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109 Responses to HURRICANE IRENE

  1. Nobody messes with the Snoop’s weather. Mother Nature is a female so you have no right to alter weather patterns. I read what you posted at your blog. Shame on you, Mr Pickle!

  2. Sherry says:

    Stay safe!

    The only dangerous hurricane for Mr. Pickles would be Hurricane “Ahum”….

  3. Sherry…. omg… that is so funny. That reminds me of a good title…The Headless Hurricane with No Eye.

  4. nika says:

    I read what he said also Snoopy – maybe he is waiting on the next hurricane which will have the name Jose. That one might get him for sure!

  5. Nika~~you can be a witness for me. Yes, he made that comment to you. I may haul him into court and charge him with threatening me with a Hurricane and a cat 4 at that. Hurricane Juan came in here as a Cat 2 and left millions of dollars in damage and I believe there were around 7 killed. One paramedic, in Halifax, was sitting in his ambulance and a big tree blew down and crushed him to death. I was never so scared in my entire life. I had a battery operated radio and a flashlight. I was too nervous to light candles in case of starting a fire. We got our power back in a couple days and then we had an electrical storm and the lightning blew out a transformer and had another two days with it off. By the grace of God, my home and nearby homes were spared any damage but 5 miles away, it was total devastation.
    It puts the fear into me when I know there is a hurricane forming in the south.

  6. Karen C. says:

    Dang, Snoop- horrible! The two hurricanes I rode out in the Boston area were pretty much busts, and here in Upstate SC it just means all our hotel rooms will fill up from refugees from the Coast. I wonder about these changing weather patterns and what all that may mean… I know I see dead armadillos when I get down to Charleston area, more and more. Saw one in NC recently. they are marching Northwards…

  7. Karen C~~We don’t have any armadillos and hope we never get any. Yes, our weather patterns are changing. Look at the extreme heatwaves this summer and the total of tornados was way up. I chalk it down to pollution that is messing up our weather. One time a person could sit out in the sun practially all day but not any more. Skin cancer is on the rise. BTW, that earthquake today was felt all the way north in Toronto, Ontario. My daughter who is in Chicago was on the phone with a couple of her team, in Toronto and they said their puter monitors had swayed from the quake. I should have been in bed two hours ago….but I can sleep in. Nite nite…

  8. nika says:

    We had three storms in one summer/fall a couple of years ago. They did quite a bit of damage to our area. The last one our electricity was out 7 days and in the Florida heat that is horrible. Even with Irene Central Florida is suppose to get tropical force winds so Dave could be be sitting in the dark. That is why I am staying in NC until the storm passes and everyone tell me the lights are on. Snoop they make lanterns that uses D batteries and make quite a bit of light. They even lasted the 7 days -two of them burning all night.
    Karen we are doing our best in Florida to send you every armadillo we can find. I am so sick of them digging up the yard. How many more do you want for your road-kill?

  9. Karen C. says:

    Nika- Only if I can trade you some possums, chippies, and a raccoon named George.

  10. Dave Knechel says:

    As you can see in the picture of me, the hurricanes in Florida have taken their toll. They done tore the hair right off my scalp!

    By the way, there’s already one Irene in my neighborhood and that’s enough. My fervent wish is that this Irene veers east and heads out to the middle of the Atlantic, not hurting anyone else, especially my special friend in Nova Scotia.

    Pops, I think you are more scared of Snoop’s wrath than Irene’s. I have John Morgan on retainer just in case~SS

  11. Laurali says:

    Looks like we need family counseling again. Mom and Pop are threatening each other with hurricanes. I do not want to be a orphan!

  12. cali patti says:

    Laureli, I am so sorry your parents are behaving so badly today. Hopefully they will pull themselves together soon and all will be well in your world.

    I’ve read where west coasters have been giving east coasters a hard time over how they reacted to the earthquake. I read one tweet that now maybe when the west coasters says its cold at 50 degrees east coasters will stop laughing. Funny stuff!

  13. Hurricane Irene update 5:36pm, Aug 24th She is up to a cat 3 now and was heading WNW but now it NNW. It she decides to turn east then it will head straight for me.

