I’m gonna rattle his rusty chains


Cheney Mason has a way with words. We all remember when Mr Mason, Esquire, made his debut before Judge Strickland in this case. He looked at the judge and announced with a cocky attitude, “you trust me don’t you?” You could see that Stan Strickland looked embarassed but he answered with grace and dignity, “Yes, I trust you.” It was shortly after that episode that Cheney Mason turned to Jeff Ashton, ( who had chuckled over something trivial) and said, “we don’t pay attention to the ignorant.” Not verbatim but you can see what an arrogant SOB he was/is. I wont go into how he lets his finger do the talking.

In the emergency petition, here is an example. I will put in bold how he likes to play the word games while trying to deceive the reader.

The Honorable Stan Strickland was the original judge presiding over two cases involving the Defendant. In the first case, the Defendant pled ( he omitted the word, ‘guilty’ here ) to several (should be ‘all’ ) counts and was sentenced by Judge Strickland to time served (412 days) and one year of probation. Judge Strickland’s oral pronouncement was that probation should begin after the Defendant’s release from incarceration. Afterwards, when the Court reduced his sentence to writing, same reflected that probation would commence immediately.

Notice how Mason used the word ‘immediately.’ That word was not used in the verbal or written order. You can also see that Mason used the word “reduced” trying to instill in the reader’s mind that the sentence was lessened, therefore, by letting the Defendant serve her probation in jail. Also by using the word “counts” in lieu of felony charges, Mason was softening up the Defendant.

Mason then goes on in the Petition to say that the Defendant was in fear of not being able to receive a fair trial because of Judge Strickland’s bias. A motion to have the judge recused followed. Judge Strickland stepped down on his own volition. It showed that he is a class act and put the outcome of the case before his own ego. Mr Mason would do well to take lessons from The Honorable Judge Stan Strickland.

Mason may have explained why Judge Strickland went on the Nancy Grace show. Judge Strickland stated why he recused himself from the case. The judge had denied a couple of the defense’s motions and the old guy wanted a private meeting with Strickland to talk about filing a motion to have him off the bench. Now, if this wasn’t a form of blackmail, tell me what is. The defense had to come up with an excuse so they used a blogger as their patsy. Mason wanted someone who he could manipulate. Judge Strickland refused to have that private meeting with Mason as it was unethical, moreso than calling a blogger up to his bench for a total of about 3 minutes.

Judge Strickland had every right to appear on NG and be interviewed by WESH. He was off the case!

Here is something else that I noticed in the Petition and they have it in italics and bolded. It is on page 10 of 18.
the State of Florida was given formal notice of the commencement of her probation on February 2, 2010.

Frank George said his office did NOT receive a notification that the Defendant had either started her probation nor finished it. He stated this at the hearing.
Now did Baez offer to hand deliver that notification? It makes you wonder eh?

This should be an interesting week coming up. Monday, the state, as well as, Judges Perry and Strickland can respond to the appellate court ( although, the judges do not have to) and the defendant must respond by Tuesday.

Will there be a stay issued by the appellate court? Three appellate judges must decide if Judge Strickland’s Order will be vacated. Since the Defendant is due back in Orlando by noon on August 26th, can the appellate court make their decision before that deadline?


Other points of interest.. José Baez is being investigated by the Florida Bar Assoc and on August 25th, a hearing is supposed to take place to discuss all the money the Defendant owes to the state, FBI and OCSD. The total figure is higher than what Ca Ca would get paid for posing for Hustler Mag.

Then we have all the pending law suits… Let’s see, Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla want some of Ca Ca’s Moola and so does Zenaida Gonzales. I can just see John Morgan frothing at the bit to have a go at Ca Ca. We can’t forget that Roy Kronk is going to sue Padilla.

Now what did I forget? This case is not going to go away any time soon. Are you willing to hang in here with me? I am a fool and if the more the merrier join in, it may make me feel a tad normal.

Please feel free to give us your thoughts. It is fine to update and discuss other cases as well but remember…chit chat at Jonathon’s Coffee Café. Tank you berry much!

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  1. cali patti says:

    Love, love your Mason finger. so appropriate!
    Enjoyed how you bolded the points of interest also.
    Another well done article, Snoop.

  2. Sherry says:

    “Tank you berry much!” Are we serving wine? I’m not one to get too tanked though… :mrgreen:

    Ah, the Master of Semantics, Cheney Mason. I guess one has to resort to deceiving tactics when one can’t come by a favorable ruling in an honest way.

    I’ll be here as long as you are, Snoops! 😉

  3. cali patti~~thank you kindly! Mason is a bold faced imbecile. If the man does not get a favorable decision from the appellate court, he will probably stick all this fingers up. He sure showed his true colors after the verdict came down. It proved he is no more professional than the smirky lead counsel.

  4. Sherry~~naw, I can’t jump ship yet. There are still a few things pending that I still want to follow. As far as the turnip’s whereabouts and book deals, I could care less but I will discuss boycotting anything that will put money in any of the Anthony’s pockets and that includes Cindy, George and the giggler. I wonder if Lee ever got a job.

    Old Mason filed other motions that were very deceptive. I recall one being that the turnip was in cuffs when LE took her to Universal. I don’t know how they can fabricate and twist words in their motions. Another big hoopla was that Ca Ca was not read her Miranda Rights. The old fart words them in such a way that he cannot be held accountable. I hope the appellate court does not vacate Judge Strickland’s ruling for the simple reason, I get livid when white beard gloats.

  5. Laurali says:

    Well I just celebrated my 10th 30th birthday and if I can stick with 30 this long I can hang out a while longer with you! 🙂

    I am really bored with baby killer but her lawyers seem to be bigger idiots. Somewhat entertaining and somewhat in need of a good azz kicking. Great post as usual.

    A belated happy happy happy thirty~SS

  6. Sherry says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurali!

    I’m jealous…I wish I could celebrate my 30th for the tenth time again… :mrgreen:

  7. nika says:

    I cannot believe old Mason wants Perry off the case. I really hate him more than Baez. Baez is just dumb and is ruining his life as a lawyer with the paying folk as long as he hangs around CaCa. Mason is just evil and it is lawyers like him that give his profession such a bad reputation. I hope he gets his due soon. He wants Perry off the case because of the wording Perry gave in response to the probation hearing. He lost that fair and square and is just mad. Maybe he fears CaCa will be in living in his house soon. I would love it..

  8. Vicky says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! I am looking forward to my 30th. I have heard the thirties are some of the best years of your life. I can’t wait to find out. At least I’ll have you around to guide me through, that first year since you’ve had multiple years of experience:)

  9. Nika~~I’m with you. Baez is just an inexperienced goon and has an excuse for smirking when on a rare occasion he gets something right. From the moment I laid eyes on Mason, my plumes ruffled up. Even in the courtroom, his stride up to the lectern is pompous. He swaggers and flails his arms out as if he is in control of the whole room. What attorney who just signed on to a murder case of a three year old girl would say, “oh this is going to be fun?” Did Caylee even enter his mind? It was all about winning and building up his ego. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth and is a hypocrit. On thing I do regret is, I had wished Kathi Belich would have tripped him coming out of the courthouse and he would have fallen beard first in a big mud puddle. Noone knows how I feel about that old fart.

  10. Dave Knechel says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurali!!! I wish I could have birthdays like yours. Dang, I’d never have to worry about getting old.

    Dave, I see you followed the bread crumbs. I take it you did not like my animation and post. Shucks, and here I was looking for some wonderful compliments. ~S

  11. nan11 says:

    Oh, Snoop: You, my dear, are most definitely not a fool. As long as we are not expecting justice, we might as well follow the ending shock waves.

