Casey has to serve her probation!! Yeah!!!

Will update as more news comes in….


ORLANDO, Fla. — An appeals court Tuesday upheld Judge Belvin Perry’s ruling that Casey Anthony must serve a year of probation from her check fraud case.

The 5th District Court of Appeal ruled that Anthony was aware of a clerical error that led to mix-up.
“(Anthony) may not, under these circumstances, take advantage of the administrative error of the Department of Corrections,” the order said.

DCA Order
DATE: August 23, 2011


ORDERED that the Petition for Writ of Prohibition is denied.

The trial court orally pronounced at the petitioner’s sentencing hearing, held on January 25, 2010, that the petitioner’s probation would not commence until she was released from incarceration on pending charges in another case. Both the petitioner and the respondent agree that the oral pronouncement of the trial judge takes precedence over any written order that follows. See Williams v. State, 957 So. 2d 600, 603 (Fla. 2003). The trial court retained jurisdiction to conform the written order of probation to the oral pronouncement, see Dumwright v. State, 572 So. 2d 1029 (Fla. 5th DCA 1991), and the Department of Corrections did not have the authority to countermand the trial court’s sentencing order. See S 948.03(1), Fla. Stat. (2010) (”The court shall determine the terms and conditions of probation.”); Fla. R. Crim. P. 3.790(a) (“The court shall specify the length of time during which the defendant is to be supervised.”).

Further, the trial court’s actions are not barred by the petitioner’s constitutional claim of double jeopardy, as the petitioner has not legally commenced her probationary sentence. The petitioner and her lawyers were well aware that her probationary placement was not to begin until her release from confinement. The petitioner may not, under these circumstances, take advantage of the administrative error of the Department of Corrections. “The Constitution does not require that sentencing should be a game in which a wrong move by the judge [or the Department] means immunity for the prisoner.” Bozza v. United States, 330 U.S. 160, 166-67 (1947).

Judge Perry ‘s Order

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  1. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Quote of the day, here. From page 2 of the Order of the Court in the District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida Fifth District. (Linked in your post above.)

    “The Constitution does not require that sentencing should be a game in which a wrong move by the judge [or the Department] means immunity for the prisoner.”

  2. Hilde says:

    Finally One Thing Princess Casey didn’t get away with and rightfully so.

  3. Nan11~~only if you have the time, can you type up that order. You don’t need to cite the case laws. I would love to put it right up there in my post… if you do, just paste it in Staff Only and I will copy it from there… it’s okay if you are too busy, honest.

  4. Hilde~~if Casey had won this one too, it would have been disheartening. I am so glad for Judges Perry and Strickland. I would love to have been around to see Cheney Mason’s reaction when he read the order. Oh, he will blame it on Lisabeth Fryer for not wording things right.

    There was no double jeopardy because Casey never served LEGAL probation in the jail.

  5. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a link to Mr. Boedecker’s latest. He has a couple of interesting tidbits.

    Casey Anthony: She must serve probation, court rules
    — posted by halboedeker on August, 23 2011 5:23 PM
    Holly Bristow reported that the defense team has worked out a deal where she will report for probation secretly. “She will not have to walk into a place where everybody will know her. Her address will not be publicized,” Bristow reported.
    End of Quote

    FYI: I wouldn’t mind at all, Snoop. I’m trying to try all my programs out to make sure everything is working, anyway. It seems to be smelling hot? Could be just my imagination. (I hope.)

  6. Sherry says:

    Heeheehee! 😆

    She has to report to a probation office, not the one in Orlando necessarily. About her living with mama and papa-naw. But if she did, she’d never make it through the whole probation year!

  7. Sherry~~you are as giddy as me..teeheehee’ Casey has to find gainful employment. That is the one I like the best.

  8. Newbie says:

    Wow and wow ! Happy day ! Now, how does “the most hated murderess” find employment… for one of her attorneys???? Oh dear, that isn’t even funny. But….birds of a feather do flock together. Maybe she’d meet someone worthy of her … know someone who beat their murder rap too… know…..she could make Cindy proud.

    Ugh, back to just reading comments….fingers off the keys until I can mind myself.

  9. nika says:

    I am so happy – finally she will have to do something. I do hope she has to work and maybe go to school and get her GED

  10. Newbie~~hey, don’t run away too far. Now let’s hope that the hearing on Thursday, Aug 25th will not go in the turnip’s favor either. That is the hearing re all the money she is supposed to pay LE, FBI etc for searching for an alive Caylee.

  11. Christine says:

    I love this blog – thanks for keeping it going. I don’t think the killer should be allowed to fade away into the public.

    Great news today – I’m starting to believe that by the end of this, she’ll be sorry that she’s not sitting in a nice comfy prison cell. Karma is a bitch!

    Welcome, Christine! Make yourself right at home and jump into the conversation anytime.~S

  12. Nan11~~thank you from the bottom of my humble heart. You are so good to me!!

    Folks, Nan typed out the order from the Appellate court and I added it to my post.

  13. Nika~~I can well imagine that Casey is pouting and her grand pappy, Cheney, is trying to console her. He will take it to a higher court, just wait and see.

    I expect Casey will report to Corrections tomorrow, incognito…big sunglasses, baseball hat, white t-shirt and jeans. LOL

  14. Laurali says:

    Will probation refer to her as Felon Anthony or just caca? Hope they randomly search her dwelling. Keep her on her little toes.

    Can you imagine walking into Mc Donald’s and the little felon taking your order? They probably won’t hire her though, she may steal their profits. 🙂 Plus way to many children eat there.

    Mason and Baez knew they were wrong in letting her serve probation in jail but they let her do it anyway. I guess caca can just think of it as practice. 🙂

  15. nan11 says:

    Oh, Snoop. No thanks necessary. I was pleased to do it–it gave me something to do besides rant! 😆

    I wouldn’t give any business my business–if I discovered the murderess was employed there. I’m a nasty old thing like that, I guess.

