Cashing in on Casey

Someone needs to get a job or show it all in Hustler.

State Attorney’s Office-$141,362.25
OCSD-to be determined
Equusearch-$112,000.00 (civil suit)
Zenaida Gonzales-$16,000.00(civil suit)
Leonard Padilla-$200,000.00(civil suit)
Check/Fraud court costs estimate-$5,000.00

Estimate of total-$636,007.25

ORLANDO, Fla. — Prosecutors filed a nearly 300-page report late Thursday detailing how much it cost them to prosecute Casey Anthony.

Their grand total of more than $141,000 includes everything from court reporters for depositions to consultation time with experts and detectives.
Hotel and travel expenses for out-of-state witnesses and court appearance fees are also included.

The state’s forensic entomologist, Dr. Neal Haskell, who testified about bugs found in the trunk of Anthony’s car, charged more than $32,000. The bug expert claimed this case had the most samples he’s ever had to analyze in 25 years.
The case’s costs are nearing a quarter million dollars.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation released their totals Wednesday, adding up to more than $71,000 and $10,000, respectively.
The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has yet to release its final tally for the costs of the investigation.
A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 25 to determine what costs Anthony will have to pay back. She is not expected to be present.


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120 Responses to Cashing in on Casey

  1. Sherry says:

    Wow, Casey owes alot of money! Somehow she will manage to weasel out of paying. She is made of teflon~

  2. Laurali says:

    WOW! Lying is very expensive. Even if she poses for Flint she will still be broke. She will owe more taxes. Jose will get his cut (you can bet the farm on that). And then paying all those fines,fees and settlements nothing will be left. She will need a job but who hires a 6 time felon? You can’t trust her around check books, credit cards or anything of value.

  3. cali patti says:

    and you can’t trust her around young children.

  4. margaret says:

    We can only hope………. There are so many loopholes in the laws that I have very little faith in the state being able to collect any…. Mark Geragos is the expert and they all stick together for a cut of the pie.If killer was innocent no one would be jumping in to help, but all the slime comes out of woodwork to help the guilty killer…How many programs or so called attorneys have we seen out here fighting for Jaycee Dugard and her girls? Zilch,, none. How many slime magazines and tv shows have been after her??? NONE. Jaycee has morals and is protecting her daughters from all the sleaze. The SLEAZE is the only thing the killer can attract..Elizabeth Smart and Jacee Dugard suffered enough to be bitter, but they are helping others. The killer only has a ME ME ME attitude no matter how low she and her corrupt handlers have to go. The sad part is that if you live a corrupt life, you will die by the same hand. I guess we are now supposed to believe that a beer and spouting legalease language is the new way to grieve… Mason and Baez have spoken…SICK …. Baez and Mason have families,,are they just as sick as we all are or are they just salivating over the idea of money from the cold bloodied murder of little Caylee?

  5. margaret says:

    WOW just now on Orlando Sentinel==—-Killer case cost 820,000 dollars.. that is a lot of money.!!!! Go for every last dime Florida!!!!

  6. margaret says:

    Me again Sorry, Snoops please go to Orlando Sentinel and read what Judge Strickland is saying.. Is he saying she is supposed to be on probation=== NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE ORLANDO. Won,t that be a hoot.. I hope Ihope, I hope .

  7. Laurali says:

    Margaret funny you brought up Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard. I was just sitting here trying to think if it would be normal behavior for a person who has been molested to do pictures for a nude magazine. Casey supposedly molested by George. So in my unprofessional opinion the answer would be no. So we shall wait and see if she poses. Vicky would no best.

    However I do find it hysterical all the deals they were expecting has amounted to 500,000 dollars plus 10% percent of profits for a pornographic magazine.

  8. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~Thank you for the heads up re the check/fraud.

    On January 25, 2010…Casey was sentenced to 412 days served. She was also sentenced to one year supervised probation upon her release from jail. The court costs owing -$5,517.00

    Judge Strickland-Check Fraud Video

    Please note:- Casey was credited with the 412 days when Judge Perry calculated her time served. Once her sentence was passed, the error could not be undone. Now can it be rectified on appeal? The defense did appeal the guilty verdict on the 4 misdemeanors for lying to LE. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that appeal backfired??

  9. snoopysleuth says:

    It is estimated that Casey Anthony cost the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept close to $300,000. The final figure will be released soon. This could put Casey’s debt owing to Florida and the people filing civil suits to add up to a total of $1,000,000 ( one million dollars.)

  10. margaret says:

    WESH is saying that Judge Strickland will be doing paperwork.. Please God make her come back and live with Baez and Mason.. I can only hope….LOL

    Thanks again, Margaret. You are a great help to me!~SS

  11. snoopysleuth says:

    It is possible that Casey Anthony will be ordered back to Orange County to serve out her year’s supervised probation. If Stan forces her back, I will take a trip to Orlando and give him a big hug.

    Strickland’s office told WESH 2 News on Friday afternoon that it was his intent that Anthony serve a year of probation after her release from jail.
    The Orange County Clerk’s office tells WESH they are processing the paperwork to amend Anthony’s probation status. Strickland is expected to sign the clarification order Monday.

    Read More Here

  12. offthecuff says:

    At least Hustler is making offers up front. Everyone else is sneaking around desperately offering Casey deals, testing the water, finding ways to stash this and that. Since when do the networks start conducting business based upon ethics? Of course, I understand they want to give the perception of being ethical.

  13. snoopysleuth says:

    Offthecuff~~Flynt is not concerned with any backlash. If Casey does take the plunge and goes for stripping down to the buff, her half million is already spent. I think she gets 10% on top of the half million. That is considered peanuts in what she will be paying out if the state and IRS get a hold of her. I am so hoping she will be ordered back to Orange County.