    Why shouldn’t Judge Strickland have given a few moments of his time to appear on Nancy Grace to explain the truth to those who could not figure it out for themselves? (Or to those who just like to keep things ‘dumbed down’ a bit!) 😉

    The likes of Cobra (who dislikes G & C for personal reasons), and [Mr.] Manny (the ultra liberal) are giving me an ulcer. They would be the first in line to criticize shows like JVM–but they spew the same garbage.

    It’s what they spew and other’s like them, that made certain the murderess in her lowered chair walked free.

    Was their jury tampering? I believe so. Will it ever be proven? Nope, I don’t believe that.

    This ‘parole’ business has me uneasy, though. I hope it’s naivety on my part, but I can’t understand how the State could not have known she was serving parole while in prison. Maybe they forgot to check their e-mail, or were so sure of a guilty verdict that they didn’t think it was important?

    I do believe that Judge Perry was ‘right-on’ when he ordered that what Judge Strickland ruled verbally from the bench should stand. Anyway, it gave Mason and Fryer another chance to go ‘after the basta**s’ in power–and we await the ‘verdict’ of the even greater powers. Plus it keeps their ‘petite innocent’ in the news while giving Ms. Fryer some ‘hands-on’ experience with the big league! 😐

    The justice train has already left the station–and it left empty. The murderess of a once beautiful child is as free as a bird. The dry bones of that beautiful child were found in a dump–with roots growing out of empty eye-sockets that once housed a beautiful soul. No matter–no one cared.

    If you’ll have me, I’ll join you in following any remaining antics. I haven’t quite swallowed the bitter pill of justice lacking, but I’m working on it.

  12. offthecuff says:

    So what big story could Dr. Phil get out of C&G that they haven’t already told? There are no secrets, only more explanations (or lies) to make themselves look better.

    Mason knows that his slime has worked for him these many years, and that it will continue to work for him, especially after the results of this trial. He has been emboldened to shake his own rusty chains to get his way. That is how his system works. No reprisals because they won their case.

  13. Happy Birthday Lauriali …..You know your getting old when the candles on your cake sets of the smoke alarm,My Wife always says she is 21 an a bit an the bit is her buisness.

  14. Just what I need on a Sunday morning old coot flashing me the vickies…..I feel sympathy for the probation officer that gets lumbered with her.Wonder who picks the short straw……..

    Matey, the old coot is picking his nose. He doesn’t know a burger from a boogie~S

  15. Nan11~~I am going to see if I can find the video of that hearing when Frank George said that his office did not receive a notification that Ca Ca started her probation. I believe that Mason affixed a copy of that notification to his latest petitition for the writ of prohibition. If you happened to find it first, please post it in here. The defense admitted that they knew of the error and that Ca Ca was supposed to commence probation upon release from jail. Of course, Judge Strickland should have read the written order before signing it. It will be interesting to see how the three appellate judges rule. I expect there will be a stay and this mess will drag out until the arrival of Santa Claus.

  16. Off the Cuff~~Dr Phil thinks he can work a few miracles. I wonder if he will really ask some of the hard questions…like…”Cindy, why did you lie on the stand under oath about searching for the choroform?” “Do you honestly believe Caylee drowned in the pool?” “Why did you try and run Tim Miller out of town when you found out he was searching for a deceased Caylee?” I expect Dr Phil to just pussy foot around so as not to upset Cindy.

  17. offthecuff says:

    Or how about, “How long have you been having problems with Casey…? Isn’t it true you went to a counselor? Why did you allow Casey’s behavior to continue? How much did Casey run up on your credit cards and bank account? Why did you allow this to continue? Do you see this as much your fault as a parent? Why did you not allow George to interfere with Casey’s lies about her job? Why did you say you had numbers for a fictitious nanny? Why did you clean out Casey’s car? When is a death smell not a death smell? Why did NeJame quit? Do you have anything helpful hints for other mothers who have found out their children have committed criminal acts and who wish to contribute to their evading the law?”

  18. Off the Cuff~~wow, now those are great questions. It will be interesting to see if he picks any of the ones you mentioned. Another couple….”Did you and Casey have an altercation on the evening of June 15th?” “Why were you seeking to get custody of Caylee as you were overheard to say on the first 911 call?”

  19. cali patti says:

    another question.
    Why wasn’t there ever a paycheck or pay check stub laying around the house?
    How is it your daughter never filed a tax return if she was working?
    How is it you did not know where she cashed her payroll checks or had a bank account?
    Who claimed Caylee on their tax returns?

  20. cali patti says:

    If George & Cindy claimed Caylee on their tax return then they had to know the turnip was NOT working. From the moment a person begins working IRS knows you. IRS sends you stuff in the mail. Your employer sends you your w-2 in the mail. How come the parents went dumb & stupid when it came to taxes and the turnip?
    I am guessing they knew all along.

  21. nan11 says:

    Snoop & Offthecuff: Here are a couple of my favorites:

    Why did you fight so hard with Tim Miller–to the point of threats–to keep him from searching for your deceased granddaughter? and/or Why was Dominic Casey searching in the woods in mid-November and under whose direction?

    Now remember the ‘sterling’ character of Dr. Phil has sworn her to the truth. Braaaa! Ha! Ha!

    Snoop: (Sorry, I was out for a little while.) I think Frank George said that in the very last hearing, didn’t he? I have never listened to the whole thing, but I thought I heard a clip of that. Let me know if your’re still looking. I wouldn’t mind taking a peek.

  22. Nan11 ~~I found the video but only watched part one… I am going to watch the rest later. Here is the link…


  23. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a little bit of a conversation Mr. George had with Judge Perry during the most recent hearing.

    I should add that I never meant to criticize the State of Florida. I think they did an exemplary job in their pursuit of justice of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony. Things might have been different had they been allowed to submit the evidence they felt necessary without having to tip-toe around the constant threat of appeal. Meanwhile, the defense of the murderess was running amok with all the lies and castigation of character they could conjure up.

    I guess I’m just surprised by the separate entities of the State, the jail and the probation officers. Sorry, if I offended anyone.

    WFTV RAW VIDEO: Casey Anthony Probation Hearing Pt. 3 (08/05/11)
    Quote begins at about 6:32 minutes in:

    Judge Perry: One question, Mr. George.

    Mr. George: Sir?

    Judge Perry: When did the State of Florida learn that the written pronouncement was different than the oral pronouncement; and when did the State of Florida learn that [Ms.] Anthony had been placed on probation in violation of the oral pronouncement?

    Mr. George: I learned when Judge Strickland filed the amendment. What typically happens—I do not get, or my file–I do not receive copies of the court minutes after the sentence is imposed. I understood Judge Strickland’s—I know reading the transcript it seems a little convoluted; but I understood—and I believe everybody understood when we walked out of that courtroom on January 25 (when she was sentenced)—that that sentence was going; that probationary sentence was going to begin upon her release. After that case was ‘quote’ ‘unquote’ resolved—I never received any paperwork reflecting that probation had started, nor did I receive any probation [paperwork] in January of 2011, and as far as I know, my office never received any paperwork from any department reflecting that probation had been successfully done or terminated. So, I learned of this when Judge Strickland, on his own, tried—filed his nunc-pro-tunc order a few weeks ago.
    End of Quote

  24. nan11 says:

    Sorry, Snoop. I should have refreshed before I entered that. I think we are on the same page, though, with the link. However, mine is just for the last part. 🙂

  25. offthecuff says:

    I’ve seen the Dr. Phil show once (one time) #1. It seemed to last only 10 minutes after subtracting commercial advertisements. Not enough time to get any answers, mush less delve into the depths of truth-driving questions—unless he was going for a 2 hour special…(BLAH) Now that would be a lot of skin cream and health-aid advertising!

    But one thing the Doc did seem to USE (or abuse?), especially after a comparatively long, leading intro to the program…was the reaction from the audience towards his guests as they responded to his questions. Very titillating. Very Jerry Spring-ish. Very capitalistic. Not unlike perhaps a game show to rile the crowds.