  14. Frankie says:

    Hi All,
    Since we are talking about the weather I am waiting for a tornado that is heading pretty much straight for me. One hit Goderich town center on Sun. It is the worst to hit the area ever. That town is an hour away. I am shutting down now, it’s close. Will get back later.

  15. Sherry says:

    You’ve got my prayers, Frankie!

    Oh. Shoo. She’ll see this after all has passed.

    Hope you made it through! :mrgreen:

  16. nan11 says:

    Yikes! You all are scaring me.

    Frankie: Do drop back in when you can. I watched some coverage of that tornado hitting Goderich. Pretty grim.

    Prayers are headed your way.

  17. I just watched the warnings on the weather channel that Frankie is talking about. My gosh, Goderich doesn’t need any more destruction. They just had a terrible tornado. Seek shelter, Frankie. God be with you and yours!

  18. nika says:

    Frankie – Hoping and praying!1

    \Snoopy go to camping store and get your battery powered lantern. You will never regret it. Lots of light and makes the stormy night less scary. I picked up one today for my mountain cabin

  19. Nika~~ I have a miners light that I can wear on my head. It lights up a whole room. It is battery operated and I have two flashlights, one takes batteries and the other one, I just have to shake it up and down and it stays lit. I think it has magnets in it. I have always been afraid of high winds since I was a kid and that is one heck of a long time ago. I love the rain. I pray Frankie will be okay. Thank God, I do not live in tornado alley. My daughter just outside of Chicago says their siren goes off a lot and it is unnerving.

  20. nan11 says:

    Gee, I have a few candles and lighter. Well, I also have this little flash light that doubles as a night light. I keep it plugged in, so it will be charged if needed.

    I also have a ‘book light’; but I bet I need new batteries for that.

    I’d be really unprepared for anything serious, though. 😐

  21. Nan11~~check out that link I just posted….cone uncertainty…. it is so hard to predict where the darn eye will make landfall, if it doesn’t veer east and go out to sea… by the looks of it, it would almost have to make a U-turn. The last I heard it had strengthened to a cat 3…

  22. nan11 says:

    I was just taking a peek at that, Snoop.

    I really don’t like the look of it–it’s very unsettling.

    (I think the tornado warning just ended in Frankie’s area. As I was looking at it, the bar went from red to yellow.)

  23. Frankie says:

    I’m back, Thanks for the prayers, Snoopy, Sherry, Nan11, Nika. We are still under a watch until 11:00PM, 12:00 your time. It was very stormy, lightning and thunder and the wind was so loud. I hope the worst has passed. We went to the furnace room with our coffee, the dog and solar lights. Hubby says tell Snoopy that he is taking refuge in a bottle of rum. I wish I could drink. It is still lightning and thundering so it’s not done yet. We may have to go down again.
    I wrote this at about 9:30 but I don’t know when I can get on line.

  24. nika says:

    Glad you and the family are safe Frankie. I always hate that the worst storms come at night when you can’t see what is going on.

  25. Frankie says:

    Nika, Thanks. According to the weather station the center of this storm went a little ways south of us. It was bad enough here. They said there was at least three tornado’s. That’s not common for this area. I will watch the 11;00 news to see if any touched down.

  26. nan11 says:

    Great to hear from you, Frankie. Glad you made it through. πŸ™‚

  27. Frankie~~I wish that I drank too. If I lived in tornado alley, I think that I would get myself some rum to calm me down. I get unsettled whenever I hear of a hurricane in the Carolinas. Glad you are okay, Frankie. I did see all the warnings for your area earlier. Tell your hubby, cheers and bottoms up.

  28. Frankie says:

    Thanks All,
    Snoopy that got a chuckle out of hubby.
    I agree, tornado alley would make even me drink.

  29. Karen C. says:

    That’s a new phrase to me, this hurricane season- “cone of uncertainty”. Just heard it from a bubbly blond young thang on local tv last night. Said it with a straight face too.
    Oh, for pity’s sake- just call it like it is already- “we don’t know where the hell this thing is going”…

  30. Karen C~~ I always thought of my brain as being a cone of uncertainty. I did find that phrase a bit odd when referring to the ‘track’ of the storm. Mother Nature is the only one who knows where Irene is going and if she has PMS, you can’t believe a word she says. I am surprised with all our equality, there is not a Father Nature. Well I know a certain man who likes to try and send all his storms up my way.