    If the bigger news networks do sign Casey up for an interview, they may end up regretting it. People are still enraged over the verdict and it doesn’t look like they are going to settle down any time soon.

  14. snoopysleuth says:

    Personally, I think the Zenaida vs Casey civil case will eventually be dismissed. Morgan & Morgan conveniently changed his clients name from Zenaida Gonzales to Zenaida (Fernandez) Gonzale(z).

    Charles Greene, the attorney representing Anthony in this case, filed a request Wednesday for the court to strike the notice of an Oct. 8 deposition and the related subpoena because Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the plaintiff, “has again publicly announced the purported location of the defendant’s deposition,” reports the Orlando Sentinel.

    Read More Here at Source

  15. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~this may dash our hopes. It seems there has been a few errors made in this case and they all seem to be in Casey’s favor, even getting a stupid jury, I may add.

    Now WFTV is reporting that the state said that Casey did serve her probation in jail. It was another oversight. When the clerk wrote up the order, she neglected to add the words ‘upon release from jail’ and Judge Strickland signed it, not noticing the error.

    It seems Casey has a lucky shamrock.


  16. margaret says:

    Well Dang!!!! That has got to be one of the luckiest persons I have ever seen..HER streak will end, I just have to pray for patience. I don’t know why someone hasn’t found her at St. George Island, Fl. in the gated community. It is between Tallahassee and Panama City , Fl. on the gulf. Beautiful place but small. Now I’m going to go outside and throw something… Thanks Snoops

  17. snoopysleuth says:

    Margaret~~throw something for me while you are at it….but keep the faith, my friend. Casey will be relieved of any money she makes… take a peek at this…

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has tallied up their cost and wants reimbursement of $293,123.77 from Ms Casey Anthony

    Order for Recovery of Investigative Costs-pdf

  18. Laurali says:

    And the funny thing is this twit and her lawyers thought her lies were going to fetch her a bunch of cash. Do you think she realizes how much society hates baby killers now? I hope she is enjoying life in hiding because it will never get better.

    Mason said it would take her years to get over Caylee’s death. I think she was over the day she walked out of jail. Her smile did not look like that of a mourning mother.

  19. margaret says:

    You go ,Linda………I think I’ll e-mail and offer any volunteer services she might need….I don’t understand why Killer doesn’t have to show up and face the music. Snoopy I threw a few things for you. …………….Laurali , I think Killer was over Caylee when she walked into the video store with Tony that afternoon……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  20. Newbie says:

    I think I read somewhere Judge Perry rules on what costs are to be paid by Ca.A. Was I dreaming?
    I can’t find where I read it.

    A few minutes ago I was reading comments starting with the first comment. I have to say cali patti’s 4:37 follow-up comment to Laurali’s comment absolutely cracked me up !!!

  21. snoopysleuth says:

    Newbie~~yes, our Cali Patti has a way with words. LOL

    I hope Judge Perry comes down hard on Casey so the state can recover some money. He owes the people that much since he has forgotten about holding Baez in contempt of court.

  22. margaret says:

    Has everyone checked out Jeff Ashton facebook page? He has two .One has his retirement party pictures. My favorite is him kicked back at the beach. Yuri and Linda are in some.

  23. snoopysleuth says:

    Clearwater, Florida – The jurors in the Casey Anthony trial were so scared in the days after the young mother was released that they were too afraid to reveal their names to the 911 dispatchers in Pinellas County, according to officials.

    Jurors say they’ve been worried, scared and nervous in the days since.

    Judge Belvin Perry claims that’s precisely the reason he chose not to release their identities until October.

    He says he wants to protect them.

    In fact, in a 13-page order, Judge Perry wrote, “Other jurors have reported threats to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office which has investigated those threats.”

    But, how true is that statement?

    Read More Here at Source..

    Did Judge Perry lie in Casey Anthony trial?

  24. cali patti says:

    Nice comments. I enjoy hearing Ashton is doing well. Even thou I am not consumed by her like I was I still am curious to know what her first payday will be. I hope I live long enough to learn what the truth is about many areas of this case and what she did do after leaving jail. If I heard now, I would doubt it was the truth.

  25. margaret says:

    Well people it never stops and I pray for some way to stop what little innocent children have to endure. I was looking around last night and stopped at Hinky meter and he has a story of a three year old boy That will just rip your heart out. I think instant punishment should be enforced when a child is involved. There has to be a way……

  26. Here is a link to Jeff Ashton’s Facebook. There are some really great pics in here of his retirement party etc. Jeff is a nice looking man with a fabulous smile. He looks so much younger than when he is in the courtroom.!/pages/The-Official-Jeffrey-Ashton-Page/167094923356300?closeTheater=1

  27. margaret says:

    Snoops on Caylee Daily they are saying Judge Strickland will sign paperwork Monday, clarifying Killers probation. They have a video of him saying “after her release from prison”. Wouldn’t that just make Judge Strickland’s year. Mine too. Richard Hornsby is all for it too. He wrote Mason a nice little message too.I know I’m driving you crazy,but I sure do appreciate you

  28. Margaret~~you are not driving me crazy. I appreciate your help and love checking things out. I notice WESH is saying one thing and WFTV another. I heard what Judge Strickland said on the video about Casey serving her probation upon release from jail. He then added that there may be an issue. At that time, I don’t think Strickland had any idea that Casey would beat the murder rap.

    I would love to see Casey ordered back to Orange County but I do believe that she can get permission to serve her probation in another county. This is what retired Judge Eaton said. Judge Strickland signed the order about the probation and he did not notice the omission (serving her time after release from jail.) I am not sure if he can reverse that but I sure hope so. Strickland was as shocked by the verdict as the rest of us.

  29. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I’d about give anything to get a peek at those pictures of Jeff’s retirement party but I’m probably the last person in the world that is not a member. Oh, well. {sigh}

    It’s really beyond disgusting that the trunip doesn’t even have to serve her probation for the cheque fraud charges. Some day her luck will run out. Hopefully when she is least expecting it.