    Now that would be interesting to see who he stacks his crowd with. Grandparents? Policemen? Child-Family-Services? Lawyers? Maybe have a special “unexpected” guest pop in? Hmmmm…

    As I ponder my ponderings, perhaps the show will be cozy… only the three of them… sitting at a long, wooden table…in a darkened room…. with a bright, blinding overhead spotlight, ricocheting between the white of George’s hair and the Dr.’s baldness ….a drop of water echoing periodically from the faucet in the corner of the otherwise bare room…the soft touch of Cindy’s hand on the Doc’s as she leans over and tries herself to be the Doctor….

  26. Nan11~~you are much fancier than I am… take a look at my notes…LOL

    20:18 part 2 Lisabeth Fryer said the defense was aware of the error in the transcript of Judge Strickland’s verbal order.

    Mr George part 3 start 6:34 in on video…Judge Perry asks etc….

    Frank George said that he did not learn that Casey had served probation in error until Judge Strickland filed the amended order. He also said that his office did not receive any notification that the probation had commenced at the jail or when it was completed.

  27. Off the Cuff~~I stopped watching Dr Phil after only a couple of his shows. I found he badgers his guests until they succumb to tears and even then, he continues to come down hard on them. It is like he is trying to break their spirit. He would do good to find work in a torture chamber. I cannot see George and Cindy letting him do the same to them.

  28. nan11 says:

    Offthecuff: Oh, you’re cracking me up here. The cats think I’ve gone a bit senile.

    I’ve actually tried watching that show a few times, but it always leaves me feeling like I just wasted my time.

    One of the worst shows of his I have ever seen was once he had a couple on from my area–they thought they were going to be given some earth-shattering advice on how to improve their relationship. Instead, he aired all their dirty laundry, made them look like idiots, and walked off with Robyn. It was disgraceful. ( Anyway, it may have served them right.)

    However, that being said, I do expect him to roll out his red carpet of compassion for the A’s. It’ll probably be enough to gag-a-maggot. Barf!

  29. nan11 says:

    Cali Patti: You said: I am guessing they new all along.

    Yup, that’s my guess, too. For all the reasons you so aptly stated, how could they have missed it? G & C are a lot of things, but I really wouldn’t classify them as stupid.

    The murderess never pulled the wool over their eyes–they just enabled her until they smelled the deceased smell of their baby granddaughter in the back of the Pontiac. Then it was too late, and they soon learned that there was money to be made. 😐

    George made an attempt here and there, but Cindy told him to shut his mouth or take a hike. She didn’t need him or apparently want him. (My words, but her meaning, moo.)

    A couple of more questions Dr. Phil could ask: What exactly made her send brother Lee after the murderess on July 3/08? And why did she suddenly change her mind?

    In her MySpace poem, why did she ask: Who is looking out for the little darling now?

  30. offthecuff says:

    Yes, the Dr. will be star-struck with the A’s and try to croon out answers. “Cindy, my Suffering Succotash, pray tell what it must be like to grow up in a family of truth-tellers?? Though inadmissible in court, It was your mom, Shirley, wasn’t it? and your brother, Rick?, who ratted out Casey’s true sordid-self?”

  31. Dr Phil has already recorded the interveiw with the Anthonys,Thats why they flew out to Houston shortly after there Bermuda trip aparently his show is recordered in Texas there was no audience,I would ask the Anthonys how does it feel to have copy righted the phrase,,,JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE….An then lie perjour conspire to help her murderer escape justice,Do they see the irony in that?

  32. offthecuff says:

    Dr. Phil already recorded? That makes sense.

    Isn’t it interesting that the Anthonys are free to trounce around, but Casey, according to Mason, has to stay in hiding? I personally like her in hiding, but the whole safety factor is a bit of a ruse to thumb the nose (or pick the nose(see above pic)) at justice.

    I realize Casey IS the murderess, not her folks, but there’s a lot of friction with anything Anthony.

  33. nan11 says:

    ecossie possie: Ahh, you have picked the best question. Even I might watch that dang show if i thought we might hear an answer to your question.

  34. FYI~ I just clicked on a link at google about rumors of Dr Phil and Robin’s divorce dated Feb/11 and was alerted the site contained a virus. I am scanning my puter now to be on the safe side.

  35. margaret says:

    Hi everyone. Snoops, you are one smart Lady. I totally agree with everything you said about the pompous old goat and his way over rated distinguished career. There is one difference, when I think about him and his deceitful, under handed tricks , i make myself so angry. You can do it in a way that I can also get a little chuckle. Thank you!! I think that this case has so many angles that is why we ca’t give it up.I showed the video of the deer rescue to my grandson and I watched the mother of the fawn running around and around, upset about her baby. I ,of course thought about caca and her actions about poor Baby Caylee. Did she ever drive down that road to where she threw Caylee away, did she ever go to that area to see what it was like, maybe cry and get upset over what she did. My guess is NO. That is why I can’t let go ,I think, because the whole defense team, Caylees family, and all the hangers on are just so corrupt that the Baby never figures in this and as far as hey are cocerned she just doesn’t matter anymore. Until you run me away I’ll be right here. You guys have all helped me get through many a slump, where that child and the others have gotten me into. Thank you everyone and one day ,God willing these chidren will be able to speak for themselves.

  36. Margaret~~keep the faith that there will be justice for Caylee down the road!! You are not alone in your feelings. I have acquaintances come to me, up here in Canada, and tell me how angry they are with the verdict. They will still feel that way a year from now and years after that. The turnip is in her own private ‘prison’ and she knows better than to show her face in public. She will have to run like a scared deer.
    I wonder how she feels when she reads on the internet or watches tv that she rates #1 as the most hated person.

    Speaking of deer, that doe had a true mother’s instinct, something that the turnip lacked.

  37. margaret says:

    Lies, Lies and more lies. We should make a list of lies and publish. Baez told a WTSP interviewer from Tampa that ca ca would begin her therapy when she comes to Fl. for probation..I guess he wants Fl. to pay. What happened to the people offering services for free? What has she been doing? Is the camp divided? Mason and Fryer filing motions to stop probation and Baez saying she will do therapy when she comes to Fl. for proation. He also told interviewer that there was no need for ca ca do do an interview because he could not see where it would benefit her. Hes waiting for hearing on 25th, that will determine when her interview is released. Do they actually believe that we believe his crap? He also said she was staying at a beach house in Arizona. Ooohhhh I want to slap his face. I read this on ” The T.V. Guy ” from OS. Another thing Lippman is saying on WESH that Dr. Phils donation to c&g will go a long way to getting their new foundation up and running. Lippman is now a pimp too. ……OK snoops I need something funny about now.

  38. Laurali says:

    I want to know how the A’s feel. I need to know how it must feel to be the most hated grandparents ever! Why did they raise their spawn to think it is okay to lie and steal? What did they think their spawn was guilty of? And finally how much money has been made by them and their spawn off of the murder of their precious Caylee? Media money, foundation money and donation money in general. What is the going rate for a murdered toddler? I mean it is obvious they have chose money over their grand daughter. jmo

  39. Margaret!~~Cindy best take some of that money and buy herself a ‘foundation’ garment. If she slims down, do you really think Lippman may try and do some pimping? While Ca Ca primps, Lippman will pimp. Baez would never give up being Ca Ca’s lawyer. Mason, Baez and Sims belong in a league of their own. It is too bad that Lisabeth Fryer is being hauled down along with them. I hope she joins another law firm and ditches old white beard.

    The hearing on August 25th is to hash over just how much Ca Ca has to reimburse the state, FBI and the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. Baez opened his mouth a little too wide before he had his brain in gear and blabbed that Caylee died on June 16/08. A lot of man hours went into searching for the ‘missing’ child so now it’s time for the Princess to pay for all those hours. If Ca Ca makes a million, which I doubt, most of it will be spent before it reaches her. There is still close to $70,000 that the IRS would like to have. If Ca Ca earns any money, it will be laundered and we will never know how much she made.