    I don’t see why she can’t work for her beloved Jose–she appeared to relish in her duties as his little efficient paralegal during the trial. Let him deal with the tantrums or what ever else goes wrong with her when she tries to work. (Or maybe her spiritual advisor has chased all the bad old ways away.)

    What will she do when the clock strikes five? :mrgreen:

  16. This excerpt is from the link Nan11 posted at 7:31pm. I like this one and so will the IRS.

    The Department of Corrections told Kealing that Anthony will have to disclose any income she gets on a monthly report.

  17. In other news…..

    Mom who punished boy with hot sauce, cold shower found guilty of child abuse. Jessica Beagley appeared on the Dr Phil show where the video was aired. The sad part of this story is the boy in question is one of two Russian twin boys that Jessica adopted.

    Beagley stood as the verdict was read Tuesday afternoon, then quickly walked out of the courtroom with her husband, Gary, an Anchorage police officer. The couple did not respond to questions from reporters as they hurried to a stairwell.

    Beagley was convicted of a single misdemeanor child abuse charge punishable by up to a $10,000 fine and up to one year in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for Monday, Ingaldson said.

    Read the full article here

  18. Newbie says:

    Maybe the murderess will work for her parents’ nonprofit organizations. I’m sure they will be quite busy….NOT.

    Maybe the murderess will work for one of her attorneys.

    Maybe the murderess will form her own nonprofit organization and “spread the word” as she travels in her own RV.

    Maybe the murderess will work as an escort.

    Maybe the murderess will be like Amy Fisher and do hard core porn.

    Maybe the murderess will trip and break her neck instead of a tooth !!!!

  19. Newbie says:

    I am soooooo sour grapes. I think Cheney will appeal any and all judgments against the slut. I also am sour about nothing being filed against G *C for all of their bull.

  20. Laurali says:

    Newbie the last would be justice but I am sure she would survive and then be eligible for some kind of benefit paid for by the tax payers of Florida.

    I do not think her parents will be hiring her, Lord knows she already stole plenty from them. I doubt they will be sharing their blood money.

    Escort, doubt it. Any man with half a brain will know who she is and be afraid she will be wanting to play a game involving duct tape. 🙂

  21. Laurali says:

    Snoopy when I went to your link I got a virus warning! It is all good my protection stopped it but fair warning. 🙂

    I am not aware of a lot of organizations that follow up their organization with Fund. Interesting they chose the name Caylee’s Fund. Sounds like it is all about the money. jmo

    Laura, to be on the safe side, I deleted the entire comment and link. I have good virus protection and all I got was an Error 401 message when I clicked on the link within the article~S

  22. Newbie says:

    Laurali, you’re right about the rip falling into some kind of avoidance of what is due her. So, I think I will dream big…..Cindy will eventually get her hands around turnips throat again, George will eventually lose it and choke Cindy making him the hero he so cares to be instead of the bum that he is. Oh, dreaming big, George can go live with whats her face ….the gal he was “helping” instead of being out there looking for Caylee.

    Snoop, the total travisty of justice with all actions of the A’s and the attorneys….and the gall of the A’s thinking people would care to ask for their help or that they can redeem themselves now with this false front…..egads….And attorneys with the morals of a snake who will appeal any judgments against the murderess keeping her in the limelight until they get their backdoor deals made……lower than low.

  23. Newbie says:

    AND…….I remember Baez in one of the early tv interviews stated Casey was not guilty which would be proven. He also needs to share the cost of anything related to finding Caylee and costs of the trial. etc. It indicates he knew from the beginning the baby “had drowned” (hmph) and was part of misleading everyone involved.

  24. Newbie says:

    And, I am to a point where OJ sits on a pedestal when comparing him to the A’s and their attorneys….well, at least Cheney and Baez.

  25. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Teeheehee! :mrgreen:

    I guess that means she will have to disclose any fees earned for nekkid photos.

    Plus Mr. Morgan will know where to reach her.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Tim Miller could recoup some of his loss?

    I clicked on your link for the “A’s” foundation. Ugh, that’s galling. Remember what Mr. Kesse had to say about them. It’s only HLN that dares to flaunt that as a legitimate foundation. Everyone but them seems to know the truth.

    I find it almost insulting to watch that station lately–all those talking heads yammering away, one on top of the other, trying to shove their misconstrued views down our throats. Gag

    It’s really sad about how that little Russian boy was treated, and it goes a long way in explaining what the ‘Dr. Phil’ show is really about. I heard he made trips to Anchorage to provide ‘counseling’.
    Probably because he was worried the negative publicity would get his show cancelled. Too bad it didn’t.

    The sleazy way he has agreed to ‘pay’ the “A’s” through their charity–and then have HLN spew that it is a ‘donation’, is quite infuriating (and offensive to people of normal intelligence) really. It speaks volumns as well about the ‘Dr Phil Show’.

    I loved the line in one of the comments at your link where the person said that [on Nancy Grace] someone had said that the 12 jury members must be the only 12 people who still think the world is flat. Strange how that lot all got together.

  26. Laurali says:

    I am sorry Snoopy. I did not want you to have to delete it. I just rarely get warnings so I thought I would share it with you.

    Newbie I think most of us feel the same way as you do.

    No problem, I would rather be safe than sorry as I have had a couple run ins with viruses~S

  27. This will teach the %$^#*& for threatening to send his wind up my way!!

  28. Laurali says:

    Nan~ The world is not flat? What?!. Why would any show make a donation to any fund? They should be glad they can go anywhere and spew their verbal vomit. I would think just getting to advertise would be their opportunity to make money or find fools to donate to their scam. I am all for Grand parents rights. But the A’s do not deserve any rights. All they have done for Caylee is lie, hide and cover for their murdering spawn.

