murderess should have to pay her own way.

    Or just keep blaming the rest of the free world for the mess she made of her own life. Sure, it is all our fault.

    MOO, of course.

  113. cali patti says:

    I read the article Jon and the author sounds properly outraged. I disgree with the statement about the state stepping up and paying for anything for the monster. I do not think they will, ever. Neither will the feds. She does not fall into any category to enable the state or feds to pay for her at all.
    As to any children the monster might have, she is free to have as many as she wants. She was not even convicted of a minor charge of child abuse so no one will have any jurisdiction over her offspring. I don’t believe there is any dept anywhere that can legally check on her after probation.
    This is just my guessing but I think the law reads like that.

  114. nan11 says:

    SageMom: I haven’t spent a great deal of time reading up on this. I did catch some TV shows on the ‘3’ before their release; and, of course, I’ve come across some articles since their release–but that’s about it.

    I do think that there is some ‘reasonable doubt’ involved here; but maybe if I knew more I would change my mind.

    It’s all just so open for debate. The young man with the low IQ confessed, but then when he discovered they were not going to let him go home–he retracted his confession.

    Then, there was no DNA from any of the ‘3’ at the crime scene, but there was a hair from the step-father of one of the murdered boys.

    Even the strangeness of their final plea–the Alford Plea (?)–that got them released.

    If they were wrongly convicted, though–any chance at freedom would have been worth taking. Any way it was offered.

    The West Memphis Three
    Posted May 20, 2011 ~ Statement Analysis® by Mark McClish
    Recent DNA testing showed that none of the DNA found at the crime scene matched the convicted teenagers.
    End of Quote

    West Memphis Three Free At Last!!!
    The men agreed to a plea deal where the men are allowed to maintain their innocence as long as they admit the Arkansas prosecutors did have evidence to convict them. They can’t sue, either.
    End of Quote

    Anyway, please don’t be put off by me. I don’t mind being told I’m wrong on this one. It’s a tough call, I think.

  115. Hello everyone. I have been watching the memorial ceremonies on CNN about Sept 11th. I notice Dave put pictures up and video at his blog. It is a somber day and the memories of that fateful day will always be etched in our memories.

    I did not follow the West Memphis Three and know little about it. I may follow the trial for Conrad Murray but will have some catching up to do to get familar with what happened the day Michael Jackson died. There seems to be a lot of conflicting stories coming out of what exactly took place.

  116. nan11 says:

    Hi Snoop: Glad to hear from you! I’ve been watching CNN, too.

  117. Nan11 ~~I watched a movie yesterday and took a break from the blogging world. Beautiful day here and fall is in the air….-8C when I went to bed last night. Brrrr.

  118. SageMom says:

    Hello everyone!
    Snoopy, I have spent my full day watching and remembering this fateful day. My heart is so heavy and we must never forget!
    Nan11, I am going to start leaving links if I can figure out how. Yes, I watched a few of the slanted versions that were presented from documentaries and tv shows that were made such as Paradise Lost. I agree with you that it was a very tough thing and appeared that the boys were falsely accused. Digging a bit further, I realize the political motivations of this case and the botched up investigation. I do not want to say that the police did a bad job. It was not entirely their faults. Oh no…..I see that I am going on and on and instead I want you to read and see if you feel the same as me and see that these boys were not only quite capable, they committed this crime and will commit another soon enough. http://callahan.8k.com/wm3/dwe.html I will start with this one. This is one of the first interviews with Damien Echols. He points out that maybe the boys stomach content contained urine. He then states that the boys were probably placed under water to wash the urine from their mouths so the perp could wash away the evidence. WTH?? This was not even known yet by the investigators! He told something that nobody knew yet! He also willingly states that he is into witchcraft. Why is it so hush hush and wrong to state that this young man was into satanism or witchcraft? Clearly he was dabbling! Ok.one other thing I want you to see! Apparently, Jason Baldwin…………..made his brother return an ice axe he acquired through a trade. He traded another young man, 5 t shirts for this ice axe and a knife that was recovered from behind his home’ submerged in water. The ice axe appears to have been the weapon used to murder these poor defenseless little boys. The ice axe was submitted into evidence but looked over by all. Again……………………..WTH????
    Now, I am going back to the history channel to honor the brave Americans that lost their lives on this day. I shall return again and leave a few more links for you and I am hoping I can get you to give me your opinion after reading all of this and then I can get you fine ladies to tell me that I am not so far off on a truth in this case. MOO of course and I so appreciate the opinions from this site and from everyone here. I am forever grateful to all of you. Dave Knechel too! If only Snoops and Dave combined their blogs so I wasn’t traveling to and fro. They would make a great writing team. Wouldn’t it be grand?