  40. Roberta says:

    Great commentary!

    Hey there! Glad you liked it. hugs~Mom

  41. nan11 says:

    You know, I don’t think she really cares that she is the most hated woman in America. She would probably love her chance to tell us all that we need to shut up. The brat was bugging her so she slapped a couple of pieces of duct tape over her nasal passages and got rid of the stink when it got overwhelming. What are we all mouthing about anyway?

    Good therapy would be wasted on the likes the murderess. In her mind she did nothing wrong. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

    Sometimes I wonder if her defense team really know what to do with her. They thought she was going to be in prison [at best] for the rest of her life. Now, their money cow is on the loose and the money is not rolling in quite the way they had planned. The three hundred bucks she left prison with must be long gone. Who is footing the bill for her upkeep? Maybe Macaluso is lending her a few bucks that doesn’t really belong to him–just in case they discover their cow’s milk has gone dry. That way they won’t have to take the loss.

    I’m just guessing–but if the “A’s” wanted $450,000.00 to appear on Anderson Cooper, possibly Dr. Phil agreed to make a donation somewhere in that vicinity. The murderess must be hopping mad over Ma & Pa raking in the dough that she feels she deserves.

    Oh, the temper tantrums could be flying somewhere.

    Okay, maybe all that is just wishful thinking on my part.

    Laurali: You’re questions are great. Too bad you and Ecossie Possie couldn’t do the interview. I would watch that one. 🙂

    Snoop: Your faith must be stronger than mine if you believe that Caylee will get justice down the road. Once her boys find a new toy, I’m sure she will re-offend. (Hopefully, she won’t take another life.) However much I might delight in seeing her sloppy azz land back in jail, I’m not sure I would consider it justice for Caylee.

    Still, it would be better than nothing. At least I would sleep better knowing that evil spawn is no longer free.

    All My Opinion Only, of course.

  42. Nan11~~I must keep the faith because that is what keeps me plugging away. I just can’t give up on Caylee not getting her justice. All the money in the world cannot buy you Health or Love so it is not the end all. If I was another Sylvia Brown, I would predict that Ca Ca and her defense team are going to have a falling out. I doubt if anyone on that defense team even likes Ca Ca. To Baez, she is $ signs, to Mason, she is an ego builder, and Ca Ca gave Dorothy Sims a chance to try out some good play acting in that courtroom. As far as Todd Macaluso goes, I would prefer a prison term to being around that sot. I can see how he and Ca Ca would be compatible. They love spending other peoples money. Right now, Ca Ca is hiding in seclusion and the world is her enemy. She is the prey for that someone who is demented but she doesn’t know who that one person is. She may ask to go to prison for her own security. Ca Ca just may be serving her life sentence outside the security of the prison walls.

  43. Laurali says:

    Nan~ I could never question the A’s. They lie, I would back hand the heck out of them. Can not stand liars!! They are just not worth going to jail for. However it would be great if ecossie could ask the questions for me. I would sit there for the interview but my hands would have to be triple duct taped along with legs in case I felt the urge to kick them in their lying mouths. 🙂

    As far as caca living the “life” somewhere well imo she is just a maid and cook for someone. Why else would anyone with half a brain have a baby killer in their home? Caca is a six time felon, a known liar and thief would you allow her in your beach home for free?

  44. One other thing…when the lawyers get done using Ca Ca, she is going to end up like a piece of trash and thrown away. Where are all the books that are supposed to be written? How can they have a happy ending? It is the same with any movies. Who wants to watch a movie if a fictional ending has to be written into the script? The ‘not guilty’ put the kabosh on a lot of things. So we wait and see what this coming week will bring or next month. It ain’t all over yet!!

  45. nan11 says:

    Laurali: Nope, I would not allow that soggy, well-used, lying, murdering, piece of trash in my beach home or in my shack. :mrgreen:

  46. Nan11~~ I hope in my lifetime, you never ever get mad at me… ha ha ha ha If Ca Ca could read some of your comments, she would go cross-eyed. Your words are like getting ten lashes with a Cat O’ nine tails.

  47. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just dropped in to WebSleuth’s for a few minutes. Apparently Baez told Geraldo that Casey is back in Florida now after spending some time with some ‘spiritual advisors’.

    There is no spiritual advisor on this side of the horizon that could help that. MOO

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of Baez’ mouth~S

  48. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yikes! Do they really sound that bad? I always feel like I can’t find the right words to express my meaning. :mrgreen:

    I’ll try to be more ‘considerate’. (Just a little though.)

    Some days I’m more irritated than others.

  49. Nan11~~you lash her good with my blessings.. LOL We seem to finally be getting some summer in NS. It is hot and muggy here tonight and they are calling for possible boomers tomorrow. Off to bed I go….nitey nite.

  50. katfish says:

    I really enjoy reading all your thoughts. I need to believe that there will be justice meted out to the whole Anthony clan for the lies they told to cover up Caylee’s murder and protect the murderer. I don’t know if there can ever be “true justice” for Caylee….that ship has sailed, but karma is karma and they will get what they have coming in the end. Karma being what it is their undoing will be of their own making as well. I won’t be watching Dr. Phil’s interview for 2 reasons..
    1) I have heard enough Anthony lies in 3 years to last a lifetime.
    2) When Linneman reported the A’s would be forming a foundation aimed at grandparents rights he said they would be paid administrators….so of course they are getting income from this interview. What really PO’s me is now this is a multi-function foundation….to assist in finding missing children in Caylee’s name and grandparents rights….they just need one more cause and they will have a bonifide shell game going. UGH!

  51. margaret says:

    OMG!!!!! I was flipping through channelsto check on Libya and I had gone by wiyh geraldo so I went back later and all I saw was Baez face saying ca ca is back in Orlando. She must have been staying with the relatives in Ohio. Remember the Bible george carried around. they said family member sent it to George. That must be the spiritual healing she has been getting. He also said that ca ca and cindy had talked several times . Liars Liars .. Even Lippman has lied along with them. He said there had been no contact. She has not talked to Lee. baez also said that it would be ca ca decision if she got back with family. She is probably hometonight. I went back to Cnn. Couldn’t take anymore. They are all professional LIARS…..I am really angry now………..

  52. Jose Baez told Fox News talk show host Geraldo Rivera in an interview taped Sunday night that Casey is back in Florida and ready to report.
    “She is back in Florida. We brought her back in the event the appellate court rules sometime this week. And we’re going to follow the letter of the law,” he said.
    But he is still hoping she won’t have to report to probation and parole.

    Read more here…


    Baez says Casey back in Florida-video report

  53. offthecuff says:

    There is a reason that Lippman is still with the Anthonys while the other lawyers are long gone.

    These lawyers have a way with words…”spiritual advisers” lol. Advice: “Tell the truth”
    OK, seriously, THAT would take 5 min. What about the other time and space she’s been in hiding?

    Image Manipulation: Therapy, Spiritual Advisers, Children Foundations, Mom and Pop reconciliation,

    Too bad George did not make good use of that Bible.

  54. Off the Cuff~~the Anthonys are professional scam artists and the lowest of the low. They are also pathological liars and so is Baez and Lippman.

  55. Laurali says:

    When I hear Spiritual Advisers I think of a Exorcism. If anyone needs a exorcism it would be caca the spawn of the devil herself. So we now know she went through a exorcism and did a little retail therapy. So are we to believe the wee little felon is all better now?

    Nan ~ I agree with Snoopy. I love the tongue lashings caca gets from you. You might actually be able to make her cry! 🙂

  56. Hello katfish and Margaret~~I for one will not be watching Dr Phil, I cannot stand his show and haven’t watched it in years.

    Hurricane Irene may be heading towards Florida and make her presense known around the weekend!