    I rarely watch television, I get my news about caca from you all. I would suggest not watching HLN, it seems to make your blood pressure go up. That can not be good.

  29. nan11 says:

    Yikes, I didn’t refresh so I didn’t see the virus warnings. I think I’ll run a scan right now.

    Sorry for the typos in that last comment, Snoop. Fat cat gets on my lap or, worse, he prances around in front of the monitor.

    I love him to pieces, though.

  30. Laurali says:

    Snoopy~ lmao! Poor Davie! You would think he would send it to well Never-mind-land ;)!

  31. Nan11… that site did not have a virus but since Laura mentioned it, I was obligated to delete the entire comment. I am sure you are safe!

  32. Newbie says:

    Yep, Laura, you’re right. I’ve been reading and not commenting as reading the comments was satisfying. Today, while I am pleased the Appeals Court upheld Judge Perry’s ruling, it just sparked the outrage of the parties flim flamming once again. These idiots show no sign of pain in the loss of the little, defenseless child. they mock the judicial system and just keep …..okay…..I’m stopping. There is no shame….they have no shame.

  33. Newbie says:

    Nite all.

  34. Nite nite, Ms Newbie. Pleasant dreams.

  35. Karen C. says:

    Hey, Lady- You up? If you are I want to comment on something I watched the other night on boob tube that had me shaking my head…

  36. Frankie says:

    Hi Karen C, I’m up. What’s got you shaking your head? It could be one of many IMO.

  37. Karen C. says:

    Oh, I saw that amazing little 20/20 show, reprised on TLC, of the Diane Downs case. Not ten minutes in, I’m blown totally away by the complete similarity of her demeanor to turnip…

  38. Karen C. says:

    I’m actually back-and-forth reading the “book” on the case over at TruTV website, Crime Library…
    JUST LIKE turnip. I know, I’ve been very voluble on my belief fairly early on that Turnip is a psychopath, but to see these echoes of the same type “mother” from news footage and interviews of a case so long ago- to see it all so clearly replicated in Turnip NOW… I’m sorry, weird! It’s one thing to know she is that, in an abstract sort-of way- quite another to see it in another person from way-when. This is why the detectives focused in on her so quickly- they really have seen this behavior over-and-over again, with slightly differing details each time…

  39. Frankie says:

    I don’t think I remember that case.
    I forgot to say that I am pleased with the appeal being turned down. If ca ca got away with not serving her probation I think that there might have been a riot. I wouldn’t blame them if they did. I wish I could get my hands on the slot ca ca. Now I have to hope that she messes up while on probation. No, I’m not bitter. No way. See, I can lie too.

  40. Karen C~~ I have mentioned many times that Casey is a psychopath. Who else could lie, manipulate and murder her own child in such a heinous way. I have also felt that she took sadistic pleasure in spiting her mother by killing Caylee. She played games and tortured Cindy for 31 days until she was caught. Will Casey reoffend? My answer is yes. I do not think she can be rehabilitated. There is evil in her genes and it will always be there. If she wanted to just be rid of Caylee, she would have given her to Cindy. Caylee’s death was a ‘hard’ kill and I honestly think the child suffered terribly before she breathed her last. Psychopaths feel no pity, remorse, or shame and all the therapists and spiritual advisors in the world cannot change them. It is scarey to think there is a psychopath running around on the loose. Look at Casey’s mood swings in the courtroom before and during the trial. JMO

  41. Karen C. says:

    I’m pleased as well- not surprised. Probation is not punitive in nature, and most felons have way more to worry about than the usually less-than-rigorous terms they have to abide by. Big deal- why should she be any different? Jose still at it though, with the violins- “spiritual advisers”? Unless he means that media-friendly rabbi who “counseled” Michael Jackson, who could that possibly be? With Turnip snickering away behind her hands, like she did through the trial…

    The Diane Downs case- 1983. Anne Rule wrote “Small Sacrifices” about it, now I have to read that one too! Years before Susan Smith or Turnip, we had Diane Downs (I don’t put Andrea Yates in with that bunch because she was so massively psychotic- they were NOT). Shot her three kids in the car during a country drive at night at night, wounded herself in the forearm (just where other perps routinely do it to show how they, too, have been victimized). Drove about 30 mph down the mountain to the hospital, stepping on the gas just as she was getting close, finally (we know this because another poor driver was stuck behind her). Completely flat, no emotion, laying on the charm with the staff and LE, chatty, even. One daughter died, the son and other daughter lived, though, and the girl who lived was able to testify against her in court. Downs made sure she was heavily pregnant at the time of trial, for sympathy. Found guilty anyway, that baby was adopted out. Downs has disintegrated in prison in her thought processes- really makes me wonder about what Turnip and the people around her will be facing later.

  42. Karen C. says:

    Hey, Snoopy- Watching her on those jailhouse videotapes was when I decided on that. Lots of us have little chunks of time when our behavior is less than altruistic, selfish even- we all manifest some of those same aspects of psychopathy in milder form for various reasons, sometimes “good” or at least “understandable” reasons, often not. But they do not define us, they are not who we are or how we think, 24/7. It is how she thinks, though- her natural response to anything that comes along.

  43. Karen C~~yes, we all have psychopathy in milder forms but we would never think of killing (well I have. LOL) someone, especially our own child. I honestly fear for George and Cindy. Casey wants that house on Hopespring. The turnip got caught and her ‘plans’ were interrupted. JMO

  44. Karen C. says:

    Secretly, although it was pretty clear she was psychopathic, I never put much stock into her being able to harm G & C. Too much work, for one. But the more I study up on other similar cases the more I think, ya know- she really could have done. Something else will happen- she has not had to learn ONE THING from this experience, and she is yet again surrounded by enablers!