  119. SageMom says:

    I should let you know, all of this information I have read came from various sites. Although the above link has much of this information right there! The ice axe appears to be the weapon. If you look at autopsy photos that I will try and link to, show the markings and these sites appear to be correct to me. It does not look like bite marks on the boys. More an object like this axe! Again, I will post more and I am very anxious on your view.
    Oh………………….I almost forgot, I am going to have to go and write those recipes down and add a few of my own!! So very excited about that frosting recipe! And I love coconut cream pie! My grandmother was such a wonderful cook/baker! She taught me how to make my egg noodles for chicken and noodles! Chicken dumplings too! And her delicious fried pies! I almost forgot about those! Apricot was one of my favorite! She was definitely a southern style cook and that is pretty darn good to me! Oh how much fun I am going to have sharing these recipes! I am anxious to get a great barbecue rib recipe from Cali Patti too!!! I don’t forget a thing! She may not like sharing her ribs once they are on the table but I was thinking maybe she would be easier on us with the recipes!

  120. SageMom says:

    Here is on great link that I have spent most of my time reading on. I found it on another blog site. I generally don’t read there but she certainly has gotten my attention on this case. I think she has done a fine job with it and I was proud to see the work she put forth. I hope you get to read this. It is a hard read because the crime is so so horrific! I had to take a few breaks from it and go back in when I felt safe enough. I can be a big wimp when it comes to this stuff. I wish I were stronger sometimes and then again, I kind of like just being me. It’s hard to tell yourself that there are true monsters out there but they are everywhere. This case surely had to involve the worst of the worst.


  121. nan11 says:

    SageMom: Thanks for all the links. Wowzers! That’s a lot of reading. I’ve completed the short link from your comment of 6:30 pm; and a bit from the other link.

    If I’ve understood correctly there are actual links to some of the trial transcripts. I haven’t come across them yet, but I’m still looking.

    It makes me wonder why it’s just the ‘investigative report’ written up by law enforcement. (I think I’ve read that there is no other copy of this interview, though.) It’s just a little thing, but it makes me go ‘hummm’.

    Some of my first thoughts were that Nichols sounds like one of those teenagers who was trying hard to be a tough guy. (And one of the officers had a huge dislike for him.)

    I’m uncomfortable with Wiccan worship. It’s against my personal beliefs, for one thing. I do understand that he (Nichols) has stated that he no longer follows that. Also, apparently there really wasn’t any evidence of ‘devil’ worship found at the crime scene–however, I guess there really wasn’t much of anything found in the way of evidence.

    (Someone is probably going to be upset with me for wording it that way, and I do realize that others believe that Wiccan is not ‘devil’ worship.)

    Anyway, I’ll work away at reading at that link. I just finished my book this afternoon, so now is a good time. 😆

  122. nan11 says:

    Snoop: They found that little Canadian guy. He’s back home with his family. They are saying that he has not been harmed in any way.

    It’s a little bit of a strange story though–the ‘abductor’ returned him, but they don’t seem able to find the abductor. 😕

    Oh, well. The baby’s with his family and that’s the most important thing.

    (I hope that get that guy, though. He could do it again next week, if they’re not careful.)