    You can go here and track the hurricane…just click on the videos…Baez is on #4


  57. Laura~~Baez and Mason cannot seem to get their stories straight. I thought Ca Ca was getting psychological help by experts who were going to volunteer their services to treat her. Ca Ca wrote all those letters to Robyn about finding God so now Baez wants her to see a Spiritual Advisor. What does he want her to do, become a nun? I think God is going to send another lightning bolt down and zap a few of them instead of a tree this time. Ca Ca may go back to Hopespring and finish the job she started. Why would a person need a Spiritual Advisor if their child died by an accidental drowning? Would they not need a grief counsellor? This goes to show how stupid Baez is.

  58. Hilde says:

    As for me I don’t believe a thing comes out of Baez’s Mouth. He is as good of a Lier as Ca, nothing to brag about.
    I however do believe Part of it when Baez stated that Ca spend time in Ohio with Friends who care about?
    Most likely she was in Ohio, about the Friends, what Friends?
    Some of the Members of the Defense Team? Especially Baez, he seems to have forgotten his own family by hanging on to Ca like his Life depended on it, sickening really.
    As for Baez stating Ca will start Therapy, how many times has he and Mason mentioned that already, tired hearing it, don’t believe it.
    Besides in Therapy You would need to know how to tell the Truth, as we All know Ca and the Truth are Strangers! She didn’t tell the Truth in over 3 Years, she isn’t about to start now!
    Baez also stated that Ca and her family have been in touch. Really, Duh, is that supposed to be a Surprise.
    I always believed they were united as a Family in every thing they did, Lying, Cover Ups
    and their Greed for Money.
    George and Cindy put on a Performance at the Trial and after the Trial.
    They knew what the Defense was planning to do in Order to help their Daughter to beat the Murder Charges.
    They knew that they would smear George on the Stand and they went along with it. Cindy perjured herself on the Stand, that also was planned!
    They knew where Casey went after she was released, again they lied to the Media and whoever would listen, their Attorney is not any better.
    Their Organization is just another Way for the Anthony’s to bring in Money without actually having to go to work, like most of us do.
    What exactly are they doing with their Donation? Who are they really helping besides them selfs?
    I do not watch Geraldo or Dr. Phil, no Interest on my Behalf.
    Not interested what any of the A’s have to say! They All have been proven to be Liars! JMO

  59. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Do you think it also shows what an outright liar he is? He knows dang well the reasons why the murderess should seek a spiritual advisor. He must have watched a few “Oprah” shows.

    I’m of the opinion it’s a day late and a dollar short. I remember those letters she wrote to her ‘cookie’ while rotting in jail. All that ‘Daddy’ business–that was an insult to the true God. (imhoo) It turned my stomach and made my skin crawl.

    Any human being who could do what she did to her own flesh and blood–and then walk away and further disgrace herself–is a long, long way from knowing God.

    I bow to the belief that the final forgivness, (or hopefully punishment), rests with Him. I remember Cain and Abel, though. This murderess left the blood of her own child crying out from the ground, much like Cain did to his brother–did she not?

    I would like to know the caliber of the ‘spiritual advisor’ Baez hired for the likes of his lying, soulless felon. If they were any good, I bet they were greatly shaken after their ‘sessions’ with this she-devil in disguise.

    I would like to know who is paying for this. Some of these person’s are like G & C–they appreciate donations. I believe Baez has refiled her ‘indigent’ papers–does he have a receipt tucked away somewhere waiting for his chance to present it to the Florida taxpayers?

    All of the above is My Opinion Only, of course–and may deserve to be corrected! 😆

    FYI: We are having strong gusts of wind today. Very strong. My cats have gone into hiding–clever little things that they are. I might join them if this keeps up!

    No rain yet, though.

    Laurali: Maybe it was for an ‘exorcism’. I just have a little problem believing that it worked. (It really bugged me when she ran around town with those black Rosary beads strung around her neck–as if they were an ordinary piece of jewellery. Shame on her repugnant ignorance–or was she flaunting her disrespect?)

  60. Sherry says:

    I’m not interested in any of them as far as watching them on shows and doing interviews. I hope it is rough going for them all until they repent of the evil they’ve done. They are in God’s hands now. As far as “spiritual” advisors-I think they are asking the Felon what she wants for her new RV that she will be tooling around in as she spreads the Gospel and adopts the needy Irish children of the world. They bring good luck, doncha know…

  61. Laurali says:

    Caca may have the “luck” of the Irish but I seriously doubt if they would allow baby killer to adopt any of their children. Even the worst mother in Ireland would protect her child from baby killer. jmo

    Baez proved to the world what a liar he is in his opening vomit. Oops I meant statements.

    Nan ~ Come back and play when it is safe. At least come back so we know you are safe.

  62. To Tiffany from Australia. Just comment in the box and click on post as guest. Try that. It should come into my mail and I can approve it.

  63. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a little quote from WebSleuth’s Radio. The program aired last night–Beth Karas was a ‘guest.’ Ahh, just to remind everyone, Beth’s co-worker is Jean Casarez (Cheney Mason’s sidekick of late.) 😐

    She seems to believe that the State was at least notified that the murderess had completed her ‘parole’ for the check fraud charges.

    Websleuths Radio! This Week’s Guest HLN’s Beth Karas
    Beth Karas: (at about 6:57 minutes in) I would not be surprised, though, if the Apellate Court says: “Look. The State Attorney’s Office was on notice of this too, and they could have done something. And in January in 2011–when both sides got a letter saying: “You know, she has now completed her probation.”—no-one did anything. The State Attorney’s Office could have said: “Hey, hang on! What’s going on?” So I think the court is not going to only lay this at the feet of Jose Baez being at fault.
    Tricia Griffith: Good point.
    Beth Karas: But why didn’t the prosecutors also say something. Look, the reality is most people probably thought she was going to be convicted of murder or something other than…
    Tricia Griffith: Right. They thought it was just extra paper work—why bother? She is going to be committed—don’t you think? Or, convicted—don’t you think?
    End of Quote

    Laurali: Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you concerned. I’m just a scaredy cat–I get that from my critters. 😆

    Usually our weather is humdrum (i.e. boring); however, a few weeks ago we had a stifling hot day followed by an unusual wind storm in the early evening. To the north of my area, a man in his early forties had to rush into a lake to save his children. Sadly, though, he drowned himself (but did succeed in saving his children).

    So, it can be nasty. I always worry about a tree limb or something coming through the house–but I think I mostly just worry when it’s not necessary. 😉

  64. nan11 says:

    😳 Sorry, Snoop. I forgot to run the spell check on that and I’ve got Appellate Court spelled with one ‘p’. That is the first word in the second sentence under the word ‘quote’.

    Probably there is more–but that’s the only one that is jumping out at me right now.

    One thing I forgot to mention–Ms. Karas also mentioned that she has heard from some very reliable sources that the murderess’ people approached the Flint Publication’s people first. Not the other way–as it was first reported. She is not sure what the status of that ‘titillating’ offer is at the moment–but she is going to check.

    Now, why would she bother? If the six-time convicted felon wants to take her clothes off for some nudies, I think she should go for it. That’s an appropriate path for her to follow, moo. :mrgreen:

    I wonder if the turnip discussed this with her new-found ‘spiritual advisor’? Just sayin’

  65. margaret says:

    I think they were repeating geraldo show last night. I could not sleep so I kept flipping to hear about Libya and everytime I went to fox news , he was on. I took the spiritual advisors to be george relatives in Ohio that have big car dealership. They sent the Bible to george. Another part of family to get a piece of the pie. Jesse said she could adapt to whatever the situation called for… Don’t you know being back in Orlando, she is chomping at the bit to PARTY. geraldo must be the only person that will talk to baez. Maybe baez is finding out she is not worth much so he is going to turn her over to Mason and frye…………………..Snoops you are right ,cindy needs to get some new underwear. She looks totally indecent in the bahama photos.