    I find it kind of fitting that it looks like she will have to earn her money by lying on her back, naked.
    What more could be expected of one that murdered her baby and left her decomposing body in the woods to be torn apart by animals?

    Interesting that they called her a ‘mere child’ and ‘granddaughter’ and now they are trying to broker a deal for their ‘child’ and/or ‘granddaughter’ to pose for pictures in her birthday suit. Bwa ha ha!!

    I hope the Florida taxpayers squeeze her for cent she earns for stripping off her garments.

    I haven’t heard any more about who bought that rubber mask–I was wondering if it was Macaluso, (with money borrowed from Mason.) I’m sure they would enjoy giving the impression that anything with a likeness of the turnip tot-mom on it would be very valuable; thus, they could boast about her ‘value’ as they negotiate with the girly magazines. Another Bwa ha ha!!

    May she end up a walking skelton with her huge v-shaped teeth rotting and falling out, one by one. May her face break out in oozing sores and her eyeballs turn yellow. May her hair turn into a rat’s nest.

    My Opinion Only.

  30. Laurali says:

    Nan may I add I hope her uterus has dried up? You do not need a face book to look at the link Snoopy left of Jeff’s retirement party.

    Linda DB Looked tiny in those pictures. Much shorter than Jeff.

  31. Laura~~you have to be logged in to Facebook to see the pics. I logged out of my account and they did not show up.

  32. Laurali says:

    Jonathon ~ when I clicked on the link I looked at the pictures and I do not have a face book account at all! Weird. I liked the autograph t-shirt.

  33. margaret says:

    Nan11, I second everything you say.

  34. Laura~~I cannot see them unless I am logged in when I use Internet Explorer. If I use Mozilla Firefox for a browser, I can see them without being logged in.

    Nan11, do you have Mozilla Firefox?

  35. OMG, listen to this 911 call…. When you get to the page, click on the video. Woman accused of killing boyfriend.

    You can read more about it here…

  36. margaret says:

    Snoopy,I can’t sleep and I found this article about Macaluso and killer. It is written by an old law school student with Macaluso. Everyone will get a laugh out of his description of Macaluso and killer. Sounds to me like two peas in a pod. Someday I’m going to learn to paste. Go to The Oakland Press………..The law blogger…………………Killer nor lawyers have to account for anything…

  37. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yep, Firefox let me look. Wowzers! I love the little beard. Someday I hope there is a news conference where he and Linda can say: “I told you so!”

    Margaret: I think this is the article you were referring to in your comment earlier. Thanks for mentioning it–I enjoyed the read.

    Quote & Snipped:
    …whether Justice Scalia would acknowledge an attorney that has not only joined forces with a most infamous client, but has positively delighted in concealing her location, while she prepares with her lawyers to fleece all of us.
    End of Quote

    “While she prepares with her lawyers to fleece all of us.” — I hope the public realizes the power they have over whether or not this happens!

    This Macaluso business always bothered me. He even gave her defense $70,000.00 early on to be part of the team and now he is jetting her around in his private aircraft? Those things don’t leave the tarmac for pennies.

    It’s just one more part of this whole mess that stinks to high heavens. Oh, and if I was his wife and discovered he was spending my family’s money on a two-bit, sleazy, child-murdering, well-used piece of azz–I would boot him out the door so fast his head would be spinning.

    Anyway, that’s Just My Opinion Only.

    FYI: To post a link–just go to the address bar at the top left of your screen; highlight the address; then copy and paste it into the comment section of the blog you’re commenting on. Jonathon has a page where we can go to practice. 🙂

  38. nan11 says:

    😳 I forgot to add the link in my comment at 10:09 p.m. Sorry about that. Here it is:
    From: Friday, July 22, 2011–The Law Blogger
    Casey Anthony’s Lawyers Are Breaking Bad

  39. Laurali says:

    Jonathon~ Thank you for figuring out how I was seeing those pictures. For a second I thought I had lost my mind! Well what little I have left. 🙂

  40. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: That is a blood-chilling 911 call, alright. Sounds like a disagreement that liquor only escalated and then a gun was introduced. A gun that was probably kept in a bedroom drawer for the purpose of fending off burglars.

    Crime of passion or not–whether she regrets it or not–a man is dead.

    I predict that this woman will end up spending much, much longer in prison that Casey Anthony.

    So sad, really; but once that trigger is pulled there is no turning back.

    I hope you don’t mind if I post the link again–I didn’t connect with the call on the link above. Try this one: 😉

  41. Margaret~~ You can learn how to copy and paste a link by going here. In the very first comment, it will show you how. Good luck!

  42. margaret says:

    Spooky….Scary The artist really captured her inner self.. Wonder how many times Baby Caylee saw that look???

  43. cali patti says:

    J. I never had a link for the Jim Miller painting but I tried to explain it to you guys a while back.. Honestly a spooky painting. When I first saw it I had a physical reaction to the painting. When I showed it to my son he said the format the artist used with the mask has been around, yet even he said the “monster” drawing was very well done.

  44. Cali Patti~~I have maintained for some time now that Casey is the devil in disguise. She can take on a sinister evil look that would scare the chit out of anyone.

    The criminals are getting smarter and the courts more lenient. We have more cold cases than solved ones now. Unless the crime is captured on video or there is a confession, it is one heck of a hard job to find someone guilty. You can haul a suspect down to the jailhouse and question them but unless you have some substanial evidence, you cannot hold them for more than 24 hrs. Polygraphs should be made mandatory in the preliminary stages of an investigation. Polys are not admissable in court but they would sure save LE one pile of man hours.