    Kienan ‘unharmed’ after abduction ordeal, dad says
    CTVNews.ca Staff ~ Date: Sun. Sep. 11 2011 7:25 PM ET
    The father of three-year-old Kienan Hebert says his boy was not harmed during a four-day abduction that led to an Amber Alert, but police continue to search for the man identified as a person of interest in the case.
    End of Quote

  123. SageMom says:

    This is great! I am so glad you are reading. I read alot of information at another blog site. I do not spend too much time there but when I saw the report that the three of them were set free, I started searching for any and all info I could find. Apparently, she was asked to look into the case before they were released. She came upon the ice axe used for mountain climbing and pointed out that for some reason, it was not brought into evidence. I am really miffed by the urine in the stomach comment made by Damien Echoles also. There just is no way he would have pointed that out BEFORE anyone knew and to have been accurate is just beyond what I can handle. I see that there was much fumbling of the case and yes, the parents of two of the victims were very very strange. I do not believe that they were involved in the little boys death. I will continue to post links too but yes! There is much reading to be done. I have to say though…whoever did murder and mutilate the three little boys??? ANIMALS! This is one of the most disturbing cases I have ever read! Almost too much for me!!!! http://callahan.8k.com/wm3/kennew.html Read the statement of Kenny Newell. After looking at the photos of the ice axe and the young boys injuries to his head? Even I can see that this edge on the axe seems to match the injuries perfectly.

  124. SageMom says:

    As for the white magic/black magic comments made by Damien Echols? I don’t put much into the wiccan thing with him. I believe he was a mentally disturbed young man who was trying desparately to impress an out of control girlfriend. I don’t know how much I believe in the satanic version of this case as much as I think there were two young men who were full of rage and about to explode. As for Jesse Misskelley? He can’t even hold his head up when they were releasing him. I don’t think it will be the last we hear out of him. I think he will confess again. Keep reading Nan!!! I need your opinion and Snoops and anyone who is willing to read. I have to say, for years I too believed these boys may have been railroaded. The tides have turned………..I now feel in my heart, they were right where they belonged! Again, if 10 million dollars could not exonerate these three boys and it could not lead to another perp, I can hardly believe that they were innocent. Those precious little boys. How could someone have been so angry and full of rage and how did nobody see??
    The next link I am going to post is the statement of Jason Baldwins little brother. He was ordered by Jason to return the ice axe and to get his tshirts back. Jason had his brother do this right after the crime was committed. http://callahan.8k.com/pdf/docs/baldwin_m_interview.pdf

  125. SageMom says:

    Snoopy, I was wondering….is it ok, to mention the other blog site? Again, I don’t read there much. She just seems to be spot on when it comes to this case and I have to give her credit! She has me convinced that her findings are sooo soo right!

  126. SageMom~~no problems if you want to put a link to another blog. I would rather you put in the link rather then copy and paste her blog material here, if it is Val’s. I am not one of her favorite people and never visit her blog whatsoever but I don’t care if others go there and read.

  127. SageMom says:

    I don’t know if it is Val’s. It could be.I don’t think so though. Maybe an associate?
    Here are part 1 and part 2 of her series of write ups. I have them out of order though. Also, I do not know for sure if the person who owns this site is a male or female. I guess I figured by a few comments she was a female. It is very informative and whoever it may be, they seem to be spot on with it. I guess I should say she/he sure tilted my opinion on the case!

  128. SageMom says:

    P.S. Isn’t Val the one that was so ridiculously rude to Dave when he was at Orlando Magazine? HHHHMMMMFFFF………..I hope it is not the same person. She upset me sooo much I believe I made a “not so nice” comment for her on how she should use a rectal thermometer. Please tell me this isn’t the same person!

  129. SageMom~ ~ No, Blink is just fine. LOL When you said her, I thought of the “dumbing it down” know it all.

  130. The following trial is going to be live streamed on WFTV and WESH. It will also bring back some familar faces. I only learned about the case today at blog radio. I watched a clip at WFTV and Kathi Belich was challenging a big bodyguard. Here is a link to the post I put up. PLEASE don’t feel you have to follow this case because of my new post. Let it be your own choice.