  66. nan11 says:

    I might as well make one more comment, since I’m already here–I can’t believe any country in the world would ever allow her to adopt. The jury, for corrupt reasons of their own (moo), might have said the words ‘not guilty’–but the fact that she was once charged with the horrendous suffocation death of her own 34 month old baby daughter, would surely follow the felon around for the rest of her natural life.

    So, I doubt that she would be allowed to adopt–however, I do expect her to use her ‘talents’ to create a child. Scary thought, that. 😐

  67. cali patti says:

    are boomers thunder claps?

  68. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a link to the 25 page response from the State on the ‘Emergency Petition’. Appendix ‘A’, beginning on page 13, is that actual transcript of the hearing where the turnip plead guilty to the charges of stealing, forging and cashing her best friend’s checks.
    Provided by WFTV: State’s Response to Emergency Petition

    Here is a link to the write-up from WFTV:
    Fla. AG: Casey Anthony Should Serve Probation
    Updated: 4:38 pm EDT August 22, 2011

    Don’t miss this lettle gem from the bottom of the article:
    “This is someone who has a lot of figuring out of what is left of her life,” Baez said.
    Baez said Casey’s only friends are associated with the defense team and that she’s getting counseling.
    End of Quote

    So, does he think this is going to make us feel sorry for her? If he is wondering why she hasn’t and friends, maybe he should review those check charges again? That is if murdering your 34 month old baby daughter with duct tape wouldn’t scare them all away. 😉


  69. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me again. Probably everyone has already seen this, but I thought I would post a link–just in case.

    It sounds to me like her boys are getting pretty sick of their teflon murderess. It appears they have discussed her moving back in with her ‘rents.

    If this turns out to be the case, Beth Karas needn’t bother checking into the nudey pics–Cindy will not allow it. Oh, the sloppy, slippery former tot-mom is about to find out that the saying: “there is no place like home.”, is an illusion.

    Maybe we should be worried about the lifespan of G & C?

    Casey Anthony: She has had ‘limited contact’ with parents, Jose Baez says
    halboedeker on August, 22 2011 9:35 AM
    Baez said Anthony has talked to her parents, and it will be up to her whether she moves back in with them.
    End of Quote

  70. Laurali says:

    The defense team is her only friends? And they (defense) still don’t get it? They act as if it is no big deal that a mother would party for 31 days after her child drowned instead of calling 911. Caca made her bed. Poor little brain damaged monster! That is all the sympathy I can muster for baby killer.

  71. Laurali says:

    If I accused my father of molesting me to get away with murder, I can guarantee you his door would not be open for me! I am sure my dad would be kind enough to give me directions to the nearest shelter. George is a fool if he allows this chit. Man this family is messed up.

    Would any of you open your home to a child like caca?

  72. cali patti says:

    I did hear Baez say how Ca Ca’s friends all abandened her.
    How they were friends that used her and then did not remain friends.
    LOL, I thought she used her friends. I thought she lied to her friends.
    I think her old friends simply do not trust her.

  73. Nan11~~thanks for those links. I will check them out more thoroughly when I have some quiet time. What does Baez mean, Casey has no friends except the defense. What about the friends in Ohio who let her stay with them? Baez talks out of both sides of his damn mouth. In order to be a good liar, you must have a good memory.

    Since when is it up to Casey, if she wants to move back home? I would think that would be Cindy and George’s decision. Is Cindy going to boot George out and take Casey in?

    If Casey moves back in with both Cindy and George, it goes to prove that George allowed Baez to use the ‘sexual molestation’. It could not be proven so George did not have to worry about being charged. I would not be suprised if Cindy, George and Baez, along with Casey, fabricated the whole thing to get Casey off.

  74. nan11 says:

    The only one who might be happy with the ‘live-in’ situation is Cindy.

    It would be just like old times–minus Caylee, of course.

    Cindy could get right back to managing the ‘spawn’s’ life. The ‘spawn’ could get back to a pretend job, her daily lies, computing (with a cell phone permanently attached), fighting with dear old pop and stealing from her ma (not to forget spending night after night with one different man after another). Dear old dad could get back to seeking comfort elsewhere. Brother Lee could come home for a free hair cut once in a while.

    Pretty soon there would be a Caylee replacement.

    Mallory could watch the ‘amazing’ mom.

    And soon it would be just another day in the Anthony’s make believe paradise.

    Except the poison in all those wounds would be right there ready to erupt at any second. The “A’s” could be victims of a volcanic eruption that could very well dwarf Mt. St. Helens. It would not be pretty.

    Maybe the neighbours should take-up a petition to keep her out?

    All My Opinion Only, of course.

  75. Mt St Hopespring with soot and ashes and asses getting kicked and flying everywhere. Cindy should demand that Casey set up a lemonade stand out at Suburban. Would that be considered gainful employment? Knowing Casey, she would drink all the koolade herself.

    Nan11~~with all your descriptions, you should write a book. Oh my gosh, woman, you keep me in stitches. LOL

  76. nan11 says:

    I do think that the “A’s” had helped plan the ‘molestation’ defense with the team; however, I think little man Baez kept the sordid graphic details he was planning to spew before the slanted jury secret until the very last minute.

    I think Cindy secretly delights in George’s pain–but I do believe George is (or was) in pain. After all, that was a big blow to the ego of ‘gorgeous’ George. [A little snark there.] :mrgreen:

    Seriously, I don’t know what I would do if I had to face such a situation. What if she has more children? I’m sure their grandmother would like to know them, and they might need their grandmother.

    I pray that I would have sense enough to insist on separate residences and separate (mental health) counsellors. I hope I would have the strength to explain peaceably that I would be interested in slowing building a relationship (from the ground up). Slowly being the operative word.

    I see the tough situation they are in, really. I do not, however, believe the murderess should be free; and I feel that they all had a part in this shocking miscarriage of justice through their lies.

    I’m trying to say this humbly–but I have no sympathy for them. They are all about to reap what they have sown. That may be the nearest thing to justice we will ever see.

    MOO, of course.

  77. margaret says:

    caca’s #1 boy is going to be on a panel in Texas at the National Hispanic Bar convention on Sept. 1…. Guess what the title of discussion is going to be? “Picking the Casey Anthony Jury in this day and age of Instantaneos Mass Media”. Attorneys Lisa Blue Baron and Barry Sorrels will be on panel with him. Do they live in Pinellas County? Her #1 may be moving on without her. I e-mailed dr phil with the suggestion for a question.,,,,, ” cindy ,george.. what if Caylee could come back at age 16 and ask you “what have you done to make me proud of you? .” Of course he won’t but it would be interesting. I picture cindy and caca having a tug of war over the money made soon. I hate it when I lose all faith in someone ,but lippman is right down in the gutter with the others. Is it me or is it odd that baez only shows up on geraldo. He must owe geraldo a pile.. NG is talking about Baby Kate, Mark Klass says she is probably dead , Sperm donor still won’t talk. I wish I could have 10 minutes with him.

  78. nan11 says:

    Looky here, Snoop. Oh, yeah! Mr. Jose Baez has places to go and people to meet. He has to ‘strike’ while he is hot! The time to distance himself from the murdering turnip has arrived.

    Her best hope is selling ‘nekkid’ pics.

    His ‘movin-on-up’ ship has arrived. He is about to untie the apron strings and take his bow in the limelight.

    Its go back to Mommy, kiddo–maybe I’ll catch ya later time.

    This just might be the best news I’ve heard in a while. Maybe–we’ll see.