    Don’t you hate that they call psychopathy “Borderline Personality Disorder”! Now, who could be afraid of that?

  45. nan11 says:

    Karen C.: “Small Sacrifices” by Ann Rule won’t leave you disappointed. It’s worth every minute of your time.

    She’s [Ann Rule] one of the best in the business, imo. Her books are factual and well researched. She writes with a depth of understanding of the criminal mind that few can match. She also delves into who the victim was in life and shows respect for why the mattered.

    Whenever I’m ‘lucky’ enough to come across something she wrote, I can’t put it down ’til I’m finished. 🙂

  46. Hilde says:

    It is good News than finally Casey is responsible for something, it’s not much, never less she has to serve Probation and rightfully so.
    I never could understand why in the World Baez and Mason was fighting this anyway, heck she got away with Murder! Isn’t that enough!
    As for her getting a Job, I am sure her new found Friends, Baez, Mason and Sims going to make it look like she has a Job. Myself I can’t see C ever really working like the Rest of us. She thinks she is too good to waste her time working.
    About the Hearing today, it will be the same as always. Baez is going to whine about Casey not having any Money and making all kinds of Excuses why C is not responsible for paying the State back. It’s going to be a Continuance of the CA Saga.
    Honestly I have never followed a Case like this and I never heard of a Defense Lawyer hanging on to a Client as long as Baez has. Doesn’t even seem to be normal!
    Maybe Baez should pay more Attention to his own family and let CA finally go, she is a free Woman now, why in the World is he still hanging on to her, it’s kind of sickening to watch.
    Is he going to be her Shadow the Rest of her Life, I would think she might even get sick of it.
    On the other Hand I guess she must feel pretty special having her own Lawyers on Call at all times. JMO

  47. Karen C. says:

    He has to recoup some money out of her, keep the lights on and make payroll, so I figure he’ll shadow her as long as it takes for her to take on some deal or other. And, as he’s told us, she has no friends- one “fact” he told Geraldo I can believe. Maybe when the jurors names go public she can look them up…. one of them has to need a babysitter at times.

  48. Rob says:

    Snoopy, Your thoughts on the Teflon Felon are so in tune with mine. There is no treatment for a sociopath /psychopath. Casey Anthony is a very scary person. It would be great to read what Ann Rule thinks about the inner workings of Casey’s mind. Love the weather map of Florida and Dave. I understand from talking to my daughter in Florida, that the hurricane will miss South Florida

  49. Laura and Cali…Chit chat at Jonathons’s Cafe….thank you!!

  50. Hello Hilde, Rob, Nan11 and Karen C et al…. I think you will find that when Casey starts her probation, Corrections will monitor her very very closely. She will have to adhere to every stringent rule set out by the Probation rules and regulations. She will not be given any special privileges other than keeping her address private, even if it is a mental facility. She does have to make an effort to find employment and get her GED even if it is by taking it via correspondence on the internet. She must prove that she can get back into the community and function normally, in other words, keep her nose clean and obey the probation rules. Her defense may request that Casey serve in another state but not necessarily that state will accept her. Casey’s imaginary world is over!!

    Now when it comes time when Casey will be served subpoenas ( within her year of probation) by John Morgan and/or Tim Miller and the IRS, I doubt if she will be able to keep her whereabout secret. I am not sure how this will work. I expect Casey to remain in Orange County but if not, it should be in the state of Florida. I think you will find that the Dept of Corrections will get things right this time as Judge Strickland’s order stands.

  51. Sherry says:

    HHJP has ordered her to serve her probation in Orange County and the probation office has no say in the matter. Although the spokeswoman made it sound like Felon Anthony must report to a probation office, she must report to the Orange County one.

    Legal analysts say that Anthony should be allowed to serve her probation in another state. Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. decided otherwise and ordered Anthony back to Orange County with a deadline of August 26 at 12 p.m.

  52. margaret says:

    Thanks for link Sherry, haven’t had time to read yet . In Orlando!!! getting better and better.

  53. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just came across this. It’s probably making its way around so maybe you have seen it. It’s one of those write-ups where you just shrug your shoulders and say okay. No suprise there.

    Just sayin’, folks–just sayin’. 😕

    Love in South America
    Sub-Heading: Jose Baez searches for a Mail Order Bride in Colombia, South America. ~ in or around May 2004
    High profile Defense attorney Jose Baez who got his notorious client Casey Anthony acquitted of murder in July 2011 is a previous client of the mail order bride agencies in Colombia, South America.
    End of Quote

    And another short quote:
    Our source tells us that he first met Mr. Baez while traveling in Colombia and that Mr. Baez would frequent the mail order bride agencies because it gave him the opportunity to date much younger and more beautiful women…and many of them!!!
    End of quote.

  54. FYI ~ ~ The hearing scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed until Sept 2nd. This is the hearing over the money Casey owes to LE etc for searching for an alive Caylee.

  55. Sherry~~thanks for the link and info. I noticed that it did state in the appellate’s response that the court would set the restrictions re the probation. So it will be Orange County. I assume that in order for Casey to serve her probation in another county, she would have to go to the court and ask permission. It seems the Corrections cannot make changes to the court’s order. I am so glad for Judge Perry as he put so many hours researching to come up with the right laws. I wonder where white beard is hiding out . Old Mason does not take defeat that well.