  45. I fault the media for turning the Anthony case into a three-ring-circus. Had ABC not have paid $200,000 to Casey for those pics, she would have ended up with a public defender. Once the news medias ran with the story, day in and day out, all the high profile lawyers wanted to join Casey’s band wagon, for their own personal gain. Andrea Lyon wanted to promote her book, “Angel on Death Row.” She tried to make people believe that she was striving to get the death penalty off the table. Had she been sincere, she would have stayed and fought but, no, her book got good publicity. It was the same with Linda Kenny-Baden and her old man. They were also writing a book. Todd Macaluso was just an old drunk who wanted to build up his ego. Cheney Mason, that old fart, is another ‘know it all’ egotist. What can I say about the Hispanic smirker? Nothing, and it matches what he knows about lawyering. None of these lawyers won the case.

    The jurors won the case for Casey. They were full of resentment before they left Pinellas County. Why? Because their county was picked as some jerked off place where everyone had their heads in the sand, they were pizzed off. They went to Orlando and Judge Perry catered to their every whim. To show their gratitude…. “Not Guilty, azzholes, now we are going home.” Had Casey been found guilty, the jurors would have had to stay for the penalty phase. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out their verdict.

  46. cali patti says:

    J. I agree with what you wrote. Also when ABC had the Anthony’s on-air, ABC treated them gently as if they were afraid of the Anthonys getting mad and ABC losing their investment. Those interviews were worthless. For me, it was Anthony self-promotion. ABC looked wimpy.

    I can only influence about 3 pple to not watch any of her paid interviews. Two of those women have access to many women. I already asked them to go to the Caylee’s Law site and sign up. One of the women asked me about the subject of NOT watching her, came up on that site. So fair warning to any network that pays her, there will be repercussions. jmo

  47. Cali~~tomorrow is a holiday in most provinces of Canada. Fireworks are going off now in my neighborhood. We call it Natal Day here in Halifax. Do you think I should send these men and their horses to Florida?

  48. cali patti says:

    Happy Holday to you… I love fireworks. Those are real men…Be a bit warm for them in Florida.

  49. Laurali says:

    Jonathon~ The painting is a good replica of Casey. I hate to think about how scared Caylee must have been, it’s hard not to think about it when I look at Casey’s eyes.

    I thought everyone who graduated from junior high understood circumstantial. Obviously 12 lazy idiots did not. Can’t think about them anymore. I personally think the jury foreman did some strong arming, jmo.

  50. Laura, they had 5 men on the jury and 7 women who could be easily swayed. I do not believe for one minute that all of those jurors were not familar with the Anthonys. I would love to know if any of them purchased a new car or wardrobe lately??

    The jury foreman probably bragged himself up before he started to brain wash everyone else. There are some men who think of women as ‘second class’ citizens who don’t know a dang thing. When I meet a man like that, I let him rant on and then laugh at the fool behind his back. Any man who has to keep bragging about himself is lacking self-confidence. He has to keep getting praise to feed his ego, otherwise he thinks he will go tits up. Can you tell that I am not in a good mood?

  51. Cali, thank you. Them thar are real men and women and can take the heat. To be frank, I am proud of our R.C.M.P. and the way our judical system is run in this country. It is rather dull for an armchair detective, like myself, but it pays off in the long run. We don’t have the death penalty but have strict gun laws. There will be those who commit murder and I think they are predestined to do it, regardless. Keeping them off the streets and locked up is the main thing. I think our crime rates would be much lower if there was more control on ‘drugs’ and dealers. Booze and murder weapons will always be around. Not too many people have to register their chain saws or an axe and butcher knives. Maybe I should add duct tape to the list eh?

  52. Frankie says:

    J, Cali Patti and Laurali, I agree with all of your comments. I couldn’t have said it any better.

  53. cali patti says:

    Yes, add duct tape.

    There were duct tape books published long ago. My youngest and his best friend were quite the pair way back when. Before turning them loose with the rolls of tape I insisted they sit still while I read them the history of — and a few other passages.
    Those two boys built eveything y0u could possibly imagine that summer from duct tape. We had chairs, forts, traps, walls, etc.
    I really enjoyed those two boys for many summers. For two years I spent the summers at the lake with them. We were always going up camping, the three of us. My older two had double session football practice. One year there were a camp of young girls next to us. Even though the girls were a wee bit younger in age they were years older in life. It was so wonderful watching the boys learn about life that summer. The girls would squeal at the worms during the day and roast the boys marshmellows at night.
    I watch innocence at its finest and to this day the boys and I both have very fond memories of that summer.

  54. cali patti says:

    J. If you want to move my comment to the cafe’ I understand. Ever since the duct tape came into Caylees death I have always felt conflicted. I have such great memories of those small duct tape books.

  55. Cali, no problem your comments are fine right here.

  56. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Looky here. Someone might be able to do a little bit of something after all. JMO

    Casey Anthony to be ordered to serve probation in Orange
    By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel, 10:26 a.m. EDT, August 1, 2011
    “From my reading of this, she should be reporting to probation in Orlando probably within 72 hours,” Strickland said this morning. “I suspect she’s going to be required to report to probation.”
    End of Quote

  57. Nan11, that would be a blessing in disguise. Casey can still get permission to serve her probation out of the county or state. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  58. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: You’re most welcome.

    It’s not a sure thing yet. Baez can even appeal the decision. It’s still at least an effort in the right direction. Yea, Judge Strickland!!!

    (Someone suggested maybe Pinellas County would be a good place for the turnip to serve out her probation.) I love the idea. 😉

  59. Nan11, this is still all up in the air. The defense can claim double jeopardy because the DOC has the paperwork where Casey already served her probation. It was a clerical error on the part of the court reporter and once Strickland signed that order, it may have to stand. It will be up to Judge Perry to figure it out. With Casey’s luck, she will probably not have to serve probation again. I am not holding my breath on this one. The court already made an error and credited Casey with those 412 days too many and once signed, it could not be reversed.