    2011 HNBA Annual Convention
    2011 HNBA Annual Convention Agenda
    Among the distinguished speakers at this convention are members of the Obama Administration, U.S. Senator John Cornyn, Hon. Jimmie V. Reyna, Mayor Julian Castro, Jose Baez, and more.
    End of Quote

    The Hispanic National Bar Association to Hold 36th Annual Convention in Dallas
    Throughout the convention, guests will hear from key national figures including the Honorable Janet Napolitano, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security; the Honorable Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice; U.S. Senator from Texas John Cornyn; Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio; Jose Baez, lead attorney of Casey Anthony; and the Honorable Jimmie V. Reyna, the first Hispanic ever to sit on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and past HNBA President; and many others.
    End of Quote

  79. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Sorry I didn’t see your comment before I added mine. (I should have refreshed before I entered.)

    I forgot all about Nancy Grace tonight. Thanks for mentioning that. I’ve got it on now.

  80. Nan11~~Margaret brings the news and then I go and look for it and put a link in so no problem. What will we hear next, Baez for president? I just cannot believe what I am reading. Baez , the Hispanic wonder. He wont have time to babysit Mason’s child.

  81. The following gets my hopes up re the appellate decision on the probation….

    The Florida State Attorney General’s Office filed a response today to the Anthony challenge. Anthony’s attorneys have a Tuesday deadline to repond to the state’s comments.

    The attorney general’s office argued “it impossible for anyone locked up in jail to fulfill their probation requirements, which include getting a job, avoiding drugs and giving up any weapons,” WKMG-Channel 6’s Mike DeForest reported.

    WESH-Channel 2’s Bob Kealing said the attorney general’s 25-page response urged the court “not to give what amounts to a free pass for Casey Anthony.”

    The attorney general’s office said probation “is not a right, it’s a grace for a second chance to live by the law, and that sentencing is not a game in which a wrong move by the judge means immunity for the prisoner,” WFTV-Channel 9’s Kathi Belich reported

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer predicted the court will place “great weight” on U.S. Supreme Court decisions cited by the attorney general’s office. “We’re talking about constitutional principles, and those principles have been passed on by the highest court in the land,” Sheaffer said.

    Belich highlighted that the attorney general’s office focused on rulings that allow judges to correct sentencing errors.

    “The law generally is that what was spoken out loud is more important than what was on paper,” WOFL’s Tennis said. “I think Judge Perry felt like the defense knew what was said out loud.”


  82. offthecuff says:

    Whoa…nope, just can’t see three A’s in the same abode…all unemployed….
    Before, Cindy worked full time, alternate shifts than hubby’s.
    Now, they’ll have to get three nice porch chairs for a-sittin’ out there.

    abandoned friends? I can’t imagine the feel of a knife in the back like what Casey did to her friends. Their utter shock over realizing how she lied and didn’t bother to ask them for help. They would’ve done anything for Caylee, I’m sure. But she didn’t give them that chance. Then she spit in their faces every time they showed concern for her by asking about her.

  83. margaret says:

    Thank you two Snoops and Nan11. You two explain things so much more better than I do. So glad to learn I am not driving you crazy. You know when I saw the appeal was written under the Mason Law Firm letterhead, instead of Baez Law Firm, I have felt like baez is pulling away leaving her to mason and a return to her parents. I don’t believe any offers are coming her way, except for the likes of Hustler or the porno. That guy has been awfully quite lately,and he was ready to sue. I thought probation had to be served in county of offense. I have been trying to find the article about g’s Bible being given to him from a brother-in-law. c only has brothers so that means it must g’s sister husband. If that is where she has been staying that means g is right up there on top with LIARS.

  84. Off the Cuff~~I cannot see Casey going home unless she did it in disguise and around midnight and only stayed for a short visit. If anyone got wind that Casey was in that house at Hopespring, they would tear the place down to get at her. Cindy and Casey could never survive under the same roof. Cindy would be demanding answers and she is not the type of person who could hold back.

    I have a feeling that Annie Downing would still befriend Casey. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already made contact. I don’t think Annie was being truthful in the interviews she had with LE, especially in reference to the Xanax.

    If the turnip has to serve probation, she will be busy trying to compose resumés. What job would she qualify for? Is prostitution a legal profession in Florida?

  85. Laurali says:

    I would like to believe that G&C did not go along with the molestation allegations but if caca is allowed back into their home then I will be wrong. Again. I just can not imagine a mother or father going along with a lie of that nature. Those kind of allegations break up homes, and to just be okay we are doing this so our spawn does not get punished for murdering our grand child, well it makes no sense. IF we are to believe it happened why in the hell would Caca want to go back? She is free loading now. Now would be a good time to get a job and save money so she can get on her own. LOL Caca and job….

    Baez is going to speak where ever he can and for as long as he can, soon he will be forgotten. To me he is no different than Caca. Lies, covers and makes excuses for murdering babies. Oh and imo he is a thief. He stole money from tax payers for over a year. He “knew” Caylee drowned yet let the state pay for a trial that would have never happened had the truth been told. Birds of a flock.

    The sad part about all of this is a 2 year old was murdered by her mother and has become a payday for everyone who ever knew her or loved her. If Cindy lets Caca move back in than she deserves whatever she gets. I have a feeling there will be no duct tape in the A’s home.

  86. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Well, things look positive right now, but wait till tomorrow and Mason & Fryer show up with their response. 😐

    I guess we now know why Baez has been a little absent–he is busy pacticing his speeches! (He is finally getting his priorities in order–his albatross must go.)

    I’ve been wondering about Annie Downing myself. I hope all these girls have moved on–what if she has a male friend? (Would you trust her around your man? I would not.) Or what if those girls have children of their own now? If I found out my daughter was entertaining the murderess, I would be over in a flash. I would bring my sleeping bag and prepare to sleep on the floor in my grandchild’s bedroom–I would not leave. The next morning my daughter and I would have a talk.

    I think the turnip may have to try to learn to stand on her own two feet–and ‘parole’ is a good idea. Sadly, though, I think we will discover she is not capable of it. I think we are about to find out that there was a reason why she wouldn’t work and preferred to lie and steal.


  87. Laurali says:

    Nan you are much nicer than me. I would throw the wee brain damaged child out of my daughter’s house, especially if I had a grandchild in the house. JMO

  88. nan11 says:

    Laurali: That method would be my first choice, but I would be afraid that they would call law enforcement and I might be the one forced to leave. 😆

    Well, it’s time for Mr. Baez to sink or swim on his own merit–I have yet to see merit, but I could be wrong. I was stunned by the names of some of the other guest speakers.

  89. Laurali says:

    I think law enforcement would understand your concern. 🙂

    When I think of the speech he will give I think it will be like his o.s. in court. More b.s. and probably will not be invited to many more speaking engagements afterward. He reminds me of a ambulance chaser. JMO

  90. Good people, thank you for all your contributions today. We went over the 600 mark in the past 24 hours and that is great considering there were only a few newsmakers. It will be interesting to see what the defense will whine about to the appellate judges tomorrow. Baez is really trying to make a name for himself in the Hispanic community so off to Texas he goes for three days. If he makes it in the big leagues, he may consider getting rid of some trivial baggage. He can get Cheney to babysit the child.

    Nitey nite to all….

  91. nan11 says:

    DISCLAIMER: The following comment is My Opinion Only, and does not reflect the opinions of the wonderful blog owner in any way.

    Okay, I clicked on the following link: Casey Anthony ‘Seems Like a Horrible Person,’ Says Juror
    ’People’, By Steve Helling, Monday, August 22, 2011

    I do regret it because it has put me in a ‘mood’, but what’s done is done and I might as well own it. (What follows are my personal ravings, which I will also own if called upon to do so.)

    Quote: “’O.K., whatever you all want.’ He knew he wasn’t going to convince us.” Thus he caved—just like that! This is offered as a statement to explain what that disgusting excuse for a jury called following the law! Were they sleeping when this very conduct was discussed during jury selection? They swore an oath, for goodness sakes!

    They were, and are, a joke and nothing but a joke.

