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Russ, alternate juror speaks out…

Alternate juror speaks…. Russ felt it was an accident that was covered up by a dysfunctional family. He connected the duct tape because that is how the Anthonys buried their pets. George couldn’t remember how they buried them. Cindy said … Continue reading

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Curtains, no encore, please!!

Linda Drane Burdick will make the final argument for the prosecution on July 4th. Judge Perry will instruct the jury for approximately 45 minutes and then Casey’s fate will be decided by twelve jurors. I can’t even begin to make … Continue reading

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The All American Image

Will Cindy’s lies sentence Casey to death or let her walk free? Keeping up the ‘ All American Image’ can be lethal. I think this case has demonstrated what can happen to a family when the head of the household, … Continue reading

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