  60. Here is what WFTV is saying and it has a copy of the order Judge Strickland signed today and the original order.

  61. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I admire Judge Strickland for trying, though. Between all the serious mistakes made by almost everyone involved in this case and the absolutely insane verdict brought forth by the jury from Pinellas County–it just leaves me gasping for air.

    I don’t think I’ll live long enough to get over this. Knowing she is out there, enjoying the same freedoms that I enjoy, really troubles me.

    People like Judge Strickland and I’ll even throw in Judge Perry, know she is guilty; and I would hope that this little fact greatly troubles them.

    How many people are in prison today for doing much, much less than what the turnip did? Almost all of them, I would guess. It just makes me feel like screaming at the injustice of it all

    Still, kudos to the judge for trying–no matter how little or how late; or even if his attempt fails.

  62. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Have you been following the Celina Cass missing person’s case? They found a body a little bit ago but they are not confirming it is her. Here is a link in case anyone is interested:
    Authorities Continue Search For Celina Cass

    (I’m almost sorry to add that link because of the picture the picked of Celina. She is a really pretty little girl and someone should have taken the time/money to have her teeth fixed.)

    My Opinion Only

  63. margaret says:

    I think Judge Strickland was just as dumbfounded as all of us were and I praise him for trying to make her do probation. I sincerely hope she does whether it be in Orlando or not. I hope the tide is turning and her walking on everything is coming to an end. If it has to be Judge Perry’s decision , I hope he sides with Judge Strickland. I personally do not believe she is getting therapy. I think they have her holed up waiting for the highest bidder and probably with some one writing her story.They will sell her out to as many as possible at one time, because once she is out there the price goes to Zero. It would be interesting to know how many hands have been promised a piece of the rock. They are also working on how to get the money in a way that it can be hidden. If they don’t do that there may not be enough pieces for everyone. Geraldo is right in the middle and when she does surface, he will be there. Maybe she should be made to stay in Orlando, so she could be watched better. They make me sick saying she is greiving for her child. You don.t greive for something you are not sorry for. The price tag for the way they are handlin her has to be enormous and I really hope that Lina Drane Burdick carries through on the expenses. Can.t wait for Padillas suit, even though i dislike his way of doing things. He should at least keep them on their toes and that I think is a very good thing. Keep up the good work Judge Strickland.

  64. Frankie says:

    I don’t know much about probation orders and what is required of the ex cons but serving probation while in jail seems to be redundant. What would the turnip say when asked what have you been up to this week? Have you killed any children? Got drunk? Associated with known felons here in, JAIL? To me it is ridiculous. How much trouble can you get into while in solitary confinement.

  65. cali patti says:

    Frankie, LOL, you are funny.
    True they are asked questioned but honesty is not rewarded. Only the “pee” test matters or if a person misses reporting in. Usually they lose their freedoms due to failure to keep appts, failing test or getting picked up for something else. It is easy for those who don’t work and keep parting to get picked back up.
    No I have not been in trouble I just read alot and know people.

  66. Richard Hornsby said that serving probation in jail would be redundant. It will be interesting to see if they will reverse Judge Strickland’s previous order for the probation. He did sign it and I have a feeling that they will make it stick. I sure hope I am wrong. You will see the defense fight this tooth and nail and scream it is double jeopardy.

  67. Cheney Mason said he intends to disqualify Judge Strickland for the second time. He said that order the judge signed today was nothing but a fraud.

  68. cali patti says:

    Nothing but the smell sticks to her, so I doubt this probation will either.
    In a way all is good, I think. The more she gets away with the more self-rightous she will feel. Nothing can touch her. In time that feeling of being better than the law will be her undoing.
    That is why so many ppl when given the opportunity to be free end back up in jail.
    I could be way off base and this could be wishful thinking.

  69. In an interview with WOFL-Channel 35’s Holly Bristow, defense attorney Mason complained that Strickland had filed fraudulent paperwork. Strickland said in a document that he met in court today with Anthony and her attorneys — but none of that happened. Mason said that Anthony is in an undisclosed location outside Florida, Bristow reported.

    Read more here at Source….

    Mason to fight probation order

  70. cali patti says:

    hey J. Harumpf – ity, Sure I would have like to see her do time but it did not happen.
    Really Strickland wants her on probation, now? To what purpose? Media and papparazi are good. It means bunches of money to them if they could find her and get that photo, they can’t.

    She is not in therapy or missing her daughter, that I do not believe. She is drinking Coronas and laying in the sun. Just let it be, Strickland. Yes I said that. The law suits are coming and I will be happy about those. The interview is coming and she will make bunches of money. That I will NOT watch.
    I want to see what she is doing in 5 yrs or so.

  71. I found this comment interesting….

    Probation is the period during which a person, “the probationer,” is subject to critical examination and evaluation. The word probation is derived from probatum, Latin for “the act of proving.”

    A sentence whereby a convict is released from confinement but is still under court supervision; a testing or a trial period.

    Probation is served after release. Such as “I’ve been released from jail but I’m on probation”. Probation cannot be served while incarcerated.

  72. Long-time defense attorney William Sheaffer, who also does legal analysis for WFTV-Channel 9, maintains the court no longer has jurisdiction. Anthony served and completed her probation while in jail, he said.

    “I think it’s a non-issue,” Sheaffer said. “The bottom line is she did her probation and the court has no jurisdiction.”

    Sheaffer said as a defense attorney he would file something called a “writ of prohibition” with the Fifth District Court of Appeal seeking an “extraordinary remedy” and arguing that the court exceeded its jurisdiction in amending the order after probation was served.

    The double jeopardy argument is another solid appellate issue, Sheaffer said. That is the legal concept of unfairly being punished twice for the same offense.