  31. It is heading toward me….

    10:38am August 25th update

  32. cali patti says:

    To all I send you the best.
    Nan, Oh my, the head light Snoopy has are very good. I also put 2 books away that I have NOT read. Just in case. There is so much you can’t do w/o power that I found having a unread stashed book is nice.

  33. kas says:

    We had Ike down here a few years ago. Another good light source are those old fashion lamps you need the wicks for. The wicks can be found at large Craft Stores like Hobby Lobby.

    Don’t forget about water. Lots of water.

    P.S. The Highlight of Hurricane Ike: Geraldo, falling on his ass because he thought it would make for great optics to stand in knee deep water to do his update. Ike may have been Mother Nature, but that was straight from God.

  34. nika says:

    Good luck Snoopy – Yes-lots of water (fill up a bathtub) batteries and plenty of comfort food, can tuna, chicken peanut butter etc. and of course junk food to feed the soul. Car or wind up cell phone chargers and battery operated TV /radio and a car full of gas..From experience It’s no fun and my prayers are with you.

  35. cali patti says:

    I enjoy the instant coffee that comes dried in paper tubes. Starbucks but some generic brands also taste very good. I rip off the top and pour into a water bottle. If you like coffee and can’t brew a cup they work well. As long as you have bottled water there are many asst. powered drinks out there. We have used for camping & long drives.

  36. nika says:

    Cali patti -thanks for this tip. When we had a tropical storm a couple of years ago i almost went crazy trying to make coffee. I am picking some paper tubes up tomorrow.

  37. We have a very nasty hurricane heading up the coast and I pray for the safety of everyone in it’s path. There is a mandatory order in effect for people to evacuate. There are still those who are not heeding the warning. Here is a map which shows the areas that will feel Irene’s wrath…notice the places in red…

  38. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Oooh, that’s a nasty looking storm. We’re supposed to get a ton a rain from it, here–but that’s about all. Thank goodness.

  39. Laurali says:

    I am thankful today I live in the Midwest. We would be up a creek without a paddle if we lived where there were hurricanes. I stock up on nothing. I do not own a flashlight. I have candles though. I do not buy cans of food, only fresh. We have a water filter on the sink so no bottle water in the house. If we lost electricity and water I would die, no coffee!

    Maybe it is time to learn from some of you. πŸ™‚ Otherwise you will miss me when I am gone. As in dropped dead from starvation and no coffee. I do hope all of you affected by the storm stay safe and heed the warnings.

    Snoopy and Dave (if you check in) my IP will be changing Tuesday. It is to hard staying here after Gpa passed so we have decided to terminate our lease and move. I sold the house after the twins for me it seems to be easier. I am a strange one I know.

  40. Laura~~ I see Anderson Cooper is on CNN. He is forever following the hurricanes. I really think he enjoys it. It just said that Irene is starting to strengthen again. They also say it is the size of Europe.
    Everyone has the instinct to survive. If you lived in a place where there were hurricanes, you would get prepared like the rest. If you were hungry enough, you would have to learn to eat canned foods unless you like wilted veggies.

    Will make note of your new IP…. hope you will feel better in your new residence. xoxo

  41. Frankie says:

    I too am praying that everyone in the path of Irene will heed the warnings and get out of harms way. Mother nature can be a vicious lady.

    Laurali, I’m glad you are doing what you have to so you can be comfortable in your surroundings and move forward. Don’t worry about being strange because, the truth be known, we all are strange in our own way. Hope your move goes smoothly and you enjoy your new home. Hugs

  42. Millions flee as Hurricane Irene threatens America’s east coast. Experts predict the worse storm since Katrina ripped through New Orleans in 2005.

    Read more here…

  43. nika says:

    Hope all is well with you Snoopy – The more it stays on land the better chance it will just bring some rain and a little wind to your area. The mountains in Western Carolina have just a slight breeze, cloudy skies and no rain. It’s hard to believe the east coast is getting hit so hard.