  56. Nan11~~ nothing surprises me about Baez. Geraldo mentioned that José’s present wife is ‘knock down dead gorgeous.’ I wonder if she is a Columbian. Baez is off to Texas for that big Hispanic seminar. He is supposed to be speaking on how to pick a jury. I read that at one of the links that I checked out but do not remember which one. Baez will be rubbing elbows with some big names and I hear the seminar is quite a big to do.

    ps my knock down dead gorgeous does not sound right but Geraldo said something similar. LOL

  57. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I see that link in my comment of 5:40 p.m. is no longer working. Wonder why? 😉

    His wife is really beautiful. If you Google “Jose Baez’s wife photo” a tiny picture comes up. I never clicked on it (it could contain a virus), but I did just hold my cursor over it and a slightly larger image appears.

    Geraldo Rivera will now be joining Mr. Baez at the convention in Texas, it seems.
    Friday, September 2, 2011
    Registration Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Location: Lone Star Foyer
    Exhibit Hall Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Location: Lone Star Foyer
    Career Fair: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Location: Lone Star Ballroom B
    All interviews will be held in 30 minute intervals
    8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
    Plenary Breakfast:
    Location: Lone Star Ballroom
    Remarks: Hon. Todd Robinson, Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of State
    Mr. Robinson will focus on how the Department would like to partner with Spanish-speaking attorneys to help solve some of the incredible challenges the Americas are facing in terms of transnational crime.
    Picking the Casey Anthony Jury in the Day and Age of Instantaneous Mass Media
    Interviewer: Lisa Blue Baron, Partner, Baron & Blue
    Panel: Jose A. Baez, Esq., The Baez Law Firm
    Geraldo Rivera, Journalist and Attorney
    Remarks: Barry Sorrels, Partner, Sorrels, Udashen & Anton
    End of Quote

    I also think there is supposed to be a hearing in the Zenaida Gonzalez case on Sept. 1 @ 8:30 a.m.

  58. Nan11~~I thought the Zenaida case was held off until October but I could very well be wrong. I seem to connect Tim Miller with something taking place in Sept.

  59. Christine says:

    “Welcome, Christine! Make yourself right at home and jump into the conversation anytime.~S”

    Thanks. I never have anything clever to say, but I love to read and rant once in a while.

  60. Vicky says:

    You gotta love both Judge Strickland and Judge Perry. I guess it never occured to the bearded one that he was never considered honorable enough to be considered for overseeing the judicial system. Both judges are superior in intellect to the felon’s defense team. I think he resents judges because he was never asked to be one. Perhaps a bit of gavel envy? Now all we have to worry about is that the department of correction is aware that there is 365 days in a year. They do seem to have limited cognitive and mathematic abilities.

  61. margaret says:

    Does the postponement mean the energizer bunny [mrs Fryer] will be taking care of caca interest or will the stumbling mumbling ol man be there. Baez is playing footsie with geraldo on 2nd. Maybe he’ll get permission to take caca. for show and tell.

  62. Christine~~ we are all just arm chair detectives and half the time don’t know what we are talking about. LOL The only degrees you need to comment in here is 98.6 F. There are a few still going thru menopause so their body temp rises now and then.

  63. Vicky~~I kinda thought you would be pleased to hear the decision of those three appellate judges. I could not stand the thoughts of the white bearded one smirking again. I know he did not like Judge Strickland and now he can add Judge Perry to his list. I do believe the Dept of Corrections will see that Casey serves the total 365 days and will have to check in monthly and adhere to the rules. Casey’s biggest drawback may be finding gainful employment. Would any of the attorneys take a chance on hiring her as a filing clerk? …. I doubt it very much.

  64. Margaret~~I believe Casey has another lawyer that will represent her in the civil cases. Can I recall his name? Nope. The hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow may have been postponed for several reasons. Mason or Fryer will have to be present as Casey’s counsel for that hearing, Sept 2nd, as Baez will still be in Texas. I wonder how all the attorneys like working for free.

  65. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I am so glad she must complete her probation in Orlando. The appeals court decision does put a damper on the three stooges traveling about the country for fundraisers. They will have to fill out travel request forms each time they want to take their show on the road. I hope she is assigned to the most hard nosed probation officer in the county.
    I predict clandestine photos taken by office employees will surface within days of her reporting. You know the grapevine will finally reveal the name of her probation officer and her reporting schedule. It won’t take long for someone to figure out where she is staying. most likely Cindy who will spend her days stalking the probation office if the felon refuses to see her.
    I personally don’t care what she does or where she stays. I just want to see her closely supervised during her probationary period. All too often POs have heavy caseloads and do the bare minimum to see that the terms are completed. The very fact that they attempted to supervise her while she was incarcerated is proof of that. I just hope her probation officer will make random house visits and catch her consuming alcohol. even then, I doubt they would revoke her.
    As for gainful employment, the prospects are rather slim for a female high school dropout with a felony record. Especially one that is an admitted thief and liar. I’m picturing something in the roadside clean up or grease pit cleaning industry. Someone might take a chance and hire her to wear one of those fast food costumes to hold up a sign at a busy intersection.

  66. nika says:

    According to Baez, Casey showed up for probation today. She will not have to work because of security concerns but will take classes online. For some reason this really angers me. Already she is getting it easier than others on probation.

  67. Nika~~I expect if Casey takes classes online, she will do it under an alias name. There is really no where she can hide for long, not even on the internet. She will pop up at Facebook and MySpace one of these days, if she hasn’t already. She will have to show proof to her probation officer that she is REALLY working towards finishing her education online. Casey may end up living a very lonely life until some rich old man sweeps her off her feet, a year down the road, and then they can head off to the South Seas.

  68. ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony reported for probation at an undisclosed location Wednesday evening, Department of Corrections officials said.

    Anthony reported between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. Wednesday. The Department of Corrections is expected to make a statement Thursday morning.


    My gosh, Casey must love the media and bloggers, like myself, tracking her every move.

    WESH has it up as BREAKING NEWS

  69. nan11 says:

    I’ll just sneak this little update in here, Snoop. If no-one is interested, that okay.