    Had the paperwork inconsistency been found and the amended order signed between Jan. 25, 2010 and Jan. 24 of this year, Sheaffer said Anthony’s probation would have had a far greater change of legally being applied after her release from jail.

    Others argue that the Department of Corrections’ actions in applying probation while Anthony was in jail should not trump the intent of Strickland’s order spoken in open court and preserved on transcript and video.

    Local attorney Richard Hornsby, a legal commentator on the Anthony case for WESH-Channel 2, said Anthony’s probation should have started upon her release from jail.

    “I think legally she should still be on probation,” Hornsby argued.


  73. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Gee, I feel like I’ve entered the twilight zone for sure because I’m suddenly agreeing with Hornsby over Mr. Sheaffer.

    I think the parole issue has some merit or else Judge Strickland would have let it drop; but, this would not be the first time I have been wrong–or that the wrong side will win. Ha! Ha! Whatever.

    I see Cali’s point–the media will be relentless once they know she is in Orlando. I see that as favoring the turnip. It will keep her in the news and keep her hot. Gag. Barf.

    I also think she is lying in the sun, guzzling some brew and I will add at least a couple of men are by her side. That’s about the only ‘rehab’ she would be interested in–my opinon only, of course.

    Whatever happened to those good shrinks the judge ordered to examine her? IIRC, nary a one found a thing amiss. Now they are suddenly wrong and the little turnip needs a doc. Bwa Ha Ha!!

    I wonder who is footing the bill for the private rehab clinic, anyway? I never heard tell of a bunch of lawyer’s concerning themselves with their clients mental health issues after they got her off; but, there are many things unknown to me, evidently. 😉

    If they keep her status as ‘indigent’, wouldn’t it be a further blow to the Florida taxpayers to find out they are on the hook for the ‘rehab’?

  74. Nan11, I have spent the last couple of hours trying to find out if a person can do their probation in jail and zilch. Probation is given in lieu of a jail sentence or an extension of a jail sentence. ie: 2 years in jail and 1 year probation. If a person violates their probation , if they serve it in jail, how the hell can you send them back to jail if they are already in there? This is driving me bonkers!!

  75. It was stipulated in Casey’s probation order that she was not allowed to have guns, abstain from alcohol and no contact with Amy Huizenga. If the probation was to be some sort of punishment, the only bars in the jail are on the cells, there are no gun shops and I doubt if Amy was going to visit for a meet and greet. What kind of punishment is that? Why wouldn’t a probation officer know that you cannot serve your probation in jail? This is all ridiculous.

    How can you look for gainful employment in jail when you sit in a cell 23/7? I may have to quit trying to figure out the US laws and stick with the Canucks.

  76. Nan11, while Cheney Mason was blowing hot air, he said that mental experts had volunteered to treat Casey.

  77. Karen C. says:

    Thing with probation, it’s not punitive. It’s to make sure you are being a good little ex-con, still in town, and not re-offending. Period. Nothing what-so-ever to do with double jeopardy. You can tell Mason really is ready to hang up the spurs ’bout now, cantcha? Blowing hot air while he still matters…

  78. Karen C. says:

    Snoop- I didn’t even see your last comment- “hot air”- wow, thinking alike here!
    Yeah, mental health experts with book deals already in place! Volunteering, schmolunteering…

  79. cali patti says:

    Poor lil’ Canuck, please don’t fret so. Most of us living down here can’t figure out the laws. Once we do learn anything it changes from state to state. Some states have manatory sentencing others don’t.
    Poor lil’ Canuck. LOL

  80. Karen C. says:

    You know, if Casey’s probation order stipulates no booze, well there’s proof on video she done broke that one already…. off with her head.

  81. cali patti says:

    Nan, Hi … That was 1/2 of the reason I want probation dropped. She will revel in the attention. That attention will cost Florida in more police man hours.
    My other side is simply sick of her. I don’t want to see the circus again.

  82. margaret says:

    Hello Everyone, I read an article last night on Psychology Today. com…. It was by Joe Navarro M.A. I have read other articles about her head but he gives 20 descriptions about her so called problem.They are in plain language and as I read each one, I could picture Casey acting out each one. during trial. It was very interesting. I call it just plain mean and selfish. but some doctors want to pretty it up with a name. Hope OS gets the 200,000 dollars published?

  83. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: Now it would be very interesting to find out just exactly what the $200,000.00 from ABC was used for, no? It seems that the Sentinel agrees. 🙂

    Motion to Intervene for the Limited Purpose of Seeking Release of Previously Sealed Material
    Quote from Item #15, Page 5:
    Therefore, the Sentinel requests that this Court order the release of the itemized list of costs, the transcript of the March 25, 2009 in camera hearing and any other public or court that were previously sealed (with the exception of juror information that is subject to a sealing order that expires October 25, 2011).
    End of Quote

    And who knows what else might turn up?

  84. nan11 says:

    Margaret: I wonder if this is the article you were referring to in your comment of 4:41 p.m? It is, indeed, very interesting and I really appreciate you mentioning it. I’ll add a link in case anyone else wants to take a peek:

    The not So Obvious Lessons From The Casey Anthony Trial
    Published on July 13, 2011 by Joe Navarro, M.A. in Spycatcher
    Quote from Page 2:
    1. No remorse or conscience
    2. Glibness/superficial charm
    3. Agressively narcissistic
    4. They believe themselves above the law
    5. Grandiose sense of self-worth
    6. They are pathological liars
    7. Cuning/manipulative
    8. Lack of guilt
    9. Emotionally shallow
    10. Callous/lack of empathy
    11. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    12. High need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
    13. Parasitic lifestyle
    14. Poor behavioral control
    15. Promiscous sexual behavior
    16. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
    17. Impulsiveness
    18. Criminal versatility
    19. Criminal behavior
    20. Use people

    …Knowing that a person such as this, with so many pathological traits, is about to be set free makes us reel back in horror. What we must never be surprised by is how cruel and inhuman individuals like this can be, when they chose to, sometimes on a whim.
    End of Quote

  85. cali patti says:

    very interesting, thanks you two.