  44. Hi Jonathon,
    Someone actually, dropped something off for you at my site. It’s been a while since Earl, eh? I hope all is well with you and I expect Nika is right…just a little wind and rain by the time it comes your way! Hugs…SB

  45. Sister, I cannot stop laughing. LOL

    I want to share that post with everyone here….

    Goodnight Irene

  46. This is what I posted last year when Earl decided to pay Nova Scotia a visit…

    I would like to dedicate this to a very special friend, Sister Blister.

  47. Jonathon, I love the fog horn! LMAO That guy is going to be deaf if he stands there for very long! I had forgotten this video. Thanks for re-posting!

  48. Hurricane-caused waves are being blamed for the death of an experienced surfer who was slammed into the sand at New Smyrna Beach on Saturday.

  49. nika says:

    Snoopy – when is Irene suppose to visit you? The surfers don’t realize that hurricane waves are very rough with a strong rip-tide. He was crazy to be out there.I have seen more pictures of people outside looking at the beach, riding in cars through heavy rain – where are ther minds?
    We do though expect lots of updates as the storm hits you –

  50. Nika~~those people are crazy to puts themselves in harm’s way. Did you watch the one where the big wave injured eight people? They had broken bones and dislocated hip and I think a couple were knocked out.

    The latest I heard, we are supposed to get heavy rain beginning tomorrow sometime. The rain will precede the high winds. Hopefully, it will be downgraded to a Tropical storm by then. It is iffy as to where it will hit us in the Maritimes. New York and Manhattan are very concerned what may take place. They are more concerned with the water but expect the wind could break a lot of windows and there will be flying glass. I have been watching and/or listening to CNN all day.

  51. Death toll up to NINE now and millions without power.

  52. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I’m following it on CNN, too. I’ll admit I wouldn’t be crazy about the idea of leaving my house. (And, honestly, I wouldn’t unless I could bring my cats. I wouldn’t even contemplate leaving them alone.)

    I would be terrified and hiding in my basement somewhere, though. I wouldn’t be out playing in it.

    Now there is a tornado mixed in with it, Oh, dear!

    I’m worried enough about the rain we might get from. I’m liable to have water in my basement before it’s done. 😐

  53. Irene is making her presense known as you can see in some of the videos at the link. I just heard that another death has been attributed to the hurricane bringing the total up to ten…

    Lots of Videos can be found at the following link…

  54. Jonathon, it sounds like it’s going to be a very wet and windy day for you. I see where Irene has gone the way of Earl and is now a tropical storm, but 55-60mph winds are nothing to sneeze at. I hope you hunkered down and keeping your feet dry. Keep us posted if you can.

  55. Sister, it is overcast here now and light showers with just a breeze. Our forecast is showing heavy rain for later and am unsure about the wind. Thank God NY was not hit as bad as was expected. There is a lot of cleaning up to do from what I am hearing and thousands without power. I will keep in touch and a big THANK YOU for caring. xoxo

  56. Frankie says:

    When I checked the news first thing this morning I was happy to hear that the storm was down graded and had not done as much damage as had been predicted.
    Stay safe Snoopy. I will be hoping and praying that the storm will stay small by the time it gets to you.

  57. Frankie~~the last I heard is that we are supposed to get around 100 mm of rain and wind sustained at 90 km/hr and gusts up to 120 km/hr. It could be a bit nasty as our trees still have all their foliage so make good wind catchers to uproot. I just hope we don’t lose our power. They say our worst should be around midnight.

    The weather is strange now, it goes from eerie silence to heavy rain and then wind gusts. The sun tried to break through a few times. They are calling for heavy rain and thunder for this afternoon and evening.

    It seems North Carolina got hit hard as well as New Jersey and Virginia. North Carolina took some of the zap out of Irene. The total stands now at 14 known deaths due to the storm.

  58. Tropical storm warnings remain in effect for the Fundy coastlines of
    New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as the Atlantic coast of Nova
    Scotia southwest of porter’s lake. Rainfall warnings are in
    Effect for most of New Brunswick and parts of eastern and Southern
    Quebec. Wind warnings are in effect for most of the Maritimes.