    Mr. Pipitone is rockin’ these days. Who knew? 😎

    Casey Anthony: WKMG asks why she’s getting special treatment
    — posted by halboedeker on August, 25 2011 5:54 PM
    Then Pipitone revealed that he has a future as an editorial writer. He sounded off: “Other than concealing her whereabouts, keeping her probation officer’s name and gender secret, not requiring her to seek employment and keeping an office open late last night so she could meet her officer undetected, DOC says Casey Anthony is being treated like every other probationer.”
    End of Quote

    I’m just glad that they will have the authority to reach her and make sure she will show up for any necessary court appearances–such as the ZFG case and/or any others.

    I appreciate Tony’s sentiment, though. 【☯】‿【☯】

  70. Frankie says:

    Ca Ca is being treated like every other probationer? NOT! Why is anyone concerned about her safety? I’m not. I bet she just feels so special.

  71. Everyone who goes on probation in the state of Florida should demand that DOC hold a press conference with the media for them. If they do it for Casey, they are entitled to a presser too.

    I read the following in the comments at Hals… the link Nan11 provided…

    This may be worth checking out if you are looking for her. Saw this on a facebook page….There is speculation Casey Anthony may be hiding out at her defense attorney’s spiritual center in Central Florida, details below:

    There is a center know as Vision Farms Retreat and Meditation Center in McIntosh, FL. This is located in Central Florida near Ocala. The center is owned by Dorothy Clay Sims (news link for company info), which is one of Casey Anthony’s defense attorney’s. Sim’s lives about 20 miles away from the center.

  72. Sherry says:

    I noticed that Center is a non-profit. Its a place for the study of Buddhism. I guess she won’t be spreading the gospel if this is the direction she is going. I wonder how good this is for business. 😆
    If she can’t leave the county without permission then if she is staying here it wasn’t revealed by the DOC since they must keep mum on such info.

  73. Casey Anthony to serve probation in secret because of death threats

    The appellate court on Tuesday denied a request aimed at preventing her from serving probation.

    Today, Strickland said he felt that the intent of his original order was finally being carried out.

    “The system has worked,” Strickland said. “My real question is: Why was it so hard?”

    Strickland said corrections to written orders that have scrivener’s errors are made all the time, but in this case the correction to Anthony’s probation order led to a new round of claims of bias against Strickland by the defense team.

    Strickland said he was shocked by some of the things he heard her attorneys say about him.

    “To be honest, I still can’t believe what I heard,” Strickland said. “I’m stunned by what they said, but as far as I’m concerned that’s the end of it…I’m not turning anyone in to the [Florida] Bar. I’m not holding a grudge.”

    But he said being called “stupid and a fraud” was highly offensive.

    “It’s not easy being a judge,” Strickland said. “You do what you think is right.”

    As for Anthony herself, Strickland said he wishes her well.

    “I hope she completes her probation successfully. I hope she gets on with her life,” Strickland said.

    And now that she has been identified as one of the nation’s most loathed individuals, Strickland added that he hopes no harm comes to her. That, he explained today, is what “decent people” say and think.

    Read more here at ….

    The Orlando Sentinel

  74. Sherry~~that was just a comment I found. Baez said the turnip was seeing some spiritual advisor. Frankly, I do not believe anything that comes out of José’s mouth since that opening statement. Dorothy Sims creeped me out, especially with that hairdo she used to sport. I wouldn’t doubt she would take Casey under her wings.

  75. nan11 says:

    Oh, Snoop. I’m going to go into a little rant here, but I’ll try to keep it short.

    There are some (that I respect), that are saying it’s time to wish the baby-killing murderess well, and let her move on. Moving on is one thing–but wishing her well? That’s never going to happen for me, never!

    I will strive to be neutral, and wish her no harm–but I will not, I will never, wish her well.

    My loyalties lie with 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony. A tiny, helpless human being–who was brutally murdered and thrown away like she was garbage by her own mother. When did she stop mattering–the day her mother murdered her or the day the jury brought forth their unjust verdict?

    Remember the day the defense rested their case? I remember the sad regret–regret for the sweet baby that had been suffocated and for the ‘tramp’ (so named by her own defense), mother who had committed this atrocity. Only a few, a very few, felt that the prosecution had been weak. (Currently, the jury is trying to blame their faux pas on them.)

    Need I mention the trial commentary by Mr. Sheaffer and Mr. Hornsby. They knew. We all did.

    I ask what happens when an innocent person is wrongly convicted. Sometimes, sadly nothing. They are forced to serve an unjust sentence. Sometimes, however, they gain supporters; new evidence is brought to light and society rights its wrong (as best as it can), by setting them free.

    We have a case of the opposite here. A murderess has been let loose. Society has no recourse. We cannot harm her–as we would then be the ones who deserved to be punished; but we don’t have to wish her well. And, imo, we should not.

    We have to accept the verdict of the 12 who believe the world is flat; but we do not have to respect it.

    Let’s not forget the jingling of the jewels and the showing of the fingers by the defense. Is that how one acts when a ‘just’ verdict has been returned? No, that is actions of one when they know they have pulled a big one over on society. A big one.

    My Opinion Only, of course. (I need more coffee. |_P )

  76. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is an update on Baby Kate. I’ll just add it in here for you to see. (If you haven’t, yet.)

    I think it will be proven that he always knew he was Kate’s father–that was just a ruse to avoid telling the truth to his parents; or, as Nancy Grace says–to avoid paying child support.

    However, where is Baby Kate? It looks like she will join the ranks of Baby Gabriel and all the other countless, beautiful babies, the world over, whom have been discounted by society.

    May God, our Father, hold all these precious children in his heart and someday right these wrongs.