  86. margaret says:

    Nan11, That is the article, I just thought it was so tellng. She has every trait. Most of the time not everything fits a particular person. She fits them all. I don’t care whether she comes back to Orlando or not, probably best if she doesn’t, but I do hope if another judge makes the final decision I do hope they will stand up for Judge Strickland, and not let Mason knock him off again..

  87. KarenC says:

    That’s the 20 point checklist that was developed by the shrink in Vancouver to easily categorize psychopaths (he worked in a violent men’s unit for years)- can’t recall his name this sec, but, yeah- it’s the reason I’ve been feeling no qualms referring to her as one, she fits every single point. Every single one!

  88. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to the motion Mason filed in response to Judge Strickland’s order. Mason is a nasty, nasty man as was certainly evidenced in the past and is evidenced again in his latest motion.

    I would so like to see him get his comeuppance, but I’m not holding my breath.

    No attachements were posted with the motion, unfortunately. 😐

    Emergency Motion For Hearing To Quash, Vacate, and Set Aside Court’s Order
    Motion Signed by J. Cheney Mason, Esq. on the 2nd day of August, 2011
    Quote from Page 2:
    snipped…The Defendant’s fears have ony been confirmed [by] the Judge’s participation in tabloid entertainment program Nancy Grace, in which he expressed his “shock” with the Defendant’s acquittals.
    End of Quote

    Quote from Page 4:
    In the alternative, the Defendant requests Administrative Probation, as any requirement that she return to Orange County put her in great peril, as well as impose a significant cost to taxpayers in securing her safety. The Defendant has received several threats upon her safety and life…snipped
    End of Quote

    My Opinion Only, of course.

  89. nan11 says:

    Here is a link to a WESH video and write-up concerning the latest turnip predicament. I would so love to see a warrant issued for her arrest due to a probation violation. I know it’s not likely to happen, but a girl can dream. {sigh}

    Casey Defense Fights Probation With Emergency Motion
    New Emergency Motion Asks Probation Order Be Quashed

    Just and FYI–it’s being ‘rumored’ that TMZ has pictures of the turnip tot-mom in her hidy-hole, and they are due to be released at any moment. I hope this is true because it means ‘no-payment’ for the shots. :mrgreen:

  90. nan11 says:

    Sooo, Mason said no-one would every find his little granddaughter turnip. Ha! Ha! I do believe he was wrong on this one.

    Some over at WebSleuth’s are suggesting that she is in an “Old Navy’ store and that there is an Ohio license plate on one of the vehicles.

    She must be really pigging out because she has put on some pork. Oink! Oink! :mrgreen:

    Casey Anthony Incognito Photos

  91. Laurali says:

    Good morning all. My grandfather is resting so I can comment swiftly. Nan~ looked at the photos. The license plates are Ohio. I believe it is there Bicentennial plate. They are the next state over from me and I have lived in Columbus Ohio. Basically I recognize the plate.

    I always thought she should go back to Ohio because that is where the spawn of the devil originated from. Why give Florida a bad name? Florida is all about children Universal, Sea World, Disney just to name a few. Casey is ugly as I remember just a little more plump. 🙂

  92. cali patti says:

    I saw only one photo of her and it looks staged. TMZ pays for photos so this might be Her teams way of making some money.

  93. Thanks for the links, Nan11. We had severe electrical storms all afternoon and all night so I had to shut down the puter. Our lights kept going off. More storms forecast for today so I will try and get in to catch up between the booms.

  94. cali patti says:

    Boom, Boom, Snoopy, be safe.

  95. I am not sure that pic is Casey. The hair is not dark enough unless it is just the lighting when the pic was snapped. We are going to see a lot of photo shopped pics of her in the upcoming days. I am waiting to see if Judge Perry will rule in Judge Strickland’s favor. I would love to see Mason’s snout get rubbed in the mud.

  96. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: I thought the first couple didn’t really look like her, but I’m pretty sure at least some of them are her.

    Here is a little video of her at the same place (well, supposedly.)
    VIDEO: Casey Anthony Surfaces in Ohio

    Here is WESH talking about the pictures being shopped around by “Splash News” on Monday night. She is probably on her way back to Orlando, now.
    People’s Steve Helling Talks Casey, Celebs

    And here is an older video from newcasters in Ohio talking about the turnip maybe being in Newbury. They seem kind of proud to have had her there. MOO
    Casey Anthony in Newbury, Ohio
    Fri, Jul 29, 2011 – WEWS-Cleveland 1:47

  97. Nan11, that is not Casey. It is not her mannerisms and the way she walks. Casey swings both arms and she strides. The boobs are not big enough and the butt on that girl is too wide. JMO

  98. nan11 says:

    Okay, Snoop. I’m not sure myself. A lot of people are saying that she was dropping to page 3 of the newspapers so her team decided to get her back to page one.

    An imposter worked before, so why not try it a second time. 😉

    Personally, I just want to see her rotting in hell but I’ll not likely get my wish for a while.

  99. cali patti says:

    In the store on the video you can see those short/long bangs hanging down. She is smacking gum also. She also wore pigtails prior to her arrest. The problem I have if it is her why isn’t TMZ yelling it out loud about having the first pic’s. Or is TMZ doing that and I missed it? Just sort of looks set up to me with her posing as herself to sell photos for money. Gotta’ be money for someone in that video. She & her crew need to raise money somehow. Geo has friends left in Ohio & that is where that plane flew “full of golfers” the night of her release.

  100. FyI~~ Casey will not have to report to Corrections tomorrow morning. Judge Perry has signed a ‘stay’, whatever that means. As soon as I find out more, I will post it.