    The extent of Irene’s wind field is enormous – Yarmouth, ns
    experienced a wind gust to 93 km/h earlier this afternoon, while
    Over Southeastern Quebec MontrΓ©al / st. Hubert received a gust to 91
    km/h this afternoon.

  59. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I don’t know what to make of the weather, really. We had steady rain until about 5:00 pm or so, (I’m not sure just when it stopped.) At times it was heavy–but mostly it was just a solid drizzle.

    The wind has been steady, but not strong and not gusty like I was expecting.

    I just checked the radar, and it’s showing clear overtop of my area. I guess that’s why we appear to be enjoying a ‘lull’ right now.

    There are storm warnings still in effect–including thunder showers and 60 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts. (If I’ve gotten my conversions done correctly.)

    A further three inches of rain is expected.

    All things being considered, and if that all holds true, it’s hard to complain.

  60. nika says:

    Snoopy and Nan11 – I hope all goes well this evening and tomorrow. The main problem now seems to be flooding . Keep the flashlight and wine bottle handy. There is nothing like looking for a glass of wine with your cell phone or ipad.

  61. nan11 says:

    Nika: My gosh, I was so busy worrying about cat supplies and batteries and water–I never thought of wine. πŸ˜†

    It might be a good thing, though. If I have to run, I’m running with my cats. I’m guessing I would be well advised to be in my ‘sober’ mind.

    After I’m sure I’m safe, I may entertain the thought. ; – )

  62. The wind is picking up now and we are getting some strong gusts. I have my miner’s light handy. This is a strange storm because it is so wide. Our forecasters said that it is going to really get nasty around midnight. It sounds pretty nasty out there right now. I do not like the wind. I can handle the heavy rain as I live on a hill.

  63. nan11 says:

    Snoop: There is still an erie calmness around here. The wind seems to just stay steady and low–if you’ve ever heard the like of it. The tree tops are fairly still but yet a steady breeze is blowing in the window (that my cat doesn’t want me to close–he is winning, for now.)

    There is almost a light fog–or maybe that is just my nervous state. (I used to live in the foggy city, so it takes a thick pea-souper to make me acknowledge it.)

    A long time till midnight, though. (Maybe many thunder boomers in between.)

    My area is low but miles away from anywhere that my suffer a surge. My old basement might suffer a little flooding, but I’m prepared for that. 😐

    Nika: You got me thinking of red wine, so this old song popped into my head. As it wouldn’t leave, I decided to find it on YouTube and listen to it. My, it makes me feel old. I think I had my very first waltz to it. πŸ˜†

    Neil Diamond ~ Red, Red Wine

    Jonathon: I didn’t know that Neil Diamond wrote a sound track for Jonathan Living Seagull. I knew it was a book–yikes, I hope I’m not wrong about that. Anyway, was there a movie as well?

    Here is a video I found with some sound track on it–it’s beautiful really. A little more than 9 minutes, though.

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull – The Odyssey

  64. Nan11, The Odyssey was just lovely. I notice before a storm, the seagulls around here come inland. The winds are really picking up now. I need some ear plugs. They said the heavy rains are on the west and high winds on the east. Of course, I have to be on the east . YUK

  65. The death toll from Irene is up to nineteen now. That is from seven states.

    The following video is Hurricane Bill…there are those who are drawn to the ocean even when they know it is a dangerous place to be.

  66. Laurali says:

    I hope you all stay safe. We need the rain, but I have to pass on the hurricane. Please post occasionally so we know you all are okay. πŸ™‚

  67. Laura, judging by the high winds, I expect to lose my power. Nova Scotia is right on the Atlantic and we do not have any land to break the winds and slow them down. I swear Irene has picked up speed.

    BTW, thanks for caring, Sweetie.

  68. Tropical storm warnings for Eastern Canada as Irene approaches from U.S.

    HALIFAX – Up to 180,000 homes were without power in Quebec on Sunday as hurricane Irene steamed northward as a tropical storm that forecasters cautioned still had enough punch to cause flooding and wind damage by the time it reaches Eastern Canada.