    Motion filed to dismiss kidnapping case against Sean Michael Phillips, alleged abductor of missing ‘Baby Kate’ of Ludington
    Updated: Thursday, August 25, 2011, 4:33 PM – By Heather Lynn Peters | The Muskegon Chronicle
    Under state law, the charge currently against Phillips, kidnapping of a child under 14, would no longer fit the crime, according to Smedley’s motion.
    End of Quote

  77. Nan11~~well do they have enough to charge Sean Phillips with murder? I doubt it. He remains silent and there is no body. This crime will join the ranks of all the rest, unsolved. That seems to be the norm today. If they cannot hold Sean on kidnapping, the only other thing is not co-operating with LE and that doesn’t hold much water. Sean either killed that child or gave baby Kate away to someone, and naked at that. I think he put her little body where it will never be found.

  78. ‘She’s purple!’ Ann Hefferin’s roommate says UCF student drank before death
    Comments 0

    You can hear the 911 call and read more here. The young girl was only 18 yrs old.,0,2429442.story

  79. margaret says:

    Hi all , I read somewhere that geraldo said that caca would be seen out and about in Fl.. He must have given baez permisson to be seen now, I expect her to show up for a clip on geraldo any time now. The picture of baez and his Columbian women is hysterical. Tony l. book didn’t fly , maybe that will tell them something. Will caca have to be there for the expense hearing? Has anyone figured out what simms is hooked up withvision farms and mediation and retreat center. I looked but don’t get its real purpose. Does she live in Ocala?

  80. Margaret~~where did you see about Tony L’s book? I would love to read that. I think Sherry knows more about Sims and her meditation farm and Buddism. I think that it is in Ocala if I remember correctly. If Casey ventures out, she better have a 6 foot tall, 300 lb body guard.

  81. Sherry says:

    heeheehee, Snoops, Offender Anthony is surrounded by security 24/7. I figured it could be a bunch of Columbian mail order brides watching the felon for a low price-like being in America to find grooms.

    Margaret, Sims is part owner of the meditation retreat center. Someone had speculated that Offender Anthony was staying there when Baez had made a mention that she was seeing “somewhat” spiritual advisors. The place is for Buddhist teachings. Sims lives 20 miles from the Center.

    One friend and commentor said that its a place of beauty, and misquitos and chiggars and ticks. :mrgreen:

  82. Sherry says:

    Here you go, Snoops~

    I see that it was reported by the medias on July 13th that he was shopping for a book deal.

  83. Sherry~~wow, I guess the turnip will be some disappointed to learn that Tony is not going to have a tell all book. Can you imagine all the pillow talk and what a good little cook she was? Oh barf.

    Thanks for the link and the info for Margaret.

  84. margaret says:

    Sorry Snoops , didn’t get back sooner.Thanks Sherry. tmz has caca taking college law classes. She does’t even have a diploma. She’s too lay. baez needs to get a job for her with his Columbian women. I can’t wait for her to get zapped with all her bills. Baez will take off then. He’s already said this has to end. They will do something together soon ,get paid and he is gone, into the wild blue yonder with geraldo.

  85. margaret says:

    sorry meant to say lazy.. School started this week it has been rough, getting grandchildren back in routine.

  86. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This link is the opinions of a WebSleuth poster who followed Caylee’s case closely.

    It is well written and worth a read, expecially for anyone interested in food for thought. It reiterates how the defense used the media, and blogs/forums, to achieve their goals.

    It’s a summary in a nutshell.

    WebSleuths Forum – View Single Post
    The defense team couldn’t walk past a microphone that they didn’t take an opportunity to speak into; to inflame, over inflate and hype the current situation to create hysteria for the nightly entertainment cable shows to blast and bombshell.

    They “leaked” info to their favorite media outlets, tv, newspapers or entertainment news outlets at every chance they could.

    In every press release or sound bite, one thing stayed the same. “We don’t want to try this case in the court of Public Opinion” ~ well, that’s just exactly what they did indeed want, and managed to accomplish with their theatrics on those shows.
    End of Quote

    I hope we all realize that they (the defense) are continuing to do so. We can all rest assured that the media, HLN in particular, is hard at work for them.

    My Opinion Only.

  87. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just read ecossie possie’s comment on Dave’s birthday thread.

    It’s the first time I’ve heard about Jeff Asthon writing a book. He is going to title it “Imperfect Justice – Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

    I really don’t like to spend that much money on a hard cover book–but I’m thinking about it.

  88. Nan11~~I would be willing to buy Jeff’s book but the defense or Anthony’s will never get a cent out of me for their garbage. At least, Ashton’s will be a factual account.

  89. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yes, I agree with your comment. Jeff Ashton could have an interesting story to tell–if he wasn’t interested in sparing anyone feelings. It’s hard to say.

    I am interested, though. (It would be at least 6 more months before it comes out in soft cover.)

    Hmmm. What to do. What to do. 😆

  90. Jeff Ashton confirms Casey Anthony book

    Jeff Ashton, the veteran assistant state attorney who became a national figure during the high-profile Casey Anthony murder trial, confirmed he plans to write a book about the case.

    Reached by phone late Saturday, Ashton confirmed what had until then been Internet rumors. Those began when a mysterious listing began popping up on popular book websites.

    The internet was abuzz after listings appeared on and bookseller Barnes & Noble’s website, offering pre-orders for “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony,” with Ashton listed as author.

    “I wasn’t aware that it was going to go online today,” Ashton said. He declined to discuss the format or content of the book on when reached by the Sentinel on Saturday.

    Read more at ….


  91. Preview of Dr Phil show….

    Dr. Phil McGraw to George and Cindy Anthony: ‘You know the truth, don’t you?’