  101. ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony won’t have to report for probation by Thursday.
    In a news conference earlier Wednesday, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman said Casey Anthony is expected to check in before 10 a.m. on Thursday, but Judge Belvin Perry signed an order late Wednesday that delays Anthony’s return to Orange County.

    Gretl Plessinger said earlier Anthony must check in with the probation office unless a new court order is issued, which occurred.
    Perry’s stay means Anthony does not need to report by Thursday morning.
    A hearing on a defense motion that objects to the probation order has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday. Anthony will not be present.

    Judge Delays Casey’s Return to Orlando

  102. margaret says:

    I am so mad. It seems the courts are like Washington, too much talking too little action. I don’t believe those pictures are Casey. They are going for publicity. Why can’t Judge Perry just make her deal with something.

  103. Margaret~~Judge Perry has to rule by the Florida laws and believe me, there are some strange laws in Florida. For instance, Casey served 412 days for the check fraud. They included the 412 served again and tallied them in with the rest served for the 4 misdemeamors for lying to police. Now they are saying that they could not undo their mistake. Well what about having 60 days to amend an order? Some of the best lawyers can’t figure this mess out.

  104. nan11 says:

    Her luck continues. They always did say the devil takes care of his own. 😦

  105. Nan11, there have been so many mistakes made in this case, beginning with Deputy, Richard Cain. There has been obstruction by Cindy, lying by all the Anthonys, falsified TES documents, contempt of court and not one damn thing is being done about any of it. The Florida justice system is beginning to look ridiculous in the eyes of many.

  106. The prosecution rested it’s case against Warren Jeffs. Beth Karas got to listen to the tape of the 12 yr old girl being instructed in how to perform sex. Beth said it was the most disgusting thing that she ever heard in her 20 some years. I guess when old Jeffs married the young ones, they spent their wedding nite on a temple bed. All the old perverted men stood around and watched or held the girl down. I also blame the women for allowing this. They act like a bunch of monotone idiots and cater to the pedofiles.

  107. cali patti says:

    I would think since Florida’s fiasco with the voting machines way back when, that had most of the country wondering what was in Florida’s water, they would be doing better than this mess. I would be ticked off at my courts if I lived in Florida.
    Of course Calif. Prison systems are fighting with Calif. courts so …! Calif. pot farmers and stores are fighting with the feds.

  108. Frankie says:

    I thought the video did look like the turnip because of the way she walked. She looked pigeon toed just like the turnip and walked with at the same speed. Her hair could have been cut or tied up to look shorter but the bangs look the right length. Then again she looked heavier and the boobs seemed larger than life. In the photos her eyes looked blue and I think the turnip’s eyes are brown like swamp mud. I did think it odd that she did her browsing in the front window of the store. Maybe she wasn’t swinging her arms in the usual way because she was carrying bags. The person that took the video always seemed to be in the best spot for a good shot. I’m really not sure if it is or isn’t her. Thanks for the links Nan and Snoopy.

  109. Frankie, I just watched the video. There seems to be more added to it than when I watched it before. If that is Casey, then the whole thing was staged for publicity to keep her in the limelight. I don’t give a dang if I ever see that baby killer again. The tv stations are still milking the story to death. Casey must enjoy sitting back watching about herself. They networks should fill up the screens with pics of Caylee. That would punish Casey by making her jealous of the little one getting all the attention.

  110. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, I don’t care if I ever see the baby killer again either and I may not sound like a nice person but I am looking forward to seeing her nervous again. I hope that she can never let her guard down and becomes paranoid about everybody and everything. I just want to see some kind of justice. I don’t feel like there has been any closure. Know what I mean? The horseshoe has to fall out of her azz at some point doesn’t it?

  111. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: That Warren Jeffs case is enough to gag a moggot, isn’t it? I don’t know what can ever be done with the likes of him and his followers.

    Well, he needs to be sent to prison for a long, long time and placed in solitary confinement where he cannot communicate with his flock. The rest of the flock need to be de-brain washed, educated, and strongly encouraged to re-evaluate their beliefs.

    That is all my opinion only, of course.

  112. Laurali says:

    Nan ~ I think they should let Loraine Bobbitt take care of Jeffs. End of story. Those little girl’s mothers and fathers should have their azzes locked up. No Religion= rapes. imo

    Frankie and Snoopy I agree. Who really wants to look at baby killer? Well besides her and her flock of lawyers. They need a cash cow. I guess these photos (if Casey) show what kind of therapy she is getting. Retail therapy.

  113. Frankie says:

    Yes Laurali, Where is Loraine Bobbitt when you need her. It’s quite the life style those dirty old men have there.
    Retail therapy! very funny.

  114. cali patti says:

    Laureli, lol, how do you do recall Loraine Bobbit, so darn good. WTG. Jeffs is sick on so many levels. I do know men like him would fall on the floor wimpering if any real man has ever stood up to him.
    I do not come from a religious background but I knew of false prophets at an early age. What is wrong with women who are content being one of many jewels in a mans crown? I heard that was one of the reasons for their color of dresses. upon death they become jewels.

  115. cali patti says:

    According to insession and a facial recognition expert the photos of her in Ohio is 80% plus her.
    Plus would TMZ print pic’s that were not her? I don’t think so. Guessing TMZ and Her crew set up a photo shoot for payment plus the promise from TMZ not to verify much. Here we go the games begin. So glad the major networks have stayed away.
    Her parents have friends there it makes sense….Besides it is a quiet place. Not a vacation destination where she might be seen by accident. Plus the plane of “golfers” from same private airport…

  116. cali patti says:

    I did some internet reading and found out that those photos from TMZ could equal a good payday for her & crew. TMZ will pay her a % of what they sell photos for. Usually it is around 50% but can go as high as 75%. Maybe this is why we have NOT seen these photos at other outlets. No one wants to risk being the first to pay her. JMO

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