    A further quote: “I know people are mad at us, but we did our jobs, and I think we did them to the very best of our abilities.” I ask with the greatest respect—have any of you infamous 15 ever read the following line from the Arabian Proverb, author unknown:
    “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, He is a fool – shun him.”

    In my opinion the shoe fits, and I hope you all enjoy the blisters for many years to come.

    And then there is this priceless little gem: Quote ““They gave us a lot of “stuff” that makes us think that she probably did something wrong, but not beyond a reasonable doubt.””

    Firstly, I guess this illustrious member of the questionable jury is referring to ‘evidence’ as ‘stuff’. Secondly, perhaps a definition of ‘reasonable doubt’ would have helped, with emphasis given to the part which I believe they missed: [snipped…] …”it does not mean an absolute certainty.”

    Were they expecting a picture of the Teflon murderess applying the duct tape?

    Did they not hear the defendant’s mother–in the third 911 call–state with absolute panic: “I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car.”? It had just been discovered that a 34 month old baby—a baby under the sole care, custody, and control of her mother–had been missing for a whole month at that point. They couldn’t connect those dots?

    What about when the baby was found some five months later with duct tape holding the mandible in the correct anatomical location? In spite of testimony by Dr Jan Garavagila, Medical Examiner for Orange-Osceola Counties; in spite of the explicit crime scene photographs– those dots did not connect either?

    What about all the ‘stuff’ [juror’s word choice] showing that during the 31 days the child had been missing, the defendant (in the carefully lowered chair), had done nothing but evade her mother’s repeated attempts to make contact to confirm the baby’s safety and well being? Another dot missed, evidently.

    The brilliance of Jeff Ashton showed clearly during the trial—but it was wasted on this lot. They preferred the ‘Bozo the clown’ approach of the defense; the graphic, fabricated images of an abused child being forced to put her father’s penis in her mouth. Never mind that this trial was about a 34 month old baby who the ‘abused child’ had *most likelysuffocated while alive. [*Please refer to the above definition of ‘reasonable doubt’.]

    But pay this little dot no mind. Skip right over it, as well–but hold onto the ‘penis’ lie. Save that one for deliberations. 😉

    Last quote: “If I had to vote now, I’d probably vote for manslaughter.” Manslaughter? Really? You are getting closer, sir.

    I suggest another look. (At your convenience, of course!)

    One more thing: Did all you jury members delight when Mason grabbed his crotch and presented his finger?

    FYI: Please note disclaimer above.

  92. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just entered a comment that disappeared. I suspect that it is because it contained the following statement: “They preferred the ‘**** the clown’ approach of the defense.” (Minus the asterisks.)

    I can resubmit with another choice of words, if you would like.

    It is a rather disgusting, unnecessary rant though–so maybe it is better if your eyes only see it. 😆

  93. Nan11~~I have no idea why your comment went to spam. My spam will pick up comments that look like advertising. Anyhoo, it is showing..

    [edit] Nan11, I just read your comment and everything you said is the truth!! The word ‘Bozo’ made it end up in spam as I have that in filter. The jury wanted a video of the actual murder and then they would have said that it was all staged and still brought in the same verdict. I am beginning to wonder if a few of them were paid off. JMO

  94. cali patti says:

    Morning Ladies, My memory is dim but Karla Homolka recieved a very low prison sentence for her crimes of rape and murder then disappeared from site. I thought I read where she married, has three children and lives on an island.
    Does this show there is hope for Ca Ca or is Karla a exception?

  95. Sherry says:

    Bravo, nan11! Well said!

    These jurors would like to deceive us into thinking that the State didn’t give them the evidence to convict-I guess they think we weren’t watching the same trial? The two who gave in should have realized that that would have been OK to do because it would have caused a hung jury. Oh, that would have meant a longer deliberation time. Heheh, that short deliberation time has caused them days and days of grief! And, no one wants to interview them anymore. They aren’t in as high of a demand as they would have been had they found the Felon guilty on some charge of doing her child the ultimate harm.
    Snoops, I believe they were paid off, too, or, at least I would not doubt it. However, I also think that Baez was hoping for a conviction because he would be all over the medias by now raking in good money from offers of all kinds. More money to be had to tell folks that the Felon was wrongly convicted and he was going to do all he could to free her. IMO

  96. nan11 says:

    At the time the monster Karla Homolka received that prison sentence, law enforcement believed that was the only way they could produce sufficient evidence to have a jury convict her husband, Paul Bernardo (who was also the Scarborough rapist.)

    They needed her testimony. Much like Cheney Mason’s granddaughter, they thought she was much too pretty to have had any serious part in the brutal crimes to which she had admitted to having had a ‘slight’ part in.

    They were wrong.

    While she was serving her sentence, and as Paul Bernardo’s trial began–shocking, horrifying tapes were discovered.

    She could not be retried for her crime(s) any more than Casey Anthony can be. Today, it is rumored that she slips into her own country to visit her parents once in a while. She is not wanted here. We will not tolerate her presence.

    We have that right because at least she was found guilty of a more serious crime than lying.

    There is no hope for either one of them. MOO

  97. Laurali says:

    You know I think it best that the jury just stay hidden. Don’t say another word. Your ignorance and laziness is shining thru. Maybe manslaughter? How about absolutely manslaughter with a side of murder you idiot! Why does he think that now? A month and a half after they let her walk and now he thinks maybe something else?

    Nan please give this juror a tongue lashing for me! I might be at a loss for words at the moment. :/

  98. Nan11~~I heard on CNN Prime that one of the jurors googles his name every day to see if anyone knows him and he fears someone will find out who he is. His wife is mad at him and his sister doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. LOL

  99. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a short quote from page four of Ms. Fryer’s petition:

    Since the Defendant’s probationary period was atually served according to the Department (and not tolled, as she was not serving a sentence)…[snipped]
    End of Quote

    Well, since Judge Strickland credited her with ‘time served’ for the check fraud charges; and Judge Perry counted from some point back in time to calculate her sentence for the four counts of lying charges–when did she have time to ‘serve’ a year of probation? It would be pretty nip and tuck, wouldn’t it?

    I know–they could say she served her probation and then throw her back in the slammer for a few more months to complete the ‘lying to LE’ charges. :mrgreen:

    Sorry, just kidding.

  100. Nan11~~she was credited with the 412 days TWICE so that is double jeopardy in a backwards sort of way. In actual fact, she was supposed to serve approx nine more months in jail for the 4 misdemeanors for lying to LE. Oh, I hope this all backfires in the turnip’s face. Yes, I noticed Lisabeth Fryer signed the document. If the appellate court denies their petition, Mason can blame Fryer. The old fart!

  101. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I heard that, too. (i’m not positive but I think they got that from that article I linked.)

    I have no compassion for them. Not a drop.

    I wouldn’t want to see any physical harm come to them; but I don’t think they should be treated as heros, ad do the talk show circuit.

    Maybe they should just stop trying to justify their erroneous verdict. It does not make for a warm and fuzzy feeling. MOO

  102. Just in from Alaska…. the verdict is in and the ‘hot sauce’ mom was found guilty of child abuse!
    I am so glad. I couldn’t handle watching the video of her. The little boy was adopted and it was cruel. She made the boy take a cold shower after the hot sauce incident.

  103. Casey has to serve her probation!! Yeah!!!

  104. Bob Kealing just twittered the news……. now it’s party time…. Nan11…. things are looking better..

  105. nan11 says:

    Woot! Woot! for Judge Perry! I don’t know how it will all turn out, Snoop; but the first scrap has appearded in her Teflon.

    I have been following that ‘hot sauce’ case, too. She actually had her 10 or 11 year old daughter record that so she could go on Dr. Phil.

    I agree with that verdict. 😉

    (I might have found a loose plug. I’m hoping that’s all it was.)

  106. New Post up… my fingers have been flying….yeehaw!!

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