    Hydro-Quebec said most of the outages were in the Montreal area as the outer fringes of the massive downgraded hurricane brought heavy rain and winds gusting to 90 kilometres an hour to the area despite still be centred over New England.

    Chris Fogarty, director of the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Halifax, said Irene was expected to push fully into the Maritimes and eastern Quebec late Sunday and into Monday.

    He said the heaviest rainfall was expected in Quebec while high winds and pounding surf were more of a concern in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

    Environment Canada recorded a gust at 93 km/h in Yarmouth, N.S., on Sunday afternoon and said winds could reach 110 km/h, or close to hurricane-force, in parts of western Nova Scotia and southwestern New Brunswick.

    Forecasters warned of potential flooding caused by storm surges around Yarmouth, N.S., late Sunday while high tides Monday in the Bay of Fundy could threaten coastal areas in the Chignecto and Minas basins.

    “Although Irene is now a tropical storm, it will still cause damage, flooding, loss of services and dangerous conditions,” said Steve Mills of Nova Scotia’s Emergency Management Office.

    Read more at Source

  69. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just heard a little bit on CNN, but they said Hurricane Irene broke some glass in Montreal.

    Gosh, I hope that settles down before it reaches here. I’m praying.

    (I have a front porch–and my windows are not braced.)

  70. margaret says:

    Snoop and Nan11 hang in there. Hopefully it will be gone soon. I’m with you Snoop the wind is what I hate worse, especially at night. Stay safe..Hope you won’t lose power. Wish that seagull could swoop ya’ll up and bring you to N. Fl. where I live. No rain no wind nothing from Irene. Thank God. Keep checking in if you can.

  71. Laurali says:

    Just know we are all thinking about you, not much I can do from here but worry and pray! xxx Nan that goes for you too! Keep us posted if you can.

  72. Margaret, I have been timid of the wind since I was a kid. It is so strange. It gets real quiet for about 5 or 10 minutes and then the wind starts. There seems to be a lull between all the big gusts. It would be much better if it was daylight. Thanks for caring!

    PS, I am more scared of alligators and snakes than the wind. LOL We don’t have alligators here and our snakes are not poisonous. We have bears tho.

  73. Nan11, it is getting wild here. I have one gigantic birch tree outside one of my kitchen windows. I hope it is well rooted. I did hear Quebec started getting Irene quite awhile before the winds picked up here. We got heavy drizzle all afternoon between the sun trying to break through. This is one crazy storm. Check in when you can. Hugs!

  74. margaret says:

    For real???? No poison snakes. My kids always cut me off when they went out to play , ” we know watch for snakes ” Hang in there . I am in my non sleeping mode so I’ll be up if you want some company.

  75. nika says:

    I hope all goes well throughout the night and I do pray you and nan11 can keep your electricity. Maybe Irene will pick up speed and fly through. Everything sounds so much worse at night when you can’t see what’s going on. I always hate night storms and that seems when they hit Central Florida.

  76. Ladies, I am going to call it a night. I was speaking to a relative in N.B. and they are getting strong winds and heavy rain. She said her lights were flickering. I would rather be in bed if we lose power so off I go….. Hopefully, I can fall asleep and not have to listen to the wind. Nite nite…

    Margaret, that is true. Our snakes are not poisonous.

  77. margaret says:

    Snoops and nan11 have you read the promo for dr. phil show on The TV Guy from OS. He thinks he is so big and bad that c&g are going to just break down and tell all. Thats what he wants everyone To believe so that he has good ratings. It says that the interview must have gone on for some time because g&c had changed outfits. I don’t believe much dr phil has to say either Good nite Snoops sleep well.

  78. margaret says:

    Just read on OS, Jeff Ashton has a book!!!!! Will be out in November, may be pre-ordered.. This I will buy.

  79. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Strong winds (and seemingly constant), here. My windows are rattling a little and there is lots of movement in the trees.

    My power has been stable, though.

    My blessings so far–no water in my basement and no thunder. πŸ™‚

  80. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me again. I’m just back from a power outage. It went out (with no warning–not even a flicker) at about 4:00 a.m. It just came back on.