    Dr. Phil McGraw wants the truth “once and for all” from George and Cindy Anthony, according to preview of the “Dr. Phil” season premiere. Cindy wears red, and George wears a tan jacket. Then they are shown in other clothes, which suggests that McGraw taped quite a lot of material with the couple. The Anthonys are not heard in the promo.

    “Do you buy that was an accidental death?” McGraw asks the parents of Casey Anthony. Anthony was acquitted last month of daughter Caylee’s murder. Anthony and her child had lived with her parents.

    McGraw tells Cindy Anthony: “There are millions of people that want to shake you awake.”

    And McGraw says, “You know the truth, don’t you?”

    Will there be news in the program that debuts Sept. 12 on WOFL-Channel 35? McGraw asks the couple why they “sat on” a bit of information that McGraw calls “an explanation America has never heard before.”


  92. margaret says:

    I see in the promo, G does not need his Bible anymore. He must have put it away after the trial, didn’t need that prop now. The look he gives c in the promo at some question dr p asks is priceless. He has to look to her for answers, she has them all at the tip of her tounge. Evil, deceitful. baez talked about not understanding the feelings of people aout caca and that she should be allowed to go on with her life. Little Caylee and her fate is never talked about and those sleaze balls swept it under the rug as if she never mattered. That is what makes me mad and the fact that she is the same today as she was the day she killed Caylee. And the lies go on and I will never want the good life for caca……. Remember the video of caca and c talking about a cameo of c on tv and how angry caca was? If caca knows about the dr p show, don’t you know she is spitting fire right now with jealousy. I wish we could read the text messages going on between those two now. I’ll bet she is talking to g on phone too..I wish Dave could interview Lee, that is where the surprises are.

  93. Laurali says:

    Feel better now! Snoopy there is some great comments on the link you left at 1:18. That group thinks a lot like us.

    Dr. Phil. I can not really say whether I like him or not. I do not know if he will ask and expect to get answers to the really hard questions and if he will call bull chit. But I hope he does. Cindy and George imo are probably still lying for their baby killing spawn. It is what they do best. 😦

  94. Amber from Maryland says:

    I am a little curious about what George and Cindy might say on Dr. Pill but not quite curious enough to actually watch the show. Hopefully, WFTV will have something on their web site about it. I like Bill Shaeffer’s opinions much more than I do those of the major network talking heads.

    My neighborhood just recovered from the power and telephone loss after Hurricane Irene. I am glad this didn’t happen during the trial. It has been bad enough being isolated from the world without much going on but would have been intolerable during the trial.

  95. margaret says:

    LOL there is always a bright spot somewhere Amber during the roughest times. ………. Melich is certainly pushing Jeff A’s book, thanking everyone that is ordering in advance, on facebook. Are the officers allowed to write anything while still employed? I will read Jeffs, Daves or the officers, no one else.

  96. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Margaret

    I don’t know what the rules are concerning government employees such as police officers writing books about their work experiences. I agree with you. I would read anything Dave writes on the subject and I may well buy something written by the officers or Jeff Ashton. I will not contribute one nickel to support the defense team or George or Cindy. As for Casey, if I ever feel like listening to more lies I will look at WFTV’s transcripts or videos of her interviews with police. It is hard to top the lies she told to the poilce. I think that would be beyond even her expert level of skill in “falsification” or “imagination.”

    If the interview sponsors were donating the money to Texas Equisearch or the St. Jude’s or Child Fund International, I could consider listening to George and Cindy’s first interview. I prefer widely recognized and well supervised charities to makeshift memorial funds of dubious purposes. I vote on what I believe with my pocketbook. I am sure that Child Fund International would love to have contributions to support children in third world countries in memory of Caylee and those who want to memorialize Caylee’s life in some meaningful way would know that their money was really going to help children in the direst need of help if they send it to Child Fund International, (formerly Christian Children’s Fund.).

  97. Amber~~I am so glad you got your power and telephone back. Irene was one nasty storm.

    I would rather the monies go to the children instead of vacations and clothes for G & C. There are so many worthwhile organizations out there but sadly there are those like the Anthonys and Milsteads who fill their own pockets. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  98. Margaret~~I am waiting for Cindy’s book to come out, “If She Did It’…. I would never buy it but I would have a good laugh while it collected dust in the book stores. I really like Yuri Melich and I am glad he’s plugging Ashton’s book. I wonder if C&G have ordered theirs yet.

  99. Money Hearing Slated In Casey Anthony Case

    Court Of Appeal Gives Judge Perry OK To Hold Hearing

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The Fifth District Court of Appeal has given Judge Belvin Perry the green light to move forward with a hearing to determine how much money Casey Anthony may have to pay back.

    Perry will hold the hearing Friday to determine what costs from the investigation can be attributed to the lies Anthony told.
    Four different agencies claim that figure is over $500,000.

    A hearing is also slated for Sept. 28 on whether to release a sealed jail video taken on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.

    Read more here at Source

  100. margaret says:

    Another 10 year old from Texas dead after dad and stepmom refused water and made sit by window with heat and sun for 5 days. Where are these people coming from? Boy had twin brother ,but he was afraid to give any water, because he would be in trouble. Beautiful boys on visitation to dad…The killers looked like caca MEAN…..They need to be set on courthouse square in sun, no water, until dead,,NOW.

  101. Margaret~~I watched that on HLN. They tortured the twin boy for 5 days and even made him eat peanut butter mixed with urine. His twin brother watched him die and was too afraid to help him. The surviving twin gave quite an account of what those two rotten bastards did to that boy. The twin boys said they did not want to go with their father but, of course, he had visitation rights.

  102. margaret says:

    I suppose it never crossed their minds ,the child may have had a medical problem to cause the bedwetting. It was asking too much to take him to a doctor. Poor Baby it may have been fright of living with those two, that caused the problem. If there is another life , I hope God lets me have all those unwanted children. Heartbreaking news everyday.

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