  131. SageMom says:

    YYYESSS! Another case to follow! I have to say, I am more than glad to be looking into something new to me rather than to think about the A’s being on Dr. Phil tomorrow. What a farce that is!! Seizures! UUUGGGHHH!!! What an inult to true fighters of seizures!! Makes her not be able to comprehend fact from fiction! WHAT? Why would Dr. Phil even agree to such nonsense? I would rather have had the “JERSEY SHORE” cast to be interviewed than he to have allowed the A’s one cent of money toward their hokey Children finders fund or whatever they started this time. I just can’t seem to waste another moment of my time on such nonsense. Sooo…..I won’t!!!!
    Did I tell you Jonathon how utterly beautiful your gardens were?? I am going to go to sleep tonight with the pictures of your garden in my mind. Sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it??

  132. FYI~~I heard today that the Dr Phil show with the A’s has been cancelled for tomorrow and will be on Tues and Wednesday, instead. I have not substantiated that but it came from a reliable source.

  133. SageMom says:

    Now you have me wondering why?? Why would they cancel it for tomorrow?? hhhmmmm………….

  134. SageMom says:

    Oh no!!!! You got me!!! I just started wasting another minute on them!!! I can’t help it Snoopy!!! Why would they need to cancel the show and change the date it is to air? What would make them do that? I’m all curious now!

  135. I think it has something to do with the US Open…. I believe that is golf? I will see if I can find something on it and post a link here.

  136. I can’t find anything on Dr Phil’s show with the A’s put over until Tues and Weds…. I guess we best tune in tomorrow as this may have been a rumor started so folks wont make the old boy’s rating go up.

  137. cali patti says:

    US Open is tennis….Mens finals begin today, womens were this past weekend with S. Williams throwing another fit on the court. Classless for a player to do.
    Yes, Phil’s interview will be on Tuesday/Wednesday.
    Dr. Phil did an interview on a morning show and brought in Florida’s top regulator that plans on keeping tabs on the Anthonys “new” 501 fund to insure they will not benefit financially. Wow, Phil must have recieved numerous emails/calls about him paying the Anthony’s.

  138. Karen C. says:

    Monday night football? Teaparty debate? Watching Perry and Mitt go after each other with thumbscrews and blowtorches would be just all kinds of amusing, granted, but it could be the protests have a lot to do with moving the Phil show to a more-likely-to-be-successful night, too. OK, I’m going through the Guide, here…

  139. Karen C. says:

    So HLN is saying that the Dr. Phil show IS being moved to another night later in the week, undecided yet.

  140. Karen C. says:

    Catching up, now y’all got me going through this West Memphis 3 stuff above- Dang you! There’s a lot of it too!

  141. Nan11~~I owe you an apology. I never noticed your comment letting us know that the little Alberta boy was returned home safely. Thank you so much for alerting us. Just prior to reading your comment upthread, I heard the news about the boy on CNN Prime so the American stations were following the story. Thank God the little guy is back home.

  142. Sherry says:

    Casey wants her mom to be her mom?

    There’s a small deceased child who, three years ago, probably wishes her mom would had been ‘her mom’. A child whose remains–wrapped in plastic bags–ended up in a wooded area, a neighborhood local ‘dumping ground’ close to the Anthony home in Orlando, Florida, after Mommy failed to report the child was missing for 31 days. Remains which weren’t discovered until six months after the child ‘accidentally drowned’ in the backyard, above ground pool at the Anthony home.


  143. Sherry~~I have a feeling that we will see Dr Phil’s ratings take a nose dive. I noticed he was on the Today show trying to do damage control. He cannot dictate to Cindy Anthony what she can or cannot do with the money that is donated (what a laugh and a half) to The Caylee Fund. If she is the President, she can pay herself a handsome salary. The IRS gets cheated out of a lot of revenue by these scam artists. It is about time the government stepped in and enacted stricter laws for these non-profit organizations.

  144. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Good gracious Dr. Phil is on with Joy Behar. It is disgusting. You should hear him making excuses for the Anthony’s. Oh, the poor things. They just can’t face reality–that’s why they say the ridiculous things they say.