    I was in the middle of a ‘comment’ when it happened. πŸ˜†

    Lost my comment but everything else seems OK. I’ve got a fresh coffee on the go and I’m going to properly power off now. I think I learned my lesson.

    The wind is really slamming the house. The convenience store next door opens at 6:00 a.m. I will be glad.

  81. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Well, we’re past the darkness anyway. Everthing appears to be intact; however, the wind is still fairly strong and gusty.

    People are out and about. I watched one man walking down the street, struggling to keep his coat on his back. (He did succeed.)

  82. nika says:

    nan11 – Glad you survived the storm – be careful about going outside as the trees can still come down for a while because the ground is so wet. Enjoy the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Hope Snoopy is OK – Wonder if she lost her electricity. She is probably walking around with her miners light on trying to figure out how to make her coffee. That I would love to see.

  83. Snoopy survived and my power stayed on…..yipee!

  84. My daughter who lives about 2o miles away had a tree go down over her driveway. Not a cloud in the sky here today but it is quite breezy.

  85. Margaret, I posted a short video of the promo of the Dr Phil show on this post…also about Jeff’s new book…

  86. nika says:

    Glad you are safe Snoopy and also the tree just fell on your daughter’s driveway and not the house. Enjoy your morning coffee and now relax. Storms like Irene are so scary.

  87. Nika, I have always been a tea drinker. The only time I have a coffee is when I visit McDonalds for a burger. There are still thousands without power in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia so I consider myself lucky. I had my miner’s hat handy. LOL

  88. Sherry says:

    Gee, if I had a miner’s hat I’d look forward to the lights going out! πŸ˜†

    I’m glad to hear my favorite ladies are all OK from the fury of Irene. I think Snoopy skeered her~

  89. Sherry~~no, dang Irene skeered the chit out of the Snoop…LOL My friend gave me the miner’s light. She has one and uses it for reading in bed so as to not disturb her hubby with the bigger bed lamp on. The miner’s light doesn’t come with a hard hat…silly woman…ha ha ha

  90. Laurali says:

    I am glad you all survived Irene. Hopefully that bi**ch goes away stays away! She is expensive. I have been moving today. 1 bathroom completely done, kitchen check, Michelle’s bedroom check, dining room check. Still 2 more bedrooms, family room and another bathroom. I quit for today. My back is killing me and it is making me very Grumpy! I thought about hiring a moving crew but honestly they are to slow for me and I do a better job. πŸ™‚ Men work at a snail’s pace. Bbl need a hot shower.

  91. margaret says:

    Glad everyone is safe and no damage. Irene , swept the whole East Coast ….. Now go away!!!!!!

  92. Frankie says:

    Hi Snoopy, I’m glad you and everyone here made it through Irene and are okay.
    Snoop! No hard hat? Now you know what to ask Santa for. If you keep getting storms like you have been getting in the east, a hard hat might just be the ticket.

  93. Frankie~~if you send me a hard hat, I will send you rain. I love my miner’s light. It has 3 different settings, red, amber and a nice white light or maybe not white but blue. It was a gorgeous day here in the east. There was no damage in my neighborhood. The howling of the wind and those big gusts made me hyper. I love the rain. I feel so bad for those along the east coast. A 20 yr old girl got swept away by the raging waters. She was able to dial 911 but they could not get to her in time. The windows on her car were electric and she was trapped inside.
    I believe the death toll is around 24 now.

  94. Frankie says:

    I wish I had known that all I had to do to get rain was to send you a hard hat. We have had one of the driest summers that I can remember.
    I too feel bad for those affected by the storm. The death toll is still rising. It could have been so much worse than it was but still, it was bad enough. I hope that those who need rescuing are reached quickly and that pets are being cared for.

  95. Frankie~~I remember you mentioned about your lack of rain this summer. We were just the opposite and had more cloudy and rainy days. These past two weeks, except for Irene, have been great with the sun and showers balanced. Jane Velez Mitchell was discussing our unusual weather patterns on her show this evening. We don’t get moderate weather any more. We have extreme weather conditions. It seems to be floods and droughts with tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.

  96. Here comes another one for us to keep an eye on…

    Tropical Storm Katia forecast to be a Category 3 hurricane

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