    Barf! Barf! Barf!

    Oh, I almost forgot. Casey has a brain tumor.

  145. Nan11~~Dr Phil realizes that he made a bad mistake by donating blood money to the Anthonys. He is all over the networks trying to save his show. He will be another one destroyed by the A’s. Phil thought his ratings would go sky high and maybe they will for 2 days but then he is going to hit rock bottom. I can see it coming.

  146. Laurali says:

    Good morning Ladies! I completely forgot about the Dr. Phil show until about 8 last night. I stopped in to get all of your opinions on what happened, what was said, but found it did not happen. So now I will wait for it a while longer. 🙂

    Nan she has a brain tumor? I am surprised Cindy did not diagnose her with a lying tumor! I guess it is easier to give Felon all these medical conditions then to own what it actually is. Felon has never learned to be responsible for anything because she does not have to. Her parents never made her be responsible and 12 village idiots did not hold her responsible.

    As far as Felon wanting Cindy to just be her mother let me just say to Felon – there is NO money in that! Chit has a price tag and being a mother is a labor of love, free labor = no pay. Something Cindy and Felon know nothing about it is all about the dime to them!!

  147. Sherry says:

    Oh, good grief! Felon Anthony’s offer to the court for investigative costs~


    If the court says “yes” to this… 😕

  148. Sherry~~I had heard before that all Casey would owe is $50 x the four misdemeanors on the counts for lying to police. Now whether Ms Fryer is right, we will just have to wait and see if Judge Perry can find a law that states otherwise. The $517,000 is for searching for an alive Caylee when all the time Casey knew she was deceased. Of course, if the defense loses, they will take it to a higher court. That is the way Mason operates.

  149. Laurali says:

    It is no wonder Felon is so hated, Mason acts as if LE lied about Caylee’s whereabouts for 31 days plus the other 4 and half months it took them to find her. jmo

  150. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Have you seen this yet? Bra Ha Ha! I guess there is no longer any doubt about Mr. Giordano’s involvement. Just sayin’ :mrgreen:
    Gary Giordano’s Family Hires Casey Anthony’s Attorney Jose Baez to Represent Him
    4:27 pm ET September 13, 2011 | by Studio B | The Official Live Blog of Fox News Channel
    Baez is apparently in Aruba interviewing witnesses.
    End of Quote

  151. Nan11~~oh my God, I cannot stop laughing. Giordano is going to insist on a change of venue to Pinellas county. Ha ha ha ha I can hear the Opening Statement… Giordano was sexually molested by his mother and went to school when he was 13 with a ___ in his mouth. I haven’t got the guts to write the word. Let’s just say that G’s mother breast fed him until he was 16. I’m sorry!!

  152. cali patti says:

    I’m watchin ……….. Cindy’s still lying….omg. Same old/same old stories.

  153. Laurali says:

    Snoopy~ LOL! I can not believe people are actually hiring him. Jose did not win his case, the 12 village idiots just let her go. To stupid to put one and one together.

    What did I miss on the Dr. Phil show? I am guessing from Cali patti’s comment more lies.

  154. Laura~ ~ I put a new post up….Much Ado About Nothing…

  155. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I didn’t want to hijack your new thread, but I wanted you to read this. (If you haven’t yet.)

    They finally caught that man (?) who kidnapped the little three year old boy.

    Also, they revealed a few more details that I hadn’t been aware of: Apparently the kidnapper went back into the home and left the little boy on a large chair in the living room.

    Sooo, I guess they don’t lock their doors. I hate to criticize, but maybe it’s time to start?

    Randall Hopley, Kienan Hebert kidnap suspect, arrested near B.C., Alberta border
    Sub-Heading | Report: Sparwood kidnap case suspect found in Alberta gravel pit
    By EVAN DUGGAN and ANDREA WOO, Vancouver Sun ~ September 13, 2011 3:57 PM
    The toddler’s father, Paul Hebert, found his son sleeping on an oversized chair in the living room at around the same time the abductor called 911 to inform emergency services of the child’s whereabouts.
    End of Quote

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